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Authors, booksellers, distributors, and other professionals from the publishing industry will gather and get down to business in this year’s BookExpo + BookCon to be held at the Jacob Javits Center, New York City this coming May 29-31 and June 1-2, 2019. The expo is a great opportunity to learn strategies to boost business, meet new contacts, share, exchange ideas, and discover new trends in the industry. Since this is a grand event, we decided to make this issue grand as well.

We start off with Ralph Mosgrove, author of Saying Thanks and Beyond: Is Saying Thank You Enough? as he shares his gratitude in a different way to those who have been kind and generous
to his disabled wife. In “How to Manage Your Energy for the Birthing of Dreams,” Mary Plaza, author of The Matrix Teachings, teaches us the four areas of energy management. She conveys that managing our energy is far more powerful than just managing our thoughts.
Betsy Fritcha, author of Apocalypse Here and Now! Are You Ready? talks about Jesus Christ as the one and only Voice of Truth in our Author’s Perspective section. We also got the chance to interview Raju Ramanathan, world renowned enlightenment guru and author of Souls from Mercury. Ramanathan shares what inspired him to write and offers advice to aspiring authors.
We’ve been sending out invites to writers, illustrators, photographers, poets, essayists, and overall genius creators to find out if they’d be interested to join our little project that we started last year. We couldn’t be happier with the turnout! We received loads of contributions from renowned talents. In this issue, we’re featuring the works of Sally Ann Fenton-Sherrick, Cheryl Batavia, Carolyn Bourns, Ronald Higgins, Ivor Kovac, Mary Plaza, Kaye Beechum, Guru Madeleine, and Byron Gaskins. Expect more to come on our upcoming issues.

Lastly, check out the places and the restaurants to go and try in our lifestyle article “What’s Eating in the Big Apple.” Visiting these places could inspire you to write your next book. We all love stories that resonate with our own, especially those that bring us to greater heights in mood and in thought.

We hope you’ll enjoy reading this issue as much as we enjoyed piecing it together.

Have a fun-filled weekend!

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Saying Thanks and Beyond:

Is Saying Thank You Enough?

Vol. 1 Issue 5


Sally Ann Fenton-Sherrick

Cheryl Batavia

Ronald Higgins

Ivor Kovac

Mary Plaza

Kaye Beechum

Betsy Fritcha

Byron Gaskins

Carolyn Bourns

Guru Madeleine



Editor’s Note

Authors, booksellers, distributors, and other professionals from the publishing industry will

gather and get down to business in this year’s BookExpo + BookCon to be held at the Jacob

Javits Center, New York City this coming May 29-31 and June 1-2, 2019. The expo is a great

opportunity to learn strategies to boost business, meet new contacts, share, exchange ideas, and

discover new trends in the industry. Since this is a grand event, we decided to make this issue

grand as well.

We start off with Ralph Mosgrove, author of Saying Thanks and Beyond: Is Saying Thank You

Enough? as he shares his gratitude in a different way to those who have been kind and generous

to his disabled wife.

In “How to Manage Your Energy for the Birthing of Dreams,” Mary Plaza, author of The

Matrix Teachings, teaches us the four areas of energy management. She conveys that managing

our energy is far more powerful than just managing our thoughts.

Betsy Fritcha, author of Apocalypse Here and Now! Are You Ready? talks about Jesus Christ as

the one and only Voice of Truth in our Author’s Perspective section. We also got the chance

to interview Raju Ramanathan, world renowned enlightenment guru and author of Souls from

Mercury. Ramanathan shares what inspired him to write and offers advice to aspiring authors.

We’ve been sending out invites to writers, illustrators, photographers, poets, essayists, and

overall genius creators to find out if they’d be interested to join our little project that we started

last year. We couldn’t be happier with the turnout! We received loads of contributions from

renowned talents. In this issue, we’re featuring the works of Sally Ann Fenton-Sherrick, Cheryl

Batavia, Carolyn Bourns, Ronald Higgins, Ivor Kovac, Mary Plaza, Kaye Beechum, Guru

Madeleine, and Byron Gaskins. Expect more to come on our upcoming issues.

Lastly, check out the places and the restaurants to go and try in our lifestyle article “What’s

Eating in the Big Apple.” Visiting these places could inspire you to write your next book.

We all love stories that resonate with our own, especially those that bring us to greater heights

in mood and in thought.

We hope you’ll enjoy reading this issue as much as we enjoyed piecing it together.

Have a fun-filled weekend!

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Juno Guadayo, Rio Siao,

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What’s Inside

4 Cover Story:

Expressing Gratitude to the

Kindness of Strangers

10 Contributor

Poetry by Sally Ann Fenton-Sherrick

12 Contributor

Poetry by Cheryl Batavia

14 Impressions and Inspirations

20 A Diamond in the Rough

A character sketch by Carolyn Bourns


26 Unknown Evil

A short story by Ronald Higgins

32 Trouble on the Sea of Mars

Short story and illustration by Ivor Kovac

47 How to Manage Your Energy

For the Birthing of Dreams

54 Contributor - Kaye Beechum

56 Book List

63 Author Perspective

Betsy Fritcha

65 Contributor - Poetry by Byron Gaskins

74 Contributor - Poetry by Guru Madeleine

88 Lifestyle: What’s Eating in the Big Apple?

94 Event Highlights:

Los Angeles Times Festival of Books





Cover Story

Expressing Gratitude

to the Kindness of


Is saying thank you enough?

Author Ralph Mosgrove answers this

question in his book Saying Thanks and

Beyond: Is Saying Thank You Enough?

Mosgrove wrote the book as a way of

expressing his gratitude to the people

who helped his wife, Elsie, when she

became disabled after suffering from a

traumatic fall.

Ralph and Elsie enjoyed a happy and

loving marriage for over sixty years. But

in 2008, at the age of seventy-seven,

Elsie had a major fall and broke her

right hip, which was repaired with a

partial hip replacement, and had two

compression fractures of the vertebra

at T12 and L1. Elsie underwent

vertobroplasty to strengthen her bones

and stabilize her so she could get around

using a walker. For the remaining years

of her life, Elsie was disabled and was

confined to a four-wheel walker with a

seat on it. Ralph says the fall changed

everything for both of them over the

next eight years.


The fall and Elsie’s disability affected

their committed lives. Ralph shares

that although they were long retired

from their respective careers, they still

authorial magazine | 4

emained engaged and found other

ways to be productive. Elsie took

part in the leadership of Christian

Women’s Ministries, worked as weekend

receptionist at Bon Secours Assisted

Living Facility, and participated in

senior programs at local churches.

Ralph himself continued to be

active and was an organist and choir

director for MacDill AFB Chapel in

Tampa, Florida, for Protestant and

Catholic worship.

While the trauma may have interrupted

their lives, both of them soldiered on

and adjusted for Elsie’s sake and wellbeing.

Eight years after her fall, however,

Elsie passed away in April 2015 at the

age of eighty-three.

In her remaining years, Ralph and Elsie

noticed the kindness strangers showed

and offered them. Ralph recalls that

whenever they headed for the door of

a local store, shopping or walking at

the mall, they would meet someone

approaching the door at the same time.

He says that the person would take his

or her time to open it and allow her to


authorial magazine | 5

"Saying thank you creates a positive

reaction in the mind of the person

spoken to. Speaking words of

encouragement generates what comes

back to you. You are the magnet that

draws in the response of kindness."

go in first. This was not the only time

they experienced such kindness. While

the actions were unexpected, Ralph and

Elsie always conveyed their gratitude

to the strangers. But was saying thank

you enough? The couple had always

wondered if there were other ways to

express their gratitude other than saying

“thank you,” or if there were other ways

to make it sound more meaningful.

After Elsie’s death, Ralph gathered his

thoughts and explored ways on how to

say “Thank you” with a deeper, sincere,

and significant meaning. This led him

to write Saying Thanks and Beyond: Is

Saying Thank You Enough?


authorial magazine | 6

Growing up, Ralph explains that saying

“Thank you” was instilled in him and he

used it as a recurrent expression every

time the occasion calls for it. In his

book, he shares various ways on how

to acknowledge kindness, goodness,

and gentleness beyond words. He also

reminds us that words can be more

meaningful than just the usual greeting

or affirmation. Anyone can be guided to

use words to bring confidence, joy, and

encouragement to the people we interact

with every day.

Elsie’s disability may have changed

their lives, but Ralph discovered that in

a world full of negativity, unexpected

acts of kindness, grace, and generosity

still exist. And for that, he is beyond

grateful. He says, “Part of going beyond

is imparting grace and kindness to

persons you thank, making them glad

they took the time to be gracious. They

are inspired to do it again, and you

encouraged in by your ‘Thank you.’”

Come and meet

Pradeep Berry

at the




Pradeep K. Berry is an executive senior management

consultant in banking and finance who has conducted viability

studies for thousands of diversified companies to determine

whether to loan them money for working capital, mergers and

acquisitions, crisis management and investment banking. He

plans to write another book focusing on his life, his professional

career and his wife's professional achievement as well.


Booth No. 1667

MAY 29-31 & June 1-2, 2019


Paperback $17.95

Having no personal experience

with Africa, this seems like a

realistic depiction of the culture

shock an American would feel.

It was a rather intriguing hook

to have the youth experiencing

flashbacks to a previous lifetime

to explain some of Clint's

motivation and experiences.

- Patricia Kenworthy

Book copies are available




by Nwanganga Shields

Aro Chukwu people in Eastern Nigeria believe that

death is not the end of life and that the person will

return again in the next generation to either re-live his

past life or to live a better life than the previous one.

This story is about one such return. Achi, a house slave

at the beginning of the 20th century who died in 1950s,

returns in the form of his American born grandson,

Clint, who begins this quest to claim his heritage.


Come and meet

Cindy Kinjo-Hardart

at the




Cindy Kinjo-Hardart has been living both in the physical and

spiritual dimension. She has learned to live life as a medium and

spiritual healer, teaching meditation, spiritual awareness, energy

cleansing, crystal healing, numerology and how to be more

intuitive. This book will raise your spiritual awareness, open up your

psychic being and know that life on the other side is alive and full

of energy as on earth. There are spiritual healing stories of people

and pets that will amaze you, the reader.

Booth No. 1667

Walking Through


by Silvia Stern

MAY 29-31 & June 1-2, 2019


This book is a walk through life experiences of happy events and memories

and sometimes a healthy laugh at the author's expense. She loves walking

through the weather and seasonal changes. Her garden has a life of its own.

Color has a special place in her daily life. Some of the experiences are real

and some are fantasy. The book has a positive message to this increasingly

negative and dark world.


Paperback $12.99

Readers have told her that her book brought cheer to their days while getting

through cancer treatment. Others said it was a good way to start their day

with a cup of coffee. She hopes new readers reflect, laugh or at least smile at

some of the poetry. It was fun writing and collecting it.

Book copies are available at

Contributor - Poetry by Sally Ann Fenton-Sherrick


Rainbows and Roses, their colors divine.

One melts in my Heart, One lives in my Mind.

My world was all Rainbows the day that we met.

And the Roses you sent me, I will never forget.

Life is not perfect but Love has a way.

Of making a Rainbow on a dark dreary day.

To brighten the skies of a Heart that’s been broke.

And the smell of a Rose, gives a new ray of Hope.

A Rose holds our memories of a place or a time.

When Rainbows were present and the sun did not shine.

God gave us these Treasurers to show us the way.

Heaven will look on a Bright Sunny Day.

Hold onto that Rainbow you see in the sky.

Treasure that Rose that caused you to cry.

Memories are Priceless in our Minds and our Hearts.

Our Love for each other is where it all starts.


authorial magazine | 10


Author Sally Ann Fenton-Sherrick’s life is not perfect but Love has a way. Of making a Rainbow on

a dark dreary day. To brighten the skies of a Heart that’s been broke. And the smell of a Rose gives

a new ray of Hope.

A Rose holds our memories of a place or a time. When rainbows were present and the sun did not

shine. God gave us these treasurers to show us the way. Heaven will look on a Bright sunny day.

Hold onto that rainbow you see in the sky. Treasure that Rose that caused you to cry. Memories

are Priceless in our Minds and our Hearts. Our Love for each other is where it all starts.

authorial magazine | 11

Contributor - Poetry by Cheryl Batavia

A Return to the Beach

Karenia brevis…such a pretty name…

Such an ugly reality for the state of Florida!

The stench of death wafting up from the

beach and seeping into our houses.

Months of red tide: cabin fever, coughing,

struggling to breathe, malaise.

Motels, restaurants, charter boat captains...

many businesses… all wondering

if the snowbirds will ever return…

Officially, the red tide has been over

for several months now, though toxic

blue-green algae still fouls our rivers.

Snowbird cars with license plates from

Ontario, Indiana, Vermont, Montana have

crowded beach parking lots all season long.

A plague of blizzards, northern

climate change, may bother snowbirds

more than Karenia brevis!

I have been recovering my strength.

Though the carnage is past, I am haunted

by the smell of dead fish. I grieve the loss

of sea turtles, manatees, and dolphins.

I must overcome my fears and sorrow…

walk on the sand, swim in the water.

Today is the day! I will return to the beach!

The sun is shining on pristine white sand,

a fresh breeze blows in over bright blue water.

A long, silvery shoal of tiny fish swim,

just beyond the surf. A flock of pelicans

are having a party far out on the sand bar…

No humans allowed! I swim for a while,

then walk along the beach, enjoying the sun

and collecting shark teeth.

Marveling at Mother Nature’s resilience,

I am filled with hope that Florida may recover.

The hurricanes that stir up sediments from

the floor of the Gulf and Lake Okeechobee

may be intensifying…climate change.

Is it a natural cycle beyond our control?

We do have the power to clean up

Lake Okeechobee, stop releasing runoff

into our rivers and oceans, and restore

the flow of water to the Everglades. We can

investigate issues of climate change, and

plan a future with a healthier environment.

We have the power. Do we have the vision?

Can we exercise the will?


authorial magazine | 12


authorial magazine | 13


and Inspirations

An exclusive interview with author Cheryl Batavia

By: Calvin Garcia

Retired teacher and now a published

author of several books, Cheryl Batavia

takes a break from writing her next

best-selling book to talk to us about her

inspiring literary journey and all the

struggles she faced along the way.

Cheryl, a daughter of a Methodist

minister, grew up exploring the

Pennsylvania farm country, the Blue

Ridge Mountains, and the Shenandoah

Valley of Virginia during the fifties and

sixties. She was a school teacher for

twenty years before she retired in 2011 to

find time from her busy schedule to enjoy

doing the things she loves.

She has always dreamed of publishing

a book of poems, and now that she has

already turned that dream into reality

with her books Wonders and the threepart,

critically-acclaimed series, Hanging

Out with Wild Animals, she hopes to

inspire her readers with the experiences

and perspectives in the poems she writes.

