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The O’Donovan Way

Our history

Denis Joseph O’Donovan, fondly known as

Generous Joe, arrived in London in the 1950s

after moving from a rural village in West Cork. In a

dance hall in London Joe met his wife Kathleen,

who also came from West Cork, they married in

1958, settling in Kilburn. They had four children:

Michael, Caroline, Anthony and Jacqueline.

Joe’s ambition and

determination to

succeed in business

was paramount –

like a lot of young

men who had made

the journey over

the pond. Having

previously worked

on the railways

and construction

sites, Joe used this

experience and in 1959 Joe bought a Caterpillar

951 tracked shovel and secured his first

demolition job. He went on to purchase a

tipper and eventually moved into skip lorries,

establishing a depot in Kings Cross (which is

now the site of the British Library)

where his new business thrived

and began to expand.

business which needed

continuing. His four

children were thrust

into the running of the

family business and at

this stage none of

them had many years’

experience under their belts. This didn’t stop

the family however and they took over the

running of the business.

Nothing has changed in the intervening years,

O’Donovan is still entirely family-owned and is

run by the four siblings with Michael the CEO,

Caroline and Anthony the Operations Directors

and Jacqueline, Managing Director. All of them are

fiercely proud of the family-values and Irish

heritage which have helped make O’Donovan a

continued success.

After working out of numerous locations in North

London, the business finally settled in Tottenham

and currently has four sites within the area, along

with an additional site in West London.

Sadly however Joe passed away

suddenly in 1985 at the age of 51,

leaving an extremely successful


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The O’Donovan



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Going for Gold

This year we re-attained our FORS Gold standard

for the fifth consecutive year. Originally we were

one of the first eight companies to hold the FORS

Gold standard and the only independant company.

Today the scheme has over 4000 members across

the UK.

Being part of FORS has helped us

continually improve our operations

and investment in our fleet, as

the information and support we

receive is invaluable.

A benefit has been that our insurance costs have

reduced by 25% per vehicle, per year. This has come

about by having fewer incidents – we’ve seen a 33%

reduction and also our average cost of a claim has

been reduced by 66% because technology has

enabled us to see exactly what has happened.

Clearly being FORS accredited

has paid dividends for O’Donovan

and we will continue to use this

as a demonstration of our

commitment to improving our

driver training strategy, reducing risk to

vulnerable road users and focus on road safety

and sustainable practices.

To further support the company’s mission,

Jacqueline O’Donovan is a member of the FORS

Governance and Standards Advisory Group

(GSAG). This Group of key industry figures were

brought together in 2015 when the FORS scheme

was handed over from Transport for London.

The remit of the GSAG is to lead and champion

the direction of FORS to ensure the relevance of

the standard and to ultimately guarantee the

integrity of the scheme as it rolls out for operators

across the UK.

We welcomed some new additions in 2016!

New lorries joined our fleet in 2016, all of which lead the way

in HGV design. All of them were chosen specifically for their

innovative safety features. We worked closely with the

manufacturers to specify exactly what we needed on each of

the lorries to ensure they meet our exacting standards.


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Industry leading initiative

In March we used the annual Construction

Logistics and Community Safety (CLOCS) progress

event to unveil our ground-breaking Mercedes

Benz Econic skip loaders. The theme of the

progress event was ‘Looking to the Future’ and

was a showcase of brand new vehicles from

leading manufacturers and other CLOCS

Champions. Our reveal of the Econic skip loaders

was an industry first – they are the first vehicles

of their kind to be put to work in the UK.

The whole purpose of CLOCS is about resolute

steps and cultural change to reduce the road

danger posed by construction industry vehicles.

As a progressive company known for bold

decisions, we are keen to ensure we are making

the best choices to help further protect

vulnerable road users.

drive CLOCS forward as a national standard for

the UK; led by The South East Centre for the

Built Environment (SECBE), the partnership also

includes a range of industry bodies. In October

Jacqueline O’Donovan was appointed to the

SECBE non-executive Board in recognition of

her continued commitment to the construction


As part of her role at SECBE, Jacqueline will bring

her passion for Health & Safety and credibility as

one of the first firms to be become a CLOCS

champion and it’s this experience which will be of

great value to SECBE, in driving the national roll

out of CLOCS.

