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Ahmadiyya Anjuman Ishaat Islam of Lahore. Presenting Islam as taught by the Holy Prophet Muhammad (s) as a peaceful, inclusive, tolerant and rational religion.

Ahmadiyya Anjuman Ishaat Islam of Lahore. Presenting Islam as taught by the Holy Prophet Muhammad (s) as a peaceful, inclusive, tolerant and rational religion.


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Quran's View of the Torah and the Gospel

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A Believer becomes Mary and Bears Jesus. 6

The UK Parliament by Dr Zahid Aziz 7

islamandeducation by Humaira Ahmad 9

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August 2018 The

Light 2

The Call of the


by Hazrat Mirza Ghulam


The Promised Messiah and Mahdi

(Editor’s note: Any quotations from the Quran

are translated from the author’s explanations

and are not literal translations of the verse

quoted. This extract is from the English translation

of a lecture he delivered in 1904 in Lahore,

now in Pakistan, taken from the Lahore Ahmadiyya

publication ‘Essence of Islam’, p. 49–56)

My Claim to Promised Messiahship

changes and revolutions in the spiritual world

and periods of light and darkness follow each

other successively like day and night. At certain

stages of the history of the world, men are

stripped of spiritual attainments and the perfection

of manhood like trees in the autumn,

while at others a wind blows from heaven

which breathes life afresh into their hearts.

This, our time, is also the beginning of spring.

The deadness of autumn was witnessed in the

Punjab during the days when this country was

under the Sikh sway. Knowledge had then quite

disappeared, and ignorance had become prevalent.

Religious books had become so rare that

they could not be found except in some high

family which remained intact from Sikh oppression.

Gentlemen, I would now say something

about my claims which I have published in this

country. Reason and history bear witness to this

fact that upon the darkness of sin overshadowing

the earth, and every transgression

prevailing in the world and evil becoming

supreme, the spiritual sensibilities dying, the

earth growing impure

with immoral

practices and the love

of God freezing in the

hearts of humans, a

poisonous wind

blowing. Then the

mercy of God ordains

that life should be

breathed into dead

hearts and the earth

should be quickened

afresh. As there are

changes of seasons in the physical world, so

there are revolutions in the spiritual world. The

autumn trees lose their verdure and freshness,

and are stripped of their leaves and branches,

and look like a man who is in the last stage of

consumption loses all his flesh and blood, or

like a leper whose face is disfigured by the effects

of leprosy and whose limbs have dropped

down. But they are not left in this state, another

period comes, and autumn is followed by spring

when a new life is given to the dead plants, and

they sprout forth into fresh leaves. Similar to

these changes in the physical world, there are


• EID UL Ahda to all are

Muslim brothers and sisters.


• Independence Day to all

our readers in Pakistan aNd


I Shall Love All Mankind.

The night of the Sikh rule has been followed

by the day of the British dominion which has

brought us the invaluable blessings of peace.

The truth is that if regard is had to the general

peace and security prevailing in the country and

the comforts which we can and do enjoy, it is unjust

to compare the days of the Sikh rule with

even the nights of

English Government.

The time in which we

live is a time of physical

as well as spiritual

blessings, and what

has already appeared

is a sign of the richness

of the harvest

that we may yet reap.

It is true, however,

that as it is the commencement

of a new

age, this period displays different looks. Some

appearances are hideous because they go

against righteousness and the true knowledge

of God, while others present attractive features

and there is a lustre of righteousness in them.

There is no doubt, however, that the English

Government has taken great pains to spread

learning in the country and to advance the

cause of science and knowledge. Printing

presses have multiplied copies of books to an

extent unknown in any previous age and placed

them within the reach of all. This vast spread of

knowledge has brought to light many hidden libraries

and cast the light of publication upon

August 2018 The

Light 3

many rare manuscripts,

and thus it has changed the

whole appearance of society

within a few years.

