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December 2019, Issue 2

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November 2019, Issue 1


With RJ Karishma

As we approach the end of this year or rather

decade its customary to look back and analyze

the year that gone by and this year it will be

decade that gone by .For Radio Karishma this

decade has been the most significant since Rk

came into existence at the dawn of this decade -

2010 and by the end of it we have created this

beautiful community called Radio Karishma

ADDA ! Drive has always been connecting with

people whether its playing music or informing

you about what is happening around the world

or interviewing someone or through ADDA

having fun together ,learn together and grow

together So taking this opportunity I thank

you all the people –”you” for making this decade

and year special for me and for my team .So

Cheers for the decade & the year that is passing

by -Will see you next year ☺


November 2019, Issue 1

Meet Your RJs

Sapna Rana : Dil ki bat aap

ke sath , Tuesday 1 pm

Rajeev kulkarni : Kannadavani,

Sunday 1pm and Cine Chat on

Wednesday at 10:00 am

Shilpa Lele : Suprabhat

Mon- Wed and Friday

morning 7am to 8am

Moushomi Bose : Food

Fundas Sunday 11 am

Aditi Goel ; Gungunati

Ghazals ;Friday ;1pm

Not Just Water Boys ; Manpal ,Munraj Bal and Abhi

Dhumpala : Sunday 4 Pm


November 2019, Issue 1

Radio Karishma Adda

Engagement,Entertainment &


Join Radio Karishma Adda, exclusive club –that

will enable & empower you & your business.

The Adda was launched on 8 th October with 20

members on board. With member networking

events, educative workshops and fun & destresstime

– this is a place like no other.

Radio Karishma is committed to nurture its ADDA

with all its offline & online prowess and grow it

into a force to reckon with amongst the global

Indian community. Checkout the Radio Karishma

Adda page on our website regularly to see the

upcoming events/workshops. And of course

don’t forget to sign up for the Adda.We meet

twice a month at least, once for get together and

once for workshop/skill building.

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November 2019, Issue 1

Second ADDA Meet

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November 2019, Issue 1

Radio Karishma Gup shup

The Very first Radio Karishma ADDA

Banter /Gup shup

First ADDA Banter took place on 1 st December

2019 in the studio of Radio Karishma ;Topic : How

Comfortable are in your skin ;Participants : Dimple

Bhatia ; Rashmi Sharma ;Sapna Rana ; Shilpa Lele

and Karishma Himatsinghani

Some great thoughts , suggestions n opinions

shared in this gupshup which was aired live on

Radio Karishma and video is also shared on FB

page of Radio Karishma .If you are passionate

about a topic you would love to talk about let us

know on rjkarishma@radiokarishma.com

RK ADDA members are privileged to be part of the

banter/gupshup so join RK ADDA ☺

Stay tuned for the second episode of

RK Gup Shup on 5 th Jan 2020 ;

Topic – is lynching an option to

punish Rapist ?


November 2019, Issue 1

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I want to mention that trafficking is a huge concern in the

international adoption community! The only legal way to adopt from

India are the ways I will outline below. The Indian government has

worked hard, with other countries, to enact Hague agreements to

deter unlawful adoptions that end up with the abuse of children and


Still with me? Great! Let’s break it down. There are different

categories of PAPs (prospective adoptive parents). I will list them in

order of priority given.

Domestic families - Indian citizens living in India and non Indian

citizens living in India

NRI - NonResident Indians - they are treated on par with domestic

families, except they have to go through an agency in the country they

Article of the Month

Adopting From India

November was National Adoption Awareness Month in the USA. And

it is an exciting time in the adoption world for India. For the first time

ever, thousands of families in India and abroad are joining the que to

adopt India’s children. Which is a good thing, because India’s children

desperately need families.

If you are considering adoption or know someone who is, please read

on and share. This is not an article to guilt those who are not

interested into adopting. Adoption is an act of love, but it is also

steeped in loss and no one should take on a child if they are not truly

passionate about doing so and researching and constantly learning the

ways to help these children reach their full potential in life and

happiness. Parenting an adopted child can be very hard at times,

although the life-long reward is so worth it.

