Fall Magazine 2018

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1<br />

Cal. Teensters<br />

<strong>2018</strong> <strong>Fall</strong><br />

-Back to School<br />

-How did I spend my Summer<br />

-Shop Local after School program<br />

-How to prepare for SAT<br />


<strong>2018</strong> <strong>Fall</strong><br />

Contents<br />

<strong>Fall</strong> Season 3<br />

School Date 4<br />

Summer Time 5<br />

After School 8<br />

Talking SAT 9<br />

Teen Fashion 10<br />

Nat’s Game Club 11<br />

Places to Visit 13<br />

Special Days 14<br />

Talking to College 16<br />

Book Room 17<br />

Around the World 18<br />

Movies 20<br />

Sports 22<br />

Events 23<br />

Californian Teenster Volunteer:<br />

Kitty Y. Fanny H. Jason W. Bryce L.<br />

Mia S. Jessica W. Nat. S John C.<br />

Natalya G. Raesy C. Carol T.<br />

Please email all comments, suggestions, or inquiries<br />

to Contact teenstermagazine@gmail.com<br />

FIND US<br />

Academic Brilliance Cornerstone Education Foundation<br />

Address: 1420 S. Glendora Ave, West Covina, CA 91780<br />


3<br />

<strong>Fall</strong> Season<br />

Autumn<br />

By Mia<br />

Autumn or <strong>Fall</strong> the season of the<br />

year between summer and winter<br />

during which temperatures de<br />

crease. It’s often called fall in the<br />

United States because leaves fall<br />

from the trees at that time. Americans<br />

typically refer to this time of<br />

year as “fall,” while the British use<br />

the word “autumn.” Both terms date<br />

back to the 16th century but before<br />

that it was called “harvest. <strong>Fall</strong> was<br />

called “harvest” because of the<br />

“harvest moon” that occurs when the full moon is closest to<br />

the autumn equinox.<br />

During <strong>Fall</strong> there are many fun activities you can do<br />

like; go apple picking, take a hayride, go pumpkin picking<br />

and so much more. <strong>Fall</strong> also means that Halloween is just<br />

around the corner. Mild autumn breezes in California<br />

usually echoes the region's welcoming<br />

spirit, but as the end of October approaches<br />

a spooky wind sweeps in and<br />

strange things begin to go bump in the<br />

night. From family-friendly fright fests<br />

and historically-haunted tours, to terrorfilled<br />

scream zones and wild,<br />

trick-or-treat parties, and Halloween<br />

themed Amusement park, Halloween in<br />

California is crazy fun for kids of all ages.<br />


<strong>2018</strong> <strong>Fall</strong><br />

School Date<br />

Back to School<br />

By Mia<br />

A lot of teenagers spend<br />

about seven or more hours in<br />

school, only to spend more<br />

hours in after- school activities.<br />

From school work to afterschool<br />

activities to more school<br />

work, high school students<br />

lives’ are very stressful. As a result,<br />

many teenagers manage<br />

only 6 hours of sleep a night, when research shows that<br />

adolescents going through puberty need 8 ½ to 9 hours of<br />

sleep. Teenagers are sleep- deprived, and parents are wondering<br />

why their children are doing so poorly in tests. Still,<br />

many parents complain about their children, assigning<br />

overwhelming responsibility at home without taking into<br />

account the heavy homework load students are given.<br />

These parents must think high school students just go by<br />

in school, sitting lazily in their desks and ignoring the<br />

teacher’s blabbing while they doodle in their notebooks.<br />

High school students, like other normal humans, need a<br />

vacation from school from time to time in order to enjoy<br />

other things in their lives, but some of these things are<br />

sacrificed in attempt to succeed in school. But despite all<br />

of their efforts to excel, high school students hear sermons<br />

every night from their<br />

parents when they come<br />

home. It’s as if parents<br />

think they’re the only ones<br />

with problems and continue<br />

to ignore what their<br />

