Active8 issue 206 April 2020

EXTRAORDINARY times call for extraordinary action. The coronavirus pandemic has changed all of our lives, threatened the health and welfare of everyone, battered businesses both large and small and taken our children out of organised education for the forseeable future. Needless to say, the S8 community has rallied to help the needy and the vulnerable. From people running errands and checking on the welfare of neighbours, through to stirring doorstep rounds of applause for our health and welfare workers and children posting support through rainbow displays. Here at Active8, we’ve published your community magazine every month for the past 18 years and feel we should continue to serve you throughout these dark days. We can’t send our distributors to your letter-box right now, but we hope you enjoy reading this ‘virtual’ publication. Businesses have happily teamed up with Active8 down the years and this is an opportunity for us to support them in their hour of need. Therefore all advertisements booked into this April magazine appear here without charge. As ever, we urge everyone to support all local businesses as and when they can and look forward to launching a ‘ReActive8 S8’ campaign once we beat this virus. For now, it is vital that we take on board all the instructions and advice being given to us. Stay at home and stay safe. And you can do your bit to help local businesses by sharing this Active8 on line with your friends, family members and other contacts. Also check out the Active8 facebook page. Mike Firth, Editor

EXTRAORDINARY times call for extraordinary action.
The coronavirus pandemic has changed all of our lives, threatened the health and welfare of everyone, battered businesses both large and small and taken our children out of organised education for the forseeable future.
Needless to say, the S8 community has rallied to help the needy and the vulnerable. From people running errands and checking on the welfare of neighbours, through to stirring doorstep rounds of applause for our health and welfare workers and children posting support through rainbow displays.
Here at Active8, we’ve published your community magazine every month for the past 18 years and feel we should continue to serve you throughout these dark days. We can’t send our distributors to your letter-box right now, but we hope you enjoy reading this ‘virtual’ publication.
Businesses have happily teamed up with Active8 down the years and this is an opportunity for us to support them in their hour of need. Therefore all advertisements booked into this April magazine appear here without charge.
As ever, we urge everyone to support all local businesses as and when they can and look forward to launching a ‘ReActive8 S8’ campaign once we beat this virus.
For now, it is vital that we take on board all the instructions and advice being given to us. Stay at home and stay safe.
And you can do your bit to help local businesses by sharing this Active8 on line with your friends, family members and other contacts. Also check out the Active8 facebook page.
Mike Firth, Editor


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<strong>Active8</strong><br />

I s s u e 2 0 6<br />

A p r i l 2 0 2 0<br />

A f r i e n d d r o p p i n g i n s i n c e 2 0 0 2 T e l : 0 7 7 3 8 9 6 0 4 2 8<br />



S8 teacher gets<br />

back her smile<br />

Keeping busy on<br />

the Home Front<br />

Couple return home<br />

after cruise drama<br />

The strange tale<br />

of tragic Eagle Star<br />

Please forward<br />

this online edition<br />

to friends and<br />

family members<br />

C o r o n a v i r u s P a n d e m i c - E m e r g e n c y E d i t i o n<br />

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Six great reasons why you should take<br />

your car to Meersbrook Service Station<br />

1. Fully guaranteed servicing, repairs and diagnostics<br />

on all vehicle makes and models using the very<br />

latest diagnostic and test equipment<br />

2. MOT testing for all cars, Class 7 vans and<br />

campervans<br />

3. Main dealer level support which does not affect<br />

your vehicle’s warranty<br />

4. All the convenience of using a garage close to<br />

where you live…. and at prices below those of<br />

main dealers<br />

5. We are a family-run business offering an honest,<br />

reliable, high quality service… and free advice on<br />

all aspects of motoring<br />

6. Customers have the comfort of knowing that every<br />

job is supported by the strength and resources of<br />

the Tavern Group<br />

“I’m Richard from Meersbrook Service<br />

Station and I know that when you<br />

need an MOT, Service or Repair to<br />

your vehicle, you have a choice – the<br />

main dealer, a big garage group or<br />

your local garage”.<br />

So why spend more than you have to?<br />

Do what our customers do... bring your<br />

car to us. All our six garages offer the<br />

same quality service.<br />

1–7 Meersbrook Road<br />

Sheffield S8 9HU<br />

Tel: 0114 2557755<br />

To book a service or MOT call us on 0114 2557755 or<br />

you can book online at www.taverngaragegroup.co.uk

Emergency edition of<br />

E<br />

XTRAORDINARY times call for extraordinary action.<br />

The coronavirus pandemic has changed all of our lives,<br />

threatened the health and welfare of everyone, battered<br />

businesses both large and small and taken our children out of<br />

organised education for the forseeable future.<br />

Needless to say, the S8 community has rallied to help the<br />

needy and the vulnerable. From people running errands and<br />

checking on the welfare of neighbours, through to stirring<br />

doorstep rounds of applause for our health and welfare workers<br />

and children posting support through rainbow displays.<br />

Here at <strong>Active8</strong>, we’ve published your community magazine<br />

every month for the past 18 years and feel we should continue<br />

to serve you throughout these dark days. We can’t send our<br />

distributors to your letter-box right now, but we hope you enjoy<br />

<strong>Active8</strong><br />

I s s u e 2 0 7<br />

A p r i l 2 0 2 0<br />

A f r i e n d d r o p p i n g i n s i n c e 2 0 0 2 T e l : 0 7 7 3 8 9 6 0 4 2 8<br />



S8 teacher gets<br />

back her smile<br />

Keeping busy on<br />

the Home Front<br />

Couple return home<br />

after cruise drama<br />

The strange tale<br />

of tragic Eagle Star<br />

Please forward<br />

this online edition<br />

to friends and<br />

family members<br />

C o r a n a v i r u s E p i d e m i c - E m e r g e n c y E d i t i o n<br />

Woodseats, Meersbrook, Norton Lees, Norton, Beauchief, Meadowhead, Greenhill, Upper Bradway, Batemoor, Jordanthorpe, Lowedges and beyond<br />

Enterprise House, 179 Chesterfield Road,<br />

Dronfield, S18 2XE.<br />

Telephone: 077389 60428.<br />

www.heronpublications.co.uk<br />

info@heronpublications.co.uk<br />

To advertise call<br />

077389 60428.<br />

<strong>Active8</strong><br />

reading this ‘virtual’ publication.<br />

Businesses have happily teamed up with <strong>Active8</strong> down the<br />

years and this is an opportunity for us to support them in their<br />

hour of need. Therefore all advertisements booked into this<br />

<strong>April</strong> magazine appear here without charge.<br />

As ever, we urge everyone to support all local businesses<br />

as and when they can and look forward to launching a<br />

‘Re<strong>Active8</strong> S8’ campaign once we beat this virus.<br />

For now, it is vital that we take on board all the instructions<br />

and advice being given to us. Stay at home and stay safe.<br />

And you can do your bit to help local businesses by sharing<br />

this <strong>Active8</strong> on line with your friends, family members and other<br />

contacts. Also check out the <strong>Active8</strong> facebook page.<br />

Mike Firth, Editor<br />

Not connected with any other publishing group. Material is<br />

copyright and should not be reproduced without permission.<br />

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are not necessarily those of the publishers.<br />

ACTIVE8<br />


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Call for a FREE no obligation quotation<br />

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All products come with a 10 year guarantee - FREE quotations<br />

