The Strength Space Magazine By Ali Palmer

Welcome to The Strengths Space Magazine by Founder, Ali Palmer. In this issue, we discover how Ali has combined her study and passion for neuroscience with her engaging educational and leadership style to bring programs to schools, corporates and individuals to cultivate a sense of wellbeing and enjoyment for life. Ali Palmer has had her own wellbeing wake up call and she shares what happened and how this event was a turning point in her life. Ali's passion for this work is unrivalled and a conversation with her, will set you up for a a very happy day ahead. You can reach out to Ali Palmer at thestrengthsspsace.com

Welcome to The Strengths Space Magazine by Founder, Ali Palmer.

In this issue, we discover how Ali has combined her study and passion for neuroscience with her engaging educational and leadership style to bring programs to schools, corporates and individuals to cultivate a sense of wellbeing and enjoyment for life. Ali Palmer has had her own wellbeing wake up call and she shares what happened and how this event was a turning point in her life. Ali's passion for this work is unrivalled and a conversation with her, will set you up for a a very happy day ahead.

You can reach out to Ali Palmer at thestrengthsspsace.com


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THE<br />


SPACE<br />


Cultivating<br />

a Culture<br />

of Wellbeing<br />

How To Design A Better Day<br />

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My Wellbeing Wake Up Call<br />

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About Me<br />

My Wellbeing Wake Up Call<br />

Cultivating a Culture of<br />

Wellbeing<br />

16 Playing to Our <strong>Strength</strong>s<br />

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Invitation to Work With Me<br />

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to my<br />


When the fireworks lit up the night sky on<br />

New Year’s Eve in the magical surrounds of a tiny<br />

village in the French Alps, I sensed 2020 was going<br />

to be a special year for me. <strong>The</strong> start of a decade<br />

to dare greatly and the chance to contribute my<br />

something good to the world.<br />

People have always been my passion. I am a connector.<br />

I am energised by sharing stories, weaving the<br />

threads of our shared humanity and making good<br />

things happen together.<br />

As the founder of <strong>The</strong> <strong>Strength</strong>s <strong>Space</strong>, welcome to<br />

the place where we can do just that!<br />

As you the peruse the pages of my first magazine,<br />

I hope you find inspiration for yourself or someone<br />

you know.<br />

20 My Projects Small rock cairns are<br />

My thanks and appreciation go to the<br />

following local businesses who kindly<br />

provided their venues as fun locations<br />

for my photoshoot with Liz Homer.<br />

Liz Homer Photography<br />

www.lizhomerphotography.com<br />

Clandestino Roasters<br />

www.clandestino.com.au<br />

Eclectic Style<br />

www.eclecticstyle.com.au<br />

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to: <strong>Ali</strong> <strong>Palmer</strong> at ali@thestrengthsspace.com.<br />

Look forward to connecting.<br />

<strong>Ali</strong> <strong>Palmer</strong><br />

+61 405 117 389<br />

ali@thestrengthsspace.com<br />

linkedin.com/in/alipalmer<br />

thestrengthsspace.com<br />

thestrengthsspace<br />

a way of marking the<br />

right path when the<br />

hiking trail ahead is<br />

unclear. I built this one<br />

in a beautiful spot as a<br />

way of honouring my<br />

lovely dad who passed<br />

away recently.<br />


I AM...<br />

vimeo.com/390402828<br />

a cultivator of kindness<br />

a strengths finder<br />


a primer of positivity<br />

a grower of good things<br />

a passionate educator<br />



a seeker of new and better ways<br />

a collaborator<br />

a lover of coffee, cafes, community<br />

and connection<br />

a designer of learning<br />




A PIONEER…<br />



...Something Good<br />


About<br />

Me<br />

<strong>Ali</strong> <strong>Palmer</strong><br />

linkedin.com/in/alipalmer<br />

What Inspires Me?<br />

I am inspired by many things but the awe<br />

and wonder of nature never fails to move<br />

me. I fell in love with the magnificence<br />

of the mountains when I first hiked in<br />

Yosemite National Park. Spending days<br />

surrounded by majestic peaks provides<br />

great experiential learning, most notably;<br />

the best view comes after the hardest<br />

climb. This life lesson has taught me<br />

about the importance of perseverance and<br />

celebrating small wins along the way.<br />

How did you begin your career?<br />

unlimitedbeautifulquestions.com<br />

I began my career as a teacher in a challenging<br />

but highly rewarding community education<br />

high-school setting. I learnt very quickly that<br />

cultivating positive relationships are paramount<br />

in the teaching / learning process. I was really<br />

intentional about creating a positive learning<br />

environment and providing students with a<br />

strong sense of belonging and connectedness.<br />


When did you become interested in<br />

working with <strong>Strength</strong>s?<br />

I discovered the power of looking for the good<br />

and uncovering the strengths of the many<br />

young people I worked with. It made such a<br />

difference to their confidence and engagement<br />

when I started from what they could do<br />

rather than from what they couldn’t do. It’s<br />

incredibly motivating for all of us, young and<br />

old alike, when we take part in strengths-based<br />

conversations.<br />

When did you become interested in<br />

Wellbeing?<br />

Even as a young teacher, I was aware that for<br />

students to be ready, willing and able to learn<br />

they need to feel safe. <strong>The</strong>y need to feel well<br />

to do well. Although I didn’t understand<br />

much about the science of wellbeing at that<br />

time, I knew first hand that when students felt<br />

psychologically safe they were more willing to<br />

take risks in their learning; what we now refer to<br />

as having a growth mindset.<br />

How did you become interested in the<br />

science of Wellbeing?<br />

One of my top strengths is love of learning. I’ve<br />

always been interested in not only learning about<br />

the science under-pinning concepts, but practical<br />

ways in which the science can be brought to life.<br />

Studying for my Diploma of Positive Psychology<br />

& Wellbeing was a game changer, both personally<br />

and professionally. I knew that I wanted to find<br />

a way to enable others to benefit from this newly<br />

evolving science too.<br />

What led to the creation of <strong>The</strong><br />

<strong>Strength</strong>s <strong>Space</strong>?<br />

In 2017 I had the opportunity to complete<br />

six months of study with the Neuroleadership<br />

Institute in New York. I found the neuroscience<br />

fascinating and wanted to weave this content<br />

alongside my knowledge and skills in both<br />

positive psychology and strength-based<br />

approaches. <strong>The</strong> <strong>Strength</strong>s <strong>Space</strong> has provided me<br />