children are going through.<br />



5<br />

How did I spend my summer<br />

By Bryce Lim<br />

Traveling to a place that is<br />

so different from your homeland<br />

is an exciting and informative<br />

experience. During my trip to<br />

Hawaii, I was able to witness<br />

nature’s beauty, and I was able<br />

to see sights that I usually do not see in California.<br />

Summer Time<br />

Additionally, I learned some of the Hawaiian culture and<br />

lifestyle. The first thing that stood out to me about<br />

Hawaii were the large amounts of vegetation that were<br />

present on the island.. The overall exotic feeling of the<br />

island was a big change from California. From the lush<br />

forests and vast oceans to the sprawling fields and deep<br />

canyons, I felt as though I had entered another dimension.<br />

In addition to the sights, I was able to learn some of the<br />

Hawaiian language, and I was introduced to the Hawaiian<br />

way of living. It surprised me how similar Hawaii was to<br />

the Philippines, such as the<br />

shack- like houses and small<br />

communities. Overall, my trip<br />

to Hawaii was a breath of fresh<br />

air from the monotone city life<br />

of where I live.<br />


<strong>2018</strong> <strong>Fall</strong><br />

What I Did in the Summer of <strong>2018</strong><br />

Summer time<br />

By John Chen<br />

Over the summer,<br />

I did a lot of<br />

things. I was very<br />

happy. I went on a<br />

cruise, zip-lining,<br />

swimming, and much more. The truth is, this summer was one of<br />

the best summers I have had. In this essay, you will be given two<br />

reasons why.<br />

The first activity I did over the summer may sound strange to<br />

regular schoolchildren, but it was actually summer school. My<br />

summer school, PA College Prep, was one of the best schools that<br />

I’ve ever been to. The lunch at PA was great and I particularly like<br />

how students were able to make special orders. For example, special<br />

orders like instead of juice you could have water, or instead of<br />

orange juice, you could have apple juice. At PA students did many<br />

activities including math, language arts, debate, public speaking,<br />

cooking and even STEM! Overall, PA was the opposite of what a<br />

child thinks school is. PA is the best!<br />

The second activity I did over the summer was quite exhilarating;<br />

I went on a cruise! The cruise had Ping Pong, swimming<br />

pools, complimentary food and snacks, and best of all- shuffleboard.<br />

The cruise took me to Alaska, and I did many activities<br />

there. I ate King Crab, went kayaking, and the most exciting thing<br />

I did was to go zip-lining! On the cruise, my friend and I watched<br />

unlimited free movies in high quality rooms. The cruise also gave<br />

me a chance to relax because school can be hard at times.<br />

To sum it all up, my summer was a great one. I greatly appreciated<br />

the time my parents took to arrange them because the vacations<br />

were very fun. Although I’m unarguably sad that my amazing<br />

summer ended, I’m still unarguably glad that my summer<br />

started in the first place. My summer was really-the best!<br />


7<br />


<strong>2018</strong> <strong>Fall</strong><br />

After School Program<br />

Shop Local After School in W. Covina.<br />

By Jessica<br />

“Shop local after School program” is a program that<br />

helps schools by shopping at local<br />

retailers and gives back to local<br />

schools. The person who created the<br />

program is Tony Wu. Currently the<br />

school districts who are part of this<br />

program are West Covina USD and<br />

Covina Valley School Districts. This program was created 3<br />

years ago when Mr. Wu was running. The program was<br />

created because we need to help education for children to<br />

have more programs. Since students are growing up, they<br />

need some sort of program and<br />

that program should be after<br />

school. Mr. Wu said, “I can’t<br />

