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If your idea of exotic eating is ordering orange chicken at Panda Express, keep reading. Starting on page 43, Luna Anona takes you around the world (Afghanistan, El Salvador, Germany, Korea, Peru, and the list goes on) for a roundup of international eateries that are all found in our region—ultimately encouraging you to “Stay Local, Eat Global.” For each restaurant—50-plus of them—she guides you through the country’s respective cuisine and suggests a must-try menu item. Think of it as a passport for your palate and make it your mission to devour, or at least try, every single dish. Whether you find a new favorite food or not, you’ll have supported a small business and hopefully walked away with a new understanding and appreciation for a different type of dining. If you’re still hungry for more, flip to our newly expanded Eat & Drink section for a write-up about Milestone’s beloved brunch (page 84); the area’s top pub grub (page 87); and an overview of the coolest coffee shops, including an Italian-inspired café that pumps out some seriously pretty pastries (page 86). In honor of St. Patrick’s Day, we present “3 Irish-Inspired Recipes” (page 88), including cookies made with pistachio pudding that are Style-tested and approved (true story: two dozen of them disappeared from our office in mere minutes!) and 7 must-try stouts from area breweries (page 90). And if all the aforementioned food has your stomach making unsavory sounds (everything in moderation, right?), fret not; turn to page 67 for an article about gut health and “The Benefits of Bacteria.” There’s plenty more in the pages that follow, so dig in and make it a March to remember. Cheers!

If your idea of exotic eating is ordering orange chicken at Panda Express, keep reading. Starting on page 43, Luna Anona takes you around the world (Afghanistan, El Salvador, Germany, Korea, Peru, and the list goes on) for a roundup of international eateries that are all found in our region—ultimately encouraging you to “Stay Local, Eat Global.” For each restaurant—50-plus of them—she guides you through the country’s respective cuisine and suggests a must-try menu item. Think of it as a passport for your palate and make it your mission to devour, or at least try, every single dish. Whether you find a new favorite food or not, you’ll have supported a small business and hopefully walked away with a new understanding and appreciation for a different type of dining.
If you’re still hungry for more, flip to our newly expanded Eat & Drink section for a write-up about Milestone’s beloved brunch (page 84); the area’s top pub grub (page 87); and an overview of the coolest coffee shops, including an Italian-inspired café that pumps out some seriously pretty pastries (page 86). In honor of St. Patrick’s Day, we present “3 Irish-Inspired Recipes” (page 88), including cookies made with pistachio pudding that are Style-tested and approved (true story: two dozen of them disappeared from our office in mere minutes!) and 7 must-try stouts from area breweries (page 90). And if all the aforementioned food has your stomach making unsavory sounds (everything in moderation, right?), fret not; turn to page 67 for an article about gut health and “The Benefits of Bacteria.”
There’s plenty more in the pages that follow, so dig in and make it a March to remember. Cheers!


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MARCH <strong>2019</strong><br />

M A G A Z I N E<br />

GLOBAL<br />





PLUS<br />




To Explain The Difference Between<br />

Spare Time Sports Clubs And Ordinary<br />

Gyms Would Take 45 Years.<br />

is now<br />

GOLD RIVER • Established 1985<br />

(916) 638-7001<br />

ROSEVILLE• Established 1989<br />

(916) 782-2600<br />

FOLSOM • Established 1998<br />

(916) 983-9180<br />

We’ve changed our name and<br />

expanded our offerings, but<br />

you can still rely on the quality<br />

service, expert instruction and<br />

family-friendly environment<br />

you have come to expect.<br />

EL DORADO hillS • Established 2005<br />

(916) 933-4929<br />

plus 4 other convenient locations<br />

Rio del Oro Sports Club Established 1973 (Sacramento) • Natomas Sports Club Established 1990 (Sacramento)<br />

Laguna Creek Sports Club Established 1993 (Elk Grove) • Diamond Hills Sports Club & Spa Established 2008 (Oakley)<br />


SAVE $20 A MONTH<br />

Plus join any Spare Time Sports Club<br />

and have access to ALL clubs thru April.<br />

Initiation Fee Only $39<br />

Month-to-Month • No Long-Term Commitment<br />


Come celebrate<br />

our new name and look!<br />

THURSDAY, APRIL 11 • 5 - 8PM • ALL CLUBS<br />

Fitness Classes and Demos • Kids Events<br />

Challenges & Contests • Logo Gear Giveaways<br />

Food & Beverage and Much More!<br />

Still The Best Part of Your Day!<br />

Visit sparetimesportsclubs.com<br />

Offer good through 3/31/19 and is a first-visit joining incentive. Savings is in the form of a monthly dues credit for 6 consecutive months. Can not have been a member in the past 6 months<br />

to be eligible. Some restrictions may apply.

Vitality<br />


| contents |<br />

Stay Local, Eat Global<br />

In this month’s cover story, we’re taking your appetite on the ultimate<br />

adventure with an around-the-world guide to getting your grub on locally.<br />

Whether you’re dying to dig into French fare, learn more about Lebanese<br />

cuisine, or experience the flavors of El Salvador, we have a neighborhood<br />

43restaurant—and must-try dish—for you.<br />

MARCH<br />

24<br />

Giving Back: Single Mom Strong<br />

In just over two years, local nonprofit Single Mom Strong has helped hundreds of single<br />

mothers and their children flourish by empowering them through education, enrichment,<br />

and educational programs. Inspiration for the organization came from founder and<br />

executive director Tara Taylor's personal experience and the belief that single mothers<br />

can be a professional success and a great parent despite what society says.<br />



Photo by Ray Burgess<br />

4 stylemg.com | MARCH <strong>2019</strong> | /stylemg /stylemediagroup /stylemediagroup /stylemags




SUN MAR 17<br />


TUE MAR 19<br />




THU-SUN MAR 21 – 24<br />



MON MAR 25<br />




WED MAR 27<br />




THU MAR 28<br />



4 GUITARS<br />

SUN MAR 31<br />



RON<br />

PAUL<br />

TUE MAR 12<br />

Dr. Ron Paul was a three-time<br />

candidate for President of the U.S.,<br />

Dr. Ron Paul is the author of several<br />

best-selling books, most recently<br />

Swords Into Plowshares, a personal<br />

reflection on America’s history<br />

of war, foreign intervention, and<br />

prospects for peace.<br />

Sponsored by the Foundation<br />

for Harmony and Prosperity<br />

916-608-6888<br />


MARCH <strong>2019</strong><br />




STYLE-0319-PAGES 1 COVER.indd 2<br />

2/19/19 2:20 PM<br />

| contents |<br />

MARCH<strong>2019</strong><br />

18 32 84 62<br />



ARTS &<br />


EAT & DRINK<br />

MORE<br />

14 WHAT’S UP<br />

News Around Town<br />

18 GET TO KNOW<br />

Jenny Davidson<br />

31 CALENDAR<br />

25+ Things to Do This Month<br />


Bruce Gruenzel<br />

84 DINING OUT<br />

Milestone<br />

86 FOODIE FIND<br />

Dolce Vita Caffé<br />


12 ONLINE<br />

Find More on the Web This<br />

Month<br />

20 THE 10 SPOT<br />

Celebrate St. Patrick’s Day<br />

87 THE HOT LIST<br />

Top Pub Grub<br />


13 Green Things<br />

22 TAKE A HIKE<br />

Darrington Trail<br />

88 TASTE<br />

3 Irish-Inspired Recipes<br />


Q&A with Local Companies<br />


26 OUTTAKES<br />

Event Pics<br />

90 SIP ON THIS<br />

7 Must-Try Stouts<br />



The Benefits of Bacteria<br />

77 HOME + GARDEN<br />

5 Spring-Cleaning Strategies<br />

98 LAST LOOK<br />

Where We Live<br />


51<br />


80<br />


70<br />

D I S T I N C T I V E<br />




MARCH <strong>2019</strong> FOOD | HOME | COMMUNITY | EVENTS | ARTS | LIFE<br />


M A G A Z I N E<br />

GLOBAL<br />


PLUS<br />




Drunken noodles at Thai Paradise.<br />

Photo by Ray Burgess. See page 43.<br />

6 stylemg.com | MARCH <strong>2019</strong> | /stylemg /stylemediagroup /stylemediagroup /stylemags

| editor’s letter |<br />

What’s the most “foreign” food you’ve ever<br />

eaten? For me, it’s a tie between sheep’s cheek<br />

(apparently the most tender part) and fermented<br />

shark. Both bites (yes, one of each was all I<br />

could stomach) happened while nannying in<br />

Iceland. Though neither had me rushing to get<br />

the recipes, the simple act of stepping out of my<br />

cuisine comfort zone gave me an entirely new<br />

insight into the country’s culture—and made for<br />

some pretty epic pictures, too.<br />

On a tastier note, the family also introduced me<br />

to skyr, a ridiculously thick and creamy yogurt that’s<br />

low in fat and incredibly high in protein; Brennivín, a<br />

caraway-flavored liquor that’s akin to drinking boozy<br />

black licorice; and the Icelandic hot dog (pylsa)—made<br />

from organic, grass-fed, free-range, hormone-free (insert<br />

all other positive meat modifiers) lamb and served on a<br />

steamed bun with crispy fried onions, raw white onions,<br />

rémoulade, ketchup, and sweet brown mustard—that,<br />

“frank”ly, was the most delicious dog I’ve ever had.<br />

If your idea of exotic eating is ordering orange chicken<br />

at Panda Express, keep reading. Starting on page 43, Luna<br />

Anona takes you around the world (Afghanistan, El<br />

Salvador, Germany, Korea, Peru, and the list goes on) for<br />

a roundup of international eateries that are all found in<br />

our region—ultimately encouraging you to “Stay Local,<br />

Eat Global.” For each restaurant—50-plus of them—she<br />

guides you through the country’s respective cuisine and suggests a must-try menu item.<br />

Think of it as a passport for your palate and make it your mission to devour, or at least<br />

try, every single dish. Whether you find a new favorite food or not, you’ll have supported<br />

a small business and hopefully walked away with a new understanding and appreciation<br />

for a different type of dining.<br />

If you’re still hungry for more, flip to our newly expanded Eat & Drink section for a<br />

write-up about Milestone’s beloved brunch (page 84); the area’s top pub grub (page 87); and<br />

an overview of the coolest coffee shops, including an Italian-inspired café that pumps out<br />

some seriously pretty pastries (page 86). In honor of St. Patrick’s Day, we present “3 Irish-<br />

Inspired Recipes” (page 88), including cookies made with pistachio pudding that are <strong>Style</strong>tested<br />

and approved (true story: two dozen of them disappeared from our office in mere<br />

minutes!) and 7 must-try stouts from area breweries (page 90). And if all the aforementioned<br />

food has your stomach making unsavory sounds (everything in moderation, right?), fret<br />

not; turn to page 67 for an article about gut health<br />

and “The Benefits of Bacteria.”<br />

There’s plenty more in the pages that follow, so<br />

dig in and make it a <strong>March</strong> to remember. Cheers!<br />

— Megan // megan@stylemg.com<br />

@meggoeggowaffle<br />

“The only<br />

thing I like<br />

better than<br />

talking<br />

about food is<br />

eating.”<br />

—John Walters<br />

Photo by Christopher Lim.<br />

8 stylemg.com | MARCH <strong>2019</strong> | /stylemg /stylemediagroup /stylemediagroup /stylemags

eskaton.org<br />

At Eskaton I found:<br />

❒✓new friends<br />

❒ ✓great food<br />

❒✓lots of recreation<br />

❒✓a sense of security<br />

❒ ✓more time for me!<br />

Eskaton Lodge Cameron Park<br />

Assisted Living<br />

530-675-4024<br />

License # 097001275<br />

Eskaton Lodge Gold River<br />

Assisted Living, Pre-Memory<br />

and Memory Care<br />

916-900-1677<br />

License # 347001241<br />

Eskaton Monroe Lodge<br />

Independent Living with Services<br />

Land Park<br />

916-265-0266<br />

Eskaton FountainWood Lodge<br />

Assisted Living and Memory Care<br />

Orangevale<br />

916-900-1680<br />

License # 347003574<br />

Eskaton Lodge Granite Bay<br />

Independent Living with Services<br />

and Assisted Living<br />

916-245-1166<br />

License # 317005628<br />

Eskaton Village Roseville<br />

Multi-Level Community<br />

916-432-5058<br />

License # 315002052<br />

Eskaton Village Carmichael<br />

Continuing Care Community (CCRC)<br />

916-485-2597<br />

License # 340313383 | COA # 202<br />

Eskaton Village Placerville<br />

Multi-Level Community<br />

530-206-3470<br />

License # 097005046

MARCH <strong>2019</strong><br />


Terence P. Carroll, Wendy L. Sipple<br />


Debra Linn, 916-988-9888 x114<br />


Megan Wiskus<br />


Tara Mendanha<br />


Isabella De Garza, Gabriel Ionica, Alesandra Velez<br />


Luna Anona, Heather L. Becker, Amber Foster,<br />

Linda Holderness, Kourtney Jason, Kerrie L. Kelly, Emily Peter,<br />

Lorn Randall, Julie Ryan<br />


Gary Zsigo<br />


Ray Burgess, George Kenton<br />


Dante Fontana<br />


Menka Belgal<br />


Ken White, Ixystems<br />


Jami Areia, 916.988.9888 x112<br />

Bettie Grijalva, 916.223.3364<br />

Reg Holliday, 916.337.5107<br />

Joanne Kilmartin, 916.607.9360<br />

Debbie Newell-Juhos/Newell & Associates, 916.365.3537<br />

Meredith Santos, 916.202.8235<br />

Lisa Warner/Warner Enterprises, 530.306.2011<br />


Sabrina Becker, 916.988.9888 x116<br />


Aimee Carroll<br />


Kathleen Hurt<br />


Cathy Carmichael<br />


Jarrod Carroll<br />

Printed on recycled paper.<br />

Please recycle this magazine.<br />


FOLSOM, CA 95630<br />

TEL 916.988.9888 • FAX 916.596.2100<br />

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Subscriptions to STYLE are available. Contact info@stylemg.com for more<br />

information.<br />

10 stylemg.com | MARCH <strong>2019</strong>

WHAT'S THE<br />




“Meeting a beautiful young woman,<br />

who—seven years later—said ‘yes’<br />

to my proposal. Fast forward and<br />

we're a few months away from our<br />

39th wedding anniversary.”<br />

—Reg Holliday<br />

"Being hired by <strong>Style</strong> Media Group<br />

in 2005. Will this get me a raise?"<br />

—Debra Linn<br />

“Getting pregnant with my son, Jake. My<br />

husband and I had just gotten married<br />

and were unsure about starting a<br />

family right away. While in the midst<br />

of analyzing our life, our goals, and<br />

our timing, the universe gave us<br />

the most perfect baby, at the most<br />

perfect time, in the most perfect<br />

way. He's my <strong>March</strong> baby and<br />

will always and forever be my lucky<br />

charm.”—Aimee Carroll<br />

’18<br />

“My parents winning a visa from<br />

a lottery to live and work in the<br />

U.S.”—Gabriel Ionica<br />

“I swam on the community swim team every<br />

summer in grade school. One year, I met<br />

a girl in my lane, we instantly clicked,<br />

and did everything together. At<br />

summer’s end, we promised we’d<br />

always be friends, but I didn't see<br />

her again for years. As luck would<br />

have it, however, we were seated<br />

next to each other on the first day<br />

of seventh grade. We've been best<br />

friends ever since.”<br />

—Isabella De Garza<br />

“When I won a trip to the Bahamas<br />

during a fundraiser at my daughter’s<br />

school. The prize included<br />

accommodations at Atlantis<br />

Paradise Island Resort and<br />

airfare.”—Jami Areia<br />

“On June 30, 1967, my widowed mother with<br />

three boys married my stepfather—also<br />

widowed with three boys. I wouldn’t<br />

have believed it then, but having a<br />

fireman-marine-ex-professional<br />

baseball player come into our life<br />

and being part of an all-boy Brady<br />

Bunch was like winning the lottery<br />

(only our fights were a little more<br />

rambunctious). Luck or providence?<br />

Either way, I’m grateful.”<br />

—Lorn Randall<br />

MARCH <strong>2019</strong> | stylemg.com 11<br />



Rosacea | Tattoos | Wrinkles<br />

Brown Spots | Hair Removal<br />

Clear and Brilliant ®<br />



Botox ® | Fillers | Kybella ®<br />

Ultherapy ® Skin Tightening<br />


Facials | Peels | Waxing<br />

DermaSweep<br />





2009-2018<br />




| online |<br />

Find More on the Web This Month<br />


Sautéed<br />

Greens with<br />

Tamari, Honey,<br />

and Sesame<br />


You’ll see a lot of green at farmers’ markets this month. No, not<br />

shamrocks (!)—leafy greens like kale, collard greens, and chard.<br />

Packed with vitamins, minerals, and fiber but low in calories,<br />

eating a diet rich in these nutrient-dense veggies can reduce your<br />

risk of obesity, heart disease, and high blood pressure, in addition to<br />

helping mental acuity. To learn more about these superfoods that are<br />

currently in season and for the recipe to make Sautéed Greens with<br />

Tamari, Honey, and Sesame, head to the web now.<br />




/stylemg<br />

/stylemediagroup<br />

/stylemediagroup<br />

/stylemags<br />


Go to stylemg.com and click on the “Digital Editions” icon at the very top<br />

to find an archived collection of the print magazines.<br />



Attention budding<br />

photographers!<br />

Send us a photo<br />

of anything that<br />

represents “Where<br />

We Live”—a local<br />

park, body of<br />

water, sunrise or<br />

sunset, landscape,<br />

dish you love,<br />

etc.—and tell us<br />

why, in 20 words<br />

or less, this photo says it all. Our favorite<br />

pics will appear in an upcoming issue; each<br />

month’s featured photographer will also win<br />

a gift card to a local business. Send your<br />

submissions to info@stylemg.com. Ready,<br />

set, SNAP!<br />


Frozen food is the antidote when<br />

you’re hungry in a hurry but don’t<br />

want to leave home. Luckily, many<br />

of today’s offerings are much<br />

better for your waistline than<br />

the Bagel Bites, TV dinners, and pot pies of<br />

yesteryear. In honor of National Frozen Food<br />

Month, we compiled a list of “6 Delicious<br />

and Nutritious Frozen Dinners” that’ll<br />

be on your plate pronto!<br />


The Sacramento Kings are on fire, which<br />

makes going to a game that much more fun.<br />

Paired with the sustainable, futuristic, and<br />

super flashy Golden 1 Center (that’s home to<br />

some seriously delicious and locally sourced<br />

cuisine), there’s<br />

no reason not<br />

to support this<br />

season’s team.<br />

Click now to<br />

learn 5 lesserknown<br />

facts<br />

about the players<br />

and arena.<br />

Picture Perfect photo by Alex Raugust. Nothin' But Net photo courtesy of the Sacramento Kings. Season's Eatings photo by Courtney McDonald of Four Tines<br />

Farm. Fast Food Fix photo courtesy of Dr. Praeger's Purely Sensible Foods.<br />

12 stylemg.com | MARCH <strong>2019</strong> | /stylemg /stylemediagroup /stylemediagroup /stylemags

“Hands that Heal,<br />

Hearts that Care”<br />

VOTED AS<br />

2017 & 2018 BEST<br />




$80.00 SPRING EXAM SPECIAL $149 Value<br />



Valid 3/1/19 through 4/30/19. Tests included must be done at the time of the exam and no substitutions.<br />

Wellness exams only. 2 Pets per household. Limited availability.<br />

$1.00<br />

Wellness Examination<br />

SAVINGS OF $57<br />

New Clients Only / 1 Pet Per Household.<br />

Must request special offer<br />

when scheduling appointment.<br />

Excludes emergency and urgent care exams.<br />



FOLSOM<br />

916.889.7387<br />

120 Blue Ravine Rd, Suite 4<br />




916.933.6030<br />



| community matters |<br />

[ FOOD & DRINK ]<br />

Ciao Restaurant has opened a second<br />

location at 390 North Sunrise Avenue in<br />

Roseville. Ciao Pizza offers handmade<br />

pizzas, calzones, salads, and more in stylish,<br />

upscale environs. For more info, visit<br />

ciaopizzaroseville.com.<br />

A new, family-owned Mexican restaurant<br />

has opened at 6608 Folsom-Auburn Road,<br />

Suite 1, in Folsom. La Calle serves authentic<br />

favorites like street tacos ($2 on Tuesdays),<br />

elote, churro donuts with ice cream,<br />

margaritas, and more—all in a sleek, welldesigned<br />

space.<br />

Enjoy food specials every day at the<br />

El Dorado Hills Town Center!<br />

Mondays feature all-day happy hours at<br />

Aji Japanese Bistro and Milestone;<br />

Tuesdays include a “2 for $50 Dinner”<br />

at C. Knight’s Steakhouse; and on<br />

Wednesdays, kids eat free with the purchase<br />

of an adult meal at Sizzling Fresh<br />

Mongolian BBQ.<br />

There’s a new Mountain Mike's Pizza<br />

coming to Folsom. The Newport Beachbased<br />

chain is opening at 25075 Blue Ravine<br />

Road, Suite 150, which was the former<br />

location of Back Bistro.<br />

Ciao Pizza<br />

What’s Up?<br />


Bear Standing by Lynne Edwards<br />

[ ARTS & CULTURE ]<br />

From <strong>March</strong> 15 to May 2, view incredible<br />

wildlife and nature imagery by awardwinning<br />

photographers Mary Aiu, Lynne<br />

Edwards, and Ruby Pacheco at 3<br />

Women Photographers, the latest exhibit<br />

at the Gallery at 48 Natoma in Folsom. In<br />

the adjacent Community Gallery at 48<br />

Natoma, paintings created by the animals<br />

from the Folsom City Zoo Sanctuary<br />

are on display from <strong>March</strong> 8 to April 25. The<br />

public is invited to celebrate both exhibits at<br />

a free opening reception on <strong>March</strong> 29 from<br />

6-8 p.m. with wine and live music by Gabe<br />

Becker.<br />

Bear Standing photo by Lynne Edwards. Other photo courtesy of its respective company or organization.<br />

14 stylemg.com | MARCH <strong>2019</strong> | /stylemg /stylemediagroup /stylemediagroup /stylemags

Are you a musician looking to perform with<br />

a local community orchestra? McLaughlin<br />

Theatre Community Orchestra specializes<br />

in musical theatre classics and orchestral<br />

favorites, and they’re looking for new members.<br />

Opportunities are available for all levels<br />

(ages 14+) in all areas (strings, wind, brass, and<br />

percussion). This month’s audition dates are<br />

<strong>March</strong> 9 (2:30-6:30 p.m.) and <strong>March</strong> 16 (2:30-6:30<br />

p.m.). To resister, call 916-652-6377.<br />

Brush up on your culinary skills at one of the<br />

Murer House’s cooking classes in Historic<br />

Folsom. This month’s offerings include “Vegan<br />

Mozzarella with Sacha” on <strong>March</strong> 3 from<br />

2-4 p.m., “Limoncello Italian Liquor Class<br />

with Cindy” on <strong>March</strong> 16 from 10 a.m. to<br />

noon; and “Osso Buco with Bertilla” (beef<br />

shanks braised in white wine, vegetables, and<br />

broth) on <strong>March</strong> 23 from 10 a.m. to noon. Class<br />

fees vary. To register, visit murerhouse.org/<br />

cooking_classes.<br />

The Crocker Art Museum is holding a<br />

Material Explosion art series through May 4.<br />

Children ages 7-12 are invited to the following<br />

classes from 10:30 a.m. to noon: “Paint a<br />

Material Explosion<br />

Blue Line Arts is launching their<br />

Roseville Mural Project on<br />

Vernon Street later this spring.<br />


CARPET<br />



2009 • 2010 • 2011<br />

2012 • 2013 • 2014<br />

2015 • 2016 • 2017<br />

2018<br />

The plan is to bring five new murals to<br />

Downtown Roseville—ultimately making<br />

the downtown area more vibrant.<br />

Call Today For Your<br />


916 933-7807<br />

www.CartersCarpet.com<br />

NEW & IMPROVED! Now Carpets Dry BEFORE We Leave!*<br />

Photos courtesy of their respective companies or organizations.<br />

Seascape” on <strong>March</strong> 2, “Watercolor” on<br />

<strong>March</strong> 16, and “Air-Dry Clay” on <strong>March</strong> 23. For<br />

more info, visit crockerart.org/calendar/3/19/<br />

classes.<br />

Roseville’s Blue Line Arts hosts Drop-In<br />

Figure Drawing sessions with a live model<br />

every third Thursday (<strong>March</strong> 21) from 5:30-7:30<br />

p.m. No formal<br />

instruction is<br />

provided, and<br />

participants are<br />

required to bring<br />

their own art<br />

supplies (easels<br />

are provided). For<br />

more info, visit<br />

bluelinearts.org/event/figure-drawing.<br />

Drop-In Figure<br />

Drawing<br />

MARCH <strong>2019</strong> | stylemg.com 15<br />

$<br />

30<br />

OFF<br />

10 %<br />

OFF<br />

$<br />

30<br />

OFF<br />


OR<br />


AREA RUG<br />





Carpet• Tile & Grout • Hardwood • Upholstery<br />



*ask for details<br />

TILE & GROUT<br />

OR<br />


*MIN. 300 SQ. FT ask for details<br />

Min. charge applies.<br />

Please present coupon at time of<br />

service. Not valid with any other offers.<br />

916 933-7807<br />

Min. charge applies<br />

Area Rugs Cleaned Off-Site.<br />

Please present coupon at time of<br />

service. Not valid with any other offers.<br />

916 933-7807<br />

10 %<br />

$<br />

40<br />

OFF<br />

PET ODOR<br />


Min. charge applies.<br />

Please present coupon at time of<br />

OFF service. Not valid with any other offers.<br />

81 916 933-7807 81<br />

81<br />


Please present coupon at time of service. No coupon redemptions<br />

after work is completed. No coupon refunds mailed. Not good with<br />

any other offer. Call today!. 916 933-7807.<br />



Min. 1000 SQ FT OR<br />

$25 OFF Min. 750 SQ FT.<br />

Please present coupon at time of<br />

service. Not valid with any other offers.<br />

916 933-7807<br />

2006-2013<br />

2012<br />

2006-2013<br />

81<br />


[ NEW & COMING SOON ]<br />

Design Shop Interiors is opening their<br />

first brick-and-mortar home store at 49<br />

Natoma Street in Folsom. The Shop by<br />

Design Shop—set to open next month—<br />

will sell a curated selection of custom<br />

upholstery, home furnishings, lighting,<br />

textiles, window shades, and home<br />

accessories. For grand opening updates,<br />

follow them on Instagram<br />

@designshopinteriors.<br />

Raceday Cycle & Multisport is now<br />

open at 825 Twelve Bridges Drive, Suite 70,<br />

in Lincoln. The 6,000-square-foot space<br />

(half of which is an outdoor patio) offers<br />

cycling rentals, repairs, gear, and gadgets,<br />

in addition to running, swimming, and<br />

other athletic products, plus a café with<br />

food, cold brew, beer, wine, and TVs.<br />

Placerville-based interior design firm,<br />

Molly Erin Designs, is opening a<br />

boutique retail shop at 320 Main Street<br />

in Placerville. Brass + Oak Home<br />

will feature an evolving selection of<br />

hand-picked furniture, home décor,<br />

rugs, and lighting. For more info, visit<br />

mollyerindesigns.com.<br />

Fairytale Town has undertaken a capital<br />

campaign to support the expansion and<br />

enhancement of the nearly 60-year-old<br />

storybook park and education center.<br />

The multi-year, multi-phase project<br />

will expand the park by one half-acre,<br />

allowing more space for active play, early<br />

childhood education opportunities, and<br />

improved amenities.<br />


The National Federation of State High<br />

School Associations (NFHS) named El<br />

Dorado High School’s cross-country<br />

coach Dwayne “Peanut” Harms the<br />

2018 NFHS California Coach of the Year.<br />

Roseville City School District<br />

Assistant Superintendent Jerry<br />

Jorgensen was awarded with Placer<br />

County’s Human Resources Administrator<br />

of the Year Award. Jerry manages student<br />

enrollment, negotiations, the district<br />

wellness program, and more<br />

Roseville City Council selected John B.<br />

Allard II to serve as the city’s mayor until<br />

December 2020. Following his term, Vice<br />

Mayor Krista Bernasconi will take over.<br />

At the largest wine competition in the<br />

U.S., the San Francisco Chronicle<br />

Cars and Coffee<br />

[ HAPPENINGS ]<br />

Get your very own furever friend from<br />

Friends of Unwanted Rabbits at their<br />

monthly Rabbit Adoption at Petco in<br />

Folsom on <strong>March</strong> 2 from noon to 4 p.m.<br />

Bring your own car or truck from the<br />

’30s to present day or peruse other<br />

people’s rides at Cars and Coffee at the<br />

Palladio at Broadstone (parking lot near<br />

Nordstrom Rack) every Saturday from<br />

7-9:30 a.m. Admission is free.<br />

Marshall Medical Center is hosting<br />

two classes for new or expecting parents<br />

on <strong>March</strong> 2. From 9-11 a.m., learn all about<br />

breastfeeding, including how to know if<br />

your baby is getting enough to eat, milk<br />

supply, positioning and latch, and returning<br />

to work. From noon to 2 p.m., attend “Baby<br />

Basics,” where you’ll learn about caring for<br />

your newborn and cover topics like what<br />

Competition, Wise Villa Winery was<br />

awarded 27 medals—making it one of<br />

the top three highest-awarded wineries<br />

in North America. They won two double<br />

gold medals, one gold medal, 12 silver<br />

medals, and 12 bronze medals.<br />

to expect, diapering, bathing, soothing your<br />

infant, and health and safety skills. To sign<br />

up, visit marshallmedical.org/classes-events.<br />

aspx.<br />

Applications are now available for<br />

Women’s Fund El Dorado’s (WFED)<br />

Wickline Scholarship. To be eligible,<br />

women must be over the age of 25, reside<br />

on the western slope of El Dorado County,<br />

be accepted by and plan to attend an<br />

accredited educational or vocational<br />

institution, demonstrate financial need,<br />

and be available for a possible interview.<br />

Applications must be submitted<br />

before 5 p.m. on <strong>March</strong> 8. To apply, visit<br />

womensfundeldorado.org/wicklinescholarship.<br />

The El Dorado Hills Garden Club is<br />

holding their monthly meeting on <strong>March</strong> 5<br />

at the El Dorado Hills Library at noon.<br />

For more info, call 916-358-5759.<br />

Increase happiness and well-being and set<br />

the tone for your month at El Dorado<br />

Adverse Childhood Experiences<br />

(ACEs) Collaborative’s free early morning<br />

dance sessions. “Dose of Dance” is held<br />

the first Monday of every month (<strong>March</strong> 4)<br />

from 6-8 a.m. at the El Dorado County<br />

Fairgrounds’ Organ Room. For more<br />

info, call 530-644-5959.<br />

The Golden Hills Investment Club,<br />

an all-women's group, is seeking new<br />

members. The club’s purpose is to study<br />

the stock market and learn about investing.<br />

Members’ monthly contributions are used<br />

to buy shares or units in the club, and<br />

meetings are held the third Wednesday of<br />

each month at the Placerville Co-Op.<br />

No investment experience is required. For<br />

more info, call 530-647-1234.<br />

Photos courtesy of their respective companies or organizations.<br />

16 stylemg.com | MARCH <strong>2019</strong> | /stylemg /stylemediagroup /stylemediagroup /stylemags<br />



www.makeasmile.com<br />

<strong>2019</strong> MMTIP LLC All rights reserved.


