The Town Common


What can you do to fight

climate change?

By Stewart Lytle, Reporter

Wednesday, November 18, 2020 Vol. 16, No. 56

REGIONAL – Most discussions about

Climate Change and Global Warning involve

huge, expensive projects like windmill

and solar farms, quelling raging fires

in California and the Amazon, or negotiating

with China and Europe on pollution


But what can one person do now to

change the direction of the world’s environmental


Storm Surge, a North Shore climate

change monitoring organization, asked

that question of Bob Uhlig, a Newburyport

resident and landscape architect, who is

an expert on Green Infrastructure.

At 7 p.m. on Nov. 19, Uhlig is scheduled

to give his answer, telling the audience via

Zoom how individuals and local communities

can fight climate change on smaller,

more affordable scales.

The program is entitled: Climate Change

and the Benefits of Green Infrastructure. It

will explore how low-impact design techniques

like rain gardens, green roofs, permeable

surfaces and vegetated swales contribute

not just to beautiful landscaping,

but also to flood protection, improved water

quality and creating green spaces.

An example of green infrastructure locally

is at Cushing Park in Newburyport

where a rain garden collects runoff water

from the parking lot and thus reduces the

amount of pollution in the water before it

is dumped into the city’s collection system.

Storm water runoff is considered one of

the largest sources of pollution in rivers and


Another example can be found at the

new Hillside Center for Sustainable Living,

now under construction near the Rte. 1

Rotary. It will feature permeable pavement,

rain gardens and rainwater collection systems

to help mitigate carbon emissions,

while improving landscape design.

Uhlig, a member of the American Society

of Landscape Architects Council of Fellows,

has won awards for his plaza redesign

at the Government Center MBTA Station,

the new Hancock Adams Common in

Quincy and the Senator Joseph Finnegan

Park at Port Norfolk in Dorchester.

He is an active volunteer in Newburyport,

serving on the board of the parks

commission, the community preservation

committee and was the last chair of the

Newburyport Redevelopment Authority.

Green infrastructure uses the natural

environment and man-made systems to

Climate Change, page 2


Bicycle riding

grows in the pandemic

By Stewart Lytle, Reporter

NEWBURYPORT— The number of

bicyclists on the streets and trails seems

to have grown significantly during the

Covid-19 Pandemic.

“You can’t go to clubs. Riding and family

time are about all that’s left,” said Tom

Reinke, the general manager of Riverside

Cycle in the Tannery.

Riverside’s sales have skyrocketed so

much that Rinke cannot keep bicycles in

stock. The shop has a backlog of 500 to

600 bikes, and the estimate from the manufacturers

was that they would meet the

demand by April.

“Now, they are saying it will be June,”

Reinke said.

The shortage, which stems from the

early days of the pandemic, when manufacturing

ground to a stop, “is a total

nuisance,” Reinke said. “It’s insane. Everybody

wants bikes, and I haven’t got

bikes to sell them.”

Actually, Riverside, the only bike shop

in the immediate area, which has been selling

bicycles for 21 years, has only 13 or 14

bikes to sell at the $500 to $800 range. It

has more in the $3,000 price range.

“And those are selling,” Reinke said.

“People are dragging old bikes out of

their basements and asking us if we can

fix them.”

Last spring, nationwide sales of bicycles,

equipment and repair services nearly

doubled compared with the same period

the previous year, according to the N.P.D.

Group, a market research company. Sales

of commuter and fitness bikes in March

increased 66 percent, leisure bikes jumped

121 percent, children’s bikes went up 59

percent and electric bikes rose 85 percent.

With more bikes on the road, the Livable

Tom Reinke at Riverside Cycle.

Streets organization sent out a community

survey, asking who is riding bicycles, where

they are riding and where are they parking

their bikes.

Formed in 2018, Livable Streets is a

group of residents interested in improving

and enhancing the city's network of streets,

sidewalks and paths so that they are safe

and convenient.

“We've had a great response to our survey

of bicycle parking needs in Newburyport,”

wrote Rick Trainor with Livable Streets.

The survey was adopted by the Newburyport

schools, which included it in its newsletter.

Between Sept. 23 and Oct. 11, the organization

received 246 responses to the survey.

“We got a ton in during the first few

days. People were really excited.”

Trainor and his team are preparing a full

report on the needs of the cycling public

for Mayor Donna Holaday and the community

at its December meeting. He hopes

it will become a part of a strategic plan for

cycling that will identify priorities for cyclists

and sources of potential funding to

buy much-needed bike racks.

Bicycle, page 3



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November 18, 2020

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What can you do to

fight climate change?

Climate Change, from page 1

keep water cleaner, conserve the

ecosystem and provide a wide

array of benefits to people and


It is applied on different scales,

from the house or building level

to the broader landscape. On

the local level, green infrastructure

practices might be planting

trees and building tree boxes and

employing systems that harvest

rainwater. On a larger, community

scale, green infrastructure

preserves forests, flood plains and


Traditional infrastructure is

proving to be inadequate to

handle the increased floods and

droughts caused by global warming.

A new approach is needed,

experts and advocates say, to

protect public health, safety and

quality of life.

Green infrastructure also helps

the economy, according to supporters.

It creates local jobs, improves

community health and

safety, enhances recreation and

nurtures wildlife.

Pleased to be your

local meat shop.

