RK ADDA newsletter November 11 2019 issue

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E-Magazine<br />

<strong>November</strong> <strong>2019</strong>, Issue 1<br />

Join the conversation<br />

Radio<br />

Adda<br />

Gup Shup<br />

24 Hour<br />

Online Radio<br />

Station<br />

targeting<br />

Global Indians<br />

This Photo by Unknown Author is licensed under CC BY-NC-ND<br />

Engagement,<br />

Entertainment<br />

& Enrichment<br />

with Radio<br />

Karishma<br />

Radio show<br />

featuring<br />

Adda<br />


E-Magazine<br />

<strong>November</strong> <strong>2019</strong>, Issue 1<br />

Se<br />

With RJ Karishma<br />

Its been wonderful 9 years running Radio<br />

Karishma. Over the years, you as my<br />

listerners have reached out to me and given me<br />

so much love and respect that I am eternally<br />

grateful to you. Spread across 150+ countries<br />

Radio Karishma is unarguably one of the<br />

largest platforms to bring the Global Indians<br />

together. As regular listeners of this online<br />

radio, you will know better than anyone else<br />

that we don’t believe in Bollywood centric –rinse<br />

and repeat template for entertainment. Our<br />

endeavor has always been to provide wholesome<br />

entertainment, engagement and enrichment<br />

though eclectic variety of content. <strong>RK</strong> Adda<br />

and <strong>RK</strong> Gup Shup (the E-Magazine and the<br />

show) is our new initiative to build a closer knit<br />

community as well as give platform to people<br />

and <strong>issue</strong>s that need our attention.

E-Magazine<br />

<strong>November</strong> <strong>2019</strong>, Issue 1<br />

Meet Your RJs<br />

Sapna Rana : Dil ki bat aap ke<br />

sath , Tuesday 1 pm<br />

Rajeev kulkarni : Kannadavani,<br />

Sunday 1pm and Cine Chat on<br />

Wednesday at 10:00 am<br />

Shilpa Lele : Suprabhat Mon-<br />

Wed and Friday morning 7am<br />

to 8am<br />

Moushomi Bose : Food Fundas<br />

Sunday <strong>11</strong> am<br />

Not Just Water Boys ; Manpal ,Munraj Bal and Abhi Dhumpala :<br />

Sunday 4 Pm

E-Magazine<br />

<strong>November</strong> <strong>2019</strong>, Issue 1<br />

Radio Karishma Adda<br />

Engagement, Entertainment and<br />

Enrichment<br />

Become part of Radio Karishma Adda, one of its<br />

kind club –that will enable and empower you and<br />

your business.<br />

The Adda ( as we like to call it) was launched on<br />

8 th October with 20 members on board.<br />

With member networking events, educative<br />

workshops and fun & de-stress time – this is a<br />

place like no other. Radio Karishma is committed<br />

to nurture its adda with all its offline and online<br />

prowess and grow it into a force to reckon with<br />

amongst the global Indian community.<br />

Checkout the Radio Karishma Adda page on our<br />

website regularly to see the upcoming<br />

events/workshops.<br />

And of course don’t forget to sign up for the<br />

Adda.<br />

We meet twice a month atleast, once for get<br />

together and once for workshop/skill building.<br />

Sign up for Adda

E-Magazine<br />

<strong>November</strong> <strong>2019</strong>, Issue 1<br />

Radio Karishma Adda<br />

Launch Party<br />

Radio Karishma Mithai<br />

Exchange Party<br />

Sign up for Adda

E-Magazine<br />

<strong>November</strong> <strong>2019</strong>, Issue 1<br />

Radio Karishma Gup Shup<br />

What are you passionate about? An<br />

art form? A vocation? A cause?<br />

Whatever it is that you are passionate about, you<br />

care about, feel strongly about, <strong>RK</strong> Gup Shup is<br />

the platform provided to you to share your talent,<br />

voice your opinion and make your opinion matter.<br />

Participation is only by invitation and <strong>RK</strong> Adda<br />

members get to be part of one Gup Shup show of<br />

their choice as part of their annual membership<br />

perk. The 30 minute show will be simulcast on<br />

radio and Facebook Live.<br />

If as a listener you would like us to cover a certain<br />

topic, skill or <strong>issue</strong> on Gup Shup, write to us at<br />

info@radiokarishma.com<br />

Stay tuned for the first episode<br />

of <strong>RK</strong> Gup Shup on 1 st<br />

December <strong>2019</strong>

E-Magazine<br />

<strong>November</strong> <strong>2019</strong>, Issue 1<br />

Join The Conversation<br />

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universe. Get a chance to feature on <strong>RK</strong> radio, facebook<br />

or E-Magazine.<br />

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Sign up for <strong>RK</strong> Adda<br />

