Scotch College Philanthropy Impact Report 2019


Philanthropy Impact Report 2019


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The Harvest of Your Generosity 04

The Significance of Giving 06

Bridging the Gap

DARE: The Centenary Campaign



Giving Societies 12

2019 Honour Roll of Donors 14


A Century

of Impact

Margaret Mead famously said, “Never

doubt that a small group of thoughtful,

committed citizens can change the world;

indeed, it’s the only thing that ever has”.

This was particularly true of the Founders

of Scotch College a hundred years ago

– a small group of Presbyterian families

that have made a tremendous impact on

our state through their generosity one

hundred years ago.

They understood, as we do today, that the most

effective way to change the world is through

education. Education – Scotch style - isn’t

restricted to the classroom, or about qualifications.

It is about equipping young people to make an

impact, through their ideas, actions, sweat and

tears. We pour ourselves into our young people

to just to enrich their lives, but we expect them

to change the lives of those around them. And we

have done it for 100 years!

The ‘how’ is a bit more complicated – it

involves incredible staff, willing students and

an environment and facilities to catalyse that

transformation. A great deal of is a result of healthy

enrolments, good management and the right

people – where the overwhelming majority of fees

are utilised. But while fees are critical – and at

Scotch, we demonstrate robust financial health and

generate a surplus each year – fees alone are not

enough for transformation.

Once we cover our running costs (salaries

being the major part), we are left with enough to

refurbish a set of classrooms, renew furniture, deal

with small, but high priority infrastructure demands

and make progress with some very ‘unsexy’ yet

essential fundamentals like bore water systems.

Our Investment Committee oversees our longterm

reserves. However, these funds are mainly

committed to scholarships and we never

spend the capital.

So, if we are to provide the environment and

facilities to catalyse the transformation we crave

- if we are to build the next McBean Centre,

Rosevear House or Webb Science Centre, to

support our future needs, we need to raise funds–

big funds – through philanthropy. In other words,

we need your support. And as we have reported to

you for the past three years, we are getting it…

2019 was another benchmark year of giving,

participation and establishing a culture of

philanthropy. Nearly one in six members of our

community made a tax-deductible philanthropic

contribution to benefit the College (and many

of you supported in other ways as well). Your

leadership, participation and generosity in our

centenary year crowns a century of impact, and

for that we are grateful and humbled.

Dr John H. Newton



The Harvest of

Your Generosity

It is no surprise that in the next 100

years, food security will become one of

humanity’s greatest challenges. Scotch

has embraced that challenge and is

committed to enhancing our Agricultural

Sciences program into something that is

relevant, contemporary and impactful.

You might remember that our commitment to the

long-term sustainability of the Agricultural Studies

curriculum was the focus of the 2017 and 2018

Annual Appeals, raising over $308K for the Future

Farm Skills Centre, part of the newly revamped

Agriculture Precinct. This larger Precinct is better

connected to the Torrens Park campus as well as

the wider community.

Your generous support has helped reinvigorate

our aspiration for agriculture sciences. While the

annual appeals helped grow our vision from a shed

into a magnificent Future Farm Skills Centre, our

vision is to transform our farm into a fit for purpose

Agricultural Precinct.

Underpinning the new ‘Live Well’ program, our new

Agricultural Precinct will equip our students for

the changing face of agriculture and promote food

production and farm machinery skills.

Envisioned with an environmentally sustainable

design, with solar power, water harvesting and

lots of natural lighting, this facility will be a teaching

and learning resource for all our students, across

both campuses. This facility is also expected to

enhance students’ wine making opportunities,

help them understand the use of drone and

water technologies and provide exposure and

safety training around the operation and care of

farm machinery.

Thank you to all our Annual Appeal donors in

2017 and 2018 who made a large part of this

development possible!

Your contributions are helping us to ensure that

we can complete this refurbishment by the end

of 2020 and provide access to modern facilities

that better support our Agricultural educational


Abhra Bhattacharjee

Director of Philanthropy &

External Relations

Investments in agriculture are the best

weapons against hunger and poverty,

and they have made life better for

billions of people

Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation



The Significance

of Giving

Amazed. Inspired. Grateful. That’s how

your support to our Annual Appeal

makes us feel.

We have been blown away by all of your gifts

this year. Whether it was students donating

spare change, or grandparents popping into the

philanthropy office or more than 70 staff members

making a donation… hundreds of people were

involved and what an impact YOU made!

You are You one are of: one of:

921 921

Annual Annual Appeal Appeal Donors Donors

Together, Together, you gave you gave


81% 81%

of the of gifts the gifts

recieved recieved

were were $100 $100

and under and under

25% 25%

of donors of donors gave gave

for the for first the time first time

in 2019 in 2019

While numbers cannot accurately convey how

meaningful your support and encouragement has

been, the figures below demonstrate the growth

you have helped achieve this year, through our

Annual Appeal: 100 Days of Giving.

It’s happened again!

The Annual Appeal 2019 has reached more than

1,000 gifts again, raising more than $257,000

(a new record!) to support the College’s

infrastructure and scholarships.

Giving Breakdown

The typical The typical (mode) (mode) amount amount

donated donated to theto the

Annual Annual Appeal Appeal is is

$100 $100

We really mean it when we say small gifts add up — whether it’s $10 or $10,000,

your generosity makes a difference.

51% 51%

Donor Donor

retention retention

We are grateful for each and every one of our Old Collegians, parents, staff and

students who contributed to it.