Calvin: How did publishing your first

book change your process of writing?

Cheryl: I am very fortunate to have

lived a life filled with many different

experiences. My books are written as

my legacy. My first book, Wonders, is

autobiographical, poems inspired by men

I have loved. Hanging Out with Wild

Animals is my second book.

When I first started writing the Wild

Animals books, I felt I had nothing to

say. I decided to write about my personal

encounters with wild animals. I wanted

to be authentic, so I wrote only about

animals I had observed. Every poem

in the books is inspired by personal

experience. Narrative poems in the books

are true stories from my life.

I researched every animal I wrote about

to be sure the depictions of animals in the

poems were accurate. I added my feelings

and reflections, and I tried to imagine

what the animals may have been feeling

or thinking. This resulted in poems in

which talking animals are juxtaposed

with scientific information.


I didn’t get very far with my writing

before I discovered that I did have

something to say, after all. Several

environmental themes emerged in my

poems: extinction of species, invasive

species, and habitat preservation. I found

myself adding my voice in support of

efforts to preserve wild animals and their

habitats for future generations.

authorial magazine | 14

“. . .Batavia knows how to engage her young

readers even while educating them. . .The animals

seem to step or fly right off the skillfully laid

out pages and into the welcoming hearts of

both children and parents.” - Donna Ford of

the US Review of Books on Hanging Out with

Wild Animals

My values as a teacher soon appeared in

my writing. I believe that awareness of

the world outside yourself is preparation

for a lifetime of learning.

Personal values also surfaced in the

poems: empathy for other people and

all living things, being truthful with

yourself and others, being a participant

in your own life and in the world around

you, and being willing to get involved in

making the world a better place.

Do you try more to be original or to

deliver to readers what they want?

My poems are a personal legacy. I

don’t write to be original or to deliver

to readers what they want. My goal in

writing the Wild Animals books is to

be authentic and thought-provoking. I

believe readers will feel a connection with

the environmental and universal themes

in the poems, and I hope they will enjoy

reading the books as much as I have

enjoyed writing them.

If you could tell your younger writing self

anything, what would it be?

Learn to type. Two-finger typing makes

life more difficult if you are a writer. Of

course, there’s voice activation… Become

proficient with computers, and stay

current with technology. This will save

you a lot of headaches!

How many hours a day do you write?

I don’t write every day. I keep a list of

topics for future poems and write when

ideas come to me. Sometimes I write

obsessively, forgetting to eat or sleep. I

also spend many hours repeatedly editing

and revising over a long period of time.

What are the ethics of writing about

your book?

Be truthful. Care about your subject and

your readers.

What one thing would you give up to

become a better writer?

Time. I put myself and my life

into my books.

What is the most difficult part of your

artistic process?

Editing. What you take away is as

important as what you leave in. Deciding

what to take out is a painful process, but

it makes your writing better.

Does your family support your career

as a writer?

Comments and suggestions from family

members have been very valuable to

me. Family members have also tolerated

extended periods when I work obsessively,

forgetting to eat or sleep.

What is your writing “kryptonite”?

Trying to write without inspiration. . .I

cannot just sit down at the computer and

decide to write.

What are traps for aspiring writers?

I am an aspiring writer, so I am just

finding that out. I would tell an aspiring

author that writing and marketing books

takes a lot of time and effort.

Do you think someone could be a writer

if they don’t feel emotions strongly?

Whatever the genre, I think the writer

needs to care deeply about his subject and

his readers.

In totality, what is the message of your

Book and you as an Author?

Live your life mindfully, with selfawareness

and awareness of the world

around you. Know you are alive. Don’t

miss anything!

Be curious; ask good questions. Do

research to find answers. Being curious

expands your knowledge and enriches

your life.

I believe that the secret to happiness is

appreciating what you have. The world

around us and the animals that live

here are wonderful gifts of nature to be

appreciated and enjoyed.

Your survival and the survival of all living

things are linked together. Develop a

connection with Mother Nature and

empathy for all living things.

Do all you can to make the world a better

place for future generations. Make a

commitment to the environment.

I have found that the Golden Rule,

virtually universal in religions and

philosophies, is the best guide for my life:

Treat others as you wish to be treated.


authorial magazine | 15

Take a peek inside Cheryl’s upcoming book,

Inspiring Places: Beautiful Photos, Memories & Impressions of Life.

Shenandoah National Park

There’s no place like the Blue Ridge

to make me happy through and through,

mountains fading into the distance

in shades of green and blue.

There’s no green like ferns

growing in drifts on the forest floor;

they make me feel alive

like I’ve never felt before.

No moment is quite like the

moment a deer appears with her fawn,

browsing at the edge of a meadow

in the hazy dawn.

There’s nothing quite like

a waterfall to stir me in my soul,

flashing in the sunlight,

cascading to a shady pool.

No colors are quite like the reds and

yellows of maples in the fall.

The mountains are blazing with color,

and the morning air is chill.

Shenandoah winters are miracles

blanketed in white.

Icicles and snowy evergreens

glisten in the light.

Nothing signals springtime like the

green line, creeping up from valleys


bringing the mountains back to life

after the melting snow.

There’s nothing more joyous than

wildflowers brightening the spring.

The trilliums and the mountain laurels

make my spirit sing.

There’s nowhere like the Blue Ridge

to view the setting sun…

flaming colors soften…stars twinkle…

and lights in the Valley come on.


authorial magazine | 16

Don’t Stop

Yourself From

Being You

Arrabella B. Gochuico

Illustrated by

Arrabella Gochuico

and Melissa Romo

A lot of us believe that writing a book is taxing

and challenging. It can be really overwhelming

if you think about it. But Arrabella B. Gochuico

wasn’t intimidated by the thought and was able

to write and publish Don’t Stop Yourself from

Being You! This is quite an achievement given

the fact that Arrabella is only seven years old. So

how did Arrabella achieve something that most

of us have a hard time attaining?

We asked Arrabella about this and she shared

that she practiced writing a lot, and was inspired

by reading the Junie B. Jones children’s book

series by Barbara Park. Asked what she can

tell other kids about writing, she says, “Writing

takes a little bit of time, and when you write, it

should come from your heart.”


Wise words from a very talented child. It’s fitting

that the message of her book is to always trust

in yourself and have courage in what you can do.

Paperback $3.00

Hardback $6.00

Booth No. 1667

MAY 29-31 & June 1-2, 2019


Come and meet

Irene Dolnick

at the




Irene Dolnick lives in El Paso, Texas with her husband, daughter, and her four mischievous beagles. She

loves to travel, try new restaurants, and watch classic movies. With a Master's degree in Reading and

Literacy, she works as a substitute teacher for all grade levels. Seeing that a lot of the students struggled

to read, pronounce high frequency words and divide words into syllables, she became inspired to write.

With the help of her four beagles’ antics, she developed the desire to share some of their adventures in

a children's book. This idea incorporated the beginning reading process with an introduction or review

of high frequency words, phonograms, whole words, and pronunciation all molded into a story line for

beginning and struggling readers.


Booth No. 1667

MAY 29-31 & June 1-2, 2019


Come and meet

Mike Honeycutt

at the




Mike Honeycutt enjoys traveling around the world

looking for exotic trophies and spectacular scenery.

He lives in remote South-Central Missouri near a

national forest with his dog and a cat.

Booth No. 1667

Come and meet

Byron Gaskins

at the




The author was born into a practicing Baptist household but

moved into energy work and metaphysical teachings by the time

he was a teenager. He credits his natural mother for opening

the door to soul expanding opportunities and encouraging his

spiritual journey. He holds a religious teaching certificate from

the American Baptist Theological Seminary and a Bachelors

of Science in Metaphysical Studies from the International

Metaphysical Ministry through the University of Sedona.

MAY 29-31 & June 1-2, 2019



Booth No. 1667

MAY 29-31 & June 1-2, 2019


A Diamond in

the Rough

A character sketch by Carolyn Bourns

Lee and I had been invited to Uncle

Merle and Aunt Velma’s home in

Clear Lake to go frog gigging. I had no

idea what that might entail, but in my

youthful desire to impress my future

husband and in-laws, I was willing to

give anything a try.

On the two-hour trip Lee tried to

prepare me. His sweet sad eyes and

gentle manner expressed his love for

the man I was about to meet. Uncle

Merle, although not a blood relative, was

the only father Lee had known. Merle

Croy had grown up in Tennessee and

Arkansas, working as a fire boss in the

coal mines. His job was to go down into

the mine first to determine whether or

not it was safe for the men to follow—

sort of the human canary. When he

became a union organizer trying to

get better conditions for the miners,

he was so exuberant in his mission, he

was proud to declare, “They blackballed

me in forty states!” Unable to get work,

Merle loaded his family into his truck

and set out for California.

As we entered the Croy’s modest onebedroom

trailer, Aunt Velma stood to

greet us. Her tall raw-boned appearance

was reminiscent of the farmwife in

Grant Wood’s American Gothic.

“Merle’s went to town to pick up ‘a

mickey.’ He’ll be back soon,” she said.

“Who’s Mickey?” I asked my

fiancé quietly.

Lee looked down at his feet. Aunt

Velma snorted, patted my hand and

said I would get to know mickey very

well, if I planned to become part of the

family. A mickey, I was soon to discover,

was a half pint of whiskey kept in Uncle

Merle’s back pocket at all times.

We had just been seated at a small

chrome and Formica dinette table

overlooking the street, when a battered

pickup came to a grinding halt out front.

I watched as the door flew open and

out lunged an enormous bald-headed

man. He held the truck door open with

a beefy hand and ushered two adorable

miniature poodle dogs out onto the

driveway. The tiny pups trotted adoringly

along behind as Uncle Merle bolted

through the gate, took three strides to

the front door and threw it open.

“Hell, Buster!” he bellowed. “You here

already with the li’l gal you been tellin’

us so much about?”

The room shrunk noticeably as Uncle

Merle loomed over me. Terrified, I stood

to meet the bull of a man who, although

well past his prime, still stood some sixfeet-two

and easily tipped the scales well

above 250 pounds. He wore bib overalls,

a white T-shirt and a Giants’ baseball

cap. As he vigorously pumped my hand,

I could feel his appraising gaze sizing

me up. I finally summoned the courage

to look up into his ruddy face and

round blue eyes. A deep intelligence and

understanding shone through in stark

contrast to his outward gruffness.

“Welcome, Little Lady,” he said.

“Frog giggin’ should be mighty

entertainin’ tonight.”


Well, the dinner dishes were done, the

outboard loaded and the four intrepid

frog killers pushed off from the Lucerne

dock at about 8:00 that summer evening.

We made our way to the sloughs at

the far end of Clear Lake. By the time

we got to frog gigging territory it was

dark, which was all part of the plan. If

you have a boat, it seems that not much

authorial magazine | 20

more paraphernalia was required for

this particular sport. However, a strong

flashlight and the gig were crucial.

I was intimately familiar with flashlights,

but a frog gig was something I’d never

encountered. Always resourceful,

Uncle Merle fashioned our gig for the

evening out of a broom handle with a

sharp metal trident wired to one end.

The goal of the evening was to skewer

sufficient numbers of these unsuspecting

amphibians to salvage their legs to

provide meat for tomorrow morning’s


The hunting strategy was simple: 1)

sit quietly in the dark and wait for

the frogs to start croaking; 2) turn on

the flashlight and transfix the closest

bullfrog in a beam of light; 3) deliver the

coup de grace by thrusting the prongs

of the gig into the glowing eyes of the

mesmerized creature. It was my dubious

honor that evening to have been selected

to gig the first frog.

It had taken about an hour by outboard

motor to get the four of us down the

length of the lake to the appropriate

spot. Uncle Merle cut the motor and

we sat quietly bobbing in the dark.

Cattails and rotting logs stuck up out

of the murky water and the stench of

decay was inescapable. Soon the frogs

started to ribbit and croak. Lee turned

on the flashlight and a beam shot into

the swamp illuminating numerous

sets of eye.

“Can’t I just watch someone else do this

for a while until I get the hang of it?”

I implored.

“Oh, don’t you worry, Dearie,” Velma

soothed. “I’ll help you.”

I stood at the bow of the boat with the

gig cocked high above my head in the

ready position. Velma stood behind me

to guide my arm. In unison the two of us

gave a mighty heave and hurled the gig

in the general direction of the glowing

eyes of our intended target. The frog

slipped off its perch into the water as

the sharp prongs of the gig imbedded

themselves deeply into a rotted log

submerged below the water line. I

yanked at the stick still clutched in my

hand to retrieve the gig. To my horror,

my arm came back with an empty

broom handle. I was now responsible for

ruining the evening.

Without a second thought I jumped out

of the boat into the water. Sinking down

past my waist in the muck and debris, I

gave up a silent prayer for help finding

the proverbial

‘needle in the haystack.’ Holding onto

the gunwale with one hand, I reached

into the swampy depths with the other

and felt around the rotting log for the

gig. My prayer was answered and, after

a really hard yank, I came up with the

missing killing device in my hand.

Lee helped me back into the boat as

Uncle Merle bellowed, “Jeezus Christ,

Buster, she’s a keeper! That’s one gutsy

woman you got there.”

Well, I guess I had passed Uncle Merle’s

initiation and could now become an

honored member of the family. Merle

repaired the gig in short order and the

more skilled hunters of our expedition

filled the cooler with frog’s legs. The

creatures were cleaned right there in

the boat and the remains dumped

unceremoniously back in the water

adding to the grime.

The challenges of the evening, however,

were not over. Uncle Merle was pretty

well snockered when it came time to

head back. We had been using oars as

we floated the sloughs to remain quiet.

Now this huge man stood in the back

of the boat and pulled the cord to start

the outboard motor. It sputtered, but

wouldn’t start. He tried again and still

nothing but a little putter and a lot of

cussing on his part. On the third try,

he yanked so hard that the starter cord

pulled completely out of the casing and

Merle fell backward over the seat. We

almost capsized as Velma, Lee and I

tried to steady the boat and save our

hard-earned breakfast.

Well, there was nothing to be done but

start rowing. It was a long way back. I

was filthy, wet, and cold from my heroic

antics earlier in the evening, so it was a

miserable way to end a truly memorable

evening. Velma kept berating Merle as

we all took turns rowing the boat back

to Lucerne.

Our frog leg breakfast the next morning,

however, was fit for a king.

Threatened by an early childhood heart infection,

Carolyn Bourns spends the first half of her life

carefully building structures she has been told will

keep her safe—husband, home, children, teaching

career—but when she begins experiencing

alarming heart arrhythmias at age forty-five,

these structures start to dissolve, compelling

her to take a close look at how safe and ideal

her life really is.


