Rock of Ages Magazine - Summer 2020

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Summer 2020


New Avenues of Ministry | Dr. Terry Ellis


Dr. Peggy Ellis


Dr. Ricky Dunsford


Dr. Robert Keeton


Rick Hildebrand


Dr. Gene Hooker


July 27-28, 2020 | Rossville, GA



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The Rock of Ages Digital Magazine is

a quarterly publication of Rock of Ages

Ministries Cleveland, Tennessee.


Executive Editor | Dr. Terry Ellis


Executive Editor | Dr. Terry Ellis

International Ministry | Dr. Ricky Dunsford

Education Department | Dr. Robert Keeton

Contributors Continued

Juvenile Ministry | Rick Hildebrand

Publication Dept. | Dr. Gene Hooker

Lovely Ladies | Dr. Peggy Ellis

A Special Thanks to Guest Contributors:

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Page 2 | Rock of Ages Magazine | Summer 2020




opens new avenues of ministry!

Keeping with our theme for 2020 God has opened new doors of opportunity for Rock of Ages Ministries

and our missionary families. We are believing “God is Able” Now unto him that is able to do exceeding

abundantly above all that we ask or think, according to the power that worketh in us, Ephesians 3:20

While the majority of prisons, jails, and schools in America and throughout the world are temporarily closed

to volunteers and guests during the coronavirus outbreak, God has opened other avenues for us to proclaim

the Gospel in institutions.


Praise the Lord for missionaries who

have the ability to discern an open door

of opportunity and are sensitive to the

leading of the Holy Spirit. As a result of the

coronavirus temporarily restricting entrance

to state and federal prisons, our missionaries

realized there was a great need for masks

to be provided in the institutions for both

officers and prisoners. As a result, masks were

purchased and placed inside ziplock bags with

Gospel tracts and provided to prisons and jails.

Many officers and prisoners received masks

with Gospel literature who normally would

not accept the Gospel. Some missionaries

have started radio broadcasts through local

stations near the prisons. Others are providing

preaching DVDs to the prisons to be aired on

the prison channels.

The director of a juvenile facility contacted one

of our missionaries stating the young people at

her facility were eager to attend church services

and had a great desire to hear preaching. She

went on to say she had never seen this type of

spiritual desire among the residents. Realizing

the potential, one of our missionaries jumped into

action and God opened a new avenue of ministry

to the juvenile facilities that has extended to the

prisons. Several of our missionary families are

involved in this new opportunity. A new avenue

of ministry has opened to the Prison Prevention

team ministering in the public schools and has

the potential to reach an entire family! For more

details on these avenues of ministry in the Juvenile

Facilities and Prison Prevention

please read Rick Hildebrand’s

article on page 8.

Dr. Terry Ellis

Executive Editor & President

Summer 2020 | Rock of Ages Magazine | Page 3


To every thing there

is a season, and a time

to every purpose under

the heaven:…”

Ecclesiastes 3:1


I was eight years of age and my dad was

stationed at Fort Hood, Texas, and I can still

remember standing outside and all along the

sidewalk families stood while husbands and

dads where preparing for what is now known as

the Cuban Missile Crisis. There was an air of fear

as husbands and wives were hugging each other

and their children. Later as a teenager, I would

be in high school at the height of the Vietnam

War (some refer to as a conflict) and though

ready to go if called on there was ongoing fear

as many would never return home.

Then at 44 years of age Brother Elvis Emerson

and I had just checked into the hotel in Bucharest,

Romania when Brother Mircea Cristian

knocked on my door and said, “Brother Ricky

you need to turn on the television, America is

Under Attack!” So many thoughts went through

our minds and fear began to grip our hearts.

Are our families okay? Who is this enemy that

has attacked us? And now the world is gripped

by fear of an unseen enemy. This enemy has

crippled an international economy and has

quarantined the world.