Experts also advocate that an individual

might consider doing one

or more of the following to fight

climate change:

- invest in clean and renewable

energy projects.

- use less energy at home.

- consider converting your

house to renewable energy.

- drive an electric car.

- walk more.

- think before you buy to reduce


And keep informed. Storm

Surge’s monthly programs provide

information on climate change

and sea level rise.

Storm Surge exists to encourage

and support communities in

preparing for the impacts of sea

level rise, extreme weather and

other effects of long-term climate


The program on green infrastructure

will be available through

a Zoom link that can be found on

the Storm Surge website.

For more information about

Storm Surge-sponsored events,




Store hours:

Tues - Sat 10-6 | Sun 10-3 | Mon Closed



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November 18, 2020

Page 3

Bicycle, from page 1

Bicycle riding

grows in the pandemic

In the Livable Streets survey,

about 40 percent of the respondents

live in the North End, 20

percent in the South End, 14 percent

downtown and 13 percent in

the West End.

Nearly all of the respondents

said they cycle for recreation, but

almost 40 percent ride their bikes

to shopping, about 20 percent

bike to school, 13 percent to visit

the doctor and other services and

12 percent commute to work on

their bicycle.

Nearly 60 percent of the respondents

said they cycle daily or several

times a week. The most frequent

cyclists are under 18. Almost 100

percent of the under 18 respondents

cycle several times a week.

In general, respondents over 40

years old cycle more frequently

than younger adults.

Parking for bicycles was a major

issue. The places downtown

with the greatest need for more

bicycle parking are the Central

Waterfront and Market Landing

Park, Market Square, the Tannery,

State Street and the library.

Trainor said the lack of bike

racks downtown force riders to

chain their bikes to light poles.

At the library, the bike racks

were moved from the front of the

building to the back. As a result,

riders chain their bikes to the

fence, he said.

Outside downtown, the greatest

needs for additional bike

parking, according to the survey,

are at the middle and high

school, the Market Basket shopping

center, the Pond Street CVS

and the MBTA Commuter Rail


There is a need for more bike

racks in parks including Cashman

Park, Maudslay State Park, Atkinson

Common, Plum Island Point

and Moseley Woods, the survey


Those responding to the survey

also questioned when the

city would replace the bike lanes

on High Street. The restriping,

Trainor said, has been delayed by

litigation between the city and the

striping contractor.

When the striping was poorly

done, the stripes were removed

and have not been replaced.

Brighter smiles ...

Time For A New Approach

By J. Peter St. Clair, DMD

Do you have any problems with

dental decay (cavities), gum recession,

and/or dental erosion (the

chemical breakdown of tooth structure)?

These dental issues are complicated

multifactorial diseases of epidemic

levels affecting both children

and adults. A healthy mouth sometimes

requires more than brushing,

flossing, and “fillings”. With current

scientific evidence and new technologies,

patients and practitioners need

to begin to look at these problems

not just from a drilling and filling

approach, but also from a medical

(preventive/therapeutic) approach.

There are over 19,000 different

bacteria that have been found in

mouths and every person has about

1,000 different types. Not all of them

cause decay, but many of them have

also been found to grow on artery

walls. The medical/dental systemic

connection is real and we must pay

more attention to it.

Why the increase in decay? Most of

it has to do with dietary trends. We

snack more, eat more sugar/carbs,

drink more soda, have more gastric

reflux, take more mouth-drying

medications, etc. Dental caries (decay)

is a pH specific disease. The right

bacteria, plus sugar, create acid which

breaks down the enamel of the teeth.

Add an already acidic environment

and it is even worse. In most cases

it is a preventable disease. And don’t

think that just because you don’t eat

“sugar” that you are safe. If you are

getting decay, something is causing

it. The problem is that changing behavior

can be very hard to do.

It is time for the dental professional

to take a different approach

when treating this disease. More focus

needs to be shifted to prevention

of decay rather just treating it. Filling

teeth is treating the result of the

disease, but does nothing to prevent

it. The dentist needs to take a more

active role in assessing individual’s

risk factors. In the dental world this

is referred to as CAMBRA, which

stands for Caries Management By

Risk Assessment.

Based on assessing an individual’s

risk factors, such as quality of home

care, quality of salivary flow, medication

issues, and dietary issues, a

caries-preventive strategy can be

established. There are many new

products on the horizon to help

combat and virtually eliminate this

disease. However, dentists must take

some responsibility and be open to

a different management of this disease.

They must also be able to motivate

people to change habits, which

can be challenging. The bottom line

is that if you want to be decay-free,

you can be.

For those at higher risk, there are

some great products currently available

from a company called Carifree.

Everything from new toothpastes

and gels with ions in them to rebuild

tooth structure, sprays to neutralize

pH, and probiotics are on their way.

Right now you can use things like

the sweetener replacement Xylitol,

which by itself is cavity-fighting, but

also works synergistically with fluoride.

Prescription level toothpastes

are also available, and there is strong

research for the topical application

of fluoride varnish, the same stuff

the kids get, for adults.

The evidence is very clear – this is a

preventable disease. Next time you go

to the dentist and find out you have

a new cavity, stop blaming the dentist

or yourself, and ask to get a specific

protocol for prevention of this disease,

based on your specific risk factors. You

may also want to mention Carifree

products to your dentist in case they

have not heard of this company.

