Brisbane Truck Show Program

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Kenworth celebrates 50 years of<br />

Australian manufacturing with a legendary<br />

experience for visitors<br />






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Presented by Platinum Partner<br />

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Australian Heavy Vehicle<br />

58<br />

<strong>Truck</strong>s on <strong>Show</strong><br />

With the truck market humming beyond all expectations, there<br />

will be no shortage of big name brands at the show. Get set for<br />

truck, trailer and equipment suppliers to pull out all stops with a deluge<br />

of new developments primed and polished to make an appearance at the<br />

Southern Hemisphere’s biggest and brightest truck event<br />

70<br />

Trailers on <strong>Show</strong><br />

Always a stand-out due to the sheer size of displays, the<br />

trailer section at the <strong>Brisbane</strong> <strong>Truck</strong> <strong>Show</strong> will feature<br />

innovative products from 40 trailer, tanker and body manufacturers<br />

14<br />

<strong>Show</strong> Welcome<br />

The <strong>Brisbane</strong> Convention & Exhibition Centre will be bursting<br />

at the seams with all the latest trucks, trailers, components,<br />

equipment and technology. The 2021 <strong>Brisbane</strong> <strong>Truck</strong> <strong>Show</strong> will be a jampacked<br />

four-day event, spread over three levels<br />

22<br />

<strong>Show</strong> Stoppers<br />

Once again, the Australian Heavy Vehicle Industry (AHVI) Week<br />

is the umbrella event encompassing the <strong>Brisbane</strong> <strong>Truck</strong> <strong>Show</strong>,<br />

Civil Construction Field Days and the many significant complementary<br />

events, activities and activations, both within the events and right across<br />

the city<br />

46<br />

<strong>Show</strong> Sponsors<br />

Catch up with important updates from some of the <strong>Brisbane</strong><br />

<strong>Truck</strong> <strong>Show</strong>’s key sponsors for this year<br />



Official <strong>Show</strong> <strong>Program</strong> Produced By:<br />

Industry Week Partners<br />

78<br />

Parts on <strong>Show</strong><br />

From simple towbars to high-tech<br />

safety radars, the 2021 <strong>Brisbane</strong> <strong>Truck</strong><br />

<strong>Show</strong> will offer a plethora of new and innovative<br />

products to check out and discuss in detail with<br />

the exhibitors<br />

82<br />

Best on <strong>Show</strong><br />

Key exhibitors – from truck and trailer<br />

OEMs, to parts and accessories<br />

suppliers, to technology and financial services<br />

providers, to regulators – reveal plans for the<br />

2021 <strong>Brisbane</strong> <strong>Truck</strong> <strong>Show</strong><br />

116<br />

<strong>Show</strong> Guide<br />

The Official 2021 <strong>Brisbane</strong> <strong>Truck</strong><br />

<strong>Show</strong> <strong>Program</strong> features a full list of<br />

exhibitors, by category and location, as well as<br />

detailed maps of all three levels of the BCEC, to<br />

ensure attendees get the most out of the event<br />

127<br />

Media Partners<br />

ownerdriver<br />

CCFD <strong>Show</strong> Guide<br />

It’s all happening in <strong>Brisbane</strong>, with<br />

the Civil Construction Field Days just<br />

a short shuttle ride away and free for BTS ticket<br />

holders. Here is a taster of what will be on show<br />

and a map of the site<br />


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Let’s be COVID safe together<br />



Welcome to<br />

the <strong>Brisbane</strong><br />

<strong>Truck</strong> <strong>Show</strong>!<br />

We are delighted to welcome you to the<br />

2021 <strong>Brisbane</strong> <strong>Truck</strong> <strong>Show</strong>. Within this<br />

Official <strong>Show</strong> <strong>Program</strong> is a full preview of<br />

the show, lists of exhibitors, plus maps<br />

and other important details, all designed<br />

to help visitors make better informed<br />

truck, trailer and transport equipment<br />

purchasing decisions<br />

THIS IS SUCH an important occasion for the industry to get<br />

together. It is a reward for the incredible job that has been<br />

done keeping Australia moving over the past 18 months<br />

through drought, bushfires and the pandemic.<br />

When the doors open and visitors start streaming through<br />

– there really is no better sight. It is an occasion for old mates<br />

to catch up, to share knowledge, fellowship and banter, and it is<br />

probably fair to say that this year we all need that more than ever<br />

before.<br />

The <strong>Brisbane</strong> <strong>Truck</strong> <strong>Show</strong> is hosted by Heavy Vehicle<br />

Industry Australia (HVIA), the national association representing<br />

manufacturers and suppliers of heavy vehicles and their<br />

components, equipment and technology.<br />

The show has come a long way from its humble beginnings when<br />

21 truck, trailer and component manufacturers and suppliers came<br />

together at Haulmark Trailers’ premises in Rocklea in 1968.<br />

These days, it is, by far, the biggest business event our industry<br />

holds in the southern hemisphere. The last event went on to be<br />

honoured at the 2019 Australian Event Awards as ‘Australia’s Best<br />

Corporate Event and Best Exhibtion, Trade or Consumer <strong>Show</strong>’.<br />

Those accolades have only served to inspire more energy to<br />

further improve the show for both exhibitors and visitors.<br />

Our exhibitors do an extraordinary job raising the bar every<br />

show and this year is no different. On display is a fantastic array of<br />

products, from the very latest trucks and innovative trailer designs,<br />

to components, equipment, accessories and groundbreaking<br />

technology solutions.<br />

The show attracts visitors from the length and breadth of the<br />

country, representing the pillars of Australian industry – agriculture,<br />

construction, mining, retail and, of course, freight and logistics.<br />

It is inspiring to see the enthusiasm with which visitors approach<br />

the innovative products and solutions that are showcased at the<br />

event.<br />

The countless deals sealed with a handshake during the show are<br />

testament of the mutual respect that the heavy vehicle industry and<br />

its clients have for each other.<br />

The December quarter saw the Australian economy experience<br />

its single largest increase in capital expenditure in a quarter<br />

since March 2012. The Australian Bureau of Statistics suggest that<br />

businesses have upgraded their investment intentions off the back<br />

of the Instant Asset Write-Off, Better Business Investment and now<br />

the Temporary Full Expensing schemes.<br />

As the show doors open it is still clear that there has never been a<br />

better time to upgrade your fleet.<br />


The <strong>Brisbane</strong> <strong>Truck</strong> <strong>Show</strong> is described as the place where the<br />

industry gathers. That side of it is hugely important too.<br />

In fact, the 2021 show is part of a full week of celebrations<br />

showcasing Australia’s heavy vehicle industry.<br />

Following its hugely successful launch in 2019, Australian Heavy<br />

Vehicle Industry Week once again serves as the umbrella capturing<br />

all of the events and activities going on across <strong>Brisbane</strong> alongside<br />

the <strong>Brisbane</strong> <strong>Truck</strong> <strong>Show</strong>.<br />

The events are all underpinned by the six themes of Australian<br />

Heavy Vehicle Industry Week: innovation, safety, sustainability,<br />

careers, knowledge and community.<br />

Partnerships with the Queensland Government, <strong>Brisbane</strong> City<br />

Council and South Bank Parklands have enabled the show to expand<br />

ABOVE: Your <strong>Brisbane</strong> <strong>Truck</strong> <strong>Show</strong> ticket will put you into the running for the Ultimate<br />

VIP Experience Package<br />

RIGHT: There’s plenty going on each day, with an expanded South Bank Festival and the<br />

Civil Construction Field Days just a free shuttle ride away<br />


eyond the walls of the <strong>Brisbane</strong> Convention and Exhibition Centre,<br />

to engage the broader community and share some of our industry’s<br />

inspiring stories of innovation, collaboration and resilience.<br />

Those partnerships have come about because they recognise<br />

the value of every attendee to the show, and indeed the enormous<br />

contribution our industry makes to the economy.<br />

It has enabled the industry Jobs Hub and National Apprentice<br />

Challenge to take up a new home at South Bank Piazza, where the<br />

community will be able to see for themselves the diverse range of<br />

rewarding career paths on offer.<br />

It has enabled the development of a Technology and Innovation<br />

Centre and a Future Fuels Hub.<br />

Following the success of our first foray into the adjacent South<br />

Bank Parklands, streets in the dining and entertainment precinct of<br />

Little Stanley Street and Stanley Street Plaza will again be closed to<br />

traffic to create a hub called the South Bank <strong>Truck</strong> Festival.<br />

We hope you will all enjoy congregating there with your mates<br />

and peers – both old and new – and share in the spirit of this<br />

fabulous week of events.<br />

<strong>Brisbane</strong> is really opening its doors for us this year and laying out<br />

the red carpet.<br />

We take this opportunity to pay tribute to the <strong>Brisbane</strong> <strong>Truck</strong><br />

<strong>Show</strong>’s key partners, particularly NTI and <strong>Truck</strong> Assist, BP Australia<br />

and our many other supporting partners.<br />

Thanks also go to <strong>Brisbane</strong> <strong>Truck</strong> <strong>Show</strong> Media Partner Are Media,<br />

publisher of market-leading titles Australasian Transport News<br />

(ATN), Deals on Wheels, Earthmovers & Excavators, Farms & Farm<br />

Machinery and Owner Driver. This program is also the result of its<br />

great ongoing support of the Australian transport industry.<br />

We are privileged to be joined by organisations like these to<br />

continue to build and grow a world-class event for our visitors.<br />

Don’t forget that your fully registered and activated <strong>Brisbane</strong><br />

<strong>Truck</strong> <strong>Show</strong> ticket will put you into the running for the Ultimate<br />

VIP Experience Package thanks to the Morris Finance. One lucky<br />

attendee is set to enjoy corporate treatment at Bathurst and the AFL,<br />

hot laps and numerous other prizes valued at over $45,000.<br />

All tickets purchased for the <strong>Brisbane</strong> <strong>Truck</strong> <strong>Show</strong> will also give<br />

you access to the Civil Construction Field Days heavy equipment<br />

and machinery show. A free shuttle service will also be available,<br />

running between the two events (details about the event are in the<br />

back of this program).<br />

We hope you enjoy your experience attending this year’s <strong>Brisbane</strong><br />

<strong>Truck</strong> <strong>Show</strong> and all of the other events and activities within it and<br />

across <strong>Brisbane</strong>.<br />

“We hope you will all enjoy<br />

congregating there with your mates<br />

and peers – both old and new – and<br />

share in the spirit of this fabulous<br />

week of events”<br />

A WARM<br />


Welcome to the <strong>Brisbane</strong> <strong>Truck</strong> <strong>Show</strong>, a<br />

highlight of the Australian Heavy Vehicle<br />

Industry Week, which the Queensland<br />

Government is proud to sponsor<br />

ORE THAN 65,000 people are expected to visit<br />

the <strong>Brisbane</strong> Exhibition and Convention Centre<br />

Mand South Bank Parklands from May 10–16, 2021,<br />

exploring the latest trucks, trailers, technologies and<br />

accessories, and giving a friendly ‘steering wheel<br />

wave’ to our nation’s heavy vehicle industry, which<br />

kept Queensland moving throughout an incredibly<br />

challenging 2020.<br />

I thank all industry partners for working with the<br />

Queensland Government to maintain supply chains and<br />

deliver essential supplies to communities during the<br />

coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic. With border restrictions<br />

and strict freight protocols put in place to protect the<br />

health of Queenslanders, it was a demanding time for<br />

Australian truck drivers and freight and logistics workers.<br />

Queensland is now in a strong health position and<br />

the Queensland Government is focused on economic<br />

recovery. This includes the creation of transport jobs and<br />

the continued delivery of the Queensland Freight Strategy,<br />

our 10-year vision for a fully integrated, resilient freight<br />

system that will make ours the safest and most productive<br />

state in Australia.<br />

The pandemic has certainly illuminated the importance<br />

of trucking to the people of our vast state, and the<br />

2021 <strong>Brisbane</strong> <strong>Truck</strong> <strong>Show</strong> is celebrating it in its usual<br />

big-chassis way.<br />




Please avoid touching surfaces<br />



Festival flourishes<br />

<strong>Brisbane</strong> <strong>Truck</strong> <strong>Show</strong> swells into week-long festival of<br />

all things trucking spread right across <strong>Brisbane</strong> city<br />



Staged in the lead-up to the <strong>Brisbane</strong> <strong>Truck</strong> <strong>Show</strong>, the 12th annual Bulk<br />

Tanker Day 2021 will be held at the <strong>Brisbane</strong> <strong>Show</strong> Grounds on May 11, with<br />

a training event on the morning of May 12 at the QFES School of Fire and<br />

Emergency Services, Whyte Island. Organised by the National Bulk Tanker<br />

Association as part of National Heavy Industry Vehicle Week, the show<br />

will include equipment displays and practical demonstrations. For more<br />

information, visit www.nbta.com.au.<br />



Commencing 4pm the day before<br />

the show, the HVIA Executive Club<br />

is designed for industry leaders<br />

to get together on a regular<br />

basis. HVIA CEO Todd Hacking,<br />

pictured, says the Executive Club<br />

has filled a gap for the leaders<br />

of HVIA member organisations<br />

to share knowledge and discuss<br />

common issues with their peers.<br />

It’s also a forum for executives<br />

to build networks and develop<br />

relationships, as well as gain<br />

access to decision makers.<br />

THURSDAY, MAY 13<br />


Held 7.45am–10am before the doors open to<br />

the public, the hosted media tour sees truck<br />

manufacturers unveil new vehicles, technology, safety<br />

and productivity innovations to a throng of local and<br />

international journalists.<br />


For some, the main event will kick off at 7am with a<br />

ticketed breakfast featuring special guests, including<br />

representatives of Healthy Heads in <strong>Truck</strong>s and Sheds.<br />

Gates open to the public at 10am – though access to the<br />

main exhibition hall is restricted until 12 noon.<br />

PLUS<br />

• Technology & Innovation Centre<br />

• Future Fuels & Sustainability Hub<br />

• Jobs Hub @ South Bank Piazza<br />

• National Apprentice Challenge – Day 1 Heats<br />

• Isuzu Plaza Terrace BBQ Bar<br />

• South Bank <strong>Truck</strong> Festival<br />

• <strong>Truck</strong> & Trailer Exhibition – Little Stanley Street/<br />

Stanley Street Plaza<br />

• AHVIW displays – Queen Street Mall/Reddacliff Place<br />



FOR OVER 30 YEARS.<br />



FRIDAY, MAY 14<br />

While the South Bank <strong>Truck</strong> Festival will be open from Thursday, festivities will really kick<br />

into gear on Friday with the <strong>Truck</strong>fest Outdoor Cinema. There will also be loads of free live<br />

entertainment and special deals with local restaurants and bars.<br />

PLUS<br />

• Technology & Innovation Centre<br />

• Future Fuels & Sustainability Hub<br />

• Jobs Hub @ South Bank Piazza<br />

• National Apprentice Challenge – Day 2 Heats<br />

• Isuzu Plaza Terrace BBQ Bar<br />

• South Bank <strong>Truck</strong> Festival<br />

• <strong>Truck</strong> & Trailer Exhibition – Little Stanley Street/Stanley<br />

Street Plaza<br />

• AHVIW displays – Queen Street Mall/Reddacliff Place<br />

• Guinness World Record Attempt – Troy Conley<br />



www.offroadtrucks.com.au<br />

16670<br />


Deliver more with<br />

advanced telematics<br />

The world’s best rated commercial telematics<br />

platform is up to Australia’s freight task.<br />

40,000 +<br />

Global customers<br />

2 Million +<br />

Connected vehicles<br />

40 Billion +<br />

Daily records<br />

Fleet optimisation<br />

+ Improve fuel economy<br />

+ Decrease idling<br />

+ Reduce speeding<br />

+ Monitor engine data<br />

+ Plan maintenance<br />

Productivity<br />

+ Real-time fleet management<br />

+ Exception rules<br />

+ Trips & activity reporting<br />

+ NFC Driver ID<br />

+ Easy dispatching<br />

Safety<br />

+ Risk & safety reports<br />

+ In-vehicle coaching<br />

+ Accident notifications<br />

+ Collision reconstruction<br />

+ Driving in reverse<br />

Compliance<br />

+ Vehicle safety inspections<br />

+ Seatbelt use reporting<br />

+ Manage driver infractions<br />

+ Corporate sustainability<br />

programs<br />

Expandability<br />

+ Open-source platform<br />

+ Marketplace of Add-ons<br />

& Add-ins<br />

+ SDK & APIs<br />

+ IOX expansion on every device<br />

Sustainability<br />

+ Reduce fuel consumption<br />

+ Track CO 2<br />

emissions<br />

+ EV performance monitoring<br />

and reporting<br />

+ GO device recycling program<br />

Learn more at Geotab.com/au/truck<br />

© 2021 Geotab Inc. All Rights Reserved.


SATURDAY, MAY 15<br />


Co-located at South Bank Piazza, these<br />

two free community-facing events will<br />

shine a light on diverse and fulfilling<br />

career opportunities in the heavy vehicle<br />

industry, featuring career advisors,<br />

educational institutions and programs,<br />

and industry HR recruitment teams.<br />

HVIA is confident of surpassing the 694<br />

students who attended the Jobs Hub in<br />

2019 and will open this event up to all job<br />

seekers.<br />

PLUS<br />

• Technology & Innovation Centre<br />

• Future Fuels & Sustainability Hub<br />

• Jobs Hub @ South Bank Piazza<br />

• National Apprentice Challenge –<br />

Day 3 Heats<br />

• Isuzu Plaza Terrace BBQ Bar<br />

• South Bank <strong>Truck</strong> Festival<br />

• <strong>Truck</strong> & Trailer Exhibition – Little Stanley<br />

Street/Stanley Street Plaza<br />

• AHVIW displays – Queen Street Mall/<br />

Reddacliff Place<br />

SUNDAY, MAY 16<br />



After three days of gruelling<br />

heats, it’s finals time in<br />

the 2021 HVIA National<br />

Apprentice Challenge. Which<br />

team will come out on top in<br />

the challenge to identify and<br />

rectify a series of programmed<br />

faults on identical trucks and<br />

win a prize pack?<br />


Don’t miss the final day of the show to<br />

witness the draw for the Ultimate VIP<br />

Experience Package, worth well over<br />

$45,000 and comprising unique prizes<br />

such as: four tickets to the Bathurst<br />

1000 in the Walkinshaw Andretti United<br />

corporate suite; an open-air corporate<br />

box for six people at a Geelong Cats<br />

home game – including premium food<br />

and beverage package; a custom home<br />

racing simulator valued at over $19,000<br />

– hooked up to a new large screen HD<br />

TV; plus a bar fridge, golf buggy, fire pit<br />

and BBQ.<br />

PLUS<br />

• Technology & Innovation Centre<br />

• Future Fuels & Sustainability Hub<br />

• Jobs Hub @ South Bank Piazza<br />

• National Apprentice Challenge – Final<br />

• Isuzu Plaza Terrace BBQ Bar<br />

• South Bank <strong>Truck</strong> Festival<br />

• <strong>Truck</strong> & Trailer Exhibition – Little Stanley<br />

Street/Stanley Street Plaza<br />

• AHVIW displays – Queen Street Mall/<br />

Reddacliff Place<br />

Keep your mind<br />

on the road ahead<br />

Drive On<br />

with Eaton<br />

UltraShift®PLUS<br />

• The UltraShift® PLUS gives drivers the ease of two pedal operation in a<br />

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• More intuitive shift decisions are made by combining internal grade<br />

sensors, open clutch shifting and intelligent software.<br />

• New shift logic is specifically customised in Australia for our tough local<br />

operating conditions.<br />

• Hill Start Aid capabilities prevent roll-back or roll-forward while launching<br />

on grades.<br />


Come and Visit Castrol & bp<br />

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<strong>Brisbane</strong> <strong>Truck</strong> <strong>Show</strong><br />

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Docklands VIC 3008. Authorised under: ACT TP 20/01877, SA T20/1650, NSW TP/00651. Copyright © 2021 Castrol Limited



Bigger and better<br />

Australian Heavy Vehicle Industry Week brings the trucking industry out of the<br />

convention and exhibition centre and into the South Bank of <strong>Brisbane</strong><br />