Side by side with the

growth of learning and

spread of knowledge spoken of here, there has

been a continual falling off from the standard of

purity in practice, and the plant of atheism has

struck a deep root in most hearts. There is no

doubt about the benefit and blessings which the

English Rule has brought to us, nor can anyone

question the unparalleled peace and liberty

which it has established in this country, but

most people have not made a right use of this

liberty and peace. Instead of being thankful to

God for His great benevolence in placing us under

the benign rule of such a peaceful and kind

Government, most people have become utterly

neglectful of and stolidly indifferent to God and

have wholly given themselves up to the pursuits

and cares of this world. So wholly indeed as if

this world were their permanent abode and

they were not under the control of any Higher

power or under any obligation to Him. As

generally happens, with peace transgression

has become more flagrant, and on account of

daily increasing hard-heartedness and indifference,

the country is now in a very dangerous

condition. Ignorant people commit the most

brutal and heinous deeds like savages, and

every grade of society is more or less involved

in some sort of evil. Drinking establishments

are visited more than other shops, and professions

involving open immorality are daily increasing,

while places of worship are only used

for the performance of ceremonials devoid of

life and inner worth. In short, a violent outburst

of evil and iniquity has taken place, and as a

flood destroys all embankments and sweeps

away whole villages before it in a single night,

so the flood of passions is sweeping away all

barriers to sin before it. Cimmerian darkness

has spread over the world, and it has reached

the point at which it must either be regenerated

and receive light from heaven or be utterly destroyed

and brought to naught.

But the prophetical utterings give us to understand

that the end is yet a thousand years

off. Moreover, the new physical order of this

He sheds His light upon

humanity through one of

their own so that there is

unity among them.

I Shall Love All Mankind.

world, which has been

brought about by the numerous

discoveries and inventions

of the last and the

present century, is indicative

of a similar change for

the better in the spiritual

system of the world. Spiritual reform is urgently

needed, for spiritually the world stands on the

brink of destruction and is so depraved that the

wrath of heaven must be kindled against it. The

force of passions is growing too strong while the

spiritual tendencies have been utterly

weakened and the light of faith has been

extinguished. A light must, therefore, be kindled

from heaven to shatter the clouds of darkness

which overhang this world, for, as we see daily,

the gloom of night is not dispelled until the

heavenly light makes its appearance. As there is

a heavenly light which illuminates the corners

of the earth, so there is also a heavenly light

which illuminates the corners of the heart, and

the truth of both these laws is manifest.

Since God created man, it has been His unchangeable

law that He sheds His light upon

humanity through one of their own so that there

is unity among them. The person who is thus

chosen receives the light of perfect Divine

knowledge from God, and drinks deep at the

fountain of His perfect love. He is spoken to by

Him, made to walk in the path of His perfect

pleasure and granted a deep-seated zeal to

draw others to the light, the knowledge and the

love which have been granted to him. Thus,

drawn by him and sharing in his knowledge

because of their close connection with him,

other people are also kept back from sins and

guided to the path of piety and righteousness. In

accordance with this time-honoured law,

Almighty God prophesied by the mouth of His

prophets that after nearly six thousand years

from the time of Adam when great darkness

would prevail upon earth and an irresistible

flood of passions would make the love of God

wane and iniquity predominate, God would

breathe into a man the soul of truth and love

and knowledge spiritually after the likeness of

Adam, and he would be called the Messiah,

because God would Himself anoint his soul with

the ointment of His love. This Messiah who, on

account of the promise of God concerning his

appearance, is called the Promised Messiah in

August 2018 The

Light 4

sacred books, would, it is foretold, be made to

stand against Satan, and between him and the

evil one, there would be a mighty struggle, the

final struggle between good and evil. For this

spiritual fight, Satan would bring all his hosts

into the field and gather together all his power

and make use of all his resources. Never shall a

fight like this have occurred between good and

evil before. For, on that day, the tricks of Satan

and the means by which he can mislead people,

would all be exhausted. After a mighty struggle,

the Messiah of God would drive back the powers

of darkness. The glory, majesty, unity and

holiness of God would be proclaimed upon

earth and would continue to be so declared for

a thousand years — the seventh day of the Holy

Books of God. Then will be the end. I am that

Messiah — let him who wills, accept me.

My journey

to Islam

My journey to

the Truth

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By Paul Anthony Delaforce

I was born in 1983 into a Roman Catholic

(RC) family. My Mother was RC and my father

was Church of England (Anglican). I have 2 Sisters

and 3 Brothers (I'm the youngest of 6). I

regularly attended a RC Church, every Sunday

and every Holy Day of Obligation and attended

a RC Primary School, Secondary School and

Sixth Form Centre. I was baptised, completed

First Holy Communion and Confirmation.

The Church was my life from birth until I

stopped attending Church in approximately

1999, at the age of 16/17 years. I have always

had a strong faith in God, regularly prayed and

over the past four years and been relooking into

Religion and finding the Truth.