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MONDAY-FRIDAY 8am-5pm<br />

SATURDAY 10am-2pm<br />

(Showroom only)<br />


ACTIVE8<br />

Keep busy on the Home Front<br />

Remaining occupied at home is essential to help<br />

you stay positive during these uncertain times.<br />

Deborah Wain has a few suggestions<br />

S<br />

4<br />

tep back in time:<br />

Remember the days before Netflix, smartphones and Xbox<br />

when families came together to play board games?<br />

Why not dig out some of your old favourites from the loft and have<br />

a games night?<br />

Scrabble offers timeless fun and is a way of getting the kids to<br />

practise their spelling. Or how about a card game? There are some<br />

simple ones that young children can join in too. Other retro pasttimes<br />

perfect for a reboot include jigsaws and Lego.<br />

Evoke musical memories:<br />

How long is it since you went<br />

through your collection of vinyl<br />

records or CDs?<br />

Although streaming services<br />

allow you to listen to many<br />

songs, some tracks, especially<br />

those recorded by small or<br />

obscure bands, aren’t available.<br />

If you’ve got the means to play<br />

them, nothing takes you back to<br />

school or student days like your<br />

favourite old tunes; jumps,<br />

scratches and all!<br />

Sort out your photographs:<br />

Play your old favourites<br />

With hundreds of images stored on devices, precious memories<br />

are in danger of being lost. Go through pictures, delete and save<br />

accordingly, and get the best snaps ready for printing.<br />

You’ll free up storage and, when Christmas comes around, you’ll<br />

have a head start with prints to frame.<br />

Keep a diary:<br />

We’re living through unprecedented<br />

times and everyone’s lives are<br />

taking new courses.<br />

Jot down your experiences and<br />

thoughts in a diary format for future<br />

generations of your family to read<br />

and learn from. You could be the<br />

next Samuel Pepys, Ann Frank... or<br />

Bridget Jones!<br />

Samuel Pepys<br />

Research your family history:<br />

There are millions of documents online to use to piece together<br />

your family tree.<br />

Start by gathering as much information as you can from relatives<br />

(an excuse to check on their well-being).<br />

Be warned, genealogy is addictive and will keep you absorbed for<br />

hours!<br />

Learn something new:<br />

Ever fancied learning<br />

another language but<br />

never had the time?<br />

The prolonged period at<br />

home could provide just<br />

the opportunity to brush<br />

up on basic Spanish or<br />

French to try out on future<br />

holidays.<br />

Same goes for learning<br />

the guitar, or other<br />

musical instruments you<br />

bought but can’t wrestle a<br />

tune from.<br />

Head for the kitchen:<br />

Eating healthily has never been more important and, with time to<br />

cook from scratch, try out some new recipes.<br />

If you’ve got a bread or soupmaker that’s never been used, set it<br />

to work – or just make your own.<br />

Enjoy nature:<br />

Lavish some attention on your garden, or the containers on your<br />

balcony.<br />

Build a compost heap or start a compost bin to nourish your<br />

garden in the future and cut down on food waste.<br />

Put out food for your garden birds and keep a log of how many<br />

species you spot.<br />

Be a culture vulture:<br />

Our cultural institutions may be closed for the time being, but they<br />

are finding ways to engage with the public digitally.<br />

Take a virtual museum tour or watch a performance as it’s live<br />

streamed.<br />

If you don’t have the Internet, read one of the classics or start<br />

writing your own!<br />

Educate your pets:<br />

See how clever your<br />

cat or dog really is by<br />

teaching it a new<br />

trick or two.<br />

You’ll be surprised<br />

what you can achieve<br />

together and this<br />

could bring both of<br />

you a lot of joy,<br />

create necessary<br />

mental stimuli for<br />

your pet and deepen<br />

your relationship.<br />

Teach an old dog new tricks<br />

Get crafty:<br />

Channel your inner ‘Blue Peter’ and get the kids stuck into some<br />

painting, collaging and model-making.<br />

Put some bright drawings in your window for elderly neighbours<br />

to enjoy.<br />

Paint plant pots, create tags out of old birthday and Christmas<br />

cards, and make your own gift-wrap by decorating brown<br />

paper.<br />

For something a bit more permanent, upcycle an old table or<br />

lamp.<br />

Clean, tidy and mend:<br />

Make the most of the lighter days and the extra time by powering<br />

through your ‘to-do’ list.<br />

Clean out cupboards and wash cushions, curtains, pillows and<br />

small duvets.<br />

Touch up paintwork with those left-over tins in the shed. Give your<br />

lawnmower or bike a service. Valet your car. Sew on detached<br />

buttons and darn holes in your socks!<br />

Pamper yourself:<br />

Turn your home<br />

into a spa and use<br />

some of those<br />

gorgeous toiletries<br />

given by friends and<br />

family.<br />

Do your own minimanicure,<br />

pedicure<br />

or facial or treat a<br />

loved one.<br />

Find out those festive toiletries<br />

Use your imagination:<br />

Try to forget your worries for a while and play with the young<br />

children who, live with you or your pets. They’ll love all the<br />

attention you give.<br />

Turn everyday items into an obstacle course in the garden, set up<br />

an Easter Egg Hunt, build a den or a fairy garden.


WOODSEAtS, S8 0SQ<br />

0114 2746400<br />

info@stavesestateagents.co.uk<br />

212 White Lane, Gleadless<br />


0114 3992777<br />

gleadless@stavesestateagents.co.uk<br />

34 Chesterfield Road,<br />

DRONFIELD, S18 2XB<br />

01246 419993<br />

dronfield@stavesestateagents.co.uk<br />

www.stavesestateagents.co.uk<br />

So proud of what we do<br />

we put our name to it!<br />

Here at Staves we care passionately about our clients and aim to excel<br />

and surpass expectations on a daily basis. We are proud to boast a<br />

plethora of fantastic testimonials on our website, as well as numerous<br />

glowing 5 star Google reviews.<br />

Here is just a couple examples of some recent customer feedback.<br />

We are also acutely aware that whilst customer feedback and client<br />

satisfaction is hugely important, ultimately we will also be judged on<br />

results! We are proud to say that year to date we have listed and sold<br />

more houses in S8 than any other agent. We have now achieved this<br />

feat for the last four years running making us the agent of choice within<br />

your area.<br />

So if you are thinking of selling, use the agent you can trust to provide<br />

you with a truly exceptional service and achieve the results needed to<br />

get you moving.<br />

Matthew Staves - Company Director<br />

Having been born and raised within the local<br />

area Matthew has a passion for selling houses<br />

in S8, an area which he knows inside out.<br />

He proudly boasts over 23 years of estate<br />

agency experience and looks forward to<br />

celebrating 10 years in January since the<br />

inception of Staves Estate Agents.<br />

Gail Green - Sales Negotiator<br />

Gail’s drive, boundless energy and enthusiasm,<br />

as well as her friendly and approachable<br />

manner and understanding of the local property<br />

market, makes her a real asset to Staves. Gail<br />

is a very driven individual who likes nothing more<br />

than to match suitable buyers to properties.<br />

William Staves - Lettings Manager<br />

Will is in charge of our ever growing lettings<br />

portfolio and has been with the company since<br />

we opened the doors for business. Wills<br />

enthusiasm and work ethic is a major<br />

contributor to the company enjoying the success<br />

and reputation that we enjoy today.<br />

Used Staves for both letting and buying. Professional and<br />

understanding team. As it was my first time buying Ben helped<br />

me a lot with understanding the process. He was very efficient in<br />

chasing things up and kept me updated throughout the lead up<br />

to the exchange. Would like to thank them for all their help when<br />

both letting and buying. Would definitely recommend to others.<br />

G Holmes”<br />

Staves are a truly independent estate agent with expert knowledge of the local property market and<br />

pride ourselves on our enthusiasm and pro-active approach to selling houses. All of our staff are<br />

professionally qualified, live within the local area and are hugely passionate about the local community.<br />

