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Network Magazine - Issue 10 - First Impressions

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2 Global Exclusive Movers’ Network (GEM) | Network Magazine - Issue 10 |


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Global Exclusive Movers’ Network (GEM) | Network Magazine - Issue 10 | 3

A Note from the Team

As the month of May draws to a close, we are happy to present issue 10 of the GEM Movers’

Magazine. It is coming up to twelve months since we launched as an exclusive group dedicated to the

removal industry. The time has flown by and I feel that we have achieved a lot in that time!

It has been an extremely busy month for Global Exclusive Movers’ Network (GEM) as we have

added a lot of new members in some fantastic locations. As I have said before, with exclusive groups

(one member per city) the speed of growth tends to be steady and then suddenly it takes off! I truly believe

that this is happening now. We look forward to seeing how the next couple of months transpire as

I am sure we will be adding companies on almost a daily basis soon.

The topic of this month is ‘First Impressions’. This is a pretty important topic when it comes to the

removal and relocation industry. Your customers meet your packing team first hand and they should always

be well presented, polite and work neatly. We must remember that we are handling our customers

valued possessions. First impressions do not only stop there however! It involves your branding, social

media posts, phone manner, website and email communications. We will talk about this in a blog post

later in this issue.

As for marketing, we have covered all important marketing tools in previous editions and in this

month’s edition, we would like to talk about, ‘Marketing Your Successes’. This is obvious to everyone

but is rarely done and by not doing it, companies are missing out on a huge marketing tool. Successes

should be marketed by using all of the marketing tools we have previously talked about.

These marketing tools should be used by all companies large and small as they are essential,

especially as the moving industry is becoming more and more digitally savvy each year. Implementing

marketing campaigns we have covered previously is relatively easy and low-cost. Please take a look at

previous editions of the GEM Movers’ Magazine and see how you can make marketing successful for


We would also like to wish all Muslims across the globe a happy Ramadan. Once you read this

edition of the GEM Movers’ Magazine, many of you would have been fasting from sunrise to sunset for

almost a month now and will be looking forward to the Eid El-Fitr holiday to celebrate the end of this holy


Since issue 9 of the GEM Movers’ Magazine, we have welcomed the following companies to the


MoveArtis – Budapest, Hungary

Intermover Moving and Relocation Services – Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina

A1 Global Logistics Services – Manila, Philippines

Square One Relocations – London, UK

Panama Moving Solutions – Panama City, Panama

Infinity Pack & Ship – Jerusalem, Israel

Sterdts Pty Ltd – Johannesburg, South Africa

I think that you will agree that this is pretty impressive! Are you interested in becoming a member

of Global Exclusive Movers’ Network? Please remember that we are strictly one member per city, so if

you are interested in becoming a GEM Mover APPLY TODAY!

GEM – Exclusively Stronger Together!

4 Global Exclusive Movers’ Network (GEM) | Network Magazine - Issue 10 |

In France and abroad, Activmoving brings you

its expertise for a tailor-made service combining

comfort and security, in order to accomplish a

seamless international move, and lay the

successful foundations of a new life.

By boat, by road or by plane, Activmoving relies

on a network of international partners woven over

the years with specialists to offer you a

tailor-made move.

All or our sevices offer a complete door-to-door

removal with complete peace of mind!

+33(0)4 82 33 71 28

#MovingToFrance #MovingFromFrance


Cost effective. Fast. Reliable.

By Land

From Bangor to Baja, Seattle

to Sarasota, our

cornerstone division of

blue and yellow striped

tractor-trailers is committed

to providing reliable

transportation for all of

your interstate commerce

needs. Let Eagle Van Lines

help you keep your global

mission on track.

By Sea

Thanks to our international

network of FIDI

accredited partners and

access to the most

affordable rates today’s

ocean carriers have to

offer, you can rely on Eagle

Van Lines to guarantee

smooth sailing to keep your

global mission on track.

By Air

With 87,000 flights per

day over the United

States alone, don’t let the

opportunity for fast transit

of your goods fly right by.