In 2005, Auburn resident Jenny Davidson’s<br />

life was changed forever. Her son, Jordan,<br />

was born with trisomy 18, a rare genetic<br />

abnormality, and passed away after just 32<br />

hours of life. While it was a terrible time for her<br />

family, Davidson now credits the experience<br />

with strengthening her resolve to make a<br />

positive impact on her community. “I needed<br />

to know I was making the world a better place<br />

for the children who get to stay,” she recalls.<br />

Davidson is now the CEO and executive<br />

director of Stand Up Placer, a nonprofit that<br />

provides crucial intervention and support<br />

for victims of domestic violence, sexual<br />

assault, and human trafficking. She was also<br />

“I needed to know I<br />

was making the world<br />

a better place for the<br />

children who get to stay.”<br />

Q&A<br />

What advice would you give to your<br />

younger self?<br />

Don’t put off getting your education.<br />

What comes to you naturally?<br />

I’m a natural-born learner. I love pursuing personal<br />

growth and expanding my knowledge base.<br />

What’s your biggest pet peeve?<br />

Closed-mindedness.<br />

Jenny Davidson<br />

Biggest life inspirations?<br />

My sons. I want to be the superhero they<br />

think I am.<br />

Best words of wisdom you’ve received?<br />

Your trauma doesn’t define you. You<br />

define you. It will change you, but you get<br />

to decide what the change is; you get to<br />

choose to survive.<br />

one of only eight women in the U.S. who<br />

made the BBC 100 Women 2018 list, which<br />

celebrates female leaders, trailblazers, and<br />

everyday heroes from around the world<br />

who influence and inspire others. She’s<br />

especially passionate about providing safe,<br />

comfortable, and confidential housing—not<br />

only to survivors of domestic abuse, but<br />

also their pets, and explains that many<br />

victims stay in abusive environments out of<br />

reluctance to leave their pets behind with<br />

an abuser. As a result of her efforts, Stand<br />

Up Placer is now pet-friendly, and she hopes<br />

other shelters will follow suit. For Davidson,<br />

the best part of it all is being able to honor<br />

Jordan by helping others get a new lease<br />

on life. “We get to choose how trauma will<br />

affect our lives,” she explains, adding, “My<br />

son still makes a difference every day I get up<br />

and go to work.”<br />

Stand Up Placer’s annual fundraiser, Stand<br />

Up and Dance, will take place on <strong>March</strong> 23 at<br />

Orchard Creek Lodge from 6-10 p.m. For more<br />

information, visit standupplacer.ejoinmeorg.<br />

—Amber Foster<br />

Photos by Dante Fontana.<br />


AUTHOR/<br />

WRITER<br />

Brené Brown<br />

ESCAPE<br />

Blacktop<br />

Comedy<br />

GUILTY<br />


Watching The<br />

Bachelorette<br />

MEAL IN<br />

TOWN<br />

Teriyaki<br />

Domo<br />

MOVIE<br />

The Princess<br />

Bride<br />


BAND<br />

Steve Miller<br />

Band<br />

18 stylemg.com | MARCH <strong>2019</strong> | /stylemg /stylemediagroup /stylemediagroup /stylemags<br />

PLACE TO<br />

BUY A GIFT,<br />

LOCALLY:<br />

Serendipity<br />

SAYING<br />

“Darkness cannot drive out<br />

darkness; only light can do<br />

that. Hate cannot drive out<br />

hate; only love can do that.<br />

—Martin Luther King, Jr.



FRI–SUN APR 5–7<br />

OMG! Based on the beloved movie, Legally Blonde - The Musical is a journey<br />

from the sorority house to the halls of justice. Elle Woods appears to have<br />

it all, until her boyfriend dumps her to attend Harvard Law. Driven by<br />

memorable songs and explosive dances, Legally Blonde - The Musical<br />

warms the heart, “a high-energy… hymn to the glories of girlishness”<br />

(New York Times)<br />


MON–TUE APR 15–16<br />

One of the world’s most distinctive singing voices, Michael McDonald is<br />

often imitated but never duplicated. He’s had enough humility over the<br />

years to freely blend that voice with others, whether as a member of Steely<br />

Dan, a Doobie Brother, as a highly successful solo artist and songwriter,a<br />

member of the supergroup the Dukes of September; or, recently, reaching<br />

the Coachella generation as a celebrated co-star on Thundercat’s indie hit<br />

“Show You the Way.”<br />


THU–SAT APR 18–20<br />

With 10 Tony ® nominations including Best Musical, Something Rotten!<br />

is “Broadway’s big, fat hit!” (New York Post). Set in 1595, this hilarious<br />

smash tells the story of Nick and Nigel Bottom, two brothers who are<br />

desperate to write their own hit play while the “rock star” Shakespeare<br />

keeps getting all the hits. “The Producers + Spamalot + The Book of<br />

Mormon. Squared!” (New York <strong>Magazine</strong>).<br />


THU–SUN MAY 9–12<br />

Four women at a lingerie sale with nothing in common but a black lace bra<br />

and memory loss, hot flashes, night sweats, not enough sex, too much<br />

sex and more. Set to classic tunes from the ‘60s, ‘70s and ‘80s. “You’ll<br />

love it . . . It’s hilarious . . . Go see it!!!” (Joy Behar, The View).<br />

916-608-6888<br />


the<br />

10<br />

spot<br />


St. Patrick’s Day<br />

By Gabriel Ionica<br />

Looking for something to do this St. Paddy’s Day? You’re in luck!<br />

We have parades, parties, and performances to satisfy all ages.<br />

BRAVE THE SHAVE. Every year, St. Baldrick’s<br />

Foundation hosts a fundraiser for children with cancer<br />

at the Westfield Galleria at Roseville. This year’s<br />

event—<strong>March</strong> 2 from noon to 4 p.m.—is hosted by<br />

Keaton’s Child Cancer Alliance, and participants have<br />

the choice of shaving their head, volunteering, or<br />

donating any amount of money. childcancer.org/events<br />

MUSIC MATTERS. The Harris Center presents The<br />

Irish Rovers on <strong>March</strong> 5 at 7:30 p.m. Best known for<br />

their international television series and several charttopping<br />

hits like “The Unicorn,” “Wasn’t That a Party,”<br />

“Drunken Sailor,” and more, it’s a can’t-miss concert.<br />

harriscenter.net<br />

MARCH ON. Head to the Old Sacramento<br />

Waterfront at 1 p.m. (Neasham and Front Streets)<br />

for the annual St. Patrick’s Day Parade on <strong>March</strong> 16,<br />

featuring hundreds of colorful marchers dressed in<br />

green, along with Irish and Highland dancers, pipe<br />

and drum bands, historic reenactors, and more.<br />

oldsacramento.com/specialevents<br />

PARTY HARD. Don’t miss this 21-and-over party<br />

on <strong>March</strong> 17 at The Boxing Donkey in Roseville. From<br />

6-9 a.m., enjoy a traditional Irish breakfast complete<br />

with Irish coffee, followed by a beer garden with live<br />

music and two bars. Other authentic fare is on the<br />

menu too, including corned beef, shepherd’s pie, and<br />

more. theboxingdonkey.com<br />

HERE TO PADDY. The Purple Place in El Dorado<br />

Hills is hosting a St. Patrick’s Day event with live<br />

music from Dam Road Closed, house-made Irish food<br />

like corned beef and cabbage, as well as plenty of<br />

drinks like green beer and Irish Car Bombs. The party<br />

starts at 8:30 p.m. on <strong>March</strong> 16. thepurp.com<br />

ICE, ICE BABY. Big Spoon Yogurt at The Fountains<br />

in Roseville is hosting a leprechaun story time along<br />

with crafts and a visit from Berry the Big Spoon Bear<br />

on <strong>March</strong> 14 at 3:30 p.m. What’s more, attendees<br />

can buy one yogurt get one half off during the event.<br />

bigspoonroseville.com<br />

The Boxing Donkey<br />

The Spirit of Benny 10K/5K Fun Run and Walk<br />

St. Baldrick's<br />

Head Shaving<br />

Event<br />

Sacramento St. Patrick's Day Parade<br />

The Irish Rovers<br />

LUCK OF THE IRISH. Head to 36 Handles in El<br />

Dorado Hills from <strong>March</strong> 15-17 for a weekend long<br />

event. Enjoy whiskey and cigars on Friday, a cornhole<br />

competition on Saturday, and an all-day party on<br />

Sunday starting at 8 a.m. 36handles.com<br />

RUN FOR IT. The Spirit of Benny 10K/5K Fun Run<br />

and Walk is a family-friendly fundraiser on <strong>March</strong> 16<br />

that primarily benefits the Make-A-Wish Foundation.<br />

The race begins at 9 a.m. on Clay Street in Placerville<br />

and continues onto the scenic El Dorado Trail.<br />

thespiritofbenny.org<br />

LUCKY CHARMS. Doyle’s Pub and Taproom in<br />

Folsom is hosting an all-day St. Patrick’s Day event on<br />

<strong>March</strong> 17 featuring their signature corned beef as well<br />

as drink specials like traditional Irish coffee with housemade<br />

whip and green beer. doylespubandtap.com<br />

GREEN WITH ENVY. From <strong>March</strong> 15-17, Flower<br />

Farm Café in Loomis is serving Irish fare like corned<br />

beef hash with all the fixings, Irish soda bread, and<br />

brews. From 1-3 p.m. on <strong>March</strong> 16 and 11 a.m.-2 p.m.<br />

on <strong>March</strong> 17, bagpiper Jason Briggs will perform.<br />

flowerfarminn.com/calendar<br />

Spirit of Benny photo by Bill Forsythe. Other photos courtesy of their respective companies or organizations.<br />

20 stylemg.com | MARCH <strong>2019</strong>

VillaSport Roseville<br />

Opening This Spring<br />


VillaSport Athletic Club and Spa is the only place where fitness,<br />

family and community all come together. Opening this spring,<br />

VillaSport will be the premier fitness resort destination in Roseville,<br />

combining quality and luxury to create a one-of-a-kind experience<br />

for every member of your family.<br />

VillaSport members are treated to five-star service, sparkling clean<br />

facilities, unique programs and fun activities, all in a beautiful,<br />

welcoming environment where you’ll feel at home. Every day,<br />

something special happens at VillaSport ... triumphs, friendships<br />

and amazing achievements are all part of your VillaSport experience<br />

every visit.<br />

For more information, please stop by or call the Membership Office,<br />

or visit villasport.com/roseville.<br />


291 Conference Center Drive, Roseville, CA 95678 | 916-672-1557 | villasport.com/roseville

Take a Hike<br />




Highway 50 East, exit El<br />

Dorado Hills Boulevard,<br />

and continue straight onto<br />

Salmon Falls Road. Parking<br />

will be on the left (Darrington<br />

Trail Parking Lot).<br />

DISTANCE: Approximately<br />

16 miles, out-and-back; 1,374<br />

feet in elevation gain.<br />


Intermediate.<br />


Dog-friendly (must be<br />

leashed); mountain biking<br />

allowed; parking is $10; open<br />

year-round.<br />

FUEL UP: Grab an early<br />

breakfast treat at Bakerie<br />

& Latte Chateau Arme<br />

Do you have a<br />

favorite trail in the<br />

region you’d like to see<br />

featured? Tell us all about<br />

it at info@stylemg.com.<br />

(2222 Francisco Drive, Suite<br />

500, El Dorado Hills), and<br />

reward yourself after at Mraz<br />

Brewing Company (2222<br />

Francisco Drive, Suite 510,<br />

El Dorado Hills) where they<br />

offer award-winning beers<br />

and allow you to BYO food<br />

from nearby restaurants<br />

like Asian Bistro and<br />

Cascada Restaurant<br />

& Cantina.<br />

WHY WE<br />

LOVE IT: Fairly<br />

challenging;<br />

follows the<br />

American<br />

River into<br />

Folsom Lake,<br />

allowing<br />

river and lake<br />

access; can<br />

stay on trail for<br />

as little or as long as you like;<br />

great for hikers, runners, and<br />

mountain bikers.<br />

TRAIL NOTES: Wear shoes<br />

with traction, dress in layers,<br />

bring extra water and snacks,<br />

and, as always, pack out<br />

what you pack in. Remember<br />

to keep to the right, and that<br />

hikers have the right of way<br />

over mountain bikers.<br />



ask the experts<br />

Q: How do you determine the best<br />

size bed for your pet?<br />

A: Make sure you know the<br />

measurements of the bed you’re<br />

interested in and compare them to<br />

something you can easily measure<br />

against in your house. Sometimes it’s<br />

difficult to purely imagine how big<br />

something is by measuring, say a couch<br />

cushion, so comparing those to the bed<br />

will you give a better idea of its size.<br />

Measuring the space your dog uses when<br />

they sleep will give you a good idea as to<br />

how much room they need, too.<br />

— Jennifer Kirk, CEO/Founder<br />

Posh Puppy Boutique<br />

6040 Stanford Ranch Road, Suite 100<br />

Rocklin, 916-435-3044, poshpuppyboutique.<br />

com<br />

Q: How often should you practice<br />

while learning a new instrument?<br />

A: We suggest a minimum of 15 minutes<br />

(or more) each day to yield better<br />

results in instrument development. For<br />

students who are in school, we suggest<br />

saving math homework for last and<br />

practicing the instrument first, since<br />

the same parts of the brain are being<br />

stimulated during math and<br />

music. Every new student<br />

goes through a honeymoon<br />

phase in which<br />

they’re fascinated<br />

with their new<br />

instrument. As the<br />

student develops and learns<br />

new and more difficult material,<br />

however, everything becomes<br />

more challenging. This is where<br />

the discipline of practicing<br />

every day (Monday-Friday) helps<br />

students grow on a consistent basis.<br />

—David Ferguson, Owner<br />

Bach to Rock<br />

82 Clarksville Road, Suite 100, Folsom<br />

916-265-2600, folsom.b2rmusic.com<br />

Take a Hike large photo by Trey Perkins. Small inset photo by Christie Zook. Take a Hike map illustration by Ray Burgess. Cat and dog on bed photo ©Tatyana Gladskih - stock.adobe.com. Girl playing guitar photo ©Africa Studio - stock.adobe.com.<br />

22 stylemg.com | MARCH <strong>2019</strong> | /stylemg /stylemediagroup /stylemediagroup /stylemags

Giving Back<br />

Single Mom<br />

Strong<br />

Helping Women Find Their Wings<br />


Can women "have it all?" Not easily if they’re single<br />

moms, says Tara Taylor, founder and executive director<br />

of the nonprofit Single Mom Strong, which supports<br />

women raising children alone. According to census<br />

data, that’s one-quarter of all households in the<br />

Sacramento area—households that often struggle to<br />

provide their children with basic needs.<br />

As a single mother herself for 18 years, now<br />

remarried, Taylor dug into her own life to develop a<br />

program that would offer the personal and professional support she knows<br />

could have benefited her and her daughter. "I thought about my experiences<br />

and challenges and wanted to find a way to make it easier for other moms,"<br />

she says. In just two years, Single Mom Strong has undertaken an impressive<br />

agenda of activities, and 240 single mothers have participated in at least one<br />

of them. What’s more, there are no dues or attendance requirements either. "If<br />

something interests you, [you can] just come on out," Taylor says.<br />

The organization kicked off in December 2016 with an Adopt-a-Family<br />

24 stylemg.com | MARCH <strong>2019</strong> | /stylemg /stylemediagroup /stylemediagroup /stylemags

event that provided holiday gifts to single<br />

moms and their kids, an activity that has<br />

continued annually. "The holidays can<br />

be overwhelming," Taylor says. "A lot of<br />

moms go into debt for their kids." This past<br />

December, the group gave presents to 16<br />

families and, from the generous donations,<br />

had enough toys for four more families.<br />

On Valentine’s Day this year—"a day<br />

that can be tough for single moms"—the<br />

group held a kid-friendly Love Your Life<br />

celebration, featuring a gourmet meal,<br />

champagne, and guest speakers.<br />

Single Mom Strong’s core program<br />

consists of a minimum of four events per<br />

month, with childcare provided where<br />

needed, and include:<br />

MOTHER AND CHILD: An activity such<br />

as roller skating or visiting the zoo that<br />

promotes affordable bonding time with<br />

children and one another.<br />

MOM’S NIGHT OUT: A fun evening to give<br />

single moms a much-needed break.<br />


offering moms resources and life skills,<br />

such as goal setting. time management, and<br />

self-defense. Taylor, a life coach, leads some<br />

of the classes, while other single mothers<br />

and industry professionals lead ones in<br />

their respective areas of expertise.<br />

New programs set to start this year include:<br />


positive, caring male role models for the<br />

children. Men are trained and commit to<br />

one activity per month.<br />

SUMMER CAMPS: Helps solve the problem<br />

of finding summer day care with affordable<br />

weeklong camps based around different<br />

themes; expected to open in June.<br />


DAY CARE: Single Mom Strong's new<br />

home in Citrus Heights, slated to open in<br />

May, features an atrium with an indoor<br />

playground. The day care center, open from<br />

6:30 a.m.-8:30 p.m. for full-time or dropin<br />

needs, is staffed by a paid teacher and<br />

parent volunteers.<br />

What else is in store for the future?<br />

According to Taylor, expansion to other<br />

cities. “There’s nothing like Single Mom<br />

Strong anywhere else in the country.”<br />

She’s already developing a manual for<br />

starting other chapters. If it seems like<br />

she’s moving fast, it's because she has to.<br />

“I’m trying to keep up with the speed of<br />

my dreams.”<br />

singlemomstrong.org<br />

MARCH <strong>2019</strong> | stylemg.com 25

Outtakes<br />

1<br />

2 3<br />




Hacker Lab, Rocklin<br />

JANUARY 26<br />

The Arts Council of Placer County (ACPC) hosted<br />

this event inside their new locale at Hacker Lab<br />

and dedicated the night to celebrating all of the<br />

artists, volunteers, and generous supporters who<br />

make local art events possible. After a ribboncutting<br />

ceremony with the Rocklin Chamber of<br />

Commerce, the ACPC Volunteer of the Year Award<br />

was presented to Cathryn Moody.<br />


1. Ribbon cutting with Rocklin Mayor Joe Patterson, the<br />

Rocklin Chamber of Commerce, and local art supporters<br />

2. ACPC Board Members Kareen Newman, Anita Menon,<br />

Benjamin Newman, and Susan Hogg<br />

3. Jim Crosthwaite, Trisa Swerdlow, Keiko Kim Parker, and<br />

Cathryn Moody<br />

4. Artist demo by Marianne Harris<br />

4<br />

1<br />

2 3<br />



Harris Center, Folsom<br />

JANUARY 10<br />

This elite fundraising event had nearly 700 guests in<br />

attendance and featured a premium silent auction<br />

and performances by Ben Rector and Tyrone Wells. In<br />

total, over $70,000 was raised to aid families battling<br />

pediatric cancer.<br />

5<br />


1. Samantha Hewitt and Victoria Manasyan<br />

2. Siobhan Larkin and Janessa Hampton-Evans<br />

3. Gloria Tupikova and Stephanie Murphy<br />

4. Iara Dantas, Andrew Hoff, Charlie Aherns (left); Anastasia<br />

Hatzakos, Nick Fuller, Anelia Whitaker, and Michael<br />

Gordon (right)<br />

5. Joseph Jones<br />

5<br />

26 stylemg.com | MARCH <strong>2019</strong> | /stylemg /stylemediagroup /stylemediagroup /stylemags

Expires 9/19

Outtakes<br />

1<br />


Abundant Life Fellowship, Roseville<br />

JANUARY 12<br />

Equipping U 4 Excellence hosted this ultimate<br />

girls’ day out that was packed with inspiration,<br />

empowerment, creating vision boards, networking,<br />

and more. A portion of the proceeds will be<br />

donated to purchase school supplies for a local<br />

classroom.<br />



1. Nehla Buchanan, Robin Myhand, and Lula Brown<br />

2. Susan Hendsbee, Joy Normand, and Euwanda Lee<br />

3. Latoy Hoskins and Joy Normand<br />

4. Cynthia Kemp, Debra Hayes, and Jean Janus<br />

4<br />

2<br />

3<br />

1<br />

2<br />


Burke Junction, Cameron Park<br />

JANUARY 1-12<br />

This two-week celebration included workshops,<br />

talks on the history and culture of Tibet and<br />

Tibetan Buddhism, daily work on a sand mandala,<br />

and more. Funds raised are used to feed, clothe,<br />

and house the monks at their monastery in India.<br />


1. Geshe Laden and Tenzin Lungtok<br />

2. Konchuk Lhundop and Tenzin Lungtok<br />

3. Konchuk Lhundup, Tenzin Lungtok, and Geshe Laden<br />

3<br />

28 stylemg.com | MARCH <strong>2019</strong> | /stylemg /stylemediagroup /stylemediagroup /stylemags<br />






Relax. Rejuvenate. Restore.<br />

Leave your everyday worries behind.<br />

Welcome to the ultimate escape. Where the most highly-qualified and<br />

caring providers take you to a place called serenity time after time.<br />

<strong>March</strong> Specials<br />

$5 OFF a Shellac manicure<br />

$15 OFF an 80-minute Hot Stone Massage<br />

$10 OFF a Hydro Peptide Facial<br />

Clear away build up, deeply purify, replenish, and protect your<br />

skin with Hydro Peptide’s newest DETOX facial!<br />

Plus receive a FREE mini detox gift ($25 value). While supplies last.<br />

916.933.8905<br />

www.asantespaedh.com • 530 Post Court • El Dorado Hills<br />

Children’s Play Center available • Open to general public • Club members receive preferred spa pricing<br />

Specials must be booked and received between 3/1/19 through 3/31/19. Valid Monday thru Friday only. Not valid on Nail Services. Specials cannot be combined with any other special or discount and please mention the special<br />

at the time of booking. Additional restrictions may apply.<br />





2802 MALLARD LN.<br />


www.drmcdonald.com<br />

(530)626-8440<br />

Board Certified in<br />

Treatment and<br />

Management of Ocular<br />

Diseases. Member of<br />

Both American and<br />

California Optometric<br />


Arts & Entertainment<br />

Concert for a Cause<br />

Those affected by the Camp Fire<br />

will feel the devastation for years<br />

to come, but this benefit concert<br />

at the Harris Center—featuring<br />

some of the state’s best blues and<br />

Americana musicians, including<br />

the Laurie Morvan Band (pictured),<br />

Tom Rigney & Flambeau, Daniel<br />

Castro, Mighty-Mike Schermer,<br />

and Roy Rogers—provides funds<br />

directly to families that endured<br />

the destructive blaze. Doors open<br />

at 6 p.m., and the show begins<br />

at 7 p.m. Proceeds will be sent<br />

to the North Valley Community<br />

Foundation. Note: Beer and wine<br />

will be available for purchase<br />

prior to the show and<br />

during intermission.<br />

Music Heals<br />

<strong>March</strong> 13<br />

harriscenter.net<br />

Plus<br />

25+ THINGS TO DO<br />




Photo courtesy of its respective company or organization.<br />

MARCH <strong>2019</strong> | stylemg.com 31

| arts & entertainment |<br />

St. Baldrick's Head Shaving Event<br />

MARCH<br />

<strong>March</strong> is National<br />

Month<br />


By Gabriel Ionica<br />

2<br />

Dr. Seuss’ Birthday Celebration.<br />

Head to Fairytale Town from<br />

11 a.m. to 3 p.m. and celebrate<br />

Theodore Seuss Geisel’s 115th<br />

birthday in style. Hands-on,<br />

literacy-based activities and nonstop<br />

Dr. Seuss book readings all<br />

come complimentary with paid<br />

park admission. fairytaletown.org<br />

Crackin’ Crab for Kids. Join Big<br />

Brothers Big Sisters of El Dorado<br />

County for all-you-can-eat crab<br />

and a casual night of fun and<br />

dancing at the El Dorado County<br />

Fairgrounds’ Mark D. Forni Building<br />

from 6-10 p.m. bbbs-edc.org/<br />

events/crackincrabforkids<br />

St. Baldrick’s Head Shaving<br />

Event. Head to the Westfield<br />

Galleria at Roseville’s Center<br />

Court from noon to 4 p.m. to help<br />

raise money for childhood cancer<br />

research and watch as heads<br />

are shaved in front of thousands<br />

in return for pledges and<br />

contributions toward the cause.<br />

childcancer.org/events<br />

6<br />

Masters of Hawaiian Music. Don’t<br />

miss listening to Hawaii’s unique<br />

folk styles and the delightful<br />

experience of ki-ho`alu (slack<br />

key guitar), as four-time Grammy<br />

winner and master slack key<br />

guitarist George Kahumoku Jr.<br />



10 Daylight Saving Time<br />

17 St. Patrick’s Day<br />

20 Spring Begins<br />

takes the Harris Center stage,<br />

alongside multi-instrumentalist<br />

Nathan Aweau. The show begins<br />

at 7:30 p.m. harriscenter.net<br />

Peanut image ©BillionPhotos.com - stock.adobe.com. Dr.Seuss photo by Dina Heidrich. Other photos courtesy of their respective companies or organizations.<br />

32 stylemg.com | MARCH <strong>2019</strong> | /stylemg /stylemediagroup /stylemediagroup /stylemags



| arts & entertainment |<br />

8<br />

Newsies. Roseville Theatre Arts<br />

Academy presents this popular,<br />

family-friendly musical inspired<br />

by a true story that features an<br />

unforgettable score from Tony<br />

Award-winning composers<br />

Alan Menken and Jack Feldman.<br />

Friday and Saturday shows<br />

are at 7:30 p.m. with Saturday<br />

and Sunday matinees at 2 p.m.<br />

rosevilletheatreartsacademy.com/<br />

see-a-show<br />

(ALSO 9-10 & 15-17)<br />

9<br />

Spring Tea & Fashion Show.<br />

From 11 a.m. to 2:30 p.m., enjoy a<br />

brunch luncheon, fashion show,<br />

hat parade,<br />

silent auction,<br />

raffle, and<br />

entertainment<br />

at Orchard Creek<br />

Lodge in Lincoln.<br />

Proceeds benefit<br />

Child Advocates<br />

of Placer County<br />

and their mission<br />

to be a bridge<br />

between abused,<br />

neglected, and<br />

abandoned<br />

foster<br />

children in<br />

our community and caring<br />

volunteers who want to help.<br />

casaplacer.org/event/10thannual-spring-tea-fashion-show<br />

Chanoko Trail Run. Total Body<br />

Fitness’ 50K trail run joins their<br />

31K and five-mile scenic trail runs<br />

around Auburn and the Folsom<br />

State Recreation Area. Competitors<br />

will receive a custom Chanoko Trail<br />

Run finisher medal, hot food, plus<br />

awards three-deep in each division<br />

and raffle prizes. totalbodyfitness.<br />

com/site/race/chanoko-31k<br />

14<br />

Roseville Food Truck Mania. Come<br />

chow down in Downtown Roseville<br />

with SactoMoFo at this monthly<br />

food truck event from 5-8 p.m. Pick<br />

from a variety of mouthwatering<br />

fare while listening to live music<br />

and checking out the kids’ zone.<br />

sactomofo.com/calendar<br />

Roseville Food Truck Mania<br />

16<br />

Got Talent Sacramento.<br />

Christian Youth Theater (CYT) is<br />

hosting a charitable evening of<br />

entertainment and inspiration<br />

at Valley Springs Presbyterian<br />

Church in Roseville. Bring your<br />

talent—or just come to watch—at<br />

7 p.m. (checkin<br />

begins at<br />

6:15 p.m.).<br />

Attendees<br />

also have the<br />

opportunity<br />

to eat, drink,<br />

mingle, and bid<br />

on gift packages,<br />

services, and donated prizes.<br />

cytsacramento.org/events/gottalent-sacramento-<strong>2019</strong>/5<br />

Granite Bay Grinder. NorCal<br />

High School Cycling League is<br />

hosting this spring racing series<br />

for students in grades 9-12. Come<br />

join or watch the race at Folsom<br />

Lake State Recreation Area. Start<br />

times vary based on category.<br />

norcalmtb.org/races-2<br />

(ALSO 17)<br />

Spring Into Beauty. Cold Springs<br />

Church in Placerville is hosting<br />

this annual event from 3-6<br />

p.m. where women and teens<br />

will rotate through a variety of<br />

hands-on stations that provide<br />

tips for enhancing their outward<br />

and inward beauty, including<br />

appearance, body care, creativity,<br />

and the home. A fashion show and<br />

yummy treats are also available.<br />

coldspringschurch.net/events.html<br />

Boot Scootin’ BBQ Dinner. Come<br />

support Oakmont High School’s<br />

Parents’ Club at this hoedownstyle<br />

BBQ fundraiser from 5:30-11<br />

p.m. at the Roseville Sports Center.<br />

Proceeds benefit the school’s 21<br />

booster clubs. iloveoakmont.com<br />

The Spirit of Benny 10K/5K Fun<br />

Run and Walk. Beginning at 9<br />

a.m. (10K) and 9:15 a.m. (5K) at<br />

the El Dorado Trail at Clay Street<br />

in Downtown Placerville, wind<br />

your way through a scenic course.<br />

Post-race, enjoy live music, coffee<br />

from Caffe Santoro, food trucks,<br />

a mini expo with sponsor tents,<br />

and a raffle. Proceeds support<br />

local children and families who are<br />

seriously ill. thespiritofbenny.org<br />

17<br />

St. Patrick’s Day in Ireland. Fiddles,<br />

uilleann pipes, bodhran,<br />

guitar, vocals, and<br />

flutes will ring<br />

through the<br />

Harris Center<br />

beginning at 2<br />

p.m., as the Kerry<br />

Traditional Band<br />

shares its passion for the<br />

music of Ireland. Don’t miss this<br />

rollicking afternoon celebrating St.<br />

Patrick’s Day. harriscenter.net<br />

19<br />

The Swingles. Formed in Paris in<br />

1962, this a capella vocal group has<br />

won five Grammy Awards and been<br />

featured in a number of movie and<br />

TV soundtracks. The show begins<br />

at 7:30 p.m. at the Harris Center.<br />

harriscenter.net<br />

The Swingles<br />

Roseville Food Truck Mania photo by Katy Karns Photography. Other photos of their respective companies or organizations.<br />

34 stylemg.com | MARCH <strong>2019</strong> | /stylemg /stylemediagroup /stylemediagroup /stylemags


21<br />

Monty Python’s Spamalot. This outrageous musical comedy tells the tale of<br />

King Arthur and his Knights of the Round Table as they embark on their quest<br />