From a Roman Catholic background, I had

an understanding about the Bible, God, Jesus,

Mary and the Prophets — Adam, Abraham, Moses,

Noah, Joseph. Previously, when I asked

questions to a Priest or a Christian about Jesus

I Shall Love All Mankind.

being God’s Son, the Trinity, the Bible being

written by several men over thousands of years,

different versions of the Bible, the Crucifixion of

Jesus, the dominance of The Roman Catholic

Church, I was always told: “it’s a mystery”. I was

told “don’t question because it’s in the Bible”,

“that’s Christianity”.

Islam seemed to have the answer to these

questions and many more, which I had been

asking for several years. Over the past 4 years I

have been researching Islam – online, websites,

and I read several Islamic books and recently I

read The Holy Qur’an (in English translation).

Before my 35th Birthday in March 2018, I

recited the Shahadah (Sunni) at The Nottingham

Islam Information Point (NIIP).

Over the past 5 – 6 months, I discovered Lahore

Ahmadiyya U.K and my Islamic journey

continues — learning to pray, learning Arabic,

growing Islamic history, knowledge and understanding.

There is no God but Allah, and Muhammad

is the Messenger of Allah.

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Quran’s View of Torah and


By Ejaz Naqvi, MD

Click here for link to article.

(Note: This is an adaptation from my book, The

Three Abrahamic Testaments: How the Torah,

Gospel and the Qur’an Hold the Keys to Healing

Our Fears)

Contrary to the popular belief, the Quran holds

the Torah and Gospel in high esteem. Muslims

are well aware that the Quran calls itself ‘guidance’

and ‘light’ (Nur) and Al-Furqan (the criterion

between right and wrong). But did you

know the Quran refers to Torah and Gospel in

the same way? It should really not be surprising

because the same God sent down all of them.

August 2018 The

Light 5

The Quran has a clear view of the prior

Abrahamic Scriptures: The Scriptures, as set

down to Moses and Jesus and other prophets,

are sacred and to be respected. Muslims are

commanded to “believe” in all Scriptures. The

Quran is considered a continuation of the revelations

from the same God.

“This Book, there is no doubt in it, is a guide

to those who are God-conscious. Those who

believe in the unseen and keep up prayer

and spend out of what We have given them.

And who believe in that which has been revealed

to you [meaning Muhammad] and

that which was revealed before you and they

are sure of the hereafter.” 2:2–4

“This Qur’an is not such as can be produced

by other than God; on the contrary it is a confirmation

of (revelations) that went before

it, and a fuller explanation of the Book—

wherein there is no doubt—from the Lord of

the worlds." 10:37

So, if you thought the references to ‘what

was sent before’ was vague, the Quran leaves no

doubt by mentioning Torah and Gospel (Injil)

repeatedly. In the following set of verses, the

Quran confirms the divine source of the Torah,

the Gospel, and “the Book” (meaning the

Quran). The Quran declares that the Torah and

the Gospel were “guidance and light.” The following

is a small sample.

The Quran on the Torah

“It was We who revealed the law [Torah] (to

Moses): therein was guidance and light. By

its standard have been judged the Jews, by

the prophets who bowed (as in Islam) to

God’s will, by the Rabbis and the Doctors of

law; for to them was entrusted the protection

of God’s book, and they were witnesses

thereto: therefore fear not men, but fear me,

and sell not my signs for a miserable price. If

any do fail to judge by (the light of) what God

has revealed, they are (no better than) Unbelievers.

We ordained therein for them: ‘Life

for life, eye for eye, nose for nose, ear for ear,

tooth for tooth, and wounds equal for equal.’

But if anyone remits the retaliation by way of

I Shall Love All Mankind.

charity, it is an act of atonement for himself.”


Other Passages on the Torah: A Criterion,

Light, and Mercy

“And remember We gave Moses the Scripture

and the [Furqan] Criterion (Between

right and wrong): There was a chance for

you to be guided aright.” 2:53

“In the past We granted to Moses and Aaron

the Furqan and a Light and a Message for

those who would guard against evil.”


Not only Furqan is used for Torah, as it has

for itself, Torah is described as a guide for the

“Muttaqeen” (bolded above), another word often

used for believing, pious Muslims, meaning

those who guard against evil.