The launch of Australian Heavy Vehicle<br />

Industry (AHVI) Week as its umbrella<br />

event formalised something that has<br />

been happening for years alongside the<br />

<strong>Brisbane</strong> <strong>Truck</strong> <strong>Show</strong>.<br />

HVIA chief executive Todd Hacking explains<br />

that exhibitors have long been holding launch<br />

events, customer dinners, dealer conferences,<br />

drive days, factory tours and much more in<br />

tandem with the <strong>Truck</strong> <strong>Show</strong>.<br />

“The reaction to the expansion into South<br />

Bank Parklands was fantastic,” Hacking says<br />

of 2019’s bigger show presence outside of the<br />

exhibition centre.<br />

“All of that success is a reflection on<br />

the leadership shown by so many of our<br />

exhibitors, who did such an amazing job of<br />

showcasing the values of their companies and<br />

our industry to the broader community.”<br />

The week of events and the communication<br />

campaign around it foster broader community<br />

awareness about the heavy vehicle industry’s<br />

vital role and positive impact within the<br />

community.<br />

With the support of Tourism and Events<br />

Queensland, <strong>Brisbane</strong> City Council and South<br />

Bank Corporation, Little Stanley Street and<br />

Stanley Street Plaza will be closed to traffic to<br />

showcase innovative trucks and trailers.<br />

Following AHVI Week’s success in 2019,<br />

the South Bank precinct has grown into a<br />

full-fledged festival, with an abundance of<br />

activities and entertainment, all supported<br />

by the precinct’s retailers waiting to welcome<br />

visitors with a plethora of great dining options.<br />

“The opportunity to showcase our industry<br />

in this spectacular location provides the<br />

perfect opportunity to share our story with<br />

the community in a tangible and lasting way,”<br />

Hacking says.<br />

“We are extremely grateful to the<br />

22<br />

Queensland Government and the City of<br />

<strong>Brisbane</strong> for coming on board to enable this<br />

initiative to come to life.”<br />


The intent behind AHVI Week broadly supports<br />

the government’s agenda across a wide range<br />

of strategic priorities, including promoting<br />

Queensland as a major hub for Australia’s<br />

vibrant and innovative heavy vehicle<br />

manufacturing industry.<br />

The recent launch of MaxiTrans’ new<br />

heavy-duty trailer manufacturing facility in<br />

Carole Park is just one prime example of the<br />

industry’s health and willingness to invest in<br />

advanced facilities.<br />

The Queensland Government partnership<br />

also utilises the <strong>Brisbane</strong> <strong>Truck</strong> <strong>Show</strong> to<br />

promote road safety and workplace safety<br />

across many sectors, including manufacturing,<br />

service centres, construction, agriculture and<br />

road transport.<br />

AHVI Week includes a full schedule of events<br />

within the <strong>Brisbane</strong> Convention and Exhibition<br />

Centre (BCEC).<br />

The opening morning of the <strong>Brisbane</strong> <strong>Truck</strong><br />

<strong>Show</strong> features the Manufacturers Media Tour,<br />

attracting leading automotive, industry and<br />

mainstream journalists to witness the<br />

highly-anticipated unveiling of many new<br />

trucks, trailers and equipment.<br />

The expanded Technology and Innovation<br />

Centre and Future Fuels and Sustainability<br />

Hub are both set to provide a picture of where<br />

the industry is heading over the rest of this<br />

decade and beyond.<br />

Beyond the walls of the BCEC, the Jobs Hub<br />

and the HVIA National Apprentice Challenge<br />

will showcase career opportunities to the<br />

broader community, with free entry at the<br />

South Bank Piazza amphitheatre.<br />

Hacking says that the heavy vehicle industry<br />

offers diverse and rewarding career paths.<br />

“With hundreds of jobs available directly<br />

from Jobs Hub exhibitors, this will open doors<br />

to young people just entering the workforce<br />

and others considering something new,” he<br />

explains.<br />

Sunday is when families are most obvious at<br />

the <strong>Brisbane</strong> <strong>Truck</strong> <strong>Show</strong>. While the exhibitors<br />

count the business cards and order forms<br />

from the previous three days, they are just as<br />

keen to welcome the mums and dads, small<br />

business people – and their kids – potentially<br />

the next generation of heavy vehicle industry<br />

talent.<br />

Meanwhile, away from the convention<br />

centre, there will be full hotels all across<br />

<strong>Brisbane</strong>; there will be dealer conferences,<br />

association meetings, large and small<br />

customer dinners and events held across<br />

<strong>Brisbane</strong> every night before and during the<br />

<strong>Brisbane</strong> <strong>Truck</strong> <strong>Show</strong>.<br />

The new Civil Construction Field Days<br />

sees a welcome return for heavy equipment<br />

and machinery, just a short shuttle away at<br />

Hamilton Northshore, with reciprocal tickets<br />

for both events.<br />

AHVI Week celebrates our thriving and<br />

robust local industry – a world leader in many<br />

aspects of heavy vehicle transport.<br />

Hacking says that the week is about<br />

expressing pride in the heavy vehicle industry<br />

while starting a conversation with the broader<br />

community about its innovation, local<br />

manufacturing and sustainability; about road<br />

safety, skills development, education and<br />

careers.<br />

“We encourage every participant to fully<br />

embrace the opportunities that the Australian<br />

Heavy Vehicle Industry Week offers and to be a<br />

part of sharing our great story,” he says.

drake size<br />

thedrakegroup.com.au<br />

OVER 60 years of quality and innovation


CCFD<br />

Return of the mighty machines<br />

Heavy equipment and machinery is back at Hamilton Northshore, with the Civil<br />

Construction Field Days running from Thursday, May 13 to Saturday, May 15<br />

IT IS A PARTNERSHIP that turns back<br />

the clock, with the launch of a new<br />

accompanying heavy equipment and<br />

machinery show.<br />

The Civil Construction Field<br />

Days (CCFD) will run alongside the <strong>Brisbane</strong><br />

<strong>Truck</strong> <strong>Show</strong> during Australian Heavy Vehicle<br />

Industry Week, thanks to a collaboration<br />

between Heavy Vehicle Industry Australia<br />

(HVIA) and the Civil Contractors Federation<br />

Queensland (CCFQ).<br />

HVIA chief executive Todd Hacking says<br />

the deal includes reciprocal ticketing as<br />

well as regular bus transfers between the<br />

two venues.<br />

“One ticket, two shows and free transport.<br />

That will make a lot of people happy,”<br />

Hacking says.<br />

“HVIA has been on a journey of trying to<br />

deliver more value for our loyal attendees,<br />

who travel from all around Australia and<br />

the world to come to Queensland for the<br />

<strong>Truck</strong> <strong>Show</strong>.<br />

“I think this is an absolute game-changer<br />

and I’m proud of the HVIA board, the BTS<br />

organising team, and thank the leadership<br />

of the CCFQ for working with us over the past<br />

12 months to ensure we can get this deal off<br />

the ground.”<br />

CCFQ CEO Damian Long echoes these<br />

sentiments.<br />

“We are so pleased to announce this<br />

partnership with HVIA,” Long says.<br />

“Our members use a lot of trucks and<br />

trailers; our two industries are intertwined<br />

and aligned, so to be able to offer an<br />

expanded new concept will be an incredible<br />

event.<br />

“Aligning transport and heavy equipment<br />

is a show stopper and will not only ensure<br />

the industry can attend and look at the new<br />

developments, innovation and technology,<br />

but it is also a great way for the family to<br />

come together on the weekend and learn<br />

more about our industries.<br />

“Our industry builds the roads, tunnels,<br />

motorways, rail, pipelines, airports, and<br />

community developments that supports the<br />

Queensland economy. We are connecting<br />

Queensland.<br />

“Major infrastructure projects that are<br />

transforming our state include the recently<br />

completed Toowoomba Second Range<br />

Crossing and the new runway at <strong>Brisbane</strong><br />

Airport.<br />

“Current projects such as Inland Rail, the<br />

M1 and Bruce Highway upgrades, Cross River<br />

Rail and <strong>Brisbane</strong> Metro will transform the<br />

lives of many Queenslanders.”<br />

For more information on what’s happening<br />

at the Civil Construction Field Days, check out<br />

the CCFD section at the back of this guide.<br />

“One ticket, two shows<br />

and free transport.<br />

That will make a lot of<br />

people happy”<br />

ABOVE (l-r): Todd Hacking (HVIA), Simon Turnbull<br />

(Hastings Deering) and Damian Long (CCFQ)<br />

RIGHT: Your BTS ticket will give you entry to CCFD too<br />




The J.W. Speaker LED headlight range is designed to provide optimum light output for every vehicle<br />

type and driving style. With the focus on specific details such optimising for projector headlights or<br />

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Military<br />

Military applications demand high<br />

performance lighting where continuous<br />

reliability and safety is essential. The<br />

world’s leading military machinery<br />

manufacturers understand this, which<br />

is why they fit J.W. Speaker LED<br />

lighting as original equipment.<br />

Safety & Zone<br />

Safety lights or ‘Keep Out Zone’<br />

lights are an integral part of overall<br />

vehicle safety. With a strong and<br />

vibrant red beam illuminating the<br />

surrounds of a vehicle, workers and<br />

pedestrians know exactly where<br />

they can walk at a safe distance.<br />

Rail Transport<br />

The locomotive range of LED lighting<br />

offers a powerful solution designed for<br />

railroad locomotives using only high<br />

and low functionality. They include<br />

heavy-duty construction, solid-state<br />

electronics and long-lasting LEDs that<br />

provide years of maintenance-free<br />

operation and lower life-cycle costs.<br />

See us at:<br />

Plaza Level,<br />

Stand 257<br />

For further details about the J.W. Speaker range contact Invision:<br />

Sales: Ph: (03) 9336 2066<br />



JOBS HUB<br />

The next generation<br />

The BTS21 Industry Jobs Hub will showcase our exciting industry to thousands of<br />

students and potential job seekers<br />

THE JOBS HUB is co-located with the<br />

National Apprentice Challenge at the<br />

South Bank Piazza from Thursday, May<br />

13 to Sunday, May 16 as part of the<br />

South Bank <strong>Truck</strong> Festival and features<br />

a full schedule of interactive entertainment.<br />

Exhibitors and career specialists will talk<br />

to attendees about heavy vehicle industry<br />

career paths and how to get started on the<br />

journey.<br />

The <strong>Brisbane</strong> <strong>Truck</strong> <strong>Show</strong> has a proud<br />

history of showcasing career opportunities in<br />

the heavy vehicle industry – bringing school<br />

students from all over <strong>Brisbane</strong> to the event<br />

so they can learn more about the industry<br />

and the diverse and rewarding career<br />

pathways available.<br />

Heavy Vehicle Industry Australia (HVIA)<br />

chief executive Todd Hacking says that the<br />

success of the Jobs Hub at the last show<br />

inspired the expansion to showcase the<br />

heavy vehicle industry to a wider audience.<br />

“We are excited to relocate the Jobs Hub<br />

and National Apprentice Challenge to the<br />

South Bank Piazza, making it free for the<br />

community to attend, and linking it with<br />

the South Bank <strong>Truck</strong> Festival,” Hacking<br />

says. “We are partnering with the state<br />

and federal governments to ensure job<br />

agencies, job seekers, parents, teachers<br />

and students have access to industry<br />

ambassadors and real jobs.<br />

“Within the same space, we will be<br />

delivering an engaging education program<br />

with hands-on workshops, master classes<br />

and hackathons aimed at inspiring<br />

and empowering our industry’s next<br />

generation.”<br />


The whole activation will be hosted by<br />

an amazing young entrepreneur named<br />

Scott Millar. From selling keyrings at local<br />

markets, Millar grew his business into an<br />

e-commerce brand, shipping thousands of<br />

units a month by the time he was 15.<br />

At 16, he launched a company creating<br />

holograms for events and marketing and,<br />

by the time he was in grade 12, he was<br />

travelling around the world, working with<br />

leading brands on their events.<br />

Millar now works with young people<br />

worldwide to show them that age, location<br />

and background is no longer a barrier for<br />

success in today’s innovation economy.<br />

“I am hoping to lead by example to show<br />

other young people the amazing things they<br />

can do and the opportunities they can take if<br />

they both work hard and work smart,” Millar<br />

explains.<br />


The South Bank Piazza is an amazing covered<br />

amphitheatre that will also feature the live<br />

staging of the National Apprentice Challenge.<br />

“Alongside all that, <strong>Brisbane</strong> <strong>Truck</strong> <strong>Show</strong><br />

exhibitors will be connecting with students<br />

and other job seekers from the Jobs Hub<br />

display,” Hacking adds.<br />

“We have previously brought in hundreds<br />

of students from about 40 schools in the<br />

<strong>Brisbane</strong> catchment.<br />

“This year, with additional support from the<br />

Queensland Government, we are expecting<br />

that number to head well north of a thousand<br />

and coming from upwards of 100 schools.”<br />

Hacking says the BTS21 Jobs Hub presents<br />

a unique opportunity for <strong>Brisbane</strong> <strong>Truck</strong><br />

<strong>Show</strong> exhibitors to demonstrate the diverse<br />

career paths available across the industry<br />

and to access the great pipeline of talent for<br />

their businesses.<br />

“We are really excited to be able to connect<br />

with the broader community around the<br />

strength of the heavy vehicle industry and<br />

the rewarding careers that we know are there<br />

for people with the right attitude,” he says.<br />

ABOVE: Over 1,000 school students are expected to visit<br />

the <strong>Brisbane</strong> <strong>Truck</strong> <strong>Show</strong><br />

LEFT: This year will see a series of workshops, masterclasses<br />

and hackathons take place<br />



Experience, quality, innovation<br />

You may not know it, but Hyundai has been building quality<br />

trucks since 1969.<br />

That’s why we select Allison as our partner of choice, because<br />

when it comes to automatic transmission, there’s none better.<br />

Allison T.1000 full automatic transmission. It’s just one of the<br />

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At the <strong>Truck</strong><br />

<strong>Show</strong>’s Future<br />

Fuels &<br />

Sustainability<br />

Hub, Heavy<br />

Vehicle Industry<br />

Australia (HVIA)<br />

is showcasing<br />

the latest<br />

developments<br />

in sustainable<br />

energy solutions<br />

The next step<br />


committed to around $1.5 billion in<br />

funding for the Australian Renewable<br />

Energy Agency (ARENA) over the next<br />

10 years to support low emission<br />

technologies across the innovation chain.<br />

HVIA chief executive Todd Hacking says that<br />

the heavy vehicle industry has shown its own<br />

determination to accelerate the transition<br />

away from fossil fuels.<br />

“Our industry has always been at the<br />

forefront of innovation, with a great history of<br />

achievements in safety, productivity and our<br />

environmental footprint,” Hacking says.<br />

“In the last 20 years alone, more than<br />

90 per cent of the toxic emissions of<br />

diesel exhausts have been removed,<br />

whilst engine power and economy have<br />

improved significantly.<br />

“At the last <strong>Brisbane</strong> <strong>Truck</strong> <strong>Show</strong>,<br />

the southern hemisphere’s largest<br />

automotive business event, we witnessed a<br />

turning point for our industry with the arrival<br />

of commercial-ready electric vehicles,<br />

but equally as importantly – an array of<br />

technology to convert existing vehicles<br />

through electric drivetrains.<br />

“We already have hybrid and fully electric<br />

trucks starting to appear in more and more<br />

fleets, very capably fulfilling tasks for local and<br />

last-mile work.<br />

“However, there is no sitting still and our<br />

members and their international parents<br />

around the world are making great leaps<br />

forward every day to deliver solutions for<br />

highway work.<br />

“We now have manufacturers unveiling<br />

hydrogen fuel cell-powered long-haul<br />

solutions, which will go into fast development<br />

and trialling for different markets.<br />

“But the key to that becoming a<br />

commercial reality and success in Australia<br />

is the infrastructure and supply of green<br />

hydrogen across our enormous highway<br />

network.<br />

“BP have announced their own clean<br />

energy roadmap and that includes being<br />

an enabler for solutions, including fast<br />

charging electric stations and hydrogen<br />

infrastructure.<br />

“All Australian states and territories are<br />

signatories to the National Hydrogen Strategy<br />

and every one of them will need to get behind<br />

these sorts of initiatives.”<br />

“We already have hybrid and fully electric trucks<br />

starting to appear in more and more fleets”<br />


Hacking explains that HVIA will be showcasing<br />

the industry’s ambitions at the 2021 <strong>Brisbane</strong><br />

<strong>Truck</strong> <strong>Show</strong> with a devoted Future Fuels &<br />

Sustainability Hub.<br />

“The 2021 <strong>Brisbane</strong> <strong>Truck</strong> <strong>Show</strong> is set to take<br />

all that to another level across the show floor<br />

and HVIA will lead the way with the launch of<br />

dedicated displays to showcase groundbreaking<br />

developments,” Hacking says.<br />

“Visitors to the show will see current<br />

opportunities to implement sustainable<br />

energy solutions into their own operations in<br />

the most rapid viable timeline.<br />

“The heavy vehicle industry is determined<br />

to be at the forefront of this conversation in<br />

Australia, as next-generation energy solutions<br />

take the momentous steps from concept to<br />

commercial reality.”<br />

Visit the Future Fuels & Sustainability Hub<br />

on the Mezzanine level at the 2021 <strong>Brisbane</strong><br />

<strong>Truck</strong> <strong>Show</strong> – supported by the Queensland<br />

Government.<br />

TOP: Hyzon Motors Europe is working with Holthausen<br />

Clean Technology to convert heavy-duty trucks to run<br />

on fuel cells<br />

ABOVE & LEFT: Visitors to the show will see current<br />

opportunities to implement sustainable energy<br />

solutions into their own operations<br />


*<br />

*Based on severity bands obtained using min/max fuel burn categorisations from 9 different American & European OEMs<br />

Come and Visit<br />

Castrol & bp<br />

in the Great Hall at the<br />

<strong>Brisbane</strong> <strong>Truck</strong> <strong>Show</strong><br />

www.castrol.com.au/severitytest<br />



Elite Support is a joint<br />

initiative by Daimler <strong>Truck</strong><br />

and Bus and authorised<br />

Dealership Network<br />

Partners that will deliver<br />

a new level of service for<br />

customers in Australia<br />

and New Zealand.<br />

The aim of Elite Support is to maximise vehicle<br />

uptime with rapid diagnosis, quality work, consistent<br />

communication and optimised parts availability, as<br />

well as a premium in-dealership experience.<br />

To achieve Elite Support Certification, Daimler<br />

<strong>Truck</strong> and Bus dealerships must satisfy 129 criteria,<br />

covering everything from the ability to carry out<br />

Express Assessments to a high standard of workshop<br />

elements and the provision of customer amenities<br />

such as free Wi-Fi and comfortable waiting areas.<br />

Express Assessment is a prominent part of the<br />

Elite Support offering. As part of this process, the<br />

dealership will communicate a preliminary diagnosis<br />

on the customer’s truck within two hours of its<br />

arrival, enabling them to make an informed business<br />

decision.<br />

Visit an Elite Support Certified dealership to<br />

experience the difference.<br />

HE3777<br />

Elite Support is available at:<br />

• Daimler <strong>Truck</strong>s Adelaide<br />

• Daimler <strong>Truck</strong>s Huntingwood<br />

• Daimler <strong>Truck</strong>s Somerton<br />

• Fuso Port Melbourne<br />

• Mavin <strong>Truck</strong> Centre Kempsey<br />

• RGM Maintenance Darwin<br />

• RGM Maintenance Townsville<br />

• West Orange Motors<br />

• Whitehorse <strong>Truck</strong> Centre<br />

Effective Date: 19 March 2021<br />

Scan the QR code to find out<br />

more about how Elite Support<br />

can help your business.

Express Assessment<br />

So you can make an informed<br />

business decision, quickly.<br />

Maximising Uptime<br />

The ultimate goal of the<br />

Elite Support network.<br />

Best-trained Techs<br />

Up-to-date knowledge of<br />

vehicle systems and tools<br />

for faster repairs.<br />

Continuous Improvement<br />

Dealerships must meet 129<br />

criteria across 20 customer<br />

service areas.<br />

Robust Parts Availability<br />

The parts your truck needs are<br />

never far away.<br />

Exceptional Amenities<br />

A comfortable and welcoming<br />

environment for drivers.