“<br />

“<br />

Meet the team!<br />

I sold my house through Staves earlier on this year and was<br />

really impressed. Not only did they agree a sale within 2 weeks for<br />

more than I was expecting, but the aftercare that I received once<br />

the house was sold was second to none. I was kept fully up to date<br />

and nothing was too much trouble.<br />

Would highly recommend! Miss Bellamy<br />

”<br />

Robert Oakley - Sales Manager<br />

Robert has worked within the local housing<br />

market for over 15 years and is very well<br />

respected within the estate agency industry.<br />

Robert is an enthusiastic and committed<br />

individual who is always prepared to go the extra<br />

mile for the good of his clients.<br />

Ben Willis - Sales Negotiator<br />

Ben first started working at Staves over 5 years<br />

ago as an apprentice and has subsequently<br />

proved himself to be a very able and important<br />

member of the team.<br />

Ben is a very approachable, friendly and<br />

hardworking individual who’s natural enthusiasm<br />

and commitment is infectious.<br />

Wendy Moffatt - Mortgage Advisor<br />

Wendy has a great deal of knowledge and<br />

experience within the mortgage market and will<br />

take the time to understand the clients situation<br />

and needs to enable her to provide the<br />

soundest advice. Wendy is an independent<br />

broker who will work hard to find the best<br />

available deal depending on your circumstances.<br />

Specialising in Residential Sales and Lettings

ACTIVE8<br />

School’s out for summer<br />

The interruption to our children’s education<br />

is nothing new to editor Mike Firth and his<br />

family. He recalls two previous occasions<br />

when schools had to turn away their pupils<br />

D<br />

AUGHTER Olivia has worked hard towards the<br />

GCSE examinations she should be taking shortly.<br />

Plenty of homework, after-school study groups, revision<br />

for her mocks... she has been conscientious throughout.<br />

She’s disappointed all her hard work has come to an<br />

abrupt end, even though she is confident the showing she<br />

has put in over the past 18 months will lead to decent<br />

estimated grades.<br />

However, there is no hiding from the fact that the phrase<br />

“school closure” is a dream come true for any young<br />

person sitting in a classroom day after day. It certainly<br />

was for me.<br />

Way back in the early days of 1974, I was trying to come<br />

to terms with my own secondary education, displaying<br />

nowhere near as much diligence and dedication as Olivia.<br />

In between completing occasional pieces of homework,<br />

I was vaguely aware that the news programmes on TV<br />

were repeatedly mentioning the phrase “three-day week”.<br />

Miners worked to rule due to proposed pay caps so, by<br />

the end of 1973, coal reserves had run extremely low.<br />

This forced the government into action.<br />

The nation limped along as commercial users of<br />

electricity were limited to three consecutive days'<br />

consumption each week. And our local evening paper<br />

listed timetables showing which houses could expect their<br />

power supplies to be curtailed in the days ahead.<br />

It was already an exciting era for us schoolkids. Times<br />

were glam as we bopped along to the outrageous<br />

performances of Slade, Sweet and T Rex on ‘Top of the<br />

Pops’, but the really big news came one morning when<br />

the headteacher summoned us all into the hall.<br />

The school electricity was off, the boiler wasn’t working<br />

and there was no heating - cue pretend shivering from the lot<br />

of us - so as there was no way of knowing when power might<br />

be restored, regrettably, we would all need to collect our coats<br />

and return to our homes.<br />

I had just removed my school tie, zipped up my anorak and<br />

made it out of the school gates when there was a gasp from<br />

all my mates. The street lights had come on. Teachers were<br />

chasing after us, their leather elbow patches glinting in the<br />

World War II evacuees carrying their boxed gas masks<br />

Homework by candlelight during the dark days of early 1974<br />

early morning sunshine.<br />

So did we turn around and file back into maths, physics<br />

and chemistry lessons? Not a chance and I made it home in<br />

record time.<br />

But school absences for the Firth family go back a further<br />

generation. Mum Margaret and dad Arthur both grew up in<br />

Sheffield and when Herr Hitler threatened the city in World War<br />

II, schools were immediately disrupted.<br />

Mum struggles to remember her first day at Woodseats<br />

School, for it wasn’t spent at school at all. The threat of<br />

bombing saw small groups of children taken into people’s<br />

homes to begin their education. She was due to start on<br />

September 5th, 1939 - the week the war began. So instead of<br />

learning in a classroom at her local infants school, her first<br />

lessons were taught in a front room on Aisthorpe Road.<br />

She remembers the ‘Home Front’ school service days with<br />

fondness, recalling children were given slate boards and chalk<br />

to write with.<br />

Dad, who was slightly older, was taken out of both Pye Bank<br />

School and his family home when war was declared and he<br />

and his gasmask were despatched by bus to Balderton, near<br />

Newark-on-Trent, as an evacuee.<br />

He attended some lessons in a schoolroom there, but chiefly<br />

remembers the thrill of living in the countryside and being able<br />

to go fishing whenever he liked.<br />

So school closures are nothing new - ask my family!<br />


• contemporary<br />

• traditional<br />

• modern<br />

www.supafituk.com<br />

info@supafituk.com<br />


Here at Supafit we are working remotely to Government instructions,<br />

but that does not stop us from helping you design your dream bedroom!<br />

We can put together a design and quotation based on your requirements<br />

and the measurements that you provide*. Call or email us for more details.<br />

*subject to final measurements being taken prior to fitting.<br />

“Sleek and<br />

on-trend!”<br />

“100%<br />

recommendation!”<br />

“They were<br />

fantastic!”<br />

“Pure glamour”<br />

“Reflecting on<br />

a job well done!”<br />

Archer Road Retail Park,<br />

Millhouses, Sheffield S8 0LB<br />

0114 235 6892<br />

Beech Works, Wreakes Lane,<br />

Dronfield S18 1PN<br />

01246 412100<br />

Designed, manufactured & fitted to<br />

your own personal requirements

ACTIVE8<br />

How does your garden grow?<br />

What would it take to make Sheffield selfsufficient<br />

in growing its own produce?<br />

A team at The University of Sheffield tells us<br />

W<br />

HAT do you grow in your garden?<br />

Growing fruit and vegetables in just 10% of Sheffield’s<br />

gardens and other urban green spaces could provide 15 per cent<br />

of locals with their ‘five a day’, according to new research.<br />

In a study published in Nature Food, academics from the<br />

Institute for Sustainable Food at the University of Sheffield<br />

investigated the potential for urban horticulture by mapping green<br />

spaces and grey spaces across the city.<br />

They found that green spaces including parks, gardens,<br />

allotments, roadside verges and woodland cover 45 per cent of<br />

Sheffield.<br />

Allotments cover 1.3% of this, while 38% of green space<br />

comprised of domestic gardens, which have immediate potential<br />

to start growing food.<br />

The interdisciplinary team used data from Ordnance Survey and<br />

Google Earth to reveal that an extra 15% of the city’s green space,<br />

such as parks and roadside verges, also has potential to be<br />

converted into community gardens or allotments.<br />

Putting domestic gardens, allotments and suitable public green<br />

spaces together would open up 98m2 per person in Sheffield for<br />

growing food. This equates to more than four times the 23m2 per<br />

person currently used for commercial horticulture across the UK.<br />

If 100% of this space was used for growing food, it could feed<br />

approximately 709,000 people per year their ‘five a day’, or 122%<br />

of the population of Sheffield. But even converting a more realistic<br />

Tavern Garage Group<br />

- on call to help<br />

I<br />

N the current crisis and with the Government’s advice<br />

to cut out all non-essential travel, probably the last<br />

thing on your mind is the state of your car.<br />

Nevertheless, for many of us the car is vital to get us to the<br />

supermarket, pharmacy or travel to work if you’re a key worker.<br />

The staff here at the Tavern Garage Group have, in line with<br />

Government guidance, been listed as key workers. This means<br />

we can carry out the vehicle maintenance, repair work and MOT<br />

testing so critical to keeping everyone safe on the road and the<br />

road transport network moving.<br />

All our garages - including the local Meersbrook Service<br />

Station at 1-7 Meersbrook Road - remain open to provide you<br />

with as much support as possible. We have, however,<br />

implemented a range of additional precautions to prevent the<br />

spread of this virus and protect the health and wellbeing of our<br />

teams, our customers and the wider community.<br />

To book your vehicle in for repair, service or MOT, call your local<br />

garage below or book online at taverngaragegroup.co.uk<br />

To thank them for the important work they are doing, our longstanding<br />

offer of a 10% discount to NHS and other emergency<br />

workers still applies.<br />

If you are anxious about contact or need special assistance,<br />

please call your local garage manager and he will be happy to<br />

provide whatever help he can.<br />

Thank you to all our staff and customers for their continued<br />

support. We wish everyone well.<br />

• Call Meersbrook Service Station on 0114 2557755.<br />

Sean Murphy, Tavern Garage Group<br />

Could your back garden look like this?<br />

10% of domestic gardens and 10% of available green space, as<br />

well as maintaining current allotment land, could provide 15% of<br />

the local population – 87,375 people – with sufficient fruit and<br />

veg.<br />

With just 16% of fruit and 53% of vegetables sold in the UK<br />

grown domestically, such a move could significantly improve the<br />

nation’s food security.<br />

The study also investigated the potential for soil-free farming on<br />

flat roofs using methods such as hydroponics, where plants are<br />

grown in a nutrient solution, and aquaponics, a system combining<br />

fish and plants. These techniques could allow year-round<br />

cultivation with minimal lighting requirements, using greenhouses<br />

powered by renewable energy and heat captured from buildings,<br />

with rainwater harvesting for irrigation.<br />

Flat roofs were found to cover 32 hectares of land in Sheffield<br />

city centre.<br />

Dr Jill Edmondson, environmental scientist at the University of<br />

Sheffield and lead author of the study, said: “At the moment, the<br />

UK is utterly dependent on complex international supply chains<br />

for the vast majority of our fruit and half of our veg – but our<br />

research suggests there is more than enough space to grow what<br />

we need on our doorsteps.<br />

“Even farming a small percentage of available land could<br />

transform the health of urban populations, enhance a city’s<br />

environment and help build a more resilient food system.”<br />

The Institute for Sustainable Food at the University of Sheffield<br />

brings together multidisciplinary expertise and world-class<br />

research facilities to help achieve food security and protect the<br />

natural resources we all depend on.<br />


Stylish coloured and<br />

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Irish Oak with woodgrain effect windows<br />

Anthracite Grey bay window<br />

Our windows come in a wide<br />

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available with a grained effect.<br />