So who am I to be writing this? I am an adoptive parent, married into

the Indian culture. I run an international support group on Facebook

for those adopting from India. I am involved in the adoption world

and the adoptee world. I have seen and experienced an incredible

amount. Seen so much tragedy, like the unnecessary abuse and deaths

of children in orphanages and seen children united with families who

were labeled as “un-adoptable” and otherwise left for dead. I have

seen these children, once given the love and attention they deserve,

thrive to be happy amazing people. I have seen wonderful, successful

orphanages and the opposite. I have often worked with Indian

authorities to save children’s lives and expose unethical Orphanage

workers involved in bribes and abusing children.

Domestic Adoption:

1. Visit CARA (the legal adoption authority in India, run by the

government) website and go through the guidelines.


2. Request for a counselling session with CARA consultants. CARA is

based in Delhi so if PAPs live in Delhi, it will be in person. Otherwise, it

will be over the phone.

3. Prepare the required documents for online registration (the list of

documents is given on CARA website.)

4. Locate the Specialized Adoption Agencies (SAA) registered with

CARA nearby in your city for conducting home study and uploading

home study report. Visit them to see how proactive the staff is, which

agency is willing to do home study at your place, depending upon

geographical distance. Your home study will include your preferences.

5. Once you finalize the agency, ask them if they have any specific

format for medical certificate and if they require any extra documents

other than the list mentioned by CARA.

6. Domestic families are allowed to choose up to 3 states or anywhere

in India. Realize that the more restrictions you put, the longer you

may wait. Our family is from Chennai, and we adopted an amazing

child from Mumbai. She is a perfect fit for our family!

7. Accordingly, prepare documents oand register online and upload the

documents. Your registration is considered complete only after you

upload all the documents. The referral seniority comes based on your

date of registration.

8. Inform the agency, which you choose for home study, about your

registration and ask them when they will conduct home study. You

might need to do a little follow up here as well depending upon the

efficiency of agency staff.

9. You need to pay Rs. 6000 (this may change, was accurate when

article was written) for home study to the agency either in cash or DD

or cheque for which you will get a receipt.

10. Once home study is done, the agency has to upload the home

study report online to CARA. This has to be done asap as only after

this, you will be able to check your seniority and immediate

placement list and special needs kids list.

11. After this, starts your waiting period. CARA will match you with a

healthy child based on your seniority and parameters. Utilize this to

understand more about how heart families bond and the challenges

and other things. Have faith and be positive during this period. Join

support groups and learn from other adoptive parents and Adoptees.

https://www.facebook.com/groups/622989274464148/ and


1320099220788/ are highly recommended

12. You can also keep checking immediate placement list. It

consists of kids from all categories together and the list doesn't

have a waitlist. You can reserve the child profile from here by

yourself, immediately.

13. Once registered, you will have access to the Special Needs

database of kids as well that you can match yourself to. Do not let

that term scare you! I know thousands of kids from this list that

are now thriving with their forever families!

More about that Next time ………..to be continue !!

Julia Chandrasekaran is a designer and Adoption and Adoptee Advocate. She

runs the international support group, India Adoption, on Facebook. She is

married to an awesome South Indian from Chennai. She enjoys staying at

home with her beautiful children; one of which was adopted from Mumbai,

India. They also have 2 cool dogs, Krrish and Dhoom, who are very tolerant of

her active kiddos! In addition to running after the kids and dogs and keeping

Indian traditions alive in their family, she runs a small charity with her kids to

help children and families in the slums of Mumbai and hopes to open a home

there for women that want to keep their children and need support so they do

not have to place them for adoption. The family visits India at least once a

year, to see family and their daughter’s origins as well as do charity work

RK ADDA –Meet the members

Dimple Bhatia

I am a CPA and I am very passionate about helping

my clients with meeting their tax compliance

obligations and also provide proactive tax planning

for tax efficient outcomes.