“And certainly, We gave the Book to Musa, so

be not in doubt concerning the receiving of

it, and We made it a guide for the children of

Israel.” 32:23

“And We gave Musa the Book and made it a

guidance to the children of Israel, saying: Do

not take a protector besides Me.” 17:2

“And before this, was the Book of Moses as a

guide and a mercy: And this Book [meaning

the Quran] confirms (it) in the Arabic

tongue; to admonish the unjust, and as Glad

Tidings to the righteous.” 46:12

The following verses do indeed refer to the

Torah being a more detailed description of the


“Moreover, We gave Moses the Book, completing

(Our favour) to those who would do

right, and explaining all things in detail, and

a guide and a mercy, that they might believe

in the meeting with their Lord.” 6:154

“And We ordained for him [referring to Moses]

in the tablets admonition of every kind

and clear explanation of all things; so take

hold of them with firmness and enjoin your

August 2018 The

Light 6

A Man Gives Birth to Jesus

Our body is like Mary.

Each of us has a Jesus inside.

If a pain and yearning shows up inside


the Jesus of our soul is born.

people to take hold of what is best thereof; I

will show you the abode of the transgressors.”


Quran on Gospel (Injil): Guidance and


In the verses preceding the one quoted below,

the Quran makes references to the Torah

and the prophets that followed Moses and the

rabbis who protected the Torah, followed by Jesus

being given the Injil and that it was a guidance

for the Muttaqeen (God conscious, or in

awe of God).

“And We sent after them in their footsteps

Jesus, son of Mary, verifying what was before

him of the Torah and We gave him the Gospel

in which was guidance and light, and verifying

what was before it of the Torah and a

guidance and an admonition for Muttaqeen.

And the followers of the Gospel should have

judged by what God revealed in it; and whoever

did not judge by what God revealed,

those are they that are the transgressors.”


Other Passages on the Gospel

In the first verse quoted below, the Quran

addresses Mary in reference to Jesus Christ and

says that he was born with the knowledge of the

prior Scriptures, including the Torah:

“And He [God] will teach him [Jesus] the

Scripture and wisdom, and the Torah and

the Gospel.” 3:48

“When Allah will say: O Jesus son of Mary!

Remember My favour on you and on your

mother, when I strengthened you with the

Holy Spirit, you spoke to the people in the

cradle and when of old age, and when I

taught you the Book and the wisdom and the

Torah and the Gospel.” 5:110

“It is He Who sent down to you (step by

step), in truth, the Book [meaning the

Quran], confirming what went before it; and

He sent down the Law (of Moses) [Torah]

and the Gospel (of Jesus) before this, as a

guide to mankind, and He sent down the criterion

(of judgment between right and

wrong).” 3:3

Not only was Injil (Gospel) mercy and guidance,

the Qur’an proclaims that God endowed

those who followed him with kindness and


Then We made Our messengers to follow in

their footsteps, and We sent Jesus son of

Mary afterwards, and We gave him the Gospel

and We put in the hearts of those who followed

him kindness and mercy.” 57:27

It is also of note that the Quran proclaims

the Scriptures we see now are in an altered state

without indicating how ‘original’ they are. However,

this does not distract from their sacred

sources or the commandments to believe in

them as referenced in numerous verses, some of

which are quoted above.

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A Believer becomes Mary and

Gives Birth to Jesus

From: Click here for full article.

. . . Rumi says:

Our body is like Mary.

Each of us has a Jesus inside.

If a pain and yearning shows up inside us,

the Jesus of our soul is born.

If there is no pain, no yearning,

the Jesus of our soul will return to its origin

from the same secret passageway he came


If there is no pain, no yearning,

we will remain deprived

not benefiting from that Jesus of the soul.

(Translated by Omid Safi, in Radical Love:

Teachings from the Islamic Mystical Tradition)

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I Shall Love All Mankind.

August 2018 The

Light 7

The UK


Debate on the

persecution of Ahmadis, 24 May 2018

and our comments

by Zahid Aziz

A fairly lengthy debate was held in the

House of Commons of the UK Parliament on this

subject on 24 May 2018. The transcript of this

debate is available on the website of the UK Parliament

(link to debate transcript).

Shortly afterwards, I composed and sent a

letter along with a statement, on behalf of the

Lahore Ahmadiyya Movement, to every Member

of Parliament who spoke in the debate.

Their names are as follows: Siobhain McDonagh

(Labour), Seema Malhotra (Labour), Tanmanjeet

Singh Dhesi (Labour), Tom Brake (Liberal

Democrat), John Spellar (Labour), Sir Edward

Davey (Liberal Democrat), Justine Greening

(Conservative), Stephen Hammond (Conservative),

Paul Scully (Conservative), Zac Goldsmith

(Conservative), Jim Shannon (Democratic Unionist),

Patrick Grady (Scottish Nationalist), Liz

McInnes (Labour), and Mark Field (Conservative)

who is the Minister for Asia and the Pacific

responding to the debate on behalf of the government.