with a place from which to share this content and<br />

make a positive difference to individuals, teams,<br />

organisations and communities.<br />


I<br />

began my career<br />

as a Physical<br />

Education Teacher<br />

with high-school<br />

students. I taught a wide range<br />

of sports as well as a health<br />

education curriculum. I was<br />

responsible for developing<br />

and reviewing new and<br />

existing programs across year<br />

levels, including after-school<br />

activities, competitive sports<br />

and residential trips. Some<br />

of my favourite memories<br />

include taking disadvantaged<br />

students on a surfing holiday.<br />

I know it was life-changing<br />

for some of them. This phase<br />

of my career offered an<br />

excellent opportunity to hone<br />

my strengths in planning and<br />

organising, as well as empathy,<br />

patience and adaptability.<br />


As my teaching career progressed I<br />

took on leadership roles in pastoral<br />

care. I developed a whole-school<br />

curriculum to cater for the social,<br />

emotional and wellbeing needs<br />

of students. I loved breaking new<br />

ground and the challenge to pioneer<br />

new ways of doing things. This<br />

included training teaching and<br />

non-teaching staff and ensuring<br />

high-quality implementation. I feel<br />

proud that this curriculum was<br />

highly commended and recognised<br />

as excellence in teaching and<br />

learning by the UK Government<br />

Inspectorate.<br />

I have always been extremely<br />

self-motivated and when I was<br />

offered the opportunity to lead<br />

and coordinate an adult education<br />

program, I jumped at the chance. I<br />

like to set myself stretch goals and<br />

am not afraid to step outside my<br />

comfort zone … even though it can<br />

be scary at times. This community<br />

engagement project helped me to<br />

learn to listen to individual voices<br />

and cultivate the right conditions for<br />

everyone to grow. Understanding,<br />

responding to and empowering<br />

these adult learners really added to<br />

my repertoire of skills. It helped<br />

me to recognize and value the<br />

rich experiences and perspectives<br />

that each learner brings. In my<br />

current role as a facilitator and<br />

coach, I endeavour to create a space<br />

where people feel comfortable and<br />

confident to contribute this wisdom.<br />

Following this, I spent a number of<br />

years working with students with<br />

moderate learning difficulties;<br />

many of whom also had challenging<br />

behaviours. I expended many long<br />

hours acquiring a deeper level of<br />

knowledge so that I might better<br />

address their needs and support<br />

their families and care-givers. I<br />

developed a great appreciation for<br />

the uniqueness of each learner and<br />

how powerful it is to work with their<br />

strengths. I became very interested<br />

in the design of learning … not just<br />

the content but the way in which<br />

it’s taught. I also experimented with<br />

the physical space and learnt how<br />

important this can be for motivation<br />

and engagement. Much of this rich<br />

experience is evident and relevant<br />

in the way I design professional<br />

learning packages today.<br />

I then took a very brave decision to<br />

step beyond my role as a teacher and<br />

leader in just one school. I wanted<br />

to find a way to pursue my passion<br />

for wellbeing and to create greater<br />

impact. I wanted to enable others<br />

to feel better and do better in all<br />

areas of their life. I wanted to weave<br />

my growing knowledge of positive<br />

psychology, neuroscience and<br />

strength-based approaches to design<br />

learning experiences that would<br />

make a lasting difference. I wanted<br />

to be able to reach out and respond<br />

to individuals and organisations and<br />

assist them to leverage their strengths<br />

and elevate their performance. n<br />

For more information about my recent projects with clients,<br />

please visit my LinkedIn page: linkedin.com/in/alipalmer<br />


My Wellbeing<br />

WAKE-UP<br />

2017 marked a seismic shift in my life.<br />

I had spent the previous few years following<br />

my passion as a Wellbeing Consultant.<br />

At least that’s what I thought. But the<br />

demands of this job coupled with other<br />

stressors in my life at the time were not<br />

serving me well. Too much work. Too much<br />

time away from family and friends. Anxiety<br />

about job security. Frequent headaches.<br />

Sleepless nights. Debilitating pain in both<br />

shoulders. A chronic Achilles injury. Weight<br />

loss. Close relationships left untended. Very<br />

little playtime. And … most foolishly of all,<br />

neglecting the one person who I had shared<br />

my life and love with for so long. <strong>The</strong><br />

messages were loud and clear but somehow,<br />

I wasn’t receiving them.<br />

Slowly and insidiously the pressure was<br />

building deep inside. I was too caught up<br />

trying to make it all work and live up to<br />

unrealistic expectations; most of them<br />

mine. Something was surely going to give<br />

but I just didn’t see it<br />

coming. And then it<br />

did.<br />

On 7 May my heart<br />

went into overdrive.<br />

Revving at over 240<br />

beats per minutes, my<br />

body was in a state<br />

of serious distress for<br />

several hours. I was scared. Clearly, it had<br />

plans for me. If I wasn’t going to slow<br />

down, it was going to slow me down. I had<br />

my first, and hopefully only, emergency<br />

CALL<br />

ride to the hospital. <strong>The</strong> paramedics were amazing<br />

… gentle, kind, and providers of a psychological<br />

safety blanket that I so desperately needed. As they<br />

wheeled me out in the hour before dawn, I recall<br />

the sweet earthiness of the paperbark trees. Two<br />

kookaburras settled on a post just an arms-length<br />