Bridging the Gap

Scotch is a powerful convener and catalyst

for other charitable organisations.

Through our Service-Learning curriculum, we

encourage our students to use their treasure, time

and talent to help others and the community.

In 2019, many Scotch students conducted a

myriad of activities to raise funds to support

different non-profit organisations. A total of

$28,733 was raised through the year to support the

following areas

Humanitarian Services



World Vision - Sponsor Children

& 40 Hour Backpack Challenge


Oaktree Foundation -

Live Below the Line


Act for Peace Ration Challenge

Community Service



Salvation Army -

Red Shield Appeal


Hutt Street Centre Foundation -

Walk a mile in my boots

Health / Cancer



Pink Ribbon Foundation


Starlight Foundation


Movember Foundation


Cancer Council SA -

Daffodil Day


Pink & Blue Swim /Walk










The College first announced

‘DARE: The Centenary Campaign’

at its Centenary Gala and we are

more than halfway towards our

$10 million goal. The funds will be

used to establish a comprehensive

and integrated Wellbeing & Sports

Centre that supports and enhance

our wellbeing offer for all year

groups, and to support Scholarships

through the Foundation’s endowment


A daring project such as this takes

many hands and we cannot do it

alone. A number of individuals and

families have already made a very

bold commitment to the campaign.

Our current Leadership donors are

joined by over 100 staff members,

Council members, parents, Old

Collegians and grandparents who

have demonstrated their partnership

though early gifts or pledges.


Thank you to everyone who has already supported the campaign to date. Your

generosity has demonstrated loyalty, leadership and courage, as well as a deep

desire to help Scotch College transform itself for its second century.


Those who embody the generosity and vision of our College’s founding

philanthropists and have given or pledged $250K or over.
