Follow Bourns as she recounts the extraordinary

events that cast her out of the ordinary world

of her birth and into the extraordinary world of

the unseen as her heart continues to speak

deeper truths.

authorial magazine | 21



By: Calvin Garcia

I had the honor and the opportunity

to chat with Raju Ramanathan, worldrenowned

enlightenment guru and

author of Souls from Mercury, to learn

more about his book and his message,

discover what inspired him to write,

and hear what advice he has for

aspiring authors.

About Raju Ramanathan

Raju, popularly referred to as Datta Yogi

Raja, is one of the most sought-after

life coaches of high profiled individuals,

as well as a distinguished improvement

champion for major corporations. He

is a brilliant scientist of both inner and

outer worlds who has been teaching

meditation and mediation since he

was thirteen.

His techniques took the numerous

countries by storm, where the diverse

cultural backgrounds haven’t hindered

to enlighten even modern communities

through his spiritual messages. A

truly life transforming experience and

unique in its ways, his teachings have

gained popularity from yoga to medical

practices which asked for guesting

opportunities on several TV and radio

programs in Canada. He has successfully

bridged the two debatable realms of

science and religion.

“I chose Mercury as the golden mean between

Mars and Venus because it symbolizes wisdom

in the astrological tradition. . .He represents wit,

wisdom, and agility. Astrologically, he rules over

the solar plexus and the nervous system. Those who

are born under the influence of Mercury are highly

intelligent and ingenious.” –Raju Ramanathan

Read our Exclusive Interview with

Author Raju Ramanathan:


Have you always known that you would

become a writer? Have you always

wanted to be one? How did you get into

writing? What or who inspired you?

Raju: I have always wanted to be a

writer. When I was just 10 years old,

I wrote a huge book of comics with

stories written by me and distributed to

all my classmates at school.

My cousin helped me to draw the

pictures. But my preoccupation with

Technical education and working at very

responsible corporate positions never

allowed me the luxury of leisure time to

do so. In the last four years my son and

daughter in law inspired me to put all

my seminars given around the world to

be put into a book form for being read

by all of their friends. They supplied me

with the photographs which they had

taken during their global travels. They

have been my inspiration. My spiritual

Masters gave me further impetus.

Do you still remember the first book

you loved reading or the one that made

the greatest impact on your life? Tell us

about it and why do you love it?


authorial magazine | 22

I remember the first books at age

eleven which were intentionally put by

my uncles at my bed side.. They were,

The Bhagwat Gita, the scripture of

the Hindus and The Holy Bible, the

scripture of the Christians. As I started

reading them side by side, I saw a

striking similarity between them. When

I had difficult moments in my life I will

simply open one of the books and Lo

and behold, the answer to my issue at

hand was right there. That is why I loved

both the book. In fact I memorized

many sections of both and shared with

friends at school. My book Souls from

Mercury actually emerged on those

days which is half a century before. The

amount of quotations from both the

scriptures can be seen all over my book

now being published in 2019,

Tell us about your book. Why should

people read it? Do you think that it will

make a difference in their lives and in

what way?

My book is about a new dawn and a

new hope for mankind even though

it is entitled differently. It describes a

pathway for mankind like the Celestine

Prophecy. I call it as evolution through

an inward revolution in every person.

The system recommended is through

“Chakra purification” which is very

much what is recommended by other

authors such as Carolyn Myss in

the field of the emerging “Energy

Medicine”. People of all ages should

read my work because they will find

answers to so many nagging questions

in their minds that they were afraid of

asking their parents or even their priests.

I am positive that this could transform

their relationship with themselves,

with the family, and eventually the

relationship with a personal God.

Tell us something about you that only a

few people know. Why is this not known

so much?

Only a few people know that I am a

unique combination of a Scientist, a

Mystic and an artist. In the past the

scientific community only saw my

technical ability to innovate, The

spiritual community saw me as a great

Yogi and a Master of meditation and

my family saw the great inters I have in

in Poetry and music. This combination

is not known so much because I kept

this as a secret and wanted it to be

discovered by others. They finally

did! My grandchildren address me as

“Master Bubloo”, a favorite nickname

of their own. This unique combination

is what I describe as a SOUL FROM

MERCURY. I see this potential in

everyone if only they attempt to purify

their Chakras.

In your perspective what makes a

successful author?

A successful author should feel like

Isaac Newton who said that I am

nothing and I am standing on the

shoulders of other scientists before my

time and looked ahead.

A successful author is not there to

impose his or her own opinions to be

infused into other minds. Recently

I read this amazing sentence while

reading the Publication Manual of the

American Psychological Magazine. Section

1.03 of this text reads “The authorship

encompasses not only those who do the

actual writing but also those who have

made substantial scientific contributions

to the study. It makes reference to

further literature to substantiate

this idea.

What is the most challenging part of

your writing journey? How did you go

about it?

The most challenging part of my writing

journey was to fulfil the requirement

of most well-known publishers. They

said: “Give us a final product that we

can get printed.” In other words they

wanted me to produce a manuscript that

has already gone through all editorial

assessment and grammatical corrections,

computer alignment and all the rest.

They were unwilling to help me with any

of these tasks.

One fine morning, I was finally

approached by Authors Press who gave

me all the help I need and coached me

all the way in these tasks. I am so very

grateful to all the great men and women

in their teams. My book has finally seen

the light of the day!

What advice would you give you to

aspiring authors?

Here is a poem that I heard in my

childhood. It goes like this. “Work while

you work, play while you play, that is the

way to be happy and gay. All that you

do, do it with your might, things done

by halves are never done right.”

Here is another one from famous poet

HW Longfellow:

“The heights by great men reached and

kept were not attained by sudden flight.

They, while their companions slept, were

toiling upwards in the night.”

Give us one word that best describes you

as an author

Here it is! A MYSTIC. Life is a mystery

to be lived.


authorial magazine | 23

Come and meet

Raju Ramanathan

at the




Raju Ramanathan is also known as Datta Yogi Raja.

A scientist of both the inner and the outer worlds,

he is sought after by both major corporations and

individuals to be their guide and life coach.

Booth No. 1667

Come and meet

William Steiner

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William Steiner II, MD, PhD, is President and Medical Director

of University Hospitals (UH) Accountable Care Organization,

and Assistant Clinical Professor of Medicine at Case Western

Reserve University School of Medicine in Cleveland, OH. Dr.

Steiner also serves as Site Director of UH University Suburban

Health Center (USHC) Physicians within University Hospitals

Medical Practices (UHMP) in South Euclid, OH.

MAY 29-31 & June 1-2, 2019



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Adriana Pernetz was born in Caracas, Venezuela. She moved

to Texas in 1997 to work in education. She completed her high

school years in Trafalgar Castle School in Ontario, Canada where

she learned English and the love of books. She has a degree in

Pedagogical Sciences from UCAB in Caracas, Venezuela and a

Master’s in Bilingual Education from SMU in Dallas, Texas. She

has taught elementary school for over 20 years.

Booth No. 1667

Booth No. 1667

at the

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Alan Richard Hall

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Alan R. Hall is a North Carolina columnist and theater critic who has plied

his trade for over thirty years. He is also a published poet, essayist, short

story author as well as a theater enthusiast. Mr. Hall is a graduate of Augusta

State University of Georgia, and studied oral interpretation for performance

at the University of North Carolina in Chapel Hill. This is his first full-length

novel. Alan lived and worked in Chapel Hill, NC, from 1974 to 2008, where he

worked closely with theater groups on campus, as well as traveling the state

to see shows performed from the Flat Rock Playhouse near Hendersonville,

his boyhood home, to theaters in Manteo and the Outer Banks. He has been

married for over 40 years to Mary Patrick. Since semi-retirement, they make

their home on a twenty-acre animal preserve near Oxford, NC.

MAY 29-31 & June 1-2, 2019



MAY 29-31 & June 1-2, 2019


Unknown Evil

A short story by Ronald Higgins


authorial magazine | 26

Tuesday, Oct. 28th

It was a cold winter night. The wind was

whistling through the cracks of the old

brownstone house. The house was built

in the 1780s. New York winters were

notoriously cold. This house seemed to

make everything feel colder. Tom had

gone to bed early because the electricity

had gone out. There was a storm in the

area, and there were no candles. Tom

always kept candles in the house, but

the last black-out took all the candles

he had, and he had forgotten to buy

more. Thank goodness black-outs only

happened once in a while and didn’t

last long. They were usually at night

and in winter when New York was at

its coldest.

The wind howled so hard the kitchen

window blew out and wrenched Tom

from an otherwise sound sleep. He

walked down the stairs wishing he

had a candle to light the way. All of a

sudden the lights in the house flashed

on and off, and on and off again. Tom

knew in an instant that lightning had

struck the electric box again. He tripped

in the darkened hallway going toward

the kitchen and took a hard fall. As he

got up, he felt something warm oozing

down the side of his face; there was no

mistaking the feeling of warm blood.

While wiping it from the side of his

face, he heard a terrifying sound from

the kitchen.

He slowly walked toward the sound.

As he passed the living room, he saw

his father’s shotgun hanging over the

mantle of the fireplace. His father took

it with him when he went hunting upstate

New York; it was one of the few

things his father had left him when he

died. Tom went to the mantle, took the

gun down, and then went to his desk

to get the shells. When he loaded the

shells in the gun, he heard that same

blood-curdling sound, only this time

it sounded closer. Tom hurried to load

the gun. As he put the last shell in the

gun and pumped the first shell in the

chamber, a big human-like hand reached

over the desk. It grabbed the gun by

the barrel and in one twist broke it in

half. The room was dark except for the

reflection of a street lamp from outside.

The creature then picked Tom up and

threw him out the window, down onto

the street.

When the police arrived the next

morning, they found Tom’s body lying

next to the lamp post. He was dead and

his neck broken.

Two of New York’s finest had been

assigned to the case, Lieutenant’s

Edward Clancy and David Rizzo.

Clancy took the lead on the case. Clancy

and Rizzo had been partners for about

nine years. They worked well together.

The first thing they wanted to do was

search the house. They went over it with

a fine tooth comb.

While searching the house, they found

a secret tunnel in the library. One of the

walls opened to a hidden passageway

that led to the old New York City

subway system going back about a

hundred years.

The house owner is a mister Thomas

Mead and his wife. They had no

children. Clancy told Rizzo to contact

the wife and see if she knew anything. In

the meantime, Clancy went to city hall.

He wanted to take a look at the floor

plans of the house. By the time Clancy

returned to the house with a copy of the

plans Rizzo had contacted the wife, and

she was going to meet him at the house.

While Rizzo was waiting for the wife,

he did a little searching of his own.

That’s when he found a journal and

gave it to Clancy to read. After a few

minutes of reading Clancy deduced that

it was nothing more than daily writing

of what Mr. Mead was up to. But also, it

had some strange writings that Clancy

figured was some incantations. Problem

was he didn’t know what it was used for,

but he was sure he would find out. The

journal did say that Mr. Mead was not

happy with his wife and suspected that

she was cheating on him. Maybe he was

up to a little payback when he was killed.

Further reading revealed that Mr.

Mead used the incantations to bring a

Minotaur from history to the present

day to kill his wife and her lover that

way he couldn’t be implicated of any

involvement. It looked like the plan

backfired. Mr. Mead was a history

professor at a nearby college according

to the Journal, and he was into the

occult which explains the incantations in

the journal.

After Clancy had read over the copy

of the map that was in city hall, he

decided that he and Rizzo should take

a trip down in the tunnel and find this

creature and bring him in if possible.


As they entered the tunnel, they had

no idea what they were going to find.

After an hour or so of downhill twists

and turns, they came upon an opening

to a big dome. They entered with care

and excitement. At the center of the

dome, they saw the Creature sitting on

the rock. The Creature spoke much to

their surprise.

“Come in I have been expecting you.”

They were shocked to find out that he

spoke none more so than Clancy who

spoke first. “Where are you from?”

“I am from a different time and place.

Can you return me to that place?”

Clancy spoke, “We can but will not

be able to.”

“Why not?”

“You have committed a crime in our

time and place and must pay the price.”


Clancy continued, “You must atone for

your crime.”

“What crime did I commit?”

“You have committed the crime

of murder.” This time it was Rizzo

who spoke.

Come and meet

“But I have only done what was

requested of me so that I may be sent

back to where I came.”

“In the eyes of the people that govern

this world in which you reside in you

have committed the crime of murder

for which could carry a death sentence.

We cannot allow you to return to

your world.

“If I cannot return to my world I must

die in yours.” He stands and starts

walking toward Clancy. Clancy pulls his

gun and warns the creature to stop, or

he will shoot. The creature kept walking

toward him with his hands raised.

Clancy fires his gun twice hitting the

creature in the chest. The creature falls

to the ground at which point Rizzo

runs toward the body and pulls out the

camera and snaps a few pictures, saying,

“I need these for my scrapbook.”

As he snapped the pictures, the creature

on the ground started to fade away.

Clancy and Rizzo just stood there in

total amazement and wondered.

Luisa Plancher

at the




Luisa Mirella Plancher is an Italian school teacher who

married an American citizen in 1970. She earned a degree

in Political Science and entered social work when she

transfered in the USA.

Now there is nobody on the ground the

body has completely disappeared.

Rizzo speaks, “Great now how are we

going to explain this to the Chief?”

Clancy says, “I don’t know, but you

better hope those pictures come out.”

Clancy continues, “I think I know what

just happened. When you shot him, you

also killed the spell that brought him

here, and his body went back to where it

came. I hope it stays there.”

Later back at the police station Clancy

finished up the report and turned it into

the Chief.

After reading the report, the chief sat

there shaking his head. Then he looked

at Clancy and Rizzo who was sitting

across from him in his office and spoke.

“Well I’m not sure how this report is

going to go over with my superiors

upstairs, but it does explain everything.”

He then smiles at both of them. Clancy

and Rizzo laugh.


Booth No. 1667

MAY 29-31 & June 1-2, 2019



Ronald Higgins graduated from Massanutten Military Academy in

Woodstock, VA in 1959. He began his creative endeavors with a stint

as an actor after serving a tour of duty in Japan. The highlight of those

early endeavors was a small role in the film Lady Liberty, which featured

Sophia Loren. Ronald transitioned very naturally from acting into writing

screenplays. Having been bitten by the writing bug, he decided to tackle

a novel. His first published book is Maggie I Love You. So far, he has

followed that up with Picture Them Dead and there are many more to

come! Ronald retired to Tennessee where he spends his time writing

new novels and promoting his existing ones.

authorial magazine | 29




An Instruction Manual

by Nancy Harris, M.A.

Spiral-bound $24.95

Audio CD $15.59

This Book Is For Everyone!

