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Leader recognised

Issues highlighted

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Sheepish charms ­just say cheese

Ashburton couplemake the most of high­producing flock

By Toni Williams

Aboutique sheep milking operation

on the edge ofAshburton is making

cheese while the sun shines.

But decisions on its futurewill need

to be made soon.

Hipi Cheese, owned and operated

by Jacy andAllan Ramsay, of Ashburton,

started more than four years ago

as they worked through their sheep

milking processes.

Their first milkingwas in November


The couple, who both work other

jobs, have amicro­farm block ofjust

under two hectares which stocks 24

mostly East Friesian milking ewes but

in the past few seasons has included

Dairymead genetics with ‘‘a dash of


The milk is naturally A2.

It’sanideal stocking numberfor the

size ofthe land, and toensure udder

health remains at optimum levels with

no somatic cell count issues.

Someofthe white ewesare closer to

pets as many of the ewes accept

regular hand feeding, especially if it’s

maize, like lollies to sheep.

They are easily identified through

their markings, orpersonalities, such

as curiousfour year old Mickey, or the

fearless Cassianna, or the cheeky

Black Witch.

‘‘They are not really pets because

they work hard producing good milk

for us,’’ Jacy says.

The couple, along with help from

son Hamish,10, arenearing theend of

their lambing season; it started on



Electric start

September 8,and traditionally has a

narrow 17 to 20­day window.

Eight of the ewes were expecting

triplets, and the rest twins, but there

were asurprise set of quadruplets.

They have shorn most ofthe mob,

with just two younger ewes who have

kept their wool.

Shearing sheep in winter is like

turning on the eating switch, which

helps to develop bigger lambs, Allan


Onceborn the lambs stay withtheir

mothers to get a good start and,

Jacy and alamb and, right, Jacy at the milking unit and aewe and lambs.

depending on their future, may be

kept, sold as pets, or sold to other


‘‘After aweek orsowetake them

off mum for afew hours before we

milkthen they go backtogether forthe

rest ofthe day and night,’’ Jacy says.

‘‘While they are off their mums I

bottle feed any that want afeed and

introduce meal.

‘‘It isagentle weaning process that

results in our lambs being pretty


Allan says sheep can be lambing as

Introducing our new team members

with excellent product knowledge and

willing to go that extra mile for you!

aone year old but they need to be a

live­weight ofaround 50kgs.

Most of the adult ewes weigh

around 70 to 75kgs.

Jacy and Allan have spent the past

few years getting established withtheir

sheep stock and processes.

They run thesheep, milkthem,then

process the milk for cheese themselves.

It’s a path that has come from

knowing people in the industry, and

making the most ofthe opportunity.

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Page 2, Ashburton’s The Courier, Thursday 19 September 2019

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Urgent report proposed

Ashburton council is

preparing an urgent

submission to the Government’s


Freshwater proposals

and is worried by the

tight deadline for submissions

­ October 17

(now extended to October


Chief executive

officer Hamish Riach

said responding within

the timeframe was

going to be difficult,

and even extending the

deadline to the end of

October would be of

little value.

Local body elections

are on October 12, further

complicating the


Mayor Donna Favel,

who was at a Ministry

for the Environment

meeting in Ashburton

attended by 350 farmers

­many from other areas

­ said the proposals

announced by Environment

Minister David

Parker and Agriculture

Minister Damien

O’Connor concerned


The Canterbury

Mayoral Forum was

also concerned at the

tight deadline and

Local Government New

Zealand was ‘‘rallying

the troops’’.

She had contacted

Members of Parliament

Ashburton couple milk sheep to make cheese

From Page 1

‘‘There is a real art to

keeping sheep calm and

trained for milking. It’s

not really something that

someone who struggles

with traditional cow dairy

farming would enjoy,’’

Jacy says.

‘‘The cost of feed is not

cheap, we feed about a

cup of maize per sheep

per day which makes

them easier to handle.’’

But she admits working

with the sheep is fun,

even if ‘‘perfecting our

cheese is becoming an


The milking plant,

which takes six at atime,

has the same basic

features as a1960s cow

Hamish Riach Donna Favel Dr Tim Mackle

on the proposals.

The regional council,

Environment Canterbury,

was also preparing

a report which the

Ashburton council was

likely to back.

Mrs Favel said the

only report she could

find onhow the Essential

Freshwater reform

might impact the district

was a report prepared

for the Selwyn Te

Waihora zone on the

implications of meeting

the National Policy

Statement for Freshwater


It said that to meet

those requirements,

operating surplus

returns (for that area)

would be cut 80 per

cent, from $348m to

$45m ayear.

shed with some 2019

features, such as a vacuum

pump and modern

pulsators, Allan jokes.

Milking takes around

half an hour, averaging

around 30litres of milk,

followed by intense

hygiene cleaning time.

Then the milk is

pasteurised ready for


‘‘We think this is the

best way to capture the

freshness from the pasture

the sheep are eating.

‘‘When our sheep have

a change in pasture it’s

reflected in the cheese,

the changes can be from

different herbs in the

pasture or season and

growth stage,’’ she said.

‘‘We process every day

in what we think is the

smallest cheese processing

room in NZ.’’

It then goes into the

‘‘cheese cave’’ for maturation

for four to 24

months getting turned


The hard cheese is

then sold at Farmers’

Markets in Ashburton,

Geraldine and Oxford or

through Facebook.

‘‘Our cheese production

islimited tohard

cheese as it is accepted

this is the safest cheese to

produce for sale,’’ Jacy


‘‘Getting everything up

to risk management programme

standard for

The land use change

analysis projected a

substantial change in

land use, with virtually

no intensive land uses

and the catchment

dominated by dryland

beef and sheep grazing

and by forestry and

other extensive land


Mrs Favel said she

supported Ashburton

council producing its

own submission.

At the council’s final

meeting this term of its

Finance and Business

Support Committee, Cr

Stuart Wilson said it

was idiotic and the Government

was trying to

‘‘ram it through’’.

Mr Riach said the

council did not have the

time orability to question

the science in the

proposals and would

focus on the potential

economic impacts of

the proposal and

‘‘express our concern’’.

Committee chairman

Russell Ellis said the

submission had ‘‘high

level importance’’.

Mr Riach said the

council understood the

importance and


Meanwhile, Rangitata

MP Andrew Falloon

said the reform

Ministry for Primary

Industries is a big challenge

and a big investment.

The process is

really robust and when

you go through the process

you start to realise

that it is so important that

we produce safe food.’’

It would cost too much

to consider expanding

their operation to all

cheese types or raw milk.

They have only started

selling this year at the

Ashburton Farmers Market,

but can sell five times

more in Geraldine, due

to the tourist markets.

‘‘Having a chat with

our customers is apart we

really enjoy. They come

from all walks of life and

could fundamentally

change farming and our

economy, but incredibly,

the Government

was refusing to release

the full economic

modelling of the

impacts ofthe reforms

until after the consultation


The primary sector

accounted for more

than half of exports and

employed thousands of

people in Mid Canterbury.

‘‘Auckland has the

most polluted waterways

in New Zealand,

but is only mentioned

three times in the

103­page report; farmers

are mentioned

more than 250 times.

‘‘In recentyears we’ve

seen dairy farmers

achieve 98 per cent of

waterways fenced from

stock, and more than $1b

environmental investment

in things like

riparian planting.’’

Meanwhile, DairyNZ

chief executive Dr Tim

Mackle said farmers

needed time to consider

the Government’s proposal

and to carefully

weigh up the impact it

may have on their farms,

families and communities.

“Spring isabusy time

for farmers with calving,

lambing and mating.

They have alot on their

plate at the moment and

this isadding toit.

“We are seeing public

meetings where the Ministry

for the Environment

has set up 200 chairs and

had more than double

that number show up.’’

can see that our producing

animals have a

good life style,’’ Jacy says.

European travellers

were particularly fond of

the sheep product but

Kiwi’s have been a bit

reserved to try it, but

those who have were

pleasantly surprised.

The Ramsays have

perfected their cheese

product, and are now

hopeful Mid Cantabrians

will jump atthe chance

to lay claim to having

their own ‘‘artisan style

cheese maker’’ in the


‘‘We need to make

work of this, make it

work at this level for our

animals,’’ Allan says.

28-32 MooreSt, Ashburton l Phone 03 550 7000


Local news at www.starnews.co.nz Ashburton’s The Courier, Thursday 19 September 2019, Page 3

Candidates put their case

Sixteen local body election

candidates put their case

for the community’s vote at

a meeting organised by

Greypower Ashburton.

Around 70 seniors

turned out for the meeting.

Speakers included mayoral

candidates Donna Favel,

Neil Brown and Leen

Braam. The fourth candidate,

retired Ashburton

businessman Tony Todd,

was overseas.

All nine Ashburton

Ward candidates attended,

two of the four Eastern

Ward candidates and two

of the three Western Ward

candidates, as did Environmental

Canterbury (ECan)

candidate Sarah Walters.

Each candidate was

introduced by Greypower

Ashburton vice­president

Colin Cameron in alphabetical

order and given

three minutes to talk about

why they should be voted


Current Ashburton

Ward councillor Thelma

Bell said she was passionate

about advocating for Ashburton

and was a‘‘mother,

wife, community leader’’

and trained school teacher.

She believed in the value

of volunteering and, if elected,

would build on her

experience from the current


Leen Braam, who is

standing for mayor and in

the Ashburton Ward, said

Colin Cameron introduces candidates

he believed the council had

made progress in areas such

as planning for the rejuvenation

of the CBD, the civic

project and library and with

the Chinese village heritage


He said he had the skills

and vision to serve the

community and would

listen, communicate and

think strategically in

decision making.

Fellow mayoral candidate

Neil Brown said he

had 15 years experience on

council and was an ‘‘Ashburton

man through and


He wanted to make the

district a good place for

future generations and to

secure its economic future.

Rates needed to be kept

as low as possible and the

focus should be on essential


Roading was akey issue,

he said.

Carolyn Cameron said

she was concerned with the


It was full of weeds,

empty shops and ‘‘needed


The Ashburton Ward

candidate said she supported

an information centre,

wanted pot holes prioritised,

wanted a tidy town

and urged the seniors to

vote for change if they

weren’t happy with the

work of the current council.

Rochelle Castle­Wilson

said she was ‘‘the rookie’’ in

the election and new to the


This was her chance to

give something back to the


She had ‘‘no fancy

slogans’’, but believed in

common sense and fiscal

prudence and would use

her experience and skills to


Ashburton accountant

John Falloon said he would

use his experience to ensure

council spent wisely if elected

in the Ashburton Ward.

He believed in ‘‘getting

the basics right’’.

Current mayor Donna

Favel said she wanted to

continue to advocate for

the district and to make it

an even better place to live

and work.

She saw her role as an

‘‘enabler’’ and was proud of

the achievements ticked off

by council this term.

Fourth generation Mid

Cantabrian Rodger

Letham said there was ‘‘no

magic wand and no easy

answers’’ in local government.

Getting the infrastructure

of the district right

was key, said the Western

Ward candidate.

Former Ashburton

mayor Angus McKay said

he had a‘‘deep love and

passion’’ for the district that

had been reignited recently.

He said there needed to

be tangible change and

council needed to listen to

the community first ‘‘before

debating, discussing and

deciding’’ on issues.

Rates needed to be kept

low, people needed to be

attracted to the district and

there needed to be sensible

budgeting and lower debt.

Liz McMillan, who

standing in the Western

Ward, said she was the

youngest of the current

crop on council and had ‘‘a

lot to offer’’.

She was active in the

community, had taken on

more responsibilities this

term and was ‘‘all about

common sense’’.

Ashburton Ward candidate

Selwyn Price said he

wanted open and transparent

decision making to continue

around the council


The council ‘‘had tidied

up the messes’’ of previous

councils to some extent and

he had spoken out when he

did not agree with decisions.

His stand on the proposed

relocation of the East

Street fountain and the

right of way access for St

John had resulted in both

decisions being revoked.

Councillor Diane Rawlinson

said she had enjoyed

her three years on council

and wanted to return.

Roads and water were

important to her and she

was referred to by some as

‘‘the pot hole lady’’ because

of her road and pavement


There were exciting

times ahead with the CBD

redevelopment and she saw

her role as a ‘‘connector’

between the community

and council.

Eastern Ward candidate

Philip Rushton said he

wanted to drive costs down

and bring back the saleyards

to the district.

Ash Shah said he was fed

up with rate rises and

wanted to apply his

accountancy skills in the

councillor role.

Eastern Ward candidate

Stuart Wilson said he

believed councillors should

serve everyone in the district,

regardless of their


He was the ‘‘grandfather’’

of the council, but

had the experience and

knowledge ‘‘to keep up with


Roads were not up to

scratch, he said, but progress

had been made.

The final presenter was

ECan candidate Sarah

Walters, who said the

declared climate emergency

and water concerns were

big issues ahead.

She promised to work

hard to help end the divisions

between urban and

rural communities, because

‘‘both sides needed to do


Voter packs will begin

arriving in the mail from

September 20 and voting

will officially open.




Ashburton’s Boulevard

Day, and the start

of the week­long

second­hand book

fundraiser, Bookarama,

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On Boulevard Day

shoppers take over the

main street.

Organising team

Sue Cooper and Bob

McDonald have many

returning stallholders

keen totake part each

year, but this year are

excited by the range of

new stallholders.

Mrs Cooper says the

rare British fire engine

would be on show as a

static display this year.

There will also bea

tractor competition,

and members of the

F45 Ashburton will

run a training session

on the chessboard.

Bookarama, organised

byRotary Club of

Ashburton members,

offers a variety of

second hand books,

magazines, CDs,

DVDs, jigsaws and

games for sale from

the Sports Hall, on

Tancred Street.


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Page 4, Ashburton’s The Courier, Thursday 19 September 2019

Water proposals get immediate attention of rural sector

You can be certain when

the Government mentions

water, and rules, it

will get the attention of

the rural sector.

The measures proposed

for Essential

Freshwater ­ yes, these

are still proposals ­drew

an almost instant

response from Federated

Farmers and other rural


They said, and we

paraphrase, that the

measures, if implemented,

could impact on


Reviewed by Rowena Hart

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Courier comment

farming (and livelihoods)

in abig way.

They would, without


If the new rules mean a

farming business has to

be modified, it will almost

certainly lose income.

That means you lose

income because in New

Zealand, to one degree

or another, we all hold


Investment decisions,

Dance fundraiser

The Ashburton Cadet

Unit is holding its annual

dance fundraiser at the

Ashburton RSA on October


All proceeds from the

event, which runs from

8pm until midnight,will go

to St John Ashburton.

The dance night has a

1980s theme and music

providedbylocal DJ Dave

and will feature dance

tunes from the 1970’s


Tickets cost $15, which

covers entry, supper and a

spin on the chocolate wheel.

There are also spot prizes

and prizes for the best


Some door sales are available,but

for catering purposes,

pre sales are preferred.

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This movie will delight all those folks that

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say, converting to dairying

or more irrigation,

are made on the basis of

projected income.

Those projections, if

debt were necessary,

would be approved (or

not) by abank.

If afarmer, say, has to

reduce stocking or retire

paddocks, the bottom

line is hit.

That could have dire

consequences individually,

and for the district

and, by extrapolation, the


Federated Farmers has

called the aims unachievable.

No farmer we have met

wants pollution. No farmer

wants dirty streams.

Farmers have gone to

extraordinary lengths to

do all they can to reduce

any harm their operation

might do to the environment.

Everyone wants the

same outcome ­ clean

water and a healthy


Hundreds of farmers

went tothe first of many

meetings called by the

Ministry for the Environment.

It wantedfeedback and

it got it.

Ashburton is blessed

with people who know

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Local news at www.starnews.co.nz

Graham Norton


farming inside out.

They know about

water and efficiency, too.

Any rule changes have

to be realistic, the carrot

being better than the


The full measure of

feelings on this issue will

probably not be known

until all the submissions

are in and addressed ­

and six weeks was a

preposterously short consultationperiod

for avery

tough subject ­the Government

has now said

submissions will be

accepted up to two weeks

after the original October

17 deadline. That will

help, but not much.

If farmer concerns

have been addressed and

workable proposals put

forward, rural concerns

may ease.

Farmers are scrambling

to try to understand

the implications.

­John Keast

Erosion, water, hot fair topics

By Greta Yeoman

Erosion, water quality

and sustainability were

hot topics at this year’s

Sanford Science and

Technology Fair, committee

member Derek Vogel


More than 250 exhibits

by Year 7­9 pupils were

entered in the Aoraki

science competition,

which was held at Caroline

Bay Hall, Timaru,

last week.

Winners had received

more than $10,000 in

prizes and prize money,

he said.

Mr Vogel said there

had been more erosionrelated

projects this year,

which reflected the

ongoing issues at Patiti

Point and other areas of

South Canterbury.

‘‘A lot of the projects

have been unique to Timaru.’’

‘‘[They are topics] that

have been in the news.’’

Erosion was the topic of

choice for overall third

placegetter Madeline

Page, from Ashburton

Borough School.

The 11­year­old Year 7

pupil, whose project was

about the best native

plants toslow down erosion,

had entered the

competition for the first

time, placing third and

also getting agold award.

She was also awarded

the Irricon Resource

Solutions Junior Gold

award for the Best

Creativity and Resourcefulness

category, along

with being Highly Commended

in an Environment

Canterbury award


Maddie had chosen to

focusonplants becauseit

was topic she was familiar


‘‘I really like them,’’

she said of native plants.

First place winner

Daniel Poulter, from

Gleniti School, had

focused on bees and ways

to get them to land on


plants, while second

place duo Olivia Chapman

and Elle Fraser from

Geraldine High School

looked at the best design

for a bat­roosting nest


Daniel Poulter’s project

had also won him an

overall Gold award, as

well as the Andrew Falloon

MP Technology Junior

Award, one of two

Barkers awards for the

Best Use of Food Material

and asilver award in

the Irricon Resource

Solutions Junior Best

Creativity and Resourcefulness


The Geraldine High

School duo Olivia Chapman

and Elle Fraser’s bat

box project had also

scored them an overall

gold award, as well as the

Senior Andrew Falloon

MP Technology Award.

Mr Vogel said there

had been more entries

this year than the last,

however, this was likely

because many schools

entered on a two­yearly


Photos: Ashburton

Borough School pupils

Top: Charlotte Lennon

(left) and Rebekah

Clarke (12) looked at

crystals and their electricity

abilities for the

Sanford Science and

Technology Fair and,

above, Ashburton

Borough’s Madeline Page

(11) looked at erosion for

her entry into the science



330ml Bots 12s


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266 Havelock Street,Ashburton

Telephone 308 7149






10:00am -8:00pm

10:00am -9:30pm

10:00am -6:00pm


from September 19

to September 26


Local news at www.starnews.co.nz Ashburton’s The Courier, Thursday 19 September 2019, Page 5


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Page 6, Ashburton’s The Courier, Thursday 19 September 2019

Lighting change

‘‘Infrastructure changes’’

that allowed the

installation of Christmas

decorations in East

Street, Ashburton, have

been removed by EA

Networks ‘‘due to

degradation and health

and safety concerns’’.

Areport to the

Ashburton council’s

Finance and Business

Support Committee said

that as aresult ‘‘ these

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festive decorations

(festive lighting) will not

be included in this year’s

Christmas season and

festive theming’’.

But council officershad

been working on an

alternative lightingoption

that would mean bigger

trees along East Street,

from Moore to Havelock

Street, lit up with fairy

lights throughout the

holiday season.

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05 Tin 2019 Snow

Local news at www.starnews.co.nz

Top­line sports campus

proposed for Lake Hood

A$50m sports campus is

proposed for Lake Hood,

southeast of Ashburton.

It was announced to a

business and civic audience

at Lake Hood.

The Southern Parallel

Sports Campus is proposed

by APT Sports

Academy Ltd, supported

by Aonghus NZ Ltd,

Westbury Investment

Group USA, investment

partners, the Allied

Forces Foundation, and

through alliances with

New Zealand and North

American universities.

The mission is to

‘‘change the game’’ by

offering aholistic campus

for people wishing to

develop their true potential

in sport and life,

sports resilience and

endurance training, afull

medical, mental health

and nutrition clinics and

academic programmes.

Catherine Stuart, managing

partner of Aonghus,

said Lake Hood was

the key factor in bringing

the concept to the region.

Those to benefit

include high performance

athletes, disabled athletes,

‘‘wounded warriors’’,

returned servicemen

and women, and

youth sports.

APT Sports Academy

would deliver targeted

training and education

programmes catering

specifically to their

‘‘physical, mental, selfesteem

and education

needs, and offering each

a more focused path in


The campus would also

involve the Allied Forces

Foundation, a joint

British­American foundation

which supported

wounded soldiers and

their families in conflicts

following 9/11.

The proposed campus

would include an indoor

3G pitch ­apitch on a

firm base with long­pile

artificial grass filled with

sand and rubber crumb ­

an outdoor G3 pitch, a

running track, tennis, netball

and basketball

courts, a highperformance

gym, swim

resistance training, swim

therapy, medical and

therapy suites, anutrition

centre, offices and boat


There would also be 20

residential­style accommodation

units and a


The lodge would be

created by lifting the roof

of the existing Lake

House (a pop­up restaurant

will be created in

the interim) and adding


When the work was

finished, the restaurant

would operate as normal.

An agreement has

been signed to buy the

extra land needed for the

complex, and New Zealand

and international

investors were sought.

It was hoped the

majority would be from

New Zealand.

The campus planned to

hold two international

meetings a year and

would seek the Invictus

Games, an international

adaptive multi­sport

event, created by Prince

Harry, Duke of Sussex, in

which wounded, injured

or sick armed services

personnel and their

Care urged in

lighting fires

Fire officials are urging

caution with too many fires


Don Geddes, deputy

principal rural fire officer

for Mid and South Canterbury,

said firefighters had

dealt with five escaped fires

in the past week and more

care was needed.

‘‘Most if not all were

avoidable,’’ he said.

The fires posed adanger

and inconvenienced volunteer


Mr Geddes said it was

still open season and

people assumed it was safe

because of the time of year,

but not enough care was

being taken.

He said it was vital to

check the weather forecast ­

including the long­term forecast.

It was also important to

supervise fires, make sure

wind would not take flames

towards ahedge or trees, and

have ameans of suppression

on hand.

It was also important to

make sure fires were out.

Embers should be raked

and doused.

Embers left smouldering

could easily reignite many

days after afire if awind got


Mr Geddes said people

were under­estimating the

fire risk at this time of year.

associated veterans take

part in nine sports.

There would also be

tournaments for ablebodied


The lodge would have

20 accommodation

suites, akitchen and restaurant,

a bar lounge,

guest lounge, a soundproofed

event centre and


The sports complex

would be built on vacant

land away from the lodge.

It was hoped to finalise

investment by December

this year and complete

plans and consenting by

January 2020 and construction

to start in

March 2020.

It was proposed to

open the complex in the

first quarter of 2021.

Geraint Howells, who

has moved to Ashburton

from Leeston, said he set

up APT Sports Academy

Ltd with ex Super Rugby

player Ged Robinson,

who looked for guidance

after top rugby.

They came up with an

holistic approach to


The academy would

include online tuition.

Apercentage of profits

would go to help disabled


The campus will have

up to 200 attendees and

up to 70 staff.

The rowing lake would

be a key part of the


Mr Howells trained in

the UK as a landscape

architect and designer.

Catherine Stuart said

the campus was a great

opportunity for the district

and she wanted the

community to be


There were very few

campuses like the one

proposed in the world.

Promoters looked

closely at Christchurch

for the campus but

wanted a ‘‘destination’’

and Ashburton was a

great region, and Lake

Hood was the icing on the


Photos: An artist’s

impression of the


Hello, from Ashburton

Ashburton, greeting from Ashburton. The business of council was put aside

for afew moments when Cr Russell Ellis introduced Charlie Dennis from

Ashburton in Devon. He is acouncillor there.

Mr Dennis said when the Ashburton council in Devon found out he was

coming to Ashburton, Canterbury to see his daughter, an au pair here, they

gave him abook and few other items to bring by way of greeting. They were

passed to mayor Donna Favel. Photo: Charlie Dennis of Ashburton, Devon

and Donna Favel of Ashburton, Canterbury.

Local news at www.starnews.co.nz Ashburton’s The Courier, Thursday 19 September 2019, Page 7








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Page 8, Ashburton’s The Courier, Thursday 19 September 2019

Local news at www.starnews.co.nz

Apply forthe

Andrew Falloon MP

STEM Scholarship

Open to anyone studying Science, Technology,

Engineering, or Mathematicsatatertiary

institutionnextyear who attendsorhas been

to high school in theRangitata Electorate.

Send a500 word essayon“HowScience,

Technology,Engineering, orMathematicscan

helpNew Zealandovercome achallenge”with

aone page CV and details of intended course

of study to andrew.falloon@parliament.govt.nz

For moreinformation email


Applications close11October

Authorised by Andrew Falloon MP,

Parliament Buildings,Wellington.

TurfBar going blue for ‘do’

The Turf Bar at Hotel Ashburton

is hosting abig Blue Do

event to raise funds and awareness

of prostate cancer this


On the bill isthe big Rugby

World Cup game between the

All Blacks and South Africa,

live music and raffles and

other draws.

The bar will bedressed to

the nines in blue and those

turning out are invited to join

the blue party.

Turf Bar duty manager Jane

Hamilton said it was the

second consecutive year for

the Blue Do event at the


Last year $1758 had been

raised for the Prostate Cancer


The focus of the national

campaign was on raising

money and awareness of the

disease that would take the

lives of more than 600 kiwi

men this year.