APRIL 13, <strong>2019</strong><br />

10AM-NOON<br />

Art Unveiled photo by L Mason Photography. Sip Into Spring photo by Menka Belgal. Other<br />

photos of their respective companies or organizations.<br />

for the Holy Grail. Expect flying cows, killer rabbits, taunting Frenchmen, and<br />

show-stopping musical numbers. Shows are at the Harris Center and times vary.<br />

harriscenter.net<br />

(THROUGH 24)<br />

22<br />

Funny Bones. Local people, businesses, and animals will be recognized for their<br />

courageous and heartfelt actions at this annual presentation hosted by the<br />

Placer SPCA. From 5:30-9:30 p.m. at Timber Creek Ballroom in Sun City Roseville,<br />

enjoy dinner, drinks, live and silent auctions, a grand prize drawing, live comedy<br />

show by Zoltan Kaszas, and more. placerspca.org/funnybones<br />

23<br />

Art Unveiled: Red Carpet Gala. Enjoy dinner,<br />

dancing, a silent and live auction, El Dorado<br />

County wines, and live music at the Cameron<br />

Park Community Center Assembly Hall. Proceeds<br />

benefit Cedar Springs Waldorf School. Guests are<br />

encouraged to come in costume as their favorite<br />

famous artist. cswsauction.com<br />

Sip Into Spring. From noon to 5 p.m.<br />

both days, see the budding vineyards and taste current<br />

vintages along with various varietals grown in the Sierra<br />

Foothills along the Placer Wine Trail. Tickets include<br />

a souvenir wine glass, plus wine tasting and special<br />

vintage tastings at participating wineries. placerwine.<br />

com/plan-your-visit/<br />

events/sipintospring<br />

(ALSO 24)<br />

Mountain Bike Sprint Triathlon. This entrylevel,<br />

off-road triathlon has a 400-yard swim,<br />

eight-mile bike ride, and two-mile trail run. The<br />

out-and-back course begins and ends at Granite<br />

Beach. Awards, raffle prizes, post-race food, and<br />

a commemorative race T-shirt are all included;<br />

wetsuits are recommended. totalbodyfitness.<br />

com/site/race/mtb<br />

Steven Young Amphitheater<br />

Egg Hunt Begins<br />

10:30am Sharp!<br />

(12 and under, Five Zones: 0-1, 2-3, 4-5, 6-7, 8-12)<br />

• 10am – Easter Bunny Arrival<br />

• 11am – Magic Show<br />

• Win the Town Center Grand Prize<br />

• Face Painting<br />

• Balloon Artists<br />

• Fun Family Music/DJ/Games<br />


(from Town Center businesses in select eggs)<br />


The Ultimate Lifestyle Experience<br />

MARCH <strong>2019</strong> | stylemg.com 35

| arts & entertainment |<br />

24<br />

Celebration of the Arts. Head to<br />

the Flower Farm Café, Nursery, and<br />

Casque Tasting Room in Loomis<br />

from noon to 3 p.m. to peruse or<br />

purchase the paintings of Peggy<br />

Depue and woodworkings by<br />

Steve Depue. Live music, artist<br />

demonstrations, café specials, and<br />

raffle prizes are also part of the<br />

day’s festivities. flowerfarminn.<br />

com/calendar<br />

raising money for Blue Line Arts.<br />

Beginning at 5 p.m. at the gallery,<br />

enjoy wine and food while picking<br />

out your favorite pieces of art,<br />

then partake in a live auction,<br />

followed by the raffle where all<br />

lottery tickets are drawn from a<br />

25<br />

collectif9 Classical String Band.<br />

Playing short excerpts of works<br />

arranged for the group, Montrealbased<br />

band, collectif9, pays close<br />

attention to the energy, flow, and<br />

variety of each show as a whole,<br />

highlighting the use of familiar<br />

dance rhythms, developing<br />

transitions between pieces, talking<br />

to the audience, and using lighting<br />

effects to emphasize the character<br />

of each piece. Head to the Harris<br />

Center at 7:30 p.m. for a one-ofa-kind<br />

experience with classical<br />

music. harriscenter.net<br />

27<br />

Bridge Party: Let’s Make a Deal.<br />

If you fancy a game of bridge, join<br />

the Placerville Shakespeare Club<br />

for their annual party that begins<br />

at 10 a.m. at 2940 Bedford Avenue.<br />

Tickets include a morning snack and<br />

lunch, plus cash and door prizes.<br />

placerville-shakespeare.com/<br />

about.htm<br />

28<br />

Lottery for the Arts. This annual<br />

fundraiser provides art collectors<br />

with an opportunity to acquire<br />

original works by professional<br />

and emerging artists, all while<br />

spinner. Each ticket holder goes<br />

home with a work of art valued at<br />

$175 or more. bluelinearts.org/thelottery-for-the-arts<br />

Gamelan Sekar Jaya. The most<br />

celebrated gamelan ensemble<br />

outside of Bali returns to the<br />

Harris Center at 7:30 p.m. with a<br />

breathtaking mix of traditional<br />

and contemporary Balinese music<br />

and dance. The 30-member Bay<br />

Area company celebrates its<br />

40th anniversary in an evening<br />

featuring three distinct music<br />

ensembles and dance that<br />

resonates in the heart and<br />

captures the imagination with its<br />

intricacy and emotional depth.<br />

harriscenter.net<br />

Holocaust Education Event.<br />

Chabad of Placer County is hosting<br />

95-year-old Holocaust survivor,<br />

Dr. Jacob Eisenbach, at the Rocklin<br />

Event Center. Learn all about Dr.<br />

Eisenbach's harrowing story and<br />

his powerful message against<br />

anti-semitism, bigotry, and hate<br />

beginning at 7 p.m. jewishroseville.<br />

com/holocaustsurvivor<br />

AAUW Women of Distinction<br />

Dinner. Head to The Falls Event<br />

Center at 5:30 p.m. for this fourth<br />

annual fundraiser that helps<br />

send local middle school girls to<br />

Tech Trek (STEM summer camp),<br />

supports Sierra College Leadership,<br />

and benefits high school<br />

scholarships. Air Force Colonel<br />

Merryl Tengesdal, Ret., former pilot<br />

of the U-2S spy plane, will serve<br />

as the event’s keynote speaker.<br />

rosevillesouthplacer-ca.aauw.net<br />

29<br />

Disney’s The Aristocats Kids.<br />

Imagination Theater is bringing this<br />

Disney classic to life where mother<br />

Gamelan Sekar Jaya<br />

cat Duchess and her kittens stand to<br />

inherit a fortune from their beloved<br />

Madame Adelaide Bonfamille, but<br />

Edgar, the jealous butler, won't<br />

have it. Watch the adventure as<br />

Edgar “catnaps” the aristocats, and<br />

Thomas O'Malley and his cool alley<br />

cats help with a fun-packed rescue.<br />

Shows are at the El Dorado County<br />

Fair & Event Center; times vary.<br />

imaginationtheater.net<br />

(THROUGH 31)<br />

WinterWonderGrass. Squaw Valley<br />

Resort in Olympic Valley is hosting<br />

this three-day, Grateful Dead-infused<br />

festival featuring over 25 bands and<br />

artists with three hours per day of<br />

local craft brew and tea sampling.<br />

winterwondergrass.com/squaw<br />

(THROUGH 31)<br />


6<br />

Taco Throwdown. From<br />

1-5 p.m., watch all your<br />

favorite restaurants compete in a<br />

challenge to make the best taco<br />

while enjoying samples of craft beer<br />

and local winesN at @the Grounds in<br />

Roseville. Lawn games, a corn hole<br />

tournament, a silent auction, and<br />

live music are also on the agenda.<br />

rosevillerotary.com/tacothrowdown<br />

Passport Wine Adventure.<br />

Presented by the El Dorado Winery<br />

Association, this annual event<br />

gives attendees access to over 20<br />

wineries in the El Dorado, Fair Play,<br />

Pleasant Valley, and Camino/Apple<br />

Hill regions. Purchasing the passport<br />

guarantees wine tasting with food<br />

pairings, plus musical guests, and<br />

beautiful views. eldoradowines.org/<br />

passport<br />

(ALSO 7 & 13-14)<br />

WinterWonderGrass<br />

Photos courtesy of their respective companies or organizations.<br />

36 stylemg.com | MARCH <strong>2019</strong> | /stylemg /stylemediagroup /stylemediagroup /stylemags

Social_Rescue_<strong>Style</strong>-0518-QTR.indd 1<br />

4/16/18 11:53 AM<br />


<strong>March</strong> 13<br />

DOORS<br />

6:00 p<br />

SHOW<br />

7:00 p<br />

presented by<br />

carrera-productions.com<br />

Music Heals Benefit<br />

A Benefit Concert for the Community Affected by the Camp Fire<br />


$30, $40, $50<br />


lauriemorvan.com<br />

tomrigney.com<br />

danielcastro.com<br />

mighty-mike.com<br />

roy-rogers.com<br />

Tickets only @<br />

harriscenter.net<br />

Available Now!<br />

Tickets<br />

only @ harriscenter.net<br />

Available Now!<br />

Music Heals is a benefit concert organized for the sole<br />

purpose of providing funds to the families that have<br />

endured the most destructive fire in California history.<br />

The proceeds from this concert will be sent to the North<br />

Valley Community Foundation, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit in<br />

Chico, as a directed gift to support the families impacted<br />

by this tragic disaster. All of the artists and sponsors are<br />

donating their time and talents for this show! Please join<br />

us for this fantastic night of music featuring some of the<br />

best Blues and Americana musicians from California!<br />

Laurie Morvan Band Tom Rigney & Flambeau Daniel Castro Mighty-Mike Schermer Roy Rogers<br />

Carrera Productions proudly presents Music Heals and thanks all who have contributed and donated their services — especially the Dick Droese Fund,<br />

along with (as of 2/5/19): Harris Center for the Arts, Marin Artists, Fifth Street Design, <strong>Style</strong> Media Group, Money Mailer, Gold Country Media (The<br />

Folsom Telegraph), Mountain Democrat, Greater Folsom Partnership, Off The Vine Catering, Highway 101 Productions, MyFolsom.com, Marvelocity, Inc.


At Bogard Well Aging Med our goal is to help you improve your health and<br />

appearance by offering superior personal care, ensuring the best, most<br />

youthful, healthy you.<br />

Denise Bogard, MD and her team are dedicated to providing you with the<br />

highest quality anti-aging and aesthetic medicine.<br />

• Bioidentical Hormone Replacement including<br />

Pellet Therapy<br />

• Thyroid and Adrenal Hormone Evaluation<br />

• Gut Health and Immune System Evaluation<br />

• IV Therapy and Chellation<br />

• Peptide Therapy<br />

• Laser Body Contouring<br />

• Micro Needling<br />

• Medical Weight Loss<br />

New Year, New You Package:<br />

Call to inquire and receive 25% off<br />

Bogard Well Aging Med<br />

bogardhealth.com | 916-781-4300 | 508 Gibson Dr. Ste. 290 Roseville<br />

Dr. Denise Bogard

| arts & entertainment |<br />

Photo by Dante Fontana.<br />

Spotlight on<br />

Bruce<br />

Gruenzel<br />


Born and raised<br />

in Wisconsin,<br />

painter and current<br />

Placerville resident Bruce<br />

Gruenzel has been enthralled<br />

by the ocean ever since he<br />

first laid eyes upon it. His<br />

affinity for it runs so deep, in<br />

fact, that seascapes—and their<br />

varying colors and moods—<br />

are often the main themes<br />

of his work. “My respect for<br />

the ocean’s movements and<br />

force was further instilled<br />

during the 15 years I spent<br />

as a lifeguard [in] Southern<br />

California,” shares Gruenzel. “I<br />

hope to bring the excitement<br />

of those experiences to the<br />

canvas.” Both self-taught<br />

and professionally instructed<br />

at the New Renaissance<br />

Academy School of Living<br />

Oils on Whidbey Island in<br />

Washington—where he dove<br />

deep into color theory and<br />

composition, developing the<br />

foundation for his current<br />

technique of painting in<br />

multiple layers to create<br />

greater depth—Gruenzel’s<br />

work can be viewed at Gold<br />

Country Artists’ Gallery (379<br />

Main Street) in Placerville.<br />

MARCH <strong>2019</strong> | stylemg.com 39

| arts & entertainment |<br />

HLB: When did you discover your talent and passion for art?<br />

BG: I became interested in art as a child [and would draw] whatever<br />

came into my head. Encouraged by my grandfather and parents, I<br />

learned how to accept suggestions and critiques early on. I never<br />

really lost this passion, but school and sports kept me busy during<br />

my teenage years, so I was only able to occasionally create pencil<br />

and charcoal drawings.<br />

HLB: How did seeing the ocean for the first time influence your<br />

work?<br />

BG: When I came to California in the mid-’50s and saw the ocean,<br />

it was a great visual inspiration. Even though there were waves on<br />

Lake Michigan where I was raised, the ocean was certainly on a<br />

grander scale with the rock formations, the crashing waves, and<br />

the ever-changing array of colors in the ebb and flow of the water.<br />

[Around that time], I received a Grumbacher oil painting set as a gift.<br />

Not having any experience with the medium, I purchased several<br />

Walter Foster books and was immediately hooked.<br />

HLB: Why are you drawn to oil and what are its challenges?<br />

BG: I love painting in oils because the fluidity of the medium allows<br />

me to blend and feather the colors with little separation, especially<br />

clouds and water. One of the major challenges is color. I have to<br />

ask myself, “What are the actual colors of the sea at this particular<br />

time?”<br />

(Top; L to R) View from Kirby Beach,<br />

Gaff Rigged Dory<br />

(Middle; L to R) Alone 2, The Searchers<br />

(Below) The Last of the Wanderer<br />

HLB: Do you have a favorite amongst your paintings?<br />

BG: Of all my works, three stand out as my favorites: The Last of the<br />

Wanderer, which was repainted several times until I was satisfied;<br />

View from Kirby Beach, because I achieved 98 percent of what I<br />

imagined; and Gaff Rigged Dory, which flowed from my brush as if<br />

it had a mind of its own.<br />

HLB: Do you have any advice for artists just starting out?<br />

BG: I recommend seeking out qualified instructors who will teach<br />

you the basics without derailing your creativity. Also, learn color.<br />

There are countless colors available, [but] start by practicing with the<br />

primary ones. Lastly, learn to accept criticism with an open mind.<br />

But above all: paint, paint, paint.<br />

artx-scapes.com<br />

Artwork photos courtesy of Bruce Gruenzel.<br />

40 stylemg.com | MARCH <strong>2019</strong>

New To El Dorado Hills!<br />

Senior Living at its Finest…<br />

akmont Senior Living’s newest community is<br />

now under construction and scheduled to<br />

open in the summer of <strong>2019</strong>!<br />

A compassionate and knowledgeable care team will<br />

assist you with your daily living needs in the privacy<br />

of your own spacious apartment home.<br />

• Indoor and Outdoor<br />

Restaurant-style Dining<br />

• Movie Theatre<br />

• Salon and Day Spa<br />

• Bar and Lounge<br />

• Pet Park<br />

• Concierge Services<br />

• Fitness Center<br />

• Diabetic Wellness Program<br />

2020 Town Center West Way<br />

El Dorado Hills, CA 95762<br />

oakmontofeldoradohills.com<br />

Information Center<br />

Now Open<br />

(916) 269-0300<br />

RCFE# License Pending


Located on Beautiful Lake Natoma<br />





Do you know what<br />

over 2000 kids<br />

did for fun<br />

Rentals • Team Building • Youth Camps<br />

summer?Boat<br />

last<br />

Birthday Parties • Adult Classes • Facility Reservations<br />

Your kids will<br />

never have so<br />

much fun!<br />

Ages 7 - 17<br />

A Program of:<br />

Call for your <strong>2019</strong> Schedule!<br />


1901 HAZEL AVENUE • GOLD RIVER, CA 95670 • 916.278.2842 • www.sacstateaquaticcenter.com

Stay Local,<br />


Eat Global<br />

Take your palate on a trip around the<br />

world with flavorful plates from these<br />

internationally inspired eateries, all right<br />

in our backyard. From the perfect buttery<br />

croissant to steaming pho, jagerschnitzel,<br />

and biryani, there’s a host of decadent<br />

dishes to try that might just become a<br />

new favorite.<br />

Afghanistan<br />

Bamiyan<br />

1121 White Rock Road, El Dorado Hills, 916-941-8787,<br />

bamiyanafghan.com<br />

Known for its friendly service and unique meat dishes, this familyowned<br />

dine-in or takeout Afghan eatery is also vegetarian- and<br />

vegan-friendly with a full bar to boot. Even the most carnivorous<br />

diners can’t get enough of the eggplant dishes.<br />

MUST-TRY DISH: Brony Bojan (sliced eggplant layered with tomato<br />

sauce, yogurt, and herbs)<br />

Photo by Ray Burgess.<br />

Brazil<br />

Brisas Do Sul<br />

380 Palladio Parkway, Suite 305, Folsom, 916-883-2747,<br />

brisasdosul.com<br />

Go rodizio or go home at Brisas Do Sul, a dining style where a<br />

perpetual stream of meat skewers flows out of the kitchen and is<br />

carved at your table until you’ve had enough. Don’t miss the globally<br />

infused cocktails, like the Brazilian Bloody Mary or Brazilian Iced Tea.<br />

MUST-TRY DISH: Brisas Cocktail Camarao (wild-caught jumbo shrimp<br />

served with a specialty malagueta sauce)<br />

Flame & Fire<br />

963 Pleasant Grove Boulevard, Suite 100, Roseville, 916-790-5750,<br />

flameandfire.com<br />

“Where’s the beef?” is one question you won’t ask at Flame & Fire.<br />

Here, meats like filet mignon, top sirloin, and pork shoulder arrive in<br />

endless hefty portions to your table, where it’s dinner and a show<br />

when gaucho chefs slice them tableside with a bit of fanfare.<br />

MUST-TRY DISH: Picanha (prime cut of top sirloin)<br />

MARCH <strong>2019</strong> | stylemg.com 43

Stay Local,<br />

Eat Global<br />

MUST-TRY DISH: Chile Relleno<br />

Salvadoreño (fried, batter-dipped<br />

pablano chile stuffed with meat and bell<br />

peppers; served with rice and salad)<br />

Fernando’s Costa Del Sol<br />

2650 Cameron Park Drive, Suite<br />

170, Cameron Park, 530-676-4460,<br />

fernandoscostadelsol.net<br />

Lifelong chef Fernando Sierra and his<br />

wife Martha dish out Salvadorian and<br />

France<br />

Allez<br />

4242 Fowler Lane, Diamond Springs,<br />

530-621-1160, allezeldorado.com<br />

Napa hospitality veteran Jennifer<br />

Masse took one bite of a tarragon<br />

sauce at a new French restaurant<br />

in town and declared that she was<br />

going to marry the chef—and then she<br />

did. Born and trained in France, Chef<br />

Christian Masse and Jennifer joined<br />

forces to open their French gourmet<br />

restaurant in Diamond Springs.<br />

MUST-TRY DISH: Bouef Bourguignon<br />

(beef stew simmered in red wine, pearl<br />

onions, mushrooms, and carrots)<br />

China<br />

Folsom Palace<br />

1169 Riley Street, Folsom, 916-983-8880;<br />

3941 Park Drive, Suite 10, El Dorado<br />

Hills, 916-936-0909, folsompalace.com<br />

Sleek décor, a shady patio, and an<br />

extensive wine and sake list set the<br />

scene for spirited socializing over Asian<br />

fusion dishes and shareable plates. An<br />

emphasis on Chinese fare ensures all<br />

the usual suspects, plus savory picks<br />

from Thailand, Singapore, Malaysia,<br />

and more.<br />

MUST-TRY DISH: Wor Wonton Soup<br />

(chicken, shrimp, oyster mushrooms,<br />

bok choy, cauliflower, chayote, carrots,<br />

and green onions with wontons in<br />

chicken broth)<br />

Golden Dragon<br />

1341 Broadway, Placerville,<br />

530-621-1568, goldendragonca.com<br />

This casual neighborhood cornerstone<br />

touts delightful hard-to-find dishes, like<br />

steaming clay pots full of chicken curry<br />

or seafood, and sizzling plates piled with<br />

scallops or shrimp. Authentic options<br />

don’t stop there: chow mein and chow<br />

fun are both available Hong Kong style<br />

if you please.<br />

MUST-TRY DISH: House Special Chow<br />

Fun (stir-fried meat, wide rice noodles,<br />

bean sprouts, and vegetables)<br />

Lotus 8<br />

199 Blue Ravine Road, Folsom, 916-351-<br />

9278, lotus8ca.com<br />

Named for the lotus flower, which rises<br />

from the mud to bloom before sinking<br />

underwater at night and resurfacing<br />

again at dawn, and the number eight,<br />

which is considered lucky because its<br />

Chinese pronunciation sounds similar<br />

to “prosperity,” this restaurant meshes<br />

modern techniques with traditional<br />

flavors.<br />

MUST-TRY DISH: Honey Walnut Prawns<br />

(honey-glazed walnuts with prawns in a<br />

light cream sauce)<br />

Rose Garden Chinese<br />

Restaurant<br />

1079 Sunrise Avenue, Suite 1, Roseville,<br />

916-781-3823, rosegardenroseville.com<br />

Big round tables and comfortable<br />

booths make this Mandarin-Szechuan<br />

restaurant perfect for a family night out,<br />

with combination dinners and shareable<br />

feasts, plus a selection of beer and wine.<br />

MUST-TRY DISH: BBQ Pork Fried Rice<br />

(barbecued pork, peas, scrambled egg,<br />

carrots, and green onions)<br />

Sunny Garden<br />

25085 Blue Ravine Road, Folsom,<br />

916-983-8882, folsomsunnygarden.com<br />

Bay Area restaurateurs and husbandand-wife<br />

team Sam and Elaine opened<br />

Sunny Garden in 2006, vowing to keep<br />

their cooking style fresh and made<br />

from scratch. Offerings range from<br />

Chinese staples to other Asian and<br />

Thai selections.<br />

MUST-TRY DISH: Mushroom Chicken<br />

(mushrooms and chicken in oyster sauce)<br />

El Salvador<br />

Folsom Palace<br />

El Salvador Market &<br />

Restaurant<br />

3021 Sunrise Boulevard, Rancho<br />

Cordova, 916-851-0733<br />

This tucked-away treasure and familyrun<br />

affair is all about authenticity. Don’t<br />

miss the sweet fried plantains, and while<br />

you’re there, pick up a tamale to go.<br />

Fernando's Costa Del Sol<br />

Mexican fare in Cameron Park with a<br />

comprehensive menu spanning wet<br />

burritos, classic eats from El Salvador,<br />

nine soups, and eight salads.<br />

MUST-TRY DISH: Salvadoran Sampler<br />

(Cheese Pupusa, Fried Yuca, Tamale,<br />

Fried Plantain)<br />

Nuby’s Cafe<br />

329 East Bidwell Street, Folsom,<br />

916-358-9210, nubyscafe.com<br />

Don’t let the unassuming interior fool you:<br />

This taqueria and pupuseria’s food is on<br />

point, with menu highlights that include a<br />

one-pound burrito (yes, really) and street<br />

tacos. Stop in for a quick bite and a cold<br />

Corona or add to your GrubHub queue for<br />

your next Netflix night.<br />

MUST-TRY DISH: Mixed Pupusa (pork,<br />

beans, and cheese in a thick corn tortilla)<br />

Julian’s Pâtisserie and Café<br />

6610 Folsom-Auburn Road, Suite 7,<br />

Folsom, 916-936-4735, julianscafe.com<br />

Mouthwatering pastries and an<br />

assortment of sweet and savory crêpes<br />

plus other quick bites draw crowds to<br />

this bright, family-owned sidewalk café,<br />

where everything is freshly prepared<br />

on the premises and promises a<br />

memorable meal.<br />

MUST-TRY DISH: Lemon Blueberry<br />

Crêpe (blueberries and lemon cream<br />

in a thin pancake; served with vanilla<br />

chantilly cream)<br />

La Provence<br />

110 Diamond Creek Place, Roseville, 916-<br />

789-2002, laprovenceroseville.<br />

com<br />

A tried-and-true<br />

crowd favorite, this<br />

undeniably romantic<br />

love letter to French<br />

country cuisine with<br />

a Californian twist<br />

serves up Provençal<br />

classics, tapas, delightful<br />

brunch options, and a short but sweet<br />

vegetarian menu.<br />

MUST-TRY DISH: Beef Wellington (6 oz.<br />

Julian’s Pâtisserie and Café<br />

Folsom Palace and Julian's photos by Ray Burgess. Other photos by Danta Fontana.<br />

44 stylemg.com | MARCH <strong>2019</strong> | /stylemg /stylemediagroup /stylemediagroup /stylemags

10 GLOBAL<br />


Kabob House photo by Ray Burgess. Crêpetown Café photo by Dante Fontana.<br />

filet mignon, puff pastry, mushroom<br />

duxelles, and prosciutto; served<br />

with mashed potatoes and seasonal<br />

vegetables)<br />

Germany<br />

Kathrin’s Biergarten<br />

4810 Granite Drive, Suite A1, Rocklin,<br />

916-251-7502, kathrinsbiergarten.com<br />

German native Kathrin Grosse<br />

believes that thirst is worse than<br />

homesickness, so what’s a European<br />

in the states to do? Bring a sip—and<br />

slice—of home to share with her new<br />

neighbors, of course. Expect elevated<br />

German and Austrian fare in a beer<br />

hall plus a breezy beer garden to boot.<br />

MUST-TRY DISH: Oktoberfest Sampler<br />

(one schnitzel, three choices of<br />

specialty sausages, two pork links, and<br />

one frankfurter; served with sauerkraut,<br />

rotkraut, mustard, and fries)<br />

The Forester Pub & Grill<br />

4110 Carson Road, Camino, 530-644-<br />

1818, foresterpubandgrill.com<br />

Nestled in the heart of Apple Hill<br />

among mature cedars sits a cheery<br />

pub with small-town vibes, complete<br />

with an outdoor patio and horseshoe<br />

pit, mini arcade, and pool table.<br />

The acclaimed neighborhood spot<br />

offers comforting classics like steak<br />

sandwiches and buffalo burgers as<br />

well as German nosh.<br />

MUST-TRY DISH: Wienerschnitzel<br />

(tender breaded pork cutlet served<br />

with “schlag sauce,” spätzle, and<br />

red cabbage)<br />

Greece<br />

Kabob House<br />

Extreme Hummus<br />

7820 Zenith Drive, Citrus Heights, 916-<br />

727-2500, extremehummusgyro.com<br />

Complete with a drive-thru, this Greek<br />

spot is perfect for on-the-go munchies<br />

or a quick dinner. With a kosher and<br />

halal menu that’s vegetarian- and<br />

vegan-friendly, expect full plates,<br />

plenty of sandwich options, and a<br />

heap of fun twists on hummus (think<br />

cilantro jalapeño or artichoke and<br />

pesto).<br />

MUST-TRY DISH: Greek Wrap (lettuce,<br />

red cabbage, tomatoes, onions,<br />

cucumbers, rice, feta, and your pick of<br />

signature hummus in warm flatbread)<br />

Kabob House<br />

648 East Bidwell Street, Folsom, 916-<br />

983-6619, kabobhousefolsom.com<br />

Succulent skewers are lovingly<br />

prepared at this Greek eatery, with<br />

Crepetown Café<br />

kebab options ranging from lamb<br />

to sirloin, plus pita sandwiches<br />

and amped-up appetizers like<br />

babaganoush. Stay in the quaint<br />

dining room or enjoy the grape<br />

arbor canopied patio.<br />

MUST-TRY DISH: Ground Sirloin<br />

Kebab (a skewer of seasoned<br />

ground top sirloin served with pita,<br />

rice, and Greek salad)<br />

Petra Greek<br />

230 Palladio Parkway, Suite 1213,<br />

Folsom, 916-693-6397, petragreek.com<br />

This casual restaurant blends<br />

family recipes with locally sourced<br />

ingredients, delivering plates<br />

packed with flavor and toasty<br />

stuffed pitas. Enjoy fun appetizers<br />

like saganaki (fried cheese<br />

flambéed with a shot of Greek<br />

cognac) all day or at happy hour.<br />

MUST-TRY DISH: Chicken Souvlaki<br />

Pita (chicken cooked over an<br />

open flame with tomatoes, onions,<br />

parsley, and fries on a warm pita<br />

with tzatziki sauce)<br />

Hungary<br />

Crêpetown Café<br />

4064 Mother Lode Drive,<br />

Shingle Springs, 530-677-5993,<br />

crepetowncafe.com<br />

An ideal spot for all-day brunching<br />

and dinner, this homey and eclectic<br />

nook offers a host of sweet and<br />

savory goods (we’re talking beef<br />

burgundy crêpes and fries dusted<br />

with Hungarian paprika).<br />

MUST-TRY DISH: Chicken Paprikash<br />

(skinless chicken thighs cooked in a<br />

mild creamy paprika sauce served<br />

with homemade spätzle or mashed<br />

potatoes)<br />

Farmer’s Delicatessen<br />

& Bakery<br />

3952 Cambridge Road, Cameron<br />

Park, 530-672-6800, farmersdeli.net<br />

First-generation Hungarian-<br />

American chef and owner Christine<br />

Ondrus-Lykos grew up surrounded<br />

by flavors of her family’s homeland<br />

swirling around the kitchen, as her<br />

grandmother made strudel from<br />

scratch. Now she serves up fresh<br />

pastries, sweets, and breads, plus<br />

other hearty European bites at<br />

her very own brick-and-mortar in<br />

Cameron Park.<br />

MUST-TRY DISH: Lemon Tart (glutenfree<br />

almond flour crust filled with<br />

fresh-squeezed lemon curd)<br />

1. Ginger, turmeric, and lemongrass—<br />

ingredients commonly found in<br />

Thai dishes—aren’t just delicious:<br />

They’re also medicinal. Ginger and<br />

turmeric have anti-inflammatory<br />

properties, and ginger is thought<br />

to aid in digestion and circulation.<br />

Lemongrass is reportedly an antidote<br />

for stomachaches, headaches, and<br />

even the common cold.<br />

2. Chili peppers are thought to first<br />

have been domesticated in Mexico<br />

nearly 5,000 years ago, but now<br />

China is the top producer of the<br />

chili pepper.<br />

3. While cassava hasn’t quite caught on<br />

in the U.S., it’s actually the third most<br />

popular carbohydrate on the planet.<br />

This drought-tolerant root vegetable<br />

is a major staple in much of the<br />

developing world, with Nigeria being<br />

its largest producer.<br />

4. Sushi is meant to be eaten in one<br />

bite. If you dip it in soy sauce,<br />

don’t commit the cardinal sin of<br />

leaving behind rice in the bowl or<br />

mixing together a wasabi dipping<br />

concoction. And the ginger on your<br />

plate? It’s meant as a palate cleanser.<br />

5. In the 1800s, Italy invented the<br />

Margherita (no, not margarita) pizza,<br />

named for Queen Margherita. The<br />

red tomatoes, white mozzarella,<br />

and green basil aren’t a color<br />

coincidence—they represent the<br />

colors of Italy's flag.<br />

6. Favorite pizza toppings around the<br />

world differ. In Brazil, it’s green peas.<br />

In Germany, canned tuna is popular.<br />

In India, pickled ginger and minced<br />

mutton top the list.<br />

7. Bread isn’t a traditional staple in East<br />

Asia, but Vietnam is an exception.<br />

French colonists introduced<br />

baguettes to the country, which the<br />

Vietnamese adapted. Now, you can<br />

find Vietnamese baguettes on every<br />

street corner—and in the famous<br />

sandwich: bahn mi.<br />

8. In France, approximately 500 million<br />

snails (escargot) are eaten every year.<br />

9. Traditionally, wheat noodles are the<br />

main staple of Northern Chinese<br />

diets, and rice is the main staple in<br />

the South. Noodles are also found in<br />

Southern Chinese diets, of course,<br />

but they’re typically rice noodles.<br />

10. Most people know one kind of<br />

paprika—and maybe a smoked<br />

paprika, if you’re fancy. In Hungary,<br />

there are eight different flavor<br />

profiles of paprika, ranging from<br />

sweet and mild to pungent and spicy.<br />

MARCH <strong>2019</strong> | stylemg.com 45

Stay Local,<br />

Eat Global<br />

Curry Club<br />

196 Blue Ravine Road, Suite 130,<br />

Folsom, 916-353-0855<br />

A crowd favorite for its lunch buffet and<br />

takeout, Curry Club offers authentic<br />

favorites in casual digs. Regulars rave<br />

about the butter chicken and aloo gobi,<br />

and rumor has it that if you’re a spice<br />

fiend, you can request extra spicy and<br />

perhaps finally meet your match.<br />

MUST-TRY DISH: Butter Chicken<br />

(chicken in a mildly spiced, buttery<br />

tomato sauce)<br />

Papa Gianni's<br />

India<br />

Bawarchi<br />

Bawarchi<br />

2085 Vine Street, Suite 102, El Dorado<br />

Hills, 916-222-8222, edhbawarchi.<br />

com; 711 Pleasant Grove Boulevard,<br />

Suite 140, Roseville, 916-633-6000,<br />

rosevillebawarchi.com<br />

Specializing in biryani, the ultimate<br />

dish for rice lovers (a one-pot delight of<br />

aromatic spices, meat, and rice), this<br />

Indian restaurant also touts tandoor<br />

and Indo-Chinese specialties. Originally<br />

a Bay Area venture, the eatery has<br />

expanded across the state, adding<br />

its vibrant and chic dining room to El<br />

Dorado Hills and Roseville.<br />

MUST-TRY DISH: Hyderabad Chicken<br />

Dum Biryani (a mixture of aromatic<br />

basmati rice, Indian herbs, and tender<br />

chicken cooked in the traditional<br />

hyderabadi dum method)<br />

Mehfil Indian<br />

1605 Douglas Boulevard, Roseville, 916-<br />

791-1199, mehfilindianrestaurant.com<br />

Eat your fill of naan at this unfussy<br />

outpost, with twists on the traditional<br />

bread like peshwari (dried fruit), paneer<br />

(homemade cheese), and keema<br />

(minced lamb). Of course, there’s also<br />

Mehfil Indian<br />

an extensive menu of tried-and-true<br />

favorites spanning lamb to seafood and<br />

chicken to veggie.<br />

MUST-TRY DISH: Punjabi Bakra (bone-in<br />

goat meat cooked in a rich curry of<br />

fresh herbs, spices, and masala)<br />

Mylapore<br />

1760 Prairie City Road, Suite 160,<br />

Folsom, 916-985-3500, mylapore.us<br />

A favorite stop for Tahoe weekenders<br />

and locals alike, this entirely<br />

vegetarian hangout specializes in<br />

South Indian cuisine—think tangy<br />

chutney and savory dosa (crisp,<br />

savory pancakes).<br />

MUST-TRY DISH: Bhel Puri (popular<br />

Indian snack made with puffed rice,<br />

tomatoes, onions, garbanzo beans,<br />

and sweet and tangy chutneys)<br />

Italy<br />

Ciao Restaurant<br />

1410 East Roseville Parkway, Roseville,<br />

916-782-0404, ciaoroseville.com<br />

American fare meets Italian flair in this<br />

chic space with a roomy dining room<br />

and crescent wine bar. House-made<br />

pastas and sausages are sprinkled<br />

across the menu that also offers<br />

sizable handhelds (lamb burger,<br />

anyone?) and ribeye.<br />

Visconti's<br />

MUST-TRY DISH: House Ragu (slowsimmered<br />

meat ragu, house-made<br />

pappardelle, and grana)<br />

Papa Gianni’s<br />

3450 Palmer Drive, Cameron Park,<br />

530-672-2333, papagiannis.net<br />

For two decades, family-owned Papa<br />

Gianni’s has been a Cameron Park<br />

tradition. Pair a glass of wine from El<br />

Dorado and Amador Counties—as well<br />

as Italy and Napa—with traditional<br />

Italian dishes and a roster of Perri family<br />

recipes. The comfy spot sports a bright<br />

mural, cozy booths, and friendly service.<br />

MUST-TRY DISH: Penne alla Rabiata<br />

(spicy marinara made with ample chili<br />

peppers and garlic atop penne; served<br />

with garlic bread)<br />

Vaiano Trattoria<br />

7160 Douglas Boulevard, Granite Bay,<br />

916-780-0888, vaianotrattoria.com<br />

Named after the hometown of its two<br />

founding partners, this restaurant<br />

specializes in Tuscan fare in a modern<br />

and industrial setting, complete with artadorned<br />

walls. Fan favorites include the<br />

wild boar pappardelle and veal marsala.<br />

MUST-TRY DISH: Pollo alla Parmigiana<br />

(chicken breast with homemade<br />

tomato sauce and fresh mozzarella,<br />

then baked and topped with parmesan<br />

and fresh basil)<br />

Visconti’s<br />

2700 East Bidwell Street,<br />

Suite 700, Folsom, 916-983-5181,<br />

viscontisristorante.com<br />

With family recipes from Sicily and<br />

Calabria passed down through<br />

generations, this family-run restaurant<br />

has old-world vibes meshed with strong<br />

community ties. Founded in 1992, the<br />

kitchen whips up its signature marinara<br />

sauce fresh every day. Pro tip: Save<br />

room for the cannolis.<br />

MUST-TRY DISH: Linguini con Gamberi<br />

& Asparagus (linguini with shrimp<br />

and asparagus sautéed in olive oil<br />

and garlic)<br />

Viscontis' photo by Ray Burgess. Other photos by Dante Fantana.<br />

46 stylemg.com | MARCH <strong>2019</strong> | /stylemg /stylemediagroup /stylemediagroup /stylemags