Dr. St. Clair maintains a private

dental practice in Rowley and Newburyport

dedicated to health-centered

family dentistry. If there are certain

topics you would like to see written

about or questions you have please

email them to him at

You can view all previously

written columns at



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November 18, 2020

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forgetmenotshop28 on Facebook

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Weekly Community Newspaper

November 18, 2020 Page 5


New England

Equine Rescue-

North Benefit

Auction And

Virtual Gala

New England Equine Rescue

North's biggest fundraiser of the

year is still live online through

Thursday November 19.

The auction which runs from

November 12 to November 19,

lists a unique array of items, with

proceeds going to support the West

Newbury-based organization’s mission

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in the field of equine rescue.

Ipswich Police

Officers Receive


for Helping to Save

Critically Injured

Man in Boating


IPSWICH — Two Ipswich Police

Officers were recently recognized for

going above and beyond the call of

duty after an Ipswich man was seriously

injured in a boating incident

this summer.

On Thursday, Nov. 5, Lt. Jonathan

Hubbard and Officer Brian

Murphy were awarded letters of

commendation from Sen. Bruce

Tarr on behalf of the Massachusetts

State Senate and Rep. Brad Hill on

behalf of the Massachusetts House

of Representatives during a private,

socially-distanced ceremony. The

two were honored for their life saving

efforts after responding to a serious

boating crash on July 4.

The pair were on Harbor Patrol

that day when they received a distress

call for an out-of-control boat

and people in the water in the area

of the third creek mooring field.

Four occupants in the boat had fallen

off the vessel when it took a turn

and the boat was circling around

the area, unmanned. The operator

of the boat, a 19-year-old Ipswich

man, was run over by the boat and

suffered serious, life-threatening injuries.

A nearby boater stopped to help

and pulled the injured man from the

water until Lt. Hubbard and Officer

Murphy arrived, which was less

than two minutes after the initial

call came in. The victim was transferred

to the Ipswich Police boat,

where Officer Murphy began performing

life saving treatments to the

man while Lt. Hubbard brought the

Ipswich Police boat to the Ipswich

Bay Yacht Club for further aid. The

patient was transferred to an ambulance

before being flown by medical

helicopter to Lahey Hospital and

Medical Center in Burlington. No

one else was injured in the incident.

“Thank you to Sen. Tarr and

Rep. Hill for recognizing the

quick, heroic actions of these two

officers, which helped the victim

survive what could have been fatal

injuries,” Chief Nikas said.

“The two officers showed great

professionalism and dedication

for the safety of our residents,

and I could not be prouder to recognize

them for their exceptional

work and to have them serve as

members of the Ipswich Police


Lt. Hubbard and Officer Murphy

were also given lifesaving

medals by the Ipswich police Department

and received letters of

commendation from the Board

of Selectmen at the Special Town

Meeting in October.

Ice Castles

returning to New

Hampshire with

a new design and

COVID-19 safety



— A winter wonderland in New

Hampshire will return this season

with new features designed with

safety in mind. Ice Castles will offer

New England families the same fun

experience this year with ice slides,

crawl spaces, caves, and fountains

illuminated at night, but the design

will be enhanced and slightly different.

"We are thrilled to welcome families

back to Ice Castles this winter,"

CEO Kyle Standifird said, "The

safety of our guests and staff has always

been our top priority, and the

new features and guidelines we have

in place this season are designed to

create a safe and magical environment

for everyone."

Ice Castles will operate at a reduced

capacity this season to promote

social distancing. All tunnels

and crawl spaces will be clearly

marked as one-way features to limit

face-to-face exposure with other

guests. In accordance with New

Hampshire mandates, all staff and

guests will be required to wear a

mask or face covering. Additionally,

Ice Castles in New Hampshire will

be introducing new features including

a quarter mile-long winter light

walk in the forest and a sledding hill

to enhance the experience while encouraging

physical distance among


If weather permits, ice artisans

will begin growing and harvesting

up to 10,000 icicles each day beginning

in late-November to construct

the frozen attraction. The winter

playground is projected to open in

early January 2021.

Portsmouth Update


SISTANCE Free: American Legion,

Thanksgiving Day Nov 26, Noon-

3pm. Thanksgiving dinner delivery

within a 5-mile radius of the Legion

(including Marjeson, Feaster, other

housing). Also serving a take-out

Thanksgiving dinner. There is no

cost for take-out or delivery, but the

drivers can be tipped. For delivery

call the Legion at 436-7575. For

takeout, call or just show up. The

Legion will also have a few tables

inside the Legion for up to 4 people

each, first come, first served. Starting

at 12 noon.


48th Annual Thanksgiving Dinner,

Thursday, November 26. Pickup between

11 am and 12:30 pm at St.

Nicholas Greek Church, 40 Andrew

Jarvis Drive. No sit-down dinner

this year due to COVID-19. For

delivery or pickup, please call 603-

828-4869 or email:


Food distribution, online grocery

shopping for people who don’t want

to enter the shop, Meal delivery for

Seniors, Meals 4 Kids, Community

Fridays 9am-1pm open at

Community Campus (open to

anyone). Call for info 603-436-

0641. The annual Peas 'n Carrots

food drive is by virtual donation this

year. Online through November

30. Visit: https://secure.givelively.


to make a donation and

learn how far dollars raised will go

in feeding the food insecure in the



FOR GATHER: Starting immediately,

the Alliance for Greater

Good hopes to collect enough new

hats, mittens, and gloves for all

Gather families who participate in

this year’s Thanksgiving food distribution

event. Donations of new

hats, mittens, and gloves for adults

and children can be dropped at the

Portsmouth Senior Activity Center

at 125 Cottage Street through November

19. For more information

or questions, email Lisa Vivinetto at



Drive up Food Pantry Wed-Fri

10am-4pm, Thanksgiving Baskets.

