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October 2020 Calendar of Events

President’s Message - Mike Gordon

October Zoom Information and Links - Temple Adas Shalom

Religious Practices Message - Melissa Immel & Mark Wolkow

Kehillah MAGNET Message - Joel Yoffee

Sisterhood News - Pat Wolkow

Tree of Life Order Form

Adult Education Message - Stephen Marksamer

JCC Introduction to Judaism Virtual Class - September 2 - December 16

Fundraising News - Terry Weiner & Randi Chancey

Chinese Auction - Tickets on sale from October 1 st - October 28 th

Special Thanks to Our Monthly Donors

Mi Sheberakh List - We Pray For Healing

Recently Passed

October 2020 Yahrzeits Observed


Temple Adas Shalom’s October 2020 Calendar of Events

Sunday Monday Tuesday Wednesday

4 16 th of Tishri 5781


5 17 th of Tishri 5781


6 18 th of Tishri 5781


7 19 th of Tishri 5781


9:00 am - Kehillah MAGNET

11 23 rd of Tishri 5781

9:00 am - Kehillah MAGNET

11:00 am - Simchat Torah Live!


Rabbi John Franken & Mike


12 24 th of Tishri 5781

Columbus Day

13 25 th of Tishri 5781 14 26 th of Tishri 5781

18 30 th of Tishri 5781

9:00 am - Kehillah MAGNET

19 1 st of Heshvan 5781 20 2 nd of Heshvan 5781

Campership & NFTY Grant

Applications Due

7:00 pm

RPC Meeting via Zoom

21 3 rd of Heshvan 5781

25 7 th of Heshvan 5781

9:00 am - Kehillah MAGNET

26 8 th of Heshvan 5781 27 9 th of Heshvan 5781

7:00 pm - Sisterhood Zoom

Board Meeting

28 10 th of Heshvan 5781

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Temple Adas Shalom’s October 2020 Calendar of Events

Thursday Friday Saturday

1 13 th of Tishri 5781 2 14 th of Tishri 5781

Erev Sukkot

Office closes at 3:00 PM

6:26 pm - Candle Lighting

7:00 pm - Shabbat & Sukkot Live! Service

Rabbi John Franken & Mike Mullis

3 15 th of Tishri 5781


9:30-11:00 am - Taking Hold of Torah

Rabbi John Franken

11:30-12:30 pm - Sisterhood Membership

Virtual Noshing

7:23 pm - Sukkot Candle Lighting

8 20 th of Tishri 5781


7:00 pm - Board Meeting via Zoom

9 21 st of Tishri 5781


Erev Simchat Torah

6:15 pm - Candle Lighting

6:00 pm - Kehillah MAGNET Shabbat

7:00 pm - Shabbat Live! Streaming Service

Rabbi John Franken & Mike Mullis

10 22 nd of Tishri 5781

Simchat Torah

9:30-10:15 am - Mindfulness & Meditation

Rabbi John Franken

7:12 pm - Simchat Torah Candle Lighting

15 27 th of Tishri 5781 16 28 th of Tishri 5781

6:05 pm - Candle Lighting

6:00 pm - Early Shabbat Torah Live!


Rabbi John Franken & TAS Choir Members

17 29 th of Tishri 5781

Parashat Bereishit

9:30-11:00 am - Taking Hold of Torah

Rabbi John Franken

22 4 th of Heshvan 5781 23 5 th of Heshvan 5781

5:55 pm - Candle Lighting

6:00 pm - Kehillah MAGNET Shabbat

7:00 pm - Shabbat Live! Streaming Service

Rabbi John Franken & Mike Mullis

24 6 th of Heshvan 5781

Parashat Noach

9:30-11:00 am - Taking Hold of Torah

Rabbi John Franken

4:30 pm - Animal Admiration Outdoor

Havdallah & Live! Service

(Bring your 4-legged and winged friends to this

outdoor event or join us via Zoom if weather

or health conditions do not permit)

Sophie Schorr

29 11 th of Heshvan 5781 30 12 th of Heshvan 5781

5:46 pm - Candle Lighting

7:00 pm - Shabbat Torah Live! Streaming


Rabbi John Franken & David Jaffe

31 13 th of Heshvan 5781

Parashat Lech-Lecha

3 | P a g e

President’s Message

Michael Gordon

G’mar Hatima Tova and L’Shanah Tovah,

As we look back on the High Holidays of 2020, we will have mixed

emotions. Our Religious Practices Committee and Rabbi John Franken

exceeded all expectations with a set of spiritually engaging services. Our

technical team ensured that services Zoomed to attendees from

California to Israel. Attendance matched our most recent High Holiday

services. To all who participated, we are most grateful.