Chartwell Green casement window<br />

Our woodgrain effect means that<br />

they look like a traditional timber<br />

window, but have all the modern<br />

advantages of uPVC, such as being<br />

<br />

and virtually maintenance free.<br />

Our most popular<br />

colours are;<br />

Rosewood,<br />

Anthracite<br />

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Cream. All<br />

are available<br />

with white on<br />

the inside if<br />

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ACTIVE8<br />

The Celebrity Eclipse liner<br />

Pacific pair back home<br />

after 15-day delay<br />

Most people would regard a cruise around<br />

South America to be the trip of a lifetime.<br />

And it was beginning to seem like a lifetime<br />

for one local couple, Howard and Margaret<br />

Borrell, when Coronavirus restrictions took<br />

hold. Here Howard recounts their story:<br />

W<br />

HEN we set off on our eagerly anticipated holiday on 28th<br />

February, the UK was still seven days away from its first<br />

coronavirus death and there appeared no serious cause for<br />

concern. How quickly things changed after our cruise on the<br />

Celebrity Eclipse departed.<br />

We followed the worsening global situation via BBC news, but<br />

continued to enjoy our itinerary which included the vibrant Buenos<br />

Aires, the Uruguayan seaside resort of Punta Del Este and Ushuaia -<br />

officially the most southerly city in the world - which has now very<br />

successfully branded itself as “The end of the world”. There was also,<br />

of course, Cape Horn itself.<br />

The weather ranged from scorching in Buenos Aires to distinctly<br />

chilly in Chile as we ventured further south, but it warmed up again as<br />

we got closer to the Equator.<br />

After a great South American tour, we were on schedule to dock at<br />

6am and disembark at San Antonio, to fly home from Santiago on<br />

Sunday, 15th March. However, at 6.30am the captain’s voice came<br />

over the tannoy, explaining: “The port of San Antonio is closed. Due to<br />

coronavirus fears, the Chilean government has closed all ports to<br />

cruise ships.”<br />

This began two days of intensive<br />

talks that failed to gain agreement<br />

for us to disembark<br />

It was eventually announced that<br />

we would be allowed to set sail for<br />

Valparaiso to refuel and obtain<br />

essential supplies, including<br />

medical items, as many<br />

passengers - including us - had by<br />

now run out of their medication.<br />

The plan was also to transfer 65<br />

Chilean nationals to shore.<br />

And guess what beer<br />

was poured on board?<br />

Howard and Margaret: ‘We followed the worsening<br />

global situation via BBC news’<br />

However, we were advised that no other South American ports would<br />

allow us to dock so we would have to set sail for the United States.<br />

The refusal to allow our ship to dock meant the replenishment took<br />

three days, rather than the usual four hours, as everything had to be<br />

transferred from small barges.<br />

Two more days on and we tendered off-shore at Manta, Ecuador, to<br />

allow a man with a serious heart condition to be moved to shore and<br />

be subsequently airlifted to hospital. We also obtained further medical<br />

supplies for the passengers that had not received their needs in<br />

Valparaiso.<br />

The long nautical trek to San Diego began, where we had already<br />

obtained clearance to dock.<br />

Over the next ten days I came to realise that:<br />

• The Pacific Ocean is huge. Imagine getting lost on Dartmoor; then<br />

imagine being adrift in a small boat on a stretch of water 190,000<br />

times bigger than Dartmoor. In fact, it's bigger than the entire earth<br />

landmass, so the enormity is beyond comprehension. Whichever way<br />

you look, the horizon offers up nothing more than more sea... and yet<br />

more sea.<br />

• So many Americans have still failed to master the art of eating using<br />

a knife and fork.<br />

• Having quite a few days at sea isn’t the horror I’d assumed. Just<br />

everyone at home have had to, you create a structure, a routine to<br />

build the day around and it becomes more than bearable.<br />

• That despite all the recent climate change focus, the sea isn't in as<br />

big a mess as I expected. We didn't witness one tiny bit of pollution.<br />


ACTIVE8<br />

Chile, where the Celebrity Eclipse<br />

was refused permission to dock,<br />

and (below) one of the barges<br />

which took three days to ferry vital<br />

supplies on board from Valparaiso<br />

• I’m actually quite good at bean-bag<br />

throwing!<br />

• I can survive okay without normal TV (we<br />

had access to the BBC news channel).<br />

The cruise company had the mammoth job<br />

of arranging the return home of 2,700<br />

passengers and tackled the task in country<br />

order. Just two days before we were due to<br />

dock we received our flight details home.<br />

A flight had been chartered from Los<br />

Angeles (a two-hour coach journey from San<br />

Diego) to get the British back to Heathrow.<br />

Not surprisingly, until our Virgin Atlantic<br />

flight had actually taken off, we were<br />

nervous about another refusal. However, the<br />

process that included a questionnaire, visual<br />

assessment and temperature health check<br />

went smoothly and we landed ahead of time<br />

at a deserted Heathrow. The airport<br />

resembled a scene from a science fiction<br />

movie.<br />

Looking back, things could have been so<br />

much worse. For example, 200 other<br />

passengers of mainly South American<br />

nationalities had been refused permission to<br />

disembark and were to be transferred by<br />

ship to Acapulco to await further subsequent<br />

transfer.<br />

A group of Australians on board were all to<br />

be flown to Sydney and transferred under<br />

military guard to a two-week isolation at an<br />

arranged hotel.<br />

At least 50 Colombians looked like having a<br />

long stay in Mexico as their border was<br />

closed to Colombian nationals and<br />

foreigners.<br />

Our intention had always been to selfisolate<br />

once we reached home and, after<br />

weeks at sea, it didn't prove to be too<br />

difficult a task. We had felt fine since our<br />

departure but we continued to monitor our<br />

condition and temperature with regular<br />

checks throughout the isolation.<br />

We're just glad to be back safe and sound,<br />

albeit 15 days late !<br />

Some of the highlights of the cruise<br />

before the unscheduled - but very welcome -<br />

arrival in San Diego, below right<br />


ACTIVE8<br />

And the winner is....<br />

Before pubs and clubs discovered karaoke,<br />

stand-up nights and tribute acts, a sure-fire<br />

way to fill their premises was to stage a<br />

beauty contest. An S8 engineering company<br />

also got in on the act. Mike Firth explains<br />

W<br />

ORKINGMEN’S clubs had them, pubs loved them,<br />

businesses ran them and newspapers couldn’t get<br />

enough of them. No carnival was quite complete without one<br />

and the grandest all were screened on prime-time TV,<br />

attracting more viewers than the World Cup!<br />

I’m talking about beauty contests and you probably remember the<br />

small competitions in your locality just as much as the huge Miss<br />

World showpieces run by Eric Morley.<br />

While as many as 27.5 million Britons sat unblinking in front of<br />

their black and white screens to see who George Best would be<br />

dating next, on the local scene, pubs and clubs saw beauty<br />

pageants as a quick way of filling their premises and boosting<br />

takings.<br />

At this stage, I must make a confession: I was a beauty contest<br />

judge, not once, but twice. The first time was over in Rotherham<br />

where the local 'Advertiser' newspaper’s annual search for a<br />

‘stunner’ attracted hundreds of entries.<br />

So many local lasses entered each year that heats were staged at<br />

four local clubs, followed by a grand final at Tiffany’s. The crowning<br />

was usually carried out by a major celebrity. Or sometimes Radio<br />

Sheffield’s Tony Capstick.<br />

Over in Chesterfield, I had the dubious honour of being on the<br />

judging panel for a Miss Whittington Moor event. Hundreds of folk<br />

were crammed into a pub lounge to spectate, with a dozen-or-so<br />

bikini-clad ladies waiting to be called through in turn from the tap<br />

room.<br />

Contestant No. 19 quickly deduced that<br />

something had gone wrong, so she jumped in<br />

a taxi, disappeared back home to Bolsover<br />

and was soon on the phone to ‘The Sun’<br />

They rather put the pub’s pool players off their game. With no<br />

connecting door, the contestants had to leave the premises, walk<br />

around the perimeter of the freezing cold car park and then parade<br />

in through the main door of the lounge. A growing band of<br />

disbelieving men at the bus stop across the road appeared oblivious<br />

to all the double-deckers passing by.<br />

I seem to remember a close relation of the organiser won that<br />

particular contest, but there was an even bigger controversy at the<br />

crowning of another Chesterfield beauty queen... or rather someone<br />

who wasn’t the queen.<br />

Organised by the ‘Derbyshire Times’ and staged at the old<br />

Aquarius club, the Miss Chesterfield contest was particularly<br />

prestigious as the winner went through to represent the town in the<br />

Miss England event (Or was it Miss UK... or perhaps Miss Great<br />

Britain?).<br />

All was going well and the excitement mounted as the late-night<br />

show reached its climax. The runners-up were announced and the<br />

audience held its breath as yet another Radio Sheffield<br />

“personality”, Peter Crabtree, stole the limelight.<br />

“The winner is...” he announced. “And the new Miss Chesterfield...”<br />

he continued. “Number... nine... teen!”<br />

Somewhat unfortunately, his announcement was so drawn out<br />

that in between him saying “nine” and “teen”, a young lady wearing<br />

No. 9 stepped onto the stage, accepted a crown, received a bouquet<br />

of flowers and had a couple of pictures taken sitting on the throne.<br />

Miss Laycock<br />

1953, Pat Ward<br />

Hazel Petty was Miss<br />

Laycock in 1972<br />

1974’s winner,<br />

Jackie Palmer<br />

Karen Crookes was<br />

successful in 1973<br />

Contestant No. 19, who clearly had brains to match her beauty,<br />

quickly deduced that something had gone wrong, so she jumped in<br />

a taxi, disappeared back home to Bolsover and was soon on the<br />

phone to ‘The Sun’ which delighted in reporting how organisers of a<br />

beauty contest had contrived to crown the wrong girl.<br />

I’m certain there were never any such mishaps whenever one<br />

particular S8 factory, Laycock, hosted their big night of the year.<br />

<strong>Active8</strong> was presented with a collection of old company magazines<br />

which feature more glamour than you might expect to find in an<br />

engineering firm’s newsletter.<br />

The Archer Road factory’s Miss Laycock contest offered wonderful<br />

prizes including folding umbrellas, toilet holdalls and travelling<br />

clocks, so it is perhaps easy to see why so many female employees<br />

decided to don their mini-skirts and hot-pants and parade around<br />

the Social Club in front of a local GP and the company personnel<br />

manager.<br />

The first “pin-up” from the Archer Road factory was crowned in<br />

1953. Pat Ward worked in the comptometer section of the wages<br />

department and her prize was ten bob, plus the honour of featuring<br />

on the front page of ‘Laycock’s Magazine’.<br />

In the 1970s, employees not only took part in their own “Miss<br />

Laycock Safety Queen” contest, they also competed for the much<br />

lengthier “Miss Guest, Keen and Nettlefolds Transmissions” title<br />

(You should have seen the size of the sash!).<br />

<strong>Active8</strong> hopes that any of the lovely ex-Laycock ladies who spot<br />

themselves in these pictures will, once they have picked<br />

themselves up from the floor, get in touch to tell us what it was like<br />

being a 1970s beauty queen.<br />

We really want to know if you still own your folding umbrella and<br />

travel clock.<br />


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Terms and conditions may apply