Mr P Abeles

Mr G & Mrs G Footer

Mr S Kramer

Mr C & Mrs N Stewart

Dr C Alderman & Dr L McCarthy

Mr J Freebairn

Dr J Lee & Dr B Tieu

Mr R & Mrs D Stone

Mr B & Mrs J Arnold

Mr B Arrowsmith

Mr C & Mrs M Bailes

Mr D & Mrs J Bennett

Mr A & Mrs S Bhattacharjee

Mr D Bilsborough &

Mrs F Delbridge

Mr H & Mrs A Bone

Mrs J Bourne & Mr D Bourne

Mr C & Mrs P Brake

Ms S Breach & Mr M Breach

Dr S Bruschi & Ms K Ramsay

Mr T Burrow

Mr T & Mrs J Burton

Ivan Camens Family Trust - PAC

Mr J & Mrs J Camens

Mr P Camens & Dr A Padbury

Dr S & Mrs J Carney

Mr A & Mrs A Carr

Mrs S Chase AM & Mr J Chilman

Mr A & Mrs S Colyer

Mr A & Ms C Cosh

Dr R Craig OAM & Mrs J Craig

Mr J & Mrs K Crosby

Mr W & Ms T Darling

Dr T & Mrs L Dodd

Mrs E Drew & Mr L Drew

Mr N & Mrs B Emmett

Mr T & Mrs L Emmett

Mr P Fairbrother &

Ms K McBryde

Mr R & Mrs N Felkl

Mr A & Mrs P Freeman

Ms S Freeman & Mr F Kittel

Mrs W Freeman

Mr B Gibson

Dr M Goggin & Dr M White

Ms A Gozalo Martinez & Mr R


Mr P & Mrs R Griffiths

Miss I Hampson

Ms T Hanel

Ms J Harbison

Mr J & Mrs S Harvey

Mr P & Mrs B Harvey

Mr D Hatter

Mrs C Heard

Mr J Heard AM & Mrs A Heard

Prof M Holmes &

Assoc Prof C Holmes-Liew

Dr D & Mrs K Hooper

Mr M & Ms M Hooper

Mr T & Mrs V Hughes

Mr S & Ms S Ifould

Mr A & Mrs R Jaffray

Mr H Kennedy

Mr D & Mrs L Kidman

Mrs M Kidman

Mr N & Mrs A Kidman

Mr T Kidman

Mrs K Kluzek & Mr M Kluzek

Mr Y Koutsoukou & S Mathews

Mr B & Mrs V Kramer

Mr J & Mrs L Kramer

Ms M Littlejohn

Mrs M Love

Mr A Lugna & Ms J Farrer

Dr D & Mrs S Mann

Mr S & Mrs S McIntyre

Dr J & Mrs T McLean

Mr A & Mrs A Merrylees

Mr P & Mrs R Mitchell

Mr A & Mrs L Mitchell

Mr R & Mrs D Mollison

Mr J & Mrs G Naffine

Mr P Neighbour & Ms H Lowrie

Dr J & Mrs C Newton

Mr P & Mrs S Paterson

Mr W & Mrs S Peterson

Mr M Ranger & Ms R Sporn OAM

Mr S & Ms N Rickards

Mr T & Mrs S Roberts

Mr P & Dr S Robinson

Mr R Ross-Smith & Ms R Winser

Rotary Club of Hyde Park

Charitable Trust

Dr J & Mrs C Sappiatzer

Mr B & Mrs R Sawley

Scotch College Foundation

Scotch College Old Collegian -

Life Membership Trust

Mr M & Mrs R Shearer

Ms M Sheldon & Mr S Kasbergen

Ms M Sitzler

Mr I Southwood & Ms A


Mr M Staker

Dr P Subramaniam &

Dr C Skinner

Ms K Thomas

Mr N & Mrs J Tozer

Mr J & Mrs J Treloar

Mr P & Mrs H Tulla

Mr D & Mrs L Uhrig

Dr G & Mrs H Ujvary

Mr K & Mrs L Webb

Mr J & Mrs C Whitehouse

Mr R & Mrs L Willson

Ms R Wilson & Mr D Wilson

Dr O & Mrs A Yelegin

Ms S Young



































Giving Societies

Mr P Abeles*

Mr A Angus

Mrs S Angus

Mr M Harrington

Dr J Harris

Mr J Harvey

Dr A Seymour

Ms T Siekmann

Mrs C Smith

Giving societies recognise donors for

their generosity, sustained support of the

College and commitment to establishing

their legacy at Scotch.

Mr R Arrowsmith*

Mrs D Barron-Davis

Mr D Bell

Mr R Blanchard

Mr J Camens

Mr J Hosking

Mr C Humble

Mr A Just

Mr J Kramer

Mr R Law*

Mr M Smith

Mr K Smith*

Ms M Stevens*

Mr M Taylor*

Mr P Trumble*

Mrs S Chase AM

Mr J Little OAM

Mr S Van Staveren*

Mrs C Clayton*

Miss C Llewellyn-Smith

Mr J Walker

Mr J Clayton*

Dr I Llewellyn-Smith

Mr J Walter

Mr J Cleghorn*

Dr M Llewellyn-Smith AM

Mr F Warwick*

Honouring Scotch’s first and longest serving

Headmaster, the Gratton Society is made up of

individuals past and present with foresight and

generosity to secure the future of Scotch for

generations to come.

The following names make up the members of

our community who, year-on-year faithfully and

generously support education at Scotch.

Mr R Cottle*

Mrs M Cottle

Mr R Coxon

Dr R Craig OAM

Mrs P Davidson*

Ms A Dimos

Mr J Duggin

Mr C Dutton

Mr R Love*

Mrs M Love

Ms H Lowrie

Mr E Martin-Donald*

Mr G Mayfield

Mr M Minervini*

Mr P Neighbour

Mr A Nunn

Mr K Webb

Mrs D White*

Mr J White*

Mr S Williams*

Ms R Wilson

Mr J Wood

Mr T Wood*

Mr R Worth*

Mr A Edmonds-Wilson

Mr A Osmond

Mr E Wyly*

Mr D Freebairn

Mrs M Osmond

Mr H Young*

Mr J Freebairn*

Mr F Pemble-Smith*

Mrs W Young

Mrs S Freebairn

Mr R Pentelow*

Dr H Zelling AO CBE QC*

Mr J Gardiner*

Dr A Pouw-Bray

Mr L Gilbertson*

Mr E Raggatt*

* Deceased

Mr F Goldman*

Dr M Gratton*

Mr G Gratton*

Mr P Griffiths

Mr C Hamilton*

Mr S Rickards

Mr R Ross-Smith

Mr P Routley AM

Mr G Sandford

Mrs M Sandford

A bequest to Scotch College will cost you nothing

today and is one of the most enduring ways you

can support and shape the future of the College.

Creating a gift in your Will for Scotch College

gives you the opportunity to envision and realise

that future with us – what part will you play in

empowering the Scotchies of tomorrow?


The Scotch College Foundation established the Webb

Society recognising and celebrating loyalty to the College as

demonstrated through sustained giving for 15 years or more, no

matter the size of the gifts.

The following names make up the members of our community who,

year-on-year faithfully and generously support education at Scotch.

Hold faithfulness and

sincerity as first principles.

“I give to Scotch because I want to help Scotch invest in the infrastructure

it needs to develop healthy, resilient, well balanced young people who are

ready to go out confidently into the world. I also support the Foundation

Endowment to provide scholarships to students who would not otherwise

have been able to become a ‘Scotchie’.”