However, every born-again believer realizes that

we have battled an unseen enemy since we were

saved. Saints and servants of the Lord wrestle not

against flesh and blood but an unseen and very

real enemy. In the gospels we read that our Lord

would be taken by the enemy to be tempted.

The Bible would then tell us that when the devil

ended all his temptations He would depart for a

season. Solomon tells that for everything there is

a season. Praise the Lord that seasons come and

go with time and that with everything there is a

purpose. It is truly exciting to hear though what

appears to so many to be a time of idleness many

report souls being saved and families gathering

together again and having family prayer and

devotion. These are great times to pray for one

another and to begin to prepare for the time that

when so many are looking for answers we can be

ready with the answer.

Page 4 | Rock of Ages Magazine | Summer 2020


By Dr. Ricky Dunsford

Executive Vice President


The container loaded with French and English

Bibles, New Testaments, John and Romans and

various Rock of Ages printed material is still on

schedule to arrive in Liberia the end of April. The

material will be used in Liberia, Sierra Leon and

Ivory Coast. Please keep our partners throughout

Africa in your prayers as they work to get the

material to their countries and that the Lord will

open the door for the material to be distributed

to the prisoners.


Preparation for purchasing the three-story

complex that we have been renting was to begin

this May. However, the dear brother who had

made us a great offer and was prepared to move

forward with the contract in June went on to

be with the Lord as a result of contracting the

Covid-19 virus. Of course, the property will now

go to the children who are asking market valve.

This increases the cost by $100,000. Please pray

for the family at the loss of their father and pray

as we seek other options to purchase property.


Brother Mircea Cristian is in contact with many

of the volunteers and partners that have worked

in the prisons throughout the country. They

began to pray, with the country closed how can

we reach the prison staff? The team decided to

raise funds to order 20,000 masks from China,

purchase a special sweet roll for every officer and

inmate and supply a New Testament and a gospel

tract with the plan of salvation and send it to

every prison we are working. Please pray that all

goes well as they wait on the masks, and prepare

for distribution.


The work continues to be closed down throughout

the prison systems. Several years ago, the Rock

of Ages was able to build a meeting place in the

Bilibid Prison which is located on the outskirts or

the Manila area. The saved men have considered

this place their church. Rock of Ages missionary

Jun Monderin goes in on a weekly basis and

holds services. The inmates felt that they should

be giving their tithe and offerings to help with

the weekly meetings. Recently, with the inmates

not able to meet they got together and sent their

offering of 2000 Pesos ($40) to their preacher.

What a joy that the men remain faithful.

The families overseas continue to send Bible

lessons to the prisoners and praise the Lord

we are seeing men and women write back

and share how through the lessons they have

been saved.

Several of our missionaries and partners are

working diligently during this time in translation


Join us in Prayer:

1. As we continue preparing, translating, printing

and shipping materials around the world.

2. When the prisons and public schools open

again that the Lord moves on the heart of those

in charge of the need of the gospel.

3. For the health of our missionaries and their

families as they go back into areas that one

high risk.

4. ABOVE ALL, what a time to pray for revival!

Summer 2020 | Rock of Ages Magazine | Page 5


The Discipleship Institute

consists of three divisions: Prisoners Bible

Institute, Servicemen’s Bible Institute, and

the Sojourners Bible Institute. We have

nearly 19,000 prisoners as students worldwide.

All the lessons are done through

correspondence, with the textbook being

the King James Bible. There are a total of

31,381 questions available for the students

to complete, and it is still expanding.

Romans 10:17

"So then faith cometh

by hearing, and hearing

by the word of God."

We just believe the Bible, and take it to

mean what it says. Therefore, we put forth

every effort we can to saturate the prisoner

with the Word of God, and God gets all the

Glory for what takes place. We will follow

the inmate throughout their incarceration,

keeping the lessons flowing to them, even

as they change institutions, and to those who

desire to continue, when they are released

to go home. It is definitely a rewarding

ministry. We get to see many souls saved,

and many lives changed and strengthened

to live for God. Last year we received letters

Page 6 | Rock of Ages Magazine | Summer 2020



and notes from 1,506 telling us that they had

been saved as a result of doing the lessons.

