The Eagle - Issue #2 2019


This is our second newsletter for 2019. You will find articles about Sports Day and our inaugural Global Summit.


ISSUE 2 | APRIL 2019

Front Page: NMHS student leaders hosting the formal Closing

Ceremony of the inaugural Global Summit in late March

Inside Page: The Minister for Education, The Hon. John Gardner

presenting certificates to Global Summit participants (from

Germany and Japan) at the Closing Ceremony

Read more about the Global Summit on page 27




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Norwood Morialta High School



Welcome to the second edition of THE

EAGLE with highlights from Term 1 2019!

This term, despite being a long one, has flown

past with staff and students enthusiastically

participating in a range of interesting and

exciting activities.

Particular highlights for me have been the

special ANZAC Day Assembly, Harmony Day

celebrations, Head of the River Regatta and

Hosei Study Tour, just to name a few - but it

is perhaps the recent Global Summit week

that I am most proud of. This exhilarating

event was hosted by Norwood Morialta

High School and saw over 100 passionate

young people come together from local

and international communities to make a

global difference for their generation. These

international participants enjoyed creative

and challenging presentations, imaginative

cultural performances and local tours, but

it was the intercultural connections and the

invaluable learning from each other that

will be remembered. Norwood Morialta

High School is the first school to host such a

unique and large scale event coordinating

not only the impressive program, but also

the accommodation of 75 students and




teachers from 12 schools from around the

world. All participants thoroughly enjoyed this

experience and were highly impressed by

the impeccable organisation and generous

hospitality shown by our school community.

Without a doubt the program was an

astonishing success and we are already

planning how we can continue to empower

our students to ‘enrich humanity’ with new

international partnerships and another Global

Summit in 2022. A special thank you to all

members of our school community and

to local businesses who contributed to this

remarkable experience!

Building Plans

Our school’s building plans are moving ahead now

with the recent announcement of an additional

$9.9 million from the Liberal Government to support

future growth of our school. This additional funding,

combined with the previous $30 million allocation,

will ensure Norwood Morialta High School can finally

co-locate the middle campus onto the senior campus,

as well as accommodating the transition of Year 7

students. Recent analysis and modelling of our local

demographics confirms that Norwood Morialta

High School is a school in high demand and that our

capacity will increase to 1700 enrolments by 2022.

Already the school, in collaboration with the

Department for Education, has developed a

building scope for the co-location of our campuses

and increased capacity. These plans include the

construction of a 3-storey middle school building

(with specialist facilities), a 2-storey Innovation Hub

for specialist Arts and Technology classes and a new

Administration building. Further works such as the

expansion and refurbishment of our Gymnasium,

Resource Centre, Wellbeing Hub and Home

Economics learning spaces will also be included,

along with new sports courts and outdoor spaces.

This significant capital works project is anticipated

to commence in Term 2 with the consultation and

planning phase, and is expected to be completed

by the end of 2021. We look forward to involving our

community in the consultation of this exciting project

and future plans for our school.


2019 Governing Council

Our AGM successfully recruited the 2019 NMHS

Governing Council with a combination of new

and re-elected members. This council supports

our school leaders setting site directions and

during 2019 will engage in the consultation and

planning for our new facility developments, as well

as supporting the school in seeking authorisation

to offer the International Baccalaureate Diploma


The 2019 Governing Council membership includes:

Sandra Mestros (Chair)

Belinda Morro (Deputy Chair)

Yvonne Green (Treasurer)

Sarah Craddock

Simon Critchley

Ric Dance

Spiros Dimas

Kylie Jackel

Kevin Lawton

The Hon. Vincent Tarzia

Jacqui van Ruiten

David Carter

Hamdy Hassan

Fran Millard

Parent Representative

Parent Representative

Parent Representative


Parent Representative


Parent Representative

Parent Representative

Parent Representative

Parent Representative

Parent Representative

Community Representative


Staff Representative

Staff Representative

Staff Representative

The 2018 Annual Report, together with a summary

of the key directions featured in our 2019 Site

Improvement Plan, were endorsed by the

Governing Council at our last meeting. These

documents are now available on our school’s

website and align to our pursuit for continued

improvement and excellence.