Webb Society member, Ms Sue Chase ‘76


Mr B & Mrs J Arnold

Mr H & Mrs A Bone

Mrs J Bourne &

Mr D Bourne

Mr C & Mrs J Brooks

Mr P Camens &

Dr A Padbury

Mr B & Mrs D Charlton

Mrs S Chase AM &

Mr J Chilman

Mr A & Mrs S Colyer

Dr R Craig OAM &

Mrs J Craig

Mr R & Mrs J Dyson

Mrs V Edwards

Mr W & Mrs B Fargher

Mr D & Mrs M Freebairn

Mr A & Mrs P Freeman

Mr A & Mrs S Fuller

Mr A Gardner

Mr B Gibson

Mr G Gordon

Mr J Grant

Mr P & Mrs R Griffiths

Ms T Hanel

Mr M & Mrs M Harrington

Mrs C Heard

Mr G Heard

Mr J Heard AM &

Mrs A Heard

Mr R & Mrs D Hill

Mr T & Mrs V Hughes

Mr I Jamieson &

Mrs M Kelton

Mr A Jarvis

Mrs J Jeffries

Mr A & Mrs A Just

Mr A & Mrs N Key

Mr J & Mrs L Kramer

Mr M Landau

Mr R & Mrs U Lawrence

Dr M Llewellyn-Smith AM

& Dr I Llewellyn-Smith

Mr A Harris &

Ms F Lyons-Reid

Mr J & Mrs R Maine

Dr D & Mrs S Mann

Mr B Marshall

Mr W & Mrs L Mayfield

Mr G Mayfield

Mr M Neck

Mr P & Mrs S Paterson

Mr L Pawson OAM &

Mrs R Pawson

Mr A & Mrs F Pink

Mr S & Ms N Rickards

Mr J & Mrs C Robinson

Mr P Routley AM

Dr A & Mrs S Saies

Mr B & Mrs R Sawley

Mr P & Mrs E Sharman

Mr F Slade

Mr D & Mrs A


Dr N Vrodos &

Dr A Galanopoulos

Mr J & Dr D Walter

Mr K & Mrs L Webb

Mr S White

Mr R & Mrs D Willson

Mr J & Mrs M Wood


2019 Honour Roll

Mr S & Mrs J Abbey

Master M Abbott

Mr T Abbott

Master A Abbott

Miss A Abbott

Mr P Abeles

Mr C & Mrs E Addams-Williams

Mrs J Aiello

Mr D Albano

Mrs C Alderman

Mr P & Ms L Alderson

Mr A & Mrs T Allen

Ms K Almond

Ms K Almond

Mr R Almond

Mr M Anderson & Ms S Harris

Dr M & Dr L Andersson

Ms R Andrews

Master D Annells

Mr H & Mrs C Archibald

Mr L Archibald

Mr B & Mrs J Arnold

Master D Atsikbasis

Mr P & Mrs K Atsikbasis

Master P Atsikbasis

Miss L Atsikbasis

Mr D Badenoch

Ms A Badger

Mr C & Mrs M Bailes

Miss U Baird

Mrs P Baker

Mr N Baldock & Ms C Cooper

Dr D Ball AO

Dr K Bannister &

Assoc Prof B Wilson AM

Dr R & Mrs B Bartos

Dr J & Mrs L Bastian

Miss J Bastian

Master E Bastian

Master W Bastian

Mr J & Mrs T Bastian

Mr M Baulderstone

Mr B Beamond

Master J Beamond

Mrs M Beamond

Miss L Beamond

Mrs M Becker

Mr D & Mrs N Beckman

Mr D Bell

Dr C Bell

Ms H Benneche

Mr D & Mrs J Bennett

Mr M Bennett

Ms S Beven

Mr A & Mrs S Bhattacharjee

Mr A Bhattacharjee

Mr F Bhattacharjee

Miss T Bhattacharjee

Mr D Bilsborough &

Mrs F Delbridge

Dr J & Mrs M Bird

Mr G Birdseye & Ms C Redding

Mr T & Mrs C Birkett

Miss W Birkett

Miss P Birkett

Master O Birkett

Mr D & Mrs M Bishop

Mr S Blaauw & Prof T Robinson

Mr S & Mrs S Blackwood

Mrs F Blakely

Mr R & Mrs J Blanchard

Dr S Bloch

Dr F & Mrs M Bloch

Ms T Boeje

Mr D & Mrs R Bohn

Mrs M Bok & Mr J Bok

Mr G & Mrs L Bolnar

The Bomma Family

Mr H & Mrs A Bone

Mr G Booth

Mr M & Mrs M Borg

Mr D & Mrs M Bosworth

Mr A Bourke

Mrs J Bourne & Mr D Bourne

Mrs M Bourne

Ms A Bowden

Mr N & Mrs A Bowen

The Bowman Family

Mrs G Bradford

Miss A Bradley

Master J Bradley

Mr C & Mrs P Brake

Miss L Brake

Miss C Brake

The Brammy Family

Mr S & Mrs B Brancourt

Mr B & Mrs S Branson

Ms S Breach & Mr M Breach

Miss D Brenchley-Sheldon

Mrs A Brice

Mr A Broadfoot

Mr G Brooks

Mr B & Mrs J Brooks

Mr J Brouwer &

Miss S McLennan

Mr D & Mrs C Brown

Mr D Buck & Ms T Manuell

Mr M & Mrs E Buckland

Ms G Budich

Mr P & Mrs C Buik

Ms E Burnett

Mr A Burt & Ms J Pope

Mr T & Mrs J Burton

Mr T & Mrs C Butcher

Mr N Butler

Mr B Calder

Mr J & Mrs J Camens

Mr M Camens

Miss S Camens

Mr P Camens & Dr A Padbury

Ms L Camens

Mr V Camerlengo &