away and began their distinctive cheeky call. As<br />

a lover of nature, and someone with a mostly<br />

optimistic explanatory style, I chose to see this as a<br />

sign that all would be well.<br />

In the days that followed, I found myself in a<br />

cardiac unit, wired up for constant surveillance<br />

as the medical experts investigated. <strong>The</strong> verdict:<br />

supraventricular tachycardia, most likely brought<br />

on by an overload of emotional distress. On the<br />

day previous to my big<br />

procedure I was alarmed<br />

to discover that I would<br />

not be sedated. I would,<br />

in fact, have the best<br />

seat in the house as the<br />

cardiac surgeon and<br />

his team worked their<br />

wonder. I decided to dial<br />

up my strength of curiosity as an evidence-based<br />

way of combatting my anxious feelings. I also<br />

chose to view the procedure as an opportunity<br />

to experience a sense of awe and appreciate<br />

excellence in real-time; both science-backed ways<br />


of creating positive affect. This would ensure<br />

my internal state was swimming with feelgood<br />

neurotransmitters and, according to the<br />

research, boost my immune system and increase<br />

the healing process.<br />

My studies in positive psychology had also taught<br />

me about decision<br />

fatigue. I was relieved<br />

to know I was first<br />

up on the following<br />

morning’s schedule.<br />

But then I wasn’t. I<br />

spent the day being<br />

bumped further<br />

and further down<br />

the list. Finally, it<br />

was my turn. It was<br />

7pm. I had pulled the<br />

proverbial short straw.<br />

I knew all about cognitive capacity draining<br />

quickly and how it needs frequent refuelling to<br />

be at its best. I also knew that by the evening<br />

the surgeon and his team were more likely to be<br />

running low. I couldn’t take that chance. I found<br />

myself asking … ‘So <strong>Ali</strong>, what are you going to do<br />

to boost their fuel levels?” <strong>The</strong> four big energisers<br />

include sleep, food, sex/exercise and experiencing<br />

and expressing positive emotions.<br />

9<br />

Photo sources: TanteTati on Pixabay • Creative Vix on Pexels

HHHmmmm, what’s a girl to do? I ran through<br />

my options: 1) Ask if it would be possible to defer<br />

my procedure until the morning … yeah, I could<br />

see how well that might go down! 2) Provide a<br />

tasty platter of cheese, dips and olives for the<br />

team … no, that wasn’t going to work in a highly<br />

sanitized environment. 3) Offer sexual favours<br />

… possible, but highly inappropriate! 4) Find a<br />

way to increase their positive emotions. Eureka!<br />

I set out with an intentional plan to make them<br />

laugh. And I did. As they prepped the operating<br />

theatre and their patient, a ripple of positivity<br />

spread throughout. I had done my bit. Time to<br />

sit back and enjoy the show and marvel at their<br />

magnificence. And for that, I will always be truly<br />

grateful.<br />

Emotional distress was<br />

certainly plentiful at that<br />

period in my life. I was<br />

concerned about my dad’s<br />

progressing dementia and<br />

the increasing demands it<br />

was putting on my mum<br />

who was caring for him<br />

at home. I tried as best as I could to support my<br />

mum emotionally, but being on the other side of<br />

the world proved challenging. In an effort to stay<br />

connected, I made frequent trips back to the UK;<br />

always fearful that my dad might not remember<br />

me.<br />

I was also supporting a dear friend battling with<br />

a life-threatening diagnosis and still reeling from<br />

the associated trauma of another close friend’s<br />

marriage break-up. Previous experiences told<br />

me, there was going to be the inevitable fall out<br />

within our friendship group. I felt really sad and a<br />

profound sense of loss.<br />

And to tip my allostatic load still further, we were<br />

also recovering from a renovation nightmare.<br />

For over a year my home office looked out onto<br />

a building site, a trail of destruction in its wake.<br />

It was a constant reminder that we had been<br />

let down badly and would be dealing with the<br />

financial setback for several years. I felt deeply<br />

hurt and truly devastated by the breach of trust.<br />

Our life in paradise was far from idyllic.<br />

<strong>The</strong>se were without doubt emotionally<br />

turbulent times. <strong>The</strong> compounding effects<br />

placed a huge strain on my ability to cope.<br />

Adrenalin and cortisol were constantly<br />

flooding my body with little or no time for<br />

recovery. I learnt a hard lesson. My emotions<br />

couldn’t be ignored or downplayed. <strong>The</strong>y<br />

were playing out inside of me in very<br />

real ways, on both a physiological and<br />

psychological level. I felt increasingly down<br />

and emotionally vulnerable. My usual happygo-lucky,<br />

zest-for-life personality had gone<br />

into hiding.<br />

In the weeks that<br />

followed, I had several<br />

procedures to find and<br />

fix the short circuit in<br />

my heart. One pivotal<br />

moment stands out. I<br />

was trying to work out<br />

how to take a shower<br />

whilst attached to all the<br />

monitoring devices when I caught sight of<br />

myself in the mirror. It was confronting. In<br />

an attempt to lighten the moment and stem<br />

the flow of tears, I turned to fully face myself<br />

in the mirror and said out loud, “Wellbeing<br />

consultant, what **** wellbeing consultant!”<br />

I laughed a compassionate laugh. That<br />

moment was a game-changer.<br />

<strong>The</strong> forced ‘time out’ in a hospital room was<br />

a blessing in disguise. It was the respite my<br />

body was craving. I needed to slow down<br />

and allow time for rest and recovery. This<br />

space gave me time to reflect on the life I<br />