In the zone<br />

Head over to the expanded Technology & Innovation Centre at the <strong>Brisbane</strong> <strong>Truck</strong> <strong>Show</strong><br />

to check out the latest innovations in productivity and safety-enhancing technology<br />


extraordinarily high volumes and<br />

fine margins that road transport<br />

operators are so adept at working<br />

around the margins, finding better<br />

ways of doing things to increase productivity<br />

and thereby improving profitability and return<br />

on investment.<br />

Many of the industry’s widely-adopted<br />

innovations have come through years of<br />

experimentation. Increasingly, however, it is<br />

down to science, with new technologies that<br />

are able to calculate and assess situations,<br />

capacity and capability with instant precision.<br />

The outcomes are technologies that<br />

improve productivity and safety, leaving<br />

nothing to chance.<br />

It applies to every facet of a vehicle, from<br />

tyre pressure to load restraint, and sensors<br />

that save lives by activating safe braking<br />

protocols alongside others that provide alerts<br />

by watching the vehicle’s lane alignment and<br />

blind spots.<br />

It applies to managing the driver’s<br />

task; from scheduling to loading, to<br />

fatigue management and driver health<br />

and safety.<br />

The power of data touches every aspect<br />

of our lives and the heavy vehicle industry<br />

is no different. The processing power of the<br />

smallest circuitry is applied in the most<br />

extraordinary ways.<br />

Last year, the federal government and<br />

National Heavy Vehicle Regulator (NHVR)<br />

combined to launch a blueprint designed to<br />

support and encourage manufacturers and<br />

operators to incorporate the latest safety<br />

technology into new and existing heavy<br />

vehicles.<br />

Assistant minister for road safety Scott<br />

Buchholz says the initiative was intended<br />

to remove barriers for heavy vehicle<br />

manufacturers’ use of that technology.<br />

“For example, lane departure warning,<br />

autonomous emergency braking systems and<br />

pedestrian and cyclist detection systems are<br />

32<br />

all available, so let’s see them on more new<br />

vehicles,” Buchholz states.<br />

NHVR CEO Sal Petroccitto adds that the<br />

plan would address better harmonisation of<br />

Australian vehicle standards, better access<br />

to the latest vehicle technologies, ensuring<br />

appropriate in-service requirements, and<br />

industry education about new and emerging<br />

technology.<br />

“When we surveyed manufacturers, we saw<br />

that there was very little consistency when<br />

it comes to installing newer types of safety<br />

technology,” Petroccitto explains.<br />

“For example, stability control was included<br />

on 78 per cent of new vehicles, but fatigue<br />

monitoring systems were used on less than<br />

one in five, while lane keep assist featured on<br />

one in four new vehicles.”<br />

“The expanded<br />

Technology &<br />

Innovation Centre is<br />

a series of displays<br />

that showcase the<br />

application of new<br />

technology, right now”<br />


The expanded Technology & Innovation Centre<br />

at the 2021 <strong>Brisbane</strong> <strong>Truck</strong> <strong>Show</strong> is a series of<br />

displays that showcase the application of new<br />

technology, right now.<br />

Tiger Spider won HVIA’s 2020 Product<br />

Innovation Award with Spider Path, its intuitive<br />

and easy-to-use online route assessment tool<br />

for transport companies and road managers.<br />

It will also be demonstrating Hevi Spec,<br />

an online high-productivity vehicle design<br />

tool that allows users to create almost any<br />

high-productivity combination and test<br />

it against performance-based standards.<br />

The modular vehicle builder includes<br />

prime movers, rigid trucks, buses, special<br />

purpose vehicles, pigs, dogs, semi-trailers,<br />

goose-neck dollies and non-standard trailers<br />

with multiple axle groups. Steerable axles,<br />

powertrain, suspension, tyres and coupling<br />

can all be configured.<br />

Hevi Spec and Spider Path also provide<br />

an intuitive and easy-to-use online route<br />

assessment tool for transport companies and<br />

road managers to more confidently apply and<br />

confirm that a vehicle combination will fit a<br />

specific route or network.<br />

Visitors can also get hands-on experience<br />

made possible by virtual and augmented<br />

reality.<br />

Avantgarde will demonstrate the benefits<br />

of Flir thermal imaging technology for road<br />

transport applications, including reduced<br />

driver stress, helping drivers manage their<br />

fatigue and giving operators more time to<br />

make better decisions.<br />

The display is not light-on with<br />

entertainment either, with the opportunity<br />

to show your mates who can handle a<br />

Road Ranger shifter with the most flare and<br />

dexterity on one of the truck simulators.<br />

Other exhibits include DNS Technology’s<br />

iBodyshop smash repair software, Future Fleet<br />

GPS and facial camera tracking technology,<br />

and Road Wizard’s <strong>Truck</strong>wiz navigational app.<br />

Sensium will also be demonstrating its vehicle<br />

GPS tracking platform.<br />

Queensland TAFE augmented welding<br />

machines provide an insight into the latest in<br />

training technologies for tradespeople.<br />

Meanwhile, Hace industries’ Scanreco<br />

radio-controlled remotes are used for a vast<br />

range of applications, ranging from truck<br />

cranes and agricultural machines to skid<br />

steers, drill rigs, and concrete pumps, to<br />

driverless trucks.<br />

Make sure you make time to visit the<br />

Technology & Innovation Centre, located on<br />

the Plaza level of the BCEC.

See us at the<br />

<strong>Truck</strong> <strong>Show</strong>.<br />

Stand 121<br />

11300 KALMAR kalmarglobal.com.au<br />

SEE US AT STAND 122<br />




1300 HIAB AU 1300 442 228<br />




And they’re off!<br />

Cheer for your team at the HVIA National Apprentice Challenge<br />

THREE TEAMS are set to compete<br />

at the HVIA National Apprentice<br />

Challenge, to be staged live at the<br />

2021 <strong>Brisbane</strong> <strong>Truck</strong> <strong>Show</strong>.<br />

The competition pits the bestof-the-best,<br />

from all over the country,<br />

against each other and against the clock.<br />

The prizes are hugely attractive for a<br />

young bloke/lady on the tools, what with<br />

a fully hosted trip to the V8 Supercars up<br />

for grabs – the full corporate treatment<br />

and pit lane tours and a whole lot more.<br />

Now, there is the added pressure of<br />

performing under the spotlight. The<br />

apprentice challenge is moving from<br />

the loading bays at <strong>Brisbane</strong> Convention<br />

and Exhibition Centre (BCEC) into South<br />

Bank Piazza.<br />

The set-up at BCEC was great, but this<br />

is like going from a kick around at the<br />

park to the MCG in one fell swoop.<br />

Each regional team works on one of<br />

two identical Isuzu FX-series prime<br />

movers to identify and rectify a series of<br />

programmed faults as the clock ticks.<br />

The winning team is the first<br />

successfully to identify and repair all<br />

the faults, or the team that rectifies<br />

the most faults within the allowed time<br />

frame.<br />

Heats are held on Thursday and Friday<br />

in front of hundreds of school students,<br />

who are brought to the show to get a<br />

taste for the heavy vehicle industry as a<br />

career option.<br />

On the weekend, it is the community’s<br />

BELOW: Each regional team works on one of two<br />

identical Isuzu FX-series prime movers to identify and<br />

rectify a series of programmed faults as the clock ticks<br />

turn. Entry to watch the event is free.<br />

For visitors, the competition is quite a<br />

dynamic spectacle, with commentary<br />

explaining the apprentices’ moves and<br />

strategy, as their approach to addressing<br />

the challenge unfolds.<br />

Things can get tense as the teams<br />

watch their available time evaporate.<br />

All finalists will receive tool prizes<br />

courtesy of Warby Tools.<br />

The top two teams from the heats will<br />

go head-to-head in the final on day four<br />

of the <strong>Truck</strong> <strong>Show</strong>.<br />

The winning regional team will<br />

be hosted to attend the Supercars<br />

Boost Mobile Gold Coast 500 in<br />

December, proudly supported by<br />

National Transport Insurance<br />

(NTI) and <strong>Truck</strong> Assist.<br />

Heavy Vehicle Industry Australia<br />

(HVIA) chief executive Todd Hacking<br />

says the number of nominations for the<br />

2021 National Apprentice Challenge is<br />

testimony to the emerging talent coming<br />

into the heavy vehicle industry.<br />

“The response has again been<br />

exceptional, with nominations received<br />

from second-, third- and fourth-year<br />

apprentices, Australia-wide,” Hacking<br />

says.<br />

“These young people are at the<br />

beginning of a journey that will open<br />

doors to hugely rewarding career<br />

paths with Australian and international<br />

companies involved in the manufacture,<br />

distribution and support of trucks, trailers<br />

and their components.<br />

“These talented young people have<br />

competed for the honour of representing<br />

their region; two apprentices from each of<br />

our three regions have been selected to<br />

come to the <strong>Brisbane</strong> <strong>Truck</strong> <strong>Show</strong> where<br />

we stage the live competition.<br />

“The successful apprentices will enjoy<br />

an all-expenses-paid trip to the 2021<br />

<strong>Brisbane</strong> <strong>Truck</strong> <strong>Show</strong> for the four days.”<br />

The event is being coordinated by<br />

former HVIA director Chris Musch, who<br />

will now oversee the selection process.<br />

“To determine the final teams, all<br />

nominees will sit a two-hour online test,<br />

set by TAFE Queensland SkillsTech,”<br />

Musch says.<br />

“The two apprentices with the<br />

best results in the exam from each<br />

region form the team for their region.<br />

“The teams represent the Eastern<br />

Region, comprising apprentices from<br />

Queensland, New South Wales and the<br />

ACT; Southern Region representing<br />

Victoria, Tasmania & South Australia;<br />

and the North-Western Region from<br />

Western Australia and the Northern<br />

Territory.”<br />

Musch knows first-hand how far an<br />

apprentice’s career can go.<br />

“I started in this great industry as an<br />

apprentice when I was 15, just like our<br />

nominees,” he says.<br />

“It has given me opportunities to work<br />

in many different sectors of the industry,<br />

both here in Australia and overseas, from<br />

the shop floor and into different levels of<br />

management.<br />

“It is also important to acknowledge<br />

the companies that invest in these young<br />

people and the industry’s future.<br />

“Congratulations to all of them for<br />

nominating their apprentices into this<br />

year’s Challenge.”<br />





PLAZA 315<br />

High quality parts Expert advice In stock now Best value for money<br />




Port Hedland<br />

Townsville<br />

Welshpool<br />

Campbellfield<br />

Rockhampton<br />

Eagle Farm<br />

Rocklea<br />

Wetherill Park<br />

Chipping Norton<br />


Sunshine West<br />

Pakenham<br />

Follow us<br />

truckzone.com.au<br />




When<br />

push<br />

comes to<br />

shove<br />

Amongst the raft of events at the 2021 <strong>Brisbane</strong> <strong>Truck</strong> <strong>Show</strong> will be a charity fundraising<br />

Guinness World Record attempt for the heaviest truck push by strongman Troy Conley<br />

TROY CONLEY is very strong. Very, very<br />

strong. A quick search of his name<br />

online and you will see him pulling<br />

aeroplanes, semi-trailers and even a<br />

fleet of 16 cars.<br />

There is something incredibly likeable<br />

about the guy, and you don’t have to scratch<br />

the surface far to see what it is. It is what<br />

motivates him.<br />

Over the past couple of years, Conley has<br />

had a lot of attention due to his many amazing<br />

exploits.<br />

He has had more than a fair go at a number<br />

of phenomenal records, so it was inevitable<br />

that a Guinness World Record was going to<br />

feature his name very soon and could very<br />

well be as a result of his next challenge, during<br />

the South Bank <strong>Truck</strong> Festival.<br />

“What’s important for me is the fundraising,”<br />

Conley says.<br />

“That’s absolutely number one. If we<br />

can drive that past $30,000, that would be<br />

incredible. The record is then a nice bonus.”<br />

Conley says that while the challenges are<br />

great fun, they are for a very sombre reason.<br />

“It’s all about helping kids that have been<br />

seriously injured or diagnosed with critical<br />

illnesses like cancer and leukemia,” he<br />

explains.<br />

“Unfortunately, that is what happened with<br />

young Ava. At just two-years-old, she was<br />

diagnosed with a rare form of leukaemia and<br />

subsequently lost over 98 per cent of her bone<br />

marrow.<br />

“Thankfully, now, five years on, she’s okay<br />

and in remission, largely thanks to the support<br />

Little Wings, Ronald McDonald House and<br />

Sydney Children’s Hospital offer.”<br />

Last November, Conley was attempting to<br />

break the Guinness World Record for Most<br />

Cars pulled by an Individual with 16 Hyundais,<br />

weighing over 25 tonnes. Unfortunately, he<br />

came up short of the record by five metres due<br />

to a misplaced foot on one of the car’s brakes!<br />

To keep momentum going and keep driving<br />

the fundraising, Conley was looking for another<br />

challenge.<br />

“I’ll be looking to set a new Guinness World<br />

Record for the heaviest truck pushed by an<br />

individual for 100ft (30m). Currently, this is 11<br />

tonnes.”<br />

Well, thanks to Daimler <strong>Truck</strong> and Bus<br />

Australia, we have the vehicle: a 12-tonne<br />

Freightliner Cascadia.<br />

To be eligible for a Guinness World Record,<br />

the area used has to be surveyed by a<br />

qualified surveyor and certified to be within<br />

one per cent of 100 per cent flat. We have<br />

found that surface on Little Stanley Street in<br />

South Bank.<br />

“After the failed world record attempt last<br />

year, I received a message from Ava’s mum,”<br />

Conley adds.<br />

“For all the things I’ve done in my life,<br />

nothing has moved me in the way that did.<br />

“So, now I’m a man possessed, and a man<br />

on a mission, to ensure we reach our $30,000<br />

target.”<br />

It doesn’t do it justice not to include the<br />

whole note from Ava’s mum, Kathy, but here is<br />

a small excerpt:<br />

“Ava and I were chatting about you and she<br />

realised you lived at Ronald McDonald house<br />

as well for a long time when you were little,<br />

then the penny dropped.<br />

“You could see her eyes begin to sparkle.<br />

She asked ‘so I could do that?’<br />

“I think it would be amazing if you could<br />

go and tell all the kids who stay at Ronald<br />

McDonald house your story.<br />

“You understand gratitude like we do; it is<br />

this level of gratitude we have for you today for<br />

unlocking our little girl’s potential.”<br />

Conley is truly an inspiring bloke –<br />

passionate, relentless in pursuing excellence<br />

and, most of all, genuinely caring.<br />

“Going the extra mile like I am at the<br />

moment to help the community, to allow kids<br />

like Ava to be able to follow their dreams, and<br />

support families like hers when they need it<br />

the most; that’s all I need,” Conley says.<br />

Make sure you are there to support Conley<br />

on Friday morning, May 14.<br />

You can make a pledge or a donation to help<br />

Conley reach that target on the BTS website:<br />

www.brisbanetruckshow.com.au.<br />

ABOVE: Troy Conley’s last Guinness World Record<br />

attempt was to pull 16 Hyundais<br />

LEFT: Get down to the South Bank <strong>Truck</strong> Festival on<br />

Friday morning to see Conley attempt to push 12 tonnes<br />

of truck<br />


THE<br />



Valvoline is America’s first branded<br />

engine oil and has been trusted<br />

around the world for over 150 years.<br />

We introduced the world’s first racing<br />

oil. The world’s first high mileage oil.<br />

The world’s first synthetic blend. And<br />

we are just getting started. Because<br />

there are those who change with the<br />

times and those who drive them.<br />








Restoration<br />

masterpiece<br />

In 1968, our classic Thornycoft A2 made the<br />

perfect stage for the opening ceremony of the very<br />

first Queensland <strong>Truck</strong> <strong>Show</strong><br />

THE COLLABORATION between local<br />

industry members was the precursor to<br />

the formation of the HVIA’s predecessor,<br />

the Commercial Vehicle Industry<br />

Association of Queensland.<br />

It looks like we are rebuilding the old girl from<br />

the ground-up with its shiny new tyres fitted to<br />

freshly painted wheels and now attached to a<br />

stunningly restored chassis.<br />

Next is the tray and, alongside that, the talented students at TAFE Skills Tech<br />

Queensland are restoring and reconstructing the radiator. TAFE Queensland<br />

SkillsTech is, quite literally, forging forward with the Thornycroft restoration<br />

project. Parts for a 1926 Thornycroft A2 are not easily sourced at your local<br />

auto shop; in fact, many of her original components were handmade. A new<br />

engine fan, headlight rim and steering wheel have been cast at TAFE’s foundry<br />

in Acacia Ridge, with the use of Ron Toy’s Thornycroft as a template.<br />

It is all part of our 50th anniversary legacy project, leading towards having<br />

her on display at the 2021 <strong>Truck</strong> <strong>Show</strong>. However, following 95 years of decay,<br />

we need to be patient with the process of bringing her back to her former glory.<br />

We really need to thank Neil Findlay from Findlay Import & Trade, PJ’s<br />

Custom Bodies, Dulux Refinish, Tosca Industries and the team from NTI.<br />



The 2021 <strong>Brisbane</strong> <strong>Truck</strong> <strong>Show</strong> will be the seventh held at the<br />

‘world’s best’ <strong>Brisbane</strong> Convention and Exhibition Centre*, located<br />

within the wonderful South Bank precinct.<br />

The show has a rich history since it was launched in 1968:<br />

19<br />

68<br />

19<br />

70<br />

19<br />

79<br />

19<br />

83<br />

20<br />

11<br />

20<br />

15<br />

20 17<br />

20<br />

19<br />

20<br />

21<br />

1968 – The first Queensland <strong>Truck</strong> <strong>Show</strong>, at Haulmark Trailers’<br />

premises, Ipswich Road, Rocklea, featuring 21 transport industry<br />

exhibitors who went on to form the Commercial Vehicle Industry<br />

Association of Queensland<br />

Moved to the Rocklea Wool Stores<br />

Since 1979, the show has run every two years<br />

Relocated to the Royal National Association <strong>Show</strong>grounds (RNA)<br />

where it remained for almost 30 years as the Queensland <strong>Truck</strong>,<br />

Trailer and Equipment <strong>Show</strong><br />

Moved to its current world-class home. Now known as the<br />

<strong>Brisbane</strong> <strong>Truck</strong> <strong>Show</strong><br />

CVIAQ became Heavy Vehicle Industry Australia (HVIA)<br />

The 50th Anniversary <strong>Brisbane</strong> <strong>Truck</strong> <strong>Show</strong> hosted almost 300<br />

industry exhibitors, and attracted over 33,000 visitors over four<br />

days. The event generated the equivalent of 279 full-time jobs,<br />

and added additional expenditure of over $73 million in output<br />

into the economy<br />

Introduction of Australian Heavy Vehicle Industry Week<br />

including the Jobs Hub, Technology and Innovation Centre<br />

and new activations across the city. Winner of Australia’s Best<br />

Corporate Event and Best Exhibition, Trade or Consumer <strong>Show</strong> at<br />

the 2019 Australian Event Awards<br />

The return of heavy equipment and machinery with the CCFD.<br />

Further growth of the South Bank <strong>Truck</strong> Festival including the<br />

truck and trailer display in the South Bank Parklands<br />

*BCEC voted 2016-18 World’s Best Convention Centre at the 2016<br />

International Association of Congress Centres (AIPC).<br />

ATN-HH-5180296-CS-415<br />



trpparts.com.au/catalogues<br />

PACCAR<br />

Privileges<br />

Members<br />



Sign up at paccarparts.com.au/privileges<br />

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21K GAWR TRP214707QP Suits Meritor Drive “Q Plus” 16.5” X 7”<br />


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sale. Prices & promotions are available at participating PACCAR Parts Dealers & TRP outlets from 1 April<br />

