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Rock climbing is an exciting

activity in which

participants climb up natural

rock formations.


‣Builds endurance

‣Improves brain coordination

‣Improves flexibility

Hiking is a vigorous walk

along a specific trail, most

commonly across country.

Points To Remember

‣ Never hike alone.

‣ Always look at the weather

‣ Keep your backpack as light

as possible

‣ Hiking boots are always

preferred to gym shoes.

A walking adventure is the journey which lets you see

the sites on your feet. The holidays are the best to

enjoy hours and hours of purposeless walking.

Mountain biking is a sport of riding bicycles on rough

terrains. The riding is typically done using specially

designed mountain bikes.


‣ Improves Heart Health

‣ Reduces Stress

‣ Increases Brain Power

‣ Improves balance and coordination

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