CPF Magazine Winter 2021 Issue


A national network of volunteers, parents and stakeholders who value French as an integral part of Canada. CPF Magazine is dedicated to the promotion and creation of French-second-language learning opportunities for young Canadians.


New Reality, New Lear

With the advent of COVID-19 school

closures, CPF has been adapting

all of its programming to the new

virtual reality, from Concours d’art oratoire to

the CPF Network Conference and offering more

resources online.

As students across Canada moved to

stay-at-home learning and online classes,

FSL students were among the most impacted

adding a whole new layer of challenges to

learning a new language. The need for resources

was evident as was the difficulty in adequately

supporting their child, especially for parents

who do not speak French.

The CPF Virtual French Tutoring program

started in spring 2020 with three pilot sites

in Ontario and as of September 2020, it is

now offered all across Canada. There are

approximately 500 students enrolled between

the ages of 6 and 14 years of age. They are

supported by more than 400 volunteers who

are at least 16 years old, bilingual and residing

in nine provinces.

Children spend one hour per week in a one-onone

session with a French speaking volunteer

tutor. Sessions take place virtually and so a

computer, camera, microphone and internet

connection are required. This is not an academic

program following a pre-determined curriculum.

They can work on whatever skills are identified as

needing the most improvement - reading, writing,

speaking, help with homework. Additionally,

registered students also have the opportunity of

practicing French through different activities like

small group conversation and book clubs. n


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