ECA Review 2019-06-20


ECA Review 2019-06-20

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June 20, 2019

Volume 108

No 25


Hanna council 3

Coronation council 3

Development appeal 3

Clearview news 4

Editorial 6

Letter 6

Obituaries 7

Castor news 8

Real Estate/Homes 8-9

Rank Riders 4-H 9

Agriculture 11-12



Page 5

Three Hills


taking year off

from league

Page 9

The Cleaver kids were the first up at the East Central Regional 4-H Beef Female Show at the Coronation

Rodeo Grounds on Sun. June 15. From the left, Douglas and Warren Westerlund, Dayna and Sara-Jane

Ruzicka and Abby Rancier.

ECA Review/J.Webster


Project dollars and cents not adding up

Joyce Webster

ECA Review

Dollar amounts for several projects

were estimated at Morrin’s special

budget meeting as quotes requested by

motions as far back as January were

not available.

Prior to the start of the meeting held

on Tues. June 11, Mayor Howard

Helton asked “So do we have new

copies of the budget?”

“I never made any, no,” replied

Chief Administrative Officer (CAO)

Annette Plachner.

Mayor Helton then passed out to residents

present in the gallery, copies of

the budget he had previously received

from the CAO that also included his

questions and remarks.

Mayor Helton again explained

according the Municipal Affairs Act

(MGA), why two items from the

agenda, setting the by-election

returning officer and election date at

the start of the meeting could not be

dealt with at the Special Meeting.

“We have to do that today,” said CAO

Plachner referring to those additions to

the agenda.

“We only have so much time to do

the by-election. You’re putting it


The by-election is a result of Coun.

Bob Graham resigning.

“I’m not putting anything behind.

That is the regulation set by the MGA.

I think we went over this a while ago.”

“But I sent this to you last week,”

stated Plachner.

“No, you didn’t send anything to do

with the agenda. I sent the agenda in,

Auction Mart


honour roll


Page 12

in my capacity, for a special meeting

which I complied with the MGA,”

replied Helton.

“When I got your email [setting the

special meeting], I sent it to you,” said


“That wasn’t the agenda, that was a

memo. I sent the agenda last

Thursday,” said Helton.

The MGA regulation states that all

items dealt with at a Special Meeting

must be on the agenda at the time the

Special Meeting is called.

Moving forward to the budget

Turn to Is the Budget, Pg 2

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2 J une 20'19 HAnnA/COROn ATIOn /STe TTLe R, AB. e CA Re VIe W

Is the budget set in stone?

Cont’d from Pg 1

discussion, Mayor Helton asked of

CAO Plachner, “In your opinion, are

we to expect that [budget] is the budget

set in stone, that we are to approve?”

“I would like you to, if you don’t

want taxes to be raised very high,”

answered Plachner.

A back and forth conversation highlighted

the miscommunication

between Mayor Helton and CAO

Plachner as information and budget

amounts were missing or changed,

stalling the overall budget process.

“What happened to the fact that we

had no input in the budget despite special

meetings we had prior to this,

considering the projects that we made

resolutions for that we were going to

address, like the paving?” questioned


“We asked you to get quotes for the

paving, we asked you get quotes, in

particular the green space and in particular

the public works yard.”

“The green space quotes did not

“no, where are we

getting with this other

CAO? I’m not clear on that

either,” said Plachner.

come in, the paving quotes did not

come in,” said Plachner. “You can’t go

and drag people here to give them

quotes. They were phoned and asked to

come many times and they haven’t


“Well, I guess you have to phone the

right people that will come,” said

Helton in response. “This was started

two months ago and it’s taken two

months to coordinate some contractors

to get us quotes on these projects we’ve

outlined some months ago”.

“What would your suggestion be to

address those now because we want to

proceed with these projects?” asked


“Those are capital projects. They

would have to come out of Capital

[Budget], not the Operating,” stated


“How do we determine the future

now that nobody has gotten council a

quote?” stated Helton in frustration.

“You have quotes on the fencing,”

said Plachner.

“I have no quotes on fencing,” said


The gallery had received the quote

in the package they picked up at the

beginning of the meeting.

“Where is it for me to review?” asked

the mayor.

“I sent them to you,” responded


“These magical things... It’s like the

agenda today and last meeting I don’t

have it until I get here. I got a different

agenda from what I sent. Last month I

had a different agenda than when I got

here, you told me you sent it to me.

What is going on?”

“I emailed them to you. Have you got

them M’Liss?” asked Plachner.

“Seems everybody else has?” said

Helton. “I wouldn’t be asking for a

quote if I had a quote. This is serious


“Yes, it is,” said Plachner.

“Indeed it is, and paving is a major

thing too,” said Helton.

Paving project

Council had approved a motion on

April 17 to have MPE survey the levels

along the west side of the village to

determine how to improve the

drainage issue at the west entrance to

town where water pooling causes

potholes to pound out, before doing any

pavement patching.

“There was a lot of misunderstanding

with MPE regarding the

lower end of main street,” said Mayor


“I don’t think they understand what

we were looking for,” said CAO


“Is there some way to contact them

and get more clarity so it could work in

with our plan to fix up that piece down

there [entrance to the village]?” queried


CAO Plachner promised to get that

to them by Wednesday and recommended

budgeting $75,000 for the

paving project.

“The quote for the green space –

What kind of figure did we get for

levelling that, grassing it, putting in a

little fence and a couple items in

there?” asked Helton.

“Haven’t got that yet,” responded

CAO Plachner,

“Paving repairs is the big one, how

are we doing the budget [without

these quotes]. How much is that

[paving repairs]?”

“I don’t know,” replied Plachner,

“It’s critical,” stated Helton.

“Well, if you want to leave it

[budget] till next Wednesday we can

pass it on Wednesday if I have this

for you, at least an idea,” said


“We can do the final passage on

Wednesday,” chimed in Coun. M’Liss


“Well, we have to because we have to

get the taxes done. It’s getting late,”

said CAO Plachner.

Recycle bins relocation

Council estimated $30,075 for the

public works space although they did

not have the drawings showing the

dimensions that was requested in a

motion by council at the April 17


Plachner indicated that Dave Benci,

public works manager, took the concept

drawing done by Mayor Helton

and paced it out as to how you wanted

that fence to go rather than doing up a

formal dimensional drawing to scale

that had been requested by motion in

the April 17 regular council meeting.

Mayor Helton opened up the meeting

for comments from the gallery

regarding the recycling bins and

public works space with a great deal of

discussion ensuing.

Council had planned for the relocation

of the bins to be the southeast

corner on town property.

The majority felt it would be better

located east of the unused tennis

courts although there is no developed


“Cheaper to build a road over there

than to put up a $40,000 fence,” stated

Daryl DeMille.

“Do we want them to be the focal

point of your village, people coming

into town and they look over the display

coming into town, over the ball

diamonds then we come to the public

works yard?” asked Helton.

“You are not going to offend any taxpayers

by putting it over there [next to

the unused tennis court],” said Wanda


“The aesthetics was to have a fence

and slats and trees so it doesn’t look

obtrusive,” said Helton.

“It was a dumping ground [before]

and they are afraid it will become a

dumping ground again,” said


Only concern that I kind of have is

about the road portion of it. It’s by the

ball diamonds and if there’s traffic

going by and there’s kids running all

over the place, back and forth to the

park, that’s my major concern,” said

Dennis Schoonderbeek.

“It’s a catch 22,” said DeMille.

The consensus of the gallery reached

was to put the recycle bins on the east

side of the old tennis court.

“To keep peace in the town, the

tennis court isn’t going to offend

anyone. Like Daryl said, plant some

trees”, said Wanda Hampton.

The green space was also discussed.

Plachner package

and CAO assistant

Council motioned to hire an assistant

CAO and budgeted $40,000 for the


“So again these projects, including

the CAO package and an estimate for

an assistant CAO to be hired would

then, in this budget, have to come out of

that Unrestricted [Surplus],” asked


“No, where are we getting with this

other CAO? I’m not clear on that

either,” said Plachner,

“Well, we are going to hire an assistant

CAO for the transition,” said


“Why is that?” asked Plachner,

“You’ve more than indicated that you

are retiring,” said Helton, “Somebody

has to be ready. We have to hire

someone to come in and work with you.

It’s obvious since last November, the

back and forth, we’re all familiar with

that, that you’re wanting to retire,

sooner than later, so that’s why we are

going to go ahead and hire an assistant.

“Okay, fine,” said Plachner. “Paying

this person can come out of operating.”

“That’s what this meeting is all

about,” said Helton. “We needed a prebudget

meeting to get these things

worked out.”

“We want to make sure we have

enough money in operating budget to

do that,” added Coun. Edwards.

“I’m thinking $40,000 would be

enough, give or take,” said CAO


Bill’s Waterwell


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Hanna Farmers Market rental subsidy

Eileen Morrill

ECA Review

Peggy Rehill, a member of the

Hanna Farmers Market

Committee appealed to Hanna

town council for a subsidized

rental agreement for their

weekly market at the Hanna

Curling Rink.

At the regular Hanna council

meeting on Tues. June 11,

council granted them a rate of

$271.35 plus tax per week compared

to $405 plus tax for the

market in May.

“The Hanna Farmers Market

have originally been located at

the Round Up Centre but have

parted ways with the owners,”

said Chief Administrative

Officer (CAO) Kim Neill.

“While there are not a ton of

alternative locations in Hanna

for a farmers market, the town

does not want to undercut somebody.

The town wants to respect

private individuals who pay



restoration report

Sandra Beaudoin stepped

away from her desk as councillor

to put on her other hat as

Roundhouse Society President

and Founder and led a delegation

of five to present the

Roundhouse Society Operating

Business Plan.

The Roundhouse is of historical

significance for Alberta

therefore to date Alberta

Heritage has provided


approximately $200,000 for the


The Elks have also donated

funds for the restoration and

the town forgives the land taxes.

Two private events have been

held in the unfinished facility to

date: a wedding and a church


Major drawbacks are access

to water, and without water,

power is not available, however,

the Society does use a generator.

Beaudoin said the assets for

the roundhouse are increasing.

The assessment value was

$136,000 when the building was

purchased and now totals over


The Roundhouse Society

would like the town to purchase

two lots on the east side of the

Boulevard maintenance

J. Webster

ECA Review

The Community Standards Bylaw

was passed in the second and final

readings by a vote of 4 - 1 at the regular

council meeting on Mon. June 10.

