Cranford 6 to 7 Transition Guide - 2018

Editor-in-chief: Jessica Joyce Graphic design: Enzo Gianvittorio Printed by: Springfieldpapers.com

Editor-in-chief: Jessica Joyce
Graphic design: Enzo Gianvittorio
Printed by: Springfieldpapers.com


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Dear Student and Parent/Carer,<br />

First of all, I would like <strong>to</strong> welcome you <strong>to</strong> <strong>Cranford</strong> Community College.<br />

We are very proud of our academy, both of the students who make it such an<br />

exciting place <strong>to</strong> work and the families who care so much for the education<br />

of their children. <strong>Cranford</strong> students and staff work <strong>to</strong>gether as a united and<br />

harmonious team <strong>to</strong> create a huge range of opportunities and achieve amazing<br />

results – we are delighted you will be able <strong>to</strong> join us.<br />

I am sure you will find much <strong>to</strong> excite and motivate you here and we look<br />

forward <strong>to</strong> working <strong>to</strong>gether <strong>to</strong> ensure the very best future for you. This<br />

publication is designed <strong>to</strong> help you understand more about Secondary school<br />

and particularly what you can expect of <strong>Cranford</strong> and what we will expect<br />

of you.<br />

I look forward <strong>to</strong> meeting you all and am delighted <strong>to</strong> welcome you <strong>to</strong> our outstanding school.<br />

Yours sincerely,<br />

Welcome<br />

Kevin Prunty<br />

Executive Headteacher<br />

Heads of School<br />

Rita Berndt<br />

Rob Ind<br />

Head of Year role<br />

Jasmeet Birdi<br />

Your Head of Year works with<br />

the tu<strong>to</strong>rs and teachers of your<br />

Year Group <strong>to</strong> ensure the highest<br />

academic standards, as well<br />

as providing caring emotional<br />

support throughout your journey<br />

through Secondary School.<br />

They lead your assemblies and<br />

form time activities and help create a happy and<br />

positive atmosphere, rewarding all your successes<br />

throughout your time at <strong>Cranford</strong>.<br />

Main feeders: Beavers, Berkeley, <strong>Cranford</strong> Park, <strong>Cranford</strong> Primary, Feathers<strong>to</strong>ne, Norwood<br />

Green, Springwell, William Byrd. Others: Alexandra Junior, Bedfont, Blair Peach, Chatsworth,<br />

Colham Manor, Crane Park, Dairy Meadow, Fairholme, Forge Lane, Grange Park, Grove Road,<br />

Hamp<strong>to</strong>n Hill, Harmondsworth, Hayes Park, Heathrow, Hes<strong>to</strong>n, Highfield, Hounslow Heath,<br />

Hounslow Town, Iver Village, Ivybridge, Khalsa, Laurel Lane, Minet Junior, North Primary, Oak<br />

Hill, Orchard, Oriel, Pinkwell, Pippins, Rosary, Smallberry, Sparrow Farm, Southville, Spring<br />

Grove, St Lawrence, St Michael & St Martin, St Helen’s College, St Richard’s, Three<br />

Bridges, Vic<strong>to</strong>ria, Welling<strong>to</strong>n, Westbrook, Wolf Fields, Yeading.

Learning at <strong>Cranford</strong><br />

At<br />

<strong>Cranford</strong>, learning is at the heart of everything we do. All students study a broad,<br />

balanced, dynamic and personalised curriculum and are constantly challenged <strong>to</strong> do their<br />

very best. The teachers are experts in their subject and will help you <strong>to</strong> enjoy your learning and<br />

achieve the highest possible standards in every subject.<br />

Subjects<br />

At <strong>Cranford</strong> you will study an exciting<br />

range of subjects from Year 7: Mathematics,<br />

English, Biology, Chemistry, Physics,<br />

His<strong>to</strong>ry, Geography, Religious Education,<br />

PE, Creative Arts, ICT, Languages.<br />

As you get older you might also study:<br />

English Literature, Psychology, Sociology,<br />

German, Spanish, Art, Music, Drama, Media<br />

Studies, Business Studies, Economics,<br />

Computer Science and Children’s Learning,<br />

Play and Development. This list is always<br />

growing.<br />

The School Day<br />

There are five periods of timetabled learning in the<br />

school day but you must also continue your learning<br />

through engaging in extra-curricular opportunities<br />

during Period 0 and Period 6 and proving yourself <strong>to</strong> be<br />

a hard worker by learning more independently outside<br />

of school.<br />

07.30 09.30 Reception gate open for students<br />

08.00 09.15 Extra-curricular Period 0 sessions<br />

09.20 All students on site<br />

09.30 09.50 Registration<br />

09.50 10.40 Period 1<br />

10.40 11.35 Period 2<br />

11.35 12.05 Break 1<br />

12.05 12.55 Period 3<br />

12.55 13.50 Period 4<br />

13.50 14.20 Break 2<br />

14.20 15.10 Period 5<br />

15.10 Dismissal<br />

15.30 16.45 Extra-curricular Period 6 sessions

Everyone at <strong>Cranford</strong> has:<br />

• The RIGHT <strong>to</strong> learn and the RESPONSIBILITY <strong>to</strong> support others in their learning.<br />