STEMworks Opening

On Wednesday 10 April Norwood Morialta High

School proudly unveiled our new $2.5million STEM

facility for all to see at the official opening ceremony.

Our newly renovated facilities provide a much

improved learning environment, transforming our

school in more ways than one. This exciting project

involved the demolition and re-location of internal

walls and a complete retrofit of six laboratories to

create spacious, bright, modern labs with adjoining

internal and external collaborative spaces to

connect practical and theoretical learning. Extensive

landscaping has also been an important component

of this work, transforming a stark, asphalt wasteland

into a welcoming, attractive outdoor space complete

with modern shelter and outdoor stage, grassed

area and plenty of seating to support socialising and


Joined by special guests including the Minister

for Education, the Honourable John Gardner, the

Honourable Vincent Tarzia, Member for Hartley,

Her Worship Anne Monceaux, Mayor for the City

of Burnside, and many other invited guests, our

students hosted the ceremony admirably and

passionately shared how these new learning

spaces had re-energised their learning experiences,

promoting their collaboration, exploration and

creativity. Thanks to the injection of state funds and

well-designed facilities, supported by passionate

teachers and innovative STEM programs, our school

continues to experience a trend of improvement

and is recognised as a leader of STEM learning both

locally and nationally.

I wish the school community an enjoyable break and

look forward to another exciting term at Norwood


Jacqui van Ruiten




Middle Campus News

The Middle Campus has been a buzz

throughout Term 1. Very successful and

enjoyable induction days were followed by

many informative and celebratory events,

including year level assemblies, Harmony

Day celebration, Greek Independence Day

celebration and ANZAC Day commemoration.



Harmony Day - 21 March

Harmony Day is celebrated to promote diversity

and acceptance of all cultures and aims to

start a conversation about heritage, culture and

community. NMHS is a truly multicultural school

with students and staff coming from over 90

different cultural and linguistic backgrounds. This

diversity is celebrated and acknowledged through

curriculum and extra-curricular activities. Harmony

Day is celebrated by all students and staff through

activities which provide opportunities for learning

about other cultures and celebrate students’ family

backgrounds. In addition, Year 8 students put on a

magnificent display of cuisines around the world

with dishes prepared by their family members.

This year the variety of food shared was as

versatile as ever and thoroughly enjoyed by all.

Greek Independence Day Celebration

On Thursday 4 April, MC students and staff

celebrated one of five languages taught at the

school, Greek, with traditional Greek food and

sweets prepared by student leaders and students

of Greek. Students of Greek, supported by their

teacher, also performed traditional Greek dances

and organised Greek music. This is an annual event

which celebrates Greek Independence Day and is

eagerly anticipated by all students.

Anzac Day Commemoration

ANZAC Day, which falls within school holidays, was

commemorated on the Middle Campus on the last

Wednesday of the term. School vice-captains led

the event of remembering all men and women

from Australia who took part in wars in different

parts of the world and their contribution and

sacrifice. It was a very solemn commemoration

with impressive contribution from student leaders.





Music Concert

Our music students who are preparing for the

Generations in Jazz competition, to be held in

Term 2 in Mount Gambier, showcased their skills on

Friday 5 April in front of a very enthusiastic audience

of parents and staff. It was a whole school concert

which once again demonstrated the many talents of

our students further developed through hard work

and practice. We wish them the best of luck in the


Wellbeing News

We are very pleased to welcome to our school two

support staff who will be working closely with our

Wellbeing Team:

Student Voice

At the start of the term student leaders from Years

9 and 10 actively promoted leadership opportunities

to Year 8 students who were new to high school. This

resulted in a large group of Year 8 students applying

for student leadership positions. In March, twentytwo

Years 8-10 and eight Year 12 student leaders

took part in a state-wide conference, GRIP, which

focused on leadership qualities, ways to involve

students in school-wide events, ways to create an

amazing school culture and how to choose and

advance a cause. Their learnings will be used to

further enhance student participation in campus and

school-wide activities.