Coun. Vickey Horkoff voted against

the motion.

This change was in response to a

concern that had been raised

regarding who is responsible for the

maintenance for boulevards and

maintenance standards.

The new bylaw states that the boulevard

adjacent to the land owner or

occupant must keep any grass cut and

remove accumulation of fallen leaves

and other debris.

Fines are $50 for first offence, $100

for second offence within the same

year, and $200 in third and subsequent

offences within one year.

Grade 6 class visit

Mrs. Pasolli’s Coronation Grade 6

class attended the council meeting as

part of their Social Studies


They came armed with questions

and ideas for council.

One issue raised was the unsafe

abandoned and derelict buildings with


Chief Administrative Officer (CAO)

Sandra Kulyk explained to the class

regarding costs involved in removing

these buildings.

An example she gave was the large

house on the corner Norfolk Avenue

and Arthur Street in Coronation

where the attic caved in spreading

asbestos throughout the entire house.

“We had a company come in and

give us an estimate,” said CAO Kulyk.

“Every bit [of powdered asbestos] has

to be gathered up, bagged, hauled

away, then they have to vacuum, bag

that up and haul it away and then they

have to put glue on any surface of

wood or hard surface and then they

can tear it down.

“They were talking over $100,000 to

do that,” she concluded.

“Trust me,” said Mayor Mark

Stannard, “if we could take all of them

down, we would,” added Mayor


Other issues discussed included

making the dock at the Coronation

dam more stable and bigger so more

people could be on them at one time;

an off leash two-part pet park for not

only dogs, but cats too; having a bigger

GaGa pit as classrooms use the one

located near the swimming pool and it

would be nicer to have a

bigger one so lots of kids

could play and a second one

on grass so that knuckles

don’t get scraped.

“That one was $600 and it

was donated to the town

from the FCSS,” said Mayor


Coun. Horkoff found that

bigger ones are available.

She questioned the class if

it would be better to have

two pits.

Last year’s Grade 6 class

had requested that the basketball

hoops and nets be

fixed and the town obliged.

This year’s class

requested that the one

located in the mobile home

park be repaired while

another student commented

on pot holes in the outfield.


decision upheld

Terri Huxley

ECA Review

The Subdivision and

Development Appeal Board

(SDAB) issued a decision on

Tues, June 11 upholding the

County of Stettler’s

Development Authority

decision that a development

permit application by

Paradise Shores was


They submitted the

permit on March 28 with 318

campsites or RV stalls as

necessary to support the primary

use of the property

being outdoor recreation


The development permit

application was for the lands

located at NE 20-40-20 W4M,

the lands at Paradise Shores

RV Resort.

After reviewing the application,

the Development

Authority advised the appellant

that the application was


The County set out the

outstanding information

and provided a deadline to

submit the outstanding

information but Paradise

Shores did not seek additional

time to submit the

information or submit outstanding

information by the


Since the permit states

permitted use, the county

must still determine the

nature of the application’s

use regardless of what is

said in the application.

In other words, to determine

whether the

application is, in fact, for a

permitted use, the

Development Authority

requires sufficient information

to make that


As the Application was

incomplete, it was deemed

refused pursuant to a section

of the Municipal

Government Act (MGA).

Turn to Many, Pg 11

building as the land is low

and wet but would work for

a park.

CAO Neill has contacted

the owner twice asking her

to prepare a proposal to sell

the combined seven acres to

the town and if the price is

significantly lower than the

assessed value Neill will

bring the proposal to


Neill also said the challenge

facing the roundhouse

is it has been zoned to have

assembly occupancy but has

Everyone who loves Linda is

glad she got a mammogram.

Because her breast cancer

was found early,

she is alive and well today.

not received safety codes

approval for assembly


The temporary events

have been a one off, but this

still alarms the safety and

fire code officials.

Beaudoin said a joint

meeting with both the safety

and fire code representatives

is being organized.

“If something bad happens

in the facility,” said

Mayor Warwick, “would the

town be liable?”

Visit Screen Test in


July 15 - 24

Call for an appointment



Women 50 to 74

should plan to have a screening

mammogram every 2 years,

and can self-refer.

Women 40 to 49 may be screened

annually with a referral for their

first mammogram.

Coronation Safe Grad 2019

The Class of 2019 would like to thank the

following individuals, groups and businesses

for their continued support:

Thornton Electric

Dave Duncan

Karen Williamson

Golby Hardware

M & N Energy Services Ltd Jim & Wendy Dafoe

Coro View Farms Ltd Dwayne & Darcy Kubinchuk

Coronation AG Foods

Special Mention:

Please accept our apologies

if we have missed anyone.

Hugh McLarty

We truly do appreciate your

Brett Alderdice

support in keeping Our Grads

Safe on their Graduation Night.

Darrell Fiss

Thank You!

Thank you

for all who joined our family in celebrating the life of our very

special husband, dad and papa, Richard Wade. Your support

at this difficult time was much appreciated. A special thank

you to all who sent beautiful flowers, delicious meals, generous

donations, text messages, cards and hugs. We would like to

thank the choir, Jennifer Laux, our soloist Stan Runion and

his accompanist Michael Brandon and a special thank you

to Rev Clarence Sellers for officiating the wonderful service.

Following the service a celebration of Richard’s life was held

at the community centre. We were overwhelmed at the many,

many friends who attended the wonderful tribute to a very

special man. Thank you to Trina for the lovely lunch and to

the Hanna Elks for running the bar. We appreciated the lovely

music before the service and at the celebration thanks to Lana

and Ira Ross. It was amazing. Thank you Laurie Palmer of

Hanna Funeral Services Ltd. for the care and support. Also,

thank you to Maywood Florals for the beautiful arrangements.

In lieu of thank you cards the family is making donations to

Hanna Hospital Auxiliary and Connections Counseling.

Thank you all. Sandra, Tracey & Doug, Jodi & Terry,

Tara, Darcy and eight wonderful grand kids.

4 J une 20'19 HAnnA/COROn ATIOn /STe TTLe R, AB. e CA Re VIe W



with us

Sponsor the Flag


Mon. June 24

contact your rep

or call 403-578-4111

Coronation Industrial principle owner, Archie Merchant (right), administration Janey Forrest-Till, and principle

owner, Brian Tellier barbecued up burgers for about 350 people at the Coronation Industrial Sales & Rentals

Customer Appreciation lunch on Fri. June 14. Over 32 door prizes donated by suppliers were given away.

ECA Review/J.Webster


Clearview appoints three

principals to rural schools


Pat Martin will

be the new principal

of Botha School

beginning in


Martin graduated

from the University

of Calgary with a

Bachelor of


She has been the

principal of

Brownfield School

for the past eight years and a teacher

for 26 years.

Professionally, Martin is a strong

advocate for and supporter of rural


She believes that every child can

succeed and that it is their job as educators

to help each student reach their

full potential.

“I love being part of a small rural

community. Together we can build a

community of lifelong learners,” said


Donalda principal

Warren Aspenes, current vice principal

at Wm. E. Hay Stettler Secondary

Campus (WEHSSC), is the new principal

for Donalda


He holds a

Bachelor of


degree, a

Bachelor of


degree and a

Masters in

Leadership and



from the

University of


He is known for


being a caring, creative and professional

educator with 31 years of

teaching experience in the classroom

and 18 years of positive educational

leadership in administration.

Previously, Aspenes was principal at

Halkirk School, vice principal of

Erskine and Waverly Schools and a

teacher at WEHSSC and Coronation



new principal

Jason Faber is the new principal of

Brownfield School beginning in the


Faber holds a Bachelor of Education

degree from the University of Alberta.

He has 12 years of

teaching experience

in the classroom

and is currently a

high school science

teacher at Gus

Wetter School.


Community School

has an amazing


legacy of preparing

students for the

future,” said Faber.

Mon - Fri 9 am-5 pm

5015 Victoria Ave., Coronation, Ab


“Brownfield is an

incredible community

and I look

forward to the

opportunity to

serve as


A Picture of You

I only have a picture now,

A frozen piece of time,

To remind me of how it was,

When you were here, and mine.

I see your smiling eyes,

Each morning when I wake,

I talk to you, and place a kiss,

Upon your lovely face.

How much I miss you being here,

I really cannot say,

The ache is deep inside my heart,

And never goes away.

I hear it mentioned often,

That time will heal the pain,

But if I’m being honest,

I hope it will remain.

I need to feel you constantly,

To get me through the day,

I loved you so very much,

Why did you go away?

The angels came and took you,

That really wasn’t fair,

They took my one and only Son,

My future life. My heir.

If only they had asked me,

If I would take your place,

I would have done so willingly,

Leaving you this world to grace.

You should have had so many years,

To watch your life unfold,

And in the mist of this,

Watch us all grow old!

I hope you’re watching from above,

At the daily tasks I do,

And let there be no doubt at all,

I really do love you.

© Deborah Robinson







December 10, 1993

- June 17, 2013

Brady, you are

always on our


& forever

in our hearts.

- Love All Your

Family &





The Delburne 2019 Graduation Ceremony was held on Fri. May 24 at the Delburne Hall. Valedictorian was Leah Pilkington and the Sylvia Glover Memorial Award for best all-round student

had two recipients this year: Leah Pilkington and Maggie Chow. From the left, back row: Ethan Ingram, Taylor Mytton, Graydon Webber, Davon Biggs, Jayken Anderson, Daniel Bowman,

Cole Muir, Seth Radcliffe, Josh Laturnus, Maverick Loblaw, Kolby Ringdahl and John Pisko. Middle row: Shyla Ermineskin, Kimberley Hughes, Jemoriah Rogers, Maggie Chow, Makayla

Stuart, Amy Peters, Georgia Biggs, Ryen Clutton, Katana Guard and Rebecca Wood. Front row: Leah Pilkington, Marina Bysterveld, Ariana Warner and Carly Brunner. ECA Review/K.Betts


Village of Gadsby under county administratively

Terri Huxley

ECA Review

With the recent departure of the

Gadsby village council, the County of

Stettler has taken over administrative


Municipal Affairs has requested

that Gadsby enter into an administration

contract with the County of

Stettler which council agreed to at

their monthly meeting on Wed. June


The Village of Gadsby council

resigned with no Chief Administrative

Officer (CAO) on May 8, 2019.