ACTIVE8<br />

Remember those<br />

who depend on<br />

local foodbanks<br />

Louise Haigh, MP for<br />

Sheffield Heeley, says<br />

conditions imposed<br />

due to the coronavirus<br />

pandemic have put<br />

added strain on<br />

services trying to help<br />

the neediest members<br />

of our community<br />

Mon-Fri 9.30am-1.00pm and 1.30pm-5.00pm. Sat 10.00am-3.00pm<br />

01709 878227<br />

14<br />

Gardening and tools<br />

Plumbing/electrical<br />

Painting and decorating<br />

Key cutting<br />

Pet supplies<br />

Cycle sales and servicing<br />

Free local delivery of heavy items.<br />


We are open Monday - Saturday<br />

14-16 Abbey Lane, S8 OBL.<br />

Tel: 0114 2747177<br />

A<br />

S the coronavirus spreads, many people have seen<br />

their incomes drop sharply as they’re forced to stop<br />

working and self-isolate.<br />

As a consequence, foodbanks will be under unprecedented<br />

pressure in the weeks and months ahead.<br />

Even before the coronavirus outbreak, foodbanks were<br />

seeing increased demand due to the rollout of Universal<br />

Credit.<br />

I’ve seen first-hand the devastating effects of Universal Credit<br />

as payment delays and sanctions have pushed local people into<br />

debt, destitution and even homelessness.<br />

As is so often the case, local people have come together<br />

to help each other through trying times and lots of<br />

Sheffielders have asked me what they can do to support local<br />

foodbanks.<br />

Foodbanks rely on regular donations so, if you can, please drop<br />

supplies off at:<br />

• Gleadless Foodbank, Gleadless Valley Methodist Church,<br />

Blackstock Road, S14 1FT - Friday, 12.30–2.30pm.<br />

• S2 Foodbank, The Salvation Army, Duke Street, S2 5QP -<br />

Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday, 10am-12noon.<br />

• Spires Foodbank, 600 East Bank Road, S2 2AN -<br />

Wednesday and Friday, 9.30am–2pm.<br />

• Grace Foodbank, The Michael Church, 124 Lowedges<br />

Road, S8 7LD - Monday, 11am–12:30pm.<br />

Foodbanks especially need people to donate: toilet rolls, soap,<br />

sanitary products, nappies, baby wipes, pasta, tinned fruit,<br />

tinned vegetables, tinned fish and meat, instant potatoes, jars<br />

of pasta sauce, rice, cereals, snacks, UHT milk (blue or<br />

green).<br />

If you’re interested in volunteering at a local foodbank, please<br />

fill in my volunteer form: tinyurl.com/sheffieldfb<br />

Please do what you can to support those in our community<br />

who are struggling to make ends meet during this difficult<br />


Coronavirus and our<br />

business operations<br />

- Temporary closure<br />

As of 8.30pm Monday 23.03.<strong>2020</strong>, all our services are<br />

temporarily suspended to prevent the spread of Covid-19.<br />

We apologise for this situation, but hope you understand it<br />

is unavoidable.<br />

If you have already placed an order, please be assured it is<br />

safe with us. Although we do not have a time frame for<br />

delivery or installation any more, we will be in touch as soon<br />

as we know anything.<br />

On a personal note, we would like to thank every customer<br />

who we have called to cancel appointments. Your<br />

understanding and kind words have meant more to us than<br />

you realise.<br />

You can contact us below for information on all things<br />

window covering-related, and we keep updating our social<br />

media with ideas for your home.<br />

Take care and stay safe, we’ll see you on the other side!<br />

Maxine and Neil<br />

You can contact us in the following ways:<br />

Email: info@sheffieldblinds.co.uk<br />

Phone: 0114 236 3100<br />

Social Media: Facebook, Instagram, Twitter<br />

6 Hutcliffe Wood Road Beauchief Sheffield S8 0EX<br />

Tel 0114 2363100<br />

www.sheffieldblinds.co.uk<br />

The showroom is open Tuesday - Friday 9am-5pm, Saturday 9am-4pm

ACTIVE8<br />

Why S8’s<br />

Gillian<br />

has so<br />

much to<br />

smile<br />

about<br />

Part of a bone from her leg<br />

has enabled primary school<br />

teacher Gillian Wood, right,<br />

to tackle an aggressive<br />

tumour discovered in her<br />

jaw. Deborah Wain reports<br />

A<br />

LOCAL teacher is recovering after undergoing surgery<br />

to create a new jaw from a bone in her leg.<br />

Gillian Wood underwent the procedure after a rare tumour called<br />

Ameloblastoma was discovered in her lower jawbone. Although<br />

not cancerous, it was aggressive and affecting t<strong>issue</strong>s in the<br />

surrounding area.<br />

During the intricate 13-hour operation at Sheffield’s Hallamshire<br />

Hospital, surgeons removed part of Gillian’s jaw and used bone<br />

taken from her fibula for reconstruction.<br />

Four months on, Gillian is recovering well and looking forward to<br />

being back with pupils at Greenhill Primary School once it<br />

reopens. She said she wanted to tell her story to raise awareness<br />

of the disease and recognise the treatment she has received.<br />

Gillian, aged 46, lives in Woodseats, and has a husband, Rob, and<br />

children Joe and Erin. She was first seen at the Charles Clifford<br />

Dental Hospital last August for a suspected impacted wisdom<br />

tooth with a possible cyst in her jaw.<br />

Gillian explained: “I'd had earache, pain and tingling in my jaw<br />

for a few months and had noticed a lump behind my molar. The<br />

CT scan showed a mass in my jaw that had eaten away quite a lot<br />

of jawbone. I had a biopsy and had to wait ten days to see if it<br />

was cancer or not, which was as awful as it sounds<br />

“Then I was told it was Ameloblastoma, thankfully benign but<br />

locally aggressive and it was happily munching its way through<br />

my jawbone, or right mandible, and soft t<strong>issue</strong>.”<br />

Led by Mr Muzzammil Nusrath, three surgical teams,<br />

specialising in head and neck, plastic surgery and dental work<br />

were involved in Gillian’s operation - a fibula free flap jaw<br />

resection.<br />

The procedure involved taking bone from the fibula - the outer<br />

and smaller of the two bones between the knee and the ankle -<br />

along with an artery, vein and soft t<strong>issue</strong>. The bone was shaped to<br />

match, as closely as possible, the piece of the jaw that was<br />

removed.<br />

Once this was complete, the artery and vein from the leg were<br />

attached to an artery and vein in the head and neck area under a<br />

microscope. The new jawbone was fixed in place with plates and<br />

screws and covered with the soft t<strong>issue</strong>. Skin, soft t<strong>issue</strong> and<br />

muscle from Gillian’s leg were also used to rebuild her gum and<br />

parts of her mouth.<br />

After the surgery, Gillian was taken to intensive care overnight<br />

before being transferred to the ward.<br />

Communicating<br />

Due to swelling, she had both a breathing tube and nasal feeding<br />

tube for ten days and during that time could not speak,<br />

communicating only by writing notes.<br />

Gillian said: “I was looked after by nurses, doctors, surgeons,<br />

physiotherapists and speech therapists whilst in hospital and the<br />

care I received was outstanding.<br />

“Taking my first breath naturally after breathing through the<br />

tube made me cry as it felt so good.<br />

“I had to learn to swallow and eat with a mirror in front of me as<br />

I wasn't quite sure where my mouth was and I dribbled a lot!<br />

Nothing was too much trouble and everyone was so kind. I<br />

thought I knew how hard nurses worked, but I had no idea!<br />

“Everyone was just so fantastic and I made excellent progress.<br />

Tomato soup was the first thing I tasted properly after being tube<br />

fed and it was heaven!”<br />


ACTIVE8<br />

Gillian was well enough to be discharged<br />

after 12 days, when after she had expected to<br />

be in hospital for a month.<br />

On returning home, she had to inject herself<br />

with blood-thinning drugs for six weeks at<br />

home, and is still doing exercises for her leg,<br />

ankle and jaw.<br />

She continued: “I will be scanned regularly<br />

for years now as there is a 10% chance of the<br />

tumour returning, but they will catch it if it<br />

does. I am still very tired and only started<br />

driving again recently. Talking is painful and,<br />

of course, I completely overdo that so I am<br />

learning to be quiet!<br />

“All in all, the expert care and support I am<br />

still receiving from Mr Nusrath and my family,<br />

friends and colleagues has made this<br />

experience a lot better than it could have<br />

been.<br />

“It has been very scary but I have found a<br />

strength I didn't know I had and, in many<br />

ways, it has been a really positive thing as it<br />

does make one take stock and I am very<br />

lucky to have the support system around me<br />

that I have.<br />

“Most of my nerves in my jaw were left so I<br />

should get feeling back in my lips, teeth,<br />

gums and cheek over time but part of my<br />

tongue will be numb forever. I am still on a<br />

soft diet and chewing is painful but I am<br />

learning to love soup, smoothies and lots of<br />

mashed potato. Eventually, I will be able to<br />

chew properly and I can't wait to eat without<br />

it hurting!<br />

“My main motivation for sharing is to raise<br />

awareness. My tumour is very rare but if I<br />

had known about it could have been caught<br />

earlier. Also, staff at Charles Clifford and the<br />

Hallamshire have been absolutely amazing<br />

and I'd really like to let people know how<br />

lucky we are to have such amazing medical<br />

facilities in our wonderful city.”<br />

Gillian in hospital a<br />

few days after her<br />

operation<br />

X-ray of work done<br />

to reconstruct her<br />

jaw and scar<br />

following the<br />

removal of bone<br />

from Gillian’s leg<br />


ACTIVE8<br />

A load of old cobbles<br />

We feature all aspects local<br />

life in <strong>Active8</strong> and here’s an<br />

article which has been<br />

carefully cobbled together<br />

by John Firminger<br />

A<br />

SCOURGE of today’s local roads<br />

and streets are, of course, the<br />

many holes which have appeared in<br />

abundance over recent years.<br />

Without wanting to exonerate them in<br />

any way, many of them have revealed<br />

earlier times in Sheffield with some of<br />

the old cobbles beneath the layers of<br />

Tarmac.<br />

At one time, most of our streets -<br />

especially here in S8 - would have been<br />

cobbled and, indeed, there are many of<br />

them still visible and located around the<br />

city, Tarmac-free.<br />

To actually record all these would<br />

probably be quite time-consuming, not to<br />

mention costly in petrol consumption,<br />

and then there would also be the <strong>issue</strong> of<br />

finding somewhere to park.<br />

This task would also perhaps result in<br />

people questioning our sanity if they saw<br />

us taking photos or even bending down<br />

to inspect them.<br />

But for <strong>Active8</strong>, it’s not a case of sanity,<br />

it is a case of local history and to us,<br />

such things are worthy of researching.<br />

The word “cobble”, first appeared in the<br />

15th century and meant a small stone<br />

What memories do you have of S8’s old cobbled streets?<br />

rounded by the flow of water; essentially, a large pebble. These<br />

smooth “cobbles”, gathered from stream beds, would have<br />

represented the first “cobblestones” laid down in the streets. In<br />

Sheffield’s case, these probably came from the beds of the Rivers<br />

Sheaf and Don, still set in fairly rural land.<br />

Replacing ruts in dirt roads, the construction of these streets<br />

must have been a long and laborious job, especially in making<br />

sure they were as level as possible, although they probably<br />

weren’t! One thing they would have done was eliminate some of<br />

the mud in wet weather.<br />

The kind of cobbles that many of us grew up with, those of the<br />

rectangular variety, were originally laid down in Sheffield streets,<br />

lanes, alleys, crofts and courtyards around the mid-to-late-1700s<br />

as the town expanded. They were able to stand heavy use, initially<br />

mainly by horse-drawn vehicles, hand-carts and pedestrians, all<br />

of whom must have probably had mixed feelings for the cobbles.<br />

They did have an advantage, however, as they would also act as<br />

a warning system to pedestrians as a vehicle approached,<br />

clattering down the street.<br />

The mind boggles to think about how many millions of them have<br />

been laid down in our city’s streets - or even just here in S8.<br />

Whilst some were laid one way across the width of the road,<br />

others were laid diagonally - possibly to get a better grip? -<br />

especially on some of the city’s steep inclines.<br />

With the advent of tramcars, tram-lines were laid in conjunction<br />

with the cobbles. Whilst many streets and roads have long since<br />

been covered in Tarmac, both completely and partially, there are<br />

still plenty of original cobbled streets in Sheffield that would<br />

probably be too costly to re-surface. One city centre area that has<br />

18<br />

Do you have<br />

special memories<br />

of your old<br />

cobbled street<br />

here in S8?<br />

retained a distinctive Victorian look is Paradise Street, leading<br />

down past Paradise Square, with its cobbled street along with<br />

vintage street lighting, Victorian buildings and the cobbled square<br />

itself. In recent times, the road-marking crews, must really have<br />

cursed them when attempting to paint double-yellow lines.<br />

Unfortunately, along with the cobbles, today we have speed<br />

ramps, bumps and those dreaded pot-holes, all contributing to the<br />

wear and tear of our vehicles. Whilst we may look at them with<br />

more disdain than affection, in defense of the cobbles, they do<br />

represent an integral part of our past.<br />

Whilst there are many who may simply take these kind of things<br />

for granted, looking on the internet, it appears there are quite a<br />

few Sheffielders who also look upon the cobbles with some<br />

affection.<br />

Displaying some of that to a further extent, one of my friends,<br />

Albert Clayton of Ridgeway, laid down some original cobbles from<br />

Lovetot Road, Attercliffe, in his back garden, along with an old<br />

cast-iron stump from Aldine Court, plus a gas-lamp, converted to<br />

electricity.<br />

Cobbles have been restored to some of our city centre streets<br />

and various pedestrianised areas. One such is the length of High<br />

Street, where Supertram smoothly glides over them without any<br />

disruption to passengers. Norfolk Street and Surrey Street, by the<br />

side of the Town Hall, also have a look of days gone by with<br />

smooth and precisely laid cobbles, all of which certainly enhances<br />

the city centre.<br />

What’s your opinion? Do you like them and have special<br />

memories of your cobbled street here in S8, or are they really just<br />

a load of old cobbles?