had been living and the choices I could make<br />

moving forward. After much soul searching,<br />

and some long and tearful discussions I<br />

knew things needed to change. If I wanted to<br />

continue working within the wellbeing space<br />

(which I REALLY did) I needed to do things<br />

differently. I needed to be authentic. I needed<br />

to walk my talk. I needed to begin again.<br />


And so began<br />

the journey to<br />


MY LIFE.<br />

In the words of Dr Zeus, I knew “my<br />

mountain was waiting” … I just needed to<br />

“get on my way.” I began by resigning from<br />

my job as a senior consultant in a sought-after<br />

company. It meant letting go, albeit reluctantly,<br />

to parts of my identity wrapped up in status<br />

and what it means to be successful. This was<br />

a particularly hard decision to make. I dialled<br />

up my strengths of courage, curiosity and<br />

optimism as I stepped out into the unknown.<br />

First, I set out to attend to the basics.<br />

Prioritizing my sleep. Daily doses of nature<br />

and exercise; mostly swimming and walking.<br />

Drinking more water. Eating more fruit<br />

and green vegetables. Regular connections<br />

with family and friends. Time nurturing my<br />

relationship. Giving myself permission to feel,<br />

and acknowledge the good, the bad and the<br />

ugly. And administering frequent intentional<br />

acts of self-compassion and kindness.<br />

As the weeks turned into months, I felt<br />

stronger and more resilient. I thought long and<br />

hard about what was important to me in this<br />

next phase of my life. I crafted a new sense of<br />

purpose and got clear about which path I was<br />

going to take to my mountain.<br />

11<br />

Photo sources:<br />

Erkan Utu on Pexels • Matthew Sleeper on Unsplash

As my playful nature came out of hibernation, I<br />

posted inspiring and humorous quotes around the<br />

house to keep me pointed in the right direction.<br />

And I celebrated the small markers along the way.<br />

We’ll need both courage and<br />

vulnerability as we abandon the safety<br />

of our ideological bunkers and head off<br />

into the wilderness.<br />

~ Brené Brown<br />

I coached myself using the tools I had so often<br />

shared with others. I reconnected with my values<br />

and looked for ways to play to my rich array<br />

of strengths. I indulged in my love of learning.<br />

I downloaded and uploaded and googled and<br />

shared. I connected new ideas and planted seeds<br />

of possibility. Little by little, the idea for <strong>The</strong><br />

<strong>Strength</strong>s <strong>Space</strong> emerged.<br />

Everything that slows us down and<br />

forces patience, everything that sets<br />

us back into the slow circles of nature,<br />

is a help. ~ May Sarton<br />

This process was invaluable. As I recalibrated, I<br />

could feel myself becoming re-energized. I found a<br />

renewed sense of hope about a brighter future<br />

and ways in which I could contribute to a better<br />

world. I reimagined how I could do this in a way<br />

that enabled me to make a positive difference<br />

to others whilst honouring my own wellbeing<br />

and loving my gorgeous guy. We have crafted an<br />

intentional plan to prioritize our relationship.<br />

We’ve spent time sharing ideas about when we<br />

are at our best and we’ve made a commitment to<br />

cultivate the conditions that will enable this to<br />

happen more. We have made conscious choices<br />

to weave wellbeing type activities into our days,<br />

weeks and weekends. We plan short breaks and<br />

annual holidays but leave space for variety and<br />

spontaneity. When we feel we need some ‘us<br />

time’, we politely decline social events and don’t<br />

feel guilty about it. We reminisce often about our<br />

amazing travels, the memories we have shared and<br />

the ones we still hope to make. Our love of hiking,<br />

camping and being in the mountains has been and<br />

continues to be part of our magic formula.<br />

It’s ok to stop, pivot, reset, change,<br />

evolve, reboot, do a 180, choose a<br />

different path, reimagine. Begin again. ~<br />

Kylie Lewis<br />

How we spend<br />

our days is,<br />

of course,<br />

how we spend<br />

our lives.<br />

~ Annie Dillard<br />


So where am I now?<br />

<strong>The</strong> <strong>Strength</strong>s <strong>Space</strong> is growing. My<br />

website launched recently and although I<br />

can already see how it could be improved,<br />

I feel proud that I have stepped into the<br />

arena and dared greatly. I’ve set up an<br />

Instagram account and become a growth<br />

mindset thinker around all things techy!<br />

I am energised by the opportunity to<br />

design daily and share with others. I<br />

am also reaching out to those who can<br />

complement my skill set, allowing me<br />

more time to play to my strengths and<br />

do the things I love. When I show up as<br />

this better version of myself I know the<br />

positive impact it has on those around me.<br />

I want <strong>The</strong> <strong>Strength</strong>s <strong>Space</strong> to be a place<br />

where I can share content to strengthen<br />

individuals, teams, organisations and<br />

communities. I want it to be grounded<br />

in the sciences of positive psychology,<br />

neuroscience and strengths-based<br />

approaches. I want it to offer tips and<br />

tools, processes and practices, and words<br />

of wisdom that will enable people to<br />

feel better and do better. I want it to<br />

encourage and support collaboration,<br />

where like-minded individuals and<br />

organisations can work together for<br />

the collective good. Most of all, I want<br />

it to inspire people to make small but<br />

consistent positive changes, that will<br />

lead to having better days and living more<br />

fulfilling and productive lives. I want <strong>The</strong><br />

<strong>Strength</strong>s <strong>Space</strong> to grow strong and create a<br />