Municipal Affairs has appointed an

“Official Administrator” to act with

all the powers of the Village of Gadsby

council, but the Village still required

to have a CAO.

The Village of Gadsby’s Official

Administrator has already passed a

motion accepting the agreement as


Yvette Cassidy, the County CAO has

been appointed.

Municipal Affairs continues to

review Gadsby’s viability, and has

indicated they will undertake an expedited

tabletop review.

With the county appointment, they

will be taking over administrative

duties from June 1 until Dec. 31, 2019

so Municipal Affairs can complete the

viability review first.

The financial review portion of the

study has been completed and filed but

the infrastructure review is still in


The county is also being paid $35,000

by the ‘smallest village in Alberta’ to

do this job for seven months.

“The contract is very similar to

what we had with Botha,” said CAO


Once the review is done, CAO

Cassidy expects there to be public

meetings with municipal affairs to

give community members a sense of

what life would be like under the


Anyone can attend the public meetings

but for the final decision as to

whether the village remains a village

is up to its residents.

If all is positive, the county will

resume control on Jan. 1, 2020.

Tax bylaw and tax notices have not

been done which has added an extra

workload to county staff but the

public works department has done the

most heavy lifting in terms of getting

current infrastructure projects done

properly and up to standard.

“This is a good opportunity for us to

make sure we get things pointed in

the right direction,” said CAO


At this time, the village has not dissolved

into the county.

Red Lamp


Monday, July 1

12 noon - 6

Donalda, Ab.

Outdoor, open

market promoting

all types of vendors,

rain or shine.

Railway Ave. next to the

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Ag Service Board Bursary given

Eight applicants sent in forms to the

Agricultural Service Board (ASB) for

their annual bursary.

After careful consideration by the

bursary committee, top candidate

Shaylyn McNeil of Erskine, Alta. was

selected to received $1,000 towards her


The ASB recognizes high school

graduates who are enrolled in postsecondary

education and who have

made a contribution to their


The bursary helps provide assistance

to a graduate who demonstrates

an interest and awareness about the

importance of agriculture to the survival

of rural communities.

“There was excellent applications

and there was a number of them that

were very very worthy of this award,”

said Coun. Les Stulberg and vice

chairman of the ASB bursary


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Public Hearing rescheduled

A public hearing for amendments to

the Land Use Bylaw was postponed to

council’s next meeting on Wed. July 10

in order to give an affected party more

time to gather information and prepare


Grand Prize Draw

to be drawn


June 23 -

winner will be



Mon., June 24

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Clawing for leftovers

Brenda Schimke

ECA Review

It may come as a surprise to many of

my regular readers that I was once an

advocate for no corporate taxes. Upon

graduation with a Commerce degree

from the University of Alberta and

having studied all economic theories, I

favoured the supply-side, neo-liberal

economic model that corporate taxation

was a job killer.

In the academic world, it sounded

plausible that corporations without

taxes would use excess money to invest

and create more jobs.

Corporations have

no obligation to keep

their oversized financial

gains earned in Alberta

here nor to re-invest and

create and sustain jobs

during a bust cycle.

I could still argue that income taxes

for corporations whose entire operations

are located in Canada should

have relatively low corporate tax rates

as the vast sum of their earnings and

profits are recycling within

Canada. But with globalization and

the subsequent market power of multinational

corporations, low corporate

tax rate cuts have caused the rise of

inequality and the decline of the

middle class.

Alberta got rich when Premier Peter

Lougheed was elected in 1971 and significantly

increased royalty rates

(taxation) on oil and gas. His priority

was to get Albertans to not only be the

owners, but act like owners of their

natural resources.

Yet after 50 years of intensive development

in the oil sands and billions of

dollars of cash generation, we’ve never

had enough money in the public coffers

to complete a four-lane highway to

Alberta’s cash cow—Fort McMurray.

Inconceivably, Alberta during the

boom years didn’t have enough money

to build schools and hire teachers to

accommodate the bulging population

growth. Alberta did not have enough

money to build medical capacity for a


growing population but instead normalized

long, protracted wait lists for

necessary surgeries.

Alberta didn’t even have enough

money to keep municipalities whole. It

wasn’t that many years ago when

many bridges had reached critical

failure rates in much of rural Alberta.

Calgary, the headquarters of this

booming industry, never had the

resources to invest in an adequate

transportation system leaving its citizens

in gridlock.

The corporate tax race to the bottom

allowed the multi-nationals to amass

the lion’s share of the profits from our

oil sands. It wasn’t their responsibility

to build roads, bridges, schools and

hospitals or fund police, doctors and


Corporations have no obligation to

keep their oversized financial gains

earned in Alberta here nor to reinvest

and create and sustain jobs

during a bust cycle.

Therein lays the problem with the

voodoo economics of low corporate


Scandinavian countries have

always held that a prosperous country

requires a high level of public investment

in education, infrastructure,

basic research, technology, health and

protection. In fact, investments by our

governments in these areas during

the golden age of the middle class (1950

- 1980) also helped support private

investment and equitably grow the


The wrong of globalization was to

enable multi-national corporations and

the wealthy to move their earnings to

low-tax regimes away from the countries

where the actual wealth was


Some $300 billion of Canadian

wealth is today hoarded in offshore tax

havens and the two richest Canadians

own the same amount as the poorest 30

per cent. Poorer people spend a higher

percentage of their income and keep

their cash re-circulating in their own


Lougheed was the first and last

Premier to treat Albertans as owners

of their natural resources. As we were

under the Social Credit government in

the 1950s and 60s, we are again slaves

to the oil industry – blaming Ottawa

and clawing for leftovers as the

majority of our wealth flees outside

our borders.

It’s like giving a pig access to the

whole crib of corn and expecting some

to be leftover for tomorrow . . . and the

next day . . . and the next day.


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consent of the Publisher. Call us for more info.

The opinions expressed are not necessarily

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Defending credentials

Dear Editor,

In response to a letter titled, Fact

checking needed, June 13, pg. 6, that

criticized and disputed Dr. Tim Ball’s

academic credentials and claimed that

people need to check their facts – let me

set the record straight.

I am respectfully speculating that

the author has gone to Wikipedia and

or the infamous horribly biased

DesmogBlog for his information.

So to clarify, yes, it is true that Dr.

Ball was a professor of geography at

the University of Winnipeg, but the

author ignored the fact that his Ph.D.

was in historical climatology and he

indeed is qualified to speak as an

“expert” on climatology and the


Here is an excerpt from an article

Dr. Ball wrote in 2011 called “Ad

hominem” from his own website: “I am

accused of being a geographer as if

that is a sin and somehow belittles my


“When I got my degree in climatology

in 1982 from Queen Mary

College at the University of London,

there were very few climate research

centres in the world. Two of the top

ones were Hubert Lamb’s Climatic

Research Unit (CRU) at East Anglia

and Reid Bryson’s Climate Centre in


“Logically, the only department at

the University of Winnipeg in which to

place a climatologist was geography,

since climatology was then a half of

what was called physical geography.

“There was a climate lab and office

complex separate from the geography

department (two floors higher).

“Professor Bill Bell, who became

State Climatologist in Georgia, occupied

it first; and when he left, I moved

into the complex and ran the climate


So there was, in fact, a separate

entity and facility related to climate.”

So the Wikipedia article on Dr. Ball

is guilty of omission, not commission.

It does not lie when it says he was a

professor of geography at the

University of Winnipeg, but it does

omit the fact that his doctorate was in

climatology and that his career was

spent teaching and researching in the

field of climatology from within the

geography department.

I would encourage people to read the

whole article called “Ad Hominem” at

In addition to defending his academic

credentials, he has some

interesting information about the

people behind the Desmogblog, namely

their connections to the federal Liberal

Party and the David Suzuki


It took me less than five minutes to

find this and related information by

searching the words “Dr. Tim Ball academic

credentials” (not on Google,

though; but that is another issue!).

I do not wish to be too critical.

It is very easy to be influenced by

biased information on the internet that

only tells half the story and I commend

him for making the effort to investigate

the climate change issue and

write a letter about it.

Eric Neilson

Castor, Alta.

REast Central Alberta


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Enjoyed spending time with family

My mother Dorothy Yeats was born

on Jan. 27, 1927 on the farm near

Palmer, Sask.

Her parents Harry and Lilian Shave

were both originally from England.

Out of this marriage came seven children,

with Dorothy being the second

oldest child.

She attended Palmer

School up to Grade 12 then

completed 13 by


She continued her education

at St. Elizabeth’s

Hospital in Humboldt, Sask.

where they covered her

room and board, including a

monthly allowance of $6,

ultimately completing her Yeats

degree as a Registered


She worked one year at Mossbank

Hospital in Saskatchewan, then moved

to Coronation, Alta. to work at the hospital


My mother and father met at a dance

that took place at Whittaker School.

They were married on Oct. 27, 1952

and shortly after moved into the house

my dad built outside Coronation,

where he farmed.

I was the first born of three boys on

May 27, 1954, then came Alan on Mar.

14, 1964 and Donald on Oct. 21, 1966.

After many years of working at the

Coronation Hospital, my mom eventually

became the matron of the nursing

home until she retired.

She enjoyed spending time with her

grandchildren, Travis, Corey and


She had many different hobbies

including gardening, photography,

crafts and travelling whenever the

opportunity presented itself.

As time progressed, home care came

to the house with meals and to check

on her. Then one morning, when going

outside, her hip broke. Luckily Sanna

Olson found her and called the ambulance,

so off to Red Deer we go.

Mom pretty well went directly into

surgery, so I was with her just

outside the operating room

where the nurses were prepping

the patients. Out of a

room came a surgeon who

walked over to mom and

talked to her about what was

going to happen.

After he was done, she

asked him if when he was

done fixing her hip, if he

wouldn’t mind fixing her

back. He took her hand and

said, “Dear, when you are reborn, we

will catch that on the second go


After her hip healed, we talked her

into going into the nursing home. It

was a struggle for a while until she got

to know people and made friends.