Korea<br />

Lebanon<br />

Hisui Sushi photo by Ray Burgess. Gangnam Ave. photo by Dante Fontana.<br />

Jamaica<br />

JD’s Bakery & Caribbean Cafe<br />

3700 Midas Avenue, Suite A1,<br />

Rocklin, 916-624-3350, justdivine.cafe<br />

Delicious pastries, loaded omelets,<br />

and a heap of vegan options have<br />

been the focus of this local fixture<br />

since 1989, but it’s also bringing a<br />

taste of the Caribbean to Rocklin with<br />

unforgettable Jamaican patties, beef,<br />

and jerk chicken.<br />

MUST-TRY DISH: Jamaican Patty (a<br />

flaky pastry filled with savory spices<br />

and veggies or chicken and beef)<br />

Japan<br />

Hisui Sushi<br />

25004 Blue Ravine Road, Suite 107,<br />

Folsom, 916-985-7778, hisuisushi.com<br />

Smooth service, lofty ceilings, and<br />

a cool blue backlit bar are three<br />

hallmarks of this contemporary sushi<br />

hangout that serves up tapas, a<br />

comprehensive list of special rolls, and<br />

lunchtime all-you-can-eat sushi.<br />

MUST-TRY DISH: Prisoner (deep-fried<br />

shrimp, cucumber, spicy tuna, real crab,<br />

avocado, BBQ albacore, masago, and<br />

tempura flakes)<br />

Kazoku Teriyaki<br />

5131 Foothills Boulevard, Suite 1,<br />

Roseville, 916-784-8646,<br />

kazokuteriyaki.com<br />

This family owned and operated spot—<br />

kazoku literally means “family”—offers<br />

authentic Japanese fare with fun<br />

surprises like Hawaiian shave ice, a<br />

tribute to relatives from the islands. In<br />

addition to teriyaki specialties and sushi,<br />

stop into the market stocked with fresh<br />

fish to make your own rolls at home, plus<br />

Asian sweets, snacks, and sauces.<br />

MUST-TRY DISH: Chicken Teriyaki<br />

(chicken soaked and cooked in teriyaki<br />

sauce with steamed rice; served with a<br />

side or as a bento box)<br />

Mikuni<br />

Locations in Folsom, Roseville, Fair<br />

Oaks, and Sacramento;<br />

mikunisushi.com<br />

With the finest ingredients and attentive<br />

service, you can have a taste of Japan<br />

and enjoy sushi specials from myriad<br />

menus (including a gluten-free and kidfriendly<br />

one) that are sure to make your<br />

mouth water.<br />

MUST-TRY DISH: Albacore Pepperfin<br />

(thinly sliced albacore tuna, citrus soy<br />

dressing, jalapeños, sesame seeds)<br />

Umi Sushi<br />

107 South Harding Boulevard, Suite A,<br />

Roseville, 916-788-8333,<br />

umiumiumi.com<br />

If you don’t like sushi yet, Umi might<br />

just be where you change your mind.<br />

This all-day happy hour spot offers<br />

an inventive lineup of cooked and<br />

vegetarian rolls in addition to creative<br />

picks for sushi veterans, plus savory<br />

ramen bowls and consistently solid<br />

entrées.<br />

MUST-TRY DISH: Everything Roll<br />

(tempura shrimp, avocado, cucumber,<br />

crab salad, and spicy tuna topped with<br />

assorted fish, spicy mayo, masago, and<br />

unagi sauce)<br />

Yuki Sushi<br />

3470 Palmer Drive, Suite 1,<br />

Cameron Park, 530-672-9854,<br />

cameronparksushi.com<br />

Hisui Sushi<br />

This Cameron Park keeper offers<br />

the typically pricey cuisine for all,<br />

with constant half-off deals and a<br />

complimentary roll when you order<br />

two. Other tasty options include udon<br />

noodle bowls, teriyaki plates, and<br />

oyster shooters.<br />

MUST-TRY DISH: Tonkatsu (deep-fried<br />

panko-breaded pork over steamed rice<br />

with katsu sauce)<br />

Blue House<br />

2030 Douglas Boulevard, Roseville,<br />

916-472-6598, bluehouseusa.com<br />

Electric blue lighting amid industrial<br />

chic décor set the scene for a unique<br />

dining experience. Smokeless grills<br />

function as centerpieces at the<br />

tables, where the sizzle and flash<br />

make for an entertaining evening<br />

as you cook your own feast. If<br />

you’re looking for the night off, the<br />

kitchen will prepare your meal for<br />

you, but either way, you’ll probably<br />

have leftovers—regulars warn that<br />

portions are delightfully huge.<br />

MUST-TRY DISH: LA Galbi (housemarinated<br />

prime beef short ribs)<br />

Gangnam Ave.<br />

2216 Sunrise Boulevard,<br />

Rancho Cordova, 916-840-5645,<br />

gangnamavebbq.com<br />

Bring your appetite to Gangnam<br />

Ave., an all-you-can-eat Korean BBQ<br />

with a hip, ultra-modern backdrop.<br />

Prompt service and great value are<br />

two pluses here, not to mention the<br />

steady stream of morsels to stuff<br />

yourself with. Whether you’re an<br />

adventurous eater—think marinated<br />

intestines and pork jowl—or more<br />

timid (short rib and garlic shrimp),<br />

you’ll get your fill here.<br />

MUST-TRY DISH: Beef Bulgogi (beef<br />

marinated in traditional Korean<br />

sauces and grilled on a BBQ)<br />

Gangnam Ave.<br />

Wally’s Cafe<br />

2110 Sunset Boulevard, Rocklin,<br />

916-580-0850 , facebook.com/<br />

WallysCafeRocklin<br />

Thoughtful service, fresh ingredients,<br />

and authentic flavors sing at this hidden<br />

gem. Regulars warn that one bite into<br />

your meal, you’ll already be planning a<br />

return trip. And, whatever you do, save<br />

room for dessert: All meals come with a<br />

helping of baklava, made fresh daily.<br />

MUST-TRY DISH: Chicken Shawarma<br />

Wrap (chicken, lettuce, tomatoes, and<br />

garlic or yogurt)<br />

Mexico<br />

Carmelita’s Restaurant<br />

204 Riverside Avenue, Roseville,<br />

916-783-0411, carmelitasgroup.com<br />

Welcome to the mecca of margaritas,<br />

with freshly squeezed limes and<br />

agave nectar setting the stage for<br />

sweet or savory stars like raspberry<br />

basil and grilled pineapple jalapeño.<br />

Pair your cocktail with scoops of<br />

to-die-for guac before setting your<br />

sights on the house specialties. Oh,<br />

yeah: They also do brunch.<br />

MUST-TRY DISH: Chipotle Eggs<br />

Benedict (avocado, sliced bacon,<br />

pepper jack cheese, house-made<br />

chipotle lemon hollandaise, and<br />

poached eggs over toast; served with<br />

ranchero chili herb potatoes)<br />

MARCH <strong>2019</strong> | stylemg.com 47

Stay Local,<br />

Eat Global<br />

Nixtaco<br />

1805 Cirby Way, Suite 12, Roseville,<br />

916-771-4165, nixta.co<br />

Decked out in bright subway tile and<br />

string lights, this hip taqueria has a<br />

bit of a cult following, offering superb<br />

tortillas (ground in-house) spun street<br />

taco style, burritos, and other goodies<br />

with friendly counter service. P.S.<br />

Don’t miss the chilaquiles at brunch.<br />

MUST-TRY DISH: Taco Sampler (six,<br />

2.5-inch tacos with chicharron,<br />

picadillo, chicken mole, shrimp, short<br />

rib barbacoa, and rajas with cheese)<br />

Tijuana Taqueria<br />

1762 Broadway, Placerville,<br />

530-622-9517<br />

Unfussy, authentic, and deliciously<br />

greasy, this traditional taqueria<br />

scores points for its humongous<br />

burritos and al pastor tacos. Another<br />

major draw is the carnitas, which are<br />

available for purchase by the pound.<br />

MUST-TRY DISH: Carnitas Burrito<br />

(beans, cheese, carnitas, rice, sour<br />

cream, and lettuce)<br />

Pakistan<br />

Kabab Hut<br />

6661 Stanford Ranch Road, Suite J,<br />

Rocklin, 916-315-3315<br />

A one-man show, chef and owner<br />

Guddu Haider made his debut in<br />

Rocklin last year after leaving his<br />

restaurateur life in San Francisco<br />

Mexquite<br />

Hacienda del Rio<br />

702 Sutter Street, Folsom, 916-351-1800,<br />

hacdelrio.com<br />

Quality is something you can taste in<br />

every bite at Hacienda del Rio. From<br />

their flavor-packed fajitas to gooey<br />

enchiladas, anything on their menu will<br />

have you walking away with a full belly<br />

and happy taste buds.<br />

MUST-TRY DISH: Chile Verde (diced,<br />

slow-cooked pork in homemade<br />

tomatillo sauce; served with rice, beans,<br />

sour cream, and tortillas)<br />

Mexquite<br />

25095 Blue Ravine Road, Folsom,<br />

916-984-8607, mexquite.com<br />

If you’re looking for a comfortable,<br />

family-owned Mexican restaurant with<br />

handcrafted margaritas, high-quality food<br />

at affordable prices, and fresh flavors<br />

straight from the kicthen to your table,<br />

Mexquite is just the place for you.<br />

MUST-TRY DISH: Veggie Fajitas (sautéed<br />

bell peppers, onions, cauliflower, carrots,<br />

tomatoes, corn and spinach; served with<br />

guacamole, sour cream, pico de gallo,<br />

cilantro rice, and black beans)<br />

La Rosa Blanca<br />

402 Natoma Street, Folsom,<br />

916-673-9085,<br />

larosablancarestaurant.com<br />

What began as a weekly chore of<br />

cooking dinner quickly morphed into a<br />

passion for owner and chef Patty, who<br />

still uses some of her mother’s thoughtful<br />

recipes in the restaurant. Expect a<br />

colorful, festive ambience and live music<br />

on Fridays.<br />

MUST-TRY DISH: Mama’s Chicken (tender<br />

chicken in tomato and jalapeño sauce;<br />

served with rice, beans, and tortillas)<br />

Kabab Hut<br />

behind. Strong Pakistani roots and<br />

a dash of Indian inspiration result in<br />

unforgettable dishes.<br />

MUST-TRY DISH: Chicken Tikka<br />

Masala (marinated chicken in spiced<br />

curry sauce with rice)<br />

Mexquite photo by Ray Burgess. Kabab Hut<br />

photo by Dante Fontana.<br />

48 stylemg.com | MARCH <strong>2019</strong> | /stylemg /stylemediagroup /stylemediagroup /stylemags

Shalimar<br />

99 Ranch Market<br />


So, you’ve tried the restaurants on the list, found your favorite<br />

dishes, and you’re ready to put your own twist on it at home—<br />

except you can’t find a certain ingredient at your local Trader Joe’s or<br />

Safeway. That’s where these global markets come in, offering a range<br />

of hard-to-find spices, sauces, staples, and sweets.<br />

La Huaca photo by Dante Fontana. Other<br />

photos by Ray Burgess.<br />

Tandoori Nights<br />

1420 East Roseville Parkway, Suite 155,<br />

Roseville, 916-780-8200,<br />

tandoorinights.us<br />

This restaurant’s namesake is from<br />

the tandoor, a clay oven that creeps<br />

up to a blistering 900˚, used to make<br />

authentic Pakistani and Indian dishes.<br />

Adventurous foodies will find lamb<br />

brain on the menu, while more reserved<br />

diners can eat their fill of chicken or<br />

vegetable dishes.<br />

MUST-TRY DISH: Nihari (slow-cooked<br />

boneless beef curry)<br />

Shalimar<br />

711 East Bidwell Street, Suite 5, Folsom,<br />

916-936-4200<br />

With no-frills and counter service, this<br />

unassuming eatery wows with rich and<br />

flavorful curries and complex flavors<br />

that regulars note even their kids love.<br />

MUST-TRY DISH: Murghi Korma Shahi<br />

(chicken in a creamy, mildly spiced,<br />

yogurt-based curry)<br />

Peru<br />

La Huaca<br />

9213 Sierra College Boulevard,<br />

Suite 140, Roseville, 916-771-2558,<br />

lahuacarestaurant.com<br />

Today’s Peruvian cuisine owes its<br />

flavorful fusion to a history of Spanish,<br />

French, Italian, Asian, and African<br />

influence. At La Huaca, the kitchen<br />

keeps it elegant and playful, with<br />

photogenic plates, inventive pairings,<br />

and authentic roots.<br />

MUST-TRY DISH: Ceviche Clasico (white<br />

fish cured in lime juice, red onions, and<br />

hot peppers)<br />

Thailand<br />

Chantara<br />

4361 Town Center Boulevard,<br />

Suite 110, El Dorado Hills, 916-939-0389,<br />

chantaraeldoradohills.com<br />

A spectacular El Dorado Hills<br />

mainstay, this restaurant boasts a<br />

beautiful carved bar and intricate<br />

décor that serve as a backdrop for<br />

some of the best Thai food in town.<br />

An exhausting—in the best way<br />

possible—menu offers options for all<br />

moods and palates, covering all of the<br />

expected fare plus rare treats like angel<br />

wings: tempura-style boneless chicken<br />

wings with honey plum dipping sauce.<br />

MUST-TRY DISH: Duck Curry (boneless<br />

roasted duck with tomatoes, pineapple,<br />

bell peppers, and sweet basil simmered<br />

in creamy red coconut curry)<br />

My Thai Kitchen<br />

1465 Eureka Road, Roseville,<br />

916-781-7811, eatatmythaikitchen.com<br />

Owner and wok master Joy Palmer is<br />

on a mission to show reluctant newbies<br />

to Thai cuisine that it doesn’t have to be<br />

spicy (although if heat is your thing, she<br />

can do that too). Gluten-free and vegan<br />

options are plentiful, plus there’s a daily<br />

happy hour.<br />

MUST-TRY DISH: Avocado Curry<br />

(avocado, bell peppers, carrots, and<br />

snow peas with your choice of protein<br />

in creamy green coconut curry; served<br />

with rice)<br />

La Huaca<br />

ASIAN<br />

KP International Market<br />

10971 Olson Drive, Rancho<br />

Cordova, 916-853-8000, sac.<br />

kpinternationalmarket.com<br />

Oriental Market<br />

203 Harding Boulevard,<br />

Roseville, 916-771-8488,<br />

orientalmarketroseville.com<br />

99 Ranch Market<br />

25000 Blue Ravine Road,<br />

Folsom, 916-984-6899,<br />

99ranch.com/stores/folsom-ca<br />


Mercado Loco<br />

201 Sunrise Avenue, Roseville,<br />

916-791-5626<br />

Santa Maria Taqueria, Meat,<br />

and Groceries<br />

175 Placerville Drive, Suite A,<br />

Placerville,<br />

530-295-8121<br />

INDIAN<br />

Trinetra Indian Grocery<br />

310 South Lexington Drive,<br />

Folsom,<br />

916-983-7275<br />

Malabar Indian Groceries<br />

817 Wales Drive, Suite 1, Folsom,<br />

916-984-4845<br />

MARCH <strong>2019</strong> | stylemg.com 49

Stay Local,<br />

Eat Global<br />

The River Thai<br />

424 East Bidwell Street, Folsom,<br />

916-983-7388<br />

Fresh textures and subtle flavors sing<br />

at this warm, inviting dining room.<br />

Here, the papaya salad is heavenly<br />

and the curries are all they’re cracked<br />

up to be, with generous portions and<br />

devoted authenticity.<br />

MUST-TRY DISH: Papaya Salad<br />

(shredded green papaya, tomatoes,<br />

peanuts, shredded carrots, green<br />

beans, and garlic in a spicy lime<br />

dressing)<br />

Thai Paradise<br />

2770 East Bidwell Street,<br />

Suite 100, Folsom, 916-984-8988,<br />

thaiparadisefolsom.com<br />

From the former chef of a five-star<br />

hotel in Bangkok comes elevated Thai<br />

fare in an equally sophisticated dining<br />

room. Locavores will love that nearby<br />

The River Thai<br />

Thai Paradise<br />

farms supply the bulk of the ingredients,<br />

making the curries and entrées as fresh<br />

as can be.<br />

MUST-TRY DISH: Drunken Noodles<br />

(pan-fried flat rice noodles, green<br />

beans, onions, snow peas, red bell<br />

peppers, jalapeños, tomatoes, bean<br />

sprouts, green beans, basil, and garlic<br />

chili sauce)<br />

Thai House<br />

3181 Cameron Park Drive,<br />

Cameron Park, 530-350-8020<br />

Unique décor, cheerful art, and<br />

genuinely kind service elevate this<br />

casual space that’s known for its<br />

fresh, tasty curries. Expect typical fare,<br />

surprisingly good green beans, and<br />

large portions.<br />

MUST-TRY DISH: Thai House Delight<br />

(sautéed shrimp, scallops, mussels,<br />

calamari, and fish mixed with egg,<br />

onions, bell peppers, and celery in mild<br />

yellow curry)<br />

Turkey<br />

Anatolian Table<br />

6504 Lonetree Boulevard, Rocklin,<br />

916-772-3020, anatoliantable.com<br />

Traditional Turkish fare delights at this<br />

warm eatery with roomy tables for<br />

big parties as well as booths for more<br />

intimate dining. Expect shareable<br />

appetizer platters for sampling new<br />

flavors, plus dreamy kebabs, fluffy pita<br />

bread, and charming décor.<br />

MUST-TRY DISH: Turkish Ravioli (housemade<br />

pasta filled with beef and served<br />

with yogurt and spices)<br />

Northstar Home Baking<br />

2830 Sunset Boulevard, Rocklin, 408-<br />

656-0830, northstarhomebaking.com<br />

This boutique bakery offers a lineup<br />

of European and Mediterranean<br />

pastries, eye-catching desserts, and<br />

more substantial entrées, including<br />

better-than-grandma’s baklava and<br />

super-moist cakes. Keep it in mind for a<br />

morning or afternoon pick-me-up, or to<br />

cater your next party.<br />

MUST-TRY DISH: Simit (a circular<br />

bread—similar to but softer than a<br />

bagel—encrusted with sesame seeds)<br />

Vietnam<br />

DT Noodle<br />

5015 Foothills Boulevard, Suite 3B,<br />

Roseville, 916-797-8883, dtnoodle.com<br />

If you’ve never had a good bahn mi,<br />

now’s the time to change that. The<br />

Vietnamese staple is a single-serving<br />

baguette stuffed with pickled veggies<br />

and meat, and DT Noodle offers six<br />

variations of them. Expect a lengthy<br />

authentic menu, imported beer list, and<br />

casual, cafeteria-style vibe.<br />

MUST-TRY DISH: Bahn Mi Heo Nuong<br />

(grilled pork, cilantro, cucumber,<br />

jalapeños, pickled carrots and daikon;<br />

served on a fresh-baked French<br />

baguette)<br />

Pho ABC<br />

602 East Bidwell Street, Folsom,<br />

916-817-8588, phoabc.com<br />

This award-winning, family-owned<br />

pho hub lives up to the hype, pouring<br />

steaming hot and flavorful bowls of<br />

its namesake soup, in addition to<br />

life-changing egg rolls, charbroiled<br />

specialties, and an extensive list<br />

of smoothies and other unique<br />

beverages. Note: The pho comes in<br />

small, large, and extra-large.<br />

MUST-TRY DISH: Chicken Rice Noodle<br />

Soup (chicken, baby bok choy,<br />

scallions, and rice noodles in broth;<br />

served with bean sprouts, basil,<br />

jalapeños, and lime wedges)<br />

Pho Hang<br />

916 Pleasant Grove Boulevard,<br />

Suite 150, Roseville, 916-771-2565,<br />

phohang.net<br />

Always a winner, this casual and<br />

brightly lit pho hangout is usually<br />

buzzing with hungry patrons. The<br />

warming and soothing soups still<br />

come out of the kitchen in a timely<br />

manner, making it an easy choice<br />

for a quick meal, plus you can order<br />

delivery online.<br />

MUST-TRY DISH: House Fried Rice<br />

(pork, shrimp, egg, sausage, peas, and<br />

carrots; served with a cup of soup)<br />

Pho Tahoe<br />

6530 Pony Express Trail, Pollock Pines,<br />

530-344-7924, photahoe.com<br />

After moving to South Lake Tahoe<br />

from the Bay Area, everything was<br />

perfect—except there was no pho. But<br />

if you build it, they will come, so these<br />

industrious owners opened their own<br />

pho spot in Pollock Pines. Something<br />

else they missed? An awesome sports<br />

bar to catch the game, so Pho Tahoe<br />

became that too.<br />

MUST-TRY DISH: Grilled Pork Vermicelli<br />

(vermicelli noodles, shredded lettuce,<br />

grilled pork, bean sprouts, and<br />

cilantro—topped with sliced daikon,<br />

carrots, and crushed peanuts with<br />

Vietnamese dipping sauce)<br />

Pho Tam<br />

25004 Blue Ravine Road, Folsom,<br />

916-542-7913, photamfolsom.com<br />

Conveniently located next to 99 Ranch<br />

Market for a pre- or postmeal<br />

grocery trip,<br />

this small spot is<br />

deceivingly sleek<br />

inside: sparkling<br />

tile floors, trendy<br />

backsplash,<br />

and bar seating.<br />

Regulars love the<br />

inimitable broth<br />

(it takes 16 hours to<br />

make) and fresh spring rolls.<br />

MUST-TRY DISH: Pho Tai (filet mignon,<br />

rice noodles, white and green onions,<br />

and cilantro in bone marrow broth;<br />

served with bean sprouts, basil,<br />

jalapeños, and lime wedges)<br />

The River Thai and Thai Paradise photos by Ray Burgess. Pho Tam photo by Dante Fontana.<br />

50 stylemg.com | MARCH <strong>2019</strong> | /stylemg /stylemediagroup /stylemediagroup /stylemags




Presenting <strong>Style</strong> <strong>Magazine</strong>’s Taste of the Town<br />

special advertising section, where some of our area’s<br />

culinary creators have chosen to highlight their<br />

business. When you visit these eateries, make sure<br />

you tell them you saw their profile in <strong>Style</strong>!<br />

As one customer said, "The best<br />

Thai food we've ever eaten." Let us<br />

serve you Monday-Sunday. Enjoy<br />

indoor dining or our lake view patio in<br />

our beautiful Town Center location. We<br />

serve traditional Thai food in an authentic<br />

Thai setting. We offer convenient online<br />

ordering. Readers’ Choice Award winner<br />

14 consecutive years.<br />

Chantara Thai Cuisine<br />

4361 Town Center Blvd., Ste. 110 // El Dorado Hills<br />

916-939-0389<br />



Award Winning Executive<br />

Chef and Owner<br />

Michael Liu brings<br />

over 16 years of sushi bar and<br />

restaurant expertise to Hisui<br />

Sushi. With the Skill of A Master<br />

Swordsman, Chef Liu unites<br />

traditional Japanese cuisine<br />

with unique and contemporary<br />

offerings by bringing you tasty<br />

ingredients from the ocean<br />

and land to your plate. Seeking<br />

something different for your<br />

lunchtime options? Please come Tuesday thru Sunday<br />

between 11am-2pm and enjoy our All You Can Eat<br />

(AYCE) menu. It has proven an unmatched offering<br />

enthusiastically received by our customers discerning<br />

palates. We also offer traditional lunch and dinner<br />

cusiine crafted and delivered with a contemporary<br />

and creative flair you will find nowhere else. Tempura,<br />

teriyaki, sashimi, nigiri, hand and plated rolls, and<br />

sushi tapas are all made fresh for on site dining or<br />

takeout! Sit at the sushi bar or in the main dining area.<br />

Vividly flavored, brilliantly executed food with a health<br />

conscious approach using only the freshest ingredients<br />

available. Check out our websitie www.hisuisushi.com.<br />

A dining experience worth traveling for.<br />

Hisui Sushi<br />

25004 Blue Ravine Rd., #107 // Folsom<br />

916-985-7778 // hisuisushi.com<br />

MARCH <strong>2019</strong> | stylemg.com 51



52 stylemg.com | MARCH <strong>2019</strong> | /stylemg /stylemediagroup /stylemediagroup /stylemags



Health benefits are an extra benefit<br />

when enjoying the delicious and<br />

authentic Thai food served at Thai<br />

Paradise restaurant.<br />

What makes Thai food healthy is how it is<br />

cooked and the ingredients used. At Thai<br />

Paradise food is cooked with expensive and<br />

healthy rice bran oil like what is used in<br />

Thailand. Most restaurants use other oils<br />

that cost less. Thai Paradise also uses local<br />

Farm-to-Fork ingredients, fresh vegetables<br />

and meats purchased daily.<br />

The ingredients in many Thai Paradise<br />

dishes include several that are known<br />

to improve our health. Turmeric is antiinflammatory<br />

and an anti-oxidant. It aids<br />

digestion, arthritis, the heart, and may<br />

protect against bacteria and some cancers<br />

(per animal studies). Galanga is used in<br />

Traditional Chinese and Ayurvedic medicine.<br />

It aids digestion, inflammation, arthritis<br />

and ulcers. Lemongrass is also used in<br />

Chinese medicine for flus and colds, fevers,<br />

headaches, arthritis, fungal infections and<br />

stomach conditions. Coriander aids digestive<br />

and gastrointestinal problems, and bacterial<br />

and fungal infections. Chilies aid sleep, the<br />

heart, and healthy insulin and glucose levels.<br />

Coconut Milk contains good fat, lowers<br />

bad cholesterol, promotes good cholesterol,<br />

boosts immunity, modulates metabolic<br />

functions, provides valuable fatty acids and<br />

fights aging.<br />

Thai Paradise uses all of these ingredients<br />

and many more and is the only Thai<br />

restaurant in the area cooking with healthy<br />

rice bran oil. Their healthy dishes, like Pad<br />

Thai, Tom Yum, Papaya Salad, Red Green<br />

and Yellow Curry, and Spring Rolls (all<br />

shown) are among the list of Thai foods<br />

recommended by Registered Dieticians.<br />

Go for the health benefits or go for the<br />

authentic and delicious flavors in the food<br />

created by Jarunee Fleming and her staff at<br />

Thai Paradise - a favorite place to dine.<br />

2770 E. Bidwell St. // Folsom<br />

916-984-8988<br />

thaiparadisefolsom.com<br />

Hours: Sunday-Thursday 11am-9:30pm; Friday<br />

and Saturday 11am-10pm<br />

MARCH <strong>2019</strong> | stylemg.com 53



We offer the finest quality steaks,<br />

chops, and seafood.<br />

C. Knight’s Steakhouse brings the<br />

American tradition of the “Steakhouse” back<br />

showcasing that which is “Tried and True,”<br />

peppered with a touch of “Cliché.” Whether<br />

celebrating a special occasion or entertaining<br />

business clients, let C.Knight’s Steakhouse<br />

be your benchmark for fine steaks, cuisine,<br />

and cocktails. Prepare yourself for an<br />

unparalleled dining experience.<br />

C. Knight's Steakhouse<br />

2085 Vine St., Ste. 101 // El Dorado Hills<br />

916-235-1730 // cknightssteakhouse.com<br />

Best ice cream for 25 years. Serving<br />

the finest, freshest ice cream,<br />

cakes, smoothies and shakes.<br />

Stop by for an ice cream experience and<br />

call us for cakes to celebrate your special<br />

occasions: birthday cakes, kids themed<br />

cakes, petite cakes and custom cakes. Cold<br />

Stone Catering for your special occasions:<br />

Weddings * Socials * Sundaes<br />

Coldstone Creamery<br />

2085 Vine St., Ste. 103 // El Dorado Hills<br />

916-933-6377<br />

2791 E. Bidwell St., Ste. 1000 // Folsom<br />

916-817-2776<br />

cateringatcoldstone@gmail.com<br />

The Breakroom is where food meets<br />

fun! Great food and entertainment<br />

for the whole family including<br />

pool tables, dart boards and an arcade. Or<br />

enjoy a game of cards or dice right at your<br />

table! We use fresh quality ingredients to<br />

create our own twist on everything from a<br />

juicy burger to delectable French Dip.<br />

The Breakroom<br />

4131 South Shingle Rd. #7 // Shingle Springs<br />

530-763-6761 // breakroomeatery.com<br />

Wood Fired Pizza<br />

& Craft Beer and<br />

Wine Tap Wall<br />

Boulevard 41 was created<br />

with the vision of inviting<br />

you to "craft your own<br />

experience." If you’re<br />

looking to enjoy fireside<br />

dining on the patio or<br />

simply a place to relax and sample the latest craft beers<br />

and wine on tap, we’re your place! We offer seasonal<br />

appetizers, desserts, custom & signature pizzas and<br />

salads made with only the highest quality ingredients<br />

locally sourced.<br />

We have 41 rotating taps. 8 of the taps are designated for<br />

our wine drinkers (4 red and 4 white). The rest of the 33<br />

taps are reserved for our large selection of beer. As you<br />

explore the tap wall, you will be able to read what beer/<br />

wine selections we have from a tablet located on top<br />

of every tap. This tablet will include information such<br />

as beverage name, type, brewer, description, ABV, IBU,<br />

as well as the price per ounce, Pour as much or as little<br />

as you like. The ounces you pour are tracked on your<br />

personal wristband that you turn in upon check out.<br />

Come visit us at Boulevard 41, where 725° degrees<br />

meets 35° degrees!<br />

Boulevard 41<br />

4364 Town Center Blvd., Unit 134 // El Dorado Hills<br />

916-235-2337 // blvd41.com<br />

54 stylemg.com | MARCH <strong>2019</strong> | /stylemg /stylemediagroup /stylemediagroup /stylemags