Ex display<br />

wardrobes<br />

for sale<br />

chris fields design ltd<br />

kitchens ~ bedrooms ~<br />

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Chris Fields Design Ltd a family<br />

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If you are considering interior refurbishments our family-run business offers a<br />

bespoke service whatever your style.... Contact Chris & Jen on 01246 292155<br />

Unit 8, Callywhite Business Park, Callywhite Lane, Dronfield, S18 2XP<br />

Email chris@chrisfieldsdesign.co.uk Website www.chrisfieldsdesign.co.uk<br />

The above images are from installations by Chris Fields Designs Ltd

ACTIVE8<br />

What a<br />

beautiful<br />

world<br />

During these dark days for us all, photographer Claire Davison spreads a little<br />

brightness by sharing these two spectacular Peak District images with us. They remind<br />

us of how fortunate we are to live in such a beautiful part of the world. They show the<br />

stream in Lady Clough Woods (above) and a spectacular Curbar sunset. Why not email<br />

your favourite local pictures to us? Send them to mike@heronpublications.co.uk<br />


ACTIVE8<br />

Try this chocolate<br />

cupcake recipe<br />

Meadowhead Secondary<br />

School pupil, Grace<br />

Marsh, brings a little<br />

Easter cheer for <strong>Active8</strong><br />

readers with stories<br />

behind some of our<br />

traditions and an easy<br />

recipe for you to follow<br />

in your kitchen<br />

F<br />

OR this month’s feature, I thought it would be fun to do<br />

an article about Easter.<br />

When I think of Easter, the first thing that comes to mind is<br />

chocolate. The whole reason for celebrating and eating lots of<br />

chocolate is the Easter eggs. So I got thinking and decided to<br />

look into the meaning behind Easter eggs.<br />

I know the Easter eggs resembles new life. In Christianity, it’s<br />

said to represent Jesus emerging from the tomb, and the<br />

resurrection of him. The empty shell is his tomb.<br />

We also think about the Easter bunny, a story which was told by<br />

German immigrants who introduced Americans to the tale of an<br />

egg-laying hare.<br />

In this country we do Easter egg hunts, a tradition which also<br />

comes from Germany and dates back to the 16th century, when a<br />

Protestant reformer named Martin Luther organised an egg hunt<br />

for his congregation to find eggs.<br />

As a child, the future Queen Victoria made Easter egg hunts<br />

popular. Her mum was German born and brought the tradition to<br />

Buckingham Palace. After she was crowned, Queen Victoria<br />

continued this tradition with her own family.<br />

When I was five, a film called ‘Hop’ came out and the plot was<br />

set on Easter Island in the Pacific Ocean.<br />

The story is about a talking rabbit, ‘EB’, who lives on the island<br />

and is going to be the next Easter bunny.<br />

I was wondering why is Easter Island called that? Is it related<br />

to Easter? The island was discovered by a Dutch explorer Jacob<br />

Roggeveen on Easter Sunday, 5th <strong>April</strong>, 1722. He was searching<br />

for Davis Land and came across the island and named it Paasch-<br />

Eyland which means Easter Island in 18th Century Dutch.<br />

On the island there are almost 1,000 statues called Moai. These<br />

represent the Polynesian people’s ancestors. The statues face<br />

away from the sea, towards the old village to watch over their<br />

people.<br />

Finally I would just like to share an easy Easter cupcake recipe<br />

with you, I hope you enjoy making them. Happy Easter!<br />

Chocolate Cupcakes<br />

(Makes about 30 cupcakes)<br />

Gas Mark 6 for 22-25 minutes<br />

Ingredients:<br />

3 eggs;<br />

6oz margarine;<br />

6oz sugar;<br />

6oz self-raising flour;<br />

1 rounded tablespoon of cornflour;<br />

2 rounded tablespoons of drinking chocolate;<br />

Few drops of vanilla essence;<br />

3 tablespoons of warm water (part boiled).<br />

For the topping<br />

200g of milk chocolate;<br />

4 Shredded Wheat;<br />

A packet of mini eggs.<br />

Method:<br />

Using a mixer, cream together the margarine and sugar, then add<br />

the vanilla essence.<br />

To the mixture, add the eggs and beat again. Finally add the rest<br />

of the ingredients: cornflour, drinking chocolate, flour and water<br />

and beat until smooth.<br />

Using individual cupcake cases, divided the mix into the cases,<br />

place in the oven on gas mark 6 for 22-25 minutes, checking as<br />

every oven is different.<br />

When the cupcakes have cooled, they are ready for decorating.<br />

To make a nest for Easter, melt the milk chocolate using a double<br />

boiler or microwave.<br />

Crush the Shredded Wheat into the chocolate and stir until it’s<br />

covered in chocolate. Carefully make a nest on each cupcake,<br />

leaving a hole to place your mini eggs in.<br />

Leave to dry and enjoy.<br />


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T’S closed for now, of course,<br />

but <strong>2020</strong> is a big year for<br />

Beauchief Pre-School. Not only<br />

is it 50 years old, but in January<br />

it received a ‘good’ rating in all<br />

areas in its Ofsted inspection.<br />

Based at Beauchief Baptist<br />

Church on Hutcliffe Wood Road,<br />

Beauchief Pre-School was<br />

established in 1970 and has been<br />

providing pre-school care to<br />

generations of children in the local<br />

area.<br />

Ofsted report praised it for<br />

encouraging the progress of each<br />

child, good behaviour and manners,<br />

the commitment of staff,<br />

communication with parents and<br />

relationships with local schools.<br />

ACTIVE8<br />

Pre-school’s golden anniversary<br />

I<br />

Children celebrating World<br />

Book Day at Beauchief Preschool.<br />

Sarah Cousins, deputy<br />

manager who is shown reading<br />

a story to children, has a long<br />

association with the<br />

pre-school having attended<br />

herself as a child, as well as<br />

her own children attending<br />

With heartfelt thanks to<br />

all health and care workers<br />

and our area’s other<br />

dedicated staff who are<br />

reporting for work in<br />

order to look after us all.<br />

ACTIVE8<br />


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We can draft wills that incorporate trusts, to prevent children from<br />

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Trusts also protect the vulnerable from themselves and<br />

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There are different types of trust that can be included in wills,<br />

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a life interest trust will give a named beneficiary the right to live in<br />

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income from the fund. When the beneficiary dies, the trust then<br />

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Alternatively, a discretionary trust can be included in your will that<br />

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If you are the parent of a disabled child, it is important to seek<br />

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ACTIVE8<br />

My S8 police station placement<br />

I am Kate, a second-year psychology student<br />

who has been on placement from Sheffield<br />

Hallam University with South Yorkshire Police<br />

F<br />

OR four weeks I have been at Woodseats Police Station<br />

with the Neighbourhood Team. It has provided me with a<br />

range of experiences and understanding on a breadth of<br />

<strong>issue</strong>s that are dealt with and the different ways in which<br />