Call for more info 603-430-8561.


WHEELS: Monday-Friday home

delivery. Accepting new customers

603-766-4448. Monthly grab & go

lunch specials open to seniors. Nov

19: Turkey & Stuffing meal to-go.

Reservations required. New Address:

125 Cottage Street (at senior center).

Community Announcements,

page 6




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November 18, 2020


Community Announcements,

from page 5




• Housing Relief Fund- Governor

Chris Sununu authorized the

expenditure of $35 million from

the CARES Act Coronavirus Relief

Fund (“flex funds”) to support

families or individuals in need of

housing assistance as a result of

COVID-19. Of the allocated $35

million, $20 million will be initially

expanded, with $15 million being

held in reserve, for rent stabilization

and housing support. Both the onetime

grants and the short-term rental

assistance will be coupled with

regional case management services

to help connect households to appropriate

services as defined by the

household and the agency. Program

payments will be made directly to

the landlord or provider, and this

program will end by December 30,

2020. For more information visit:

• Help Paying Energy Bills – Eversource

offers a COVID-19 Payment

Program that gives customers up to

12 months to pay past-due balances,

without down payments, fees or

interest. Once enrolled the account

is protected from service disconnection

for the duration of the payment

plan. For more information call

1-800-662-7764 or visit: https://

• Federal Stimulus Checks for

Non-Tax Filers – Anyone who has

not received a stimulus check from

the Federal government can still file

to do so. The deadline is November

21, 2020 at 3 pm. If you did not file a

2019 Federal Income Tax return, did

not receive a stimulus check and have

not already applied, visit: https://

to file your

application: Social Security, Railroad

Retirement and Veterans Affairs Benefits

recipients who received their

Stimulus Checks but still need to file

to receive benefits for qualifying children

also have until November 21,

2020 at 3 pm to apply. For details visit:




Public health officials are urging

people to get flu shots this year. Flu

shots are now available in the Portsmouth


• Prompt Care at Pease (WD

Hospital Portsmouth Outpatient):

73 Corporate Dr. 603.610.8051.

Flu shots available. Walk in or make

an appointment.

• ClearChoice MD: 750 Lafayette

Rd. 603.427.8539. Flu shots available.

Walk in, but pre registration

will save time.

• Rite-Aids: Flu shots available.

Walk in.

• CVS: 674 Islington St.

603.431.0234. Flu shots available.

They prefer appointments, due to

the small waiting area.

All of the above said that flu shots

are covered at no cost with most insurances

and Medicare.


BANFIELD ROAD Traffic-calming

Public Input Meeting, Nov

18 at 6:30 pm via Zoom. For registration

information, click here.

Paving, weather permitting, next

week. Drivers are detoured to Lafayette

Rd. (Rte. 1), Mon-Fri, 7 am

to 6 pm. For more information on

the project, including a map of the

detour route visit: https://www.

Route 1 Antiques & The Collector’s Eye

Owners & dog lovers

Greg & Lionel with Yuancy,

Maggie & Heidi

Over 100 Antique Dealers Under Two Roofs!!!

Jewelry Tableware, Glassware,

Home Accents, Artisan Gifts &

So Much More!

Route 1 Antiques

126 Lafayette Road,

Hampton Falls


What a year to make the holidays

extra special!

We have fun and unique berries,

branches boughs and wreaths to

decorate your home.

A family business, providing quality service

for almost a century.

The Collector’s Eye

132 Portsmouth

Avenue, Stratham



Visit us at 24 Essex Road, Ipswich




CASS STREETS Traffic flow is reduced

to one lane of one-way westbound

traffic between Cass Street

and Bartlett Street. Eastbound traffic

on Islington is detoured onto Jewell

Court and around the work zone via

Brewery Lane and Cass Street. Flaggers

and/or police details are present

to help direct traffic. Drivers should

expect minor delays. Parking restrictions

are in place at all times along the

detour until the winter shutdown between

mid-December and next April

and will resume until the project is

completed in June 202

1. For more information on the

project, including a map (also above)

of the detour route visit: https://

The House of the

Seven Gables in

Salem will

start offering semiprivate


The House of the Seven Gables

in Salem will start offering

semi-private tours on November

27 Using state and local guidance.

There may be up to four

visitors on a tour (number subject

to change without notice to visitors).

The Semi-Private Guided Tour

Experience includes:

• Up to a 60-minute tour of The

House of the Seven Gables and

exploration time in the Nathaniel

Hawthorne Birthplace.

• Access to a 30-minute narrated

historic site tour using a personal

electronic device.

• A unique map of our historic


• Access to the Museum Store and


Ticket purchase is an agreement

to the following disclaimers.

Advanced Reservation Required:

The Guided Tour Package is only

available with an advanced reservation.