PIZZA<br />


GET THE<br />


1/2 OFF<br />

(Dine-in only, expires 4/30/19)<br />





14 YEARS IN A ROW!<br />

Visconti’s is a<br />

family owned<br />

full service<br />

restaurant in Folsom<br />

where we do our best<br />

to make you feel at<br />

home each time you come to visit. Our recipes come<br />

from past generations of our family in Southern Italy,<br />

from the regions of Calabria and Sicily. We are proud<br />

to use only the freshest ingredients, imported meat,<br />

cheese and wine. When you dine with our family<br />

you feel at home where the flavors are savory, the<br />

atmosphere is filled with love, and the ambiance is old<br />

world traditional Italian life.<br />

If you are wondering where to eat, we welcome parties<br />

of any size no matter what the occasion! We are a<br />

family friendly restaurant that is a perfect place to<br />

celebrate anniversaries, weddings, and birthdays. We<br />

can also host business meetings and private parties.<br />

Open Tuesday through Saturday for lunch and dinner,<br />

and Sundays for dinner only. We are so proud of our<br />

rich traditions and history and that pride goes into<br />

every dish we serve.<br />

Thanks also for making Visconti’s Restaurant Folsom’s<br />

Favorite Italian Restaurant for 14 years in a row!<br />

Visconti’s Ristorante<br />

2700 East Bidwell St., Ste. 700 // Folsom<br />

916-983-5181 // viscontisristorante.com<br />

MARCH <strong>2019</strong> | stylemg.com 55



We are passionate in our pursuit to handcraft wines of<br />

distinction which reflect both the terroir and the creative<br />

vision. Each vineyard is cultivated to infuse natural<br />

characteristics. Known for outstanding hospitality and events, the<br />

winery's 254 acre estate offers visitors expansive views, a stunning<br />

tasting room and a beautiful stone terrace. We are excited to offer a new<br />

event this season: “Sunday Tapas with Chef Carl Williams”. Join us on<br />

Sunday, <strong>March</strong> 24th & Sunday, April 28th for beautiful tapas prepared<br />

by summer food & wine pairings chefs! Taste one of our many 90+ point<br />

rated wines and see why we are voted Best Winery in El Dorado County!<br />

Miraflores Winery<br />

2120 Four Springs Trail // Placerville<br />

530-647-8505 // mirafloreswinery.com<br />

Experience Distant Cellars…1.2 Miles from E-16 in Amador<br />

County, California… on Ostrom Road …on the way to<br />

Fiddletown is where you will find this hidden gem. Distant<br />

Cellars Winery. Ostrom Road is magnificent. Lined with old<br />

homestead farms one senses the rich history of this renowned gold<br />

rush region.Inspired by the rich terroir, Distant Cellars produces<br />

small lots of wines exhibiting the unique characteristics of the<br />

Fiddletown AVA. We invite you to come experience the wines and<br />

enjoy a bit of history in every bottle. Check website for days and<br />

hours of operations.<br />

Distant Cellars<br />

21390 Ostrom Rd. // Fiddletown<br />

209-245-8587 // distantcellars.com<br />

Eight years and counting on historical Main Street in Placerville!<br />

We attribute our success to the community that keeps coming<br />

back for great food, creative libations, conversations and smiles!<br />

We thank our patrons for the continual support and positive reviews,<br />

sharing this place with your friends and family. We are looking<br />

forward to seeing you and yours the next time you are looking for a<br />

spot to eat in our cute little town of Placerville.<br />


Bricks Eats & Drinks<br />

482 Main Street // Placerville<br />

530-344-7757 // bricksonmainstreet.com<br />

We have had the pleasure of being part of the Placerville<br />

community for eight years now. Cascada continues to<br />

strive to give our patrons the best dining experience<br />

possible. We serve an eclectic mix of Mexican favorites and<br />

California fresh cuisine with a Latin flair in an upscale, urban setting<br />

without the upscale price. Our full bar is anchored with local wines<br />

and specialty margaritas made with premium tequilas and fresh<br />

squeezed lime juice. Our friendly and professional staff serve lunch<br />

and dinner seven days a week. So stop by and have some fun. We<br />

look forward to seeing you.<br />

Cascada Restaurant & Cantina<br />

384 Main Street // Placerville<br />

530-344-7757 // cascadaonmainstreet.com<br />

56 stylemg.com | MARCH <strong>2019</strong> | /stylemg /stylemediagroup /stylemediagroup /stylemags



We invite you to enjoy authentic cuisine from the state of<br />

Oaxaca, Mexico featuring the freshest of ingredients.<br />

Our menu offers a variety of flavors including authentic<br />

Oaxaca style ceviche, Rocky's free range chicken with signature<br />

mole sauce, surf & turf molcajetes, fish tacos, enmoladas, horchata,<br />

churros and mezcal ice cream. Mezcalito will take you on a colorful<br />

and flavorful adventure. Open 7 days a week, we serve breakfast<br />

daily and happy hour from 2-5pm. Vegan options are available as<br />

well as delivery. Check out our weekend and daily specials. Mention<br />

this ad and we’ll give you 10% off your order.<br />

Mezcalito Oaxacan Cuisine<br />

5065 Pacific St. // Rocklin<br />

916-701-4772 // mezcalitocuisine.com<br />

Outbreak Brewing Company here. Instead of your typical ad<br />

in an any other potentially unworthy advertising media<br />

apparatus we decided to go another route. Here's a small view<br />

into our beautiful nonsense, Also, this is a semi-formal invitation to our<br />

Anniversary Shenanigans. Prepare yourself for wonderful collaborations,<br />

mountain folk friendliness, vendors, and of course award winning beers.<br />

Come partake in our Pre-St. Patty's Day Shenanigans and Anniversary<br />

Party, <strong>March</strong> 16th <strong>2019</strong>! Can't make it?! No problem, we're always doing<br />

some cool stuff. Check out our Taco Tuesdays, and Thursday Open Mic<br />

Nights. Check out our Facebook/Instagram for other events! Cheers.<br />

Outbreak Brewing<br />

640 Main St. // Placerville<br />

530-748-3258 // outbreakbrewing.com<br />

Voted Best Overall<br />

Restaurant, a Best<br />

Outdoor Dining,<br />

a Best Bar, and Best<br />

Waitpersons Jake Brekke<br />

and Tyrel Blankenship!<br />

The Independent Restaurant and Bar offers a refreshing<br />

place for gatherings of family and friends in the Emerald<br />

Street Building on upper Main Street in Placerville. Come<br />

and enjoy the modern rustic setting which includes cozy<br />

indoor dining and a convivial bar. In addition, outdoor<br />

dining is available on the private garden patio.<br />

Now in their eighth year, the Independent remains<br />

focused on its American fusion menu prepared with<br />

the freshest ingredients. The full bar is top tier with<br />

innovative creations featuring fresh-squeezed juices,<br />

infused liquors, and signature cocktails mixed by their<br />

friendly and professional staff.<br />

Operating as a “scratch kitchen” the work begins early<br />

at The Independent, where meats, cheeses, and freshdelivered<br />

produce are all prepared daily for lunch and<br />

dinner service. Creative weekend specials are a hallmark<br />

of the Independent and savvy patrons know they sell<br />

out quickly. Call and speak to the friendly staff for<br />

information and reservations or follow the Independent<br />

on Facebook to see current weekend specials. The<br />

Independent serves lunch and dinner seven days/week.<br />

Also check out their Bloody Mary Bar on Sundays from<br />

11-4, and their Sous Vide Prime Rib on Sunday nights!<br />

The Independent Restaurant and Bar<br />

629 Main Street // Placerville<br />

530-344-7645 // independentplacerville.com<br />

MARCH <strong>2019</strong> | stylemg.com 57

| editor’s picks |<br />

GET<br />

LUCKY<br />

3GREEN<br />

THINGS<br />


SWEAT IN STYLE StandardCloCo HouseRide<br />

Camo Hoodie, $48 at HouseRide Cycling Studio, 2030<br />

Douglas Boulevard, Suite 38, Roseville. 916-865-4245,<br />

houseridecycling.com<br />


Creative Co-Op Embossed Stoneware Vases, $9.50-$12.50,<br />

and “Hello” Die Cut Sticky Notes, $4.95, at Spin, 417 Roseville<br />

Square, Roseville. 916-784-7746, facebook.com/spingifts<br />

Photos courtesy of their respective companies or organizations.<br />

58 stylemg.com | MARCH <strong>2019</strong> | /stylemg /stylemediagroup /stylemediagroup /stylemags

5th ANNUAL<br />

Photo courtesy of its respective company or organization.<br />

DRINK UP<br />

ALO Exposed Aloe Vera Juice Drink,<br />

$2.50 at Sunrise Natural Foods, 1950<br />

Douglas Boulevard, Roseville. 916-789-8591,<br />

sunrisenaturalfoods.net<br />

MARCH <strong>2019</strong> | stylemg.com 59<br />

<strong>March</strong> 5, 6 pm, Fat City, Old Sacramento<br />

THROUGHOUT MARCH, a portion of the proceeds<br />

from ALL Banana Cream Pie sales will be donated to<br />

Restaurants Care. Pre-order your pie today!<br />


EYE SPY<br />

Davette’s Lunettes<br />

“Liz” Frames, $475<br />

at EyeChicks,<br />

3755 Taylor Road,<br />

Loomis. 916-489-1110,<br />

eyechicks.com<br />


Natural Stone Necklaces, $16.99 each at Moth Hole<br />

Consignment Boutique, 11787 Fair Oaks Boulevard,<br />

Fair Oaks. 916-965-5542, mothholeconsignment.com<br />


Huxley & Kent Bowtie, $6.99+<br />

at Pampered Pet Salon and<br />

Boutique, 6610 Folsom-Auburn<br />

Road, Suite 10, Folsom. 916-987-<br />

1899, mypamperedpetsalon.com<br />


Indoor/Outdoor Indio Mandarinquat Tree,<br />

$39.98 at Bushnell Gardens, Home & Gifts, 5255<br />

Douglas Boulevard, Granite Bay. 916-791-4199,<br />

bushnellgardens.com<br />


Ezpz Mat, $18.49+ at Dearest Diapers, 945<br />

Roseville Parkway, Suite 140, Roseville. 916-741-0930,<br />

dearestdiapers.com<br />


Irish Blessing Pillow, $35 at Swoonable,<br />

handcrafted locally in Folsom, swoonable.net<br />

Photos courtesy of their respective companies or organizations.<br />

60 stylemg.com | MARCH <strong>2019</strong> | /stylemg /stylemediagroup /stylemediagroup /stylemags


Plush Step In Air Mesh Harness, $24.99 at<br />

The Doggie Bag,<br />

1070 Pleasant Grove Boulevard, Roseville.<br />

916-789-9663, thedoggiebag.com<br />


Smart Sweets Sour Gummy Bears, $3.29<br />

at GNC, 3975 Missouri Flat Road, Suite 230,<br />

Placerville. 530-626-5679, gnc.com<br />

Revolutions<br />

Naturopathic<br />

Photos courtesy of their respective companies or organizations.<br />


The Very Hungry Caterpillar by Eric Carle,<br />

$10.99 at Face in a Book, 4359 Town Center<br />

Boulevard, Suite 113, El Dorado Hills. 916-941-<br />

9401, getyourfaceinabook.com<br />

MARCH <strong>2019</strong> | stylemg.com 61<br />

Feel Your Best with<br />

IV Nutrient Therapies<br />

• Hydration<br />

• Immune Boost<br />

• Sports Recovery<br />

• Hangover Recovery<br />

• IV Nutrients<br />

• Glutathione<br />

• Ozone<br />

• Vitamin C<br />

• Custom Formulations<br />

*Basic lab results and doctor consult<br />

required. Same day onsite lab testing<br />

and consults often available

Introducing<br />

Q&A<br />



KrickFit<br />


SUITE 2, EL DORADO HILLS, 415-707-<br />

9912, KRICKFIT.COM,<br />


Michael Krick<br />


Elite personal training, holistic lifestyle<br />

coaching, small group training, and<br />

online programs.<br />


PROFESSION: As a young adult, I had a<br />

dream that I would be able to change<br />

the world. I carried that dream into<br />

adulthood and now find myself excited<br />

to get up each and every day. I have<br />

the privilege of being able to change<br />

client’s lives in a concrete way, because<br />

I’m able to accurately measure their<br />

progress. There’s no greater joy than<br />

knowing I’ve helped an individual live<br />

a richer, healthier, and more rewarding<br />

life—whether that be adding years to<br />

their lifespan, helping them keep up<br />

with their grandchildren, or finishing a<br />

race. Their dreams become my reality<br />

and helping people reach their goals is<br />

incredibly rewarding.<br />


COMPANY: KrickFit started as a mobile<br />

personal training business. I would<br />

drive to client’s homes or meet them<br />

outside in a park.<br />

FIRST JOB: My first job was as a server.<br />

I believe everyone should hold a job in<br />

the restaurant or service industry at<br />

some point in their life—it teaches grit.<br />

FAVORITE FOOD: I'm not a picky guy,<br />

but we eat very clean in our house. As<br />

a special treat, it would have to be pizza<br />

or sushi.<br />

LAST BIG PURCHASE: A few months<br />

ago, my wife and I traded in our minivan<br />

for a Toyota 4Runner. We needed a<br />

four-wheel drive vehical and plan on<br />

taking advantage of our proximity to the<br />

mountains.<br />


FIND ME: At home. As I've gotten older,<br />

I've become a homebody. I love doing<br />

simple projects around the house and<br />

spending time with my wife and young<br />

children. When not at home, you'll find me<br />

outdoors—hiking, snowboarding, boating,<br />

or biking. We’re also blessed with an<br />

incredible network of friends and spend as<br />

much time with them as possible.<br />


breathe clearly. I’m a mountain man at<br />

heart and living here recharges me.<br />

62 stylemg.com | MARCH <strong>2019</strong> | /stylemg /stylemediagroup /stylemediagroup /stylemags



The Martell O'Neal Real Estate Team<br />

Can Help!<br />

9 1 6 . 2 3 5 . 7 0 4 5<br />

| F O L S O M N O W . C O M

Gather Studio<br />

& Marketplace<br />


SUITE B, GRANITE BAY, 916-872-1316,<br />




currently feature approximately 40 local artists<br />

and makers who either sell their items in our<br />

“locally handmade” marketplace or teach<br />

classes and workshops in the studio.<br />


PROFESSION: Bringing the community<br />

together and interacting with them while<br />

getting to participate in different types of<br />

workshops and classes. It’s a pleasure to work<br />

with so many kind, creative people and give<br />

them a local platform to share their creative<br />

passions.<br />


host private parties and gatherings with as<br />

few as eight people and offer fundraising<br />

opportunities. We also allow you to bring your<br />

own beer and wine to workshops.<br />

FIRST JOB: Babysitting and selling friendship<br />

bracelets.<br />

FAVORITE FOOD: Anything Mexican.<br />

LAST BIG PURCHASE: A ton of art supplies!<br />


Enjoying the outdoors.<br />


has a little bit of everything. It’s close to the<br />

mountains and not far from the city.<br />

Meleya Walker<br />

Dan Bender<br />

The Studio 26<br />


916-350-0546, THESTUDIO26.NET, @THESTUDIO26<br />


Jewelry classes and supplies.<br />



Providing an artisan jewelry<br />

community for people of all<br />

ages.<br />


COMPANY: Most of the<br />

people who help make<br />

The Studio 26 great are<br />

volunteers!<br />

FIRST JOB: A janitor.<br />

FAVORITE FOOD: BBQ brisket.<br />

LAST BIG PURCHASE: Turquoise stones.<br />


hunting.<br />

I LOVE LIVING HERE, BECAUSE: The area has a<br />

hometown feel.<br />

64 stylemg.com | MARCH <strong>2019</strong> | /stylemg /stylemediagroup /stylemediagroup /stylemags<br />


In fact, our Introducing and Eat & Drink section reviews are not paid advertisements. If you’d like your business<br />

profiled, please email Megan Wiskus at megan@stylemg.com. Once we determine when your business will be<br />

featured, we will contact you to schedule a time to come out and take a photograph. Thank you!

Bringing Grout & Tile Back To Life

| health & wellness |<br />

Go<br />

with<br />

Gut<br />

Your<br />

The Benefits<br />

of Bacteria<br />


Photo ©T. L. Furrer - stock.adobe.com.<br />

You’ve likely heard the phrase,<br />

“You are what you eat.”<br />

Thanks to research into the importance of our gut<br />

health, however, this statement is only partially accurate.<br />

Your gut health has a big influence on all aspects of<br />

your well-being. “Even if you’re eating a healthy diet, you<br />

must be able to properly digest and absorb nutrients,<br />

so they can be used for energy in the body,” explains<br />

Rachael Dardano, CHHC, holistic nutritionist and<br />

digestive specialist at Internal Wisdom in Folsom.<br />

MARCH <strong>2019</strong> | stylemg.com 67

| health & wellness |<br />

“When your gut is<br />

in order, you have a<br />

stronger immune system,<br />

your emotional health<br />

(depression, anxiety, etc.)<br />

is in balance, you have<br />

zero skin issues, allergies<br />

are kept in check, your<br />

sleep is optimal, and<br />

energy is restored.”<br />

“The gastrointestinal system, also referred to<br />

as the digestive system or gut, is a group of<br />

organs that include the mouth, esophagus,<br />

stomach, pancreas, liver, gallbladder, small<br />

intestine, colon, and rectum,” Dardano says.<br />

“The gut serves many essential roles in<br />

sustaining and protecting the overall health<br />

and wellness of our bodies.”<br />

To explain further, your gut is full<br />

of “good” bacteria and “bad” bacteria,<br />

according to Stacey Maedge, NTP, and<br />

owner at Gut Check Nutritional Therapy<br />

in Loomis. “In a balanced, healthy gut, the<br />

good bacteria overpopulate the bad and<br />

keep things running smoothly,” she says.<br />

“When your gut is in order, you have a<br />

stronger immune system, your emotional<br />

health (depression, anxiety, etc.) is in<br />

balance, you have zero skin issues, allergies<br />

are kept in check, your sleep is optimal, and<br />

energy is restored.”<br />

“When your gut is not in tip-top shape<br />

and the ‘bad’ bacteria take over, you may<br />

experience bloating, diarrhea, constipation,<br />

food allergies or sensitivities, nutritional<br />

deficiencies, excessive fatigue, cravings<br />

for sugar, or worse,” says Anna Rashidi,<br />

PharmD, at Innovative Compounding<br />

Pharmacy in Folsom.<br />

To maintain a happy, healthy gut,<br />

Kathryn Boulter, ND, at Revolutions<br />

Naturopathic with locations in Roseville<br />

and Folsom, suggests eating a diet rich<br />

in whole foods—one that’s mostly [plantbased]<br />

and low in animal protein, sugar,<br />

and processed foods. “Eating a variety of<br />

vegetables is the best way to get vitamins,<br />

minerals, and fiber, which are essential for<br />

a healthy gut,” she says.<br />

According to Maedge, you can boost<br />

the “good” bacteria by eating a variety of<br />

fermented foods, such as live sauerkraut/<br />

kimchi, and other fermented vegetables<br />

and live yogurts that are low in sugar.<br />

Another option is to take a probiotic<br />

supplement. “Buy one brand and once<br />

you finish the bottle, buy one with a<br />

totally different strain of bacteria in it,”<br />

she recommends. “This will help diversify<br />

your ‘good’ bugs.”<br />

If you’re someone who often<br />

experiences heartburn (aka, acid reflux or<br />

GERD), consistency to your meals is key.<br />

“Eating three balanced meals at consistent<br />

times throughout the day is essential for<br />

digestion,” says John McCracken, MD, Chief<br />

of Gastroenterology at Kaiser Permanente<br />

Roseville and Sacramento. “Skipping meals<br />

results in acid or enzymes in the gut that<br />

can damage the stomach or esophagus.<br />

The largest meal should be in the morning<br />

or noon hours with a lighter meal in the<br />

evening.” He also suggests limiting your<br />

coffee and alcohol intake, as both can<br />

trigger heartburn symptoms.<br />

Sooraj Tejaswi, MD, MSPH, Associate<br />

Clinical Professor of Gastroenterology and<br />

Hepatology at UC Davis Medical Center,<br />

says, “All individuals will—at some point<br />

in their lives—transiently experience signs<br />

or symptoms of digestive problems, such<br />

as abdominal pain, bloating, heartburn,<br />

nausea, or vomiting...Yet, when these<br />

symptoms persist for days to weeks or<br />

months, it may be time to seek medical<br />

attention.”<br />

68 stylemg.com | MARCH <strong>2019</strong> | /stylemg /stylemediagroup /stylemediagroup /stylemags

Woodstoves - Gas Stoves - Fireplaces<br />

Women’s Boutique - Unique Home Décor and Gifts<br />

4496 Missouri Flat Rd. - Placerville<br />




D I S T I N C T I V E<br />


Presenting <strong>Style</strong> <strong>Magazine</strong>’s Distinctive Dentists special advertising section. Some of our area’s best<br />

dentists and orthodontists have chosen to highlight their practice within the pages of the area’s most read<br />

community magazine. Each month <strong>Style</strong> chooses a different industry to give these businesses a unique<br />

opportunity to stand out and highlight their products and services. When you visit these businesses, make<br />

sure you tell them you saw their profile in <strong>Style</strong>!<br />

GEORGE D. CHEN, D.D.S.<br />




785 Hana Way, Ste. 103 // Folsom<br />

916-983-6051 // folsomdentist.com //<br />

Esthetic Reflections<br />

In Dentistry<br />

Dr Chen on Vacation with his Family<br />

Quality dentistry improves more than your teeth – it<br />

improves health and happiness.<br />

Dr. George Chen strives to deliver that level of dentistry<br />

that patients need to love their smile. It is one of the<br />

reasons he has been awarded “Best Dentist” by the readers of <strong>Style</strong><br />

<strong>Magazine</strong> for 10 straight years. He is also dedicated to his family,<br />

loves his pets, and adores the community that he has developed with<br />

his staff and patients at Esthetic Reflections in Dentistry.<br />

Dr. Chen has also made it his personal mission to create an<br />

environment that promotes better dental care.<br />

“Everything we do here, from oral cancer screenings, periodontist programs for<br />

healthy gums, moving teeth in the right position, keeping teeth free of cavities and<br />

disease, counseling on nutrition that decreases tooth decay, improving straight<br />

beautiful teeth for a healthy self-image - Each of these is about more than your<br />

teeth. They’re about promoting our patient’s health.” ~Dr. George D. Chen.<br />

Whether it is helping the patient relax with sedation dentistry,<br />

thoroughly treating a dental emergency, fixing complicated dental<br />

issues, or simply making your cleaning more pleasant and fun, Dr.<br />

Chen and Esthetic Reflections in Dentistry will continue to prioritize<br />

customer service to make sure that you genuinely enjoy your dental<br />

visits while also receiving the highest quality care.<br />

Struggle with dental anxiety? Dr. Chen is also certified in oral<br />

conscious sedation, making it possible to receive the dental care you<br />

need. For those looking for a new general, family, or cosmetic dentist,<br />

please give Esthetic Reflections a call today at 916-983-6051.<br />

70 stylemg.com | MARCH <strong>2019</strong> | /stylemg /stylemediagroup /stylemediagroup /stylemags






CENTER<br />



2370 E. Bidwell St., Ste. 130 // Folsom<br />

916-983-6637 // folsomdentalimplants.com<br />

#1 FAVORITE<br />


Dr. Gregory G. Olsen practices a full<br />

scope of oral and maxillofacial surgery<br />

including dental implants, bone grafting<br />

and wisdom tooth removal while<br />

providing exceptional patient care in a friendly<br />

atmosphere.<br />

Dr. Olsen graduated with honors from the<br />

University of the Pacific Arthur A. Dugoni School<br />

of Dentistry, San Francisco and completed his<br />

specialty training residency in the field of Oral<br />

and Maxillofacial Surgery at John H. Stroger, Jr.<br />

Hospital in Chicago. He is a board-certified Oral<br />

and Maxillofacial surgeon, a board-certified dental<br />

anesthesiologist and a fellow of the International<br />

Congress of Oral Implantology. Dr. Olsen holds<br />

memberships with numerous prestigious dental<br />

organizations including the California Dental<br />

Association, Sacramento District Dental Society and<br />

the American Association of Oral and Maxillofacial<br />

Surgeons to name a few. Dr. Olsen and his wife, a<br />

dental hygienist, are dedicated to serving those in<br />

need- both locally and internationally.<br />

The team at Folsom Oral Surgery And Implant<br />

Center’s first priority is the safety and comfort of<br />

every patient. In addition to Dr. Olsen, our surgical<br />

assistant team is all DAANCE (Dental Anesthesia<br />

Assistant National Certification Examination) and<br />

OMSA (Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery Assistant)<br />

certified for oral surgery, ACLS (Advanced Cardiac<br />

Life Support), and PALS (Pediatric Advanced Life<br />

Support) certified for adult and pediatric life support.<br />

Dr. Gregory G. Olsen works constantly to keep<br />

up-to-date with the latest advancements in dental<br />

care. He uses the latest techniques and remains<br />

deeply committed to developing new and better ways<br />

to protect your teeth and gums. When not taking<br />

care of his patients or volunteering his time, Dr.<br />

Olsen enjoys spending time with his wife, family and<br />

friends along with fly-fishing, cycling and hiking.<br />

Take a moment to learn more about the exciting<br />

new services we offer our patients. Please call our<br />

office at 916-983-6637.<br />

MARCH <strong>2019</strong> | stylemg.com 71




DDS, MS<br />




2371 Iron Point Road, Suite 140<br />

Folsom<br />

916-461-5465<br />

DrLucasOrthodontics.com<br />

Doctor Lucas is a boardcertified<br />

orthodontist who<br />

takes pride in his work and<br />

loves what he does…making<br />

people smile. He was born and raised<br />

in Northern California and is happy<br />

to still call it his home. Doctor Lucas<br />

attended the distinguished University<br />

of California San Francisco, where he<br />

earned his Doctorate of Dental Surgery<br />

and also completed his specialty training<br />

in orthodontics. Treating some of the<br />

most complex orthodontic cases in the<br />

Bay Area, he was motivated by the way<br />

orthodontics could truly transform a<br />

person’s self-confidence.<br />

Doctor Lucas is experienced in treating<br />

a wide variety of orthodontic conditions<br />

in both children and adults and uses<br />

the most current methods of treatment.<br />

He is committed to offering genuine,<br />

conservative and affordable orthodontic<br />

treatment for his patients in the<br />

community. Our office is a one-doctor<br />

practice. That means you will see Doctor<br />

Lucas at every visit and get the attention,<br />

care and results you deserve.<br />

Our brand new office is conveniently<br />

located in Folsom right off Highway<br />

50 near the Palladio shopping center.<br />

We combine the most state-of-theart<br />

technology and patient care with<br />

good old-fashioned customer service<br />

and honesty. Come stop by and see for<br />

yourself. You will leave with a smile.<br />

72 stylemg.com | MARCH <strong>2019</strong> | /stylemg /stylemediagroup /stylemediagroup /stylemags



AMAR PAWAR, D.D.S.<br />


1568 Creekside Dr., Ste. 202 // Folsom<br />

916-235-6212 // www.folsomfamilydental.com<br />


Dr. Pawar's alma mater is<br />

the prestigious Columbia<br />

University School of<br />

Dentistry and Oral Surgery.<br />

Upon graduation from Columbia,<br />

he moved on to a year of advanced<br />

education in General Dentistry at<br />

the University of the Pacific in San<br />

Francisco. Dr. Pawar loves living and<br />

practicing in Folsom due to the culturally<br />

rich environment and family friendliness<br />

of this city and the surrounding areas.<br />

He participates in many community<br />

and cultural organizations and activities<br />

that make this town great. Dr. Pawar<br />

takes pride in giving personal attention<br />

to his dental patients. so much so that<br />

he has adjusted his office hours to<br />

accommodate patients that might need<br />

late afternoon as well as some Saturday<br />

appointments. He always listens to<br />

his patients and provides individually<br />

tailored solutions suitable to their needs.<br />

He will discuss with you all aspects of a<br />

treatment plan and help you choose the<br />

best option that works for you.<br />



1020 Suncast Ln., Ste. 103 // El Dorado Hills<br />

916-941-2447 // alohadentaledh.com<br />


He goes by “DR. WAYNE!” His last name, Tsutsuse, is a<br />

difficult Japanese name to pronounce. He was born and<br />

raised in Hawaii and has incorporated “The Aloha Spirit”<br />

throughout his state-of-the-art office, and in his friendly<br />

personality. His dedicated, professional staff has many years of dental<br />

experience and will assist you with all of your concerns and questions.<br />

A graduate of USC School of Dentistry, he caters to a wide range of<br />

dental needs for the entire family. Patients will find their individual<br />

dental needs are attended to in a skilled, gentle and caring manner. He<br />

and the entire “Aloha Family Dental” staff consider service and your<br />

comfort, safety and health as their number one common goal.<br />



Back: Michael Gade, DDS; Jeffrey McClure, DDS; Randy Wilkes, DDS<br />

Front: Ronald Milla, DDS; Dwight Miller, DDS, MS; Mark Arena, DDS<br />

Not pictured: Gregory Steiner, DDS, MS, Periodontist<br />

5410 Park Drive // Rocklin // 916-435-2475<br />

15 Sierra Gate Plaza // Roseville // 916-786-6777<br />

BlueOakDentalGroup.com<br />

Care “<br />

for a lifetime” is the cornerstone upon<br />

which Blue Oak Dental was founded over<br />

20 years ago in Roseville. The dental<br />

team provides quality dental care with an<br />

emphasis on esthetic, tooth conservative dentistry.<br />

Blue Oak Dental is committed to the integrity of<br />

their profession and honesty of their treatment<br />

recommendations.<br />

In addition to offering general dentistry, implant dentistry<br />

and cosmetic dental services, the group also has an<br />

in-house orthodontist (traditional braces and Invisalign)<br />

and periodontist to treat all of your dental needs.<br />

“We are committed to helping our patients look and<br />

feel their best through optimal dental health,” say<br />

the doctors of Blue Oak Dental. Their philosophy is<br />

simple: provide exceptional and comfortable care that<br />

is honest, compassionate and respectful to patients,<br />

friends and families.<br />

The Roseville office offers extended appointment<br />

hours, including Saturdays.<br />

Blue Oak Dental is accepting new patients, offers<br />

flexible financing and invites you to become a part of<br />

the Blue Oak Dental family. “We are certain that you<br />

will enjoy our professional staff and friendly atmosphere!<br />

Please call to schedule your dental visit and be sure to<br />

ask about our $50 new patient certificate.”<br />

MARCH <strong>2019</strong> | stylemg.com 73






2310 East Bidwell St., Ste. 250 // Folsom<br />

9197 Greenback Ln., Ste. #B // Orangevale<br />

916-988-1744 // poidmoreortho.com //<br />

Orthodontics: it’s all we do! It’s now more<br />

important than ever to choose a specialist<br />

to help create the smile of your dreams.<br />

We are dedicated to making quality<br />

treatment affordable and attainable, because everyone<br />

deserves to have the smile they’ve been waiting for!<br />

Dr. Poidmore is a nationally ranked, top provider<br />

of Invisalign, and also offers traditional metal or<br />

clear brackets. With two locations in Folsom and<br />

Orangevale, we are incredibly proud to have a fivestar<br />

rating from our community. Patients love our<br />

modern, upbeat atmosphere that defies the traditional<br />

dental office feel. We are excited to have a fastgrowing<br />

adult patient-base – ask us about our Intel<br />

discount that applies to both adult and child patients!<br />

Your beautiful, new smile will leave a lasting<br />

impression, and so will we. Come be a part of the<br />

Poidmore Orthodontics family where you receive<br />

personalized care throughout your whole smile journey.<br />

We believe that’s something worth smiling about!<br />



6390 Runnymeade Dr., Ste. A // Placerville<br />

530-622-6768 // usselljonesdds.com<br />

Dr. Russell S Jones DDS, brings extensive<br />

training and experience to El Dorado<br />

County. Having followed in his family’s<br />

footsteps he feels fortunate to be a<br />

Hangtown resident for 26 years. He attended San<br />

Francisco’s University of the Pacific (UOP), where he<br />

obtained his dental degree in 1991. His top priority is<br />

dedicated to assisting each patient in achieving long<br />

term dental health and a beautiful smile. Patients<br />

receive oral health care education in a beautiful office<br />

with a warm and caring staff. Dr. Jones and his staff<br />

take the time to get to know each individual and listens<br />

to their concerns before all treatment is performed.<br />

Dr. Jones office recognizes patients are their most<br />

important asset, and strive to develop long-lasting,<br />

trusting relationships with all of their patients.<br />

Some of the services Dr. Jones provides include:<br />

dental cleanings and exams, restorations, oral surgery<br />

extractions, comfortable root canal treatments,<br />

periodontal disease prevention, tooth colored fillings,<br />

teeth whitening, dentures, crowns, bridges and veneers.<br />

Dr. Jones free time is filled with a continued love of<br />

the game of golf and time with his wife, four children,<br />

two grandchildren and loving the community he calls<br />

home.With easy access Dr. Russell S Jones DDS is<br />

conveniently located just off Highway 50 and the El<br />

Dorado Exit.<br />

74 stylemg.com | MARCH <strong>2019</strong> | /stylemg /stylemediagroup /stylemediagroup /stylemags