Ms A Coombe

Mrs D Cameron

Mr H & Dr E Cameron

Dr R Campbell

Miss L Canny

Mrs A Canny

Mrs C Cardie

Mr A Carmichael

Dr S & Mrs J Carney

Mrs R Carpenter-Mew

Mr A & Mrs A Carr

Mr P Carson & Ms H Caudle

Mr M & Mrs N Carson

Mr R & Mrs J Carter

Miss H Carter

Miss B Casanova

Mrs K Casey

Ms H Caudle

Mr R Caunce & Ms A Fraser

Master T Cawson

Mr C & Mrs N Chaplin

Mr T & Mrs R Chapman

Mr B & Mrs D Charlton


2019 Honour Roll (continued)

Miss S Chase

Mrs Sue Chase AM

Prof D & Mrs R Chew

Dr G Chinner

Mrs Y Choi

Ms M Christie

Mr A Chung

Master C Clarke

Mr T Clarke

Mr H & Mrs J Clarke

Mrs K Cliff

Mr D & Mrs S Cock

Mr I Collie

Dr L Collie

Mr A & Mrs S Colyer

Mrs S Constant

Mr M Coombe

Mr R & Dr J Cooper

Mr B Cornish

Mr D Cosh

Mrs P Cosh

Mr A & Ms M Costi

Mrs M Cottle

Ms R Courtney

Mr G & Mrs C Cousar

Mr R & Mrs M Coxon

Mr A Craddock & Mrs M Ash

Dr R Craig OAM & Mrs J Craig

Mrs S Craven & Dr J Craven

Ms J Crosby & Mr C Leaver

Mrs C Cummings

Miss L Dabrowski

Mr S Daniell

Ms T Daniell

Mr C Darby

Ms T Darling

Miss Z Darling

Mr S Darling

Mr D & Mrs J Darwent

Dr O & Dr K Davies

Mr R & Mrs P Day

Master D Day

Dr D & Mrs C de Mello

Mr G & Mrs R De Zylva

Master C De Zylva

Mr S Delaney

Mr C Delbridge

Miss P Delbridge

Mr P & Mrs D Demetriou

Mr J Demura

Mrs H Dennis

Ms A Dimos & Mr A Nunn

Mr N Dobson

Dr T & L Dodd

Mrs K Doney

Doser Freight Forwarding

Dr B Doube OAM & Mrs L


Mr G & Mrs K Doyle

Mrs E Drew & Mr L Drew

Miss E Drew

Master H Drew

Mrs E Drewniak

Master E Drewniak

Mr J Duggin

Mr A Dungey

Ms A Durand

Mr G Durrant

Mr R & Mrs J Dyson

Mrs K Eades

Master K Eagleton

Mr S & Mrs M Earl

Mr M & Mrs J Ebbinghaus

Mrs A Ebbinghaus

Mr S Edmonds-Wilson

Mrs V Edwards

Dr J & Dr E Edwards

Mr B Eime

Elemental Construction

Dr D & Mrs D Ellis

Master T Ellis

Miss E Ellis

Mr J Ellison

Ms L Elliston

Mr H Ellwood

Mrs E Ewer & Dr M Ewer

Miss S Ewer

Mr L & Mrs R Facchin

Mr P Fairbrother

Mr J & Mrs K Fairlamb

Mr D & Mrs K Fargher

Mr W & Mrs B Fargher

Ms J Farrer and Mr A Lugna

Mrs S Farrington

Mrs D Fazzalari

Mr R & Mrs N Felkl

Mr L Felkl

Mr E Felkl

Master W Felkl

Master H Felkl

Mrs J Fenlon

Mr R Fewster & Mrs A Ruston

Mr A & Mrs G Fiedler

Mr G & Mrs G Footer

Ms N Footer

Master N Footer

Mr D & Mrs C Ford

Mr M & Mrs K Fotheringham

Mr J & Mrs S Fox

Mr G & Mrs G Francis

Ms J Francis

Mr D Freebairn

Mr A & Mrs P Freeman

Ms S Freeman & Mr F Kittel

Mrs W Freeman

Miss G Freeman

Miss C Freeman

Mr H Freeman

Mr A & Mrs S Fuller

Mr N & Mrs F Fuss

Master H Fuss

Mr C Fuss

Dr A Galanopoulos &

Dr N Vrodos

Mr K & Ms S Gallagher

Mr J & Mrs J Garrod

Mr N Gearing

Mr J Gerard

Mr M & Mrs F Gibbs

Mr B Gibson

Mr J & Mrs J Gibson

Miss D Gilbert

Mr P & Mrs E Glovitch

Miss E Glovitch

Mrs M Glynatsis

Dr M Goggin & Dr M White

Miss C Goggin

Mr J Good

Mr R & Mrs P Goode

Mr N & Mrs N Gordon

Master Jacob Gordon

Mr B & Mrs L Gordon

Mr M Goreham

Ms A Gozalo & Mr R Toro

Mr L Gozalo

Master A Graham

Mr J Grant

Mr P & Mrs K Greenfield

Mrs M & Mr S Greenwood

Mr P & Mrs R Griffiths

Mr M & Major E Grigson-Gair

Mr C & Mrs S Grundy


2019 Honour Roll (continued)

Mr L Guerin

The Hon G Gunn

Mr N & Mrs A Gunn

Mrs G Haarsma

Mrs K Haigh

Mr J Haigh

Mr N Hainke

Mr R & Mrs D Hall

Master L Hamilton

Ms G Hamlyn

The Hammond Family

Miss I Hampson

Mr D Hancock

Master F Hancock

Miss C Hancock

Ms T Hanel

Mr J Hani

Master N Hani

Ms J Harbison

Miss J Harbridge- Marks

Ms S Harris

Mr A Harris & Ms F Lyons-Reid

