Jesus' Kingdom Spiritual Law of Greatness

Those who serve the most people are the greatest. Jesus is the greatest because He serves all who accept His free gift of salvation.

Those who serve the most people are the greatest. Jesus is the greatest because He serves all who accept His free gift of salvation.

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Jesus‛ <strong>Kingdom</strong> <strong>Spiritual</strong> <strong>Law</strong> <strong>of</strong> <strong>Greatness</strong><br />

Those who serve the most people are the greatest<br />

Jesus is the greatest because He serves anyone who wishes to accept His free gifts <strong>of</strong> salvation,<br />

healing, peace, & wiping clean our iniquities. Our gifts were earned by Him dying a terrible death<br />

on a Roman cross as the perfect sacrifice to pay for our sins. Then He rose from the dead -<br />

victorious! We have nothing to fear about death if we are His!<br />

The love & service that leads to greatness can be like Walmart making things affordable for<br />

its‛ customers or the uncomfortable kind that is in obedience to GOD‛s will<br />

• It‛s Jesus dying on a cross for His accusers<br />

• It‛s Paul, a Jew, dedicating his life to spreading the good news about Jesus to the gentiles<br />

• It‛s Paul confronting his Jewish friends & companions to instigate the Jerusalem Council to <strong>of</strong>ficially invite<br />

gentiles into Jesus‛ family<br />

• It‛s Noah being ridiculed for over a hundred years building a huge ark when there had never been rain<br />

• It‛s Jesus, knowing that the Father had given all things into His hands, and that He had come from GOD &<br />

was going to GOD, [rose to wash His disciples feet] (John 13:3). Before that, all <strong>of</strong> His miracles were done<br />

in the Father‛s strength. Erwin McManus points out that all super heroes that discovers their new strength<br />

& power go out & test it. Not Jesus. The first thing He does is wash His disciples feet which they would<br />

never consider doing for one another. Right after that He gave us our only command: To love one another<br />

as I have loved (and served) you<br />

We can have Jesus as our Superhero <strong>of</strong> our story (as well as our<br />

guide). We can caste all <strong>of</strong> our cares on Him. He wants to take you<br />

on a journey to learn to love, trust, and adore Him - personally.<br />

He was given authority, glory and<br />

sovereign power; all nations and<br />

peoples <strong>of</strong> every language<br />

worshiped Him. His dominion is<br />

an everlasting dominion that will<br />

not pass away, -Daniel 7:14a (NIV)<br />

Thank you Pat Robertson for<br />

discovering & teaching<br />

about this <strong>Spiritual</strong> <strong>Law</strong> &<br />

Erwin McManus proving Jesus is<br />

our Super Hero!<br />


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