they are.<br />

The thing I found most interesting during my time at Woodseats<br />

was the relationship that has been built up with the local schools;<br />

there are a lot of systems in place to ensure the best for the<br />

young people in the area.<br />

These include community speed-watches with Y6 students,<br />

highlighting and explaining the dangers that speeding can present.<br />

Students can then keep an eye on their parents’ speed and keep it<br />

in mind for when they themselves start driving.<br />

There is also the Life Wise Centre which engages students with<br />

the use of role play and interactive learning. This enables them to<br />

better understand how young people can end up involved in drugs<br />

and carrying knifes, as well as what makes up a hate crime and<br />

also the signs of child criminal exploitation. This is important as in<br />

means that the children are more aware of how they or their<br />

friends/siblings can be exploited and find themselves in these<br />

situations. By being aware of the signs, hopefully they can avoid<br />

becoming involved.<br />

There is a relationship directly between a schools officer and the<br />

local school. The school gets in touch with the officer if they are<br />

having trouble with students, the officer visits the school and has<br />

a meeting with the student(s), explaining to them the potential<br />

seriousness of what they are doing.<br />

He or she explains the consequences that their actions can have<br />

on them for the rest of their life if they continue the way they are.<br />

This is designed to advise young people that what they are doing<br />

is in fact a crime and under what legislation.<br />

As well as working with the local schools there are also good<br />

bonds with local businesses through the use of pop-in police<br />

stations in places like local shops and the City Farm. These<br />

provide local people with a chance to talk to an officer and get<br />

information and crime prevention techniques that they may not<br />

otherwise have had access to.<br />

I thoroughly enjoyed my four weeks based at Woodseats.<br />

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ACTIVE8<br />

Sheffield’s tragic Star<br />

It is almost 130 years since The Wild<br />

West set up camp in Sheffield, with<br />

tragic results. <strong>Active8</strong> editor Mike Firth<br />

reflects on how a native American<br />

Indian came to die in a city hospital<br />

R<br />

EPORTS of the death of a young Sicangu<br />

Sioux Indian, Paul Eagle Star, in the 1890<br />

Massacre of Wounded Knee, were greatly<br />

exaggerated. It is likely he wasn’t even at the<br />

final battle of the American Indian Wars, but<br />

he did die the following year as the result of a<br />

riding accident here in Sheffield.<br />

Paul Eagle Star grew up on the Rosebud Indian<br />

Reservation in South Dakota and was taken in by<br />

an Indian boarding and industrial training school<br />

in Carlisle, Pennsylvania. This off-reservation<br />

school was one of a series of 19th-century efforts<br />

by the United States government to assimilate<br />

more than 1,000 native American children from 39<br />

tribes into the majority culture.<br />

Some were kept as paroled prisoners there,<br />

others were listed as “hostile” but Eagle Star was<br />

there of his own freewill and learned the skills of<br />

a blacksmith, earning $10 per month.<br />

When William "Buffalo Bill" Cody brought his<br />

Wild West Show to Europe in 1891, Eagle Star<br />

was part of his entourage of performers who<br />

demonstrated riding, shooting and gun-slinging<br />

skills and re-enacted famous battles. The tour<br />

allowed audiences a glimpse of the fading<br />

American frontier.<br />

That August, Buffalo Bill's show came to<br />

Sheffield with a 200- strong company, including a<br />

reported 90 Sioux Indians. The circus arrived in<br />

three trains and within hours they had pitched<br />

their tepees on a marshy site at Owlerton Green,<br />

close to the confluence of the Don and Loxley<br />

rivers.<br />

They built their own arena and set up a field<br />

kitchen, cooking chops and steaks for breakfast.<br />

The arena was a third-of-a-mile in circumference.<br />

You can imagine the excitement that must have<br />

spread throughout Sheffield, but tragedy was to<br />

strike at the end of the final performance on Friday,<br />

August 14th.<br />

Eagle Star was a powerfully-built, fit and healthy 25-<br />

year-old, who was married with children. By all<br />

accounts, he was one of the most popular members of the<br />

performance team. Riding his horse outside the arena, his mount<br />

slid, fell and trapped him beneath it. With his right foot squashed<br />

under the horse’s belly, his ankle was dislocated and fractured.<br />

Although the accident was not at first thought to be a serious<br />

one, within ten days Eagle Star had died. Taken to Sheffield<br />

Infirmary for treatment, for a while he seemed to be making a<br />

steady recovery, but tetanus set in and he agreed to the<br />

suggested amputation of his leg in an attempt to save his life.<br />

Col Cody visited him several times in the Infirmary and also<br />

sent Lakota interpreter George C. Crager to the hospital with<br />

instructions to “spare no expense, secure the best care, and save<br />

his life.”<br />

While Crager was in Sheffield, telegrams from Col Cody arrived<br />

28<br />

Paul Eagle Star shown wearing traditional dress and the star<br />

of the Indian Police. The photograph was taken during his<br />

ill-fated 1891 tour with the Buffalo Bill Wild West Show<br />

at frequent intervals, asking for news of Eagle Star's condition,<br />

and he was also visited by Short Bull, one of the Indian chiefs.<br />

However, his condition worsened and he passed away on<br />

Monday, August 24th, 1891, with Mr Crager at his hospital<br />

bedside.<br />

A newspaper report from the time said that when Mr Crager<br />

caught up with the rest of the entourage in Nottingham, he found<br />

the camp in a condition of gloomy depression. Squaws and other<br />

Indians walked among the tepees, chanting a requiem for their<br />

dead comrade.<br />

The subsequent inquest into Eagle Star’s death was like no<br />

other ever staged in Sheffield. Wearing their brightly-coloured<br />

native garments and trinkets were Chief Kicking Bear, Chief<br />

Black Heart and Chief Lone Bull. Also in attendance was<br />

Bull Stands Behind, a cousin of the Eagle Star, and as an

ACTIVE8<br />

A copy of Paul<br />

Eagle Star’s<br />

death<br />

certificate<br />

indication that he was mourning he wore around his head a band<br />

of white silk.<br />

A report says that when he saw the body of his late cousin, Bull<br />

Stands Behind burst into tears, being consoled by one of the<br />

other chiefs who told him with what exceeding kindness the<br />

deceased had been treated at the Infirmary.<br />

Explained a report in the ‘Sheffield and Rotherham<br />

Independent’ newspaper: “Throughout the inquiry the four<br />

Indians maintained their accustomed stolidity, the only time<br />

when they showed more than ordinary interest in the proceedings<br />

being when the members of the jury were sworn in and kissed<br />

the testaments. Probably the ceremony puzzled them as much as<br />

some of their ceremonies<br />

puzzle the white people.<br />

“They were accompanied by<br />

Major Burke, the general<br />

manager for the Buffalo Bill<br />

Wild West Company; Mr<br />

William Laugan, supply agent;<br />

Mr George C. Crager, Sioux<br />

interpreter who has charge of<br />

the Indians; and John<br />

Shangren, a native interpreter.<br />

Mr B. Folsom, United States<br />

Consul, at Sheffield, also<br />

attended.<br />

“Mr Crager identified the<br />

body, and said he had known<br />

the deceased about six<br />

months. He was a healthy man<br />

and had been with the<br />

company about five months. He<br />

did not see the accident occur, but he saw the deceased<br />

immediately afterwards, and he was brought to the Infirmary<br />

within an hour.<br />

“The accident happened while the deceased was riding a horse<br />

out of the arena. He had ridden the horse daily for a considerable<br />

time. The horse slid with all his four feet out, and then fell, and<br />

slid on its belly. The deceased’s right foot was under the horse’s<br />

belly and his right ankle was dislocated. This was the explanation<br />

given by the deceased, who did not blame anyone.”<br />

Mr Crager stated that the treatment Eagle Star had received<br />

had been perfectly satisfactory. Wherever he went, he would<br />

always think of the Sheffield Infirmary with feelings<br />

of intense gratefulness. He told the inquest that the manner in<br />

which the surgeons, nurses and all connected with the institution<br />

had cared for a stranger and a foreigner had so impressed him<br />

that his command of words entirely failed him in his efforts to<br />

give expressions to his feelings. The deceased was a favourite in<br />

the camp, and the news of his death had made Col Cody ill.<br />

Paul Eagle Star is shown here in 1890,<br />

second from left on the back row<br />

In a further acknowledgement of the treatment the deceased<br />

had received at the Infirmary, Mr Crager said he could not have<br />

received more attention had he been a king. The doctors and<br />

nurses had spared no pains in ministering to his comfort, and<br />

thought nothing of leaving their beds in the middle of the night to<br />

grapple with any symptom that threatened him with suffering.<br />

He spoke of the generosity and courtesy with which he himself<br />

had been treated in Sheffield by all with whom he had come in<br />

contact. He had travelled in all sorts of countries, and had mixed<br />

with almost all grades of society, but in Sheffield he had received<br />

kindness which had quite taken him aback and which he<br />

previously thought did not exist in this world. He intimated that a<br />

bust and pedestal of Col Cody<br />

in white marble and ebony<br />

was being made at Munich,<br />

and that Col Cody intended to<br />

present it to the staff at the<br />

Infirmary.<br />

The coroner, Mr D.<br />

Wightman, replied that in<br />

Sheffield they were proud of<br />

the Infirmary, and he was<br />

pleased to hear its excellence<br />

had been appreciated.<br />

Once the inquest had<br />

reached a verdict of<br />

“Accidental Death”, Eagle<br />

Star’s body was transported<br />

by Messers Tomlinson and<br />

Sons to the Midland Railway<br />

Station, the Indians and others<br />

connected with the show<br />

following in carriages. The funeral party was met by Mr Wheen,<br />

the station master. The presence of the Indian chiefs on the<br />

platform in Sheffield caused much interest amongst other people<br />

at the station and the train for Nottingham departed at 11.35am.<br />

Other members of the show, including Col Cody, met the train at<br />

the station, with a cowboy band, which played appropriate music.<br />

The coffin was unscrewed and each person was allowed to have<br />

a last look at their comrade. The body was then taken forward to<br />

West Brompton, London, by train, to an Indian burial ground<br />

there. He was buried in the same plot as Surrounded, an Indian<br />

who had died in Manchester during the show's fist visit to the UK<br />

in 1887.<br />

More than a century later, Paul Eagle Star’s unmarked grave<br />

was located and contact was made with his surviving<br />

grandchildren, both of whom were elderly by this time. His<br />

casket was exhumed and in March, 1999, his body was<br />

repatriated across the Atlantic and a reburial took place on May<br />

31st that year.<br />



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ACTIVE8<br />

With Uni<br />

studies<br />

suspended,<br />

Ellie sits<br />

back with<br />

a cuppa<br />

Coronavirus: How to selfisolate<br />

without getting<br />

bored, a quick guide by<br />

<strong>Active8</strong>’s student<br />

correspondent, Ellie Colton<br />

O<br />

KAY, so if you are told to self-isolate for seven days,<br />

then a week later you’re told its 14, and you’re<br />

anticipating that number getting higher and higher, you’ll<br />

probably start to feel very isolated in general.<br />

In order to keep everyone safe, you have to isolate when you<br />

think necessary/ when you are told to. But I’m sure most people<br />

will agree, you might start to get a bit restless after a while, and<br />

need to fight the urge to make unnecessary trips out. So how can<br />

you keep yourself entertained? Well, no family game of<br />

Monopoly can last 14 days, so it’s important to have a few things<br />

in mind.<br />

Think of all the films you could watch, the books you could<br />

read, the stories you could write. Start a new series, or pick<br />

up a book off your shelf that you’ve never looked at before. Or,<br />

if you’re like me and you love planning things, start planning<br />

what you want to do when we finally stop hearing about this<br />

virus!<br />

I’m supposed to finish my degree at Sheffield Hallam at the<br />

end of <strong>April</strong>, and nobody knows if that will happen or not. So I’ve<br />

begun to plan what I want to do after university, and that is<br />

keeping me entertained for now.<br />

I’ve also started to pick up cook books more and look at recipes<br />

online. Sometimes people panic-buying actually does you a<br />

favour meaning you pick out things you wouldn’t usually buy.<br />

Why not see what is in your cupboards and try whip up<br />

something new? You might surprise yourself!<br />

Not only that but I’ve become more creative; I found some felt<br />

round the house and I am half way through making a sock<br />

monkey!<br />

If you’ve got some paints, why not tackle a canvas? You could<br />

become the next Picasso whilst in isolation.<br />

And remember, your family, friends and work colleagues are<br />

only a skype/phone call away – don’t feel lonely at this time. We<br />

will get through this!<br />

Anton and his team welcome<br />

you to the Phoenix Fish Bar<br />


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Delivery available on orders over<br />

