2007 Annual Report

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<strong>2007</strong> <strong>Annual</strong> <strong>Report</strong><br />

A Groundbreaking Year<br />


ground • break • ing (ground’bra’king)<br />

> the act or ceremony of breaking ground for a new construction project > markedly<br />

innovative > originating or pioneering a new endeavor, field of inquiry, or the like<br />

> being or producing something like nothing done or experienced or created before<br />

02 A Letter from David Van Andel, Chairman & CEO<br />

04 VAI Breaks Ground on Phase II<br />

Van Andel Research Institute<br />

06 A Letter from George Vande Woude, VARI Director<br />

08 VARI <strong>2007</strong> Lab Highlights<br />

12 Dr. Eric Xu Receives Third R01 Grant<br />

14 Haab Invention Speeds Research and Saves Resources<br />

16 Behind the Scenes<br />

18 Training Programs<br />

20 Grants Awarded to VARI Researchers - <strong>2007</strong><br />

22 Daniel Nathans Memorial Award<br />

23 Han-Mo Koo Seminar Series<br />

24 Collaborations<br />

26 Labs & Investigators and Core Services<br />

Van Andel Education Institute<br />

28 A Letter from Gordon Van Harn, VAEI Director<br />

30 VAI Graduate School Convocation Commemorates Inaugural School Year<br />

32 Highlighting and Supporting Undergraduate Research<br />

33 Internal Medicine Research Residency Program<br />

34 New Programs at Science Academy<br />

Philanthropy & Development<br />

38 A Letter from Joe Gavan, Vice President, Communications & Development<br />

40 Hope on the Hill Donor Recognition<br />

46 VAI Board & Council Members<br />

48 Celebration of Hope<br />

Van Andel Institute

VAI Phase II

VAI Phase<br />

I<br />

www.vai.org<br />


A Letter from David Van Andel<br />

Van Andel Institute Chairman & CEO<br />

The year <strong>2007</strong> was literally a groundbreaking one at<br />

Van Andel Institute (VAI). On April 12, despite the<br />

incursions of an unusual spring snowstorm, we broke<br />

ground on Phase II, a $170 million, 240,000 square-foot, eightstory<br />

building expansion that will significantly increase the<br />

Institute’s capacity to impact human health through basic and<br />

translational research.<br />

The constant activity of cranes and the significant community<br />

investment in the life sciences on Grand Rapids’ Medical Mile<br />

have not gone unnoticed by the national media. In July, the New<br />

York Times published a front-page story in its business section<br />

entitled “Grand Rapids Lays Foundations for a Health Mecca,”<br />

which highlighted the region’s philanthropic efforts and detailed<br />

the private investment that has spurred the development of the<br />

life sciences in West Michigan. We are proud to be recognized<br />

for our crucial role as the anchor of the life sciences industry in<br />

West Michigan.<br />

Both Van Andel Institute and West Michigan are attracting<br />

national and international attention for their expanded role in the<br />

Our Mission: Through biomedical research and<br />

science education, Van Andel Institute is committed to improving<br />

the health and enhancing the lives of generations to come.<br />

Van Andel Institute

life sciences, and this is also evidenced by our growing number of<br />

collaborative efforts with business, academia, clinical partners and<br />

other researchers throughout the world.<br />

In January, we signed an agreement with the National Cancer<br />

Centre of Singapore forming the NCCS-VARI Translational Research<br />

Program in Singapore. The three-year, $1.2 million program is funded<br />

by the government of Singapore, and operates under the direction<br />

of VARI Distinguished Investigator Bin Tean Teh, M.D., Ph.D. The<br />

program focuses on the biology<br />

behind varying drug responses in<br />

Asian versus non-Asian patients with<br />

specific types of cancers.<br />

In March, we announced the creation<br />

of the Center for Molecular Medicine<br />

(CMM) in partnership with Spectrum<br />

Health. The $6 million joint venture<br />

offers molecular technologies for<br />

investigation of complex diseases like<br />

cancer and heart disease at the DNA,<br />

RNA and protein levels. The CMM<br />

combines Spectrum Health’s clinical,<br />

laboratory and research resources,<br />

and VAI’s research expertise with<br />

the latest in molecular biological<br />

technology.<br />

Keeping ever in mind our dual<br />

mission as both a research and<br />

education institute, <strong>2007</strong> was also a watershed year for Van Andel<br />

Education Institute, which saw the culmination of several years’ work<br />

in some significant milestones and achievements, most notably as<br />

the Van Andel Institute Graduate School welcomed its first three<br />

Ph.D. candidates in cell and molecular biology in a convocation held<br />

on August 20, <strong>2007</strong>.<br />

The NCCS-VARI program ribbon cutting in Singapore (l to r): David<br />

Van Andel, George Vande Woude, Bin Tean Teh, and Khee Chee Soo<br />

Underlying all of our efforts on both the research and education<br />

side is the quest to fulfill our mission to improve the health and<br />

enhance the lives of generations to come. Perhaps no other<br />

achievement of the past year fulfills the definition of that mission<br />

quite as well as the success of the Institute’s Compassionate Care<br />

Protocol. A groundbreaking study in personalized molecular<br />

medicine undertaken with several clinical partners, this protocol<br />

utilizes a highly advanced database and set of analytical tools<br />

developed in Van Andel Research Institute’s labs to profile a<br />

patient’s tumor and integrate that<br />

information with the individual’s<br />

genetic profile to develop the<br />

therapy most likely to be effective.<br />

The study continues in 2008 with<br />

the hope of enrolling up to 200<br />

local cancer patients. We are<br />

excited by the possibilities of the<br />

coming year.<br />

We are a relatively young facility,<br />

but we’ve made remarkable<br />

progress in the eight short years<br />

since we opened our doors.<br />

<strong>2007</strong> was a year of significant<br />

achievement and we look ahead<br />

with the expectation that our<br />

growing number of partnerships,<br />

international recognition, an<br />

expanded facility and the hard work<br />

and passion of our researchers,<br />

educators and staff will allow us to continue to make those lifechanging<br />

discoveries.<br />

David Van Andel<br />

Chairman and CEO, Van Andel Institute<br />

VAI Chairman<br />

and CEO<br />

www.vai.org<br />


Van Andel Institute

VAI Breaks Ground on Phase II—<br />

Project Scheduled for Completion Late 2009<br />

Van Andel Institute (VAI) broke ground April 12, <strong>2007</strong>, on<br />

its $170 million, 241,000 square-foot, eight-story Phase<br />

II building expansion. When operating at capacity, the<br />

expansion will augment the existing 162,000 square-foot facility<br />

to support a $125 million annual research<br />

operation employing 800 researchers and<br />

administrative staff, providing approximately<br />

500 additional jobs. The project is scheduled<br />

for completion in late 2009.<br />

“Phase II is a continuation of our vision to have<br />

an impact locally on education, regionally<br />

on the economy and internationally on life<br />

sciences,” said Van Andel Institute Chairman<br />

& CEO David Van Andel, who first announced<br />

the expansion in 2005, in celebration of the<br />

Institute’s fifth anniversary.<br />

Following an outdoor groundbreaking<br />

ceremony, Van Andel unveiled the interior<br />

design details of Phase II during an indoor<br />

presentation. The interior design will<br />

display elements that reflect the diversity of the Institute’s staff,<br />

which represents 17 different nations. The design also includes<br />

laboratories with a skylight roof over the laboratory space, which<br />

offers the highest quality environment for scientific research.<br />

In support of the expansion, local Michigan legislators presented<br />

David Van Andel with a resolution of tribute from the Michigan<br />

Legislature. Congressman Vernon J. Ehlers, R-Grand Rapids, spoke<br />

on the impact that VAI has had on the developing life science<br />

industry in Michigan.<br />

“Grand Rapids is rapidly becoming a center for<br />

medical research.” —Congressman Vernon J.<br />

Ehlers, R-Grand Rapids<br />

“Grand Rapids is rapidly becoming a center for medical research, in large<br />

part because of the research efforts at the Van Andel Institute,” Ehlers<br />

said. “Thanks to the Phase II expansion, both our area and our nation will<br />

continue to benefit from groundbreaking discoveries at the Van Andel<br />

Institute, and our area will also experience<br />

economic benefits.”<br />

Designed by architect Rafael Viñoly, Phase II<br />

completes the promise of the physical facility<br />

planned in 1996. The expansion provides space<br />

for administrative offices and will nearly triple<br />

the Institute’s laboratory space, allowing VAI<br />

to broaden its research focus to include other<br />

neurological disorders and chronic illnesses,<br />

specifically through a new lab dedicated to<br />

Parkinson disease research. The expansion<br />

significantly increases the Institute’s capacity<br />

to impact human health through basic and<br />

translational cancer research, and provides an<br />

expanded avenue for commercialization efforts<br />

that complement that research.<br />

The new facility, which will be LEED certified in support of the Institute’s<br />

commitment to the environment, will also house the new Van Andel<br />

Institute Graduate School, which matriculated its first students in August<br />

<strong>2007</strong>. Space will also be utilized by students of the new regional medical<br />

school, Michigan State University’s College of Human Medicine, which<br />

is currently under construction on an adjacent location.<br />

Opposite page (clockwise from top): David Van Andel drives bulldozer at<br />

groundbreaking; panels representing Phase II interior design; rendering of<br />

lobby facing west; poster at groundbreaking<br />

VAI Phase<br />

II Groundbreaking<br />

www.vai.org<br />


A Letter from George Vande Woude, Ph.D.<br />

Van Andel Research Institute Director<br />

Van Andel Institute’s Phase II building expansion is underway and exciting<br />

for many reasons, but most importantly, the expansion will provide more<br />

research labs to continue to expand our research footprint in Grand Rapids,<br />

Michigan, the United States and the world. In this report, you’ll read about the research<br />

already taking place today at the Van Andel Research Institute (VARI) labs and about<br />

some of the accomplishments in <strong>2007</strong>. Every day, we increase our understanding of<br />

the complex activity and interaction of molecules and metabolites at work in the cells<br />

that make up our bodies, what goes wrong in the case of disease, and how we can<br />

use our knowledge to help patients.<br />

Our research would not be possible without funding, and the success we have had<br />

in the tight competition for grant funding is an important measure of the quality of<br />

our research. In <strong>2007</strong>, our researchers received several prestigious R01 grants from<br />

the National Institutes of Health (NIH); Dr. Steve Treizenberg received a three-year<br />

R01 award, Dr. Bart Williams received a five-year R01 award, and Dr. Eric Xu received<br />

a four-year R01. It is important to note that Dr. Xu now has three active R01 grants.<br />

Dr. Kate Eisenmann, Dr. Carrie Graveel, and Dr. Jim Resau received grants from the<br />

Department of Defense (DOD) Breast Cancer Research Program; out of more than<br />

1200 proposals reviewed, only 87 projects were recommended for funding. Dr.<br />

Eisenmann, Laura Lamb, and Dr. Cindy Miranti also received grants from the DOD<br />

Prostate and Ovarian Cancer Program.<br />

Our many collaborative scientific projects now span the globe and are another<br />

measure of our success as we establish tight links with scientists and research<br />

Van Andel Research Institute<br />

conducts basic and translational research into the genetic and molecular origins of cancer,<br />

Parkinson disease, and other threats to human health, working to translate discoveries into<br />

therapies that will one day conquer illness and enhance lives.<br />

Van Andel Research Institute

programs around the world. We are pleased to announce the formation<br />

of VARI International, headed by Dr. Bin Tean Teh. VARI International was<br />

formed to organize and formalize the Institute’s international opportunities.<br />

Currently, two laboratories with foreign host institutes are in operation. New<br />

in <strong>2007</strong> was the formation of the National Cancer<br />

Centre of Singapore (NCCS)–VARI Translational<br />

Research Laboratory (headed by Dr. Teh). The<br />

NCCS–VARI laboratory is focusing on translational<br />

research on cancers that are prevalent in Asian<br />

countries. The Nanjing Medical University (NMU)–<br />

VARI Antibody Technology Laboratory (headed<br />

by Dr. Brian Cao), established in 2005, continues<br />

its work in the development of a variety of murine<br />

and human monoclonal antibodies and antibody<br />

fragments for potential clinical diagnostic and<br />

therapeutic applications.<br />

Cancer Immunodiagnostics. Dr. Haab was promoted to Senior Scientific<br />

Investigator in August, and elected to a three-year term on the Board of<br />

Directors of the U.S. Human Proteome Organization.<br />

Finally, in the fall we presented the Daniel<br />

Nathans Memorial Award to Harald zur Hausen<br />

and Douglas R. Lowy. Dr. zur Hausen’s lab<br />

identified infection by papillomavirus as the<br />

main cause of cervical cancer, and Dr. Lowy’s<br />

studies were instrumental in developing a<br />

new way to prepare vaccines that prevent<br />

infection by the virus. The importance of this<br />

work in terms of improving human health<br />

worldwide is obvious, and we are pleased<br />

to have these distinguished researchers join<br />

the list of Nathans Award recipients.<br />

The Program of Translational Medicine under the<br />

direction of Dr. Craig Webb has established the<br />

essential infrastructure and partnerships that allow<br />

VARI to collaborate with other institutions that will engage in exploiting<br />

our cutting edge biomarker-driven clinical research. In <strong>2007</strong>, this led to<br />

