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since 1895.

• Behavioral Health

• Cardiovascular Services

• Diagnostic Imaging

• Education

• Emergency Services

• Employer Services

• Family Birth Center

• Home Health & Hospice

• Laboratory Services

• Outpatient Clinics & Services

• Rehabilitation Services

• Respiratory Care

• Sleep Center

• Surgical Services

• Women’s Services

1100 E. Norris Drive

Ottawa, IL 61350

Phone: (815) 433-3100

Proud to be a member of the

Mayo Clinic Care Network!


LaSalle County

for over 50 years ...

Physician Specialties:

• Family Medicine

• Internal Medicine

• Pediatrics

On-Site Diagnostic

Services, including:

• Lab

• X-Ray

• 3D Mammography

• Ultrasound

Benefits of Express Care:

• Walk-in clinic, no appointment necessary

• Convenient hours –

open daily 8 a.m. to 8 p.m.

• Prescriptions filled on-site

• On-site lab and x-ray

• Friendly, board-certified physicians

• Affordable rates compared to a physician office visit

When to Use Express Care:

• Animal bites

• Bronchitis

• Coughs, colds, and sore throats

• Cuts and lacerations

• Diarrhea

• Ear infections

• Eye infections

• Fever or flu-like symptoms

• Insect stings and bites

Office Locations:

Main Office

1614 E Norris Drive, Ottawa, IL 61350

Phone: (815) 433-1010


1050 E Norris Drive, Suite 2A, Ottawa, IL 61350

ENT Phone: (815) 434-7473

Audiology Phone: (815) 431-5327

Marseilles Office

102 Eleventh St, Marseilles, IL 61341

Phone: (815) 795-5400

Starfire Office

1209 Starfire Dr, Ste 3, Ottawa, IL 61350

Phone: (815) 434-2048

Serving patients with the

greatest care and love.

For acute, non-life

threatening illnesses

or minor injuries ...

1614 E. Norris Drive

Ottawa, IL 61350

Phone: (815) 434-2273

• Minor burns

• On the job/work injuries

• Rash or skin irritations

• Simple fractures

• Sinus infections

• Sports injuries

• Sprains and strains

• Upper respiratory conditions

Why so


Ottawa, IL


of the

America in Bloom


OTTAWA, Illinois - the County Seat of LaSalle County -

is a National Award-winning Champion AMERICA IN BLOOM community.

A welcoming and vibrant place to live, work, and play, Ottawa benefits from its

tens of thousands of colorful plants and trees. Ottawans enjoy living in a clean environment;

celebrating their heritage; and planting pride through volunteerism.

Ottawa, Illinois ~ PICK US!



This is your guide to


The BEST of shopping,

dining, adventure,

working and living –

it’s all right here in heart

of Starved Rock Country.

Come and see for

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Ottawa has for

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Ottawa in Bloom

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Ottawa’s History

A Proud Heritage

Colorful Charms

Things You’ll Spot!


Ottawa Area Chamber of Commerce & Industry

For more information

about Ottawa, contact:

Ottawa Area Chamber

of Commerce and Industry

633 LaSalle St, Suite 401

Ottawa, IL 61350

(815) 433 0084

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Diane Stelken Associates.

As Mayor of Ottawa since 1999, I have had the pleasure of seeing first-hand the business spirit flourish and the

pride in our beautiful and historic city blossom. Located in the heart of starved Rock Country, Ottawa offers an ideal setting

for business and entrepreneurial ventures, an enviable quality of life for residents, and a delightful get-away experience for


Ottawa recently won the national “America in Bloom” championship award, and when you visit you’ll see

why. Our lush landscaping, historic buildings and larger-than-life murals provide a beautiful backdrop for enjoyable downtown

shopping in one-of-a-kind stores. Shops ranging from shabby chic to the elite boutique offer unique treasures. And, with

exceptional quality dining options, it ALL makes for a truly fantastic experience.

“What an exciting time

it is to be a part of this

great community!”

~ Mayor Eschbach

eddick mansion



parks and recreation







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The sky’s the limit!

Ottawa Works

The Entrepreneurial Spirit

Major Employers

Let’s Go to Work.







Best of Living

Modern Living. Traditional Values.


Let’s Get Specific.

Educate & Develop

Options for every age!


Something Old. Something New.

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Festivals & Events

What’s Growin’ On

Foodies Love Ottawa

A culinary feast in Ottawa!

Shop the Streets!

A downtown treasure

Worship & Civic

Enriching the lives of Ottawans

Health & Fitness

Get moving in Ottawa!

Adventure Lives

Run. Jump. Play.

Additionally, future waterfront development is now being planned for more than

twenty acres of riverfront land at the edge of downtown. These plans include an outdoor concert

venue, botanic gardens, and harbor, with opportunities for nearby residential and commercial


We’re proud of the exceptional educational resources here in Ottawa. The public

and parochial schools offer quality and comprehensive curriculum, sports and extra-curricular

programs. Our high school music program has ranked first in the State for 18 years in a row!

And,with a community college center right here in Ottawa, our residents have convenient access

to college and continuing education opportunities.

The city takes economic development seriously, and over the past ten years has

created over 2,000 jobs. The city’s industrial park offers ready- to-build sites featuring utilities

and other amenities including rail. The continued revitalization of our historic downtown and our

economic development incentives offer opportunities for investors and increased job opportunities

for our citizens.

One of my favorite things about Ottawa is its sense of community. We are genuinely

friendly and relaxed. We enjoy sharing our city with visitors and welcome new residents.

But come and see for yourself ~ the very BEST in life is here in Ottawa.

- Robert M. Eschbach, Mayor City of Ottawa

BEST of Ottawa was produced by Diane Stelken Associates, under the creative direction of designer and artist Julie Verona. This guide was printed in four-color process

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their photos and assistance with information and content. And lastly, thanks to ALL the advertisers! Look to these business leaders and their resources here in Ottawa. They are the BEST.

~ Diane | Owner, Diane Stelken Associates, a national award-winning advertising, marketing and graphic design group - since 1995.

The name ‘Ottawa’ comes from the Algonquin

word ‘Awdawe’ that means trading place.


& Heritage

With landmarks, museums and ties to

Lincoln, Ottawa has a rich historical pride.

History buffs love Ottawa. And, the most famous of Ottawa’s historic sites is

Washington Square Park, where the first Lincoln-Douglas debate took place in

1858. Today you’ll see in the center of the park larger than life bronze replicas of

the two politicians. Among the other landmarks in Ottawa are the John Hossack

House, which was a stop on the Underground Railroad, and the Reddick Mansion.

Also, with great historical significance

to the area, is the Illinois and Michigan

Canal which runs through Ottawa. This

96-mile canal linked the Great Lakes to the

Illinois and Mississippi rivers, more than a

century and a half ago. Today this trail is

one of the area’s most popular paths for

running and biking.

The Ottawa Scouting Museum is a

tribute to William D. Boyce of Ottawa, the

founder of the Boy Scouts of America.

A few miles away on Highway 71

is the Norsk Museum, housed in an old

Norwegian Lutheran Church. Located in

Norway, Illinois, the museum is dedicated

to the settlers who founded the area.

There is also a nearby memorial that commemorates

the site of the first permanent

Norwegian-American settlement in the


Murals are sprinkled throughout the

city. A Brush with History public art program

was developed to help revitalize

Ottawa’s downtown and create a cultural

attraction for tourists and residents of

the community. Subjects of the murals

include the Lincoln-Douglas debate, General

W.H.L. Wallace, a history of communication,

the Peltier Glass Factory, the city’s

history as a canal town, and the American

Indians, who were Ottawa’s first residents.

Ottawa is in the heart of Starved

Rock Country and the gateway to Starved

Rock State Park - the most popular park in

Illinois. The “Rock” itself is on the list of

National Historic Landmarks, and other

sites in the park are on the National

Register of Historic Places. Numerous hiking

trails with stunning views along the

river and through canyons contribute to

the park’s popular reputation. Other nearby

state parks include Illini and Matthiessen

where you’re sure to find the perfect

spot for hiking, camping and cross-country


4 BEST of Ottawa | Resource Guide

The statue of

William D. Boyce,

founder of the

Boys Scouts of

America, overlooks

the Illinois River.

Progressive Government

The City of Ottawa was incorporated in 1853,

and is governed by a council that consists of a mayor

and four commissioners. Elections are held every four

years. Regular meetings of the Council are held at City

Hall at 7:30pm on the first and third Tuesdays each


The Ottawa Police Department takes great pride

in ensuring that the community maintains its low

crime rate by providing law enforcement services

with integrity and dedication. The department has

established strong community cooperation in crime

prevention and developed educational programs for

young people on resisting drugs,

violence and gangs.

Ottawa is one of the few

communities of its size to have a

full-time, professional fire department.

And, a River Rescue Squad

provides safety and assistance on

the water. Local coalitions promote

Character Counts, Neighborhood Watch

and numerous youth programs.

The City of Ottawa recognizes over

700 volunteers annually.

BEST of Ottawa | Resource Guide 5



”Local, regional and global connections keep things

moving - and that’s great for business!“

Located at the junction of two great

rivers, the Illinois and the Fox, Ottawa is the

county seat of LaSalle County. It is conveniently

located near two important highways

– Interstate 80 which runs east to west along

the city’s northern edge and Interstate 39, a

north-south route that stretches between

Rockford and Bloomington, Illinois. U.S. Highway

6 and Illinois Routes 23 and 71 crisscross

the community, providing links with nearby

cities and towns in the Illinois Valley Area.

Three agribusiness barge terminals in the

Ottawa vicinity serve the area’s burgeoning

farm economy. Forty-five common carriers

meet the transportation needs of the city’s

manufacturers as well as two railroads –

Illinois Railway and CSX.

For air travel, O’Hare International, one

of the world’s busiest airports and Chicago’s

Midway Airport are only 90 minutes from

Ottawa. Additionally, the Illinois Valley

Regional Airport is approximately 15 miles

west of Ottawa with a 6,000 foot lighted,

hard-surface runway and ground transportation

to O’Hare and Midway airports.

Ottawa’s own 5,000 foot long hard surface

airstrip is located at Skydive Chicago, and

is the base for locally owned aircraft. NCAT

is another transportation resource that

will get you where you need to go. North

Central Area Transit provides curb-to-curb

service throughout LaSalle County for low

income or disabled individuals. Ottawa also

has convenient taxi services.