What I am most passionate about

I am most passionate about living a happy,

peaceful and clean life! Part of being clean is

keeping our environment clean. Living in the USA,

we use more disposable things than anywhere else

in the world in the name of hygiene and time

efficiency. I have always kind of wondered where

is my trash going, how are my plastic and glass

Bottles recycled, how are my plastic bags recycled.

I don’t believe the cities have the resources to recycle all that is set to recycle.

What if we go upstream and reduce what we throw out to trash and

recycle? The reusable grocery bag is the most common adaptation. How about

we use reusable bags to put our apples and bananas that we pick up at the

grocery stores. What if we use reusable dinner and flatware for meals for the

family and parties. Every dish, glass, spoons and forks can be washed in the

dishwasher. What if we changed the elastic on the pajama that is otherwise in

vey good shape? What if we fixed a leak on a water hose instead of creating

bulk waste by throwing away a otherwise very functional water hose except

for a small hole.

Recently my husband bought a hose to replace the one that had a hole on the

side. We looked at the hose laying on the floor and thought, wow, this will be

stilling in a landfill until it is hmmm, when? What happens to his bulk of water

hose after we throw it in bulk trash or regular trash. How is it disposed, when

does it happen, what if does not happen soon, it will lay in the landfill for

another 100 years because the plastic will not disintegrate for at least another

100 years and the metal will probably corrode or disintegrate based on what it

is made of! What if we just fixed the hole, Google maiya knows it all, she will

present us with options of buying some type of glue or patch and we should be

good to go for some more time!

I started thinking about it more seriously when I was planning my daughter’s

engagement party. We were expecting about a hundred guests. I could not

fathom creating trash bags after trash bags of at least a hundred lunch plates,

two to three hundred plastic cups for water, one hundred plastic spoons,

another one hundred snack plates! I was able to avert this disaster because

my sister-in-law had one hundred steel lunch plates, two hundred cups for daal

and desert and one hundred spoons.Now that we solved the serving situation,

what happens to our food waste, how is that handled when it goes to the

landfill. I had more questions than I had answers. In the meantime, we could

all do our share of responsible disposing.

RK ADDA –Meet the members

Meenal Sinha

My name is Meenal Sinha and I am a

state certified financial provider. I have a

diploma in business finance (DBF) and an

advanced diploma in finance (ADF). My

goal is to educate people on how to

maximize their savings and that matters

most- family and finance. Please contact

me for a free consultation to learn more.

I believe in education not selling. We

offer a wide range of services including

investments, college funds, insurance,

retirement, estate planning, wills, and


Vandana – Entrepreneur,Mentor, Artist,

teacher, Event planner, mom of 2 and

owner of Karavan Creations ( Gift shop

)since 5 years. The shop carries Beautiful

Collection of exquisitely designed and

Intricately handcrafted Gifts for any

occasion. As a teacher she brings in over 8

years of experience in teaching Art, Craft

camps to kids of all ages. Her passion for

art and creativity goes back when she was

as young as these kids and developed a

creative mind and artistic taste. She utilizes

age-appropriate language, definitions, and

examples to introduce children to complex

ideas and concepts that helps foster

creative skills. She loves listening to music,

traveling & spending time with family.

Vandana Khosla

Jhat-pat khana with RK Chef

Glazed Garlic Shrimp

Moushomi Bose

“This is fairly simple and quick dish to prepare. It is best to peel the

shrimp, as this helps them to absorb maximum flavour. Serve with a

salad as an appetizer or as a main course with a selection of vegetables

and other accompaniments.”

Serves 2-4

2-3 tablespoons olive oil

3 garlic cloves, roughly chopped

Salt and freshly ground pepper

1 tsp mixed herbs(pizza seasoning)

2-3 tablespoon of lemon juice

10-15 jumbo shrimps, peeled and deveined


1.In a medium saucepan heat the oil and butter on medium heat. To

this add the chopped garlic and sauté on medium flame until the raw

smell goes. This will roughly take 1-2 minutes.

