Adroddiad Blynyddol 2020 Saesneg





22-23 Y Maes

Caernarfon LL552NA

01286 671153

GISDA was established in 1985 to provide shelter and

support for homeless young people in the Arfon area. Since

then GISDA had developed a number of different projects and

today is a charity that provides therapeutic support and

opportunities for young people aged 14 to 25 in Gwynedd.

A word from the chairman

Last year in GISDA’s annual general meeting I became

the chairman of the board once again! Several years

have been since I was last the chairman and there have

been 35 years since GISDA was formed. I was one of the

small group that came together at the time as we were

worried about the young homeless people in

Caernarfon. Four years later GISDA opened their first

Parch. J Ron Williams

hotel in Lon Parc, Caernarfon and more recently another

hostel in Blaenau Ffestiniog. Over the last 35 years I have

had many different experiences as a board member. Some were

difficult and some were exciting and challenging and these

experiences were what was responsible for making me want to

continue to try and help the youth that were asking GISDA for support.

I would like to acknowledge the service of all those who have acted tirelessly on the

GISDA board from the outset. We remember affectionately the many who left us too

early and feeling nostalgic in remembering their great contribution to GISDA. Having new

members on the GISDA board is a process that goes on all the time and to the present

board members I underline my gratitude for their willingness to serve voluntarily. I am

amazed at the time given by board members.

Thanks to all the employees of GISDA by recognizing that since the 2019 annual meeting

it has been a different time and the last few months have been challenging because of

the coronavirus. Like many other companies the period has forced big and challenging

changes. It is nice to be able to say that GISDA services continued over this period and a

very good service under the circumstances. This would not have been the case without

the commitment of the staff. I know that the chief executive and management have

maintained regular contact with the staff and that a special effort has been made to

maintain contact and to support our young people who receive and rely on GISDA’s

service. I welcome new staff who came to work during the year. GISDA has

accomplished a great deal over the last thirty five years. We look forward to supporting

our youth of the future.

Thank you very much to GISDA board members:

Parch . J Ron Williams (Chairman)

Rhys Davies

Gilly Harradence

Peter Harlech Jones

Carys Thomas

Ffion Jon Williams

Elizabeth George (Secretary)

W. Tudor Owen

Dewi Owen Jones

Elen Owen

Dr Elin Walker Jones

Sian Williams

Sian Elen Tomos

A word from the Chief Executive

The lockdown period began around a week before the

end of our financial year. When working from Face to

face contact with partners and young people has been

reduced due to most staff having to work from home but

everyone adapted and managed to provide a very

efficient Service for Young people. Everyone came

together to ensure that the quality of our service was

not impaired. The Welsh government’s guidance was

followed to ensure the safety of staff and young people

throughout the period.

We focused on staff’s health and well-being in 2019.

GISDA’s Management Board took an active role in leading the

company and their presence was prominent in our team days and

business planning days. GISDA will have been providing services for

35 years in 2020 and we are extremely pleased that we continue to be able to support our

most vulnerable young people and play our part in enabling them to secure a better future

for them. Our priority today is to try to provide a home and support for homeless and

vulnerable young people and to enable them to feel confident to move on to live as

independent citizens. We continue to do this by working closely and in partnership with the

Local Authority namely Gwynedd Council, Betsi CADWALADR Health Board, Mantell

Gwynedd and Local housing associations. We also work with a range of social enterprises

and local charities all sharing similar values and vision. As you will see from our statistics

the demand for our service continues to increase and we therefore hope to focus on

ensuring that our resources are maximized for the benefit of young people during the

coming. We would like to acknowledge and thank our funders for their faith and support in

us during the year. We are pleased that we are meeting their needs as commissioners and

hope that we can continue to work together over the coming years.

The greatest thanks are to the staff. We are extremely fortunate and grateful for our highly

committed and hardworking staff who always go the extra mile for the benefit of the young

people. GISDA would not exist without our staff so a heartfelt thanks to them for their hard

work. The young people have also been a pleasure to support and I would like to thank and

pay a special tribute to them for the way in which they have adapted and accepted the new

way of supporting them digitally during the lockdown. They have cooperated and been

extremely patient with a number of changes. We are of course concerned about the

economic impact of the virus on the future of our young people and will make every effort

to do all that is possible to minimise this impact on them. This is why GISDA’s Management

Board has supported the Opportunities Academy Project to focus on offering and providing

new opportunities for young people whether volunteering, work experiences or job search

skills. We are confident in working with young people and our partners that we can reduce

impact and make a difference.