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Deliveries available 5pm-10pm<br />

Wednesday-Saturday<br />

FREE 2l bottle of lemonade<br />

with every delivery order.<br />

Opening Times<br />

11am-2pm and<br />

5pm-10pm<br />

Monday to<br />

Saturday<br />

Closed Sundays<br />



Tel 0114 274 9482<br />


ACTIVE8<br />

Dogs use their loaf<br />

to entertain owners<br />

Our canine correspondent, Harry Basset, files his monthly report<br />

I<br />

IT’S been a weird<br />

time for us pets as<br />

we try to entertain<br />

all our owners who<br />

are suddenly<br />

spending so much<br />

time with us at<br />

home.<br />

Here’s one craze<br />

which I discovered on<br />

facebook. What do you<br />

think?<br />

I reckon food is for<br />

eating, not for<br />

wearing!<br />

However, I’ve been<br />

performing one of my<br />

own party pieces to<br />

keep my household<br />

amused. Visit <strong>Active8</strong>’s<br />

facebook page to see<br />

me singing.<br />

And do email me your<br />

amusing pictures to<br />

harry@heron<br />

publications.co.uk<br />




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ACTIVE8<br />

End of the track<br />

W<br />

ELCOME to Woodseats in the late 19th century and an era when this was the end<br />

of the road as far as Sheffield’s tramcar service was concerned.<br />

Before the tramlines were extended further south to take in Abbey Lane and Meadowhead,<br />

the terminus was right here at the junction of Chesterfield Road and Chantrey Road (right).<br />

Note that the tramcars pictured display letters, not numbers, to identify their destination.<br />

Shops shown on the left, close to the top of The Dale, have survived, but across the road the<br />

large gabled doctor’s surgery was demolished in 1964.<br />








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Est 2007<br />

88 Baslow 88 Baslow Road, Road, Totley, Sheffield, S17 4DQ S17 4DQ<br />

0114 2352727 info@activphysiotherapy.co.uk<br />

info@activphysiotherapy.co.uk<br />

Three reasons why you should try us..<br />

1) We will build your child's confidence and develop creativity<br />

2) Small Group Classes - Max 15 places<br />

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TO CLAIM YOUR FREE TRIAL simply visit<br />

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ACTIVE8<br />

Cheers for Caped Crusader<br />

Families in lockdown couldn’t believe<br />

their eyes when they peered through their<br />

front windows to see Batman running<br />

through the streets. John Winter reports<br />

A<br />

NORTH Derbyshire newsagent is taking<br />

unusual strides to raise the spirits of his<br />

village's residents in these difficult times. He<br />

dresses as his favourite superhero and runs around<br />

the streets waving to children!<br />

Batman, alias James Cutts, of Parkland Drive,<br />

Wingerworth, donned his outfit to raise a laugh, but made<br />

such a tremendous impact that parents asked him to<br />

repeat the run and make sure he visited their road so the<br />

kids could clap him as he went past.<br />

The first time he went out, his reception was so great<br />

that he ran 12 miles around village streets, far more than<br />

his usual exercise as a keep-fit jogger.<br />

That day - and for subsequent runs - the village website<br />

has been full of praise. One said: “Just managed to grab a<br />

glimpse of you running through Eden Street and Lydgate...<br />

thank you for putting a smile on our faces,” and another:<br />

“Well done James, the kids loved seeing you this morning<br />

on Wrenpark!”<br />

James, 40, responded: “Great to see lots of smiling faces<br />

whilst I chalked up a steady seven-and-a-half miles. Your<br />

gardens are looking lovely, keep up the good work.<br />

38<br />

“Nothing but positive vibes, both kids and adults smiling wherever I<br />

travel, so stay home, stay safe and keep smiling. Much love,<br />

Batman.”<br />

James, who in normal times runs the newsagents at Chesterfield<br />

Railway Station, said: “I usually run about five-and-a-half miles,<br />

twice a week, and I was just going to wear<br />

the Batman suit for a laugh. Then I wanted<br />

to see if anyone wanted me to run past<br />

their house.<br />

“To be honest, I didn’t think people would<br />

be bothered, but loads of people<br />

commented which I didn’t expect.<br />

“I’ve had to close my business, like many<br />

others, so it’s nice to see people smiling<br />

and see something positive happening<br />

which distracts people from everything<br />

else which is going on. I will try and get<br />

out again as much as my body will let me.”<br />

His family, James added, were used to<br />

him dressing up “and doing stuff like this”.<br />

Batman strides out through his<br />

village, left, and the man behind the<br />

mask is James Cutts

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Mel Oxley<br />

Cleaning Services Ltd<br />

Carpets • Curtains • Upholstery<br />

Don’t replace it,<br />

Clean it!<br />

Email: hello@meloxleycleaningservices.co.uk<br />

Established<br />

1999<br />

Fireproofing<br />

Property Cleaning<br />

Domestic & Commercial<br />

End of Tenancy<br />

Hard Floor Maintenance<br />

Garden Tidying<br />

Fully insured<br />

Friendly Service<br />

<br />

<br />

<br />

<br />

<br />

<br />

<br />

<br />

<br />

<br />

Brambles Landscapes<br />

Quality Fencing Installed To Last<br />

10 Year Installation Guarantee<br />

Experienced. Insured. Licensed<br />

Karl Nuttal-Allsop 4 Stonelow Green S18 2ET<br />

07720 845 326<br />

veryhelpfulman@yahoo.com<br />



9 Beautiful Homes & Offices 9<br />

Professional cleaning & ironing<br />

for only £11.75 per hour<br />

(minimum of 2 hours per week).<br />

We know how hard it can be to find<br />

a dependable and honest cleaner,<br />

which is where we can help.<br />

0114 4372363<br />

www.bellecasa.uk<br />

All of our cleaners are specially selected<br />

and insured, and you will receive the<br />

same cleaner each week.


Qualified bricklayer with over 20 years<br />

experience - No job too small<br />

Brickwork<br />

Paving<br />

Pointing<br />

Patios<br />

Guttering<br />

Plastering<br />

Roof Repairs Kitchen & Bathroom Tiling<br />

Wrought Iron Railings & Gates<br />

Contact Dave on<br />

07896070810 or 01246 419445<br />

Essential Foot Care<br />

A home visiting practice<br />

Eleanor Harrison<br />


Registered Member of<br />

The British Association<br />

of Foot Health Professionals<br />

For further information<br />

and appointments call<br />

07979 416 298<br />

01246 391907<br />




Tarmac Driveways<br />

Drop Kerbs<br />

Fencing<br />

Patios<br />

Brickwork<br />

Landscaping<br />

For your<br />

footcare<br />

needs<br />

including<br />

nail trimming<br />

removal of<br />

corns and<br />

calluses<br />

treatment of<br />

ingrowing toe<br />

nails and verrucae<br />

also reflexology<br />

Fully insured with<br />

references available<br />

For a FREE Consultation & No Obligation Quote<br />

Call Lewis 01246 380859 or 07960 204766<br />

www.whitepeakpaving.co.uk<br />

• 10 Years Experience<br />

• Full Packing Service<br />

• Dismantle and Rebuild Service<br />

• Local/Long Distance<br />

• Storage Facilities<br />

• Full/Part Removals<br />

Internal Vehicle Measurements<br />

19ft 5” long, 7ft 9” high, 7ft 4” wide<br />

Tel: Craig<br />

on 0114 274 5229<br />

or 07802 752429<br />

fireblade1762@gmail.com<br />

www.davisremovals.co.uk<br />

For all your domestic carpet cleaning<br />

needs, including end of tenancy cleaning.<br />

Phone Paul on 07432 030902 for friendly,<br />

professional help and advice.<br />

Fully insured and fully trained<br />

email: paulcurriecarpetcleaning@gmail.com<br />

Complete peace of mind with<br />

low-cost monthly cover plans<br />

Call freephone on 0800 08 555 18<br />

www.FlameCare.co.uk<br />

Flamecare (Homeplan) ltd,<br />

65-67 Chatsworth Road, Chesterfield, S40 2Al


By Martin Lee<br />


Door Hanging, Spindle Staircases,<br />

Kitchens, Worktop Replacement,<br />

Flat Pack Assembly, Pipe Boxings,<br />

Loft Ladders Supplied & Fitted,<br />

Laminate Flooring, UPVC Soffits & Fascias<br />

No job too small - Free quotes & advice<br />

5 Periwood Avenue, Millhouses S8<br />

Tel: 0114 274 5428<br />

Mob: 0785 431 4320<br />

Dean M Beatson<br />

Roofing Specialist<br />



• Roof Repairs • All Guttering • UPVC Fascias<br />

• Soffits • Barge Boards • Chimney Work<br />

• Flat Roofs • Slating & Tiling<br />

Tel: 0114 255 7151<br />

Mob: 07795 976 259<br />

14 Essendine Cres., Sheffield S8 8PB<br />

The Household Skip Specialists<br />

Sheaf Skips Ltd<br />

Providing on time delivery &<br />

collections across Dronfield<br />

• Same Day Service Available<br />

• Professional & Efficient<br />

• Fast, Reliable & Affordable<br />

• Mini & Midi Skips Available<br />

• We Welcome Business<br />

• Account Customers<br />

If you need to tip it, SHEAF Skip it<br />

Tel - 0114 2583279<br />

Unit 5, Heeley Arches, Oak Street, Heeley, Sheffield, S8 9UB

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