• COVID-19 Safety Precautions:

The House of the Seven Gables

is following all state and local

guidance for COVID-19. All visitors

must wear suitable face covering

at all times and maintain 6

feet of physical distance from our

staff. Visitors who don't comply

may be asked to leave without a


• Social Distancing: The guided

tour will include tight spaces

where you may not be able to

maintain 6 feet from other visitors.

• On-time arrival: Due to capacity

restraints, we cannot accept late

arrivals. No refunds will be offered

for late arrivals.

• Pets not allowed: Only certified,

trained service animals are allowed

to accompany visitors to The House

of the Seven Gables. Pets are not allowed.

• No refunds: All sales are final.

Refunds are not available.

Limited discounted tickets

are ONLY available for Gables

and NARM members and Salem

residents. Semi-private Guided

Tours are not available for Go

Boston pass holders. Proof membership

or residency needs to be

provided upon check-in or full

admission will be charged.

Health Zone

celebrates new


Amesbury location

AMESBURY - Originally from

Dedham, Dr. Kerry Goyette knew

what she was looking for when she

was house-hunting, falling in-love

with what Amesbury had to offer.

"Amesbury had everything I

wanted when I was looking to buy

a home," said Goyette.

What surprised her was just how

much she clicked with the community,

deciding it wouldn’t just be a

perfect place to go home to after

work; but rather an equally good

place to put down professional roots.

"I love that the people of Amesbury

live their values when it comes

to supporting local," explained

Goyette. "You can feel the energy

behind people and businesses supporting

one another, and I wanted

to be a part of that."

Goyette, a Chiropractor working

out of an office in Manchester, New

Hampshire, decided Market Square

would be the perfect home as she set

up her own office. Initially looking

at a second-floor location within 5

Market Square, she was immediately

Community Announcements,

page 7

November 18, 2020 Page 7


Community Announcements,

from page 6

attracted to a suddenly-available spot

right in the Amesbury Millyard.

Goyette’s focus and technique has

attracted patients with symptoms

associated with a variety of issues,

including those with autoimmune

dysfunctions, digestive issues, sleep

problems, asthma, vertigo, anxiety/

depression and even ADHD, to

name a few.

"For many of these people,

they’ve tried to address their symptoms

in other ways without success.

I get great results because I focus on

balancing the six functional systems

of the body to restore the body to

its natural default state of health.

Symptoms are physical manifestations

of imbalances in the brain. I

work with my patients to identify

those imbalances, and then stimulate

the appropriate sections of the

spinal cord, which acts as a recharge

and leads to healing and recovery."

The Baker-Polito


announced a series

of targeted measures

to disrupt trend of

new COVID-19 cases

and hospitalizations.

The Baker-Polito Administration

announced a series of targeted

measures to disrupt the increasing

trend of new COVID-19

cases and hospitalizations.

Governor Charlie Baker announced

these changes at a time

where public health data has indicated

that cases are rising, with cases

up by 278% and hospitalizations up

by 145% since Labor Day. These

measures are meant to disrupt rising

trends now, so the Commonwealth

can keep the economy and schools

open for residents and to prevent

the need to roll back to Phase I or

Phase II of the reopening plan.

All orders and advisories will be

effective Friday, November 6th.

New Orders & Advisories:

Stay At Home Advisory: The Administration

issued a revised Stay At

Home Advisory to ensure residents

avoid unnecessary activities that can

lead to increased COVID-19 transmission.

The revised Stay At Home

Advisory instructs residents to stay

home between 10 PM and 5 AM.

The Advisory allows for activities

such as going to work, running

critical errands to get groceries and

address health needs, and taking a


Early Closure of Businesses and

Activities: Governor Baker issued

a new executive order that requires

the early closure of certain businesses

and activities each night at 9:30

PM. The 9:30 PM closure requirement

is aligned with the Stay At

Home Advisory and together the

two new initiatives are designed to

further limit activities that could

lead to COVID-19 transmission.

Effective November 6, the following

businesses and activities must

close to the public each day between

the hours of 9:30 PM and 5:00 AM.

• Restaurants (in-person dining

must cease at 9:30 PM, although

takeout and delivery may continue

for food and non-alcoholic beverages,

but not alcohol)

• Liquor stores and other retail establishments

that sell alcohol must

cease alcohol sales at 9:30 PM (but

may continue to sell other products)

• Adult-use marijuana sales must

cease at 9:30 PM (not including

medical marijuana)

• Indoor & outdoor events

• Theaters/movie theaters (including

drive-in movie theaters),

and performance venues (indoor

and outdoor)

• Youth and adult amateur sports


• Golf facilities

• Recreational boating and boating


• Outdoor recreational experiences

• Casinos and horse tracks/simulcast


• Driving and flight schools

• Zoos, botanical gardens, wildlife

reserves, nature centers

• Close contact personal services

(such as hair and nail salons)

• Gyms, Fitness Centers and

Health Clubs

• Indoor and outdoor pools

• Museums/cultural & historical

facilities/guided tours

Face Covering Order: Governor

Baker also signed an updated order

related to face-coverings. The

revised order requires all persons

to wear face-coverings in all public

places, even where they are able to

maintain 6 feet of distance from

others. The revised order still allows

for an exception for residents who

cannot wear a face-covering due to

a medical or disabling condition,

but it allows employers to require

employees to provide proof of such

a condition. It also allows schools to

require that students participating

in in-person learning provide proof

of such a medical or disabling condition.