• The RIGHT <strong>to</strong> be safe and the RESPONSIBILITY <strong>to</strong> ensure the safety of others.<br />

• The RIGHT <strong>to</strong> be respected and the RESPONSIBILITY <strong>to</strong> respect others.<br />

At<br />

<strong>Cranford</strong> we believe everyone has important rights and responsibilities. At <strong>Cranford</strong> the<br />

behaviour of students is excellent and this ‘outstanding’ behaviour is not just about how<br />

you manage yourself in lessons and around and outside the academy but also about your attitude and<br />

enthusiasm for your own learning and the learning of others. Because we all work <strong>to</strong>gether and have<br />

high expectations and ambitions, <strong>Cranford</strong> is a happy place where everyone can be successful.<br />

Marking and Attitude<br />

<strong>to</strong> Learning<br />

At <strong>Cranford</strong> all students’ work is<br />

marked regularly and you will always<br />

be congratulated on what you are doing<br />

well and given next steps <strong>to</strong> follow in<br />

order <strong>to</strong> continue <strong>to</strong> make excellent<br />

progress. We expect all students <strong>to</strong><br />

respond <strong>to</strong> teacher comments and<br />

advice and this on-going conversation<br />

with your teacher about your work<br />

will help you make the best possible<br />

progress. All students also get an<br />

Attitude <strong>to</strong> Learning grade <strong>to</strong> let you<br />

and your parents know how you are<br />

working in lessons. Homework is set<br />

regularly and at least once a half term<br />

a practical or extended written task is<br />

assessed <strong>to</strong> make sure you are on track<br />

<strong>to</strong> do brilliantly in every subject.<br />

Attendance<br />

Attendance Officer: Amina Hassania<br />

It’s really important that you come <strong>to</strong> school on time, coming late has a bad effect<br />

on your studies and the others in your class. You should come <strong>to</strong> school every day<br />

and should aim <strong>to</strong> have 100% attendance. If your attendance level goes down, your<br />

achievement begins <strong>to</strong> slow and your progress in all your subjects will suffer, as<br />

well as your examination results.<br />

School is closed for 13 weeks each year and you must only take holidays during this time. Holidays<br />

in term time are not permitted and will be followed up rigorously.<br />

If you are absent your parents/carers must contact the school by 9am on the first day of<br />

absence and tell us why you are not in school. On the third day of absence your parent/carer<br />

should call the school <strong>to</strong> update. When you are well enough <strong>to</strong> return <strong>to</strong> school you should<br />

bring a letter from your parents/carers <strong>to</strong> explain your absence. A medical letter or certificate<br />

will be required for absences longer than 3 days. Only a hospital appointment or visit <strong>to</strong> the<br />

orthodontist will be authorised (evidence will be required). All routine medical appointments<br />

should be made after school hours. The full attendance policy is available on the school website:<br />


As well as your lessons, there are loads of activities happening before<br />

and after school every day. These include a whole range of sports clubs<br />

from Dance <strong>to</strong> Boxing; musical bands and singing groups; homework<br />

clubs for you <strong>to</strong> get support with your work and other great opportunities<br />

like the Duke of Edinburgh Award scheme or the First S<strong>to</strong>ry writing<br />

group and <strong>Cranford</strong> computer coding club or STEM club. There are<br />

many more and we are always looking for staff and students <strong>to</strong> start<br />

new ones.<br />

At<br />

<strong>Cranford</strong> we have a positive<br />

approach <strong>to</strong> behaviour which<br />

means all students are rewarded for<br />

the good choices and extra effort they<br />

make.<br />

DREAM points for Discipline,<br />

Respect, Enthusiasm, Achievement,<br />

Maturity are awarded <strong>to</strong> all students<br />

and you can win prizes for yourself and also your form<br />

group, including certificates, vouchers and pizza parties. At the end<br />

of each term we have Rewards Trips and activities for the students who have accumulated the most<br />