Members of Parliament are not obliged to

reply to anyone who is not one of their constituents.

So it was not surprising that no reply was

received, except for a formal one from the Minister.

My covering letter is as below. (For the

group which we usually refer to as the Qadiani

or the Rabwah Jamaat, I have used the term

“Morden-based” Ahmadiyya community, as the

Morden area of London is the location of their


The Letter:

I am writing to you because you spoke in the

Parliamentary debate on 24 May 2018 on the

I Shall Love All Mankind.

persecution of the Ahmadiyya Muslim community.

I belong to a community of Ahmadis, known

as the Lahore Ahmadiyya, which has been in existence

since 1914. It differs in certain beliefs

from the community based at Morden, the

group which was mentioned in your debate.

We are also declared as non-Muslims by the

1974 amendment in the Constitution of Pakistan,

and are mentioned by our separate name

in that amendment. We are subject to the same

level of persecution and intolerance in Pakistan

and elsewhere as the Ahmadiyya followers of

the Morden-based community.

I was involved, as translator, in a civil court

case in Cape Town, South Africa, in 1985, in

which our community of Ahmadis successfully

obtained the judgment that Ahmadis are Muslims,

and have all the rights pertaining to Muslims,

and to call them "unbelievers" is defamatory.

(See www.ahmadiyya.org/sa-case/intro.htm

for full details.)

I am attaching herewith a more detailed

statement explaining how the opposition to the

Ahmadiyya Movement can be effectively tackled

by establishing better relations with the general

Muslim community.

I would end by pointing out that our Lahore

Ahmadiyya community for more than fifty

years, from 1913 to 1968, ran the Muslim Mission

at the Woking Mosque in Surrey. During

that time, this Mission was the national centre

of Islam in Britain, it represented the general

UK Muslim community of all persuasions, and it

advised the government on matters relating to

Islam. We also published in 1917 in the UK the

first English translation of the Quran, with explanatory

notes, by a Muslim, Maulana Muhammad

Ali, to be available in the West.

Thank you for reading the attached statement.

With best regards,

Zahid Aziz, Dr.

August 2018 The

Light 8

The following is the Statement which accompanied

my letter:


Date: 30 May 2018

Author: Dr Zahid Aziz

Debate in Parliament, 24th May 2018, on

persecution of the Ahmadiyya Muslim Community

Our standpoint is that if the teachings of the

Founder of the Ahmadiyya Movement, Hazrat

Mirza Ghulam Ahmad, are correctly presented

then this will substantially reduce the opposition

that the Movement faces from the general

body of Muslims, and strengthen the hands of

governments of Muslim countries in rejecting

the demands of the anti-Ahmadiyya religious

parties to deprive Ahmadis of their rights.

Let me explain. It was stated at the outset in

this Parliamentary debate, in the opening

speech by Siobhain McDonagh, that “an Ahmadi

identifies as a Muslim, but does not believe that

Mohammed was the final prophet sent to guide


It is universally known that the basic creed

of Islam is expressed as: “There is no god but

Allah, and Muhammad is the Messenger of

Allah”. It is by declaring this that a person becomes

a Muslim and is so defined. Belief in a

prophet after the Prophet Muhammad means

that this new prophet must be added into this

creed, explicitly or implicitly. Believers in this

modified creed and believers in the original

creed, both regarding themselves as Muslim,

have to regard the other party as non-Muslim.

It is because of this that the Ahmadiyya

community which is now based in Morden has

always, for more than a century, been declaring

that all those Muslims who do not accept Hazrat

Mirza Ghulam Ahmad as a prophet are not Muslims.

These were the very points raised in the

Pakistan National Assembly in 1974 by the anti-

Ahmadiyya groups when that constitutional

amendment was under discussion. Their argument

was: Ahmadis regard us as non-Muslims

I Shall Love All Mankind.

but they want us to regard them as Muslims.

We, the Lahore Ahmadiyya, hold strongly,

and have produced extensive literature on it for

105 years, that Hazrat Mirza Ghulam Ahmad

never claimed to be a prophet and never regarded

as non-Muslims those Muslims who did

not accept him. His claim was that he was a Mujaddid

in Islam, meaning a reformer or renewer

of the faith. His published statements in relation

to these points are far too numerous. For example,

he writes:

“Do not level false allegations against me

that I have claimed to be a prophet in the real

sense. … I believe and acknowledge that, according

to the real meaning of prophethood, no

prophet can come after the Holy Prophet Muhammad,

whether a new one or a former one.