"Mary Harris explains that anyone can become mentally ill--in

fact, 20% of the world's population suffers from this illness in

its various forms right now (alcoholism, depression, alzheimers

[sic], AIDS, abusive situations). By reading this book, you may

prevent yourself from becoming one of its victims. Mary Harris

tells us which mental attitudes cause it and which attitudes

heal it. This is a spiritual book full of much wisdom written by

a spiritual teacher. Mental illness is a worldwide problem. How

to Restore Your Self is well worth reading for prevention as

well as recovery."

--Nancy L. Jones, Amazon Customer


Book copies are available at

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Bonnie Fogler




Bonnie Fogler earned a Bachelor of Arts degree from Kean

University majoring in psychology and worked in a management

position in the insurance industry for many years. She resides in

a suburb in New Jersey with her husband, Joe, and keeps herself

busy with family and friends. She attends monthly workshops on

life choices and spirituality to continue her learning.

Booth No. 1667

at the

Come and meet

Richard D. Malmed

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Richard Malmed has been studying medieval and biblical history

for many years as an avocation and intends to write more historical

novels from that period. He will rely on authentic historical

documents, accepted academic theories, forensic analysis and

legal research to guide his writing. He has used his 48 years as a

trial attorney to reason through evidence available to assemble a

credible narrative most closely derived from sources and consistent

with the majority of scholarly opinion.

MAY 29-31 & June 1-2, 2019



Booth No. 1667

MAY 29-31 & June 1-2, 2019


Contributor - Short Story by Ivor Kovac

Trouble on the

Sea of Mars

Short story and illustration by Ivor Kovac

Chapter 3




When Nathan went to talk with Kor-

Neev, she spoke as soon as she saw him,

preempting anything he might have said.

“Nathan,” she said. “It is good to see

you. I have written a list of compounds

I require, and I have specified quantities

for each item. I wish to have these

compounds and a place where I can

work to mix them appropriately.”

authorial magazine | 32

Nathan reached out and took the

list from her.

“What is all this?” he asked.

“I wish to disguise myself as one of

your people. It is important for me to

make observations about your society

and culture. I have already learned

everything I could learn about your ship

and the operations here on this base. I

require additional experiences if I am

to properly represent your culture to

my father.”

“Your father?”

“Yes, my father is the Sovereign of


“Your father is the Sovereign? How

come you didn’t say anything else about

this before?”

“It is of little importance and has no

bearing on my performance.”

“Well, I guess if your father is the one

we have to persuade then it’s good we

have you as our Advocate.”

“Your opponents will have my brother as

their Advocate.”


“Now, I must have those compounds

as swiftly as possible. Please make the

necessary requisitions. My natural

appearance will attract inordinate

amounts of attention if I am to

experience your culture properly, I need

to observe it’s normal functioning.”

“Yeah, I guess all the gawkers and

excited crowds would get in the

way of that.”

“Indeed. I intend to create a compound

which will temporarily die my skin to

appear as yours. The women of my race

often die their skin with temporary dies

for aesthetic purposes. My eye lining

is a product of die, and it need only be

reapplied every ten days. The darker

color of my lips is similarly produced.”

“That’s pretty clever. I suppose it would

save a lot of time. The women of my

world would probably go for something

like that. They wouldn’t have to apply

makeup every day, or at least, those of

them who want to wear it every day.”

“Indeed. I will also require a human

woman to provide me with an

appropriate wardrobe.”

“I’ll see what I can do.”

A week later, the supplies came; Kor-

Neev disappeared for hours. When she

was finished, Nathan was summoned to

her quarters.

When he reached her quarters, he

found the guards stationed outside,

and the door shut. The door opened,

and a woman stuck her head out and

motioned for Nathan to come forward.

Nathan knew that woman. She was the

general’s secretary. He had always found

her rather attractive and considered

approaching her on multiple occasions,

but now was certainly not the time.

“She’s ready for you,” the secretary

said, and she winked at Nathan before

ducking back inside the door.

Nathan scowled a little at that. He

did not appreciate the implication the

secretary was making. It was highly

inappropriate given the sensitivity of the

situation. But when he stepped inside,

what he saw took his breath away.


Kor-Neev was barely recognizable.

She looks like a normal human!

No, she looked like a perfect specimen

of human womanhood, and next to her,

authorial magazine | 33

the secretary was practically invisible.

Her skin was a light peach color, and

her lips and nails were colored red. She

wore a rather elegant dress which was

a deep red, almost black in color. Her

long black hair was worn mostly up and

styled in such a way that her ears were

strategically covered and would remain

so even in the event of a strong wind.

Her unusually high forehead was barely

noticeable and could easily be dismissed

amidst the other distractions unless one

was particularly looking for it.

When she had looked like an alien, it

somehow obscured the fact that she

was a woman, at least, as far as Nathan

was concerned. He had always thought

of her as a curiosity rather than a

woman, until now. But in the interests

of diplomacy, Nathan retained his


“Is my appearance acceptable?” Kor-

Neev asked.

“It is,” Nathan replied.

“Very good. I do not wish to attract

unnecessary attention.”

Well, that’s probably still going to happen.

The secretary winked at Nathan one

more time before she left.

“Let us proceed,” Kor-Neev said.

Their first destination was Las Vegas.

Since it was the closest metropolis,

Kor-Neev decided that it was the most

logical choice for experiencing life in an

American city. Nathan tried to tell her

otherwise, but his attempts to discourage

her only strengthened her resolve to

go there.

Plainclothesmen were stationed all

through the city, and agents surrounded

them with a covert perimeter wherever

they went. It was evident that Kor-

Neev did not like the heat or the bright

sunlight. She insisted on wearing her

black and silver Martian visor, until

Nathan provided her with a pair of


Occasionally she asked about building

materials and architecture, and on a few

occasions she wished to examine cars

more closely. At one point she insisted

that Nathan waive down a car so that

she could look under the hood. The car

belonged to a middle aged man who was

pleased that his car had attracted the

attention of such a beautiful woman.

Kor-Neev walked around the car, ran her

hand along the paint, and scrutinized

the components beneath the hood.

“Well?” the man asked as he stepped out

of his car and swaggered in her direction

while she studied the components

beneath the hood. “What do you think?”

“It is a quant design,” she said.


“Relatively simple, not particularly

efficient or powerful, but easy to



“Come on Cora,” Nathan said as he

hooked an arm beneath Kor-Neev’s.

“We’ve taken up enough of this

gentleman’s time. We’re going to be late

for dinner.”

“There is no specified timeframe for

dinner,” Kor-Neev objected.

Nathan led her away by the arm, and

motioned for the man who owned the

car to go.

“Explain yourself,” Kor-Neev demanded

when the man was gone.

“With respect madam,” Nathan began.

“You may look human, but you don’t


authorial magazine | 34

act human. If you don’t want to attract

unwanted attention you need to act a

little more… normal.”

“I see. Very well… I trust you will

discretely warn me when my behavior

is in danger of garnering unwanted



“Who is Cora?”

“I thought we could use that as your

undercover human name, so that I can

call you something non-alien when

other people are around.”

“Very well, that is agreeable.”

At the end of the day the only thing

that impressed Kor-Neev about Las

Vegas was the food. She described the

architecture as “folkish” and “simplistic.”

She had an extremely negative opinion

about the gambling.

“It is a foolish practice, one which

only the lowest members of civilized

society even consider,” Kor-Neev said.

“I hope the majority of your people do

not comport themselves in the fashion

I observed today, or I will be difficult

to persuade my father to ally with

your people.”

“No, it’s not normal,” Nathan said.

“Vegas is… Vegas,” Nathan said.

“I see. Next time we will visit another

one of your cities.”

The next day, they boarded an airplane

and flew to Denver Colorado.

“A simplistic and archaic means of

atmospheric propulsion,” Kor-Neev said

as the airplane took off.

When they reached Denver, they made

reservations at a hotel, with rooms

directly adjacent to one another. The

rest of the rooms along their hallway

were taken up almost entirely with the

security teams.

Kor-Neev was impressed with very little

she saw. She was more interested in the


authorial magazine | 35

food, the plants, and the animals. She

was interested in the zoo, and while

there she removed a small rectangular

object and held it up in front of some of

the animals.

“What are you doing?” Nathan asked

after some time.

“Taking pictures,” Kor-Neev replied.

“That thing is a camera?”

“It has that functionality built in, but

it is far more than that. I suppose it

would be hard for you to understand at

this point.”

“You don’t want to tell me about it?”

“Not at present. It would take too long

to explain, and the purpose of this

expedition is for me to ask questions.”

And I would tell you about manners,

except that it would probably take too long

to explain!

On their way back to their hotel, Kor-

Neev spoke up.

“Your culture has little to offer in

terms of technology, architecture, and

engineering,” Kor-Neev said. “You can

save time by not taking me to such

‘points of interest,’ to begin with. I

wish to experience cultural and artistic

venues. Perhaps your people can offer us

aesthetic and leisure items and activities

which will enhance our recreation time?”

“Perhaps… In that case I have an idea,”

Nathan said.

He took Kor-Neev to see a movie,

which met with her approval, barely.

“The resolution and quality of the

sound leaves much to be desired, and

the lack of color is a serious deficit, but

the storyline and action sequences were

sufficiently diverting,” she said.

“I’m glad you approve,” Nathan

said flatly.

“Although, it was primarily the aspect of

novelty which contributed to that.”

For the moment, Nathan thought it

better not to tell her that Westerns were

actually quite common.

Over the next few days, he discovered

that Kor-Neev found sports, “pedestrian

and simple minded forms of diversion.”

Contemporary music was, “poorly

structured and lacking in substance,”

while Opera was intriguing, and baroque

period symphonic music was, “a wellstructured

expression of a sophisticated

civilization.” The majority of plays and

movies they watched were “sufficiently

diverting,” and the libraries were,

“adequate and sufficiently organized in

spite of the severe technological deficit.”

The Roman Empire was “fascinating”

and “showed promise,” and the Chinese

and classic Egyptian civilizations were

“relatable and familiar.”

On Sunday, Nathan took her to a church

service. She found the music “agreeable

in sound” but “difficult to relate to in

content.” The sermon was “a peculiar

mixture of arguments predicated on

logic and appeals to emotion.”

“This is the primary religion of your

United States?” Kor-Neev asked.

“Yes,” Nathan said. “What do

you think?”

“The majority of my people do not

believe in an active or personal deity.”


“Most of us are deists, a few are atheists,

and a smaller number still are religious.

However, our primary competitor is

highly religious. They also believe that

the intelligence who designed the

universe can be appealed to and some

of them even believe that said being

speaks to them.”

“Your primary competitor?”

“Yes, the ‘other camp’ if you will, just

as the Axis powers are your primary


That comment left Nathan with a sense

of dread and foreboding. If the Krenth

were in fact more similar to the Axis

in values and beliefs than they were to

America and the British Empire, then

there was a good chance the Krenth

would side with the Axis.

“When I was on the base I made an

observation,” Kor-Neev said.

“Go ahead,” Nathan said.

“I noticed that the majority of

operations ceased on Sunday, and many

ceased on Saturday.”

“Yes, Sunday is the Lord’s day.”

“And Saturday?”

“I think the main reason we get

Saturday’s off is because that’s when

Jewish people have their services. It’s

their Sabbath.”

“Jewish people… I read about them in

your libraries. Your Axis powers hold

them in low regard.”

“So I’ve heard.”

“I have a question.”


“Do you suppose the Germans and

Japanese will cease operations on

Saturdays and Sundays?”

“Probably not…”

“Then they will complete their ship

before you do.”

“That is possible.”

“You are not concerned?”

“I’m concerned about a lot of things,

but we don’t stop being who we are

or abandon our higher obligations

because of fear.”

“It would seem you are invoking some

sort of cultural impetus. I will need to

gather more data before I can relate to

the logic of your statement. Do you or

do you not wish to attain an alliance

with the Krenth?”

“Well, I’m not the one who determines

policy, I’m just a soldier. But I believe

that both our peoples could benefit from

each other.”


authorial magazine | 36

“That is possible, but it remains

to be seen.”

“It’s your job to help make that happen.”

“It is, and I intend to carry out my


“Do you think we’ll win?”

“That is impossible to determine at

this point.”

The next day they returned to the base,

and Kor-Neev caught up with the work

that had gone on in their absence, but

a short time later she grew restless, and

wanted to travel to other locations again.

She insisted upon visiting farms and

ranches, then she wanted to visit a major

city in every corner of the country. That

procedure took two months, and Nathan

began to fret and wondered how fit he

would be to captain the ship after having

been away from the project for so long.

But at the end of that tour, Kor-Neev

was satisfied, and they were able to

return to the base. Nathan resumed his

studies and training at a manic pace and

level of intensity. One day, when he was

studying Kor-Neev entered the room

rather forcefully.

“I bear welcome news,” she said.

“What is it?” Nathan asked.

“I have reviewed the design schematics,

and five essential adjustments have been

made. Your ship design is now adequate

and space-worthy. Congratulations are

in order. You are going to the 4 th planet.”

Come and meet

Chapter 4

To Mars

Dean Eyerly conducts biblical research as a hobby and

enjoys sharing with others what he finds. Eyerly firmly

believes, as do all of mankind, that Jesus is extraordinary,

and the being that earthly people should emulate. Eyerly

currently resides in Holland, Ohio.

The construction of the ship progressed

at an increasing pace as they drew

closer to its completion, but the USS

Teddy Roosevelt was not the only object

that was built in orbit. A scaffolding

designed for the purpose of providing

support, housing for construction crews,

and equipment was built along with

it, and it was to become a permanent

outpost in orbit, or space station, which

would be continually manned.

Men and supplies were carried to and

from the space station by rockets. The

first capsules were carried by two stage

rockets, but later on a second larger

capsule was created, which used a more

powerful one stage rocket to propel the

capsules beyond the atmosphere. The

capsules themselves were reusable, and

after each run they would parachute into

the ocean where US Navy vessels would

pick them up.

Dean R. Eyerly

at the




Kor-Neev spent a good deal of her time

teaching the Krenth language to those

who were interested. Nathan spent as

much time as he could spare learning

from her, and eventually he knew

enough to read in her language, and to

make basic requests. For some reason,

he seemed to have a natural aptitude or

affinity for the Krenth language.

The Martian woman allowed her skin

to return to its normal color. It took

two weeks for the color to fade away,

and throughout that process she looked

like a human woman with dirty skin.

However, even after her skin reverted

to its normal color, she continued to

dress like an Earth woman. She said she

had only brought a handful of outfits

from Mars with her, so it was for the

sake of expediency that she wore Earth

style clothing.

After fourteen months of work,

following the construction of the orbital

space station, the ship was completed.