6 BEST of Ottawa | Resource Guide

Ottawa is the ideal location for companies

and entrepreneurs looking for a new

home. Major interstates, rail, river,

airports and more make Ottawa

a logistical dream come true.

Boyd Palmer

Executive Director

Ottawa Area Chamber of Commerce and Industry



the sky’s the limit

Ottawa is a growing community

and the possibilities are endless for

manufacturing, research and development,

agriculture, distribution,

commercial development and so

much more.

It’s diverse commerce base

continues to prosper due to Ottawa’s

favorable location, tax incentives and

quality workforce.

Ottawa is ideally positioned on

east-west Interstate 80, nine miles

east of north-south Interstate 39

and just 90 miles from Chicago. A

new industrial park is located two

miles from I-80 at highways 71 and 6.

Rail access is on site, and a barge

terminal is nearby on the Illinois River.

Tax advantages and other economic

incentives attract new business and

industry, and encourage expansion with

existing companies.

The city’s Enterprise Zone

provides investment tax credits and a

waiver of sales tax on building materials

and permit fees.

Ottawa’s Tax Increment Financing

(TIF) Districts allow reimbursements

for a variety of eligible expenses –

such as cost of property, site work,

legal expense, engineering and

architectural expenses.

There are also a number of

attractive TIF sites within a mile or

two of Interstate 80. The City of

Ottawa utilizes a streamlined

permitting process to help meet

tight startup deadlines.

Ottawa also has an established

Foreign Trade Zone (FTZ) and is a

Port Authority District.

The progressive banking in the

community aids Ottawa’s economic


Agriculture is a significant part

of the city’s economy as well, with

650,000 acres in production and approximately

1,700 full-time farmers.

The farm population is twice the

national average, close to 4.5 percent

of LaSalle County’s population. These

statistics support a growing desire

for locally-produced food. In addition

to a seasonal Farmers Market, more

locally grown produce is showing up

in the grocery stores.

In addition to a broad-based

retail establishment, the community

is the source of a wide range of

manufacturers’ products for both

domestic use and export.

Ottawa is proud to be home to

many newer technology and mar

ket-driven companies. Some of them

include: Cristal Metals; Petsmart,

Kohl’s Distribution Center, and Clover

Technologies Group; MBL (USA)

Corporation, Tyson Foods, ITW

Zip-Pak, Seattle Sutton’s Healthy

Eating, Frequency Devices, Inc.,

and B&B Electronics.

Our traditional and long

established companies include:

SABIC Innovative Plastics (formerly

GE Plastics), NSG Pilkington (formerly

Libby Owens Ford), U.S. Silica

Sand Company, Fairmount Santrol,

HR Imaging Partners, and Unimin


With a community college

center in downtown Ottawa, the

specialized training programs of IVCC

assist individuals and businesses –

as well the industry as a whole. The

college customizes courses to meet

specific needs of companies and will

conduct classes and training sessions

either on campus or at plant sites.

As you can see here, Ottawa

boasts a well-balanced economy and

progressive business atmosphere.


of Ottawa | Resource Guide 9 7


the entrepreneurial work ethic and spirit

The Ottawa entrepreneur is skilled, experience and hard-working.

They are the “go-getters” who organize, manage, and assume the

risks of business and enterprise.

Ottawa is home to headquartered companies that were started

by individuals out of their homes and are now multi-million dollar

companies – Clover Technologies Group, Seattle Sutton’s

Healthy Eating and HR Imaging Partners.

Cristal Metals facility calls Ottawa “home” and was created by three

scientist credited with the revolutionary method to create pure

titanium in just a 2-step process.

All of these companies were created by the visionaries we refer to as

entrepreneurs - bright, self-starters who create new products, new

production methods, new markets and new forms of organization.

Our downtown retail community is also made up of true entrepreneurs.

These are individuals where the terms “entrepreneur” and

“small business owner” are synonymous. They own and operate

restaurants, clothing, book and antique stores, fitness centers and

so much more. Ottawa is fortunate to have talented and innovative


And to assist these entrepreneurs, the Small Business Development

Center at Illinois Valley Community College is located 15 miles west

of Ottawa. In existence since 1986, this office provides a free service

to all entrepreneurs to help them get started and turn their dreams

into reality.

I admire the spirit and the

success of the entrepreneurs

I’ve come to know here,

Welsh says. “The

business owners and

self-starters are a

passionate and innovative

group. They have a lot

to be proud of in Ottawa.

Tom Welsh, President

MBL (USA), Ottawa, IL


The Right Place

at the Right Time

Tom Welsh is salt-of the earth. He believes in

common sense, and an old-fashioned work ethic.

With those ingredients, and a little luck and good

timing, amazing things can happen.

Fortunately he’s been blessed with that combination

a few times throughout his personal

and professional life.

Welsh joined MBL (USA) Corporation, a

Japanese-owned manufacturer of timing and rib

belts here in Ottawa in 2006. He rose through the

ranks of controller to plant manager, and in 2013

he was named President of the U.S. subsidiary of

Mitsuboshi Belting Ltd of Kobe, Japan.

This Irish military man’s CV features a long

list of accomplishments. He’s been an accountant

in the manufacturing industry most of his

career, becoming one company’s controller at

the tender age of 26, followed by Vice President

of Finance at multiple manufacturing firms

throughout the nation.

One of his most memorable jobs came years

before he came to Ottawa, when in 1983 he was

appointed to President Ronald Reagan’s cabinet

on his Commission on Executive Exchange.

But, this charismatic, yet very humble businessman

makes his accomplishments all sound

so simple, “I listen hard and I do the right thing.”

This self-professed “agent-of-change” has

lived all over the country with his wife and children

– and has made changes and progressive

moves within the industry as well.

“I admire the spirit and the success of the

entrepreneurs here”, Welsh says. “The business

owners and self-starters are a passionate and

innovative group. They have a lot to be proud of

in Ottawa.”


Clover Technologies Group: Printer Cartridges, 350 employees

HR Imaging Partners: Photo Processing/Yearbooks, 300 employees

Kohl’s Distribution Center: Warehouse Distribution, 340 employees

MBL (USA) Corporation: Automotive Belts, 169 employees

NSG: Glass Maker, 198 employees

OSF Saint Elizabeth: Health Services, 635 employees

Ottawa Dental Lab: Denture Manufacturer, 110 employees

Ottawa Elementary School District 141: Education, 332 employees

Ottawa Pavilion: Skilled Nursing & Rehabilitaion Center, 186 employees

Ottawa Township High School: Education, 181 employees

Petsmart: Warehouse Distribution, 450 employees

Ottawa is

home to many


and newer

technology and



Pleasant View: A Lutheran Life Community, Senior Care, 120 employees

SABIC Innovative Plastics: Plastic Processing, 285 employees

Seattle Sutton’s Healthy Eating: Meal Plans, 125 employees

U.S. Silica Company: Sand, 175 employees

Wal-Mart Super Center: Department Store Grocer, 425 employees


Colorful Charms




Located across the street from Washington

Park, the Reddick Mansion

has a long history still important to

this day. Continuing his dedication to

education, William Reddick, upon his

death, willed his home to the public to

be used as a “free reading room.” While

it no longer serves as the city library as

it did from 1888 until 1975, the current

library building continues to bear his

name. The mansion is open for tours

with a gift shop located on the lower

level. The gardens boast a display of

beautiful flowers from spring until fall.

Yet, the mansion is just as stunning

thoughout the winter months.

tification of Ottawa and is the seed

of our downtown development.

With volunteers that include Illinois

Master Gardeners, the Ottawa is

Blooming organization has transformed

the downtown area. Ottawa

has found its place on the map for

natural gardening and botanical arts.


of hardworking

volunteers with 02Dozens

green thumbs leave a lasting impression

downtown in the Ottawa Community

Garden, the Sunrise Rotary

Garden Walk, and in dozens of flower

beds on the city’s sidewalks. Ottawa is

Blooming is dedicated to the beau-

10 BEST of Ottawa | Resource Guide




Park, site

of the first Lincoln-

Douglas debate, is a designated historic

district comprised of one square

city block. The center of the park is

occupied by a fountain and reflecting

pool with statues of its famous

debaters up high on their pedestal.

The park is always a must-see. During

the holiday season, lights and stars

are hung from tree branches, and in

warmer months a variety of plant life

bursts into bloom. A

bright red popcorn

wagon, located

on the southwest

corner of the park,

is a popular spot to

gather for a treat.


the walls of


buildings in the downtown

area are eight murals, made possible

by the Brush with History public art

program. The first mural was unveiled

in 2002, and a new project is scheduled

for 2015. The colorful murals focus on

figures and events that shaped the

history of Ottawa, including industry,

like the Peltier Glass Factory; prominent

citizens, like Civil War General W.H.L. Wallace

and Bob McGrath of Sesame Street;

and advancements in technology and

society with a mural titled

“The History of Communications”,

located on the front of

the WCMY radio station.



As you walk down

LaSalle Street, and along its connecting

streets all the way to Columbus,

all you have to do is look up to see

the evidence of the rich history as it is

displayed in the architecture of downtown


The preservation of our local historical

resources and architecture have

provided important cultural, educational

and economic assets for

our city.


is home to


talented and passionate

artisans and craftsmen whose

work is on display throughout the

community. You’re likely to spot

intricate mosaics, bold and graphic

creations, murals and sculptures and

one-of a kind “upcycled and repurposed”

art and decor.

For the hands-on folks, enjoy a community

art fair at one of the coffee

shops, a children’s painting class at

Rock Paper Scissors, a grown-up art

class at Avant Garden, and lots more!

Get me to OTTAWA!

According to USA Today, Ottawa is the

central city of the fifth most populous micropolitan

statistical area of the United States.

Located in the heart of LaSalle County,

Ottawa offers business and industry the

quality of life affordable to a small town,

with the necessary physical amenities and

positive attitude that allows them to compete

effectively in the global marketplace.

The best in modern living is combined

with traditional American values, allowing

the residents to enjoy a progressive lifestyle.

I started Quality Care Cleaning in Ottawa in 1996 with my late husband.

After his death in 2003, I had to give in or get moving. With the support of

family and friends I persevered and grew the business far beyond my

wildest dreams.

From two to over sixty employees in 18 years, our business is still

growing here in Ottawa. I am thankful for my new life and my supportive

husband Greg. And, we’re starting another business!

Ottawa is more than just a place where I live and run

my business. It’s an old friend that has helped me succeed.