After a while, she needed more care

and attention so she went to Long-

Term Care where she has remained

until June 10, 2019.

by Robbie Yeats

Dorothy is survived by her loving

family: sons: Robert Yeats, Alan Yeats

and Donald Yeats; grandchildren:

Travis (Bailey), Corey and Caitlyn;

great-grandchildren Mason and Brilie.

She is also survived by sisters: Nora

Spearman, Ruth Spearman and Joyce

(Larry) Wood; brother George (Elsie)

Shave; sister-in-law Georgette Shave

and other family and many dear


Dorothy was predeceased by her

husband Edward; sister Anne (Dan)

Courageous battle lost

Randy Henderson courageously

passed away a hero at the Red Deer

Hospital after an aggressive battle

with colorectal cancer on June 9, 2019

at the age of 58 years.

Randy (a.k.a. Phrezen - The basement

was really cold all the

time) is survived by his loving

wife Wendy, son Ryan (Jen)

Henderson, daughter Trinity

Henderson and his mother

Carol Brown along with his

siblings Deb (Wes) Jones,

Danny (Merlin) Henderson,

Terry (Wanda) Henderson,

Ron Henderson, Michelle

Henderson, Dwayne ‘Mitch’

(Annette) Harris, Sandy

Harris, Rennie Brown, Lee

(Laura) Brown and Dale

Brown (Jana Mohn).

He is also survived by Wendy’s

family: Sharon (Alec) Muncastor,

Darrell (Marlene) MacKay, Vikki

Degenstein, Darlene MacKay (Don)

and Cindy MacKay as well as

numerous uncles, aunts, nieces,

nephews and many many friends.

Randy was predeceased by his father

William Leonard Harris and his stepfather

Norman Brown and his

parents-in-law Murray and Helen


Randy was born in Bonnyville, Alta.

on Nov. 20, 1960 and lived there for four

years before moving to a farm near

Forestburg, Alta.

Aside from finding mischievous

splendour, time well spent was often

found in farm-related chores and 4-H

activities, in which Randy was

involved for several years.

Randy was not noted to be a fan of

school and in Grade 11 he dropped out

halfway through the year and began a

lifelong journey working for a living.

Not afraid of hard work or trying

new things, Randy experienced many


different jobs in different places, from

road construction work in Bonnyville,

grain elevator work in Hanna, Alta., to

gravel crushing in Edmonton and

truck driving.

In July of 1978, Randy met his true

love, Wendy MacKay and

one year later was married

to his sweetheart on Aug. 3,


Together they lived in

Edmonton for a while and

after a month and a half of

married life, they then

returned to Forestburg

when Randy received a call

to work at the Manalta Coal

Henderson Mine where he remained for

what would have been 40

years in Sept. 2019.

Randy and Wendy resided in

Forestburg for a few years and welcomed

a new family addition when

Ryan was born on Aug. 15, 1980.

They were blessed again with a

daughter Trinity on May 13, 1983.

The family eventually relocated and

moved to Botha, Alta. where they still


The Henderson Saga continues to

this day and remains for over 41 years

and counting.

A memorial service was held on

Mon., June 17, 2019 at 2 p.m. at the

Stettler Funeral Home.

Memorial donations may be made to

the Animal Haven Rescue, Saving

Grace Animal Shelter, Red Deer

Hospital or a charity of your own


Condolences may be sent to the

family at www.stettlerfuneralhome.


Stettler Funeral Home &

Crematorium entrusted with the care

and funeral arrangements.


Kosolofski; brother Sidney Shave;

brothers-in-law Ralph Spearman and

Orrin Spearman and other family

members and friends.

A funeral service for the late

Dorothy Yeats was held on Fri., June

14, 2019 at the Trinity United Church,

Coronation with Rev. Alwin Maben


Dorothy was laid to rest beside her

husband Edward at the Coronation


Donations in memory are gratefully


accepted to the Coronation Hospital

Foundation c/o Parkview Funeral

Chapels & Crematorium, P.O. Box 186,

Castor, AB T0C 0X0, 403-578-3777, who

were entrusted with the care and

funeral arrangements.

Card of Thanks

At this time, I would like to thank all

the doctors, nurses and staff who

looked after her.

Thank you from Robbie and thank

you from all the Yeats Families

Well known, respected

business owner

TWA, Gordon Lloyd

1944 – 2019

It is with heavy hearts that we

announce the passing of Gordon Lloyd

Twa of Coronation, Alta. on Fri. Jun. 7,

2019 at the age of 74 years.

He will be greatly missed by all his

family and friends.

Gordon was born on Sept. 1, 1944 in

Coronation, Alta. to John

and Grace Twa, the second

oldest of 11 children.

He was raised on the farm

in the Talbot District and

attended schools in Talbot,

Brownfield, Coronation and


Gordon married Lynda

Milne on Jan. 20, 1967 in

Coronation, Alta.

After moving to Pincher

Creek, Alta., Gordon and

Lynda moved to Red Deer where their

first son, Talbot was born.

The family then relocated to Calgary

where Gordon purchased his first

welding truck.

Here, they welcomed the birth of

their second son, Lee.

In April 1969, Gordon and his family

embarked on a new journey to High

River, Alta, opening his first welding

shop and finally coming back home to

Coronation in September 1970.

Another welding shop was opened

shortly after, operating until 1984.

Twa’s Welding was a well-known

and respected business, providing service

to the surrounding area and

Gordon was involved with the

Coronation Elks, fire department and

various community projects.

Gordon joined the Elks in 1974 and

was a member for over 40 years, even

serving as the Exalted Ruler from


He was a volunteer fireman for 35

years, receiving a special award from

the Country of Canada for his service

and was one of only 180 firemen in

Canada to receive this award.

Gordon continually donated time

and resources to the development and

upkeep of the Coronation rodeo

grounds and instilled the community

spirit in all his employees.

Gordon continued to operate a portable

welding truck, working all over

Western Canada, until 2005.

He transitioned to a consultant position

and began the next chapter of his


Gordon and Lynda continued to

travel in the United States, primarily

in Arizona and Texas.

After the passing of his first wife,

Lynda, in 2011, Gordon met the second

love of his life, Leah Jansen Norris in


They were married on Oct.

24, 2014, continuing to live in


Their winters were spent in

Arizona, enjoying the company

of many good friends

they met in Arizona, as well

as fellow ‘snowbirds’ from


He enjoyed camping,

fishing and playing cards and

table games with family and


After a lengthy battle with cancer,

Gordon is now resting in peace.

Although sickness robbed him of a

future, he will always be remembered

by those he encountered as a strong

man, with a love for life.

Gordon will be lovingly remembered

by his devoted wife, Leah Twa; sons

Talbot Twa of Ponoka, Alta. and Lee

(Tracey) Twa of Blackfalds, Alta.; stepdaughter

Shannon and two

granddaughters, Danea and Shania.

He will also be fondly remembered

by his three brothers, Stewart

(Marjorie) Twa of Veteran, Alta., Lyle

Twa of Alix, Alta. and Wayne Twa of

Ponoka, Alta.

He is also remembered by his three

sisters, Bernice Clausen of Stettler,

Alta., Bonnie (John) Twa of Bentley,

Alta., and Sherry (Doug) Twa of

Ponoka, Alta. , two sisters-in-law

Margaret Twa and Elvia Twa, as well

as multiple nieces and nephews.

Gordon was predeceased by his wife,

Lynda Twa; his parents, John and

Grace Twa, and his brothers, Robert,

Kenneth, Charles and Stanley Twa.

A celebration of Gordon’s life was

held at the Coronation Community

Centre on Thurs. Jun. 13, 2019, at 1 p.m.

Condolences may be sent or viewed


Arrangements were in care of

Coronation Funeral Home,

Coronation, Alta. Phone: 403.578.2928.

Strength, selflessness


On Sun. Jun 9, 2019, Dale’s

long courageous battle with

colon cancer ended while

surrounded by family at the

Our Lady of the Rosary


He was born in Castor,

Alta. on Oct. 22, 1961 to

Richard and Erma Marquart.

Dale grew up and spent all

his adult years on the same

farm north of town.

In Dale’s youth, he was

active in 4-H Beef Club.

He loved working on the

family farm, milking cows

and helping his dad with


Dale loved to work.

He spent his early years

working as a carpenter’s

helper and driving truck for

Doug Shaw, all while raising

and showing purebred

Simmental cattle.

Turn to Unwavering, Pg 8


e CA Re VIe W

Tegan Younger

performs for

residents of the

Castor Long-Term

Care facility on Sat.

June 15.

ECA Review/



4-6 feet, $50 each

$19/tree Install Fee

(includes • Hole Drilled • Bark Mulch

• Enzyme Injection • Staking)

25 tree minimum order

Delivery fee $125-$150/order

Quality guaranteed


New Listings

Castor violin recital

and hootenanny

impressed audience


Castor violin students hosted a

recital and hootenanny at Castor Long-

Term Care on Sat. June 15, 2019

To honour Castor prairie-pioneer

heritage, violin teacher Carol Ries

opened the recital with Old-Time Barn-

Dance polka favourite “Soldier’s Joy.”

Then it was time for the budding violinists

to pick up their bows

accompanied by Ries on piano.

Jessica Boizard played lively toe-tapping

“The Cowboy” and a lovely

classical melody “Andante in C Major

Op. 22 No.1” by Edward Elgar.

Chantel Green played favourite folk

songs like “Mary Had a Little Lamb,”

“Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star” and

famous fiddle tune “Bile ‘em Cabbage


Tegan Younger played Beethoven’s

Ninth Symphony “Ode to Joy” theme,

Unwavering work ethic

Cont’d from Pg 7

He would later have the opportunity

to purchase D&L Services from Doug.

Through 22 years of “prompt and

efficient” service, Dale built many

strong friendships and became known

for his unwavering work ethic.

Dale met Denise at church youth

group and they married on Nov. 3,


They started their family in 1989

when Cody was born and went on to

have two more children, Jamie and


Dale’s passion was water-skiing.

He took pride in taking people to the

Castor Reservoir, his hidden gem adjacent

to his farm and teaching them

how to ski.

You had to be brave to be on a boat

with Dale as his athleticism and daredevil

nature always made for great


He also enjoyed curling, golfing and


Dale’s strength and selflessness

shone through until his final breath.

He will be remembered by his contagious

grin and sharp wit, which left

our hearts full of fond memories.

He will never be forgotten.