Let Eagle Van Lines land

you the right flight for your

shipping needs and keep

your global mission on


Global Exclusive Movers’ Network (GEM) | Network Magazine - Issue 10 | 5

SWIFT is a complete one-stop logistics solutions partner commited to ensure

our customer’s needs for world class shipping, logistics and supply chain,

warehousing needs. We can assure you of a reliable, rapid and flexible personal

service that will encompass all of your shipping needs.

International Relocation

Domestic Relocation

Fine Arts & Exhibition

Vehicle Relocation

Office & Industry Relocation

Storage & Warehouse

6 Global Exclusive Movers’ Network (GEM) | Network Magazine - Issue 10 |

Industry News

The Pentagon is Rushing to Outsource Military Moves

The Defense Department has decided to move forward with outsourcing its military moving process

and this is upsetting people in the moving industry. U.S. Transportation Command has requested to hire a single

company to manage the system responsible for permanent-change-of-station

moves. The Department of Defense

(DoD) plans to issue a request for bids by June 21 and award

the contract by Jan.1, 2020. This contract could be worth more

than $3 billion.

However, members of IAM and AMSA want Congress

to require the DoD to create a working group to study the

measure before it goes any further. Charles White, the IAM

President, views these fast changes as a risky move as he is

not sure any single company can handle this contract.

This all comes after the military families reported multiple problems with their moves, including loss,

breakage, theft, and lengthy delays. TRANSCOM reported that 10% of families had moving problems in 2018 and

105,000 military family members called for improvements to the system.

We at Global Exclusive Movers’, hope that Eagle Transgroup gets a shot at the bidding! The request for

proposal will be listed on the government contracting website FedBizOpps.

Story credit: Patricia Krime @

Zimbabwe Sells Elephants to Dubai and China

Zimbabwe sold more than ninety elephants in a deal for $2.7 million to Dubai and China. Profits from

this sale will be used to support conservation of its currently overflowing elephant population. Low water

levels have resulted in extra costs to use borehole water when there is a drought. Currently, Zimbabwe has

85,000 elephants, but the country can only sustain

55,000. Farmers are complaining that the elephants

are destroying crops. The elephants are

also killing people in attacks and many locals can’t

afford to treat injuries from an elephant attack.

So, ninety-eight elephants were sold for prices

between $13,500 to $41,500 each and airlifted to

parks in China and Dubai.

The sale of Zimbabwe elephants will continue

to outside countries to decrease the population.

We hope Frontline Logistics gets a ton of

business from any future Dubai elephant deliveries!

This is a possible opportunity for all of our

members who do pet relocation.

Story credit:

Global Exclusive Movers’ Network (GEM) | Network Magazine - Issue 10 | 7

Industry News

A New Capital for Indonesia

President Joko Widodo recently decided to move Jakarta, Indonesia’s capital city, to a new location. The

location has not yet been decided, but it will most likely be off of the country’s main island of Java.

The move is being planned because of struggles

with pollution, traffic gridlock, and that the city is rapidly

sinking with almost half of its area currently below

sea level. It is predicted that 95% of North Jakarta will

be submerged by 2050. With a population of over 140

million people, the city is over-crowded and the capital

moving should bring some relief.

This will be a massive project that could take up

to 10 years, according to the planning minister. With

proper planning and implementation, this could be a

huge success for the country. Another perk is the opportunity

for our GEM Mover, Kelly’s Express. We know

this will bring them many embassy, home, and business


Story credit: NPR

International & Local Moves

Relocation & Immigration

Office Moves

Quotes at

+387 63 377 562


Moving & Relocation services

Est. 1996

8 Global Exclusive Movers’ Network (GEM) | Network Magazine - Issue 10 |


Kellys Express is Indonesia’s leading

Moving and Mobility provider based

in Jakarta. We have moved client’s

personal belongings all over the world

and our reputation and commitment to

service is first class.

Whether you are a large

organisation, an expat

relocationg or even

moving locally, we can

always help you.

We think outside the box!
















At Kellys Express we know that our

client deserves the best. When it

comes to the services we provide, our

experience allows us to give you the

best door-to-door service. When you

entrust us with your precious possessions,

you will be sure that you have

placed them in the best hands

anywhere in the world.