I want to share one such note with you that

blessed my heart and I trust it will yours as well.

It was one of those that just re-enforced the fact

that it is worth every cent it takes to print and mail

those lessons. By way of explanation, so that you

will understand his opening statement, we send

every inmate that completes the entire New

Testament studies a paperback Rock of Ages

Study Bible as a reward for their accomplishment.

“I want to thank you for sending me the Rock of

Ages Study Bible. You don’t know what a blessing

it was to receive. Your studies have done so much

for me. All your studies have re-shaped my life in

understanding and walking in God’s Word. Each

one of your studies has enriched my soul in so

many ways. I thought that I had an understanding

of what it took to be right with God. Through

the lessons I realized I did not understand

the true meaning of repentance, but I do

know now and I did repent, and I have

given my life to the Lord. I am on my second

round reading my Bible through and marking it

as God lays things on my heart. In September,

I lost my dad to cancer, but I was able to share

God’s Word with him before he passed. Now

he is spending his life with Jesus. Thank you for

your time and all your help in changing my life

in God’s Word.” Inmate

Philippians 4:17

"Not because I desire a gift:

but I desire fruit that may

abound to your account."

What a blessing to see fruit bearing fruit.

What a blessing we have in store for us

when we get to heaven and learn of the full

impact of our efforts here, and the fruit that

has been borne. Just think, this is just one

of thousands that the lessons has made an

impact on. God gets all the glory, for it is

His Word that has done it all. We have the

privilege of being a part of such a great


We literally receive letters constantly sharing with

us what God has done and is doing in the lives

of inmates. The inmates are constantly thanking

us for the lessons, but we can not accomplish the

task without you and your prayers holding up

this ministry before the Lord. We want to join the

inmate in thanking you that have given financially

and prayed faithfully for God’s blessings upon

the Rock of Ages Discipleship Institute.

These lessons are available online “free” to

anyone that wishes to do them, including our

military. If you know someone serving in the

military, please tell them about these lessons.

Please visit our website www.roapmdi.com

to register and get started working at your own

pace. You can even print your own certificates

when you complete a lesson.

Summer 2020 | Rock of Ages Magazine | Page 7



It is always amazing to see God at work when it seems

all things are impossible. If we will turn to Him, He is

faithful to do exceedingly above all we ask or think.

Psalm 107:1-2 O give thanks

unto the LORD,for he is good:

for his mercy endureth for ever.

Let the redeemed of the LORD say

so, whom he hath redeemed from the

hand of the enemy; Psalm 107:8 Oh

that men would praise the LORD for

his goodness, and for his wonderful

works to the children of men!

The phrase in verse 8 is

used four different times. God

delivers different types of

people out of critical circumstances

they had gotten into. He is faithful

and it is true “Oh that men would

praise the Lord for his goodness.” In

these days of uncertainty in our world

it sure is a wonderful thing to open up

our Bible to get a strength that is not

ours but His to sustain us through any

and all troubles that life will give us.

We have experienced changes like

we have never known. But here in the

Juvenile side of the ministry there are

always challenges when working with

troubled youth. We have been saying

for some time that we need to think

outside the box. In our world that is

rapidly changing toward a godless

society, we are working with some

governmental establishments that are

setting limits on us doing things the

Page 8 | Rock of Ages Magazine | Summer 2020

way we have always done them. As a

result, Missionary Larry Key looked for

ways to expand his ministry outreach

and he started sending emails to all

of the facilities he conducted services

in encouraging and informing them

that Rock of Ages is praying for them.

