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This dispatch is coming to you from one of

my favorite camp spots inside the Grand Circle,

which is located someplace on the trail between

Navajo Mountain and Rainbow Bridge.

In case you missed the news reports, the continental

United States experienced its wettest 12

month period since the National Weather Service

has been keeping records, dating back to


The Colorado River is cranking, with flows

much higher than average this time of year, and

I’ve seen photos of daring adventurers paddling

their packrafts and kayaks down the Escalante,

the San Rafael and the Dirty Devil Rivers, all of

which don’t usually flow with enough volume to

float more than a rubber duckie.

And thanks to all that snow and rain the deserts

and meadows of the Grand Circle are bursting

with wildflowers right now, and have been

since early May.

If you’re reading this magazine right now

that means you’re probably traveling through the

Grand Circle, and take it from a man whose been

exploring the Grand Circle for the last 40 years,

you picked a great year to visit.

I love summer in the Grand Circle. I make my

home in Page, Arizona, right at the very center

of it, and I can tell you summertime in the Grand

Circle is bursting in all kinds of ways. Our calendars

are bursting with summer plans and our

weekends are bursting with activities. Our backyards

are bursting with friends over to barbecue

and play cornhole, and kids running around playing

tag or creating kingdoms in the treehouse.

In May our backpacks were bursting with

camping supplies as my friends and I prepared

to hike to Rainbow Bridge, next month the cargo

hold of our Jeep will be bursting with

camping s supplies when my wife and

I take our kids to spend three days in a

secluded Forest Service yurt.

All of these trips, all this going, embarking,

exploring, is fueled by hearts

that are bursting with inexhaustible curiosity

and wanderlust.

To those who are reading this while

exploring the many beautiful places in

the Grand Circle I wish you safe travels

and big adventures and may you return

home with memory cards bursting with

happy moments captured from the trail,

the lake, the road, the river, the campground

and all the secluded, magical

pockets you found along the way.

Steven Law


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