In November CLOCS announced that a new

partnership had been created to manage and


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joins our fleet

As part of our ongoing aim to raise the bar in

construction logistics safety, we were extremely

proud to unveil brand new additions to our fleet

at this year’s CLOCS progress event. The

ground-breaking Mercedes Benz Econic 4×2 skip

loader 1830L was the first vehicle of its kind to be

commercially bought and put to work in the

United Kingdom. Originally designed for municipal

waste work, the vehicle has since been made

available to the construction sector.

We led the way as the first company to hit

London’s streets in March with the exclusive

Econics, the lorry delivers previously unseen

safety features offering the driver an

unparalleled view of vulnerable road users. It has

a wide field of vision with its deep panoramic

windscreen, a fully glazed floor to ceiling ‘bus

style’ nearside door and lowered driving position

which puts the driver at eye level with both

cyclists and pedestrians. The glazed door also

provides direct visibility of the nearside blindspot,

a particularly vulnerable position for cyclists.

In addition to the obvious safety benefits offered,

we also had a range of additional CLOCS safety

features fitted including, but not limited to: side

scan system, side under run protection, left hand

turn audible alarm and conspicuity markings.


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Exchanging Places

The Metropolitan Police and the City of London

run the award-winning Exchanging Places

programme around London to give cyclists the

chance to sit in the driver’s seat of an HGV to see

for themselves how difficult it can be to see a

cyclist riding close to the lorry. It’s also a perfect

opportunity for operators and cyclists to get

together and discuss the issues of road safety.

Throughout the year we volunteer our lorries and

drivers to go along to take part.

“Feedback is


positive with 97%

per cent of cyclists

saying they would

change their riding

as a result of

sitting in the

driver’s seat”


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for road safety

According to The Royal Society for the Prevention

of Accidents (RoSPA) driving for work is the third

riskiest job in the world, after deep sea fishing and

coal mining. Road crashes account for 39% of all

work-related deaths in the European Union and

this number doesn’t include those driving to and

from work.

Throughout 2016 we campaigned to help raise

awareness of a range of safety themes for both

our own staff and other drivers and employers

in our industry. The campaign was designed to

help support the work of Brake Professional

which promotes road risk management and

helps organisations manage their transport

requirements in ways that are safe, sustainable,

healthy and fair.

Our industry has a duty to make road safety its

priority, no matter the size of operation. As an

SME, we were keen to share our experiences

with other small businesses to help promote

best practice.

“In the UK the cost to employers of

at-work collisions is estimated to

be more than £2.7 billion a year”


If you're caught driving with drugs in your system you face an

automatic 12-month driving ban and up to six months in jail and

£5,000 fine.


Breaking the speed limit or travelling too fast for conditions is

recorded (by police at crash scenes) as a contributory factor in

more than one in four (27%) fatal crashes in the UK.


¾ of all collisions involving cyclists happen at or near a junction.

Also cyclists are particularly at risk from large vehicles turning

left or manoeuvring, due to blindspots.


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Drink driving is still one of the biggest killers on our roads, with

one in seven road deaths being due to drink drivers.


Distracted driving is a major cause of road crashes and using your

phone when driving has been shown to be worse than drinking

certain amounts of alcohol.


22,000 road impact incidents in England in 2013 were caused by

objects falling from vehicles.


It's estimated that 85% of roadworthiness infringements could

be avoided if drivers had carried out a simple walkaround check

of their vehicles, before starting their journey.


As part of Road Safety Week, Brake encourages everyone to

make the Brake Pledge which asks drivers to do everything they

can to protect themselves and the people around them.

Make the Brake Pledge

Brake has a vision for a world where streets are

pleasant, unpolluted, and safe for everyone to

use freely. To help achieve this, Brake is asking

everyone to sign their Pledge, whether a driver or

not. The Pledge calls for people to drive less and,

if they do drive, to do everything they can to

protect themselves and the people around them.

You can sign the Brake Pledge by visiting: www.brake.org.uk/pledge


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the highest levels

of training

We pride ourselves on our high standards of staff training and recognise

the importance of developing their skills, to ensure they receive the right

training throughout their employment.