1263 Pleasant Grove Blvd., Ste. 150 // Roseville<br />

916-784-2002 // www.dental-designs.com<br />

At Dental Designs of Roseville Dr.<br />

Firas Nassif, along with his incredible<br />

team, pride themselves on being an all<br />

encompassing dental practice. They hold<br />

themselves accountable for higher standards and<br />

exceeding their patients’ expectations. A focused<br />

mindset, commitment to his work and passionate<br />

enthusiasm for learning and building lifelong<br />

relationships with patients are the reasons why<br />

Dr. Nassif was voted Best Dentist in the Roseville,<br />

Rocklin, Granite Bay area for 10 years.<br />

Dr. Nassif and his team have completed extensive<br />

post-graduate training including several courses at<br />

the prestigious Las Vegas Institute for Advanced<br />

Dental Studies.<br />

Dr. Nassif is a member of many of the leading<br />

dental associations, including the American<br />

Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry, American<br />

Dental Association, Sacramento Dental Society,<br />

California Dental Association and LVI Global.<br />

They have seen first-hand how a smile makeover<br />

can change a person’s life.<br />

Big believers in Giving Back to the Community,<br />

they are advocates and supporters of the American<br />

Cancer Society, Leukemia and Lymphoma Society,<br />

St. Jude’s Children Research and many others.<br />

Check out their awesome reviews at https://reviews.<br />

solutionreach.com/vs/dental_designs_of_roseville_<br />

MARCH <strong>2019</strong> | stylemg.com 75



No molds<br />

No temporaries<br />

No hassles<br />

$59<br />

Exam, Cleaning &<br />

X-Ray for New Patients*<br />

Valid for all Smile Time Dental Offices<br />

* Restrictions apply. Not valid with HMOs. Please call for details.<br />

© <strong>2019</strong> MMTIP. All rights reserved.<br />

Free<br />

Hi-Tech Electric<br />

Toothbrush*<br />

Or Professional<br />

Whitening<br />

Valid for all Smile Time Dental Offices<br />

* Restrictions apply. Not valid with HMOs. Please call for details.<br />

© <strong>2019</strong> MMTIP. All rights reserved.<br />

916-597-1461<br />

www.smiletimedental.com<br />

FOLSOM:<br />

2260 E. Bidwell St #110<br />

ROCKLIN:<br />

2241 Sunset Blvd, St #E<br />

We Accept<br />

All<br />

Insurances<br />


3433 Arden Way #B

| home + garden |<br />

Blissful<br />

Abode<br />

5 Spring-Cleaning Strategies<br />


As we get ready for warmer weather and longer,<br />

brighter days, the time is right to develop a springcleaning<br />

strategy. Whether you’re overloaded with<br />

unwanted gifts from the holidays or simply need to organize<br />

papers and prepare for tax season, we have five easy ideas to<br />

help you create an oasis so you’re able to enjoy the season with<br />

a clean, clutter-free home.<br />

Top photo ©natali_mis - stock.adobe.com. Bottom photo courtesy of Kerrie L.Kelley Design Lab.<br />

1 out with the old<br />

Decluttering isn’t always an easy task. With collected items over the years, it can be<br />

challenging to decide what to keep and what to donate or toss. Author, Netflix star, and<br />

organizing expert, Marie Kondo, has truly made a science of how to assist you. She<br />

suggests starting with an easier level of difficulty and then moving on to the most<br />

difficult. First, declutter your clothes; next, move on to books, papers, and<br />

miscellaneous items, saving your mementos for last. Find items in each of those<br />

categories throughout your home so you know what you truly own. The key is to keep<br />

only the things that "spark joy" and donate, mend, or throw away those that don’t.<br />

2 everything in its place<br />

Once you’ve decided what you want to keep, organizers—in the form of racks, trays,<br />

and boxes—can be a huge help in keeping the space uncluttered. For the kitchen<br />

area, spice racks can assist in maintaining a tidy cupboard. See-through glass storage<br />

containers allow you to have Instagram-worthy pantries and refrigerators, too.<br />

When it comes to closets, matching hangers keep clothes the same height and<br />

make it easier to see all your garments. Shoe organizers are terrific, too, and help<br />

keep your newly clutter-free area organized. Don’t hesitate to use your favorite<br />

fashion boxes for organizing scarves, jewelry, and other special items.<br />

3 appliance attention<br />

We’re typically in the habit of cleaning out our refrigerator periodically or wiping<br />

down the cooktop on occasion, but how many of us clean our dishwasher or<br />

washing machine? They need a little attention, too. To clean out the mildew and soap<br />

scum that can develop in the interior of the washing machine, run an empty cycle<br />

MARCH <strong>2019</strong> | stylemg.com 77

| home + garden |<br />

with hot water and a couple cups of white vinegar. Your<br />

dishwasher can be freshened up and sanitized by<br />

placing a bowl of vinegar on the lower shelf and<br />

running a normal cycle without dishes. Running equal<br />

parts water and vinegar through your coffee machine<br />

(and following up with a cycle of just water) ensures<br />

your next cup of joe will be delicious and fresh.<br />

4 bust dust<br />

Be sure to look up at your ceiling and down at<br />

your baseboards. We don't always see the dust<br />

accumulating on ceiling fans, but it happens over<br />

time. An easy way to clean the blades is to drape<br />

an old pillowcase over each one, press down with<br />

your hands on each side, and then slide it off. Keep<br />

your ceiling vents sanitary by replacing filters and<br />

cleaning air vents periodically; clear away cobwebs<br />

in each room’s corners; and dust light bulbs and<br />

ceiling fixtures to brighten up a space (dust can<br />

make lighting appear dingy). Baseboards are another<br />

area that accumulates dust over time. Wipe them<br />

down with a soft, microfiber cloth.<br />

5 clean sleep<br />

Since we spend a third of our life in bed, freshening<br />

up your mattress and pillows is definitely worth the<br />

effort. Sprinkle some baking soda over the mattress<br />

top and let it sit for several hours before removing<br />

it with a vacuum cleaner’s upholstery attachment.<br />

Pillows should also be washed to remove bacteria<br />

and dust—most are machine washable. Now you’re<br />

ready for a good night's sleep after all of your<br />

cleaning and organizing efforts!<br />

Kerrie L. Kelly, FASID, is an award-winning<br />

interior designer, author, product developer, and<br />

multimedia consultant helping brands reach the<br />

interior design community. To contact her, visit<br />

kerriekelly.com or call 916-919-3023.<br />

Top photo ©marina_dikh - stock.adobe.com. Bottom photo © Evgeny Atamanenko - stock.adobe.com.<br />

78 stylemg.com | MARCH <strong>2019</strong> | /stylemg /stylemediagroup /stylemediagroup /stylemags

Marvin Scenic Door Collection elegantly and<br />

The<br />

merges inside and outside spaces.<br />

effortlessly<br />

Window and Door Shop<br />

The<br />

Bell Street, Sacramento<br />

1717<br />

916-915-4022<br />

www.windowanddoorshop.com<br />

Lift and Slide<br />

Marvin Scenic Door Collection<br />

Visit Sacramento's Best-Looking<br />

Showroom Today to Learn More<br />

Multi-Slide<br />


Your Trees Deserve<br />

Acorn Quality Care<br />

NOW is the time to have<br />

an Acorn Arboricultural CERTIFIED<br />

ARBORIST inspect and prune for<br />

beautiful, healthy trees!<br />

We wanted<br />

a business<br />

we could wrap<br />

our arms around!<br />

• Insect & Disease Control<br />

• Tree & Shrub Pruning & Removal<br />

• Stump Grinding<br />

• Cabling & Bracing<br />

• Planting All Sizes of Trees & Shrubs<br />

• Fertilization<br />

• Certified Arborist Services<br />

Every tree is a family tree!<br />

Roseville, CA 95678 • www.787tree.com<br />

lic#953007<br />

For All Your Tree Care Needs:<br />

916-787-8733<br />

Acorn Arboricultural Services Inc.

Special EFX All-Stars<br />

Jazz Fusion Night<br />

Featuring: Chieli Minucci with Elliott Yamin, Eric Marienthal,<br />

Karen Briggs, & Lao Tizer<br />

and Folsom High School Jazz Band 1 opening<br />

Led by guitarist, producer, Grammy nominee, and<br />

3x Emmy winner, Chieli Minucci, this collaboration<br />

of incredible jazz musicians, also includes soulful R&B<br />

vocalist Elliott Yamin (American Idol), Grammy-winning<br />

saxophonist Eric Marienthal (Chick Corea, Barbra<br />

Streisand), the amazing Karen Briggs (Yanni, Diana Ross)<br />

on violin, and keyboardist Lao Tizer (Down to the Bone,<br />

The Lao Tizer Band). It’s going to be a JAZZ BLAST when<br />

these accomplished artists join forces!<br />

Concerts at Harris Center at Folsom Lake College, Folsom.<br />

Tickets at harriscenter.net More info at carrera-productions.com<br />


The award-winning FOLSOM HIGH SCHOOL JAZZ BAND 1 will kick things off!<br />

Thursday, April 11 Doors 6:00 pm Show 7:00 pm Tickets $30, $42, $50


GUIDE<br />



www.stylesavingsguide.com www.stylesavingsguide.com<br />


Real therapy<br />

for real life.<br />

www.MassageHeights.com<br />

1-HOUR<br />

Massage OR Facial<br />

$59 99 * | $69 99 *<br />

FREE Hot Stones<br />

Or Glide Cupping just $20 more<br />

O<br />

18 Licensed Therapists<br />

Friendly, Knowledgeable Staff<br />

Folsom in the Palladio<br />

Across from Kirkland’s<br />

Open 7 days - Extended Hours<br />

Relaxing Spa Atmosphere<br />

Roseville in Nugget Plaza<br />

761 Pleasant Grove Blvd.<br />

* With This ad. Good through April 30, <strong>2019</strong>


www.stylesavingsguide.com www.stylesavingsguide.com<br />

4<br />

Get a spring in your step and feel your healthiest ever!<br />



916.988.9111 jbmedwell.com<br />

6611 Folsom-Auburn Rd. #F • Folsom<br />




• Botox<br />

• Juvederm<br />

• Safe & effective FDA approved<br />

appetite suppressants<br />

• B-12 & Lipoplex injections<br />

• Electronic body fat analysis<br />

• Cholesterol Testing<br />

• Testosterone Injections<br />

for Men<br />

Voted a Best<br />

Weight Loss<br />

Center!<br />

$<br />

20 OFF<br />


Must bring in this ad. Expires 4/30/19.

Committed to the Health & Well-Being of El Dorado County<br />

SPRING <strong>2019</strong><br />

A Lasting<br />

Impression<br />

<br />

<br />

<br />

A New Approach to Care in the ICU<br />

Marshall Celebrates 60 Years<br />

Colonoscopy: Don’t Stress About It<br />




A new approach to<br />

care in the ICU<br />

The Intensive Care Unit (or ICU)<br />

is the area of the hospital where<br />

the most serious patients receive<br />

care. It’s specially built, with<br />

more equipment and staff than<br />

other areas of the hospital. Traditionally,<br />

hospitals rely on consulting physicians<br />

to round on ICU patients. At Marshall<br />

Medical Center, ICU patients benefit from<br />

a new model where the patients receive<br />

24/7 specialized care delivered by four new<br />

intensivist physicians. These doctors have<br />

additional training in critical care and are<br />

able to place breathing tubes, start central<br />

and arterial lines, place dialysis catheters and<br />

Help your body heal itself<br />

with orthobiologics<br />

• Tendonitis<br />

• Rotator cuff tears<br />

• Osteoarthritis<br />

Are you suffering from pain or injury but are not quite ready<br />

for surgery? Take a cue from professional athletes who’ve<br />

discovered the benefits of regenerative medicine to help heal<br />

injuries and treat pain in a natural way.<br />

If you follow sports, you may have heard of injured athletes who<br />

seemingly heal and return to the game—and fast. Professional<br />

athletes not only have trainers and specialists, but have access<br />

to little-known special procedures such as orthobiologics, is the<br />

use of natural, biological substances like blood and plasma to<br />

quickly heal injuries such as:<br />

• Arthritic joints<br />

• Overuse injuries<br />

Platelet rich plasma injection, or PRP, is one example of orthobiologics.<br />

It’s a process that takes the plasma from your own blood, which is<br />

packaged full of growth factors. Those healthy growth factors are then<br />

concentrated by spinning the blood in a centrifuge and isolating those<br />

platelets and injecting them into your injury. This lets your body repair<br />

the injured tissue, allowing natural anti-inflammatory properties repair<br />

tissue and speed up your recovery.<br />

One of the great things about orthobiologics is it uses your body’s own<br />

healing abilities, increasing their potency and then puts them back into<br />

an area of interest. Since these cells are harvested from your own tissue,<br />

there’s no need to use tissue from a donor. It works simply by using<br />

biology to heal your tissues in a natural way.<br />

perform other procedures. Under this model,<br />

patients won’t have to wait for specialists<br />

from other areas of the hospital to become<br />

available and travel to the ICU. Full time<br />

intensivist coverage improves patient care<br />

and outcomes for ICU patients. Since the<br />

program started late last year, patients have<br />

experienced decreased time on ventilators<br />

and the average length of stay in the ICU has<br />

decreased by two full days.<br />

The addition of this intensivist program helps<br />

Marshall maintain best practices for ICU<br />

standards of care, which means better care<br />

for you.<br />

• Inflammation from<br />

herniated disc<br />

If you’re interested<br />

in orthobiologics<br />

and PRP injections,<br />

contact Marshall<br />

Orthopedics &<br />

Sports Medicine<br />

in El Dorado<br />

Hills. Visit<br />

marshallmedical.<br />

org/ortho to learn<br />

more or call 916-<br />

805-2320 to make<br />

an appointment.<br />



Marshall Medical Center<br />

is an independent,<br />

nonprofit community<br />

healthcare provider located in<br />

the heart of the Sierra Foothills<br />

between Sacramento and<br />

South Lake Tahoe. Marshall<br />

Medical Center includes<br />

Marshall Hospital, a fully<br />

accredited acute care facility<br />

with 125 beds located in<br />

Placerville; several outpatient<br />

facilities in Cameron Park,<br />

El Dorado Hills, Placerville<br />

and Georgetown; and many<br />

community health and<br />

education programs. Marshall<br />

has nearly 300 physicians<br />

and a team of over 1,500<br />

employees providing quality<br />

healthcare services to over<br />

175,000 residents of El<br />

Dorado County.<br />

For Your HEALTH<br />

is published as a community<br />

service by<br />


1100 Marshall Way<br />

Placerville, CA 95667<br />

telephone 530-622-1441<br />

or 916-933-2273;<br />

www.marshallmedical.org<br />

It is intended to provide<br />

information about health in<br />

general as well as healthcare<br />

services and resources available<br />

in El Dorado County. Information<br />

comes from a wide range of<br />

medical experts. If you have any<br />

concerns or questions about<br />

specific content that may affect<br />

your health, please contact your<br />

healthcare provider.<br />

To reach the editor of For Your<br />

Health, contact Brittany Garcia<br />

at 530-626-2816 or<br />

bgarcia@marshallmedical.org<br />

2 | FOR YOUR HEALTH | www.marshallmedical.org

Marshall Celebrates<br />

60 Years<br />

A look back at how a<br />

community built a hospital<br />

The setting was 1956, in the sleepy foothill city of<br />

Placerville, where determined citizens led the charge<br />

to build a modern hospital. Ed Shortes, MD, a young<br />

doctor who joined a local medical practice, sought to replace<br />

the outdated and inefficient Placerville Sanatorium, which<br />

had served as the local hospital since 1904.<br />

The “San,” as it was called, was a two-story building illfitted<br />

for a hospital; patients had to be carried upstairs on a<br />

stretcher for surgery and to deliver babies and then carried<br />

back down again. The building was small and no longer fit the<br />

need for the county’s population, which had doubled in the<br />

previous 10 years.<br />

What happened next had the makings of a movie plot.<br />

Citizens pulled together, sought support and built<br />

momentum in the community. The timing was perfect.<br />

Congress had passed the Hill-Burton Act, a law that gave<br />

funds to build hospitals. The Hill-Burton Act provided for<br />

two-thirds of the costs of the hospital construction. The catch<br />

was that the community had to raise the other third in cash<br />

and pledges. The total cost to build the proposed 52-bed<br />

hospital was $1,085,000, meaning the community buy-in<br />

stood at $411,692. Confident in their resolve, the first Marshall<br />

Hospital Board of Directors was established and incorporated<br />

by the spring of 1957. The application for funding was<br />

submitted and approved by August of that year. The race was<br />

on. Placerville had just four short months to come up with<br />

their third of the funds.<br />

To put things in perspective, the average income in 1956 was<br />

$4,454 a year; a house cost $9,550; milk was 97 cents a gallon<br />

and a loaf of bread was18 cents. How could this rural county<br />

of 29,000 residents even think to try and raise nearly half a<br />

million dollars in such short order? The answer: sheer tenacity.<br />

Michigan-Cal Lumber, the largest employer in El Dorado<br />

County at the time, donated the first $100,000 and land<br />

on which the new hospital would be built. Churches and<br />

service clubs like Rotary and the 20/30 Club held fundraisers,<br />

businesses gave, citizens pledged and several doctors pledged<br />

half a year’s pay to the fund.<br />

It was a<br />

Herculean effort, but 10<br />

days before the December<br />

7, 1957 deadline, the fund<br />

was still $27,000 short.<br />

With no possibility for an<br />

extension, the community<br />

knew it was now or never as<br />

an 11th hour plea went out.<br />

The suggested minimum<br />

pledge was $5 per month for<br />

18 months, or $90.<br />


Four days before the deadline, the Mountain Democrat<br />

newspaper carried a simple headline: “SUCCESS” Donors<br />

Boost Funds Past Goal. In the end, the fundraising campaign<br />

surpassed its goal by $51,514. One can imagine it was a<br />

scene straight out of It’s a Wonderful Life, with townspeople<br />

emptying their coffers to save a cause they believed in, to<br />

invest in the community and its health. The Mountain<br />

Democrat wrote, “It was the most worthwhile project ever<br />

undertaken… and truly shows that El Dorado County can and<br />

does band together for the betterment of the community.”<br />

Marshall Hospital was built and opened in July, 1959.<br />

Today, Marshall Hospital celebrates 60 years and stands<br />

as one of the few remaining independent hospitals in the<br />

nation. Marshall attributes its success to local governance by<br />

a volunteer community board of directors and local hospital<br />

authority, which allows for quick and nimble management<br />

and reinvestment of profits back into improving the nonprofit<br />

community hospital. For more information, visit www.<br />

marshallmedical.org/aboutus.<br />

Then and Now 1959 <strong>2019</strong><br />

Hospital Beds 49 125<br />

Physicians on Staff 12 200<br />

Employees 1800<br />

El Dorado County Population 29,000 180,000<br />

For more information about Marshall Medical Center, visit www.marshallmedical.org or follow us on<br />

Facebook/marshallmedicalcenter, twitter.com/MarshallMedical, on YouTube, LinkedIn and on Instagram<br />


www.marshallmedical.org | FOR YOUR HEALTH | 3


A lasting<br />

impression<br />


So much good<br />

was done for me at<br />

Marshall, I wanted<br />

to do some good<br />

there too.<br />

As a teenager, Nat Sherrill’s first job was night-shift<br />

maintenance work at a hospital. “I got to see behind the<br />

scenes,” he says, reflecting on the hard work he observed<br />

by both caregivers and grounds maintenance staff alike.<br />

That experience stuck with him in the more than six<br />

decades since.<br />

Hard work was not lost on Nat and his wife, Jan, both in<br />

their 80s now and retired in the Central California Coast.<br />

Professionally, Nat worked as an engineer for the US Geological Survey and Jan<br />

as an administrator at Stanford University. But what ultimately defined them was<br />

their passion for wine, and eventually, wine making. Nat and Jan began making<br />

wine in 1971 as a hobby, “before it was a fashionable thing to do,” in a small cellar<br />

next to their garage.<br />

Jan felt it silly to spend money on a hobby and suggested they make it a business.<br />

They opened Sherrill Cellars in 1973 in the basement of the post office in Woodside<br />

and expanded over time, acquiring 25 acres in Palo Alto where they built a winery<br />

surrounded by vineyards and a community of local vintners that became their family.<br />

4 | FOR YOUR HEALTH | www.marshallmedical.org

ago, Nat and Jan experienced a lifealtering<br />

experience while visiting<br />

friends in the area. “It was 2009,”<br />

said Nat. “I wasn’t feeling well. I saw<br />

a doctor and was treated for internal<br />

bleeding.” After eventually getting a<br />

clean bill of health, they decided to<br />

travel to El Dorado County for a visit.<br />

Unfortunately, this was the time they<br />

discovered Nat’s internal bleeding<br />

hadn’t been resolved after all. After<br />

passing out from severe blood loss,<br />

Nat was rushed to Marshall Hospital’s<br />

Emergency Room. “I was in poor<br />

shape when I arrived at Marshall,”<br />

he recalled. “One of the things I do<br />

remember was a nurse saying, ‘my<br />

god, look at his color!’” Nat was given<br />

10 units of blood and spent six days in<br />

Marshall’s Intensive Care Unit.<br />

This was not the vacation they had<br />

envisioned, but the Sherrills were<br />

grateful for the care. “I was stunned at<br />

the contrast between my local hospital<br />

and Marshall and I still am, to this day,”<br />

shares Nat. He spoke wistfully at the<br />

expertise and bedside manner of all who<br />

cared for him. “It was above and beyond<br />

what I’d ever experienced at a hospital.<br />

It’s difficult to explain to people what<br />

staying there was like. It was more like a<br />

resort than a hospital. The care was top<br />

notch and the food was sensational. It<br />

was tasty and well-prepared.”<br />

seem to get the short end of the stick. So<br />

I’ve made sure some money will go to<br />

them, as well as the ER, which always<br />

needs money.”<br />

“You never know how your everyday<br />

work will impact others,” says Jamie<br />

Johnson, Executive Director of the<br />

Marshall Foundation for Community<br />

Health. “It is heartwarming to hear this<br />

story and we are honored to receive this<br />

legacy gift recognizing the excellent care<br />

and lasting impression Marshall has left<br />

on the Sherrill family.”<br />

By 1981 the winery became Jan’s fulltime<br />

venture. Sherrill Cellars was a<br />

modest success, annually producing<br />

up to 2,000 cases of Chardonnay,<br />

Zinfandel, Chenin Blanc, Petite Syrah,<br />

Cabernet and Barbera sold to local<br />

stores on the peninsula.<br />

In 1995, Nat and Jan retired, sold the<br />

winery and moved to a ranch on the<br />

Central Coast. Ever the gentleman<br />

farmers, the Sherrills decided then<br />

to raise alpacas. Each day, they<br />

experience the soothing peace of<br />

watching alpacas graze on their<br />

pasture.<br />

Though the Sherrills have never lived<br />

in El Dorado County, about ten years<br />

And so it came full circle – from the<br />

experience of his youth working in a<br />

hospital – to becoming the recipient of<br />

the dedicated care and compassion that<br />

saved his life. Nat and Jan did not have<br />

children, so when it came to deciding<br />

where to leave his half of their estate, Nat<br />

decided to leave a substantial amount to<br />

Marshall Medical Center. “So much good<br />

was done for me at Marshall, I wanted<br />

to do some good there too,” he says. “As<br />

a consumer of quite a bit of medical<br />

care, I know how important continuous<br />

training and education are to medical<br />

professionals.” He has allotted a portion<br />

of his gift to the continuing medical<br />

education of nurses to return what was<br />

generously given to him. Referring<br />

back to his memories of working<br />

maintenance at the hospital, Nat adds,<br />

“Even at 16 I could appreciate that the<br />

kitchen, buildings and grounds people<br />

Leave a Legacy<br />

You too can leave a legacy for<br />

others. If you would like to support<br />

Marshall Medical Center through<br />

giving to the Marshall Foundation for<br />

Community Health, there are several gift<br />

arrangements from which to choose.<br />

Whether you would like to put your<br />

donation to work today or benefit the<br />

hospital after your lifetime, you can find<br />

a charitable plan that meets your needs<br />

now and into the future.<br />

Want to learn more about including a gift<br />

to Marshall Foundation for Community<br />

Health in your future plans? Contact<br />

Executive Director Jamie Johnson at<br />

jjohnson1@marshallmedical.org or 530-<br />

642-9984. No matter the size, your gift<br />

makes a difference.<br />


www.marshallmedical.org | FOR YOUR HEALTH | 5


Surgery in a New Age<br />

The art of surgery has<br />

come quite far in the<br />

past decade. Procedures<br />

that used to involve<br />

large incisions and<br />

lengthy, painful recoveries can now<br />

be performed with only a few small<br />

incisions. With the help of modern tools<br />

such as the da Vinci surgical robot,<br />

surgeons can manipulate instruments<br />

more acutely. With just one instrument,<br />

surgeons are able to grasp, cut and<br />

coagulate, almost negating the need to<br />

use stitches and reducing the amount<br />

of blood lost during surgery. Surgeons<br />

are further assisted with a more refined<br />

3-D camera. This allows surgeons to<br />

conduct a wider variety of surgeries<br />

laparoscopically. Patients will have less<br />

pain, leave the hospital more quickly<br />

and get back to normal activities sooner.<br />

Marshall Medical Center is now home<br />

to a new, upgraded da Vinci surgical<br />

robot, the Xi model, for minimally<br />

invasive surgery. Robert Carter,<br />

gynecologist at Marshall OB/GYN,<br />

has performed hundreds of robotic<br />

surgeries. “The new robot provides<br />

better optics, more flexibility and<br />

smaller instruments,” he adds.<br />

Utilizing the da Vinci robot, Marshall<br />

has set a superb standard of care with<br />

better outcomes. For example, patients<br />

who’ve undergone an outpatient<br />

hysterectomy at other hospitals would<br />

spend up to 24 hours at the surgery<br />

center, while Marshall patients typically<br />

go home after only four hours. Some<br />

patients even return to work in as little<br />

as one week following surgery.<br />

Minimally invasive robotic-assisted<br />

surgery may be used for conditions<br />

such as:<br />

• Hysterectomy<br />

• Inguinal, hiatal and ventral hernia<br />

repairs<br />

• Diverticulitis, sessile polyp<br />

• Colon cancer, pre- or malignant<br />

polyp<br />

• Foregut surgery – anti-reflux<br />

Talk to your physician about the<br />

availability and appropriateness of da<br />

Vinci surgery for your condition. The<br />

medical experts at Marshall Medical<br />

Center are ready to help.<br />

Marshall General Surgery<br />

530-626-3682<br />

Marshall OB/GYN<br />

530-344-5470<br />


The Importance of Immunizations<br />

Some parents may be nervous about immunizing their<br />

children, but doctors want you to know vaccinations are<br />

important both for the health of your child and for the health<br />

of others. When a population is immunized, the diseases<br />

become less prevalent and therefore reduce the number of deaths<br />

associated with them.<br />

Rest assured, if your child has a negative reaction to any<br />

immunization, your pediatrician or family medicine practitioner<br />

will adjust the immunization appropriately. Most commonly, an<br />

unusual reaction will occur for immunizations given in groups, such<br />

as measles, mumps and<br />

rubella. In this case, the<br />

doctor may choose to space<br />

these out over a few months<br />

to reduce the likelihood of a<br />

negative reaction.<br />

Marshall Pediatrics<br />

4341 Golden Center Drive<br />

Placerville<br />

530-626-1144<br />

6 | FOR YOUR HEALTH | www.marshallmedical.org

elationship with our new patient and<br />

to discuss important subjects such<br />

as safer sex, contraception, sexually<br />

transmitted diseases, menstruation,<br />

personal hygiene and any concerns<br />

a young woman may have about her<br />

body and how it’s changing.” She adds<br />

that the early teen years can be rife with<br />

concerns about body image, weight,<br />

and many emotionally difficult things a<br />

girl may be growing through. “We try to<br />

make that first visit as comfortable and<br />

open as possible, where the patient feels<br />

free to be honest about their concerns<br />

with an impartial person who cares<br />

about their health.”<br />

Your teen’s<br />

first GYN visit<br />

It’s a delicate topic for<br />

young women and their<br />

parents alike, but the<br />

conversation about a girl’s<br />

changing body during<br />

puberty should not be<br />

delayed. Young women are<br />

maturing more quickly<br />

these days and the cause<br />

is a source of debate,<br />

but this merely means that keeping<br />

communication open and honest is more<br />

important than ever. A key question to<br />

answer is, when is the right time for that<br />

all-important first appointment with an<br />

OB/GYN physician?<br />

Pediatricians and family practice<br />

physicians provide important,<br />

comprehensive care for the first years<br />

of life, but depending on the provider,<br />

not all may feel comfortable extending<br />

that care to specifically female needs.<br />

That’s where a trained specialist in<br />

women’s health comes in. One like<br />

Michele Cherry, DO, an obstetrics and<br />

gynecology physician at Marshall OB/<br />

GYN in Placerville. She’s careful to<br />

point out there are different types of<br />

appointments that are appropriate<br />

depending on a young woman’s age and<br />

specific female health needs.<br />

“Barring health concerns, pregnancy,<br />

difficult menstruation or infections, I<br />

recommend that young women have<br />

their first internal pelvic exam, pap<br />

test and breast exam at 21 years of age,”<br />

Dr. Cherry explains. “However, it’s a<br />

good idea for girls to have an initial<br />

consultation and visit with an OB/<br />

GYN doctor in their early teen years,<br />

somewhere between 13 and 15.”<br />

The difference between the two types of<br />

appointments is that for younger girls --<br />

again barring early sexual activity-- the<br />

visit with their new OB/GYN is focused<br />

on patient education. Dr. Cherry says,<br />

“It’s a chance for us to establish the<br />

If a teen girl is sexually active, a<br />

complete examination including pelvic<br />

and pap test is crucial, to ensure no<br />

infections are present and to educate<br />

the patient about making smart choices<br />

and protecting herself and her growing<br />

and changing body. For the teen girl<br />

who is not sexually active, this first<br />

appointment with an OB/GYN provider<br />

is equally important, though lacking<br />

the exam component for good reason.<br />

ACOG reports there is no clinical<br />

support for a pelvic exam or screening<br />

prior to 21 years of age in a nonsexually<br />

active patient without female<br />

health concerns.<br />

As Dr. Cherry explains, “an initial<br />

appointment in early teen years is<br />

an ideal way to establish a trusting<br />

relationship between patient and<br />

physician and to introduce young<br />

women to important topics during a<br />

non-threatening, pleasant visit that<br />

doesn’t include the pelvic or breast<br />

exam component, which can be<br />

intimidating to younger girls.”<br />

Marshall OB/GYN providers are<br />

currently accepting new patients.<br />

For appointments in Placerville,<br />

call 530-344-5470 and for<br />

appointments in Cameron Park, call<br />

530-672-7060.<br />


www.marshallmedical.org | FOR YOUR HEALTH | 7

SUNDAY, MAY 19, <strong>2019</strong> 7 A.M. START TIME<br />

El Dorado Hills Town Center | 4370 Town Center Blvd. | El Dorado Hills<br />

Kids’ K Run (.6 miles) for children<br />

aged 2-12 years old.<br />


• Half Marathon and 5K Finisher Medals<br />

• Ribbons for Kids’ K Run Finishers<br />

• Race Tee<br />

• Finish Festival Featuring Food, Beer<br />

and Music<br />

Awards for Male/Female Age Group<br />

Winners for the 5K and Half Marathon<br />

Marshall Health Expo<br />

• Foam Roller Stretching<br />

• Flexibility Screening<br />

• Core Strength Assessment<br />

• Ask a Doc<br />

• Information on:<br />

Sports Medicine<br />

Podiatry<br />

Physical Therapy<br />

Heart Health<br />

Diabetes Health<br />

Women’s Health<br />


Eat & Drink<br />

Inside<br />


Milestone<br />


Dolce Vita Caffé<br />


Top Pub Grub<br />

TASTE:<br />

3 Irish-Inspired Recipes<br />

SIP ON THIS:<br />

7 Must-Try Stouts<br />


AT BAR 101. SEE PAGE 87.<br />


MARCH <strong>2019</strong> | stylemg.com 83

| eat & drink |<br />


Milestone<br />


I always look forward to brunch. Enjoying a Sunday out<br />

with loved ones never fails to set the tone for the remnants<br />

of a busy weekend—aka, relaxing at home. With that in<br />

mind, I made my way to Milestone in El Dorado Hills. What I<br />

discovered was a modern, cozy, and comfortable restaurant<br />

filled with friendly faces.<br />

Bacon Pancake Donut Holes<br />

84 stylemg.com | MARCH <strong>2019</strong> | /stylemg /stylemediagroup /stylemediagroup /stylemags