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* Calls from Australian landlines are generally free<br />

of charge whilst calls from mobile phones are<br />

typically charged based on the rate determined by<br />

the caller’s mobile service provider. Please check<br />

with your mobile service provider for call rates.<br />



www.truckfestival.com.au<br />

<br />

<br />

WHEEL OF<br />


7<br />



6<br />

2<br />


GREEN<br />

3<br />


FERRY<br />


RYDGES<br />

9<br />

SOUTH<br />

BANK<br />

PIAZZA<br />

8<br />

4<br />


MANTRA<br />

SOUTH<br />

BANK<br />

CINEMA<br />





1<br />

5<br />

THE<br />

PLOUGH<br />

INN<br />


CAFES<br />



GREEN<br />


BEACH<br />

<br />



1 2 3<br />







Where: Little Stanley Street and Stanley Street<br />

Plaza<br />

When: All day and night each day of the festival<br />

What: Every truck and trailer on display has it's<br />

own special story.<br />

All of those fascinating stories are told as part<br />

of the display and can also be read on the<br />

South Bank <strong>Truck</strong> Festival website.<br />

Where: Rainforest Green<br />

When: All day Friday & Saturday 10am - 4pm<br />

What: Celebrating the Australian trucking story.<br />

Stilt Walkers/Hula Hoopers, Face Painting,<br />

Oversized Games, a caricature artist, and<br />

Bubble pirates.<br />

Check the website and signage at Rainforest<br />

Green for detailed Schedule.<br />

Where: Rainforest Green<br />

When: Friday 6pm - 8pm<br />

What: Friday 14th - The Disney Pixar family<br />

favourite “Cars”<br />

Saturday 15th - “Monster <strong>Truck</strong>s”<br />

Admission is FREE!<br />

4 5 6<br />




ON STAGE<br />



Where: Little Stanley Street<br />

When: Friday 14th May 8am<br />

What: Strongman Troy Conley will attempt to push<br />

a 12-tonne Freightliner Cascadia prime mover over<br />

100 feet, to raise money for kids in need.<br />

Donate to the cause on the festival website.<br />

Where: The Plough Inn - Stanley St Plaza<br />

When: Thurs 4pm - 9pm<br />

Fri & Sat 12pm - 9pm then DJ<br />

Sun 12pm - 9pm<br />

What: Great live music plus DJ’s each afternoon<br />

and evening.<br />

Where: South Bank Piazza<br />

When: Thurs 13 - Sun 16 10am - 4pm<br />

What: Everything you thought you knew... well<br />

that was nothing until Scott Millar got inside your<br />

head and showed you your potential. A totally<br />

fun way of looking at the future and a world of<br />

possibilities.<br />

7 8 9<br />






Where: <strong>Brisbane</strong> Convention & Exhibition<br />

Centre<br />

When: Doors open at 10am each day<br />

What: Australia’s best exhibition and the<br />

Southern Hemisphere’s largest automotive<br />

event, is back with the latest trucks, trailers,<br />

components, equipment and technology.<br />

www.brisbanetruckshow.com.au<br />

Where: South Bank Piazza<br />

When: Thurs 13th - Sun 16th 10am - 4pm<br />

What: Australian automotive manufacturing<br />

is in safe hands. It is an industry full of diverse<br />

and rewarding career opportunities.<br />

Is it time you opened your eyes to new<br />

opportunities and possibilities?<br />

Where: South Bank Piazza<br />

When: Thurs 13th - Sun 16th 11am - 12pm<br />

What: Reality TV has nothing on this! Watch<br />

teams from around Australia will compete in the<br />

2021 HVIA National Apprentice Challenge.<br />

Who will be first to identify and repair all the<br />

programmed faults on the identical ISUZU trucks?<br />





BTS goes virtual<br />

In the week following the 2021 <strong>Brisbane</strong> <strong>Truck</strong> <strong>Show</strong>, an all-new international online<br />

event will take place from Monday, May 17 to Sunday, May 23, 2021<br />

THIS VIRTUAL EVENT will create<br />

a highly interactive experience<br />

to engage more with the brands<br />

you love and will be attended by<br />

visitors from home and abroad.<br />

The pictures alongside this article were<br />

produced as a sample walk-through to<br />

illustrate how the experience would work<br />

for visitors exploring stands, and include<br />

walk (climb)-throughs of trucks. (Thanks<br />

to CMV in Adelaide for helping with our<br />

sample footage).<br />

As you wander through each display,<br />

you will see a variety of clickable<br />

attachments, video interviews and more.<br />

All exhibitors will feature on the maps,<br />

however, a selection of exhibitors have<br />

selected the all-out premium options, so<br />

you can really have some fun with those.<br />

The event will be promoted to<br />

audiences from across international<br />

markets as well as be a home-grown<br />

record of the show.<br />

With no other major international<br />

industry events taking place throughout<br />

2020 and maybe even 2021, all eyes are<br />

on <strong>Brisbane</strong>.<br />

The online version of the show will<br />

be particularly valuable for exhibitors<br />

with international customer bases,<br />

or aspirations to reach into overseas<br />

markets.<br />

Of course, we know some Australian<br />

<strong>Truck</strong> <strong>Show</strong> regulars cannot make it to the<br />

show this year, and, likewise, attendees<br />

that have made it to the show might want<br />

a second look at the products on display.<br />

The event will feature interactive<br />

walk-throughs, guided tours, interviews<br />

and special features and has been<br />

developed as part of HVIA’s strategy to<br />

“As you wander through each display, you will<br />

see a variety of clickable attachments, video<br />

interviews and more”<br />

make the event CovidSafe for everybody.<br />

At the time of publication, we are busy<br />

building content and virtual experiences<br />

for all visitors to explore. This includes:<br />

• A week of BTS TV video podcasts,<br />

webinars and product presentations<br />

• A flyover of the South Bank <strong>Truck</strong><br />

Festival<br />

• A hosted video walk-through of the<br />

show<br />

• The full BTS21 Manufacturers Media<br />

tour<br />

• Walk arounds of all levels of the show<br />

and South Bank <strong>Truck</strong> Festival<br />

• The Civil Construction Field Days heavy<br />

equipment and machinery show<br />

• Product unveilings<br />

• Interviews with MDs, engineers and<br />

product designers from leading<br />

companies around the world<br />

• Interviews with BTS21 attendees<br />

• Live entertainment events.<br />

Make sure you jump online in the week<br />

following the 2021 <strong>Brisbane</strong> <strong>Truck</strong> <strong>Show</strong><br />

and explore the industry’s favourite show<br />

from a whole new perspective.<br />

TOP: The virtual experience will include interviews,<br />

product unveilings, the full manufacturers media tour<br />

and flyovers of the sites<br />

ABOVE: The virtual experience allows visitors to walk<br />

around products and even climb into some trucks!<br />


When you have a fleet<br />

of 1,300 quality hire<br />

vehicles ready to work,<br />

you can get anything done.<br />

Let’s make it happen.<br />

Whether it’s short term or long term hire, TR Group Australia<br />

have what you need to get the job done!<br />

With a fleet of 1,300 trailers and prime movers available to hire across<br />

multiple categories, we can make sure that hiring heavy commercial<br />

vehicles will be easy for you. With years of experience in heavy<br />

commercial hire and extensive industry knowledge, we always have<br />

the right gear ready to work hard for you from day one.<br />

If quality matters to your fleet, choose TR Group Australia; the heavy<br />

commercial vehicle partner you can trust.<br />

www.trgroupau.com 1 800 50 40 50<br />

<strong>Truck</strong>s and Trailers<br />

Rental and Lease<br />

Equipment you can rely on, people you can trust.


COMVEC 2022<br />

Rubber hits the road<br />

It is one thing for road transport operators to see all this technology on display; it is<br />

altogether another to start planning for integrating the equipment into your own fleet<br />

HOW CAN YOU be confident that<br />

the equipment will deliver on its<br />

promise? Will it be backed with the<br />

level of support, parts and servicing<br />

infrastructure necessary to keep<br />

your fleet on the road?<br />

Heavy Vehicle Industry Australia (HVIA)<br />

is coming to the party with an event that<br />

gives trucking operators the knowledge and<br />

support to take your heavy vehicle fleet into<br />

the new decade and beyond.<br />

It’s an addition to the event calendar that<br />

will provide attendees with everything you<br />

need to know to put that equipment into<br />

your fleet.<br />

ComVec 2022 will take place at the RACV<br />

Royal Pines Resort on the Gold Coast on May<br />

12-13, 2022.<br />

ComVec 2022 is a practical showcase and<br />

multi-streamed forum of new trucks, trailers<br />

and components led by the experts that can<br />

show operators how to get the most from<br />

them and application of new technology into<br />

their fleets – right now.<br />

The <strong>Brisbane</strong> <strong>Truck</strong> <strong>Show</strong> is a great<br />

opportunity to get up close to the absolute<br />

latest in heavy vehicles and everything that<br />

goes into making them tick.<br />

ComVec takes all that to the next level,<br />

exploring everything you need to know<br />

about operating that equipment for your<br />

particular task.<br />

It gives heavy vehicle operators insights<br />

that will make a tangible difference to their<br />

productivity from day one.<br />

Increased productivity means increased<br />

profitability.<br />

Exhibitors will also hold short information<br />

sessions about their vehicles, technology<br />

and components – explaining how the gear<br />

suits your particular task.<br />

ComVec has not forgotten its roots either.<br />

As Australia’s long-standing premier heavy<br />

vehicle engineering conference, ComVec<br />

has always been a unique forum for body<br />

builders to get to know new truck models<br />

and what they are capable of before<br />

designing bodies to suit.<br />

The conference will also feature workshops<br />

addressing technical and regulatory issues<br />

ranging from Australian Design Rules and<br />

the Road Vehicle Standards to access and<br />

ABOVE: ComVec 2022 is led by experts that can show<br />

operators how to get the most from them and<br />

application of new technology into their fleets<br />

performance-based standards approvals and<br />

everything inbetween.<br />

If you operate a heavy vehicle fleet this<br />

event will definitely pay for itself with the<br />

knowledge, networking and ideas that you<br />

will take away.<br />

For more information head to comvec.<br />

com.au and get on the mailing list now.<br />

STAND<br />

PLAZA 242<br />


ComVec2022<br />

Conference | <strong>Show</strong>case<br />

Preparing your fleet for the future<br />

You’ve seen the equipment you want at<br />

the <strong>Brisbane</strong> <strong>Truck</strong> <strong>Show</strong><br />

Find out how to make the most of its<br />

potential in your fleet at ComVec2022<br />

Australia’s heavy vehicle technology<br />

and innovation event<br />

12-13 May 2022<br />

RACV Royal Pines Resort<br />

Gold Coast<br />

www.comvec.com.au<br />

Presented by<br />

Supporting Partner


HVIA<br />

Delivering for industry<br />

The <strong>Brisbane</strong> <strong>Truck</strong> <strong>Show</strong> is staged by Heavy Vehicle Industry Australia (HVIA),<br />

on behalf of its members and the broader industry<br />


representing the interests of<br />

Australia’s heavy vehicle industry.<br />

Australia’s thriving and robust<br />

local industry comprises hundreds<br />

of innovative trailer, specialised vehicle,<br />

component, equipment and technology<br />

manufacturers and suppliers, in addition to<br />

the product assembly of global heavy vehicle<br />

brands such as Volvo, Mack, Iveco, Kenworth<br />

and DAF.<br />

Australia is a world leader in many<br />

aspects of heavy vehicle transport. Australia’s<br />

heavy vehicle industry directly employs over<br />

36,000 people and manufactures, services<br />

and repairs some of the world’s most<br />

efficient, safe, innovative and technologically<br />

advanced vehicles.<br />

HVIA’s membership includes almost every<br />

major truck manufacturer/importer and dealer<br />

network, most of Australia’s major trailer<br />

manufacturers and an ever-growing list of<br />

their suppliers and distributors.<br />

HVIA membership features a strong offering<br />

through a range of benefits, ranging from<br />

advocacy to government and its regulatory<br />

agencies, Tech Assist technical and regulatory<br />

support service, Employer Assist hotline,<br />

regular networking events and information<br />

forums across the country, and world-class<br />

national events: including the southern<br />

hemisphere’s largest road transport event<br />

– the <strong>Brisbane</strong> <strong>Truck</strong> <strong>Show</strong> and the biennial<br />

ComVec Conference.<br />


HVIA recently celebrated the 50th<br />

anniversary of the Commercial Vehicle<br />

Industry Association of Queensland<br />

(CVIAQ); acknowledging the signing of the<br />

organisation’s original constitution, which is<br />

the same governing document adopted by the<br />

members of HVIA upon its formation almost<br />

six years ago.<br />

HVIA president John Drake reflects on<br />

the legacy of the organisation, paying<br />

tribute to the continuous membership<br />


• HVIA represents and advances the<br />

interests of Australian manufaws<br />

and suppliers of heavy vehicles<br />

and their components, equipment<br />

and technology<br />

• HVIA’s vision is to be “an innovative<br />

and prosperous heavy-vehicle<br />

industry supporting the safest and<br />

most productive fleet”<br />

• HVIA’s objective is to positively<br />

influence the development and<br />

maintenance of policy, legislation,<br />

regulation and technical standards<br />

MAIN<br />

FOYER<br />

ABOVE: CVIAQ early meeting – founding member and<br />

CVIAQ’s first president, Ted Van Fleet (Australian <strong>Truck</strong><br />

Sales), opening the 1970 Queensland <strong>Truck</strong> <strong>Show</strong><br />

of six companies that joined in 1970:<br />

Haulmark Trailers (Australia); Iveco <strong>Truck</strong>s<br />

Australia; BPW Transpec; Volvo Group Australia;<br />

Russ Engineering; and Penske Transport Group<br />

International.<br />

“I want to take this opportunity to thank<br />

each of these organisations for their ongoing<br />

support and loyalty,” Drake says.<br />

“Fifty years of continuous membership is<br />

rare and a feat worthy of the highest praise<br />

and acknowledgement from HVIA and their<br />

peers.”<br />

Former CVIAQ president Mark Johnston of<br />

Haulmark Trailers adds that HVIA’s formation<br />

was a very important step in the development<br />

and professionalism of the industry.<br />

“The founders and early members of the<br />

CVIAQ had great vision and passion for the<br />

industry,” Johnston says.<br />

“Undoubtedly, the true value of this<br />

association is watching a room full of<br />

industry competitors all working together for<br />

the common good of the industry, not the<br />

individual.”<br />

Michael May, managing director of<br />

Iveco <strong>Truck</strong>s (Australia and New Zealand),<br />

adds that: “We continue to be an active<br />

member because it’s an important platform<br />

to talk about safety, innovation and the things<br />

that are important, not only to our industry<br />

but the broader community as an essential<br />

service.”<br />

Olivia Corrado and Stefan Oelhafen, joint<br />


“The true value of this<br />

association is watching<br />

a room full of industry<br />

competitors all working<br />

together for the common<br />

good of the industry”<br />

managing directors of BPW Transpec, say<br />

that their organisation has been proud to be<br />

associated with the HVIA for 50 years.<br />

“In today’s climate we are aware, more than<br />

at any time previously, of the importance of<br />

industry groups to be the active and effective<br />

voice of its members,” they comment.<br />

Volvo Group Australia (VGA) managing<br />

director Martin Merrick is thrilled to be<br />

celebrating 50 years of ongoing collaboration<br />

with HVIA.<br />

“Our shared values of driving a safer, more<br />

productive transport industry is a key factor in<br />

our successful partnership,” he says.<br />

Penske Australia managing director Hamish<br />

Christie-Johnson explains that Penske’s<br />

longstanding membership has been key to<br />

showcasing its brands to the road transport<br />

industry.<br />

“We look forward to many more years to<br />

come of our membership with HVIA,” he says.<br />

Come and say hello to the HVIA team at the<br />

information counter in the main foyer of the<br />

2021 <strong>Brisbane</strong> <strong>Truck</strong> <strong>Show</strong>.<br />

The entire industry involved in the design, manufacture, importation, distribution,<br />

modification, sale, service and repair of on-road vehicles with a gross vehicle<br />

mass or aggregate trailer mass over 3.5 tonnes as well as their components,<br />

equipment and technology.<br />



Suppliers of high quality,<br />

great value wheels, tyres and<br />

tyre fitting equipment. Made<br />

in the world, and supplied by<br />

findlay.world<br />

STAND<br />

NUMBER<br />

15 GROUND<br />

FLOOR<br />





AUSSIE HOLIDAY (T&C’s Apply).<br />

OUR RANGE <br />

<br />

56 Hawkins Crescent<br />


www.findlay.world <br />

0418 718025 | neil@findlay.world<br />

A family business with PRINCIPLES, not borders.



We’re backing small business<br />

The Queensland Government is here to help your business thrive. If you are starting out,<br />

need support to recover or want to grow your business, we can help<br />


business advice: our free Mentoring<br />

for Growth service gives you<br />

business advice from industry<br />

experts across Queensland who can<br />

provide insights, options and suggestions<br />

to help your business thrive. Visit:<br />

business.qld.gov.au/mentoring.<br />

Getting Queensland Government work:<br />

the Queensland Government has set a<br />

25 per cent target for all government<br />

purchases to be from Queensland<br />

small- and medium-sized<br />

businesses from July 1, 2020. A<br />

range of workshops and information<br />

is available to support small<br />

business to supply goods and services<br />

to Queensland Government buyers. Visit:<br />

business.qld.gov.au/supplytogov.<br />

Free training for apprentices under<br />

25: The Queensland Government<br />

will cover the full cost of training for<br />

apprenticeships and traineeships in<br />

139 priority areas for apprentices<br />

and trainees aged under 25. Visit:<br />

desbt.qld.gov.au/freeapprenticeships.<br />

Free online training: use the<br />

government’s free online training to<br />

upskill yourself or your staff in a wide<br />

range of areas, including digital literacy,<br />

cyber security and business planning.<br />

Visit: business.qld.gov.au/onlinetraining.<br />

Support for businesses from the<br />

Chamber of Commerce and Industry<br />

48<br />

STAND<br />

JOBS<br />

HUB<br />


PIAZZA<br />

Queensland (CCIQ): the Queensland<br />

Government has partnered with CCIQ to<br />

base officers in the Redlands, Gold and<br />

Sunshine Coasts, Cairns, Rockhampton,<br />

Mackay-Whitsunday and Wide Bay areas,<br />

to help local businesses access available<br />

assistance, information, grants and<br />

programs.<br />

Queensland Small Business<br />

Commissioner: an advocate and provides<br />

support for small businesses. The<br />

Commissioner can help you mediate<br />

and resolve issues, particularly<br />

if your business lease has been<br />

affected by COVID-19 shutdowns.<br />

Visit: business.qld.gov.au/qsbc.<br />

“If you are starting out,<br />

need support to recover<br />

or want to grow your<br />

business, we can help”<br />


In 2021, the Queensland Government is<br />

rolling out a range of programs to support<br />

small businesses, including:<br />

• $100 million Business Investment<br />

Fund, which will invest in small- to<br />

medium-sized enterprises, supporting<br />

them to grow and expand into new<br />

markets<br />

• Go Global Export <strong>Program</strong> providing<br />

small- and medium-sized businesses<br />

with financial support to enter a new<br />

international market<br />

• $25 million in small business grants<br />

• Development of a Business Ready<br />

website to provide online, easy-to-use<br />

information on starting a business,<br />

employing staff and growing a small<br />

business<br />

• Launch of the new Business Health<br />

Check online tool to help businesses<br />

understand their weaknesses and<br />

provide helpful advice on next steps to<br />

make improvements<br />

• Share knowledge, build skills and<br />

celebrate the success of small<br />

business through Queensland Small<br />

Business Month in May 2021<br />

• Continuing the Mentoring for Growth<br />

program<br />

• A permanent Queensland Small<br />

Business Commissioner role<br />

• Targeted engagement strategy to make<br />

sure small businesses know what<br />

support is available<br />

• Review the role of the Queensland<br />

Small Business Advisory Council and<br />

how it provides advice to Government.<br />

Looking for information, resources<br />

and support? The Business Queensland<br />

website is your one-stop-shop for<br />

all your business needs. Visit us at:<br />


We’re backing<br />

Queensland business<br />

Are you looking for support<br />

to start, grow, thrive or<br />

employ in your business?<br />

Visit business.qld.gov.au<br />

or call 1300 654 687



STAND<br />

226<br />

PLAZA<br />

A business with a purpose<br />

For five years NTI has been on course to help find a cure for Motor Neurone Disease (MND)<br />

through restoring vintage trucks, and raffling them off to raise funds for MND research<br />


electric blue Ford Jailbar called<br />

‘Jolene’, is on display, and tickets<br />

on sale, on the Plaza Level for the<br />

duration of the 2021 <strong>Brisbane</strong> <strong>Truck</strong> <strong>Show</strong>.<br />