Mr L & Mrs S Harris

Mrs L Harris

Mr J & Mrs G Hart

Mr J & Mrs S Harvey

Mr L Harvey

Mr P & Mrs B Harvey

Mr J & Mrs S Harvey

Mr M & Dr L Harwood

Mr W R Haslam

Mr P & Dr E Haverhoek

Mr J Heard AM & Mrs A Heard

Mrs C Heard

Mr D & Mrs S Heinjus

Mr A & Mrs R Heithersay

Mr T Henry

Mrs G Henshaw

Mrs A & Mr K Hentschke

Miss E Hentschke

Ms M Hewison

Mr S & Mrs J Heysen

Ms K Heysen-Hicks AM

Mr G & Mrs K Higgins

Mr R & Mrs D Hill

Ms N Hill

Mrs S Hill-Smith

Mitcham Historical Society Inc

Mr N & Mrs R Hodgson

Mr N & Mrs S Hollams

Master A Holland

Prof M Holmes & Assoc Prof C


Miss A Hooper

Dr D & Mrs K Hooper

Mrs M Hooper & Dr M Hooper

Mrs J Hopkins

Mr M Horne

Prof R & Mrs K Hosking

Mr J Huang

Dr J & Mrs J Hughes

Mr T & Mrs G Hughes

Mr R Humphries

Mr T Hunt

The Hurst Family

Mr K & Mrs H Hurst

Mr D & Mrs R Hurst

Mr J & Mrs H Hyde

Mr A & Mrs K Ifould

Mr S & Ms S Ifould

Mr S Ip

Mr L Ivens

Master H Jackson

Mr A & Mrs R Jaffray

Mr W & Ms R James

Mr I Jamieson

Mr A Jarvis

Ms L Jian

Mr Y Jiang

Miss Y Jiang

Mr B Jiang & Ms L Wang

Mr A & Mrs A Johnson

Miss B Johnson

Miss L Johnson

Master P Johnson

Mr C & Mrs E Johnson

Miss C Johnson

Mr B & Mrs M Johnson

Mr M & Mrs S Johnson

Mr P & Mrs J Jones

Mr S Josling & Ms P Peciulis

Mr A & Mrs A Just

Mrs K and Mr C Just

Master N Just

Master O Just

Miss L Just

Miss C Just

Mrs K Kaesler

Mrs P Kambitsis OAM

Mr S Kasbergen & Ms M


Master H Kasbergen

Master M Kavanagh

Master M Kavanagh

Miss N Kearney

Mr D & Mrs C Kemp

Miss L Kevitt

Mr A & Mrs N Key

Mr D Kidman

Mr P Kidman

Mr G Kilpatrick

Ms S Kimbel

Mr T & Mrs C King

Miss G King

Kirsten Charity Trust

Mr D & Mrs B Kitto

Master R Klose

Mr R Klose

Mrs L Knight

Mrs L Knowles

Mr D Kolen & Mrs P Gray

Master H Kolen

Mr Y Koutsoukou & S Mathews

Mr B & Mrs V Kramer

Mr J & Mrs L Kramer

Mr S Kramer

Mr P Kroehn

Mrs O Kumar

Dr T & Mrs R Kurmis

Master J Kurmis

Mr M Ladd & Ms A Watson

Miss O Ladd

Mr N Lagonik

Mr A Laidlaw

Mr S & Mrs C Laidlaw

Dr E Lau

Miss E Lau

Master H Lauder

Mrs L Laurendi

Mr D Lavender

Dr R Laver

Mr I Lawes & Dr H Brownlee

Mr R Lawrence

Miss E Lawrence

Mr A & Mrs K Laycock

Mr R & Mrs B Laycock

Miss S Laycock

Miss J Laycock

Mr R Le Cornu

Mr T Leahy

Miss I Leahy

Dr J Lee & Dr B Tieu

Mr R & Mrs K Lee


2019 Honour Roll (continued)

Mr J Lee

Master H Lee

Master J Lee

Mr G Legoe

Mrs A Legoe

Master L Legoe

Master B Legoe

Mr H Lello & Miss D Waters

Mr K Leong & Miss Y Chee

Master N Lertkijrungrueng

Mrs I & Mr J Levinson

Master O Levinson

Miss P Levinson

Mr C Lewis

Mrs K Lindner

Dr R Linehan

Mrs A Lines & Mr J Lines

Mr J Lines

Mr T & Mrs E Linke

Miss J Linke

Ms M Littlejohn

Mr Z Liu

Miss C Llewellyn-Smith

Dr I & Dr M Llewellyn-Smith AM

Mr J Longmire

Mrs M Love

Mr H Lu

Prof G Ludbrook

Mr A & Dr M Ludlow

Mr A & Mrs J Lyon

Master E Macdonald

Mr W Macdonald

Dr C MacDougall & Dr C


Mr C & Mrs F Macfadyen

Mr S MacGregor

Mr B & Mrs R MacIntosh

Mr R MacLeod

Mr S Maeder

Master R Maeder

Miss A Maeder

Mr A & Mrs A Magers

Mr J & Mrs R Maine

Master A Manton

Miss Z Manton

Mr B Marshall

Mr A Martin

Ms L Martin

Ms A Martin

Dr P Dare & Dr S Mascall-Dare

Ms E Mather

Mrs S Matz

Mr N Maxwell

Mr G Mayfield

Mr W Mayfield

Mr K Maynard

Mr A McBain

Ms A McCarthy & Mr D


Mr G McColl

Mr K & Mrs V McEwin

Mr R McEwin

Ms K McIntosh

Mr S & Mrs S McIntyre

Miss G McIntyre

Mr G & Mrs P McKay

Mr M & Mrs K McKay

Mr A McKenzie

Mr S & Mrs S McKenzie

Mr C & Mrs J McLeod

Mr G McLeod