… But in a metaphorical sense God can call any

inspired saint as prophet or messenger.” (Book

Siraj Munir, published 1897, pages 2–3)

“I have never, at any time, made a claim of

being a prophet or messenger in the real sense.

To use a word in a non-real sense, and to employ

it in speech according to its broad, root meaning,

does not imply heresy. However, I do not

like even this much, for there is the possibility

that ordinary Muslims may misunderstand it.”

(Book Anjam Atham, published 1897, page 27)

At a public meeting in Lahore, he issued a

signed and witnessed declaration on 3rd February

1892 about his metaphorical use of the

word ‘prophet’, and wrote:

“I wish to make it clear to all Muslim brothers

that, if they are displeased with these words

and if these words give injury to their feelings,

they may regard all such words as amended,

and instead consider me to have used the word

‘muhaddas’ (which means inspired saint). … My

intention has never been to use this word

‘prophet’ as meaning actually a prophet, but

only as signifying an inspired saint.”

He went on to add that “for the conciliation

of my Muslim brethren” he advises that they

August 2018 The

Light 9

should regard the word ‘prophet’ about himself

“as having been deleted”.

Therefore, we suggest that the Mordenbased

Ahmadiyya community follow the advice

and example of their own Founder and make a

clear announcement that Hazrat Mirza Ghulam

Ahmad did not claim to be a prophet but was an

‘inspired saint’ (muhaddas) and reformer (mujaddid),

like the saints and reformers that have

been arising in Islamic history who have been

accepted by large groups of Muslims. They need

to further announce that they withdraw and retract

every previous statement in their literature

which declares Muslims to be unbelievers,

non-Muslims and outside the fold of Islam for

not accepting Hazrat Mirza Ghulam Ahmad.

Yours sincerely: Zahid Aziz, Dr.

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Islam and


By Ms Humaira Ahmad

Whilst studying at university,

the importance of education has only

been further cemented. Meeting people from all

of the world, different backgrounds and cultures

has showed me the vitality of education,

in bettering ourselves as humans.

The field of education, covering ethics, religion,

skills and general knowledge, is a very

broad and very vital one. The importance of

learning in enabling the individual to put his potential

to optimal use is self-evident. Without

education, the training of the human mind is incomplete.

No individual is a human being in the

proper sense until he has been educated.

Education makes man a right thinker and a

correct decision-maker. It achieves this by

bringing him knowledge from the external

world, teaching him to reason, and acquainting

him with past history, so that he may be a better

judge of the present. Without education, man,

as it were, is shut up in a windowless room.

With education, he finds himself in a room with

all its windows open to the outside world.

I Shall Love All Mankind.

The very great importance attached

to learning in Islam is illustrated by

the life of the Prophet.

This is why Islam attaches such great importance

to knowledge and education. The

Quran, it should be noted repeatedly asks us to

observe the earth and heavens. This instils in

man the desire to learn natural science. When

the Quran began to be revealed, the first word

of its first verse was ‘Iqra!’ that is, ‘Read.’ Education

is thus the starting point of every successful

human activity.

All the books of hadith have a chapter on

knowledge (ilm). In Sahih Bukhari, there is a

chapter entitled, “The virtue of one who acquires

ilm (learning) and imparts it to others.”

In the hadith, the scholar is accorded great respect.

According to one tradition, the ink of a

scholar’s pen is more precious than the blood of

a martyr, the reason being that while a martyr

is engaged in the task of defence, an alim (scholar)

builds individuals and nations along positive

lines. In this way, he bestows upon the

world a real-life treasure.

The very great importance attached to

learning in Islam is illustrated by an event in the

life of the Prophet. At the battle of Badr, in which

the Prophet was victorious, seventy of his enemies

were taken prisoner. Now these captives

were all literate people. So, in order to benefit

from their intellect the Prophet declared that if

each prisoner taught ten Medinan children how

to read and write, that would serve as his ransom

and he would be set free. This was the first

school in the history of Islam, established by the

Prophet himself. It was of no matter to him that

all its teachers were non-Muslims, all were prisoners

of war, and all were likely to create problems

again for Islam and Muslims once they

were released. This Sunnah of the Prophet

showed that whatever the risk involved, education

was paramount.

Islam not only stresses the importance of

learning but demonstrates how all the factors

necessary to progress in learning have been

provided by God. A vital factor is the freedom to

August 2018 The

Light 10

Engraved with Islamic inscriptions,

the headstones of 576 Muslim soldiers

stand in ranks facing Mecca at

Notre Dame de Lorette, the biggest

of France’s many war cemeteries.