‘‘We have had acouple of

regulars die from prostate cancer

over the last couple of

years, so it’s been close to

home for us,’’ she said.

Mrs Hamilton said the Blue

Do evening ran from 6pm and

until midnight.

The band Nine Lives would

perform from 7pm until the

start ofthe live rugby (9.45pm

kick off) and then again after

the game was over.

She said fundraising at the

Turf Bar was running throughout

September and to date

around $500 had been raised

through raffles and other


The aim was to beat last

year’s total.

Over 45 Mid Canterbury and

Christchurch businesses have

donated a wide variety of

prizes for the prostate cancer

cause. Prizesinclude askydive,

restaurant vouchers, motel

stay and leisure activity.

Photo: Turf Bar duty

manager Jane Hamilton

dressed in blue at last year’s

inaugural Blue Do event.



Heaps of specials




Come in and havealook around!


Grahams Road,Ashburton l 03 308 9950



New Barker’s outlet open

The Vicarage and, to the left, the Barkers Foodstore and Eatery, which

can seat more than 100 guests.

Barker’s Foodstore and

Eatery in Geraldine is


The fruit processing

company opened its new

outlet overlooking the

Waihi Riveron

Tuesday, and there will

be an open day on

SaturdaySeptember 28

(10am to 3pm) at The

Vicarage, aboutique

bed and breakfast the


fromthe original

Anglican vicarage.

The entry fee on

September 28 is $5 with

the money going

towards the


promotion of the

proposed Geraldine arts

and plantswalkway

alongthe Waihi River.

The former St Mary’s

Church vicarage is a

category­two heritage

building and has been


Dementia play

offers insight

Aplay providing an insight

into dementia and its common

form, alzheimer’s disease,

will be performed in

Ashburton on October 9.

The play, called The

Keys Are In The Margarine,

is created from interviews

with people with

direct experience of

dementia and alzheimer’s,

includingcaregivers, family

members, doctors andsupport


The stories communicate

the effects dementia

has onthe lives ofpeople

living with the disease and

everyone around them.

The Keys Are In The

Margarine interweaves

humour with heartbreak.

The play will beperformed

at Ashburton Trust

Event Centreat6pm and is

an open hat event, meaningthereare

no ticket sales

and the audience decided

at the endofthe show what

they’d like togive.

Ceilidh afternoon

The newly renovated pipe

band hall on Creek Road,

Ashburton will host a

ceilidh concert on September


The 2pm concert will

feature an entertainment

programme and afternoon

tea and includes a

mini pipe band, singers,

musicians and dancers.

Entry costs $5 at the door


Rotary Club


bring your


carry bag

September 23 to September 28 •Sports Hall Tancred Street



Signposted from the centre of Ashburton

Day 1

Day 2

Day 3

Day 4

Day 5

Day 6

(Boulevard Day Ashburton)

Monday 23rd Sept

Tuesday 24th Sept

Wednesday 25th Sept

Thursday 26th Sept

Friday 27th Sept

Saturday 28th Sept

8.00am - 5.30pm

9.00am - 5.30pm

9.00am - 8.30pm

9.00am - 8.30pm

9.00am - 5.30pm

8.00am - 12.00pm

Thank You Ashburton for your generosity

We are still collecting books and articles at: Ashburton Sports Hall

Cnr East &Dobson Sts, Ashburton

Phone 308 9094

Rotary Club of Ashburton Convenor David Mead 308 9991 or 027 471 6661

Bookarama has been running successfully for 40 Years


Hair’s afundraising idea

Ashburton dance teacher

and choreographer Jessie

Thomsonisdonating 40cm

from her long hair for a

wig for cancer patients to

wear during treatment.

She is alsousingthe hair

donation to raise funds for

Mid Canterbury Cancer

Society and urging the

community to get behind

her gesture.

Jessie says donating the

hairissomething that she’s

always wanted todo.

‘‘I’ve seen first hand

how cancer can affect

people and families.

‘‘I lost anuncle to cancer

and some of my

student have lost parents,

or have family members

wearing wigs and going

through cancer treatment.’’

Jessie said she had not

had ahaircut in ayearand

the hair donation would

leave her hair shorter than

it had ever been.

The hair will go to

Freedom wigs which uses

Bite Nite to be bigger,

better ­and out of cold

The Ashburton Youth

Council (AYC)’s annual

Bite Nite event is promising

to be bigger and better

than ever, with a new

format and achange to an

indoor venue.

The two previous Bite

Nites were held in Baring

Square East, but this year

the decisionhas been made

to take the event indoors,

to stop the district’s unpredictable


weather interfering with a

great family evening out.

Bite Nite will take place

in the Ashburton Trust

Event Centre onWednesday

(September 25), from

5pm to 8pm.

Agold coin donation on

entry gets you into the

venue where, in the foyer,

there will be afood court

set up by the team from

Somerset Grocer, and a

Youth Zone.

In the auditorium More

FM radio personality Jackson

Bray will entertain as

MC and headline act Wishlistt

with five support acts;

bands Empoly8, Jacks

Point, Middle Road, spoken

word artist Gia

Romero and Carl’s Dance


AYC members, working

with other youth in the

hair that is uncoloured,

longer than 35.5 cm and

has not been dropped on

the floor after cutting.

Jessie Thomson’s hair

will becut at DNA Hairdressing

at 12.30pm on

October 5.

Donations tothe Cancer

Society can be

deposited into the following

account 03 0835

0364953 003.

Photo: Jessie Thomson

is donating her hair for

cancer patients wigs.

district to organise and run

the large­scale community

gathering, are making sure

it suits the whole family.

Along with the live

entertainment there will be

anumber of giveaways.

Funds raised from gold

coin entry donations will

help to support the event

and go towards Bite Nite

next year, and funds raised

from the gold coin donation

at the Classic

Photobooth will go to Base

Youth Centre. More

announcements will be

made via the Ashburton

Youth Council Facebook


All go for men’s softball

It’s all gofor anew midweek

men’s softball competitioninMid


next month.

Four teams have signed

up for the fast­pitch softball

league which is aimed

at males overthe ageof16.

The league starts on

October 23 and runs for

five weeks.

It will feature round

robin games, playoffs and


The Ashburton Club &

MSA will sponsor the

tournament and fund a

trophy and prize money.

The league isaimed at

retaining interest and giving

game time to young

males who play at Under

18 level and other keen


The confirmed teams

are the Hampstead



Renegades, Rusty

Demons and Retread Diamonds.

Kids holiday fun at library

The Term 3holiday

programme at Ashburton

Library has athemeof


The programme runs

from 10.30am until

11.30am and will be held

on September 30,

October 2, 4, 7, 9and 11.

The first week starts

with making

thaumatropes, atoy

popular in the 19th


On October 2the focus

will be on celebrating

cultural differences

through games.

Two days later the

programme will look at

some of New Zealand’s

most disastrous voyages

and dioramas will be


The second week starts

with ajourney to the

centre of the earth and

fossil making and is

followed by making Mad

Libs and cable cars.

Brocc coli

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2 49 kg


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2 99 ea

Dole Bananas Loose

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Puhoi Valley

Yoghurt 450g

Green Capsicum

Product of New Zealand




2 49 kg

$ 4

79 ea








Specials available South Island only from Monday 16thSeptember until Sunday22nd

September2019orwhile stockslast.Wine andbeer available at stores with an off

licence.Wine and beerpurchasesrestrictedtopersonsaged18years old and over.

Page 10, Ashburton’s The Courier, Thursday 19 September 2019

Local news at www.starnews.co.nz


Family Notices



on September 12, 2019

at Coldstream Lifecare,

Ashburton, aged 84years.

Dearly lovedwifeofthe late

Boyd Chisnall. Loved sister

of Bill Roche (Rangiora).

Much loved mother and

mother in law ofBruce and

the late Eileen (Dunedin),

and Jane Chisnall and Brett

Sangster (Wellington).

Loved and treasured

grandmother of Alastair

and Rachel (Dunedin), and

Sarah (Dunedin). Loving

great grandmother of


John William

(Jack): On Friday

September 13, 2019 in

his 90th year at Rosebank

Rest Home, Ashburton.

Dearly beloved husband of

Lorraine and much loved

father and father in law of

Jo-Anne (Australia) Michael

(Australia) and Barry and

Jan-Maree. Loved Grandad

“Jacket” ofTiarna, Nathan,

Connor,Nicholas and Chloe.

Many thanks to the care

and kindness of the staff at

Rosebank Rest Home and

the Tinwald Medical Centre

In lieu of flowers, donations

to Ashburton St John

Ambulance would be

appreciated and can

be made at the service.

Messages to the Baughan

family, P O Box 472,

Ashburton 7740. Aservice

for Jack will be held at

our Chapel, Cnr East and

Cox Streets, Ashburton

on Friday September 20,

commencing at 1.30pm.

Followed by cremation

at the Ashburton





03 3077433

A special thanks

to the staff ofColdstream

Lifecare for their care of

our mother during her

residence there. Messages

to the Chisnall family c./-

118 Trelissick Crescent,

Ngaio, Wellington 6035.

At our mothers request, a

private family cremation

has been held.




03 307 7433

HOWARD,Helen Margaret:

(Ellie): Passed away

peacefully on September

16, 2019 at Rosebank

Resthome, Ashburton,

surrounded by family. Aged

97 years. Dearly loved wife

of the late Fred. Daughter

of the late Susannah and

William Thomson. Loved

mother and mother in

law of John and Gaylyn

(Lawrence,) Di and Alan

(Timaru), and Tony and

Margaret (Woodlands).

Treasured Nan of Melanie

and Simon, and Symon

and Simone; Julie-Ann and

David, Fiona and Peter,

Anna, and William and

Helen; Craig and Alex, and

Hayden and Anna. Adored

great Nan of all her great

grandchildren. Messages

to the Howard Family, PO

Box 472, Ashburton 7740.

Donations to Ashburton

St John may beleft atthe

service. Special thanks to

Dr PennyHoldawayand the

amazing staff at Rosebank.

A service to celebrate

Helen’s life will be held at

Our Chapel, Cnr East and

Cox Streets, Ashburton on

Tuesday September 24,

commencing at 10.30am.

Followed by interment at

the Timaru Cemetery at





03 307 7433

QUIGLEY, Allan James:

On Friday 13, September

2019, at Tuarangi Home,

Ashburton. Adored and

treasured husband of the

late Florence. Very much

loved Step ”Dad” to Faye

and Ross, and Nicki. Loved

brother and brother in law

to Audrey and Rodney,

Evelyn and Clayton, the

late Gordon and Lynne,

Barbara and Neil, Joy and

John and loved uncle

to all his nephews and

nieces. Messages to the

Quigley family. P O Box

472, Ashburton 7740. We

wish to thank all the staff

at Tuarangi Home for their

love and careofAllan. Allan

is now at peace with his

beloved Florence. Aprivate

cremation has been held.




03 307 7433

Supporting the


96 Tancred Street,Ashburton.


Phone 307 8317




DOODY Michael Joseph:

Michael’s family would like

to express our heartfelt

thanks to all those who

sentmessages of sympathy,

flowers and baking after

our sad loss of aremarkable

man who touched the

hearts of so manypeople.

Thank youall so much.

Atruly wonderful man who

will forever be in our hearts

and never be forgotten.



Ruth, (Ruth): passed away

peacefully at Coldstream

Lifecare, Ashburton on

August 29, 2019, with her

loving husband Peterbyher

side. Loved Mum ofSharon

and Kevin Hedge and

Andrew and Rosie. Amuch

loved Gran of Matthew

and Julita, Ben and Lisa,

and Anastasia; Samantha,

Jayden, Georgia and great

Gran of Victor. Messages

to the Thomas family, PO

Box 472, Ashburton 7740.

In lieu of flowers donations

to Alzheimer’s Canterbury

would be appreciated and

may beleft atthe service.

A memorial service to

celebrate Ruth’s life will be

held at our Chapel,Cnr East

and CoxStreets, Ashburton,

on Saturday, September 21,

commencing at 11.00 am.




03 3077433

BOX, Danny

24.10.73 -24.9.93:

My mind still talks to you

And myheart still looks for


There are no goodbyes for

youand I.

Love youDanny


SMITH, Mary‘Isobel’

24. 1. 1939 -20. 9. 2018

“You haveleftusbut

Arestill very close”

Ian, Bruce, Toni, Jonathan,

and Laura

Always remembered


Community groups

get digital low­down

Mid Canterbury

TimeBank members and

others from the community

have been learning

how to devise and

make digital stories that

have real impact.

Digital Storytellers, a

purpose­driven filmmaking

agency, helped

19 participants craft

stories with positive narratives

at atwo­day workshop

held at Community

House Mid Canterbury.

Half of the story tellers

were from TimeBank

and the rest from community

groups that

included Hospice, Hakatere

Marae, Presbyterian

Support, Hakatere Multi

Cultural Council and He

Waka Tapu.

On day one, participants

brainstormed ideas,

created storyboards and

set about filming stories

using their mobile


Day two offered advice

and tips on editing stories

and then on how best to

share them with others,

flowers for

all occasions

same day delivery

in Ashburton

ph 307 4020

both on online and offline


Kate White from Mid

Canterbury TimeBank

said the workshop had

been very well received

and had been an exciting

and informative opportunity

for those involved.

Participants had learnt

how tell their own stories,

whether it was from a

179 Burnett Street, Ashburton


Family owned,

locally owned




22 MooreStreet,


0800 263 6679




TimeBank perspective or

about a particular community

group, in an effective

way and through a

digital medium.

Mrs White said much

of the cost of the busy

workshop had been

covered by generous contributions

from Advance

Ashburton, Lion Foundation

and Creative

Communities (administered

by Ashburton District


Photo: Practising their

digital stories are Hakatere

Multi Cultural

Council co­ordinator Adi

Avnit (interviewer), and

TimeBankers Rebecca

Perkins (interviewee)

and Mary Schmack (film


Topp Twins headline act

The Topp Twins will

bring some festive cheer

to Ashburton when they

headline the Mitre 10

Mega Christmas in the

Park on December 7.

Organisers of the community

Christmas concert

in the Domain Oval

have been working hard

on planning the variety

concert for anumber of


‘‘We have agreat lineup

of local superstars,’’

said event organiser Lisa


‘‘And this year we are

proud to announce that

the Topp Twins will be

joining us to celebrate


The Topp Twins are

considered New Zealand

treasures who have a

broad appeal and have

performed regularly over

the last 25 years.

Jools and Linda Topp

are well known for reinventing

themselves on

stage, changing character,

musical style and

gender with ease.

‘‘At this time, we don’t

know who is going to turn


‘‘Whether it’s going to

be Ken and Ken, Camp

Leader and Camp

Mother or evenPrue and

Dilly,’’ said Mrs Anderson.

Joining the Top Twins

for the night will be Julia

Bell, Nikita Hyde,

Ocean Waitokia, Ange

Kara Ingley, Brian Taylor,

Sarah Heney, Libby

Higson, Brooke Dwyer

and the ABC Community

Choir, as well as local

dancers from Life dance


Therewill be aspecial

appearance from Zircus

Circus and regular

special guest Santa.

Amega fireworks show

will round off the evening

at around 9.30pm.

‘‘Christmas in the Park

is one hundred percent a

community event, from

local businesses and

groups who sponsor us, to

volunteers on the night

and companies who give us

their time and services to

help keep this event totally

free for everyone,’’ said

Lisa Anderson, who recreated

the event with the

Christian Ministers’

Association in 2013.

‘‘Over the years, we

have streamlined the event

and gathered people

around us who share a

passion to bring back the

true meaning of Christmas,’’

she said.

Crowds upwards of 8000

have attended previous

events and locals are

encouraged to once again

bring the picnic blanket

and set up early for agood


Ashburton Mitre 10

Mega Christmas in the

Park starts at 7pm.


Local Care

Since 1982

Local news at www.starnews.co.nz Ashburton’s The Courier, Thursday 19 September 2019, Page 11

School fair on Saturday

There is something for everyone

at this Saturday’s Allenton School


The biennial event has atheme

of Lights, Camera, Action and

will feature a photo booth,

bouncy castle, silent auction, food

options and much more.

An entertainment stage will

feature singers, dancers and a


Lining up to go in the dunk

tank on the day will be school

principal Bruce Tilby and local

MPs Andrew Falloon and Jo


Other attractions include a

mini digger, motorbike rides and

a science showcase with live


Fair co­coordinator Pam Carr

said Skydiving Kiwis would drop

into the school grounds to open

the fair at 11am.

She said there would be 18

class artworks auctioned off at

the end of the event at 2pm and,

in between, there were plenty of

options to keep the whole family


Allenton School’s Room 15 class of new entrants have

collaborated to create this colourful artwork for the auction on


There was also face painting

and wacky hair options and

students had also filled treasure

jars for sale with a range of


A fairy would be ‘‘floating’’

around waving her magic wand

and the fair was strictly cash only,

said Mrs Carr.

Funds raised from the fair will

be used to support playground

upgrades at the school.

Scenic Salmon Run back

Rakaia Lions and local sports club

volunteers are gearing up for the

fifth annual Jackson Holmes

Salmon Run on October 19.

Every year something new is

added to the event and this year

there’s anew section of mountain

bike track and the inclusion of a

business challenge.

An extra 4.5km has been added

to the existing 22km mountain bike

course and while the regular track

is fast and flat and provides athletes

with the opportunity to get the

heart rate up, the new portion is

more technical and requires afew

more skills.

The new bike section goes under

the railway and vehicle bridges, out

to the river’s edge and along

fisherman tracks to the Acton

Race. From there it heads through

apine plantation and will feature

obstacles and tree roots in areas

that have never been raced before.

Salmon Run organising

committee member Mandy Hurst

said the extra bike track section

would add more interest to

competitors and the second

addition, the Farmlands Cup

Challenge which emerged after a

few ripples amidst sponsors,

opened up the opportunity for

businesses to get involved.

All businesses were invited to

participate in the challenge, she


As well as the cup, the winner

would have ‘‘the bragging rights’’

for the business who received the

most points over all seven events

for encouraging participation,

health and fitness.

‘‘This is achance to inspire your

work mates, members and

supporters to enter because,

regardless of where they finish,

every entry counts as well as


Everyone taking part in the

Salmon Run was able to win

medals and cash prizes and would

be in the draw to win some amazing

spot prizes given by generous

sponsors and event supporters, said

Mrs Hurst.

As well as mountain biking, the

event features multi­sport events,

two duathlons, walking and

running options.

Events are aimed at both the

competitive and non­competitive

athletes, individuals or teams.

All events start and finish in the

Rakaia Domain and most races

follow, cross or use the Rakaia


More information at the website


Young leader award

BLAKE Young Leader recipient Kylana Peauafi-Symonds with mum Kiri and

Westpac Ashburton bank manager Janice Street at the award presentation.

Kylana Peauafi­Symonds, of Ashburton

Borough School, has been recognised

for her leadership qualities with

aBLAKE Young Leader Award.

The award was set up in honour of

the late­Sir Peter Blake, who believed

in the incredible potential of young

people to achieve great things.

The BLAKE Young Leader Award

aims to recognise young New Zealanders,

from Years 5to 8, who show

commitment to leading positive

change in their community that leads

to asustainable future for Aotearoa.

Kylana, 13, was nominated by her

Year 8teachers Tania Rive and Fiona

Ross for her determination, integrity,

leadership ability, her commitment to

learning, her sporting prowess and for

being an ‘‘all round good person’’.

Kylana was presented the award by

Westpac Ashburton bank manager











Janice Street, in front of proud

mother, Kiri, principal Hilary Boyce,

teachers, support staff and her school


The annual BLAKE Young Leader

Awards acknowledge young New Zealanders

who demonstrate outstanding

leadership qualities within their school


It celebrates young emergingleaders

and encourages them to continue

doing what they’re doing and making a

positive difference among their communities

and inspiring those around


Kylana received the BLAKE Young

Leader Award medal, as well as a

certificate and prize pack, which

included apair of red socks synonymous

with the history ofthe late­Sir

Peter Blake and his America’s Cup

challenges, which rallied the nation.



andmuch more instore!










Phone 308 0006 westsidehire.co.nz


`=S -="8 11==8


The next Council has important decisions tomake oninvestment in


It’s critical we prioritise fit-for-purpose water and wastewater systems, and a

robust local roading network to keep us safe and keep our businesses flowing.

Ihave run asuccessful accounting business employing people in our town,

helping local businesses and community groups succeed. Ihave served at a

national level with the Institute of Chartered Accountants and on the Board of


Ihave the practical experience to ask the hard questions toensure we invest

and deliver the quality infrastructure Ashburton needs.

`=S -="8 11==8

=J =W8#1

Keep alid on rates | Quality infrastructure | Responsible governance

Vote John Falloon for the Ashburton Ward to get the basics right.

S S"



ÊÆ‘¯¼“À„€ {Ú-p££¯¯ª íëó "pÓ„£¯| NÆ À‘{ʼƯª

Page 12, Ashburton’s The Courier, Thursday 19 September 2019

School dance teams ready

Local news at www.starnews.co.nz

Exploring mathematics

Lagmhor School pupils, back row, Alice Johnson, Gretchen Ross, Eleanor

Ross, Anna McFarlane, front, Kaira Wright, Lylah Wilson and Mila Ross are

among the performers at the dance event.

Ashburton’s first schools dance championships

is set for September 24 and will

feature 20dance teams on stage at the

Event Centre.

Event organisers Madi Wilson and

Anna Raukawa say the event is designed

to give every primary school student a

chance to dance .

St Joseph’s, Laghmor, Ashburton

Christian, Allenton, Tinwald, Lauriston,

Netherby, Mayfield, Ashburton Intermediate

and Wakanui schools were all

involved with the event, which would be

repeated annually.

Schools had organisedtheir own teams

and been practising hard, she said.

Teams organise their own costumes

and accessories, while Life Dance Academy

supplies the routines and music.

Tickets are available from the venue.

Is your Will


Build your Will online


By Mick Jensen

Students at Mount Hutt

College have been exploring

ways to work differently

with mathematics

and tomake learning the

subject more relevant for

the 21st century.

Ideas, experiments and

enthusiasm developed

over the last few months

will be showcased at a

Mathematics Extravaganza

in thecollegehallon

September 24.

Year 7 students have

been using theconcepts of

scale, budgeting, pricing

and marketing to bake up

cupcakes. Others have

been learning about ratios

and proportions through

designing and creating

wooden dice.

Year 8 students have

been busy coming upwith

ideas on the next big thing

forMethven and have also

been involved with design,

budgeting and marketing.

The Year 9maths and

DVC classes have been


of the Dead masks that

demonstrate symmetry

and represent art work

from different cultures.

And a Year 10 group

has designed and created

string art using an online

graphing programme.

Mount Hutt College

head of mathematics and

statistics JackieBrown said

it hadbeenanexcitingand

experimental few months

for maths at the school.

She said the announcement

of her Boma Education

Fellowship at the end

of last year had given her

the drive and confidence

to introduce ‘‘innovative

teaching and learning

ideas’’ into the school that

aimed to make apositive


Mrs Brown said the

fellowship had put her

among an elite group of

Canterbury educators who

were able to thrash out

ideas and celebrate

initiatives that could be

introduced into schools.

‘‘A trip to America earlier

in the year with the

Boma Fellows provided

me with an insight into

what other schools are

doing,the boundaries they

are pushing in education

and the challenges they

have come upagainst.’’

She said her chosen

project was based around

improving the perceptions

that our community has

towards mathematics.

‘‘To do that we need to

challenge what learning in

mathematics looks like.

This is where the project

based learning has come


‘‘We have been trialling

using projectstointroduce

key mathematical ideas to

students, to engage and

motivate them in their

learning and to work on

developing their key competencies.’’

The ability to think

deeply, to manage ourselves,

to relate to others,

to participate and contribute

positivelyand to communicateusing


texts wasfundamental, she


Parents and the community

have the opportunity

tochallenge their perceptions

by coming to see

students’ work at the

Mathematics Extravaganza.

The extravaganza runs

from 5pm until 7pm and

includescupcake sales and

the opportunity to vote on

the best new idea for


Photo: Mount HuttCollege

students Melenaite

Tuamoheloa and Hugh

Redfern make prototypes

of ideas developed in

maths classes.

Trust strong, has ambassador

Mid/South CanterburyContinuous Spouting






Askabout our large capacityspouting for

commercial and farmbuildings

Residential –fascia, gutter and downpipes

Snowprotection our specialty


The Original

Spouting Specialists




for over

26 years

Your new spouting proudly installed by

Craig or Josh

John Tull ...providingoutstandingservice,

afterinstallation care and pricing requirements!

Phonehim on 021 288 8290

Email: john@canterburycontinuous.co.nz

www.continuous.co.nz Freephone 0800 50 1993

• Domestic electrical services

• New house wiring

• House rewiring &maintenance



By Mick Jensen

Ashburton based CanInspire Charitable Trust continues

to go from strength to strength and has now

landed television presenter Haydn Jones as its first


Afamiliar face on programmes such as Fair Go,

and the long­running Good Sorts slot on Sunday’s TV

One News, Jones was in town on Saturday to get an

update on the work and expansion of the trust over

the last few years.

CanInspire originated from the experiences of

Ashburton resident Sarah Clifford, who underwent

28 days of radiation for melanoma in 2010 and during

that time created and wore adifferent necklace each

day in hospital to distract her from the treatment.

She later established beading workshops through

CanBead to help others in similar situations and to

help give them a sense of achievement and


The CanInspire Charitable Trust was set up later

and then CanTackle, which offers fishing distraction

workshops, followed.

The workshops are free and offered to people

experiencing illness, trauma and loss.

Haydn Jones said he had first come across Sarah

Clifford’s inspirational story eight years ago when she

had featured on Good Sorts.