Gatherings Order: Governor

Baker also signed an updated order

restricting gatherings. The new

gatherings order reduces the gathering

size limit for gatherings at private

residences: indoor gatherings at

private residences are limited to 10

people and outdoor gatherings at

private residences are limited to 25

people. The limit on gatherings held

in public spaces and at event venues

(e.g. wedding venues) remains the

same. The new order also requires

that all gatherings (regardless of size

or location) must end and disperse

by 9:30 PM.

The new gatherings order also requires

that organizers of gatherings

report known positive COVID-19

cases to the local health department

in that community and requires organizers

to cooperate with contact

tracing. The gatherings order authorizes

continued enforcement by

local health and police departments

and specifies that fines for violating

the gathering order will be $500 for

each person above the limit at a particular




- Pain Relief for

Common Conditions

- Gentle * Correcting *

State of the Art

25 Years of Experience


To speak with the doctor

» Covered by Most Insurance

» 130 County Road, Ipswich, MA




Roasted to Order


online, delivered direct to you. Local free pick-up avaialble


Brewers, Grinders and Mugs

Page 8

November 18, 2020

Sell During Holidays?

By John McCarthy, Rowley Realty

I know you don’t want to hear

it but the Holiday season is right

around the corner. If you are you

are considering selling your home

during the holidays you have

probably thought this isn’t a great

time to sell. You had tried to get

your home ready for the spring or

even fall market but because you

couldn’t find a roofer, plumber or

just couldn’t get around to making

things perfect you are now looking

at November or December entry

into the market. Well, all is not

lost! The good news is that we are

still in a seller’s market and inventory

is very low! Homes are still

selling with multiple offers well

over the asking price. Don’t beat

yourself up because you couldn’t

get the house ready, it may even

work to your advantage to sell

during the holidays. Here are a

few reasons why:

Interest Rates

Do you really know what interest

rates are going to be in the

Commercial & Residential

Spring? If they go up, a buyer’s

purchasing power goes down.

Interest rates are at historic lows,

hopefully they will be the same in

the spring but you never know.


When I first started 15+ years

ago, I complained that a buyer

wanted to see a home we listed

in sub zero weather. My coworker

said this is a good buyer, who

wouldn’t be “just looking” in this

weather. Sure enough this buyer

who came out in awful weather

went ahead and bought the home.

There are plenty of buyers that

are looking online, following the

real estate market every day looking

for the perfect home, and that

home just might be yours. The

bottom line is this; buyers that

come out during holidays are usually

seriously motivated.

Your Home Looks Great

A home that is decorated for

the holidays usually looks fantastic.

Most buyers think of homes

on an emotional basis. When

they see one that is warm, welcoming

and inviting it may stir

them into making an offer.

It’s NOT Spring!

While it is true that in the

spring you may have more buyers,

during the holidays you have

less competition for those buyers.

Don’t overlook the fact that right

now it is a seller’s market. Just

like predicting what will happen

with interest rates we can’t predict

what the market will be like

in the spring.

Time Off to Look

Many people take time off

during the holidays and have

more free time to look at homes.

This goes for internet searches

as well. Make sure your home is

marketed correctly and that it

is on all the most traveled web

sites. It is extremely important

in today’s world since most

home searches begin on the internet.


If you are a buyer there are

possible deductions to be had if

you close by December 31, including

points and mortgage interest.

Sellers may also realize a

tax break by closing by the end

of the year.

You Are In Charge

If you refuse a showing request

in the spring, even if your reasoning

is valid, most buyers will

assume you don’t want to sell.

However, if you need to take your

home off the market for a few days

during the holidays most buyers

will understand and accommodate


Selling during the holidays

can be difficult without a doubt.

However if you see a home you

like, need or want to sell, with low

inventory, low interest rates and a

surplus of buyers there is no reason

to think you won’t get your

home sold and make it a Happy

Holiday season!

If you have any questions about

this article, real estate in general or

are looking to buy or sell a home

please contact me, John McCarthy

at Rowley Realty, 165 Main St.,

Rowley, MA 01969, Phone: 978

948-2758, Cell 978 835-2573 or

via email at

Book with us and get

15% Discount at El Tapatio

319 Newburyport Turnpike

Suite 100

Rowley, MA


FB: PrettyPleaseHairSalon

IG: @prettypleaserowley

Specialty Coffee Roasters Rowley MA

Find Out Why Customers Prefer Their

Gift some coffee this Holiday


Coffees from around the World

Gift Baskets while stocks last

Wholesale/Retail avaiable

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with Giovanna and Savannah


Purchase a full size retail product!

Enter to win $100 Tendercrop Farm!

November 18, 2020 Page 9



Regular Price $450 / Cord

NOW $275/ CORD

Or 2 cords $500;

1.5 cords $375

Delivered 7 days a week.

Office: 781-938-8690

Cell: 617-908-7576

Save 5% with this ad.