the development of a specific, personalized medicine protocol, in which<br />

genomic technologies are being used in conjunction with the powerful<br />

biomarker software package developed by Dr. Webb and colleagues to<br />

identify drug combinations to target the cancer proteins in tumors from<br />

late stage cancer patients.<br />

Congratulations go out to Dr. Brian Haab, who heads the Laboratory of<br />

Research at VARI has implications for many different diseases, including:<br />

Clearly, we have much to be proud of<br />

and have cemented Van Andel Institute’s<br />

reputation in the international research<br />

community since we opened our doors in 2000. When we open the<br />

doors to Phase II at the end of 2009, we anticipate having an even<br />

greater impact.<br />

George Vande Woude, Ph.D.<br />

Van Andel Research Institute Director<br />

VARI Director<br />

www.vai.org<br />


VARI <strong>2007</strong> Lab Highlights<br />

VARI researchers had numerous findings published<br />

in scientific journals in <strong>2007</strong>; an overview of some<br />

of the highlights is presented on the following<br />

pages. As you can see, we continue to gain insight into the<br />

inner workings of cells and what happens in disease, which<br />

has an impact on diagnosis, treatment, and ultimately the<br />

lives of patients.<br />

* Primary labs and journals are listed in parentheses.<br />

MET: Colon Cancer, Diagnosis, Drug Potential<br />

>> The amount of MET protein in normal tissue, benign growths, and<br />

tumors from the colon is similar, but different in varying tumor grades.<br />

This suggests that other factors triggered by MET in the cell may have<br />

a larger role in colon cancer development than MET itself. (Resau Lab<br />

- International Journal of Oncology)<br />

>> A peptide called Met-pep1 specifically interacts with Met proteins;<br />

this peptide could be used to diagnose tumors with high Met levels<br />

essentially by “tagging” Met in cells. (Cao Lab - Clinical Cancer<br />

Research)<br />

>> Mutated NK1 protein binds to cell receptors that Met protein<br />

normally attaches to, essentially blocking Met without producing<br />

its own effect in the cell. This finding could be important to the<br />

development of anti-Met cancer drugs. (Xu Lab - Proceedings of the<br />

National Academy of Sciences U.S.A.)<br />

- - VARI Director Dr. George Vande Woude discovered and<br />

characterized the MET gene, which results in the MET protein<br />

that is found in higher than normal levels in many types of<br />

cancer. MET has become a leading anti-cancer drug target.<br />

>><br />

The Drf1 gene may play a role in myeloproliferative<br />

disease (MPD) and myelodysplastic syndrome (MDS).<br />

(Alberts Lab - Cancer Research and the Journal of Biological<br />

Chemistry)<br />

“Ultimately, our goal is to establish and use<br />

genetic models of MDS and MPD to test,<br />

evaluate, and improve upon current therapies for<br />

the disease.”<br />

—Art Alberts, Ph.D., Senior Scientific Investigator<br />

Van Andel Research Institute

Important Genes and Proteins in Cancer:<br />

Beta-Catenin, Myc, MIG-6<br />

>> Prostate cells lacking the gene Apc multiply to form tumors<br />

and contain high levels of beta-catenin protein, suggesting that<br />

beta-catenin may play a role in prostate cancer development.<br />

(Williams Lab - Cancer Research)<br />

>> Myc protein is activated through a series of signals in the cell<br />

and associated with the aggressiveness of papillary type 2 renal<br />

cell carcinoma (RCC); blocking this signaling pathway at some<br />

point is a potential avenue for therapy. (Furge and Teh Labs -<br />

Cancer Research)<br />

>><br />

A new method to identify alterations of carbohydrates<br />

on certain proteins in disease may be used as a means<br />

to detect or diagnose pancreatic cancer. (Haab Lab -<br />

Nature Methods)<br />

“The application of this method could lead to the<br />

discovery and characterization of carbohydrate<br />

structures that are instrumental in the pathology of<br />

cancer and other diseases. This is a first and important<br />

step in better diagnosis and treatment.”<br />

—Brian Haab, Ph.D., Senior Scientific Investigator<br />

>> Mutations in a potential tumor-suppressor gene, MIG-6, may be<br />

associated with lung cancer. (Vande Woude Labs - Oncogene)<br />

- - A tumor suppressor gene naturally helps to inhibit cancer<br />

in some way.<br />

Anthrax Insights and Use as Cancer Treatment<br />

>> The LRP6 protein, previously believed to mediate anthrax<br />

toxin’s entry into cells and thus its lethal effect, is not needed in<br />

this process. (Duesbery Lab - PLoS Pathogens)<br />

>> Treating Kaposi’s sarcoma, which is characterized by<br />

abnormally dense blood vessels, with anthrax lethal toxin results<br />

in reduced tumor growth most likely related to reduced blood<br />

vessel density. This suggests that lethal toxin or similar molecules<br />

could be used to treat Kaposi’s sarcoma. (Duesbery Lab - Clinical<br />

Cancer Research)<br />

- - Anthrax lethal toxin is a combination of two components<br />

of the toxin released by the bacteria that cause anthrax. On<br />

their own, each of these proteins that make up anthrax toxin<br />

is harmless, but when all three are combined, they can be<br />

deadly.<br />

VARI Lab<br />

Highlights <strong>2007</strong><br />

www.vai.org<br />


Chromosome Changes =<br />

Changes in Tumor Type<br />

>> Changes in the chromosomal content (e.g., number of<br />

copies of each chromosome) of tumor cells occur when the<br />

cell switches from a type that simply multiplies to one that<br />

aggressively spreads. (Vande Woude Lab - Proceedings of the<br />

National Academy of Sciences U.S.A.)<br />

Insights into Cell Movement<br />

>> The “skeletons” of cells change to facilitate several different<br />

processes. The dynamics of these structures, controlled by the<br />

protein mDia2, contribute to the movement of vesicles (storage and<br />

transportation vehicles) within the cell. (Alberts Lab - Experimental<br />

Cell Research)<br />

>><br />

While prostate cancer cells need the enzyme PI-3K to<br />

survive, normal prostate cells do not. (Miranti Lab -<br />

Molecular Biology of the Cell)<br />

“Our study confirms the therapeutic potential;<br />

PI-3K is important because we now know that<br />

therapeutics that target this enzyme could kill<br />

tumor cells without having a negative effect on<br />

normal cells.”<br />

—Cindy Miranti, Ph.D., Scientific Investigator<br />

>> Naturally occurring cellular protein DIP can trigger<br />

“blebbing” – cell bubbling that has recently been linked to<br />

the development of secondary tumors away from the primary<br />

cancer site. (Alberts Lab - Current Biology)<br />

“We now have a mechanism that we can target with<br />

drugs aimed at interfering with cancer metastasis;<br />

currently, no anti-cancer therapies block this critical<br />

step in the malignancy process.”<br />

—Art Alberts, Ph.D., Senior Scientific Investigator<br />

Diagnostic Discoveries<br />

>> A potential biomarker for prostate cancer could help avoid<br />

unnecessary biopsies: thrombospondin-1. Higher levels of this<br />

protein are found in patients with benign prostatic disease; the<br />

opposite is true for patients with prostate cancer. (Haab Lab - The<br />

Prostate)<br />

Van Andel Research Institute

Two different categories of blood vessels in clear cell renal cell<br />

carcinoma (CCRCC) tumors correlate with contrasting prognoses;<br />

more of one vessel type is associated with higher tumor grades<br />

and shorter patient survival, while more of the other vessel type<br />

correlates with lower tumor grades and longer survival. This<br />

information could be used to help diagnose and even determine<br />

optimal treatment for patients based on what type of blood vessels<br />

their tumors have. (Teh Lab - Clinical Cancer Research)<br />

- - Tumors need access to blood vessels for nutrients and<br />

other essentials to survive and grow.<br />

>> A new method to profile cancer biomarkers for intestinal<br />

tumors can help distinguish normal blood from that of genetic<br />

models predisposed to intestinal cancer based on the levels of<br />

as few as three markers, even when the predisposed models<br />

have no tumors yet. (Haab Lab - Molecular Oncology)<br />

- - A biomarker is something in the body that can be associated<br />

with disease to help predict, diagnose, or determine optimal<br />

treatment.<br />

>> A new strategy to screen for, identify, and validate proteins from<br />

tumors that trigger immune responses (tumor antigens) identified<br />

the protein human Kallikrein 11 as one such protein in prostate<br />

cancer and profiled its immune response. (Haab Lab - Proteomics<br />

– Clinical Applications)<br />

>><br />

“Switching off” the tumor suppressor gene Pten could<br />

increase bone density in osteoporosis patients and people<br />

with bone fractures, probably by allowing osteoblast cells<br />

to live longer and make more bone cells. (Williams Lab -<br />

Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences U.S.A.)<br />

VARI Lab<br />

Potential for Treatment<br />

>> The growth of tumor cells having high levels of epidermal<br />

growth factor receptor (EGFR) is slowed when treated with an<br />

anti-EGFR antibody that researchers developed and attached to<br />

the chemotherapeutic drug Taxol. This combination could have<br />

potential for clinical treatment of tumors having high levels of<br />

EGFR. (Cao Lab - Cancer Biology & Therapy)<br />

“We were discussing what could be involved<br />

in helping bone cells survive longer with our<br />

collaborations at the University of Alabama and our<br />

work suggested that Pten might be important. Now<br />

the trick is to turn off Pten only in bone-making<br />

osteoblasts without affecting other cells.”<br />

Highlights <strong>2007</strong><br />

—Bart WIlliams, Ph.D., Senior Scientific Investigator<br />

www.vai.org<br />


Van Andel Research Institute

Dr. Eric Xu Receives Third R01 Grant<br />

NIH Supports Cutting-Edge Structural Biology at VAI<br />

Eric Xu, Ph.D., has ambitious plans for himself, Van Andel<br />

Institute and for the life sciences industry in West Michigan.<br />

Xu heads VARI’s Laboratory of Structural Sciences, which studies the<br />

structures and functions of protein complexes that play major roles<br />

in signaling pathways in order to develop therapeutic agents for the<br />

treatment of diabetes and cancer.<br />

Part of that work includes generating crystal<br />

structures for analysis at one of the most<br />

advanced x-ray facilities in the world. As<br />

node director for the Michigan Life Sciences<br />

Corridor Core Technology Alliance (CTA) and<br />

the Michigan Center for Structural Biology<br />

(MCSB), one of the CTA’s ten core facilities, Xu<br />

makes frequent use of the Advanced Photon<br />

Source, a national synchrotron x-ray research<br />

facility at Argonne National Laboratory near<br />

Chicago that provides one of the brightest<br />

x-ray beams in the world.<br />

Xu and his team produce crystals for medically<br />

important protein targets that are subjected to intense x-ray radiation<br />

and subsequent data analysis to provide the three-dimensional<br />

information needed for structure-based design of new drugs.<br />

Xu is striving to establish his research group as one of the most<br />

cutting-edge research labs in structural biology in the world. The<br />

grant makers at the National Institutes of Health (NIH) support Xu’s<br />

endeavor. Since establishing the Laboratory of Structural Sciences<br />

at Van Andel Institute in 2002, Xu has received three prestigious<br />

R01 grants for three different research projects, an impressive<br />

accomplishment considering that the NIH confers an award on less<br />

Crystals generated by Xu Lab<br />

than 10% of all unsolicited R01 grant applications.<br />

Xu believes that Van Andel Institute and West Michigan are the right<br />

places for such a lab.<br />

“When I saw the commitment to the Institute from the Van Andel<br />

family, I saw a once in a lifetime opportunity<br />

for cutting edge structural biology,” said Xu.<br />

“There is tremendous support and commitment<br />

to support fundamental research, the results of<br />

which can be translated into new medicines for<br />

the treatment of human diseases.”<br />

After studying at Duke University and working<br />

in North Carolina’s Research Triangle Park,<br />

home to more than 200 research and discovery<br />

companies, Xu knows what it takes for a region<br />

to develop a national presence in the life<br />

sciences industry.<br />

“North Carolina 20 years ago was nothing like<br />

the West Michigan of today,” said Xu. “The<br />

Research Triangle Park was tobacco farms. We have a much greater<br />

head start than North Carolina had.”<br />

Xu believes that Grand Rapids’ manufacturing heritage, and industrial<br />

knowledge and infrastructure give the region a leg up among U.S.<br />

regions currently incubating their own life science corridors. He is<br />

also a firm believer in the entrepreneurial spirit of the region.<br />

“One success can make a huge difference,” said Xu. “And the<br />

entrepreneurial spirit of Grand Rapids will help in the translation<br />

process. I also hope to play a role in seeding that kind of effort.”<br />

VARI Eric<br />

Xu, Ph.D.<br />

www.vai.org<br />


Van Andel Research Institute

Haab Invention Speeds<br />

Research and Saves Resources<br />

VARI Senior Scientific<br />

Investigator Brian Haab,<br />

Ph.D., is the inventor of<br />

the SlideImprinter, a device<br />

that partitions laboratory slides<br />

in a way that has the potential to<br />

improve research efficiency and<br />

productivity. The Gel Company,<br />

which commercially developed the<br />

device, released the new product in<br />

May <strong>2007</strong>.<br />

Haab’s lab at Van Andel Institute,<br />

the Laboratory of Cancer<br />

Immunodiagnostics, has been<br />

using the prototype for over three<br />

years. “We didn’t originally intend<br />

to sell it,” said Haab. “But when we<br />

saw how well it worked, we realized<br />

this product had commercial<br />

potential.”<br />

Scientific researchers partition slides<br />

to test many samples at once. This<br />

process helps to speed up research<br />

and also saves resources.<br />

Haab invented the new slide partitioning method and device<br />

with assistance from David Kruithoff, an engineer now working<br />

at Lifeport, Inc., in Seattle. “I was looking at the commercially<br />

SlideImprinter (top) and imprinted slide (bottom)<br />

available options, and nothing really<br />

worked well,” Haab said. “I thought<br />

a stamp that imprints a hydrophobic<br />

border might be a good solution.”<br />

Kruithoff provided design insight and<br />

suggested using wax for the border<br />

material.<br />

The SlideImprinter, which is 6 x 6 x<br />

10 inches in size, imprints thin wax lines<br />

onto the surface of a slide. This process<br />

creates partitions that segregate the<br />

slide into several “wells.” Researchers<br />

can choose from four standard stamps<br />

or a custom design depending on how<br />

many wells they want to create. The<br />

device immerses the stamp in a wax<br />

bath, inserts a slide into a cartridge<br />

over the bath, and then lifts the stamp<br />

to meet the slide, imprinting wax<br />

lines. The wax lines are thin enough<br />

for the slide to be used in a microarray<br />

scanner and are inert to most chemical<br />

processes so they will not dissolve<br />

easily or interfere with experiments.<br />

Haab, who has shared information about the SlideImprinter with<br />

colleagues at several scientific meetings and seminars, said he has<br />

found strong interest in the device within the research community.<br />

VARI Brian<br />

Haab, Ph.D.<br />

www.vai.org<br />


Behind the Scenes<br />

Positions within Van Andel Research Institute run the gamut from research associates, scientists, and technicians to lab managers,<br />

investigators, and directors to specialized roles. These people work diligently to keep labs running smoothly and research moving<br />

forward. Here we highlight a few of the many who work “behind the scenes.”<br />

Angelique Berens<br />

Assistant Research Technician<br />

Works on Met research and helps to<br />

manage lab<br />

J.C. Goolsby<br />

Histotechnologist<br />

Works on receiving,<br />

processing, embedding<br />

and sectioning tissue<br />

Angelique Berens’ goal is to become an oncologist,<br />

maintaining an important role in cancer research and the<br />

development of new therapeutic options throughout her<br />

career. Berens is excited about a VAI collaboration with Tel Aviv<br />

University that has resulted in “genetic signatures” of Met<br />

levels in breast cancer that has shown strong correlation with<br />

prognosis of human breast cancer patients. “These signatures<br />

can be used for personalizing anti-Met therapy,” she said. “As<br />

a future physician, it is very rewarding to see the research I<br />

am involved in have clinical applications in the near future.”<br />

Berens is leaving VAI in 2008 to attend medical school for four<br />

years at Wayne State University’s School of Medicine.<br />

J.C. Goolsby was born and raised as a sharecropper in the tobacco<br />

fields of North Carolina. Starting at age seventeen, he served<br />

in the Navy for almost ten years. “Being the first of my family’s<br />

generation to obtain a college degree thanks to Dr. Jim Resau<br />

and VAI has raised my awareness of the importance of a college<br />

education,” said Goolsby, who started at VAI as the head of<br />

Housekeeping. Goolsby plans to complete his degree in Biology<br />

at Grand Valley State University and go to school to become a<br />

histologist.<br />

Van Andel Research Institute

Roberta Jones<br />

Director of Research Administration<br />

Coordinates all support functions for<br />

the research laboratories<br />

Sok Kean Khoo<br />

Associate Director of<br />

Laboratory of Germline<br />

Modification and<br />

Cytogenetics<br />

Roberta, or “Bobbie,” Jones worked at Walter Reed Army<br />

Medical Center from 1967-1970 during the Vietnam War<br />

and was struck by the many examples she witnessed of the<br />

resilience of the human body and spirit and the courage of<br />

patients in the face of painful treatments and rehabilitation.<br />

Jones has worked with VARI Director George Vande Woude,<br />

Ph.D., since 1983 when they were both working at the<br />

National Cancer Institute’s Frederick Cancer Research and<br />

Development Center in Maryland. She remembers when she<br />

first came to VAI: “I arrived in Grand Rapids when our building<br />

was still a hard-hat construction site. Watching the building rise<br />

and then become populated with highly motivated scientists<br />

who are truly making a difference has been very exciting. I feel<br />

very fortunate to have been a part of it.”<br />

Responsibilities include<br />

research, customer<br />

service, and training<br />

Sok Kean Khoo, a native of Malaysia who received her<br />

Ph.D. in Tokyo, was excited when she heard of a job<br />

opportunity at VAI. “I felt that America was doing some<br />

of the most advanced bioscience research,” she said.<br />

Khoo draws satisfaction from the fact that she is directly<br />

supporting translational research at VAI through her<br />

work. She encourages young people to pursue careers in<br />

science by describing her career to students in the local<br />

Junior Achievement program.<br />

VARI Behind<br />

the Scenes<br />

www.vai.org<br />


Training Programs<br />

Through VARI training programs, students learn what a career in science involves by working in the laboratory, and postdoctoral<br />

fellows gain critical work experience before moving on to laboratories of their own. All further VARI projects through their work<br />

conducted under the mentorship of VARI scientific investigators.<br />

Postdoctoral Fellowships<br />

Internships<br />

Scientists beginning their research<br />

careers after graduate school advance<br />

their knowledge and research<br />

experience as postdoctoral fellows,<br />

working on VARI projects under the<br />

mentorship of a scientific investigator.<br />

They also attend seminars, interact with<br />

graduate students studying at VARI,<br />

participate in outreach programs, and<br />

attend social events through the Office<br />

of Postdoctoral Fellows.<br />

College and university students work in<br />

VARI labs and help to define their career<br />

paths through internships, including<br />

those that are a part of the Frederik and<br />

Lena Meijer Student Internship Program.<br />

Through this program, students are<br />

mentored by professionals in their chosen<br />

research field during an intense 10-week<br />

experience.<br />

“I’ve never regretted choosing VARI over a fellowship<br />

at Harvard—the smaller size, top-of-the-line<br />

equipment and facilities, principal investigators that<br />

are accessible, energetic and passionate about their<br />

research, and the affordable, family-friendly location<br />

have all made for a great experience.”<br />

—Postdoctoral Fellow Jenn White, Ph.D.<br />

“You learn current research methods and<br />

technologies, but also how to design experiments<br />

and communicate results. There is great training<br />

on presentation skills and communicating and<br />

collaborating with other researchers.”<br />

—University of Michigan student Theresa Gipson<br />

Van Andel Research Institute

VAI-MSU Graduate<br />

Program<br />

Bridges to the<br />

Baccalaureate<br />

The VAI-MSU Graduate School<br />

Program allows students in one<br />

of five Michigan State University<br />

graduate programs to conduct<br />

one of their laboratory “rotations”<br />

at VARI and then complete their<br />

thesis project at the Institute if<br />

they choose. Program participants<br />

conduct research, have access<br />

to the latest technologies in the<br />

VARI core facilities, participate<br />

in VARI journal clubs, and attend<br />

seminars, lab meetings, retreats<br />

and conferences.<br />

“The open lab space and interaction between<br />

scientists has definitely been the best part. The<br />

whole glass roof thing also adds to my productivity;<br />

I love the sun. Some of us spend more time at the<br />

Institute than at home, and the great people, great<br />

facility, and great research makes us more willing<br />

to do that.”<br />

—Michigan State University student Sebla Kutluay<br />

The Bridges program provides<br />

support to minorities who are<br />

under-represented in medical<br />

research and who attend Grand<br />

Rapids Community College.<br />

Students are eligible to present<br />

their research findings at the<br />

NIH Minority Symposium held<br />

annually in the fall. Participants<br />

are helped to graduate to the<br />

baccalaureate level and are<br />

simultaneously dual-enrolled at Grand Valley State University.<br />

“The opportunity to work with many talented scientists<br />

and the research experience have proven to be the most<br />

rewarding experiences for me as a Bridges student.”<br />

—Grand Rapids Community College student Sergio Rodriguez<br />


The Grand Rapids Area Pre-College Engineering Program (GRAPCEP) is<br />

administered by Davenport University and jointly sponsored and funded by<br />

Schering Plough and VARI. The program provides high school students who<br />

plan to major in science or genetic engineering in college the opportunity to<br />

work in a research laboratory. Students learn research methods and workplace<br />

success skills such as teamwork and leadership.<br />

VARI Training<br />

Programs<br />

www.vai.org<br />


Grants Awarded to VARI Researchers - <strong>2007</strong><br />

One of the indicators of the quality and impact of the research conducted at Van Andel Institute is the success of our researchers in<br />

competing for grant funding. In <strong>2007</strong>, researchers were awarded highly competitive grants and renewals for grants from organizations such<br />

as the National Institutes of Health (NIH), the Department of Defense, the National Foundation of Cancer Research, the American Cancer<br />