Rocco Luppino – psychologist employed by In-

School Psychology, who will be providing free

counselling service to students who have a Mental

Health Care Plan developed by their GP.


James Dunn – Pastoral Care Worker who will be

working with small groups of students.

In addition, parents will soon be able to access a

great pool of online resources through SchoolTV via

our website. These credible resources are designed

to provide sound information with realistic, practical

ongoing support strategies. SchoolTV topics are

divided into series related to mental health, cyber

safety, school survival and healthy body.

Karmen Petric

Deputy Principal, Middle Campus



Senior Campus News

As Term 1 draws to an end our senior campus

students are settling in to the demands

and expectations of senior schooling

and the SACE. They notice the increased

independence, but also the need to focus on

all work expectations, be organised and meet

deadlines. Stage two students will know that

the deadline for the Research Project is fast

approaching and they need to ensure that

they achieve at a C grade or higher in this

important SACE subject.

Senior Campus Graduates Assembly

It was a pleasure to welcome back our

highly successful graduates to the Senior

Campus Graduates Assembly in week 3.

Year 10s travelled from the middle campus

to be part of this important occasion. At this

assembly the school community was able

to acknowledge and celebrate the success

of the 2018 Graduates and it is a great

inspiration to our Year 10, 11 and 12 students to

see the wide range of courses and pathways

students have chosen. The assembly was

led by our House Captains, Riya Menon and

Rega Almuthadda. The guest speaker, Gia-

Yen Luong is an old scholar who was recently

awarded a Rhodes scholarship. Her speech

inspired students to work to achieve their best

and seize opportunities.


Congratulations to all our Graduates on their

hard earned success and to their teachers

and parents who supported them throughout

the year. As a school we wish them every

success and look forward to hearing about

their future endeavours and accomplishments.


Attendance and Achievement

It is clear that attendance at school is closely linked

to achievement. Attendance at all lessons and a well

organised study planner are important requirements

for a student to achieve SACE success. The Senior

Campus provides excellent resources for students

to study in unscheduled lessons including flexible

learning spaces designed to support individual and

collaborative study.

The DAYMAP Parent Portal provides information

about student attendance, summative assignments

and results. It was introduced to strengthen parent

partnerships with the school in an effort to get the

best outcomes for our students. Please visit this

portal regularly and if there are any concerns please

contact the subject teacher or Personal Learning

Group (PLG) teacher.

Our teachers are committed to supporting students

to achieve success. To help students manage the

workload, teachers set assessment deadlines

including checkpoint dates, taking into consideration

the requirements of the teaching program and the

learning and work demands placed on the student.

Students are expected to meet deadlines. In the case

of illness, injury or compassionate grounds, evidence

must be provided to the teacher before the due date

to negotiate the possibility of a new deadline.

If a student misses a deadline without negotiation

before the due date, the subject teacher will send

the student to the Submission Support Room for

up to three lessons to complete the work to a C

standard or higher. A ‘Work Non Submission Letter’

is emailed on the day to inform parents/caregivers.

If the student is unable to complete the work to a

satisfactory standard within the three lessons, or

there is a repeat of work non submission in the

same subject, the student will be withdrawn from

all SACE classes and a parent/student meeting held

at the earliest possible opportunity. At this meeting

the school will discuss a range of strategies and

educational options to support the student.

We know that timely intervention combined with

parent communication greatly assists students to

complete outstanding work to a satisfactory level

and removes the possibility of them falling further

behind. As a school it is our aim to support students

to achieve to the best of their ability and we do not

believe any of our students should fail due to work

non submission.