control the school’s programs but<br />

I can help out after school.”<br />

The students should be proud<br />

of themselves. It benefits students<br />

because of their resources and to<br />

give them a chance and to give<br />

them something. It benefits<br />

parents since they would be proud<br />

of their children and they know<br />

their children are happy doing something after school. People<br />

would shop locally if it gives back to schools or to their<br />

students.<br />

(Pictures from WCUSD)<br />


9<br />

How to Prepare for the SAT<br />

By Kitty Yu<br />

Talking SAT<br />

3. Know the Test Structure<br />

Questions on the SAT are in ascending<br />

order of difficulty. This means that<br />

questions at the beginning of a section<br />

are easier than those at the end. Knowing<br />

this, you shouldn’t spend equal<br />

amounts of time on each SAT question.<br />

The questions at the beginning of each section should be<br />

easily and quickly answered, allowing you to save time<br />

devoted towards the harder questions at the end. You<br />

should answer detail-oriented questions first, saving<br />

general questions about the passage for the end.<br />

PA College Pre Director<br />

4. Study the Vocabulary<br />

Studying vocabulary is a really easy way to increase your<br />

SAT score, especially if you study smart. Make some<br />

flashcards and you can study vocab whenever you have a<br />

few free time—waiting in line at the restaurant, during<br />

recess, in the car… This practice expand your vocabulary<br />

on the sentence completion questions and the reading<br />

comprehension Portion of the test.<br />

***Next issue will have more***<br />


<strong>2018</strong> <strong>Fall</strong><br />

Hot & Cool<br />

Teen Fashion<br />

Model: Natalya<br />

Creator: Jessica<br />


11<br />

Nat’s Game Club<br />

Super Smash Bros Ultimate<br />

On June 12th, was<br />

the day we finally got<br />

our first look at Super<br />

Smash Bros Ultimate.<br />

The Smash game<br />

everyone has been<br />

looking forward to on the Nintendo<br />

switch. Super Smash Bros Ultimate<br />

takes on a brand new look, mixing Super<br />

Smash Bros for<br />

Wii U’s art style while refining it with<br />

a fresh coat of paint. Now let's address<br />

the elephant in the room, the<br />

characters.<br />

Every fighter that has ever been<br />

playable in the Smash series has<br />

returned making 67 playable<br />

characters along with 89 stages are<br />

confirmed to be in the game. The<br />

creator of the smash brother’s<br />

series, Masahiro Sakurai stated that<br />

he felt people wanted to see every<br />

fighter from the series return.<br />


<strong>2018</strong> <strong>Fall</strong><br />


13<br />

Crater Lake<br />

Crater lake was formed from a<br />

massive eruption 7,700 years ago<br />

left a deep basin in the place where<br />

a mountain peak once stood.<br />

Places to Visit<br />

https://www.nps.gov/crla/index.htm<br />

Sequoia and Kings Canyon<br />

To the north lies the Giant Forest<br />

where sequoias rise above their forest<br />

neighbors. In this cathedral-like<br />

grove stands the 275 foot tall General<br />

Sherman Tree.<br />

https://www.nps.gov/seki/index.htm<br />

Cave of Shasta Lake<br />

The cave is a pure limestone structure<br />

with many wonders such as<br />

stalagmites, stalactites, and flowing<br />

stones.<br />

http://lakeshastacaverns.com/<br />


<strong>2018</strong> <strong>Fall</strong><br />

Special Days<br />

Halloween<br />

By Jessica<br />

Halloween is also known<br />

as All Hallows’ Evening.<br />

The holiday is observed by<br />

Western Christians and many<br />

non-Christians around the<br />

world. Significance is the<br />

first day of Allhallowtide. The day is on October 31 st .<br />

People dress up, go trick treating, and attending Halloween<br />

costume parties. Many Halloween traditions originated<br />

from ancient Celtic harvest festivals, particularly the Gaelic<br />