Dale is survived by his loving

family: his wife Denise; sons Cody

(Karey) and Jamie (Andrea); and

daughter Sonya (Chad Bauman).

Dale was expecting his first grandchild

this July.

He is also survived by his mother

Erma Marquart; brother Darcy

(Cassie) Marquart; and sisters Julie

(Winston) McFarland and Bonnie

(Wallace) McComish; father-in-law

Cecil Lewis; brothers-in-law Randy

(Marilyn) Lewis and Brent

(Dyanna) Lewis; other family and

French lullaby “Playing Ball on the

Stairs” and Royal Conservatory of

Music repertoire “Pony Trot.”

A rousing sing-a-long fiddle-andspoons

“She’ll Be Comin’ ‘Round the

Mountain”, complete with “yee-haws”,

rounded out the “hootenanny” component

of the event.

Ries also teaches violin in Stettler,

Alta. where her students are showing

great promise.

Her students Laia Chesla and

Kristine Chesla have been nominated

for an award for a duet they performed

at the Stettler Music Festival and

Laura Hebbes who travelled with her

violin to Hawaii with the Stettler

Senior Band.

Students are experiencing many

exciting opportunities through music,

the universal language that unites us


many dear friends.

He is predeceased by his father

Richard Marquart and mother-in-law

Betty Lewis.

Funeral services were held at Castor

Community Hall on Sat., June 15, 2019,

with Rev. Grant Sikstrom officiating.

The eulogy was given by Dayna

McComish and tributes were presented

by J.D. Johnson, Dale Emmett

and Bill Weseen.

Gifts of music were provided by

Veronica Weber, Kevin and Darlene

Sorensen and Darrell Ball as well as

the Gracenote Alumni led by Rhonda

Sylvester “River in Judea” with Carly

Armstrong, Andrea Benoit, Hillary

Clarke, Jaycee Davidson, Dacia

Gramlick, Thecla Wiart.

The family presented a DVD


Dale was laid to rest at Castor

Cemetery with honourary pallbearers

Doug Shaw, Pete Dubuc, Max Christie,

Clifford Weeks, Ewald Steinwand and

Brady Flett.

Active pallbearers were J.D.

Johnson, Dale Emmett, Bill Weseen,

Cory Fuller, Doug Zimmer and Lance


Family and friends gathered in the

hall for a time of fellowship and a luncheon

by Ann Michielsen and staff.

Condolences may be sent to the

family at

donations may be

made to Our Lady of the Rosary

Hospital Palliative Care or Castor

Minor Sports, c/o Box 186, Castor, AB

T0C 0X0.

Parkview Funeral Chapels &

Crematorium who were entrusted

with the care and funeral arrangements


A.L.L. STARS Realty Ltd

Ph. (780) 434-4700

Shelly Creasy

Hm/Off. (403) 578-2255

Cell. (403) 578-7000


Sat June 15 2-4 pm &

Sun June 16 2-4 pm

NW29-35-10-W4 - Country living

5 minutes from Coronation, complete

with 1000’s of Strawberry plants!!

20.76 acres, 3 bed, 2 bath, 1540 sqft

bungalow built in 1991! Listed for



NE22-35-9-W4 Special Area #4 -

143 acres fenced and cross fenced with

a large dug out, pipe fenced yard,

heated 24’ x 48’ shop, 2140 sqft 2

storey home 4 beds 2 bath with

substantial updates and a fenced play

area with a 2 storey playhouse. Go to for further info and pricing.

SW5-37-12-W4 County of

Paintearth - 160 acres of grass, cross

fence, an updated 4 bedroom 3 bath

double wide on a full basement. Large

shop with dirt floor & 3 box stalls,

numerous corrals and smaller

outbuildings. For further information

and pricing go to

Pt of SE32-38-10-W4 - 9.88 acres

straight east of Brownfield with a

developed yard and beautiful 1680 sqft

home. This property offers an incredible

attached double garage, 4 bedrooms, 3

bathrooms, open Kitchen/Living room/

Dining room, front verandah and a

large deck to the south west. If you are

looking for an acreage this property is

worth considering!!

11531 TWP RD 364 Rural

Paintearth County - 11.96 acres,

1396 sqft, 3 bedroom, 2 1/2 bath

bungalow, 30’x40’ shop various

outbuildings and hayland. Listed for


4605 Windsor Ave Coronation - 4612 Alexander Ave. Coronation -

Holy smokes this property is beautiful!! This beautiful 4 bedroom, 3 bathroom

Redone from top to bottom.

home is located on a 100’ x 100’ lot. Split

Features an open floor plan, beautiful level with 3 bedrooms on the upper

cabinets, new deck, windows, siding, level and 1 at basement level. Many

NEW Everything! 37’ x 24’ garage! extras!! Book a showing for this


beautiful Home! Listed for $329,900

4608 Coronation St. - 1.92 acres of in

town living in a beautiful 3 Bedroom,

2 bathroom bungalow. Yes, this former

2 bedroom has been reno’ed into a

3 bedroom!! Listed for $275,000

SE2-38-11-W4 - Approx. 140 acres of

pasture. The owner is subdividing the

buildings from the pasture and

keeping the buildings. Pasture

listed for $209,900

5135 - 49

St., Consort

- 1240 sqft of

Living space

for a pretty

darn good

price. This owner has done a bottom

to the top reno. This home is 2+2,

has a fenced backyard, insulated

shed, and all appliances! $69,900

5101 Norfolk Ave, Coronation -

1420 sqft home. This property has

been gutted and renovated from the

top to bottom. 2 bedrooms, large

open loft, deck, fenced yard, RV

parking and an apartment the

generates $650/month! REDUCED

$165,000 $157,500

4465 Park Crescent, Coronation,

AB - Large lot with a 20’x24’ garagecement

floor, insulated and heated. 2

sheds. This property is ready for a

snow bird to park their RV in the

summer or a new mobile home.

Listed @ $24,900

4818 Royal St., Coronation -

Excellent Location. 2 Storey

Commercial/Residential property on

corner of Royal & Victoria. Apartment

a full residential 3 bedroom. Great

location for a restaurant, pub, office or

retail. REDUCED $70,000 $49,900

4610 Coronation Street - Wow,

Excellent investment property! There

are 11 bunkhouse rental units, 14

serviced RV parking stalls. All units are

sold furnished. As well, there is a new

feature, a 6 hole no putt golf course.

Listed for $320,000

SE29-36-9-W4 - Home 1/4 - Older

1040 sqft 2+2 bedroom, 1-4 piece

bathroom bungalow. 35’ x 40’ cattle/

horse barn, stock waterer’s, cross

fences and some pipe fencing. Approx.

60 ac. cultivated the balance in yard

and grass. $274,900


Redan Str.,

Veteran -

The owner of

this property

does not want to sell! So hopefully you

can get this house bought before she

changes her mind! 3 bed/2

bathrooms, all appliances, shed, and

so much charm that you would not

believe it! All for only $82,900


4613 Imperial Ave., Coronation -

Spacious 3+1 bedroom bungalow.

This home features a main floor

laundry, a large fenced back yard and

a large car port. Currently rented.

REDUCED $119,900 $109,000

#6 Parklane, Coronation - 2008

mobile home on an owned lot. 3

bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, multiple

updates including kitchen cabinets,

flooring and paint. This is truly move in

Ready! $82,900


5149 47 St. Consort - Beautiful 3+1

Bed bungalow, corner lot, 2 1/2 bath,

finished basement, fenced backyard,

insulated and heated double detached.

Outstanding Property!! REDUCED


for additional photos: or



Kneehill County Reeve Jerry Wittstock, Shelley Jackson-Berry, and

Kneehill Historical Society Museum President Rosalie Lammle at the Sat.

June 8 ribbon cutting for a CNR portable bunkhouse. The bunkhouse,

used in the Sunnyslope–Linden area from the 1930s to 1970s, was

donated to the Three Hills Museum by the late Jim Berry. With the help

of a $4,228 Kneehill County community grant to non-profit organizations

and ongoing restoration assistance from volunteers, the bunkhouse now

plays an active role in presenting county history. In addition to the ribbon

cutting, the museum welcomed many visitors to its annual pioneer times

demonstration day featuring rope making, printmaking, typesetting, and a

point-arrowhead display.

ECA Review/D. Nadeau

Rank Riders 4-H Club update

by Club Reporters Maisie Burlock

and Tess Shannon

The Rank Riders 4-H club hosted the

4-H east central ski night on Mar. 15 at

the Alliance ski hill. All of the runs

were open and groomed.

There were snacks and the chalet

was always full.

We held a goat tying clinic on Apr. 5

with Tori Brower, where the older kids

worked on goat tying while the

younger kids worked on the


Three Hills


taking year off

from league

Terri Huxley

ECA Review

With 2019/2020 season fast

approaching, the Three Hills

Thrashers requested and received a

one year leave of absence from the

Heritage Junior Hockey League.

The decision was not made lightly

but the Thrasher board members felt

that by taking a year off from icing a

team, it would give them the opportunity

and time needed to build a

stronger board, build a more competitive

team and become a bigger part of

the community going forward.

The last few seasons have been difficult

for the team as a whole from

attracting players, attracting board

members and

being involved in

the community.

These are very

important elements

of having a

successful Jr. B


The board is

hopeful that this

will not be the

end of the

Thrashers, but a

new beginning as

they work hard

for the following

season to recruit

board members

and strengthen

the team.


Tree Service

Your tree health specialist and surgeon

with over 17 years of experience


A potluck lunch followed

the clinic.

We had a quick meeting,

and some members did their

public speaking.

A 4-H Fun Day was held in

Lougheed, Alta. on Apr. 13.

Judging was done in the

morning, and then we did

the fun stuff in the


On Apr. 16 we had a

roping clinic at Forestburg,


This was one of three

roping clinics held in April.

We hosted a Kade Mills

Horsemanship clinic on Apr.

19 in Forestburg where we

worked on turning and on

getting the correct leads.

A hotdog lunch was provided,

after which we

worked on rodeo events.

for all your tree care needs

Tree Beds are vitally

important especially in Alberta

as the trees here don’t like grass

growing right up against the trunk.




Stettler Building Supplies Ltd.