Our staff are our biggest asset, by ensuring they

operate to the highest standard this in turn

benefits the service we provide to our clients.

We’re keen to ensure our staff receive the very

latest in training, and this year employees have

taken part in various courses, two new ones were:

Road Haulage Association –

Driver CPC in-cab

This two day course covered topics including

fuel economy, creating training programmes,

reducing accidental damage and assessing the

cause of accidents.

Paul Neal our Logistical Supervisor came away

with the knowledge to carry out in-house

driving assessments and Paul has put his skills

into practice, training our team to drive ‘The

O’Donovan Way’. This ensures driving to the

highest standard possible, accidents are reduced

and safety is improved for both our drivers and

vulnerable road users.

Staying Legal

A new course developed

by Transport for London

in partnership with

the Metropolitan Police,

DVSA and Traffic

Commissioners was

rolled out this year.

Designed to ensure drivers know their

responsibilities in relation to our Operator’s

Licence and their own driving licences, the

course gives an understanding of the regulatory

framework governing road transport and the

enforcement agencies and regulations to ensure

drivers, vehicles and journeys are compliant

and ultimately, stay legal.


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Cart Marking

a piece of London’s history

Back in the annals of history the Corporation of

the City of London regulated the trades and

the Carmen fellowship, created in 1277, were

responsible for transport throughout the City.

Despite a number of disputes over licencing it

was eventually agreed that all licensed vehicles

should be marked with the City’s arms on the

shafts and numbered on a brass plate. In 1681

there were 420 licensed carts; in 1835, 600.

In keeping with tradition, each year the

Worshipful Company of Carmen bring

horse-drawn waggons and carriages, steamers,

veteran and vintage lorries, buses and coaches,

and modern trucks and tractor units, to be

branded, or marked, with a red-hot iron, on a

wooden plate, with the year letter and the cart

number, as a reminder of centuries of service to

the City and to maintain their ancient tradition.

Organised by the Carmen, the Corporation’s

ceremony itself, in Guildhall Yard, sees each

vehicle brought for the Master’s inspection, then

branded by the Keeper of Guildhall, using a special

brazier and gloves provided by the Glovers’

Company. The duties of the Keeper are shared

with the Lord Mayor, and also the Master Carman.

Afterwards the Lord Mayor, Sheriff, Master

Carman and Wardens doff their caps as each

vehicle passes the rostrum.

We were thrilled to take part in the ceremony this

year. We took along our fully restored 1966

Leyland AEC Tipper to have it branded – it was

great to be part of such an historical event!

The Worshipful Company of Carmen

The Worshipful Company of Carmen reflects the

transport industry with the focus on surface

transport, including road and rail, goods and

passenger and serve the City of London as it has

done for five centuries.


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more waste than ever!

Our Alperton site enables us to divert 100% of

our waste from landfill. It also has a 24 hour, 7 day

a week licence meaning we’re able to handle more

waste than ever before. The site is open to other

waste carriers and the general public.

Sustainability is paramount for us and we look to

protect what we have currently and also for

future generations. The key focus for Alperton is

to enable us recycle as much as possible into

recoverable and reusable materials and remove

reliance on dwindling virgin materials.

plant on site and a water harvesting system

which collects rain water, with the capacity to

store 60,000 litres for use across the entire site

including our suppression systems.

The creation of our new facility has enabled us to

cast our net further afield in relation to the areas

we service and has created a number of local jobs

across a range of roles.

The site is self-sufficient in a number of ways

including the use of solar panels to provide the

electricity needed to power all the heavy process

Map data ©2016 Google


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Grand opening

of our new material recycling facility

Opened by His Excellency Dan Mulhall, The

Ambassador of Ireland to Great Britain in May, our

Alperton facility represents a £15m investment

which has doubled our waste processing capacity

and has helped minimise the miles our collection

vehicles need to travel.

We welcomed guests from across industry to our

grand opening and it was a huge celebration

enjoyed by the whole O’Donovan team.

The site receives and processes a myriad of

construction and demolition waste generated

across London. With an enclosed processing

facility, all waste is segregated and baled on site.


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In the Media


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In the Media


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How can we

help you?


We offer a full range of skips from 4 cubic yards

right up to 40. We also provide certified lifting

skips as well as lockable versions. Our ‘wait & load’

service gives complete flexibility and where

necessary, we can help with local authority

permits and supply of covers and lights.