Society, and the American Heart Association.<br />

Sponsor<br />

> MEDC/Department of Treasury<br />

> MEDC/21st Century Jobs Fund<br />

> NIH/National Heart, Lung & Blood Institute<br />

><br />

><br />

NIH/National Institute of Arthritis &<br />

Musculoskeletal & Skin Diseases - R01<br />

NIH/National Institute of Diabetes &<br />

Digestive & Kidney Diseases - R01<br />

NIH/National Institute of Allergy &<br />

Infectious Diseases<br />

NIH/National Institute of Diabetes &<br />

Digestive & Kidney Diseases - R01<br />

NIH/National Cancer Institute - R01<br />

+ Minority Trainee Supplement<br />

Gerber Foundation<br />

American Cancer Society<br />

American Cancer Society<br />

American Cancer Society<br />

> Department of Defense<br />

> Department of Defense<br />

> Department of Defense<br />

Project Title<br />

Creation of Good Manufacturing Practicies (GMP) Facility<br />

Development of an Innovative Clinical Research Alliance<br />

Structural and Functional Studies of Nuclear Receptor PPSRgamma<br />

Analyzing the Role of Wnt Signaling in Bone Development<br />

Stucture and Functions of Steroid Hormone Receptors<br />

Chromatin and Coactivators in HSV-1 Gene Regulation<br />

Structural Genomics of Orphan Nuclear Receptors<br />

MEK Signaling in Sarcoma Growth and Vascularization<br />

Gene Expression Profiling in Newborns with Congenital<br />

Chromosomal Abnormalities<br />

Diaphanous-Related Formins in Myelodysplasia<br />

Integrin and RTK Signaling and Crosstalk in Prostate Epithelial Cells<br />

Identifying Small Molecule Inhibitors of Cdc7 Kinase<br />

A Role for Formin-Mediated Cytoskeletal Regulation in the<br />

Mesenchymal-Amoeboid-Transition in Breast Cancer Development<br />

Met Signaling Promotes Mammary Stem Cell Proliferation<br />

Intravital Imaging of Developing Breast Cancer Lesion of Defined<br />

Genomic Profile in a Mouse<br />

FY <strong>2007</strong> Total<br />

$1,000,000<br />

$484,800<br />

$455,000<br />

$400,471<br />

$399,681<br />

$364,000<br />

$318,317<br />

$306,459<br />

$195,415<br />

$180,000<br />

$180,000<br />

$180,000<br />

$136,500<br />

$136,500<br />

$136,500<br />

Van Andel Research Institute

indicates new grants awarded in fiscal year <strong>2007</strong><br />

Sponsor<br />

Project Title<br />

FY <strong>2007</strong> Total<br />

><br />

Breast Cancer Research Foundation<br />

Novel Approach for Breast Molecular Imaging and Therapy using<br />

Met Tyrosine Kinase as a Target<br />

$125,000<br />

NIH/National Cancer Institute via<br />

University of Pittsburg - U01<br />

Multiplexed Serum Biomarkers for Pancreatic Cancer<br />

$90,065<br />

MEDC/MTTC via University of Michigan<br />

Proteomics Alliance for Cancer Research<br />

$82,896<br />

MEDC/MTTC via University of Michigan<br />

Proteomics Alliance for Cancer Research<br />

$68,790<br />

><br />

Genentech, Inc.<br />

Growth Curve of H1650, H1666, and SK-MES-1 in HGF/SF-SCID<br />

Mice Xenograft Study<br />

$59,502<br />

><br />

National Foundation of Cancer Research<br />

Guided Molecular Therapeutic Studies of Kidney Cancer<br />

$50,000<br />

NIH/National Institute of Child Health &<br />

Human Development via Michigan State<br />

University - T32<br />

Training Program in Perinatal Epidemiology<br />

$43,326<br />

><br />

><br />

><br />

><br />

NIH/National Cancer Insitute via<br />

University of Michigan - P50<br />

Spectrum Health<br />

VHL Family Alliance Fund for<br />

Cancer Research<br />

Knights Templar Eye Foundation<br />

NIH/National Cancer Insitute/SAIC-<br />

Frederick, Inc. via University of Michigan<br />

American Heart Association<br />

In-Vivo Imaging of Neoplasia<br />

P13K-m TOR Pathway Bioinformatics and Therapy in<br />

Colorectal Cancer<br />

Multigenic Process in VHL-Related and Sporadic Clear Cell Renal<br />

Cell Carcinoma (ccRCC): Characterization of a Novel VHL-Synergistic<br />

ccRCC-Related Gene in Chromosone 5q<br />

The Role of MAPK Signaling in Vascular Development in the Eye<br />

Proteomic Technologies Easter Research Resources Consortium<br />

Role of Transcriptional Coactivators in Herpes Simplex Virus<br />

Gene Expression<br />

$41,530<br />

$40,000<br />

$35,000<br />

$30,000<br />

$26,665<br />

$26,000<br />

VARI<strong>2007</strong> Grants<br />

><br />

McCarthy (J.P.) Fund/Community<br />

Foundation of Southeast Michigan<br />

Defective mDia1/DIAPH1 Expression in Myelodysplastic Syndromes<br />

$25,000<br />

><br />

Orthopaedic Research and Education<br />

Foundation<br />

Differential Growth and Metastasis of Human Osteosarcoma<br />

Xenografts in a Human HGF/SF Transgenic Mouse Model with Multi-<br />

Modality Imaging Assessment<br />

$20,000<br />

www.vai.org<br />


VAI Bestows Daniel Nathans<br />

Memorial Award on Leaders in HPV Research<br />

On September 13, Van Andel Institute presented its<br />

annual Daniel Nathans Memorial Award to two scientists<br />

instrumental in investigating human papillomavirus<br />

(HPV) and its links to cervical cancer. Harald zur Hausen, M.D.,<br />

whose laboratory identified infection by HPV as the main cause<br />

of cervical cancer, and Douglas R.<br />

Lowy, M.D., whose studies helped<br />

lead to highly successful vaccines<br />

that prevent infection by these<br />

viruses, received the award in a<br />

ceremony at the Institute.<br />

“The war on cancer began with<br />

a promise to develop antiviral<br />

vaccines that would prevent<br />

malignant disease,” said Van Andel<br />

Research Institute Director George<br />

F. Vande Woude, Ph.D. “The<br />

selection of this year’s awardees<br />

is for contributions that allow this<br />

promise to be fulfilled.”<br />

The Daniel Nathans Memorial Award<br />

is conferred by Van Andel Institute’s<br />

Board of Scientific Advisors for<br />

contributions to biomedical and cancer research. The recipient’s<br />

contributions must be far-reaching and significantly benefit<br />

public health. The award was established in 2000 to honor the<br />

late Dr. Daniel Nathans, a 1978 recipient of the Nobel Prize and<br />

a founding member of the Institute’s Board of Scientific Advisors,<br />

who died in 1999.<br />

(l to r) Harald zur Hausen, M.D., George Vande Woude,<br />

Ph.D., and Doug Lowy, M.D.<br />

Dr. zur Hausen is Professor Emeritus of the German Cancer Research<br />

Center. He studied medicine at the Universities of Bonn, Hamburg<br />

and Dusseldorf and received his M.D. in 1960. He is the discoverer<br />

or co-discoverer of numerous novel virus types, proposed the role of<br />

papillomavirus in the etiology of cervical cancer in the early 1970’s,<br />

and proved their role a decade later.<br />

Dr. Lowy is Chief, Laboratory of<br />

Cellular Oncology, Deputy Director,<br />

Division of Basic Sciences & Center<br />

for Cancer Research at the National<br />

Cancer Institute. He received his M.D.<br />

from New York University School of<br />

Medicine in 1968. Together with longtime<br />

associate John Schiller, Ph.D., his<br />

work with virus-like particles (VLP’s) has<br />

led to the development of the HPV<br />

VLP vaccine. Commercial versions<br />

of the vaccine have been approved<br />

by the FDA and should have a major<br />

impact in cancer prevention.<br />

Past recipients of the Daniel Nathans<br />

Memorial Award include: Richard D.<br />

Klausner, M.D., 2000; Francis S. Collins, M.D., Ph.D., 2001; Lawrence<br />

H. Einhorn, M.D., 2002; Robert A. Weinberg, Ph.D., 2003; Brian<br />

Druker, M.D., 2004; Tony Hunter, Ph.D., and Tony Pawson, Ph.D.,<br />

2005.<br />

Van Andel Research Institute

Han-Mo Koo<br />

Seminar Series<br />

Van Andel Institute hosts speakers from some of the most respected<br />

academic, federal, and private research institutes in the nation<br />

through its Han-Mo Koo Seminar Series, dedicated to the memory<br />

of VAI Principal Investigator Han-Mo Koo (right), who passed away in 2004<br />

following a six-month battle with cancer.<br />

Speakers from <strong>2007</strong> (listed in order of speaking schedule):<br />

> Moses Lee, Ph.D., Hope College<br />

> Raj Kumar, Ph.D.,<br />

University of Texas Medical Branch<br />

> David Kimelman, Ph.D.,<br />

University of Washington, Seattle<br />

> Arthur L. Haas, Ph.D., Louisiana State<br />

University Health Sciences Center<br />

> S. Stoney Simons Jr., Ph.D.,<br />

National Institute of Diabetes & Digestive &<br />

Kidney Diseases, NIH<br />

> John D. Shaughnessy, Jr., Ph.D.,<br />

University of Arkansas for Medical Science<br />

> Melanie H. Cobb, Ph.D., University of Texas<br />

Southwestern Medical Center<br />

> Christopher G. Wood, M.D., F.A.C.S.,<br />

University of Texas M.D. Anderson Cancer Center<br />

> Jules J. Berman, Ph.D., M.D., National Cancer<br />

Institute (former program director)<br />

> Shiv Grewal, Ph.D., National Cancer Institute<br />

> Ermanno Gherardi, M.D., M.A., Ph.D., MRC Centre<br />

> Caroline Alexander, Ph.D.,<br />

McArdle Laboratory for Cancer Research,<br />

University of Wisconsin, Madison<br />

> David A. Cheresh, Moores University of<br />

California, San Diego Cancer Center<br />

> Bruce R. Ksander, Ph.D.,<br />

Schepens Eye Research Institute; Department<br />

of Ophthalmology, Harvard Medical School<br />

> Peggy Farnham, Ph.D.,<br />

University of California, Davis<br />

> Daniel D. Von Hoff, M.D., F.A.C.P,<br />

Translational Genomics Research Institute<br />

> Arul Chinnaiyan, M.D., Ph.D.,<br />

University of Michigan<br />

> Eddy Arnold, Ph.D., Rutgers,<br />

The State University of New Jersey<br />

> Michael Glotzer, Ph.D., University of Chicago<br />

> Andries Zijlstra, Ph.D., Vanderbilt University<br />

><br />

Atul Butte, M.D., Ph.D.,<br />

Stanford University School of Medicine<br />

> Michael Ohh, Ph.D., University of Toronto<br />

> Phil Hieter, Ph.D., University of British Columbia<br />

> Dimiter S. Dimitrov, Ph.D., Sc.D.,<br />

National Cancer Institute<br />

> Robert L. Nussbaum, Ph.D., University of<br />

California, San Francisco<br />

> Timothy P. Cripe, M.D., Ph.D., Children’s<br />

Hospital Medical Center, Cincinnati<br />

> Gary D. Stoner, Ph.D., Ohio State University<br />

> Stephen Bell, Ph.D., Howard Hughes Medical<br />

Institute; Massachusetts Institute of Technology<br />

> Diane M. Simeone, M.D., Multidisciplinary<br />

Pancreatic Cancer Clinic; U of M Medical School;<br />

U of M Comprehensive Cancer Center; U of M<br />

Medical Center; U of M Department of Surgery;<br />

U of M Medical School<br />

> G. David Roodman, M.D., Ph.D., University of<br />

Pittsburgh; Center for Bone Biology, University of<br />

Pittsburgh Medical Center; University of Pittsburgh<br />

Cancer Institute<br />

VARIPrestigious Guests<br />

www.vai.org<br />


Argonne National Laboratory<br />

Argonne, IL<br />

University of Illinois<br />

Champaign-Urbana, IL<br />

University of Chicago<br />

Chicago, IL<br />

Northern Illinois University<br />

DeKalb, IL<br />

Evanston Northwestern Healthcare<br />

Evanston, IL<br />

Northwestern University<br />

Evanston, IL<br />

Immtech Pharmaceuticals<br />

Vernon Hills, IL<br />

University of Wisconsin - Madison<br />

Madison, WI<br />

University of Cincinnati<br />

Cincinnati, OH<br />

Ohio State University<br />

College of Medicine & Public Health<br />

Columbus, OH<br />

Fred Hutchinson<br />

Cancer Research Center<br />

Seattle, WA<br />

University of Washington<br />

Seattle, WA<br />

University of Utah<br />

Salt Lake City, UT<br />

Nevada Cancer Institute<br />

Las Vegas, NV<br />

University of California<br />

San Fransisco & Los Angeles, CA<br />

Orphagen Pharmaceuticals<br />

San Diego, CA<br />

TGEN<br />

Phoenix, AZ<br />

University of New Mexico<br />

Albuquerque, NM<br />

University of Toronto<br />

Toronto, Ontario, Canada<br />

VisualSonics, Inc.<br />

Toronto, Ontario, Canada<br />

Washington<br />

University<br />

St. Louis, MO<br />

University of<br />

Nebraska<br />

Omaha, NE<br />

Mary Crowley Cancer Center<br />

Dallas, TX<br />

University of Texas<br />

Southwestern Medical Center<br />

Dallas, TX<br />

University of Texas<br />

Medical Branch at Galveston<br />

Galveston, TX<br />

Baylor Breast Center<br />

Houston, TX<br />

Baylor College<br />

of Medicine<br />

Houston, TX<br />

M.D. Anderson Cancer Center<br />

Houston, TX<br />

The Methodist Hospital<br />

Houston, TX<br />

University of Alabama<br />

- Birmingham<br />

Birmingham, AL<br />

McGill Cancer Center<br />

Montreal, Quebec, Canada<br />

University of Montreal<br />

Montreal, Quebec, Canada<br />

Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center<br />

Boston, MA<br />

Harvard University<br />

Boston, MA<br />

Massachusetts Institute of Technology<br />

Cambridge, MA<br />

Novartis Institutes for Biomedical Research<br />

Cambridge, MA<br />

Waters Corporation<br />

Milford, MA<br />

Rosewell Park Cancer Institute<br />

Buffalo, NY<br />

Albert Einstein Medical School<br />

Bronx, NY<br />

New York University<br />

New York, NY<br />

Schering-Plough Research Institute<br />

Kenilworth, NJ<br />

New Jersey Medical School<br />

Newark, NJ<br />

Muhlenberg College<br />

Allentown, PA<br />

Lankenau Research Institute<br />

Philadelphia, PA<br />

Assoc. of American Cancer Institutes<br />

Pittsburgh, PA<br />

University of Pittsburgh<br />

Pittsburgh, PA<br />

Johns Hopkins University<br />

Baltimore, MD<br />

National Institutes of Health<br />

Bethesda, MD<br />

-Nat’l Cancer Institute - Genetics Branch<br />

-Nat’l Institute of<br />

Neurological Disorders and Stroke<br />

-Nat’l Institute of Dental and<br />

Craniofacial Research<br />

-Nat’l Institute of Neurological Disorders<br />

and Stroke<br />

Assoc. of Independent<br />

Research Institutes<br />

Westminster, MD<br />

Duke University<br />

Durham, NC<br />

East Tennessee State<br />

University<br />

Johnson City, TN<br />

Vanderbilt University<br />

Nashville, TN<br />

Federal University of Rio de Janeiro<br />

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil<br />

St. James’s Hospital<br />

Dublin, Ireland<br />

University of Birmingham<br />

Birmingham, United Kingdom<br />

Medical Research<br />

Council Center<br />

Cambridge England<br />

University of Cambridge<br />

Cambridge, England<br />

University of Gothenburg<br />

Gothenburg, Sweden<br />

Faculté de Médecine Paris-Sud<br />

Paris, France<br />

Norwegian University<br />

of Science and Technology<br />

Trondheim, Norway<br />

Karolinska Hospital<br />

Stockholm, Sweden<br />

University Hospital<br />

Lund, Sweden<br />

Dusseldorf University<br />

Dusseldorf, Germany<br />

Technische Universität<br />

Munich, Germany<br />

Aristotle University<br />

of Thessaloniki<br />

Thessaloniki, Greece<br />

Leiden University<br />

Medical University<br />

Leiden, The Netherlands<br />

University of Helsinki<br />

Helsinki, Finland<br />

Tel Aviv University<br />

Tel Aviv, Israel<br />

Van Andel Research Institute

Nanjing Medical University<br />

Antibody Technology<br />

Development Program<br />

Nanjing, China<br />

University of Malaya<br />

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia<br />

Yansei University<br />

Seoul, South Korea<br />

Tianjin Cancer<br />

Institute & Hospital<br />

Tianjin, China<br />

Guangzhou University<br />

Guangdong Province, China<br />

Sun Yat-sen University<br />

Guangzhou, China<br />

Singapore General Hospital<br />

Singapore<br />

National Cancer Centre<br />

Translational Research Program<br />

Singapore<br />

National University of Singapore<br />

Singapore<br />

New in <strong>2007</strong> National Cancer Centre<br />

Translational Research Program<br />

VAI Distinguished Scientific Investigator Bin Teh, M.D.,<br />

Ph.D., directs the Translational Research Program,<br />

a collaboration with the National Cancer Center,<br />

Singapore (NCCS), that focuses on the biology behind<br />

varying drug responses in Asian versus non-Asian<br />

cancer patients. The program provides a larger patient<br />

base for rare cancers – 55 percent of all cancer cases in<br />

Singapore are captured by the NCCS network.<br />

New in <strong>2007</strong> Compassionate Care Protocol<br />

Craig Webb, Ph.D., director of VAI’s Program of Translational<br />

Medicine, spearheads the Compassionate Care Protocol, a<br />

study by VAI and several clinical partners that aims to provide<br />

personalized medicine to advanced-stage cancer patients. Using<br />

a database developed by Webb’s lab, detailed molecular and<br />

genetic data from patients’ tumors helps determine which unique<br />

combination of drugs will have the greatest impact on treatment.<br />

The study continues in 2008 with the hope of including up to 200<br />

local cancer patients.<br />

Iwate Medical University<br />

Morioka, Japan<br />

Kitasato University School of Medicine<br />

Kanagawa, Japan<br />

University of Tokushima<br />

Tokushima, Japan<br />

University of Queensland<br />

Brisbane, Australia<br />

Griffith University<br />

Nathan, Queensland, Australia<br />

University of Sydney<br />

Sydney, Australia<br />

Collaborations<br />

One of Van Andel Institute’s founding principles is to<br />

collaborate with local, national, and international<br />

scientists and organizations. Collaborations quicken<br />

the pace of progress, opening up new avenues of research and<br />

generating new ideas. Many of our research collaborations from<br />

<strong>2007</strong> are represented on the map to the left; you can see that<br />