He had been able to stay in her life over the years

and ‘‘just couldn’t say no’’ when asked to be an

ambassador for CanInspire.

Good Sorts had told the story of around 500 people

over its 10 years and he would continue telling the

story of Sarah Clifford and the great work of


• TV &Datawiring

• Solar installation

• HeatPumps

Call todayfor an obligation free quote

0800 287 423


Sarah Clifford and Haydn Jones with necklaces

made through the CanBead initiative.

Jones will act as a media spokesman and will

promote the positive impacts of both CanBead and


CanInspire now has five regional offices in New

Zealand and is anot­for­profit organisation.

Over the last financial year, the trust has hosted 63

workshops and distributed 421 beading kits. Some

1646 beading kit bags have been distributed since


More information at the website caninspire.org.nz.

House prices

The average value of residential

properties in the

Ashburton district in

August was $354,662,

slightly down on the price

three months ago.

Figures from Quotable

Value (QV) show an

increase of 1.4 per cent

over the last 12 months

and 26.7 per cent since

from the property market

peak of late 2007.

QV says average property

prices in Timaru in

August were $369,166, in

Selwyn $555,967 and in

Christchurch $496,306.

Waimate leads the

South Island in quarterly

growth, up 8.8%. The

average value of residential

properties nationwide

in August was $688,760.

Local news at www.starnews.co.nz Ashburton’s The Courier, Thursday 19 September 2019, Page 13

AshburtonTrust EventCentre,

Wills Street,Ashburton

Friday, 4th October7pm

Saturday, 5th October5pm

Sunday, 6th October2pm


Fantastical musical adventure awaits

Let the talented youth of the Mid

Canterbury Children’s Theatre take

you, and your family, on afantastic

musical adventure in Chitty Chitty

Bang Bang JR, starring an out­of­thisworld

car which flies through the air

and sails the seas.

Based on the record­breaking West

End production and the beloved film,

and featuring an unforgettable score

by the Sherman Brotherswho also did

Mary Poppins, Chitty Chitty Bang

Bang JR. is a blockbuster that

audiences find ‘Truly Scrumptious’.

Director Alice Sollis,musical director

Peter Cairns, choreographer Jess

Thomson and the cast of the Mid

Canterbury Children’s Theatre will

take the audience on amystical ride

with eccentric inventor, Caractacus

Potts (played by Michael Munroe)

and his two children Jeremy and

Jemima (played byLiam Walker and

Cara Patterson).

In the show, Potts sets about

restoring an old race car rescued from

the junkyard with the help of the

children but it’s not long until they

soon discover the car is magic with the

ability to float and fly.

It soon comes tothe attention of

the evil Baron Bomburst (Tom Patterson),

of Vulgaria, who desires the

magic car for himself.

The family then join forces with

Truly Scrumptious (Harriet Hill) and

Grandpa Potts (Eddie Galbraith) to

outwit the dastardly Baron and his

wife Baroness (Ellie Lawn) and their

villainous henchman, the Child

Catcher (Freya Jemmett).

The show is an amazing stage

spectacle with bright vibrant action

and unforgettable songs, including

the Academy Award nominated title

song, Chitty ChittyBang Bang, and of

course, Truly Scrumptious.

The cast of talented juniors, aged

betweenseven and 18 years, will make

sure the show is a high­flying funfilled

adventure classic guaranteed to

delight and dazzle audiences of all

ages during the school holidays.

The show is on October 4(7pm),

October 5 (5pm) and October 6

(2pm) at the Ashburton Trust Event

Centre, inAshburton.

Tickets, from $22.50, are available

from the venue or ateventcentre.co.nz.

Page 14, Ashburton’s The Courier, Thursday 19 September 2019

Local news at www.starnews.co.nz

AshburtonTrust EventCentre,WillsStreet,Ashburton

Friday, 4th October7pm :Saturday, 5th October5pm

Sunday, October6th 2pm

Michael Munroe

Caractacus Potts

Sponsored by

Liam Walker


Sponsored by

Cara Patterson

Jemima Potts

Sponsored by

Dulcie Ellis

Harriet Hill

Truly Scrumptious

Sponsored by


Eddie Galbraith


Sponsored by



Sponsored by



Sponsored by

Lawn Shearing

Brooke Miller


Sponsored by

Owen Miller


Emma Petrie


Sponsored by

Dion Bayston


Sponsored by



Child Catcher/Ensemble

Sponsored by

Four Seasons

Treecare Ltd


Miss Phillips/


Sponsored by


Mr Coggins/Ensemble

Sponsored by

Charlie Backhurst


Sponsored by

Georgia Shanks


Sponsored by

make-up artist

Luke Rhodes


Sponsored by

Leah Reid

Chef 1/Ensemble

Sponsored by



Sponsored by




Sponsored by

Linda Petrie

Jack Templeton


Sponsored by


Fair Announcer/Ensemble

Sponsored by

Isla Watt

Soldier 1/Ensemble

Sponsored by




Solider 2/Ensemble

Sponsored by


Turkey Farmer/Ensemble

Sponsored by

Amwolf Artz

Sweet shop/Ensemble

Sponsored by


Sweet shop/Ensemble

Sponsored by


Sweet shop/Ensemble

Sponsored by

Curtis Bayston

Sweet shop/Ensemble

Sponsored by


Sophia Bayston

Sweet shop/Ensemble

Sponsored by

Beneaththe Willow

Handmade Candles

Jayme Byron

Sweet shop/Ensemble

Sponsored by


Paulina Cuadrado

Sweet shop/Ensemble

Sponsored by

Canterbury Pampas Ltd

Rose Cuadrado


Sponsored by

Ashburton Trust Event Centre, Wills Street, Ashburton

Friday, 5th October 7pm : Saturday, 6th October 5pm

Sunday, October 7th 2pm


Local news at www.starnews.co.nz Ashburton’s The Courier, Thursday 19 September 2019, Page 15

AshburtonTrust EventCentre,Wills Street,Ashburton

Friday, 4th October7pm :: Saturday, 5th October5pm

Sunday, October6th 2pm

Connor Duffel

Sweet shop/Ensemble

Sponsored by

Hayden Duffel

Sweet shop/Ensemble

Sponsored by


Kaitlyn Harvey

Sweet shop/Ensemble

Sponsored by

Catalina Hibell Soler

Sweet shop/Ensemble

Sponsored by

Lily Jessep

Sweet shop/


Sponsored by


Sweet shop/Ensemble

Sponsored by


Sweet shop/Ensemble

Sponsored by

Isabella McCully

Sweep shop/Ensemble

Sponsored by

Harper Mead

Sweet shop/Ensemble

Sponsored by

Fletcher Nichol

Sweet shop/Ensemble

Sponsored by


Sweet shop/Ensemble

Sponsored by


Sweet shop/Ensemble

Sponsored by

Eleanor Ross

Sweet shop/Ensemble

Sponsored by

Anya Walker

Sweet shop/Ensemble

Sponsored by


Sweet shop/Ensemble

Sponsored by

Faith Davies


Sponsored by

Jamie Glanville


Sponsored by

Nevaeh Green-Thompson


Sponsored by

Evolution Vets

Moana Moore


Sponsored by



Sponsored by


Morris dancer/Ensemble

Sponsored by


Morris dancer/Ensemble

Sponsored by

Bailee Giles

Morris Dancer/Ensemble

Sponsored by

Finleigh Glanville

Morris dancer/Ensemble

Sponsored by

Madeleine Howden

Morris Dancer/Ensemble

Sponsored by

Howden Ag Services

Addison Judd

Morris Dancer/Ensemble

Sponsored by

Portia O’Malley

Morris Dancer/Ensemble

Sponsored by

Mikayla Roulston

Morris Dancer/Ensemble

Sponsored by

Roulston/Macpherson Family


Samba dancer/Ensemble

Sponsored by

Maria Lawn

Samba Dancer/Ensemble

Sponsored by




Sponsored by


Musical Director

Sponsored by

Jessie Thomson


Sponsored by


Page 16, Ashburton’s The Courier, Thursday 19 September 2019

Local news at www.starnews.co.nz


Local news at www.starnews.co.nz Ashburton’s The Courier, Thursday 19 September 2019, Page 17

Responses put to test

Emergencyplanning and


response procedures

were put to the test last

week during an emergency

planning exercise

at Ashburton Hospital.

The ‘‘table top’’ exercise,

Urapare, theorised

amock explosion in the

stores area at Ashburton

Hospital, which caused a

fire and large quantities

of smoke, which was

later discovered to be


The participants in the

exercise acted as if the

event had really happened,

but did not

deploy real­life

resources and equipment.

Ashburton Hospital

general manager Berni

Marra was incident controller,

and Fire and

Emergency New Zealand

the lead agency on

the exercise.

In the scenario, FENZ

and the police were

called, the fire was

brought under control

and a cordon put in

place to protect staffand

public from further hazards.

A number of people

were evacuated from the

scene with injuries ranging

from smoke inhalation

and the irritant

effects of smoke, to serious


‘‘The test scenario

went very well, but the

whole point of testing

our processes and

response is to tease out

deficiencies in the system

and if we think we

got everything right and

have nothing to learn,

then we may have missed

the point somewhere,’’

Ms Mara said.

The scenario posed

some unique challenges

and tested the basic principles

in all emergency

scenarios, including how

and where the emergency

operations centre

would be set up, how the

co­ordinated incident

management structure

(CIMS) would operate

in practice, and how

effective communications

would be used to

provide information,

minimise harm orloss of

life, damage to property

or the environment, and

the future ability to provide


‘‘A critical area and

something that can

always bedone better is

the sharing of information

and our management

of communications

to staff and the public ­

we recognise for

example that there are

periods during an event

when there are more

things we don’t know

than things we do, and

that we can’t share fast

enough but we can certainly

share too quickly.

Our challenge is to

resolve those unknowns

as quickly as we can,

without risking saying

something that later

turns out to be inaccurate.’’

Ms Marra said the

greatest value from the

exercise was recognising

and appreciating the

part all agencies had to

play in a multi­agency

Race bylaws get the tick

response and that

worked when they were


‘‘The public should be

reassured that, although

all the agencies involved

have experienced many

real­life scenarios, that

we take nothing for

granted ­ and that we

continue to test our systems

and to learn from

the experience,’’ she


Photo: St John Ashburton

station manager

Heather Keele (sitting

right) was among those

present during the emergency

planning exercise.

(Photo supplied).

Funding through

for domain

gym equipment

Funding, finally, has

been sorted out for adult

exercise equipment in

the Ashburton Domain.

Ashburton council’s

Finance and Business

Support Committee has

approved $100,000 from

the council’s Purchase

and Improvement

account for the gear.

The allocation was

agreed along time ago

but was inadvertently

missed out of the final

Long Term Plan.

The committee has

now approved the


It did so as it also

approved a range of

carry­over funds, including

$673,642 for water

capital works, $144,348

for asset renewals

(drinking water), and

$375,232 for atreatment

upgrade on the Methven/Springfield


There were also carryovers

in wastewater, stormwater,

Three Waters,

transportation, democracy,

commercial property,

cemeteries, parks

and open spaces, and hall


Cr Neil Brown said he

mentioned it every year,

but funds had to be spent.

He knew there were

reasons some of the work

had not been done, but

‘‘get into it and get it

spent; we rate for it and

people expect it to be


Mayor Donna Favel

said the council was consulting

in February onits

draft plan for the Ashburton

Domain and wondered

if there would be

any conflict with that and

the funds for the exercise


Finance manager Paul

Brake said the money

would not be spent until

after consultation.

Roads named

Two roads in the Village

Green subdivision south

of Lake Hood will be

known as Village Green

Drive and Springdale


The subdivision is off

Huntington Avenue, just

to the east of Lake Hood

Aquatic Park zone.

A draft policy of water

races has been approved

by the Ashburton council’s

bylaw committee for

sign off by council on

September 26, the final

meeting for this term of


Council started the

bylaw work several years

ago and has heard submissions

on it.

The work has involved

reviewing the 2012 bylaw

and an existing policy on

the closure of races.

The aim is to bring the

operational aspects of

the policy into standard

form to explain how the

council manages applications

to close races.

There are several

thousands kilometres of

races in the district.

Many have been

closed. Some farmers

want the races; many do


Land owners pay a

race rate even if they do

not use or need the


Council is also working

with irrigation companies

on supplying

water for stock.

In all, council passed 20


In some instances

where applications have

been made to close races,

some have wanted them

closed and some have


Akey recommendation

is that the bylaw subcommittee

refer all submissions

concerning the

funding of the water race

network to areview of the

council’s Revenue and

Financing Policy.

The network is funded

through a targeted rate,

and it ran at adeficit in

2017/18 and 2018/19.

That deficit ‘‘may

affect what the council

considers an affordable

level of service in the

short to medium term’’.

A report to the committee

that several submitters

addressed the

question of how to fund

stock races in future

One of the last submitters

on the draft policy,

Alastair Morrison,

said he did not agree that

the land owner oroccupier

should be responsible

to pay the water

rates when they had been

encouraged to fence races

to keep cattle out of

them, ‘‘also theymaintain

the races and in most

cases they have had to

find another source of

water for their stock,

install anew reticulation

system and, in my case,

shift water races because

others still wanted them

only to find out a year

later that they have

changed their minds and

shut the water race off

completely, leaving me

thousands of dollars out

of pocket’’.

‘‘I thinkthe people that

still want the open race

system should pay extra

for the service, this would

encourage them to look

for other ways to provide

stock water. Asitstands

at the moment, the owner

of asmall lifestyle block

has as muchsay as alarge

land owner whenitcomes

to closing arace.’’

He said he did not

agree with the idea of

leaving races open

because of their ecological

values as they were

not natural water ways

and the quality of water

was questionable.

Mr Morrison said leaving

races open for flood

control did not make any

sense as in heavy rain

debris was washed into

races and blocked

culverts, adding to flooding


Mr Morrison said there

shouldbeprovision in the

plans for a group of

people who needed stock

water to get together to

have their own community


scheme rather than having

stock races going

across the district.




16, 17, 18, 21, 22 &23

LPG Refills &Deliveries

• Domestic • Commercial • Industrial

LPG Deliveries from the

Rangitata to the Rakaia –

From the


to the sea.




LPG Refills at:




TEL 308 5397



Page 18, Ashburton’s The Courier, Thursday 19 September 2019

Surprise life honour for

Winchmore stalwart

The long and outstanding

service given by

Winchmore woman Margaret

Kelk has earned

her a life membership

with the Winchmore

Branch of Rural Women

New Zealand.

Margaret has been

with the Winchmore

branch for the past 30

years, joining the (then)

Winchmore Women’s

Division Federated Farmers

(WDFF), after

relocating to Mid Canterbury.

She has not only been

president (1994­96) but

has served a collective

period of 20 years plus as

treasurer; from 1989­99

under the name of

WDFF and then with the

name change to Royal

Women New Zealand

(RWNZ) from


She was awarded the

the surprise honour after

presenting her 20th

annual report to the

branch members last


President Elsa Hydes

made the presentation

acknowledging the ‘‘contribution

of a tremendous

amount to WDFF

and Rural Women over

the years’’, and fellow

member Ngaire Brown

presented her with abouquet

of flowers.

During Margaret’s

presidency the branch

ran school holiday

productions of Cinderella

and Peter Pan, which

allowed children of the

district and neighbouring

areas to take part.

‘‘These were very successful

and rewarding

programmes being well

supported and certainly

profiled and entertained

our district.’’

And for the past two

decades, Margaret has

ensured that the finances

of the branch have been

kept in order and

adjusting to new criteria

and forms from national

office, and allowing some

generous donations to

organisations such as the

Ashburton Trust Event

Centre and the EA Networks

Centre, as well as

the Winchmore Community

Hall Society Inc

for upgrades they have

undertaken over the

years. The curtains hanging

at the hall were made

by Margaret.

Margaret was amember

of the committee

which, in December

2006, supported afundraising

project for Breast

Cancer Research. A2008

calendar (similar to the

concept in the popular

Calendar Girls Movie)

was initiated with the

calendars being sold for

$15. Margaret was Miss


The proceeds saw

$26,210.36 presented to

Breast Cancer Research,

which was overseen by


‘‘Margaret is adab hand

at providing alarge number

of graces for many

functions, ideas and success

with the Ashburton

A&P Show trays, supporting

many an event with the

branch and providing a

district Father Christmas.’’

Photo: The commitment

and dedication of Margaret

Kelk to the Winchmore

branch of Rural

Women New Zealand has

been recognised with alife


Local news at www.starnews.co.nz

Bell makes connections

overseas for Ashburton

By Mick Jensen

Ashburton councillor

Thelma Bell packed alot

into arecent trip toher

homeland ofthe Philippines

and made connections

that she hopes may

help boost future trade

andfill alabourshortage

in Mid Canterbury.

The self­funded trip

took her to two dairy

training schools, two agri

tourism farms, meetings

with the Department of

Agriculture and Chamber

of Commerce in

Davao City, and talks

with staff at the Technical

Education and

Skills Development

Authority (TESDA),

also in Davao City.

She also made courtesy

calls to the mayors

of Tagum City and

Pagadian City, visited a

banana plantation

owned byaFilipino family

living in Ashburton,

met amissionary couple

running a street kids

feeding programme supported

by Ashburton

New Life Church and

made time to catch up

with an executive director

of the GMA Network,

who visited Ashburton

in late 2017 to

make atelevision documentary

about Filipinos

living in New Zealand.

Mrs Bell, the first

Philippines­born local

government councillor

in New Zealand, said the

trip hadbeenbusy,interesting

and informative.

‘‘For meitwas about

fact finding and making

connections and sharing

information about New


‘‘I’m hoping that some

of my discussions may

help facilitate a trade

expo here in Ashburton

oneday thatwill helpput

both New Zealand and

Filipino goods and

services in the spotlight.’’

The likes ofseed companies,

Anzco and Talleys

could all potentially

benefit from it.

Mrs Bell, who has

lived in New Zealand

since 1987 and in this

district since 1989, said

she had specifically spoken

to people that were

involved in trade, education

and dairy training

on her trip and those

connections could be


‘‘I explained that here

in Mid Canterbury we

have a very low unemployment

rate and that

skilled workers, whether

they work in the dairy

industry, or are mechanics

or lorrydrivers, are

always needed.’’

Photo: Thelma Bell

with TESDA agricultural


Local news at www.starnews.co.nz Ashburton’s The Courier, Thursday 19 September 2019, Page 19

Borough pupils highlight issues

Senior pupils at Ashburton

Borough School

highlighted global issues

to family, members of

their school community

and the wider public during

their annual Year 8

exhibition evening.

Healthy eating to combat

obesity, mental

health, effects of technology

on the brain, water

pollution, animal care,

society interactions and

gaming addiction all featured.

Selaima Loloma, Liberty

Mendez, Kaiya

Amorante, Doreen

Awaikera and Siasini

Satui brought mental

health to the fore with

their Mental Wellbeing


The girls wanted to

create awareness around

the issue, which is ahot

topic following the high

national suicide rate

recently revealed.

Their research

included mental health

Abracadabra, it’s

anew magician

Young magician Mike

Lindsay is coming toAshburton

with his touring

show It’s Showtime on

October 12.

Lindsay started working

as afull­time magician at

the age of 18 and enjoyed

his first national tour a

year later, working with a

group of variety artists.

Forthe past three and a

half years, Lindsay, now

24, has refined and polished

his show It’s Showtime’.

Audience participation

is part of the show andthe

magician also has an

assistant and two doves,

Jazz and Belle, that also


The 90minute Ashburton

show will be performed

in the Ashburton

College Auditorium and

starts at 7pm.

Tickets costing $14 for

children and $20for adults

are available from the

website itsshowtime.co.nz,

or at the door.

Wakanui pupils

for Bay of Islands

Year 7and 8students at

WakanuiSchool are off to a

biennialcamp in the Bay Of

Islands later this year.

To keep costs down,

students have been

involved with anumber of

fundraising activities, which

began earlier in the year.

For two terms they were

involved inproviding lunch

options at the school.

Amovie fundraiser also

helped subsidise expenses

and still to come is aschool

disco and raffle.

Students are also selling

chopping boards made at

Gig for Liam

Musician Liam Kenendy­

Clark will perform inhis

home town of Ashburton

on October 5.

The former Ashburton

College student has just

released his new album,

Another Habit, and has

tasted success with his

latest single Bottom of an

Empty Bottle, which made

the top 10 Australian

Country Music charts.

The 22 year­old, who

lives in Queensland, will

be supported bySammie

Mackle and Shelley Wyatt

and will play songs from

his new album, as wellasa

mix of favourite songsthat

the Mid Canterbury Technology

Centre and have a

bingo night hosted by Ethel

and Bethel coming up at

the Ashburton RSA on

October 18.

The Bay of Islands trip

will include avisit to Waitangi,

where they will

explore the treaty grounds

and nearby beaches. They

will also catch the ferry to

Russell to visit the Pompallier

Mission House. Every

other year senior Wakanui

students take on the challenge

of walking the Abel


he grew up listening to and

has been influenced by.

Tickets for his 7.30pm

gig at Hotel Ashburtonare

available from the venue,

or online via his website


issues but also delved

into depression, how

teens develop depression

with pressures such as

peer pressure, alcohol

and drug use, puberty

changes, stress, or

changes in relationships

with family and friends.

It ended by pointing

out that ‘‘mental illness is

not a personal failure’’

and encouraged people

suffering to reach out to

Authorised by TonyTodd,62WinterStreetAshburton.

others for help.

As part of their work

the girls used an art

piece, painted by Liberty,

as a visual aid to

complement their

research work, which

also sat alongside their

hand made brochure

called ‘‘5 ways to mental

health’’, their wristbands

and their own website,

which featured organisations

and services to find


Year 8teacher Tania

Rive was impressed with

the work of all pupils

showcased during the

exhibition evening, and

ran alongside the

school’s open night.

She said the exhibition

formed part of the

school’s International




for Mayor

With your vote you can help me bring


change for our district on the issues

that matter to all of us.

Long-term protection of our hard-won community assets

Encourage promotion of local events celebrating

our cultural diversity

Afully-funded and re-launched Information Centre

on East Street

Protection of the CBD from splinter development

threatening our heart

Relocation of the railway yards to the

Ashburton Business Estate

Promotion of the four lane motorway toChristchurch

Baccalaureate primary

years programme, where

pupils had to think of a

local or global issue,

research it, find experts

on their subject and talk

to people for information.

It meant they took

risks which put them outside

their comfort zones,

she said.

The collated work was

showcased with written

and oral presentations.

And many built websites

to include their research.

Other forms of display

included video, live pet

dogs, bags of sugar to

show how much was in

selected food and

beverages and volumes

of rubbish from under

the Ashburton River

bridge collected before it

Incentivise Earthquake compliance upgrades for

CBD buildings

Support the continued development of Lake Hood

and associated recreational opportunities

Avote for me


contributed to water pollution.

‘‘The work is very good.

They’ve worked really

hard and are passionate

about what they have chosen,

which has driven

them. It’s great stuff,’’ Mrs

Rive said.

The work reflected the

attributes of pupils skills

and learner profiles and

would be moved into the

performance centre to

remain on display.

Photo: Year 8 pupils

Selaima Loloma, Liberty

Mendez, Kaiya Amorante,

Doreen Awaikera and

Siasini Satui, of Ashburton

Borough School,

brought mental health to

the fore in their Mental

Wellbeing exhibit.

is avote for an inclusive, dynamic


for the Ashburton District


Page 20, Ashburton’s The Courier, Thursday 19 September 2019

Local news at www.starnews.co.nz

Ashburton College

Individual Excellence in aSupportive Learning Environment


Issue 31

19 September 2019

Deputy Principal Message

Engaged in Learning forLife

As aschool community, we are all learners. This

includes our students, teachers, support staff,

whānau, local employers and wider community.

Throughout our lives, wecontinue tolearn new

skills and knowledge as well as having new


An illustration of how much we learn comes

through athoughtexperiment –imagine youare

eightyears old again. Did youknowasmuch then as youdonow?

The same concept can be applied to other age groups. For parents and

caregivers, when you were sixteen did you know asmuch as you did at

thirty?Hopefully this illustration has the effectofhelping students realise

thatthe advicetheyreceivefromthe adults in their lifeislikely based on

experienceand mistakes made,and is worthgivingserious consideration!

Learning is acomplex business. Itrequires patience, perseverance and,

invariably, frustration. Three specific components of the learning process

that Iwill discuss here are the importance ofreflection, evaluation and

feedback/feedforward. These are particularly relevant tomany ofour

senior students, with in-College exams now behind them and written

reports on the way, before the end-of-year examinations in November.

Thesame conceptsdo, however, apply to all learning.

Reflection and Evaluation

When atask has been completed,itisimportanttotakethe time to step

back and reflect. Consider what went well,areas forfurther improvement,

did Igivethismybest effortand did Iachievemygoal? It maybeatime for

celebration or it maybewhenyou consider achangeofdirection.

Theimportantpartofreflection and evaluation is thatyou take the time to

consider theoutcome of your actions,with aviewtolearning and moving

forwardbetter than before.

Feedback and Feedforward

There are times in the learning process that you are unsure of‘where to’

next. At these times, one of the most powerful learning strategies is to

seek and apply feedback and feedforward.

As the name suggests, feedback is commentary onprevious tasks. Inan

exam context,thisiswhat youhavedone well and whatyou have missed.

While this is useful information, feedback is only as useful as whatyou do

with it.

This is where feedforward comes in. Seeking and applying specific

advice towork that you do in the future isthe key to making progress

and continuing to move forward. My advicetostudentsistobeactivein

seeking feedforward and be suretoapply it in the future.

As aschool,weendeavour to use and model the same learning processes.