Engagement, Entertainment and Enrichment –is what<br />

you get when you become and <strong>RK</strong> Adda member.<br />

Offline events open right now to Dallas folks. Any City<br />

with 50+ Adda members can start their own Offline<br />

Adda with approval from Radio Karishma. Online<br />

events/workshops open to worldwide members. For<br />

more details email: info@radiokarishma.com

<strong>RK</strong> <strong>ADDA</strong> –Meet the members<br />

Sandhya is very passionate about home decor, Interior<br />

designing, baking, entertaining and loves travelling. She is a<br />

keen learner of Ikebana and dabbles a bit in Oshibana,<br />

Zentangle and Cyano.Sandhya is a seasoned and successful e-<br />

commerce entrepreneur. She is reachable at 702-827-9393<br />

and her email address sdevas@gmail.com. Her three online<br />

stores:<br />

1.www.backdropsource.com - For printing banners,<br />

backdrops and display stands for events, conferences ,<br />

photography and many more. (Presence in 6 countries).<br />

FB : https://www.facebook.com/BackDropSource/<br />

Instagram : @backdrop_source<br />

2. www.zuyyu.com - Travel site where you can book taxis for<br />

your trips or tours. (Present in over 15 countries)<br />

Instagram : @zuyyu_<br />

3. www.kumbly.com - Handmade handcrafted home and<br />

fashion goods.<br />

FB : https://www.facebook.com/kumblythestore/<br />

Instagram : @kumblythestore<br />

Sandhya Devas<br />

Shilpa Lele<br />

Shilpa is the mother of two beautiful daughters<br />

and a wife to a wonderful husband. She is the<br />

lead singer for the Radha Krishna Temple, also<br />

takes care of marketing and advertising for<br />

Radha Krishna temple -recording<br />

advertisements, recording festive videos. She<br />

also sings for Sounds of Isha , Isha Foundation.<br />

She is extremely passionate about special needs<br />

individuals. Her motto of life is – “Creation<br />

thrives from the root of positivity”. Shilpa was a<br />

successful placement professional for home staff<br />

for like nannies, personal managers and home<br />

managers. Currently she loves being a radio<br />

host for Radio Karishma, where she does<br />

Suprabhat show with legendary ancient stories<br />

from our scriptures, explaining the importance<br />

of our festivals. And this is helping spiritual<br />

teachings thrive and live just like our festivities.