Each one is also inscribed with

the words “Mort Pour La France”

– died for France

conduct research. Such freedom was encouraged

right from the beginning, as is illustrated

by an incident which took place after the

Prophet had migrated from Makkah to Madinah.

There he saw some people atop the date

palms pollinating them. Since dates were not

grown in Makkah the Prophet had to ask what

these people were doing to the trees. He thereupon

forbade them to do this, and the following

year date crop was very poor as compared to

previous year. When the Prophet asked the reason,

he was told that the yield depended on pollination.

He then told the date-growers to resume

this practice, admitting that they knew

more about “worldly matters” than he did.

In this way, the Prophet separated practical

matters from religion, thus paving the way for

the free conduct of research throughout the

world of nature and the adoption of conclusions

based thereon. This great emphasis placed on

exact knowledge resulted in the awakening of a

great desire for learning among the Muslims of

the first phase. This process began in Makkah,

then reached Madinah and Damascus, later centring

on Baghdad. Ultimately it entered Spain.

Spain flourished, with extraordinary progress

made in various academic and scientific disciplines.

This flood of scientific progress then entered

Europe, ultimately ushering in the modern,

scientific age.

The golden age of science, also known as the

golden age of Islam, from the 9 th century up until

the 14 th century, was dominated by fantastic

Islamic scholars who discovered and first applied

the principles of mathematics to science.

A famous scholar being Muhammad Al-

Khwarizmi, who was the pioneer of algebra,

I Shall Love All Mankind.

made it possible for us to achieve great scientific

advancements like travelling to space.

Without his work we may not have been able to

fly to the moon or send satellites to space which

now control everything we do.

So, not only should we seek knowledge, but

when we learn it, it becomes obligatory on us to

practice it. We should apply the knowledge that

we have discovered and been exposed to our

day-to-day tasks and see how such knowledge

can prevent us from making future mistakes or

in turn help us through difficult times.

In not only the month of Ramadan should

we further our education spiritually and

worldly but throughout our life which will allow

us to grow our minds to the full potential Allah

intended for us.

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The forgotten Muslim heroes

of WWI

How Muslim soldiers helped save the

allies from defeat in the First World

From: The National


By David Crossland

Engraved with Islamic inscriptions, the

headstones of 576 Muslim soldiers stand in

ranks facing Mecca at Notre Dame de Lorette,

the biggest of France’s many war cemeteries.

Each one is also inscribed with the words

“Mort Pour La France” – died for France – like

the massed crosses of their Christian comrades

in this 62-acre memorial containing the remains

of over 40,000 soldiers. Today it is a

lonely place of birdsong and rustling trees overlooking

the slag heaps of the Artois mining region

but it was once one of the bloodiest battlefields

of the First World War.

The Muslim graves have lain mostly forgotten

for almost a century, save on three occasions

in the last decades when their graves were desecrated

with anti-Muslim graffiti. The sacrifices

August 2018 The

Light 11

made by these soldiers and their 2.5 million fellow

Muslims who fought for France, the British

empire and Russia has been largely ignored, especially

in comparison with the exhaustive accounts

of Western troops in poems, diaries and


Muslim headstones from the First World

War in Notre Dame de Lorette French national

cemetery. In the background are Christian

headstones. David Crossland / The National

Muslim headstones from the First World

War in Notre Dame de Lorette French national

cemetery. In the background are Christian

headstones. David Crossland / The National

Luc Ferrier, the Belgian founder and chairman

of the Forgotten Heroes 14-19 Foundation,

is battling to change that.

He is convinced that without Muslim troops

and labourers, the Allies would have lost the

war. Raising public awareness of their contribution

could help counter anti-Islamic sentiment

in Europe, and give immigrant communities a

stronger sense of belonging, he told The National.

“This project is contradicting the myth that

Muslims have not played a positive role in Europe

or in modern history,” he said.

“By adding a wealth of authentic documented

evidence portraying Muslims positively,

we can counter Islamophobia, as well as the divisive

‘clash of civilisations’ narrative which

both the far-right and ‘religious’ extremists rely

on to further their narrow aims.”

The last four years have seen intense commemoration

of the war’s centenary, which will

culminate in ceremonies marking the armistice

on November 11.

the wake of the Second World War to bring lasting

peace to the ravaged continent.