One piece ofwork that we are collectively embarking upon is making

our teaching and learning in the school more culturally responsive and

more relational, asaway of improving achievement and well-being for

all of our students.This is focused on teachers and students building and

maintaining strong,learning focused relationships and providing learning

opportunities thatare relevantand relatable to students’lives outside of

the school.

As part ofthis process, wehave recently undertaken an evaluation and

reflection known asRongohia te Hau. This translates tothe metaphor

‘listening to the winds of change’. It is an evaluative tool that gives us

cause topause, reflect, and consider the next steps in our learning

journey. This process includes classroom observations and collecting

the voice ofstudents, teachers and whānau through surveys. Iwould

like to thank everyone who took the time to fill in the survey, in order to

share their perspective onwhere we are atinour journey of continuous


Whenyou stop learning,you will stop growing.Becomingmaturenot only

entails your age, but it should also speak highly of how much you have

learned through the years. Seize every chance tolearn. There are alot of

ways to learnand life is but ahuge classroom.

Whaowhia te ketemātauranga. Fill the basket of knowledge.

Jono Hay, DeputyPrincipal

Coming Events

Exclusiveofsportsweekly competition dates.


16-21 EnrolmentWeek,atAshburtonCollege

17 AgricultureAcademy 1AnimalHandling,Chertsey

18 AgricultureAcademy 2AnimalHanding,Chertsey

Year 9 SMASHED presentation, Auditorium, Period 1

19 Otago UniversityCourse planning,9:00am, Room T1

AgricultureAcademy 3Animal Handling,Chertsey

Music Evening,Auditorium, 7:00pm

20 FLAVA Festival,TheatreRoyal,Timaru

Year 13 PED Golf Assessment, AshburtonGolfClub

20-10 Oct AshCollClassics Tour (Italy and Greece)

21-10 Oct AshCollGerman Tour

23 Canterbury Schools’ MatchplayGolf,Christchurch

24 BoardofTrustees Meeting,Menorlue,5:30pm

25 UniversityofCanterburyCourse Planning,12:25pm

25-11 Oct AshCollJapan Tour

26 AgricultureAcademy Year 12 Animal Handling,Chertsey

27 House Waiata Competition, Period 5

27 Final dayofTerm3

28-13 Oct StudentHolidayBreak



As advised in last week’s newsletter we are now including further

results and information from the New Zealand Secondary Schools’


Netball ATeam Qualifiesfor Nationals

TheAshburtonCollegeANetball team travelled to Nelson to compete in the

South Island SecondarySchools’Netball Tournamentfrom02-05 September.

Playing in AGrade,which consisted of thirty twoteams,College enteredthe

event seeded at number 15, based on 2018 results. Their goal was, at the

end of daytwo,toqualify in the topsixteen. As can be seen by their results

they well-exceeded this,byplayingfor each other,keeping their heads and

producing qualitynetball.

Team members were Grace Adams (Co-captain), Samantha Holden

(Co-captain), Taylah Burrowes, Poppy Kilworth, Danielle McArthur,

MiaPearson, Faith Scott,Emma Stagg,Jasmin Strawbridge,Hayley Tallentire

and Billie Surridge. Billie was an addition to the season’s team, brought in

from the Year 10A Team, to add an eleventh player for this competition as

opposed to the customaryten throughout the season.

The Management Team was Kaye Kennedy (Coach), Chelsea Corbett

(AssistantCoach) and Sue Dudley (Manager).


Sue Dudley outlines the week’s play. She said the team had agreat start

to tournament with afantastic win over Marlborough Girls’College (41-29)

in the morning and then aclose win over Nayland College (35-31) in the


Day2sawthe team playing against last year’s runners-up team, Southland

Girls’High School.This proved, asexpected, to be avery tight game with it

all tied up at 21-all at the end of the thirdquarter. Twocrucial turnovers saw

the AshColl team come away with a29-26 win, to toptheirpool.

Moving into cross-over games, first up was Central Southland. Again this

was avery close encounter with scores even attwo minutes remaining.

However, the girlsheldtheir composuretocome away with a33-32 win.

Day 3saw play moved outside, due to the indoor venue being booked for

basketball,and with that, Murphy’s Lawmeantthe rain came also!


The team’s first game was against astrong Nelson College for Girls’ side.

Ashburton College was down by12-18 athalf-time but the girls kept their

composureand belieftowin 33-30, placing them nowinto the top8.

Thefinal cross-over game laterinthe day, in the pouring rain, wasagainst

Rangiora High School, ateam College had not beaten inthe Christchurch

SuperNet competition this season. Asuperb game by the whole team saw

AshColl win this game 37-23.


At this stage the team was now into the semi-finals and assured of

qualification forNationals!

Thesemi-finals and finals games were,predictably, tough. First up wasthe

game against averystrong Christchurch Girls’HighSchool team (SuperNet

Competition winners, semi-finalists in the Christchurch Premier Grade

competition, and the eventual South Island Secondary Schools’ winners).

This game wasjust abridge toofar forCollege,going down 21-34.


Now playing off for 3rd and 4th placings the team was drawn againstVilla

Maria College. Sue said the girls gave 100% and left everything out on the

court, but it wasn’t quiteenoughasthey lost 30-39.

NamedinAGrade Talented Players Squad

An exciting

conclusion to the

tournamentwas to

have (pictured right,



Samantha Holden,

and Hayley Tallentire

named in the Talented

Players’Squad for

AGrade. Thisisa

huge achievementfor

theseplayers and a


Very Successful Season

2019 has been avery successful season for this team as they won the Mid

Canterbury Netball Premier 1Grade Competition (last won byCollege in

2010), gained fourth place atSouth Island Secondary Schools and they are

nowofftoNationals inOctober.

WillowDiedricks namedinTalented Umpires’Squad

Achieving similar honours,but in the umpiring arena, wasWillowDiedricks

who wasnamed in the above Umpires’Squad.

Throughout the week Willow umpired both Aand BGrade games and, on

her performances on these games, was appointed toumpire the CGrade


Winter TournamentWeek-Remaining Results

In next week's Newsletter we will include the results

from the Girls' 1st XI Hockey and the

Senior Boys'Basketball

Amazing 2nd XI Boys’Hockey–6th Placing at

Coaches CupTournament

This team wasenteredinto this tournament, held in Ashburtonfrom02-06

September, toavoid abye in the draw. However, they did more than fill in

the draw, they finished second in their pool and sixth overall from fifteen

teams in the tournament. This wasanoutstanding outcome from the team

and management.

Team members were - Hamish O’Reilly (Captain), Zane Cameron,

Tim Connelly-Whyte, Devon Flannery, Archie Glanville (Goal Keeper),

BenHarris, Riley Harris, LachlanJemmett,Nicholas Kershaw, Braden Luxton,

Millar Newlands, Sam Orr, Will Rollinson, TomRosevear, Nicholas Stringer,


Coach of the team was Year 13student and Co-captain of Blue House,

Liam Pram. Manager wasLisaRosevear.

(Pictured left):

Coach Liam Pram

with the team

preparing forthe

next stintonthe



Monday’sgame was against Waitaki Boys’ High School, with Lisa saying

that inthe first quarter College’s defence was lacking, with Waitaki Boys’

scoring first. However, that got the team motivated and on track, gaining

controlfor the majorityofthe game. Theteamwas abit unlucky by gifting

Waitakiagoal but,overall,College had astrong attack whichwas reflectedin

the final 4-3 scoretoAshburtonCollege. In quarters 2-4 College maintained

their one goal lead.

Zane Cameron was awarded the College team’s Player of the Match

for ahard work rate, being in front ofhis opponent and creating several

opportunitieswith the team scoring from one of these.

On Tuesday the team had astrong first and second quarter, with the half

time score3-1 to Roncalli College.

However, the strength and size ofthe opposition was evident throughout

the second half, albeit the College team held their own often and played

well throughout the entiregame. The full-time scorewas 6-1 to Roncalli.

Archie Glanville was our Player of the Match, playing well and making

manysavesthroughout the game.

Wednesday brought awin over St Kevin’s College. In the first quarter

AshColl scored quickly, working as a team, and communicating well.

Unfortunately that left one of the St Kevin’s players unmarked, from which

they scored in the last 10 seconds of the quarter.

During the second quarter College stepped uponattack, created more

opportunities and applied pressure, scoring directly in front ofthe goal.

St Kevin’s defence inthe second half was strong but College held them off

forthe remainingthree quarters,for a2-1 win.

Tim Connelly-Whyte was our Player ofthe Match, having shown great


Result – this meant the team finishedsecond-placed in Pool B, from the

four teams.

Semi-final play on Thursday

This was played against Papanui High School, who were second-placed

in Pool C.

Lisa said the team startedoffslowly,but were first to score. This wasfollowed

by many opportunities but Papanui’s goalie was outstanding and stopped

manyofour shots. However,the scorestayedat1-0 to Collegeathalftime.

Papanui then scored early in the 3rd quarter and again inthe 4th, but that

wasdisalloweddue to it beingoffthe back of stick.

This brought the game toa1-all draw at full time, and into the nervewracking

penalty shot process which, excitingly and due to exceptional

keeping from Archie Glanville, resulted in a3-1 victory to College.

Player of the Match went to Lachie Jemmett for his determination

throughout the game.

Finals Play on Friday

This wasagainst St Peter’sCollege, playing for5th or 6th placing.

In this game St Peter’s scored twice, and quickly, inthe third and sixth

minutesofthe firstquarter. Although forthe rest of thegame, College had

the majority of possession and plenty of opportunities, they were just not

able to score. Another twogoals by St Peter’sinthe finalquartergave them

a4-0 win.

(Pictured right) in the game against

St Peter’s (clockwise from No 2

College player): TomRosevear,

Will Rollinson, SamOrr and

Braden Luxton.

Riley Harris was our Player of

the Match, for giving his all in

this game and throughout the

tournament, always running hard

and never giving up.

AshburtonCollege’s TournamentMost Valued Playerwas

Goal Keeper ArchieGlanville.

Local news at www.starnews.co.nz Ashburton’s The Courier, Thursday 19 September 2019, Page 21

Ashburton College

Individual Excellence in aSupportive Learning Environment


Issue 31

19 September 2019


Boys’1st XI Hockey,9th placed

This team played inthe Johnson Cup tournament held in Invercargill from

02-06 September.

Team members were Cole Aitken, Connor Allan, Cole Beeman,

Jed Cameron, Ryan Geeson, Jacob Gray, Ryan Maslin, Jonty Small,

Harry Soal, Dante Vannini, Henry Wallis, William Wallis, Ethan Walsh,

Reece Watson, Todd White, Zac White; with Coach Tom Walkham and

ManagerJason Vannini.

Opening Day onMonday 02September held two games. The game

against Nelson College wasdescribedbyJason as quiteopen, with Nelson

having anumber of chances in the first two quarters, including six short

corners which were denied by JacobGray in goal,with good supportfrom

Cole Beeman. Thehalf-time scorewas 0-0.

In the third quarter Ashburton got up the field abit more but could not

manage to forceacorner and again had to defend anumber of shots at goal

which they did successfully.The fourth quarterwas more of the same,with

some greatdefence and acouple of breaks from AshburtonCollege but not

quiteable to be finished off. Consequently the final scoreremained at 0-0.

The game against Cashmere High School saw Cashmere come out with

hardflat passes,findingspacetoslotagoal home in the first quarter.

In the second quarter they scored another early on, but College defended

resolutely for the rest of the half, with Jonty Small doing particularly well

at holding them out. The third quarter was quite even with Cole Aitken

nearly scoring off agreat pass from Jed Cameron. However, Cashmere

scored another goal to make it 3-0 at the end of the thirdquarter. Thefourth

quarterwas quiteevenagain, with the only real highlight being agreat save

off apenaltystroke by JacobGray to keep the final scoreat3-0.

Tuesday’sgame wasagainst Mt Roskill Grammar School, who were also

without awin at thatstage.Aclosely-foughtfirst quarter, with neither side

having manychances at goal,finished at 0-0.The second quarterwas similar,

with both sides missing an opportunitytoscore,but Mt Roskill opened the

scoring in the twenty ninth minutewith awell-taken fieldgoal to bring the

scoreto0-1 at halftime.

Ashburton College came out strongly in the third quarter with HarrySoal

scoring from apenalty corner in the thirty fourth minute. Although a

Mt Roskill player received ayellow card shortly afterward, AshColl was

unable to capitalise on having an extraman.

In the final quarterboth sides had chances,but neither wasable to convert,

so the thirdquarter scoreremained, with thegame finishing as a1-all draw.

On Wednesday the team played Otago Boys’High School. Acouple of

positional changes were made, with Cole Beeman moving to Centre Back

and Zac White up to half tostrengthen more forward play. Improved

marking in the first partofthe quarterkept Otago Boys out,until adeflection

into the goal midway through the quarter. The balance ofthe quarter saw

playsee-sawbackwardsand forwarduntil Otago Boys’scoredwith the last

playofthe quartertomake it 2-0.

This score held throughout quarters two and three despite AshColl

coming out strongly in the third quarter with some good runs forward by

ReeceWatson and Todd White, and some nice touches by Connor Allan

on the left wing. AshColl pushed forward inthe fourth quarter but was

unable to find the back of the net. Some good defence byRyan Geeson

helped keep Otago Boys scoreless and contributed to what was probably

the strongest half of hockey to this point.

Wednesday’s Game 2was against Waimea College, amust-win game if

the team was tofinish inthe middle of the pool. However Waimea started

strongly with agoal in the first quarter offadeflection inthe circle and

finished the quarter 1-0 ahead. After an even second quarter, the third

quarter AshColl attacked again and scored agood goal by Todd White in

the thirty eighth minutetofinish the quarterat1-1.

Both teams pressed forward for the winning goal in the last quarter with

Waimea achieving this with five minutes to go, with 2-1 to Waimea being

the final score.

Thursday’s play brought the start of the lower three teams Round Robin

playwith College drawnagain Invercargill’s James Hargest High School.

College made some changes with Todd White moving into goal and

JacobGray to Centre Back.James Hargest startedstrongly and scored after

twominutes,offapenaltycorner.However,College responded aftereleven

minutes with awell-taken goal by Harry Soal to make the score 1-1. The

second quarter saw Cole Aitken score agoal to have College leading 2-1

at halftime.

College was denied two goals in the third quarter due to the ball just not

travelling outside the circle at aPenalty Corner, and starting play too early

while an opposition playerwas being green carded!

In the fourth quarterJames Hargest scored again and the game finished 2-2

to bring up the team’s thirddrawofthe tournament.

Friday brought awin, against Waimea College. This was are-match,

against Waimea College,tofinalise positions 9-11 at the tournament.

Jason said that College was determined not to lose again, having come so

closelast time. The team startedstrongly with agoal by Ethan Walsh after

onlytwo minutes.College continuedtodominate and Jonty Small made a

good run into the circle and slotted another goal to bring the score to2-0

at end of first quarter.

The second quarter was more even with both sides just missing two good

chances each but no scores eventuated. The 3rd and 4th quarters were

both quiteopen, and some good goalkeepingbyTodd White anddefence

by William Wallis kept Waimea out, and allowed for agood end to the

tournamentwhich finished with a2-0 win to AshColl.

Most Valuable Player forAshColl wasHarrySoal.

Junior Girls’ ABasketball –12th PlaceFinish

This team competed from 30August–04 September in the Basketball New

Zealand Secondary Schools’Junior Premiership (Zone 4) in Dunedin, with

fifteen other teams in their grade.

Gameresults were -

Wins against Kaiapoi High School (81-68) and Riccarton High School (58-

48). The team’s losses came at the hands ofMiddleton Grange (46-57),

Otago Girls’High School (56-27), TaieriCollege (111-59) and RangiRuru Girls’

School (60-80).

Manager Kate Williams said the team had three players who weren’t

available for this tournament with Irish David, Jazz Surridge, Denise Jerao

and EJ Pierce all having leftthe team during the season.

However, three players from the BTeam stepped into the breach, fitting into

the team well. The ATeam thanked them forhelping out so positively. These

threeplayers were Chinatsu Hunt, Claudia Thomas and LauraWinchester.

Team members were

(pictured right, back row,



MaePatterson, EvaKelly,

Claudia Thomas,

Lily Williams,Taryn Douglas

(Coach and former student).

(Front row,lefttoright):

Chinatsu Hunt, Deborah Muchiri, CharlotteWatson, Amelie Robertson,

RileyTindall.KateWilliams and Carmen TindallwereTeam Managers.

Senior Girls’ ABasketball –13th PlaceFinish

This team played inthe AA Secondary Schools’ Premiership Zone 4Girls

TournamentheldinNelson from 04-07 September.

Team Manager Michelle Adams said that the girls played hard throughout

thetournament, but starting in atoughpool made ahigher outcome more

challenging. However, some amazing basketball was played with players

putting heartand soul into their games.

Michelle said, for the team, finishing 13th from sixteen teams was alittle

hard totake, but they also realise they are anew and young team and the

experienceofthistournament will stand them in good stead forthe future.


Theteam gained three wins –against Papanui High School(61-59),

St Margaret’s College (61-57) and an increased winningscore over Papanui

High School at finals

time (66-43).

Their losses were

against RangioraHigh

School (71-50), Rangi

Ruru Girls’School (78-

31) and

Avonside Girls’High

School (60-44).

Theteam (pictured


right): RandallAnderson,(Coach), SamTuck,Tessa Thompson,

Sophie Adams,Mae Patterson,Cathleen Anderson,Michelle Adams

(Manager). (Front row, lefttoright): Julie Mushonga, Alena Patterson,

NinahTeves,ToriKelland,Ella Pearson.

Junior Boys’Rugby –Under 15 Rural LivestockTournament

Held in Christchurch from 02-04 September, this twenty five team event

proved to be atough call for AshColl. However to put outcomes into

perspective, three of the losses were competitive and within striking


Coach Vaughan Matheson said thatthe boys startedthe tournamentoffon

the first daywith twoveryclose losses to the High Schools of South Otago

(24-17) and Lincoln (42-34). Vaughan said the team improved alot in the

second game on attack,but defensively leaked toomanypoints.

The second day started with amuch improved performance versus avery

strong DarfieldHigh Schoolteam, eventually losing 28-22. However, injuries

and fatigue led to acomprehensiveloss against Waimea College (42-5).

On the final day the team gained a14-all draw against Roncalli College

before finally earning amuch-deserved win against Rangiora High School

(19-14) to finishin13thplace.

Although frustratedwith the three close losses the coaches were happywith

the players’efforts and, with the team being ayoung one, all are looking

forward tonext year’s tournament and benefitting from the experience

gained this year.

Team members were - Josh Dunlea (Captain), Jackson Adcock,

Semisi Balenaisa, Byron Breen, Brodie Burrowes, Pedro Collins,

Blair Donaldson, Joseph Fakataha, Sabastyan Finn, Charlie Galbraith,

Bailey Gleeson, Anthony Gola, Izayih Harris, Fletcher Hobbs, Oliver Hobbs,

Iolama Iolama, Fononga Lisala, Dontae Mamapomisa, Sonny McMillan,

Ivana Milo, Angus Stewart, Pevelise Taeauga,

Tuvale Tuvale,LaurenceVan Zeyl.

Team Management was Vaughan Matheson

and Jacob Sutton as Coaches; and Sarah

Parker (in her last fixture for College before

transferring to Mt Hutt College), as Manager.

(Pictured right): Izayih Harriscatching theball in the lineout.Ready to

receivethe ball is Charlie Galbraith, while Joseph Fakataha re-enters the

field afterthrowing the ball into the lineout.

Girls’ 1st XI Football -GarySowden Football Tournament,

13th Placed

The Ashburton College Girls’ 1st XI set off to Tournament inTimaru with

the main goal to finish higher than the team did last year.They knew this

was going to be achallenge as the team had several new players and the

build-up to Tournamentwasn’tasgood as planned due to some injuries and

personnel changes.

Results -

Day1:Theteam’s first game was against Papanui High School. This game

proved to be abig wake-up call and at half-time the team was down 5-nil.

However, after astrong team talk at half-time, the girls turned it around in

the second half only letting in one moregoal.

The second game on day one was against Kāpiti College, another strong

football school.The girls battled hard inthe first half, going in at half time

nil-all. However, they struggled towards the end of the second half, going

down 3-nil.

Day 2:The team’s final pool game was against Dunstan High School, a

very close game in which they went down 1-nil.

In the team’s favour their pool wasverystrong,asboth Papanui High School

and Kapiti College finished the tournamentin3rd and 4th positions.


The team played-off for 13th and 14th against Mountainview High

School, a team which had beaten them twice in the Timaru league, so they

knew they wereupfor atough final.

However, Luke said the girlsplayedwith real grit and determination and at

full-time the game was drawn at 1-1. The game then went into apenalty

shoot-out. The girls kept their cool and won 3-1 on penalties to take the

13th spot.


Thesenior girlsofthe team were real standouts during the week,leading by

example both and off the field forthe younger membersofthe team. After

the final it was abittersweet moment for Year 13 student Amy Pearson

playing in her last game forthe schoolafter fiveyears in the team. Luke said

thatshe isaskilled striker who will be hardtobereplaced.

Theteam (pictured below, back row, lefttoright):




Jane Cribb,


Renee Wairepo,

Jessalene Eclipse.

(Front row,

left to right):


Gemma Taylor,



Lauren Taylor,

Chloe Johnson, AmyPearson.

Southern Tour Cycling

Held in Blenheim from 30 August-Sunday 02September College Manager

Michelle Davidson said asmall team of two students - Oliver Davidson

and Ethan Titheridge –travelled to ‘sunny’ Blenheim for two days of very

competitiveracing. Unfortunately Maddi Lowryhad to missthe event due

to illness.

Oliver,at17years 6months,was racing in the Under 20 boys’section; while

Ethanraced in the Under 17 age group.

Thefirst daywas held at Seddon, with acool starttothe daybut with sun

shining making forverypleasant racing conditions.


Oliver (pictured right) had an

excellent race in the Criterium,

executing avery strong attack in

the last lap to secureanimpressive

2nd place, while Ethan rode hard

all daywith good results.

On day two the sun was shining

again, and the day kicked off

with the Hill Climb; ashort-sharp

challenging Time Trial; followed

by the Road Race later in the


Oliver had another good race

finishing the Road Race in 4th place, and Ethan finishing acreditable


Michelle said that both boys had agreat weekend, with Ethan using the

eventtopreparefor his upcoming track season.

Other results were –

Oliver Davidson Individual Time Trial (4.34:650) 9th place

EthanTitheridge Individual Time Trial (4.57:64) 18th place

DayOne GeneralClassification results had Oliver at 5thequal and Ethan13th

Oliver Davidson Day2Hill Climb (3.14:73) 14th place

EthanTitheridge Day2Hill Climb (3:45:70) 22nd place

Oliver finished 6th overall in the General Classification placings in his

grade which was afantastic result, ashewas competing against avery

strong fieldofriders. Theboysraced in theirnew College kitwhich received

lots of compliments.

Page 22, Ashburton’s The Courier, Thursday 19 September 2019

Local Elections 2019


Meet your MayoralCandidates...

Local news at www.starnews.co.nz

*All profilesfeatured on these

pages arepaid advertisements

Forafull list of candidatessee

your election papers

Donna Favel

In 1998, my husband David

and Itook over the Regent

Theatre. My background

in administration, sales

and marketing –and his in

showmanship, was astrong

foundation to succeed. We

have worked tirelessly to

breathe new life into a

revamped business model


In 2010, Istood for Council and have since served nine

years,six as Councillorand three as Mayor.

After operating the Cinema for 21 years and

Council nine years, I can assure you there are

many similarities – always keep an eye on the

bottom line, seek out opportunities, work

Neil Brown

I am a born and bred

Ashburton family man,

having attended school

here, been married to Judy

for 27 years and raised

three children here. I’ve

lived and worked on farms

throughout the district all

my working life and have

business interests in our

towns. Asboth arural and

urban resident and ratepayer, Ihave the advantage of

understanding the unique issues facing each community.

Forthe past 15 years Ihaverepresentedresidents as both

arural and town councillor, with seven years as Chair of

the FinanceCommittee and three years as DeputyMayor.

collaboratively, beagile. Customer is king, serve them

well and listen to their needs.

Ihave been asked, what isthe role of Mayor. For meit

has been equalparts –Chairman of the Board, Advocate

forthe Communityand Cheerleader forthis outstanding

districtand the people.

In the absence ofanEconomic Development team, for

much of the term, Ihave assumed parts of that role. It

has provided me agreater exposure tobusiness and

particularly those looking to make Ashburton District

their new home –happytosharethe message, this is the

district ofopportunity.

Arecentsurveystatedthatthe AshburtonDistrict, is the

6th best placetodobusiness and 12th best placetolive

inNZ. We areworking to improve those rankings –Opuke

Hot Pools and The Southern Parallel Sports Campus

are two examples of improving “better place tolive”

while providing additional employment opportunities.

In my time as acouncillor, committee chairman and

DeputyMayor,Ihaveoverseen some very large projects,

always ensuring a watchful eye on using ratepayers’

money wisely. Council has some big projects ahead

and we need asteady hand to ensure common sense

prevails over our spending. We can afford toenhance

our communityfacilities in afinancially prudentway and

keep the rates affordable.

Iamcampaigning on the basis of “Uniting Town and

Country”. We are at heart a rural community, with

prospering towns throughout Ashburton District that

benefit from thebuoyancyofthe agricultural sector. It is

important that our rural and urban residents appreciate

the fact that weeach have apart toplay inmaking

AshburtonDistricttruly one of the best places to live.