festival Samhain & Brythonic festival Calan Gaeaf.<br />

Halloween means “hallowed evening” or “holy evening.”<br />

Some celebrations is making jack o lanterns, lighting<br />

bonfires, divination, apple bobbing, visiting haunted<br />

attractions. Universal Studios also have horror nights<br />

during October too. This is time where kids usually get a<br />

lot of candy. The food that is associated with Halloween is<br />

barmbrack, bonfire toffee, candy apples, toffee apples,<br />

candy corn, candy<br />

pumpkins, monkey nuts,<br />

caramel apples,<br />

caramel corn,<br />

colcannon, Halloween<br />

cake, and etc.<br />


Cindy Choi<br />

Special Days<br />

15<br />

Thanksgiving<br />

By Jessica<br />

Thanksgiving is a holiday<br />

in November. It is celebrated<br />

in the United States, Canada,<br />

some of the Caribbean<br />

islands, and Liberia. It has<br />

been celebrated as a federal<br />

holiday every year since 1863, when, during the American<br />

Civil War, President Abraham Lincoln proclaimed a<br />

national day of "Thanksgiving and Praise to our beneficent<br />

Father who dwelled in the Heavens," to be celebrated on<br />

the last Thursday in November. When Americans call the<br />

“Holiday Season” generally starts with Thanksgiving.<br />

Thanksgiving has been an annual tradition in the United<br />

States by the presidential proclamation since 1863 and by<br />

state legislation since the Founding Fathers of the United<br />

States. Historically, Thanksgiving has traditionally been a<br />

celebration of the blessings of the year, including the harvest.<br />

It began as a day of giving thanks for the blessing of<br />

the harvest and of the preceding<br />

year. In 1621, the Plymouth<br />

colonists and Wampanoag<br />

Indians shared an autumn<br />

harvest feast that is<br />

acknowledged today as one of<br />

the first Thanksgiving<br />

celebrations in the colonies.<br />


<strong>2018</strong> <strong>Fall</strong><br />

Why should I go to colleges?<br />

Talking to College<br />

By Sean Kao Ph. D.<br />

Lastly, it is also a place where you learn how to learn. A<br />

proper education should teach you more than just problemsolving,<br />

it should also drive you to problem-identifying. I<br />

find this to be the most useful skill I’ve learned from my<br />

education. To think critically, to anticipate what’s about the<br />

happen, and to do something about it. You will also have the<br />

opportunity to be that someone who creates knowledge for<br />

other to learn. Contributing to the world of science is one of<br />

the most rewarding feelings one can have.<br />

Colleges are where one goes to learn, and I don’t just<br />

mean knowledge. You will probably meet people whom you<br />

are not going to get along with. You will probably encounter<br />

situations that are not fair. You will probably do the right<br />

things but still end up where you don’t want to be.<br />

To that, I encourage you to Think empirically; Act<br />

empathically. Keep in mind that all the knowledge in the<br />

world can’t help you to make a true friend. People are not<br />

going to care what you know until they know what you<br />

care. Use your scientific mind to think empirically, but use<br />

your humanity to act empathically.<br />


17<br />

Bookroom<br />

The Fault in Our Stars<br />

Summary:<br />

Author: John Green<br />

A young teenage girl who has<br />

been diagnosed with lung cancer and<br />

attends a cancer support group. Hazel<br />

is 16 and is reluctant to go to the support<br />

group, but she soon realizes that<br />

it was a good idea. Hazel meets a<br />

young boy named Augustus Waters.<br />

The Great Gatsby<br />

Summary:<br />

Author: F. Scott Fitzgerald<br />

The Great Gatsby is a story told by<br />

Nick Carraway, who was once Gatsby's<br />

neighbor, and he tells the story sometime<br />

after 1922, when the incidents that fill<br />

the book take place.<br />

Wonder<br />

Summary:<br />

Author: R.J. Palacio<br />

August or "Auggie" Pullman, a<br />