Semester 1 Diagnostic Reports for Stage 1

& 2 students

The Term 1 Diagnostic report for Senior Campus

students is available on DAYMAP Parent Portal for

parent/caregiver perusal. If you require assistance

to access the Parent Portal please visit the school’s

website or email dl.0787.parentportal@schools. A printed copy of the report can be made

available at the request of an individual parent/


The purpose of this report is to provide parents/

caregivers and students with timely information

about the progress the student is making in each

subject and to identify areas that require further

attention in order for the student to achieve success

in the subject.

Karen Andrews

Deputy Principal, Senior Campus

Year 11 and 12 Sports

Studies - Surfing

On Wednesday 13 February, our Sports Studies

class went surfing at Middleton Beach. The surf

forecast was looking pretty good with a SSW swell

reaching 8ft.

Our morning session focussed on the basic board

positions and some practice drills on the beach

before hitting up the surf. For most it was our first

taste of big surf and wasn’t long before we were

standing up and enjoying a smooth ride into the


The middle and afternoon sessions was used to

refine our wave selection and turning skills. By the

end of the session most of our group was surfing

the bigger, powerful waves! It was such a great

feeling to feel the wave pushing you along as you

stand up on the board


Tahlia’s quote “It was worth a nose full of salt

water to experience standing up surfing the bigger


Nicholas Sward

PE Teacher


All of the Year 8 German classes participated in an

informative, interactive game called Autobahn. This

motivational game is for students who are in their

first year of learning German to expose them to

facts about the German-speaking countries, their

culture and products.

In their groups students competed against other

teams to solve different activities. Applying their

maths skills and using a map of Germany students

had to work out which city to go next to in order to

cover the most km on the Autobahn.

Pictures: At the Hamburg station role playing

German soccer fans.



Cordula Blank

German Teacher

Important Dates

Wednesday 1 May

Student Teacher Parent interviews

on the MC 2-7pm

Fri 3 May - Sun 5 May

Generations in Jazz

Monday 6 May

Governing Council from 6.30pm on the SC

Wed 8 May - Thu 9 May

World of Maths

Friday 10 May

Year 12 Formal @ Entertainment Centre

Corner of Port Rd and Adam St, Hindmarsh

Friday 10 May


Tue 14 May - Fri 17 May


Wednesday 15 May

IBYMP Parent Information Evening 6-7pm in

the MC Resource Centre

Monday 20 May

Rowing Committee AGM on the SC

Wed 22 May - Fri 24 May

Year 10 OE Canoeing Camp

Friday 24 May

Music Camp

Monday 27 May

Governing Council from 6.30pm on the SC

Thursday 30 May

School Musical Opening Night

7.30pm on SC

Fri 31 May - Sat 1 June

School Musical

Monday 10 June


Tueday 11 June

Student Free Day

Tue 11 June - Sat 15 June

Stg 2 OE Flinders

Sat 15 June - Sun 16 June

Victoria Park 6 hour Pedal Prix

Monday 17 June

Parent Information Positive Education

Monday 24 June

Governing Council 6.30pm on the SC

Tuesday 25 June

Yr 10 1st Meningococcal B Vaccinations

wednesday 26 June

Yr 10EX & Yr 11 1st Meningococcal B


Tuesday 2 July

Stage 2 Student/Teacher/

Parent Discussions 2-7pm on SC

Friday 5 July

E-Newsletter 3 online

Friday 5 July


Students dismissed @ 1pm


Sport News




2019 has started extremely busy for School

Sport at Norwood Morialta High School.

Already the summer season of sport has

come and gone, with students competing

against schools across Adelaide in a variety of

Saturday mornings sports. Some highlights of

the season include our inexperienced Middle

Girls Basketball team winning their first game

in the final round of the season, and our Middle

Boys Cricket team going through the season


Despite many successes in school sport during

term 1, the marquee event is without a doubt

our Sports Day which was held in week 7.