I want to help bridge the gap in understanding

between urban and rural residents over the care ofthe

environment and the state of the rivers. Ashburton can

While announcements of Allenton School, Ashburton

Intermediate and College refurbishments, new Library

and Civic Centre, upgraded Rakaia Reserve,business case

funding for Ashburton Second Bridge, CBD Upgrades

also add to that. My desire for the Ashburton District

Council, istoberecognised as an enabler. If we can just

get of their way, the peopleofthis district have the ability

to achieve greatness.

I have worked tirelessly and am proud of many

achievements in my firsttermasMayor,but let me share

just four (1) Ihave led Council to progress several long

term projects (2) We have done so collaboratively and

mainly with little contention (3) Consultation has been

well prepared,and yetwehave still been open to change

(4) Ashburton has made National Headlines for the right


-Authorised by Donna Favel, 32Wakanui Road, Ashburton


take pride in having some of the most innovative and

environmentally sound farmingpractices in NZ and some

of the best rivers in the country. Iwant tobring country

and townspeopletogethersowecan understandwhat’s

important toeveryone.Weall depend on each other for

economic prosperity, environmental sustainability and


Iamrunning for Mayor so Ashburton District will have

the most consistent, stable and positive leader it needs

for its future as Ihave the most council experience ofall

the candidates. Idolisten to the public and take action

when necessary; after hearing the public’s view about

the East Street fountain moving, Isuccessfully had this

decision overturned and the fountain will stay where

it is. With meas your Mayor, you can be confident that

AshburtonDistrictwillbeingood,steady and safehands.

-Authorised by Neil Brown, Mitcham Rd,Ashburton


Leen Braam

It has been a privilege

being acouncillor for the

last term; three years spent


and learning. I now feel

ready to take the next step

and serve this community

as Mayor.

Born in the Netherlands,the

family values of honesty,

loyaltyand respectfor others aremyguiding principles.

Mid Canterbury became home in 1982, and Lianne and

Ihave enjoyed raising our family here, joining many

community groups. Sports, church, theatre and music

continue to enrich our lives and those of our children and


The skills and attributes Iuse in my business are also

Tony Todd

We arefortunate to liveina

wonderful part ofthe best

countryinthe world.

Ihave lived here all my life,

working, listening toyour

comments asaretailer (54

years) and friend. Now I

have the opportunity tobe

your voiceand civic leader.

Iwill make sure your voice

is BETTER represented

in Council. Whether it’s our roads, social services and

amenities, orrevitalizing our town centre, Ican make a


My roles in Jaycee (am aSenatorofJaycee International),

Rotary (Past President), Ashburton Licensing Trust (30

years,the last 12 years as President), made aLifemember

usefulinmyrole as councillor. Landscapedesigners need

vision, and to be able to think clearly and strategically.

They must listen, mediate and interpret. These skills are

also important toamayor, who takes everyone’s views

into account while retaining along term vision for the

district. My clients have come from all walks of life and

resided throughout the whole district, givingmeagood

understanding of the issues facing rural and urban


Ienjoy giving back to the community and Lianne and I

have worked on many projects with schools, churches

and other community groups.

Governance roles with Ashburton College, Tinwald

School,the Tinwald ReservesBoard, have helpeddevelop

strategic and leadership skills. The Tinwald Domain and

Holiday Park re-development and the building ofthe

new Lodge have been ReservesBoardhighlights.

Much is said about central governmentrestrictions,but to

of NZLTA in 2018 gives methe confidence tolead this


My Policies: The Lake Hood Cycle Track. Let’s create a

landscaped sealed track. Council should invest more

around the lake, tocomplete all projects. The Lake gets

230,000 visitors ayear.It is ajewel in our crown.

The Town Centre Redevelopment and upgrade of our

CBD isunder way. Council must work with landowners/

developers to incentivise redevelopment. Council has a

responsibilitytoensurewehave avibrant CBD

I support a 4 lane Highway from Ashburton to

Christchurch. Do it once. Do it right.

Iamkeen to see the proposed traffic lights in Tinwald

brought toapositive conclusion. The process has been


The Ashburton Business Park is asuccessful project. We

need to work with NZ Rail to shiftthe “shunting yards” to

the Park. Ifneeded, create and promote anInland Port

make this districtthe best it can be,wemust concentrate

on the things we can change.

MidCanterburyisahidden gem and by working together

we can make it even better. This vibrantcommunityisfull

of good people working hard tohelp each other. Their

generosityand co-operativespirit needstobesupported

by council.

Iamstanding for mayor because Iamastrong leader

committed to the whole district. Iofferclear,independent

thinking and adetermination to utilise the strengths of

all councillors and communityleaders

As mayor, Iwould strive tostrengthen infrastructure

and encourage economic growth, unite the district by

bridging the rural/urban divide, and focus on community

well-being. Iwould not come with agendas or affiliations,

but would bring common-sense and acommitment to

do my best forthe district.

-Authorised by Leen Braam, Maronan Road,Ashburton


thatwilltransformthe process forcompanies wishing to

export. Selwyn Districts I-Zone development made a$40

millionprofit.Wearelosing opportunities.

Council are significant stakeholders in the Eastfield

Development. Can Council be aconduit to make things

happen quicker? Funding is required for aHotel and/

or carparking. Should Council work alongside private

investors in apublic/private venture? Isay yes.

Our district has some valuable assets that weneed to

protect. One asset, EA Networks, worth somewhere

around $300 million dollars, is vulnerable in certain

circumstances, for that value to slip into ownership

outside our district. Iwillinvestigate options tostop this


Ashburtondeservesafully funded Information Hub that

benefits locals and visitors alike. Fully trained staff, on

East Street.The Hub,open forbusiness again.

Together we can do this.

~Authorised by Tony Todd 62 Winter Street Ashburton 2205645


Local news at www.starnews.co.nz Ashburton’s The Courier, Thursday 19 September 2019, Page 23

Local Elections 2019


*All profilesfeatured on these

pages arepaid advertisements

Meet your DistrictCouncil AshburtonWardCandidates



I am Thelma Bell, an

experienced first term

councillor. Currently, Iam

the first and only Filipino

born councillor within the

Local Government NZand

Justice ofthe Peace. Iam

proud that Ashburton has

been my home for more

than 30years.Myfaith is an importantpartofwho Iam.

Igraduated inthe Philippines with aBachelor of Science

Degree in Nutrition and Dietetics and in NZ with aGraduate

Diploma in Teaching and Learning. Iamamother, awife,

ateacher and acommunity leader who believes in the

true value of volunteering and immersing myself in local

communityactivities and events.

As a councillor, I am grateful for all the knowledge

and experiences I have gained. The opportunities of

connecting with people and assisting our constituents has

been tremendous.

My campaign is about “Integrating Cultures and

Strengthening Unity”. Ibelieve Ihave represented the

Ashburton community well, including the ethnic and

migrant communities of our district.

Recently,Ivisited the Philippines and had the opportunity

to showcase what our district offers. Government

agencies, private businesses and education providers

were interested in our agricultural products and tourist

attractions. I believe that there are potential business

opportunities between Ashburtonand Philippines.

-Authorised by Thelma Bell,

50 Middle Road,Ashburton




It has been a privilege

and education to be

a councillor for the

last three years, and

immensely satisfying to

see progress on the CBD

redevelopment, Civic

Centre plans and the

preservation of the Chinese Settlement.

Born in the Netherlands,the family values of honesty,

loyalty and respect for others were instilled in me at

an early age and continue to guide me.

Mid Canterbury became our home in 1982, and

Lianne and Ihave enjoyed raising afamily here and

being apart ofmany community groups. Sports,

church, theatreand music continue to enrich our lives

and those of our children and grand-children.

Working as a self-employed landscape designer

requires vision, the ability to listen and interpret,

clear thinking and problem solving skills. These

qualities and skills have helped me be an effective,


Community Governance roles with Ashburton

College, Tinwald School and the Tinwald Reserves

Board, combined with aterm asCouncillor helped

develop strategic thinking and leadership skills and

increase my communityknowledge.

Your vote for mewill befor commitment, honesty,

inclusiveness, integrity, openness and commonsense.

I bring no agendas or affiliations, just a

determination to do my best forthe district.





It would be aprivilege

to work for the people

of Ashburton. I grew

up in the Eiffelton

farming community

and attended school

in Ashburton, followed

by studying pharmacy

at Otago University.

I also have a postgraduate business degree from

Canterbury University. I have strong connections

to the area. My mother lives here, my sister teaches

locally and my brother still farms at Eiffelton —this is

my home town.

Sincebecoming involved in AllentonPharmacynearly

20 years ago, many people have shared their desires

forAshburtontoimprove andprosper in the future. I

want to be partofacouncil to make those ambitions


If elected, my priorities will be the core business of

council -providing infrastructure services. Roading,

footpaths and traffic management, andalso ensuring

aqualityrobust watersupply forthe futureare vitally

important. Of course we need to ensure the CBD

space isfitfor purpose. Iwould like to see it more

attractive with free parking. Clearly, atown our size

needs an informationcentre.

First and foremost Ashburton isour town. Let’s keep

moving forward and make it an even better place to


-Authorised by CarolynCameron,

67 Harrison Street,Ashburton




I am proud to call

Ashburton home and Iam

embracing the chance to

represent the Ashburton

ward by standing in this

election. Iampassionate

about people and

committed to doing what

I can to lift the profile

of the area, so it continues to thrive and deliver on the

opportunities thatthe region and its people offer.


crayfishing and the tourism sectors and am atrained

nurse.Currently IworkasanOfficeManagerand believeI

would bring araftoftransferable skills to the council table

that include governance experience inprivate enterprise,

recreational groups and the educational sector. Isupport

arespectful, collaborative, common sense approach to

problem solving and promise afresh perspective with

an open-mind and transparency toanything Icommit

to. Ihave astrong sense of integrity with acharismatic

approach to lifeingeneral.

Ican’t promise all the answers but can promise awell

informed and pragmatic approach to dealing with issues

thataffect our community. Avotefor me will be avotefor

fiscal prudence, community engagement, and abig tick


~Authorised by Rochelle Castle-Wilson,

19 Manchester Street,Tinwald,Asbhurton




It’s important the

Ashburton District continues

to grow and

prosper. That requires

a Council showing

responsible leadership

and someone around

the Council table to ask


For over 40years Ihave run asuccessful accounting

business employing people in our town, helping

local businesses and community groups succeed. I

have extensive governance and financial experience

serving on the board ofIHC, one of New Zealand’s

largest charities, and held national roles with the


As your local Councillor,I’ll focus on: Keeping alid on

rates; everydecision Council makes comes with acost

straight from your pocket. Council has an obligation

to spend your money wisely. Quality infrastructure;

ensuring wise investmentinthe critical infrastructure

Ashburtonneeds. Responsible governance; focussing

on big issues rather than nonsensical discussions like

shifting the water feature.

I’ll work hard toensure projects like the civic centre

and libraryare delivered on time and on budget rather

than see another Council funded blow-out.Ihavethe

practical experiencetoask the hardquestions around

the Council table.

Avote for John Falloon for the Ashburton Ward isa

vote to get the basics right.

-Authorised by J. Falloon,

208 Havelock Street,Ashburton




As part of Ashburton

community, with

higher rates and more

council debts, it is

time to ask what extra

services or value we

have received to date.

Issues on closing I-site,

moving water feature,

complaints about tidiness of the town, path and

road maintenance, plan to move bowling green, and

manydecisions thathavenot been properly thought

through is very costly to community.

There isaneed for tangible change in council where

robust discussions and inputs from public should take

place before debating, discussing and deciding.This

process can happen in aharmonious and positive


We need to build on what past generations have

provided,for asafer and moresustainable future. Iam

standing for council to ensure you enjoy living here

receivingthe value and servicesyou deserve.

Sensible budgeting, minimising debt, creating

opportunities, enliven the Central Business district,

pushing government for better standard ofroading

on national level, extending activities for families are

all on my agenda.

There isanurgent need of astrong team in council

adopting affordable solutions for the best decisionmaking,

ensuring project funding is timely with

minimal rate rises. Leadership, communication,

understanding and experiencewill build our future.

~Authorised by Angus McKay,

18 TaurangiRoad, Ashburton



Page 24, Ashburton’s The Courier, Thursday 19 September 2019

Local Elections 2019



Local news at www.starnews.co.nz

*All profilesfeatured on these

pages arepaid advertisements


Selwyn Richard


I am a sitting councilor

seeking re-election. My

reputation is for hard-work

in the community, and

being well-prepared for


As Deputy Chair of

the Service Delivery

committee, I believe my

detailed knowledge in this area will be invaluable to

council going forward.

Iamknown as someone “who gets the bigger pictureand

who’s not afraid to stand up and be counted –for all the

right reasons.” For example, Ispoke out over the decision

to not grant access to the St John’s ambulance service,

which wassubsequently revoked.

Istrongly advocate forcouncil to listentothe community.

I meet the community face-to-face and communicate

online, attending four hundred events annually, and

posting daily on my Facebook page.

Voterdecisions in this year’s election arecrucial.Ashburton

Ward has seen their rates goupyear-on-year at ahigher

percentage than elsewhere. It is vital voters consider who

will best representtheirviewsaround the council table.

Ihave astrong social conscience and integrity, and vote

according to clear principles and shared values.

Having promoted the Four Wellbeings approach to

decision making, Iamuniquely placed to help guide our

communityinto this new phase of local government.

~Authorised by Selwyn Price, 72 AlbertStreet,Ashburton


Rodger John


I have lived in the

AshburtonDistrictall my


Born at Rakaia and

educated at Lauriston

Primaryand Timaru Boys

High Schools where I

boarded at Thomas


After leaving school Ireturned to the family farm at

Lauriston where I farmed in partnership with my


During that time, Iwas involved and took leadership

positions in anumber of community organisations

including School Committees, Young Farmers

Clubs, Federated Farmers, Jaycees, Lions, Mt Hutt

Board ofGovernors and National Sheep Breeding

Organisations. Iam currently President Elect ofthe

RotaryClub of Ashburton.

In the 1980’s climatic and financial conditions forced

achange of direction and regretfully we lost the

farm. Since 1988 Ihave been in business as aRural

Real Estate Agent within the Ashburton District and

further afield and Ifeel the time is nowrighttoreturn

something to this community that has served meso


Ibelieve Ihave anunderstanding of both Rural and

Urban living and business and Iamafirm believer

thatweare all in this same boattogether.

Iammarried to Yvonne and we have three adult sons

and three grandchildren.

-Authorised by Rodger Letham,

7Filey Place, Ashburton





Having now served one term as

an AshburtonDistrictCouncillor,

I willingly and enthusiastically

offer myself forre-election.

I wish to continue with my

strong interest in local and wider

Governance. This has been a

progressivetermsince2016, and

we have commenced several important projects which

have been in the pipeline formanyyears.

Ihave been the DeputyChairperson of the Environmental

Services Committee, and Chairperson of two Working

Groups – these being the Urban Roading Working

Group, and the Town Centre Working Group. I have

also participated inmany other committees of council. I

believe that Ihave involved myself not only in council

matters, but reached out into the community which was

one of my goals.

Iamfriendly,honest and open minded,with the abilityto

listen well,look at both sides of an issue,and give positive

direction. Itry to adopt agood common sense view of

all the information that comes before councillors, and be

awareofthe effects on rates when we aresetting budgets

and Long Term plans.

Representing our community isvery important tome,

and we need aCouncil thatcan be transparent, open, and

working forthe good of our community.

~Authorised by Diane Rawlinson, 9MapleLane,Ashburton



I have put forward my

nomination for Western

Ward Councillor for a

second term.

My key roles this term

have been chair of Road

Safety and chair of the

Safer Ashburton Safe

Communities steering

group, who achieved asafe communities’ accreditation

earlier this year.

Ihave also been akeen member of the project control

group for the civic centre and Library building as well

as contributing to general council business and group


Iamapproachable, and down to earth. Ilike to know the

facts beforeImakedecisions and feel thatcommon sense

is key.

What’s importanttomenextterm? As amum of twoschool

aged children Ibelievethe continued improvementofour

district for this and future generations is key. Ifgiven the

chance Iwill ensure the new build stays on track, roading

and road safety remains high priority, continuing the safe

communities work, and maintaining a good working

connection between Council, Reserve Boards and Hall


Iamcommitted to our district and wish to see itmoving

forwardinthe best waypossible.

With nine years’experience onthe Methven Community

Board, and threeyears on Council IknowIhavethe energy

and knowledge to continue with asecond term.

-Authorised by EAMcMillan, 29 SpaxtonStreet Methven





Vote Evan Chisnall for



Proud Farmer, Listening

to Ratepayers, Responsible


Strong Governance

I’m a51year old fifthgeneration

farmer from

Hinds, who has been married for 27years with two

adult sons. Educated inthe Ashburton area then

Lincoln University. We have been farming for 27

years,13years ago we convertedtodairying.Wehave

grown our operation and now have farms in Hinds,

Ruapuna and Mt Somers. Contract milker’s allow

me to pursue my passion for our community and its


For the last 3years Ihave been adirector ofMHV

Wateralso ashareholder of BCI Irrigation

I’m able to think outside the square and have firsthand

experience in running my own business,

personally overseeing developments and working

with my team of staff and contractors. I understand

the importance ofhaving adistrict that has strong

economic and long-termplans.

If electedIwould:

Actively listen and advocate formyconstituents.

Be aprudent custodian of Mid Canterbury’s hardearned

rates, making sure weget value for money

and equityofresources.

Usemybusiness and governance experiencetobuild

asustainable future.

Ihumbly ask foryour vote.

-Authorised by Evan Chisnall,Hinds Arundel Rd,Ealing

Eastern Ward



Your Rural VoiceWorking

for Both Town and


Hi I am Lynette Lovett

and I am seeking a

second term on Council.

I have the ability,

energy and will work

collaboratively for the

best outcome for the Ashburton district togrow and

exceltobeadesirable placetolive, work and play.

Iamproud to be living on our Arable family farm of

four generations in the Eiffelton district, which gives

me agood grounding on the agricultural industryand

rural communities.

As a district we need to renew the connection

between townand country, thatoverrecenttimes has

been eroded.

My interests and volunteering are, County Lions,Civil

Defence, Red Cross, past President ofAshburton A&P

Association, Garden Club, Women in Arable, Rural

Women and FederatedFarmers.

In my current tenure within the Council I have

not been afraid to make hard decisions or in

some cases support aretraction after listening to

ratepayers, whom are fearful of continued increases.

I look forward to being part of the future

Council to continue with the governance role

and the ongoing projects and developments.

Ithriveonachallenge and Iamherefor all Ashburton


-Authorised by LynetteLovett,4RdAshburton




Local news at www.starnews.co.nz Ashburton’s The Courier, Thursday 19 September 2019, Page 25

Local Elections 2019


Eastern Ward

*All profilesfeatured on these

pagesare paidadvertisements



A fifth generation

Ashburtonian” with a

diverse experience in

Employment , Business

and Farming.

Iamof58years of age,

one of the younger

standing councillors and

bring adiverse business skill set to the council table

but Ibelieve that mybeing local and community

minded with an ability to listen are my greatest

assets Ihavetoofferyou.Inthe past Ihaveheld many

leadership roles in the community and am presently

president ofthe Rakaia Lions club which Ienjoy the

fellowship and serviceprojects they do forthe locality.

With the experience ofthe last three years as your

councillor Ihave seen many new projects started

in this district and Iwish to see them to fruition

as your voice oncouncil in the district that makes

us all proud to call ourselves “Ashburtonians”.

Philip Arthur


My name is Philip Rushton,

having lived in Mid

Canterbury all my life, I

now put my name forward

forthe EasternWard.

My community involvementincludes

Rakaia Lions

Club, Jaycees, Rugby and

Squash clubs and other communityservice.

Our Rushton family have along history ofcommunity

involvement inthe Ashburton district and Ipledge to

continue thattradition.

There are a number of issues impacting upon Mid

CanterburyIaminterested in exploring:

While dairyisjust arising from some major economic and

animal health issues the other sectors of our district are

doing very well.

Sheep and beef are onahigh, cropping is getting rising

prices and deer have been through averypositiveperiod.

Commercial developments in the districtare very positive

including our new Industrial park and new buildings in


Employmentisatahigh districtwise except forthe recent

Fairton works announcement meaning we need to see a

growthinalternativeemploymentoptions forthe district.

We need new sale yards for Mid Canterbury. Most other

regions arereestablishing their sale yards.

Affordable off farmwaterstorage as an alternativetoriver

takes which arecoming under increasing pressure.



Ihave lived my entire life

in the District, and have

served on the Ashburton

District Council for three

terms, two as Chairman

of the Service Delivery

Committee; I want to

continue to represent all

people of the District with

the same commitmentIhave shown in the past.

When voting on issues before the Council, I would

continue to speak out and vote for what Ibelieve will be

the best interests of the whole District, alwayswelcoming

comments from members of the community.

Seeking to improvethe conditions of the Districtroadshas

been something Ihave worked constantly for, NZTA has

granted the Council extra subsidy to be spent onroading

maintenance, so we can nowlook forwardtoimprovement

in pothole repairs.

Being the DistrictCouncil representativeonthe Ashburton

Water Zone Committee, Iam mindful of the need for the

Ashburton River to have a good environmental flow,

alwaysremembering thatthe wealth of our districtcomes

from the efficientuse of our plentiful waterresources.

I am always mindful of the rate burden discretionary

spending puts on ratepayers, so will do my best to

concentrate Councils priority on providing the core


-Authorised by Mark Malcolm,

196 WardsRoad,Chertsey,Ashburton




Born, raised and educated

in Ashburton, Ihave lived

and worked here my

entire life. My wife Emma

is equally proud to call

herself a local, and with

the recent arrival of our

daughter Iamenthusiastic

about continuing to offer

my skills for the benefit of the community she will grow

up in.

Having served athree-year term on the Trust, Ifeel the

knowledge and experienceIhave gained during this time

will add to the value of my contributions in this coming

term. Iseek support for re-election to continue with the

futuremanagementofthis organisation. If re-electedIwill

work to ensurethe Trust continues on its new investment

trajectory, and Trust assets continue as a long-term

producer of funds forthe community.

Irecently sold my successful business,KBPanel &Paint,to

focus on my other entities in the residential, commercial

and agricultural sectors locally.Mybusiness management,

decision making and leadership ability contribute tothe

balance of skills around the Trust table.

Iamproud of our community and have the energy and

drive required for this important position. It would be a

privilege to be electedwith your vote and support.

-Authorised by Kieran Breakwell,

Torbay AveHuntingdon, Rd 4Ashburton



-Authorised by Philip Arthur Rushton,

MainwaringsRd, Rakaia




RobertHarnett is atrue

local having been raised

in MidCanterbury, is wellknowntothe


wherehelives with his

wifeand three children.

He is aRegistered Valuer

and Real Estate/Property manager.

Roles at the DistrictCouncil Property,Wrightson’s and

Farmlands were managing Real Estate and stock and station


Thesubdivisions of Coniston, Riverside Industrial and

NurseryDrive and others were concluded.Recently the St

VincentDePaulrebuild,Racecourse developments and

subdivisions in other parts of the south island were/are


This is the perfect background to the current first term on

the ALT, whereproperty matters on buildings post-earthquake


Previous committee roles in rugbyand racing have been

wrapped up which allows independenceatboardlevel.

It has been aprivilege to be able to deliver faithfully

maintained assets and cash to the communitygroups in

our district.

~Authorised by RobertHarnett,

3Waterton Point, Ashburton



~Authorised by StuartWilson, Tarbottons Road,




Ioffermyself forafurther

term on the Trust, and

my passion for its ‘ideals’

remain very strong.

Having been aMember

for several years, and

seeing this Community

Asset trade through

some challenging times, and now changing to a

CommunityTrust has been aprivilege.

With your support itwould allow meto see the new

policy and process completed for the long term

advantages of Ashburton.

Iwas born,educatedand lived all my life in Ashburton,

and have never wished tolive any where else. Ihave

had alife time involvement inBasketball and other

Sports,both as aPlayerand an Administrator,aswell

as several other Communityorganisations.

As Chairman of theLion Foundation which distributes

funds from gaming machines,Isee the assistancethis

givesthe widerCommunityorganisations,assisting in

Education –Sport–Health –Art –CommunityEvents.

IrepresenttheTrust on the EventCentreManagement

Committee, andcurrently aretheir electedChairman.

Iamalso President of the Lions Club of Ashburton.

Having operated asuccessful business for 31years, I

offer my business skills, governance and leadership,

and being aTeam Member,and using my professional

skills of listening to theneeds of people,Ionceagain

humbly seek your support inthe long term future of

theTrust and contribution to the future projects and

events in Ashburton.

-Authorised by Roger Paterson,VictoriaStreet,





Page 26, Ashburton’s The Courier, Thursday 19 September 2019

Local news at www.starnews.co.nz

Local Elections 2019


Ashburton Trust

*All profilesfeatured on these

pages arepaid advertisements

ECAN Candidates



I’m an Ashburton

businesswoman running

Twentyfour Catering Co,

a successful wedding,

corporate and special

events catering company

since 2014, employing

a casual workforce of

around 15 local chefs

and wait staff. I was previously owner operator and

head chef of TwelveRestaurant&Bar.

Ireturned home to Ashburton 15years ago, after

living and working in New York and London, and am

now married to Irishman Damien Quinn, and have a

daughterBella, who attends AshburtonIntermediate


Iamseeking election to the Ashburton Licensing

Trust in order to start giving back to the community

that has always given to me. Iwould bring anew

fresh perspective, diversity and agenerational point

of difference tothe table, aswell akeen willingness

to collaboratewithand learnfromthose around me.

I’ve been heavily involved in charity work over the

years and continue to work closely with Ronald

McDonald House South Island.