Van Andel Institute is not only connected to our local community,<br />

but to a world of partners.<br />

Collaborations Close to Home<br />

Ann Arbor, MI<br />

> Department of Veterans Affairs<br />

Healthcare System<br />

> Lansing Reveal Technologies<br />

> Pfizer (also St. Louis, MO and<br />

Groton, CT locations)<br />

> University of Michigan<br />

Detroit, MI<br />

> Barbara Ann Karmanos Institute<br />

> Henry Ford Hospital<br />

> Wayne State University<br />

Grand Rapids, MI<br />

> Academic Surgical Associates<br />

> Advanced Radiology Services<br />

> Cancer & Hematology Centers<br />

of Western Michigan, P.C.<br />

> Center for Molecular Medicine<br />

> ClinXus<br />

> Compassionate Care Protocol<br />

> Core Technology Alliance<br />

> Cornerstone University<br />

> Digestive Disease Institute<br />

> Grand Rapids Clinical Oncology<br />

Program<br />

> Grand Valley Medical Specialists<br />

> Grand Valley State University<br />

Good Manufacturing Practices<br />

Facility<br />

> Helen DeVos Children’s Hospital<br />

Pediatric Center Fellowship Program<br />

> Michigan Medical, P.C.<br />

> Spectrum Health<br />

> Saint Mary’s Health Care<br />

> West Michigan Center for Family Health<br />

> West Michigan Heart, P.C.<br />

> XB TransMed Solutions<br />

(XB-Biointegration Suite)<br />

><br />

Holland, MI<br />

Hope College<br />

Kalamazoo, MI<br />

> Jasper Clinical Research & Development, Inc.<br />

> ProNAi Therapeutics<br />

><br />

><br />

><br />

East Lansing, MI<br />

Michigan State University<br />

Lansing, MI<br />

Michigan Cancer Consortium<br />

Mt. Pleasant, MI<br />

Central Michigan University<br />

St. Joseph, MI<br />

> GeneGo, Inc.<br />

> Oncology Care Associates<br />

VARI Collaborations<br />

www.vai.org<br />


Core Services<br />

Core laboratories at Van Andel Institute<br />

(VAI) provide our researchers and<br />

external customers with several services<br />

essential to the research process. Having<br />

these services available on site helps to<br />

streamline the research process. Our core<br />

services include:<br />

Analytical, Cellular, and Molecular<br />

Microscopy (Imaging, Histology and<br />

Diagnostic Pathology): pathology, tissue<br />

resources, paraffin, frozen and plastic tissue<br />

processing, Vibratome processing/sectioning, laser<br />

capture micro-dissection, laser scanning confocal<br />

imaging, in vivo intravital imaging, digital imaging,<br />

spectral imaging and deconvolution<br />

Antibody Production: monoclonal and polyclonal<br />

antibody production, purification (Protein-G affinity<br />

column, PBS), characterization (IgG, IP, Western, IFA),<br />

immunization, serum screening, fusion, recloning,<br />

expanding, freezing and growing hybridoma cell<br />

lines, lyophilization, immunolabeling, affinity column<br />

preparation, bi-specific mAbs<br />

Computational Biology: custom data analysis<br />

and consulting, assistance with computationally<br />

intensive tasks, writing of niche programs that perform<br />

data-specific tasks not commonly found in existing<br />

commercial software, assistance in using sequence<br />

analysis tools and gene expression microarray<br />

analysis programs<br />

Flow Cytometry: 12-Color BD FACSAria High-<br />

Speed Cell Sorters, 2 4-Color BD FACSCalibur Cell<br />

Sorter, 96/384 Well HTS Autosampler, NPE Cell<br />

Analyzer, CBC with differential, blood chemistry<br />

profile, data analysis, Shandon Cytospin 3<br />

Germline Modification and Cytogenetics:<br />

electroporation of ES Cells, Clone Selection, and DNA<br />

Isolation, thawing and expansion of ES cell clones,<br />

electroporation of Cre recombinase, microinjection of<br />

blastocysts, tail biopsy, DNA isolation, preparation of mouse<br />

embryonic fibroblasts, fluorescent in-situ hybridization<br />

(FISH), spectral karyotyping (SKY), transgene localization,<br />

routine karyotyping (G-banding), chromosomal breakage<br />

studies, mouse embryonic stem (ES) cell trisomy 8 screening,<br />

mouse embryo cryopreservation, marker-assisted selection<br />

breeding using SNP array (Illumina BeadStation), genomic<br />

background verification (inbred strains only)<br />

Mass Spectrometry and Proteomics: label-free<br />

LC-MS protein expression profiling, protein identification from<br />

gels and solution, protein molecular weight determination,<br />

protein characterization by peptide mapping<br />

Microarray Technology: agilent oligonucleotide gene<br />

expression microarrays (customizable), ArrayCGH, miRNA<br />

expression microarrays, microarray data analysis, RNA<br />

isolation and amplification, RNA integrity analysis, DNA<br />

isolation and size/concentration analysis, spotted cDNA<br />

microarray printing, custom protein microarray printing<br />

Sequencing: plasmid, single-stranded templates,<br />

cosmids/PACs/BACs, lambda phage DNA, ABI 3700-capillary<br />

electrophoresis DNA sequencer, applied Biosystems BigDye<br />

sequencing kit, Sephadex G-50 spin column plates for excess<br />

dye removal<br />

Vivarium: mouse transgenics, transgenics microinjection<br />

services, tail biopsies, mouse repository services<br />

Xenotransplantation: over- or underexpress gene(s) in<br />

established cell lines to validate their role in the etiology of<br />

tumors and their malignant progression, analysis and testing<br />

of therapeutics<br />

Basic Science<br />

George Vande Woude, Ph.D.<br />

VARI Director and Distinguished Scientific Investigator<br />

Laboratory of Molecular Oncology<br />

Focuses research on the protein Met, which has been found<br />

to be overexpressed in most solid tumors.<br />

Animal Imaging: Laboratory of Noninvasive<br />

Imaging and Radiation Biology<br />

Develops models and partnerships to address problems in<br />

medical imaging and radiation exposure, advance imaging<br />

and radiation technology, and improve systems and care.<br />

Art Alberts, Ph.D.<br />

Senior Scientific Investigator<br />

Laboratory of Cell Structure and Signal<br />

Integration<br />

Studies structures that allow cells to change shape and<br />

move, important to understanding how cancer spreads.<br />

Brian Haab, Ph.D.<br />

Senior Scientific Investigator<br />

Laboratory of Cancer Immunodiagnostics<br />

Investigates protein and carbohydrate abnormalities in<br />

cancer patients’ blood and their potential clinical usefulness<br />

and the role of protein secretions in cancer progression.<br />

Nick Duesbery, Ph.D.<br />

Deputy Director for Research Operations<br />

and Senior Scientific Investigator<br />

Laboratory of Cancer and Developmental Cell<br />

Biology<br />

Uses non-lethal components of anthrax to develop a new<br />

way to fight cancers and learn more about tumor growth<br />

and blood vessel formation.<br />

Van Andel Research Institute

Labs & Investigators<br />

Our laboratories and scientific investigators are dedicated to developing a new understanding of cancer that will help to prevent, treat, and<br />

cure human disease.<br />

Special Programs<br />

Jeff MacKeigan, Ph.D.<br />

Scientific Investigator<br />

Laboratory of Systems<br />

Biology<br />

Uses RNA interference to study<br />

the interaction of molecules<br />

within the cell and connect them<br />

to Parkinson disease and the<br />

onset and spread of kidney and<br />

colon cancer.<br />

Craig Webb, Ph.D.<br />

Scientific Investigator<br />

Laboratory of Tumor<br />

Metastasis and Angiogenesis<br />

Studies how a tumor spreads to<br />

distant parts of the body and is<br />

involved in several partnerships<br />

with the goal of predicting optimal<br />

therapies for cancer patients.<br />

Jim Resau, Ph.D.<br />

Deputy Director of Special Programs;<br />

Director, Division of Quantitative Sciences;<br />

Distinguished Scientific Investigator<br />

Laboratory of Analytical, Cellular,<br />

& Molecular Microscopy<br />

Provides imaging services and tissue<br />

arrays that allow researchers to view<br />

several samples of interest more quickly.<br />

Kyle Furge, Ph.D.<br />

Scientific Investigator<br />

Laboratory of<br />

Computational Biology<br />

Uses mathematical and<br />

computer science approaches<br />

to help scientists analyze, store,<br />

and distribute research data.<br />

Cindy Miranti, Ph.D.<br />

Scientific Investigator<br />

Laboratory of Integrin<br />

Signaling and<br />

Tumorigenesis<br />

Studies how a cell interacts with its<br />

surroundings and receives signals<br />

from other parts of the body<br />

through proteins called integrins<br />

in normal vs. cancer cells.<br />

Bin Tean Teh, M.D., Ph.D.<br />

Director of VARI International;<br />

Director of NCCS-VARI Translational<br />

Research Laboratory; Distinguished<br />

Scientific Investigator<br />

Laboratory of<br />

Cancer Genetics<br />

Works to identify and study the<br />

genetic alterations found in<br />

hereditary cancers versus those<br />

found in sporadic cases, with a<br />

special focus on kidney cancer.<br />

Steve Triezenberg, Ph.D.<br />

VAI Graduate School Dean<br />

and Scientific Investigator<br />

Laboratory of<br />

Transcriptional Regulation<br />

Uses herpes simplex virus to<br />

explore the mechanisms that turn<br />

on genetic “instructions” at the<br />

right time, in the right cells, in<br />

response to the right signals – and<br />

what goes wrong in disease.<br />

Michael Weinreich,<br />

Ph.D.<br />

Scientific Investigator<br />

Laboratory of<br />

Chromosome Replication<br />

Works to understand the process<br />

of chromosome replication within<br />

cells to find a way to specifically<br />

target and stop the division of<br />

cancerous cells.<br />

Bart Williams, Ph.D.<br />

Senior Scientific Investigator<br />

Laboratory of Cell Signaling<br />

and Carcinogenesis<br />

Studies the Wnt family of<br />

proteins, their associated<br />

molecules and their implications<br />

in prostate cancer, bone<br />

formation, and osteoporosis.<br />

Eric Xu, Ph.D.<br />

Distinguished Scientific Investigator<br />

Laboratory of Structural<br />

Sciences<br />

Studies the structures and<br />

functions of protein complexes;<br />

the structural information can then<br />

be used to develop therapeutic<br />

agents for human diseases such<br />

as cancer and diabetes.<br />

Brian Cao, M.D.<br />

Senior Scientific Investigator<br />

Laboratory of Antibody<br />

Technology<br />

Produces, purifies, and characterizes<br />

antibodies, which can be used to<br />

mark or identify specific molecules<br />

such as potential drug targets.<br />

Greg Cavey, B.S.<br />

Scientific Investigator<br />

Laboratory of<br />

Mass Spectrometry<br />

and Proteomics<br />

Separates, analyzes, and identifies<br />

individual proteins in cells,<br />

allowing researchers to find protein<br />

differences between normal and<br />

cancer cells.<br />

Bryn Eagleson,<br />

B.S., RLATG<br />

Vivarium Director<br />

Vivarium and Laboratory<br />

of Transgenics<br />

Develops, provides, and supports<br />

high-quality mouse modeling<br />

services for researchers.<br />

Pam Swiatek,<br />

Ph.D., MBA<br />

Senior Scientific Investigator<br />

Laboratory of Germline<br />

Modification<br />

Provides gene-targeting<br />

services in order to develop<br />

mouse models that help<br />

researchers learn more about<br />

genetic mutations involved in<br />

disease.<br />

VARI Labs<br />

& Investigators<br />

www.vai.org<br />


A Letter from Gordon Van Harn, Ph.D.<br />

Van Andel Education Institute Director<br />

Van Andel Education Institute (VAEI) marked its tenth<br />

anniversary of education programs with many significant<br />

“firsts” during <strong>2007</strong>.<br />

The Van Andel Institute (VAI) Graduate School held its first opening<br />

convocation on August 20, <strong>2007</strong>, to inaugurate the school and<br />

welcome its first class of three Ph.D. candidates in cell, molecular<br />

and genetic biology. The convocation reflected years of planning<br />

for the start of the school, and celebrated the three students who<br />

were hailed as “pioneers.”<br />

<strong>2007</strong> also saw the first student admitted to the innovative Internal<br />

Medicine Research Residency Program, a partnership between<br />

VAI Graduate School and the Grand Rapids Medical Education<br />

Research Center (GRMERC), which offers students a Ph.D. degree in<br />

molecular and cell biology and state licensure and board eligibility<br />

in internal medicine. The program is designed to provide clinical<br />

and research training to produce physicians who are prepared for<br />

careers as basic science and clinical research scholars.<br />

The Graduate School co-hosted the first annual West Michigan<br />

Van Andel Education Institute<br />

nurtures the scientists of tomorrow through groundbreaking educational programs for<br />

a wide range of students and professionals that build on curiosity and problem-solving<br />

skills with real, hands-on experiences.<br />

Van Andel Education Institute

Regional Undergraduate Science Research Conference on October<br />

20, <strong>2007</strong>. The one-day conference was attended by more than 200<br />

students and faculty from eight regional colleges and universities<br />

and featured 120 undergraduate student<br />

presenters. It was a great demonstration<br />

of the widespread interest in the emerging<br />

biomedical research community in West<br />

Michigan.<br />

In September, VAEI convened educators,<br />

and corporate and community leaders<br />

from West Michigan to explore a model<br />

of science education reform. The National<br />

Science Resource Center presented<br />

strategies that could result in improved<br />

science instruction and student academic<br />

achievement in science. Participation in<br />

this forum reflected the need for more<br />

persons prepared for science-related<br />

positions, a driver for a healthy economy.<br />

VAEI also introduced two new, innovative Science Academy programs:<br />

Science on Saturday (SOS) and Classroom Science Investigations<br />

(CSI). SOS welcomes students and a significant adult in their lives to<br />

the Science Academy on a Saturday to help foster a love of science.<br />

It introduces parents to important strategies for teaching<br />

students in ways that both engage them and help them to<br />

understand the nature of science. CSI was piloted in <strong>2007</strong> as<br />

a unique professional development<br />

initiative and a way of expanding<br />

the VAEI model of science<br />

instruction. A Kellogg Foundation<br />

grant generously provides funds to<br />

replicate the model in 2008 in an<br />

urban school.<br />

The “firsts” that VAEI celebrated in<br />

<strong>2007</strong> represent years of preparation<br />

and continue the Institute’s mission<br />

to impact science students locally<br />

across the entire spectrum of<br />

learning, and to impact the teaching<br />

of science on a national level.<br />

Gordon L. Van Harn, Ph.D.<br />

Van Andel Education Institute Director<br />

Van Andel Institute offers a full spectrum of training opportunities, supporting a continuum of learning that extends from elementary school to professional development.<br />

K-12 > > ><br />

Science Academy Out-of-<br />

School-Time Program and<br />

Science on Saturday<br />

GRAPCEP: Grand Rapids<br />

Area Pre-College<br />

Engineering Program<br />

College > > ><br />

Frederik and Lena Meijer<br />

Student Internship Program<br />

GRMERC Medical Student<br />

Summer Research Internship<br />

Program<br />

Bridges to the Baccalaureate<br />

Graduate/Ph.D. > > ><br />

VAI Graduate School<br />

VAI-MSU Graduate<br />

School Program<br />

NIH T-32 Training Program for<br />

Veterinary Students<br />

Postdoctoral > > ><br />

Postdoctoral Fellowships<br />

Professional<br />

Development<br />

Science Academy<br />

Classroom Science<br />

Investigations<br />

Educator Professional<br />

Development<br />

VAEI Director<br />

www.vai.org<br />


Van Andel Institute Graduate School<br />

Convocation Commemorates Inaugural School Year<br />

Van Andel Education Institute

On August 20, <strong>2007</strong>, in a ceremony laden with pomp and<br />

circumstance, attended by Van Andel Institute (VAI) officials,<br />

faculty, students and their families, VAI Graduate School<br />

ushered in its inaugural <strong>2007</strong>-2008 school year with an opening<br />

