Cranford - Train To Teach - December 2017

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Editor-in-chief: Jessica Joyce
Graphic design: Enzo Gianvittorio
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The profession that creates all other professions<br />

www.cranford.hounslow.sch.uk<br />

<strong>Train</strong>ee <strong>Teach</strong>ers Wanted<br />


<strong>Train</strong> to be a teacher and<br />

develop your career with<br />

us. We have great career<br />

development opportunities<br />

within our schools. In a short<br />

while you could become a<br />

Head of Department or<br />

Year Team leader.<br />

The <strong>Cranford</strong> <strong>Teach</strong>ing School<br />

Alliance offers you:<br />

• A national <strong>Teach</strong>ing School.<br />

• A strong history of successfully training<br />

teachers for our schools.<br />

• LDBS (London Diocesan Board for<br />

Schools) / SCITT (School Centred Initial<br />

<strong>Teach</strong>er <strong>Train</strong>ing) our Outstanding training<br />

partner provider.<br />

• An outstanding partnership of schools in<br />

West London: <strong>Cranford</strong> Community College,<br />

Khalsa Secondary Academy, Berkeley<br />

Primary School, <strong>Cranford</strong> Primary<br />

School, Norwood Green Primary School,<br />

Springwell Junior School and Westbrook<br />

Primary School.<br />

<strong>Cranford</strong> Community College

Bradley<br />

King<br />

Bradley is a Science <strong>Teach</strong>er, specialising in<br />

Biology, who joined <strong>Cranford</strong> Community<br />

College as a trainee in September 2016.<br />

Bradley has family who live locally and<br />

had heard of its reputation as an OFSTED<br />

Outstanding school and teacher training<br />

centre from several sources – this was<br />

evidence enough for him to change careers<br />

and move into teaching at <strong>Cranford</strong>.<br />

“Working at <strong>Cranford</strong> places you at the heart of a vibrant, diverse<br />

community. <strong>Cranford</strong> is a school which places the local community at<br />

the centre of everything it does, ensuring that all of its students are<br />

catered for and given every tool and opportunity they could possibly<br />

need to succeed in life. The experience I am gaining from working in<br />

such a forward-thinking and inclusive school has been extremely inspiring.<br />

Both the expertise of my colleagues at <strong>Cranford</strong> and their willingness<br />

to go the extra mile to support me in my training has been exemplary.<br />

Staff have been consistently friendly, approachable and motivating<br />

- traits which are crucial in developing and upholding the open and<br />

collective culture <strong>Cranford</strong> nurtures.<br />

As with any school, it is its students upon which it rests - and this could<br />

not be truer than at <strong>Cranford</strong>. All students are aware of the special<br />

role they play in the school community; a role which they live up to<br />

tremendously. Working with students at <strong>Cranford</strong> is as inspiring as it is<br />

rewarding - their work ethic and hunger to learn really rubs off on you.<br />

<strong>Train</strong>ing and development opportunities at <strong>Cranford</strong> are second to<br />

none. All staff at <strong>Cranford</strong> have access to three CPD sessions a week<br />

run by other staff members on a wide-ranging variety of topics. As a<br />

trainee, I am observed at least once a week by one of the extremely<br />

knowledgeable <strong>Teach</strong>ing & Learning team, while also gaining useful insights<br />

into my teaching from weekly meetings with my mentor.<br />

The open culture and inspirational students at <strong>Cranford</strong> have given<br />

me the opportunity to feel confident and unrestrained in my<br />

training year at <strong>Cranford</strong> - they would definitely do the same<br />