If elected Iwould draw on all ofmyexperiences to

ensure the best interests of the wider Ashburton

community, and contribute to ensuring the

ongoing sustainability ofthe community for future


-Authorised by Chantelle Quinn,

274 WinslowWesterfield Road,Ashburton.

ECAN Candidates



Ian graduated BAgSci

and has a diversified,

irrigated, family farming

operation producing

grain, seeds, meat, wool

and milk at Eiffelton.

He has considerable

experience in governance

roles serving on

the boards of various businesses, charitable trusts

and communitygroups.

He served on the regional transport committee

and has a long involvement with water and the

environment. He has had various roles with Federated

Farmers, at regional and national level, and was

involved in developing the concept of “good farm


He served onthe Land and Water Forum, and on the

National Objectives Frameworks Reference Group

which populated the parameters for the National

PolicyStatementfor Freshwater.

He and his wife Diana are advocates for the

environment having protected and developed

wetlands at Akaunui which provide habitat for

Canterbury mudfish and other native fish and bird

species. The challenges of water quality, climate

change, transport infrastructure, urban expansion,

environmental protection and bio-diversityare interwoven,

complicated and serious. Finding solutions

requires intelligent and sensible debate supported

by communityinput.Ashburtonneeds avoiceonthe

regional council and Ian is well qualified to be that


-Authorised by I. Mackenzie,

902 Longbeach Road,Ashburton





Having served two

terms onthe Ashburton

Licensing Trust, I put

myself forward for reelection.

My thoughts are:

1. Ihavelearned alot over

the last two terms about

the hospitality industry,

its strengths,weaknesses,and threats.

2. Iappreciate the role thatthe Trust plays within Mid

Canterbury, and am committed to moving the Trust

forward, in order thatitcan supportour community.

3. The close ties that the Trust has with the Lion

Foundation is critical to our Community Trust model

moving forward. By having aLocal Grants Committee,

we have avehicle to distributewithin our community

$1.2 to $1.5 million per annum.

4. Ihave astrong desire tosee the process of change

be completed by the Trust’s incorporation into a

Community Trust, and the associated solidifying of

our investment policies and granting policies. That

will create aCommunity Trust that has a100 year

timeline,which can in turnmakesignificantgrantsto

the benefit of our communityonaninter-generational


Ithank youfor your support.

-Authorised by Chris Robertson, Miller Ave, Ashburton



It has been aprivilege to

represent Mid Canterbury

- Ashburton and Selwyn

Districts. Three years of

learning and experience,

and an Institute of

Directors governance

course, has enabled me to

bring effective, considered

decision making to the ECan table.

Through the Canterbury Water Management Strategy

portfolio, I’ve led the Selwyn River recharge programme,

advocated for the review of Ashburton River consents

allowing for adaptation and achieved the statutory

acknowledgement ofthe Hinds Drains working group


Iamstanding for reelection because not only have I

genuinely enjoyed myfirst term, Ifeel Ihave made avery

positive and real contribution. Iunderstand politics and

howtoengageinprocesses to achievethe best outcomes

possible in whatattimes arealmost no win situations.

Ibelieve that the combination of my 3years at Ecan, 32

years on the road as avolunteer ambulanceofficer,and life

time in rural communities has givenmeunique insightinto

environmental management issues and the process and

impact ofthese on both the community and individuals.

Avote for me will ensure aninformed and steady hand

remains at the council table,representing and advocating

forMid Canterbury.

~Authorised by John Sunckell,100 Caldwells Rd,Leeston





We could not be at a

more crucial time of

need for a practical

approach to issues

that confront usdaily –

degradation of water,

imbalanced biodiversity,

climate change, the

economic needs of

farmers,mahingakai, and more.

These issues desperately need our attention, yet

they cannot be solved overnight, or by simplistically

focusing on only one element of this complex

situation. We urgently need an integrated approach

thattakes us on atransition to anew wayoflivingin,

and sustaining,our environment.

For this reason, Iamstanding as acandidate for

the ECan Mid Canterbury –Ōpākihi region. Iwant

to play apart ofpreserving our environment for

future generations, while ensuring the changes

made still supportthe financial needs of our farming

communities. Ibelieve Ihave the experience and


Iamanentrepreneur and acommercial horticultural

farmer. Ihold aBachelor of Engineering degree and

am amember of the governmentadvisoryFreshwater

Leaders Group, the Selwyn-Waihora Water Zone

Committee and sit on multiple industry boards

including Vegetables New Zealand Inc, Horticulture

CanterburyGrowers Society, and NZGAP.

Vote fortangible and balanced action on waterissues,

vote forAllen Lim.

~Authorised by Allen Lim,

31 Lincoln Rolleston Road,Rolleston.



Environment Canterbury’s

recent declaration

of aclimate emergency

challenges the way we

live across the region.

Along with proposed

national standards for

freshwater and urban

development and the

upcoming review of the Regional Policy Statement

thereare manyissues to consider.

My nine years’ experience as a Selwyn district

councillor (2007 –2016), includes deputymayor (2010

– 2016), representation on regional committees,

qualifications as an RMA hearing commissioner,

active participation in local government locally and

nationally and abroad range of interests. Although

raised and currently living in arural area, Ihave also

livedinthe cityfor over tenyears so will work hardto


Other regional council issues to consider include

transportation, particularly the lack of public

transport across our region, air and water quality,

flood prevention and emergency preparedness, as

well as regional leadership and advocacy.

I’m asking for your support and in return will

continually strive for better, including building

knowledge and finding pathways with you. Other

than the volunteer work Iintend to continue, Ihave

no other business or employment interests so will

commit time and energy to the role as well as being

unbiased and uncompromised in my decision making.

-Authorised by SarahWalters,

143 Midhurst Road,RD1 Christchurch 7671



Local news at www.starnews.co.nz Ashburton’s The Courier, Thursday 19 September 2019, Page 27

Local Elections 2019


CDHB Candidates



I have thirty years’

hospital and health

sector experience and

chair the Board’sHospital


It is critical we

complete the rebuild of

Christchurch Hospital

and ensure it is large

enough tomeet Canterbury’s future health needs.

Other priorities include improving mental health

facilities and developing anew cancer centre, offering

awider range of treatmentoptions. Parking problems

at Christchurch Hospital need to be resolved urgently.

But just as importantare the health needs of our rural

communities. The future ofAshburton Hospital is

now very secure. Iamtotally committed to seeing

it develop further as acentre ofexcellence inrural


We are the Canterbury DHB, not the Christchurch

DHB. I understand the importance ofrural health

services,including rural mental health services. They

will continue to be frontand centre forme.

Ihavenolinkstoany political party -myinterest is in

healthcare, not politics. Iam prepared to commit fully

to this role and have the energy,experienceand work

ethic to representyou.

Iwould value your Number One vote.

Further information: www.andrewdickerson.co.nz

-Authorised by ADickerson,

34 ArahuraRoad,Canterbury

Do youwantyour advertising

to have




Pool ace passes on tips

Pool table stalwart Bruce

Argyle has spent the past

few weeks teaching the

skills of pool to students

from Mount Hutt

College who have chosen

the sport as awinter


His advice centres on

‘‘stance and cueing’’

which is something he’d

know; Bruce has been

playing billiards, then

pool, since he was 15.

He’s abit older and

wiser now, and enjoys

passing on skills and

sharing alaugh with the

students, who are all

boys, ranging from Year 9

to Year 11.

Other sport options for

the students during the

term have included

skiing, clay bird shooting,

mixed sports of squash,

badminton, tennis,

Tips on



Understanding the ins

and outs of Facebook

will be taught during two

sessions next week,

organised by Volunteering

Mid and South Canterbury.


Internal Affairs’s Julia

Cleland and Millie

McDonald, the workshopsare

for people who

volunteer or are managers

of volunteer roles.

The sessions will

include abasic workshop

to understand how to

post, schedule posts, set

up Facebook and other

social media and will run

from 10am tonoon.

The Advance

Facebooking Workshop

will expand on that

knowledge and runs

from 1pm to 3pm.

They are both on

Wednesday (September

25) at Community

House, 44 Cass Street,


Register by contacting


or phone (03) 3081237

ext 240, registrations

close Monday, September


Club news

netball and touch rugby.

But every Wednesday

afternoon during term

three, nine enthusiastic

students meet Bruce at

the Ashburton Club and

MSA for pool table


It’s apopular choice

for them, with many

returning in the third

term each year to

participate, including

Isaac Morrison who is in

his fourth year.

The sport offers social

interaction, co­ordination

and fine motor skills, all

with acompetitive outlet

and no alcohol involved.

Photo: Pool stalwart

Bruce Argyle (centre)

eyes up ashot under the

watch of students Isaac

Morrison (left) and

Corban Van Leerdam.

Survey paints a

positive picture

The 2019 YMCA

South &Mid

Canterbury Youth

Survey once again

paints amostly

positive picture and

its results are largely

consistent with

previous surveys.

Some 370 young

people, aged 12­24

years, from the


Mackenzie, Timaru

and Waimate districts

completed the 2019

online survey, the



survey of its kind by


YMCA marketing,


fundraising manager

Michele Keggenhoff

said one notable

difference in the

latest surveyresults

was who young

people say they would

turn to for help and

support during a

difficult time.

Though they still

would predominantly

turn to family/



dropped to 66% from

82% in 2017.

Willingness to seek

support from school

(27%), online

resources (17%) and

telephone helplines

(14%) have all

increased over prior

survey levels.

Mental health,

depression and stress

(64%) was citedas

the biggest health

issue foryoung

people, overtaking

alcohol (56%) for the

first time.

Youngpeople also

indicated deep

concern over the


climate change, water

quality and plastics as

their top

environmental issues,

said Michele


Social media usage

also was highlighted

in the survey results,

with Instagram(68%)

and Messenger (59%)

surpassing Facebook

(57%) as the most used

social media among

young people.

Some 21% of those

taking the survey

reported they spend

more than eight hours

each day using social

media or streaming

content from the


Well over halfof

survey respondents

(58%) would consider

a‘‘digital detox’’ in

order to reduce stress

and focus on real world

social interaction.

YMCA undertakes

the biennial survey as a

public service and

advocacy project aimed

at taking thepulse of

the district’s youth on a

range of topics.

The 42­question

survey focused on

attitudestowards the

four districts,

participation in various

activities, education

and career plans, and


The survey is fully

independent and

receives no funding.

Contactone of our

friendly advertising

consultants to arrange


thatcan give your

business aboost!

Jann Thompson

Phone (03) 308 7664

E: jann.thompson@ashburtoncourier.co.nz

Roselle Fuaso

Phone (03) 308 7664

E: roselle@ashburtoncourier.co.nz


Phone (03) 308 7664

E: karen.gane@ashburtoncourier.co.nz

Mid Canterbury Provincial

Rural Women

During August our

three branches held their

Annual General Meetings,

and Provincial

hosted their 87th Annual

Meeting. Marion Dent,

Pauline Hewson, Trish

Small, Marg Verrall and

Bev Bagrie were all

returned to their nominated


Guest speaker Toni

Sowman spoke of her

work within restorative

justice. Toni had spent 21

years as aPolice Officer,

and in 2014 moved into

restorative justice. A

most enlightening speaker.

Branchesare preparing

another 12 months packed

full of fun and friendship.

Anama, Lynnford and

Winchmore welcome new

women in our areas to

come along and join us.

Rural Women continue

to make avaluable

contribution inour Rural

Communities. For more

information please don’t

hesitate to call me,

Marion 3085954, your

call is valued.

Branches, Lynnford’s

August meeting was held

at Coldstream resthome,

with resident

member Pat McLaughlin.Wendy

Hewitt spoke

on her Migrant Driving

scheme. Members were

saddened to record the

passing of valued longtime

member Mona


Coming up is

Winchmore’s October

school holiday activity

craft making morning for

school age children.

Wednesday October 2

from 10am until 11.30am

in the Winchmore Hall.

This is always great fun.

Contact Elsa 021 265

5050 or Wilhelmina 022

686 1411.

National Office News

Women’s Day magazine

recently interviewed

president Fiona Gower

about the issues some

Rural Women face,

RWNZ are here to provide

social support, and

to help women who are

feeling isolated and


RWNZ were afinalist

at the Massey University

Defining Excellence

Awards in the Partnership

Category, due to the

long association between

RWNZ and Massey University

in leptospirosis

research. Funding and

awareness campaigns

were held nationwide.

Page 28, Ashburton’s The Courier, Thursday 19 September 2019

Free skin check clinic

at Ashburton Hospital

Afreeskin check clinic,

aimed at people over

50 who cannotafford to


is being held in

Ashburton on November


Based at the outpatients

department at

Ashburton Hospital,

the clinic runs from

10am until 2pm and is

being offered through

SkinCan NZ, a

volunteer­run, nonprofit

organisation that

aims to increase skin

cancer awareness and


Stay fit &earn $$$

at the same time

Spend a couple of hours

every Thursday delivering the

Ashburton Courier and Realty in

the Hampstead/Netherby areas.

Enjoy the fresh air, stay fit and

reap the health benefits!

Phone Leonie todayon308 7664

to get startedoremail



make skin checks more

accessible for people in

Canterbury and further


Local GPs will give

up their time torun the

clinic and will offer

15­minute appointments

to those booked


Around 50 checks

are expected to be

offered at the clinic and

all patients must be

registered with anAshburton


Bookings will go live

on October 7and can

be made on the skincan­

.org.nz website, following

a short patient survey.

SkinCan NZ was

started by Christchurch

real estate agent Leeann

Marriott, whose brother’s

deadly skin cancer

was discovered late and

took his lifejust26weeks

after he was diagnosed.

Visiting Ashburton

recently to co­ordinate

the free skin check clinic

here with Mandy Casey

from Mid Canterbury

Cancer Society, Mrs

Marriott said SkinCan

NZ was now in its third

year and was set upto

promote skin cancer

awareness and tomake

skinchecks moreaccessible

for more people.

‘‘In our first year we

had 165 skin checks and

in our second year 265.

‘‘Now in our third

year, we are expanding

from Christchurch and

into Ashburton and

Lower Hutt.’’

Mrs Marriott says

New Zealand has one of

the highest rates of

melanoma inthe world.

The public health system

did not fund skincancer

screenings and

not everyone could

afford to see adermatologist,

oreven aGP.

The first point of call

for anyone with concerns

about moles or

lesions was their GP,

who would assess moles

and then remove at­risk

moles or refer patients


Mrs Marriott said the

clinic in Ashburton

would offer checks only

and no treatment.

Patients would

receive a copy of the

notes from the assessment

and acopy would

be forwarded ontotheir


Local news at www.starnews.co.nz

Nearly time to lodge vote

It’s an unfortunate aspect

of our democracy that

local body elections are

too often regarded as the

“other elections.”

The numbers are stark.

While General Election

turnout hovers around

the 80 per cent mark, in

local elections it’s amiserable

42 per cent. Here

in Ashburton the numbers

are bit better at 53

per cent, but that’s still

nearly half of eligible

voters not having their


On one hand I can

understand. A big criticism

of local elections is

that it’s often not easy to

tell what people stand

for. We don’t, for

example, have political

parties contesting local

body elections in most

parts of the country.

I’ve never been afan of

political parties contesting

local elections.

It’s why Iwon’t be supporting

or endorsing any

candidate for election

locally. As your local MP

I’ll work constructively

with the elected Mayor

Untangling our beliefs and idols

Spring is under way. The

air is warm and as Ilook

out my window there are

blossoms on the plum trees

and bees busy working

among them. All this made

it very pleasant as Ipruned

some gooseberries andcurrant

bushes. I know, I

know, they should have

been pruned earlier. However,

they were aneglected

and tangled mess and better

to attend to them late

than not at all. Left alone

they would have only got

worse and crowded each

other out with poor results

come harvest.

It reminded me of the

time Jesus spoke of pruning.

He often used farming

or gardening illustrations.

This is not surprising

because he lived in an

Rangitata MP Andrew Falloon

and Council, whoever

that might be. It won’t

mean that we’ll agree on

everything, but for a

region like ours it’s

important that the local

MP and Council work

together as closely as


One of the other difficulties

in local elections

is the different voting

systems. While we use

MMP at General Elections,

local body elections

are a mix of the

traditional First Past the

Christian comment

agrarian economy. Mind

you, we are highly dependent

on farming here in

Ashburton District too –

even if it is not always

obvious to us. The illustration

still stands today. Jesus

speaks of his people as

being vines and God as the


The reason God prunes

his vines is so that they will

produce much fruit. Pruning

cuts away what is not

wanted. It shapes the vine

and helps produce abetter

harvest. The Gardenerisat

work in His garden to

produce the results He


As I reflected on this,

the thought occurred to me

Post and Single Transferable

Vote systems.

In Ashburton the

Council elections are

pretty straightforward.

For Mayor you have

one vote for your preferred


In the Ashburton

Ward (which now

includes Lake Hood)

there are nine

candidates and you can

tick up to five.

In the Eastern and

Western Wards there

are four candidates and

three candidates respectively,

and you can vote

for up to two of them.

The Ashburton

Licensing Trust runs

under the same rules.

There’s nine candidates,

and you can tick up to six

of them.

Although some

Regional Councils operate

under different electoral

systems, here in

Canterbury we have the

First Past the Post system,

which is the same as

“How often do we get this

back to front?” God’s purpose

is to shape us for His

purposes. We, on the other

hand, are prone to wanting

to shape God to suit our

desires or purposes. We

hear comments such as “I

like to think ofGod as …”

or “But God would/

wouldn’t do this or that”.

This is always the inclination

of the human heart

–tomake agod suitable

for our wants. Once we

have such agod, suitably

adjusted to our longingswe

worship it. Our hearts are

idol factories and surprisingly

efficient in their work.

Highly automated, they

produce our idols with little

for the District Council.

There’s four candidates in

the Mid Canterbury/Opakihi

region (which includes

Selwyn District) and you

can vote for up to two.

District Health Board

elections are quite different,

operating under the

Single Transferable Vote

method. You rank the

person you most want on

the DHB with number 1,

the person you like second

with number 2, and so on.

You don’t have to rank

all of the 23 candidates,

but if you don’t, you are

diminishing the value of

your vote. If it comes down

to a choice between two

candidates for the final

position, your preference

is taken into account in

working out who is elected

between them. If you only

rank the top 3 then you

don’t get asay. The top 7

candidates are elected.

Voting papers will arrive

in the next few days. Please

take the opportunity to

have your say.

Car club hands over proceeds

Proceeds from Ashburton

Vintage Car Club’s recent Show

and Shine event and an Easter car

rally have been handed over to

Mid Canterbury Cancer Society.

Some 125 vehicles turned out

on aperfect day on August 25 for

the car display and $1755 was

raised through car entry fees and

gold coin donations from the


The Easter rally, anational

Vintage Car Club event around

the South Island raised afurther

$1500 for the local Cancer

Society branch.

Ashburton Vintage Car Club

secretary Peter Jacob and

treasurer Karen Bell hand

over acheque of $3255 to Mid

Canterbury Cancer Society

health promoter Mandy Casey

and administrator Sharon


effort. Not for us, idols of

wood or stone. We worship

ourselves, our independence,

our freedom to

choose whatever we consent

to. Then, with religious

fervour, we are outraged

should anyone make

negative comments about

our idols.

My gooseberries were a

tangled mess. Despitetheir

prickly resistance to being

pruned, they are now better

for it. We too, are better

being pruned by God. Consider

this –are you willing

to be shaped by God to

fulfil His purposes, or are

you trying to shape God to

fulfil your purposes?

Rev. David Bayne, Grace

Presbyterian Church, Ashburton

Local news at www.starnews.co.nz Ashburton’s The Courier, Thursday 19 September 2019, Page 29


The very desirable Mazda MX5

By Ross Kiddie

Ihad to look along way

back in my diary to work

out when Ilast drove a

manual evaluation car. It

was October last year and

it wasn’t actually acar, it

was aute.

However, I was surprised

and delighted to

pick up the latest specification

Mazda’s MX­5

two­seat convertible, it

was a six­speed manual

and is the subject of this

evaluation. It was also my

favourite of the series,

the RF Limited with its

retractable hard­top.

The MX­5 needs no

introduction. It has led

the way in affordable

performance models and

brings asmile to the face

of all who drive it.

There are three

models in the MX­5

range, the entry­level

roadster soft­top which

gets a1.5­litre engine and

starts at $41,895, and

there are two 2­litre

models, one is asoft­top

at $49,195, the other is

the RF Limited, and at

$53,745 it would most

certainly be my choice if I

was in the convertible


It’s fair to say, I’m not

a huge convertible fan,

Christchurch’s weather

isn’t perfect for open top

driving, but the folding

hard­top is awork of art,

the car looks stunning,

the convertible process is

quick, the mechanism is

brilliant, and when you

are driving with the roof

closed over you’d think

for all money that it was

permanently sealed.

I’m not exaggerating

when Irefer to the MX­5

as being genius. It is

adorably desirable, and is

probably the most

amount of fun you can

get for the money. What

makes it so special is the

engineering layout, it is

rear­wheel­drive, and

with its low ride height

and near perfect 50:50

weight split there is a

fully involving driving


The MX­5 is aresult of

continual development,

and in 2­litre form it has

just had asafety specification

upgrade, it also

gets more power –upto

135kW from 118kW and

more torque at 205Nm,

up from 200Nm. Perhaps

what makes the engine

even more exciting is that

it is now calibrated to rev

more freely, the point of

maximum revolutions has

been raised to 7000rpm

from 6000rpm, and it will

explore the entire rev

band willingly.

As aconsequence, the

engine is constantly eager

– in all gears – it is

throttle sensitive and an

absolute joy to be behind

the wheel of.

In terms of performance,

the 2­litre MX­5

will launch to 100km/h

from a standstill in

around 6sec, and will

move through an overtaking

opportunity in

4.5sec (80­120km/h).

While these figures

aren’t electrifying, they

are the foundation of an

exciting package, the way

the mechanicals combine

to provide the feel­good

factor makes you think

that speed is greater and,

of course, sitting so low to

the ground the feeling of

speed is constant.

It must be considered

as well that in the manual

gearbox model the feel

through the shift mechanism

is exciting in itself,

the lever has short throws

both up and down and

through the gate, it feels

delightful and is one of

the reasons Ilike manual

gearboxes so much,

the feeling of involvement

is constant. If the

thought of using aclutch

is scary, the pedal on the

MX­5 is delicate with

perfect feel, the thought

of stall need not be


The wee MX­5 has

extraordinary handling,

it steers with absolute

precision and is entertaining

through the rear

when power is applied

forcibly. It has been

designed so that oversteer

is easily accessible,

Smallbone in ACL deal

Canterbury automotive

group Smallbone Ltd has

agreed to a conditional

agreement with Ashburton

Contracting Ltd (ACL).

Under the proposal,

ACL will acquire the service

and parts divisions of

Smallbone Ltd’s Isuzu

trucks business in both

Ashburton and Timaru,

with Smallbone remaining

the franchise holder for

Isuzu trucks inboth Mid

and South Canterbury.

ACL is whollyowned by

the Ashburton District


It is anticipated that the

newly combined business

will initially operate from

ACL’s and Smallbone’s

existing Ashburton premises

but will later move to 1

Range St, where new and

existing equipment from

both businesses will be


It is proposed that all

staff from both businesses

will be combined at the

new Range St facility.

Smallbone’s Timaru parts

and service operation will

continue tooperate from

its existing site.

Once the new Range St

facility is operational,

Smallbone’s truck parts

and servicing division will

be exclusively provided by

ACL in both Ashburton

and Timaru. All Smallbone

service and parts staff will

be employed byACL and

will retain their jobs.

Smallbone’s retail sales

of new and used Isuzu

trucks will continue to

operate from their existing

premises in both Ashburton

and Timaru, however

future plans for consolidating

these services within

the vehicle dealerships is

also being considered.

Craig Carr, chairman of

Smallbone, said the agreement

with ACL was intended

to ensure the company

could continue to provide

“best in class” service and

parts to meet the needs of

its customers now and in

the future.

“Customers benefit

from the strengths and

offerings that each business

brings to the table and

our staff can expand their

development opportunities

by being exposed to new

perspectives and expertise,”


“In addition, by collaborating

with a likeminded

partner, we are

able tooffer services and

solutions that help our

customers and other businesses

become more successful.”

Gary Casey, CEO of

ACL, says combining the

two businesses will achieve

better scale and service


“We’ll be investing in

the development and training

of existing and new

staff and we are looking

forward to operating from

anew and modern facility,

which will provide abetter

offering to our combined

customers and staff. We

are pleased and excited

about the opportunity to

be partnering with Smallbone,”

he says.

About Smallbone

Smallbone isone of the

oldest vehicle dealerships

in New Zealand and has

just celebrated100 years in

business. In 2012, Smallbone

Bros. Ltd formed a

joint venture with Carrfields.

The organisation isnow

known as Smallbone Ltd

and operates five franchises:

Timaru Holden, Timaru

Honda, Timaru

ISUZU Heavy Truck and

Ashburton Holden, Ashburton


and Ashburton ISUZU

Heavy Truck.

About ACL

Ashburton Contracting

Limited (ACL) commenced

operations in

1995. The company now

has aworkforce in excess

of 130 staff and has proved

resilient inadynamic and

challenging market

through performance and

quality. ACL is based in

Ashburton and also has a

branch inRolleston.

however, the electronic

traction control system

intervenes, although it is

not overly invasive, the

fun factor is still available.

Of course, TCS can

be switched off, but even

with it activated the MX­

5 is still the handling

champion, it is entertaining

and that is what has

always aroused buyers.

