Fresh, Biblical Look #17

GOD has the only vote that counts and He is not inconsistent!

GOD has the only vote that counts and He is not inconsistent!

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<strong>Fresh</strong>, <strong>Biblical</strong> <strong>Look</strong> <strong>#17</strong><br />

GOD has the only vote that matters!<br />

GOD has a pattern of using ‘representatives‛<br />

Adam, the representative human, sinned and affected the status of all humans. We were expelled from the<br />

Kingdom of GOD because we couldn‘t be that close to GOD in our sinful state.<br />

Jesus, the representative human, was without sin & sacrificed Himself on behalf of all humanity. Now, all humans<br />

are invited back into the Kingdom of GOD to live in victory now! Jesus paid our sin debt. A commitment to<br />

follow Jesus replaces our sinful state with Jesus‛ righteousness. We can start our eternity with GOD now.<br />

Cornelius, the representative gentile, was given Holy Spirit & it signified that all gentiles were welcomed into<br />

GOD‛s family (Peter, Cornelius, & the Jerusalem Council in Acts 10:1 -> 11:18 & 15:1-29). GOD can‛t be inconsistent.<br />

When GOD gives same-sex, married couples Holy Spirit it is because they aren‛t living in rebellion against GOD.<br />

1 gentile<br />

Cornelius<br />

1 Same-sex<br />

Married<br />

Couple<br />

Holy Spirit<br />

Holy Spirit<br />

All gentiles are<br />

welcomed<br />

into GOD‛s<br />

family<br />

All same-sex<br />

married<br />

couples are<br />

welcomed<br />

into GOD‛s<br />

family<br />

GOD gave us the example of Cornelius to demonstrate how He<br />

will tell us who should be included in His family. We can demand<br />

other things from GOD, but it would be ignoring an opportunity<br />

to joyously come into alignment with GOD‛s passions, priorities,<br />

perspectives, & plans.<br />

You are my GOD & I‛m Your person. Let it be known this day that<br />

You are GOD of this universe & I have done these things at Your Word.<br />

Hear me, Lord, that this people may know that You are the LORD GOD, &<br />

that You have turned their hearts back to You again.<br />

- Elijah in I Kings 18:36-37 (Custom Version). Thank you, E.T. Sundby, for<br />

teaching about this in your book,<br />

Calling The Rainbow Nation Home.<br />


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