ten-year-old boy living in New York City,<br />

was born with a facial deformity that has<br />

made it difficult for him to make friends.<br />


<strong>2018</strong> <strong>Fall</strong><br />

Around the World<br />

Chile, country situated along<br />

the western seaboard of South<br />

America. A long, narrow country,<br />

it has an average width of only<br />

about 110 miles, with a maximum<br />

of 217 miles at the latitude<br />

of Antofagasta and a minimum of<br />

9.6 miles near Puerto Natales.<br />

It is bounded on the<br />

north by Peru<br />

and Bolivia, on its<br />

long eastern border<br />

by Argentina, and on<br />

the west by the<br />

Pacific Ocean. Chile<br />

also claims a 200-mile<br />

offshore limit. The<br />

capital is Santiago.<br />

Pictures from the internet<br />


19<br />


<strong>2018</strong> <strong>Fall</strong><br />

The Predator<br />

Date: September 14, <strong>2018</strong><br />

Genre: Science fiction film/Thriller<br />

Cast: Yvonne Strahovski,<br />

Summary:<br />

Olivia Munn,<br />

Jacob Tremblay<br />

When a young boy accidentally<br />

triggers the universe's most lethal<br />

hunters' return to Earth, only a ragtag<br />

crew of ex-soldiers and a disgruntled science teacher can<br />

prevent the end of the human race.<br />

Rating: R<br />

Movies<br />

Venom<br />

Date: October 5, <strong>2018</strong><br />

Genre: Fantasy/ Sci-Fi<br />

Cast: Tom Hardy,<br />

Summary:<br />

Michelle Williams,<br />

Jenny Slate<br />

When Eddie Brock acquires the<br />

powers of a symbiotic, he will have<br />

to release his alter-ego "Venom" to<br />

save his life.<br />

Rating: PG-13<br />


Boy Erased<br />

Date: November 2, <strong>2018</strong><br />

Genre: coming of age drama<br />

Cast: Lucas Hedges,<br />

Summary:<br />

Nicole Kidman,<br />

Russell Crowe<br />

Jared is the son of a small-town<br />

Baptist pastor who gets outed to his<br />

parents at age 19. He's soon faced<br />

with an ultimatum -- attend a gay conversion therapy program<br />

or be permanently exiled and shunned by his family, friends<br />

and faith.<br />

Rating: Not Rated<br />

Movies<br />

21<br />

Fantastic Beasts:<br />

The Crimes of Grindelwald<br />

Date: November 16, <strong>2018</strong><br />

Genre: Drama/ Fantasy<br />

Cast: Eddie Redmayne,<br />

Summary:<br />

Katherine Waterston,<br />

Dan Fogler<br />

Magizoologist Newt<br />

Scamander joins forces with young Albus Dumbledore to<br />

prevent the devious Gellert Grindelwald from raising<br />

pure-blood wizards to rule over all non-magical beings.<br />

Rating: PG-13<br />


<strong>2018</strong> <strong>Fall</strong><br />

Sports<br />

Cross country running is a sport in which teams and<br />

individuals run a race on open<br />

air courses over natural terrain<br />

such as dirt or grass. On December<br />

7, 1867, it established a<br />

national championship.<br />

American Football is a team sport<br />

played by two teams of 11 players on a<br />

rectangular field with goalposts at each<br />

end. Rutgers and Princeton played what<br />

was billed as the first college game on<br />

November 6, 1869.<br />

Soccer/Football<br />

S<br />

Volleyball is a game of two teams<br />

made up of six players, in which a large<br />

ball is hit by hand over a high net, It<br />

originated from Massachusetts in the<br />

winter of 1895. William G. Morgan was<br />

the person who created volleyball.<br />

Tennis<br />

Soccer is a game played by two teams of 11 players<br />

with a ball that may not be<br />

touched with the hands or arms<br />

during play except by the goalkeepers.<br />

Soccer history traces<br />

back to ancient China. England<br />

invented a game of running<br />


23<br />

Events<br />

In <strong>2018</strong>, Ms. Lei Wang led students face painting for<br />

beautification of the San Gabriel community.<br />


<strong>2018</strong> <strong>Fall</strong><br />

Teensters & Parents<br />


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