It wouldn’t be fair if I

closed this evaluation

without mentioning fuel

use. While the MX­5 is

largely seen as a model

which entices throttle

use, it still has respectable

fuel use statistics,

with a combined cycle

claim by Mazda of

6.9­litres per 100km


My time in the test car

returned figures of a

respectable 8l/100km

(35mpg), which was good

considering I constantly

applied heavy throttle

pressure. At 100km/h the

engine is turning over at a

steady 2500rpm, providing

an instantaneous

figure of 5.1l/100km


As much as Idelighted

in the RF Limited and all

it represents, I’m still

fingers crossed that we


Your safety is our concern!

Don’t wait for your WOF to expire ifyou think

there issomething wrong with your car!

•WOF •Servicing •Tyres •Suspension •Steering •Brakes

• Exhaust specialists •Batteries •Mechanical repairs

Cnr Cass and South Streets, Ashburton

P 03 308 9984 F 03 308 9910

M 0274 999 565

E undercars@robbies.co.nz

OPEN SATURDAYS FOR WOF, 8.00am to 12 noon

haven’t seen the end of

the rotary era. An RX­8

is very much on my wish

list, and if another generation

RX model should

roll off the production

lines then it’s fair to say

I’m very much interested.

However, in the

interim it is great cars like

the MX­5 that will keep

petrol heads like me

entertained with their

wow factor.

Price – Mazda MX­5

RF Limited, $53,745

Dimensions –Length,

3915mm; width,

1735mm; height,


Configuration –Fourcylinder,


1998cc, 135kW,

205Nm, six­speed manual.

Performance –

0­100km/h, 6sec

Fuel usage –




Page 30, Ashburton’s The Courier, Thursday 19 September 2019

Local news at www.starnews.co.nz


Farmers, civic leaders, speak out

By Toni Williams

There were no shortage

of questions ­orconcerns

­raised from the floor of

the packed meeting in

Ashburton to consider

the Government’s

Essential Freshwater


Among them acall for

backing up of the science

behind the decisions in

the Essential Freshwater

proposal, and many

calling on the

Government to increase

the bottom line figure,

considered unrealistic.

Ashburton mayor

Donna Favel kicked off

question time with

council’s concern over

the time available before

submissions closed, given

the running of local

government elections.

She said the short

turnaround period would

limit the council’s chance

to advocate for the


Ministry for the

Environment’s (MFE)

Amanda Moran said it

was acommon issue

raised but the

Government were ‘‘keen

to move forward with

this, before and after the

(local body) elections.’’

‘‘It is asubmission on a

discussion process,’’ she


Waimate District

Council’s Tom O’Connor

said farmers were already

dealing with other

technical regulations

such as Environment

Canterbury’s Plan

Change 7and wanted to

know how all the

regulations would mesh


He was assured they

would, with proposals

sent for analysis for the

Minister to consider over

summer and come into

effect mid next year.

Donna Favel Neil Brown Ian Mackenzie Rebecca Whillans

Mel Brooks

‘‘From here regional

councils will need to

decide where they are at

with their own plans,

where there are gaps to

comply with the national


‘‘Then they will have

five years to comply and

fill those gaps.’’

Arable farmer Ian

Mackenzie, of Eiffelton,

❛What you’re actually proposing, it’s not innovation or

tweaking of agriculture, it’s actually closing down any type

of industry in this district.❜

in Mid Canterbury, said

some of the information

was misleading because if

the proposal was taken as

written, the level of one

milligram of nitrogen

would need to be taken

into effect immediately.

‘‘Our issue with that is

one milligram of

dissolving inorganic

nitrogen actually isn’t

something we can aspire

to because it puts us all

out of business. We can

aspire to 6.9, and

certainly for the Hinds

plains it’s adifficult

target, but we know we

can’t ever get to one.’’

‘‘What you’re actually

proposing, it’s not

innovation or tweaking of

agriculture, it’s actually

closing down any type of

industry in this district.’’

Mr Mackenzie wanted

to know how robust the

discussion was on the


Ministry for the

—Ian Mackenzie

Environment’s Martin

Workman said among

those in the group was a

NIWA scientist saying

that one milligram per

litre was ‘‘the bottom line

that we should be moving


It was abottom line for

councils and their

communities to work

towards, and how long

that would take, it was

not expected straight

away, Mr Workman said.

Freshwater leaders

group member Hugh

Logan said the one

milligram target was the

level needed for aquatic


Farmer and mayoral

candidate Neil Brown

questioned the levels of

the Mid Canterbury’s

main rivers, and was

informed the Rakaia,

Ashburton and Rangitata

rivers catchments were

all under one milligram

per litre level.

Other countries such

as Australia, America,

United Kingdom, and

Europe, including China,

had astandard that was

similar or where the

figure was in the same

ball park.

Mr Logan said the

details of reaching that

target was up to

government policy.

Others at the meeting

questioned the cost of

fencing, planting and

benefits of carbon credits

but were shot down with

comments that

‘‘compensation talk was

not helpful’’.

However they were

encouraged to include

the ‘‘biodiversity benefits

of planting and ecosystem

services being

done on farm’’ which

were beneficial for wider

New Zealand and needed

to be considered.

And others still raised

the issue that the

Resource Management

Act (RMA) needed

fixing before streamlining

the system, and of the

importance of economic

analysis, especially for

the downturn on small

town like Ashburton.

Ms Moran said the

work going on right now

was ‘‘too important to

wait for RMA reform,

which was why the talks

were going on now’’.

And economic analysis

was part of the discussion

however there was

costings and benefits data

on stock exclusion and


There was more

detailed work needed on

nitrogen values for

economic decisions.

The environmental

outcomes had been

considered first, which

would be followed by

economic costs ­which

would help with

feasibility and timing


The comment drew the

ire of attendees saying

the rural community was

already under pressure

on farm, with the

potential for increased

levels of suicide.

But they were

encouraged to ‘‘put those

considerations into their


Irrigation companies

staff Mel Brooks (MHV),

and Rebecca Whillans

(ALIL) spoke, as did

Irrigo Centre’s Eva

Harris, who said constant

rule changes were

guaranteed to mean

nothing was done, but

consideration needed to

be given to the social

impacts ablanket

approach would take.

Angela Cushnie

agreed that rural

wellbeing and social

sustainability needed to

be considered to

eliminate stress, anxiety

and uncertainty

especially in an area

already impacted in that


Everyone agreed, the

most important thing was

not to lose sight of the


Mrs Brooks

questioned whether the

Hinds River was even

included in the process

due to its legal definition

and said the proposal was

‘‘a little bit fluffy from an

urban perspective’’ with

untreated storm water

and questioned what the

national bottom line was

on heavy metal


She was assured those

‘‘big issues‘‘ mostly

caused by building

materials and vehicles

were being worked with

by government, councils

and New Zealand

Transport Agency to find


Mr Brown and fellow

dairy farmer Willy

Leferink also questioned

the economic

consequences for farmers

and the district with many

farming to afive year

land use consent.

It would be difficult to

plan around strict rules

especially with cautious

financial lenders.

‘‘You can only be

environmentally friendly

if in the black,’’ Mr

Leferink said.

Those leading the

meeting said banks also

had akey role to play on

how they were going to

support people through

the changes.

Federated Farmers

environment spokesman,

Chris Allen, of Five

Forks, in Mid

Canterbury, said it was a

heartfelt issue that

warranted some ‘‘solid

submissions’’ and

questioned how set in

stone was the bottom


Submissions on the

proposal officially close

on October 17, at 5pm,

but due to overwhelming

demand, late submissions

will be accepted up until

October 31.


Tuesday, September 24

• Canterbury Park All

Stock excl. Store Cattle

• Temuka

Thursday, September 26

• Temuka Store Cattle

Monday, September 30

• Temuka

Tuesday, October 1

• Canterbury Park

All Stock

Thursday, October 3

• Temuka Store Cattle

Monday, October 7

• Temuka

Tuesday, October 8

• Canterbury Park All

Stock excl. Store Cattle





ACL -Ashburton Contracting

Ltd Ph: 308 4039


Proshear Limited

Ph: 302 7541

To advertise in this space

please call 308 7664

Brought to you by your

local insurance brokers

199 Burnett Street, Ashburton


Crowd at the meeting in Ashburton

Local news at www.starnews.co.nz Ashburton’s The Courier, Thursday 19 September 2019, Page 31

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Page 32, Ashburton’s The Courier, Thursday 19 September 2019

Local news at www.starnews.co.nz


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Justin Waddell

Sales Consultant

027 437 1111

Jarrod Ross

Sales Consultant

027 259 4644



021 224 4214

96 TancredStreet, Ashburton 03 307 8317 Main Road,Tinwald 03 307 8317


36 McMillan Street,Methven 03 303 3032

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trades &services

2019 GUIDE

Lubes WOF

Allmechanical repairs



Victoria Street,


Phone:(03) 308 6772


AMTax Solutions Ltd.

accounting •for small business

• Annual Accounts

• Tax Returns

• GST Returns

• CertifiedXeroAdvisor

Andrea Matthews

027 415 9880









027310 6521






Need storage?

we CAN STORE it!

Convenient, affordable

self storage solution

Phone 307 0213

•185 AlfordForest Road •behind



Help in person by appointment

Thursday9.15am -1.45pm

Ph 0508 CANLAW

(0508 226 529) to makean


Helpbyphone Infoline

03 371 3819 or 0508 226 529

215 Tancred Street,Ashburton


JukeBox Hire



Sound Systems &Lighting Hire

Phone DJ Dave

03 308 5106

027 251 0015




Forall your flooring needs

•Supplier and installer of

carpet and tiles

•Re-stretch &repair

•Carpet cleaning


Phone Mike Gill

027 491 4210





Jann or Roselle

acall on






Jann or Roselle

acall on


We service and repair all makes and models

of sewing machines and overlockers

Your local Bernina

service team

John Robbie Rachel

OPEN 7DAYS9.30am -4.30pm

Main South Road, Tinwald Ashburton | Phone 307 6277





Phone Quentin and Phil on

027282 8908 or 027282 89099

Interior and Exterior Painting

Interior Plastering



4WDDiesel &ElectricScissorlifts

Rough terrain and electric lifts available

On site collection or deliveryavailable

403 Nowat6Range West Street St,Riverside

PO Box 60, Ashburton 7740

Phone: 03 308 8155

Mobile: 0273 529 909




*Awnings/Shade sails/Drop blinds *Autoseatcovers &repairs

*Hay&bin covers *PVC covers &repairs

*Ute tonneau covers *Furnitureupholsteryrepairs




Hardwareand Software Issues

Data Transfers Virus Removal Backup Creation

ContactGlenn 021062 2756

(Computer Tech at ACA for16years)




PC Repairs, Set-up andTutoring

Icome to youday or evening!


and Laptops


•PCRepairs/Sales •Networks/Servers

•Firewalls/Security •Spyware Clean-up •Training

20 YearsExperience Microso Cerfied Professional


Robin Johnstone 67 Aitken Street, Ashburton

P: 03 308 1440 C: 027 768 4058



Gary Flack


Services include but not limited to:

• Water blasting •Mould and moss treatment

• Minor repairs •Spouting cleaning •Airless spraying

~Commercial and Residential ~

Phone 03 307 4200 l 027 936 2452




19 J.B. Cullen Drive, Ashburton •Phone 307 8353

info@mainlandcoachwork.co.nz •www.mainlandcoachwork.co.nz




Give Jann or Roselle acall on

308 7664


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trades &services

2019 GUIDE

Forall your tyre requirements,

see the localexperts

•Wheel alignments

•Wheel balancing

197 Wills Street,Ashburton l www.neumannstyres.co.nz

Phone 03 308 6737 (24 hrs –after hours call out applies)



Any Car, Any Time, Anywhere



152 Wills ls St, Ashburton



Phone Bob 308 8485

(24 hours)




Diamond Painters and

Decorators Ltd

Qualityinterior and exterior

painting and decorating

• Wall papering • Airless spraying

• Water blasting • Residential and small commercial

• Roof painting • Freenoobligation quotes

Gutterguardinstallation and gutter cleaning

Phone Duncan 027 370 2453 l Jeanette 027 318 5055

email: diamondpaintersdecorators@gmail.com


“we clean to a


not aprice”

UNDER NEWAshburton


Same exceptional CleaningServices

level of service

&quality cleaning

• regular full house cleans

• one off spring cleans

• farm houses

• builders cleans

100% LOCAL

03 307 2656



Solar powerwhenyou need it most

We are experts at installing solar

power systems for motorhomes.






South Island

4McGregor Lane Ashburton

03 307 4777 -027 4423103




Pruning ·Trimming ·Weeding



Does your garden need monthly

maintenancetokeep it tidy and looking

good through the seasons?

Or perhaps just need aone off tidy or

pruning completed? We can help!

All garden wasteremoved


ContactCAROLYN Phone: 027 2675403 or 3082333

Email: cccolt@xtra.co.nz





• Commercial cleans

• Farmhouse cleans

• Carpet cleaning

• Builders cleans

• Windows

• Small gardeningand maintenance jobs

• We travel within1hourofAshburton

• 5% discount if paymentmade on dayofclean

Phone Jan-MareeorRichardParker

308 2405 or 027 341 7038 l www.happy-hoovers.co.nz


Ashburton, Rolleston &Christchurch

•Paving •Irrigation •Lawns

•Planting •Fences


•Outdoor fires

•Raised planters

•Decks •Stonework

•Brick &blockwork

•Artificial grass and more...

Email –Aaron@theoutdoorspace.co.nz

Phone 0800 688 365 /021 542 402



•Possum merino •Everast •New season’scolours

606 East Street,Ashburton. Phone 308 6243








Jann or Roselle acall on


We offer the following:

• Gutter and DownpipeCleaning • Weed Spraying

• Moss,Mould and Lichen Spraying • Spider Proofing

• Gorse and BroomSpraying • FenceLine Spraying

• Chimney/Flue Cleaning $75 • Heat Pump Service$90



Call Allan on 027 209 5026 an let us know howwecan help




Jann or Roselle acallon

308 7664

WIN $2000

Enter our 3D Virtual Reality Competition &gointhe draw...simple!

Go to www.realestatenewzealand.net.nz &click on the


T&Csapply Drawn 30/09/19

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Build customers,sales and

profits,with us ...

Over 16,065 copies delivered everyThursday







1. Semiaquatic mammal


6. Gem (4)

8. Annoy(4)

9. Relative (8)

10. Kingdom (5)

11. Fold (6)

13. Tool (6)

15. Shock (6)

17. Slowly (6)

19. Fat (5)

22. Hatchet (8)

23. Cultivate (4)

24. Jump (4)

25. Outside (8)


2. River (France) (5)

3. Lattice (7)

4. Attendant (4)

5. Shortage (8)

6. Crest (5)

7. Flourish (7)

12. Apportion (8)

14. Fish (7)

16. Judge (7)

18. Clutch (5)

20. Broadside (5)

21. Parody (4)



1. It’s the changing of the guard, child (8). 6. It’s worn a

hole through, lady (4). 8. Mull cordial (4). 9. Mad to get

in drink, which does perplex one (8). 10. Come out as a

blob in the photograph (5). 11. Give the man, asailor,

back the cane (6). 13. To many, anopen secret (6). 15.

The wholenet got tangled up,toone’s fury(6). 17. Drunk,

worked in afruit cannery (6). 19. Decipher acode that’s

very good (5). 22. Ice pours if you melt it, my love (8).

23. Decline to speak the man’s name aloud (4). 24. Ribbons

looped in the front (4). 25. Dog that’salways giving

one surprises? (8).


2. Make one ashamed of having had to go at (5). 3. Plucky

about the swamp or yellow (7). 4. Having to get past the

man (4). 5. Recompensed for showing the drawback in

the plant (8). 6. Inform on, creating arift (5). 7. Begin by

taking alook outside (4,3). 12. Working hard at finding a

room ourselves (8). 14. Atrain running through the tunnels

in Canada (7). 16. The one slung out, give you free

(5,2). 18. Arrests for nothing to speak of (5). 20. Switch

round in the boat (5). 21. The operator got America back

again (4).

9 4

8 2 6

6 4 9 1

4 2 5 9

7 6

9 6 3 7

3 1 7 5

4 6 2

3 5

Solution to previous Sudoku




Fill the grid

so thatevery

rowand every

3x3 square


digitals 1to9

5 8 2 9 4 6 7 1 3

6 4 7 5 3 1 8 2 9

1 3 9 8 7 2 6 4 5

2 9 4 3 8 7 1 5 6

7 1 6 4 2 5 3 9 8

3 5 8 1 6 9 2 7 4

9 6 5 7 1 8 4 3 2

8 7 3 2 5 4 9 6 1

4 2 1 6 9 3 5 8 7

Solution to previous crossword


Across -1,Core. 7, Seventeen. 8, Mail. 9, Mist. 10, Pail.

11,Apes. 14, Contravene. 16, Everywhere. 19, Sage. 22,

Plum. 24, Road. 25, Sing. 26, Incapable. 27, Here.

Down -1,Comma. 2, Raise. 3, Region. 4, Setter.5,Stop.

6, Beginning. 12, Prevalent. 13, Scar. 15, Vies. 17, Warsaw.18,

Enable. 20, Aside. 21, Eagle. 23, Mean.


Across -1,Sock. 7, Dish-water (anag.). 8, Nick. 9, Liar

(rev.). 10, So-me. 11,A-g(u)e(s)s. 14, Comes round. 16,

Short spell. 19, Site (sight). 22, Dr-AB. 24, Rail. 25, Here.

26, Ine-last-I-c. 27, Flat.

Down -1,Sonia (anag.). 2, C-ache. 3, Mir-I-am. 4, Shorts.

5, Pass. 6, Per-man-ent. 12, Gathering. 13, S-car. 15, O-

IL-S. 17, Stre-SS. 18, El-ic-it. 20, I-deal. 21, E-vent. 23,


ContactJann Thompson 03 308 7664 jann.thompson@ashburtoncourier.co.nz




Saturday, 5th October - 7:30pm

Hotel Ashburton

Full band show


Tickets available at venue reception or online





October 4th 7pm, 5th 5pm and 6th


With acar that flies through the air

and sails the seas Mid Canterbury

Children’s theatre will take you on

afantastic musical adventure. With

unforgettable songs along with an

amazing set.


ChittyChittyBang BangJr.

All tickets are $22.50*

NathanWallis –Change Your Brain –


Thu 10th October 7.30pm

The Rotary Club of Ashburton brings

you this Opportunity to hear Nathan

Wallis speak. Nathan will guide

you through brain development that

happens across childhood which is a

lot longer than you think.

Tickets $39*



Open Hat


TheBee Gees NightFever

Tue26th November 8pm

Over two hours of live engaging

entertainment Direct from Australia,

Showtime invites you to dance your

way into atime warp of 70’s disco

dancefloor thrillers and timeless

heartfelt rock ballads with the Bee

Gees Night Fever!

For more information


TheKeysAre In TheMargarine

Wed 9th October 6pm

Dementia and Alzheimer’s affects

many New Zealanders and it’s a

condition none of us can ignore.

This play is created from interviews

with people with direct experience of

Dementia and Alzheimers.

Adults $71.55*

Child 12 and under $31.85* /Group 6+ $66.15* each

03 307 2010 211A Wills Street, Ashburton 7700 admin@ateventcentre.co.nz *Service fees apply


Courtesy van

runs every

Thursday, Friday

and Saturday

from 4pm


September 21,


Join the RSA, the friendly club

12-14 Cox Street, Ashburton. Phone 308 7175

Members, guests and affiliates all welcome


Have youhad your photo

taken by our reporters?

Order aPhotoToday!



*approx 6x4





Ph: 308 7664

199 Burnett St, Ashburton

We’llhelpyour business stand out!

Over 15,750 copies everyweek

Call in and see us at 199 Burnett St, Ashburton, phone Jann, Roselle or

Karen on (03) 308 7664 or email: office@ashburtoncourier.co.nz


WHAT better place for a

public notice than Ashburton’s

The Courier! Simply

clip the form for a run-on

advert like this or telephone

us on 308 7664 if you

require adisplay advertisement.

ANIMALS to good homes

every week in The Courier.

Page 36, Ashburton’s The Courier, Thursday 19 September 2019


acakefor your

special person with

Main South Rd, Tinwald. Phone 308 5774

Birthdays this week

Jess Cunliffe, 20th September,aged 25

Brooklyn Poki Poki,20th September,aged 7

Aiden Young,20th September,aged 6

Kieren Bell,21st September,aged 21

Hannah Galbraith, 22nd September,aged 4

Abbie Wylie,22nd September

AmethystMcLintock,23rdSeptember,aged 4

Charlie Backhurst,24th September,aged 10

Libbyjane Leckie-Weir,24th September,aged 6

Te Hoia, 25th September

Congratulations to last weeks winner!

Jack Cunliffe

If youhave aspecial friend who youwouldlike like to see

win acake,put their name in the BirthdayBooks at Sims

Bakery, Tinwald or Ashburton’sThe Courier,199 Burnett St.

N.B: Names forbirthdays next week

must be with us by 10.00am TUESDAY




and Collectables Market. St

Patricks School Hall Cameron

Street, Waimate Saturday

21st September



COTTAGE to rent between

Rangitata and Rakaia

rivers, west of Ashburton.

Willing to care for animals

on property, dogs and

chooks etc. Ring 021 224

4434 anytime.

THE Courier is the best way

to advertise in Mid Canterbury.

Ask anyone who

regularly advertises with us

and they’ll tell you, they get




9kg cylinders


Askabout our


Anysizecylinder filled

17 Grey St,Ashburton

Phone 307 2707


HENSELITE lawn bowls.

Sizes 1HW, 2HW, 3Hw

$100.00 set. Suit learner.

Also two carry bags. Phone

308 4047.



Small LPG cylinders

Off Street Parking


Arthur Cates Ltd

26 McNally Street

Ph 308 5397

Riverside Industrial Estate


TALK to us today about ways

you can improve your business.

Professional, reliable

service with a smile. The

Courier 308 7664.

WE value the service we

provide - The Courier for

advice on how you can

reach potential customers.

Call us today on 308 7664.




Ideal as an extra


Fully insulatedand

double glazed forwarmth.


Standard3.6m x2.4m,

Large 4.2m x2.4m

Xtra-large 4.8m x2.4m.

Visit our displaycabin

418WestStreet or call fora

free brochure.



0800 58 78 22

SECURE waterproof storage

available. Capacity from

8m 3 to 65m 3 . Prices from

$25 per week. Inspection

invited. Ashburton Safe

Storage 03 308 3086.

STORAGE available, Ashburton.

Self storage, variety

of sizes. Phone Rainbow

Storage 03 307 0401.

STORAGE: Secure self storage

units available long or

short term at Ashburton

Storage Facilities. Contact

us on 0274 36 26 36 or


ARE you looking for a

flatmate, somewhere to

rent or a boarder? What

better place to advertise

than The Courier.


Dangerous Goods


NZTAAccredited Provider

Each Monday–½day course

8am start

CommunityHouse,44Cass Street,Ashburton.

Forfurther information

PhoneChristine027 245 2563




SATURDAY 21st September

8.30am. Middle Road, sign

at gate. Wooden outdoor

furniture, rimu table,

drapes, lights, household

goods, garage bits.

Bargains for everyone.

SELLING house so decluttering.

Large shed must

be emptied. Tools, furniture

etc. Well worth a look.

Saturday 21st, 9.00am

Fairfield Road, Fairton.

In this full-time role you’ll ensure our customers are safe inthe pools and the

aquatic area is maintained to ahighstandard.Withateamofdedicated lifeguards

and poolstaffweofferaprofessionalandfun environment.You must be prepared

to work earlymornings, nights and weekends inaccordance with ourroster.

To findout moreabout thesevacancies andwhat the Ashburton District

Council has to offer you -gotoour website.

Applications close on Sunday,22September 2019.





Luisetti Seeds is a significant

provider of grain

and seed both nationally and


An opportunity has arisen

for a Store Person and a

Machine Operator at our

Ashburton site.

Key responsibilities will


• Assisting with the intake

and dispatch functions

including office and general

yard duties

• Operating amodern seed

cleaning, treating and

mixing plants

• An opportunity to progress

into seed sampling

and testing responsibilities

for the right applicant

You will have aproven history

of: Efficient time management

skills, working solo

and in ateam environment,

being aself-starter, able to

work to a dead line, high

standard of work, attention

to detail, working well under

pressure and an enthusiastic


A willingness to work

extended hours when

required and afriendly customer

focused personality

would be desirable. Seed

cleaning experience, knowledge

of agriculture and

forklift licence would be an

advantage but is not essential.

On site training will be


Remuneration to reflect the

applicants experience and


Applications should

detail recent relevant

experience, qualifications

and references.

Applications will be treated

and viewed in confidence.

Please apply to:

Luisetti Seeds Ltd,

P.O. Box 77, Rangiora 7440.


Karen van Staden




The Courier,Timaru

Local news at www.starnews.co.nz

Areyou areporter who’spassionateabout news and hungry to

forgeacareer telling your community’s stories?

AlliedPress Communities has an exciting opportunity for an

ambitious andadaptable reporter to join itsteam based in Timaru, the

gatewaytothe Alps.

Allied Press Limitedemploysover 450 people on apermanent basis

across its 15 sites in the South Island. Weoperate across multiple

media platforms (print, on-line, digital) deliveringnews,information

and entertainment through our various regional and city publications,

including The Courier (Timaru).

The ideal applicant willbeanideas-filledself-starter with strong

reporting skills. Ideally, you will have experience in newspaper

reporting,aswell as akeeninterest in news and story-telling, both in

printand online.

Youwillbeahard-working team player with astrong work ethic who

is flexible,enthusiastic and abletoworkquicklyand calmly under

pressuretodeliver stories to hourly,dailyand weekly deadlines.