The truck will be raffled live on Sunday, May<br />

16 at the show.<br />

But how did Australia’s leading truck and<br />

equipment insurer become so committed to<br />

the cause?<br />

Motor Neurone Disease (MND) is terminal<br />

and has no cure, so when NTI’s former CEO<br />

Wayne Patterson received his diagnosis in<br />

2015, he reacted the same way he did to<br />

every problem confronting him in life: he<br />

took it on directly.<br />

Even after Patterson’s passing in 2018,<br />

his legacy at NTI is undeniable and,<br />

thanks to his work with the MND and Me<br />

Foundation, will continue to benefit MND<br />

patients and researchers.<br />

“Wayne took over as CEO at a time when<br />

NTI’s survival was questionable,” says<br />

current CEO Tony Clark.<br />

“He inspired people to make the company<br />

work, and the values he put in place are<br />

still here today. That’s why, when Wayne<br />

got diagnosed, we knew he’d want to build<br />

something lasting, something to help. So we<br />

did, in his honour.”<br />


MND attacks the nerves that link the brain<br />

to the muscles – the motor neurones. They<br />

degenerate and die, causing muscles to<br />

weaken and eventually fail. These muscles<br />

include those that control movement,<br />

speech, swallowing and breathing. The mind<br />

and senses are usually unaffected.<br />

50<br />

The average life expectancy after<br />

diagnosis is two to three years. Every day<br />

in Australia, two people are diagnosed, and<br />

two die. Currently, around 2,100 Australians<br />

have the disease.<br />

When Patterson passed, the impact on<br />

NTI was immediate. Even though he’d left<br />

in 2007, he was still fondly remembered<br />

across the country – and the team at NTI<br />

wanted to continue his legacy. They decided<br />

instead of donating money, they would do<br />

something that reflected his values.<br />

“We decided we would really get<br />

involved,” Clark says.<br />

“We could donate money, but we really<br />

wanted to engage the transport, logistics<br />

and construction industries and the<br />

insurance industry.”<br />


The team decided to restore a 1946<br />

International Model K5. NTI team members<br />

Don Greer and Peeter Liiv got cracking.<br />

With NTI’s industry partners on board<br />

to help with the more specialised work<br />

(panel beating, spray painting, etc), they<br />

got the ‘Green Diamond’ back on the road.<br />

Raffled in 2017, with the winning ticket being<br />

drawn in <strong>Brisbane</strong>’s King George Square,<br />

the proceeds – more than $55,000 –went to<br />

MND and Me.<br />

Green Diamond wasn’t a true concourse<br />

restoration, and while the team wanted to do<br />

another like it, they decided to take a more<br />

modern approach.<br />

“That’s where we came up with the idea<br />

of turning new trucks into old trucks,” says<br />

Clark.<br />

More restorations followed, and the<br />

team wanted to make them suitable for<br />

day-to-day running. That’s why they’ve got<br />

modern engines and features such as power<br />

steering, air conditioning and anti-brake<br />

lock systems.<br />

‘Roxanne’, a 1946 Ford Jailbar, was the<br />

next project, and she raised more than<br />

$200,000 for the cause after being raffled at<br />

the 2019 <strong>Brisbane</strong> <strong>Truck</strong> <strong>Show</strong>.<br />

Clark notes the team couldn’t have gotten<br />

the trucks on the road without contributions<br />

from our partners, none of whom hesitated<br />

to lend a hand.<br />

“They’ve been very generous with their<br />

time,” Clark says.<br />

“Some of it’s donated, some of it’s at cost<br />

price. Once you let them know what it’s for,<br />

you don’t have to knock on the door twice.”<br />

NTI’s 2021 resto truck, Jolene, is now up<br />

for grabs. Raffle tickets are available online<br />

now at www.nti.com.au/about/community/<br />

win-jolene and every day at the 2021<br />

<strong>Brisbane</strong> <strong>Truck</strong> <strong>Show</strong>.<br />

ABOVE and LEFT: Jolene will be auctioned at the show

Why risk it,<br />

when you can<br />

<strong>Truck</strong> Assist it?<br />

Get truck insurance and<br />

roadside assistance online<br />

truckassist.com.au<br />

Consider the PDS to see if this product is right for you. Any advice is of a general nature only. Insurance<br />

products are provided by National Transport Insurance, a joint venture of the insurers Insurance Australia<br />

Limited trading as CGU Insurance ABN 11 000 016 722 AFSL 227681 and AAI Limited Trading as Vero Insurance<br />

ABN 48 005 297 807 AFSL 230859 each holding a 50% share. National Transport Insurance is administered<br />

on behalf of the insurers by its manager NTI Limited ABN 84 000 746 109 AFSL 237246.<br />




A<br />

POSITIVE CASH FLOW within your<br />

business is important to maintain<br />

healthy growth. This can be rather<br />

tricky if you need to purchase large<br />

essential assets and equipment for your<br />

business.<br />

However, buying a new or used truck<br />

has never been less taxing with the<br />

federal government’s economic stimulus<br />

packages.<br />

If you have invested in assets for your<br />

business in the past year, the Instant<br />

Asset Write-Off Scheme may help reduce<br />

your taxable income and improve your<br />

cash flow. And if you are considering<br />

making a purchase in the future, you<br />

may be able to reap the benefits of the<br />

Temporary Full Expensing Scheme.<br />

These two government<br />

measures have been introduced<br />

to stimulate growth, investment<br />

and job creation within Australian<br />

businesses.<br />

The Instant Asset Write-Off Scheme<br />

is available to businesses with an<br />

aggregated turnover of up to $500<br />

million and applies to assets up to<br />

$150,000 each in value purchased before<br />

December 31, 2020, and used or installed<br />

by June 30, 2021.<br />

Temporary full expensing was<br />

introduced in the 2020 Federal Budget<br />

and applies to businesses with an<br />

aggregated turnover of up to $5 billion<br />

for new and used eligible assets of any<br />

value purchased and installed by June<br />

30, 2022.<br />

Under the Instant Asset Write-Off<br />

Scheme, any assets bought (totalling up<br />

to $150,000), regardless of whether they<br />

are new or second-hand, can be written<br />

52<br />

Time to upgrade<br />

Is your business eligible for the current government tax incentives?<br />

STAND<br />

2<br />

FOYER<br />

off in the same financial year following<br />

simplified depreciation. This may apply to<br />

assets such as:<br />

• light and heavy commercial vehicles<br />

• equipment and machinery<br />

• earthmoving and construction<br />

equipment<br />

• business vehicles<br />

• manufacturing and industrial<br />

equipment<br />

Businesses can also benefit from the<br />

Instant Asset Write-Off Scheme multiple<br />

times. However, it’s important to note that<br />

if the item is also for personal use, you<br />

must apportion that amount and deduct<br />

it from your claim.<br />

The temporary full expensing plan<br />

will apply to new depreciable assets<br />

and the cost of improvements to<br />

existing eligible assets, allowing<br />

businesses to claim an immediate<br />

deduction of the full value of all<br />

new, eligible, depreciable assets of<br />

any value that are first used or installed<br />

before June 30, 2022.<br />

The scheme is essentially a greatly<br />

expanded accelerated depreciation<br />

program that allows businesses to claim<br />

a tax deduction for the full value of the<br />

purchase after its use, rather than claim<br />

depreciation amounts over several years.<br />


Here’s an example. Greg owns a transport<br />

company, Greg’s Transport Pty Ltd, which<br />

has an aggregated annual turnover of<br />

$20 million for the 2021–22 income year.<br />

Greg’s Transport Pty Ltd purchases<br />

a second-hand Kenworth prime mover<br />

for $150,000 exclusive of GST on July 1,<br />

2021.<br />

Under temporary full expensing, Greg’s<br />

Transport Pty Ltd will be able to claim a<br />

deduction of $150,000 for the full cost of<br />

the prime mover in 2021–22.<br />

Paying less tax will improve the<br />

company’s cash flow and help Greg<br />

reinvest and grow his business.<br />


Being able to write-off assets purchased<br />

is all well and good, but if you don’t have<br />

access to the funds to purchase them,<br />

then the scheme won’t be of much use to<br />

your business.<br />

Morris Finance is one of Australia’s<br />

leading national finance companies,<br />

providing asset finance, investment,<br />

leasing and insurance services to<br />

ABN holders, registered companies,<br />

individuals and sole traders, and is the<br />

proud Promotional Partner of this year’s<br />

<strong>Brisbane</strong> <strong>Truck</strong> <strong>Show</strong>.<br />

An Australian-owned business with<br />

over 22 years’ industry experience<br />

and a proven track record in asset and<br />

equipment finance, Morris Finance<br />

is comprised of a passionate team of<br />

experienced professionals.<br />

So, if you’ve decided to purchase a new<br />

truck or need to upgrade your current<br />

equipment and require assistance<br />

obtaining finance to make the most of<br />

the instant asset write-off or temporary<br />

full expensing scheme, get in touch with<br />

Morris Finance today.<br />

Simply call 1300 4 Morris and speak<br />

to one of its finance specialists or email<br />

info@morrisfinance.com.au, and the<br />

team will be able to assist you in finding<br />

the best facility for your needs and<br />


UNLOCK<br />

YOUR<br />




Providing Specialist Asset<br />

Finance Solutions to the<br />

Transport Industry for over<br />

22 years.<br />

ACL395 249 | ABN 70 083 630 139<br />

Whether you’re a solo owner-operator,<br />

SME or a large fleet operator, we will<br />

source you the best finance deal,<br />

tailored to suit your individual business<br />

requirements. If you’re looking to<br />

purchase your next truck, trailer,<br />

equipment, or simply looking to generate<br />

cash flow through assets you currently<br />

own, Morris Finance will find a solution to<br />

meet your needs.<br />

At Morris Finance our specialists will work<br />

with you to create competitive finance<br />

options, leaving you with the cash flow to<br />

grow your business to the next level. Call<br />

us today on 1300 4 MORRIS to discuss<br />

how our finance options can help you.<br />

Finance Options<br />

Our finance options include Finance,<br />

Investment, Insurance & Leasing for the<br />

following:<br />







1300 4 MORRIS<br />





KNOCKING ON THE world’s door 12<br />

months ago was a virus that would<br />

change our everyday lives.<br />

While others languished in their<br />

response, our community rallied.<br />

Thanks to the efforts of freight operators,<br />

businesses and industry, Queensland’s<br />

economy kept moving – with truck drivers<br />

leading the charge, keeping our supermarket<br />

shelves stocked and transporting our<br />

world-class products.<br />

What we saw was Queenslanders<br />

work together to tackle the impacts of a<br />

pandemic that continues to ravage other<br />

countries today.<br />

The heavy vehicle industry’s role in that<br />

effort, working with our government to<br />

establish dedicated freight lanes at border<br />

controls, was critical and helped ensure our<br />

state is today the place to be.<br />

Our collective efforts means the<br />

Palaszczuk Government can now focus on<br />

the state’s economic recovery plan and keep<br />

construction powering on to create jobs.<br />

Over the next decade, the volume of<br />

freight in Queensland is anticipated to<br />

grow more than 20 per cent, which is why<br />

we’re delivering our fifth record roads and<br />

transport program: a $26.9 billion pipeline<br />

of work over the next four years to support<br />

freight efficiency and safety.<br />

While supporting greater productivity for<br />

our heavy vehicle industry, it will also spark<br />

23,600 jobs at a time we need them most.<br />

The vast majority of that investment<br />

– $17.8 billion – will go into roads and<br />

transport outside the south east corner,<br />

making sure from paddock and pit to port,<br />

we’re building better roads.<br />

That is 66 per cent of our road and<br />

transport spend in regional and rural<br />

54<br />

Keeping Queensland moving<br />

Working together with our heavy vehicle partners was key to the pandemic response<br />

communities. This includes our 33 Bruce<br />

Highway projects under way right now,<br />

another 100-plus Bruce upgrades in the<br />

pipeline and $5 billion in joint stimulus<br />

funding between the Palaszczuk and<br />

Australian governments.<br />

It also includes a key $200 million<br />

commitment we made during the election<br />

to build a better Inland Freight Route from<br />

Charters Towers to the border.<br />

Our investment in the Inland Freight<br />

Route will build on $125 million already<br />

locked in between both federal and state<br />

governments for upgrades along the key<br />

stretch.<br />

The Queensland Transport Logistics<br />

Council indicates that a second freight<br />

route will reduce long distance truck<br />

movements on the Bruce Highway<br />

by 49 per cent and deliver potential<br />

productivity gains of 23 per cent.<br />

That means trip savings of up<br />

to four to five hours for heavy vehicles<br />

travelling from far north Queensland to<br />

Melbourne.<br />

We would like to see the Inland<br />

Freight Route designated as a nationally<br />

important transport corridor by the Federal<br />

Government, which could potentially unlock<br />

a $1 billion program of jointly-funded<br />

upgrades. We’re having those discussions<br />

with Canberra now.<br />

In addition to our record investment<br />

in roads and transport infrastructure,<br />

the Palaszczuk Government continues<br />

to deliver on the 36 targets set as part<br />

of our Heavy Vehicle Safety Action Plan,<br />

while also working with industry to develop<br />

new technologies to improve heavy vehicle<br />

rest areas.<br />

My department will showcase the Bruce<br />

STAND<br />

22<br />

FOYER<br />

Highway Rest Area Trial at this year’s show –<br />

a pilot project that applies innovative on-site<br />

intelligent transport systems technologies to<br />

six heavy vehicle rest area locations along<br />

the Bruce Highway.<br />

Heavy vehicle drivers will have advanced<br />

warning signs to provide parking availability<br />

information in real time about 5km out<br />

from the rest area. Solar powered lighting<br />

and CCTV cameras are installed to increase<br />

security for drivers helping them feel safer<br />

while taking a break.<br />

I encourage you to visit the Department’s<br />

stand and find out more about what we’re<br />

doing in this space as well as through our<br />

record $26.9 billion roads and transport<br />

program to support heavy vehicles<br />

across Australia’s longest statecontrolled<br />

road network.<br />

Our Government values the<br />

economic and social contributions<br />

our heavy vehicle industry and its key<br />

representatives like the Transport Workers<br />

Union makes to Queensland.<br />

We look forward to continuing to work<br />

closely with heavy vehicle industry to<br />

support its growth in Queensland and<br />

beyond, and to meet the challenges and<br />

opportunities ahead.<br />

I would like to welcome you all to this<br />

year’s <strong>Brisbane</strong> <strong>Truck</strong> <strong>Show</strong> – an event we’ve<br />

been able to host because of your efforts<br />

to manage the COVID-19 pandemic – and<br />

congratulate the organisers for bringing<br />

together this industry despite the challenges<br />

of the pandemic.<br />

A message from The Honourable Mark Bailey<br />

MP, Minister for Transport and Main Roads,<br />


Transport and Main Roads working together with<br />

our heavy vehicle partners to make Queensland<br />

the safest and most productive state in Australia.<br />

For more information, please visit<br />


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Look for the scanning stations at these locations:<br />





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Media Partners:




Head to any (or all) of the stations<br />

around the show.<br />

Look for the Morris Finance<br />

Ultimate VIP Experience token.<br />

Scan your pass - it is that easy!<br />


Registered adult tickets and VIP<br />

pass holders are eligible for entry.<br />

Get one additional entry from each<br />

scanning station (one scan per station).<br />

Drawn at 4pm on Sunday, 16th May 2021 at<br />

the <strong>Brisbane</strong> Convention & Exhibition Centre.<br />

*Terms & Conditions apply. Competition permit numbers:<br />

NSW: TP/00673, ACT: TP 21/00004, SA: T21/9


<strong>Brisbane</strong><br />

stays strong<br />

Despite seemingly insurmountable odds, the 2021<br />

<strong>Brisbane</strong> <strong>Truck</strong> <strong>Show</strong> will go ahead with all the optimism<br />

and opportunity that for decades has typified Australia’s<br />

biggest and brightest trucking event. Sure, a few regular<br />

exhibitors may have succumbed to ‘pandemic panic’,<br />

but for the truly faithful and the boldly confident, the<br />

2021 <strong>Brisbane</strong> show will be a stunning panacea marking<br />

the start to far better days. Bring it on!<br />

CREDIT WHERE IT’S DUE, Heavy Vehicle<br />

Industry Australia (HVIA) has shown<br />

immense fortitude and remarkable intent<br />

to make the 2021 <strong>Brisbane</strong> <strong>Truck</strong> <strong>Show</strong> a<br />

reality.<br />

The challenges have been formidable. First came<br />

an ill-considered and largely egotistical attempt<br />

to end <strong>Brisbane</strong>’s reign as trucking’s premier<br />

showpiece with an alternative event in Melbourne.<br />

Then, of course, came the economic and social<br />

hardships of a global pandemic. Yet, neither has<br />

been enough to stall the association’s determination<br />

to keep this vital biennial show alive and well.<br />


But the greatest credit, of course, goes to the multitude<br />

of exhibitors who have not only refused to fold in fear of the<br />

unknown, but remained intent on showcasing their latest and<br />

greatest products to a trucking fraternity eager for a burst of<br />

glitter after the gloom of 2020.<br />

Indeed, the 2021 <strong>Brisbane</strong> <strong>Truck</strong> <strong>Show</strong> will be like no other,<br />

reflecting the true spirit of enduring dedication to an event that<br />

has no equal in the southern hemisphere and is increasingly<br />

regarded as one of the most interesting and innovative truck<br />

shows on the world stage.<br />

In fact, as Europe, Japan and America continue to claw their way<br />

ever so slowly out of the pandemic mire, this year’s <strong>Brisbane</strong> show<br />

will most likely be the only event of its kind anywhere in the world.<br />

The future belongs to those who embrace it, and with the<br />

truck market humming beyond all expectations, there will be<br />

no shortage of big name brands whose dedication to ongoing<br />

development and, critically, loyalty to customers and the industry<br />

at large, will shine in trucks, trailers and trucking equipment of<br />

the highest calibre.<br />

What follows is simply a speculative snapshot of what a few of<br />

the big players might have in store for <strong>Brisbane</strong> in 2021.<br />


At the <strong>Brisbane</strong> <strong>Truck</strong> <strong>Show</strong> in 2019, Freightliner’s new Cascadia<br />

conventional was a work in progress, still six months away from<br />

an official launch on the Australian market.<br />

Please follow cough and sneeze etiquette<br />



But now, Cascadia is up and running and,<br />

despite the disruptions imposed by a global<br />

pandemic, Freightliner principals certainly won’t<br />

be shy about putting their all-important flagship<br />

front and centre in <strong>Brisbane</strong>.<br />

In fact, Cascadia will be positioned face-to-face<br />

across the aisle from arch-rival Kenworth, leaving<br />

no doubt about Freightliner’s earnest intention to<br />

tackle all and sundry in the conventional class.<br />

Daimler insiders aren’t making any secret of an<br />

intense desire to make <strong>Brisbane</strong> a major showcase<br />

for Cascadia, with particular emphasis on the<br />

model’s impressive powertrain and high level of<br />

standard safety systems.<br />

Consequently, it certainly won’t surprise to<br />

see some extremely well presented and highly<br />

appealing 116 and 126 models staring across at<br />

the Kenworth clan.<br />

We’re also wondering whether the<br />

STAND<br />

41<br />

FOYER<br />

multi-media digital dash display<br />

already available in corporate colleague<br />

Mercedes-Benz might make an<br />

appearance in one of Freightliner’s<br />

show trucks. We’ll know soon enough.<br />

What’s more, it won’t surprise if<br />

Freightliner operatives are confidently espousing<br />

Cascadia’s ability to soon achieve a similar level of<br />

success enjoyed by its Benz brethren.<br />

The lavish Mercedes-Benz display in 2019<br />

was one of the true highlights of the show and,<br />

since then, the three-pointed star has gone<br />

from strength to strength, finishing 2020 in<br />

fourth place on the heavy-duty ladder with a<br />

“It certainly<br />

won’t surprise<br />

to see some<br />

extremely<br />

well presented<br />

and highly<br />

appealing<br />

116 and 126<br />

models”<br />

highly respectable 8.8 per cent of the category.<br />

While there hasn’t been a great deal of news<br />

on new Benz developments in recent times, it<br />

would certainly be naïve to think the German giant<br />

won’t have something special up its sleeve for this<br />

year’s show.<br />

The other big player in the Daimler fold is, of<br />

course, Fuso. The Japanese nameplate is, in fact,<br />

the biggest seller of all three Daimler brands on the<br />

Australian market and, just as it did in 2019, this<br />

year is sure to see a strong presentation of Shogun<br />

heavy-duty models. A new 360hp (268kW) rating<br />

has, for instance, been well received and is sure to<br />

be one of several highlights.<br />

Meantime, soft whispers that Shogun will later<br />

this year be equipped with Daimler’s lively 13-litre<br />

ABOVE: Freightliner Cascadia has big plans for <strong>Brisbane</strong> and beyond<br />

RIGHT: Fuso Shogun is set to shine again but the real star of the future<br />

will be the electric eCanter<br />


engine pushing out 500hp (373kW) or more<br />

had us thinking the new flagship might make an<br />

appearance in <strong>Brisbane</strong>. But it seems not. A tad too<br />

early, according to one source.<br />

However, there’ll be no shock (pardon the bad<br />

pun) to see a number of electric Fuso e-Canters on<br />

show in <strong>Brisbane</strong>.<br />

Fuso is a critical technology base in the Daimler<br />

group’s global development of electric powertrains<br />

and now, more than ever, electric trucks are<br />

gaining the interest of truck operators everywhere,<br />

particularly in city and suburban delivery work.<br />

Kenworth’s new T410SAR. However,<br />

the big crowd-puller for Kenworth will<br />

be a retro ‘Legend SAR’<br />


No doubt about it, 2021 is a big year in the history<br />

of Paccar Australia and the maker of Kenworth<br />

and DAF trucks isn’t about to let the <strong>Brisbane</strong><br />

<strong>Truck</strong> <strong>Show</strong> pass without getting a few major STAND<br />

messages out to the trucking public.<br />

40<br />

For starters, it’s now 50 years since the FOYER<br />

first Kenworth truck was built in Australia<br />

and, since then, the brand has evolved to the<br />

point where it is widely regarded as the premier<br />

brand on the Australian market.<br />

Maintaining its stellar stance in our highly<br />

competitive market means endless engineering<br />

initiative and this year’s <strong>Brisbane</strong> show will feature<br />

Kenworth’s latest effort, the T410SAR.<br />

Utilising the same 2.1 metre-wide cab first shown<br />

four years ago on the T610 and, soon after, the<br />

T610SAR, the T410SAR is effectively the same as<br />

its T410 counterpart, except for a couple of notable<br />

differences, namely a set-forward front axle and a<br />

more traditional hood and grille design.<br />

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We supply custom design solutions for Water <strong>Truck</strong>s, light towers, plant equipment, custom fleet monitoring and<br />