~ Tami Thomas-Leonatti,

President, Quality Care Cleaning

12 BEST of Ottawa | Resource Guide

Ottawa Snapshot Demographic Profile


City 19,000

20-mile radius 115,900

30-mile radius 219,000

Elevation: 480 feet

County: LaSalle

Ottawa is the county seat of

LaSalle County

Land Area: 7.3 square miles

Zip Code: 61350

Median Resident Age: 41 years

Type of Government:


Fire Department: 29 Full-Time

City Fire Insurance Class: 3

Police Department: 36 Full-Time

Emergency 911 System:

Yes; Rescue Squad: Yes

Illinois Representative District: 76

Illinois Senate District: 38

US Congressional District: 11

Traffic Counts: 25,000 cars go through

Ottawa every day, based on statistics from

the IDOT. For more detailed maps and

information, go to:

Banks: 6

Credit Unions: 2

Elementary Schools: 5

112 Teachers; Enrollment,1855

Junior High Schools: 2

28 Teachers; Enrollment, 470

Senior High Schools: 2

134 Teachers; Enrollment, 1631

Community College: Illinois Valley

Community College with two locations.

Annual enrollment 12,000

Hospitals: 1 (118 beds)

Doctors: 134

Dentists: 20

Local Clinic Available: 2

Treatment Center: Yes

Cancer Treatment Center: 1

Tax Structure: Property tax rates per

$100 assessed valuation is 33.3% of real

property and rate varies based on location.

Total Sales Tax Rate: 7.00%

Ottawa has been a blessing; it’s been so

good to us, so it feels only natural to give back. I can’t

imagine us raising our family and building a business anywhere else.

~ Bonnie McGrogan, Handy Foods IGA

Continuing the legacy

For more than 50 years, the McGrogans

of Ottawa have built a family business.

In 1964, Larry and Bonnie decided to

start their own little grocery mart. Fortunately,

they chose Ottawa. Several much larger

stores, and a half-century later they handed

the responsibilities over to their children --

Mike, Karen and Beth. And, just like the early

days, this generation continues to support

the community that admires and respects


They are well-deserving recipients of

countless accolades and business and

community awards, as well as the prestigious

IGA International Retailer of the Year.

Now, as the third generation enters the

family business, this we know; the family’s

commitment to Ottawa and their unparalleled

reputation for customer and community

service will be the McGrogan legacy.

learn. develop.


Great options for every age!

Administering the educational needs in Ottawa are exceptional

public and parochial options for families and their children

entering PreK through high school. Additionally for further

development, Ottawa is pleased to have the Ottawa center for

the Illinois Valley Community College.

Ottawa Elementary District 141 is

home to five different schools, varying in

grade levels served - with a total of over

two thousand students enrolled. Curriculum

focuses on math, language arts,

science, and social studies as well as art,

music, and physical education. District

141 also offers a program for gifted and

talented students.

The Ottawa Township High School

district, established in 1878, stands as

the second oldest township high school

district in the nation. Ottawa Township

High School is comprised of 102 certified

members; 75% with Master’s Degrees

or beyond. The student/faculty ratio is

18.5:1. Students may choose their classes

from more than one hundred academic

courses and fifty career-oriented courses.

The curriculum provides courses for approximately

1,440 students of all abilities,

talents, and interests. Courses designed

specifically to meet the needs of this diverse

student body include extensive

vocational, business, and technology

programs. Honors, dual credit college

courses (Advanced Chemistry, Advanced

Composition, and Speech) and Advanced

Placement courses (Calculus, English Literature/Composition,

Government, U.S.

History, and 2-D Studio Art) encourage

students to excel in the academic areas.

2014 marked the 19th IHSA State Music

Sweepstakes Championship for the Ottawa

High School Music Department. The

IHSA State Music Championship is won

by excelling in two IHSA competitions: a

Solo & Ensemble Contest where students

compete as a soloist or member of a small

ensemble, and an Organizational Contest,

where students compete as members of

a choir or band. With the current system

of tabulating points, only one school in Illinois

has surpassed the 1000 point mark

- Ottawa High School. They have done it

13 times.

Marquette Academy is a pre-K

through 12 parochial school situated on

three campuses in town. A Roman Catholic

School under the Diocese of Peoria, the

academy serves as a college preparatory

14 BEST of Ottawa | Resource Guide

Ottawa is not only a great

place to live and raise a family,

but a great place to play! With

two rivers, state parks, and a

easy drive to Chicago and the

burbs, we offer a lot - right here!

Our quality of life is excellent,

with low crime, first rate schools

and a highly regarded Junior


Our restaurants and food

choices are the quality you

would expect in a large city, but

at a fraction of the price!

~ George and Kelly Shanley,


school that integrates eternal truths and values into a strong

academic program. With a goal to stimulate the spiritual, intellectual,

emotional, and physical growth of students, Marquette

develops the whole child in a Christ-like atmosphere

and an educational system like no other in the area.

For their youngest students, Marquette offers a full-day,

full-week “Power Pre school,” or traditional half-day preschool

for three and four year olds. Providing core classes as well as

exploratory classes, children can learn about math and science

as well as art, music, and Spanish.

The grade school also runs before and after care programs.

The elementary campus offers numerous core classes

in addition to accelerated programs, foreign language, and

other exploratory classes for all students. Those students at

the elementary level test well above local, Diocesan, state,

and national levels in all subjects. The school offers many extracurricular

programs such as athletics, robotics, academic

team, and an art club.

At the high school campus, Marquette can boast accelerated

and college level classes. In conjuction with Illinois

Valley Community College, the academy offers the “Running

Start Program” for upperclassmen in which they are afforded

the opportunity to earn both their high school diploma and

an Associate Degree upon graduation. Marquette Academy

currently has one hundred percent graduation and college

acceptance rates.

Illinois Valley Community College, whose main campus

is located in Oglesby, opened a satellite campus in downtown

Ottawa in 2010. Established in 1967, IVCC is a comprehensive

two-year college awarding associate degrees in arts,

science, and applied science. Additionally, a broad range of

career programs award certificates of completion. Students

who obtain degrees often transfer to a four-year institution

to complete a bachelor’s degree.

BEST of Ottawa | Resource Guide 15


in Ottawa

”The residential community of OTTAWA

is not the typical suburban sprawl”

The variety of styles of homes in

Ottawa reflects our tradition of growth

and progress while maintaining the

atmosphere of a family-oriented neighborhood.

Ranging in styles from 19th century

mansions to ranch houses, from

cozy single-family dwellings to Sears

homes, as well as new condominiums

and town homes, the houses of Ottawa

are a veritable gateway to the past.

Elegant 19th century homes, in

Victorian as well as Revival styles are

found east of the Fox River and north

of the Illinois, close to Ottawa High

School and the downtown. Other similar

homes can be found across the river

on the bluffs, overlooking the rivers

and downtown area.

Older adults, as well as their families,

may look to communities such as

the one offered by Pleasant View, located

on the south side of town on the

verdant campus of the former Pleasant

View Luther College. Meeting both

long and short term healthcare needs,

the community additionally provides

dwelling options in the residential villas

of Luther Places and Luther Estates.

Building guidelines limit the number

of houses that may be built per

acre. Consequently, Ottawa is able to

secure the integrity of its residential

community but continue to accommodate


18 16 BEST

of Ottawa | Resource Guide

Heritage Harbor Ottawa, a waterfront marina resort community, offers a variety of homes for sale with

waterfront properties you won’t find anywhere else in Illinois. This quaint marina community is a great

option for a beautiful vacation or second home. Rental opportunities are available as well, along with an

array of waterfront lots for sale where you can build your dream home.



Relocating is an exciting time for any family,

and Ottawa works to make all new families feel

welcome. Information included in this guide

can help make decisions on a realtor, schools,

shopping, healthcare, fitness and fun.

Below are some helpful numbers for setting

up new home services when you relocate.

For more information or additional help,

contact the Chamber at 815-433-0084.


Water: City of Ottawa, 815-433-0161

Electric: AmerenIP, 800-755-5000

Gas: Nicor, 888-642-6748


Mediacom, 815-433-5710 or 800-322-0245

AT&T and Dish Network, 866-722-7500


AT&T, 800-288-2020

Waste Removal

Republic Services, 815-434-5557

Waste Management, 800-796-9696


Daily: The Times,


BEST of Ottawa | Resource Guide 17


options for the entire family

OSF Saint Elizabeth Medical

Center is a comprehensive medical

center in Ottawa, Illinois, and part of

OSF Healthcare System, founded and

operated by The Sisters of the Third

Order of St. Francis. OSF Saint Elizabeth

offers complete acute inpatient care; a

full range of outpatient and rehabilitative

services; occupational medicine

and health services; wellness, prevention

and diagnostic services; and much

more. Our staff and volunteers are dedicated

to providing superior service

around-the-clock with the greatest

care and love.

The Emergency Department at

OSF Saint Elizabeth Medical Center offers

emergency care for adults and children

24 hours a day, 7 days a week. OSF

Saint Elizabeth is one of few area hospitals

certified and recognized by the

Illinois Department of Public Health as

EDAP/EMSC (Emergency Department

Approved for Pediatrics/Emergency

Medical Services for Children).

The emergency department is

staffed by physicians who are board

certified in emergency medicine. They

are assisted by registered nurses, all of

whom have certifications in Basic and

Advanced Cardiac Life Support (BLS

and ACLS), Pediatric Advance Life Support

(PALS), Emergency Communications

(ECRN) and either the Trauma

Nurse Core Course (TNCC) or the Trauma

Nurse Specialist (TNC) trauma certifications.

St. Mary’s Health Care-Ottawa

is your one-stop facility for non lifethreatening

illnesses and injuries.

Staffed with board certified physicians,

St. Mary’s Healthcare Center - Ottawa

St. Mary’s Health Care-Ottawa offers

diagnostic imaging, medical laboratory

services, occupational health,

physical therapy and an on-site pharmacy

for patients - all at one convenient


Immediate care at St. Mary’s-

Ottawa is conveniently open seven

days a week with extended hours. St.

Mary’s Health Care–Ottawa offers a

staff of highly trained medical profes-

• OSF Saint Elizabeth Medical Center


(815) 433-3100

• Express Care

(Walk-in, no appointment necessary, for treatment of acute, non-life

threatening illnesses or minor injuries. Open daily 8am to 8pm)

(815) 434-2273

Ottawa Regional Medical Center, Inc.

(Primary Care Physician Practice, including Family Medicine,

Internal Medicine, and Pediatrics)

(815) 433-1010

18 BEST of Ottawa | Resource Guide

Mallorie McCloskey made

the choice to deliver her

baby utilizing a certified

nurse-midwife at OSF

Saint Elizabeth.