Finally, I would like to thank the management team and GISDA’s Management board for

their time, hard work, support and enthusiasm throughout the year. Team-working is

critical to the success of any company and I am extremely proud of all those who play their

vital role in the smooth running of GISDA.

I very much look forward to working with you during this year.


young people

recieved support

throughout the


However, my

life has

improved a

lot and GISDA

helped me to

reach my full

capabilities and

supported me to

become the best

version of


GISDA Annual Report 4

I’m always

thankful to the staff

in GISDA for the

support i received.

I now live

independently in a

one bedroom flat and

looking forward to

the future.

Gisda has helped me

overcome obstacles that I didn’t

think i’d be able to overcome by

helping me with my anger and

drug problem. Helping me to

see that there’s always another

way, helping me reconnect with

my mum as we had a terrible

relationship and now I don’t

because of Gisda’s help. I was

no longer homeless and could

see a better future. Thanks to

GIsda all this was possible.

GISDA Anual Report 5

59 172

young people


support from

the project

throughout the


Cefnogi Pobl

The supporting people project provides support for young people who are at risk of

homelessness or are homeless. This is the largest of GISDA projects and provides

support to 62 young people thought out Gwynedd at any one time Within the team there

are key workers, support workers and sleep in workers who provide therapeutic and

intensive support to young people.

We currently offer accommodation in...

Caernarfon, Y Felinheli, Llanrug, Blaenau Ffestiniog, Dolgellau

31 beds - 26 single units - 5 family houses

All of our staff provides a person-centred tailored support package for each individual,

which is delivered though our own therapeutic model of support (model FI). We hope this

support will help each individual gain an understanding of their rights and

responsibilities which will support them with independence which meets their needs

and develops their strengths to continue into adult life.



Referral to the project

means that 115 young people in Gwynedd were

homeless or at risk of becoming homeless and needed

support throughout the year.

GISDA Annual Report 6

Needs at referral point:


in unsuitable



were “sofa



sleeping on

the street


not in education

or employment


had mental

health needs



of young people in

our temporary

hostels and flats

moved on to suitable


moved on to:

move on flats

Private tenancy

Housing association tenancy

Shared housing

Back to the family home






Drop in service

We also offer a number of different services ar part of this project like

the drop in service that offers support and guidance to individuals on

the below matters:

• Housing advice & Signposting

• Benefit advice & Form filling

• Debt advice & Signposting

• Grant applications

• Supporting letters

• Communicating and Corresponding

• Work & Volunteering



used the drop

in service

GISDA Annual Report 7

Homeless Prevention

This project that is funded by the Welsh Government supports young

people who are at a high risk of becoming homeless.

We support these young people to maintain their tenancy or look for a

new tenancy and holding mediation sessions with families that can

sometimes enable young people to return or stay home. The

worker also refers the young people to other services that

could be more suited to their needs. We work very

closely with Gwynedd Council’s homeless

department to support those who are at high

risk and also those who have found themselves


The type of support provided:

Income, money and budgeting

Housing - affordable

Rights and advocacy

Health and wellbeing


young people were identified as being at risk of becoming homeless

therefore recieved support from the project.

49 were single people - 14 were young families


56% 37%

75% were

prevented from

becoming homeless

GISDA Annual Report 8

56% recieved

support to move into

new accommodation

37% moved on to

training, education or


Awareness workshops

GISDA was commissioned by Gwynedd Youth Services to improve understanding and

raising awareness on accommodation issues, housing and homelessness amongst

young People. We achieved this by:

Visiting a number of schools, colleges, youth clubs and local clubs across

Gwynedd to provide a homelessness workshop.

Holding drop in sessions where young people can drop in for advice or

information on various issues such as homelessness, housing, budgeting,

benefits, access to services and so on.