Roll on Roll off bins

Job too big for a skip? Our Rollon Rolloff bins are

robust and versatile, suitable for larger projects.

They can take rubble, industrial or commercial

waste, bulky recyclables and more.


The perfect solution for awkward to access

spaces, our grab lorries provide a quick and easy

solution for collection of waste or delivery of



Our FORS Gold and CLOCS compliant fleet of 32

tonne tippers are available for muck away,

excavation, day work and delivery of materials.

We also have 7.5 tonne vehicles for smaller jobs.

Recycled aggregates

Our recycling plants crush and grade construction

waste to WRAP quality protocols. We can provide

specified materials including Type 2 crushed

concrete, concrete fines, 6F1 and 6F2, crushed

brick, hardcore and screened topsoil. All our

recycled materials come with a quality



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Our highest quality aggregates are certified and

graded and can be supplied in skips, bins or loose.

From 1 tonne up to 20 tonnes we offer soft and

sharp sand, ballasts, MOT type 1 stone, shingle,

gravels and more.


Keep sites and roads clear and compliant with

our range of road sweepers, operated by our

fully-qualified drivers.

Waste Collection

‘Wait & Load’ our driver will come to you with a

skip, bin, rolonoff container or a caged vehicle

and wait while you load it. We also provide ‘Wait &

Load’ plus manpower to carry out the hard work

for you.

Wheelie bins and compactor lorry

Hiring wheelie bins is the ideal solution for limited

site access or space. Our compactor vehicles

empty the wheelie bins at the time of your

choosing and the bins come in a variety of sizes.

Caged vehicles


From industrial dismantling, asbestos removal,

strip-outs, full site clearance, scaffolding and

rubbish removal, we provide a comprehensive

demolition service. We offer site visits, welfare

and risk assessments and method statements.

Our full Compliance Department ensures all

CDM and associated regulations are adhered to –

assisting clients with legal compliance whilst

on site.

If you need to hire a caged vehicle, our driver

will come to you and wait while you load the

waste. This service is for bulk collections of

general waste only and cannot be used for any

hazardous waste.

A more cost effective option if you have the

labour and location for the vehicle to be parked

legally on-road or have access to park off-road –

eliminating the need to obtain and pay for a

council permit. We can also arrange to load the

vehicle for you.

Waste transfer and material


We have two licenced waste transfer stations

for the disposal of non-hazardous waste and a

material recycling facility. We aim to reuse and

recycle as much as possible and divert 100% of

waste from landfill. At our recycling facility we

use state-of-the-art machinery to process

construction and demolition site waste into

100% recycled aggregates.


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“O’Donovan’s were employed to remove a dis-used pedestrian bridge on the old North

London Railway Line at North Woolwich. The metal bridge which was to be re-erected

on a heritage railway site. It had deteriorated badly over the years and extreme care

was required during the operation. O’Donovan’s safely and efficiently protected the

structure during removal ensuring it could be re-erected later. We would highly

commend O’Donovan’s approach and would certainly use them again.”

“We are always more than impressed with O’Donovan’s

professionalism and ability to react quickly to site requirements.

Their large fleet of fully equipped vehicles and stringent approach

to driver training gives us the right piece of mind to promote and use their products

and services. This coupled with an experienced office and affably dedicated sales

force, enables a truly robust trading partnership.”

“We use O’Donovan Waste Disposal for Grabs lorries, Tippers and skips on a regular

basis. We are happy with the service we receive – Very much so. We are most

impressed with the rapid response we receive to our requests and the friendly staff

we deal with. I would describe O’Donovans as a sizeable company that offers a family

company service and would have no hesitation in recommending their service.”


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“The nature of business our company is involved with relies heavily on certain

operational aspects one of them being Waste Management. I would consider

O’Donovan having a major impact on ensuring our projects are delivered cost

efficiently and in time. O’Donovan isn’t your usual stereotypical skip company.

From the person who answers the phone to the one who sorts your invoice queries

and to the driver who goes to site, the whole team is a friendly bunch of people who

are there to make sure that the service you have called upon is delivered at the

highest professional standards.”