The scientists were not satisfied and

wanted to conduct an endless array of

tests. Kor-Neev assured them that that


Booth No. 1667

MAY 29-31 & June 1-2, 2019


the majority of the tests they intended to

run were not necessary, and that the ship

would work. Nathan asked her if giving

them such information might not be

considered cheating, but she informed

him that her brother would be doing the

same thing with the Axis.

In the meantime, news reached the US

that the Nazis had launched their ship,

the “Friedrich Nietzsche,” and they

had done so with a good deal of pomp

and publicity. Adolf Hitler, Benito

Mussolini, and Emperor Hirohito were

all present at the launch, and somehow

film reels of the launch made it as far

as New York.

That news, combined with Kor-Neev’s

reassurances that everything was in

order caused the President to order the

launch of the Teddy Roosevelt against

the recommendations and objections of

the scientists.

Once everything was in order, Nathan

reported to the launch site, along with

the rest of the crew. After suiting up,

he looked out over the launch field

at the rockets all lined up. Some of

the men had already begun to ascend

the scaffolding to the capsules on top.

Nathan would be riding with Blake,

Kenneth, and two men from England.

The five men approached their

scaffolding and rode the elevator to the

top, which afforded them an excellent

view of the entire compound and much

of the desert, as the elevator was simply

a moving platform with no walls.

When they reached the top, Nathan

looked toward the control facility

and saluted. He knew that President

Roosevelt would be there watching, as

would many other important generals.

Then he boarded the capsule and

strapped himself in. Once it was made

certain that all the rockets were in

order they began the launch, but not

all at once.

The rockets were all to be launched

in pairs, and from opposite directions.

When it was Nathan’s turn, he felt a

surge of adrenaline, then it started. There

was a roar accompanied by a rumble, and

he was pressed back into his seat. Blake

and Kenneth had been up to the ship

before, but this was to be Nathan’s first

time in space.

He focused on the zenith as he stared

through the window overhead. At first,

he saw nothing of note, since there were

no clouds in the sky and the airspace

overhead had been cleared. But after

some time, he noticed that the zenith

was growing darker. It soon became a

deep blue, and then it gradually faded

to black.

Eventually, the booster rocket beneath

their capsule fell away, but their forward

momentum continued. The mission had

now entered a critical and sensitive stage.

They would have to steer the capsule,

making minute adjustments with their

thrusters, and staying in constant radio

communication with mission control on

the ground, and with the operators on

the space station.

The launches had been carefully timed

from the ground below, so they were

headed in the general direction of the

ship, but docking would be a delicate

and tenuous process. A speck of white

appeared in the blackness up ahead, and

as they approached it grew larger.

There it was, the USS Teddy Roosevelt,

gleaming white against the black void of

space. The title of the ship was written

in black letters, and the American flag

was painted clearly on the side. Nathan

could not help but feel a surge of pride

so profound that it almost caused him to

gasp. As they drew closer to the ship, he

could see the row of docking ports along

the side. They were enormous sockets

designed to accommodate the capsules.

Blake and Kenneth hit the breaking

thrusters so that the capsule would not

come in too fast, and as they approached,

they made the necessary rotations. The

capsule had to go into the socket at a

precise angle or the clamps would not

be able to lock in, and they would not be

able to open the door to get out.

It took a while, but they docked

successfully, and the clamps went into

place. They carefully opened the door to

their capsule, and were then confronted

by the door to the ship, which was sealed

from the outside with a combination

lock. Once the docking door was open,

they stepped into the Teddy Roosevelt.

They found themselves in a small

airtight room, with another door in front

of them. According to the schematics,

this room was called an “airlock” and

it could be depressurized internally. It

was an added measure of protection

against the void of space. When they

had tightly sealed the door behind

them, they opened the door in front

and stepped into the main part of the

ship, if the action they took could be

called stepping.

They thrust themselves through the

opening and drifted into a corridor

which was narrow from side to side but

tall from top to bottom, allowing easy

access to multiple decks or floors. The

hallways were actually white, but they

looked like more of an ivory tone in the

yellowish gleam of incandescent bulbs.

The lights were spaced evenly along

both “floor” and “ceiling,” although they

alternated so that when there was a light

on the floor there was nothing on the

ceiling above, and vice versa. The lights

were covered over with round domes

of reinforced plastic. There were also

rounded protrusions at various points

along the walls to assist with movement

by serving as points for pushing and

pulling, and a metal rail ran along the

wall opposite of the airlocks to serve a

similar purpose.

The men removed their helmets, and

a second later, Nathan heard a hissing

sound, like a can or bottle being opened.

He turned in the direction of the sound

and saw that another airlock door had

been opened. Five suited figures came

through and began removing their

helmets. Kor-Neev and Dr. Robinson

were among them, as was a US

Ambassador, and a skilled lawyer named

Rudolf Henley. The latter was brought

aboard for his negotiating expertise.

Ugh… Lawyers…


When Kor-Neev noticed Nathan she

moved in his direction.

“Greetings Captain,” she said. “I trust

everything is in order for departure?”

“It will be once everyone is aboard,”

Nathan replied.

“Make certain that you inform me when

the time comes to initiate departure

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authorial magazine | 39

Come and meet

Belinda McClinton

at the




Belinda McClinton is an interior decorator and

the senior pastor and founder of Holy Ghost

Evangelistic Church, Inc. She is the proud mother

of three children; Anthony, Jamal, and Nicole.

She is also the grandmother of six grandchildren;

Anisha, Phoenyx, Paige Jean, Nadir, AJ, and Xari.


Booth No. 1667

MAY 29-31 & June 1-2, 2019


procedures. I wish to observe the process

from the bridge.”

“Of course.”

“And it is better if you depart as

swiftly as possible. As you know, your

competitor has already departed.”

“We’ll go as soon as we can. I’m anxious

to see your world.”

“Very well, but bear in mind that your

ability to return to our world for a

second visit depends entirely upon the

outcome of this mission.”


“Then I shall take up no more of your

time. You have your instructions.”

Blake snorted at that final comment but

said nothing until the Martian woman

and those with her were gone.

“The queen has spoken!” Blake said


“She has, and she’s right,”

Nathan replied.

“So what? Is she in charge now?”

“No, but we do need her, and this is a

diplomatic mission, so try to be careful

with what you say.”

Kor-Neev was the only Martian present.

The others had either remained on Earth

or returned to space via a Martian vessel.

“Let’s get to the bridge,” Nathan said.

The ship was the size of a naval

destroyer. After studying the schematics

extensively, Nathan had a pretty good

idea where the bridge was, so it did not

take him long to get there. He went up

to the top of the corridor and opened

the door with the appropriate number,

then he passed through a much smaller

corridor and with doors along both

sides and spaced widely apart. This

hallway was lined with railings on both

sides, and men were moving in both

directions. The official protocol was to

travel on the right.

Some of the men were still wearing

space suits, but others were in uniform.

The uniforms were of a new variety

designed specifically for operation in

space. They were black and white, with

an American flag patch on the arm.

If the mission was a success, then a

space service would be created along

with a fleet.

The door to the bridge was rather large,

and it was round and heavy like the

pressure hatch of a sea vessel, in fact

in many ways the design principles

throughout the ship were similar to that.

The door was open, so they were able to

pass through with ease.

On one side of the door was a plaque

commemorating the construction of the

ship, and on the other side was a picture

of former president Teddy Roosevelt,

for whom the ship was name after. The

bridge itself was oval in shape, and in

front was a series of long thin windows,

which were capable of being shuttered

but were open at present. The walls

to the left and right were lined with

computer equipment and readouts.

The captain’s station was in the very

center of the bridge, and consisted of

a large heavy chair which could swivel,

and a periscope which could be used to

safely view the area directly in front of

the ship. There were scopes affording

different views at a number of other

stations around the bridge.

To Nathan it was all very impressive

and seemed like a miracle. He was

surrounded by the culmination of the

history, genius, and hard work of his

fellow citizens, and this was only the

beginning. Eventually there would be

colonies in space, and private sector

travel between different worlds as

airplanes traveled between different

countries on Earth.

Nathan sat down in the captain’s seat

and strapped himself in as others around

him continued to work. He coordinated

with the bridge officers and other

portions of the ship as the remaining

crew was brought aboard. Kenneth and

Blake left the bridge after some time

and went to their respective stations.

For Kenneth, it would be the primary

computer deck towards the center of the

ship, and for Blake it would be the main

engine room.

When it came time to begin the final

departure proceedings, Nathan flipped

a switch on the control panel next to

his chair and lifted a microphone. He

depressed the side and called Kor-Neev

to the bridge. His voice was blasted

across the speakers which were in every

room and corridor of the ship, and

he could hear the sound echoing. He

winced slightly in discomfort at the

loud scratchy sound of the call, but it

was effective. Two minutes later Kor-

Neev arrived on the bridge, but she did

not sit down.

She propelled herself from point to

point, hovering at different stations.

At one point she hovered over Nathan,

gripping the back of his chair. Some

of her long fingernails poked into his

shoulder from time to time, but there

was nothing he could do about it. When

it came time for the ship to depart,

she strapped herself in, and remained

strapped in for over an hour as the ship

had to reach its cruising speed before

the crew could safely move about. In

fact, one of Nathan’s duties was to

notify the crew any time there was a

change in speed.

They were moving at incredible speeds

which had never been reached before,

and which probably could not be

reached safely on Earth, certainly not

with a vehicle the size of the Teddy

Roosevelt. But if one only looked

forward, it did not seem like they were

moving. However, when one looked

through one of the scopes facing the

Earth or Moon, it was possible to

observe their movement.

When Nathan announced that they had

reached their cruising speed, and that

seatbelts could be unfastened, there were

many sighs accompanied by the clicking

of buckles.

“That will be all for now,” Kor-Neev said

as she unbuckled her seatbelt and kicked

up from the floor.


“Thoughts?” Nathan asked, immediately

regretting the question.

“Potentially adequate,” she replied.

“Given your current level of

development and innate abilities.”

“Potentially?” one of the crew asked.

“Indeed,” Kor-Neev said, turning toward

the man who spoke. “Adequacy will be

determined in hindsight pending the

authorial magazine | 41

success of this mission. If that success

does not occur, then your actions will

have been inadequate.”

The crewmen bristled but said nothing,

but Kor-Neev left the bridge without

waiting for his response. Apparently the

conversation was not relevant enough to

merit continued discussion.

After they reached cruising speed, the

crew settled into the routines they would

maintain for the duration of the journey.

It would take them a few weeks to reach

Mars. With the exception of Kor-

Neev, the diplomatic team, and Nathan

himself, none of the crew had quarters

to themselves. They slept three men

to a cabin, and the cabins were small.

Each man slept in a sort of sleeping bag

which could be unzipped, and which

was strapped to the walls. Clothing

and personal effects were stored in

shelves built into the walls, which

were protected by metal doors with

latches. Some of the men taped pictures

of family to their walls, while others

decorated their walls with pictures of

pin-up girls taken from calendars and


At some point a man posted a series of

pinup girls in the dining area, which

caught the attention of Kor-Neev.

When Nathan came in for dinner, he

found her staring at a series of posters

which had not been there the day before.

He groaned inwardly, and thought about

going back out the door but she called

to him before he could make his escape.

He kicked his way towards her and

grabbed at the railing, which ran around

the walls in order to come to a full stop.

He had not given authorization to post

anything in the cafeteria. Of course it

was not strictly forbidden, but it looked

bad all the same. To outsiders it would

look like he had given authorization, or

that something had happened beyond

his control and awareness. He dreaded

what the Martian woman would say.

“I am curious,” she began once Nathan

was hovering next to her.

Here it comes…

“Are these female forms considered ideal

by your culture?” she asked.

“Somewhat. That depends.”

“Depends on what?”

“It varies a little from man to man,

but in general, yes they are idealized


“It appears that your beauty concepts are

quite different from ours.”

“Are you sure about that?”

“I should think the differences are

sufficiently obvious.”

“The differences are obvious, but you’re

focusing on the clothes, hair, and the

skin color. The basic form and faces are

still the same, and it’s pretty obvious that

those standards are the same.”

“On what do you base that assumption?”

“I’m basing it off of you.”


“Aren’t your looks considered ideal

back on Mars?”

“Actually yes, among my people, my

appearance does fall within the ideal

range, or so I have been informed on

multiple occasions.”

“You didn’t believe them?”

“I am not male, so I cannot speak from

that perspective.”

“Well I can.”

“You are not Krenth.”

“Doesn’t matter. My point is that your

people and mine have some things

in common.”

“I suppose.”

Kor-Neev stared at Nathan for a

while, as if she were trying to look

inside his head.

“I believe you are essentially correct,” she

said. “It seems you have a natural gift for

getting to the core of matters. Perhaps

you shall be included in the diplomatic

team. Now if you will excuse me, I must

be going.”


With that final statement, she turned

around and left. But that was not the

last incident.

The next day there was an issue in

the computer room, and Kenneth

was obliged to call Nathan down to

the computer room to talk about it in

person. When he got there he found

Nathan and his crew hard at work, and

authorial magazine | 42

Kor-Neev hovering about going from

man to man.

“Wait! You already know what the

problem is?”

go back to Earth. I leave that decision in

your hands.”

For a while, Nathan and Kenneth spoke

to one another in hushed tones about

a navigational issue they were having

due to a discrepancy in the computer.

It could be fixed, but if it was not fixed

within the hour then Kenneth wanted

Nathan to slow the ship, and that would

require an announcement to the crew of

some sort.

A flash of light caused Nathan and

Kenneth to look to one side of them.

Kor-Neev hovered in the air holding the

same thin device she had allegedly used

to take pictures back on Earth.

“What are you doing?” Nathan asked.

“I am taking pictures of this for

documentary purposes,” Kor-

Neev replied.

“Taking pictures?” Kenneth asked.

“With that?”

“Indeed,” Kor-Neev replied.

“Is this allowed?” Kenneth asked,

turning to Nathan. “Isn’t that a

security breach?”

“It would only be a security breach if you

had something of value to offer, which

would result in a loss of technological

superiority should it become known by

others,” Kor-Neev said. “That does not

apply here.”

“What do you mean?” Kenneth asked.

He was on the verge of losing his

composure, but Kor-Neev took his

question literally.

“If it is not sufficiently obvious, perhaps

you should be given other work, because

you will certainly not find the problem

with your system if your deductive skills

are so limited as that,” Kor-Neev said.


“The fact of the matter is, your so-called

‘computer’ barely fits the definition

of the term, with its excessive bulk,

gratuitous relays, and roles of magnetic

tape. This handheld device is thousands

of times more powerful than your ship’s


“Indeed. It is a simple matter. Even

you ought to be able to find it, or at

least, I thought so initially, but now I

am uncertain. Perhaps Nathan should

look at it?”