Male, Maldives

We offer you the best removal

and storage solutions for

individuals and businesses. We

work in partnership with

International removal

companies to ensure your

move is professional and

seamless no matter where you

move to.

Our services include:

International Moves

Domestic Moves

Office/Household Moves

Secure Storage

Vehicle Transfer



Global Exclusive Movers’ Network (GEM) | Network Magazine - Issue 10 | 9

GEM Registered Office -

Johannesburg, South Africa

GEM Registered Office -

Panama City, Panama

10 Global Exclusive Movers’ Network (GEM) | Network Magazine - Issue 10 |




Bosnia & Herzegovina

Dinić Ivan

Q: When did you get involved in the removal industry?


We became involved in the removals industry in

Q: What do you feel is the biggest problem in the removal

industry right now?

Q: What made you become involved in removals?

We were attracted to removals because of a deficiency

of relevant companies in the Balkan region, and

also because of a growing need for moving services. Also,

the issue of trying to bring the world trends and to become

a part of the world moving community played a big part

in our decision to become a moving and relocation company.

We feel that biggest problem in the removals community

is a lack of professionalism and reputations that

cause the market to be very unstable. Also, clients are

seeking services from non-competetive companies that are

lowering our short and long-term goals.

Q: What attracted you to our new exclusive network?

We were attracted to GEM because of its exclusive

membership that is a sign that the company cares about

its reputation and professional rates for its members.

Q: As a Global Exclusive Movers’ Network Committee

member, how would you like to steer the network

and what can we as management do in the coming

months to make us a stronger group?

As a member of GEM, we are looking for an exchange

of knowledge and experience between members

through GEM meetings and a reversible attitude

through the GEM website and others platforms.

Global Exclusive Movers’ Network (GEM) | Network Magazine - Issue 10 | 11

Q: Outside of work, what

are your interests and hobbies?

My interests are traveling, motorcycles, & writing

literary and theoretical texts.

Q: What would you like to say to your fellow members

in one sentence?

We would like to say to our fellow members that

we are honoured to be part of GEM and that we are looking

forward to collaborating and to sharing our experience

with them.

Q: If a company is reading this and thinking of joining

GEM, what would you like to say to them?

Q: What problem in the industry do you think GEM

is working to solve?

In our opinion, GEM is working to solve a problem

of reputation and professionalism in the industry

because its exclusive attitude toward industry set GEM

apart from all the rest of the moving community as a

group that cherish close contacts between companies.

We would like to say to potential members that

GEM is an excellent opportunity to increase your business

contact list with exclusive companies with excellent reputations

and also to exchange experiences from all over the

world and, thus, working on your business growth.

Q: What do you look for in an overseas company before

you agree to work with them?

We are seeking a company that is proactive, professional

and has transparent ways of doing business.

Q: What has been the highlight of your career so far?

The highlights of our careers are numerous, such

as moving numerous embassys in the BiH (Bosnia &

Herzegovina) and numerous relocation services for many

international organisations, such as MMF, UN, OESC,

Philip Morris etc.

12 Global Exclusive Movers’ Network (GEM) | Network Magazine - Issue 10 |

Member Contest

100 USD off of your next renewal

The Global Exclusive Movers’ Network (GEM) team is happy to announce our latest

member competition. This month’s competition can save you money on your next renewal.

All you have to do is print the GEM Logo and take a picture of it in front of a famous landmark

near you and then post it on the Global Exclusive Movers’ Network Facebook page!

Global Exclusive Movers’ Network (GEM) | Network Magazine - Issue 10 | 13

Marketing Movements

Marketing Your Successes

In previous editions of the GEM Movers’ Magazine,

we have laid out a number of methods of achieving

marketing perfection. Our aim when giving marketing

advice has always been to make it easy to implement

and cost effective to carry out. No idea we have put

forward is a new marketing tool but all are essential

in the moving industry. However, there is something

that moving companies seem to fail to continue when

it comes to marketing and that is marketing their success!

Marketing your success

or your achievements is crucial in

building confidence in your business.

