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How To Use LinkedIn For Marketing

How to use LinkedIn as an advertising platform as taught by Trevor Turnbull.

impatient and want to

impatient and want to check out the program that we are about to drop on the people ahead of time. ====> Click this link​ and scope it out, then come back to us for some tips and tricks along the way. Which Program Did You Say? Drum roll…. You should go ahead and take a look at the ​Linkedinfluencer program​ if only for a peak to see what’s out there for you. It was created by a man named Trevor Turnbull who is something of a guru when it comes to LinkedIn utilization not only from a marketing standpoint, but from a networking & professional side as well. He created the program to bring to the people unique insights and guide the masses through the whole process. Here’s what you can expect when you sign up: Module 1: Laying The Foundation Module 2: Optimizing YOUR Profile Module 3: Growing YOUR Network Module 4: Prospecting For Leads (A favorite) Module 5: Daily Routines & Automation (The Affiliate dream set-up) Module 6: Advanced Strategies

He generously throws in 5 bonuses, which range from accountability, and a lifetime of upgrades & access to the program. One of these bonuses (that ties nicely into the introduction with the whole numbers idea) is “Twixplode”. The reason why “Twixplode” is so clutch for us is because Twitter remains as another untapped resource. It’s viewed by many as a stream of consciousness platform - but if harnessed in the right’re looking at possible influencer status. “Twixplode” comes at a nice price of $97 and it’s being sent to you for free when you sign up for ​Linkedfluencer​. Briefly, inside the bonus E-book you’ll learn from Sean Malarkey who is a revered Twitter connsoiour. You’ll Learn: : ● How to grow your follower list by the thousands, and turn that list into hungry buyers (Let the numbers do the talking!) ● Increase your Response Rate to exceed 65%t thus, creating a surge of push-button traffic. ● Exactly when to tweet, how to tweet and most importantly, what to tweet for maximum results. Not a bad gig, eh?

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