“Or you could just tell us.”

“I will not.”

“Even if it means us being stranded

in space?”

“If you fear being stranded then you

should redouble your efforts. Do not

allow my presence to deter you.”

“She’s mad!” Kenneth said, looking away

from the Martian and back to Nathan.

“You have your work,” Nathan said.

“Kor-Neev, will you come with

me please.”

“But I wish to conduct further

observations,” she objected.

“You can observe me then,” Nathan

said. “Come.”

Although not forcefully stated, it was

clearly a command and not a request.

Without a word, Kor-Neev turned and

followed him out of the computer room.

“What exactly are you doing?” Nathan

asked once they were in the corridor.

“I already stated what I was doing,” Kor-

Neev replied. “Why did you remove me?”

“You were disrupting their work.”

“I was only observing and taking


“And talking.”

“Only when required.”

“What is it all for?”

“I intend to write a book about my

experiences with your people, regardless

of the outcome of our case.”

“Were you serious about allowing us to

become stranded in space?”

“I do not wish to become stranded in

space, but I do not wish to lose my case

either. If I help you, the case will be lost,

and you might as well turn around and

“But your comments to Kenneth were


“If Kenneth has any intelligence, he

will channel whatever frustration he

feels, however groundless, toward the

repair efforts.”

“However groundless?”

“Indeed. Everything I said was entirely

accurate and true.”

Nathan clenched his jaws for a second,

which Kor-Neev noticed.

“Alright, stay with me for now then,”

Nathan said. “Please.”

The problem was fixed in less than an

hour, and Kor-Neev followed Nathan

for the rest of the work shift. For the

first few days of their journey, she was

everywhere, and many of the men

complained to Nathan about her, but

there was very little Nathan could do

because of her diplomatic status, other

than asking her to follow him.

After a week of that sort of behavior,

the Martian woman lost interest in

the ship and crew operations. She said

that the ship was “barely adequate”

and “unimpressive.” Apparently the

Krenthships were a good deal more

advanced, and included rotating sections

to simulate gravity so that the crew did

not lose muscle mass and bone density.

She spent the bulk of the journey locked

up with the diplomatic team, preparing

them for Mars. She instructed them

in Krenth etiquette and customs. Dr.

Robinson had already been taught

enough of the Krenth language back

on Earth to communicate, but now he

was made fluent, while the others either

learned the language for the first time, or

added to what they had learned back on

Earth. As it was, Dr. Robinson and the

lawyer were the only ones who would be

fully conversant in Krenth.


Nathan could also converse, but he was

not on the diplomatic team. Even so,

Kor-Neev allowed him to join their

sessions when he was able to get free

from his duties.

To be continued…

authorial magazine | 43

Come and meet

Charol Messenger




Visionary-futurist Charol Messenger, Humanity 2.0: The

New Humanity Author (Messenger Publishing), writes

and publishes in spirituality and body-mind-spirit, with

six titles to-date in a three book series: living your higher

self, humanity’s spiritual awakening, and angels. These

visionary books have received thirteen awards, including

two international first place.

Booth No. 1667

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Sandra M. Simons

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“I had a mix of feelings—amazement, surprise, pride—and

a deepening sense of just how much his experience in the

war shaped him,” explains his daughter, Sandra McCandless

Simons, PhD, who also edited the book.

MAY 29-31 & June 1-2, 2019



Booth No. 1667

MAY 29-31 & June 1-2, 2019



Call us on (925) 255-0098 and let

our cosultants guide you through

our screenplay services.


authorial magazine | 46

How to Manage

Your Energy

For the Birthing

of Dreams

Mary Plaza, Author of

The Matrix Teachings

We all know that our thoughts create our reality. Right? Or is this a partial

truth? We are energy beings not simply thought producers. In an attempt to

create the reality that we desire, most of have focused solely on choosing positive

thoughts. This ignores that we are multi-dimensional beings creating through

vibration in an energy field of connectivity. In this article, I am going to teach

you the four areas of energy management. Managing your energy is far more

powerful than just managing your thoughts. This is key to birthing your dreams.

Once you understand energy management, you can quickly add practices to your

life that raise your vibration and allow you to sync up with your dream.

Why does this matter? At this crucial time on the planet, we are attempting to

birth many new dreams. We are all connected. As I birth my dream, my energy

assists you in birthing your dream and vice versa. We are all in this together

and individually at the same time. Each of us who learns these powerful

empowerment tools assists us all in creating the planet we desire.

Before we jump into energy management, let’s talk about some of the dreams

that we are birthing. I am not talking about a dream of a new car or a higher

paying job. I am talking about bigger dreams. Examples are empowered

education, compassion in politics and green technologies. Many of us are

dreaming of a harmonious family and want war to stop. Some of us are working

on healing diseases and ending child abuse. In the heart of most humans is a

desire for a peaceful world and a healthy planet. We are essentially birthing a

compassion based humanity who lives in harmony with Mother Earth. Now

that we have tapped into the dreams, let’s talk about energy management.


The four areas of energy management are:

1. Physical

2. Mental

3. Heart and Soul

4. Energy

authorial magazine | 47

Physical—A small change in your physical energy will allow

for new flow in your life. Add physical practices that boost your

energy through food as well as movement and exercise.

• Ramp it up. Increasing your physical energy requires

a nutritious and balanced diet. This might mean eating

superfoods, going organic, or adding raw food. Add food

that boosts your energy and remove foods that drain

your energy.

• Change your movement. Add some form of movement

to your life. It could be as simple as taking a short walk,

exercising, or dancing to a good song. Movement is

medicine! Movement is energy! We’ve all got to move!

• Clear it out. Increasing your physical energy also includes

managing your physical environment, such as decluttering

your office or reorganizing your kitchen. Decluttering

diminishes negative energy. Physical clutter represents

energetic baggage and keeps your energy scrambled.


Shake up your physical world and get the energy moving. Your

body is sacred space. Your home is sacred space. Your office is

sacred space. Manage your physical world by enhancing the

positive and removing negative.

authorial magazine | 48

Mental—Your mind and your thoughts are your sacred spaces.

It is your job to feed your mind positive thoughts and weed

out sources of doubt. The more you home in on your power to

choose your own thoughts and disregard any thought that is

not from you—your Source, your divinity, your soul—the more

you open to the energy of your dream. This is energetic law.

• Affirm your dream. Now that you have identified your

dream, choose affirmations or sayings that support the

reality of your dream. An affirmation is a simple, short

declarative statement that asserts the truth of something.

It literally confirms the validity of something. Take some

time to distill your dream into one affirmation or more that

support your dream. Then post your affirmations. Write

them out and put that writing somewhere where you will

see it often. A good vibrational scale for affirmations is to

start with “I intend” and move to “I am willing,” finishing

with “I am open.” The “I am” affirmation is sometimes

too big of a vibrational jump. If you can honestly affirm

“I am (fill in the blank)” without creating resistance in

your energy, then use “I am” affirmations. The feeling

that you get from an affirmation is what matters. Find

words that resonate with you. “Feel into” the affirmations

and intentions that you write. If they feel as if they are

blocking your energy, rewrite them. A good affirmation is

one that you feel. Continue to rewrite your affirmations as

you change.

• Keep a journal. Note your progress. Make the decision

that you and only you will choose the thoughts that are

creating your reality. This is your sacred space—the sacred

space of your mind. Your thoughts are your sacred space;

they are the liquid gold of energy that builds realities.

• Switch it up. Add mental streams of positive energy, such

as inspiring YouTube videos, books, and podcasts. Keep

feeding yourself uplifting mental food. Every day there are

new YouTube inspirational videos. Feed your mind daily.

Just as you feed your body every day, you must feed your

mind every day. If you keep your mind fed with positive

streams of energy, the negative energy will dissipate.

• Set boundaries. You must find a way to diminish any

stream of negative thought input, especially from friends

and family members. This doesn’t always mean setting a

harsh boundary; it means that you are too busy to engage

with interactions that don’t feed your dream. Clearly

stating your needs, desires, and intentions is a simple and

clear way to set a boundary. If that doesn’t work, you can

always resort to more aggressive boundary setting.

• Apply the tools. If negative thoughts are in your head,

look at what you are dialed into and acknowledge that you

are most likely not the original creator of those thoughts.

Let negative internal dialogue be felt more as energy and

allow the energy to release. Acknowledge your negative

internal voices, greet them with the energy of compassion,

and return to your affirmations. Add and strengthen

positive streams of energy with people and groups who

support your dream. If you have people in your life who are

not capable of supporting your dream, kindly place them

outside of your sacred space. They can still be in your life,

as it might be one of your parents or even your spouse, but

you don’t need his or her opinion of your dream. Keep your

dream in your sacred space as it is birthing. Don’t let it be

contaminated by streams of doubt from naysayers.


• Choose your own thoughts. Continue feeding your mind

with positivity. Ignore and diminish input that does not

support your dream. Feed your dream with thoughts that

match your dream.

authorial magazine | 49

Heart and soul—Just as the body

requires nutrients to function, so too

does the heart and soul. These are

practices that fill your heart with joy.

These are the soul aligners. Any practice

that you can feel in your heart is linked

to your soul energy. Find what you

love to do and do more of that. Any

practice that feeds your heart feeds

your dream. Remember, we are talking

about energy. The practice and the

dream won’t necessarily seem related,

but energetically they are. Your dream

is based on the energy of the heart,

which is the energy of love. Any practice

that you love will assist in raising your

vibration to match your dream.

Here are some examples of practices that

feed the heart:

• Fly fishing

• Playing with a baby

• Laughing, singing, dancing, praising

• Watching birds

• Adoring yourself in the mirror

• Eating at your favorite restaurant

• Cooking

• Going to a movie or attending a


• Taking a nap with your dog or

playing with your cat

• Building a treehouse

• Gardening

• Painting, sculpting, molding pottery

• Volunteering

• Kayaking, windsurfing, surfing, or


• Snorkeling, swimming, bathing in

hot springs

• Hiking, mountain climbing, or

rock climbing

• Participating in a sacred ceremony

• Basking in nature, walking through

a forest, smelling the flowers

The examples are infinite. Add more

heart and soul practices to your life.

Find activities that make your heart feel

alive and do more of them. What does

this have to do with dream birthing?

Quite simply, it has everything to do

with it. Participating in activities that

you love dials your vibration to that of

your dream.

Energetic—These practices are

specifically intended to move

energy—and they are powerful. They

dissipate negative energy while adding

positive energy.

• Receive energetic bodywork.

Energetic bodywork is any form of

healing work that moves energy in

your body. If energy moves in the

physical body, it is also moves in

the energy field surrounding your

body. While we think of energetic

bodywork for physical healing, it

actually heals on all levels because it

goes straight to energy.


authorial magazine | 50

While this list is not comprehensive

in any sense, examples of energetic

bodywork include craniosacral therapy,

energetic massage, polarity therapy, shen

therapy, Reiki, Feldenkrais, Alexander

technique, and therapeutic touch.

Acupuncture and Emotional Freedom

Technique (EFT) are also forms of

energetic bodywork but use physical

touch. Some of these are hands-on

healing and some are hands off the

body. Acupuncture uses small needles,

and EFT involves tapping. While you

must find a practitioner to perform

acupuncture, you can learn EFT by

watching a YouTube video. With the

internet today, information on any of

these modalities is one search away. To

reiterate, the examples I list here are

just some suggestions to pique your

interest—just a sample of the modalities

available right now on the planet.

Energetic bodywork is one of the most

powerful tools available for healing,

raising your vibration, and birthing

your dreams.

• Meditate. Meditation is an energy

practice. This can take many forms,

and there is much literature written

on the subject. Meditation does

not necessarily mean that you sit

in a lotus position until you have

no thoughts. There are hundreds of

ways to meditate including walking

and dancing meditations. Guided

meditation is a great way to begin

meditating. A search on YouTube

for guided meditation will yield over

2,000,000 videos.

• Take salt baths with essential oils.

Taking a bath with magnesium

sulfate or bath salts and essential oils

is an energy practice. The salts clear

negative energy, and the essential

oils bring in high vibrational energy.

In reality, any practice shifts you on

all levels. Yoga might be considered a

physical practice, but it also lifts your

energy, easily opening your mind and

heart. Many of the heart practices are

also physical practices. Each of us is

one being living through a physical

body. We are guided by our hearts, led

by our minds, and connected to our

souls. Breaking these practices down

into categories is a way for our minds to

digest information. They are all part of

the practice of raising your vibration—

the full circle of managing your energy.

Feed your body,

feed your mind,

feed your heart,

feed your energy,

pull a weed or two

from time to time.

Feed your body with practices that

enhance your physical well-being. Start

simple. Choose one practice and try it.

Make one change in the physical. Add

one activity. Add one stream of positive

mental food. Add one heart practice.

Explore energetic healing practices to

determine which ones work best for

you. It could be as simple as learning

to meditate for fifteen minutes in the

morning or trying energetic bodywork.

Repeat daily to make these changes

a practice. Once your energy starts to

move, your life will change. Expect your

dream to happen.

The Matrix Teachings is a comprehensive

view of the quantum field and a guide

to dream birthing. Mary has been

practicing energetic bodywork for almost

three decades. Her book is inspired from

working with combat veterans who have

Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. For

information on upcoming workshops, go



authorial magazine | 51

Paperback $ 14.95


Master the Art

by Nancy Lynne Harris, M.A.

What is going on in your own mind is projecting what you are experiencing

in your body and in the world, whether or not you are aware of it.Through

spiritually driven text, the power of our thoughts and their impact on our

body is analyzed in this enlightening guide that provides a step-by-step

solution to transforming your mental and physical health. . .Readers seeking

relief from physical or emotional pain, dysfunction, illness or disease, will

find an inspirational approach to health and wellness in this contemplative

narrative that reinforces the reflection of one’s thoughts and behaviors in

order to unveil relief from painful ailments and emotions.

--RECOMMENDED by the US Review of Books

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Invasion Revealed:

healing Alcoholism,

Mental Illness &

Drug Addiction

by Nancy Lynne Harris, M.A.

“The lesson we all have to learn and demonstrate is the triumphant

power of Self-Love. Shaman and Spiritual teacher Nancy Lynne Harris

states that we can heal ourselves from addiction and mental illness by

practicing the art of Self-Love. She describes her own journey to this

truth. . .A summation of her teaching is that thinking ‘I love myself ’ is

the best medicine you can ever take.”


Paperback $ 9.95

--The US Review of Books

Book copies are available at

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Robert Kavula




Captain Robert Kavula’s life as a pilot gave him countless stories

that have resulted in this book. Part of his motivation for this

work is the many times he tells a story and people respond,

“You should write a book.” His wife Dale was his editor during

the writing of the book, having previously been the editor of the

Moffet Field Base paper while Kavula was stationed there from

1963 to 1964. They now live in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Booth No. 1667

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Come and meet

Shirlie D.