convocation held in Van Andel Institute’s Tomatis Auditorium.<br />

The convocation commemorated the opening of the graduate<br />

school, whose mission is to train Ph.D. scientists and leading<br />

scholars in cell, molecular and genetic biology relevant to human<br />

diseases, and marked the beginning of classes for its first class of<br />

three graduate students.<br />

The students, Natalie Wolters,<br />

24, Brent Vander Hart, 25, and<br />

Jeffrey Klomp, 26, work closely with<br />

Van Andel Research Institute (VARI)<br />

investigators, who serve as the<br />

school’s faculty. Courses blend<br />

traditional disciplines into a novel,<br />

problem-based curriculum that<br />

closely represents the way scientists<br />

conduct research.<br />

“These students are pioneers,<br />

accepting the challenge and<br />

opportunity of being the first cohort<br />

of students in the VAI Graduate<br />

School,” said VAI Graduate School<br />

Dean Steven J. Triezenberg, Ph.D.<br />

“We’ve chosen them because they<br />

have the qualities that will enable<br />

them to be leaders in various fields of<br />

biomedical research.”<br />

The students spent the first several weeks visiting each laboratory<br />

in the Institute and subsequently began a series of eight-week<br />

rotations in the laboratories of their choice, which will guide<br />

them toward determining their dissertation topics by the end of<br />

the first year.<br />

Above: convocation ceremony, Opposite page (l to r): Brent Vander<br />

Hart, VAIGS Dean Steve Triezenberg, Natalie Wolters, Jeffrey<br />

Klomp<br />

The students cite the graduate school’s emphasis on translational<br />

research and its unique problem-based curriculum that closely<br />

represents the way that scientists conduct research as determining<br />

factors in their decision to attend.<br />

“The classes will teach the basics of preliminary research, experimental<br />

design, and communicative skills in a more innovative and practical<br />

way than I saw anywhere else,” said Wolters. “Since the program is<br />

new and the entering class is small, the content of our studies can be<br />

focused to address our interests while maintaining a level of guidance<br />

that will help us learn more quickly<br />

than in a larger setting.”<br />

The VAI Graduate School doctoral<br />

program received an independent<br />

charter from the state of Michigan<br />

to confer advanced degrees and<br />

focuses research on the biology of<br />

various human diseases. Students<br />

will obtain their degrees after<br />

about five years of study.<br />

Initial plans call for the admission<br />

of two to four additional students<br />

each year for the next five to six<br />

years. Once current VAI expansion<br />

is complete, the program would<br />

recruit eight to 10 students per year<br />

with ultimate capacity planned at<br />

about 45 students.<br />

“We recognize that the remarkable<br />

advances in genetics over the last<br />

decade have charted a new course in biomedical research and<br />

medical practice,” said Van Andel Institute Chairman & CEO David<br />

Van Andel in his opening remarks. “In response, we will use a novel<br />

curriculum rooted in the practice of scientific research to educate our<br />

best and brightest in the technology and techniques associated with<br />

contemporary genetics.”<br />

VAEI VAI<br />

Graduate School<br />

www.vai.org<br />


Highlighting<br />

and Supporting<br />

Undergraduate Research<br />

Research conferences aren’t usually held for undergraduates,<br />

but on October 20, <strong>2007</strong>, the new Van Andel Institute<br />

Graduate School hosted the first annual West Michigan<br />

Regional Undergraduate Science Research Conference. The<br />

expansive Cook-Hauenstein Hall at Van Andel Institute (VAI) was filled<br />

with rows of posters that approximately 120 students had created to<br />

share their research with peers, faculty, and parents throughout the day.<br />

Posters reflected a wide range of scientific disciplines, including<br />

physics, chemistry, biology, computer science, ecology, hydrology,<br />

endocrinology, neuroscience, evolution, and psychology. Students<br />

also had a chance to hear from scholars and scientists currently<br />

working in either academic or translational research fields, as well as<br />

Dr. James Lightbourne, National Science Foundation senior advisor<br />

for integration of research & education, who delivered the keynote<br />

presentation.<br />

“Reaching students at the undergraduate level, before they decide<br />

on the direction of their graduate studies and careers, is the best time<br />

to impart the real-world experience of a research conference that<br />

participants enjoyed at this event,” said Steven J. Triezenberg, Ph.D.,<br />

dean of the VAI Graduate School, which hosted and organized the<br />

event along with Grand Valley State University, Calvin College, and<br />

Hope College.<br />

Posters from students filled the Cook-Hauenstein Hall at the Institute<br />

Approximately 140 undergraduate students and 60 faculty from West<br />

Michigan colleges and universities attended the conference. Attendees<br />

included students from the organizing universities, as well as those from<br />

Aquinas College, Ferris State University, University of Michigan, and<br />

Grand Rapids Community College.<br />

Triezenberg said that the conference is one way to help build the regional<br />

intellectual community, and that students who might have otherwise left<br />

the state to look for work also found out about career opportunities in<br />

West Michigan.<br />

Van Andel Education Institute

Internal Medicine Research Residency Program<br />

Van Andel Institute Graduate School and the Grand Rapids<br />

Medical Education and Research Center (GRMERC)<br />

teamed up in <strong>2007</strong> to<br />

launch the Internal Medicine<br />

Research Residency Program, which<br />

offers students a Ph.D. degree in<br />

molecular and cell biology, and<br />

state licensure and board eligibility<br />

in internal medicine.<br />

GRMERC is a medical, health education and research consortium<br />

of the leading health care and education providers in Grand<br />

Rapids and offers residency<br />

programs in more than a dozen<br />

areas. Its members include<br />

Michigan State University,<br />

Spectrum Health, Saint Mary’s<br />

Health Care and Grand Valley<br />

State University.<br />

“Students completing their<br />

medical school training who have<br />

a passion for biomedical research<br />

or translational medicine are well<br />

suited for this program,” said<br />

Steven J. Triezenberg, dean of<br />

the VAI Graduate School. “They<br />

already understand the clinician’s<br />

perspective on human disease,<br />

and our innovative curriculum<br />

and programmatic flexibility can<br />

develop their research skills.”<br />

The program is designed to provide clinical and research training<br />

to produce physicians that are prepared for careers as basic<br />

science and clinical research scholars. Typically, participants<br />

will complete two years of clinical rotations to permit licensure,<br />

followed by approximately five years of Ph.D. classroom<br />

and research experience. Clinical experiences will continue<br />

throughout the research phase, and will typically account for 20<br />

percent of the time.<br />

(l to r) Steve Triezenberg and Matt Biersack<br />

Throughout the Ph.D. program,<br />

students will work closely with<br />

Van Andel Research Institute<br />

(VARI) investigators, who serve<br />

as the school’s faculty. Courses<br />

will blend traditional disciplines<br />

into a novel, problem-based<br />

curriculum with an emphasis on<br />

translational research to provide<br />

students a wider view of the<br />

connections between academia,<br />

clinical practice and the biotechnology and pharmaceutical<br />

industries.<br />

Matt Biersack, a <strong>2007</strong> graduate of Wayne State Medical School, is<br />

the first participant in the program. He has completed his first year<br />

of internal medicine residency training at Spectrum Health and<br />

Saint Mary’s Health Care and will begin his Ph.D. training at VAI<br />

Graduate School in 2009.<br />

VAEI VAI<br />

Graduate School<br />

www.vai.org<br />


New Programs at Science Academy<br />

Engage Students, Educators, and Community<br />

Van Andel Education Institute

The Van Andel Education Institute (VAEI) Science VAEI staff helped her to develop teaching methods that would<br />

Academy launched in 2006 with an out-of-schooltime<br />

inaugural program that leads cohorts of students<br />

challenge each child.<br />

through three years of hands-on science education. In <strong>2007</strong>, the<br />

Science Academy added two new programs: Classroom Science<br />

Investigations and Science on<br />

Saturday. The three programs<br />

complement one another to<br />

engage students, educators,<br />

After discussion and planning sessions with Mooney, VAEI staff<br />

developed curriculum and instructional assessment strategies<br />

that they then modeled when<br />

Mooney and her class came<br />

to the Science Academy for<br />

two half-day sessions. The<br />

and the community in science<br />

Chandler Woods students<br />

and science education.<br />

learned how an organism’s<br />

form and function are related to<br />

Classroom Science<br />

Investigations<br />

its environment, and designed<br />

research to determine the<br />

environmental preferences of<br />

Classroom Science Investigations<br />

is a professional development<br />

pill bugs. In follow-up visits to<br />

the school, VAEI staff provided<br />

program for educators that<br />

supplies for students to build<br />

is unique in that the students<br />

are involved in their teacher’s<br />

professional development and<br />

their own pill bug habitats<br />

based on their research; the<br />

visits also allowed staff to<br />

learn science at the same time.<br />

observe Mooney applying<br />

“We are teaching students how<br />

what she had learned. The<br />

Above: 4th grade teacher Ruth Mooney and students, Opposite page (l to<br />

to do research and teaching<br />

students took habitats home<br />

r): Science Education Specialist Marty Coon, VAEI Associate Director Marcia<br />

teachers how to build content Bishop and Science Education Specialist Carole Johnson<br />

to continue observation and<br />

knowledge,” said VAEI Science<br />

Education Specialist Marty Coon.<br />

follow-up research and then<br />

presented what they learned at Chandler Woods.<br />

Teacher Ruth Mooney and her fourth grade students from Chandler<br />

Woods Charter Academy were the program’s first participants in<br />

May <strong>2007</strong>. Classroom Science Investigations allows the teacher to<br />

identify his or her specific area of focus based on specific challenges.<br />

Mooney’s class was composed of a diverse array of learners, and<br />

Chandler Woods Charter Academy Assistant Principal Barbara<br />

Lindquist said that there has been enthusiastic response from<br />

students, parents, and teachers. “I’ve got excited kids who want<br />

to learn more, and teachers who want to be continuous learners,”<br />

she said.<br />

VAEI Science<br />

Academy<br />

www.vai.org<br />


Van Andel Education Institute

Science on Saturday<br />

Impact<br />

Science on Saturday engages the community in science education by<br />

inviting two-person teams of students and adults to participate in one<br />

two-hour Saturday session. The first sessions were held on Saturday,<br />

October 13, <strong>2007</strong>. Teams rotated between three stations: lab, bearded<br />

dragon area, and turtle area.<br />

In the lab, students and adults investigated organisms such as crayfish,<br />

hissing cockroaches, millipedes, and pill bugs. At all stations, they used<br />

tools such as microscopes, probes, and balances to answer questions<br />

about the organisms (How much do they weigh? How long are they? What<br />

do they like to eat? What is their body temperature? How do they move?).<br />

Expanded sessions will be offered in 2008 due to popular demand.<br />

By including a parent or other significant adult in students’ lives<br />

(grandparent, aunt, uncle, guardian, mentor, etc.), Science on Saturday<br />

brings the Science Academy’s offerings full circle. Students, teachers, and<br />

now role models are all engaged in science education, and are receiving<br />

the tools necessary to advance students toward careers in science.<br />

Through these and future programs, VAEI staff analyzes<br />

how students learn science; the goal is to share this<br />

knowledge with other educators, making a national<br />

impact. “This is an ongoing research laboratory,” said<br />

VAEI Associate Director Marcia Bishop. “Everything<br />

we do is intentional and designed around how people<br />

learn.” Improving science education and increasing<br />

the number of students who choose careers in science<br />

will help to reverse the findings of numerous national<br />

studies that conclude that the United States is losing<br />

its preeminent position in science and technology.<br />

“Everything we do is<br />

intentional and designed around how<br />

people learn.”<br />

—Marcia Bishop, VAEI Associate Director<br />

VAEI Science<br />

Academy<br />

www.vai.org<br />


A Letter from Joe Gavan<br />

Vice President, Communications & Development<br />

While Van Andel Institute stands out in the Grand<br />

Rapids skyline for its beautiful architecture and in<br />

the world of science for its many accomplishments,<br />

it is only as a member of a deeply committed community that we<br />

can fulfill the promise of our mission to improve the health and<br />

enhance the lives of generations to come.<br />

I wish that I had space in this letter to thank each and every<br />

individual who has played such a key role in funding our important<br />

mission, attending, sponsoring and helping to organize our full<br />

slate of events throughout the year and volunteering their time<br />

and energy to act as the Institute’s ambassadors to the world at<br />

large. These friends deserve our recognition and thanks, and are<br />

listed on the pages that follow.<br />

I would, however, like to single out the members of the Bringing<br />

Hope to Life Campaign Steering Committee and its Co-Chairs<br />

John and Marie Canepa, Jim and Kathy Hackett, Kyle and<br />

Win Irwin, and Mike and Sue Jandernoa for their exemplary<br />

leadership and hard work in helping the Institute to launch its<br />

first major gifts campaign in October <strong>2007</strong>.<br />

Philanthropy & Development<br />

Support for Van Andel Institute comes in many forms. Every gift makes a difference at<br />

Van Andel Institute, because every dollar goes directly to research and education.<br />

Van Andel Institute

<strong>2007</strong> was a groundbreaking year in so many ways for Van Andel Institute<br />

that it is easy to overlook the fact that Bringing Hope to Life is the<br />

Institute’s first campaign of its kind. The goal of Bringing Hope to Life is<br />

to raise a minimum of $10 million by December 2009, to fund the creation<br />

of a Parkinson chair, the expansion of pioneering research and education<br />

programs not covered by grant funding,<br />

and renovations to Crescent Park.<br />

The deeply committed philanthropic<br />

community of West Michigan has had no<br />

difficulty in recognizing the connection<br />

between the Institute’s commitment to<br />

basic and translational research and the<br />

treatments that have the potential to<br />

change the lives of patients. By the end<br />

of <strong>2007</strong>, the campaign was well on its<br />

way to achieving its goal with pledges<br />

totaling $2.4 million.<br />

It is easy to glance at a litany of statistics<br />

and see the need: as life expectancy<br />

increases, the incidence of cancer, Parkinson and Alzheimer’s disease<br />

increases at an alarming rate. Nearly 600,000 Americans died from<br />

cancer in <strong>2007</strong>; 1.5 million Americans currently have Parkinson<br />

disease; five million Americans are living with Alzheimer’s disease,<br />

and the odds of diagnosis double every five years beyond age 65.<br />

Philanthropic investment in support of Bringing Hope to Life is essential to fund:<br />