Blessed with blue skies and ideal temperatures,

students were taken to the SA Athletics

Stadium for a day of high level athletics. The

event was a huge success and extremely

enjoyable, with students earning points for

their house with the goal of winning the

overall House Championship Shield. In a day

with countless highlights and several records

broken, the Blue house was the eventual

winner on the day, with Gold taking out the

Spirit Shield. All students and staff should be

commended for their efforts in what was an

outstanding day.

Darren Marner

Sports Manager

SSSSA Athletics Championships

We have had some more great news in School

Sport, with our students competing against schools

from across the state in the SSSSA Athletics

Championships. The group selected were again


ambassadors of our school, competing

at a high level and upholding the school values.

In the end, we won the boys shield, and finished

second overall, meaning that for the second year

in a row, we move up a division. Next year we will

be competing in the B1 Division after competing in

B2 in 2019 and C1 last year. This is a great reward

for all the hard work the group has put in over the

past few weeks.

In other sporting news, I’d like to acknowledge the

outstanding efforts of our Senior Girls Basketball

team who won their Premiership. The game was

an absolute nail biter, with the girls winning by 3

points in the end..

Show us your successful

sporting moments on social

media by using the hashtag:


Sport Selection


Football Federation Australia National

Futsal Championships,

held in Sydney, New South Wales,

09 - 13 January


Australian Junior Ice Hockey League

National Championship,

held in Melbourne, Victoria,

07 - 10 March


International Rowing Regatta,

held in Sydney, New South Wales,

25 - 31 March


Australian Athletics Championships,

held in Sydney, New South Wales,

01 - 07 April


Australian Athletics Championships,

held in Sydney, New South Wales,

01 - 07 April

This is the 6th time Tali has been selected to

compete for South Australia at a national track and

field championship, and the second time she has

represented the State at this particular championship.

Tali competed in the 100m, 200m and Triple Jump

events, making the finals in both the 200m and the

Triple Jump, and narrowly missing out on a final berth

in the 100m. She ended up placing 4th in Triple Jump

overall and 7th in the 200m.


2019 Sports Day

Team Score Summary

Team Track Field Total

BLUE 1886 1062 2, 948

RED 1857 878 2, 735

GOLD 1761 881 2, 642


2019 Records Broken

New Record

Past Record

Event 10 Male year 12 Javelin 43.71m James Woods (40.46)

Event 23 Male year 12 High Jump 1.93m Matthew Starkey (1.82)

Event 25 Female Year 8 Hurdles 13.69s Tali Cargin-Rowe (14.08)

Event 93 Male year 12 Triple Jump 13.13m Matthew Starkey (12.9)

Event 120 Male year 11 Triple Jump 12.56m Blake Bastick (12.54)

Event 122 Male year 9 800 2.19.18 Taj Rahui (2.23.80

Event 136 Female year 8 Triple Jump 11.18m Tali Cargin-Rowe (9.30)

Event 145 Female 200 metres 25.96 Tali Cargin-Rowe & (28.52)