A facility in Georgia where he had just

received clearance to have a special

meeting before the Coronavirus hit

causing the meeting to be canceled

responded to him thanking him for

his encouraging words. Later, the

director contacted him stating the

young people at her facility were

asking for church services and that

she had never seen this type of spirit

among them before. She asked if the

ministry would write to encourage

the youth to serve the Lord. Brother

Key contacted several of the Rock of

Ages missionaries and asked them

to write devotions and encouraging

letters and to be sent to the facility.

The Gospel is going in each

week to this facility through

the personal devotions and

letters to each 85 plus young

men at this facility. I ask you to

pray that as we share this avenue of

ministry with other facilities that they

will allow us to implement this at their

institution. God Can!

The Prison Prevention team has

implemented a new avenue of ministry

to the schools during this time of the

Coronavirus “stay at home” orders

which has temporarily closed our

learning institutions. Brother Jeff

Bellamy is working with the team

putting together videos of missionaries

teaching our Character Under

Construction (CUC) lessons. Teachers

are providing the videos taught by

the missionaries that normally teach

in their classes. This has been a very

effective ministry outreach and has

proven to be a great blessing to many

students and teachers. Our missionary

Marvin Hollifield received a photo of

a student watching a video with their

younger sibling viewing it with them.

The sibling does not look of age to

attend school, but both were glued to

the monitor as the lesson was taught.

The photo was sent from a grateful

mother! Please pray with us as we seek

the face of God for wisdom on how to

proceed with this new opportunity that

lays before us. Who can tell what

God will do!

Rick Hildebrand

Youth Director



I am excited to once

again report on what

God is doing through our

Publishing Department.

We have recently printed 5 new

books written by our missionaries.

We were only able to print 33,000

of each book due to our lack of

cover stock. These 165,000 books

will not last very long. We normally

would print 70,000 to 100,000 of

each title. We sure could use some

financial help for paper. Especially

cover stock.

Our missionaries go soul winning in

prisons across America almost every

day. As they go preaching the

Gospel they also distribute

thousands of books and tracts

as they endeavor to win the

lost to Christ and encourage

the ones who are saved. We

often receive mail thanking us for the

Gospel material that brought them to

the knowledge of the saving Grace

of God. Prison is a lonely place even

when surrounded by hundreds of

people. Our material means much to

the inmates. Prisons are on lockdown

and closed to outside guests at this

time. Even though we cannot enter

to minister, thousands can hear from

heaven through the printed word

they receive.

Due to the coronavirus our office was

on restricted operational mode and

the print shop was closed for a brief

time to protect our staff. We have

reopened the printshop and

once again we are printing as


Please know we are praying for our

friends and supporters that the Lord

will protect you, and keep you safe

during this pandemic. Thank you for

all you have done and are doing to

help us win the lost and encourage

the ones who are saved.

Dr. Gene Hooker



Summer 2020 | Rock of Ages Magazine | Page 9

Lovely Ladies

ministry update

One of our single missionaries, Miss

Sarah Burnett, is such a tremendous

blessing wherever the Lord leads

her. She started out with very little monetarily

after leaving the Air Force where she served

as Military Police and dispatcher for 911. She

has traveled all across

America to women’s

prisons faithfully trusting

God all along the way.

Miss Sarah has seen

many trust Christ as

their Saviour and enjoys

serving the Lord with

excitement about the

opportunity the Lord has

opened to her. To name



a few, in Tennessee there were 80 precious

souls saved, and 206 in a revival meeting in

Alabama, and 28 ladies were saved during a

Christmas Stocking distribution in Washington

State. Please remember Miss Sarah in prayer

as she continues her ministry in reaching lost

souls for Christ and the financial support

needed to travel full-time to the women’s

prisons of America. Let’s hear her testimony

and a message from her pastor:


Thank you for this opportunity to share my testimony

and burden for the incarcerated women of America. I

was raised in a Christian home and was saved at the

age of seven. My mother had the special opportunity

of leading me to the Lord at our home on the garage

steps. Shortly after, I attended Jr. Camp where I

surrendered to serve the Lord fulltime in some type

of ministry capacity. After graduating high school, I

struggled with the will of God and desired to enlist

in the Air Force. I began making a series of many bad

decisions and realized I was ruining my life outside of

the will of God. One night while serving in South Korea,

feeling discouraged and defeated, I asked God to help

me and the Lord sent a missionary and I began going

back to church and re-dedicated my life to the Lord.

