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2019 Spring


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Spring Holidays

By Jessica

2019 Chinese Pig Year

Chinese New Year is also known as Lunar New Year. It

is a Chinese festival that celebrates

the beginning of a new year on the

traditional Chinese calendar. It is

referred to as the Spring Festival in


2019 is the year of pig. You

can celebrate it like doing lion

dances, dragon dances, fireworks,

family gathering, family meals,

giving red envelopes, and visiting

friends and relatives. The red

color of the envelope symbolizes good luck and a symbol to

ward off evil spirits. The lion dance is a symbol of power,

wisdom, good fortune, chases away evil spirits, brings happiness,

and good luck.

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2019 Spring

By Jessica

Martin Luther King Jr.

Spring Holidays

Martin Luther King was born on January 15, 1929 in

Atlanta, Georgia. He was a social activist and Baptist

minister who played a key role in the American civil rights

movement from the mid-1950s until he got assassinated in

1968. He sought equality and human rights for African

Americans. He was also awarded the Nobel Peace Prize in

1964 and is remembered each year on his holiday which has


ctures are from Google




Spring Holidays

By Mia

For 2019, it occurs on

April 21st. Well the background

information is that

Jesus was arrested by the

Roman authorities, essentially

because he claimed to

be the “Son of God.” He

then was sentenced to death

by Pontius Pilate, the Roman prefect in the province of Judea

from 26 to 36 A.D.

Easter is a holiday and a festival that celebrates the resurrection

of Jesus from the dead. The significance is to celebrate

the resurrection of Jesus.

You can celebrate it by doing church services, festive

family meals, Easter egg decoration, and gift-giving. The

only reason why we give eggs during Easter is because they

represent fertility and birth. Baby bunnies in springtime

meadows became associated with birth and renewal.

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2019 Spring

Valentine’s Day

Spring Holidays

By Mia

month of romance.

Valentine’s Day is celebrated

on February 14th of each year.

Candy, flowers, and gifts are

exchange between loved ones all in

the name of St. Valentine. February

has long been celebrated as a

The tradition of giving candy box was started in the 19th

century by Richard Cadbury, a scion of a British chocolate

manufacturing family. The iconic chalky heart-shaped candies

that have been passed out every Valentine’s Day started out as


Oliver Chase’s brother came up with the idea to print

messages on the candy in 1886, and the candies got their heart

shape in 1901, appealing specifically to Valentine's Day


Pictures are from Google



By Mia

St. Patrick’s Day

Spring Holidays

Saint Patrick’s Day is a

cultural and religious day on

March 17th and a patron saint

of Ireland. He was born in

Roman Britain in the late 4th

century; he was kidnapped at

the age of 16 and taken to

Ireland as a slave. It was emigrants, particularly to the

United States, who transformed St. Patrick’s Day into a

largely secular holiday of revelry and celebration of things


The significance of this holiday is the feast day of Saint

Patrick and commemoration of the arrival of Christianity

in Ireland. The celebrations are to attend parades, wearing

shamrocks, wearing

green, drinking Irish

beer, and drinking

Irish whiskey.

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2019 Spring

Winter Break

A Winter Wonderland Blast!

By Carol

Christmas is the time to get together and spend a day

filled with happiness and joy. As an Asian girl, my family

wanted to celebrate a culture,

Asian way. My mom decided to

celebrate Christmas with the well

known Vietnamese food, pho.

Many of my relatives came early

in the morning to have breakfast

and some of them stayed until

midnight. My cousins and I

decided to catch up on how things were, after not seeing

each other for a few months. We spent our night laughing,

eating, and playing games.

I spent my winter break PARTYING.

Usually, every holiday; I host a party at

my house where all my friends get to go

and have fun. I had a Christmas party,

Friendsmas. Everyone showed up in

their pajama; bring their blankets, and their

stuffed animals. We had so much food;

we ate till we were stuffed! We laughed,

we made Boba milk tea, and most of all,

and we went out at night. Usually, every

party I have is for my friends for elementary

to get back together and catch up how

things are in high school We enjoy everyone’s presences and

always love to search the joy!



Winter Break

My Winter Break

By Ava

This winter break was really

exciting for me since I went to

places. I went to see Disney on

Ice: Dare to Dream with my

younger cousin. I loved how they

reenact some of the scenes from

movies. The movies that they did was Frozen, Tangled,

Beauty and the Beast, Moana, and etc. I love how they use

props to make it seem like they were filming again. They did

make the scene shorter because like barely any time to

actually do the full scene. It was two

hours long.