4201-49 th Ave., Stettler, AB • 403-743-0684

McClung third conservative

Battle River-Crowfoot candidate

McClung Stettler,

Alta. with

his wife

and three children and is

currently a Social Studies

teacher at Wm E Hay

Stettler Secondary Campus.

Before turnig to teaching,

McClung worked as a

labourer building oil, water

We attended the Annual

Grama Shirley’s 4-H Horse

Camp May 17 - 20.

The camp is in memory of

“Grama” Shirley Woods,

who was very passionate

about 4-H.

Her granddaughter

Amanda puts on the camp.

The majority of our club

was on hand for our mock

rodeo at the Castor rodeo

grounds on May 31.

We did all of the rodeo

events except the rough

stock events, held a meeting

and then had pizza, followed

by a whole bunch of


We will be having our 4-H

rodeo on Sun. June 23 at the

Castor rodeo grounds where

everyone is welcome to come

and watch.


Jefferson McClung is

seeking the nomination to

be the next conservative

candidate for the federal

riding of Battle



lives just

outside of



Dark Knight Electric

Residential & Commercial Electrical Solutions

Box 996


Castor, AB

Master Electrician

T0C 0X0 403-740-4812

Auto, Farm, Home & Commercial

Kent Hoopfer,

Insurance Broker/Owner |

Stettler AB, T0C 2L0 | (office) 403.742.4332 | (cell) 403.742.7861

Largest Selection of

• Carpet • Area Rugs

• Linoleum • Tile

• Laminate • Hardwood

and sewer pipelines, a missionary and has

done all manner of construction, from

building houses and schools to building


He has worked on many farms, including

his own.

Kitchen, Medicine/Vanity Cabinets

& Entertainment Centres

Tom Dionne • Delburne, Ab

Ph. (403) 749-3771 • Fax (403) 749-3775





(403) 741-8694 PO Box 501, Castor AB T0C 0X0

(780) 753-2960

Provost, AB

Customer Satisfaction

is our business

10 J une 20'19 HAnnA/COROn ATIOn /STe TTLe R, AB. e CA Re VIe W

Ph. 403-578-4111 CLASSIFIEDS Email:

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There will be a $5.00 service

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We accept cash, cheque,

e-transfer, VISA or MC.

It is the responsibility of

the advertiser to check ad

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error. The Review is

responsible for their

mistakes the 1st week only.

Deadline For Ads

All classified ads must be

received by 5 pm on

Mondays preceding

publication. For Too Late To

Classifieds ad must be

received by 10 am Tuesday.

Ph. 578-4111. Mail to Box

70, Coronation, AB T0C 1C0.

“Bikes To Big Rigs”



Bring in this ad for

50 % off

your deductible (of $500 or less)

expires Oct 31, 2019



FOR Sale: 6.25 acres

25 kms north of

Westlock on Hwy 44.

Asking $57,900.00.

Phone 780-349-0560.


Grain Handlers,

Growers, Dealers,

etc. Prime opportunity

to develop 93

acres of Hiway

Commercial due to

be annexed to

Bowden. $2.5 Million.

Call Dennis Derksen

403-462-6100. The

Real Estate

Company. MLS



SALON furniture and

accessories for sale

in Coronation. 403-


METAL Roofing &

Siding. 37+ colours

available at over 55

Distributors. 40 year

warranty. 24-48 hour

Express Service

available at supporting

Distributors. Call



HEATED Canola buying

Green, Heated or


Canola. Buying: oats,

barley, wheat & peas

for feed. Buying damaged

or offgrade

grain. “On Farm

Pickup” Westcan

Feed & Grain, 1-877-




yearlings and 2-year

olds. LVV Ranch.


Forestburg, Ab.

BLACK Angus bull for

sale. A good proven

bull at a reasonable

price. SLP Farms,

Hanna, Ab. 403-854-




TROUBLE Walking?

Hip or knee replacement,

or conditions

causing restrictions

in daily activities?

$2,500 tax credit.

$40,000 refund


Disability Tax Credit.




Graphic Artists,

Marketing and more.

Alberta’s weekly

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resume online. Free.

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for Knud Sorensen

Sat., June 29 @ 11am

at Paradise Valley, Ab

Farm Equipment, Combine,

Balers, Swather, Cattle

Handling, Tools, Farmall,

Quads & MUCH More!

Visit website for Pictures & Listing:


Like helping people?

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Our Lady of the Rosary Hospital, Castor is looking for:

Registered Nurse

The RN participates in nursing assessments and and interventions, care care planning,

The RN is responsible for the provision of care accordance with established standards,

implementing prescribed treatments, administering medications, evaluating treatments,

and and

monitoring/documenting the Mission, Vision, Values, treatment

policies and


procedures and and patient/resident

of Covenantresponse.



Competition Number: COV00008489


Position Type: Regular Part Time, FTE:0.75





Closed: February July






4, 2019

Salary Range: $36.86-$48.37 per hour

Salary Range: $36.86-$48.37

per hour


Province with a classified

ad. Only $269

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100 weekly newspapers.

Call NOW for

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Timed Land Auction,

Gadsby, AB, Bidding

Opens June 21,

Closes June 27/19

@ 12Noon. Selling

4.04 Acres +/- on the

NE Edge of the

Village of Gadsby.

Features 6-Serviced

RV Sites, Fishing

Pond, Green Area.




Home - Wetaskiwin,

AB. Ritchie Bros.


Unreserved Auction,

June 21 - Edmonton

Site. 1991 Triple E

Home Ltd 1280 +/-

sq ft manufactured

home, 2 bedrooms, 1

bathroom. Carsen




Thorhild, AB. Ritchie

Bros. Auctioneers

Unreserved Auction,

June 21 - Edmonton

Site. 910 +/- sq ft

modular home, 2

bedrooms, 1 bathroom.

Jay Meraw:


44 LOTS at Gull

Lake For Sale by

Online Auction, June

24/25! Starting at

$29, 000! 1-2 acre

lots minutes from the

lake. Registration

info at hansenland.

ca. 1-888-652-7212.


Equip.. Bailiff Seizure

Timed Internet

Auction June

19-25/19. W/I

Coolers, Prep

Tables, Up-Rite

Coolers & Freezers,


Ranges, Ovens,

Deep Fryers, Range

Hoods, Dishwashers,

SS Sinks, Tables &

Shelves, Tables,

Chairs, Stools,

Vacuum Packer,

Knife Sharpeners,

Soft Serve Ice

Cream Machine,

Assorted Smalls.



LAKE LOTS - Lac de

Iles, SK. Ritchie

Bros. Auctioneers

Unreserved Auction,

June 21 - Edmonton

Site. 12 Recreational

Lake Lots at

Laumans Landing

located in the

Meadow Lake

Provincial Park. Jerry




MULTI Family moving

sale, Fri. June

21, 9-5pm. Sat. June

22, 9-3pm. 1 mile

north of Pheasant

Golf Course.

Camping, toys, vintage

furniture, collectibles

and much



for August 17, 2019

Live & Online

Auction: Rifles,


Handguns, Militaria.

Auction or Purchase:

Collections, Estates,

Individual items.

Contact Paul,

Switzer’s Auction.

Toll-Free 1-800-694-







thank our relatives,

friends, colleages

and the class of

1968 for sharing

memories, support

and love as we

grieve Kathy


Hohmann’s death.

Your presence,

prayers, condolences

and memorial donations

are very

thoughtful. We

appreciate the integrity

and generousity

of spirit offered

through Stettler’s

United Church

Funeral Home and

other businesses;

Rev. Barbara

Lieurance, Evelyn

Shursen, Lea Nicoll-

Kramer, Michele

Selinger and the

UCW. The personal

touches were meaningful.

God’s peace

to all.

Jan and Bob


Carol and Mel


Auntie Ethel


and families.

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implementing The RN is responsible prescribed

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the provision administering

of care in accordance medications,

with established

evaluating standards,


and monitoring/documenting the Mission, Vision, Values, treatment policies and progress procedures and and patient/resident of Covenantresponse.

Health. response.

Competition Number: COV000



Position Type: Temporary Regular eporr Part Part Time, Time, FTE:0.75 FTE:0. FTE:0.82

Date Closed: February July July 3, 3, 2019 2019 4, 2019

Salary Salary Range: Range: $36.86-$48.37






View and Apply to this job opportunity @

Human Resources Toll Free: 1.877.450.7555

Village of Morrin Employment Opportunity

Assistant Chief Administrative Officer

The Council of the Village of Morrin invites applications for the position of Assistant

Chief Administrative Officer (ACAO) to effectively assist in the management and

implementation of operations in accordance with Municipal Government and Council.

This role would lead to the eventual administrative head of the municipality, managing

infrastructure, finance, economic development and human resources due to the

retirement of the current CAO.

Reporting to the Mayor and Council, this position’s responsibilities will be to:

• Ensure appropriate bylaws, directives, policies, procedures and programs are

considered and approved by the Municipal Council.

• Develop, for Council approval, bylaws, directives, policies, procedures, etc.

• Develop, for Council approval, programs, proposals and other initiatives

• Attend all meetings of Council and committees of Council as are required by Council

• Oversee preparation of council meeting agendas and required documentation,

bylaws, etc.

• Prepare and submit to Council such reports and recommendations as may be

required by Council or Council committees

• Ensure that all minutes of Council meetings are recorded and signed in conjunction

with the person presiding at the meeting

• Consolidation of Village bylaws as authorized by Council

• Effective implementation of all operations of the Village in accordance with

provincial legislation and Council approved policies and programs

• Assist Council with the formulation of strategic plans and documents

Oversee record retention of all bylaws, minutes of Council meetings and all other records

and documents of the Village.

The preferred candidate should possess:



You left us beautiful memories,

Your love is still our guide,

Although we cannot see you,

You’re always at our side.

With love from your family.


CRIMINAL Record? Why suffer

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• Directly related experience within a local government setting

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• Certification in NACLAA (National Advanced Certificate in Local Authority

Administration) Level 1 or equivalent


• Knowledge of management of local government; legislation that applies to the

operation of a Municipality

• Knowledge of financial management and human resources management

• Knowledge of public relations and skills in community and economic development

• Advisory and assisting skills relative to elected bodies

• Planning, scheduling and coordinating skills

• Skill in computer software applications

Initially the position would be part time on a contract basis with wage and benefits

negotiable. If necessary, in the short term, travel allowance would be a consideration.