Here, holding newborn son

Augustine, she describes her

care as “amazing.”

sionals, including Dr. Richard DeAngelo and Dr. Ted Patras,

both board certified in emergency medicine and trained to

handle a wide variety of health conditions and situations.

Both Dr. DeAngelo and Dr. Patras are committed to offering

the highest level of quality and compassionate care to their


Morris Hospital & Healthcare Centers - A 30 minute drive

east of Ottawa, this 89-bed Hospital has been improving the

health of area residents since 1906. Morris Hospital & Healthcare

Centers is known for its compassionate and personalized

approach to healthcare. This is attributed to the outstanding

work of 950 employees, 500 Auxilians, and a medical staff of

nearly 200 physicians representing most medical specialties.

Along with the main hospital campus in Morris, board certified

Obstetricians and Gynecologists care for women in Ottawa at

the Morris Hospital Obstetrics and Gynecology Specialists office.

Their laboratory services and Cardiovascular Specialists

are here, in Ottawa, also, located just off Norris Drive.

• St. Mary’s Health Care - Ottawa

(815) 431-9208

• Morris Hospital & Healthcare Centers

(815) 942-2932

Important Phone Numbers


AMBULANCE - 815.433.2121

HOSPITAL - 815.433.3100



SHERIFF - 815.433.2161

FIRE - 815.434.3785

BEST of Ottawa | Resource Guide 19

“I’ve been to

Ottawa every

year for Wine

Fest since it

began. It’s a

great crowd

and some of

the best wine,

food and music

in Illinois!“


and events

Linn Newton

Naperville, Il


for something

special in


20 BEST of Ottawa | Resource Guide


growin on?

Revel in the reasons to celebrate!

Save the


Host to a myriad of festivals and markets

throughout the year, the variety of

venues and events in Ottawa represent a

diverse interest and appeals to everyone,

no matter what your age.

Every Saturday from June through October,


KET. Findings here vary from homegrown

vegetables and preserves to HOME AND

HANDMADE items including paintings

and garden sculptures. In early May, the

MIDWEST MOREL FEST draws mushroom

enthusiasts from over a three state area.

Events offered during the festival include

seminars and guided hunts from Morel

University and a Championship Hunt with

cash prizes. And if hunting down the evasive

‘shroom is not your style, you can enjoy

Illinois’ largest MOREL FARMERS MARKET


one tent. June kicks off with the OTTAWA

2 RIVERS WINE FEST featuring wines from

nearly twenty vintners across the state. This

three-day event incorporates live jazz into

the summer celebration with performances

every night. Don’t forget the 1,500 FRESH

LOBSTERS flown in fresh from the coast of

Maine that are cooked to order, right on the

spot for your enjoyment!

July 4th is showtime for one of Illinois

largest fireworks display! And don’t forget

CHRISTMAS IN JULY featuring pizza for $1

a slice before the event…all sponsored by

Ottawa 1st and Bianchi Pizza!

RIVERFEST taking place the first weekend

in August is the last hurrah before

the dog days of summer settle in. Nearly

a week-long, the festival offers attractions

such as a carnival, the Taste of Ottawa, the

Chamber’s Welcomeburger Picnic, along

with a book sale, talent and variety entertainment

and a vintage car show. Among

the craftier presentations are Art in the Park

by the Ottawa Art League, a craft and flea

market and the agricultural street fair. All

ending on Sunday, the RIVERFEST PARADE

rolls through town with miles of floats,

music and displays contributed by organizations,

local businesses, sports teams,

schools, and many more.

In late September, SCARECROW FEST

& OCTOBERFEST comes along to celebrate

autumn. Both family-friendly events, there

are plenty of activities for all ages during

these fall-festivals including a petting zoo,

craft fairs, face painting and giant bouncy

houses. Shop the scarecrow lined streets of

Old Town. Early afternoon into the evening

relax in our beer tent featuring food and

fun with a German theme.

As the season comes to a close, Ottawa

embraces the winter chill with its FESTIVAL

OF LIGHTS & ICE ODYSSEY. Friday night kicks

off with the Thanksgiving Santa Parade as

“you-know-who” comes to town followed

by the lighting of historic Washington Park.

That weekend, see ordinary blocks of ice

transformed by chainsaws into fanciful holiday

scenes and characters while you shop

for that special gift in our downtown “Old

Town”. So when it comes to festivals Pick

Us! for FAMILY FUN all year long.

For more information visit our website


Ottawa is the epitome ofoff the

beaten path’ with so much to see

and do. Come enjoy Ottawa just

86 miles SW of Chicago. It’s perfect

for a day visit or an overnight stay.

Julie Johnson, Executive Director

Ottawa Visitors Center

Old Town Farmers Market

Saturdays June – October

Midwest Morel Fest

Early May

Ottawa 2 Rivers Wine Fest

Early June

Ottawa 1st Fireworks!

July 4

Ottawa Riverfest

Early August

Scarecrow Fest

& Oktoberfest

Late September

Festival of Lights &

Ice Odyssey

Thanksgiving Weekend

For more information,

dates and times on these

and other happenings in

and around the Ottawa and

Starved Rock Country area,

please visit…




Love Ottawa

Ottawa is “nosh” proud, serving everything

from sandwiches to sushi!

Hungry for more of what Ottawa has to

offer? Look around and you’re sure to find,

on this corner and the next, one of many

delicious places to dine. Most restaurants in

Ottawa have a long tradition and are family

owned and operated. Among their ranks

are traditional supper clubs, sports bars,

and family diners – but also pizza parlors

and martini bars, as well as sushi and tapas

restaurants. The variety of independent establishments,

both fine and casual, make it

simple to satisfy your tastes without leaving

Ottawa’s historic community. Whether your

tastes are cosmopolitan or a bit more down

to earth - Ottawa’s restaurants are the BEST!

Mouth watering dishes highlight local

fare, and feature ethnic tastes from around

the globe. Treat your taste buds to the fiery

flavors of Asian and Thai cuisine. Make

time to marvel at the robust spices of Mexican

cooking. Or, enjoy the comfort foods of

everyday favorites like burgers, steaks and


Discover local favorites, such as Ottawa’s

own, now-famous Polancic’s pork tenderloin

or the flowerpot salad from The Cheese

Shop. It’s possible to find an array of healthy,

on-trend noshes or long-time favorites in

establishments that have been standing for

dozens of years – or just a few. Whether you

prefer beef in burgers or grilled chicken, the

fruit of the sea or the earth, Ottawa restaurants

will satisfy even the most sophisticated

palette. And don’t forget to follow your meal

with a slice of homemade pie, an ice cream

concoction, or another confection, crafted

with the intent of delighting.

From romantic

dinners, to

festive galas,

to a lively night

out - quality food

and drink are

always served

with a smile

in Ottawa.

22 BEST of Ottawa | Resource Guide

For the area’s finest

steak, Brad’s signature

bone-in ribeye is a

must. It’s dry aged for

a richer, more intense

flavor. This choice cut

is cooked to perfection

and makes for a truly

remarkable meal - the

BEST in Ottawa.

Only at Monte’s.

Bianchis - What makes the

Bianchi (World Famous!) Pizza

so special? Who knows. Who

cares! But, it’s Ottawa’s most

famous. It’s a must see, must

eat! For great ambiance, dinein

downtown. Or, carry out

from all three locations.

It’s the most beloved pizza

in Starved Rock Country.

JJ’s Sports Bar and Pub -

a casual spot with great food

and fun is always the best

with a cold beverage! Hang

here with your old friends,

or meet new ones while you

watch your favorite

game on one

of JJ’s big


the Cheese shop’nDeli,

since 1970, is located just

off the banks of the Illinois

& Michigan Canal on Fulton

Street. It’s one of Ottawa’s

BEST! Famous for their

homemade soups, sandwiches,

flower pot salads

- and fried chicken and

homemade spaghetti -

a favorite in Ottawa.

Plus antiques. See LOTS

and lots of antiques!

BEST of Ottawa | Resource Guide 23

SHOP Streets


of Downtown Ottawa

With HISTORIC buildings and specialty shops

alike, Ottawa’s Old Town is a charming glimpse into

the past, side by side with the present. Downtown

overlooks the spot where the Fox and Illinois Rivers

meet, and a pleasant river walk brings you right to

the banks! Another peaceful alternative is relaxing

on a bench in Washington Park. Shaded by trees,

the quiet town square features historic monuments,

a fountain that sets off statues dedicated to two famous

visitors and debaters, and even a fresh popcorn


A mix of RESTAURANTS to suit every taste

are present in town, featuring menus dedicated

to ethnic selections to pasta aplenty, from familyfriendly

dining to more gourmet options. Whether

it’s a bite for lunch, a romantic dinner, or a late-night

outing, Ottawa serves their best.

Ottawa’s Old Town is an American TREASURE

with its architecture and living history—and it’s no

trouble to find your own treasures in the many shops

of the area. Bell’s Clothing is one such long-standing

shop that sells quality clothing for work and casual.

While Lady Di’s provides the most exquisite women’s

apparel in addition to accessories, shoes, and gifts.

If handcrafted items are what you seek, Avant Garden

showcases vendors that create their products

through upcycling and recycling. DIY methods that

turn out jewelry, clothing, and other SPECIALTY

goods that are unbelievably unique. Ottawa is also

home to several home decorating stores, a multitude

of antique and resale stores—and Rock Paper Scissors,

a toy store that specializes in educational games, projects,

and supplies sure to delight all ages.

Definitely go to Ottawa! It’s minutes from Starved Rock State Park

and home to AVANT GARDEN MARKET, the neatest store full of

items made by local artists. —

~ Allison Craig Hayes

Country Living Magazine


1 Must-Visit Place in Illinois

24 BEST of Ottawa | Resource Guide

As retail toy store owners downtown, we’re very excited about the

riverfront development plans for downtown Ottawa. That, combined

with the already beautiful botanical brand and other one-ofa-kind

stores, the time is right for our community to truly become

a destination shopping experience.

We look forward to our expansion into our own

larger space that will allow for even more of the

most unique toys on the market today, all handpicked

for Rock Paper Scissors!

Mary Olson and Sue Vandervort, Owners

Rock Paper Scissors


Ottawa is

an American




For more than 30 years, Van Duzer

Jewelers has supplied the women –

and men in the area with the most

remarkable diamonds, watches and

fine jewelry available in Starved Rock



When women want to look their

absolute best, they shop at Lady Di’s.