Pippa Hansen



2019 Sport Day Year Champions

Year 8

Boy 1st Gregorio RED 48 points

2nd Sebastian RED 42 points

Girl 1st Tali BLUE 48 points

2nd Ya Qi GOLD 44 points

Year 9

Boy 1st Taj RED 44 points

2nd Isaac BLUE 35 points

Girl 1st Capri GOLD 60 points

2nd Chloe GOLD 42 points

Year 10

Boy 1st Immanuel GOLD 58 points

2nd Prabhnoor BLUE 46 points

Girl 1st Maya RED 58 points

2nd Elle BLUE 50 Points

Year 11

Boy 1st Blake RED 60 points

2nd Lawrence BLUE 50 points

Girl 1st Oakley RED 60 points

2nd Emily BLUE 54 points

Year 12

Boy 1st Matthew RED 60 points

2nd James BLUE 43 oints

Girl 1st Caitlin GOLD 60 points

2nd Brooklyn BLUE 50 Points



Rowing News



A massive term of Rowing is now drawing to

a close with rowers being committed, training

hard and reaping the rewards for their


State Representation

Congratulations to Bryson Salter and Luca

Claassen for their recent announcement in

the State Pathway Squad. Both rowers will be

taking part in State Development Camps and

corresponding regattas throughout Term 2. Bryson

also took part in the Sydney International Rowing

Regatta, Penrith NSW, in late March. This has been

a valuable experience for him to see and compete

with rowers from around Australia.

Head of the River

On Saturday 23 March the Norwood Morialta

High School Rowing Club took to the water in the

South Australian Schools’ Head of the River at

West Lakes. This event is the concluding event

of the 2018/19 schools’ rowing season, and saw

81 of our rowers from Years 8 to 12 compete. We

boated seven Year 8 crews, five Year 9 crews,

three Year 10 crews, and a Senior Boys and Girls

1st VIII. This was our largest ever attendance at

Head of the River, displaying the Club’s growth and

development. Highlight performance came from

the Year 10A Girls finishing 1 st in the B Final, Year 10B

Boys finishing 2 nd in the B final and Year 9A Girls

finishing 2 nd in the B final.

A massive congratulations to our Year 8s who

took up the challenge, managed their nerves

and succeeded on the water in their first Head

of the River. The School’s Drum Corp must be

commended for their added impact and hyping

up each of our crews as they hit the water.


Rowing Committee AGM: Monday 20 May

Movie Night: TBA

Quiz Night: Saturday 10 August


Presentation Evening

The evening of 23 March saw 160 rowers and their

families wash off the salt and sand from West Lakes

to celebrate a massive season at Sfera’ Park Suites &

Function Centre. All rowers were recognised for their

achievement and dedication, with a rower in each

year level and gender presented with the Best Rower

and Coaches’ Awards. We would like to congratulate

you all and highlight the award winners:

Year 8 Awards

Best Rower Harry Dangerfield Saskia Rofe

Coaches’ Award Rohan Harding Ashley Ng

Year 9 Awards

Best Rower Sebastian Cole Grace Price

Coaches’ Award Thomas Spyrou Djameka Santos-Cook

Year 10 Awards

Best Rower Andre Colotte-Perez Grace Dodson

Coaches’ Award Grace Dodson Georgia Watts

Seniors Awards

Best Rower Bryson Salter Nicole Ng

Coaches’ Award James Adler Juliette Keir

Club Awards

Most Improved Most Improved Principal’s Award

Leo May Georgia Watts Bryson Salter

The Rowing Committee must be commended for

their outstanding organisation and smooth running

of the Head of the River regatta and the subsequent

End of Season Dinner and Presentation Evening. The

Committee supported by the entire Norwood Morialta

High School Rowing Community ensure each regatta,

event and year is continuously more successful. If

you have an interest in being involved in the Rowing

Committee for the 2019/2020 season please contact

Ben O’Connell or David Watts, and join us for the AGM

on Monday 20 May.

Ben O’Connell

Rowing Manager



Pedal Prix

The Pedal Prix season has now begun,

with our Senior Elite Boys “Team Focus”

competing at McNamara Park in Mount

Gambier. (Check out the race report on the

adjacent page.)

Pedal Prix is the fastest sport at Norwood

Morialta High School with a long and

growing tradition of success across all year

levels. It is a sport for all students from Years

8 to 12 and parents can get involved as well.

Participating students compete within the Uni

SA Australian Human Powered Vehicle (HPV)

Super Series and will take part in two 6-hour

races and one 24 hour race during Terms

2 and 3. This is a great chance to meet

new people, have memorable experiences,

challenge yourself and compete in a team

environment against over 200 other school

and community teams.