Currently the Village office hours are: 9AM-12PM & 1PM-4PM, Monday – Thursday and

9AM-12PM, Friday. Qualified candidates are requested to submit a cover letter, detailed

resume’ outlining experience, education, qualifications, references and salary expectations

in confidence to Mayor, Howard Helton at:



The registered owners hereby offer for sale by tender the following land, subject to the

reservations, exceptions and encumbrances contained in the existing certificates of title:

SE 20-38-21 W4 (159 acres); NE 30-39-21 W4 (160 acres) and SE 30-39-21 W4 (159.80 acres)

Features of the Property:

Approximately 150 cultivated acres on SE 20-38-21 W4; very good quality soil

2018 annual surface lease revenue: SE 20-38-21 W4 approx. $6790.00; E ½ 30-39-21 W4

approx. $7445.25

The sale of the Property is subject to the following terms and conditions:

1. Vendor makes no warranties or representations about the property’s size/measurement, condition,

environmental status or future surface lease payments. Tenders for all or portions of the land will

be considered.

2. Buyer to be responsible for all costs associated with registration. Tender price shall be excluding G.S.T.

3. Tenders will be received by the lawyer noted below up to but not after 12:00 o’clock noon on Thursday,

July 11, 2019. Tenders should be forwarded to Landman Reule Law Office in a sealed envelope marked

“Land Tender”. A deposit of$15,000.00 payable by certified cheque or bank draft made out to Landman

Reule Law Office must accompany the tender.

4. The balance of the purchase price to be paid no later than Monday, August 12, 2019 (“Possession Date”).

5. Property taxes to be adjusted as of Possession Date.

6. Any surface leases will be assigned to the Buyer as of Possession Date but shall not be adjusted.

7. All parcels are currently rented for 2019. Buyer shall be entitled to fall 2019 payment of $4500.00

equaling one half the cash rent on the cultivated acres. Seller shall be entitled to the pasture rent payable

up to Possession Date.

8. The highest or any tender not necessarily accepted.

Please provide contact information, including a phone number, with the tender. For further information

regarding the land, call 403-293-3955.


Lori R. Reule Barrister & Solicitor

4819 - 51 Street, Box 1630 Stettler, Alberta T0C 2L0


Rules laid out in first decision lacked follow-through

Cont’d from Pg 3

The Appellant has appealed the

deemed refusal of the application.

As a recurring theme of incompleteness,

the County of Stettler came to the

sight for an inspection where they

found many of the rules outlined in the

first SDAB decision were not being


Of the 113 RV’s occupying a space,

315 sites were available.

This total amount exceeded the

SDAB’s original decision of 168 sites

for the development.

Other structural issues like landscaping

and unsafe sloping were found

as well as a lack of emergency escape


A stop work order was issued on

May 17 due to these infractions

Applications are reviewed on a case

by case basis.

The Appellant took the position that

apart from a reduction in the number

of campsites, the Application was the

same as the 2018 Application.

Therefore, the Development

Authority should have made its decision

based on the documents

submitted for the 2018 Application.

The SDAB was of the view that the

county is under no obligation to do so.

It is open for the Development

Authority to request additional information

on a subsequent application

even if the subsequent application is

identical to a previous application.


On July 5, 2018, the Development


Sealed tenders will be received by Smith & Hersey Agribusiness Law of

Consort until 4:00 p.m. on June 27, 2019, for the sale of the following 2 ¼’s of

land, near Esther, Alberta:

NW and SW 7-30-2-W4M

• Approximately 150 acres of cultivated lands on each quarter

• Approximately $2,500 per year of surface revenue on the SW 7-30-2-W4

Tenders for both quarters or for one quarter will be considered.

Tenders on the above lands must be accompanied by a deposit of five (5%)

per cent of the tender price, by way certified cheque or bank draft made out

to Smith & Hersey Agribusiness Law. The deposit will be returned if the tender

is not accepted. If a tender is accepted and the tenderer does not proceed

with the sale, their deposit will be forfeited to the owner. The balance of the

tender price shall be paid and the sale will close no later than August 1, 2019.

The owner and the successful tenderer will each be responsible for their own

legal fees. Each tenderer must understand that a tender is an unconditional

offer to purchase the land set out in the tender. Tenderers must rely on their

own research of the lands, and Smith & Hersey Agribusiness Law and the

owner make no warranties or representations in regard to the lands.

The owner has complete discretion whether to accept the highest or any

tender. Further inquiries, or to arrange viewing the lands, can be made by

contacting Reid Wilkie at 403.577.2539 or Tenders

shall be sealed in an envelope marked “LAND TENDER” and delivered to:

Smith & Hersey Agribusiness Law

Attention: Reid A. Wilkie

Box 95 Consort, AB, T0C 1B0

Fax: 403.527.0577


In person delivery to Reid Wilkie in Consort every Wednesday

Authority issued a Development

Permit to the Appellant for a

Recreation Facility – Outdoor and

Recreational Vehicle Park/

Campground consisting of 370 campsites

(the “2018 Development Permit”).

On November 2, 2018, the Board

heard nine appeals related to the first

Development Permit.

The Board allowed the appeals in


The following briefly described parcels of land located North West of Big Valley within County of Stettler

No. 6 are offered for sale by tender, subject to the reservations, exceptions and encumbrances contained in

the existing Certificates of Title:

NW 24-36-21-W4 – pasture land, current annual surface lease revenue of $2,350.00.

NE 24-36-21-W4 – mostly cultivated land, includes residence (approx. 1050 sq.ft.), garage, all

outbuildings and 4 grain bins

SE 24-36-21-W4 – mostly cultivated land, current annual surface lease revenue of $3,092.00

SW 19-36-20-W4 – mostly cultivated land

Viewing of residence will be by appointment only. Interested parties may communicate with

the office listed below for arrangements.

The sale of these properties are subject to the terms and conditions hereinafter mentioned:

1. Seller makes no warranties or representations about the size/measurement, condition or

environmental status of the parcels.

2. Buyer to be responsible for all costs associated with registration. Tender price shall be excluding


3. Buyer may tender a bid on separate or all parcels.

4. Tenders will be received by the lawyer noted below up to but not after 12:00 o’clock noon on

Wednesday, July 3, 2019. Tenders should be forwarded to Schnell Hardy Jones LLP in a sealed

envelope marked “Tenders #155746”. The successful Tender(s) shall provide a certified cheque

equal to 10% of the purchase price payable to “Schnell Hardy Jones” within 72 hours of notice of

acceptance of Tender.

5. The balance of the purchase price to be paid by solicitor’s trust cheque or certified funds on or

before October 16, 2019 (“Possession Date”).

6. Property taxes and Surface Lease(s) to be adjusted as of Possession Date.

7. Surface Leases will be assigned to Buyer(s) as at Possession Date.

8. The highest or any tender not necessarily accepted.

Please provide contact information, including a phone number, with the Tender.

Farmland for Sale by Tender:

Municipal District of Wainwright No. 61

The following 316.91 acres of farmland 7 miles West of Wainwright, are

offered for sale by tender subject to encumbrances, liens, and interests

included in existing Certificate of Title.

NW Sec 12 Twp 45 Rng 8 W4 (157.94 acres)

SW Sec 12 Twp 45 Rng 8 W4 (158.97 acres)

part and imposed a number of conditions

on the Development Permit

including limiting the number of

campsites to 168.

The Appellant has sought permission

to appeal the 2018 decision but the

Court has not issued its ruling.

On March 28, 2019, the Appellant

submitted the Application.


Daniel J. Wilson, Barrister and Solicitor

4902 51 Street, Box 1240

Stettler, Alberta T0C 2L0

(403) 742-4436

$1032.00 per annum payable by Alta Link for SW12 and $1128.00 per

annum payable for NW 12 and SW12 for a well site and access road

under reclamation. Half section is fenced but not cross fenced. Land is

presently in hay.

For further information contact John Rutledge at 780-842-0990.

The Purchasers must be a G.S.T Registrant and shall be responsible for

G.S.T. There will be no adjustment of surface rents paid prior to the

closing date. No offers will be considered which are subject to financing.

Bids will be considered on the total Package or by individual quarter

section. The highest and/or any bid will not necessarily be accepted . If

the successful bidder does not complete the purchase after the acceptance

of the tender, the deposit shall be forfeited. Cheques of unsuccessful

bidders shall be returned to them.

Tenders in sealed envelopes marked Friis Lands are to be received by

10:00 AM on July 8, 2019 in the office of Nickerson Roberts Holinski

and Mercer, 608 10 th Street, Wainwright, Alberta, T9W 1E2 and be

accompanied by a certified cheque or bank draft in the amount of 10

percent of the value of the bid payable in trust to Nickerson Roberts

Holinski and Mercer, Barristers and Solicitors. The sale and full payment

would be completed no later than August 15, 2019.

12 J une 20'19 HAnnA/COROn ATIOn /STe TTLe R, AB. e CA Re VIe W

Stettler Auction Mart co-founder

entering Canadian Auction Mart

honour roll posthumously

Terri Huxley

ECA Review

Charlie McKay, cofounder

of the Stettler

Auction Mart, was inducted

into the Canadian Auction

Mart Honour Roll posthumously

on Sat. June 1

in Leduc, Alta. for the

Livestock Markets

Association of

Canada convention.

McKay was originally

from Ireland

but immigrated to the

Stettler area with his

family, including his

parents and 11


Born and raised

on a farm, McKay had

the skills necessary to raise

and learn how to produce

quality livestock but his love

of the industry and skill set

turned him to


Multiple hours were

spent riding horses or in the

tractor singing and honing

his voice until the day

arrived when Ace Pratt and

he partnered together to

build the first rural auction

facility in Western Canada.

“Our dad was a pioneer

in the industry and were one

of the first markets in

western Canada. They had

quite and vision,” said Doug

McKay, one of Charlie’s five

children. “The market is

still going strong today.”

The co-founders had

created a solution to this

problem by offering convenience,

less shrinkage and

stress on the animals and

local hospitality when the

auction mart opened in

August of 1953.

At the time, livestock was

sold to terminal markets or

sold to drovers working the

land along the way.


were either forced

to sell to these


transport them

by truck or train

to a terminal

market where it

could take days to

reach their destination

and get

their money out

of it.