DREAM points in each year group. There are fantastic outings <strong>to</strong> theme parks, sporting activities and<br />

museums and cultural visits around the country.<br />

Being at <strong>Cranford</strong> means understanding what happens if you do not follow the expectations of the<br />

academy. Initially we prefer a Res<strong>to</strong>rative Justice (RJ) approach <strong>to</strong> misbehaviour and the academy works<br />

closely with parents <strong>to</strong> support students <strong>to</strong> improve, however the <strong>Cranford</strong> Rights and Responsibilities<br />

apply <strong>to</strong> everyone and <strong>to</strong> be part of the <strong>Cranford</strong> community and <strong>to</strong> keep the academy a safe place at<br />

all times, they must be adhered <strong>to</strong>.

As well<br />

as all the other<br />

exciting things<br />

happening at <strong>Cranford</strong>, we<br />

have something entirely unique:<br />

on Wednesday afternoon every<br />

week Key Stage 3 students have<br />

W Fac<strong>to</strong>r. W Fac<strong>to</strong>r gives all<br />

students and staff the chance<br />

<strong>to</strong> learn something new in an<br />

exciting and innovative way. It is<br />

all about offering you something<br />

extra <strong>to</strong> enrich your school life.<br />

There are over 60 different activities and the<br />

list is always growing and changing. You will<br />

work on a different activity of your choice<br />

each half term, making sure you get <strong>to</strong> learn<br />

new skills, experience sports and creative<br />

pursuits, have the chance <strong>to</strong> expand<br />

your horizons and the opportunity <strong>to</strong><br />

play an important part in your local<br />

community.<br />

Just look at some of the current list<br />

Which would you choose?<br />

Debating<br />

Volunteering in the community<br />

Construction challenge<br />

Current affairs<br />

Psychology for KS3<br />

Shadow of the Wind book club<br />

Beginners Urdu<br />

The Listening Project<br />

Latin and ancient civilisations<br />

Rounders<br />

Rowing<br />

Running<br />

Football<br />

Basketball<br />

Lacrosse<br />

Cricket<br />

Boxing<br />

Mindfulness<br />

Street Dance<br />

Athletics<br />

Rugby<br />

Tennis<br />

Swimming<br />

Gardening<br />

Modern Man<br />

Exotic Animals<br />

Astronomy<br />

First Aid<br />

Beginners French<br />

Journalism<br />

Touch Typing<br />

Knitting<br />

Puppetry<br />

The Hounslow His<strong>to</strong>ry<br />

Project<br />

Sports Leadership<br />

The International Schools Project<br />

Social Change Campaign<br />

Sculpture and Ceramics<br />

Craft<br />

Sketching<br />

Bollywood dancing<br />

Jamie’s Farm<br />

Duke of Edinburgh<br />

Drama Production<br />

Driving theory<br />

Rock Choir<br />

Charity Work<br />

Yoga<br />

Future Learning<br />

Culture Vulture<br />

The Social Change Campaign<br />

Music for all

Uniform<br />

You have probably guessed by now we are extremely proud of our<br />

academy and at <strong>Cranford</strong> we expect everyone <strong>to</strong> wear their school<br />

uniform with pride. School uniform is worn from Years 7-11 and<br />

the Sixth Form have their own smart professional dress code. All<br />

students at the academy have <strong>to</strong> dress smartly.<br />

Everyone in the academy must dress in a way which:<br />

• is not likely <strong>to</strong> render them vulnerable<br />

<strong>to</strong> criticism or allegation;<br />

• is not likely <strong>to</strong> be viewed as offensive,<br />

revealing or sexually provocative;<br />

• does not distract, cause embarrassment<br />

or give rise <strong>to</strong> misunderstanding;<br />

• does not include any political or otherwise<br />

contentious symbolism or slogans;<br />

• is not considered <strong>to</strong> be discrimina<strong>to</strong>ry;<br />

• is respectful of ethnic and cultural<br />

differences.<br />

Hair must be smart and formal and no<br />

jewellery is allowed, nor is nail varnish<br />

or make-up permitted in Years 7-11. You<br />

can wear a watch and stud type earrings.<br />

Symbols of religious faith can be worn where<br />

they are essential <strong>to</strong> your religion but non-uniform items will be<br />