It’s where you will find some of the

most exquisite clothing, shoes and

gifts. Because you, your friends, the

woman in your life - all deserve the

absolute best!


High quality, name brand casual

wear, suits and tuxedos are found at

Bell’s clothing in downtown Ottawa.

Shop the finest labels in the industry

including Ralph Lauren, S. Cohen,

Hart Shaffner Marx and Florsheim

shoes, to name a few.

BEST of Ottawa | Resource Guide 25

Civic Clubs &


Religious and Civic leaders in

Ottawa encourage togetherness,

provide guidance, and offer assistance

to those in need.

Home to numerous denominations,

Ottawa residents will find local

worship facilities and organizations

that serve and enrich the lives of all


Churches and places of worship

are dedicated to Catholic and other

Christian denominations, including

Baptist, Methodist, Episcopal, Presbyterian,

and Lutheran. There are also

non-denominational places of worship,

among others.

Ottawa also offers many civic

clubs and community organizations

devoted to creating strong ties,

providing leadership, and helping

the needy. There are dozens of active

groups in the area that have charters

and members spanning many

generations, including the Knights of

Columbus, American Legion, Ottawa

Boat Club, Elks Lodge, and the Rotary

to name a few.


Health & Fitness

Ottawa is home to a range of options for the pursuit of

both fitness and relaxation. Stop by at one of the local gyms in

town, or get moving at the YMCA. Flex Gym, home to the Mid-

Illinois Bodybuilding and Figure Championship, has been serving

Ottawa for over twenty five years. For those in search of a

more relaxing experience, they’ll find it in several yoga studios,

like Energyoga with classes that range from beginners levels

to those for the more experienced. A gymnastics, dance and

martial arts studios can also be found in Ottawa. Off The Bench

Ottawa is a large indoor fitness facility catering to softball,

baseball, and soccer players for individual and team practices,

as well as group fitness classes. Many opportunities for outdoor

recreation can be found in Ottawa: check out the public swimming

pool, tennis courts, water play area, and the ball fields.

Additionally, the city offers many summer recreational programs

including softball, baseball, and soccer to name a few.

5Ks are held in Ottawa through the warmer months of the

year, the organizers running from schools, in the instance of Marquette

Academy’s Runner’s Crusade, to the Ottawa Fire Department’s

Run to Remember. And if there’s still life in your legs and

a few more miles left in your shoes after all that, sign up for the

big local run in the spring, the Starved Rock Country Marathon.

This run covers the course from Washington Park in downtown

Ottawa, up to the Starved Rock Area and back to the finish line.

BEST of Ottawa | Resource Guide 27


Lives in Ottawa

Recreation / Parks / Riverwalks

Outdoor activities are always in play in Ottawa.

Minutes away from the woods, canyons,

and waterfront of Starved Rock, hiking is a favorite

of the two million tourists that visit each

year. Another alternative for hiking—or running

and walking—is the I&M Canal trail.

Fishing in the Illinois River, as well as boating

or kayaking, are popular waterfront activities.

There are public access ramps to the river

conveniently located in Allen Park. In addition

to the homes at Heritage Harbor, there is a

marina where people can enjoy boating in a

safe environment. The combination of boating

amenities and waterfront property is convenient

for vacationers, and located far enough

from Chicago to be a relaxing getaway.

Winter sees cross-country skiing, snowmobiling,

and hiking in Starved Rock. Those

who brave the cold are rewarded with breath-

taking views of snow-covered bluffs and iceencrusted

waterfalls on the trails.

For those who seek adventures beyond

the standard fare, Skydive Chicago is located

just north on the outskirts of Ottawa. Offering

instruction to first-time jumpers, as well as an

Advanced Freefall Program, Skydive Chicago

is the world’s largest skydiving resort. Their

facilities include an airport, campground, and


The City of Ottawa is home to over 100

acres of community parkland. City parks offer

a variety of amenities, including boat launches,

docking facilities, a swimming pool, tennis

courts, bike and hiking trails, baseball and softball

diamonds, basketball courts, playgrounds,

picnic facilities, monuments and art, fishing areas,

shelters, concession facilities, a toboggan

run, and a riverwalk, and so much more.

If you love the


you’ll find

plenty of

action HERE!

28 BEST of Ottawa | Resource Guide

From biking and hiking

to canoeing and boating,

to zip lining and skydiving -

Ottawa is a blast!


These are the members of the Ottawa Area Chamber of Commerce.

These are the members of the Ottawa Area Chamber of Commerce. Because of their support, our Chamber

helps provide a sustainable business community in Ottawa, as well as promotes growth and positive change.

Because of their investment, we continue to fund important community initiatives and lead the way for more



• Roenfeldt & Lockas, P.C.

(815) 433-0464

• William W. Peabody, CPA

(815) 434-0393

• Laura Hipes CPA Ltd.

(815) 434-1040

• Income Tax Etc., Ltd

(815) 434-2450

• Walker Accounting Group, LTD

(815) 223-7733


• MCS Advertising

(815) 224-3011

• SK Graphic Design

(815) 343-6731

• Diane Stelken Associates

(815) 942-4470

• Hauser Design Group

(815) 560-6865

• MarketGuide Magazine

(815) 228-7992

• Starved Rock Country

(815) 431-4014

• Cook Multimedia

(815) 993-6590

• Amanda Hart Design

(815) 579-1458


• LaSalle County Farm Bureau

(815) 433-0371

Ottawa Barge Terminal

(815) 434-1815 Terminal

Ottawa Plant Food

(815) 433-2090

• Brothers Country Supply

(815) 433-3775

• Farm & Fleet of Ottawa

(815) 433-4536


• Shanley TV Center

(815) 434-0308

• Sears Authorized Hometown

Store #3142


(815) 433-6401


• Basalay, Cary, & Alstadt,

Architects, Ltd.

(815) 434-0108


• The Cantlin Law Firm

(815) 433-4712

• Hupp, Lanuti, Irion & Burton, PC

(815) 433-3111

• White, Marsh, Anderson, Martin,

Vickers, Deobler and Goode

Attorneys at Law

(815) 434-2000

• Armstrong & Surin

(815) 434-4323

• Keely Law Offices

(815) 433-1131

• Pool, Leigh & Kopko, PC

(815) 434-0097

• The Justice Law Firm, PC

(815) 434-0709


• Auditorri Associates

(815) 343-7867

Automobile Dealers

• Bill Walsh Automotive Group

(815) 434-2323

• Duffy’s Auto Sales, Inc.

(815) 431-9500

Automotive Detailing/

Car Wash Services

• Route 6 Pro Wash/Pro Dent

(815) 433-9274

• Ziebart/Speedy Auto Glass

(815) 433-5353

• Dolphin Car Wash II

(815) 434-3770

Ottawa Auto Spa

(815) 313-5858

• O’Reilly Auto Parts

(815) 433-4692

Automotive Services

• The Auto Inspector Inc.

(815) 326-5831

• Gay’s Body Shop, Inc.

(815) 433-3277

• Carlson Automotive Body Shop, Inc.

(815) 433-3862

Banks, Banking Assoc.

& Credit Unions

• First Federal Savings Bank

(815) 434-3500

• The First National Bank of Ottawa

(815) 434-0044

• Old Second Bank Ottawa

(815) 433-4433

Ottawa Savings Bank

(815) 433-2525

• Centrue Bank

(815) 431-2900

• 1st Farm Credit Services

(815) 433-1780

• First State Bank

(815) 433-3727

• Hometown National Bank

(815) 223-7300

• Financial Plus Credit Union

(815) 433-1496

Banquet Facilities/Party Rentals

• Pitstick Pavilion

(815) 433-3571

• Festivities Unlimited

(815) 433-3200

Banquet Facilities/Party Rentals

• Rental Pros, LLC

(815) 433-6061

• Event Specialists &

123 Picture Me Photo Booths

(815) 830-0712

• 807 Conference Center

(815) 993-8885

Beverage Distributors

• Lakeshore Beverage

(312) 337-2337

• Euclid Beverage LTD

(630) 801-2337

Business & Management


• North Central Illinois Council

of Governments

(815) 433-5830

• Management Professional

Services, Inc.

(815) 224-1889

Business Services-Training/


• Business Employment Skills

Team, Inc.

(815) 224-7930

Cellular Equipment and Service

• Illinois Valley Cellular - Wireless

Solutions Center

(815) 795-3200

• The Cellular Connection

(815) 433-2900

Child Development & Day Care

• Youth Service Bureau

of Illinois Valley

(815) 433-3953

• Easter Seals of LaSalle

& Bureau Counties

(815) 434-0857


• Daniel Cheatham, DC

(815) 434-1616

• Donald Mammano, DC

(815) 434-5555

• Elliott Chiropractic Office


• Perry Chiropractic Center

(815) 434-0803

Ottawa Chiropractic

(815) 431-8303


• St. Columba Catholic Church

(815) 433-0700

• Cross Bridge Community Church

of the Nazarene

(815) 434-3794

• Heritage Christian Center

(815) 434-0507

Cleaning Services

• Vicki’s Cleaning Service, Inc.

(815) 433-1223

• Stanley Steemer

(815) 431-9940

• Quality Care Cleaning

(815) 434-2539

• Rainbow International

Restoration and Cleaning

(815) 434-5353



Coffee Shops/Roasting Companys

• Jeremiah Joe Coffee

(815) 566-3507

• Famous Coffee Roasting Co.

(815) 566-3507

Collection Agency

• Johnson Mitchell & Schneider Inc.

(815) 434-2992


• Pro Technologies

(815) 667-3003

• Computer Spa

(815) 434-4226

• Visco Entertainment Inc.

(815) 433-9485

Consulting Services

• Roots and Wings Coaching

(917) 613-9903

Contractors - Concrete

• Dean’s Dynamic Concrete Inc.

(815) 431-0076

• Ruiz Construction

(815) 434-3676


• Clegg-Perkins Electric, Inc.

(815) 433-0191

• Halm Electrical Contracting, Inc

(815) 434-6653



• Vissering Construction Company

(815) 673-5511

• Liebhart Construction, Inc.

(815) 433-5467

• D.J. Sickley Construction Co., Inc.

(815) 224-8516

• Prairie State Insulation

(815) 579-8937

• Pfau & Bruenderman

Construction Inc.

(815) 414-1619

• Yoesle & Eddy Construction, Inc.