Mrs K McLeod

Miss I McLeod

Miss Z McRitchie

Miss A McTaggart

Master A Menzel

Miss P Menzel

Master L Menzel

Mr A & Mrs A Merrylees

Mrs J Michell

Mr G Millar

Dr B Millard

Mr M Miller

Mr A & Mrs L Mitchell

Mr D & Mrs D Mitchell

Mr P & Mrs R Mitchell

Mr J & Mrs K Mitchell

Mr E Mitchell

Mr H Mitchell

Miss A Mitchell

Mr R Mitchell

Miss I Mitchell

Mr R & Mrs D Mollison

Mr A & Mrs F Morgan

Mr G & Mrs G Morris

Mr A & Mrs K Morrison

Mr N Morton

Ms N Moschakis

Mr G Moss

Mr H & Mrs R Mould

Mr W Mudie

Mr S Murphy

Miss M Murphy

Mr J & Mrs G Naffine

Master M Naffine

Miss I Naffine

Mr T & Dr R Naish

Miss I Naish

The Nathan Family

Mr M Neck

Mr P Neighbour & Ms H Lowrie

Mr L & Mrs F Nesci

Mr W & Mrs J Newbegin

Mr B & Mrs T Newman

Dr J & Mrs C Newton

Master W Newton

Mr E Nicholls

Ms B Nickels

Mr S & Mrs S Nickless

Ms D Nickless

Mr B & Mrs K Nilsen

Miss A Nitschke

Miss D Norris

Mr S & Mrs S Norris

Mr A Norris

Master M Norris

Master J Norris

Mr K Norris

Mr P Norris

Mr M & Mrs S Nottle

Miss O Nottle

Miss L Nugent

Mr A & Mrs S Nugent

Mrs S Nugent-English

Mr B & Ms A Nunan

Miss J Nunan

Miss Z Nunn

Master L Nunn

Dr P & Mrs B O’Callaghan

The O’Connor Children

Mr M & Mrs T O’Donnell

Mr B & Mrs L O’Donnell

Mr S & Mrs A O’Grady

Wing Commander A O’Leary

Mr G & Mrs J O’Neil

Mr F O’Neill

Mr P O’Reilly

Mr A Osmond

Mr W & Mrs G Ottens

Ms S Overton

Mr D & Mrs A Pagey

Ms T Pagsanjan

Mrs K Pannell


2019 Honour Roll (continued)

Master N Panrattanamongkol

Miss A Parkinson-Ledger

Miss E Pascoe

Miss L Pascoe

Mr P & Mrs S Paterson

Mr W & Mrs S Pavlic

Master M Pavlic

Mr L Pawson OAM &

Mrs R Pawson

Mr R & Mrs A Pendlebury

Mr S & Mrs J Pentelow

Mrs G Peraj

Mr R & Ms K Petterson

Prof P Phillips

Mr A Pink

Mr G & Mrs M Playford

Mr B & Mrs M Poland

Dr A Pouw-Bray

Mr M Powell

Ms J Powell

Mr S & Mrs J Pratt

The Prentice Family

Mr S & Mrs J Price

Mr K & Mrs D Prosser

Mr R & Mrs A Pulford

Miss E Putland

Mr D & Mrs H Pym

Mrs M Quin

Mr P & Mrs L Quinn

Mr R & Mrs J Rackham

Mr A Raftopoulos

Mr T & Mrs D Rahill

Mr M Ranger & Ms R Sporn OAM

Master J Rashleigh

Miss B Ratcliff

Mr S Read & Ms D Mashford

Mr A Read

Mrs K Read

Miss O Read

Miss Z Read

Mrs S Read

Mr L & Mrs D Reeks

Master C Reeks

Miss C Reeks

Mr B & Mrs R Reichstein

Ms R Reid

Mr L Revell

Mr W & Mrs A Richards

Ms N Richards

Mr S & Ms N Rickards

Dr M & Mrs H Rickman

Mr T Roberts

Mrs S Roberts

Dr D & Mrs C Roberts

Mr J & Mrs C Robinson

Dr S Robinson

Mrs Y Robinson

Mr M & Mrs R Rodenburg

Mrs K Roeger

Dr C Roeger

Mr H Roeger

Master C Roeger

Mr R Ross-Smith & Ms R Winser

Mrs N Rosser

Mr J Rosser

Ms A Rossi

Rotary Club of Hyde Park

Mr P Routley AM

Ms K Rowbottom

Mr C & Mrs K Rowe

Mr K & Mrs M Ryder

Dr S Saha

Dr A & Mrs S Saies

Miss M Saies

Dr C Sanders

Mr G Sandford

Mrs M Sandford

Mr P Santos

Dr J & Mrs C Sappiatzer

Mr J Sauer

Mr G Sauer

Mrs M Sauer

Mrs E Sauer

Mr B Sawley

Mrs R Sawley

Mr S Scaffidi-Muta

Master H Scaffidi-Muta

Miss T Scaffidi-Muta

Miss M Scaffidi-Muta

Miss J Scaffidi-Muta

Miss E Scaffidi-Muta

Mr D & Mrs C Schell

Mr I Schmidt

Miss M Scholz

Mr D Scholz & Ms E Fuller

Scotch College Life

Membership Trust

Scotch College Old Collegian’s


Scotch College Old Collegians -

Class of 1999

Mr S & Mrs F Segat

Mr M Seigert

Mr J & Mrs G Seppelt

Miss G Seppelt

Miss L Seppelt

Mr N & Mrs I Setchell

Dr A & Mrs J Seymour

Miss A Shaki

Mr S & Mrs E Shand

Mr B & Dr K Sharp

Master H Shearer

Mr S & Mrs E Simmons

Mr I & Dr B Simpson