Novel Research & Inquiry-Based<br />

Science Education Programs<br />

> > > $5 million<br />

Highly promising research such as our<br />

Compassionate Care Protocol (pg. 24) and<br />

expanded programs for students across the<br />

entire continuum of learning<br />

The Jay Van Andel Parkinson<br />

Research Lab<br />

> > > $4 million<br />

The endowment of Jay Van Andel Parkinson<br />

Research Chair, the recruitment of a scientific<br />

investigator, and the purchase of state-of-theart<br />

equipment<br />

Our supporters understand that a commitment to basic research<br />

now will have a measurable effect on these statistics in the long<br />

run.<br />

But they also have the imagination to envision the project’s<br />

impact on individuals, which is<br />

practically immeasurable. For there<br />

has yet to be a metric devised to<br />

calculate the value of such outcomes<br />

as an enhanced chance at life for a<br />

cancer patient, the spark of passion<br />

engendered in the scientists of<br />

tomorrow, or the peace and relaxation<br />

that a renovated Crescent Park might<br />

afford visitors.<br />

We thank you for your continued<br />

support and your commitment to the<br />

future.<br />

Joseph P. Gavan<br />

Vice President, Communications & Development<br />

Crescent Park - Bringing Hope<br />

to Life Gathering Place<br />

> > > $1 million<br />

A place for friends, families, students, and<br />

colleagues from throughout the community<br />

to gather to celebrate triumphs and reflect on<br />

challenges<br />

VAIVP, Communications & Development<br />

www.vai.org<br />


Hope on the Hill Donor Recognition<br />

Hope on the Hill<br />

Society<br />

The following reveals those donors<br />

whose cumulative giving has grown<br />

over the years to levels beginning at<br />

$25,000. To them, Van Andel Institute<br />

extends our deep appreciation. You have<br />

helped us grow during our start-up years.<br />

Thank you.<br />

Founders Society $1 million & above<br />

John and Nancy Batts<br />

Peter C. and Pat Cook<br />

Richard and Helen DeVos<br />

Ralph W. and Grace▲ Hauenstein<br />

Sidney J. Jansma, Jr. and Joanne▲ Jansma<br />

Fred and Lena Meijer<br />

Jay and Betty Van Andel Foundation<br />

Legacy Society $500,000 to $999,999<br />

McCarty Cancer Foundation<br />

Leadership Society $250,000 to $499,999<br />

David and Carol Van Andel<br />

Patrons Society $100,000 to $249,999<br />

Fifth Third Bank<br />

Howard Miller Company<br />

Rockford Construction<br />

The Bernice Hansen Charitable Foundation<br />

John C. and Nancy G. Kennedy<br />

The Wege Foundation<br />

Huntington Bank<br />

Benefactors Society $25,000 to $99,999<br />

Allied Mechanical Services, Inc.<br />

Amble Motorcycle Group<br />

Raymond and Alice Andrews<br />

James and Shirley Balk<br />

Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan<br />

Carol Bylsma<br />

Cancer & Hematology Centers of Western MI, PC<br />

John and Marie Canepa<br />

The Currie Foundation<br />

Daniel and Pamella DeVos<br />

Lawrence and Nancy Erhardt<br />

Grand Valley State University<br />

Christian Helmus ▲<br />

Hoffman Jewelers<br />

J.C. and Laurie Huizenga<br />

William and Beatrice Idema<br />

Mike and Sue Jandernoa<br />

Johan’s TriFest<br />

LaSalle Bank - West Michigan<br />

Robert J. and Cindy McCann<br />

Mark D. and Mary Beth Meijer<br />

The Meijer Foundation<br />

Meijer Inc.<br />

Merrill Lynch - The Veldheer, Long, Mackay,<br />

& Bernecker Group<br />

Michigan State University<br />

- College of Human Medicine<br />

Miller Johnson<br />

William W. and Sandi Nicholson<br />

RORDOR Foundation<br />

Fritz M. and Carol Rottman<br />

Darell and Mary Schregardus<br />

Secchia Family Foundation<br />

L. William and Sarah Seidman<br />

George Sietsema<br />

SMG Van Andel Arena<br />

John and Judy Spoelhof Foundation<br />

Richard and Pauline Stark Estate<br />

Steelcase Inc.<br />

Teazers Bar & Grille<br />

Universal Forest Products Inc.<br />

Stephen and Cynthia Van Andel<br />

George and Dot Vande Woude<br />

Varnum, Riddering, Schmidt & Howlett<br />

Verizon Wireless<br />

Johan Visser ▲<br />

Casey and Violet Wondergem<br />

Society of Hope - Deferred Gifts<br />

Philip and Shirley Battershall<br />

John and Nancy Batts<br />

Patrick and Janie Kelly<br />

Tim and Kim Long<br />

Jamie Mills<br />

George Sietsema<br />

Eva Sonneville<br />

Fred L. Tape<br />

John Van Fossen<br />

Hope on the Hill Donors<br />

Van Andel Institute’s Hope on the Hill donors<br />

include those who gave annual gifts or sponsored<br />

many of our successful events between January 1<br />

and December 31, <strong>2007</strong>. At the Institute, we hold<br />

the premise that EVERY dollar counts, EVERY<br />

dollar makes a difference, and EVERY donor is<br />

equally important and valued regardless of level<br />

of giving. Please accept our ongoing thanks.<br />

Grand Donors $10,000 and above<br />

Amway Grand Plaza Hotel<br />

Blue Water Technologies<br />

Peter C. and Pat Cook<br />

Jerry and Karen DeBlaay<br />

Daniel and Pamella DeVos<br />

Dick and Betsy DeVos<br />

Richard and Helen DeVos<br />

Andrew Dykema<br />

Fifth Third Bank<br />

The Bernice Hansen Charitable Foundation<br />

Ralph W. and Grace▲ Hauenstein<br />

Hoffman Jewelers<br />

Howard Miller Company<br />

Huntington Bank<br />

Mike and Sue Jandernoa<br />

Sidney J. Jansma, Jr.<br />

John C. and Nancy G. Kennedy<br />

John and Nancy Kennedy Family Foundation<br />

LaSalle Bank - West Michigan<br />

Mark D. and Mary Beth Meijer<br />

The Meijer Foundation<br />

Merrill Lynch - The Veldheer, Long, Mackay,<br />

& Bernecker Group<br />

Michigan Elks Association<br />

Michigan State University<br />

- College of Human Medicine<br />

Rockford Construction<br />

Schering Plough<br />

Darell and Mary Schregardus<br />

Secchia Family Foundation<br />

The Seidman Family Foundation<br />

George Sietsema<br />

Richard and Pauline Stark Estate<br />

Universal Forest Products Inc.<br />

Dave and Carol Van Andel<br />

Dave and Carol Van Andel Foundation<br />

Ina June Vander Veer<br />

Verizon Wireless<br />

Patron Donors $5,000 to $9,999<br />

97 LAV<br />

James and Shirley Balk<br />

Charles and Christine Boelkins<br />

The Bouma Corporation<br />

Cancer & Hematology Centers of Western MI, PC<br />

John and Marie Canepa<br />

The Chop House<br />

Crowe Chizek<br />

The Currie Foundation<br />

Douglas and Sandra Dekock<br />

Dwight Reed Memorial Golf Outing<br />

Ernst & Young LLP<br />

Grand Rapids Magazine<br />

Grand Valley State University<br />

Martin and Peggy Greydanus<br />

Grubb & Ellis | Paramount Commerce<br />

J.C. and Laurie Huizenga<br />

Hunt/Owen-Ames-Kimball Co.<br />

Earle S. and Kyle Irwin<br />

Leigh’s<br />

Tim and Kim Long<br />

Lord, Abbett, & Co. LLC<br />

Macatawa Bank<br />

Robert J. and Cindy McCann<br />

Metro Health<br />

Mills Benefit Group, LLC<br />

NAYA Bistro & Wine Bar<br />

Peter and Sheila Neydon<br />

Randall L. Phelps<br />

Plante & Moran, PLLC<br />

Dirk Hoffius<br />

Estate Planning Attorney, Varnum, Riddering, Schmidt and Howlett<br />

“People often say to me ‘We want to invest our estate<br />

gifts in organizations we know will remain strong<br />

long after we pass away. To us, strong endowments<br />

equate to a strong future.’ When I hear comments<br />

like that, I think of Van Andel Institute.”<br />

Preusser Jewelers<br />

Fritz M. and Carol Rottman<br />

Saint Mary’s Health Care<br />

SMG Van Andel Arena<br />

John and Judy Spoelhof Foundation<br />

Duwane A. and Sue Suwyn<br />

Michael and Michelle Van Dyke<br />

Varnum, Riddering, Schmidt & Howlett<br />

Warner Norcross & Judd LLP<br />

West Side Beer Distributing<br />

Greg and Meg Willit<br />

WOOD TV<br />

X-Rite<br />

Bronze Donors $2,500 to $4,999<br />

Accident Fund of Michigan<br />

Amerisure Insurance<br />

Applause Banquets & Catering<br />

Axios Incorporated<br />

Michelle and Kevin Bassett<br />

BDO Seidman, LLP<br />

Berends Hendricks Stuit<br />

Better Life Unlimited<br />

Marcia and Richard Bishop<br />

Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan<br />

Broadmoor Products, Inc.<br />

James and Donna Brooks<br />

Jerry and Susan Callahan<br />

Christman Company<br />

Comerica Bank<br />

Davenport University<br />

Deloitte & Touche, LLP<br />

Dickinson Wright PLLC<br />

Paul and Mary Jo Drueke<br />

Ferris State University<br />

David G. and Judy Frey<br />

Grand Rapids Community College<br />

The Grand Rapids Press<br />

The Granger Group<br />

Great Lakes Computer<br />

Holland Community Hospital<br />

Ice Sculptures LTD<br />

Insignia Homes<br />

Robert and Paulette Israels<br />

Jewish Communal Fund<br />

The Jubilee Foundation<br />

Jim and Ginger Jurries<br />

Kathleen & Company<br />

Craig and Deb Kinney<br />

Donald and Elizabeth Klopcic<br />

KO Sports<br />

Van Andel Institute

Lake Michigan Credit Union<br />

Leo’s<br />

Marsh USA, Inc.<br />

Mc Shane & Bowie<br />

Meijer Inc.<br />

Henry and Mary Morley<br />

John and Barbara Myaard<br />

National City Bank<br />

Norris, Perne and French LLP<br />

John and Gail Nowak<br />

Price, Heneveld, Cooper, DeWitt & Litton LLP<br />

Progressive AE<br />

Root Lowell Manufacturing Co.<br />

William J. and Sally A. Rothwell<br />

Alan and Margaret Ryan<br />

Smith Haughey Rice & Roegge PC<br />

Spectrum Health<br />

Steelcase Inc.<br />

Wells Fargo N.A.<br />

West Michigan Science and Technology Initiative<br />

Charter Donors $1,000 to $2,499<br />

Attallah and Mimi Amash<br />

James▲ and Marilyn Bambourough<br />

Bar Divani<br />

Frank D. and Judith Beltman<br />

Edward W. and Joan G. Berends<br />

Betz Industries<br />

David and Jill Bielema<br />

BioTechConnections.org/Gary and Sandra Burmeister<br />

Fred and Elaine Borgman<br />

John and Sharon Bouma<br />

Donald R. and Frances L. Buske<br />

Gaylen and Susan Byker<br />

Carol Bylsma<br />

Cascade Rental<br />

Jim and Jennifer Conner<br />

Dave and Karen Custer<br />

Robert and Katherine Daverman<br />

James and Joy DeBoer<br />

Bill and Terri DeBoer<br />

Jeff Dykehouse<br />

Bill and Diane Ehinger<br />

Ken and Frances Ellis<br />

James B. and Gail M. Fahner<br />

Feyen-Zylstra LLC<br />

Margaret H. Fondren<br />

Forest Hills Foods<br />

R. Jack and Mary Frick<br />

Dan and Lou Ann Gaydou<br />

Robert and Paula Geyer<br />

Elizabeth Gillett<br />

The Gilmore Collection<br />

Gene and Tubie Gilmore<br />

Gerald and Jane Girod<br />

Norma Girod<br />

Richard and Ethelyn L. Haworth<br />

Haworth Inc.<br />

Steve and Brenda Heacock<br />

John and Gwen Hibbard<br />

The Hip Pocket<br />

Phil T. Hoekstra<br />

Dirk C. and Victoria Hoffius<br />

Earl and Donnalee Holton<br />

Hope College<br />

David D.▲ and Marilyn Hunting<br />

Roberta L. Jones<br />

Paul and Diane M. Jones<br />

Joe and Elizabeth Junewick<br />

Fred and Linn Keller<br />

Kerkstra Precast, Inc.<br />

Lawrence and Anne Kloth<br />

L & V Development<br />

Lacks Enterprises, Inc.<br />

Leelanau Cellars<br />

Bill and Sharon Lettinga<br />

Ray and Nancy Loeschner<br />

Charles W. Loosemore Foundation<br />

Gary and Vicky Ludema<br />

Leonard and Marjorie Maas<br />

Materials Testing Consultants<br />

Hank and Liesel Meijer<br />

Jack H. Miller<br />

Miller Johnson<br />

Mark and Elizabeth Murray<br />

Paul Nickodemus<br />

Mark and Judy Olesnavage<br />

Donald and Ann Parfet Family Foundation<br />

The Peninsular Club<br />

Charles J. and Nancy J. Poquette<br />

Edgar & Elsa Prince Foundation<br />

Drake Quinn Family Foundation<br />

Regal Limousine Service<br />

Carl and Francesca Rehnborg<br />

James and Christine Resau<br />

RORDOR Foundation<br />

Alywn and Chris Rougier-Chapman<br />

Chuck and Stella Royce<br />

Jacquolyn Sawyer<br />

Roger and Kathleen Schiefler<br />

Joel Schoon Tanis<br />

Audre Seale<br />

Budge and Marilyn Sherwood<br />

Brent and Diane Slay<br />

David Smith and Peggy Child Smith<br />

James and Jacquelyn G. Sobieraj<br />

Thomas L. and Mary L. Stuit<br />

Russel and Jean Swaney<br />

Bill and Sally Swets<br />

Marilyn Titche<br />

Steven and Laura Triezenberg<br />

Two Chicks and an Oven<br />

Dan and Ann Marie Van Eerden<br />

John Van Fossen<br />

Gordon and Mary Van Harn<br />

Gordon and Margaret Van Wylen<br />

George and Dot Vande Woude<br />

Stuart and Nelleke Vander Heide<br />

Theodore S. and Joan A. Vanderveen<br />

David and Tillie VanderVeen<br />

Lewis and Norma VanKuiken<br />

Kathleen and Phil Vogelsang<br />

Dan Vos<br />

James C. and Sue Williams<br />

Carolyn W. and Lawrence Witt<br />

Tim and Kris Wondergem<br />

Michelle Van Dyke<br />

Regional President, Fifth Third Bank Michigan | President and CEO, Fifth Third Bank Western Michigan<br />

Partners in Hope $500 to $999<br />

William Alt<br />

R. Tony and Kathleen Asselta<br />

Guy S. Bailey<br />

Robert P. and Valerie Bernecker<br />

Grace Bouwman<br />

Bradford Company<br />

Cascade Engineering, Inc.<br />

Ken Coryell<br />

Wayne Coryell<br />

Bert and Lindy Crandell<br />

Dori Drayton<br />

Nicholas and Susan Duesbery<br />

James and Kathy Dunlap<br />

Mark and Anne Elve<br />

John and Marcia D. Evans<br />

Mat and Jennifer Fahrenkrug<br />

John Fitch<br />

Funny Business Agency, Inc.<br />

Goodwill Industries<br />

John and Liga Greenfield<br />

Sheryl Haverkate<br />

Days Inn Hotel<br />

Bill Hazard<br />

Stephanie L. Hehl<br />

Dan and Diane Hickey<br />

Hoe Down Hoggs 4H<br />

Hospice of Michigan - Greater Grand Rapids<br />

Johan’s Trifest<br />

Carol Karr<br />

Kevin Paul and Mid Life Crisis<br />

Philip and Lillian Koning<br />

Nicholas and Gloria Kroeze<br />

Pamela Luetkemeyer<br />

Lukens Family Foundation<br />

William S. and Amy M. Mackay<br />

John and Suzanne MacKeigan<br />

Michigan Community Blood Centers<br />

Monica’s Best Gourmet Cookies<br />

Pam and Mike Murray<br />

Jeffrey R. and Erin M. Needham<br />

Mike and Bette Oostendorp<br />

Oliver and Donna Owens<br />

Seymour K. and Esther Padnos<br />

Mark and Dianne Peters<br />

Pine Rest Foundation<br />

Pioneer Construction<br />

Priority Health<br />

Norman and Janet Pylman<br />

John and Therese Rowerdink<br />

Janice Talen<br />

Thompson Remodeling, Inc.<br />

Roger Tjoelker<br />

Nancy Van Andel<br />

William D. and Yvonne H. Van Ee<br />

James D. and Maryanne Veldheer<br />

Craig P. and Tara Webb<br />

Richard A. and Diane R. Wendt<br />

Gretchen White<br />

Bart and Wendy Williams<br />

Friends of the Institute $1 - $499<br />

Dave and Lee Ann Abel<br />

Vincent A. and Mary M. Ackerman<br />

AD Bos Vending Services<br />

Art and Lisa Alberts<br />

Tom and Jean Almy<br />

Alticor Inc.<br />

Peter and Lilah Ambrosi<br />

Sandra Ames<br />

Catherine Amodeo<br />

Heather Anderson<br />

Larry and Nancy Andreano<br />

James E. and Francene M. Angers<br />

Applied Imaging<br />

Leann Arkema<br />

Jeff Asfour<br />

Robert Atkinson<br />

Charles F. and Jane S. Aylsworth<br />

Philip J. and Joanne L. Baker<br />

Steven G. and Marguerite H. Baker<br />

John, Evie, and Tommie Barfuss<br />

Thomas and Tamara Barney<br />

Duane Bartee<br />

Bret Bartee<br />

Dick Bartulis<br />

Jean Bassett<br />

Chris L. and Brenda Bauchan<br />

Guy Beck<br />

Brian Beckett<br />

Don Beenen<br />

Donald E. and Eunice L. Berry<br />

Mike and Donna Bieker<br />

Biggby Coffee<br />

George Bischoff<br />

Ron Blair<br />

Charles M. and Patricia A. Bloom<br />

Kimberly Joy Bode<br />

James and Priscilla Boike<br />

William M. and Donna G. Boorstein<br />

William J. and Judith L. Booth<br />

VAI Donor<br />

Recognition<br />

“Hope is the most special gift we can give to the people around us, in our close circles, our neighborhoods, and our world. And believe<br />

me when I say there is a lot of hope being generated at Van Andel Institute. That is why Fifth Third Bank is proud to be title sponsor of<br />

the Van Andel Institute Celebration of Hope for the seventh year in a row. As the bank of the community, Fifth Third Bank donates millions<br />

of dollars each year to enrich the lives of people in the communities we serve. Unfortunately, cancer and Parkinson disease touch so many<br />

people in our communities. We view Van Andel Institute as a critical link in connecting our dollars to community needs.”<br />

www.vai.org<br />


Friends of the Institute<br />

(continued)<br />

Tammy Born<br />

Born Preventive Health Care Clinic, PC<br />

Vern and Norma Boss<br />

Pamela J. Bouma<br />

Michael and Beth Bouma<br />

Melissa L. Bourke<br />

Mary Bouwkamp<br />

Eileen Brader<br />

William and Barbara Bradley<br />

James H. and Sheral Bradley<br />

Jacqueline Bradley<br />

Esther Brandt<br />

Richard Breukink<br />

Sallie and David Brinks<br />

Broadway Grand Rapids<br />

Jaime Brookmeyer<br />

James C. and Ellen J. Bruinsma<br />

Roger and Connie Brummel<br />

Edward and Sarah Buck<br />

Mark Bugge<br />

Bullseye Group<br />

Robert Burch<br />

Janelle Burden<br />

Sue A. Burns<br />

Yvonne M. Burns<br />

Thomas and Stacey Buschert<br />

William H. and Jackie Bylenga<br />

Bruce and Jan Bylsma<br />

Robert L. and Shirley Ann Bytwerk<br />

Douglas C. Camelo<br />

Bryon L. and Kandy Campbell<br />

Don and Lois Capel<br />

Stephen F. and Michelle Card<br />

Benjamin and Cortney Carlson<br />

Nancy L. Carlson<br />

Edward and Maureen Carlson<br />

Gregory Cavey<br />

Linda Chamberlain<br />

Ron and Joann Champion<br />

Jack and Donna Chase<br />

Kevin and Kelly Chopp<br />

Thomas and Nancy Church<br />

Mike and Kim Clarke<br />

Arthur A. Clements<br />

David J. Closs<br />

Christopher Coats<br />

Commerce Realty and Management Company<br />

Consolidated Electrical Contractors<br />

Contemporary Glassworks<br />

Marty and Barbara Coon<br />

Dwayne Coryell<br />

James and Cynthia Cotter<br />

Bruce Courtade<br />

Howard T. Courtnay<br />

Charles and Laura Cox<br />

Allen Crater<br />

Michael J. Crawford<br />

The Creelman Agency<br />

Russell and Alice M. Cronberg<br />

William and Janice Currie<br />

Brenna Cusack<br />

Charlie and Linda Cusack<br />

Bruce Custer<br />

Jim and Judy Czanko<br />

Ronald and Cindi J. Czarnecki<br />

Joseph D’Ali<br />

Chico and Vanessa Daniels<br />

John D. and Rene Darling<br />

Arnold D. and Ilene D. Dashoff<br />

Jennifer M. Daugherty<br />

Amy and Curtis Davis<br />

Jason and Cindy Dawes<br />

Daybreak Studios<br />

Jeff and Jill Dean<br />

John and Jane Dean<br />

Michael J. DeBoe<br />

Vance C. and Barbara J. DeCamp<br />

Don and Doris DeGood<br />

Thomas A. and Robin D. Demeester<br />

Robert DeVilbiss<br />

Nancy C. and Ken Devon<br />

Lora DeVries<br />

Gary and Joyce DeWitt<br />

Digital Video Services<br />

Robert Doane<br />

Michael B. and Renae D. Donahey<br />

Elizabeth A. Donley<br />

Stephen and Michelle Doyle<br />

Richard M. and Cheri L. Dressler<br />

Brandt D. and Sharon M. Driscoll<br />

Thomas B. and Mary Duthler<br />

Dwelling Place of Grand Rapids, Inc.<br />

Michael and Mary Dykema<br />

Chester Dykema<br />

Dave and Pat Edwards<br />

Vernon J. and Johanna Ehlers<br />

Kathryn M. Eisenmann<br />

Elders’ Helpers<br />

John F. and Teresa A. Elliott<br />

Mark and Jennifer Ellis<br />

Michael S. and Lynette Ellis<br />

Sharry A. Fearon-Beatty<br />

R.K. and Char Fecho<br />

Carole Feigley<br />

Edwin and Linda Feulner<br />

Paul and Charlene Fitzpatrick<br />

Mike Flynn<br />

Maureen E. Foley<br />

John and Mylinda Folkert<br />

Suzette Foll<br />

William L. and Mary Ford<br />

Forest View Psychiatric Hospital<br />

John and Jodie Formolo<br />

Betty Jane Forray<br />

Carl and Anne Forslund<br />

Albert and Laurie Forte<br />

Ken Fowler<br />

Lynn and Alice V. Francis<br />

Randall and Amy Freeburg<br />

Florence Freeman<br />

Dave & Karen Custer<br />

Custer Workplace Interiors<br />

“There are many good causes to give to, and it is impossible to support<br />

all of them in a meaningful way. Thus, we focus our giving on Healthcare<br />

and Education. Van Andel Institute fits perfectly into both areas. This is very<br />