It also creates a great first impression

for any potential customer

that stumbles across one of your

marketing success campaigns when

they are looking for a mover. But,

what successes and achievements

can movers market? It is easy, with

every move comes a success and all

you have to do is tell someone about


The first, is testimonials

from satisfied customers. In last

month’s edition, we talked about

the harm a bad review can do and

how you must act fast to answer any

bad reviews. The same is true, acting

fast that is, about a good review.

It amazes me to see when looking

at companies, in any industry, that

good reviews are just left to sit on a

Google review page without being

mentioned anywhere on their social

media or website. This is a waste of

a fantastic marketing opportunity.

Maybe after each move, encourage

happy customers to leave a review

about the job you did. This can be

featured on your website and shared

on all social media channels that

you use. Just remember that when

you do this to maintain your brand

consistency and brand recognition.

Next comes celebrating your

milestones and letting others know

that your company is moving forward.

No matter what your milestones

are, be sure to inform your

marketing team to announce them

whatever they may be, when they


Celebrating your employees’

successes is another great marketing

opportunity as this brings value to

your team and credibility to your

company. Just as we at GEM love to

celebrate and announce successes

achieved by our members, it is also a

great opportunity for you to do this

with your employees. Be it a new

safety course or packing seminar

one of your employees has achieved

or attended, it is worth a mention

as it brings positive attention back

to you as a company and gets your

name out there. These successes in

your workforce reflect positively on

your company and encourage people

to use your moving services over

those of your competitors.

Another great marketing

your successes topic is letting people

know about your moves. Everyone

within our industry or outside,

14 Global Exclusive Movers’ Network (GEM) | Network Magazine - Issue 10 |

gets immediately engaged when they

read about an interesting move. This

is a great way to show your prowess

as a mover. Use it! It works!

In life, it is true, nobody likes

a bragger. It gives off a sense of arrogance

and an inflated ego. However,

this is not the same for business. You

want to showcase your services and

show you are proud of your team.

You want to stand out from your rivals

and show that your moving service

is seamless from door-to-door.

As an individual, this can get you

shunned, but as a business it gets

you inundated with inquiries and

interest in your services.

As with everything, there is

no point doing it if you don’t do it

correctly. You do not want people

looking at your ‘Marketing Your

Successes’ implementation and feeling

confused. You have to remember

the below:

Brand Consistency - Brand

Recognition - Brand Identity –

Brand Maintenance

Then from there, implement your

successes by using any of the marketing

tools that we have talked

about in previous editions.

Marketing your successes

gets you one step closer to marketing

perfection! Please remember to

use this publication, The GEM Movers’

Magazine, as an outlet for your

marketing campaigns. This publication

is free, to be included for

all GEM Movers. Maybe it is about

time for you to take your marketing

to the next level and become a GEM


Exclusively stronger together!



Global Exclusive Movers’ Network (GEM) | Network Magazine - Issue 10 | 15

New Members

A1 Global Logistics Services Co. - Manila, Philippines

Panama Moving Solutions - Panama City, Panama

InfinityPack & Ship - Jerusalem, Israel

Sterdts Pty Ltd - Johannesburg, South Africa

16 Global Exclusive Movers’ Network (GEM) | Network Magazine - Issue 10 |

With Global Exclusive

Movers’ Network,

you are not a name on a

list of many in your city; you are

an exclusive GEM Mover!

It will just be you!

Apply now online

It only takes 2 minutes!


Complete exclusivity in

your city. Any business

generated in the

network in your city

comes straight

to you!

Low Fees

Only 595 USD

for the first


Marketing Advice

To help you reach marketing

perfection! We

offer marketing advice

that is relative to the

removals industry.


To new customers

and new potential

partners. As a member,

you get access to

our audience through

our monthly magazine!



At no extra cost in

the monthly GEM

Movers’ Magazine.

Distribution to over

2,000 readers.

Calling all GEM Committee Members!

When charities meet their goals, we need to select a new charity. For the next year,

which charity would you like GEM to support?