After separating from the Air Force, the Lord gave me a

job working as a dispatcher. During my tenure, I felt as

though I was helping people by sending the police and

fire department, but in my heart, I knew they needed

the Gospel and this was the only thing that would

change their hearts and lives. The Lord continued

to burden my heart to reach the lost through every

area of my life such as: going on a mission trip, soulwinning,

teaching Sunday School, working in the bus

ministry and music ministry. The Lord began dealing

with my heart specifically about the prison ministry

after getting selected for jury duty. The group was

Page 10 | Rock of Ages Magazine | Summer 2019 2020

given a tour of the local jail and as we were walking

past the chapel, the Lord pricked my heart and said,

“Sarah, how many people in here do you think need

the Gospel?” As I prayed and asked the Lord to

guide me, He began opening many doors and gave

me Scripture to confirm all that He was doing in my

heart to reach the ladies in the local jails and prisons.

Specifically, in April of 2018, the Lord opened a

door to allow our church to have a Bible study at

a workhouse which is an alternative to prison that

also assists in rehabilitation. There have been 28

ladies that have accepted Christ as their Savior in

this facility! The more that I work with the ladies, the

greater the burden the Lord gives me! With all the

different religions they allow in the prisons it is no

wonder they are misguided and confused. One lady

in particular has already served 7 years in prison,

was released, and because of a parole violation was

back in the system. She wished the judge would have

sent her back to prison to finish her remaining time

but instead he sent her to a correctional facility we

were ministering in. She shared with me that she

was separated from her children, had no hope, and

would rather be back in prison because it taught

her how to become a better criminal. To God be

the glory, she is 1 of the 28 that has since made a

profession of faith. Please pray that God will do a

great work in her heart and that she will live for Christ.


It is with great honor that I introduce to you Sister

Sarah Barnett. She is a faithful member of Salem

Baptist Church. She has served as a Sunday School

teacher, has been a hard worker, and a soul winner.

The Lord began working on her heart about a year

ago to go and reach an ever growing epidemic of

incarcerated women which is today the quickest

growing demographic of people in our prisons and

jails across our nation. This burden has not just been

in sister Sarah’s thoughts, but she has responded with

the same zeal and fervor as she has put into everything

else she has put her hands to within our congregation.

She has been working with the ladies in one of our

local jails here in Cincinnati and has been blessed to

see many souls saved during her time in this facility.

She has recently surrendered to work with incarcerated

women fulltime through Rock of Ages Ministries based

in Cleveland, TN. She has been through rigorous training

and questioning at Rock of Ages and has come through

with an ever-increasing burden for these women that

need the truth so desperately. It goes without saying

that sister Sarah is not preaching but rather sharing

the Gospel and conducting Bible studies in areas

our men cannot go. I cannot emphasize enough the

need for godly women in this field ripe unto harvest!

I would encourage you to prayerfully consider

supporting Sister Sarah as she travels across the

country sharing the Gospel with these women.

I trust you will be encouraged by her testimony

and her zeal for the work God has given her to do.


Patrick O. Hackathorn Jr.