<strong>RK</strong> <strong>ADDA</strong> –Meet the members<br />

Sapna is a beautiful, vivacious human being who happens to<br />

possess equally beautiful voice. She emanates warmth and<br />

kindness and you are engulfed in it as soon as you meet her.<br />

Not surprising that she has a dedicated fan following – people<br />

who love her voice and people who value her kindness. Her<br />

passion is to read, write and cook. She is a motivational<br />

speaker and in order to continue motivating and inspiring the<br />

world with her words, she hosts “Dil Ki Baat Apke Saath” on<br />

Radio Karishma. Her motto and . aim in life is to spread o<br />

happiness and positivity around. Sapna is an an educator. She<br />

possesses Masters in education from Rockford college Illinois.<br />

She has nurtured young minds for about two decades as a<br />

teacher and has now transitioned into a business owner who<br />

runs a preschool. She is into professional development and<br />

training teachers in addition to being a CPR and first aid<br />

instructor. You can find more information about her on her<br />

website www. Sapnarana.com<br />

Sapna Rana<br />

Rashmi is transformational Yoga, holistic healing, health and wellness<br />

expert.<br />

Her passion is alleviation of human suffering and creation of a happy &<br />

healthy society. She is 500 Level trained and certified with expertise in<br />

Transformational Yoga and Holistic healing. Blessed with an ingrained<br />

inclination towards fitness and wellness, she has always been driven by<br />

the deep-rooted desire to give back to society by helping everyone she<br />

possibly can. Transformational Yoga is an integral approach to physical<br />

health, emotional balance, mental clarity and spiritual well-being – and<br />

offers the tools needed to make a tangible positive difference in<br />

everyday life.<br />

She did her certification in 2010 and started this journey by taking<br />

Transformational Yoga classes for family, friends and their kids. The<br />

gratification she got from observing a substantial improvement in the<br />

overall health and well-being of her family and friends in a very short<br />

period of time gave her the required . impetus and affirmation to look at<br />

doing this professionally. Faced with the dilemma of making a decision<br />

that essentially boiled down to a toss-up between her successful<br />

corporate career and a career in Health & Wellness, she chose her true<br />

calling over her Corporate career.<br />

Her students are her primary motivation – especially when she<br />

observes that Yoga & Holistic healing are helping her students with a<br />

multitude of benefits including getting fit, losing weight, getting rid of<br />

health <strong>issue</strong>s & being healthy, happy and focused. The best part here is<br />

that there is no medication involved – it is all about eating “Real Food”<br />

and “Eating Right”, predicated on the following Principles: The Healing<br />

Power of Nature. Do No Harm.Eat Right and Exercise. Be Your Own<br />

Doctor. Prevention. Treat the Cause.<br />

Treat the Whole Person.<br />

Rashhmi has trained contestants of South East Beauty Pageant <strong>2019</strong>.<br />

o<br />

Rashhmi Sharma

<strong>RK</strong> <strong>ADDA</strong> –Meet the members<br />

Sunita is a Financial Service Professional and Sales & Marketing Head For<br />

3Charms Media & Radio Karishma. She believes in educating women about the<br />

financial health of their family. She firmly believes that just as we schedule and<br />

take care of each family members’ needs we should take care of the finances as<br />

well . One shouldn’t be afraid of learning about finance/Investment. Just as you<br />

invest your heart in your family, learn to manage the finances the same way, so<br />

that no one can take advantage of you. She loves meeting, educating and<br />

promoting products, services and solutions that can help clients reach the next<br />

level in their business. Sunita leverages her passion for sales and marketing to<br />

enable and empower their businesses. She is a firm believer of the fact that if<br />

you are passionate about your products/services then you can reach heights of<br />

success. She takes ownership of her clients’ businesses. She is not afraid to<br />

work beyond her means and take new challenges and once she accepts them,<br />

she gives it her 200%. She is mother of a 9 years old who keeps her busy with<br />

his activities and makes her life full of joy. Her success in both professional and<br />

personal sphere is because of her Hubby Arun whose unflinching support and<br />

inspiration drives her towards perfection. She thanks God for his blessing upon<br />