Ben O’Connell

Rowing Manager

Race Calendar

5 May: Loxton 6 Hour – Senior Teams Only

16 June: Adelaide, Victoria Park 6-Hour – all teams

28 July: Adelaide, Victoria Park 6-Hour – all teams

21-22 September: Murray Bridge 24 Hour – all teams


Training for Pedal Prix occurs on either Saturdays

or Sundays at the Victoria Park Criterium Circuit

in the Adelaide Parklands from the 12 May to 14

September. Trainings run between 8:00am and

4:00pm depending on the weekend with students

given a timeslot to ensure each rider has adequate

time inside the trikes. A full training schedule is

released at the beginning of Term 2.


XP8 – Middle School (Years 8, 9 and 10)

Spurls Girls – All Female (Years 8 to 12)

Focus – Senior School (Years 10, 11, and 12)

Astro – Community (Years 10-12, parents & teachers)





Mt Gambier Race Report

by Darcy

Team Focus – Number 41

Riders: Darcy (Year 12), Noah (Year 11), Aaron (Year 11),

Kawindu (Year 11), Harrison (Year 10) and Thomas (Year


The season for Norwood Morialta High School’s fastest

sport began on the weekend with the elite team, Team

Focus, travelling to Mount Gambier in the State’s South

East. Here they participated in the first round of the

UniSA Australian HPV Super Series under race number

41 in the senior secondary category. The race was on a

2.4km circuit around McNamara Park, famous for tight

corners and exceptionally high speeds. The team faced

competition from Glenunga, Mt Barker and Seaview

High Schools as well as the 73 other teams competing.

From the get go, Focus ridden by Darcy started strong,

settling in second. With an amazing effort from Noah

with over an hour in the trike, the team moved into

first place. The boys (Aaron, Kawindu, Thomas and

Harrison) held and blew out this lead until the end

finishing an amazing 14 laps ahead (31 kilometres) of

their nearest senior secondary school competition.

In addition, the team finished 11th overall and picked

up the fastest lap in their category thanks to Noah

(averaging over 46km/h).

The team has taken confidence from their win,

however have come away with many lessons to learn

from and improve. The next race will be take place in

6 weeks in the regional town of Loxton where the boys

will be going for 2 from 2. Chapeau Focus, may this be

the start of a super season!

Sign Up Now

In 2019 we are hoping for more riders across all

year levels, in particular we want to see more

females involved. Our all-female team has been

gaining momentum over the past two years and

this success will continue in 2019.

Contact Mr Ben O’Connell or Ms Anne-Marie

Thomas on

to get involved.

Follow all the action on







Proudly Supported by:



International News


This term has been another busy term with

a range of International Programs, with the

Global Summit (pg 27) being a major highlight

which has showcased our school as a leader

in International Education with the vision of

creating Global Citizens.

Our term commenced with the enrolment of

14 students in the Middle Campus Intensive

Secondary English Course (ISEC) as well a

number of short term Study Abroad Program

(SAP) students. We also were involved in Study

Adelaide’s China Ambassador project and hosted

a student to experience life in Adelaide which

also included one day in an Australian school.

Our international students add to the diversity of

our school population which currently numbers

over 90 different cultures! Additionally, the current

NMHS student cohort come from 68 different

countries of birth.

The Chinese New Year saw a Lion Dance

performance on the Middle Campus as well as a

number of the International Students attending a

celebratory Chinese New Year dinner.

Top picture: Study Adelaide Ambassador Student

- Yaxuan


Bottom picture: Yaxuan and her family and Ms


We also welcomed 20 students from Hosei University

Junior High School, Japan, for a 7-day study tour.

The students were home stayed by families of

NMHS and the local community and undertook an

English program and lessons including Australian

Cuisine, Aboriginal Art and Australian Sport. They also

enjoyed a day at the Gorge Wildlife Park and visited

the Rocking Horse at Gumeracha.