appealing to us.”<br />

Eleanora H. Frey<br />

Linda Frey<br />

Lisa Freybler<br />

Charles T. and Carol A. Fridsma<br />

Sarah Friedman<br />

Julia B. Fry<br />

Joseph and Susan Gavan<br />

General Glass Corp<br />

Chad M. Genton<br />

Jared E. and Linda J. Gieske<br />

Lynn and Zell Gill<br />

Craig Glupker<br />

Philip W. and Jane Goodspeed<br />

Goodwin Procter<br />

Elaine Goralski<br />

Shelly D. Gordon<br />

Jim Gordon<br />

Sandra Gores<br />

Terri G. Gorton<br />

Grand Action<br />

Grand Rapids Area Chamber Of Commerce<br />

Grand Valley Health Corporations<br />

James O. and Mary E. Grant<br />

Sharon Greider<br />

Chester H. Griffis<br />

Mary M. Grigware<br />

Colleen Grimes<br />

Edythe R. Grinage<br />

Patti Griswold<br />

Christine Gutierrez<br />

Elizabeth Haak<br />

Pete Haak<br />

David and Gloria Haebich<br />

Betsy Haller<br />

Julia Hamming<br />

Jon Hanson<br />

Kimela Hardy<br />

Richard J. and Lillian Havenga<br />

Ruth Haverkamp<br />

Tim Hawkins and Ilsy Murillo<br />

Health Unlimited<br />

Bary Hearon<br />

Ted and Amy Heilman<br />

Henry A. Fox Sales Co.<br />

Thomas G. and Maureen Herman<br />

Robert and Barbara Herr<br />

Bruce Heys Builders, Inc.<br />

Mark Hiesterman<br />

Randy Hillard<br />

Larry J. and Candace A. Hillis<br />

Ken Hinton and Nancy Devon<br />

Dennis and Jeni Hoekstra<br />

Michelle M. Hoexum<br />

Hoffman Jewelers<br />

Ronald and Heidi Hofman<br />

Laura A. and Matt Holman<br />

Cynthia Holmes<br />

Eric J. Hoogstra<br />

John and Mary Hoogstra<br />

Dan and Amy Horning<br />

Robert E. and Beatrice Horton<br />

Donald R. and Ruby W. House<br />

Margie and Timothy Hoving<br />

Larry L. and Ginger Howe<br />

Joanne Hunefeld<br />

William and Susan E. Hunt<br />

Lourie Hurley<br />

David and Joyce Ignasiak<br />

Ron Igrisan<br />

Jose A. and Sue Infante<br />

Lyle R. and Jacqueline J. Irish<br />

James and Sandra Jackoboice<br />

Thomas J. and Barbara A. Jackoboice<br />

Holly Jacoby<br />

Roland Jager<br />

Don and Lois Jandernoa<br />

Melissa M. Janes<br />

Helen K. Jansen<br />

Jarob Design<br />

Angela R. Jason<br />

JB2 Enterprises<br />

Linda C. Jennings<br />

Michelle Jespersen<br />

Maryanna Johnson<br />

Eric E. Jones<br />

JP Morgan Private Bank<br />

Kevin Kaifer<br />

Robert F. Kaiser<br />

Dafna and Greg Kaufman<br />

David Kaufman<br />

Alex Kayzerman<br />

David Keenan<br />

Kelly Scientific Research<br />

John and Carri Kendall<br />

Mark Kennedy<br />

Kent Beverage Company Inc.<br />

Judith L. Kessel<br />

Robert P. and Katherine H. Kimball<br />

Donald M. and Monica M. Kimball<br />

Adam King<br />

David R. and Melissa Klein<br />

Norman and Valerie L. Knapp<br />

Deborah Kober<br />

Katherine Koehler<br />

Julie Koenig<br />

Linda L. Koert<br />

Joseph W. and Mildred Konrath<br />

Jerry and Maribeth Kooiman<br />

Michael Koppinger<br />

James D. Kozal<br />

Van Andel Institute

To make changes to how your name(s), or<br />

your company’s name, is listed in future<br />

publications, please call 616-234-5681.<br />

Diane Kozal<br />

Bernadine Kozal<br />

Dennis and Joanne Kozarek<br />

Richard Kraklau<br />

John and Arnette Kraus<br />

David and Jane Krombeen<br />

Rebecca Krueger<br />

Frederick R. and Sharon L. Kruithof<br />

Karen Kuiper<br />

Christian T. Kutschinski<br />

Greg and Susan Lambert<br />

Jeannine Lanning<br />

Kari A. LaPlaunt<br />

Betty J. Laroux<br />

Joseph Lattanze<br />

Kaye LaVee Swanson<br />

Lorraine Lavigne<br />

Kellie A. Leali<br />

Sid Lee<br />

Lee Special Systems<br />

John and Mary Leese<br />

Amy LeFebre<br />

Larry Leigh<br />

Leigh’s<br />

Edward Lewis<br />

Robert C. and Frances V. Lewis<br />

Joby and Amanda Lewis<br />

Scott and Nancy Liversedge<br />

Benjamin and Denice Logan<br />

John H. and Susan Logie<br />

Laura and Dennis Lohr<br />

Allan C. and Barbara J. Lowe<br />

Ric and Lisa Loyd<br />

Irving J. Lundell<br />

Heather T. Ly<br />

Jeff and Shannon MacKeigan<br />

Richard and Mary MacKeigan<br />

Kevin R. and Jill Mahoney<br />

Donald W. and Kathleen Maine<br />

Luma Makhay<br />

Dolores Malec<br />

Nicholas Malec<br />

Gloria Mance<br />

Robin and Yvonne Mancuso<br />

James and Elizabeth Mandarino<br />

George Manus<br />

Marina Shores Association<br />

Jack W. and Delores Marks<br />

John and Nancy K. Markward<br />

Joseph Marogil<br />

Cynthia L. Martin<br />

Henry and Connie Mast<br />

Sally Matecun<br />

John W. and Sharon Matthews<br />

Andrea McAlhany<br />

Joe and Darla McAlister<br />

Mike McCoy<br />

Jennifer and Justin McGrail<br />

Gary and Linda McInerney<br />

McInerney Law Offices PC<br />

Ward J. and Shirley McKenney<br />

Mary Jane McWilliams<br />

Gary and Marlene Mescher<br />

R. George Mickel<br />

Mika, Meyers, Beckett & Jones, PLC<br />

Julie Milanowski<br />

Howard D. and Loraine Miller<br />

Steve and Julie Miller<br />

Bud and Jane Miller<br />

Cynthia and William Miranti<br />

Joe and Tracey Moch<br />

Dan Modzeleski<br />

David J. and Cathy Monsma<br />

Brian and Susan Mooney<br />

Bill Morgan<br />

Kirk Morgan<br />

David W. and Diana Morgenstern<br />

Jeff and Denise Morton<br />

William and Bernadette Motiska<br />

Louise Mueller<br />

Brent and Melisa Mulder<br />

Gordon Mullholland and Kathleen Seglund<br />

Fabienne Munch<br />

Timothy and Denise Myers<br />

David E. Nadziejka<br />

Scott and Linda A. Nash<br />

Claude and Gay M. Nauta<br />

Chris and Molly Nawrocki<br />

Edwin J. and Dolores Nawrocki<br />

Gretchen Neering<br />

Jeffrey Neiman<br />

Charles and Suzanne Neureuther<br />

Kristan A. Newhouse<br />

David, Kristen, Grayson, Beck, and Alec Norris<br />

Thomas W. and Jane A. Norton<br />

Richard and Kathleen A. Noskey<br />

Bob Novy<br />

Nurture by Steelcase<br />

NuSoft Solutions, Inc.<br />

Sandra S. and Jack Oato<br />

Chris O’Brien<br />

Ruth O’Keefe<br />

Steven Olson<br />

Michael, Kristina, and Aidan O’Meara<br />

Mr. and Mrs. Jay O’Neal<br />

Dustin P. and Kim Ordway<br />

James and Carolyn Oswald<br />

Linda Otis<br />

Irene Ott<br />

Ron Ott<br />

Danielle Ouendag<br />

Philip and Denise J. Overway<br />

John Pace<br />

Jeffrey and Peggy Padnos<br />

Frank Padron<br />

Panera Bread<br />

George Pantlind<br />

Les and Barb Parker<br />

Steve and Molly Parker<br />

William L. and Barbara Parker<br />

Passaro & Kahne Law Office, PLLC<br />

Steve and Ruth Pate<br />

Donald and Patricia Patterson<br />

Ronald and Mary Patzer<br />

Caroline Patzer<br />

Robert and Karen S. Pearson<br />

Gerald and Donna Pechtel<br />

Louis J. and Cornelia R. Pepoy<br />

Nancy Peters<br />

Stephen Peterson<br />

Thomas W. and Christine M. Pfennig<br />

Timothy J. and Pamela Pietryga<br />

Lisa G. and Gustavo Pilon<br />

Bonnie Pinder<br />

Pine Rest Christian Mental Health Services<br />

Samuel J. and Cheryl Pinto<br />

Michelle Plumer<br />

Lynn L. Plummer<br />

Angie and Brad Plutschouw<br />

Rick and Sue Polhill<br />

James and Kathleen Ponitz<br />

Joseph G. Popiel<br />

Amy Poplaski<br />

Wendy Popma<br />

David and Amy Poquette<br />

Brian and Jennifer Post<br />

Rodney and Amy Prahl<br />

Mary Ann Prisichenko<br />

Promega Corporation<br />

Tony and Dianne Pung<br />

Matt and Susan Quada<br />

David Quigley<br />

Quimby Walstrom<br />

Christopher Rabideau<br />

Angela Rambo<br />

Robert H. and Andrea Rander<br />

Tom Ranville<br />

Michael Rapier<br />

Carol G. and Steven Rappley<br />

Mary K. Redman<br />

David Reed<br />

Gordon J. and Jeanine Reeder<br />

Regent Broadcasting<br />

Robert and Donna Renkema<br />

Sue Anne Renken<br />

The Right Place, Inc.<br />

Ed Rodenhouse<br />

Brian and Sandra Roelof<br />

Thad Roelofs<br />

Ronald R. and Joyce A. Rogers<br />

Louis and Mary Romence<br />

David L. and Jessica Ross<br />

Anne Rossi<br />

Kirk and Lynn Rottschafer<br />

Veronica Rozelle<br />

Carl R. and Shawn M. Ruetz<br />

Jeffrey S. and Pamela B. Rush<br />

William, Kathryn, Lauren and Kate Ryan<br />

Denise Ryskamp<br />

Jack and Dorothy Ryskamp<br />

Fredric E. Ryskamp<br />

James R. Saalfeld<br />

Gerald Sajewski<br />

Richard C. Salzwedel<br />

Susan Samrick<br />

San Chez Bistro<br />

Elizabeth Sarafis<br />

A. Charles and Caroline L. Schaap<br />

Marsha Schmuker<br />

Ann L. Schoen<br />

Bill Schoonveld<br />

Jeff and Susan Schreur<br />

Matt Schulte<br />

Clarence Schumaker<br />

Darryl and Dawn Schumaker<br />

Stephanie A. Scott<br />

Sebastian Foundation<br />

Secchia Institute for Culinary Education<br />

Jaime Sekerke<br />

Christine Serne<br />

Dan and Susan Serne<br />

Jeanne C. Serne<br />

Michael S. Serne<br />

James A. and Eleanor L. Serne<br />

Mike and Joann Serne<br />

Patrick A. and June H. Serne<br />

David B. Shane<br />

A. Michael and Terri L. Shapiro<br />

Jerry and Kathy Shear<br />

John and Mary Sheets<br />

Robin Shelley<br />

Jerry and Shirley Sherman<br />

A. Clare and Karen Silva<br />

Nancy Skinner<br />

Larry L. and Marika Slenk<br />

Shane and Meredith Smedley<br />

Jonathan L. and Betsy Smith<br />

Louis G. and Terry K. Smith<br />

Smith Barney, Inc.<br />

Sara Smolenski<br />

Margaret M. Sowerby<br />

Spartan Graphics<br />

David and Linda Spencer<br />

Richard and Lisa Spotts<br />

Tina Sprich<br />

William A. and Sandy Stevenson<br />

Keith N. and Sheryl S. Stewart<br />

Stifel, Nicolaus & Company, Inc.<br />

Chris Stimson<br />

Robert and Brenda Stineman<br />

Marlene Stoops<br />

Jerome P. and Judith H. Subar<br />

Drew Sutton<br />

Thomas C. and Susan Swaney<br />

Pamela J. Swiatek<br />

Sandy Swiatek<br />

Zachary Talen<br />

Dick and Shirley Tedford<br />

Kathryn Teesdale<br />

Bin and Jane Teh<br />

Richard D. and Julie K. Terhaar<br />

Jodi Termolen<br />

Daniel Terpsma<br />

Nicole M. Tessari<br />

Brad E. and Elizabeth Thomas<br />

John and Lydia Tobian<br />

William D. Tolbert<br />

Jose Toro<br />

Bruce and Angela Towne<br />

Rick Treur<br />

John and Cheryl Tully<br />

Peter M. Turner<br />

T.W. Hager Lumber Co.<br />

Urban Mill<br />

Janice Uzarski<br />

Michael Van Genechten<br />

Jim and Kris Van Heule<br />

Earl and Pat Van Opstall<br />

Dave and Beth Van Portfliet<br />

Gary and Debra Van Solkema<br />

Clare and Joan Van Wieren<br />

Jeffrey J. and Nancy Van Winkle<br />

Cynthia Vande Woude<br />

Arie and Jane Vandermale<br />

VAI Donor<br />

Recognition<br />

www.vai.org<br />


Friends of the Institute<br />

(continued)<br />

Russell L. VanderMey<br />

Donald L. and Janell VanDine<br />

Erin VanEpps<br />

Lynn Vanpelt<br />

Mike and Bev Vantieghrem<br />

Varnum Consulting<br />

Carl and Sandra VerBeek<br />

Bill Vierregger<br />

Jennifer Vogel<br />

Theodore and Vicki Vogt<br />

Raymond and Mary Lou Vreeland<br />

Wachovia Securities, Inc.<br />

Tracey Walker<br />

Dee Wall<br />

Cynthia Anne Walsh<br />

Michael Warber<br />

Amy Ward<br />

John and Mary Beth Wardrop<br />

Bill and Patricia Waring<br />

Sandra K. Warren<br />

Kirsten Washburn<br />

Water Fight<br />

Robert Weatherford and Pamela Stark<br />

Michael Weinreich<br />

J.L. Wentland<br />

Ralph O. and Diane Wessel<br />

Western Michigan Pediatrics Cardiology Associates, PC<br />

Michael Whalen<br />

Brian and Kim Whitson<br />

Whitson Insulation Co. of Grand Rapids Inc.<br />

Scott and Rebecca Wierda<br />

John and Jill Wierenga<br />

John and Marge Wiersma<br />

Rita Williams<br />

Bruce Williams<br />

Robert and Carrie Winter<br />

Howard H. Wirt<br />

Stan J. and Phyllis Wisinski<br />

Les and Lori Wisner<br />

Tom and Lori Wisner<br />

Don and Suzanne L. Wisner<br />

Shirley Wohler<br />

Gregory and Tina Wolbers<br />

John M. Wolf<br />

Joan Wolverton<br />

Casey and Violet Wondergem<br />

Leslie and Jane Wong<br />

Larry and Bonnie Wormmeester<br />

WZZM 13<br />

Eric and Shawna Xu<br />

Alan and Wendy Yamaoka<br />

Michael and Leslie Yoder<br />

Jameson and Meghan Yoder<br />

Ron Young and Heather Frazee<br />

David Young<br />

Vicki Young<br />

John J. Young<br />

Barbara A. Youngblood<br />

Linda Zarzecki and Dr. Liam Sullivan<br />

Thelma Zeinstra<br />

Rachael Zhang<br />

William and Judith Zinser<br />

Mitchell A. Zoerhoff<br />

William R. and Carole E. Zoller<br />

Lodewyk P. and Joanne Zwarensteyn<br />

Employee Donors<br />

Art and Lisa Alberts<br />

Thomas and Tamara Barney<br />

Michelle and Kevin Bassett<br />

Marcia and Richard Bishop<br />

Jaime Brookmeyer<br />

Douglas C. Camelo<br />

Bryon and Kandy Campbell<br />

Benjamin and Cortney Carlson<br />

Gregory Cavey<br />

Marty and Barbara Coon<br />

Jennifer Daugherty<br />

Amy and Curtis Davis<br />

Jason and Cindy Dawes<br />

Nicholas and Susan Duesbery<br />

Kathryn M. Eisenmann<br />

R. Jack and Mary Frick<br />

Sarah Friedman<br />

Joseph and Susan Gavan<br />

John and Liga Greenfield<br />

Elizabeth Haak<br />

Pete Haak<br />

Kimela Hardy<br />

Tim Hawkins and Ilsy Murillo<br />

Steve and Brenda Heacock<br />

Stephanie Hehl<br />

Ted and Amy Heilman<br />

Laura and Matt Holman<br />

Margie and Timothy Hoving<br />

Angela R. Jason<br />

Roberta L. Jones<br />

Dafna and Greg Kauffman<br />

Katherine Koehler<br />

Christian T. Kutschinski<br />

Kellie A. Leali<br />

Laura and Dennis Lohr<br />

Heather T. Ly<br />

Jeff and Shannon MacKeigan<br />

Jennifer and Justin McGrail<br />

Cynthia and William Miranti<br />

David and Cathy Monsma<br />

Brent and Melisa Mulder<br />

Pam and Mike Murray<br />

Timothy and Denise Myers<br />

David E. Nadziejka<br />

Mr. and Mrs. Jay O’Neal<br />

Lisa and Gustavo Pilon<br />

Samuel and Cheryl Pinto<br />

Angie and Brad Plutschouw<br />

Amy Poplaski<br />

Carol and Steven Rappley<br />

James and Christine Resau<br />

Thad Roelofs<br />

David and Jessica Ross<br />

Ann L. Schoen<br />

Stephanie A. Scott<br />

Pamela J. Swiatek<br />

Bin and Jane Teh<br />

William Tolbert<br />

Jose Toro<br />

Steven and Laura Triezenberg<br />

John Van Fossen<br />

Gordon and Mary Van Harn<br />

George and Dot Vande Woude<br />

Russell L. VanderMey<br />

Kathleen and Phil Vogelsang<br />

Craig P. and Tara Webb<br />

Michael Weinreich<br />

Bart and Wendy Williams<br />

Carolyn and Lawrence F. Witt<br />

Eric and Shawna Xu<br />

John Young<br />

Ron Young and Heather Frazee<br />

Linda Zarzecki and Dr. Liam Sullivan<br />

Rachael Zhang<br />

Mitchell A. Zoerhoff<br />

Tribute and Memorial Gifts<br />

In <strong>2007</strong>, the following individuals and organizations<br />

made a tribute or memorial gift in honor<br />

of a family member, friend, or colleague with<br />

a gift to Van Andel Institute. In recognition of<br />

their thoughtfulness, we express appreciation.<br />

Tributes<br />

Pauline Baer<br />

William and Barbara Bradley<br />

Kevin and Michelle Bassett<br />

Jean Bassett<br />

Bill and Barbara Bradley<br />

James H. and Sheral Bradley<br />

Robert Cope<br />

Holly Jacoby<br />

Tessa Grabinski<br />

Jared E. and Linda J. Gieske<br />

Andrew Koo<br />

David and Gloria Haebich<br />

Rex Renfrow & Family<br />

Arnold D. and Ilene D. Dashoff<br />

Reverend Merlyn Satrom<br />

John and Cheryl Tully<br />

Memorials<br />

Alison “Awesome Ali” Aardema<br />

Eric E. Jones<br />

James Bamborough<br />

Florence Freeman<br />

Mary Bek<br />

Applied Imaging<br />

Mary Benson<br />

Steven and Teri B. Olson<br />

Philip Bettendorf<br />

William and Bernadette Motiska<br />

Fred Birkeland<br />

Jean Bassett<br />

Jean Boomers<br />

Jacqueline Bradley<br />

Kevin and Kelly Chopp<br />

Don and Doris DeGood<br />

Michael B. and Renae D. Donahey<br />

Lynn and Zell Gill<br />

Richard J. and Lillian Havenga<br />

Norman and Valerie L. Knapp<br />

Robin and Yvonne Mancuso<br />

Bud and Jane Miller<br />

Jerry and Kathy Shear<br />

A. Clare and Karen Silva<br />

Suzanne J. Buche<br />

Charles J. and Nancy J. Poquette<br />

David J. and Amy R. Poquette<br />

Peter Bylsma<br />