Social media campaign. Because of the tight time frame to complete the

project we saw that this method could reach a lot of young people fast and





we reached


young people!


drop in sessions

Our articles appeared on 11 news outlets for local and regional

audiences. We had 233,188 impressions on Snapchat and

130,868 impressons from 13 to 25 years olds on Facebook and Instagram.

GISDA Annual Report 9

LGBTQ+ Project

The LGBTQ+ club has been running every other Monday night in Caffi

Gisda, Caernarfon. It has proved to be very popular and successful and

there is now over 80 young people members of the club. At the

moment the club offers a platform for young people to socialise in

a safe space. Ideally, we need more resources to be able to provide

support and advice where needed. We will continue to provide the best

service possible even with the lack of resources. We would like to thank all of

our committed volunteers that give their time voluntary to run the club.

We will continue to try and attract more money and grants to strengthen

our provisions.

We have seen a high increase of young people becoming homeless because of their

sexuality and tensions in the home .We believe strongly in GISDA that every young

person has the right to feel comfortable and happy without having to face any

oppression or discrimination because of their sexuality within our community and we

will continue to work on this.


noted that the club is essential or very important to them

The club

has stabled my

mental health


and made me

gain a lot more


GISDA Annual Report 10

Being able to

be myself in front

of everyone has

helped, also

knowing I have

people around me

that care is very

important to me.”

Leaving Care Project

This project is funded by Social Services, Cyngor Gwynedd. The

project offer support to individuals between 16 and 25 years old

that has been under the care of the local authority where there is

a responsibility to support them as they leave their care placement. We

employ a senior therapeutic personal advisor, a therapeutic personal advisor

and a part time education and employment officer. The personal advisors offer support,

advice and guidance to prepare the young people on their journey to becoming independent

adults. Every young person receives a pathway plan that focuses on:

Accommodation, education, training, . health, family, social relationships and their rights.

The education and employment officer work with these individuals that have left care to

support them in addition to the personal advisor to try and keep them engaged in any

work, college or training.


young people were supported


• Access to accommodation that

is available and affordable

• High rent and deposit

• Suitable move on houses


• Paid work is seasonal and

short term contracts

• Difficult for young people to

stay engaged in work when

they have complex needs


• Individuals experience mental

health difficulties

• Young people experiencing low

confidence and self esteem


• Individuals find it difficult to

accept help

• Difficult to get access to some

help - services are stretched

“You answer fast and always put in 110% no matter what the

circumstances are. You’re reliable and as a care leaver I

know that I can always message and trust you will help.”



Adroddiad Blynyddol GISDA 11

Young Parents

This project is funded by Children in Need and it supports young parents

that are 18 years old or less. It offers intensive 1:1 support to young parents

to create healthy relationships, become part of the community, keeping and

maintaining a tenancy, budgeting, raising confidence and more!


40% 70%

young parents

have recieved


40% were

referred by health


70% were NEET

(Not in education,

employment, training)

Manon’s* Story - the type of support offered

Manon came to GISDA for support as she fell pregnant and there was no room for

her in the family house. The fact that she became pregnant at a young age also

caused the relationship with her mother to breakdown. Because of constant

arguments and lack of space Manon had to sofa surf between her family home, the

baby’s father’s home and her aunt’s home which also caused arguments. Manon was

referred to the Young Parents project and to start with the worker would meet with

her on a regular basis to create a relationship by usually going for walks or meeting

up in cafes. It was decided that they would put Manon’s name down on the housing

list, to provide regular support and to also try and work on her

relationship with her mother.

Manon was successful in receiving a house just before the baby was born. They

tried for grants to get furniture for the house and she was awarded with new

carpets and white goods which was a huge help! The worker

took Manon to baby groups to raise her confidence as she said

she felt intimidated to go due to her age. We also worked with

Manon on setting up her bills, budgeting, cooking and even looking

at options to return to college when her baby was older. Through

working very closely with Manon we saw that her confidence grew

and the bond with the baby was great along with the relationship

with her mother and the rest of the family had improved.

Due to this intense support Manon had her own house, the skills needed to live independently

and raise her son and more importantly she had a network of

support and help when she needed it from her family!