lasting impact.<br />

When I look in the mirror now, I see a<br />

bright future looking back at me. I have<br />

an overwhelming sense of gratitude<br />

to the team that fixed me up and the<br />

community who held me up during<br />

those tough times. You are too many<br />

to mention but you know who you<br />

are. Thank you from the bottom of my<br />

heart. n<br />

thestrengthsspace.com<br />


Cultivating<br />

a Culture<br />

of Wellbeing<br />

Wellbeing is our ability to feel good and<br />

function well as we ride the rollercoaster<br />

of life. When we feel physically, mentally<br />

and socially well, we are likely to have<br />

more energy, feel more motivated and<br />

be more willing to contribute positively<br />

to our workplaces and relationships.<br />

Although the concept has been around for<br />

some time, it’s become much more than<br />

fruit, fitness and flu shots. Nowadays we<br />

are constantly bombarded by information<br />

and advice. It often feels overwhelming.<br />

In this short article I’m going to share 3<br />

simple ways to get started.<br />

1<br />

PrimING<br />

Positivity<br />

“Positivity<br />

transforms us<br />

for the better. <strong>By</strong><br />

opening our hearts<br />

and minds positive<br />

emotions allow us to<br />

discover and build<br />

new skills, new ties,<br />

new knowledge and<br />

a new way<br />

of being.”<br />

Barbara Fredrickson<br />

Positivity – Groundbreaking Research To Release<br />

Your Inner Optimist and Thrive<br />

Take a moment to think about the way you show<br />

up when you’re in a positive mood. Chances<br />

are, you are more approachable, open-minded,<br />

motivated, solution-focused and determined.<br />

You seem to be able to handle the stressors more<br />

calmly and bounce back from any set-backs. And<br />

other people like being around you.<br />

In a positive mood, your brain performs<br />

significantly better than in a negative, neutral<br />

or stressed out state. Research tells us that your<br />

intelligence rises, your creativity rises and your<br />

energy rises. Experiencing positive emotions<br />

causes dopamine to flood into your system. This<br />

not only makes you happier but turbo charges the<br />

brain’s ability to learn and perform well.<br />

Try finding intentional ways, at work, at home<br />

or at play, to tap into positive emotions. Here are<br />

some you might like to consider:<br />

Joy / Gratitude / Serenity / Interest / Hope /<br />

Pride / Amusement / Inspiration / Awe / Love<br />

Photo source: Belle Co on Pexels<br />


2<br />

CreatING<br />

Connections<br />

“Our need to<br />

connect with other<br />

people is even more<br />

fundamental and<br />

basic than our need<br />

for food and shelter.”<br />

Matthew Lieberman (2013)<br />

Social – Why Our Brains Are<br />

Wired To Connect<br />

We are profoundly social creatures. When we feel<br />

we belong, our brain feels good. <strong>The</strong> reward system<br />

is activated and we are able to respond clearly and<br />

calmly. This means we are happy to collaborate,<br />

to share ideas, to question and to seek out new<br />

possibilities. When there is a strong sense of<br />

connectedness, we achieve more both individually<br />

and collectively.<br />

On the other hand, when we feel excluded, rejected<br />

or lonely, our socially sensitive brain goes on the<br />

defense. In an attempt to protect us, the threat<br />

system is activated and we move into survival mode.<br />

Our brain is awash with adrenalin and cortisol as<br />

we prepare to fight, flee or freeze. Precious resources<br />

get directed away from our more measured way of<br />

behaving and we become highly reactive. In this<br />

state, we often say and do things that we later regret.<br />

If you want to develop and maintain positive<br />

relationships, and grow high-functioning teams,<br />

look for ways to build connections little and often.<br />

3<br />

SEEing<br />

<strong>Strength</strong>s<br />

“<strong>By</strong> becoming a<br />

strengthspotter, at<br />

home and at work,<br />

you can take the<br />

opportunity to give<br />

positive feedback.”<br />

Alex Linley and Trudy Bateman<br />

(2018)<br />

<strong>The</strong> <strong>Strength</strong>s Profile Book –<br />

Finding What You Can Do +<br />

Love To Do And Why It Matters<br />

As human beings we have a natural tendency to<br />

focus on what’s not working. This negativity bias<br />

plays out in all of us. It’s one way in which the<br />

brain tries to ensure our safety. <strong>The</strong> brain wants us<br />

to see potential dangers easily so we can take steps<br />

to avoid them. And it will come as no surprise that<br />

this response dials up a few notches when we are<br />

tired, hungry or worried.<br />

If we understand and accept that it’s normal for<br />

bad to feel stronger than good then we can begin<br />

to take intentional steps to look for the good more<br />

often. When we choose to tune into the strengths<br />

in the person, task or situation, we are more likely<br />

to notice them. Once we identify what’s working<br />

well, we can share in strengths-based conversations<br />

and it becomes a win-win for everyone.<br />



OUR<br />


When we work from our strengths, it makes our goals<br />

easier to achieve, it lowers our levels of stress, and it<br />

improves our wellbeing. ~ Michelle McQuaid<br />

I<br />

don’t know about you, but when I<br />

feel more engaged, more energized and<br />

happier, I seem to have a much better day.<br />

I have a skip in my step and a hell yeah<br />

kind of attitude. I power through my to do list<br />

and feel the thrill of getting things done. I seem<br />

to be more open-minded, more determined and<br />

more helpful. It doesn’t just FEEL good, it allows<br />

me to DO good. My up-beat vibes seem to rub<br />

off on those around me and, in turn, this positive<br />

emotional contagion ripples throughout their<br />

networks. It seems that when we have better days,<br />

the benefits extend far beyond just ourselves.<br />

When we have better days, we are building better<br />

lives.<br />

“<strong>Strength</strong>s are<br />

patterns of thinking,<br />

feeling, or behaving<br />

that, when exercised,<br />

will excite, engage,<br />

and energize you,<br />

and allow you to<br />

perform at your<br />

optimum level.”<br />

So what can we do to have better days more<br />

often? <strong>The</strong> answer … to play to our strengths.<br />

Alex Linley, a leading expert in this field, suggests<br />

playing to our strengths is the smallest thing we<br />

can do to make the biggest difference<br />

Linley, A., Willars, J., & Biswas-Diener, R. (2010).<br />

<strong>The</strong> strengths book: What you can do, love to do, and find<br />

hard to do - and why it matters. Coventry, UK: CAPP Press.<br />

Photo source: MI PHAM on Unsplash<br />


A strength is something<br />

you are good at and enjoy<br />

doing. It feels energising<br />

and exciting to be in that<br />

space.<br />

Three of my top strengths are Appreciation of<br />

Beauty and Excellence, Curiosity and Creativity. I<br />

am very aware of my surroundings and often catch<br />

myself stopping to take a closer look at something<br />

interesting or quirky. My camera is always close<br />

at hand. Whether it’s a walk in nature or a stroll<br />

through city streets, I am drawn to colour and<br />

design. Pops of sunshine yellow and fresh vibrant<br />

greens are two of my favourites. When I play to<br />

these strengths I feel the energizing effects. I’ve<br />

learnt how to cultivate an instant burst of energy<br />

by purposefully dialing up these strengths.<br />

Choosing to create my Instagram posts as an early<br />

morning ritual, is one way I can ensure my day<br />

gets off to a good start. When you know your<br />

strengths, you can find intentional ways to apply<br />

them daily and reap the benefits.<br />

So how do you discover<br />

your strengths?<br />

One simple way to uncover your strengths is to<br />

start noticing where you most easily place your<br />

attention. Your strengths reflect your passions<br />

and interests. <strong>The</strong>y are the things that you look<br />

forward to doing, become completely absorbed by<br />

and, afterwards, leave you feeling invigorated. Try<br />

tuning in more consciously to these experiences<br />

and noting any common themes. <strong>The</strong>se will offer<br />

strong indications to your rich array of strengths.<br />

When I started noticing what really energised<br />

me, I realised just how much it involved relating<br />

to other people. This discovery has guided me to<br />