Carol Bylsma<br />

Scott Carlson<br />

Nancy L. Carlson<br />

Norma Coryell<br />

Steven G. and Marguerite H. Baker<br />

Stephen F. and Michelle Card<br />

Ken and Norma Coryell<br />

James and Cynthia Cotter<br />

Howard T. Courtnay<br />

Charlie and Linda Cusack<br />

Scott and Linda A. Nash<br />

David Quigley<br />

Gregory and Tina Wolbers<br />

Kathrine Crane<br />

Carl and Anne Forslund<br />

Courtney Dahlen<br />

Lyle R. and Jacqueline J. Irish<br />

Ann Damuth<br />

Mary K. Redman<br />

Frances Davidson<br />

Yvonne M. Burns<br />

Lyle R. and Jacqueline J. Irish<br />

Gladys Davis<br />

Sandra Ames<br />

Jay DeBoe<br />

Michael J. DeBoe<br />

Carson Donley<br />

Elizabeth A. Donley<br />

Lisa Fair<br />

Steven and Teri B. Olson<br />

Marianne Fishback<br />

Maryanna Johnson<br />

Bill Fodren<br />

Margaret H. Fondren<br />

Emery Freeman<br />

Joseph G. Popiel<br />

Jean Frick<br />

Allan C. and Barbara J. Lowe<br />

John Fry<br />

Julia B. Fry<br />

Margaret Mary Gorski<br />

Joanne Hunefeld<br />

Robert Haight<br />

Robin Shelley<br />

Van Andel Institute

Mary “Tab” Hay<br />

Jerry and Shirley Sherman<br />

Christian Helmus, MD<br />

Dan and Ann Marie Van Eerden<br />

Jim Hickey<br />

Catherine Amodeo<br />

Larry W. Howe<br />

Larry L. and Ginger Howe<br />

Gordon J. and Jeanine Reeder<br />

Larry Jersey<br />

Lyle R. and Jacqueline J. Irish<br />

Isabelle Johnson<br />

Lyle R. and Jacqueline J. Irish<br />

Melanie Keith<br />

Lyle R. and Jacqueline J. Irish<br />

Pastor Al Keller<br />

Lyle R. and Jacqueline J. Irish<br />

Marie King<br />

Casey and Violet Wondergem<br />

Tim and Kris Wondergem<br />

Lyle Kinney<br />

Craig and Deb Kinney<br />

Lynn Konwinski<br />

Ron and Joann Champion<br />

Ronald and Cindi J. Czarnecki<br />

Lisa Freybler<br />

Kent Beverage Company Inc.<br />

Bernadine Kozal<br />

Diane Kozal<br />

James D. Kozal<br />

Lorraine Lavigne<br />

Philip and Denise J. Overway<br />

Kathryn Teesdale<br />

Dr. Han Mo Koo<br />

Carol Bylsma<br />

John and Lydia Tobian<br />

James M. Kozal<br />

James D. Kozal<br />

Angeline Landeis<br />

Lyle R. and Jacqueline J. Irish<br />

David B. Linn<br />

AD Bos Vending Services<br />

James W. Logie<br />

John H. and Susan Logie<br />

Peter & Joan Secchia<br />

“What a time this is for Grand Rapids...new and improved medical facilities, a<br />

new medical school, a focus on life sciences...and right at the heart of all of this<br />

is Van Andel Institute. The city is experiencing a complete transformation.”<br />

Jerry Matecun<br />

Sally Matecun<br />

Judith Mary McKenney<br />

Ward J. and Shirley McKenney<br />

Nicholas Mihos<br />

Richard and Mary MacKeigan<br />

Terry Moran<br />

James and Joy DeBoer<br />

John Mulder<br />

Edwin J. and Dolores Nawrocki<br />

Charles Edmund O’Keefe<br />

Ruth O’Keefe<br />

Carol Otto<br />

Pamela Luetkemeyer<br />

Ronald Pawloski<br />

James E. and Francene M. Angers<br />

Don and Lin Beenen<br />

John and Jodie Formolo<br />

Terri G. Gorton<br />

JB2 Enterprises<br />

Judith L. Kessel<br />

Donald M. and Monica M. Kimball<br />

Dolores Malec<br />

Nicholas Malec<br />

Claude and Gay M. Nauta<br />

Charles and Suzanne Neureuther<br />

Thomas W. and Jane A. Norton<br />

Richard and Kathleen A. Noskey<br />

Donald and Patricia Patterson<br />

Robert and Karen S. Pearson<br />

Louis G. and Terry K. Smith<br />

Dick and Shirley Tedford<br />

Bruce and Angela Towne<br />

Michael Warber<br />

Western Michigan Pediatrics Cardiology Associates, PC<br />

John O. Plummer, Jr.<br />

Lynn L. Plummer<br />

Dwight Reed<br />

Dwight Reed Memorial Golf Outing Participants<br />

Ann Roffol<br />

Vincent A. and Mary M. Ackerman<br />

David L. Rossi<br />

Anne Rossi<br />

Stella Rovine<br />

Richard and Mary MacKeigan<br />

Kevin Ryskamp<br />

Tom and Jean Almy<br />

Guy S. Bailey<br />

John, Evie, and Tommie Barfuss<br />

Stephen and Michelle Doyle<br />

John F. and Teresa A. Elliott<br />

Helen K. Jansen<br />

Kari A. LaPlaunt<br />

Joby and Amanda Lewis<br />

Scott and Nancy Liversedge<br />

George Manus<br />

Marina Shores Association<br />

Jack W. and Delores Marks<br />

John and Nancy K. Markward<br />

Cynthia L. Martin<br />

Joe and Darla McAlister<br />

Brian and Susan Mooney<br />

David, Kristen, Grayson, Beck and Alec Norris<br />

Michael, Kristina, and Aidan O’Meara<br />

Les and Barb Parker<br />

Steve and Molly Parker<br />

Steve and Ruth Pate<br />

Sue Anne Renken<br />

William, Kathryn, Lauren and Kate Ryan<br />

Denise Ryskamp<br />

Fredric E. Ryskamp<br />

Jack and Dorothy Ryskamp<br />

Christine Serne<br />

Dan and Susan Serne<br />

James A. and Eleanor L. Serne<br />

Jeanne C. Serne<br />

Michael S. Serne<br />

Mike and Joann Serne<br />

Patrick A. and June H. Serne<br />

Jim and Kris Van Heule<br />

Brian and Kim Whitson<br />

Whitson Insulation Co. of Grand Rapids Inc.<br />

Joan Wolverton<br />

Ruth Ann Scripps<br />

David and Debbie Keenan<br />

Alan and Wendy Yamaoka<br />

Jean Sheetz<br />

Sandra Ames<br />

Jo Smith<br />

Betty Jane Forray<br />

Linda C. Jennings<br />

Joseph W. and Mildred Konrath<br />

Betty J. Laroux<br />

John W. and Sharon Matthews<br />

Passaro & Kahne Law Office, PLLC<br />

Robert and Brenda Stineman<br />

Mike and Bev Vantieghrem<br />

Sandra K. Warren<br />

Pauline M. Stark<br />

Sharry A. Fearon-Beatty<br />

William L. and Barbara Parker<br />

John and Mary Sheets<br />

Richard and Pauline Stark Estate<br />

Pamela A. Stark and Robert Weatherford<br />

William Swaney<br />

Mary M. Grigware<br />

Keith N. and Sheryl S. Stewart<br />

Russel P. and Jean Swaney<br />

Thomas C. and Susan Swaney<br />

Bill Terpstra<br />

Sallie and David Brinks<br />

Betty Van Andel<br />

Arie E. and Jane Vandermale<br />

Jay Van Andel<br />

William and Bernadette Motiska<br />

Nancy Van Andel<br />

Stuart S. and Nelleke Vander Heide<br />

Rita (Kober) Veltkamp<br />

Deborah Kober<br />

Johan Visser<br />

Johan’s TriFest Participants<br />

Kenneth Welsher<br />

George Bischoff<br />

R.K. and Char Fecho<br />

Richard Kraklau<br />

Karen Kuiper<br />

Kaye LaVee Swanson<br />

Gloria Mance<br />

James and Elizabeth Mandarino<br />

Louise Mueller<br />

Irene Ott<br />

Ron Ott<br />

Caroline Patzer<br />

Ronald and Mary Patzer<br />

Gerald and Donna Pechtel<br />

Angela Rambo<br />

Lynn Vanpelt<br />

Dee Wall<br />

J.L. Wentland<br />

Shirley Wohler<br />

Katherine E. Whalen<br />

Steve and Julie Miller<br />

Stan Wietrecki<br />

Sandra Ames<br />

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Sandra Ames<br />

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Ric and Lisa Loyd<br />

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To VAI’s many anonymous donors, we extend our quiet thanks.<br />

VAI Donor<br />

Recognition<br />

www.vai.org<br />


Organizational Structure<br />

These lists reflect active participants as of December 31, <strong>2007</strong>.<br />

▲ Deceased (prior to January 1, 2008)<br />

Van Andel Institute<br />

Board of Trustees<br />

VAI Board of Trustees<br />

David Van Andel<br />

Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, Van Andel Institute<br />

Board of<br />

Scientific Advisors<br />

Van Andel Research Institute<br />

Board of Trustees<br />

Chief Executive Officer<br />

Van Andel Education Institute<br />

Board of Trustees<br />

Ralph Hauenstein<br />

President, Hauenstein Enterprises<br />

Peter Cook<br />

Chairman, Cook Holdings<br />

John Kennedy<br />

President and Chief Executive Officer, Autocam Corporation<br />

David Van Andel<br />

VAI Graduate School<br />

Board of Directors<br />

VAEI Council<br />

Van Andel Research Institute<br />

Director<br />

Deputy Directors<br />

Director of<br />

Research<br />

Administration<br />

Basic Science<br />

George Vande Woude, Ph.D.<br />

Special Programs<br />

Chief Administrative Officer<br />

and General Counsel<br />

Steven R. Heacock<br />

VP Communications<br />

and Development<br />

Joseph P. Gavan<br />

Van Andel Education Institute<br />

Council<br />

Van Andel Education Institute<br />

Director<br />

Gordon Van Harn, Ph.D.<br />

Chief Financial Officer<br />

R. Jack Frick<br />

Vernon J. Ehlers, Ph.D.<br />

United States Representative, former Professor of Physics and<br />

former Chairman of Physics Department, Calvin College<br />

G. Christian Jerenstedt, Ph.D.<br />

Professor of Psychological and Brain Sciences and Director of<br />

the Center for Educational Outcomes, Dartmouth College<br />

P. Douglas Kindschi, Ph.D.<br />

Interim President and CEO, Grand Rapids Medical Education<br />

and Research Center and Professor of Mathematics and<br />

former Dean of Science and Mathematics,<br />

Grand Valley State University<br />

Cornelius Plantinga, Jr., Ph.D.<br />

Professor of Systematic Theology and President,<br />

Calvin Theological Seminary<br />

Carol Van Andel<br />

Bachelor of Arts in Business, Hope College,<br />

and Community Volunteer<br />

Yvonne H. Van Ee, Ph.D.<br />

Professor of Education and Early Childhood Program Advisor,<br />

Calvin College<br />

Van Andel Institute

VAI Board and Council Members<br />

VARI Board of Trustees<br />

David Van Andel<br />

Chairman and Chief Executive Officer,<br />

Van Andel Institute<br />

Fritz Rottman, Ph.D.<br />

Emeritus Professor and Chairman of<br />

Molecular Biology and Microbiology,<br />

Case Western University<br />

Board of Scientific Advisors<br />

James Wyngaarden, M.D.<br />

Former Professor and Chairman of the<br />

Department of Medicine at Duke University<br />

School of Medicine, former Director of the<br />

National Institutes of Health<br />

VAEI Board of Trustees<br />

David Van Andel<br />

Chairman and Chief Executive Officer,<br />

Van Andel Institute<br />

Gordon L. Van Harn, Ph.D.<br />

Director of VAEI, former Professor of Biology<br />

and Provost at Calvin College<br />

Hope on the Hill Board of Governors<br />

Gordon Van Wylen, Ph.D.<br />

Former President of Hope College,<br />

former Dean of the Engineering School<br />

at University of Michigan<br />

Donald W. Maine<br />

Former President of Davenport University<br />

Michael S. Brown, M.D.<br />

W. A. (Monty) Moncrief Distinguished Chair<br />

in Cholesterol and Arteriosclerosis Research;<br />

Regental Professor; Paul J. Thomas Chair in<br />

Medicine, University of Texas Southwestern<br />

Medical Center - Dallas<br />

Richard Axel, M.D.<br />

Professor of Neurosciences, Columbia<br />

University<br />

VAI Graduate School Board of Directors<br />

James N. Boelkins, Ph.D.<br />

Provost, Hope College<br />

James B. Fahner, M.D.<br />

Chief of Hematology/Oncology,<br />

Helen DeVos Children’s Hospital<br />

Nita J. Maihle, Ph.D.<br />

Professor of Obstetrics/Gynecology and<br />

Reproductive Sciences, Yale School of Medicine<br />

and Chair of Women in Cancer Research<br />

Council, American Association for Cancer<br />

Research<br />

Joseph L. Goldstein, M.D.<br />

Chairman of the Department of Molecular<br />

Genetics, University of Texas Southwestern<br />

Medical Center - Dallas<br />

Tony Hunter, Ph.D.<br />

Professor, Salk Institute; American Cancer<br />

Society Research Professor<br />

Phillip A. Sharp, Ph.D.<br />

Institute Professor of Biology, Massachusetts<br />

Institute of Technology<br />

Fritz M. Rottman, Ph.D.<br />

Emeritus Professor and Chairman of Molecular<br />

Biology and Microbiology, Case Western<br />

Reserve University and Member of Van Andel<br />

Research Institute Board of Trustees<br />

John L. Wang, Ph.D.<br />

Professor of Biochemistry, Michigan State<br />

University<br />

Gordon L. Van Harn, Ph.D.<br />

Director of Van Andel Education Institute and<br />

Emeritus Provost and Professor of Biology,<br />

Calvin College<br />

President Jimmy Carter<br />

Honorary Chair<br />

William and Sandi Nicholson<br />

Honorary Vice Chair<br />

L. William and Sarah Seidman<br />

Honorary Vice Chair<br />

John and Marie Canepa<br />

Chair<br />

Martin and Sue Allen<br />

James and Shirley Balk<br />

Mark Bartlett<br />

John and Nancy Batts<br />

James and Donna Brooks<br />

James and Martha Bultman<br />

Gaylen and Susan Byker<br />

Peter C. and Pat Cook<br />

William and Janice Currie<br />

David and Karen Custer<br />

Daniel and Pamella DeVos<br />

Ted and Barb Etheridge<br />

David and Judy Frey<br />

R. Jack and Mary Frick<br />

Joseph and Susan Gavan<br />

Dan and Lou Ann Gaydou<br />

Gary Granger<br />

Ralph and Grace▲ Hauenstein<br />

Steven and Brenda Heacock<br />

David and Joyce Hecht<br />

John and Gwen Hibbard<br />

Dirk and Victoria Hoffius<br />

Earl and Donnalee Holton<br />

Robert and Judith Hooker<br />

Allen and Helen Hunting<br />

Earle and Kyle Irwin<br />

Mike and Sue Jandernoa<br />

Sidney Jansma, Jr.<br />

Hamilton and Dorothy Jordan<br />

John and Nancy Kennedy<br />

Wilbur and Sharon Lettinga<br />

Ray and Nancy Loeschner<br />

Tim and Kim Long<br />

Donald and Kathleen Maine<br />

Fred and Lena Meijer<br />

Hendrik and Liesel Meijer<br />

Mark and Mary Beth Meijer<br />

Jack H. Miller<br />

Mark and Elizabeth Murray<br />

Donald and Ann Parfet<br />

Mark and Dianne Peters<br />

Dale and Sonja Robertson<br />

Alan and Margaret Ryan<br />

Peter and Joan Secchia<br />

Budge and Marilyn Sherwood<br />

Brent and Diane Slay<br />

Russel and Jean Swaney<br />

Marilyn Titche<br />

David and Carol Van Andel<br />

Michael and Michelle Van Dyke<br />

Gordon and Mary Van Harn<br />

Gordon and Margaret Van Wylen<br />

George and Dot Vande Woude<br />

Stuart and Nelleke Vander Heide<br />

Theodore and Joan Vanderveen<br />

Casey and Violet Wondergem<br />

VAI Board<br />

and Council Members<br />

www.vai.org<br />


Celebration of Hope<br />

Over seven years, Van Andel Institute’s annual gala event,<br />

Celebration of Hope, has been the venue for several<br />

significant unveilings and announcements, starting with the<br />

VAI grand opening at the first event in 2000. In 2001, VAI Chairman<br />

and CEO David Van Andel announced that the facility’s grand hall<br />

would be named the “Cook-Hauenstein Hall” in honor of founding<br />

trustees Peter C. Cook and Ralph W. Hauenstein. VAI dedicated “Life,”<br />

a 14-foot, glass sculpture created by world-famous artist Dale Chihuly,<br />

in 2005. Commissioned by VAI founder Jay Van Andel to memorialize<br />

his wife and cofounder, Betty Van Andel, the work still spirals from the<br />

ceiling of the VAI lobby, reminiscent of the DNA double helix. In 2006,<br />

David Van Andel unveiled a plaque to hang in the Institute honoring Dr.<br />

Christian Helmus, a physician and member of the Van Andel Research<br />

Institute Board of Trustees who died in 2006 after a long battle with<br />

liver cancer.<br />

At the most recent Celebration of Hope in <strong>2007</strong>, Dr. Randy Hillard,<br />

associate provost for Human Health Affairs at the Michigan State<br />

University College of Human Medicine, announced the creation of<br />

the David Van Andel Life Sciences Achievement Award. The award<br />

will be bestowed annually upon a scientist or clinician who has made<br />

significant discoveries in translational research, an entrepreneur who<br />

makes significant progress in commercializing a life science discovery,<br />

an advocate for life sciences research and commercialization, or<br />

a philanthropist whose contributions have enhanced translational<br />

medicine or life sciences research.<br />

< Top: Guests at the <strong>2007</strong> Celebration of Hope, Bottom left: Emmy awardwinning<br />

comedian Dennis Miller entertains guests in 2006, Bottom right:<br />

Dale Chihuly’s “Life” was unveiled at the 2005 Celebration of Hope<br />

Van Andel Institute

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www.vai.org/news.aspx<br />

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