Style Magazine: March 2019

If your idea of exotic eating is ordering orange chicken at Panda Express, keep reading. Starting on page 43, Luna Anona takes you around the world (Afghanistan, El Salvador, Germany, Korea, Peru, and the list goes on) for a roundup of international eateries that are all found in our region—ultimately encouraging you to “Stay Local, Eat Global.” For each restaurant—50-plus of them—she guides you through the country’s respective cuisine and suggests a must-try menu item. Think of it as a passport for your palate and make it your mission to devour, or at least try, every single dish. Whether you find a new favorite food or not, you’ll have supported a small business and hopefully walked away with a new understanding and appreciation for a different type of dining. If you’re still hungry for more, flip to our newly expanded Eat & Drink section for a write-up about Milestone’s beloved brunch (page 84); the area’s top pub grub (page 87); and an overview of the coolest coffee shops, including an Italian-inspired café that pumps out some seriously pretty pastries (page 86). In honor of St. Patrick’s Day, we present “3 Irish-Inspired Recipes” (page 88), including cookies made with pistachio pudding that are Style-tested and approved (true story: two dozen of them disappeared from our office in mere minutes!) and 7 must-try stouts from area breweries (page 90). And if all the aforementioned food has your stomach making unsavory sounds (everything in moderation, right?), fret not; turn to page 67 for an article about gut health and “The Benefits of Bacteria.” There’s plenty more in the pages that follow, so dig in and make it a March to remember. Cheers!

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