Pastor, Salem Baptist Church

Luke 9:62


Director of Lovely Ladies Ministry

Summer 2020 | Rock of Ages Magazine | Page 11

2 0 2 0 R O A L I V E S T R E A M C O N F E R E N C E


J U L Y 2 7 - 2 8 , 2 0 2 0












Page 12 | Rock of Ages Magazine | Summer 2020

Rock of Ages Ministries

PO Box 2308, Cleveland, TN 37320

423-479-3243 www.roapm.org

Monday Night 7:00pm Dr. Joe Arthur/ Dr. Scott Caudill

Tuesday Night 7:00pm Dr. Joe Arthur/ Pastor Ricky Gravley

Special Music:

Bible Baptist Church Singers

r e c i p e



• 1 T grated Orange Rind ~ from fresh orange

• ¼ c fresh Orange Juice ~ from fresh orange

• 1 c sugar

• 4 c pecans


Step 1

Bake pecans in a shallow pan at 350°, stirring

occasionally, 10 to 15 minutes or until toasted, watch

closely as these burn quickly.

Step 2

Bring juice, sugar, and orange rind to a boil in a heavy

saucepan; boil (rolling), stirring constantly 1 minute.

Remove from heat; stir in toasted pecans until all the

syrup is absorbed.

Step 3

Drop pecans 1/2 inch apart onto an aluminum foil-lined

baking sheet. Let stand until firm.

Summer 2020 | Rock of Ages Magazine | Page 13

College of Biblical Studies

& Theological Seminary


Through the years we have seen a need in many churches for teachers, pastors are

not having enough teachers to fill their need, and pastors needing quality materials

for Sunday School, Bible Classes, shut-ins, and to offer college-level classes in their


The eight courses that we now have available are only the beginning. Each course consists of

13 – 16 lessons that will average 45 minutes each. They can be purchased and used repeatedly

in multiple classes. The courses are recorded with the instructors that have written the materials

doing the teaching.

These new video courses are easy to follow and impart knowledge from God's Word with great

clarity, detail, and interesting visual presentations. It is a great avenue to engage more of God's

people in studying His Word as it is very effective for people with limited time.

The cost of each course is $300.00 and will include all lessons pertaining to the course purchased

as detailed in the Presentation Video.

In the long run, the materials will be much more cost-effi cient than curriculum that has been

made available to churches in the past.

Again, our goal is to be a help to God’s people, by presenting a means or method of teaching that

will enhance their desire to learn. In return, I believe they will have a greater desire to serve.

If you need more information, or have other questions, please contact us.


Behold the Lamb (Life of Christ)

Bible Geography (Bible lands: peoples, places, and events)

Eschatology (Last Things)

Evangelism and Stewardship

Feasts and Offerings

Pastoral Theology I Timothy (Church Behavior)

Philippians (Christian Joy)

(Circumstances, People, Things, Worry)

Revealing Islam And Its Role In The End Times

Please visit our website www.roacollege.org

and view the Video Presentation and Previews of each subject offered.

Page 14 | Rock of Ages Magazine | Summer 2019 2020



The Proverbs 12 Man is an exposition of the twelfth chapter of Proverbs. Biblical

principles and instructions for implementing those principles are given for the

maturing man who chooses to live godly. Consequences of rejecting those

principles are presented to attempt to restrain the young man who is choosing

a destructive path. The maturing godly man is encouraged to be observant of

those around him and give attention to their needs.


This book explores the character and events in the life of Elijah, the Old Testament

prophet. Although serving God during a time of great wickedness in Israel, he

was sensitive to God’s call and willing to do whatever God demanded even

though his human weaknesses were revealed at the brook Cherith. Elijah was

not a super saint as he often cried out to God complaining about his condition.

Within the seven miracles God performed through Elijah, practical applications

of spiritual growth are presented through his responses. Even though his human

weaknesses often troubled him, he never shirked his commitment to God’s call

on his life.




ONLY $5.00 Each

Visit our online store at roapm.org/store

Summer 2020 | Rock of Ages Magazine | Page 15

The Rock Of Ages Study Bible

The Edition Rock of Ages Study Bible (printed only as the King James Bible) offers an unparalleled selection of helps

that are designed to encourage the study of God’s Word. Rock of Ages Ministries has used quality Oxford materials and

workmanship to ensure that your copy of God’s Word will withstand years of faithful use.