Email answers to:

Seeds and Support for School

Gardens Worldwide

School gardens

GlobalGiving Project of the

Month Club

E v e r y


m o n t h




Giving will

grow future

select a

leaders to

different innovative,

counter hunger

and poverty


in their

project as

communities. SPI programs give vegetable

seeds for 20+ vegetable varieties. SPI’s partner

schools become hubs for providing seed, seedlings,

and training to kids’ families. With your

help, we’re growing gardens in 9 countries in

2019! If this project reaches its goal, we will need

to vote again before the year is over.

the project of the month. All donations to this fund

during that month will go to this project. Here are

examples of the charities previously donated to:

Provide Quality Education to 15000

Amazon Children

Help Protect Endangered Bandicoots

Help Women by Providing Tailor Training

Global Exclusive Movers’ Network (GEM) | Network Magazine - Issue 10 | 17

Featured City

Abuja - Nigeria

As a capital city, Abuja is relatively new. It is a planned city that was basically made to take the stress

of Nigeria’s previous capital, Lagos. However, since its planning and announcement as the new capital

in 1991, growth has been far but slow and it is now considered to be one of the fastest growing

cities in the world and cemented the top spot as the fastest growing city in Africa! Being the political

and administrative hub of Nigeria, it also attracts it fair share of global meetings and diplomats. OPEC

and The Economic Community of West African States both call Abuja home with most countries also

basing their embassies and consulates here.

Photo Credit: Connect Nigeria

Abuja has attracted a number of well-known

multi-nationals which can be found in the principal

business district know as Central District. Also

present are numerous international aid agencies.

For decades Nigeria attracted oil companies and

foreign oil experts however, as this sector has

slowed, Nigeria has diversified into minerals, agriculture

and manufacturing. This economy diversification

is essential if Nigeria is to break clear

from its reliance on oil. Initiatives are under way to

boost exports and bring in more foreign exchange

and the government are looking wisely at minerals,

agriculture and manufacturing to do this.

Another booming sector in Abuja is the

building and real estate business and this too is

attracting a lot of foreign as well as local investment.

It is also a big employer!

With the growth of Abuja not looking to

slow down any time soon, it is imperative to have

a trusted mover in Abuja. Thankfully, in Global Exclusive

Movers’ Network (GEM), we have just the


International Schools in Abuja

Aduvie International School -

Efab International School -

Grace Garden International School -

The Centagon International School -

Whiteplains British School -

Mumtaz International School -

The Regent School Abuja -

Eaglenet Logistics Services Ltd was founded in 2009 and have handled moves for the US Government,

including a 4000 sqm warehouse move in 2013. They are the company of choice for any move

in Abuja.

18 Global Exclusive Movers’ Network (GEM) | Network Magazine - Issue 10 |

Offering solutions to our customers,

we always put focus on reliability and


GEM Registered Office -

A Division of M&TM Freight | Moscow, Russia


Household Goods

Diplomatic moves

Packing, unpacking, same day debris removal

Heavy items handling

Shipment insurance - hhg/car

Storage weekend & overtime surcharge

Carpentry, plumibing, electrician, maid service

Car, motorcycle, boat transportation

Pets / Plant relocation

Visa and immigration support

House / Apartment search

Contact Us

+234 (0) 803 786 0962

+234 (0) 803 230 5287

+234 (09) 291 8103

Our Services

* Special Packing techniques for high value fragile items

* Expert Advice on Shipping and Custom restrictions

* Supply of Treated Lift Van & Wooden Crates

* Best Network of Agents all over the world

* Special Trained packing professionals

* Safe and on time delivery of goods

* Export of goods to any destination

* Household & Office Removals

* Supply of Packing Materials

* Door to Door Services 24/7

* General Logistics Service

* Covered Truck Services

* Import Clearance

* Trailer Services

Global Exclusive Movers’ Network (GEM) | Network Magazine - Issue 10 | 19

Moving Matters

The Important First Impression...

Done for Less Than $100

to a weary traveller. Typically,

the basket includes basic items

such as coffee, milk, bread, cereal,

fruit, as well as specialized

items required or preferred by

It is often said that you only get one chance to make

a first impression. Although they aren’t necessarily a reliable

indicator of what’s to come, good first impressions

will contribute to a more positive outlook. The best part is

that you don’t have to spend a lot to impress. In fact, we

suggest something already tested at the VIP level that can

easily be extended to other groups.