*Name changed

GISDA Annual Report 12

Adroddiad Blynyddol GISDA 13


CAFFI GISDA is a training centre and a community café. Our aim is to work

with young people to develop new skills, raise confidence and offer training

in catering to enable the individual to move on to employment or further education.

The staff have supported 27 volunteers over the year. The volunteers learn a variety of

skills including serving food, cooking, using a till, customer service and more! We are

incredibly grateful to all of our loyal and regular customers for their willingness to be

patient at times when young people are learning new skills. It has been a busy year with

a new menu, a high demand for buffets and we took part in Caernarfon’s food festival.

In the next year the café will focus more on the training side and we hope to strengthen

this support.


We provide experiences and training for young people but

also volunteering opportunities for people of all ages!

The Volunteer Coordinator is funded by the CIST grant by

Cyngor Gwynedd and Gwirfoddoli Cymru, WCVA.







4008 hours volunteered! GISDA Annual Report 13

Living Well

Living Well is a maintenance project that is

funded by the Nationwide Bank. The aim of the

project is to teach gardening and DIY skills to

young people to enable them to live

independently. The project worker had

experience and the qualifications in building

work and he had an interest in DIY and

recycling furniture.

Some examples of workshops included;

Painting, changing a bulb,

putting up frames, building benches

and boxes using wood skills, gardening,

creating homemade decorations

and more!

Unfortunately the project came to an end in

September 2019 but many young people benefited

from it and learnt skills that will be with them

for the rest of their lives. We hope to find a grant to

set up a similar project again.


EMPYRE is an exiting project that is funded by the European Social

Fund through the popular scheme called Erasmus+. GISDA is one of

8 partners from 4 countries. One university from each country which

are Poland, Wales, Finland and Austria pair up with a charity from

youth work in their country to study and learn from different youth

practices accross Europe.

Towards the end the aim is to evaluate all the practices and

choose one that gives the best results to young people. We

will create and E-learning module to share with

others at the end. GISDA and Bangor University

presented out findings in Poland this year and our

LGBTQ+ project was chosen to be researched further.

It is a pleasure to be part of a project like this where

we can learn from others but also contribute to the future

development of youth and social work.

GISDA Annual Report 14

Adroddiad Blynyddol GISDA 15

Staff Wellbeing

We value the hard work that our staff does every day and we understand that at times

it can be challenging. As a company we decided to invest in our staff’s wellbeing to

give something back, to bring everyone together, to raise spirit and to have fun!

The staff has had opportunity to take part in different activities and throughout the

year we have had a team day with a chance to kayak, paddle board, play golf and have

a nice lunch on the beach, they have had a yoga taster session, took part in the Slate

Trail walks, biking and more! Our wellbeing plan includes:


working e.e.




sessions for

front line staff

Team days and



absences policy

Staff wellbeing will continue to be a priority in 2020-2021

especially after the lockdown period. We have received

a small grant from the Lottery Fund to hold fitness and

wellbeing sessions to bring the company together after

this difficult period.

GISDA Annual Report 15

GISDA Summary Accounts

Year ending March 31 2020

Independent auditor’s statement to the trustees of GISDA

We have audited the financial statements (including income and expenditure accounts) of GISDA

Cyfyngedig for the year ending 31st of March 2020.

Respective responsibilities of trustees and auditors

The trustees are responsible for preparing the summarised financial statements in

accordance with applicable United Kingdom law and the recommendations of the

charities SORP. Our responsibility is to report to you our opinion on the consistency of the

summarised financial statement with the full financial statements and Trustees’ Annual

Report. We also read the other informationcontained in the summarised annual report and

consider the implications for our report if we become aware of any apparent misstatements

or material inconsistencies with the summarised financial statements. We conducted our

work in accordance with Bulletin 2008/3 issued by the Auditing Practices Board. Our

report on the company’s full annual financial statements describes the basis of our opinion

on those financial statements and on the Trustees’ Report.

Statement of financial activities (including income and expenditure

account) for the year ended 31 March 2019


Voluntary Income

Donations and grants

2020 2019




Grants, rental agreements etc

Profits on disposal of fixed assets

Bank interest

Other income



Charitable activities



Funds at 1st of April 2019

Funds at 31st of March 2020

GISDA Annual Report 16



















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