I also went to my friend’s birthday

party on December 22rd. It was pretty

fun. I met their family and they were

really nice to us. We mainly hanged out

in my friend’s room until the food was

ready. My friend also had a lot of pets

which were dogs and birds It was nice

meeting all of the pets because I love

dogs and birds too. Towards the end

of the party, we played a game of who

knows my friend better. I didn’t win

because I didn’t know much about

him because we did met last year and

became friends. My winter break was

actually fun with all my friends.

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2019 Spring

News Picture Column

Kenneth Lin

Youtube: RealityABC https://www.facebook.com/kennethpnews/

Photoshoot: Fairy Lights

Model: Carol


By Ava


Steps of How the Water Gets Cleaned


The person that we interviewed

is Allen Wu who is part of the Walnut

Valley Water District. The water

depends on the population. One

person can equal up to 120 gallons

of water. He told us the steps of water

going through the cleaning process.

1) Filter the water like a big screen

will keep out the big molecules.

2) Add chemicals to the addition of

chemicals to the water to be treated.

3) The water will be pumped through one of many different

types of filters, leaving the accumulated floc behind in the

filtration media.

4) Pump into a closed tank

where disinfectant chemicals

such as chlorine are used to

destroy any bacteria or other

microorganisms that might

have survived the filtration


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2019 Spring

School Date

By Carol

Oregon Trip

It was 2018 of August 3. This huge

tour bus took us, but it was a long and

agonizing trip since we had to drive

from California to Oregon. The trip was

5 days and it was the best. I had a blast,

every day there was a different place to

visit and for the hotel, We hiked a lot!

Took many memorable pictures! And

most of all enjoyed our vacation.

Although the trip was amazing, it

was freezing. Everyone in my family was freezing! Luckily,

my cousin brought her blanket and it kept the both of us

warm, but everyone else they had to buy

a jacket to keep warm. The pictures were

beautiful from all the scenery and nature

looking! The trip was such a memorable

experience, but the best part of the trip

was when we celebrated my cousin’s

birthday on a mountain! This was a trip

that will be remembered, especially for

my cousin.

The Oregon

trip ended and I had to go back to

school to start the new school year. It

was tiring, but the Vacation in Oregon

will be remembered.


Student Spotlight


By Janet (PA College Prep)

Student Opinion

I first came to PA College Prep in search of a prestigious

after-school tutoring program to help with my math and SAT

testing skills. Before coming to PA College Prep, I have struggled

with schoolwork and

math all throughout my

public school career --

from elementary school,

through junior high, and

onto high school.

I came to PA College

Prep hoping to get

after-school tutoring to

help me get into college; since I have been a student at PA College

Prep (from the years 2011-2013) and have worked with Miss

Kitty, I have become a better and more motivated student.

Miss Kitty is very understanding and offers all of the help her

students need in order to succeed and get into college.

I owe much of my academic successes to Miss Kitty and PA

College Prep -- because of all of the help

that I've received from Kitty, my tutors,

and my career advisers, I am now a motivated

and diligent student at the University

of California, San Diego.


2019 Spring

Places to Visit

The Santa Monica Pier

is a large double-jointed pier at

the foot of Colorado Avenue

that is located in Santa Monica,

California. The pier is popular

with residents and visitors as a

landmark that is over 100 years


Website: https://santamonicapier.org/

The Griffith Observatory

is a facility in Los Angeles,

California that is sitting on

the south-facing slope of

Mount Hollywood in Los

Angeles' Griffith Park. It has

a view of the Los Angeles

Basin, including Downtown Los Angeles to the southeast,

Hollywood to the south, and the Pacific Ocean to the


The J. Paul Getty Museum,

commonly referred to as the

Getty, is an art museum in

California housed on two

campuses: the Getty Center

and Getty Villa

Website: http://griffithobservatory.org/

Wesbite: http://www.getty.edu/

All pictures are from Google


Around the World



In the early 16th century, Mexico was conquered and

colonized by Spain. Mexico was

administered as the Viceroyalty of

New Spain for three centuries until

it achieved independence early in

the 19th century. It is located in

North America, bordering the

Caribbean Sea and the Gulf of

Mexico. The people also celebrate

the Day of the Dead which is national. In Mexico, there are

official 68 languages and Chichen Itza is one of the Seven

Wonders of the World. Mexico is the

world’s largest Spanish-speaking country

and home to the world’s smallest volcano.