Our Rosh Hashanah celebration started with news that our beloved

Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsberg had succumbed to cancer.

As we celebrate her life and her contributions to all forms of liberty, she

left us with another example we should strive to follow. Her friendship

with fellow Justice Antonin Scalia shows us all how folks with very

different points of view can not only have a civil relationship but a

genuine friendship based shared affection and respect.


Michael Gordon

Board President


4 | P a g e

Visit https://my2020census.gov to fill out your Census Today!

October Zoom Information and Links

Temple Adas Shalom

The following is a list of services that we have planned for live streaming

with the appropriate links.


Friday, October 2 nd & Sunday, October 11 th

Friday at 7:00 pm and Sunday at 11:00 am

https://zoom.us/j/99280291211 * Meeting ID: 992 8029 1211

Passcode: HH2020@TAS

One tap mobile: +13017158592,,99280291211# US (Germantown)

Dial by your location: +1 301 715 8592 US (Germantown)


THT - Saturday, October 3 rd , October 17 th , & October 24 th

M&M - Saturday, October, 10 th

Live Streaming starts at 9:30 am

https://zoom.us/j/94821323037 * Meeting ID: 948 2132 3037

One tap mobile: +13017158592,, 94821323037# US (Germantown)

Dial by your location: +1 301 715 8592 US (Germantown)


Friday, October 9 th , October 16 th , October 23 rd , & October 30 th

Live Streaming starts at 7:00 pm (except for October 16 th , that starts at 6:00 pm)

https://zoom.us/j/95157809086 * Meeting ID: 951 5780 9086

One tap mobile: +13017158592,,95157809086# US (Germantown)

Dial by your location: +1 301 715 8592 US (Germantown)


Saturday, October 24 th

Outdoor Service and Live Streaming start at 4:30 pm

https://zoom.us/j/95157809086 * Meeting ID: 951 5780 9086

One tap mobile: +13017158592,,95157809086# US (Germantown)

Dial by your location: +1 301 715 8592 US (Germantown)

Links for October can also be found on the home page of our website at


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Religious Practices Message

Melissa Immel & Mark Wolkow

The glass may be half full!

We hope that you were able to participate in our virtual Rosh Hashanah

and Yom Kippur services. This year has certainly presented new

challenges in providing meaningful and engaging religious activities, yet

it has also offered unanticipated opportunities. As we are all looking

forward to a new (and better!) year, let's take a look at some of the

positives that have come out of our virtual TAS world:

Shabbat service attendance has been consistently higher than it has

been in several years. Indications show that attendance for Rosh

Hashanah was also higher than in recent years.

Family members, including students at college; young adults in

their 20s; and out-of-town parents have Zoomed into services to see

their loved ones and be there with one another.

Although we would love to be together in person for life cycle

events, our virtual B'nai Mitzvahs and Shiva services have allowed

relatives and friends from across the country and across the globe to

participate. Some who might never have had that opportunity.

Everyone's commute has been shorter!

We've been able to wear pajama bottoms (or whatever we choose)

below the camera's view from our computers.

Older individuals who prefer not to be out after dark, or have

trouble seeing well to drive in the dark, have been able to attend

services virtually.

When we didn't want to be seen, we could turn off the video feed.

For bathroom breaks, for a nosh (hopefully not on Yom Kippur!), or

perhaps even a short nap!

We could go on, but space (and time) are limited. Check out the online

calendar for all of our service events coming up in October, and get your

pets ready for Animal Admiration Havdallah on October 24 th , led by

Sophie Schorr. Weather permitting, this service will be held outdoors.

L'shanah Tovah,

Melissa Immel and Mark Wolkow

RPC Co-Chairs

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Kehillah MAGNET Message

Joel Yoffee

Hello, Temple Adas Shalom Community. We hope everyone is continuing to stay

safe at home!

Parents and students, please mark your calendars! The first day of virtual classes for

Kehillah MAGNET is Sunday, September 13, 2020. Starting at 9 a.m., we will

feature a brief morning Kehillah with Rabbi Franken then break out into

interactive virtual learning by grade level. I look forward to seeing everyone


On Sunday, September 13, 2020, we had a very successful virtual kick-off to the

religious school year! The Kehillah MAGNET principal coordinated student

materials and successfully handed out via Temple curbside pick-up on September

6, 2020. As a result, all of our students were engaged and prepared for learning.