The Rock of Ages Study Bible features:

Over 975 in-text notes for instant background information

35 black and white in-text maps provide geographical context

33 in-text charts for easy to understand factual information

Asterisks by keywords indicate where study notes are available

Introductions with outlines set the stage for each book of the Bible

16 pages of Oxford Bible accurate, indexed, full-color Biblical world maps

Sectional headings and outlines are indicated within the text

250+ page Concordance of the most prominent words in the KJV

Plus Thousands of concise, bottom-of-page study notes on the topics of Salvation, Baptism, Prayer and more.

Premium Goatskin with Calfskin Lining / Edgelined


- Premium Deluxe Goat Skin

or CalfskinCover

- Supple Calfskin Lining

- Stitched Cover Edges

- 4 Marker Ribbons

Standard Leather Bibles / Edgelined

Available in:









$125.00 SALE

While supplies last $80.00

Pew Bible


Faux Leather Bibles - Black

(Not Pictured) $60.00



Rock of Ages Study Bible



Introductory Price


PU Vinyl Bible


- 2 Marker Ribbons





Please visit our online store at roapm.com for additional Bible Offers!

(Please call for case lot orders and shipping options 423.479.3243)

Page 16 | Rock of Ages Magazine | Summer 2020

The Soul Winner's Discipleship New Testament

It has always been the goal of Rock of Ages Ministries to provide materials that will be a blessing and offer assistance to

local churches, schools, colleges, and individual Christians. We have developed this New Testament with soulwinning and

discipleship in mind and, to our knowledge, it is the only one of its kind. The Soul Winner's Discipleship New Testament is

filled with wonderful resources that every soulwinner will truly appreciate.

The Soul Winner's Discipleship New Testament features:

The Soulwinner’s Presentation Page

This page, in the front of the Bible, is presented to the individual that was saved. It records their name and the name of the one that led them to Christ,

the name and address of the church or ministry represented, and the date, time, and location where the individual trusted Christ as their Saviour.

A Soulwinner’s marked edition

A Summary of all major doctrines of the Bible

A "How to study the Bible" section

A “How We Got Our English Bible” section

A section dedicated to soulwinners past, present, and future

The Plan of salvation on the outside back cover

An Introduction to the New Testament

The Romans Road in the opening pages

An “About The Bible And Its Author” section

A "Where to find help in the Bible" section

The “You Must Be Born Again” section with detailed information

on how a sinner can be saved

Plus it consists of the Book of Proverbs, a full concordance, and the all of the notes

and in-text maps from the New Testament of the Rock of Ages Study Bible!

The Soul Winner's Discipleship New Testament is a compact 5x8 size, features an easy to read number ten font size, and offers a variety of cover choices.

Genuine Leather


- Genuine Leather Cover

- 1 Marker Ribbon






Correctional Officer Edition

New Testament

Full Color Paperback

$3.00 each

or $2.50 / Case lot

Full Color Paperback

New Testament

$3.00 each

or $2.50 / Case lot

Summer 2020 | Rock of Ages Magazine | Page 17



A Summary of Baptist and Denominationalism

Full Color Paperback

$5.00 each

Rock of Ages Ministries is excited about this book, as it is a great resource concerning the history

of the Baptist and it explains the origins of denominationalism.

This is a great study for Sunday School Classes, Pastoral Studies, or Home Studies. It is also a great

gift idea for any Christian seeking to dig deeper into the Word of God and hungering for biblical

knowledge and wisdom.

The book is easy to read in large font text, is clear and concise, and is sure to captivate the reader

during the first few pages.

Revealing Islam By Dr. Robert Keeton

Soft Cover $15.00

E-Book $9.99

Since May of 1996, Dr. Robert Keeton has taught missionaires and held church seminars on the

religion of Islam. In Revealing Islam, Dr. Keeton gives us an informative look at the beliefs and

practices of Islam that will help to equip the reader with knowledge of how to reach them. This

instructional book reveals his research to us, and the blessing he has had to put his findings into

practice. He does this by providing examples of his experiences witnessing to many Muslims and

seeing them come to Christ.