“DDS Demolition use O’Donovans for our haulage and Plant Hire requirements and

we are very happy with the service. We carry out KPI’s on all our sub-contractors and

all of O’Donovan’s KPI’s are above average. What impresses us most is their

Communication, Truthfulness, Price and willingness to partner us with terms and

conditions. We recommend them because they provide an efficient, reliable and

competitive service.”

“I just want to pass on my personal thanks to you and the team for all the hard work

you have put into Road Safety Week this week! A massive thank you for all your

activities and support on social media, it looks great. It’s wonderful to see your

bulletins filled with such positivity and working in collaboration with others like the

Met and council. Keep up the good work.”

Driving sustainability – Delivering excellence


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Our News

Channel 4’s

The Job Interview

Earlier in the year we were approached to take

part in the Channel 4 documentary: The Job

Interview. Needless to say we agreed and

Jacqueline O’Donovan and Richard Clarke, our

Commercial Director, appeared on our screens in

the summer.

The fly-on-the-wall series followed real-life

interviews in unprecedented detail, with a

diverse range of candidates being interviewed

different companies over each episode. We

featured in Episode 4 alongside a party planning

company. It was a great experience and proved

to be a novel way to recruit staff.

All episodes of The Job Interview are available to

watch on Channel 4 On Demand.


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News from 2016


Joined launch of LOCITY

looking at lowering London’s

CV emissions


O’Donovan Waste Disposal

shares SME best practice at Transport

Services Redbridge Event


Driving compliance for

O’Donovan Waste Disposal HGVs

Jacqueline O’Donovan invited to judge

prestigious Institute of Director awards

Industry first Mercedes

Benz Econic skip loader

joins O’Donovan

Waste Disposal’s fleet

Jacqueline O’Donovan

wins Outstanding Woman in

Construction award

O’Donovan Waste Disposal launches

2016 safety campaign


O’Donovan Waste Disposal leading the way with

Road Haulage Association Driver CPC in-cab training for staff


O’Donovan unveils new

waste processing facility

David Lammy MP discusses local jobs, safer

roads and CSR with O’Donovan Waste


O’Donovan puts school children in the driving seat at City of London Road Safety Day


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O’Donovan Waste Disposal leads

the way in health and safety at

Constructing Excellence Awards


O’Donovan appears

on Channel 4’s documentary

The Job Interview


O’Donovan Waste Disposal teams up

with LCC to bring citywide BikeTubes to London

Jacqueline O’Donovan

makes it three in a row with

latest award win for

leadership and innovation

O’Donovan Waste

Sponsors Local Cycling Club’s Track

O’Donovan Waste Disposal sets standard

for safety at 2016 SHD Logistics awards

Jacqueline O’Donovan

honoured as Vitalise

Business Woman of

the Year 2016


Drivers’ hours, should the law be changed? Take our quick survey

O’Donovan Waste Disposal secures

European award for road safety

Jacqueline O’Donovan named

‘Most Inspiring Business Woman’ at

Best Business Women awards 2016


O’Donovan takes part in various

events for Road Safety Week


FORS partners with O’Donovan

for Road Safety Week


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Meet the Team

We have an ever growing team of skilled employees at O’Donovan and now

employ 160 people in various roles across the entire business. We’d like to

introduce you to just a few who make up the O’Donovan team. They’ve

shared a little of what their jobs entail and also a lighter view on their lives

both in and out of work.

Shane Brown – Transport Manager

I’ve worked as Transport Manager for six years and my role incorporates the running

of the tipper and grab fleets. I also ensure the drivers are up to date with changing

legislation. I look after clients, delivering excellent customer service, whilst also

managing drivers and allocating their work. We have a great team spirit and work

together to make sure our clients’ needs are met safely and efficiently.

What is your biggest vice?

Outside of work it’s golf. I play to a 9 handicap and try to play every Sunday morning.

We’ve held a couple of O’Donovan golf days and once we had the drivers at Blakes in

Harlow for a game – needless to say my team won, it wasn’t fixed honest!

James Clark – Skip Controller

I’m responsible for the co-ordination of a large team of skip drivers across London

and the South East. I process orders and requests for work to be completed, liaise

with clients, schedule and route plan to complete the delivery and collection of skips

within the agreed timeframes and manage any hurdles that may arise in the

process, such as traffic congestion. I am also Client Manager and look after some of

our major accounts.