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Visit us at the show<br />

Stand number: Plaza 265<br />

Alternatively reach out to us on:<br />

Perth, WA - 08 6253 4000<br />

Melbourne, VIC - 03 8906 2270<br />

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ATN-HH-5211780-CS-415<br />

truck and trailer advert.indd 1<br />

Ensure your ticket registration is correct<br />

26/02/2021 11:43:33 AM<br />



Like the T410, the new model is<br />

powered by the Paccar MX-13 engine but,<br />

unlike its sibling, the SAR version was<br />

engineered first to produce a modern<br />

car-carrying prime mover before more<br />

typical haulage roles. Either way, the end<br />

result is a truck with broad appeal for a<br />

multitude of tasks.<br />

Coinciding with its 50 years of<br />

Australian truck building, the other big<br />

news on the Paccar front is the company’s<br />

greatly expanded manufacturing<br />

capability at its Bayswater facility in<br />

Victoria. While Kenworth continues to be<br />

the core of Paccar Australia’s operations,<br />

company executives are quick to point out<br />

the recently enhanced factory capacity –<br />

built at a cost of around $40 million – is<br />

also designed to significantly increase<br />

DAF’s presence in the market through<br />

greater local assembly.<br />

As one high-ranking Paccar Australia<br />

representative commented: “DAF these<br />

days fills in the gaps we can’t fill with<br />

Kenworth.”<br />

Thus, it won’t surprise if the continental<br />

“The once-in-a-lifetime Legend SAR will go on sale<br />

for just 24 hours at the <strong>Brisbane</strong> show”<br />

cab-over has a bigger presence on<br />

Paccar’s exhibit than ever before, led<br />

by the locally-assembled CF85 model,<br />

which now not only offers a Euro 6 MX-13<br />

engine out to 530hp (395kW) but also the<br />

new MX-11.<br />

We drove an early MX-11 last year and<br />

can vouch for the engine’s exceptionally<br />

responsive performance at its peak<br />

output of 450hp (336kW).<br />

There are also 370 and 410hp (276<br />

and 306kW) versions, all coupled<br />

to ZF’s Traxon 12-speed automated<br />

transmission.<br />

The biggest crowd-puller of all,<br />

however, will be a truly special truck<br />

known simply as the ‘Legend SAR’.<br />

A retro truck like no other, this latest<br />

recreation of a truly legendary workhorse<br />

is supposed to be a secret but we know<br />

there’s already a model being specially<br />

prepared for the <strong>Brisbane</strong> show.<br />

Like the Legend 900, which in 2017<br />

drew a spectacular response from a<br />

‘one day, one day only’ order period, the<br />

once-in-a-lifetime Legend SAR will go<br />

on sale for just 24 hours at the <strong>Brisbane</strong><br />

show.<br />

Secret or not, word is out and there are<br />

reports of eager truck operators putting<br />

their orders in early. The big question is<br />

‘how many and how much?’<br />

Such is the SAR’s almost mystical<br />

image as Kenworth’s first all-Australian<br />

design, most insiders think the Legend<br />

SAR will easily eclipse 300 orders in one<br />

day. As for the price, it’ll be secondary in<br />

the eyes of many but one thing’s for sure,<br />

it won’t be cheap.<br />

TOP: The DAF CF85 – locally assembled and now with a<br />

lively 11-litre engine<br />

LEFT: Paccar will pull out all the stops this year at a show<br />

that coincides with Kenworth’s 50th anniversary<br />


Alfresco dining with room to breathe and space to play.<br />

Escape to South Bank for breakfast, lunch and dinner.


The Iveco X-Way is a major part<br />

of a widely diverse model range<br />


If everything goes to plan, Iveco’s stand will have<br />

everything from a massive Astra 8x8 off-roader to<br />

its recently revamped and highly popular Daily lightduty<br />

range.<br />

The plan, it seems, is to showcase the wide, and somewhat<br />

understated, diversity that exists in the modern Iveco stable.<br />

Now under the guidance of former senior Mercedes-Benz truck<br />

executive Michael May, Iveco Australia finally appears to be in the<br />

process of achieving the stability and opportunities that seem to<br />

have eluded the company in many instances.<br />

STAND<br />

51<br />

FOYER<br />

Yet, unlike the 2019 <strong>Brisbane</strong> <strong>Truck</strong> <strong>Show</strong>, Iveco’s stand<br />

this year won’t include the International ProStar, following<br />

the decision last year by Navistar in the US to cease<br />

production of right-hand drive models.<br />

Despite the disappointment of ProStar’s demise, Iveco<br />

is intent on showcasing the extent of a diverse model range<br />

that includes the advanced X-Way line-up, the highly versatile<br />

EuroCargo medium-duty contender and almost certainly, the<br />

resilient Acco.<br />

As the <strong>Brisbane</strong> <strong>Truck</strong> <strong>Show</strong> will demonstrate, there’s far more<br />

to Iveco than initially meets the eye.<br />


Like most of us, 2020 will probably go down as a year<br />

never forgotten but hopefully never repeated for Penske<br />

Commercial Vehicles.<br />

In a difficult market, the three brands under the<br />

Australian arm of automotive mogul Roger Penske found<br />

the going particularly tough, with its premier nameplate<br />

Western Star acquiring just 2.1 per cent of the national<br />

heavy-duty truck market, followed by MAN with 1.7 per<br />

cent and waste collection specialist Dennis Eagle barely<br />

causing a blip on the radar at 0.5 per cent. All up, the<br />

three brands delivered just 461 units in 2020.<br />

But that was last year and it’ll be an<br />

optimistic display on the Penske stand in<br />

STAND<br />

<strong>Brisbane</strong> this year.<br />

44<br />

After missing the 2017 show, Penske FOYER<br />

Commercial Vehicles came back in<br />

2019 with a strong presence, attracting<br />

big crowds to its stand, all eager for a close look at a<br />

barnstorming Western Star 6900 roadtrain model and<br />

the broad expanse of a comprehensive MAN line-up.<br />

Don’t be surprised if there’s a similar performance and<br />

an even stronger presence this year.<br />

LEFT: Western Star pulled big crowds at <strong>Brisbane</strong> in 2019 and, despite<br />

slow sales, it’s likely to do the same this year. The brand has plenty of<br />

fans<br />


Howard Smith Wharves<br />


WITH YOU<br />



Celebrating iconic trailer brands<br />

A pandemic, lockdowns,<br />

economic strife, a golden<br />

harvest season and a rise in<br />

business confidence – the<br />

past 12 months have been<br />

quite a ride. Through it<br />

all, MaxiTRANS customers<br />

have been at the coalface,<br />

continuing to deliver the<br />

needs of the nation<br />

66<br />


has helped get the country through the<br />

worst global pandemic in living memory<br />

and kept our cities, as well as regional<br />

communities, supplied with essential goods.<br />

It’s something we can all be proud of.<br />

Whether it be carting food to supermarkets in<br />

the big cities, sending fruit to markets, moving<br />

general freight between regional centres or<br />

hauling last year’s bumper grain crop to ports<br />

for export, MaxiTRANS’ customers have been<br />

at the heart of it and that is something worth<br />

celebrating.<br />

This year marks 75 years for Australia’s<br />

longest-standing trailer brand, Freighter. In<br />

true MaxiTRANS style, there’ll be nothing selfcongratulatory<br />

in the celebrations, with the<br />

focus kept firmly on the many loyal Freighter<br />

customers and the partnerships forged over<br />

the years.<br />

The story of Freighter will be vividly told at<br />

the <strong>Brisbane</strong> <strong>Truck</strong> <strong>Show</strong> through a showcase<br />

of customer videos, imagery and a visual<br />

timeline of the Freighter journey. This will be<br />

combined with vintage footage of Freighter<br />

trailers, highlighting many key moments in its<br />

75-year history.<br />

“To know where you’re going you need to<br />

know where you’ve come from,” MaxiTRANS<br />

Managing Director and CEO Dean Jenkins<br />

says.<br />

“We’re proud to be a major part of the<br />

history of Australian road transport through<br />

this iconic trailer brand, and I’m sure our<br />

customers will enjoy looking back at the<br />

journey. It really highlights how far we’ve<br />

come together.”<br />

The Freighter story started back in 1945,<br />

when an entrepreneur named Noel Peel saw<br />

the potential growth in an already successful<br />

trailer manufacturing business started by<br />

Melbournian John McGrath.<br />

Peel set up its company Freighters Ltd<br />

before its first order of business: buying<br />

McGrath trailers. History was made when the<br />

first Freighter trailer rolled off the production<br />

line in Melbourne in February 1946.<br />

Production quickly skyrocketed and, by the<br />

1970s, it’s said that nine out of 10 trailers on<br />

Australian roads were Freighters.<br />

Jenkins says Freighter owes its longevity to<br />

its customers, many of whom are second and<br />

third generation Freighter loyalists.<br />

“That loyalty is never taken for granted,<br />

though. It’s earnt through continual<br />

improvement and innovation. We’re always<br />

striving to meet our customers’ needs, and<br />

that’s why so many customers trust Freighter<br />

to do the job,” he explains.<br />

ON SHOW<br />

The centrepiece of the stand at the <strong>Brisbane</strong>


“We’re proud to be a major part of the<br />

history of Australian road transport through<br />

this iconic trailer brand”<br />

<strong>Truck</strong> <strong>Show</strong> will be a circa-1950s<br />

restored Freighter ‘strap’ trailer. This<br />

historic workhorse normally sits on display<br />

at MaxiTrans’ Ballarat manufacturing facility<br />

and will be making the trip north to <strong>Brisbane</strong>,<br />

where it will provide an eye-catching<br />

counterpoint to a modern-day Freighter<br />

drop deck semi-trailer.<br />

Freighter is just one of many leading<br />

trailer brands that fall under the MaxiTRANS<br />

family banner. Maxi-CUBE, Hamelex White,<br />

Lusty EMS, Trout River, AZMEB and Peki<br />

make up the formidable MaxiTRANS stable and<br />

will be proudly represented at the <strong>Brisbane</strong><br />

<strong>Truck</strong> <strong>Show</strong> through a display of trailers that<br />

celebrates some of the great partnerships<br />

STAND<br />

53<br />

FOYER<br />

that the company has with its customers.<br />

Also on display is MaxiTRANS’<br />

national retail parts brand, MaxiPARTS,<br />

showcasing the wide range of truck and<br />

trailer parts available, which further<br />

demonstrates the aftermarket support<br />

offered to customers via the MaxiTRANS<br />

national network.<br />

Hamelex White celebrated its 25th<br />

anniversary last year. A key innovator in<br />

research and design, it was the first trailer<br />

manufacturer to engineer blueprint designs<br />

to operate under the performance-based<br />

standards (PBS) scheme.<br />

To help customers understand how PBS<br />

could work for their business, the MaxiTRANS<br />

stand will again be staffed by its in-house<br />

PBS specialists.<br />

“We’re inviting all visitors to come to the<br />

MaxiTRANS stand to talk with one of our<br />

in-house PBS specialists,” Jenkins says.<br />

Hamelex White celebrated its 25th<br />

anniversary last year<br />

“MaxiTRANS has produced more<br />

PBS-approved units than any other trailer<br />

manufacturer. This is an achievement that<br />

we are all very proud of, and thank all our<br />

customers, suppliers and staff for their<br />

ongoing support.”<br />

The future is looking especially bright,<br />

with MaxiTRANS’ new manufacturing facility<br />

at Carole Park in Queensland now up and<br />

running, replacing the existing facility in<br />

Richlands. The new 14,303-square-metre<br />

facility demonstrates MaxiTRANS’ ongoing<br />

commitment to its customers and local<br />

manufacturing, increasing its Australian<br />

manufacturing capability and assisting in<br />

creating 70 new jobs over the next five years.<br />

The new facility is part of the Unite and<br />

Recover initiative set up by the Queensland<br />

government, designed to support Queensland<br />

jobs and industry through the Covid-19<br />

pandemic.<br />

“It’s great news for the economy, great news<br />

for employment and training in this important<br />

industrial hub, and, most importantly, it<br />

will allow us to continue to better serve our<br />

customers and diversify our manufacturing<br />

capabilities,” Jenkins says.<br />

He adds the transport industry remains<br />

a key component of the economic recovery<br />

and has never been more important to the<br />

country.<br />

“People are recognising how essential<br />

transport is in getting goods to where they<br />

need to be. MaxiTRANS is proud to play our<br />

part to allow our customers to continue to<br />

deliver the needs of the nation,” Jenkins says.<br />

“We love partnering with our customers to<br />

help them achieve their goals and we look<br />

forward to seeing all our customers at the<br />

<strong>Brisbane</strong> <strong>Truck</strong> <strong>Show</strong>.”<br />

Protect others and stay at home if needed<br />



The year 2021 marks 75 years since the first Freighter® products rolled onto Australian roads.<br />

It is a history that is clearly as long as it is rich, and that legacy is a key component of every trailer<br />

that rolls off the line today.<br />

Be part of history and see why our customers prefer Freighter.<br />


VER 75 YEARS<br />

ATN-DPS-5184448-CS-415<br />





Coming together<br />

Celebrating connection will be a common theme for the 29 trailer, tanker and body<br />

manufacturing exhibitors at the 2021 <strong>Brisbane</strong> <strong>Truck</strong> <strong>Show</strong><br />


Australians connected during the pandemic,<br />

many owners and operators have been<br />

unable to travel to meet customers and forge<br />

those essential interstate relationships, giving<br />

this year’s event the atmosphere of a grand reunion.<br />

Not surprisingly, there’s a lot to catch up on.<br />

Expect to see a focus on improved design and<br />

materials use to give reduced tare weight in trailers,<br />

maximising payload potential.<br />

A bumper grain harvest has driven demand for bulk<br />

haulage agricultural tippers, while improvements are set<br />

to be unveiled in the live bottom sphere.<br />

The strength of Australian manufacturing will also<br />

be a hot topic, with government pandemic-recovery<br />

incentives helping to supporting local jobs. Many leading<br />

players are already talking up big increases on their<br />

order books for home-built trailers, and recruitment<br />

remains strong.<br />

Keep an eye out, as always, for end of financial year<br />

bargains, with the show a great place to do business and<br />

plan for a future that’s looking increasingly bright.<br />


“Keep an<br />

eye out,<br />

as always,<br />

for end of<br />

financial year<br />

bargains”<br />

TOP AND LEFT: Graham Lusty<br />

Trailers’ CEO, Graham Lusty,<br />

will be at the show to chat to<br />

customers<br />

BELOW: Call into Howard<br />

Porter’s stand to check out<br />

the latest model 363 Steelbro<br />

sidelifter<br />


2021 marks 40 years for NSW-based<br />

Muscat Trailers, whose mantra seems to<br />

be never-ending innovation, particularly<br />

in the live floor market.<br />

The 2019 <strong>Brisbane</strong> <strong>Truck</strong> <strong>Show</strong> saw Muscat<br />

Trailers present a quad dog with a live floor and, this time<br />

round, it’ll be debuting its new quad semi-live floor.<br />

It’s touted as the first of its kind and represents<br />

a major safety breakthrough, taking operators away<br />

from tipper exclusion zones and traffic, eliminating the<br />

associated risks and getting drivers into places they<br />

would never dream of accessing with a tipper (under<br />

bridges, in tunnels, around power lines, in narrow<br />

streets), with materials unloaded by conveyor belt rather<br />

than gravity.<br />

Muscat Trailer’s Nicole Azzopardi says the team is<br />

excited to be exhibiting again after a year of uncertainty<br />

in the industry.<br />

“This is a major show that brings suppliers and<br />

customers together. It will be nice to be back seeing<br />

some old friends, along with some new faces,” she says.<br />


Celebration will be a key theme at the<br />

MaxiTRANS stand, as one of its most<br />

iconic brands, Freighter, turns 75.<br />

An original 1950s Freighter trailer<br />

will provide an eye-catching throwback to a<br />

STAND<br />

94<br />

FOYER<br />

STAND<br />

53<br />

FOYER<br />

different era in trucking, while video testimonials from<br />

loyal customers will highlight the long-standing passion<br />

for the brand.<br />

MaxiTRANS managing director and CEO Dean Jenkins<br />

says the stand celebrates a milestone not just for<br />

MaxiTRANS but for the whole industry.<br />

“There’s a lot of confidence returning to the industry,”<br />

he explains.<br />

“This is a celebration of customers supporting<br />

Australian manufacturing.<br />

We pride ourselves on building trailers in Australia and<br />

supporting Australian jobs.”<br />

That’s only set to increase, too, with manufacturing<br />

well under way at MaxiTRANS’ new Carole Park facility in<br />

Queensland, part of the Queensland Government’s Covid<br />

recovery package.<br />

Bringing Freighter, Hamelex White and Lusty EMS<br />

together on the one stand should also serve to solidify<br />

MaxiTRANS’ brand recognition.<br />

“The show is invaluable because you can meet as<br />

many customers as possible in one location,” Jenkins<br />

says.<br />

“It’s about showing customers all the benefits that<br />

come under the MaxiTRANS banner.”<br />

Keep 1.5m apart from others<br />



“Each <strong>Truck</strong><br />

<strong>Show</strong> we<br />

like to bring<br />

a new<br />

innovation<br />

or design,<br />

we like to<br />

mix it up”<br />

ABOVE: Howard Porter is the<br />

Australian distributor for<br />

Steelbro sidelifters<br />

HAMMAR<br />

Sideloader specialists Hammar Australia STAND<br />

will be unveiling an all-new concept that<br />

will increase payload weight for container<br />

69<br />

FOYER<br />

sideloaders without compromising road<br />

network access.<br />

General manager Grahame Heap says the<br />

new design utilises clever chassis design and<br />

axle groupings that will allow considerably higher<br />

weight limits.<br />

“You can do that by use of quad axles under the<br />

performance-based standards (PBS) scheme, but you<br />

then start to limit yourself as to where you can drive,”<br />

Heap says.<br />

“With this scheme we’re looking at still running under<br />

general mass limits, but with a considerably higher load,<br />

so you won’t need to change schemes.<br />

“The key to this innovation was working out how we<br />

can increase payload while still maintaining a good level<br />

of access. That’s what we’ve been working on and that’s<br />

what we’ve achieved.”<br />

It’s news that’s sure to excite anyone running<br />

intermodal carriers, and all part of the continual<br />

refinement that Hammar work at year after year, it<br />

explains.<br />

Heap says keeping the stand looking fresh is a priority.<br />

“Each <strong>Truck</strong> <strong>Show</strong> we like to bring a new innovation or<br />

design, we like to mix it up. We consider this show the<br />

best single marketing opportunity, particularly when<br />

showcasing new designs and developments. It allows<br />

people to see and touch the product firsthand, to better<br />

understand the improvements,” he says.<br />


Established in 1936, Howard Porter<br />

manufactures all manner of semi-trailers<br />

from general freight skels to flat tops,<br />

drop decks, low-loaders and tippers. It<br />

is now also the Australian distributor for<br />

STAND<br />

137<br />

FOYER<br />

Steelbro sidelifters, having acquired Steelbro in 2014.<br />

Call into its stand to check out the latest model 363<br />

Steelbro sidelifter, touting reduced tare weight, faster<br />

operation, a simplified hydraulic system and reduced<br />

electronic componentry.<br />

Also on display will be the ‘Bullmaster’ side tipping<br />

trailer for the earthmoving and mining industry, with<br />

a chassis constructed from high-grade steel and the<br />

bodies from 450-grade wear plate, allowing for a reduced<br />

tare weight with higher payload.<br />

“The <strong>Truck</strong> <strong>Show</strong> is a great chance for us to catch up<br />