Dr. Keeton also reveals the rapid advance of Islam in our present day and its emerging role as the

one-world religious platform for the antichrist during the tribulation period.

This is a wonderful resource, and has been instrumental in many accepting Christ as Saviour

through the Biblical principles it presents.

God’s Approval on Your Ministry By Dr. Mike Van Horn

Soft Cover $5.00

God has given every born-again, Bible-believing Christian his/her very own ministry, and in order

to fulfill the ministry the LORD has entrusted us with, we must learn to tap into His powerful

resources. Dr. Mike Van Horn has a great burden to awaken 21st century Christians to the

seemingly forgotten practice of fasting. In God’s Approval on Your Ministry: A Practical guide to

Biblical Fasting, Dr. Van Horn shows us that there are not only many different Biblical reasons to

fast, but that God’s Word gives us guidelines for why, when, and how to fast.

Read and find out how every Christian today can add fasting, the secret weapon in God’s arsenal,

to his/her prayer life!

Page 18 | Rock of Ages Magazine | Summer 2020


Leadership Devotions By Dr. Terry Ellis




A new resource filled with devotional thoughts and lessons

gleaned from the personal devotions of Dr. Terry Ellis, President

of Rock of Ages Ministries. Dr. Ellis has also done additional

research to help encourage, equip, and give Biblical insights to

God's men and those that follow them.

Soft Cover $12.00

It is apparent that the devotional thoughts of

Dr. Ellis come from the heart of a man that has

served as a missionary for several decades and

still believes the source for powerful leadership

and service is found in the pages of the Bible.

Dr. Ricky Dunsford

Executive Vice President

Rock of Ages Ministries

God's Wisdom, Our Topics

A tremendous topical reference tool for finding specific subjects in the King James Bible, for

learning more about character, morals, ethics from God’s Word, and for growing closer to The

Lord from His promises.


-Simple table of contents for easy topical look-up

-Lists some of the many topical Scriptures.

-Pocket size

A great ministry tool and gift idea for anyone ages seven and up!

Soft Cover $3.00

(10 or more $2.00 each)

Soft Cover $1.00 | Case of 100



Let’s Learn About Forgiveness Coloring Book

Vamos Aprender de Misioneros (Spanish)

Bright and cheerful, Christian coloring books for children of any age that uses the cheerful

“Tater” characters to teach about missionaries, God’s creation account, God’s plan of

salvation, and much more!


-40 pages of beautiful, full-page coloring illustrations,

-Memory verses from the King James Bible.

A must-have for grandparents, parents, ministry leaders, or anyone reaching out to


($.75 each)

Summer 2020 | Rock of Ages Magazine | Page 19


ROA Hats (Men's & Ladies')

$10.00 each

Colors: Blue, White, Pink, Cream

Red ROA Tote


ROA Ink Pens

Metal Style with Black Ink Only

Colors: Red, Blue, Green

$1.50 each

ROA Tumblers




Pink, Black

ROA PU Vinyl Journals with 2 ribbons & front pocket

Colors: Blue, Red, Black


ROA Leather Journal, Stitched



Page 20 | Rock of Ages Magazine | Summer 2020

Rock of Ages Ministries, Inc.

PO Box 2308

Cleveland, TN 37320

Phone - (423) 479-3243

Email: info@roapm.net

Rock of Ages Ministries was established in 1977 and is a worldwide outreach ministering on

the continents of Europe, Asia, Africa, North and South America. We offer ministry outreach

to prisons, schools and the military, through our Publication Department, Revivals, Chaplaincy

Program, Discipleship Institute, and our College of Biblical Studies. For further information on

any of these ministries, please go visit us at www.roapm.org, call us at 423-479-3243, or email

us at info@roapm.com.

P.O. Box 2308 | Cleveland, Tennessee 37320 | roapm.org

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