2.Adjust the heat to medium-high and add the shrimps and cook for 2

minutes, then turn them. Add the mixed herbs, pepper and salt shaking

the pan to distribute them evenly. Cook for 2 minutes until the shrimp

are golden and just firm to the touch. Sprinkle on the lemon juice and

toss to blend.


To make a richer sauce, transfer the cooked scallops and shrimp to a

warmed plate. Pour ½ cup dry white wine into the frying pan and boil

to reduce by half. Add 1 tablespoon unsalted butter, whisking until it

melts and the sauce thickens slightly. Pour the sauce over the shrimp

and serve with Garlic Bread or boiled pasta or butter fried rice.

RK ADDA – Meet the Member

Story of S.M.A.R.T.S.


As a parent, I was looking for a Learning center that would provide my 8-year

old daughter after school STEM enrichment and the right environment for her

to learn, finish her homework and her social skills. Since I could not find such a

place, I decided to start one of my own in Frisco. Teaching has been my passion

and that is why it became my career.I used to participate in a kid show on a

popular South Asian radio, called ‘Science Smarts at 4’, and it inspired me to

formulate the word, SMARTS, an acronym for Science, Math, Art, Reading,

Technology and Social studies.

Soon we opened our own storefront center and grew to three centers in the

DFW area.

Frisco Preston Trace: 8780 Preston Trace Blvd., Frisco TX 75033Frisco

West: 4280 Main St, Suite 500, Frisco TX 75033 Frisco East: 5353 Independence

Pkwy, Suite 300, Frisco TX 75035

Personal achievements throughout the years:

Along with a business entrepreneur, I am an education expert with a Ph.D. in

the field of education and communication and my experience runs the gamut

from college professor to Texas State High School Certified teacher in Science.

I am a published author of many papers on Educational Pedagogy, Theories of

Communication and inclusion of science in the curriculum (K-12). My

interdisciplinary background is reflected in SMARTS which provides

supplemental Education and Enrichment classes for grades Kindergarten to 12.

I also serve as a Director for Department of Child

Care Licensing Texas for licensed afterschool

program since 2013.For many years,

yoga has been also one of my passions.

I am a certified Adult Yoga teacher

E-RYT® 200, Kids Yoga Teacher RCYT®,

and Yoga Alliance Continued Education

Practitioner YACEP®. I have been teaching

yoga for over 20 years and also came up

with a unique way to teach

science to kids with Yoga. I have been invited

by local schools, public libraries, and private

businessesto conduct workshops for kids,

teenagers, and adults.As for my passion in the

STEAM industries,

I serve as an Ambassador of E-Cyber mission

and as a virtual judge for E-Cybermission

which isthe Army Educational Outreach Program


November 2019, Issue 1

Become a Contributor

Allow us to give you a launch platform

If you or someone you know has a talent that

deserves audience – writing, singing, poetry,

embroidery, painting, anything exceptional and

unique you can think of, then get in touch with us.

If your work/creation makes it through with our

editorial team – it will be featured in this

newsletter, radio and our social media assets.

For any questions, feel free to reach out to us at


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Editor’s Note

In Chile ,Capital Santiago thousands of women activists were

protesting against crime and sexual violence against women

wearing Red Scarf and blind folds and singing a song ( I know

song and sexual violence don’t ideally go together but let’s

see the context )

Song went like this ;

“its not my fault ….where I was ,what was I wearing …you are

the rapist …”

Singing in a chorus with a tune and beat, video of thousands

of women singing to protest went viral on social media !!!!

However this protest was happening in Chile but this song

resonated with all the women all across the world!

If this year saw some of the most gruesome crime against

women but this year has also seen the strongest and most

effective protests and voices coming from all departments ;

politics , sports , show biz and above all victims themselves

fighting to the death for the justice !!!

These are tough times but as they say “night is darkest

Before dawn “

So with the hope of sunshine in 2020 ,I would like to close this

years’ last edition of Radio Karishma’s Newsletter ……..Until

Next time lets keep doing some ADDEBAZI ……..☺

Karishma Himatsinghani

CEO Karishma’ show inc


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