Familiarity withcouncil and courtreportingwould be abonus, as

would shorthand, social-media skillsand having whatittakes to tell a

storywithphotos andvideo.

•Thisrolemay requiresome eveningand weekend work

•You willneed aclean NZ driver’slicence

•Arelevant journalism qualificationorindustryexperienceisa

distinct advantage

Applications arebyway of CV andcovering letter.

Acopy of the job description can be requested from HR at


Informal inquiries about the role arewelcome and should be directed

to stu.oldham@alliedpress.co.nz

Applications closeat5pm on Wednesday25th September 2019.

All applications willbetreated in the strictest confidence.

Please note: you musthave the right to liveand workin

New Zealandtoapply for this role.

Disclaimer: Allied Press does not accept unsolicited agency

résumés. Allied Press is not responsible for any fees related to

unsolicited résumés.

Payroll /HRSupport Superstar

Start here and grow with us!


Talley’s isasuccessful and well known brand, operating several plants throughout

the South Island, as well ashaving many diversified interests inseafood, frozen

vegetables, meat and dairy products. Wecurrently have avacancy atour Fairton plant,

located 10 minutes drive fromAshburton.

Reporting to the HR Manager, you will primarily be responsible for the payroll on

the Ashburton site, whilst supporting HR in their functions and avariety of other

administration tasks.

Youwill need to bring to the table:

•Enthusiasm,energy and the eagerness to learn, and most importantly,apositive attitude

•Excel skills and ability to use Microsoft office

•Ability to closely communicate with arange of people and visitors

•Ability to work with minimal supervision

•Appreciation of urgency and accuracy with excellent time management

•The ability to handle stress and willingness to work overtime to get the job done

•Attention to detail and the understanding of confidentiality.

Although experience in payroll and administration is amust, full on-site training will

be provided, with the opportunity to grow within our organisation.

Talley’s operate adrug free environment, so candidates will be required to under-go

pre-employment and random drug screening. Applicants must have aminimum of

NZ residency to apply.

If this sounds like your next adventure, please email your CV and cover letter

to Ashburton.Hr@talleys.co.nz.




Ourclassified advertising Really

works,and it Won’tcost youanarm

andaleg.Use the form in our paper

or call at 199 Burnett St, Ashburton.

24 wordsfor $8. That’s abargain!



Local news at www.starnews.co.nz Ashburton’s The Courier, Thursday 19 September 2019, Page 37

DairyField Rep


It’s Calving time, and the Stocker Solutions Family will be having avery

late delivery this season. With Charmaine joining the motherhood team

next year, we’re on the lookout for anew OnFarm Rep to start and train

with Charmaine before she ventures off onto MaternityLeave.

So if you:

have arealpassion fordairying,cows and understand adairy shed?

love dealing with people?

have heaps of confidenceand energy?

You’ll be aperfect fit if youmeetthese requirements:

• havedairy knowledge

• beself-driven and enthusiastic

• becomputer literate

• beadept at forging long term relationshipswith our customers

Youwill travel throughout our catchment area tovisit customers on aregular

basis to offer services and products from our range.You must have the abilityto

interact on aone-to-one basis with local farmers and assist them with quality

information. Youmustalso be able to consult with clientsonwhatproducts we

have to offer and ensuretheir total satisfaction.

The position is Monday –Friday with full time hours. Company vehicle and

cellphone supplied.

Please send aCVand Coverletter to:cheryl@stockersolutions.co.nz Applications

close Friday 27 September4pm




to deliver the AshburtonCourier and Realty

every Thursdayafternoon in the

Hampstead/Netherby area.


Mr.Man’s Bakery andCafe islooking foraBaker’s/

Cafe Assistant. This is a full time position and

needing someone who is fully committed. Weare

avery busy bakery, and work starts from 3am on

Mondays to Saturdays.

This job involves,cooking,food preparation, cleaning

and customer service. Therefore, experienceinthese

fields are required.You must be able to work under

pressureinafast paced bakeryenvironment.

We also serve Cambodian food, so knowledge

of Cambodian food preparation and cooking is

necessaryasyou will be required to cook Cambodian

food independently.

Please email your CV to:

savonnman@yahoo.com orcome drop itoffat

the shop on 183 Burnett Street!





Phone Leonie on

308 7664 or email







4WD and slab lifts available

for daily or weekly hire.

Pickup or delivery. Phone

North End Engineering 308

8155 for abooking.

SPACE available for next

weeks Courier -bequick!

Talk to us about your advertising

requirements. Phone

308 7664 or call into our

office at 199 Burnett Street,



POTATOES; Nadine &Agria

5kg bags $5. This weekend

only, ’special’ 10kg Nadine

& Agria $7.50 per bag.

Nadine seed potatoes

$2.50kg. 81 Elizabeth

Street, phone 027 531

9103 or 03 308 3195.


METAL, heavy etc. Free

light-grade metal in-yard

dumping 9am-5pm weekdays

&9.30-11.30am Saturdays.

Ashburton Scrap

Metal Recyclers, 117 Alford

Forest Road (behind

Placemakers). Phone 03

308 8033 or 027 249 6625.





We areawellknown business in MidCanterbury

and arelooking forabrush hand/apprenticewho

is honest,reliable, keen to work,ateam player and

holds afull or restricteddrivers licence.

This position maysuit aschool leaverlooking fora

trade or someone looking forachange.

Full training will be provided.


Phone Andy

0274 354 646 or 03 302 6992


Specialising in





Cars,Trucks,Buses,Horse Floats &Motorhomes,

Caravans,Trailers,Farm Machinery, Jet Boats,

LightEngineering and Aluminium Welding

17 Range Street (Industrial Estate)


Phone 307 0378 l 0274 274 007

Email: busandtruckbodywork@xtra.co.nz


and trouser hemming, curtain

alterations and curtain

making. Call Michelle on

027 352 7248.

BUILDING and property

solutions. For your complete

alteration or renovation.

We project manage

the whole process. Home

and small commercial.

Qualified tradesmen.

Phone Kiwi Building &

Maintenance Ltd. Gary 308

4798, 027 207 1478 or

Cawte 027 418 7955.

CARPET cleaning -Powerful

equipment & fast drying.

Upholstery, mats and rugs.

Experienced owner/operator.

Phone John Cameron

at Supersucker, 027 435

1042 or 308 1677.

CARR’S Chimney Cleaning,

servicing Ashburton and

surrounding districts, $60

per chimney. Phone

Rodney on 03 324 2999

and leave amessage.

CHARLIE’S Blind Cleaning

Service -same day service

and repairs. Charlie can

supply new blinds and

tracks, will hang drapes.

Phone 03 307 1936 or 020

4169 0342.

COMPUTER problems? For

prompt reliable computer

servicing and laser engraving

contact Kelvin, KJB

Systems Ltd, 4 Ascot

Place, Ashburton. Phone

308 8989. SuperGold discount

card accepted.

COMPUTER repairs, sales,

training, setup -wireless -

networks, spyware cleanup.

On-site day or evening.

LOW FEES. Call Robin

Johnstone, Networks

Firewalls & PC’s Ltd, 308

1440 or 027 768 4058.

CONCRETE pavers direct to

you - Best prices, many

sizes, textures and colours

- Paveco, 13 Robinson

Street, Industrial Estate.

CONCRETE Services -

Driveways, paths, patios,

mowing edging. Decorative

Concrete specialist 30

years servicing Canterbury.

Free quotes. No job too big

or small. Phone Paul 021

152 1966.


Rumping repairs existing

dentures and also provides

new dentures. Phone 027

220 9997.


ENGRAVING; 311 Engravers

for fast, friendly and

professional service. Cups,

trophies, jewellery,

plaques, special awards.

Call/text Trudy on 022 600

7144. Check us out on


FLY control and spider

proofing. For all domestic

and industrial pest control

needs phone AJ Kerr at

Ashburton Pest Control on

03 308 8147 or 027 432


FURNITURE removals -For

all your household removal

needs call Nudges Furniture

Removals, phone 027

224 0609.

GARDENING, mowing,

pruning ... For all your

professional gardening

needs call Andrew at

Spruce Gardens 027 765

2899 or 03 307 1693.


GUTTER and downpipe

cleaning and repairs. Chimney

sweeping, fly treatment.

Phone 03 394 6166

or 027 209 5026, ask for

Allan. AA Performance



Bennett -Onsite hydraulic

hose repair service 24/7.

Stockists of Aero Quip

hoses &fittings, Commercial

hydraulics, Dynacool,

Spool valves etc., MP Filtri,

Walvoil. Call Justin on 308


LEGAL work -Phone Peter

Ragg (Ashburton Law) for

house sales, purchases

and refinances. Will call at

home evenings for wills,

enduring powers of

attorney. Phone 308 0327.

PAINTER for all your painting

needs. No job too small,

inside or outside. Professional

friendly service.

Phone Pete 03 308 1672 or

027 200 1619.

PAINTING wallpapering,

plastering - No job too

small. Interior, exterior.

Professional, prompt, competitive

service. Phone

Tony Sivier at Paint It Ashburton

on 021 878 794 or

307 7289.

PLUMBER: Repair or

replace. Taps, shower

mixers, hot water cylinders,

basins, tubs, toilets, vanity

units, leaking pipes. Call

Pete Young, experienced

plumber 027 280 0889 /

307 7582.




•Garden Maintenance

•Gutter Cleaning

•Rubbish Removal

Call us TODAY

foraFREE quote

Ph 08004546 546

(0800 4jimjim)





Rockcote. Waterproofing.



The Finishing Company

03 307 8870 2131556

PLUMBING, drainlaying,

blocked drains. Phone

Lindsay at Doaky’s Plumbing

on 027 555 5575 or 308

1248 (Master Plumbers &


SEWING alterations - anything

considered, reasonable

rates. Smoke and pet

free home. Retired wedding

seamstress. Phone Judith

308 3084, Allenton.


types, specialising in

Decramastic and Long Run

Iron, Coloursteel etc, sleep

roofs not aproblem. Member

Master Painter &Roofing

Association NZ

Spraymaster 0274337780

SUN Control Window Tinting:

Privacy, UV, glare, heat

control for homes -offices -

and cars. Phone Craig

Rogers 307 6347, member

of Master Tinters NZ.





Forall othermedical assistanceoutside of normal

hours pleasephoneyour generalpracticeteam, 24/7,

to speak withahealth professional whowill giveyou

free healthadvice on whattodoorwheretogoifyou

need urgentcare.

If youdon’t have aregulargeneral practice, call any

GP team 24/7 forfreetelephone health advice.

All non-residents and visa holders please bring your

passporttoyour surgeryappointment.

New Zealanders’tobring some form of ID.


Saturday21st September

is ThreeRivers Health, 7-11 Allens Road.

Consultations will be by appointmentonly.

To make an appointmentplease phone 308 9139.

Sunday22nd September is ThreeRivers Health,

7-11 Allens Road.

Consultations will be by appointmentonly.

To make an appointmentplease phone 308 9139.

Methven and Rakaia: Formedical attention on the

weekend and public holidays please telephone

MethvenMedical Centre on 03 302 8105

or Rakaia Medical Centre on 03 303 5002.

Details foraccessing the afterhours services will be on

the answer phone.


Wises Pharmacy, CountdownComplex,

East Street will be open on

Saturdaymorning from 9.00am until 1.00pm

Sundaymorning from 10.00am until1.00pm

and from 5.00pm until 7.00pm evenings.

At Geraldine: TheGeraldine Pharmacywill be open

normal trading hours during the week and on Saturday

morning from 9.30am to 12.30pm.

Closed Public Holidays

Forfree24hour Telephone Health Advice

Phone the healthline on 0800 611 116


TILING - For all your tiling

requirements including kitchen

splash backs, flooring

etc. (full water proofing),

call Kevin on 027 496 8314.


block, glare, heat control,

safety, security, privacy,

frosting films, solar protective

window films. Free

quotes, 20 years local service.

Phone 0800 368 468

now, Bill Breukelaar,


TV Reception Specialists for

all your digital freeview

installations and repairs,

TV wall mounting, Smart

TV set-up, home theatre

installation. Call John at

Ashburton TV &Audio Ltd

03 308 7332 or 027 277


VHS video tapes. Convert

your VHS to digital media.

Preserve and revive your

precious video memories at

The Photo Shop, The

Arcade. 03 307 7595.



types, specializing in

Decramastic and Long Run

Iron, Coloursteel etc, steep

roofs not a problem. —

Spraymaster 027-433-7780.



painting of cars, trucks,

buses, horse floats &

motorhomes, caravans,

trailers, farm machinery, jet

boats. Light engineering

and aluminium welding.

Bus &Truck Bodyworks, 17

Range Street, Ashburton.

Phone 307 0378.


Glass, any car, anytime,

anywhere. 24 hour emergency

service. Phone Wilson’s

Windscreens 03 308

8485 (24 hours), 152 Wills

Street, Ashburton.

Countdown Complex, EastStreet, Ashburton

Phone: 03 308 6733 Fax: 03 308 6755

Page 38, Ashburton’s The Courier, Thursday 19 September 2019





(F &OSH)





Heavy Traffic Classes 2, 3, 4&5


For Wheels, Tracks &Rollers,Dangerous Goods,

Vehicle Recovery & Passenger Training

FREEPHONE 0508237 483

or 03 348 8481, 027 510 0684

info@drivetech.co.nz |www.drivetech.co.nz




We welcome all parents/caregivers and

prospectivepupils for2020tojoin us on our

Open NightonTuesday 24 September,2019

This is an opportunitytosee whatour school

hastoofferaswell as thechancetomeetthe

Principal,staffand othermembers of

the schoolcommunity.

Pleasemeet inthe School Hall at 7:00pm

to be welcomed.


2020 Health Studies Bursary

Altrusa International of Ashburton Inc.

invites applications for this bursary

valued $1,000.

For full criteria and an

application form please email


Applications close 25-11-19



Annual General


30th September 2019


Rovers Den,


Scout Park,


Members aplate.







U3A Hakatere Ashburton,

Tuesday 24th September

at St David’s Church,

Allens Road. 9.30am coffee,

10.00am speaker;

Urlich Bergler, Research

Fellow Otago Uni and project/manager


"Population aging and the

increased burden of disability

posing challenges to

healthcare systems". $10




getcash now!


Damaged, Mechanical, Deregistered,


Minimum of $100for most cars,

$500 formost vans, utes, trucks,4WDs*


Call 0800 225508 or text 027540 9813




Enhances your

body’s own natural


Pain relief/Speeds recovery

from illness, injury and surgery.

•Noneedles/safe for all ages

•Good-Health Maintenance

•Affordable/flexible hours

•Home visits on request

Janet Hayes

Ph 308 6951

registered practitioner





Oxford tandem wheel. 15’

trailer-home 7x4 trailer with

canopy. Ford/Holden mag

wheels/tyres. Caravan

power leads, long. 03 308

5193, 027 204 9709.






Pipe Band Hall,Creek Road

Entertainment includes:

•Singing •MiniPipe Band

•Highland Dancing

•Raffle Tickets

Tickets and enquiries

Ken 308 7818 •Susan 0273 167 063



“InThe AshburtonArcade”


Take another 30% OFF SALE PRICES

FOOTWEAR Winter&Summer - (last pairs)

including Bobux, Vans,Skechers,McKinlays,

Dr Martens,Clarks,Holsters &more.

CLOTHING - Dimples,Eve’s Sister and more

(Swanndri’s½PRICE &LESS)

TheArcade,Ashburton. Phone 307 7340


Good qualitysecondhand furniture,

household,garden and workshop items.

No TVsorcomputers please.

Phone Ron 3085660, Joe3024848,Trevor 3072629

AshburtonPakeke Lions Club Charitable Trust

Serving our Community-Helping LocalCharities

CharityMarketGarage Sale 29 Feb2020.

(formerly SPCA)


adult cats

looking for


loving laps!

Kitten season coming ...

food donations welcome.

Kindly sponsored by

Adrienne Patterson

Ph308 4432





Your RuralVoiceworking for

both Town and Country


Iamseeking asecond term on


Ihave the ability, energy and

will work collaboratively for

the best outcome for the


exceltobeadesirable placeto

live, work and play.

Iamproud to be living on our arable family farmfor

four generations in the Eiffelton District, whichgives

me agood grounding on the agricultural industry

and rural communities.

My interests and volunteering are, County Lions,

Civil Defence, RedCross,past PresidentofAshburton

A&P association, Garden Club, Women inArable,

Rural Women and FederatedFarmers.

Ilook forwardtobeing partofthe futureCouncil to

continue with the governancerole and the ongoing

projects and developments.

Ithriveonachallenge and Iamherefor all Ashburton


-Authorised by LynetteLovett, 4Rd Ashburton



Old Pupils annual lunch in

Ashburton on Friday 11th

October 2019. For details

phone Margaret 308 1996.

LOOKING to earn extra

money, even while you’re

out walking? Delivery

people required. Phone

The Courier 308 7664.



FREE Courses

Community House

(44 Cass Street,Ashburton)

Local news at www.starnews.co.nz


NewCourses —1-2 hours weekly for10weeks

Starng 14-17Oct throughto16–19 Dec


Windows 10,File Management,Email,


Office Compung

MS Word, Exceland Office365


Learn howtouseyoursmartphone and/or tablet


class size

(max 5)

Supported Learning

Literacy and/or numeracy help while youworkontopicsofyour

choice eg CV,RoadCodetheory, Compung

Contact Alisonon027 7212002




Atalk by Nathan Wallis,renowned NZ

neuroscienceeducator,host of

“All in the Mind”documentaryand

‘co-host of TV series “The Secret LifeofGirls”.



This talk will update you(in Nathan’s usual plain, direct‘Southernman style’

kind of way) on neuroplasticity–or the brains abilitytochange itself –

and howtodothis.

If you’re committed to self-developmentand improving your qualityoflife, or

youworkwith trauma or in roles helping other people improvetheir lifequality,

then don’t miss this unique opportunity.

Tickets areavailable at the EventCentreorwww.Ticketdirect.co.nz.

Be in quick as tickets will sell fast!

Theevent proudlybroughttoyou by the AshburtonLions Club



Look out for

your copy

every week!





Local news at www.starnews.co.nz Ashburton’s The Courier, Thursday 19 September 2019, Page 39



Your donations so we

cansell good clean


and accessories.

Great cause.

187 Burnett Street

Monday-Friday10am -4.30pm


HospiceMid Canterbury


with alife





We can help with:

•Sitting and companionship

•Counselling and bereavement



•Massage, reikiand reflexology

Phone 307 8387 or 027 227 8387

email manager@hospicemc.nz www.hospicemc.nz


Sue Cahill


Call in atalk to the people who know...



Blacklows TradeZone Ashburton your locally

owned &operated family business for 66 years

Full range of engineering supplies and accessories forall your repairs

&maintenance. Kerrick hot &cold waterblasters &industrial vacuum cleaners.

Esseti welders &accessories. Stockists and distributors of Trailer Equipment.


South Street, Ashburton PHONE (03) 308-3147

Email office@blacklows.co.nz FREEPHONE 0800 452 522

“Standing up for YOU!”




Integrating cultures, Strengthening unity

Authorised by:ThelmaBell, 50 Middle Road,Ashburton.Telephone021 2593270




Full range available in-store.


Thur 19th &Fri 20th

10.00 DowntonAbbey

10.00 Dan Carter APerfect 10

11.45 Rambo: Last Blood

12.10 Good Boys

1.30 AngryBirds 2

2.00 Angel Has Fallen

3.15 DowntonAbbey

4.15 Abominable

5.30 IT Chapter Two

6.00 DowntonAbbey

8.15 Good Boys

8.30 Rambo: Last Blood

Fri21st&Sun 22nd

10.00 AngryBirds 2

10.00 Abominable

11.50 DowntonAbbey

11.50 Good Boys

1.40 AngryBirds 2

2.15 Dan Carter APerfect 10

3.30 Rambo: Last Blood

3.55 Hobbs &Shaw

5.15 IT Chapter Two

6.15 DowntonAbbey

8.15 Rambo: Last Blood

8.20 Good Boys

Mon23rd, Tues 24th

&Wed 25th

























10.00 DowntonAbbey PG

10.00 Dan Carter APerfect 10 PG

11.45 Rambo: Last Blood

12.10 Good Boys



1.30 DowntonAbbey PG

2.00 Angel Has Fallen R16

3.40 AngryBirds 2


4.15 Abominable






IT Chapter Two


Good Boys

Rambo: Last Blood







AngryBirds 2,


Good Boys,

Rambo: Last Blood



AshburtonTrustTennis Centre

• Teams of three

[maximum of


• Enter as ateam or

an individual

• Two grades –



Forfurther information and registration

form please visit:


or email admin@midcanterburytennis.co.nz



5.30 to 7:00pm

Starts Wednesday2nd October

Team entry$150





Ladies and Menswear



108 Victoria St, Ashburton

Allyourfavouriteladies’ brands




In conjuncon with



Our price $48 -$84

Corduroy pants Our price $99

100% cooncasualtrousers

RRP $145 Our price $30

(while stockslast)

Blokes Pelican cordtrousers

RRP $119.90 $74

Blokes Doeskin casual trousers

RRP $109.99 $68

Merino 1/4 zip jerseys

RRP $159.99 $80

Ansewoolmix zip cardigan

RRP$199.99 $110

Wool black slip on vest

RRP $119 $30

Hours: MondaytoFriday–10amto4pm




Page 40, Ashburton’s The Courier, Thursday 19 September 2019


Biggest Yard







1800cc, auto,


body kit

AA Appraised

Best Selection TradeIns



Local news at www.starnews.co.nz




Selling nicecarstonicepeople





4X4 SUV,2400cc, auto,




2400cc, 4WD,cruise

control, 65,000kms,

ABS, alloys

ENQUIRE NOW -about our rangeofrentalvehicles

Family, Sports, School or Social Trips

We have8,10&12 seater mini vans available.

Cars and3trucks for small or big loads also available.

308 1396

470 West Street, Ashburton

A/H Keith Drummond 0274 367646



3000cc, 4door auto,


multiple air bags,



$22,995 $12,998


NZ new,2000cc, auto















For more

great value


visit AtoB

2000cc, auto, 7seaters,ABS,air

conditioning,air bags,103,000kms



2010 TOYOTA AURIS RS, blue ...................................................................................................SOLD

2007 SUZUKI SWIFT XS, 1500cc, silver,auto, 58,000kms................................................SOLD

2005 TOYOTA VITZ RS, 1500cc, 5speedmanual,alloys,39,000kms........................$9,995

2007 TOYOTA AURIS, 1800cc, red, 2air bags,ABS, 56,000kms............................... $10,995

2010 TOYOTA RACTIS GL, 1500cc, auto, ABS, twin airbags, 44,000kms,

easy access...........................................................................................................................$9,995

2010 MITSUBISHI GALANT SPORT, 1800cc, auto.......................................................... $9,995

2003 FORD FOCUS, 5door,5speed,1600cc.......................................................................SOLD

2006 TOYOTA AURIS, 5door,1800cc, auto, silver........................................................... $9,995

2013 TOYOTA PRIUS HYBRID, 1800cc, loaded with extras.......................................$16,995


2000 TOYOTA PLATZ1500cc, 4door, auto, twin air bags, ABS, cheaprunner.....$3,990

2016 MITSUBISHILANCER, NZ new,2000cc, auto......................................................$15,995

2002 FORD FAIRLANEGHIA, white, auto.......................................................................... $7,990

2012 VWPASSAT CC, auto, 3000cc,loaded....................................................................$17,995

1998 HONDA ACCORD, 4door,auto, tidy......................................................................... $2,995

2004 HONDA INSPIRE, 3000ccclimatecontrol,auto.......................................................SOLD

2000 TOYOTACAMRY, high kmsbut tidy, auto............................................................... $3,995

2004 HONDA INSPIRE 30TE, 4door,auto, 3000cc, 15,000kms................................. $9,995


2000 TOYOTA ESTIMA, gold,2400cc, 7seater................................................................. $4,990

2013 TOYOTA PREMACY, 2000cc, auto, 7seater, ABS, air conditioning,air bags,

103,000kms......................................................................................................................... $7,995


2013 HONDACRV 24G, 2400cc, 4WD, cruise control, 65,000kms,ABS, alloys.. $22,995

2009 HONDACRV, winered, 4X4 auto, alloys,twin air bags,86,000kms............ $12,995

2015 NISSAN NAVARASTXLTD, 450 manual,1owner,2.5L intercooled turbo,

full leather......................................................................................................................... $31,990

2001 TOYOTAHARRIER, SUV,4X4, petrol.......................................................................... $4,990

2003 NISSANMURANO350X, auto,4X4 ........................................................................$10,995

2002 TOYOTARAV4, 2400cc, SUV, 4X4, silver ....................................................................$7995

1999 DAIHATSU TERIOS, 5door, 4X4, 5speed................................................................ $3,995

1998 NISSANTERRANO, RDM, diesel,2700cc, auto...................................................... $9,995

1996 NISSANTERRANO, RSR, diesel,3200cc,auto........................................................ $9,990

1994 FORD COURIER, 2WD,flatdeck................................................................................... $6,990

1996 MAZDA BOUNTY, B2600xcab,2600c, petrol,5speed........................................SOLD

2007 FORD RANGER, 5speed, 3000ccmanual,diesel,2WD extracab,2door,

336,000kms........................................................................................................................ $12,998


1996 HYUNDAI LANTRA CL, station wagon, 5speed, tidy......................................... $2,495

2003 FORD FUTURA, station wagon, auto........................................................................ $6,990

2005 PEUGEOT407, station wagon, diesel,auto........................................................... $6,495

2002 TOYOTA COROLLAFEILDER, station wagon, petrol.......................................... $4,990


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