focus my career development around coaching<br />

and facilitating. I truly feel at my best when I am<br />

engaging with people and enabling them to bring<br />

out the best in themselves and those around them.<br />

17<br />

Photo sources: Andre Furtado on Pexels<br />

Vinícius Vieira Fotografia on Pexels • Sharon McCutcheon on Pexels

Gratitude is an<br />

elevating emotion.<br />

It’s hard to feel<br />

resentment or<br />

anger when you<br />

are in this state.<br />

A more formal approach is to take an individual<br />

strengths assessment. A great place to start is the<br />

free VIA Survey created by the VIA Institute on<br />

Character. https://www.viacharacter.org/<br />

Completed by millions of people across the<br />

world and used by a growing number of<br />

organisations, this online assessment takes less<br />

than fifteen minutes to complete. It provides<br />

practical suggestions about ways to use your<br />

signature strengths (the top ones) as well as how<br />

to grow and develop your lesser strengths. <strong>The</strong><br />

VIA Institute’s extensive research suggests that<br />

when we play to our strengths, we will deal more<br />

effectively with life’s challenges, work more<br />

successfully towards our goals and feel more<br />

fulfilled both in our personal and professional<br />

lives.<br />

One of my top signature strengths is Gratitude.<br />

Once I became aware of this I realised just how<br />

much it plays out in my thoughts, feelings and<br />

day-to-day actions. Gratitude is an elevating<br />

emotion. It’s hard to feel resentment or anger<br />

when you are in this state. It opens the door to<br />

so many other positive emotions. <strong>The</strong> practice<br />

of gratitude has been linked with a broad range<br />

of benefits including: improved relationships,<br />

mental and physical health, goal achievement<br />

and an optimistic outlook on life. Playing to<br />

this strength is easy when things are going well.<br />

I have challenged myself to use it more when<br />

life throws its curve balls at me. Getting stuck<br />

in traffic is almost never fun and almost always<br />

inconvenient but … when I take a mindful<br />

moment to consider the things I am grateful<br />

for, I always feel calmer and less agitated by the<br />

situation.<br />

If you are interested in a more work-related<br />

focus on discovering your strengths, you could<br />

try <strong>Strength</strong>s Profile.<br />

https://www.strengthsprofile.com/<br />

Created by Alex Linley and his team at the<br />

Centre for Applied Positive Psychology, this<br />

Photo source: Ian Stauffer on Unsplash<br />


online assessment gives you a unique profile<br />

revealing your strengths, learned behaviours<br />

and weaknesses based around 60 work-related<br />

strengths. It provides a detailed report with<br />

suggestions for ways to harness your strengths,<br />

unlock your potential and minimize the impact<br />

of the things you don’t like or don’t do well.<br />

As with most surveys, reports and assessments,<br />

it can be helpful to have more knowledge and<br />

become more self-aware but unless you do<br />

something with the information, it is unlikely<br />

to make much of a difference. Once you have<br />

discovered your strengths, the next step is<br />

finding ways to use them effectively. Learning<br />

how to play to your strengths is key. This means<br />

not overplaying or underplaying them, but<br />

rather “using the right strength, to the right<br />

amount, in the right way, and at the right time.”<br />

(Linley, A. (2008) Average to A+ - Realising<br />

<strong>Strength</strong>s In Yourself And Others)<br />

Choosing to have a<br />

strengths-based<br />

conversation can be a<br />

powerful way to gain<br />

a deeper understanding of<br />

your potential and provide<br />

practical ways to navigate<br />

towards a strengths<br />

oriventated future. n<br />

Interested to learn more? Let’s have a<br />

conversation. Please email me at:<br />

ali@thestrengthsspace.com<br />




FUTURE<br />

<strong>The</strong>re is increasing evidence to suggest<br />

that discovering, developing and<br />

applying our strengths at the right<br />

time and in the right context, can have<br />

powerful benefits. Listed below are 10<br />

reasons why we should all be playing to<br />

our strengths more.<br />

People who use their strengths more:<br />

1. Are happier.<br />

2. Experience less stress.<br />

3. Feel healthier and have more energy.<br />

4. Feel more satisfied with their lives.<br />

5. Are more confident.<br />

6. Experience faster growth and<br />

development.<br />

7. Are more creative and agile at work.<br />

8. Experience more satisfaction and<br />

meaning in their work.<br />

9. Are more engaged in their work.<br />

10. Experience improved team<br />

performance and greater success.<br />

Want to get started on exploring<br />

your <strong>Strength</strong>s? To find out more,<br />

contact me at:<br />

ali@thestrengthsspace.com<br />




IMPACT<br />


On the following pages you’ll find examples of the projects I have<br />

undertaken to meet the needs of individuals, teams and organisations.<br />

If these spark your curiosity about ways I might support you, or someone<br />

you know, please feel welcome to contact me: ali@thestrengthsspace.com<br />

Implementing Positive Education:<br />

This project has been part of an on-going<br />

partnership over several years. It has included<br />

regular input to senior leadership strategy meetings<br />

and the design and delivery of professional learning<br />

packages focusing on:<br />

• Cultivating a Culture of Wellbeing<br />

• <strong>The</strong> Science of Learning<br />

• Interactive Classroom Strategies<br />

• Presentations to parents<br />

• <strong>Strength</strong>s-based coaching for senior leaders<br />

In addition, I created a Positive Leadership package<br />

and facilitated this as a series of twilight sessions<br />

for school leaders focusing on:<br />

• Positive Climate<br />

• Positive Relationships<br />

• Positive Communication<br />

• Positive Meaning<br />

Karen Lunn – Head of Senior Year Students<br />

– Good Shepherd Lutheran College<br />

“<strong>Ali</strong> has been an integral part of our school’s journey to implement Positive Education. Her vibrant<br />

energy, wonderful sense of humour and down-to-earth approach mean that she is able to relate very<br />

well to her audience, and they in turn warm to her very quickly.”<br />

Photo source: Fabio Comparelli on Unsplash<br />


Whole-School and Community Wellbeing:<br />

This project has evolved over several years. Highquality<br />

connections, strength-based conversations<br />

and growth-oriented mindsets have contributed to<br />

cultivating a culture where wellbeing matters. It<br />

has included an explicit focus on:<br />

• Training all staff in Circle Solutions – a social<br />

emotional learning framework foundational to<br />

the pastoral care and wellbeing program<br />

• Exploring and developing strengths in<br />

Leadership Team<br />

• Growing positive and productive teams<br />

• Exploring strengths-based approaches with<br />

staff (teaching and non-teaching)<br />

*Circle Solutions is a process created by Dr<br />

Sue Roffey for building positive and inclusive<br />

classrooms and developing social emotional<br />

competencies.<br />

Tim Smetham – Assistant Head of Junior School<br />

– Somerville House<br />

“<strong>Ali</strong> engages people through her energy and expertise in the areas of positive psychology, neuroscience<br />

and strengths-based approaches. Her presentations are highly interactive using a combination of practical<br />

activities, reflection and group discussions. <strong>Ali</strong> takes time to understand your unique needs and context<br />

and adapts learning to match the needs of participants.”<br />

<strong>Strength</strong>s in Leadership Teams:<br />

This project provided an opportunity for<br />

the school’s leadership team to discover,<br />

explore, appreciate and leverage individual<br />

and collective strengths.<br />

Kelly Edgar – Principal<br />

– North Arm State Schools<br />

<strong>The</strong> process included 1:1 coaching sessions,<br />

team discussions and the provision<br />

of resources to keep strengths-based<br />

conversations on the weekly agenda.<br />

“<strong>Ali</strong> was extremely professional, knowledgeable, energetic and committed to helping us to bring<br />

out the best in ourselves and each other. She has gone above and beyond to supply us with practical<br />

strategies and resources to ensure the learning becomes embedded into our daily practice.”<br />