Please note that discussions are still ongoing as to when in-class learning will


Kehillah MAGNET has an urgent need for a Grade 3 teacher starting in the second

semester. No previous teaching experience is necessary! We have pre-designed

lessons and will help support the transition! Please contact Jenn Bober, Principal, at

principal@templeadasshalom.org for interest and additional information.

Fellow congregants, if you have a child or know of a family with children interested

in learning more about their Jewish heritage. Kehillah MAGNET might be the

learning environment for them. We would love the opportunity to discuss our

Jewish educational programs with all those interested. Please reach out to

Principal, Jenn Bober, at principal@templeadasshalom.org, for additional information.

Are you a parent of a child in the Kehillah MAGNET Religious school? Would you

like the opportunity to invest in your child’s Jewish education? The Kehillah

MAGNET Religious School Committee is still in need of several parents to join and

have a voice in planning student events and projects. Time commitment is usually

one meeting every three months. Your help is much appreciated! For additional

information, please contact the Religious School Committee Chair, Joel Yoffee,

at joelyoffee@gmail.com.

As always, parents answering your questions and concerns about Temple Adas

Shalom’s Kehillah MAGNET Religious School Program is something essential to us,

and we would love the opportunity to talk directly with you. You always have a


Joel Yoffee

Kehillah MAGNET Chair

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Sisterhood News

Pat Wolkow

Thanks for Survey Responses, keep them coming!


Sisterhood is offering Scholarships to help our youths’ families defray costs for Camperships

and NFTY programs. Contact Denise Gordon for more information. Deadline for

applications is October 20 th , 2020.

8 | P a g e

We sponsored a virtual Parent Breakfast Meeting the first day of Religious School.

Families in attendance have received a gift card from us for coffee and donuts, since

we couldn’t feed them that morning. Thanks for attending and lending an ear to

Sisterhood opportunities!

We sent Gift Cards to all our College Students, in wishing them a joyful Sukkot!

We also wish them safe learning conditions and much success in their studies.

NOVEMBER EVENTS: The first event is our sponsored Family Activity/Event

on Sunday, November 1 st after Kehillah MAGNET. We are in the planning stages

with an outdoor event expected with an indoor back up via ZOOM. A flyer will be

emailed and posted on FB and at Kehillah Sunday meetings. Our second event will

be the Paid-up Membership Event on Tuesday, November 10 th for all Sisterhood Members

who have paid their dues or plan to that evening. This committee is also into early planning

mode. Look for more information soon.

Who Is: Pat Wolkow?

I moved to Harford County with my husband Mark, and baby on the way in the summer of

1985. We became members shortly after and celebrated Karen’s baby naming was the

following June, 1986. Diana’s naming was in 1987. I’m not exactly sure when I joined

Sisterhood, but by 2003 I was Co-President of Sisterhood with the late Jane Ford. I

represented Sisterhood at my first Biennial that year in Boston, and danced with the women

of WRJ and Debbie Friedman, as a commissioned Torah for WRJ was completed.

Being a Jew by Choice, I enjoyed learning from the women of Sisterhood, just what Jewish

wives and mothers did! I made and still have so many beautiful friendships from Sisterhood.

I’m comforted to know that I can call on any member any a time for any need I may have,

with a simcha to share, or simply just to chat. I hope all of you feel the same.

Starting Over

Simchat Torah Poem By: Janet Ruth Falon

There’s no such thing as going back to the beginning without bringing with

you what you’ve learned since. You can’t return to your hometown without

carrying all the cities you’ve subsequently seen. You can’t reconnect with

your former beloved without tugging along those you loved in between. You

can’t eat this season’s melon without last year’s fruit in your mouth’s

memory. There’s only a first time once; it’s poignant to have had, or done,

Simchat Torah

Painting by Israela Lev

even if it’s all been good. But to go back to the Books each year, to start over and layer now upon a

foundation of already, is a delight. What’s passed makes the present more rich, its textures more

intricate, its tastes multi-tiered. It may be the same soup, but this mix of seasonings has never


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Adult Education Message

Stephen Marksamer

Our new webpage is now available! Please

visit https://harfordjewishcenter.org/jewisheducation/adult-education/. Before

Rosh Hashanah, we highlighted a Hartman Institute offering of topics,

especially for the High Holidays. These are four fantastic discussions

from expert, engaging speakers. If you haven’t already taken advantage,

the videos are all available on-demand and at no cost!