What’s the most fun you’ve ever had at work?

We always manage to have a good laugh in the office, which is really important as

we’re in such a busy environment. There are a few funny moments that spring to

mind – including my colleague Ken falling off his chair whilst talking to a customer.

He still managed to hold onto the phone and take the order, whilst we all fell about

the place laughing!


O'Donovan Yearbook 2016 (Pages).qxp_Layout 1 21/12/2016 13:57 Page 31

Liam Clement-Smith – Fleet Risk Manager

It’s my job to fully investigate and manage all incidents effectively. I work alongside

the Transport Manager to ensure our drivers follow company polices to reduce our

work related road risk. I also attend road safety events and keep up to date with

industry news to ensure company polices reflect best practice and the Managing

Director is fully versed.

Is there one thing you avoid doing at all costs?

Take your pick from sharing biscuits, paying more than £5 for a pint or grinning whilst

Shane is telling yet another outrageous lie to a new staff member (like we use left

handed screwdrivers or similar).

Amanda Tang – PA

I look after the Sales Team and Sales Development Manager. I try my hardest to help

make sure they get their work done and that they’re able do their jobs to the best of

their ability. I’m also a supporting role to all Managers at O’Donovan when they

require an extra helping hand in their departments.

What will you be spending more on in 2017?

I have big plans in 2017! I’ve got two weddings to go to; which means lots of travel

and I’ve recently moved so I’ll be sprucing the place up and making it my own. I also

plan on travelling to Mauritius and other places around the world to visit old friends

and see new family so it will be an eventful year filled with good things!

Daniel Burns – Depot Manager

My role is to make sure the Alperton depot runs like clockwork. I am responsible for

the upkeep of the yard and maintenance of the building and plant on site. A big part

of my job is the health and safety of visitors and staff. I keep a close eye on

operations and movements within the yard to ensure no holdups or delays and I also

support the office staff in any way if they need help. I also set the work up for the

night shift and provide them with support where necessary.

Most embarrassing moment at work?

I was showing someone around the new yard and was taking them up to the picking

station. As I was walking ahead, I bent down to pick something off the floor and split

my trousers, with the person standing right behind me – there was no sparing my

blushes. My boxer shorts were on show for all to see!


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Key Events



The London Bike Show

As a CLOCS Champion, we joined the CLOCS

team to promote their work in helping to

protect Vulnerable Road Users.



Intertnational Women’s Day

for icap

Jacqueline was guest speaker at a charity

event for icap, which was being held to

celebrate International Women’s Day and

raise awareness

of the work the

charity does with




Brake – Fleet Safety Conference


London Borough of Redbridge

and Chartered Institute of

Logistics and Transport Annual

Compliance Event

We sponsored this event and presented on the

subject of ‘Doing it right pays dividends’.

This annual event brings together fleet

managers and suppliers to share best practice

in managing road risk. We gave a presentation

on protecting vulnerable road users.



Safer in the City

We joined a highly regarded panel of speakers

from influential bodies and organisations

from around the city. We discussed the

positives, concerns and ideas about safety on

London’s roads.


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Commercial Fleet

Van & Truck 2016

Jacqueline spoke in the Plenary Theatre to

discuss the critical issues faced by commercial

fleet operators.


Freight in the City Expo

This one-day free-to-attend event featured

an exhibition of the latest vehicles, including

our Econic lorry, technology and equipment

that enable urban deliveries to be made

cleanly, safely, quietly and efficiently.


The IRTE Conference

Along with other industry figures, Jacqueline

took part in a panel session entitled: CLOCS,

FORS and safer lorries: emerging trucks and

changing operations.



The Silverstone Time Trial

Cycling Challenge

The Silverstone Time Trial Cycling Challenge

was a new cycling event at the iconic

Silverstone Formula 1 race track. The event

attracted high numbers of amateur and elite

riders to race.


