Nor'West News: October 22, 2020

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NOR’WEST NEWS Latest Canterbury news at starnews.co.nz<br />

Thursday <strong>October</strong> <strong>22</strong> <strong>2020</strong> 5<br />

Squash club seeks further funds<br />

• By Avneesh Vincent<br />

BURNSIDE Squash Club<br />

needs another $60,000<br />

to upgrade its changing<br />

room.<br />

THe club has received a<br />

$60,000 grant from New<br />

Zealand Community<br />

Trust for the work. But it’s<br />

only half of what the club<br />

needs, said president Deb<br />

Salisbury.<br />

THe club had applied for<br />

$120,000.<br />

Salisbury said the<br />

changing room was as old<br />

as the building which was<br />

built 50 years ago.<br />

“When you look up<br />

the ceiling of the room,<br />

you can see the exposed<br />

pipes. So not particularly<br />

attractive,” she said.<br />

THe club would now<br />

be seeking to raise the<br />

$60,000 it needs for the<br />

upgrade which could<br />

include fundraising, and<br />

FUNDRAISING: Deb Salisbury hopes upgrading<br />

rooms will attract new members to the<br />

Burnside Squash Club.<br />

a loan that members<br />

would pay off through<br />

subscriptions.<br />

At present, the club has<br />

one toilet each for men<br />

and women with shower<br />

facilities.<br />

THe additional funding<br />

would help with total<br />

expenses like covering the<br />

overhead pipes while other<br />

upgrades would include<br />

an extra women’s toilet, a<br />

men’s urinal, improving<br />

the shower, and replacing<br />

the hot water cylinder.<br />

Aside from health and<br />

safety concerns. She said<br />

the complete makeover of<br />

the changing room to suit<br />

“modern requirements”<br />

would help increase<br />

membership, as the room<br />

looked quite outdated.<br />

Salisbury said that the<br />

upgrade was not possible<br />

until they received the full<br />

amount.<br />

Plans for the upgrade<br />

start early January next<br />

year and would take two<br />

months to complete.<br />

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spiritual practice that millions around the<br />

world have made a part of their lives.<br />

Rooted in Buddhist tradition, it consists<br />

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underlying qualities of the universe: Truth,<br />

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Falun Gong was originally taught in China<br />

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Falun Dafa is taught free of charge and<br />

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ART in the PARK<br />

Four local artists, Therese Boustead,<br />

Sandie Brown, Dawn Kirk and<br />

Christine Doyle, have joined forces<br />

to present a variety of art, including<br />

watercolour, oil and photography.<br />

Therese is a local artist with a passion<br />

for painting in watercolour. She uses<br />

colour to highlight the elegance,<br />

delicacy and fragility of New Zealand<br />

local and native birds.<br />

Sandie is an accomplished oil painter,<br />

capturing the magic of light moving<br />

across everyday objects in exquisite<br />

still life, seascapes and landscapes.<br />

Dawn is a local photographer<br />

who uses a lightbox to capture the<br />

simplistic beauty of flowers from her<br />

garden.<br />

Chris is a watercolour artist who<br />

captures the vibrancies of flowers<br />

with her purity in colour.<br />

This wonderful artwork is on display<br />

and for sale at the CHRISTCHURCH<br />


Thursday 29 <strong>October</strong> to Sunday 1<br />

November, 10am to 4pm. These<br />

local artists would welcome your<br />

support.<br />

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than 100 million people around the world.<br />

At the core of the practice are the principles<br />

Truthfulness Compassion Forbearance<br />

Zhen Shan Ren<br />

These universal principles guide the elevation of heart<br />

and mind.<br />

The exercises can be learnt free of<br />

charge at practise sites around the<br />

world or online at falundafa.org<br />

Many who practise Falun Gong<br />

experience life-changing improvements<br />

to their physical and mental health.<br />

The range of experiences are endless,<br />

and everyone who practises Falun Gong<br />

has a story to tell. Just ask!<br />

Free SeSSionS:<br />

Mon - Fri (subject to weather) 11am-2pm Near Victoria lake, opp Hagley Golf Course.<br />

Saturdays (subject to weather) 11am-2pm Near Bridge of Remembrance<br />

For more information phone Lilly on 021 205 3743

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