We will be updating our web page with changing and additional classes,

discussions, films, and outside educational opportunities. As I write this,

our committee is working on setting up a Hebrew class for beginners. If

you would like to learn Hebrew for the 1st time, or 2nd time, here’s your

chance. We are also putting together a book discussion group, in

coordination with our Sisterhood. Our committee is putting together a

list of books that we will whittle down to one to start it off. Check our

webpage mid-October for both offerings. There is also discussion on

bringing back an old favorite (maybe ten years since it was offered), Judaism

101. If this is of interest, let us know.

To offer congregation-lead classes and discussions, we need congregation

members to volunteer. If you have a background in Current

events (through a Jewish lens), Jewish History, Israel, or just about anything

you think would be of interest, take a leap and volunteer. Our #1

objective is engagement; engagement of our members with our


Don’t hesitate to get in touch with your Adult Ed committee

at adulted@templeadasshalom.org.

We are looking forward to hearing from you.


Stephen Marksamer

Chairperson – Temple Adas Shalom Adult Education

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Fundraising Co-Chair News

Terry Weiner & Randi Chancey

In this month’s newsletter, you will see a

flyer for our first annual “Chinese Auction”

on Sunday, November 1, 2020. We came up

with this idea before the Pandemic began

and have had to tweak how we will do this.

Typically, we would have dinner as well as

the auction.

Ticket sales begin on October 1st and will continue until the 28th.

Since we are still social distancing, the auction can be viewed via

Zoom (details to be communicated towards the end of the month). Your ticket

purchases can be made through our website or by calling the office –

each ticket is one dollar ($1.00), and a minimum purchase of ten

dollars ($10.00) is requested. Remember, your donation is tax-deductible.

We will send you your ticket numbers by mail (your name will be on each

ticket you purchase, so if you’re your numbers, don’t despair)! Once you designate

where you want your tickets to go, we will place them in buckets to that

corresponding item. Drawings will take place at 5:00 p.m. on Sunday,

November 1st (this is the Ravens bye week).

The auction is an excellent opportunity to purchase gifts for the holidays

(which, by the way, begin at sundown December 10th). This auction is open to

everyone – please share it with your friends and family. A flyer is

included with this newsletter for information as well. The office will

update the listings in the Online Store and on Facebook as new items get


Remember, your participation will help Temple Adas Shalom!