Utility Fleet Forum Conference

Jacqueline spoke on safety in fleet operations

and vulnerable road users at this event which

provides the very best advice and solutions,

tailored specifically for essential services fleet



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2016 Awards


Outstanding Woman in Construction

“A showcase for the brightest and the best

female achievers in the national and

international housebuilding and wider

construction industries.”


edie 2016 Environment &

Energy Awards Health and

Safety Initiative

"The E&E Awards are about recognising the success of the green

economy, and celebrating all who are really setting the standard

when it comes to doing business better.”


Constructing Excellence –

H&S award

“The judges were impressed not only by the huge investments made by the company into training

its team for the safe operation of its waste business, but also that the work undertaken with

vehicle manufacturers, TfL, the police and the cycling public is making a huge contribution to the

safety of all road users.”


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Excellence –

Achiever of the Year


“Jacqueline’s career has taught her that you

never stop learning and this is something

that she embeds in the team. She is a driver

of people and her enthusiasm resonates

throughout her family business, the built

environment and the wider community.”


British Irish Trading Alliance Outstanding

Commitment to Innovation Award

“Not only is she a great leader, but she is also a tireless mentor who has led selflessly and without

question. This approach is also evident within her company, which maintains the strong family

values started by her father.”

SHD Logistics

Safety Award

“A company which had truly taken the

whole industry forward; its safety culture

and ethos are matched by its commitment

to training and investment in the tough

waste transport sector. They stand as an

excellent example to others.


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2016 Awards

Vitalise Business Woman of the Year

“Jacqueline is an inspiration for women looking

to make their mark in business, and to fulfil

their potential. The work Jacqueline has been

involved in to improve safety standards and

stimulate innovation in the waste disposal

industry is fantastic – truly inspiring.”


Brake Fleet Safety Awards Company Driver

Safety Award

“We were delighted to receive so many strong entries, with organisations and individuals across

the world doing fantastic work to make our roads safer for everyone.”


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European Transport Safety Council (ETSC)

PRAISE Award for Road Safety

“O’Donovan has demonstrated strong leadership from the top down and is acting as a passionate

champion for work-related road risk management. They are aiming not just to be an example of

best practice, but to set the industry standard.”

Best Business Women awards

Most Inspiring Business Woman

“The judges were inspired by Jacqueline’s commitment and tenacity

to succeed, with the family business having grown exponentially

under her leadership.”


MPA highly commended

in reducing occupational

road risk


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Supporting our Community

We’ve been proud sponsors of a range of initiatives in

and around our community during 2016

Irish Film Festival London

2016 Irish Film London (IFL) Awards and launch of the Irish Film Festival

London. IFL supports the interests of the Irish Film and Animation Industry

and provides educational opportunities for filmmakers and young people

including workshops, master classes and lectures.

Goal Jersey Day

In support of GOAL’s work in developing

worlds, the team all wore a sports jersey

to work, making a donation to GOAL.

Thomas Sinden charity golf day

London Air


We’re proud to have

supported London’s

Air Ambulance.

We donated an auction prize for

construction services provider Thomas

Sinden’s charity golf day. The event was

held to raise money for the Lighthouse

Club, the construction industry charity.

A massive £5000 was raised on the day

and was generously being matched by a

donation from Thomas Sinden.

Bloomin’ Lovely Night Out

We were pleased to be involved in the London Irish Centre’s

Bloomin’ Lovely Night Out fundraiser. The Centre supports Irish

people in London and promotes Irish arts and culture.


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Macmillan Coffee Morning

The World’s Biggest Coffee Morning is Macmillan’s biggest

fundraising event for people facing cancer. We hosted our

own Coffee Morning with donations from the day made to

Macmillan. In 2015 Coffee Mornings raised £25 million.

Jeans for Genes

We took part in this year’s Jeans for Genes

day raising money towards the funding of a

range of initiatives that improve the lives of

children affected by a genetic disorder.

Support our Schools – ABC Ball

We sponsored a gala evening for four

foundation schools in support of the A

Better Chance Bursary Scheme. The Scheme

helps less privileged, yet talented children

enjoy the benefits of a Mill Hill education.

Parnells Girls’ Gaelic

Football Club

Check out the new shirts we helped

sponsor for the Parnells Ladies Gaelic

Football Club. It’s a well established and

successful Ladies Gaelic football club.

Based in London the club is comprised of

members from all parts of Ireland and

the UK and with several from other parts

of the world.