(815) 434-3952

• Noah’s Ark Carpentry, Restoration

and Painting

(815) 252-4663

• Correct Hardwood/

Correct Builders

(815) 343-6091

Contractors-Heating & Air


• Mucci & Kirkpatrick Sheet Metal, Inc.

(815) 433-3350

• Marseilles Sheet Metal, Inc.

(815) 795-4500

• Town & Country Services

(815) 442-3415

Labor Associations

• IL Valley Labor Management

(815) 223-0561


Ottawa Masonry Inc.

(815) 431-1588


• Conley Excavating, Inc.

(815) 942-1905

• Stoudt Plumbing, Inc.

(815) 228-2236


• D. H. Mayou Roofing & Supply

Co., Inc.

(815) 433-0823

Contractors-Sewer Televising

& Rehab

• Performance Pipelining, Inc.

(815) 433-0080

• LMK Technologies

(815) 433-1275


• Mary Kay Cosmetics, Tracy Steffen

(815) 695-5605

Dentists/Dental Labs

Ottawa Children’s Dentistry

(815) 434-6447

Ottawa Dental Lab

(815) 434-0655

• Mark Benavides, DDS

(815) 434-0152

• William C. Vesely, DDS

(815) 433-3996

• Faber Dental Arts -

Jonathan Faber, DMD

(815) 433-1242

Distribution Center

• PetSmart Distribution Center

(815) 431-3600

• Kohl’s Distribution Center


(815) 431-3800

Dry Cleaners

• Blackley Cleaners, Inc.

(815) 433-1111

Education-Adult Developmental


Ottawa Friendship House

(815) 434-0737

Education-Schools, Colleges

• Illinois Valley Community College

(815) 224-0402

Ottawa Elementary School


(815) 433-1133

• Marquette Academy

(815) 433-0125

Ottawa Township High School

(815) 433-1323

• Lincoln College

(309) 268-4355

Electricity Aggrigation

• The Stone River Group

(217) 737-5811

Employment Service

• Illinois Department of

Employment Security

(815) 434-3111

• Manpower, Inc.

(815) 433-1940

Engineers-Civil, Environmental,

Structural & Consulting

• McClure Engineering Associates, Inc.

(815) 433-2080

• Vegrzyn, Sarver & Associates, Inc.

(815) 434-7225

Environmental Products &


• Stack Test Group, Inc.

(815) 433-0545

• Advanced Materials Center, Inc.

(815) 433-1495

Estate Sales

• Main Street Estate Sales

(815) 434-5400

Farm Equipment-Tire Sales &


• Stoller International

(815) 433-2211

Fitness Centers /Health Clubs

• Flex Gym & Fitness Center

(815) 434-3539

• YMCA of Ottawa

(815) 433-2395

• Energyoga

(815) 228-3262

• Bloom! Yoga

(815) 228-3877

• Donovan’s Nautilus

(815) 434-1206

Fuel Distributors

• Etna Oil Co.

(815) 434-0353

Funeral Homes & Memorial Parks

• Gladfelter Funeral Home, LLC

(815) 433-0097

• Mueller Funeral Home

(815) 434-4433

• Oakwood Memorial Park, Inc.

(815) 433-0313

Ottawa Funeral Home

(815) 433-0300


• Turk Furniture

(815) 433-8875


• Shelby’s

Gas/Service Stations

• Jim Boe’s Mobil

(815) 434-0389

• Conroy’s Amoco

(815) 434-0280

• Casey’s General Store

(815) 434-2378

Golf Courses

• Deer Park Country Club, Inc

(815) 667-4239

• Senica’s Oak Ridge Golf Club

(815) 223-7273

• Pine Hills Golf Club

(815) 434-3985


• Housing Authority for LaSalle


(815) 434-0380

• City of Ottawa

(815) 433-0161

• Village of Naplate

(815) 252-5721

• IL Waterway Visitors Ctr/Army

Corps Engineers

(815) 667-4054

Graphic Design/Printing

• Sigma Graphics

(815) 433-1000

Grocers & Meat Markets

• Polancic Meat Market

(815) 433-0324

• Handy Foods, Inc.

(815) 434-2300

Health Care-Physical &

Occupational Therapy

Results Physical Therapy and Fitness

(815) 324-5020

Health Care-Physicians &


Ottawa Regional Medical Center, Inc.

(815) 433-1010

• Jeffrey A. Crowhurst, DPM

(815) 434-1900

• Rezin Orthopedics and Sports


(815) 433-0850

• St. Mary’s Health Care Ottawa

(815) 431-9208

Health Food

• Seattle Sutton’s Healthy Eating

(815) 434-4484

• Xyngular

(815) 228-7992

Home Health Services

• Willow Home Care Ltd.

(815) 434-4148



Home Improvement

• Woodhill Cabinetry & Design Inc.

(815) 431-0545

• Terpstra’s Floor Center, Inc.

(815) 434-9800

• Floor to Ceiling

(815) 434-3165

• Sherwin-Williams

(815) 434-3578

Homeless Shelter

• Illinois Valley PADS

(815) 433-1292


• VITAS Health Care

(815) 220-0021


• OSF Saint Elizabeth

Medical Center

(815) 433-3100

• Morris Hospital &

Healthcare Centers

(815) 942-2932

Industrial Mineral

• Western Sand & Gravel Co., LLC

(815) 664-2341

• US Silica Company

(815) 434-0188

• Unimin Corporation

(815) 434-4178

• Fairmount Minerals Wedron Silica

(815) 433-2449

Insurance & Investments

• The Farms Group

(815) 795-6769

• Edward Jones Investments-

Helio Ruvalcaba


• Edward Jones Investments-

Robert J. Paglis

(815) 434-4336

• Edward Jones Investments-

Mark Platt


• LaVerne Dooley State Farm


(815) 433-0058


• Northern Insurance

Service Ottawa

(815) 433-0560

• IIP Insurance Agency, Inc.

(815) 433-2680

• Don C. Anderson Ins. Agency

(815) 434-0563

• T.J. Lewis & Associates, Inc.

(815) 433-4200

• Ronald Henson State Farm


(815) 433-3276

• Brett W. Dyche State Farm Insurance

(815) 433-5110

• Brian Carnes Country Financial

(815) 433-1440

• RE Hasty Insurance - Farmers

(815) 431-9400

• Family Heritage / Inspire Providers

(815) 252-8445

• AXA Advisors/Michael J. Hughes,


(815) 433-4232

• Caselli Insurance & Real Estate

(815) 795-4028

• Ramza Insurance Group

(815) 433-3583

• Diamond Brothers Insurance

Agency, Inc.

(815) 431-9900

• Northwestern Mutual Financial

Network - Nick Potthoff

815) 433-4325

• Country Financial - Kevin Berryman

(815) 433-9014

• Country Financial - Bruce Butchko

(815) 433-1440

• Capital Consulting of Illinois

(815) 228-7541

Interior Decorators & Designers

• Your Interior Motives

(815) 434-4006

Janitorial Supplies

• T & L Janitorial Service

(815) 431-9880


• VanDuzer Jewelers

(815) 433-5653

Landscape Design/Installation

• Bartman Design & Landscape, Inc.

(815) 252-3619


• Reddick Public Library District

(815) 434-0509

Liquor Stores

• Herman’s Package Store

(815) 434-0075


• Security Finance

(815) 431-0612


• Frank’s Lock & Safe, Inc.

(815) 433-4500


• Holiday Inn Express

(815) 433-0029

• Hampton Inn

(815) 434-6040

• Fairfield Inn & Suites

(815) 431-8955

• Starved Rock Lodge

(815) 667-4211

• Super 8 Motel

(815) 434-2888

• Fox River Resort

(815) 496-1692

• Madison Street Living

(815) 252-4663


• SABIC Innovative Plastics


• NSG Group

(815) 433-0932

• MBL (USA) Corporation

(815) 434-1282

• Burns Machine Co.

(815) 434-3131

• Zip-Pak

(815) 431-2001

• Frequency Devices, Inc.

(815) 434-7800

• Clover Technologies Group

(815) 431-8100

• Cristal Metals

(815) 431-4300

• B & B Electronics

(815) 433-5100

• 2 Rivers Imaging

(815) 343-6504

• Johnson Pattern & Machine Works, Inc.

(815) 433-2775


• Starved Rock Marina

(815) 433-4218

• Quest Watersports

(815) 433-2200

Massage Therapy

• Amanda Wallock, LMT

(815) 830-1266

Mortgage Companies

• Wells Fargo Home Mortgage

(815) 433-3715

Moving & Storage

• Stevenson Transfer, Inc.

(815) 433-0970


• The Times

(815) 433-2000

• News Tribune

(815) 223-3200

Office Supplies, Equipment

& Furniture

Ottawa Office Supply

(815) 433-0273

• Marco

(815) 223-7288

• Illinois Office Supply

(815) 434-0186

Optical, Optometrists, Opticians

& Optical Labs

• Gailey Eye Clinic

(815) 434-4200

• Richard Gelbuda, OD

(815) 433-5121

• Eyesite/Drs. Kent & Beth Kunkel

(815) 434-7970

Oral & Maxillofacial Surgeon

• Illinois Valley Oral Surgeons

(815) 434-4500


• Angel Bears of Hope

(815) 326-1353

• Habitat for Humanity - LBPC

(815) 434-2041

• United Way of Eastern LaSalle Co.

(815) 434-4003

• North Central Behavioral Health

Systems, Inc.

(815) 223-0160

• LaSalle County CASA

(815) 434-2620

• Zonta Club of Ottawa

(815) 434-3730

Ottawa Downtown Merchants

(815) 252-9124

Ottawa Sunrise Rotary

(815) 343-7655

• Community House of Arts in

Ottawa (CHAOS)

(815) 433-2787

• March of Dimes

(815) 223-3221

Ottawa Noon Rotary

(815) 252-2906

Ottawa Port District

(815) 434-6653

• Kiwanis Club of Ottawa

(815) 434-7235

• The Salvation Army

(815) 433-0798

• LaSalle County Historical Society

(815) 667-4861

Outdoor Power Equipment

• Mike’s Outdoor Power Equipment Repair

(815) 431-1300

Pet Care & Services

• Norway Kennels

(815) 496-2150

• Judy’s Dog/Cat Grooming

(815) 433-5839

Pharmacies/Drug Stores

• The Pharmacy Stop

(815) 434-5355

• Medi-Rx Pharmacy, Inc.