Mr J & Mrs P Simpson

Mr D Sinclair

Mr M Sirenko & Dr R Scroop

Ms M Sitzler

Mr K & Mrs L Slade

Smallacombe Real Estate

Mr S & Mrs L Smith

Mr B Smith & Ms L MacPherson

Miss P Smith

Mr C & Mrs T Smith

Miss M Smith

Mrs C Sopru

Mr I Southwood & Ms A


Ms J Spark

Dr I Spark

Master M Spark

Master T Spark

The Spencer Family

Mr D & Mrs L Spencer

Mr I & Mrs A Spehr

Mr M Sprudzans

Mrs I Sprudzans

Mr M & Mrs A Spurling

Dr J & Ms C Stahl

Mr M Staker

Mr R Stanley AM

Mr P & Mrs F Starling

Mr W Starling

Miss O Steel

Mr R Steele

Mr P & Mrs K Steer

Mr R Stevens

Mr D Stewart

Mr M & Mrs T Stobart

Mr M & Mrs J Stone

Mr R & Mrs D Stone


2019 Honour Roll (continued)

Mrs J Stratfold

Master C Stratton

Dr P Subramaniam &

Dr C Skinner

Master S Subramaniam

Master L Sun

Miss M Superina

Mr N & Ms K Sutton

Mr D & Mrs R Swart

Mrs A Swart

Mr J & Mrs S Taeger

Ms L Taylor

Mr E Taylor

Mrs C Taylor

Mr R Telfer

Miss R Theodorakakos

Mr P & Mrs M


Ms K Thomas

Mr I & Mrs G Tiver

Dr K Todd-Menzel

Mr D & Mrs S Tomich

Mr N & Mrs J Tozer

Mr B & Mrs A Treloar

Mr J & Mrs J Treloar

Mrs N Triglau

Ms N Trinh

Mr D & Mrs S Trinne

Mr K & Mrs J Tuck

Mrs R Tucker

Mr P & Mrs H Tulla

Mr G Turner &

Prof M Lane

Mr R & Mrs S Turner

Mr T & Ms E Twelftree

Mr D & Mrs L Uhrig

Dr G & Mrs H Ujvary

Ms L Vanderland & Mr A


Mr R Varcoe

Dr A & Dr B Veale

Mrs S Veitch & Mr B


Mr B Vetch

Mr M Vonderwall

Miss E Vrodos

Master N Vrodos

Mr P Wake

Mr J Walker

Mr A & Mrs T Wallace

Master K Wallace

Miss A Wallace

Master C Wallace

Miss E Wallace

Mrs K Walter

Mr N Walter

Master N Walter

Master H Walter

Master J Walter

Miss I Walter

Miss J Walton

Ms M Ward

Mr A & Mrs S Watson

Mr H Watson

Mr D & Mrs M Watson

Ms A Watts

Mr K & Mrs L Webb

Mrs W Webb

Dr J Webb-Williams &

Mr S Bussenschutt

Dr A & Mrs V Wells

Miss C Wells

Master T Whalan

Mrs J Whalley

Mr J Whalley & Ms M


Mr P Wharram

Mr L & Mrs H Whicker

Mr J & Mrs D Whitbourne

Miss L White

Mr S White

Mr H White

Mrs C & Mr J Whitehouse

Miss M Whitehouse

Miss H Whitehouse

Master H Whittle

Mr D & Mrs P Whittle

Master T Whittle

Mr U & Dr F Wiersema

Miss J Wiersema

Dr R Williams &

Dr D Lawrence

Mr Q Williams

Ms D Williams

Mr C & Mrs L Williams

Mr J & Mrs J Williams

Mr B & Mrs G Williams

Mr D & Mrs S Willson

Ms H Willson

Mr M Willson

Mr R & Mrs D Willson

Mr R & Mrs L Willson

Captain N Wilson

Ms R Wilson

Ms M Wilson & Mr B


Master P Wilson

Mr A Wilson

Mr J & Mrs M Wood

Mr A Woodhouse

Dr D Worthley &

Dr L Phillips

Dr T Wright & Dr N


Mrs B Xu & Mr R Jian

Mr L Yang & Mrs Q Zhou

Mrs B Yates

Mr S Yates

Miss S Yates

Miss Q Yates

Miss A Yates

Miss A Yates

Mr M Yates

Mrs G Yeend

Master A Yelegin

Dr O & Mrs A Yelegin

Miss J Yelegin

Miss Z Yelegin

Mr R & Mrs J Young

Mr S Young

Ms S Young

Mr Q Young

Mr H Zhang & Ms Q Bi

Mr X Zhang & Ms Y Xu

Ms W Zhu

Every effort has been made to ensure that

the information included is accurate and

reflects the wishes of individual donors. If

you notice an error or omission, please

notify Philanthropy Office on +61 8 82744335

so that we may correct our records.


Thank you for

your generosity

and support

In celebrating our 100th anniversary as a

college, we thank you for your generosity,

commitment, passion and support.

Your gifts, no matter the size, are truly

transforming the future.

Scotch College Adelaide

Carruth Road,

Torrens Park

South Australia 5062

Phone +61 8 8274 4333

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