SHIRLIE CALABRESE is a mother of two sons and also has a grandson

and granddaughter. Shirlie has been in the business and secretarial

employment since she graduated from high school. She also has been

a leader for several Grief Support groups to help and support families

through the passing away of a loved one. She also helps teach first and

second grade girls of her church’s children’s missionette’s program.

Shirlie is from New Jersey.

Booth No. 1667

at the

MAY 29-31 & June 1-2, 2019



MAY 29-31 & June 1-2, 2019


Contributor - Kaye Beechum

The Long

Walk Home

I lived in a lovely four bedroom house

at the end of a cul-de-sac and every

afternoon, I took my dog for a walk.

There was a house two doors from the

end of the block where four large dogs

resided. During the day, they were kept

in the garage with the door open and

a gate in front of it to keep the dogs

inside. I believe they also had the run of

their back yard through another door,

but almost every time we walked past

the house, they were in the garage. They

were very territorial and let everyone

know this was their property, so walking

past was not permitted. It was also

a little nerve wracking as they tried

their best to get over, under, or around

the gate in order to get up close and

personal with anyone passing by.

Here is where I mention my dog Hero’s

tendency to bark and growl at any and

all large dogs as long as they were on

a leash or behind a fence where they

couldn’t get at him. It was an entirely

different story if he encountered a

medium to large dog running loose. I

tried to break him off the habit but to no

avail. One day, we had quite a harrowing

experience while walking by the house

with the four dogs.

My daughter had left her little

Chihuahua, Max, with me for a couple

of days, and so I bravely set out walking

both Hero and Max on this particular

afternoon. All went well when we

started out. We walked past the house

and the dogs were either out back or

otherwise occupied, and paid us no

mind. But our return trip was a different

matter entirely. We were passing their

house and they were making the usual

fuss when suddenly one dog was able

to break free. I am not certain if he was

able to get over or under the gate but

suddenly he was chasing us. Actually,

he wasn’t running after us just walking

very fast, and letting us know we should

not be there. Everything happened very

fast after that. If my two charges had

behaved, all would have been well, but

Hero began screaming (his high pitched

cry he did when scared), and jumping,

and twirling around when I suddenly

realized that there was no dog at the

end of the other leash as I pulled on it,

and just saw Max’s collar hanging free.

I turned around to see the macho little

Chihuahua marching straight towards

the big dog with an attitude of “You

want a piece of me?” So now I had

to reach down, scoop up my twirling

dervish, and then go back and scoop

up the wanna be fighter and try to get

them home safely. The funniest part of

it all was when the owner of the big dog

came out of his house. He just yelled

one word. It could have been a name or

a command and his dog stopped in his

tracks and looked up as if to say, “What?

I am just minding my own business

and smelling the grass.” I would have

laughed but I was too busy lugging

my two charges, one who wanted to

jump down and go back for a fight,

and the other who was still scared out

of his mind.


Strange how my house which had been

only three houses down the street had

suddenly moved about a hundred miles

away, and it took forever to reach it, go

inside, and collapse on the couch. I never

wanted to walk any dogs ever again.

authorial magazine | 54

Afternoon Delight

Slowly, slowly, the little plane pulled

its own weight and that of two people

toward the distant clouds. Far off, the

sun shone brightly down on the sky, the

plane, the mountains, and the specks

below that were houses, cars, and people.

Outside, the air looked cold, crisp, and

fresh. The majestic mountains sported

fresh coats of sparkling white snow. The

smog hung like a dark, heavy blanket

over the sun-starved city below. Off

in the distance, the blue green ocean

gleamed like a jewel in the sun. The

passengers in that tiny dot of a plane

way up in the heavens felt they could

almost hear the whitecaps beating

mercilessly against the shore.

Inside, it was warm and cozy. The

whir of the propeller and the hum

of the engine were just loud enough

to discourage casual conversation,

but somehow this only added to the

coziness. What a pleasant way to spend

an afternoon, flying above the noise and

dirt and confusion of civilization. What

a thrill to fly with the birds way up in

the clouds. Still, nothing can last forever

and happy hours pass very quickly. But

just for a moment, I was at one with the

sun, the sky, the clouds, the pilot, and

all eternity.


authorial magazine | 55

Book List

Break away from the daily hustle bustle.

Take a seat and grab your favorite beverage

while we take care of your literary taste.

Here’s Author Press’ list of latest good

reads that will give the warm hug you need

after a busy day.


authorial magazine | 56

Alan Richard Hall

The Naked Queen:

A Tangential Arthurian Legend

(919) 929-2653

Angela Cuff

Fighting With Imperfection

(305) 741-1976

Anita A. Legsdin

Remembrance of Meals Past

(206) 725-5259


Ann M. Novakov

Last Supper at Mona Lisa’s

(940) 648-3492

authorial magazine | 57

Antony O. Hobbs

Food for the Power of Thinking

(870) 489-2993

Arthur P. Wiederhold

Fort Nowhere, Vietnam


Beatrice Fairbank Cayzer

Kennedys in Love

(561) 373-3565


Beatrice Fairbank Cayzer

The Harrow Quartet

(561) 373-3565

authorial magazine | 58

Betsy S. Fritcha

Apocalypse Here and Now!

Are You Ready?

(260) 749-1822

Bonnie W. Goldfein

Team Triassic: Journeys Ahead

(541) 295-9361

Bruce S. Rabin M.D., Ph.D

Coping with Stress for Mental and

Physical Health and Longevity



Carol Scutt

Lost Without Him

(423) 562-5035

authorial magazine | 59

Carolyn R. Bourns

Messages from My Heart

(925) 939-0604

Carolyn Sue Tyler

Soul Journey:

On the Wings of the Wind

(703) 740-6107

Charles E. Kozoll

Evil and Good in a Campus Town:

A Fight to the Finish


Charley P. Riney

A Guy Named Charley:

My Refusal to Be Average

(815) 503-6005


authorial magazine | 60

Chaz D. Franklin

The Spider Who Chewed Bubblegum


Cheryl Batavia

Wonders: Poems about Love

and Relationships

(941) 312-4154

Chiwa Higashi



Messages To Awaken Your Heart

(303) 887-1696

Christina Barnes

Wildly Human, Quirky and

Empowering Stories

480 326-2035


authorial magazine | 61


authorial magazine | 62



Betsy Fritcha author of

Apocalypse Here and Now!

Are You Ready?

Betsy is a wife, mother, grandmother,

and a friend who lives to love all people

with God’s Love. She has been on a

life-long journey of learning how to

overcome the pain of rejection and

abandonment as an infant. The God of

Love came to her in an orphanage and

put a song in her heart that has never

left her. She committed her life to this

God of Love at age 10, and ever since

has been on a pursuit to intimately know

Him. He taught her how to know His

Voice above all other voices, enabling

her to triumphantly overcome the many

disturbing circumstances in her life.

Does it seem to you that everything

in the world around you is shaking?

Well, it is! Are you asking, “Why am

I so unsettled? Why do I sense such

foreboding in my circumstances? Why

do I seem to be so scared about what I

do not even understand? Then, this book

is for you. Discover in this book answers

for your “whys”. There are answers that

may surprise you. You can live in peace

in the midst of chaos, if you so choose.

This book can be used as a Bible Study

to find truthful answers. Also, you can

give this book to people asking you

questions that you cannot answer about

end-time events.


authorial magazine | 63

Preoccupation with earthly endeavors

steals people’s focus, so that the Voice

of Truth they truly need to hear is

diminished, most of the time, to mere

whispers. Sadly, the voice people hear

the most is their own voice, which

has inhaled the voice of the cultural

environment around them, leading them

to perceive truth from these resounding

voices which are vying for attention

daily. However, the biased truth people

are absorbing on a regular basis is not

from The One Who is Truth.

In the midst of the commotion and

vain repetition from clamoring voices,

either from the uninformed, those

of evil intent, or even from our own

inner voice, all appealing to be heard,

The Lord God Almighty of Heaven

and earth interrupts the complacency

we unwittingly fall into. He purposely

disturbs our composure so our peace

seems to be gone. It is at this time in

our lives that we become uncomfortable

and dissatisfied; and so, we attempt to

find all kinds of ways to drown out our

discontent. We become so engulfed

in our own way of thinking, that we

do not even consider that Living God

wants His Voice of Truth to be heard

above all the voices which are vying and

clamoring for attention. Therefore, He

steps in and upsets our comfort zone

attempting to get our attention.

There is only ONE Voice of Truth. His

Name is Jesus Christ. He is The Way,

The Truth, and The Life. He came on

earth from His Father’s Presence clothed

in an earth suit so He could dwell

among us and of a certainty reveal Truth

in person – John 1:14.

In this book, GOD of Heaven and

earth is named as GOD, TRUTH and


who identifies Himself in three persons:

Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. GOD, The

Father, resides in Jesus and Holy Spirit,

He and expresses Himself as TRUTH

AND LOVE. Yet, these three separate

personalities are One complete circle of

existence known as Life.

GOD, who is LOVE and TRUTH

desires to personally speak to all people.

He comes to people over and over in

their circumstances, to express His Love

to them in personal ways. But so many

refuse His gestures of Love again and

again. When there is continual refusal

and rejection of His Love, He speaks

through those who He recognizes know

Him intimately and truthfully hear

His VOICE of Love and Truth. He

then sends those who personally know

Him to people who are rejecting Him.

LOVE’S purpose is to draw to Himself

anyone who will stop and take notice

that He is speaking to them. LOVE

and TRUTH is a personal GOD who

desires fellowship with human beings

who are made in His Image and after

His Likeness. GOD truly desires to have

fellowship with you.

At this time of events on the earth, most

people are rejecting GOD’S gestures of

Love. Therefore, through the upheaval of

world events, GOD is shouting loudly

trying to get people to seek Him for

the help they need. He grieves greatly

for those rejecting His Perfect Love for

them. Yes, His Heart of Love suffers

pain when those He is wooing to love

Him spurn Him over and over.

The VOICE of GOD speaks to all

generations throughout the ages of

the ages. His VOICE is written in

the scrolls of eternity. His VOICE

spoke to men of old who were known

as prophets. They were commissioned

and mandated by GOD to record His

VOICE for those who truly want to

know Truth, so they can live in Peace

and Joy amidst the turmoil that evil

spews on GOD’S Creation. GOD’S

intent was first written in scroll form in

the Torah and the Tanakh which became

The Holy Bible. What was chronicled in

Holy Scripture was what GOD spoke to

His servants, who obeyed Him with all

their hearts. He commanded that they

record what He spoke to them so future

generations could know His VOICE.

Living GOD has a VOICE that is

speaking loudly in these tumultuous

days on earth. Are you listening? Do

you truly want to hear what He is

speaking? Do you truly desire to know

what LOVE and TRUTH is saying to

you? If so, may you truly hear what He

is speaking to you through what He

is saying in The Holy Bible – Romans

10:14-20; and as well, in this book

which He asked me to publish for Him.

I was struggling with putting yet

another book in publication because

there are so many books out there. Why

would I want to put another one out

there? As I was pondering not writing

this book for publication, even though

it was on my heart to do so, I heard the

VOICE of TRUTH and LOVE that I

know so well reverberate:

“Would you be willing to write this

book for just “one”? There is one I want

to reach.”

How could I say no. I replied, “There is

always “one” among the many. Yes, I will

write this book.” So, this book is just for

you, the “one.”

May what is written in the pages of

this book intrigue you and captivate

your attention and draw you to the


matters for your eternal destiny.

True Peace and contentment can be

achieved in the middle of chaos for

those who choose Truth above lies.

Choices establish destiny both now and

for eternity. How will you choose?

Betsy has also written these books:

Shekinah Glory Reveals Wisdom, The

Voice of The Lord Speaks and Israel’s

Glory Unveiled that add even more

understanding to what is written in

this book, Apocalypse Here and Now! Are

You Ready? These books are available

on Amazon, Barnes and Nobel and

other venues.


authorial magazine | 64

Losing Craziness

I was sane. Then went insane. And that’s a good thing.

I had to lose my mind to find IT... so now that I am HERE…

Stay in Infinity…

Oh, Source of Lights I do cherish thee.

My fragile nature, my seeds deep inside…

Thou have liberated me

And caused my wayward horses to collide.

In time, I stand still to let smokeless clouds settle

And meddle not with the dawn,

For you Source - Oh Light of

Lights, have never left me.

I am always in your Mind

As a sweet thought, a significant construct of your Love and Beauty.

My gaze is your Gaze, my walk is your Walk.

The touch is a surreal interface directly

from the Cosmos. A cool fire that delivers

Grace from beyond... transforming all with IT’s Presence.

I love thee. I love this place.

I love the stay in Infinity.


From CLXI Inner Mountain Thoughts by Byron Gaskins

authorial magazine | 65

Clarence Vold

Farmer’s Son, Military Career

(530) 218-6559

Codis Hampton II

Gracie Hall-Hampton:

The Arkansas Years, 1917-1953

(925) 267-4851

David Conine

BIBLE CODED: A Collection of

Cryptograms of Bible Teachings BOOK IV


Diane Davies

Jeannie Ann’s Grandma

Has Breast Cancer



authorial magazine | 66

Dolores Martinez

Experiences in the Historical

Borderlands: A Shared Ancestry


Dorothy A. Wyatt

The Adventure of Harwood Squirrel

(410) 296-3341

Dr. Yash Paul Soni

Global Village and the Economy

(407) 462-0445


Dudley E. Garner Jr.

Holy Bible New Testament Poetry

(321) 727-3931

authorial magazine | 67

Elke F. Lewis


(915) 533-3332

Enedina Marquez


(650) 922-2573

Estelle Marcellus Dubuisson

My Love for the Children of Haiti


Fred Beck

When God Works Incognito: Thoughts

& Memories of My Life & Lifetime




authorial magazine | 68

Freda Dehoff

Better Than a Homerun


Gary Alan Rothhaar

The Revelation of Jesus Christ: The

Awesome Untold Story

(567) 227-7003

George R. Worthington

Runnin’ with Frogs: A Navy Memoir

(619) 606-1238


Greg Kater

The Warramunga’s War


authorial magazine | 69

Greg Kater

The Warramunga’s Aftermath of War


Guru Madeleine

Cooking from Within: Telepathically

Received Recipes from The Holy

Order of Yodh

(914) 636-4191

Helen Goldie

Life, God’s Plan, The Wonder of It All

(925) 255-0098


Irene Gargantini

Fleeting Visions

(519) 245-2147

authorial magazine | 70

Jack Kassinger

The Games They Play


Jeanne Campbell

Revolving Shades of Blue

(907) 952-2172

John Ranger

A Chronicle of the Roman Twilight

(845) 297-5272


Joké Owolabi

Understanding the Seasons of Life


authorial magazine | 71

Kim Silver

The Invisible Mirror - Knowing

Yourself and Your Soul


Kristin Aardema Faigh



Leo p. Cauzillo

They Are not Alone:

Mythology or History




Leona Koehn nichols

His Grace Found Me

(209) 485-3247


authorial magazine | 72

Leona Koehn nichols

other Loves All Flee: one Family’s

Journey from Legalism to Grace

(209) 485-3247


Leona Koehn nichols

The Gift of Days

(209) 485-3247


Leona Koehn nichols

Quiet Things, Quiet places

(209) 485-3247



Lila Senter


325 692-3221


authorial magazine | 73

Contributor - Poetry by Guru Madeleine

I have found the greatest love.