HOURS: 9 a.m.-9 p.m. (Sunday);<br />

11 a.m.-9:30 p.m. (Monday-<br />

Wednesday); 11 a.m.-10 p.m.<br />

(Thursday); 11 a.m.-11 p.m. (Friday);<br />

9 a.m.-11 p.m. (Saturday)<br />

TRY THIS: Posole (it’s not on<br />

the menu!), Bacon Pancake<br />

Donut Holes, Brussels<br />

Sprouts, The Proper Cobb,<br />

Gin & Dill House Cured<br />

Salmon, Fish & Chips, Maine<br />

Lobster Roll, Pork Chop, Lobster<br />

Mac & Cheese, Cioppino,<br />

Buttermilk Fried Chicken & Waffles<br />

Lunch Tartine<br />

French Dip, Cookies & Milk<br />

DRINKS: Full bar; beer, wine,<br />

and cocktails<br />

TAB: $$<br />

HEADS-UP: Weekly events and<br />

specials include a daily Happy<br />

Hour, Tiki Tuesday, and Lobster<br />

Wednesday; spacious patio;<br />

menu changes seasonally;<br />

bottomless mimosas on weekends<br />

during brunch; vegan and<br />

gluten-free options; kids’ menu<br />

SOS<br />










It should come as no surprise to anyone that I’m a proponent of<br />

independently owned and operated establishments—and chef-owners,<br />

such as Milestone’s Nick Dedier, are at the top of the food chain in my book.<br />

Along with his wife, Alexa, they’ve constructed a morning menu that’s worth<br />

waking up for. (Lunch and dinner are equally impressive.) A small pastry,<br />

while our table talked and enjoyed coffee and mimosas, was a sublime start.<br />

“Bacon pancake donut holes?” our server asked. Naturally, we said<br />

yes. Now I know why everyone in the place was happy—bacon pancake<br />

donut holes dusted with powdered sugar alongside warm maple syrup<br />

would bring a smile to anyone’s face.<br />

From here on out, the possibilities had my brain scrambling: “What to<br />

do? What to do?” How about something I hated as a kid. If Milestone could<br />

pull off SOS (chipped beef on toast), I’d be a forever fan. Well, they must’ve<br />

seen me coming. The new and (greatly) improved version here included<br />

wonderfully succulent shredded short ribs in a rich, creamy gravy with<br />

fried eggs atop toast. If only my dad had known about short ribs…<br />

Next was Milestone’s take on huevos<br />

rancheros—a hearty, Cabo resort-style version<br />

with black beans, shredded potatoes, overmedium<br />

eggs, farmers’ cheese, pickled carrots,<br />

cilantro, and large grilled shrimp in a tantalizing,<br />

slightly piquant South-of-the-border sauce. Muy<br />

delicioso!<br />

Once more from the “count your calories<br />

tomorrow” mantra, I had to try the French dip<br />

Benedict with sliced wagyu beef, grilled onions,<br />

horseradish, poached eggs, cheese, and a silky<br />

demi-glace finish; in other words, decadence<br />

defined. Each bite had me brainstorming how I’d<br />

Huevos Rancheros attempt to recreate it at home.<br />

Moving on to something light, I opted for<br />

one of my favorite flavor combinations: a savory tartine with warm brie,<br />

apples, chicken, and walnuts. Served with a house salad, it was a simple yet<br />

satisfying choice—the perfect complement to a chilled glass of champagne<br />

and the end of a late-morning celebration of good food and friends.<br />

Thank you, Alexa and Nick, for an enjoyable dining experience and your<br />

commitment to “Milestone for All”—a growing fund for deserving families<br />

affected by natural disasters or unforeseen hardships.<br />



MARCH <strong>2019</strong> | stylemg.com 85

| eat & drink |<br />


OTHER<br />

COOL<br />


A variety of gourmet sandwiches,<br />

flavor-rich coffees and teas, and one of<br />

Folsom’s most inviting patios is waiting<br />

for you at COFFEE REPUBLIC. Make<br />

it your next coffee date destination.<br />

6610 Folsom-Auburn Road, Folsom,<br />

916-987-8001, coffeerepublicfolsom.com<br />


prime place to rock out with freshly<br />

roasted coffee, tunes from local<br />

musicians, and a variety of tasty foods.<br />

632 East Bidwell Street, Folsom, 916-984-<br />

3020, nicholsonsmusicafe.com<br />

A honey lavender latte, spicy chai tea,<br />

house-roasted coffee, and fresh-made<br />

syrups are just a sampling of what you’ll<br />

find at ARGOS CAFFE.<br />

195 Blue Ravine Road, Suite 100, Folsom,<br />

916-293-8256, argoscaffe.com<br />

With an irresistible array of<br />

coffees and bites, plus<br />

modern, hip environs,<br />


& TEA is the place<br />

to be!<br />

1485 Eureka<br />

Road, Suite 100,<br />

Roseville, 916-773-<br />

2332, bloomcoffee.<br />

com<br />

Dolce Vita Caffé // When I walked into Folsom’s newest café, Dolce Vita, I felt like I’d been transported straight<br />

to Italy. Beautiful Italian-inspired desserts dying to be devoured from the glass-enclosed case, Frank Sinatra crooning in the<br />

background, and a life-sized mural of Venice all serve as reminders of the bel paese (beautiful country). I was immediately<br />

drawn to the baked goods, because who wouldn’t be? Croissants, tarts, cakes, and cannolis were all fighting for my attention.<br />

My friend and I decided to have the homemade Bacon Quiche and a Latté to start. Other breakfast options include<br />

Belgian waffles, apple-filled pancakes, bagels, and pastries aplenty. The savory quiche hit the spot, but we were ready for<br />

something sweet. I’m a sucker for fried anything, so we went with the Trio of Beignets. One was filled with Nutella, one<br />

with dark chocolate, and one with white chocolate—all of them equally scrumptious. I’ll have to go back for lunch (and more<br />

dessert), because their sandwiches and salads looked amazing. Owners Joseph and Denise did a fantastic job bringing a<br />

taste of Italy to Folsom. From coffee to gelato, and tiramisu to paninis, you feel the authentic Italian touch in every nook and<br />

cranny. Enjoy la dolce vita (the sweet life) for yourself seven days a week for breakfast, lunch…or just dessert! 1008 Riley<br />

Street, Suite 2, Folsom, 916-467-7679 —Julie Ryan<br />

Expect warm pastries, ready-to-go<br />

salads, and locally brewed coffee at<br />

BLUE LOTUS CAFÉ. In a hurry? Avail<br />

of their drive-thru!<br />

3389 Mira Loma Drive, Suite 2, Cameron<br />

Park, 530-350-7492, bluelotus.cafe<br />


has the perfect blend of coffee, beer,<br />

wine, and food—with a light, bright<br />

atmosphere to boot. Try their avocado<br />

toast and thank us later.<br />

25055 Blue Ravine Road, Suite<br />

100, Folsom, 916-294-7472,<br />

lucillescoffeehopsvine.com<br />

A brick-accented café with homemade<br />

pastries, sandwiches, buzz-worthy<br />

coffee, and a selection of beer and wine<br />

is pretty much paradise, and that’s<br />

exactly what you’ll find at SHADY<br />

COFFEE & TEA.<br />

325 Douglas Boulevard, Roseville, 916-<br />

742-4117, shadycoffeeandtea.com<br />

The flavors in TOTEM COFFEE’s<br />

beverages and bites are enough to<br />

make your taste buds tingle. Order one<br />

of their sweet or savory offerings and<br />

enjoy the myriad seating options.<br />

312 Main Street, Suite 104, Placerville,<br />

530-903-3280, totemcoffeeroasters.com<br />

—Compiled by Isabella De Garza<br />

Dolce Vita Caffé photo Dante Fontana. Cup of coffee photo top © Mariusz Blach - stock.adobe.com. Bloom Coffee & Tea<br />

photo by Hannah Montez.<br />

86 stylemg.com | MARCH <strong>2019</strong> | /stylemg /stylemediagroup /stylemediagroup /stylemags

Bar 101 The Breakroom Boneshaker Public House<br />

Placerville Public House 36 Handles Fat Rabbit Public House<br />

THE<br />

Hot<br />

LIST<br />

Top Pub Grub<br />

By Isabella De Garza // Photos by Dante Fontana<br />

Cheerful environs, an abundance of alcohol, and stick-to-yourribs<br />

food—what’s not to love about pubs? Luckily, they run<br />

rampant around these parts. Enjoy the plates below with a pint,<br />

and let the good times roll.<br />

The aptly named Loaded<br />

Nachos at Bar 101 in<br />

Roseville are the perfect<br />

shareable before a night<br />

of imbibing. A heaping<br />

helping of crispy chips<br />

are coated in cheesy<br />

goodness and piled<br />

high with a bevy of tasty<br />

toppings: black olives,<br />

fresh guac, sour cream,<br />

pico de gallo, jalapeños,<br />

refried beans, green<br />

onions, and your choice<br />

of protein (shredded<br />

chicken, carnitas, or<br />

ground beef). With so<br />

many fresh fixin’s and just<br />

enough guilt, it’s a dish<br />

you’ll regularly return to.<br />

bar101roseville.com<br />

I always drool when<br />

it comes to anything<br />

with blue cheese and<br />

bacon. That being said,<br />

I recently tried the The<br />

Bleu Cue Burger at The<br />

Breakroom in Shingle<br />

Springs and departed<br />

incredibly satisfied and<br />

satiated. It was every bit<br />

as heavenly as I’d hoped.<br />

The 1/3-pound patty<br />

was juicy and fresh, and<br />

the combination of blue<br />

cheese and applewood<br />

smoked bacon with<br />

lettuce, tomato, fried<br />

onions, and mayo was<br />

a messy mouthful that<br />

I’ll gladly order again.<br />

breakroomeatery.com<br />

The Fat Rabbit Public<br />

House in Folsom has<br />

been serving up Fish<br />

& Chips for quite some<br />

time in their traditional<br />

English pub environs,<br />

and they’re a great<br />

catch (pun intended).<br />

The generous portion<br />

of cod is always fresh<br />

and perfectly fried; and<br />

paired with the crispy,<br />

lightly salted, thick-cut<br />

chips, malt vinegar, and<br />

tartar sauce, I’m never<br />

sure what to dig, or dip,<br />

into first. facebook.com/<br />

thefatrabbitpublichouse<br />

An entire foot-long beer<br />

dog coated in hot, gooey<br />

pub mac & cheese and<br />

dressed with potato chips<br />

and ketchup is enough<br />

to make anyone’s day<br />

(or year). That’s why I<br />

always get the Whiskey<br />

Tango Footlong at<br />

Placerville Public House.<br />

It’s made me smile on<br />

enough occasions that<br />

I’ve stopped asking for<br />

a menu altogether! Can<br />

you blame me though?<br />

placervillepublichouse.com<br />

Comfort food, for me,<br />

has always meant a<br />

freshly baked meat pie<br />

with a savory exterior<br />

and indulgent interior,<br />

and that’s exactly what<br />

I’ve found in the Cottage<br />

Pie at 36 Handles in El<br />

Dorado Hills. Every forkful<br />

is chock-full of minced<br />

meat (Certified Angus<br />

Beef) and English peas<br />

enveloped in a rich,<br />

tomato-based sauce with<br />

a buttery mashed potato<br />

topping. If my mom wasn’t<br />

always my dinner date,<br />

I’d think she was in the<br />

kitchen! 36handles.com<br />

There aren’t enough<br />

words to describe the<br />

aptly named Blind<br />

Pig Mac at Rocklin’s<br />

Boneshaker Public<br />

House. But that won’t<br />

stop me from trying. The<br />

sweetness of the pulled<br />

pork, al dente penne<br />

pasta, and creaminess<br />

of the melty mozzarellacheddar<br />

cheese combo<br />

makes for quite the sinful<br />

delight. Did I mention it<br />

has bacon and bratwurst,<br />

too? It’s official: I’m<br />

never eating plain<br />

mac & cheese again.<br />

boneshakerpub.com<br />


MARCH <strong>2019</strong> | stylemg.com 87

| eat 3& drink |<br />




You don’t have<br />

to be Irish to<br />

appreciate the<br />

country’s hearty<br />

cuisine. Forget<br />

the corned beef,<br />

cabbage, and<br />

green beer this<br />

year, and put your<br />

cooking chops to<br />

the test with one<br />

of these Emerald<br />

Isle recipes.<br />

Boxty<br />

Submitted by The Monk’s Cellar, 240 Vernon Street, Roseville, 916-<br />

786-6665, monkscellar.com<br />

An Irish potato pancake, boxty has been around for hundreds<br />

of years in Ireland and is often eaten as a side dish at breakfast.<br />

Nowadays, it's dressed up quite a bit, often layered with meats and<br />

vegetables.<br />

1 cup raw potato, grated<br />

1 cup previously boiled and<br />

mashed potatoes, chilled<br />

1 cup flour<br />

1/4 cup milk<br />

2 tsp. baking powder<br />

1/2 tsp. fresh thyme, chopped<br />

1/2 tsp. fresh rosemary,<br />

chopped<br />

1 tbsp. onion, minced<br />

1 tbsp. button mushrooms,<br />

minced<br />

1 1/2 tbsp. salt, plus more for<br />

serving<br />

1/4 tsp. pepper<br />

1 tbsp. butter<br />

Place grated potatoes in cloth (or<br />

cheesecloth) and squeeze out as much<br />

liquid as possible. Combine cold mashed<br />

potatoes with grated potatoes, flour, milk,<br />

baking powder, herbs, minced onion,<br />

mushrooms, salt, and pepper.<br />

Roll dough into a 3” x 2” log or cylinder.<br />

Try to pack your potato mixture into this<br />

log shape tightly, which can be done by<br />

spooning the mixture onto cheesecloth<br />

and rolling into the log, then patting and<br />

molding, or simply by patting or molding<br />

with your hands.<br />

Fill a stock pot (at least 6 quarts) with<br />

water and bring to a rolling boil. Turn<br />

down to a simmer and add the tightly<br />

packed potato log. Simmer for 1 hour.<br />

Remove and let cool in refrigerator<br />

overnight.<br />

Once cooled, and prior to serving, slice<br />

into desired thickness, typically between<br />

1/4” to 1/2" rounds. Place butter into a<br />

skillet and fry each round until golden<br />

brown. Lightly salt and serve as desired.<br />

Kiss Me I’m Irish Cookies<br />

Submitted by Randy Peters Catering & Event Center, 105 Vernon Street,<br />

Roseville, 916-726-2339, randypeterscatering.com<br />

1 cup butter, softened<br />

2/3 cup powdered sugar<br />

1 egg<br />

1 tsp. vanilla<br />

3/4 tsp. almond extract<br />

1 (3.4 oz.) box pistachio pudding mix<br />

Cream butter and powdered sugar till smooth. Beat in egg, vanilla, and<br />

almond extract. Add pudding mix, flour, baking powder, and baking soda.<br />

Stir in the chocolate chips.<br />

Roll dough into 1-inch balls, then roll in pecans. Place on lightly greased<br />

cookie sheets.<br />

Bake at 350° for 10-12 minutes. Immediately press a Hershey’s Kiss into the<br />

middle of each cookie. Transfer to cooling racks and cool completely.<br />

Traditional Irish Coffee<br />

Submitted by Doyle’s Pub and Taproom, 312 East Bidwell<br />

Street, Folsom, 916-983-8277, doylespubandtap.com<br />

5 oz. fresh-brewed coffee<br />

2 tsp. brown sugar<br />

1 1/2 oz. Irish whiskey<br />

1-2 oz. heavy cream, lightly<br />

whipped<br />

Pour hot coffee<br />

into warmed<br />

glass until it’s<br />

about 3/4 full.<br />

Add the brown<br />

sugar and stir<br />

until completely<br />

dissolved.<br />

Blend in Irish<br />

whiskey. Top<br />

with a collar of<br />

the whipped<br />

heavy cream by<br />

pouring gently<br />

over the back<br />

of a spoon.<br />

2 cups flour<br />

1/2 tsp. baking powder<br />

1/2 tsp. baking soda<br />

1/2 cup mini chocolate chips<br />

1 1/2-2 cups pecans, finely chopped<br />

1 bag Hershey’s Kisses<br />

Kiss Me I'm Irish Cookies photo by Ray Burgess. Other photos by Dante Fontana.<br />

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El Dorado Hills<br />

SPRING<br />


APRIL 11TH-14TH<br />

Visit our new<br />

location in<br />

Historic<br />

El Dorado, CA<br />

(Next Door to<br />

Poor Red’s)<br />

6227 Pleasant Valley Road<br />

530.497.5568<br />

Live with timeless romance.<br />

Great fun for the whole family!<br />


Presented by<br />

Butler Amusements<br />

DATES & TIME:<br />

Thursday, April 11th<br />

4pm-10pm<br />

Friday, April 12th<br />

4pm-11pm<br />

Saturday, April 13th<br />

Noon-11pm<br />

Sunday, April 14th<br />

Noon-10pm<br />

Carnival Rides & Games for All Ages!<br />

Near Nugget Parking Lot<br />

Discounted Presale<br />

Tickets at the California<br />

Welcome Center

| eat & drink |<br />

[Photos clockwise]<br />



ABV: 6.7%<br />

Aromas of chocolate and coffee abound in this<br />

gold medal-winning brew, with an underlying<br />

hint of earthy spice and dark dried fruits (figs and<br />

raisins). Full-bodied, with a medium sweetness,<br />

rich mouthfeel, and roasted malt notes, it’s<br />

delicious on its own or in ice cream floats.<br />

olrepublicbrewery.com<br />



ABV: 8.7%<br />

This nitrogen-infused stout is rich and decadent, with<br />

a velvety milk chocolate flavor that’s balanced with<br />

locally sourced mandarins from Newcastle's Burgeson<br />

Family Farm.<br />

outofboundsbrewing.com<br />



ABV: 3.9%<br />

True to style, with a beautiful deep ruby/mahogany hue<br />

and an off-white creamy head, this beer is nitrogenated to<br />

ensure a smooth, creamy experience. The pairing options<br />

are endless, too—from beef and oysters to cake and ice<br />

cream.<br />

auburnalehouse.com<br />



ABV: 4.5%<br />

This deep ebony brew with chocolate overtones is made<br />

with an abundance of oats to give it a smooth, creamy<br />

mouthfeel along with a gorgeous, fluffy head. A hint of<br />

roasted coffee comes through at the end for a great<br />

finish.<br />

loomisbasinbrewing.com<br />


ABV: 5.8%<br />

Historically known as a “milk stout” or “cream stout” and<br />

using lactose sugar as a sweetener, this particular recipe<br />

also uses cocoa nibs, vanilla beans, and sea salt, resulting<br />

in a chocolaty brew that’s good to the last drop.<br />

redbusbrew.com<br />

7<br />

MUST-TRY<br />

STOUTS<br />










ABV: 11.4%<br />

Don't let the high alcohol content of this imperial stout<br />

scare you. It drinks extremely smooth, while being wellbalanced<br />

between malt, hops, chocolate, and roast.<br />

outbreakbrewing.com<br />


BONES<br />

ABV: 13.3%<br />

This massive imperial stout utilizes a blend of<br />

Ethiopia and Honduras coffee beans, along with a<br />

heavy wallop of maple. Rich flavors and aromas of<br />

milk chocolate, cocoa, fresh roast, and sweet cream<br />

provide the palate with a harmonious flavor profile and<br />

thick, velvety mouthfeel.<br />

moonrakerbrewing.com<br />

Background image ©inankilic - stock.adobe.com.


| eat & drink |<br />

Restaurant Listings<br />

Featuring restaurants and eateries in Folsom, El Dorado Hills, Granite Bay, Roseville, Rocklin, and beyond.<br />

= Outdoor Seating<br />

= Full Bar<br />

= Beer & Wine Only<br />

= Happy Hour<br />

M = Pick up a copy of <strong>Style</strong> here!<br />


36 Handles<br />

1010 White Rock Rd., 916-941-3606. Irish.<br />

Healthy and authentic Irish-inspired pub grub<br />

with regularly rotating taps and weekly specials<br />

and events. L/D $$<br />

Bamiyan Afghan Restaurant<br />

1121 White Rock Rd., 916-941-8787. Afghan. Since<br />

2003, Bamiyan has been serving delicious Afghan<br />

cuisine, including ashak, mantoo, and bolani.<br />

Vegan options. Closed Sunday. L/D $$<br />

Casa Ramos<br />

2023 Vine St., Ste. 200, 916-939-0900. Mexican.<br />

The Ramos family serves up traditional Mexican<br />

fare as well as heart-healthy dishes and<br />

vegetarian options. L/D $$<br />

Cascada<br />

2222 Francisco Dr., 916-934-0800. Mexican.<br />

There’s no better way to spice up dinner<br />

than sipping a margarita alongside Cascada’s<br />

complimentary and oh-so creamy bean dip,<br />

chips, and salsa. L/D $$<br />

Chantara Thai<br />

4361 Town Center Blvd., 916-939-0389. Thai.<br />

From classic Thai curries and noodle dishes<br />

to unique specialties, you can find it all at this<br />

authentic restaurant. L/D $$<br />

Relish Burger Bar<br />

1000 White Rock Rd., 916-933-3111. American.<br />

Stop by to enjoy delicious-tasting burgers,<br />

salads, loaded nachos, beer-battered onion<br />

rings, and more at one of El Dorado Hills’ finest<br />

burger joints. Spacious patio and weekly events.<br />

L/D $$ <br />

Selland’s Market Café<br />

4370 Town Center Blvd., 916-932-5025. Café/<br />

Bakery. Seasonal, healthy, and house-made menu<br />

items including eclectic sandwiches and hearty<br />

entrées and sides, leafy green salads, pizzas, and<br />

delectable desserts. Sunday brunch. L/D $$<br />

Shrimp Diablo at Hacienda Del Rio<br />

Sienna Restaurant<br />

3909 Park Dr., 916-941-9694. American. This<br />

award-winning restaurant’s specialties include<br />

wood-fired pizzas, fresh fish, hand-cut steaks,<br />

and a large selection of appetizers. Friday lunch<br />

and Sunday brunch. $$ D <br />

Sky Sushi<br />

3907 Park Dr., 916-941-6311. Japanese. Since<br />

2005, Sky Sushi has been serving fresh and<br />

tasty rolls at reasonable prices. Located in La<br />

Borgata, it offers stylish environs and artistically<br />

presented plates. L/D $$<br />

Umi Sushi<br />

1121 White Rock Rd., Ste. 105, 916-586-9444. Japanese.<br />

The super fresh fish and pretty presentation will<br />

please both your appetite and eyes. A non-sushi<br />

menu (like delicious bento boxes and udon) is<br />

offered as well. Closed Sunday. L/D $$<br />

Windplay Deli<br />

5003 Windplay Dr., Ste. 1, 916-933-9099. Deli.<br />

Located in a business park, Windplay Deli is<br />

a great place to stop by on your lunch hour.<br />

Operated by the owners themselves, they strive<br />

to create sandwiches to your preference by<br />

accommodating all palates. Closed weekends.<br />

B/L $<br />

FOLSOM<br />

Bacchus House Wine, Bar & Bistro<br />

1004 East Bidwell St., Ste. 100, 916-984-7500. New<br />

American. One of Folsom’s most praiseworthy<br />

eateries—thanks to extensive wine offerings and<br />

seasonal, globally influenced dishes that utilize<br />

fresh fare from local farms. Closed Monday. L/D<br />

$$ <br />

Brisas Do Sul<br />

380 Palladio Pkwy., Ste. 305, 916-883-2747. Brazilian.<br />

A fine-dining restaurant where you can indulge<br />

and experience Southern Brazil’s inspirational<br />

food, culture, and traditions via fresh-cut, handcarved<br />

meats and an expansive (and vegetarianfriendly)<br />

“Farmer’s Table.” L/D $$$ <br />

Casa Ramos<br />

400 Iron Point Dr., Folsom, 916-355-1600.<br />

Mexican. The Ramos family serves up traditional<br />

Mexican fare as well as heart-healthy dishes and<br />

vegetarian options. L/D $$<br />

Chicago Fire<br />

310 Palladio Pkwy., Ste. 701, 916-984-0140. Pizza.<br />

Offering a variety of menu items inspired by the<br />

Windy City, from meaty Italian beef sandwiches<br />

and a “Chicago Dog” to the deepest and<br />

cheesiest pizza in town. L/D $$ <br />

Ciro’s Pizza Café<br />

241 Blue Ravine Rd., Folsom, 916-983-5757. Pizza.<br />

Hand-tossed pizzas crafted using dough made<br />

in-house every day. Each pie is crafted to<br />

perfection using the freshest and best local<br />

veggies and ingredients. Lunch buffet. L/D $$<br />

Coffee Republic<br />

6610 Folsom-Auburn Rd., Folsom, 916-987-8001.<br />

Café/Bakery. Cozy brick-and-wood café offering<br />

a variety of sandwiches, salads, and sweet teas,<br />

in addition to extensive coffee beverages. Vegan<br />

options. B/L/D $$<br />

Costa Vida Fresh Mexican Grill <br />

2791 East Bidwell St., Ste. 100B, 916-597-1008. Mexican.<br />

Costa Vida is awash with the flavors of coastal<br />

Mexico. Inspired by nautical vibes and healthy<br />

living, choose from burritos, tacos, nachos,<br />

salads, and quesadillas, to name a few—and<br />

customize your creation from there. L/D $<br />

Curry Club Indian Bistro<br />

196 Blue Ravine Rd., Ste. 130, 916-353-0855.<br />

Indian. Dive into authentic Indian cuisine at this<br />

local favorite. Avail of their lunch buffet where<br />

you can sample multiple dishes for a fraction<br />

of the price. Regulars go gaga for their vindaloo,<br />

palak paneer, and butter chicken. L/D $$<br />

Dominick’s NY Pizza & Deli <br />

187 Blue Ravine Rd., 916-351-0900. Pizza/Deli.<br />

New York- and Sicilian-style pizza, paninis, hero<br />

subs (both hot and cold), pastas, and more—all<br />

made using locally sourced produce and Boar’s<br />

Head deli meats and cheeses. L/D $$ <br />

Dos Coyotes <br />

13885 Folsom Blvd., Ste. 100, 916-351-9750.<br />

Mexican. Dos Coyotes offers an eclectic spin<br />

on Southwestern dishes at affordable prices<br />

and prides themselves on using fresh, local<br />

ingredients. Vegan options. L/D $ <br />

Fat’s Asia Bistro<br />

2585 Iron Point Rd., 916-983-1133. Asian Fusion/<br />

Chinese/Seafood. Named the region’s favorite<br />

Asian restaurant for more than 10 years in a row,<br />

Fat’s specializes in handmade dim sum, banana<br />

cream pie (Frank Fat’s recipe), and other highquality<br />

dishes. L/D $$<br />

FLB Entertainment Center<br />

511 East Bidwell St., 916-983-4411. American.<br />

Bowling, a casino, and sports bar are just part of<br />

the fun that awaits at FLB Entertainment Center.<br />

They also offer a full grill with veggie-packed<br />

salads and wraps, burgers, sandwiches, pizza,<br />

and breakfast items. Late-night dining. B/L/D<br />

$$ <br />

Folsom Tap House <br />

25005 Blue Ravine Rd., Ste. 140., 916-292-5711.<br />

American. Choices abound at Folsom Tap House!<br />

Their extensive menu allows guests to choose<br />

from draft and bottled beers, and their food<br />

menu has options that’ll pair perfectly with<br />

whatever pint you pick. L/D $$<br />

Hacienda Del Rio<br />

702 Sutter St., Ste. M, 916-351-1800. Mexican.<br />

Since 1979, Hacienda has been dishing up<br />

authentic Mexican favorites like Fajitas Del Rio<br />

and Chimi Especial, alongside chips, spicy green<br />

salsa, and handcrafted margaritas. Weekend<br />

brunch and spacious patio. L/D $$<br />

Hasu Teriyaki & Sushi<br />

25075 Blue Ravine Rd., Ste. 120, 916-983-7777. Japanese.<br />

Enjoy the delicious food, friendly service, and<br />

cozy atmosphere at Hasu. The menu features<br />

a wide variety of traditional Japanese dishes<br />

guaranteed to please. Vegan options. Closed<br />

Tuesday. L/D$<br />

Hisui Sushi<br />

25004 Blue Ravine Rd., Ste. 107, 916-985-7778.<br />

Japanese. Combining traditional Japanese cuisine<br />

with a creative and contemporary flair, Hisui<br />

focuses on serving food made using fresh,<br />

healthy ingredients. Closed Monday. L/D $$ <br />

92 stylemg.com | MARCH <strong>2019</strong> | /stylemg /stylemediagroup /stylemediagroup /stylemags<br />