The sister school trips to Japan and Italy were

launched and will occur in September/October this

year. The planning is well underway and 36 students

will undoubtedly have a wonderful experience as

they visit our sister schools and be hosted by families

where they will be immersed in the language and

culture of the country. Students will also see some

of the major sights of these countries during a one

week tour.

There is also a STEM based tour to the Kennedy

Space Centre at the end of this year.

Our World Challenge adventure to Vietnam and

Cambodia has been postponed to 2020 so there are

now opportunities for current students in Years 8 – 10

to join our NMHS Challenge.

Planning is also underway for a tour to China, and

to establish new sister school partnerships with

Germany and Greece, with trips planned to these

countries in 2020.

For information on any of the above tours, please

contact Andrea Sarantaugas by email: andrea. or telephone the

school on 8364 2299.




This ADELAIDE term - SOUTH Norwood AUSTRALIA Morialta High School held its

inaugural Global Summit, “Enriching Humanity

through Innovation and Entrepreneurship”, the

first of its kind in South Australia. During this 5-day

event, 56 visiting students and 19 staff from 12

schools from around the world, were invited to

join 46 NMHS students to explore and develop

local and global solutions to seven of the United

Nations Sustainable Development Goals. Countries

represented included Brazil, China, Germany,

Greece, Italy, Japan, New Zealand, USA (Hawaii),

Vietnam and Australia (Queensland and NMHS).





The Global Summit Opening Ceremony welcomed

a procession of all the student teams, followed

by a Welcome to Country by Jack Buckskin, a

Kaurna, Narungga and Wirangu man born in the

Adelaide Plains region, who has dedicated himself

to learning and sharing the Kaurna language

and culture. The audience were entertained by

his stories and didgeridoo performance. Other

performances by students of NMHS, including a

slam poetry on diversity, musical item by the Big

Band, a Greek dance performance and the close

by the NMHS Drum Corp.

The Keynote Speaker address by the Reverend

Tim Costello, Chief Advocate of World Vision, set

the scene for the week ahead.



During the week the students worked in their cross

cultural Innovation Teams where they developed

deeper intercultural understandings as well as

explore and present solutions to seven of the

United Sustainable Development Goals. The energy

and enthusiasm displayed by the students was

clearly evident as they worked collaboratively in

our new STEM spaces on the Senior Campus.

Other activities such as the Adelaide City

Adventure Trail saw the competitive spirit of the

teams as they raced around the Adelaide City

to find clues to questions and be the first team

to finish this amazing race! The excursion for our

visitors to the Gorge Wildlife Park and Melba’s

Chocolate factory was enjoyed by all and many

happy snaps of the Koalas will be memories that

our visitors will reflect upon in the years ahead.

The Cultural Performances were an outstanding

display of the cultures of each of the schools.

The middle campus students who walked to the

senior campus on a rather warm day were truly

rewarded for their efforts. The Closing Ceremony,

whilst sadly bringing an end to such an amazing

week was nevertheless filled with excitement

as the best Innovation Team and winner of the

Adelaide City Adventure Trail were announced, the

exchange of school pins and cultural gifts ensued,

as well as surprise visitors, baby Koalas from the

Fauna Rescue team were cuddled and presented

more photo opportunities.

Our inaugural Global Summit surpassed our

expectations. We were extremely impressed by

the solutions that the Innovation Teams presented.

The global partnerships that our school has

developed through this event will grow our range

of sister schools as well as expanding this Global

Summit to a Triennial Event, with Ritsumeikan

High School in Japan, and Kamehameha Schools,

Hawai’i, USA.

We are extremely grateful the NMHS Community,

particularly the families who kindly hosted our

visiting students and staff. We also extend our

appreciation for the support from our local

community for their generous sponsorship of our

inaugural Global Summit.

Andrea Sarantaugas

Assistant Principal International Programs



Global Summit Planning Committee would like to acknowledge the generosity of our

sponsors, our homestay families and the Norwood Morialta High School Community

International Education Services


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