Mr Ferrier, a 55-year-old former executive

in the aeronautical industry who is not Muslim,

set up the foundation in 2012 after discovering

the diaries of his great-grandfather, a soldier in

the First World War. “I was impressed by the

enormous respect he had for his Muslim brothers

in arms from all these continents, while he

himself was a very devout Christian,” he said.

When he tried to learn more, he found there

was a dearth of literature on Muslim troops. The

foundation has encouraged broader research

into the topic. He has addressed conferences

and secured the support of researchers worldwide

who helped unearth and translate historical

documents. His book, The Unknown Fallen,

contains stories and photos that convey the

global Muslim contribution in the war.

Researchers have unearthed accounts of

comradeship that saw priests, imams and rabbis

learn each other’s burial ceremonies and

prayers so that they could lay the dead of all

faiths to rest on the battlefield. Stories have surfaced

of North African Muslims saving the lives

of European soldiers using herbal medicines

when field medical supplies ran out.

After German troops marched into France

in August 1914 and got close enough to Paris to

see the Eiffel Tower, the French hastily summoned

soldiers from French North Africa — Algeria,

Morocco and Tunisia — while the British

called troops from across its empire including


They cut dashing figures arriving in Marseille

in their fezzes, turbans and brightly coloured

uniforms, and crowds welcomed them as

saviours. They were quickly dispatched to the


Paradoxically, the remembrance has coincided

with a rise in the kind of nationalism that

spawned the “war to end all wars.” Right-wing

populists across Europe are targeting immigrants

but also the European Union, set up in

I Shall Love All Mankind.

Troops from the British Indian Army, consisting

of Muslims, Sikhs and Hindus with Muslims

making up around a third, were in the thick

of the fighting almost from the start. Arriving

before troops from Canada, Australia and New

Zealand, they reinforced exhausted British

August 2018 The

Light 12

troops just in time to stop the German army

breaking through to ports on the English channel

in the First Battle of Ypres in 1914.

They were volunteers, trained and experienced

soldiers, but like Western troops they

were unprepared for the inferno of shells, machine

guns, poison gas and rat-infested trenches

they were thrown into.

“Just like a turnip is cut to pieces, so a man

is blown to bits by the explosion of a shell,”

wrote a Pathan soldier from northern India. “All

those who came with me have ceased to exist …

In taking a hundred yards of trench it is like the

destruction of the world.”

But they didn’t buckle in the face of gas,

freezing weather and the best-equipped army

in the world, and quickly gained the admiration

of European officers and men.

“It was known that the Muslim troops attacked

fiercely,” said Mr Ferrier. “Western

troops had an ambiguous feeling when they

showed up; they were happy to have them on

their side but it was also a sign that an attack

was on the way.”

In this merciless war, they saw their comrades

gassed and bayoneted to death. Yet the

British and French were struck by how humanely

Muslim troops treated prisoners of war.

Asked why, they referred to Islamic teaching

that prisoners must be fed in a dignified manner.

They won medals for their courage, and the

British, masters of propaganda, ensured that

photos of King George V, Emperor of India, pinning

medals on their chests were circulated

around India to encourage more men to volunteer.

Recipients included Sepoy Khudadad Khan

of the 129th Baluchis, who won Britain’s highest

military award, the Victoria Cross, at the Belgian

village of Hollebeke near Ypres on October

31, 1914 for preventing a German breakthrough

by continuing to fire his machine gun

after all his comrades had been killed and he

had been wounded.

He was the first South Asian to win the VC,

and Indian forces won around a dozen more

during the war. Some 1.5 million men from what

is now India, Pakistan, Bangladesh and Myanmar

fought on the Western front, in Africa, the

Middle East and Gallipoli.

Officers made efforts to provide troops with

halal food and there was a high death rate

among Indian cooks who advanced dangerously

close to German shells to serve the men chapatis

and hot curry.

The cold was as bitter an enemy as the Germans

and the incessant, freezing rain in the autumn

of 1914 brought wistful memories of the

monsoon that gave relief from the summer heat

back home, so far away. There was no home

leave. Going back all the way to India was too

expensive, the troops were told.

They suffered from frostbite and exposure,

causing them to lose fingers," said Mr Ferrier.

"The trenches did little to provide shelter or

warmth from the extreme low temperatures,

especially at night, when even clothes and blankets

froze solid.”

His foundation approached Britain’s Anglia

Tours, which has experience in running guided

visits to First World War sites, to help organise

bespoke visits to the battlefields and memorial

sites where Muslims fought.

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