= Readers’ Choice Award Winners<br />


Julian's Pâtisserie and Café<br />

6610 Folsom-Auburn Rd., Ste. 7, 916-936-4735.<br />

Bakery/Café. Julian's pâtisserie is full of European<br />

treats, creative crêpes (both sweet and savory),<br />

and more—all of which are made from scratch<br />

with nothing but the finest ingredients. Closed<br />

Tuesday. B/L $<br />

Karen’s Bakery and Café<br />

705 Gold Lake Dr., Ste. 340, 916-985-2665. Bakery/<br />

Café. Bakery items are based on European<br />

traditions and feature seasonal ingredients with<br />

a creative approach. The picturesque patio is<br />

perfect for catching up with friends over coffee<br />

or lunch. Closed Sunday. B/L $$ <br />

<br />

La Bou Bakery and Café<br />

404 Blue Ravine Rd., Ste. 600. 916-983-3885, Bakery/<br />

Café. Freshness, quality, and taste are just a<br />

few of the things found in La Bou's buttery<br />

croissants, espresso drinks, muffins, soups,<br />

salads, and sandwiches. B/L $ <br />

Land Ocean New American Grill<br />

2720 East Bidwell St., 916-983-7000. New<br />

American. Land Ocean offers distinctive<br />

menus that include hand-cut steaks, woodfired<br />

rotisserie, fresh seafood, and delectable<br />

desserts. Weekend brunch. L/D $$<br />

La Rosa Blanca<br />

402 Natoma St., 916-673-9085. Mexican. You’re<br />

part of the family at La Rosa Blanca. From<br />

fajitas and tostadas to tortas, soups, and salads,<br />

you can expect great-tasting food, generous<br />

portions, and a festive environment. L/D $ <br />

Lazy Dog Restaurant & Bar<br />

300 Palladio Pkwy., Folsom, 916-378-4660. American.<br />

Enjoy a sizeable, seasonal menu full of eclectic,<br />

gastropub-style offerings that include salads,<br />

bowls, burgers, pastas, desserts, and even an<br />

impressive kids’ menu. Weekend brunch. L/D<br />

$$ <br />

Lotus 8<br />

199 Blue Ravine Rd., Ste. 100. 916-351-9278.<br />

Chinese. This eatery serves authentic Chinese<br />

food with a modern twist, such as orange<br />

chicken that manages to be both saucy yet<br />

incredibly crispy at the same time. Lunch dishes<br />

come with soup and your choice of chow mein<br />

or fried rice. L/D $$ <br />

Lucille's Coffee Hops & Vine<br />

25055 Blue Ravine Rd., Ste 100., 916-294-7472. Café/<br />

Bakery/American. Lucille's serves delicious<br />

breakfast and pastry items from local bakeries,<br />

plus more satiating dishes to go with their<br />

carefully selected craft beers and fine wines.<br />

B/L $<br />

Mel's Diner<br />

13399 Folsom Blvd., 916-985-7337, American.<br />

Whether morning, noon, or night, step into<br />

yesteryear at this local diner that serves all-<br />

American family favorites like country fried<br />

steak, burgers, fried chicken, milkshakes, and<br />

more. B/L/D $$<br />

Mexquite Mexican Cuisine and Tequila<br />

Lounge<br />

25095 Blue Ravine Rd., 916-984-8607. Mexican.<br />

Mexquite provides mouthwatering Mexican<br />

cuisine, plus a lively interior and spacious, dogfriendly<br />

outdoor patio. Patrons particularly love<br />

their ceviche, margaritas, and carnitas. Weekend<br />

brunch. L/D $$ <br />

Mikuni<br />

185 Placerville Rd., Ste. 100, Folsom, 916-934-<br />

5250. Japanese. In addition to sushi, traditional<br />

Japanese dishes, and modern twists on classics,<br />

Mikuni offers a gluten-free menu, party platters,<br />

and happy hour specials—all made using great<br />

attention to detail and fresh ingredients. L/D<br />

$$ <br />

Mylapore<br />

1760 Prairie City Rd., Ste. 160., 916-985-3500.<br />

Indian. With South Indian roots, Mylapore serves<br />

fresh, healthy, scratch-made food that’s entirely<br />

vegetarian. Their breakfast, daily specials, and dosa<br />

happy hour are not to be missed. B/L/D $$<br />

<br />

Nicholson’s MusiCafe<br />

632 East Bidwell St., 916-984-3020. Cafe/Bakery.<br />

Indulge in a chai tea latte, fresh-made pastry<br />

from nearby BJ Cinnamon, breakfast sandwich,<br />

or salad while listening to live tunes at this haven<br />

for local musicians. Closed Sunday. B/L $<br />

Rock-N-Fire<br />

1010 Riley St., Ste. 4, 916-673-9474. Pizza/American/<br />

Mexican. Ever heard of a burger bowl? Try it at<br />

this unique eatery that serves up flavor-packed<br />

fare—including custom-built (and signature)<br />

pizzas, burgers and said burger bowls, salads,<br />

nachos, tacos, and more—with speedy, friendly<br />

service at affordable prices. L/D $$<br />

Ruchi Indian Cuisine<br />

601 East Bidwell St., 916-983-2871. Indian. Ruchi’s<br />

accommodating menu has a variety of North and<br />

South Indian dishes, including a lengthy list of<br />

vegetarian entrées, as well as a lunch buffet and<br />

weekly specials. L/D $$<br />

Rudy’s Hideaway<br />

12303 Folsom Blvd., 916-351-0606. Seafood/Steakhouse.<br />

Rudy’s is a seafood-lover’s delight and features a<br />

mouthwatering selection of nautical noshes plus<br />

melt-in-your-mouth steaks and lunch specials.<br />

L/D $$ <br />

Sacramento Pizza Company<br />

2700 East Bidwell St., Ste. 500, 916-673-9754.<br />

Pizza. Choose your crust, sauce, cheese, meats,<br />

and unlimited toppings at this pizza lover’s<br />

paradise. The locally sourced ingredients and<br />

scratch-made dough results in pie perfection.<br />

Vegan cheese and gluten-free crust available.<br />

L/D $ <br />

Scott’s Seafood Grill & Bar<br />

9611 Greenback Ln., 916-989-6711. Seafood/<br />

American. Expect the freshest of seafood (flown<br />

in or delivered daily from around the world)<br />

served by well-trained, knowledgeable staff in<br />

a comfortable atmosphere at this Folsom area<br />

favorite. Full gluten-free menu. L/D $$$ <br />

Tasmanian Roll<br />

at Mikuni<br />

Shogun Hibachi Grill & Sushi<br />

1870 Prairie City Rd., Ste. 600, 916-985-9588. Japanese.<br />

This modern hibachi restaurant brings new<br />

meaning to “dinner and a show,” thanks to a<br />

personal chef who will deftly chop, slice, and fly<br />

your meal over and above the grill and onto your<br />

plate. L/D $$<br />

Strings Italian Café<br />

25035 Blue Ravine Rd., Ste. 120, 916-983-8815.<br />

Italian. Strings has been serving enjoyable<br />

and affordable Italian dishes in a relaxed<br />

atmosphere for the past 10 years. Enjoy one of<br />

their lunch specials any day between 11 a.m. and<br />

4 p.m. or avail of their party trays. L/D $$<br />

Suishin Sushi<br />

194 Blue Ravine Rd., 916-985-8885. Japanese.<br />

Suishin uses the freshest ingredients, including<br />

novelties like quail eggs, uni, and ponzu. The<br />

modern, hip atmosphere leaves you at ease<br />

as you consume your fish, one roll at a time.<br />

Closed Sunday. L/D $$<br />

Sunny Garden Restaurant <br />

25085 Blue Ravine Rd., Ste. 150, 916-983-8882.<br />

Chinese. Sunny Garden prides themselves on<br />

using fresh ingredients in a traditional way and<br />

offering large portions at affordable prices. L/D<br />

$<br />

Sutter Street Taqueria<br />

727 Sutter St., 916-293-8952. Mexican. Sutter<br />

Street Taqueria brings the unique flavors of San<br />

Francisco’s Mission District taquerias to Folsom<br />

with a side of friendly service. Whether ordering<br />

a burrito, taco, quesadilla, or nachos, you can<br />

expect fresh ingredients, mouthwatering meats,<br />

and affordable prices. B/L/D $ <br />

Teriyaki To Go<br />

614 East Bidwell St., 916-983-5560. Japanese. Teriyaki<br />

To Go is an ordinary eatery with extraordinary<br />

taste. Some may like the consistent tang of the<br />

teriyaki sauce that adds a punch of flavor, while<br />

others enjoy the pan-fried noodles. Either way,<br />

you’re sure to enjoy your meal. L/D $$ <br />

Thai Paradise<br />

2770 East Bidwell St., 916-984-8988. Thai.<br />

Specials every day of the week. Voted the Best<br />

Thai Restaurant in Folsom and El Dorado Hills<br />

every year since 2008. Delicious and authentic<br />

Thai food. Local farm-to-fork vegetables and<br />

meats bought daily and cooked with healthy<br />

rice bran oil. L/D $$ <br />

The River Thai Cuisine<br />

424 East Bidwell St., 916-983-7388. Thai. Friendly<br />

service and deliciously authentic Thai food<br />

are waiting for you at The River Thai Cuisine.<br />

Established in 2015, this family-owned restaurant<br />

will satisfy your Thai food cravings. L/D $$ <br />

Visconti’s Ristorante<br />

2700 East Bidwell St., Ste. 700, 916-983-5181. Italian.<br />

For the past two decades, the award-winning<br />

Visconti’s Ristorante has given the community a<br />

taste of Italy with their authentic dishes, romantic<br />

setting, and traditional music. L/D $$<br />

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| eat & drink |<br />

The Waffle Experience<br />

13405 Folsom Blvd., Ste. 950, 916-805-5938.<br />

American. This aptly named eatery is indeed<br />

an experience. Everything is made fresh daily<br />

resulting in a bill of fare that’s as flavorful as it is<br />

eclectic. B/L $$ <br />

Zaap Thai House<br />

1750 Prairie City Rd., Ste. 150, 916-355-882. Thai. Take<br />

in the relaxing atmosphere, top-notch customer<br />

service, and authentic Thai fare at Zaap. Dishes<br />

include pad Thai, beef larb salad, mango curry,<br />

and Thai iced tea—all at reasonable prices. L/D<br />

$$ <br />


Allez!<br />

4242 Fowler Ln., Ste. 101, Diamond Springs,<br />

530-621-1160. French. Savor French café classics<br />

like baguette sandwiches on fresh-baked bread,<br />

crêpes, stews, pastas, and a to-die-for seafood<br />

paella. Enjoy your order in their rustically<br />

elegant dining room or to go. B/L/D $$ <br />

Bene Ristorante Italiano<br />

423 Main St., Placerville, 530-303-3415. Italian/<br />

Pizza. Enjoy a taste of Naples in Downtown<br />

Placerville as you savor Neapolitan-style pizza<br />

with all of your favorite toppings, fresh-made<br />

salads, or savory pasta dishes. L/D $$ <br />

Bricks <br />

482 Main St., Placerville, 530-303-3480. New<br />

American. If you’re looking for a friendly,<br />

unpretentious dining destination with local<br />

brews and good eats, look no further than<br />

the aptly named Bricks. Lamb lovers will go<br />

gaga for the Bo Peep Burger, but their steaks,<br />

sandwiches, salads, and desserts are all winners<br />

too. L/D $$<br />

Casa Ramos<br />

6840 Green Leaf Dr., Placerville, 530-622-2303.<br />

Mexican. The Ramos family serves up traditional<br />

Mexican fare as well as heart-healthy dishes and<br />

vegetarian options. L/D $$ <br />

Farmer’s Delicatessen and Bakery<br />

3952 Cambridge Rd., Cameron Park, 530-672-6800.<br />

Bakery/Deli. A hybrid deli and bakery serving<br />

a variety of worldwide dishes, from gyros and<br />

sandwiches to Italian meatballs and a beloved<br />

rosemary focaccia. Vegan and gluten-free<br />

options. B/L $$<br />

Ahi Pepperfin at Heyday Café<br />

Heyday Café<br />

325 Main St., Placerville, 530-626-9700. New<br />

American. This intimate, bistro-style restaurant<br />

in a rustic chic space serves modern American<br />

cuisine (thin-crust pizzas, creative entrées, and<br />

artisan salads) and pours over 45 local, regional,<br />

and international wines. L/D $$ <br />

Kobe Sushi & Fusion<br />

3300 Coach Ln., Cameron Park, 530-672-9210.<br />

Japanese/Asian Fusion/Sushi Bar. Japanese sushi<br />

bar offering an extensive variety of rolls, highquality<br />

sashimi, and Asian fusion favorites at<br />

reasonable prices. L/D $$<br />

Papa Gianni’s Ristorante<br />

3450 Palmer Dr., Cameron Park, 530-672-2333.<br />

Italian. For over two decades, this family-owned<br />

eatery has been serving traditional, scratchmade<br />

recipes from Southern Italy, including<br />

favorites like chicken Parmesan, gnocchi alla<br />

vodka, and out-of-this-world desserts. It’s<br />

the ideal destination to celebrate a special<br />

occasion or grab takeout. L/D $$ <br />

Snooty Frog<br />

3300 Coach Ln., Ste. E3, Cameron Park, 530-677-<br />

9025. Steakhouse/Seafood. There’s nothing snooty<br />

about Snooty Frog. It’s cozy but romantic, the<br />

food offerings—from steaks and seafood to<br />

pastas and rotating specials—are scrumptious,<br />

and their martinis are buzzworthy. D $$$<br />

Sweetie Pie’s<br />

577 Main St., Placerville, 530-642-0128.<br />

Bakery/Cafe. Ambiance isn’t the only inviting<br />

thing at Sweetie Pie’s. Service is done with a<br />

smile, and the menu features ample choices<br />

for breakfast—from traditional scrambles,<br />

omelettes, waffles, and pancakes, to specialty<br />

dishes, such as chile relleno casserole and<br />

huevos rancheros. B/L $$ <br />

Thai Unique<br />

1160 Broadway, Placerville, 530-621-9559. Thai.<br />

Indulge your senses in fresh, flavorful dishes<br />

like khao soi, duck curry, and tod mun kao pod<br />

while experiencing Thai cuisine that is indeed<br />

unique. L/D $$ <br />

The Farm Table<br />

311 Main St., Placerville, 530-295-8140. American.<br />

For those who enjoy locally sourced, farm-fresh<br />

fare, and plates that change based on what can<br />

be picked, The Farm Table might become your<br />

home away from home. L/D $$ <br />

The Breakroom<br />

4131 South Shingle Rd., Ste. 7, Shingle Springs, 530-763-6761.<br />

American. This full-service restaurant offers delicious<br />

American food (juicy burgers, French dip, salads,<br />

mac & cheese, etc.) and entertainment for the whole<br />

family, from pool tables, dart boards, and an arcade,<br />

to cards and dice. Sunday brunch. L/D $$ <br />

The Independent<br />

629 Main St., Placerville, 530-344-7645. New<br />

American. Step into an urban dining establishment<br />

in the heart of Placerville and savor American<br />

fusion favorites and creatively mixed cocktails<br />

using fresh-squeezed juices. L/D $$<br />

Tom’s Burger & Frosty<br />

567 Placerville Dr., Placerville, 530-295-8199.<br />

American. Enjoy freshly grilled burgers, piping<br />

hot fries, and thick milkshakes that you and the<br />

whole family will love at this no-frills dining<br />

destination. L/D $<br />

Wally’s Pizza Bar<br />

4079 Cameron Park Dr., Cameron Park, 530-<br />

677-5205. Pizza/American. This family-owned and<br />

operated eatery crafts gourmet pizzas, pastas<br />

aplenty, and high-quality breakfast dishes. Their<br />

happy hour is one of the best in town. Weekend<br />

brunch. L/D $$<br />


Bar 101 Eats & Drinks<br />

101 Main St., Roseville, 916-774-0505, American.<br />

Sometimes you just want a comfortable<br />

neighborhood place to hang out and get some<br />

good food and drinks. If Historic Roseville is<br />

your destination, look no further than Bar 101.<br />

The menu features traditional bar fare, a bevy of<br />

burgers and sandwiches, street tacos, and more.<br />

L/D $$<br />

Broderick’s Roadhouse<br />

1516 Eureka Rd., Roseville, 916-771-2722. American. If<br />

it’s unique burgers you seek, this is the place.<br />

How about a bison, lamb, duck, vegetarian,<br />

or boar patty, if you’re bored with beef? Their<br />

specialty fries and boozy milkshakes are not to<br />

be missed either. Vegan options. L/D $$<br />

Chicago Fire<br />

500 North Sunrise Ave., 916-771-2020. Pizza.<br />

Offering a variety of menu items inspired by the<br />

Windy City, from meaty Italian beef sandwiches<br />

and a “Chicago Dog” to the deepest and<br />

cheesiest pizza in town. L/D $$ <br />

Ciao Restaurant<br />

1410 East Roseville Pkwy., Roseville, 916-782-0404.<br />

Italian. With bread and pasta made fresh daily<br />

in-house, you can rest assured that Ciao is<br />

Italian dining at its finest. Expect authentic<br />

entrées like Amatriciana, featuring melt-inyour-mouth<br />

smoked pork belly, savory tomato<br />

sugo, red chile, spaghetti di la casa; and a locally<br />

sourced, roasted half chicken with rich herb jus.<br />

L/D $$<br />

Fat’s Asia Bistro**<br />

1500 Eureka Rd., Roseville, 916-787-3287, Asian<br />

Fusion/Chinese/Seafood. Named the region’s<br />

favorite Asian restaurant for more than 10 years<br />

in a row, Fat’s specializes in handmade dim sum,<br />

banana cream pie (Frank Fat’s recipe), and other<br />

high-quality dishes. L/D $$ <br />

Four Sisters Café<br />

9050 Fairway Dr., Ste. 165, Roseville, 916-797-<br />

0770. American/Café. Mango-stuffed French toast,<br />

eggs benedicts, thick-sliced bacon (cured and<br />

smoked in-house), homemade soups, specialty<br />

salads, and sandwiches are just a sampling of<br />

this cafe's mouthwatering menu. B/L $$<br />

Il Fornaio<br />

1179 Galleria Blvd., Ste. 118, Roseville, 916-788-<br />

1200. Italian. Using the freshest ingredients<br />

and traditional cooking techniques, Il Fornaio<br />

creates high-quality Italian food paired with<br />

great wines and cocktails in a beautiful setting.<br />

L/D $$<br />

La Huaca<br />

9213 Sierra College Blvd., Ste. 140, Roseville, 916-771-<br />

2558. Peruvian. La Huaca makes Peruvian cuisine<br />

accessible for all palates with their colorful,<br />

flavor-packed, and elegantly presented plates that<br />

run the gamut from ceviches and lomo saltado to<br />

empanadas and pisco sours. L/D $$<br />

La Provence Restaurant & Terrace<br />

110 Diamond Creek Pl., Roseville, 916-789-2002.<br />

French/Mediterranean. Dining at La Provence is<br />

akin to being in a little French villa. Topped with<br />

their consistently delicious food and wine, cozy<br />

fireplace, and twinkle-lit patio, and you have the<br />

recipe for a memorable meal. Saturday brunch.<br />

Closed Sunday. L/D $$<br />

Land Ocean New American Grill<br />

1151 Galleria Blvd., Ste. 241, 916-407-5640.<br />

New American. Land Ocean offers distinctive<br />

menus that include hand-cut steaks, woodfired<br />

rotisserie, fresh seafood, and delectable<br />

desserts. Weekend brunch. L/D $$<br />

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Lazy Dog Restaurant & Bar<br />

238 Gibson Dr., Roseville, 916-727-6321. American.<br />

Enjoy a sizeable, seasonal menu full of eclectic,<br />

gastropub-style offerings that include salads,<br />

bowls, burgers, pastas, desserts, and even an<br />

impressive kids’ menu. Weekend brunch. L/D<br />

$$<br />

Mehfil Indian Restaurant<br />

1605 Douglas Blvd., Roseville, 916-791-1199.<br />

Indian. Casual eatery with a lunch buffet offering<br />

Indian food favorites and many vegetarian<br />

options. L/D $<br />

Mikuni<br />

1017 Galleria Blvd., Ste. 160, Roseville, 916-780-<br />

2119. Japanese. In addition to sushi, traditional<br />

Japanese dishes, and modern twists on classics,<br />

Mikuni offers a gluten-free menu, party platters,<br />

and happy hour specials—all made using great<br />

attention to detail and fresh ingredients. L/D<br />

$$<br />

My Thai Kitchen<br />

1465 Eureka Rd., Ste. 140, Roseville, 916-781-7811.<br />

Thai. Enjoy authentic, fresh-made fare in an<br />

open-concept kitchen at My Thai Kitchen while<br />

receiving prompt, professional, and friendly<br />

service. L/D $$<br />

Ninja Sushi & Teriyaki<br />

238 Vernon St., Roseville, 916-784-3441. Japanese.<br />

Modern and hip environs are just a taste of what<br />

awaits at Ninja Sushi. Regulars rave about their<br />

eclectic and lengthy list of sushi rolls, inventive<br />

appetizers, and complimentary miso soup and<br />

ice cream. L/D $$<br />

Paul Martin’s American Grill<br />

1455 Eureka Rd., Roseville, 916-783-3600.<br />

New American. Enjoy classic American fare<br />

in a sophisticated, convivial setting whose<br />

seating options include an energetic bar with<br />

communal tables and plush seating, intimate<br />

booths and tables, and an expansive outdoor<br />

patio. L/D $$<br />

Thai Basil<br />

1613 Douglas Blvd., Roseville, 916-782-8424. Thai.<br />

This cheerful, long-established eatery serves<br />

up an array of Thai favorites in a light-filled,<br />

compact space. L/D $$<br />

The Monk’s Cellar<br />

240 Vernon St., Roseville, 916-786-6665. American.<br />

The Monk’s Cellar has brought a little bit of<br />

Belgium to Downtown Roseville, with their<br />

community-focused brewery and restaurant<br />

that serves fine artisanal beer and creative<br />

dishes. L/D $$<br />

The Place<br />

221 Vernon St., Roseville. 916-742-5447. Italian.<br />

Cozy Italian restaurant and bar that specializes<br />

in artisanal, wood-fired pizzas, paninis, pastas,<br />

and more. Closed Monday. L/D $$<br />

Brother Reuben at The Monk's Cellar<br />

Hawks<br />

5530 Douglas Blvd., Granite Bay, 916-791-6200. New<br />

American. Refined, high-end American cuisine,<br />

including tasting menus, in a stylish, modern<br />

dining room and bar. Brunch on the second<br />

Sunday each month; lunch weekdays; Closed<br />

Monday. L/D $$$<br />

New Glory Brewery & Taproom<br />

5540 Douglas Blvd., Ste. 140 & 150, Granite Bay, 916-872-<br />

1721. American. Delicious food (sandwiches, pizzas,<br />

salads, shareables, and burgers), beautiful brews,<br />

and a spacious patio await at New Glory’s latest<br />

venture in Granite Bay. L/D $$<br />

Oakwater American Bistro<br />

5540 Douglas Blvd., Ste. 110, Granite Bay, 916-872-1517.<br />

New American. Farm-to-fork bistro with housemade<br />

pastas and plates to please both meat<br />

eaters and vegans. Private dining and catering<br />

available. Weekend brunch. Closed Sunday for<br />

dinner and Monday. L/D $$<br />

Vaiano Trattoria<br />

7160 Douglas Blvd., Granite Bay, 916-780-0888.<br />

Italian. Offering traditional Tuscan cuisine and<br />

other Italian favorites, Vaiano Trattoria prides<br />

themselves on preparing simple dishes that are<br />

made to order with the freshest of ingredients.<br />

Lunch served weekdays. L/D $$<br />

Range Kitchen & Tap<br />

1420 E, Roseville Pkwy., Ste. 160, Roseville, 916-865-<br />

4317. New American. Range Kitchen & Tap’s menu<br />

is designed for sharing and socializing, with a<br />

focus on serving locally sourced and seasonal<br />

comfort food like bison meatball sliders, fried<br />

chicken, and pizza. Closed Sunday. L/D $$<br />

Rosati’s<br />

5140 Foothills Blvd., Ste. 110, Roseville, 916-797-<br />

7492, Pizza/ Italian. Rosati’s still provides the same<br />

signature pizzas, Italian beef sandwiches, pastas,<br />

and salads that they first became famous for in<br />

Chicago circa 1964. The family-friendly, sports<br />

pub atmosphere only adds to the charm. Closed<br />

Monday. L/D $$<br />

Ruth’s Chris Steak House<br />

1185 Galleria Blvd., Ste. P-120, Roseville, 916-<br />

780-6910. Steak/Seafood. Sizzling plates and an<br />

award-winning wine list are a perfect pairing for<br />

any occasion. Experience Ruth’s Chris elegant<br />

setting for a romantic dinner, business meeting,<br />

or private party. D $$$<br />

Sienna Restaurant<br />

1480 Eureka Rd., 916-771-4700. American. This<br />

award-winning restaurant’s specialties include<br />

wood-fired pizzas, fresh fish, hand-cut steaks,<br />

and a large selection of appetizers. Weekend<br />

brunch. $$ L/D<br />

Tang’s Sushi<br />

1426 Blue Oaks Blvd., Ste. 100, Roseville, 916-781-<br />

0807. Japanese. With so many inventive eats and<br />

modern environs to boot, Tang’s has mastered<br />

the art of Japanese fare with flair. The chef is<br />

happy to customize orders and create off-menu<br />

items. Closed Sunday. L/D $$<br />

Zocalo<br />

1182 Roseville Pkwy., Ste. 110, Roseville, 916-788-<br />

0303. Mexican. Elegant restaurant and bar with<br />

modern Mexican dishes, fresh-made margaritas,<br />

and Sunday brunch. Avail of their monthly chef’s<br />

dinner or private party room. L/D $$<br />


Dominick’s Italian Market & Deli<br />

8621 Auburn Folsom Rd., Granite Bay,<br />

916-786-3355. Italian. Namesake Dominick’s<br />

dream was to have a unique place that would<br />

provide customers with the finest and freshest<br />

ingredients, large portions, fair prices, and the<br />

Italian tradition of first-name friendliness. A<br />

decade later and his dream is alive and well in<br />

Granite Bay. L/D $$<br />

Farmhaus<br />

8230 Auburn Folsom Rd., Granite Bay, 916-772-<br />

3276. New American. This fresh, seasonal eatery<br />

tucked off Auburn Folsom Road is a feast for<br />

the senses. The house-like building pumps out<br />

plates that morph with the months. On balmy<br />

days, their picturesque patio is a must. Closed<br />

Monday. L/D $$<br />


Lucille’s Smokehouse Bar-B-Que<br />

6628 Lonetree Blvd., Rocklin, 916-780-7427.<br />

American. Serving slow-cooked meats and other<br />

Southern-style eats that the whole family will<br />

love, Lucille’s is a Rocklin favorite for a reason.<br />

L/D $$<br />

Pottery World Café<br />

4419 Granite Dr., Rocklin, 916-624-8080. American/<br />

Café. With brioche French toast and buttery<br />

Belgian waffles, in addition to an extensive<br />

lunch menu, and a high tea the second<br />

Thursday of every month, this café is the prime<br />

place to take out-of-towners. Their patio is one<br />

of the region’s best, too. B/L $$<br />

The Chef’s Table<br />

6843 Lonetree Blvd., Ste. 103, Rocklin, 916-771-5656.<br />

New American. The namesake chefs here pride<br />

themselves on using local ingredients that are<br />

carefully handled, lovingly prepared, and joyfully<br />

served to you for your culinary enjoyment.<br />

Closed Sunday and Monday. L/D $$<br />

Venita Rhea’s<br />

4415 Granite Dr., Rocklin, 916-624-2697. American.<br />

If you’re looking for a delicious breakfast to start<br />

off your day, Venita Rhea’s is the place to be.<br />

From benedicts, scrambles, and sandwiches to<br />

soups, salads, and bottomless mimosas, you’ll<br />

find all your favorites. B/L $$<br />


MARCH <strong>2019</strong> | stylemg.com 95


BAKERY<br />


Winner for Best Bakery Sacramento<br />

A-List 2017 and 2016 and Readers’<br />

Choice Best Bakery. Unique bakery/<br />

deli specializing in scratch-made<br />

Greek, Italian, Hungarian, and<br />

Romanian cuisine. Gluten-free and<br />

some vegan options. Take out or<br />

dine in.<br />

Farmer's Delicatessen and Bakery<br />

3952 Cambridge Rd.<br />

Cameron Park<br />

530-672-6800<br />

farmersdeli.net<br />

Celebrating our 12th year in business,<br />

Heyday Café has been voted Best<br />

Overall Restaurant, Best Salad Place,<br />

Best Casual Restaurant, and Best<br />

Wine Bar! Heyday Café presents fresh<br />

California cuisine with international<br />

influences. Lunch 7 days and dinner 6<br />

nights a week. Pouring over 40 wines!<br />

Reservations are encouraged.<br />

Heyday Café<br />

325 Main Street<br />

Placerville<br />

530-626-9700<br />

heydaycafe.com<br />

THAI<br />


As one customer said, "The best Thai<br />

food we've ever eaten." Let us serve you<br />

Monday-Sunday. Enjoy indoor dining<br />

or our lake view patio in our beautiful<br />

Town Center location. We serve<br />

traditional Thai food in an authentic<br />

Thai setting. We offer convenient online<br />

ordering. Readers’ Choice Award winner<br />

13 consecutive years.<br />

Chantara Thai Cuisine<br />

4361 Town Center Blvd., Ste. 110<br />

El Dorado Hills<br />

916-939-0389<br />

Since 1987, the award-winning Mikuni<br />

restaurants have blended traditional<br />

Japanese cuisine and sushi with<br />

American innovation. Casual dining in a<br />

loud, energetic atmosphere. The menu<br />

features fresh, healthy seafood with<br />

a generous menu for two option, an<br />

extensive happy hour, and full bar.<br />

Mikuni Sushi<br />

Three area locations<br />

mikunisushi.com<br />



Kobe Sushi & Fusion is a familyowned<br />

establishment dedicated to<br />

quality Japanese, Korean, and fusion<br />

food. Escape the cold with our<br />

new winter hot pot specials: spicy<br />

soondubu and earthy sukiyaki. From<br />

traditional sushi to modern fusion<br />

tacos, our menu is sure to please.<br />

Kobe Sushi & Fusion<br />

3300 Coach Lane<br />

Cameron Park<br />

530-672-9210<br />

kobecameronpark.com<br />

Great food and drink meet at Bricks!<br />

Gourmet crafted burgers, satisfying<br />

salads and hearty dishes will delight<br />

all appetites! Bring friends and<br />

family to dine in our uniquely casual<br />

atmosphere, or relax at the bar with<br />

a cocktail and a savory appetizer.<br />

Bricks Eats & Drinks<br />

482 Main Street<br />

Placerville<br />

530-303-3480<br />

bricksonmainstreet.com<br />



Welcome to Casa Ramos! Enjoy<br />

the family recipes that range from<br />

authentic classics like carne asada,<br />

chicken mole, and Borrego (lamb<br />

shank) to Mexican-American favorites<br />

like nachos, chimichangas, and<br />

oversized burritos! Whichever dish<br />

chosen, you will leave satisfied!<br />

Casa Ramos Mexican Restaurant<br />

6840 Green Leaf Dr.<br />

Placerville<br />

530-622-2303<br />

casaramos.net<br />

Cascada is your Main Street<br />

Placerville destination for the finest<br />

Mexican cuisine and best cocktails.<br />

Stop by and take in the Bell Tower<br />

views while enjoying an authentic<br />

south-of-the-border delight and a<br />

handcrafted cocktail! See why we<br />

are consistently voted a favorite by<br />

<strong>Style</strong> readers.<br />

Cascada Restaurant & Cantina<br />

384 Main Street<br />

Placerville<br />

530-344-7757<br />

cascadainplacerville.com<br />

96 stylemg.com | MARCH <strong>2019</strong> | /stylemg /stylemediagroup /stylemediagroup /stylemags<br />




CAFÉ<br />

The Independent presents an<br />

outstanding American fusion menu<br />

and a top-tier full bar. The scratch<br />

kitchen uses only the freshest, finest<br />

ingredients creating exceptional grill<br />

and seafood entrées. The bar prides<br />

itself on artisanal cocktails, freshsqueezed<br />

juices, and house-made<br />

mixers. Beautiful outdoor patio!<br />

The Independent<br />

Restaurant and Bar<br />

629 Main Street, Placerville<br />

530-344-7645<br />

independentplacerville.com<br />

Online ordering available,<br />

receive 15% off your first order (CRSTYLE)<br />

Offering delicious, homemade, fresh<br />

food and the best coffee and espresso<br />

in the area. Start your day with our<br />

breakfast specialties, warm cinnamon<br />

rolls, delectable coffee cakes, fresh<br />

muffins, delightful scones, and cookies.<br />

Come enjoy our great patio for lunch!<br />

Coffee Republic<br />

6610 Folsom-Auburn Rd.<br />

Folsom<br />

916-987-8001<br />

coffeerepublicfolsom.com<br />



Icing on the Cupcake offers a wide<br />

variety of cupcake flavors, including<br />

gluten-free and vegan options that are<br />

available every day at our three retail<br />

locations. We also offer other sweet<br />

treats, baked fresh daily including<br />

brownies, pies, and cookie sandwiches<br />

using the finest quality ingredients.<br />

Icing on the Cupcake<br />

3 locations to serve you<br />

Rocklin / Palladio in Folsom / Sacramento<br />

916-303-4333<br />

icingonthecupcake.com<br />

Executive Chef Michael Liu unites<br />

traditional Japanese cuisine with unique<br />

and contemporary offerings by bringing<br />

you the very best in tasty ingredients<br />

from the ocean & land to your plate.<br />

Tuesday-Sunday 11am-2pm enjoy our All<br />

You Can Eat (AYCE) menu. It has proven<br />

an unmatched offering enthusiastically<br />

received by our customers.<br />

Hisui Sushi<br />

25004 Blue Ravine Rd., #107<br />

Folsom<br />

916-985-7778<br />

hisuisushi.com<br />

FRENCH<br />


Combining the flavors of France<br />

and the Mediterranean regions with<br />

an emphasis on quality, seasonal,<br />

and fresh locally grown ingredients.<br />

The perfect location for private<br />

dining, special events, wedding<br />

celebrations, and corporate dinners/<br />

presentations.<br />

La Provence Restaurant<br />

& Terrace<br />

110 Diamond Creek Place<br />

Roseville<br />

916-789-2002<br />

laprovenceroseville.com<br />

Local Chicago sports pub! Serving up<br />

Roseville's favorite signature Chicago<br />

pizzas, Italian beef and “Vienna”<br />

dogs, pastas, and sandwiches that<br />

offer high quality, value and flavor.<br />

Dine-in with your family and watch<br />

your favorite sporting events. Online<br />

ordering and carry out available.<br />

Closed Mondays.<br />

Rosati's<br />

5140 Foothills Blvd., #110<br />

Roseville<br />

916-797-7492<br />

myrosatisroseville.com<br />



At Visconti’s Ristorante, we’re honored<br />

to cook for you as we cook for our own<br />

family and we are proud to use only<br />

the freshest ingredients and imported<br />

meat, cheese, and wine. We welcome<br />

you and look forward to serving you!<br />

Visconti’s Ristorante<br />

2700 E. Bidwell St., Ste. 700<br />

Folsom<br />

916-983-5181<br />

viscontisristorante.com<br />

A Family of Candy Makers since 1963.<br />

With 3 generations of candy makers,<br />

Snooks continues the tradition of<br />

producing the finest freshly made<br />

confections on site in Historic<br />

Folsom. Come visit us or shop online!<br />

Snooks Chocolate Factory<br />

731 Sutter Street<br />

Historic Folsom<br />

916-985-0620<br />

snookscandies.com<br />


MARCH <strong>2019</strong> | stylemg.com 97

| last look |<br />

Where<br />

We Live<br />

“Newts—and<br />

our proximity<br />

to nature and<br />

wildlife—are<br />

some of my<br />

favorite<br />

things about<br />

living here.”<br />

Photo by Lisa Moreland, @ljmoremiles<br />



20 Under 20: Local Teens<br />

Making Their Mark<br />

15 Reasons to Ride a Bike<br />

Easter Brunch Recipes<br />

10 Gardening Tips<br />

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