21<br />

Photo source: Elijah Hail on Unsplash


Growing Positive and Productive Teams:<br />

This project involved the design and delivery<br />

of a professional learning package<br />

focusing on stronger collaboration between<br />

staff members; a key area in relation to the<br />

National Quality Framework for excellence<br />

in Early Learning Education.<br />

I created three tailored coaching sessions<br />

emphasizing the importance of:<br />

Tracey Ellaway – Service Leader<br />

– Immanuel Early Learning Centre<br />

• high-quality connections<br />

• managing emotions<br />

• appreciating and valuing strengths<br />

I visited the centre several times over a<br />

three-month period to conduct 1:1 coaching<br />

sessions and provide follow-up ideas and<br />

suggestions.<br />

“<strong>Ali</strong>’s dynamic, engaging and thought-provoking style has enabled me to continue to grow a<br />

strengths-based team and positive work culture. She offered practical strategies to embed the learning<br />

and cultivate daily habits. Since embarking on this journey together, there have been significant<br />

benefits to our organisation.”<br />

Cultivating a Culture of Wellbeing:<br />

This project has been grown and nurtured<br />

over a five-year period. During this time,<br />

I have worked closely with the senior<br />

leadership team to develop content and<br />

initiatives to support the growth of wholeschool<br />

and community wellbeing.<br />

This has included:<br />

• whole-school professional learning days<br />

for all staff<br />

• termly twilight learning sessions for<br />

teaching staff<br />

• termly day-time learning sessions for<br />

teaching assistants and support staff<br />

• presentations to parents<br />

<strong>The</strong> content has focused on:<br />

• Exploring the PERMAH Wellbeing<br />

framework<br />

• Implementing elements of PERMAH<br />

• Embedding essential ingredients for a<br />

healthy mind<br />

• Understanding how the brain works<br />

and applying strategies underpinned by<br />

neuroscience to design better days and<br />

build better lives<br />

Anton Prinsloo – Principal<br />

– St Paul’s Lutheran Primary School<br />

“<strong>Ali</strong> has been working with our school for over five years. We engaged <strong>Ali</strong> to assist us to incorporate<br />

an explicit focus on whole-school and community wellbeing. She has a very personable, relaxed and<br />

interactive presentation style. We would highly recommend bringing <strong>Ali</strong> on board if you want to cultivate<br />

a culture of wellbeing at your place.”<br />


Individual <strong>Strength</strong>s Coaching:<br />

<strong>The</strong>se 1:1 coaching sessions offered an opportunity for my client to discover, explore and apply her<br />

strengths at work, at home and at play.<br />

<strong>Ali</strong> Fowler – Founder, Educator & Author<br />

In Service of Something Good<br />

“<strong>Ali</strong> <strong>Palmer</strong> is an extraordinary woman who brings the joy with her wherever she goes. She enabled me<br />

to see how I could play to my strengths more in both my personal and professional life. She is passionate<br />

about bringing leaders and teams together and assisting them to bring out the best in each other.”<br />

Wellbeing Consultant for Independent Schools Queensland:<br />

During this ten-year collaboration, I led several projects focusing on:<br />

• Staff Wellbeing – with 30+ schools<br />

• Supporting Principals’ Wellbeing<br />

• Coaching School Leadership Teams<br />

• Supporting Indigenous Students Transitioning<br />

to Boarding School<br />

• Circle Solutions training*<br />

• Social Emotional Learning for Students<br />

• Drug, Alcohol & Resilience Education<br />

<strong>The</strong> Staff Wellbeing Project was a<br />

highlight. I felt privileged and proud<br />

to enable so many schools to learn,<br />

share and grow together to create more<br />

flourishing learning communities.<br />

*Circle Solutions is a process created by Dr Sue Roffey<br />

for building positive and inclusive classrooms and<br />

developing social emotional competencies<br />

Jenene Rosser - Executive Manager (Curriculum and Assessment)<br />

– Independent Schools Queensland<br />

“<strong>Ali</strong> is one of the most accomplished presenters I have ever witnessed. Her warmth, quick wit,<br />

friendly easy-going personality draws people to her. She has great ability to charm even the<br />

‘toughest’ of audiences. <strong>The</strong> staff wellbeing work that <strong>Ali</strong> pioneered from 2012 is still being talked<br />

about in the sector today. <strong>Ali</strong>’s work is deeply embedded in strong academic research but brought<br />