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Supporting our Community

The Andrew Stone Invitational Charity

Golf Tournament

We were pleased to sponsor the 2016 Andrew Stone

Invitational Charity Golf Tournament which raised

£5,300 on the day for Cancer Research UK.

St John Fisher Catholic Primary School

Perivale – Gaelic football Cork schools

exchange programme

The St John Fisher Catholic school in Perivale trialled an

exchange programme with schools in Cork and have

introduced Gaelic football to the school. We’ve sponsored

the kit for ten year five children who travelled to Mallow,

as part of the Schools Exchange Program.

Broxbourne Borough FC

We’re proud sponsors for this local

football team over the next year – good

luck Broxbourne Borough FC!

London Irish Vintage Rally

This annual event raised money for

Shooting Star, Mind (Harrow), St Mark’s

Hospital and the Brent Irish Advisory

Service. We showed our support with

Michael O’Donovan’s unique collection of

vintage lorries which he proudly exhibits

at this event.


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David Lammy MP discusses local jobs, safer roads and CSR

In May we were visited by David Lammy to discuss

initiatives to make London’s roads safer and our work

with the local community.

“I look forward to following O’Donovan’s success in the

future and will continue to support their work keeping

vulnerable road users safe and supporting the local

economy in Tottenham.”

‘BikeTubes’ on Cycle to Work Day

14 September was Cycle to Work Day and we teamed up with London Cycling Campaign to sponsor

a series of led-rides which were aimed at helping people commute by bike for the first time.

The BikeTubes are a perfect way to get large groups of

cyclists across London at the busiest times and are a great

way to build cyclist confidence. We’re committed to seeing

that new cyclists get all the support they need cycling to

work and appreciate that there needs to be a collaborative

relationship developed between the logistics industry and

cyclists. No one should be afraid to cycle on London’s roads.

“We are delighted that O’Donovan Waste Disposal is

supporting the safety of cyclists. London streets can be

intimidating in rush hour and the first commute is often the

hardest. But with the right support more people can gain

the confidence to commute by cycle – which will also help

London become the healthier, happier, less polluted and

less congested city we all want it to be.”

Ashok Sinha, LCC CEO


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Road Safety Week

Brake, the road safety charity co-ordinates Road

Safety Week annually and it's the biggest event of

its kind in the UK. Road Safety Week aims to

inspire communities to take action on road safety

and promote life-saving messages.

We got involved by volunteering staff and lorries

to take part in a number of Exchanging Places

events with the Metropolitan Police and the City

of London and the FORS team.

In particular, we visited a number of local schools

to show children around and inside our lorries.

It’s a priority to educate children on road safety, so

we were able to help them with information on

road safety and to understand how to share the

roads safely with HGVs.

“It was fantastic to see so many

students engaging with the

messages of road safety week.

The team here today have done a

fantastic job of raising awareness

of the risks these young people

encounter on the roads, and the

importance of being aware and

alert around these vehicles.”

Paul Wilkes, FORS Business Services Manager


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O’Donovan Today

A multi-award winning waste management

operator, O’Donovan has 160 employees,

5 locations, a fleet of 90 HGVs, many of which

lead the way in vehicle design. We have a

£19.25m turnover.

It is our aim to lead the way in

safe, green and efficient waste

operations across London. We’re

passionate about the waste

industry and about working as

safely and sustainably as possible.

To this end we champion a range of ongoing

initiatives which demonstrate our family’s

top-down commitment. As such have become

widely regarded within the construction, waste

and logistics industry as a champion for health and

safety, training and environmental excellence.

O’Donovan is a certified training centre, approved

by JAUPT (DCPC) and British Safety Council (BSC). 1

This year we made our most significant business

investment to date, with £15m spent on a new

material recycling facility in Alperton, which

doubled our waste processing capacity.



2017 is already looking like it will be as busy and

as significant for O’Donovan as 2016 was. It will

be interesting to see the next developments

in relation to our exit from the EU; how it is

managed and what impact the process might have

on our industries.

Keep up with what’s going on at O’Donovan and

all our industry news by following us on Twitter

or Facebook. Full details of all our services are

available on our website, or to get in touch

directly with us you can call or email – full details

are opposite.





0800 731 3332


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