Vehicle safety,<br />

monitoring and<br />

sensing systems.<br />

See you at this year’s <strong>Truck</strong> <strong>Show</strong>!<br />

Hummingbird deliver Australian made, market-leading solutions<br />

that improve vehicle efficiency, productivity and safety for the heavy<br />

vehicle, fleet management, mining and construction industries.<br />

From audio-visual alarms, monitoring systems, inclinometers, timers,<br />

isolation switches to GPS trip meters and more, we have a range of<br />

products to suit your requirements.<br />

Visit us at booth 323, in the plaza with the REDARC Group.<br />

1300 155 541<br />

hmbe.com.au<br />

Hummingbird<br />

Electronics<br />


Join HVIA now!<br />



Are you involved in the manufacture, supply, repair,<br />

service or modification of heavy vehicles, their<br />

components, equipment or technology?<br />

Reap the rewards of membership<br />

• Advocacy to Government & Regulators<br />

• Contribute to industry policy development<br />

• National, regional & local issues<br />

• Events and representation across Australia<br />

• Cost effective membership<br />

• Executive Club<br />

• Network with peers<br />

• HVIA Training - Heavy Vehicles 101<br />

• <strong>Brisbane</strong> <strong>Truck</strong> <strong>Show</strong><br />

• ComVec Conference<br />

• TechAssist – technical & regulatory support<br />

• EmployerAssist – HR & IR hotline<br />

Find out more at hvia.asn.au<br />

or call 07 3376 6266


ABOVE: There will be a number<br />

of upgrades on the Drake<br />

Trailers stand, including deck<br />

wideners<br />

with our customers and suppliers,”Howard Porter CEO<br />

Roy Lombardi says.<br />

“With the border closures over the last 12 months<br />

we’re looking forward to seeing faces we haven’t seen for<br />

a while. It’s a great chance to walk our clients through<br />

some recent developments and product improvements.”<br />


Expect to see a number of upgrades<br />

to the Drake Group’s trailer fleet on<br />

display at the show, including its<br />

steerable deck widener trailer with a new<br />

Drake-designed steering system that allows<br />

up to 35 degrees of increased manoeuvrability.<br />

Also featured will be Drake’s quad-axle drop deck<br />

STAND<br />

90<br />

FOYER<br />

widener and a selection of O’Phee Trailers, including<br />

the PBS-approved super semi (with split groups<br />

available in flat top, drop deck and skel trailer ranges),<br />

plus lightweight frames and two improved models of<br />

sideloaders, the BoXLoader and Swinglift.<br />

Group sales manager Sam Drake says this year’s <strong>Truck</strong><br />

<strong>Show</strong> is “extra special” given the events of last year.<br />

“We haven’t been able to travel to see our customers,<br />

so this event is a much looked-forward to opportunity to<br />

catch up and see everyone in the flesh,” he says.<br />

“It’s also an opportunity to celebrate being<br />

Australian-made. Buying a Drake means you’re taking<br />

an active role in supporting local jobs, driving economic<br />

activity and ensuring Australia’s long-term prosperity.<br />

Also look out for Drake’s famous diecast collectibles –<br />

www.ibodyshop.com<br />

1300 361 541<br />

Australia’s leading business & workshop management software,<br />

used by major heavy motor repairers across the country.<br />

Estimates<br />

Jobs<br />

Workshop<br />

Follow Up<br />

Accounting<br />

Management<br />


eCANTER<br />



The Fuso eCanter marks a new era in transport.<br />

For a 100% electric, zero noise and zero emissions solution<br />

for your business, visit FUSO.COM.AU or head to this year’s<br />

<strong>Brisbane</strong> <strong>Truck</strong> <strong>Show</strong> May 13-16, 2021.


“We’re proud to work with<br />

other industries, like farming<br />

and mining”<br />

ABOVE: Drake Trailers says the<br />

truck show is an opportunity to<br />

celebrate Australian-made<br />

BELOW: Graham Lusty Trailers<br />

will be bringing more gear than<br />

ever this year<br />

1/50 scale truck, crane and heavy haulage replicas; the<br />

perfect adornment for any office or display cabinet.<br />


2021 brings a new location at the truck<br />

show for <strong>Brisbane</strong>-based Graham Lusty<br />

Trailers (GLT), and more space means the<br />

chance to bring a lot more gear.<br />

CEO Graham Lusty will be there to meet<br />

customers and discuss the state of play. Lusty<br />

says the team will be showcasing its bespoke trailer<br />

designs at the show.<br />

STAND<br />

47<br />

FOYER<br />

“It’s all about our customer-driven approach,” Lusty<br />

says.<br />

“We work with the customer to look at the prime mover<br />

they’ll be using in conjunction with the trailer and how<br />

we can customise that trailer to help increase payloads.”<br />

Like many transport operators, GLT experienced a<br />

pandemic boom in business last year, even if there were<br />

challenges procuring stock due to quarantine delays.<br />

“While the country was negotiating the pandemic,<br />

many cropping regions were experiencing a bumper<br />

harvest season due to rain,” Lusty says.<br />

“With government stimulus into these industries<br />

combined with the great harvest season, we had record<br />

production last year. We’re proud to work with other<br />

industries, like farming and mining, to continue to<br />

support Australians in difficult times.”<br />


Australian-built skip loaders and hook<br />

lifts will be on display at the West-Trans<br />

stand, including the DS-80s skip loader<br />

and the new HL-20A hook lift, designed<br />

with lower pedestals and rollers so the bin or<br />

container sits lower than previously, allowing for a larger<br />

payload. It will also be bringing a range of HMF vehicle<br />

loading cranes to display.<br />


The problem of acid corrosion on trailers<br />

transporting iron ore from inland mines<br />

to ports is well-known in the mining<br />

industry.<br />

To combat this, Bruce Rock Engineering<br />

(BRE) will be integrating SSAB’s Hardox HiAce<br />

STAND<br />

69<br />

FOYER<br />

STAND<br />

136<br />

FOYER<br />

corrosion-resistant steel to fight both abrasive wear and<br />

corrosion in its 60-metre super quad road trains that<br />

work Western Australia’s Pilbara region.<br />

The new steel to be used on the entire floor plates of<br />

the four trailers (carrying a payload of up to 141 tonnes)<br />

is touted as prolonging service life on the trailers carrying<br />

corrosive loads by up to three years; a 20–30 per cent<br />

increase in service life compared with Hardox 450.<br />

If carting corrosive materials is causing you<br />

maintenance headaches, put this stand on your<br />

must-visit list. Also check out BRE’s expanded Cold Core<br />

MSC range of refrigerated trailers, including a 12-pallet<br />

rollback B-double lead trailer.<br />

76<br />

See us at<br />

Stand<br />

89<br />

Specialist supplier of<br />


TMC Australia Pty Ltd<br />

78 Star Crescent, PO Box 5028, Hallam, Victoria 3803<br />

Ph: 03 8786 3688 Fax: 03 8786 3699 Email: info@tmcaus.com.au<br />

www.tmcaustralia.com.au<br />


Your home business can be as<br />

dangerous as any other workplace...<br />

How are you protecting your kids?<br />

worksafe.qld.gov.au<br />



Cutting edge<br />

From Australian-made pressure cleaners to<br />

German-built lifting and testing equipment,<br />

there will be a range of innovative parts and<br />

accessories to browse through this year<br />

78<br />

THE GONG is all set to sound in the 2021 <strong>Brisbane</strong><br />

<strong>Truck</strong> <strong>Show</strong>. There may be more health and safety<br />

guidelines in place this year but spirits are high,<br />

with a long list of parts and accessories businesses<br />

looking forward to the opportunity to connect with<br />

visitors and talk about their latest offerings.<br />

Many parts and accessories business managers that we<br />

have spoken to agree that, although Covid-19 created some<br />

uncertainty within the industry last year, particularly around<br />

March and April, from May onwards the industry rallied and<br />

there was a significant increase in demand for safer parts<br />

and more efficient equipment.<br />

Here, we take a look at what to expect at some of the<br />

stands this year.<br />


Findlay will be showcasing many of its 20+<br />

brands of tyres and other products, including<br />

a wide range of steel and alloy wheels,<br />

tyre-fitting machines and those essential<br />

tools to change, fit and repair tyres.<br />

“The road to controlling wheel and tyre costs, to<br />

make money in road transport, is littered with obstacles,<br />

including sub-standard products, pricing that’s out of<br />

STAND<br />

15<br />

FOYER<br />

control and service that’s more rhetoric than fact,” Findlay<br />

Import & Trade director Neil Findlay says.<br />

“We at Findlay’s have 50 years’ experience in the trucking<br />

industry – as successful fleet operators for most of those<br />

years through good times and bad – which taught us a lot.<br />

Whether you’re an owner-driver or a national fleet operator,<br />

we have you covered.”<br />

The company is also offering a promotion for <strong>Brisbane</strong><br />

<strong>Truck</strong> <strong>Show</strong> visitors.

“See us at the <strong>Brisbane</strong> <strong>Truck</strong> <strong>Show</strong> and share in our<br />

Fun Escapes promotion. Just buy $4,000 of anything<br />

and receive a five-day, four-night holiday voucher for a<br />

luxury resort,” Findlay says.<br />


<strong>Brisbane</strong>-based trade tools and<br />

equipment supplier Warby Tools will be<br />

at the <strong>Truck</strong> <strong>Show</strong> this year showcasing<br />

some of its most popular tools.<br />

The company will also have some key<br />

suppliers on hand to talk about their products and<br />

launch some new items that will hit the market this year.<br />

Established in 1979, Warby Tools specialises in<br />

supplying tools for truck, bus, trailer and earthmoving<br />

sectors.<br />

“We work very closely with our suppliers to get the best<br />

deals for our customers,” Warby Tools manager Justin<br />

Currie says.<br />

“We have a loyal customer base and this is due to not<br />

only our expertise and guidance on tools to suit but also<br />

our prices. This year we have launched a new logo and<br />

hope to move into online sales as well.”<br />


The team at Maha Australia will be<br />

featuring two of its most popular products<br />

– the all new RGA-UC wireless column lift<br />

and MBT7250 extreme heavy duty roller<br />

brake tester – at the show.<br />

“Available in 15-tonne and 18-tonne axle<br />

capacities, these brake systems allow users to<br />

STAND<br />

66<br />

FOYER<br />

STAND<br />

103<br />

FOYER<br />

comprehensively test brakes, diagnose faults and weigh<br />

a vehicle without removing the wheels,” Maha Australia,<br />

NZ and Pacific Islands MD Mick Lauster says.<br />

“With minimal operational costs, this saves time and<br />

allows faster throughput in the workshop to increase<br />

profit in your business.”<br />

Headquartered in <strong>Brisbane</strong>, Maha Australia produces<br />

and supplies premium German-made lifting and testing<br />

equipment that is fully supported by the factory and<br />

specialist technicians and meets Australian, NZ and<br />

international quality assurance standards.<br />


Leading workshop equipment supplier<br />

Levanta is planning to showcase a<br />

range of solutions at the <strong>Truck</strong> <strong>Show</strong><br />

STAND<br />

134<br />

FOYER<br />

– from column lifts to roller brake<br />

testers, hydraulic jacks, tyre changing<br />

and balancing equipment and wheel<br />

alignment technology.<br />

“Our product line-up represents some of the most<br />

renowned global brands in truck wheel alignment<br />

technology and roller brake testing,” Levanta sales and<br />

marketing director Bradley Dunn says.<br />

“Both of these have a substantial return on investment,<br />

something that the industry is hungry to find. This is<br />

particularly so with wheel alignment as you can make<br />

significant savings in fuel and tyre wear, as well as driver<br />

fatigue.<br />

“As the <strong>Brisbane</strong> <strong>Truck</strong> <strong>Show</strong> is held close to the end of<br />

financial year (EOFY), we expect to be offering some really<br />

hot prices and package deals for anyone that is keen to<br />

do business before EOFY.”<br />


Spitwater will exhibit some of its extensive STAND<br />

range of Australian-made hot- and coldwater<br />

pressure cleaners, including single-<br />

177<br />


and three-phase electric powered models<br />

as well as petrol and diesel engine models.<br />

Spitwater manager Gary Rodgers will be there<br />

to discuss the 10-120H hot water high pressure cleaner.<br />

“We expect to be offering some really hot<br />

prices and package deals for anyone that is<br />

keen to do business before EOFY”<br />

“If you’re serious about cleaning your rig, you need<br />

a tough Aussie-built pressure cleaner from Spitwater,”<br />

Rodgers explains.<br />

“Versatile accessory packs make your new Spitwater<br />

even more effective, with accessories like extra-long<br />

hoses, hose reels, detergent saving foamers and<br />

grime-busting turbo lances.<br />

“Spitwater machines are absolutely ideal for workshop<br />

use as well as for large and small fleet owners and<br />

similar applications. If you buy before June 30, you can<br />

claim the ATO’s small business accelerated depreciation:<br />

that’s a 100 per cent write off this year. Find us at the<br />

<strong>Brisbane</strong> <strong>Truck</strong> <strong>Show</strong> on the mezzanine level.”<br />


At the truck show this year, Moore <strong>Truck</strong><br />

Parts (MTP) will exhibit its large range<br />

of new aftermarket panels and lights<br />

suitable for Japanese makes (including<br />

Toyota, Mitsubishi, Hino, Isuzu and UD)<br />

and European trucks (including DAF, Iveco,<br />

MAN, Mercedes, Renault, Scania and Volvo).<br />

Established in 1980, MTP is an Australian-owned<br />

STAND<br />

156<br />


OPPOSITE ABOVE: Maha has<br />

recently launched its RGA-UC<br />

wireless column lift<br />

OPPOSITE BELOW: Maha’s<br />

MBT7250 extreme heavy duty<br />

roller brake tester is one of<br />

its most popular workshop<br />

equipment items<br />

ABOVE: Levanta is going to<br />

offer some hot prices and<br />

package deals on its workshop<br />

equipment<br />

Let’s be COVID safe together<br />



“The Roadpod<br />

system<br />

offers a safer<br />

alternative to<br />

loading trucks<br />

at heights”<br />

ABOVE: A 7.3m Roadpod<br />

mounted on a rigid<br />

BELOW: NXT’s Safety DayTripper<br />

bag with chain<br />

OPPOSITE TOP: Roadpod will<br />

exhibit its innovative truck<br />

loading system<br />

company importing new aftermarket truck panels<br />

and parts for over 15 years. MTP has distributors<br />

Australia-wide and ships products anywhere across the<br />

country, as well as New Zealand and the Pacific Islands.<br />

To guarantee complete customer satisfaction, MTP offers<br />

lifetime warranty on all its products.<br />


NXT Journey MD Simon Sutherland is<br />

looking forward to showcasing his wide<br />

range of work bags, designed especially<br />

for the Australian transport industry.<br />

The team at NXT Journey (formerly known<br />

as <strong>Truck</strong>ie Gear) is equally excited about the major<br />

STAND<br />

19<br />

FOYER<br />

changes that are about to unfold for the company this<br />

year.<br />

“We are moving into new premises this year, which<br />

will allow us to achieve our goal of manufacturing a fully<br />

Australian-made bag. We will also be expanding our<br />

range of products, with the focus on improved design<br />

features,” Sutherland says.<br />

“We are proud that, as a rural based company, we are<br />

doing our part to bring Australian manufacturing back to<br />

life. Drop by our stand during the show and have a look<br />

at our expanding range of products.”<br />


Industrial cabling specialist Cablecraft<br />

Australia will have a range of products on<br />

display at the show. In the cables range<br />

there will be push-pull control systems,<br />

control head cables, pull-only cables,<br />

manual transmission shift systems and<br />

clutch boosters to decrease pedal effort.<br />

The Cablecraft team will also talk about the benefits<br />

of electronic fly by wire control pedals and the new<br />

CAN J1939 control throttle pedals for electric vehicles.<br />

Queensland-based Cablecraft Australia Pty Ltd<br />

has been designing, manufacturing and assembling<br />

mechanical cables, and spherical rod ends and ball<br />

joints, for various industries, including truck, bus and<br />

earthmoving, for over 40 years.<br />

“Cablecraft produces a wide range of quality and<br />

cost-effective mechanical controls. Our products<br />

are built to meet the most demanding applications,”<br />

Cablecraft Australia MD Rob Gallagher says.<br />


This year, ISRI (Isringhausen) will have<br />

on display a wide range of seating<br />

products suitable for, but not limited<br />

to, applications for many leading<br />

commercial vehicle brands.<br />

“All ISRI seats are designed in<br />

accordance with internationally recognised<br />

STAND<br />

188<br />


STAND<br />

71<br />

FOYER<br />

ergonomic and safety standards,” ISRI <strong>Truck</strong> Seats GM<br />

Ashley Thomas says.<br />

“ISRI is a leading global manufacturer of<br />

suspension seats for drivers of commercial vehicles<br />

and equipment.<br />

“We offer complete ISRI seat repair and<br />

maintenance service of seats to factory standards<br />

using only genuine ISRI parts. We also offer<br />

retro-fitment of new ISRI driver seats to trucks and<br />

buses that did not have an ISRI seat as standard<br />

equipment.”<br />

ISRI Australia’s Sydney-based production and<br />

warehouse facility services OE customers, distributors<br />

and local fleet and trade customers.<br />



Roadpod will showcase its versatile truck STAND<br />

loading system that replaces or integrates<br />

292<br />

with truck bodies and trailers to allow PLAZA<br />

transport workers to pre-load pods prior<br />

to delivery.<br />

The Roadpod system offers a safer alternative<br />

to loading trucks at heights. It also helps increase<br />

productivity by reducing loading and unloading times<br />

through preloading freight and stacking pods that can<br />

then be loaded onto trucks within minutes.<br />

It can help businesses save millions in man hours<br />

that are normally lost during driver downtime and the<br />

traditional unloading/loading process. The system can be<br />

customised to suit any truck for any type of freight.<br />


The team at Keith Walking Floor Australia<br />

will be there to discuss the features of its<br />

horizontal loading/unloading solutions for<br />

bulk materials.<br />

“We can provide you with options to<br />

suit your bulk materials handling requirements from<br />

STAND<br />

153<br />


5-tonnes to 100-tonnes or more,” Keith Walking Floor<br />

Australia sales manager Zyggy Reinoga says.<br />

“We offer versatile mobile systems, such as: our<br />

five-tonne unit for paper shred trucks up to B-double<br />

and road train combinations; heavy-duty steel floor<br />

systems for demolition, waste and asphalt and aggregate;<br />

stationary systems, such as the drive-on and loader-fed<br />

receiving floors; fuel bin and biomass metering systems;<br />

waste handling, recycling, ice storage and metering; wood<br />

chip; forestry waste; poultry poop; and any other bulk<br />

needs.”<br />


ZF TRW’s authorised commercial truck and<br />

bus steering service and warranty agent<br />

for Australia and NZ, Complete Steering<br />

Australia (CSA), is planning on a big<br />

showcase this year.<br />

On display will be steering wheels,<br />

steering gears, power steering pumps, steering<br />

STAND<br />

199<br />


linkage, steering columns, slip shafts and mitre boxes,<br />

all Australian-designed and manufactured.<br />

CSA manufactures draglinks for original equipment<br />

manufacturers and suppliers for major Australian<br />

truck brands. It has operating outlets in <strong>Brisbane</strong><br />

and Melbourne for power steering repairs, parts and<br />

service.<br />

<br />

VISIT<br />

SITE<br />

Tristar Industries is an innovative Australian owned manufacturer of door opening<br />