Terry Weiner & Randy Chancey

Fundraising Co-Chairs

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13 | P a g e

Dr. Burt & Gerri Bronk

Paula Mullis

Debbie Rose Delaney

August 2020 – Donors


Richard & Roberta Foard

In memory of Edward Langston, Rhoda Lyons, Wally



Allison & Barry Baker

Linda & Stuart Needel

Wendy & Patrick Drabinski

Rayna & David Richardson

Lisa & Greg Feulner

Julie Sang

Richard & Roberta Foard

Jill & Brian Schorr

Drs. Andrew & Marianne Fridberg

Col. (R) Jonas & Paula Vogelhut

Carol & Sigmund Gast

Naomi Walton

Phillip & Barbara Gilden

Robin & Mark Way

Arthur & Denise Gordon

Mark & Patricia Wolkow

Michael Gordon

Selma Wolkow

Richard Hoffman

Elise & Michael Woods

Melissa Immel

Jill & Daniel Young

Robert & Charna Kinneberg

Naomi Walton

Barbara & Natalie Litofsky

Dr. Jason & Tracy Sober


In honor of Mike Mullis


Drs. Andrew & Marianne Fridberg


Debbie Rose Delaney

In memory of Edward Langston

Debbie Rose Delaney

In memory of Rhoda Lyons

Drs. Andrew & Marianne Fridberg

Robert & Charna Kinneberg

In memory of Rabbi Leo Wolkow

Dr. Sam Meyer & Ms. Pam Gwaltney

Dr. Lee & Debra Tannenbaum

In memory of Rabbi Leo Wolkow

Mark & Patricia Wolkow

In memory of Allan Shapiro

Mark & Patricia Wolkow

In memory of Jerome Rosenbloom

Mark & Patricia Wolkow

In memory of Jimmy Chancey

Mark & Patricia Wolkow

In memory of Margie Tannenbaum

Mark & Patricia Wolkow

In memory of Marie Grove

Mark & Patricia Wolkow

In memory of Mark Paster

Mark & Patricia Wolkow

In memory of Seymour Ratner

14 | P a g e

August 2020 – Donors con’t


Alain & Caryn Chalmin

Sarah & Niall O'Donnell

Debbie Rose Delaney

Gregory & Felice Repas

Phillip & Barbara Gilden

Robert & Mickie Sachs

Stephen & Patricia Marksamer

Brett & Debbie Temple

Michele & Michael Mullis

Terry Weiner

Linda & Stuart Needel

Jill & Daniel Young

Jessica & Daniel Hurst

In celebration of Maddox & Charlotte's birthdays


David & Natasha Pollock

Mark & Patricia Wolkow

In Memory of Rabbi Leo Wolkow

Selma Wolkow

In Memory of Leo Wolkow


Michael Gordon

Eric Griesinger

In Memory of Rabbi Leo Wolkow

Nancy Natkin

In memory of Rabbi Leo Wolkow

Mark & Patricia Wolkow

In Memory of Rabbi Leo Wolkow

Selma Wolkow

In Memory of Leo Wolkow

15 | P a g e

Adam Bornstein

Adam Hyman

Amy Schoenberger

Arlene Zweibach

Barbara Chancey

Bea Kolchin

Bessie Speyer

Carl Chancey

Carl Tannenbaum

Carol Buckman

Dave Morfe

Debbi Paladino

Dvir Sabag

Fred Belkin

Gerry Murphy

Glen McCain

Mi Sheberakh * We Pray for Healing

Gloria Joslin

Harriet Colman

Helen Wolkow

Jayden Whitt

Jim Dandy

Joanne Kempler Barlia

Joseph Kotarba

Karen Green

Kelcey Klass

Kimmie Rankin

Lee Tabackman

Len Cohen

Linda Burton

Lori Vetstein

Luna Rose Feingold

Lynn Demar

Recently Passed

Margaret Hass

Marshall Rosin

Mary Jo Lodge

Michael Schneck

Patrick Hauf

Rabbi Fred Natkin

Randy Hoffman

Robert Sachs

Rosie Lidy

Sadie Newsome

Sam Befarah

Sidney Birnbaum

Sydnee Myers

Stewart Natkin

Toni Bonney

Hal Forst

Beloved father to Shirley Noble, father-in-law to Gary Noble, grandfather to Jeffery Noble, Mark

Blackiston, and Matthew Blackiston, and friend of the Congregation

Alan Hix

Beloved stepfather to David Neff

October 2020 - Yahrzeits Observed

Benjamin Gindin Oct. 01 Stephen Hoffman Oct. 12 Marvin Getz Oct. 24

Bernice P. Davis Oct. 02 Sara Gindin Oct. 13 Leon Richter Oct. 24

Hyman Rosenfeld Oct. 03 Berthold Baer Oct. 15 Joyce Irwin Oct. 26

Gladys Dawson Oct. 04 Teresa Lynn Gurwitz Oct. 15 Dalton Newland Oct. 26

Frieda Eder Oct. 05 Rose H. Glasser Oct. 16 Richard S.

Oct. 26

Don Harvey Oct. 05 Marcia Salzer Oct. 17 Salmansohn

Evelyn Gast Oct. 27

Lillian Hoffman Oct. 05 Lee Alan Goodman Oct. 18 Philip N. Golbin Oct. 27

Maurice Bloom Oct. 06 Moe Hoffman Oct. 18 Morris Pollack Oct. 27

Samuel Silver Oct. 06 Edith Lanham Oct. 18 Harry Kale Oct. 29

Rebecca Reiser Oct. 07 Jane Noret Oct. 19 Evelyn Kempler Oct. 29

Albert M. Colman Oct. 08 Max Trager Oct. 19 Martin Newman Oct. 30

Leo Feinsilver Oct. 08 Joel Latman Oct. 20 Bertha Werde Oct. 30

Adell Greenberg Oct. 08 Ruth Glickman

Oct. 21 Freda Friedlander Oct. 31

Minerva Kolow Segal Oct. 09 Budner Loretta Davis Oct. 22 Jeffrey G. Myers Oct. 31

Gertrude Goodman Oct. 10 Bessie Kleiner Oct. 22 Anne Marie Smith Oct. 31

Morris Resnick Oct. 10 Shirley Litwak Oct. 23

Joseph Goodman Oct. 11 Marilyn Richter Oct. 23

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Temple Adas Shalom

8 North Earlton Road, Extension

Havre de Grace, MD 21078



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