(815) 433-2255

Photography Studios

• Robert Kuhn Studio of Photography

(815) 434-6008

• HR Imaging Partners

(815) 433-1869



• WCMY1430/95.3 SaM FM

(815) 434-6050


(815) 223-3100

Real Estate Appraisers

• Ganiere Appraisal Service

(815) 433-4457

Real Estate Developers

& Investors

• Kaszynski Breipohl Realtors-


(815) 433-1616

• Century 21 Grieves Real Estate

(815) 433-0764

• Southtowne Mall

(847) 446-8440

• Heritage Harbor Ottawa Resort

Development, LLC

(815) 433-5000

Real Estate Management

Ottawa Realty Trust

(815) 434-0240

• Colonial Place Apartments

(815) 433-4030

Real Estate-Apartments

and Leasing

• Mark Alan - DZ

(815) 690-0718

Real Estate-Residential/


• Century 21 Windsor Realty

(815) 434-2122

• Re-Max 1st Choice

(815) 434-3337

• Coldwell Banker Honig-Bell

(815) 433-5501

• Washington Square Realtors, Inc.

815) 434-3630


• CIMCO Recycling Ottawa, Inc.

(815) 433-0031

• Buckman Iron & Metal Co., Inc.

(815) 431-1200


• Tracy’s Row House

(815) 434-3171

• JJ’s Pub

(815) 431-1816

• Zeller Inc, LLC

(815) 431-9550

• Cheese Shop & Deli

(815) 433-0478

• Bee Hive Restaurant

(815) 433-5640

• Hank’s Inc

(815) 433-2540

• McDonalds of Ottawa

(815) 434-4532

• Monte’s Riverside Inn

(815) 434-5000

• The New Chalet Restaurant

(815) 433-2746

• Pizza Hut

(815) 433-2311

• Wendy’s

(815) 433-0334

• Bianchi’s Pizza

(815) 434-6884

• Hi-Way Restaurant

(815) 431-9431

• Hacienda Los Jardines Restaurant LLC

(815) 434-2833

• Woody’s Steak House

(815) 433-2400

• R. Grotto Ristorante

(815) 431-1100

• Culver’s of Ottawa

(815) 431-2283

• Sunfield Restaurant

(815) 434-5500

• Corner 230

(815) 434-0000

• Jimmy Johns

(815) 433-9133

• B.A.S.H. LLC

(815) 617-2676

• The Bears Den

(815) 434-5168

• Hardee’s Restaurant

(480) 736-2461

• The Bistro

(815) 667-3400

Retail Shopping

• Maurice’s

(815) 434-4013

• Avant Garden

(815) 228-6245

• Lady Di’s/Lady Di’s Royal Chamber

(815) 434-3232

• Bell’s Clothing

(815) 434-4854

• Wal-Mart Supercenter

(815) 434-0120

• Goodwill Industries

of Northern Illinois

(815) 434-4680

• Bone Collector / Hard Core Decoys

(815) 587-8700

• Rock Paper Scissors

(815) 587-3880

Salons & Spas

• D’Antonio Hair Designing for Men

(815) 431-1272

Sanitation/Waste Removal-


• Republic Services

(815) 434-1808

• Thrush Sanitation Service

(815) 434-5557

Senior Living

Ottawa Pavilion, Skilled Nursing &

Rehabilitation Center

(815) 431-4900

• Pleasant View, A Lutheran Life


(815) 434-1130

• LaSalle County Nursing Home

(815) 433-0476

• Bridges Community Center

(815) 431-8034

• Rivershores Healthcare and

Rehabilitation Center LLC

(815) 795-5121

• Heritage Woods of Ottawa


(815) 431-1400

• Epworth Village, Inc.

(815) 434-4416

• The Stough Group

(630) 789-8939

Shoe repair

• Tino’s Shoe & Boot Repair

(815) 434-0720


• Designs & Signs by Anderson

(815) 434-7340

Steel-Fabricators & Sales

• Marquette Steel Supply

& Fabrication, Inc.

(815) 433-0178

Television-Cable/Satellite Service

• Mediacom Business Services

(312) 898-6141

• Callaway Satellite & Video


(815) 433-2620

Title Companies

• Buchner & O’Toole Title Co.

(815) 433-0301

• LaSalle County Title

(815) 433-4080


• Reddick Mansion Association

(815) 433-6100

• Hegeler Carus Foundation

(815) 224-5895

Ottawa Visitor’s Center

(815) 434-2737

Travel Agencies

• S & S Travel of Ottawa

(815) 434-2005

• All In One Travel Inc./Ottawa

Travel & Cruises

(815) 433-0285

•All Points Travel of Ottawa, Inc.

(815) 434-4700


• Ameren IP

(815) 224-6210

• Nicor Gas

(800) 231-1571

• AT&T

(309) 565-4565

• Exelon Generation - LaSalle Station

(309) 227-3709

Vending Machines

• Royal Vending

(815) 673-3213


• Fox Valley Veterinary Hospital, P.C.

(815) 434-0363

• Novak-Brainard Veterinary Clinic

(815) 433-1865


• Culligan of Ottawa

(815) 433-0757


• August Hill Winery

(815) 224-8199



A very special THANK YOU to the individuals and companies featured on the following

pages. Your support for this guide helps promote and attract business for the advancement

of our community. You are the BEST of Ottawa!

110 W. Jefferson St.

Ottawa, IL 61350


“If It


To You,



To Us”

115 Oak St.

Streator, IL 61364


Family Owned and Operated Since 1908

Where Moving

Logistics and Relocation

Exceeds Expectation

300 W. Stevenson Rd. PO Box 399 | Ottawa IL 61350

P 815.433.0970 F 815.433.1179

High Performance,

High Precision,

High Quality.

Start, Stop, Move.

Did you know that you can start, stop, or move service

all from your computer? Customers can update their

account information anywhere and anytime. Visit

MBL(USA) in Ottawa manufactures V-Belts, V-Ribbed belts and Timing

Belts for both original equipment and service parts in the automotive and industrial

markets. MBL(USA) supplies the North America Market and exports worldwide.

The recipient of numerous quality and service awards from the world-class

companies it supplies, MBL(USA) is world class in all areas - technology, equipment,

automation, process control, quality control, and more.

Mitsuboshi maintains the most strict quality standards with ISO 9001 or

ISO/TS 16949 quality certifications as well as ISO 14000 environmental certification.

Proudly made in Ottawa, Illinois! 601 Dayton Road, Ottawa, IL 61350

Local: 815- 434-1282 | Fax: 815- 434-2897 | Toll Free: 877- 625-7832

LOCALLY OWNED AND OPERATED - Open Everyday 6am-9pm


• Steak

• Seafood

• Chops

• Cocktails


• Italian

• Oriental

• Breakfast


Vintage Goods Jewelry Fair Trade Fashion Home Decor

Handmade Items Repurposed Goods Garden Center

In Ottawa

800 LaSalle Street

Ottawa, IL 61350

In Yorkville

803 Stagecoach Trail

Yorkville, IL 60560



corporate images

for more than

20 years.

210 W. Norris Drive • Ottawa IL • 815-431-9431

Mastercard • Visa • Discover • American Express | 815.942.4470 | 815.228.2429

Love at First Bite!

For an exceptional dining experience in an elegant atmosphere -

everything’s delicious at Monte’s. Choose from a wide variety of exceptional

food, from incredible steaks and fabulous pasta, to his pewter crock of

cheesey french onion soup, and so much more, ALL cooked to perfection.

Featuring a kids menu and off-site catering for large gatherings and small.

Call 815-434-5000

903 East Norris Drive (Route 6 East) Ottawa

Serving 4-9, Tuesday - Sunday .

Closed to the public on Mondays, with private parties

available. Perfect for your special event and party.

Expert Restoration & Cleaning Services

It’s In Your Best Image!

Restoration Services

• 24-hour emergency response

• Certified service professionals

• Rapid structural drying

• Deodorization

• We work directly with your

insurance company

Ottawa 815-434-5353

Streator 815-672-1706

LaSalle / Peru 815-224-4880

Independently owned & operated franchise

Carpet Cleaning Services

• Expert spot, stain & odor removal

• Tile, grout & hard surface cleaning

• Professional carpet care

• Pet stain removal

• Upholstery cleaning

School Portraits

ID Cards

Class Books

Sports Portraits

Dance Portraits

Class Groups


Yearbook Candids


Health care on

YOUR schedule

One location. Many services.

• Family Care

• Immediate Care

• Lab

• X-ray

• Physical Therapy

• Occupational Health

• On-site pharmacy for patients

Staffed with board certified physicians, HSHS St. Mary’s

Health Care — Ottawa is your one-stop facility for non

life-threatening illnesses and injuries.

Open seven days a week with convenient

hours and in-house services, HSHS St. Mary’s

Health Care–Ottawa can provide you with

the health care you deserve without any

delays. Appointments are available, but

walk-ins are always welcome.

Monday - Friday: 8 a.m. - 7 p.m.

Saturday and Sunday: 8 a.m. - 4 p.m.

1640 First Avenue (RT 23) Ottawa 815.431.9208

Think IVCC’s

Ottawa Center!

321 W. Main St.

Ottawa, IL 61350


We have so much to offer:

• university transfer courses

• morning, afternoon and evening classes

• quality, experienced instructors

• family-like atmosphere

• personal interest courses

Spring 2015 begins January 12

So many students have made

Ottawa Center their choice.


24 hour light, medium and heavy duty towing.

Lockout Service • Flat Bed Service

1615 W. Norris Drive | Ottawa

P: 815-434-1215 F: 815-433-0661

Do You Know Your Property Lines?

Orthodontics for Children & Adults

Vegrzyn, Sarver and Assoc., Inc.

Engineering • Surveying • Planners

Tushar Shah, DDS

Curtis R. Imel DDS PC

1704 Polaris Circle • Ottawa, IL 61350


Land, Farm, Lot Surveys

Alta Surveys

Elevation & Loma Certs.

Mine Surveying

Mine Safety Certificates

GIS Surveying & Mapping

Construction Surveying


Land Planning

Topographic Surveys

Rural Topo Maps

Farm Drainage

As Built Surveys

Property Surveys

Land Planning

218 Lafayette St. | Ottawa, IL 61350




1402 Columbus St. | Ottawa, IL 61350

Bus: (815) 433-5501

Mobile: (815)228-1859

Fax: (815) 433-2028

Each Office is independently Owned and Operated.


good friends


Over 40 years of quality service.





SINCE 1969

for the big game, great food and

always a refreshing beverage!