Did you know that Mexico is sinking

3 feet each year?

Credit goes to Google Images


2019 Spring


Where will your spaceship take you?






The Sun and Her Flowers

Author: Rupi Kaur

Summary: The book is a vibrant and

transcendent journey about growth and

healing. Divided into five chapters and

illustrated by Kaur, the sun and her

flowers is a journey of wilting, falling,

rooting, rising, and blooming.

Points of You

Authors: Vick Liu, Julia Rue, Mina

Fahmi, and Drew Bent

Summary: This book wrestles with

some of the deepest issues that teenagers

and young adults struggle with,

such as mental wellness, finding purpose,

and navigating relationships.


Author: Alison Goodman

Summary: Sixteen-year-old Eon has

a dream, and a mission. He and his

master hope that he will be chosen as

a Dragoneye-an apprentice to one of

the twelve energy dragons of good

fortune. But Eon has a dangerous


Images from Google


2019 Spring


Isn’t it Romantic

Genre: Comedy and Romantic

Date: February 13

Summary: A young woman disenchanted

with love mysteriously

finds herself trapped inside a

romantic comedy.

Cast: Tom Ellis, Liam Hemsworth,

Priyanka Chopra

Rating: PG-13

Alita: Battle Angel

Genre: Action and Adventure

Date: February 14

Summary: In the 26th century,

a female cyborg is rescued from

the scrapheap by a scientist.

Cast: Mahershala Ali, Rosa Salazar,

Eliza González

Rating: PG-13

Images from Google




Captain Marvel

Genre: Fantasy and Sci-Fi

Date: March 8

Summary: Captain Marvel gets

caught in the middle of a galactic

war between two alien races.

Cast: Brie Larson, Samuel L.

Jackson, Gemma Chan

Rating: Not Rated

Avenges: Endgame

Genre: Fantasy & Sci-Fi

Date: April 26

Summary: Meanwhile, the remaining

Avengers must figure out a way

to bring back their vanquished allies

for an epic showdown with

Thanos -- the evil demigod who

decimated the planet and the universe.

Cast: Brie Larson, Tom Holland,

Bradley Cooper

Rating: Not rated

Images from Google


2019 Spring

Food DIY

How to Make Waffles

By Jacqueline


-Waffle mix of your choice

(I use Kodiak Cakes)

-Water or Milk

-Cooking Spray

-Eggs (optional)

-Toppings and fruits


Step One:

In a large bowl, mix one

cup of waffle mix, milk and egg. Mix until smooth.

Step Two:

Pre -heat your waffle maker. Spray your waffle maker so

waffles don't get stuck. Add a desire amount of batter. Make

sure it doesn't overflow.

Step Three:

Let the maker cook your waffles. It usually only takes about

5-8 minutes if your maker is on medium high.

Step Four:

Remove your waffle from the maker after it is fully cooked.

#Be CAREFUL! It can be very hot.

Step Five:

Add toppings and enjoy.





is a bat-and-ball game played

between two opposing teams

who take turns batting and



is a racquet sport played using

racquets to hit a shuttlecock

across a net.


is a sport that includes exercises

requiring balance,

strength, flexibility, agility,

coordination and endurance.




is a Korean martial art, characterized

by its emphasis on

head-height kicks, jumping

and spinning kicks, and fast

kicking techniques.

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2019 Spring

Events Show

Rose Parade 2019

Place: Pasadena, CA

Sponsor: Honda



Events Show

Disney on Ice Dare to Dream 2019

Photographer: Jessica


2019 Spring

ABC Educational Foundation Event

Donation New Shoes to Homeless 2019

New pairs of shoes were donated to the homeless in the


ABC Educational Foundation volunteers ran the event at

the Azusa Lighthouse Mission and learned to develop compassion

and empathy for those less fortunate.


ABC Educational Foundation Event

Mooncakes for Public Servant Appreciation

During the 2018 Chinese

Moon Festival, ABC Educational

Foundation sent gift boxes of

handmade moon cakes to the

West Covina Police and Fire

Departments in

appreciation of

their service to the



1st. Kid’s Swap Meet Event

Our Mini-Business Swap Meet is a platform used to teach

students how to be entrepreneurs. Parents work alongside

students to foster good relationships and to learn together.




2019 Spring

Teensters & Parents


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