for you too. It really is the ideal environment to train at, apply<br />

now”.<br />

Jade<br />

Weir<br />

Reid<br />

Jade joined us in September<br />

2016 as a DT trainee<br />

teacher at Khalsa Secondary<br />

Academy under the<br />

<strong>Cranford</strong> School Alliance.<br />

Jade has already got involved<br />

in a wide range of events at<br />

the school including filming,<br />

editing and photographing<br />

Guru Nanak Gurpurab<br />

celebration and has brought her expertise and<br />

experience to the school.<br />

“I am really enjoying working at Khalsa. I feel like I have<br />

settled in very well, and I would wholeheartedly recommend<br />

working here. The fact that Khalsa is a new<br />

and small school makes settling in very easy. The staff<br />

are lovely, extremely supportive and are always willing<br />

to help. The students’ behaviour and attitude towards<br />

Seema<br />

Mehmi<br />

Seema is a Science <strong>Teach</strong>er<br />

who joined <strong>Cranford</strong> as a<br />

School Direct <strong>Train</strong>ee in<br />

September 2015. She was<br />

a former student at the<br />

school and was interested<br />

in undertaking her teacher<br />

training at the school.<br />

“I was interested in undertaking<br />

my teacher training at <strong>Cranford</strong> because I grew up<br />

in the local community and wanted to give back to<br />

that same community. I was aware of the supportive<br />

nature of the school from when I was a student, so<br />

I knew this would be no different during my time as a<br />

teacher. So far my experience has been very positive<br />

as my subject mentor has been exceptional in providing<br />

advice and guidance that will help aid my practice.<br />

I have had a pleasant experience working at <strong>Cranford</strong><br />

due to the strong ethos of the school. The school<br />

is rich with culture and diversity, amongst both staff<br />

and students, and they support all their students regardless<br />

of their educational or cultural background.<br />

The school also has strong links with the community,<br />

where they are able to support the local community<br />

and provide opportunities for students to support<br />

their personal development. Alongside helping<br />

student development, the school<br />

offers in house CPD training to<br />

staff to help their professional<br />

development.<br />

learning is exemplary. They are always<br />

well mannered and a pleasure<br />

to teach.<br />

I am currently on my second six<br />

week placement at <strong>Cranford</strong> Community<br />

College until February half<br />

term. I have also settled in very well<br />

here and, as a large and busy school,<br />

it is providing a good contrast to<br />

Khalsa, allowing me to gain experience of a range of<br />

school environments. I like the fact that the school<br />

has been very flexible and have allowed me to teach<br />

my own DT projects. I am currently working on MP3<br />

speaker design with Year 7s and a film project with<br />

Year 8s where students have to design their own typeface<br />

which links to Design and Technology. With Year<br />

9s, I am working on a magazine design layout where I<br />

am teaching students how to use Adobe Photoshop.<br />

There is a huge amount of training available to all<br />

School Direct trainees and this takes place every<br />

week. I am being observed every week without fail<br />

for my full 50min lesson and feedback is delivered via<br />

face to face and email which is extremely important<br />

to me. This has had a very positive impact<br />

on my teaching and I really appreciate that<br />

I have time to reflect on and improve my<br />

practice”.<br />

Rache<br />

Burke<br />

The pupils are ea<br />

and the staff mem<br />

mediately felt par<br />

I have had an enj<br />

to the strong eth<br />

diversity; it has s<br />

extra-curricular a<br />

I chose the Schoo<br />

approach’ and I w<br />

ing the support o<br />

have both, and as<br />

has been exceptio<br />

link tutor regular<br />

There are so ma<br />

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imagine a better<br />

and rewarding ca

l<br />

I chose the School Direct<br />

Programme as it provides<br />

a good balance between a<br />

practical and university setting.<br />

The structure of the<br />

programme allows you to<br />

learn the theory and then<br />

incorporate these ideas into<br />

your teaching practice the<br />

following week. Additionally,<br />

I teach a core subject therefore<br />

I was eligible for a training<br />

bursary, which made the<br />

scheme more attractive.<br />

At this point in my training<br />

year, I can see myself<br />

applying for an NQT position<br />

at <strong>Cranford</strong> because<br />

of the time and investment<br />

the school spends on its<br />

staff. The staff and students<br />

are friendly and work hard<br />

which makes teaching<br />

at <strong>Cranford</strong> so<br />

enjoyable”.<br />

Rachel is an English <strong>Teach</strong>er<br />

who joined <strong>Cranford</strong> as a School<br />

Direct trainee in September 2015.<br />

She has previously worked as a<br />

teaching assistant and was keen to<br />

undertake her teacher training at<br />

the school.<br />

“<strong>Cranford</strong> is an outstanding school with<br />

both hardworking staff and students.<br />

ger to learn and are supportive of each other,<br />

bers go above and beyond their duty. I imt<br />

of the department and school community.<br />

oyable experience working at <strong>Cranford</strong> due<br />

os of the school. The school has rich cultural<br />

trong links with the community and offers<br />

ctivities.<br />

l Direct Programme as I enjoy the’ hands-on<br />

anted to be immersed in a school, whilst havf<br />

a university. The programme allows you to<br />

such I always feel fully supported. My mentor<br />

nal in providing advice and guidance; and my<br />

ly checks my progress and provides feedback.<br />

ny opportunities here. Every Monday afterchance<br />

to collaborate with other trainee<br />

QTs during our professional development<br />

given responsibility within my own departis<br />

early stage of my career. I can’t<br />

place to have started a challenging<br />

reer”.<br />

Fay<br />

Pollitt<br />

Fay is currently at Berkeley Primary School as an NQT, having<br />

completed the School Direct programme in 2015. Berkeley is a<br />

partner in the <strong>Cranford</strong> <strong>Teach</strong>ing School Alliance. As a former<br />

teaching assistant at the school, Fay was very keen to carry out<br />

her training at Berkeley and continue to contribute towards the<br />

children’s learning and progress.<br />

“The transition from teaching assistant to trainee teacher was seamless, my<br />

colleagues were so supportive of my new role and the children were very<br />

excited to have me in class full time.<br />

Berkeley is very well resourced and provides everything I need to ensure I am making good<br />

progress which reflects on the impact I am making towards the children’s learning.<br />