We proudly serve more than 16 ICE COLD specialty

beers and imports on tap. We’ll see YOU at JJ’s!

ASE Certified • I-Car Trained • PPG Color Lab

1601 Poplar St • Ottawa, IL 61350


104 W. Main Downtown Ottawa! 815-431-1816



Enrichment of the mind, nourishment of the soul, a place to

learn, share & grow, a place for nurturing the human condition.

Whether it’s financing an addition to your

home or funding a personal venture, we’ll

help you find a way to put your good credit

to use with a loan from Old Second Bank.


A New Dimension in Yoga and Pilates

225 W Madison St, Ottawa, IL 61350 • (815) 228-3262

323 E. Norris Drive, Ottawa

28 area locations! 1-877-866-0202

Member FDIC

No better friend. No warmer memory.

Toys for a cherished life.

Robert E. Hasty

Agency Owner

Robert E. Hasty Insurance Agency

600 Columbus St.

Ottawa, IL 61350

1802 Division St

Suite 206,

Morris, IL 60450

815-431-9400 (p)

815-228-7253 (c)

712 Lasalle Street, Ottawa, IL


Residential & Commercial

• Furniture & Accessories

• Space Planning & Consultations

• Hardwood, Carpet, & Tile

• Window Treatments

• Kitchen & Bath Design

222 West Madison Street

Ottawa, Illinois 61350

Ph: (815) 434-4006

Fax: (815) 434-4046

Like us on facebook!

Unimin Corporation is a leading producer of non-metallic industrial minerals.

Learn about our company and dedication to sustainable business

practices that facilitate the pursuit of economic prosperity,

environmental stewardship and social commitment at:

Unimin Corporation - Illinois Regional Office

4000 Baker Road - Ottawa, Illinois • 815-434-4178

Zip-Pak is the world’s premier provider

of resealable packaging solutions.

Zip-Pak of Ottawa has grown from

a green-field site to over 50 employees

since the year 2000 and is now

the largest Zip-Pak facility in the ITW

Company (Illinois Tool Works). This

site was developed to be the most

efficient zipper manufacturer facility

and to prepare for competition from

other parts of the world. Anything in a

flexible package can benefit from our

resealable zipper closure. The most

popular markets we serve are meat,

cheese, and pet food.

1510 Warehouse Drive

Ottawa, Illinois 61350 USA

888-840-0045 | 815-431-0300

Serving our communities since 1889, First Federal

Savings Bank is here for you. From mortgage

loans to checking accounts, we have a wide

range of products and services to meet your

needs. Please accept our invitation to call or stop

in one of our 12 convenient locations.

First Federal

We are ready to serve you!

Matt Mooneyham

Loan Officer

NMLS# 1168291

Ext. 3220

TJ Templeton

Commercial Loan Officer

NMLS# 835455

Ext. 3224

Jan Grady

Branch Manager

Corporate Office

Ext. 3211

Julie Wood

Branch Manager

Main St Office

Ext. 1111

First Federal Savings Bank — Ottawa Locations

633 La Salle St

(815) 434-3500

433 West Main St

(815) 434-2193

Ottawa Savings Bank

925 LaSalle St, Ottawa, IL 61350 | 815-433-2525

I’d like to get more exercise…

I want to learn new computer skills...

I have questions about health benefits…

I want to attend fun events and meet new friends...

I want to learn how to improve my health and wellbeing...

I want to learn more about Bridges!

221 West Etna Rd. Ottawa ● 815-431-8034

201 E Jackson St, Ottawa, IL 61350 (815) 433-2395

McDonald’s #2242

127 E. Norris Dr., Ottawa, IL 61350


McDonald’s #31593

4041 Veterans Dr., Ottawa, IL 61350


McDonald’s #32193

3020 E. 8th Rd., Utica, IL 61373


Give your


something to

smile about.

Give your


something to

smile about

• Active Resident Community

• Independent Maintenance Free Living

• Beautiful Gardens

Beautiful homes from the $100’s to the $500’s!


Fornof Manor

Openings Available - Call Today 815-672-1513

Carefree Living

• Maintenance Free

• Healthy Delicious Meals Offered Daily

• All Rents Based on Income

• An Independent Apartment Community




All rents based on income

All Rents Based Upon Income

606 E. Morrell • Streator

Carefree Living

400 E. Washington

Ottawa 815-424-6758

TDD 815-434-0929

400 E. Washington, Ottawa 815-434-6758

Illinois’ Premier Marina Resort Community

Home Port To Starved Rock Country.

Call us today! 815-433-5000

Custom Made




Complimentary Design

Consultation and

Drawings Provided.

A Marina Resort Community

Experience Grace-Filled Living at its Finest!

Since 1937, Pleasant View

has faithfully served older adults

and their families in Ottawa.

Located on a beautiful tree-lined campus

Pleasant View has established its reputation

for excellence by exceeding the expectations

as a Continuing Care Retirement Community.

At Pleasant View, life enrichment programs

enhance the spiritual, social, emotional,

and physical well-being of all.

Our Services & Programs

• Independent Living

• Assisted Living

• Fitness for Seniors

• Healthcare

• Short Term Rehabilitation

• Memory Support

• Pastoral Care

• Companions & Move Management

A New Perspective on Grace-filled Living

505 College Avenue Ottawa, Illinois 61350 (815) 434-1130

Pleasant View is a Lutheran Life Community, empowering

vibrant, grace-filled living across all generations.

Daniel J. Miller DC Chiropractic Clinic

Cost effective care for

the entire family

Affordable Assisted Lifestyle Community

for Adults 65 & Older of All Incomes

1201 W. Main Ottawa IL 815-431-9870


Property for Lease



Phone: 815-434-0240

Mike Godfrey - General Manager

Retail ~ Office Space ~ Apartments

Pilkington North America

Pilkington Ottawa manufactures one of the broadest ranges of glass

products available in the world today.

We are more than a school...


Marquette is a Christ-centered

educational experience focused

on preparing children for a

successful future!

High School Campus

100 Paul St Ottawa


Elementary School Campus

1110 LaSalle St Ottawa


Early Education Campus

727 W Jefferson St Ottawa



more than

50 Years in




grocery store.

Locally Owned!

Open Daily -

5 am - 10 pm!

Everything you need - the freshest and BEST

Everything meat, produce, you need deli - fresh and baked meat, goods. produce,

deli, bakery, Liquor liquor, and lottery lottery....AND also available. WINE!

604 West Main, Ottawa 815-434-2300

• Historic Attraction

• Elements Restaurant (open Daily)

• Lodge Rooms & Cabins

• Outdoor Dining (weather permitting)

• Weddings, Trolley Tours & more!

Starved Rock Lodge | (800) 868-7625 |

Community Support is More than Good Business

Our communities provide the human talent, natural resources, and infrastructure

that create prosperity for all. That’s why Fairmount Minerals gives back through

public service, education, and more. Our employees donate time and talent to

make our communities better places to live and work. Working together creates

a brighter future for us all. It’s the Business of Building Tomorrow. 800.237.4986

Building a Strong Future for Ottawa

You’ll see it here in Ottawa and throughout the entire

Illinois Valley area ~ the quality work and value they bring

to homes and businesses is on display, everyday.

They are the Illinois Valley Contractors Association.

Look to their members - the area’s top contractors - for unparalleled

expertise and a commitment to safety. They’ve been helping to build,

develop and GROW Ottawa and it’s surrounding communities since 1948.

For a quality contractor visit, call IVCA at 815.23.0561 or contact one of these premier members.


Better Service. Less Wait. Same Co-Pay



• Convenient Southide Location

• Delivery Available

• Drive Thru

• Free Medication Flavoring

• Order Refills Online

• Insurance Accepted

Open Mon-Fri 9am - 6pm • Sat 9am - 1pm

900 1st Avenue | Ottawa IL 61350

815.434.MEDS (6337)


OTTAWA, IL 61350

(815) 434-3630 Office

(815) 228-2058 Mobile

(888) 305-3630 Toll Free

You’ll love our

lawn and garden decor!

Jobst Monuments

402 W. Main Ottawa

Since 1944

Carrying the

most complete


of wine and

spirits in the area.

504 W. Main Ottawa (815)434-0075

Established 1964


50 Years!

909 Clinton St.

Ottawa, IL 61350

(815) 433-5544

807 LaSalle Street

Ottawa IL, 61350


Skydive Chicago

3215 E 1969th Rd, Ottawa, IL 61350

(815) 433-0000



Proud to be a part of the Ottawa

community for over 45 years.

i n d e p e n d e n c e


for a hand thereby

touching a heart.”

- Author Unknown

1550 First Avenue

Ottawa, IL 61350

(815) 433-4550

800-526-0844 TTY or

What does friendship mean to you?

Ottawa Friendship House enhances the lives

of adults with intellectual and developmental

disabilities. We offer a variety of services that

help individuals gain the skills they need to live

independently. Some of our services include:





1718 N. 2525th Road

Ottawa, IL 61350

Tel 815-434-0737

Fax 815-434-0493

Youth Program

Mentoring, Work Experience, Career Exploration,

Leadership, and many more programs.

Career Counseling

Adult/Dislocated Worker Programs

College Assistance, On-the-Job Training, Job Search

Workshops, and many more programs.

Business Services

Soft Skills Training, Recruitment & Referral Services,

Training Reimbursement for qualified hires and tax


For more information on employer services, contact the local NCI Works One Stop Center at 815-433-4550

Equal Opportunity Employer/Program. Auxiliary aids and services are available upon request to individuals with disabilities.

Old Fashioned Service at

competitive prices.

• Great Prices & Location

• Fast, Friendly Service

Locally owned and

operated for more

than 40 years

John McLachlan, R. Ph.

• Free Delivery in Ottawa Area

• Convenient Parking

411 W. Main Street • Ottawa • 815-433-2255



services are

Morris Hospital Cardiovascular Specialists

Dr. Syed Ahmed, & Dr. M. Tarek Alahdab Board Certified Cardiologists

827 E. Norris Dr., Ottawa 815-705-1000

Morris Hospital Obstetrics & Gynecology Specialists

Dr. Victoria Ochoa & Dr. Douglas Toussaint

Board Certified Obstetrician/Gynecologists

Megan Lotesto, N.P.-C Family Nurse Practitioner

1300 Starfire Dr., Ottawa 815-324-9700

Morris Hospital Laboratory Services

827 E. Norris Dr., Ottawa Walk-ins welcome. 815-434-0811

For more information, go to

ecycling ottawa, inc.

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