Not by searching the want ads, not by socializing at clubs

or seeking the crowded places.

I have found the greatest love through the greatest quest

possible: the quest for truth.

Truth, I have found, led me to love, redefined every concept

I had about it,

redefined every concept I had about me.

The greatest love came slowly.

In the quiet, it waited for my heart to open to it.

It revealed itself step by step, by clearing away room for itself

through the medium of experience.

Though it inundated me at times,

it knew (for yes, it is knowing)

that I could only retain as much of it

as I had been prepared to retain.

I have spent well over forty years

being prepared to retain and contain love.

Don’t look for love outside yourself, I say.

You are love, I say.

How do I know this?

Because this is what was revealed to me.

Every particle in existence emanates from love.

Our cells are made up of love,

and our consciousness is love, contemplating itself.

In this love-parched world,

where love has become a rare commodity,

we need a resurgence of love.

The Greatest Love

Seek out love, not in another, not in things,

positions, or trappings that entrap you.

Seek beyond your own cluttered thought

the quiet vibration within you.

The soothing breath, followed in and out,

calms nerves set on alert.

The heart, given room to expand, loosens its grip on life,

softens into feeling – the very essence of its purpose.

And so, relaxed, feeling, the heart begins

to sense a pulsation within the noise,

within the jarring, sensory whirlwind

that is our modern existence.

The heart finds peace, the steadfast

companion of love.

Seek out this peace in yourself.

Carve out moments for this precious practice.

Carve out times of silence, of solitude,

where you can plunge past the surface

chatter of yourself into the depths,

where love resides.

Love is peaceful.

It is generous and kind.

Love is intelligent,

it is knowing, well beyond the five senses.

The new age is the age of the heart.

The head in its mechanistic

understandings has had its day.

You are not a machine, but a flower,

continually blooming in the light.


authorial magazine | 74

The greatest love you will ever know is the

love that births itself inside you.

Stop seeking transitory pleasures,

the momentary thrills that leave you feeling depleted

and wanting more.

Stop the madness!

Stop this race towards self-destruction.

Get off the merry-go-round and come to the stillness.

There, is life waiting to be born.

Let yourself be a vessel for it.

The fountain and wellspring is never-ending.

Its domain is infinite.

Stop, and go within.

There you will find the greatest love possible,

waiting to embrace you.

Open your heart to meet it, and you will find, as I,

“that peace which surpasseth all understanding.”

At rest, you will find abundant life.

Your yearning will turn inward for

simply more and more light.

We are beings of light; we are beings of love.

We have simply forgotten who we are.

Unknowingly, we seek outside ourselves

what resides at the very heart of ourselves.

There is no need to go to the mountaintop.

There is no need to seek the world over.

Just stand still in the midst of activity,

and love will find you.

That is all it desires,

to come back to itself... and you are love.


Guru Madeleine


authorial magazine | 75


(upon arising)

I rise to face my lack in no way.

I rise to accept Your abundance, my

God, knowing that in You there is all

that there is, there is all that can ever be,

and that You are all that has ever been.

And with this now I sit facing the east

and I begin my meditation, opening

for Your grace and to know only Your

face in all things called form. And that

You are the creator and the taker away

according to that which is required to

demand my allegiance only to You.


I face the east. Correct me in anything

that I have said or done between now

and the time that I arose to open to You,

dear God. Let me know how I avoided

in any way Your face in all that I have

encountered and done. I open now at

this point in the day to Your grace, Lord.

(at 7 p.m.)

I keep before me the opening of the

seven doors of self. I keep before me that

I am here upon the Earth as a human

being to open these doors in order to

become a conscious vibration of spiritual

living. I understand through form in no

way how these doors are to be opened. I

wait therefore only for Your knowledge,

Your wisdom, Your instruction as to

how to live my life ensuring the perfect

timing of the opening of these doors.

All else (all form) that I encounter

serves only to assist me in seeing beyond

its illusion. All form that I encounter

is there to assist me in seeing Your face

and adhering only to You. I therefore at

this hour of my day ready my thoughts

again in meditation to surrender to Your

thought and to Your grace.


authorial magazine | 76


Guru Madeleine is a member of The Holy Order of Yodh, a brotherhood of

awakened masters and world servers who are charged with bringing forth a new

spiritual order, raising the level of consciousness in man from fear to love.

As such, her own little will has been extinguished and she moves only from that

Divine Voice, God-Consciousness, also known as the seventh sense or telepathy.

As an educator for God, Guru has brought through a one-of-a-kind program – Sane

Enlightened Life Force (S.E.L.F) – that demonstrates unequivocally the existence

of God and the importance of God at the center of mental, emotional, physical,

and spiritual evolution. Through her energies and the energies of The Holy Order of

Yodh, telepathy was activated in her students as well, which has permitted them

to also develop this intimate relationship between the little self and the Higher Self,

and to share in a community of love for one another and for God.

authorial magazine | 77

Linda M. Arena

Guardians of the Crystal Skulls



Lois Robbins

The Mind of a Sleuth

(856) 575-0889


Louston Fountain

Dreams to Reality

(443) 859-3131


Mardi Kirkland

Who’s pulling My Strings: How I Learned

to Free the puppet and Feel Safe to Be Me




authorial magazine | 78

Margaret Smolik

Marcus and the Caterpillar

(641) 732-3863


Margaret Smolik



(641) 732-3863


Maria J. nieto

Breaking the Silence

(505) 864-7035


Mary Ellen Connelly

Jum & Muz

I Forget, A caregivers

View of Alzheimers



authorial magazine | 79

Maya Mitra Das

Silhouettes of Time

925 939 9296

Muriel S. McClellan

Advice from the Penguins

(602) 956-6009

Nancy L. Harris

Consciously Overcome Mental Illness



Niroma De Zoysa

Discover Your TRUE Self and

Live Your BEST Life TODAY!

authorial magazine | 80

Olivia Espinosa

Wisdom from a Wheelchair

(925) 580-7565

Paul V. Zylstra

Our Spiritual Compass:

The Conscience and Morality


Paul V. Zylstra

Our Spiritual Enemies:

The World, the Flesh, and the Devil



Penelope K. Higgins

Oscar, The Mighty Crab


authorial magazine | 81

Rachel Tinant

Jenny’s Paradise

Ralph Fiorillo



Ramona Morrow

Jamie’s Pet



Rev. Mark William Ennis

The Circle of Seven: When His

Servants are Weak


authorial magazine | 82

Richard Cheatham

Rediscovering Christianity -

a Faith for the 21st Century


Rodney S. Campbell


(347) 213-9358

Rosalie E. Ranquist

God If You Are Up There

Do You Care?

(407) 323-7649


Ruth Ada Clark

Prescriptions for Boredom:


(925) 255-0098

authorial magazine | 83

Ruth M. Amutice

HAGATHA and the Miracle


Sally A. Allen


(941) 721-9028

Sintia Lazo

Many Lives in One:

Based on a True Story

(954) 854-8568

Stephen F. Baca

Absurdities of the Gods of the New

Morality: Virtue on the Verge

(505) 796-6180


authorial magazine | 84

Steven Warren Swazo

Civil Strife: United States Affairs

(818) 892-4385

Susan Savion

Quoting Matilda: The Words and

History of a Forgotten Suffragist


Virgil D Mochel

Virgil’s Story

(330) 336-7180


Weldon Shaw

Victoria: In Search of Herself:

A Romance

(559) 309-2684

authorial magazine | 85

William Krebs

Dream World: Tales of American

Life in the 20th CenTURY

(623) 584-7657

Yvette Feurtado

Robert’s Orchid

William MacCrea

Now That We HAVE Met:

In The Guise Of A Stranger

607 201 5172


Daniel Nevling

Seeking Absolution

(717) 377-3434

authorial magazine | 86

Come and meet

Kirk Abner




Kirk Abner is an inspirational problem solver, story

teller, speaker, thought leader, author, and trainer.

From his college days selling Bibles door-to-door to

software consulting throughout the country, Kirk has

tried to do it all. Kirk shares his insight and the lessons

learned in his latest book Flower Dog Man.

Booth No. 1667

at the

Come and meet

Sandy Burrell

at the




Sandy Burrell serves as Acolyte Verger (Part Time Volunteer) to

his home parish of St. Luke’s Episcopal Church, Bronx, N.Y. He

currently leads and trains the Acolytes and Altar Servers. He is

also a lifetime member of the Vergers Guild of the Episcopal

Church (VGEC).

MAY 29-31 & June 1-2, 2019



Booth No. 1667

MAY 29-31 & June 1-2, 2019


What’s Eating in

the Big Apple?

by Rio Siao

There’s no other city in the country that can demonstrate the

American dream as New York does. Elucidating opportunity and

liberty in every corner, you’ll easily find yourself wandering in awe

through art museums, the hustle and bustle, and the bright city

lights. The iconic Statue of Liberty, Empire State Building, Coney

Island, Time Square, and many more, pump so much spirit and

innovation that you will be breathing adrenaline in the air.


authorial magazine | 88



Now what’s happening this May 29,

2019 is the opening of the BookExpo

America to be held at the Javits Center!

When booksellers, librarians, publishers,

and tastemakers meet to discover the

newest authors, titles, distribution

channels, trends, and technology, this

is something you shouldn’t miss. This

is where you have an opportunity to

expand your network to help improve,

grow your career, and market your name.

The Javits Center was named after

the liberal republican Senator Jacob K.

Javits from New York. Its construction

has been under the shadows of mob

operations during the early years. But

over time it has expanded and flourished

into the best convention center in

Manhattan’s West Side to this day.

Every year, about 40,000 companies

are believed to choose to have their

events held here. True to its mission to

continue the legacy of Sen. Javits’ public

service, it is not only generating more

income for the city, it also gives more job

opportunities to the local community.

Businesses have been thriving

around the area.

A fun fact about the convention center

is that it has a unique 6.75 acre of

ecosystem on its rooftop which has

become the home of thousands of bees

and other wildlife. Twenty-five bird

species and five bat species have been

found here as well. Currently, Javits has

the second largest green roof all over the

United States.


authorial magazine | 89

How to Get There from

JFK Airport:

1. Take the train from JFK terminal 4. Travel is

approximately 55 minutes including the transfer from

Jamaica to Penn Station and walking from there toward

Javits Center.

2. You may also drive with your own car which should only

take about 25 minutes.

3. Walking or taking the public transportation is always faster

and more affordable in moving around New York. But now

they have figured out how to help the public get around

much easier against the heavy traffic. They’ve set up a new

bike sharing system where you can now rent a bike from

the hundred bike stations all over the city. This is called the

Citi Bike and it is available 24/7, 365 days a year. There’s

one conveniently located at the 11th Avenue on the 34th


4. You can also choose the direct shuttle from JFK Airport

going to the Javits Center that should take you about

25 minutes.

How to Get There from

Newark Airport:

1. Taking the bus from Newark Airport shall take

approximately 38 minutes. Services depart hourly, and

operate every day. Catch the bus from Ronald H. Brown

St At Park St and get off at Port Authority Drop Off.

From there, you should be able to take a walk for about 12

minutes to reach the destination.


2. You may also opt to take the train from the Newark Penn

Station to New York Penn Station which takes about 21

minutes and then take a walk going to Javits Center for

approximately 20 minutes.

3. Grabbing a cab is faster though, it’ll only take

approximately 17 minutes to travel.

4. The cheapest and quickest way to get to Javits Center is to

drive your own car.

authorial magazine | 90

Hotels Nearest the Javits


1. TRYP Hotel by Wyndham Times Square South NYC

2. Hilton Garden Inn Times Square South New York

3. Holiday Inn Express Times Square New York

4. Wyndham New Yorker Hotel New York

5. Four Points by Sheraton Hotel Times Square NYC

Restaurants Nearest the

Javits Center


1. Tavola

2. Go! Go! Curry!

3. Ovest Pizzoteca by Luzzo’s

4. Sagaponack Bar and Grill

5. Copinette

authorial magazine | 91

Come and meet

nanCy Bradeen





Nancy Bradeen Spannaus began studying Alexander Hamilton

in the 1970s. In 1977, she coedited The Political Economy of

the American Revolution, which featured Hamilton’s economic

reports. After a career in political journalism, she created the

blog She lives with her husband, Ed,

and their two amusing cats in Northern Virginia.

Booth No. 1667

at the

Come and meet

Mary C. Plaza

at the




Mary Plaza is the enchanting mystic and pragmatic teacher of

energy that the world has been waiting for. Her teachings of the

quantum field combine her knowledge from nearly three decades

of healing work with shamanism practices from around the world

and her unique ability to see energy. From business strategizing and

parenting, to relationships and healing, she addresses the scope of

human experience to make the intangible tangible.

MAY 29-31 & June 1-2, 2019



Booth No. 1667

MAY 29-31 & June 1-2, 2019


NOVEMBER 22-24, 2019


Don’t miss out! Get in touch with one of our consultants

today at 925 255 0098 and find out how you can join us at

the Miami Book Fair International.

Literary minds gather

at the Los angeles

times Festival of

Books 2019

the los Angeles times festival of Books, which

took place at the university of Southern California

last April 13-14, 2019, attracted thousands of book

enthusiasts from around the world. the bookfest,

one of the most significant literary events in the

uS, featured a lineup of diverse authors who

participated in book signings, meet-and-greets,

and other activities. Check out the highlights of

this year's festival.

For more photos from the event,

visit our social media pages:


authorial magazine | 94


authorial magazine | 95

BE PARt of thE BiGGESt BooK fAiR in thE PhiliPPinES!


40 th



BooK fAiR

SMX Convention Center Manila

Mall of Asia Complex, Philippines

Don’t miss out! Get in touch with one of our consultants


today at (925) 255-0098 and find out how you can join us

at the International Manila Book Fair.

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