Smart Campus Student Guide

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PANOPTO 10<br />




In line with its “Excellence in Education” strategic goal, Izmir University of Economics has<br />

adopted a technology enhanced education model, which is called <strong>Smart</strong> <strong>Campus</strong> and<br />

provided students and teaching staff with various education tools, equipment and<br />

software.<br />

Each classroom is equipped with a <strong>Smart</strong> Projector, an All-in-One PC, cameras, microphone<br />

and an interactive whiteboard. What’s more, Blackboard Learn, Blackboard Collaborate,<br />

and Panopto systems have been provided.<br />

You will probably have many questions about how to use these educational technologies.<br />

This guide aims to answer your questions and help you make your transition quicker and<br />

easier.<br />

Teaching and Learning Center

Getting Started<br />

Activating EkoID<br />

EkoID enables you to access your university email account, Emax announcement system,<br />

printing facilities, and wifi on campus.<br />

You should visit https://oasis.izmirekonomi.edu.tr/site/login-registration to activate<br />

your EkoID and get your OASIS login information.<br />

Make sure you check the email account provided by the university on a regular basis. All<br />

administrative and academic announcements as well as the notifications sent through the<br />

learning management system are emailed to your university email address.<br />

You can access your university email through https://zcstd.izmirekonomi.edu.tr/<br />

Activating OASIS Account<br />

Organizational Administrative <strong>Student</strong> Information System<br />

(OASIS) enables you to enroll in courses, check your course<br />

grades, receive transcript and other documents.<br />

To activate your OASIS account go to<br />

https://oasis.izmirekonomi.edu.tr and click on the “Activate<br />

your account” link. Enter your student identification number in<br />

“User ID” part, and click on “Activate” button.<br />

A temporary “OASIS” password will be sent to your EkoID<br />

email address which is std.izmirekonomi.edu.tr. Get your<br />

temporary password from your email, log into OASIS again,<br />

and change your password and create a PIN number.<br />

Please avoid using Turkish characters (e.g. ş, ü, ç, ö.) in your<br />



Blackboard Learn is virtual learning environment and an internet-based learning<br />

management system designed to enhance instructional activities by enabling instructors<br />

to manage and create their course materials, assignments and exams. Blackboard Learn<br />

facilitates student learning and enhances their engagement with the course material. In<br />

addition to that, instructors can easily communicate with their students online and<br />

manage class discussions and collaborative projects using blogs, discussion boards and<br />

forums which are available on Blackboard Learn. <strong>Student</strong>s will be able to access all of<br />

these features any time of the day via any medium with internet connection. Blackboard<br />

is used institutionally to supplement face-to-face courses, and/or to provide any course<br />

content for distance education courses.<br />

You will use your <strong>Student</strong> ID number and your OASIS password to access Blackboard.<br />

Once enrolled, you will see all your courses listed on your Blackboard page.<br />

Click here to access Blackboard Learn home page.


Announcements: The announcements show all announcements from any of your courses.<br />

Calendar: Shows events which are added by your instructors and dates added by yourself.<br />

Tasks: Similar to the Calendar, information can be added by you or your instructor.<br />

My Grades: Click this button to see all your grades.<br />

Send Email: You can send emails by clicking this button. A copy of the email you send via<br />

Blackboard will be sent to your IUE email account.<br />

Portfolio: You can create and edit portfolios.<br />

Personal Information: You can review and update your personal information here.<br />

Goals: Faculties can demonstrate that their programs and curricula are effective by aligning<br />

course content and activities with goals in Blackboard Learn.<br />

Browser Checker: Click ‘Browser Checker’ to check if your browser meets Blackboard Learn<br />

system requirements.

My Announcements<br />

This box shows all the current announcements about the courses and organizations you<br />

are enrolled in.<br />

My Courses<br />

Blackboard Learn is automatically synchronised with courses that you are registered to<br />

OASIS so you will see a list of your courses on the home page. You will also find “My Courses”<br />

tab on the upper left panel, which allows you to view your courses and the name of the<br />

instructors teaching those courses.<br />

Each course has its own home page. To access this page, you will click on the name of the<br />

course. The course home page features announcements about the course, video recordings<br />

of classes and course content and your assignments.

How to Access Courses<br />

There are several ways to access the courses you are enrolled in.<br />

As explained above, the first way is using the “My Courses” section on the home page.<br />

Here you can see your courses briefly and access your course home page.<br />

The second way is using the “My Courses” tab on the upper panel.