Settling-in services are

used in part to manage first impressions.

They are commonly

provided to families as they arrive

in a new destination, whether

domestic or international.

Most will be offered a half-day

orientation tour of the local area

allowing the transferee to focus

more quickly on his or her new


When it comes to VIP’s

(executives or other high-profile

individuals), organizations tend

to provide more personalized attention.

More often than not, arrival

at a new destination begins

with temporary accommodation

and many companies arrange

to have groceries waiting in the

unit, providing welcome relief

the individual. The tired VIP can

then rest rather than rush back

out in search of a shop. What

better way to say: “We know it’s

been a long and stressful journey,

so put your feet up for a bit

and relax.”

Why not consider providing

grocery baskets to a wider

group, if not to all transferees?

The low cost of providing

these items is far outweighed

by their perceived value. Individuals

sense that the company

cares and wants the relocation

to start off on the right foot. This

is a simple and inexpensive way

20 Global Exclusive Movers’ Network (GEM) | Network Magazine - Issue 10 |

to dampen negative thoughts

that start to fester in a tired and

cranky traveller’s mind.

It’s a simple process.

Once a relocation assignment

is accepted, the counselor collects

relevant information about

the assignee and family during

the initial interview. Then, when

It won’t guarantee that everything

will run without a hitch, but

Article Written By:

Ward O’Farrell

Consultants Inc.

it will make things seem brighter

to both the transferee and the

organization…without breaking

the bank.

travel plans are arranged, the

basket is tailored to their needs,

e.g., breakfast food, coffee and

tea, if arriving at night, or snacks

and beverages, if arriving with

children in the afternoon. The

items can be limited to the basics

or, depending on the organization’s

desire to please, personal

touches can be added to

reflect dietary preferences, such

as gluten-free items or a child’s

favourite cookies. Families may

also appreciate being able to try

a few local delicacies or finding

trinkets for the kids and a chew




toy for the dog. There’s much

room for creativity.

A positive first impression

sets the tone for a relationship.

Global Exclusive Movers’ Network (GEM) | Network Magazine - Issue 10 | 21

New York

Exclusive Mover


New York is truly one of the world’s greatest

cities. When you hear its name, you think

immediately of culture, fashion, shopping and

the mighty trading companies of Wall Street.

The Big Apple is home to over 8.6 million people

and is a melting pot of different cultures.

With its iconic skyline and famous landmarks,

New York is a city that everyone knows! New

York has been made famous too by box office

movies and sitcoms filmed and based there as

well as the famous Broadway theaters. On top

of this, are some of the world’s glitziest hotels,

restaurants and nightlife.



With a huge transient population of expats

and foreign workers coming in and out of

embassies, consulates

and more international


centers than you

can shake a stick at,

business is big for

international movers

here. Global

Exclusive Movers’

Network (GEM) is

looking for its exclusive

mover in

New York City.

GEM is a strictly exclusive network allowing

only 1 member per city. If you are a

mover in New York who is looking to be more

than just a name on a

list, if you are a New

York mover who is

looking for a group

that helps you advertise

your services to a

wide audience of both

potential partners and

customers, then look

no further! Global Exclusive

Movers’ Network

is just the group

for you.

Apply Now to be our only member in New

York City!

22 Global Exclusive Movers’ Network (GEM) | Network Magazine - Issue 10 |

Ambassador Worldwide Movers


Planetwide Relocation

Tel: +603 6259 8833

We offer a wide range of international freight forwarding, consolidation and customs

brokerage services including:

Door-to-Door Services

Household Goods

Removal Services

Exhibition Cargo

Export Crating

Ocean Cargo

Air Cargo

Air-Sea Cargo


Custom Clearance

Assembly & Packaging

On-Site Air-Seaport Facilities

Comprehensive Insurance

Warehousing & Documentation

All risks Insurance

Global Exclusive Movers’ Network (GEM) | Network Magazine - Issue 10 | 23

From Our Blog



communications and the manner of which that re-

First impressions are everything! Especially in business! You would not give

a job to someone who came for a job interview in shorts and t-shirt for reasons we all

know. It shows sloppiness, a lack of effort and no motivation to impress. So, this is why

it is important that the first impression your company makes is a good one. With a business,

there are many ‘first impressions’ that can happen when someone discovers your

company and it is paramount that you know what they are.