to life with practical applications.”<br />


23<br />

Photo source: Fabio Comparelli on Unsplash

Invitation<br />

TO WORK<br />

WITH ME<br />

I love what I do and I want you to love it too.<br />

My passion is to help people feel better and<br />

do better. I work with: individuals, teams and<br />

organisations.<br />

I want to share tips and tools, processes and<br />

practices, and words of wisdom that will make<br />

a positive difference in your life and the lives of<br />

the people you care about.<br />

I want to listen to your story, understand your<br />

context, appreciate your values and share in<br />

your vision. I want to co-create learning that<br />

is right for you, your people and your place. I<br />

want to craft content that is flexible, changeresponsive<br />

and backed by science.<br />

I want to energise you, excite you and empower<br />

you to make small but consistent changes that<br />

will lead to lasting impact. I want to help you to<br />

design better days and build better lives.<br />

My Why<br />

To enable people to have better<br />

days and build more fulfilling<br />

and productive lives.<br />

My How<br />

<strong>By</strong> crafting and sharing content<br />

about the science of wellbeing.<br />

My What<br />

Designing and delivering learning<br />

packages for individuals, teams,<br />

organisations and communities.<br />


Spark You Up<br />

This introductory coaching package (3 x<br />

1-hour sessions) will help you to rediscover<br />

what you love to do and why it matters.<br />

Identify and explore your rich array of<br />

strengths and learn to make the most of them<br />

at home, at work and at play. Re-connect<br />

with your values and find ways to bring<br />

them to life in all that you do. Uncover your<br />

purpose and explore ways to lead a more fulfilling<br />

and productive life.<br />

<strong>The</strong> Spark You Up Program can be experienced<br />

in a face-to-face setting or as a virtual option<br />

depending on your location and preference.<br />

Investment: Starts At $299<br />

Growing Positive and Productive Teams<br />

Are you a leader of a team? Do you want to<br />

find ways to help your team be at their best?<br />

Do you want to create an environment where<br />

your people feel seen, heard and appreciated?<br />

This package of flexible learning sessions<br />

(4 x 2 hours) will engage your team to<br />

discover, explore and contribute their unique<br />

individual and collective strengths. <strong>The</strong>y will<br />

explore some of the science around what makes us<br />

humans tick and how we can use this to respond<br />

to each other with more care and consideration.<br />

<strong>The</strong> Growing Positive and Productive Teams<br />

Program is delivered as face-to-face workshops.<br />

Investment: Starts At $6,000<br />

Cultivating Positive Work Cultures<br />

This extended package of flexible learning<br />

sessions (12 x 2 hours) has been designed<br />

to support your organisation to implement<br />

a wellbeing program that will help your<br />

people, leaders, teams and organization<br />

to thrive. Participants will learn about the<br />

benefits of psychological safety, appreciative<br />

cultures, high quality connections, positive<br />

communication, meaningful work and<br />

valuing strengths.<br />

<strong>The</strong> content will provide practical solutions to<br />

help your people better navigate and manage the<br />

challenges of their busy lives.<br />

Typically, this program is delivered as: 2 x whole<br />

days / 2 x half days / 3 x 2-hour sessions but can<br />

be customized.<br />

<strong>The</strong> Cultivating Positive Work Cultures<br />

Program is delivered as face-to-face workshops.<br />

Investment: Starts At $16,000 + GST<br />

Interested to learn more? Let’s have a conversation:<br />

ali@thestrengthsspace.com<br />




FOLLOW<br />

THE<br />

SUN<br />



MM<br />

Take ten minutes to prep some nutritious<br />

snacks for tomorrow<br />

MM<br />

Play some favourite tunes to feel more energised<br />

MM<br />

Find five minutes to recall what went well today<br />

and why<br />

MM<br />

Set a bed-time alarm to make sure you get a<br />

good night’s sleep<br />

MM<br />

Do something you love to switch off from the<br />

busy day<br />

MM<br />

Find five minutes to get into nature before your<br />

day gets going<br />

MM<br />

Commit to 1 simple action you can take to<br />

move your body more today<br />

MM<br />

Take some time to intentionally choose where<br />

you will focus your energy and attention today<br />

MM<br />

Decide how you want to show up in your<br />

interactions today?<br />

MM<br />

Choose one of your strengths to play to today<br />

Photo sources:<br />

Cindy Bonfini-Hotlosz on Unsplash • Ocean Ng on Unsplash<br />






Scientists refer to this as the heliotropic effect,<br />

meaning to move towards a life giving source of<br />

energy. Sunflowers are one of nature’s greatest<br />

examples. <strong>The</strong>y track the sun throughout the day<br />

to tap into its life-giving goodness. Check out these<br />

simple ideas to choose your own sun-orientated<br />

behaviours to have a better day.<br />



MM<br />

Consider 3 things you are grateful for in your<br />

work life / non-work life<br />

MM<br />

Be generous in your assumptions about the<br />

people you interact with today<br />

MM<br />

Plan to take time out over lunch and if possible,<br />

invite someone to share it with you<br />

MM<br />

Look for something new or different in your<br />

environment<br />

MM<br />

Take a walk or the stairs to boost your energy<br />

level<br />

MM<br />

Do something kind for a colleague, friend or<br />

family member<br />

MM<br />

Take a moment to check off the small wins<br />

you’ve already had today<br />

MM<br />

Consider 1 simple action you can take to<br />

celebrate a small win<br />

MM<br />

Before leaving work, consider how you have<br />

made a positive difference today<br />

MM<br />

Identify something you are looking forward to<br />

about tomorrow / the week ahead<br />



THE<br />



2020 is going to be an exciting year. I’ve<br />

chosen to champion a great cause by partnering<br />

with the Oranges Toolkit.<br />

<strong>The</strong> ORANGES Toolkit is dedicated to<br />

delivering evidence-based, measurable and<br />

practical tools that build resilient and changeresponsive<br />

workplaces. As Camp Quality’s<br />

social enterprise, 100% of the profits go towards<br />

supporting kids impacted by cancer in Australia.<br />

This flagship 2-day program can be tailored to<br />

respond to your unique challenges and deliver the<br />

solutions you need.<br />

Do you want to build a more resilient, changeresponsive<br />

and agile work-force?<br />

Is enhancing trust and collaboration in your<br />

organisation a top priority?<br />

Are you looking for highly engaging, interactive<br />

and fun learning experiences for your people?<br />

If YES, then take a look at what the ORANGES<br />

Toolkit has to offer.<br />

theorangestoolkit.com.au<br />

Interested to learn more? Let’s have a conversation:<br />

ali@thestrengthsspace.com<br />

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Between stimulus and<br />

response there is a space.<br />

In that space is our power<br />

to choose our response.<br />

In our response lies our<br />

growth and freedom.<br />


When you arise<br />

in the morning, think<br />

what a precious<br />

privilege it is to be<br />

alive, to breathe,<br />

to think, to enjoy,<br />

to love.<br />


We are all<br />

just walking<br />

each other<br />

home.<br />

– RUMI<br />

Let us be grateful to<br />

the people who make<br />

us happy; they are the<br />

charming gardeners<br />

who make our souls<br />

blossom.<br />

I would love to live<br />

like a river flows,<br />

carried by the<br />

surprise of its own<br />

unfolding.<br />



Never doubt that<br />

a small group of<br />

thoughtful citizens<br />

can change the<br />

world; indeed, it’s<br />

the only thing that<br />

ever has.<br />


AUTHENTICITY is a collection<br />

of choices that we have to make<br />

every day. It’s about the choice<br />

to show up and be real. <strong>The</strong> choice<br />

to be honest. <strong>The</strong> choice to let<br />



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• Miriam Espacio on Pexels • Joey Kyber on Unsplash<br />




CHART<br />





SUN<br />

SAT<br />

FRI<br />

THU<br />

WED<br />

TUE<br />

MON<br />

Use this chart to choose your own sun-orientated behaviours for a better day<br />


Designing Better Days<br />

Building Better Lives<br />




+61 405 117 389<br />

ali@thestrengthsspace.com<br />

linkedin.com/in/alipalmer<br />

thestrengthsspace.com<br />


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