Tree Removal & Tree Trimming

Full Tree Service

150 Foot Crane

75 Foot Bucket Truck

Tree Climbers

49 years experience

Free estimates

Fully insured

Fully equipped


Page 10

November 18, 2020

LIBRA (September 23 to October 22) Librans

LIBRA (September 23 to October

and holidays are made for each other, especially

22) A pesky problem should be dealt

if children and animals are going to be part of

with immediately so you can put your

your joyous season.

time and effort into something more

important. Someone from your past

SCORPIO (October 23 to November 21) Time is




too short


to allow a


spat to




the holiday

SCORPIO season. Restart (October your relationship 23 to November and reschedule

holiday A workplace fun times. situation becomes a lot

ARIES ARIES (March (March 21 to April 21 to 19) April This year, 19) instead You 21)

of might jumping be into a bit the shaken whole holiday by a prep friend’s scene, more bothersome than you’d expected.

move request. in a little But before at a time. the You'll Lamb appreciate leaps to the Be SAGITTARIUS careful not to (November pulled 22 into December all that

sense conclusions, of control you're insist more on likely a full to enjoy. explanation.

You still might say no, but at least who learn also far more want than to avoid you trouble. thought you could.

anger. 21) Seeking Look advice for support is laudable. among You others might

TAURUS you’ll know (April what 20 to you’re May 20) saying The separation no to.



the Bovine's








is never



Stay SAGITTARIUS with it. (November 22 to

far apart as it seems. Both senses work best when December 21) Cheer up, lonely lovers,

Seeing red over those nasty remarks

they come out of logic and honesty.

wherever CAPRICORN you are. (December Just when 22 you to January thought 19)

by someone with an ax to grind? Of you’d Continuing been to deleted assess changes from works Cupid’s toward database,

getting the your chubby new project cherub up and proves ready. that’s Trusted


GEMINI course you (May are. 21 to So June get 20) out The there best way and to

keep give those your pre-holiday supporters pressures the under facts control they is just colleagues not so. remain Congratulations.

ready to help.

to need just say to get no to the taking truth on out. new tasks while you're

CAPRICORN (December 22 to January

19) A casual relationship could

still GEMINI trying to work (May with a 21 heap to of June others. 20) A AQUARIUS (January 20 to February 18) That

changing situation should get you to new situation needs a lot of attention, but it's

CANCER take a more serious turn. Are you ready

reassess your (June vacation 21 to July plans 22) News and make means worth it. This is a very good time for you to involve

the arts in what you do.

a for it? Your stars say you are. Paired Sea




might be on




way, but




does it

hold? Don't just ask questions; make sure you get Goats also will find a renewed richness

And don’t fret — the change most

answers you can trust.

in their relationships.

likely will turn out for the better. PISCES (February 19 to March 20) It might be

CANCER (June 21 to July 22) Don’t AQUARIUS (January 20 to February

LEO (July 23 to August 22) Old friends and new

a good idea to slow your hectic holiday pace so

put off dealing with any negative feelings

that might be left over from a ideas seems to be a dream come true.

18) Meeting a collaborator with new

have one thing common: Both your longtime that you don't rush past what — or who — you're

and newly minted pals have much wisdom to impart.

recent confrontation. The sooner all is But for both your sakes, be sure all your

hoping to rush toward.

resolved, the sooner you can move forward

with (August fewer 23 to complications.

September 22) With time before confidence you in start yourself, working which inspires together. them to be-

legal BORN i’s THIS are WEEK: dotted and Others t’s pick are up crossed on your


running LEO out, (July this is 23 a good to August time for you 22) to Leos show lieve PISCES in you and (February your special 19 gifts. to March 21)





what those





the urge to A romantic overture flatters the usually

unflappable (c) 2020 King Fish. Features But Synd., since Inc. it’s

skills can do.

redecorate their dens, and that can turn

into a good opportunity to strengthen a sincere from-the-heart gesture, go

family ties by putting the whole pride ahead and enjoy it. A minor health

to work to Tarot make it Card happen. for Week of problem November responds 18, well 2020 to treatment.

VIRGO With (August a star in 23 his to lantern September to BORN THIS WEEK: You have the

22) Look for the most efficient way to warm heart of a Taurean and the sensitivity

of a Gemini. You would make

get a job


done quickly

his path,






more stands time than in solitude you need at the to make top of it a a wonderful leader. So go ahead: Run

look more snowy challenging mountain is a peak. short-sighted

move you pointed might down regret as he later guides on. himself,

His face is for office.

© 2020 King Features Synd., Inc.

taking every step with care and

consideration. Neither fearful nor

hopeful, The Hermit is confident in

the knowledge that his path will be

revealed at exactly the right time.

Are you contemplating a new

direction in your life? This week

could be a pivotal moment in your

spiritual development. Find some

quiet time to process your thoughts Readings by Amelia

and feelings; this is a great time to

To book a private Tarot or

develop a meditation practice. Focus

Mediumship reading,

on knowing what is the next right

please visit:

thing to do and trust that the answers

you seek lie within you.

or call 978-595-2468



November 18, 2020 Page 11




- Repairs & Additions. Interior/

Exterior Painting. Fully Insured.

30 years experience. Free Estimates.

Excellent Referrals. 978-465-2283

Gary’s Just Stuff MECHANICAL


Repaired! Generators, Outboards,

Lawn Mowers, Snow Blowers,

Tune ups, etc., pick-up and delivery

available, Call Gary at (978)



EXTERIOR, smoke and water damage

ceilings stain killed, repaired, or

replaced, carpentry interior-exterior

repairs, windows repaired and

replaced, gutters cleaned, repaired or

replaced, clean outs and clean ups of

all kinds. General masonry, all brick

work, chimney work, walkways, etc.