confiscated until the end of the academic year.<br />

The full uniform policy is available on the school website and<br />

you should read this in detail. www.cranford.hounslow.sch.uk<br />

Mobile Phone Agreement<br />

At <strong>Cranford</strong> we have a duty <strong>to</strong><br />

safeguard the learning of all<br />

students and therefore we actively<br />

discourage students from bringing<br />

a mobile phone, electronic devices<br />

or other valuable items <strong>to</strong> school.<br />

Mobile phone theft crime is on<br />

the increase and carrying a mobile<br />

phone <strong>to</strong> and from school raises the<br />

risk of becoming a victim of such<br />

crime. Contrary <strong>to</strong> popular belief,<br />

mobile phones for young people<br />

can actually increase the risk <strong>to</strong><br />

their personal safety. If you need<br />

<strong>to</strong> use a telephone, school land<br />

lines are available and you can<br />

s<strong>to</strong>re important phone numbers and<br />

information in your planner.<br />

Your parents can contact you at<br />

school via the academy’s phone<br />

line or by email. The full Mobile<br />

Phone Agreement is on the school<br />

website and signing this is a<br />

requirement for entry <strong>to</strong> the school.<br />

school<br />

planner<br />

Essential<br />

equipment list<br />

It is really important you<br />

have all the equipment<br />

you need in every lesson<br />

<strong>to</strong> help you progress in your<br />

learning; your tu<strong>to</strong>r will check<br />

this regularly. Here is a basic<br />

list of what you need. We will<br />

provide you with a school planner<br />

and all your exercise and text books.<br />

• Pen<br />

• Pencil<br />

• Ruler<br />

• Rubber<br />

• Folders<br />

• Pencil sharpener<br />

• Scientific Calcula<strong>to</strong>r<br />

• A reading book<br />

• Headphones for ICT<br />

• A sensible bag big enough <strong>to</strong> carry<br />

all of your things.<br />

• PE Kit (labelled and in a<br />

separate bag)

<strong>Cranford</strong> is a big school with great facilities and you will soon<br />

learn your way around. We will give you a map but we are a very<br />

friendly school and if you get stuck any teacher or student will help<br />

you. Here are some of the places you need <strong>to</strong> know and go!<br />

The Library<br />

Mahavir Ladva<br />

The Library is open from 8am until<br />

4.15pm Monday <strong>to</strong> Thursday and until<br />

4pm on Fridays. It holds everything you<br />

need <strong>to</strong> help you with your studies and<br />

independent learning: over 11,000 books, 48 computers,<br />

a wide selection of DVDs and newspapers and magazines.<br />

With a membership card, you can borrow items as well<br />

as using the homework club and take part in exciting<br />

activities such as quizzes, chess club, author visits and<br />

trips and competitions throughout the year.<br />

The School Shop<br />

Julie Prunty<br />

The School Shop sells school uniform and<br />

all the essential equipment you need for all<br />

of your lessons. It is open every day during<br />

term time and for certain days over the school<br />

holidays. All items are also available online. For holiday<br />

opening times and prices you can check the school website:<br />

www.cranford.hounslow.sch.uk<br />

The School Counsellor<br />

Nisha Saini<br />

The School Counsellor is based in<br />

an office on the Concourse. She has<br />

individual appointments and group<br />

sessions organised by the Pas<strong>to</strong>ral<br />

Team but there is also a drop-in on Tuesday mornings<br />

before school and Break one where you can pop in<br />

and have a chat.

The school canteen<br />

serves a great variety<br />

of healthy food and<br />

drinks before school<br />

(breakfast service:<br />

8am – 9.15am) and during<br />

Breaks one and two. Year 7s eat in the canteen<br />

during break one and for break two they must use the<br />

Concert Hall. <strong>Cranford</strong> is a cashless school and we do<br />

not accept cash at any of the tills. Instead, students<br />

access their accounts by scanning their thumbs.<br />

Parents <strong>to</strong>p up their child’s lunch money via an online<br />

system called Parentpay and that money is accessed<br />

at the dining halls’ tills via our biometric system.<br />

Whatever you buy at the till will be deducted from<br />

your balance. If you are entitled <strong>to</strong> free school meals,<br />

the allowance is credited <strong>to</strong> you au<strong>to</strong>matically<br />

each time you get a free<br />

school meal.<br />

Before you start at Secondary school you should spend some time talking <strong>to</strong> friends and parents<br />

about how you will get there. <strong>Cranford</strong> is easily accessible by public transport and the 105, 111 and<br />

H28 buses s<strong>to</strong>p right outside.<br />

You could also cycle <strong>to</strong> school and there are bike sheds available but make sure you<br />

bring a secure padlock and wear bright visible clothing.<br />

Remember all children aged 11 and over must have an Oyster card and<br />

you can collect a form at your local post office or register online at<br />

www.tfl.gov.uk/oyster<br />

105 - 111 - H28

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