I feel that the course has highlighted my strengths and given me room to grow, I also am grateful<br />

for my mentor’s unconditional support for meeting targets and developing weaker areas of my<br />

teaching. I have grown in confidence and built a wonderful working relationship with my class,<br />

mutual respect is the most important factor to start your teaching career.<br />

I love going to the training centre each week, catching up with fellow trainees. The tutors are<br />

incredible and I am able to bring so much back to the classroom each week, sometimes I have a<br />

whole lesson planned from the ideas generated.<br />

<strong>Train</strong>ing on the job is definitely not for the faint hearted, it can get tough. However,<br />

knowing that there is always someone to turn to helps immensely. You are not alone”.<br />

Matt<br />

Nation-<br />

Tellery<br />

Before joining the <strong>Cranford</strong> team Matt lived in<br />

Ecuador where he worked at an NGO and then<br />

worked freelance as a translator and interpreter. He<br />

then came back home to London where he worked in<br />

various industries and applied to an advertisement for<br />

<strong>Cranford</strong>’s School Direct training programme.<br />

“I am really happy at <strong>Cranford</strong> Community College. I came<br />

through a School Direct programme and received great training<br />

throughout my PGCE year. During my NQT year I am still<br />

being given consistent feedback and training sessions but I have also been given the<br />

flexibility to try new ideas and adapt existing approaches.<br />

The Languages department is very open and friendly and they have made me feel really<br />

welcome. The rest of the school and management team is so well organised and<br />

systems are so firmly embedded that any concerns are dealt with effectively. Being<br />

supportive and helpful seems to be almost second nature to most staff here, who<br />

take pride in their work and firmly believe in the school. The approach from the staff<br />

is mirrored by the students who work hard and show tremendous respect for their<br />

environment.<br />

In the languages department we use a methodology which gets students up and out<br />

of their seats. They sing, dance, play games and act while learning new vocabulary and<br />

grammatical structures. This helps them communicate spontaneously and remember<br />

new language successfully and have fun in the process.<br />

The school’s facilities include a dance studio, a boxing gym, musical instruments and<br />

recording equipment, astro turf, huge fields with rugby and football pitches and a<br />

sports dome to name a few. These are used for extra-curricular clubs and for ‘WFactor’,<br />

which is the last period on a Wednesday when the whole school takes part in<br />

activities such as pottery, orienteering, first aid, badminton, urban dance and many<br />

more. Students and teachers alike love ‘WFactor’ as it gives everyone a chance to<br />

unwind in the middle of what can be a busy week.<br />

If you are thinking of a career in teaching I would thoroughly recommend<br />

training at <strong>Cranford</strong>. I feel fully part of the team and look forward to expanding<br />

my personal and professional skill set even further here”.

We are recruiting for our<br />

Primary and Secondary Schools:<br />

• English<br />

• German<br />

• Maths<br />

• Geography<br />

• Biology • History<br />

• Chemistry • Spanish<br />

• Physics<br />

• Primary<br />

• Computing<br />

• Design Technology<br />

Required Qualifications:<br />

1. A relevant Degree<br />

2. GCSE English Grade C<br />

3. GCSE Maths Grade C<br />

4. GCSE Science Grade C (Primary only)<br />

Apply<br />

online<br />

Applications must be made<br />

on-line on the UCAS website<br />

(www.ucas.com). Search<br />

for “<strong>Cranford</strong> Community<br />

College” to find our courses.<br />

Further application details are<br />

available on our school website:<br />

www.cranford.hounslow.sch.uk<br />

We regularly hold <strong>Train</strong> to <strong>Teach</strong> Events and <strong>Train</strong> to <strong>Teach</strong><br />

Taster Days throughout the year. For details of the next event<br />

please check the <strong>Train</strong> to <strong>Teach</strong> section of our website.<br />

<strong>To</strong> be held at: <strong>Cranford</strong> Community College,<br />

High Street, <strong>Cranford</strong> , Hounslow, Middlesex, TW5 9PD<br />

(: 020 8897 2001 | Website: www.cranford.hounslow.sch.uk

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