her and her family every day. She believes that our Financial Intelligence<br />

Compounds Like Money. It is the One Investment You Can Never Lose.<br />

Sunita is reachable at 214- 449-3949<br />

Sunita Tanwani<br />

Anjali Nandwani is an IT professional and works as VP & Head<br />

of Software Testing Services managing Americas region for an<br />

IT service provider, Tech Mahindra. Her job involves selling,<br />

business development and providing solutions for the<br />

Software Testing service line for her company to various clients<br />

across US, Canada and LATAM. She likes her job as it let’s her<br />

interact with new teams and clients across the Americas<br />

region and is a great learning experience.<br />

She stays in Frisco with her husband and son - husband, an IT<br />

professional too and son is a junior student in Reedy High<br />

School. Her travels over the week for work and then taking<br />

care of the domestic chores takes up pretty much all the time.<br />

She loves making friends and socializing . and networking but at<br />

times due to the busy work schedules is not able to spend as<br />

much time for that. Thanks to Radio Karishma Adda she has<br />

got to know so many members! That’s one of the core reason<br />

she enjoys being part of this community.<br />

She is very fond of Indian music specifically old Hindi Songs.<br />

She loves listening to and also tries to sing (never learnt but<br />

just like that...) - that’s one of the reasons (amongst many<br />

others) she connected with Karishma and Radio Karishma so<br />

well. Love the music Radio Karishma team plays. Other than<br />

that she loves cooking and also traveling. She also tries to<br />

learn cuisines that she has not tried before. She loves taking<br />

vacations whenever possible and exploring new destinations.<br />

Anjali Nandwani

<strong>RK</strong> <strong>ADDA</strong> –Meet the members<br />

Abha Ahuja is passionate about mindful living and being kind<br />

to all sentient beings. She is a Reiki practitioner and a<br />

vegan.She equates passion to where she puts her efforts. She<br />

values living introspectively with a general conscious<br />

awareness of her own responsibility to cultivate love,<br />

compassion and kindness towards all sentient beings. She is<br />

passionate about practicing her spiritual path, which provides<br />

meaning, purpose, and a great sense of fulfillment and joy to<br />

her life. Abha is also the creator of a very versatile, nutrition<br />

rich and tasteful brand of Gluten<br />

.<br />

free flour called Metta Atta.<br />

Metta means loving-kindness in Pali. Love for family, children,<br />

tradition, and the need for taste and texture in gluten free<br />

eating is what inspired Abha to start on her journey of<br />

creating Metta Atta. She loves spending her free time creating<br />

and trying out new and exciting recipes with Metta Flour. You<br />

can check them out her recipes with Metta Atta here:<br />

https://mettaatta.com/recipes/ . Once you have tasted her<br />

gluten free delicacies, you will not want to go back to eating<br />

anything else. Ask Shilpa Lele.<br />

Abha Ahuja<br />

Saloni Jivnani<br />

Saloni Jivnani : owner of Saloni boutique : A Master<br />

tailor ; no one stitches and alters like her. Love for<br />

clothes and fashion and beauty has kept her in this<br />

field for over 30 years now. Originally from Gujrat<br />

India , came to USA to make it big and she did !<br />

Started as a small tailoring shop and now owner of a<br />

full fledged boutique in the heart of Plano... A true<br />

success story of a woman of grit and passion . Saloni<br />

is a loving wife to an equally loving and supportive<br />

husband and very loving mother of two grown up<br />

children. She is a peoples person who loves to<br />

socialize, dance, sing and party. After being an<br />

ardent listener of Radio Karishma for a long time,<br />

she has now joined <strong>ADDA</strong> so that she can meet new<br />

people and create some fun memories .

<strong>RK</strong> <strong>ADDA</strong> –Meet the members<br />

Revive Med Spa<br />

Revive Med Spa in Murphy, Texas is a facility for<br />

your health and beauty needs all under one roof!<br />

They offer many different services such as<br />

medically supervised weight loss programs,<br />

hormone replacement therapy, growth hormone<br />

replacement therapy using sermorelin for men and<br />

women, minimally invasive aesthetic and cosmetic<br />

solutions such as Botox, dermal fillers, body<br />

sculpting, laser hair removal, HydraFacial as well as<br />

Microneedling with PRP. Using the latest in<br />

cosmetic and laser technology they can target and<br />

address many skin conditions that are typically<br />

associated with premature aging and sun exposure.<br />

In addition to aesthetic services Revive Med Spa<br />

also provides a wide range of gynecologic services<br />

for women of all ages, from adolescence through<br />

menopause, in a soothing spa like environment.<br />

Whether your needs are medical, cosmetic or<br />

aesthetic; their team will help you to be the best<br />

version of yourself.<br />

V4 Travel Services is a ONE STOP shop for all your<br />

travel needs conveniently located in Plano, TX.<br />

They specialize in Expedited & Regular renewal of<br />

Passports & processing Visas to over 25<br />

Countries. Instant pictures that comply with<br />

stringent specifications/size for U.S. and<br />

International Passports, NICOP, Green Card,<br />

Canadian PR are their forte. They also assist in<br />

processing applications for OCI & the success rate<br />

of getting it approved has been perfect so far! An<br />

added feather to their cap has been the<br />

integration of Airline Ticketing and Hotel booking<br />

services this year thus making V4 a true one stop<br />

shop for all your travel needs. For more<br />

information please call 214-396-8120 or visit<br />

their website www.v4travelservices.com<br />

V4 Travel Service

Newsletter<br />

<strong>November</strong> <strong>2019</strong>, Issue 1<br />

Become a Contributor<br />

Allow us to give you a launch platform<br />

If you or someone you know has a talent that<br />

deserves audience – writing, singing, poetry,<br />

embroidery, painting, anything exceptional and<br />

unique you can think of, then get in touch with us.<br />

If your work/creation makes it through with our<br />

editorial team – it will be featured in this<br />

<strong>newsletter</strong>, radio and our social media assets.<br />

For any questions, feel free to reach out to us at<br />

info@radiokarishma.com<br />

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Editor’s Note: This <strong>issue</strong> is more of an<br />

introduction of how we are going about building<br />

and connecting <strong>RK</strong> community globally through<br />

this E-Magazine. December onwards, you can<br />

look forward to more content rich <strong>issue</strong>s. Shweta

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