To this day,

auction marts

across the

country run

through over one

million head per


McKay was a


TK Ranch

Custo Meat rocessin



familiar face in the communities

of Coronation, Hanna

and his hometown of Stettler

as he opened and managed

livestock markets in those


The cowboy sold everything

from weekly auction

sales to purebred

cattle to

farm equipment

to 4-H sales and

charity auctions

all over central


He was a


member of the

national organization


recognized him

on Sat. June 1 at

the Executive Royal Hotel in

Leduc as well as the Alberta

Auction Mart Association.

“Charlie was one of the

few ever to stand the hair on

the back of your neck as he

could change octaves in his

chant without ever breaking

rhythm – a very rare talent,”

said Jim Abel, one of the

presenters at the event.

“He was one of the best

that we’ve known and we

worked at a lot of auctions.

When he was just a teenager

he had a wonderful voice,

kind of like that Wilf Carter

sound,” added Doug. “That’s

what he really enjoyed. He

had heard one of the local

auctioneers and he was fascinated

with the whole

thing. He was just a


“He could be selling at one

pitch and then all of a

sudden he could almost

change an octave. It would

just drop and it was very

smooth and almost melodic

like music would be. He had

quite an ability.”

In the mid-60s, McKay

owned many talented

Located south of Coronation, AB

Low stress handling - Quality cutting

and vacuum packaging - You’ll always

get your own meat back & we won’t

mix your trim with others

Call 1-888-TK Ranch


Genome Alberta would like to congratulate

the winners of the

Best Ag Supplement Award from the

Alberta Weekly Newspapers Association

1 st Lloydminster Meridian Source

2 nd Flagstaff Sedgewick

Community News

3 rd Taber Times

Thank you all the community newspapers that entered

this competition. We appreciate your interest in

Alberta’s agricultural sector!


thoroughbred racehorses and the

Stettler Auction Mart often sponsored

the Calgary Chuckwagon races, winning

twice with co-founder Ace and

driver Hally Walgenbach.

Unfortunately, McKay passed

away in 1984 at the

age of 64.

His children

were extremely

proud to attend

the convention to

witness the induction

as Abel and

Greg Hayden


“It was quite an

honour. We are

really proud of his

nomination,” said


Each year, all

provinces in the

country are

allowed to nominate

one person to

the Memorial

Honour Roll.


LOCATED: From Killam, go 14 km south on Hwy 36, then 0.9 km west on Twp Rd 430 (Correction Line),

then 0.3 km north on Rge Rd 134. Gate Sign – 43017 Rge Rd 134

FOR MORE INFORMATION, CONTACT: Christine Forster-Hogg at 780-385-1202

Previewing starts Saturday, July 6. Forster Feeder Mfg. Ltd. was in business for 47 yrs. There is a large amount of very good shop

related equip, tools, parts, etc. This is only a partial listing. See website for full descriptions. Equipment & Online Bidding at

1:00 p.m. (Starting with industrial & major farm equipment.)



2013 Dieci Agri Tech 35.7 VS

telehandler, showing 572.2 hrs,

4WD, 3pt hitch, PTO, aux hyd, c/w 8’

Degelman bucket / grapple & pallet

forks, one owner, SN MAC1740385

2014 Bobcat E85 excavator w/ 24’’

digging bucket & thumb, showing

935.2 hrs, one owner, SN B34T11243

Bobcat hyd breaker, clean up bucket &

sgl tooth ripper to fit above unit

2011 Doosan DX 225LC hydraulic

excavator w/ 60’’ bucket,

aux hyd, showing 7285 hrs,


2007 Komatsu D65 EX-15E0

dozer, showing 6996 hrs, ripper

w/ 3 shanks, cab, hyd tilt & angle,

sweeps, SN 69503

Simon AT 40C boom lift, 4WD


1998 Case IH 9370 Q Quadtrac,

30’’ tracks (vg), PS, 4 hyd, showing

3262 hrs

Case 4994 4WD, 20.8R42 duals,

PTO, 4 hyd, showing 5440.3 hrs

John Deere 4430 w/ JD 158 ldr &

bucket, PS trans

John Deere 4630, 20.8x38 sgls, PS

trans, 3pt hitch


2006 John Deere 9860 STS w/ JD

615P PU, showing 1640 sep / 2346

eng hrs, Bullet rotor, 800/70R38 sgls,

Michel’s Crop Catcher

2002 John Deere 9750 STS w/ JD

914 PU, showing 2141 sep / 3216

eng hrs, 800/65R32 sgls

35’ JD 635F HydraFlex header, PU

reel, fore & aft

Horst 4 wheel header transport

30’ JD 930F flex header, PU reel,

fore & aft

30’ factory header transport

30’ MF 220 XL swather w/ 5000

header, showing 627 hrs, PU reel


80’ Spray Coupe 7650 SP

sprayer, Raven SCS 4000, EZ-

Steer auto steer w/ 500 monitor,

Ironman Scrap

Metal Recovery

. . . is picking up

scrap again!

• farm machinery

• vehicles • industrial


showing 982 hrs, 380/90R46 rear

/ 320/85R38 front, 725 gal, hyd

tread adj, purchased new in 2007,

SN 7650JP8P288

59’ Bourgault 5710 Series II air drill

(2004) w/ Bourgault 5350 TBT cart

(2005), sgl shoot w/ liquid system,

9.8’’ spacing, 4-1/2’’ steel packers, ltd

acres on knock-on carbide openers,

Vansco blockage, 800/65R32 cart

tires, 491 HP monitor, tank & rear

view cameras, sells w/ Bourgault

LFC 2000T liquid cart. Terms: 30%

non-refundable deposit, balance

by Dec. 31/19.


2001 Sterling hwy truck w/ 60’’

walk in sleeper, Cat C16, 600 hp,

18 spd, showing 437,069 km /

10,616 hrs, wet kit, Pro Heat,

Ali Arc bumper, 11R24.5 tires, alum rims

1986 IH F2575 hwy truck, Cummins

400, 13 spd

1992 Peterbilt 379 hwy truck,

Detroit 60 Series

1983 Columbia 16 wheel lowboy

equipment trailer

1998 LodeKing alum Super B grain

trailer, roll tarp

1985 Trailmobile highboy (lead

trailer of a B train), 11R22.5 tires

2008 30’ C&B Quality Trailers TA

dually 5th wheel trailer, beavertail w/

ramps, 13,500 lb winch

20’ SWS TA 5th wheel trailer

w/ ramps

TA gravel end dump trailer

1979 IH TA grain truck w/ 18’ steel

box & hoist, IH 6 cyl diesel, 13 spd

1979 GMC Brigadier TA grain truck

w/ 19’ Cancade box & hoist, V6

Detroit, 5&4 trans (truck not running)

1986 Ford 350 Econoline emergency

rescue vehicle



Bourgault 1100 grain cart, TA duals,

PTO drive

Rem VRX grain vac, showing 59.5

hrs, one owner, SN 310524

FarmKing 13’’x70’ auger w/ Rodono

Call Mike



Central AB

Bin Anchors

Don’t Let The Winds Bother You!

Xtend retracting swing, hyd mover

FarmKing 10”x50’ swing auger

Wheatheart hyd transfer auger


22’ Kellobilt 210 TA offset disc

(2 together), notched blades,

10-1/2’’ spacing

40’ CCIL DT cult, mtd harrows

CCIL Chinook 1203 air cart, eng

drive, 16.5L-16.1 tires; Crown rock

picker, hyd drive; 4 yd+/- hyd / cable

scraper; Westeel anhydrous tank on

HD 4 whl wagon

NH 790 TA manure spreader

NH 320 sq baler, hyd tension,

¼ turn chute

Hyd post pounder, trailer type

4 wheel wagon w/ 10’x24’ wood deck


1989 Fleetwood Jamboree 27Y

Class C on Ford 350 chassis, showing

105,861 km, auto, AC, sleeps 6,

awning, Onan 4000 W generator


Excel Mfg Ltd 5075 iron worker w/

qty of access

Modern J-530 lathe, 3-3/8’’ bore,

3 jaw chuck, 3 phase (sells w/ sgl

phase converter)

Force Int lathe, 1-1/2’’ bore, 3&4

jaw chucks

Powermatic Houdaille B key way


DoALL C-4 metal band saw;

Carolina HV20 metal band saw;

Kwik Kut power hack saw;

(4) rolling tables

(3) drill presses (Omni / Westward)

(2) hyd hose crimpers w/ access

(Ryco R165 / Gates Power 601)

L-Tec PCM-750i plasma cutter

L-Tec Migmaster 300i

Miller 200A power source w/

MillerMatic 10-E wire feed welding


Miller spot welder; Mastercraft

mig welder; Hobart Titan

8 AC/DC welder w/ 18 hp

Kohler; Lincoln 225 AC welder;

(2) cutting torch sets

10’ HD hyd metal brake; HD shop

L. Strom

Custom Corral Cleaning

and Manure Spreading:

- equipped for big or small jobs:

low sheds and confined areas.

General Contracting:

- all types of skid steer service

403 574 2222

press; hyd pipe bender

Accu-Turn ACCV-4502 tire changer;

Snap-On WB 230 tire balancer;

Branick tire spreader; tire cage;

bead blaster

Stihl gas cut off saw; Stihl backpack

blower; transit; Ridgid SR60 & Rycom

underground locators

Spray-In box liner sprayer

Lg qty of vg elec, air & hand tools

(CP 1’’ air impact; angle drill; angle

grinders; shears; bench grinders;

1’’ & ¾’’ socket sets; pipe threaders

& cutters; Stinger 5590 riveter;

Milwaukee Fuel ¾’’ 18V impact; (2)

Lincoln elec grease guns; Snap-On

tools; lg qty wrenches)

Lg qty new roller chain; welding rod

& helmets; pulleys; bearings; bolt

bins & contents; roll pin sets; air

brake kits; tire tubes; oil filters

This is only a partial listing.

See website for more details.


Meridian 4600L dbl wall fuel tank

on skid, 1000 gal, Fill-Rite pump w/


(2) Endura Plas 2200 US gal liquid

fert tanks

Qty 2-3/8’’ & 2-7/8’’ drill stem

Qty of new & used truck &

implement tires

Approx 38 lifts of straw board


(2) grain testers (Motomco 919 &

newer Labtronics)