(cell) 978-376-4214, (home) 978-


HELP WANTED: Essential business

seeking active & handy person/retiree

for PT year-round

position to maintain small engine

equipment, show customers how

to operate them, as well as, many

other duties. Must be able to lift

50lbs+. Variety is the spice of life

here - come join our family business.

Those who are Covid-19 concerned,

most tasks are outdoors

and we are adhering to the social

distancing recommendations of

the Governor. Inquire by email:



Household goods, beds, chairs,

tables, dressers, desks, lamps, baskets,

mirrors, trunks, porcelain,

bookcases, dish ware, decorative wall

shelving, medical equipment: walkers,

wheelchairs, ramp. Call Tim at

978-312-6729 for details.


Two Aluma poles. Pump staging.

6’Aluma joint extension extendable.

Work bench brackets. 20 X 20

alum plank. Call 978-465-2283.


Pellet Stove drolet 45. Salisbury,

Ma. $200. 603-760-8764


2004 Dodge Durango. 2K/BO

4 year old Jasper Hemi motor.

Needs body work. Heated leather

seats. Interior in good condition.

Frame good. Sandra Monroe,

978-465-2283. Roadking-103@


S 1D Hill horned mack saddle, bridle,

halter, etc. Custom made, $400 or BO.


30 California Amesbury, MA Detached 3 2 21 $359,900 $411,000

62 Jeffreys Neck Rd Ipswich, MA Detached 3 1 277 $409,900 $393,000

5 Glenwood Ave Salisbury, MA Detached 4 2 22 $425,000 $452,000

14 Pond St Georgetown, MA Detached 3 2 15 $435,000 $476,000

4 W Hadley Rd Merrimac, MA Detached 3 2 7 $450,000 $475,000

51 Bear Hill Rd Merrimac, MA Equestrian 4 3 22 $479,900 $502,000

35 Leslie Rd Ipswich, MA Detached 2 1 55 $499,000 $475,000

107 Kimball Rd Amesbury, MA Detached 3 1 33 $499,900 $475,000

24 Riverview Dr Newbury, MA : Old Town Detached 4 2 20 $499,900 $527,000

46 Birch Meadow Rd Merrimac, MA Detached 3 2 17 $499,900 $511,000

1 Murray Ct Groveland, MA Detached 4 2 35 $524,900 $550,000

4 Sawmill Way Georgetown, MA Detached 4 3 13 $565,000 $590,000

2 Arborcrest Rd Amesbury, MA Detached 4 3 17 $569,900 $624,000

434 Main St Amesbury, MA Detached 2 2 34 $575,000 $537,500

4 Baldpate Rd Georgetown, MA Detached 4 2 27 $579,900 $569,000

16 Elm St Georgetown, MA Detached 4 3 119 $595,000 $577,500

97 Hanover St Newbury, MA Detached 3 3 48 $620,000 $610,000

12 Christopher St Newburyport, MA Detached 3 1 15 $624,900 $660,000

21 Follinsbee Lane West Newbury, MA Detached 3 4 17 $634,000 $640,000

Circle A Category

• For Sale

• Wanted

• Services

• Free

• Child Care Needed/Avail.

• Rental Auto

• Boat

• Help Wanted

• Animals

• Rental

• Yard Sale

• Other

Classified AD Form


Classified Ads must be paid for prior

to publications.

No billing options exist for classifieds.

Cash, Checks, Credits Cards Accepted.

Checks made payable to:

The Town Common

Deadline Wednesday at 5 PM for

the following week.

Cost per issue

$10 per issue/ 20 words or less. (25¢ for each additional word) or

Special $30 for 4 Weeks



















Nr. issues or Dates:














Special offer:

20 words for 4 weeks - $30 save $10.

Prepaid Consecutive Ads 75¢ for each

additional word.

Email: ___________________

Credit Card: MC Visa Amex Dscvr

Credit Card #:


Expiration Date: ____/____

Mail To: The Town Common, P.O. Box 2, Rowley, MA 01969














Please Support

Our Local Advertisers

If you would like to advertise,

email us at

Happy Buyers and Sellers

in Rowley


Are You


Happy Buyers and Sellers

in Ipswich










If you are concerned about the coronavirus I have

an extensive showing protocol in place for all of my

sellers to protect their safety.

Call/email me today and let’s set a time to talk about

your future plans.


Kathryn O’Brien, M. Ed.

RE/MAX Partners

103 High Road, Newbury, MA 01951 (home office)


The call is free, the results are priceless.

Call today 978-465-1322



Hills Farm is a beautiful new

development on over 10 acres and

abutting conservation land. NOT

your typical condo as you enjoy

exclusive rights to your own land

& low condo fees without losing all

the benefits of condo living. Open

concept living at its finest. High end

kitchen w/ stainless appliances, gorgeous granite counter tops

& island seating. Dining area into the living room which features

a beautiful gas fireplace that leads to your own private patio.

Master suite and HUGE 2nd bedroom that runs width of home.

Hardwood flooring throughout whole unit including finished third

floor room. Detached 2 car garage goes with this unit & has a 10’

door w/ staircase to second floor storage or possible finished

space. Enjoy the walking trails, open space & quiet nights on

your patio. Just minutes from highways and beaches. $649,000

Call, email or

text John McCarthy at 978-835-2573, for more information.


165 Main St., P.O. Box 101, Rowley, MA 01969

Phone 978-948-2758 • Fax 978-948-2454

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