An alternative way is to use the “Global Navigation Menu”. When you click on your name<br />

at the top right corner of the screen, the Global Navigation Menu will appear and from<br />

here, you will be able to see your courses as well. You will also find the link to upload your<br />

profile photo in this menu.

How to submit your assignments on Blackboard Learn<br />

Choose the content that contains the homework assignment on the course page. Your<br />

instructor can add assignments to different areas of your course. For example, your<br />

instructor might have created a menu item called Assignments. Ask your instructor if you<br />

have questions about how your course is organized. Click on the item. Review instructions,<br />

deadline and grading criteria on Upload Assignment page and download the files, if any,<br />

that are provided by your instructor.<br />

Complete your assignment by using one of the following:<br />

- Click on Text Submission and extend the Write Submission box. You can use the<br />

functions in the editor to format the text. You could also use the content editor to attach<br />

file, image, link and multimedia.<br />

- Click on Browse My Computer and select a file to attach. You could click on Do not<br />

Attach if you have uploaded the wrong file. If your assignment is uploaded more than<br />

once, the new file will be saved with a name and a number like history_assignment(1).doc<br />

Optionally, you may add comments by using Add Comments.<br />

Finally, make sure you click on Submit. A message that confirms your assignment has<br />

been sent will be displayed. If you forget to click on Submit, your submission will remain<br />

“in progress” and your instructor will not be able to grade it.

For more information, click here or visit TLC Organization for <strong>Student</strong>s on Blackboard Learn.<br />

(See page 16 for more information about the TLC Organization for <strong>Student</strong>s.)<br />

How can I see My Grades on Blackboard?<br />

You can see grades for all of your courses or one course at a time. To view grades for all ofyour<br />

courses:<br />

1. On the main page select My Institution tab.<br />

2. Select My Grades under Tools panel.<br />

OR<br />

1. Select the arrow next to your name in the upper-right corner.<br />

2. In the menu, select My Grades.<br />

3. You can sort your grades by All Courses or Last Graded. If your work hasn't been graded,<br />

grade status icons appear.<br />

4. Select an item's title to view details.<br />

For more information, click<br />

here<br />

or visit TLC Organization for <strong>Student</strong>s on Blackboard Learn.


Panopto is a video platform that allows video recording, screencasting and video content<br />

management. It allows instructors to record audio, video and the applications on their<br />

computer screen directly from their desktop. With these features Panopto enables<br />

students to access their course videos and watch the lessons on their computer, smart<br />

phone or tablet when they are unable to attend their classes or prepare for their<br />

assignments and exams. Panopto is integrated in Blackboard and the video viewing is<br />

restricted to the instructor and students enrolled in that particular course.<br />

To watch the video recordings, first, log into Blackboard and select the course you want to<br />

see the recordings for. Then, click on "Panopto Video" link in the course menu.

A new page will load and your class videos will be available for viewing as shown below.


Teaching and Learning Center (TLC) is a research and application center founded in line<br />

with IUE’s “excellence in education” strategic goal . TLC aims to promote innovative and<br />

technology enhanced learning techniques to help IUE students to become lifelong learners<br />

and to challenge and inspire them to think critically. Therefore, TLC provides support and<br />

training to instructors and students for the efficient use of <strong>Smart</strong> <strong>Campus</strong> tools and facilities.<br />

The manuals and guides on <strong>Smart</strong> <strong>Campus</strong> tools prepared and collated by TLC are available<br />

on .<br />

http://www.ieu.edu.tr/tlc/en/ogrenciler-icin-akilli-kampus-destek<br />

You are also advised to frequently visit the TLC Organization for <strong>Student</strong>s page, which<br />

you can access through the My Organizations tab on Blackboard Learn.

To support effective learning, Academic Workshops are held at Teaching and Learning<br />

Center.<br />

Academic workshops are free and open to all IUE undergraduate, associate and<br />

graduate students. The workshops cover a variety of topics from time management and<br />

exam anxiety to job interviews and applications. Academic workshop calendar is available<br />

on the TLC website and on the TLC Organization for <strong>Student</strong>s page, which you can access<br />

through the My Organizations tab on Blackboard Learn. To sign up for these workshops<br />

send an email to TLC@ieu.edu.tr or visit the Teaching and Learning Center located in<br />

Block A, basement, room # 1B37.

Contact Information<br />

Our Office<br />

TLC@ieu.edu.tr<br />

4888225 / 4888348<br />

Block A, basement, room # 1B37<br />

Address<br />

İzmir University of Economics<br />

Sakarya Caddesi, No:156<br />

35330 Balçova - İzmir / TÜRKİYE<br />

Teaching and Learning Center - IUE<br />

iuetlc<br />


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