Your website is a good place to start. There sponse is given. This one should be an obvious

are so many websites out there that take an age

to load or are just vague and unhelpful. It is important

to have a user friendly website that is appealing,

keeps to your branding and is informative yet

not bogged down with highbrow wording. Precise,

clean and easy to use is the key! Logos must be

crisp and high quality; coloring and fonts must be


Another first impression is response in

one to all but, I am always surprised when I call an

office and come



on the other

end of the phone

whose manners

are not up to

scratch and they



obtuse and



loses business!

All phone staff

need to be properly

trained so

they know how to handle questions and know who

to put the customer through to for different inquiries.

Messages should be taken, passed on and

then acted upon in the quickest of time. This builds

trust and confidence. The same goes for email replies

– fast, to the point and professional.

24 Global Exclusive Movers’ Network (GEM) | Network Magazine - Issue 10 |

think twice about recommending them. Things that

are sure to put people off are dirty vans, a moving

team who are not in a uniform, poor manners and

messy work. These are all negatives and the worst

case movers. I have seen many companies who

have first impressions down to a tee! This is great

to see.

There is the old adage, ‘Don’t judge a book

by its cover.’ However, in the world of international

business and especially in the removals and relocation

industry, first impressions are everything!

In some industries, the customer never

meets the service provider. However, in international

removals, the customer sees your moving

team face to face. First impressions here are really

important. I recall moving house many years

ago and the moving team showed up and stood

around in the front garden smoking cigarettes before

they started. It looks bad! To be fair, they got

on and did a good job, but it definitely made me

Exclusively stronger together!



Global Exclusive Movers’ Network (GEM) | Network Magazine - Issue 10 | 25

Member News

Regional Meeting of Frontline Logistics Group in Turkey

The 1st Quarter 2019 Regional Meeting of Frontline

Logistics Group was held at the Ramada Golden

Horn Hotel in Istanbul, Turkey. They spent the day in

meetings regarding the first quarter figures. They then

awarded winners for the quarter with the Dubai office

taking the first place trophy. After the business was

concluded, they spent the evening

enjoying the beauty of Bosphorus,

Istanbul. Their next meeting is

scheduled for September of 2019.

Intermark Wins Award for Customer Service

Intermark is happy to announce that

they have earned the Aires’ Circle of Excellence

Award for the highest quality of services.

The award was given during the EuRA

congress in Munich. The Circle of Excellence

is given to companies that consistently receive

high ratings from customer service surveys.

Intermark thanked their clients, for

their trust and choosing them as their reliable

provider. They also gave a big shout out

to their Intermark teammates, that are 100%

focused on the clients’ needs and always help

them successfully relocate to a new place.

26 Global Exclusive Movers’ Network (GEM) | Network Magazine - Issue 10 |

GEM Mover - Dar es Salaam, Tanzania

Professional Freight Forwarders arrange professional packing, transportation,

storage, LCL consolidations, transit to regional neighbor nations and FCL movements

to provide each client with a complete, door-to-door service at consistently

competitive prices.

Our Services:

Customs Clearance

Packaging & Labeling

Delivery, Unpacking and Assembling

Transportation & Logistics

Short & Long-term Storage

Unpacking & Placement

Outbound & Inbound

Integrated Facility Management

Contact Us:

Global Exclusive Movers’ Network (GEM) | Network Magazine - Issue 10 | 27

‘Congratulations to you and the team on the completion of one year. The recent increase in

the numbers of members is heartening to see & we look forward to connect with everyone

in KL once the conference is scheduled. Thank you for the advertising, the newsletter is always

interesting and we look forward to each issue.’

Ram Shastry – B.R. Shastry Logistics LLP

(Chennai, Mumbai, New Delhi and Kolkata)

‘Thanks for the great service for the year with the free advertising, the communications and

also the network partners you have found’.

Charles Dugas – ActivMoving

(Paris and Lyon)

Global Exclusive Movers’ Network Limited

Email :


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