Side Tipping Semi-Trailers, Water and Fuel Tanks, Flat Tops, Low Loaders,<br />

Dollies, Step Decks, Cattle Crates and other Transport, Mining and Heavy<br />

Earth-Moving related equipment.<br />

Located in the Northern Territory and with over 40 years’ experience<br />

in manufacturing equipment for companies throughout<br />

Australia, Tristar Industries has the capacity to design and<br />

build a wide range of equipment to the highest standard<br />

tailored to our customer’s needs. This proves that<br />

when you have a superior product, distance and<br />

remoteness are not an issue for clients.<br />

(08) 8932 2600<br />

tristarindustries.com.au<br />

Please avoid touching surfaces<br />



Leading<br />

the way<br />

PACCAR Australia is set<br />

to unfold a legendary<br />

experience for visitors<br />

at the 2021 <strong>Brisbane</strong><br />

<strong>Truck</strong> <strong>Show</strong>. Visit PACCAR<br />

Australia in the Foyer<br />

(Stand 40) to see all that<br />

is new this year and join<br />

the team in celebrating<br />

50 glorious years of<br />

manufacturing Kenworth<br />

trucks in Australia<br />

THE PACCAR Australia stand is going to<br />

display some of the company’s newest<br />

and most popular trucks this year.<br />

Among the highlights will be the new<br />

Kenworth T410SAR, which was launched in the<br />

middle of last year.<br />

Purpose-designed and manufactured to<br />

specification with uncompromising quality<br />

at PACCAR’s production facility in Melbourne,<br />

Kenworth trucks are one of the most durable,<br />

heavy-duty trucks ever built and have led the<br />

local market segment for more than a decade.<br />

This year, Kenworth is celebrating 50 years<br />

of manufacturing excellence in Australia.<br />

It was on March 2, 1971 that the first<br />

all-Australian Kenworth rolled off the line at<br />

the Bayswater factory in Victoria.<br />

Fifty years on, 60 models and 70,000 trucks<br />

later, Kenworth is now not only Australia’s<br />

leading heavy-duty truck builder, it has<br />

become an integral part of many Australian<br />

industries, companies and transport families.<br />

The company’s success has been<br />

underpinned throughout by an unwavering<br />

commitment to designing and manufacturing<br />

trucks specifically for Australian conditions.<br />

Also on display will be some of DAF <strong>Truck</strong>s<br />

Australia’s XF and CF models. Released in<br />

February last year, the XF and CF model range<br />

took the Best in Class gong at the 2020 Good<br />

Design Week.<br />

DAF’s XF and CF range trucks are pushing<br />

the envelope of excellence in safety, fuel<br />

efficiency, driver comfort, exterior styling and<br />

cab design for the Australian heavy-duty truck<br />

market.<br />



LEFT: The new Kenworth T410SAR will be<br />

among the highlights<br />

ABOVE: DAF’s XF and CF range trucks will<br />

also be on display<br />

RIGHT: PACCAR MX-13 engine<br />

OPPOSITE BELOW: KW T610 with 1,400mm<br />

sleeper<br />

The team of DAF engineers work<br />

closely with their Dutch counterparts to<br />

validate the trucks for local conditions. Some<br />

of the engineers will be there at the stand to<br />

share their knowledge and offer advice for<br />

customers seeking their right truck for their<br />

business applications.<br />


Combining the best attributes of both a<br />

cab-over and conventional truck, on display at<br />

the stand this year will be the new Kenworth<br />

T410SAR, available with PACCAR Powertrain,<br />

including the MX-13 460hp (340kW) or<br />

510hp (375kW) engine and PACCAR 12-speed<br />

automated transmission. An ideal combination<br />

for single trailer, tipper and dog and a variety<br />

of heavy-duty applications.<br />

Offering better weight distribution with its<br />

set-forward front axle and classic Kenworth<br />

styling, the T410SAR delivers bigger payloads,<br />

a superior driver environment, improved fuel<br />

economy and a greater choice of options.<br />

Other Kenworth models on display will be<br />

a T360 rigid day cab, T610 with 1,400mm<br />

sleeper and Cummins X15 Euro 6 engine, and<br />

the iconic T909 and K200 models.<br />

One of the key design aspects of all<br />

Kenworth trucks is safety. These trucks are<br />

designed, tested and built to weather the<br />

tough Australian conditions. The design and<br />

engineering teams are focused on producing<br />

trucks that have the right engine power,<br />

torque, gearing, axle ratios, braking system,<br />

wheels, tyres and cooling management for<br />

STAND<br />

40<br />

FOYER<br />

different applications. Meanwhile, the<br />

aircraft-quality alloys provide structural<br />

strength to the cabs that are designed<br />

to offer outstanding visibility – forward,<br />

back and all around.<br />

Talk to the team at Stand 40 to<br />

find out more about these and other<br />

Kenworth models and PACCAR’s innovative<br />

technologies including its integrated PACCAR<br />

Powertrain.<br />

DAF<br />

DAF <strong>Truck</strong>s Australia will showcase<br />

models from its Euro 6 range. The result of<br />

extensive experience and redesign in Europe,<br />

DAF <strong>Truck</strong>s launched its next generation of<br />

models in Australia early last year – the new<br />

XF and CF range.<br />

The new models feature engine innovations,<br />

new drivelines and aerodynamic optimisations<br />

that significantly reduce fuel consumption and<br />

increase productivity.<br />

They also feature enhanced safety features,<br />

and an updated interior and exterior design for<br />

driver comfort and appeal.<br />

Since the assembly of the first DAF truck<br />

in Australia three years ago, DAF has had a<br />

significant increase in production. In fact, the<br />

number of DAF trucks being produced in the<br />

Bayswater manufacturing facility has doubled<br />

since 2018.<br />

The first model to have rolled off the<br />

assembly line was the CF85 510 FTT model.<br />

Now, the Victorian facility is producing<br />

the CF 530 FTT, CF 480 FTT and CF450 FTT<br />

sleeper cab models from semi knocked-down<br />

(SKD) kits supplied by DAF <strong>Truck</strong>s in The<br />

Netherlands.<br />

Don’t forget to stop by the PACCAR Australia<br />

stand to check out some of DAF’s most<br />

popular models, including the FTT XF530 super<br />

Use hand sanitiser regularly<br />

“DAF’s XF and CF<br />

range trucks are<br />

pushing the envelope<br />

of excellence in safety,<br />

fuel efficiency, driver<br />

comfort, exterior<br />

styling and cab design<br />

for the Australian<br />

heavy-duty truck<br />

market”<br />

space cab with MX-13 engine, the FAT CF530<br />

steel tipper body with MX-13 engine, the FTT<br />

CF530 with MX-13 engine, the FTT CF450 with<br />

MX-11 engine and the FA LF260.<br />


Also at the stand will be representatives from<br />

the PACCAR dealer network, PacLease, PACCAR<br />

Financial and PACCAR Parts and Aftersales to<br />

assist customers with any queries.<br />

Punters will also have a chance to meet<br />

with PACCAR Australia’s management teams<br />

and engineering experts, who work tirelessly<br />

to deliver the best road transport solutions for<br />

Australian businesses.<br />

There will be lots more on show so make<br />

sure you make your way to the PACCAR<br />

Australia stand at the show this year.<br />




A customised trailer solution<br />

Graham Lusty Trailers specialises in aluminium trailers built for the Australian market<br />

GRAHAM LUSTY TRAILERS brings you the<br />

most innovative and beautifully-crafted<br />

Australian-made trailers. The Lusty<br />

team has over 100 years’ combined<br />

experience in the aluminium trailer industry,<br />

and with this experience comes the know-how<br />

and knowledge that all customers have<br />

different needs.<br />

“We know our customers and listen to<br />

what they require,” company CEO Graham<br />

Lusty says.<br />

“Everyone needs something a little different,<br />

whether it’s a little bit of extra volume, extra<br />

safety features or just something aesthetic<br />

to suit their style. We customise our trailers<br />

based on the needs of the customer.”<br />

This year at the <strong>Brisbane</strong> <strong>Truck</strong> <strong>Show</strong>,<br />

Graham Lusty Trailers will have a number<br />

of chassis tippers on display. They come in<br />

a range of sizes and styles, with a range of<br />

tarping systems including manual, electric<br />

or hydraulic roll over, electric retractable and<br />

hydraulic one-piece lids.<br />

Known for being some of the lightest<br />

combinations on the Australian market,<br />

the chassis tippers’ low tare weights help<br />

customers achieve greater profits, the<br />

company notes.<br />

“Our selection of materials, designs and<br />

methods of fabrication give our customers<br />

an industry-leading low tare trailer with<br />

exceptional strength. All designed to help<br />

our customers transport more product,”<br />

Graham Lusty says.<br />

Not only are Graham Lusty Trailers some of<br />

the lightest trailers on the road, they are some<br />

of the safest, with the best quality suspension,<br />

axles and hoists available combined with<br />

electronic breaking systems and roll<br />

STAND<br />

47<br />

FOYER<br />

stability, the company adds. In-cabin controls,<br />

air grain locks, hydraulic diverters and electric<br />

tarps also help improve the safety conditions<br />

for drivers.<br />

Order books are filling fast, with 2021<br />

proving to be another busy year for Graham<br />

Lusty Trailers. As production grows, one thing<br />

is evidently clear – the team continues to be<br />

passionate about building trailers.<br />

Chief business officer Fiona Lusty<br />

explains that the Lusty team is the<br />

reason behind Graham Lusty Trailers’<br />

success.<br />

“We select our team very carefully. To<br />

achieve the level of quality we aspire to,<br />

we need to have the very best people. Our<br />

team are passionate, customer-driven and feel<br />

a sense of pride when drivers come to collect<br />

a customer’s trailer,” she says.<br />

Every trailer is built in <strong>Brisbane</strong> and to<br />

Australian Design Rules standards, to handle<br />

harsh Australian conditions.<br />

Graham Lusty Trailers’ performance-based<br />

standards experts will find the best solution<br />

for you, to help you transport more product.<br />

LEFT: Graham Lusty Trailers supplies industry-leading<br />

low tare trailer with exceptional strength<br />



Our products are reliable. To ensure that<br />

promise, our scales come with a 3-year<br />

warranty. Our customer’s satisfaction<br />

is most important to our company<br />

and we pride ourselves in our<br />

unparalleled customer service.<br />

Right Weigh’s digital exterior Blue<br />

Tooth gauge is now OBM Type A Certified!<br />

Monitor on-ground weight without leaving your cab.<br />

Send weight via email or SMS. Also has overweight alerts.<br />


Maximise load capacity and save<br />

money on commercial fees, out-ofroute<br />

mileage and overweight fines.<br />


No more detours to commercial ground<br />

scales. The days of waiting in line to<br />

rework and weigh your loads are over.<br />


Remove the guess work out of driving<br />

and maintaining legal weights.<br />


Installation of Right Weigh load scales<br />

in a simple three-step process and<br />

calibration is quick and easy.<br />

Also available<br />


Smart <strong>Truck</strong> Solutions<br />

Leigh: 0418 622 840 | leigh@rwlsau.com.au<br />

Jarrod: 0488 130 481 | jarrod@rwlsau.com.au<br />




Daimler <strong>Truck</strong>s hosts innovation station<br />

The first all-electric truck available in Australia, the smartest cab-over and the<br />

most advanced conventional truck you can buy<br />

DAIMLER TRUCKS and its vast dealer<br />

network can provide solutions to any<br />

transport requirements across all<br />

segments with its Mercedes-Benz,<br />

Freightliner and Fuso brands.<br />

Whether it be a Canter tipper for a local<br />

landscaper, an Actros B-double line-haul truck<br />

or a Cascadia fuel tanker, Daimler <strong>Truck</strong>s has<br />

products for every major segment in Australia.<br />

Even better, customers benefit from<br />

the engineering might of Daimler, which<br />

invests billions of dollars in research and<br />

development every year to stay at the front of<br />

the pack.<br />

Daimler <strong>Truck</strong>s is a pioneer of Euro 6 (and<br />

equivalent) emissions technology in Australia,<br />

delivering improved fuel economy and<br />

reduced emissions across a wide range of<br />

applications since 2016.<br />

Safety is also at the forefront, with<br />

advanced emergency braking systems<br />

(AEBS) technology, which can<br />

automatically brake in emergencies<br />

without driver input, available across all<br />

segments.<br />

Daimler has also rolled out a raft of<br />

technology to aid drivers, including smart<br />

shifting automated transmissions, adaptive<br />

cruise control, improved cabin refinement and<br />

smart displays and controls.<br />

Beyond the metal, Daimler <strong>Truck</strong>s is also<br />

leading the pack when it comes to lowering<br />

the cost of ownership and helping customers<br />

get the most out of their trucks.<br />

Mercedes-Benz<br />

Actros (MB-43)<br />

Freightliner<br />

Cascadia digital<br />

dashboard<br />

STAND<br />

41<br />

FOYER<br />

It first introduced scheduled<br />

servicing plans in Australia back<br />

in 1979 and continues to support its<br />

customers with factory-trained technicians<br />

using genuine parts.<br />

FUSO<br />

There is no better way to celebrate 50 years<br />

of Canter than presenting Australia’s first<br />

all-electric production truck, the eCanter. The<br />

1969 Canter, which was actually sold with a<br />

Dodge badge on the nose, is worlds away from<br />

the near-silent eCanter, which emits zero<br />

local emissions and makes almost no sound<br />

as it leads us all into an exciting new world of<br />

electric freight transport.<br />

Also making its public debut is the Euro<br />

6 Fighter medium-duty, which has been<br />

upgraded with AEBS and lane departure<br />

warning system. It also features a new Euro<br />

6 emission rating, well ahead of the current<br />

Euro 5 requirement. The advanced Shogun<br />

eCanter electric truck<br />

heavy-duty truck is also on hand, with a new<br />

360 model recently added to the range.<br />


The Cascadia, the most advanced conventional<br />

truck in Australia is front and centre. With a full<br />

suite of safety technology and the only driver<br />

airbag in the class, the Cascadia sets a new<br />

bar for safety. It is so advanced it can use GPS<br />

technology to advise the truck when to shift<br />

gears for optimum fuel economy.<br />

Making its debut is the optional electronic<br />

dashboard, which consists of two massive<br />

screens (12-inches [30.5cm] and 10-inches<br />

[25cm]), which set a new standard for<br />

conventional truck interfaces, Daimler says.<br />

These high-resolution screens deliver a<br />

truckload of information and controls with a<br />

system that could be at home in the latest<br />

luxury vehicles, while retaining hard buttons<br />

for the must-have controls, such as climate<br />

control and audio volume.<br />


A truck that actively keeps itself in its lane will<br />

be part of the Mercedes-Benz experience in<br />

<strong>Brisbane</strong>. Equipped with level-two automation,<br />

several Actros units are currently being<br />

validated in harsh Australian conditions.<br />

One of these trucks has just participated in<br />

the Great Australian Drive. It is also equipped<br />

with fuel-saving innovations including<br />

predictive powertrain control, which uses GPS<br />

data for optimal gear changes and selects<br />

neutral to coast when safe. Telemetry from the<br />

truck will reveal the amount of ‘free kilometres’<br />

this coasting delivers and will be sure to get<br />

your attention. This technology, along with long<br />

service intervals and proven durability, helps<br />

customers drive down running costs.<br />

Mercedes-Benz will also reveal a major<br />

upgrade for its rigid range, which now comes<br />

with safety pack on all variants.<br />




Proven reliability for 40 years<br />

Bruce Rock Engineering (BRE) is renowned for quality road transport solutions<br />

BUILDING ON 40 YEARS of manufacturing<br />

expertise in the transport industry, BRE<br />

has come out swinging again after a<br />

remarkably successful 2020.<br />

With sustained demand for BRE’s unique<br />

transport equipment, 2020 left the company<br />

little time to celebrate its 40th anniversary<br />

and the company’s significant achievements<br />

since its 1980 inception, it says.<br />

Demonstrating that it is people, not just<br />

products, who make the Australian transport<br />

industry great, BRE will field its complete<br />

sales design and quality team at the<br />

2021 <strong>Brisbane</strong> <strong>Truck</strong> <strong>Show</strong>.<br />

<strong>Truck</strong>s <strong>Show</strong> visitors can join the<br />

BRE staff on hand to look over familiar<br />

flagship equipment as well as discuss<br />

their own trailing gear requirements.<br />

A popular crowd favourite, the BRE stand<br />

will have something for everyone, with its<br />

Evolution side tipper trailer gear and the new<br />

Cold Core roll back freezer van breaking cover<br />

to a national audience.<br />

Completing the line-up will be a custom<br />

drop deck unit sporting some new features,<br />

as well as BRE’s renowned lightweight road<br />

train dolly constructed from SSAB Strenx<br />

high-tensile material.<br />

The company’s expansion in the<br />

performance-based standards (PBS)<br />

arena continues to strengthen, with niche<br />

mine-to-port configurations delivering<br />

sustained reliability and performance benefits<br />

to all stakeholders, it explains.<br />

A wide variety of PBS and custom trailer<br />

solutions are available from simple A doubles<br />

up to 60-metre multi-trailer combinations and<br />

everything inbetween.<br />

BRE’s clients understand the company’s<br />

philosophy, explains managing director<br />

Damion Verhoogt.<br />

STAND<br />

136<br />

FOYER<br />

“We have a proud history of 40 years in<br />

Australian manufacturing that has produced<br />

enduring client loyalty on the back of<br />

innovative designs and quality finished<br />

equipment,” Verhoogt says.<br />

“Our continued investment in infrastructure<br />

and personnel to support our growth will<br />

ensure our customers are well supported for<br />

success in Australia’s diverse and demanding<br />

transport applications.”<br />

To learn more about BRE trailer products,<br />

visit the team during the show or head to<br />

brucerockengineering.com.au.<br />

A wide variety of PBS<br />

and custom trailer<br />

solutions are available<br />




• PBS specialists<br />

• Deck wideners and extendables<br />

• Skel trailers<br />

• End tippers, bulk and TaREX quarry bodies<br />

• Evolution side tippers • Wabash National refrigerated and dry vans<br />

• Road train dollies<br />

• Etnyre live bottom trailers<br />

• Flat tops, drop decks<br />


Ensure your ticket registration is correct<br />



NHVR<br />

Building a safer, more productive<br />

heavy vehicle industry<br />

The National Heavy Vehicle Regulator (NHVR) is looking forward to catching up with<br />

drivers, operators and executives at this year’s <strong>Brisbane</strong> <strong>Truck</strong> <strong>Show</strong>, to reflect on the<br />

challenges of 2020 and discuss future safety and productivity opportunities<br />

<strong>Truck</strong> <strong>Show</strong> is always a great<br />

opportunity for us to connect<br />

with the heavy vehicle industry,”<br />

“The<br />

NHVR CEO Sal Petroccitto says.<br />

“And this year there’s a lot to talk about,<br />

with the Heavy Vehicle National Law<br />

(HVNL) under review and new technology<br />

changing the way we work.<br />

“If you’ve got a question or suggestion<br />

for the NHVR, make sure you visit our<br />

stand and say hi to our team. We’re always<br />

ready to listen and help.”<br />

The NHVR has recently proposed a<br />

number of changes to the HVNL, which is<br />

being reviewed by the National Transport<br />

Commission.<br />

“The law should be simpler and more<br />

flexible, with rules that support operators<br />

that invest in safety and manage risk,”<br />

Petroccitto says.<br />

“We also want to make it easier for the<br />

industry to introduce and operate more<br />

performance-based standards (PBS)<br />

vehicles, including moving mature<br />

designs to the prescriptive fleet and<br />

streamlining approval processes.”<br />

Fatigue management is another<br />

key topic for drivers, operators and the<br />

broader supply chain when meeting with<br />

the NHVR.<br />

“We know fatigue distraction detection<br />

technology (FDDT) is a game changer in<br />

better managing individual driver fatigue,<br />

which is why we’re leading an FDDT pilot<br />

involving 12 operators,” Petroccitto<br />

explains.<br />

“We’re also encouraging drivers<br />

and operators to use NHVR-approved<br />

electronic work diaries, which enable<br />

drivers to record their work hours at<br />

the touch of a button, rather than spending<br />

time ruling lines and counting multiple<br />

STAND<br />

106<br />

FOYER<br />

time periods on pieces of paper.”<br />

Petroccitto says that NHVR staff<br />

will also be running fatigue choices<br />

sessions throughout the <strong>Truck</strong> <strong>Show</strong><br />

to highlight the flexibility on offer to<br />

help operators and drivers manage<br />

their fatigue outcomes.<br />

“If you want to take part, just talk to the<br />

NHVR team on the exhibition floor and<br />

arrange a session,” he adds.<br />

“We’ll also have experts on site to<br />

address a range of topics including<br />

access permits, vehicle standards,<br />

Chain of Responsibility, accreditation,<br />

PBS and more.<br />

“We want to hear your thoughts and<br />

ideas about how we can help create<br />

a safer, more productive industry for<br />

everyone.<br />

“I look forward to catching up with<br />

everyone at the show.”<br />


Making it easier to do business<br />


ACCESS<br />








BASED<br />


MANAGE<br />

YOUR<br />


MANAGE<br />

YOUR<br />


www.nhvr.gov.au<br />




Forging ahead<br />

Holmwood Highgate: Australia’s #1 in<br />

bulk fluid transfer<br />

Holmwood Highgate has 71 years of<br />

expertise in bulk liquid handling<br />

HOLMWOOD HIGHGATE has always put quality as the primary<br />

discriminator of its product in the market. This has remained<br />

consistent throughout its 71-year history.<br />

Whilst Covid-19 has been a challenge for the industry,<br />

it has certainly seen a move away from the uncertainty and<br />

gamble of procuring low cost, poor quality imports.<br />

This, coupled with an industry looking to support local<br />

manufacturers, has seen Holmwood Highgate’s order book<br />

thrive in both commercial and military products in 2021.<br />

Holmwood Highgate designs and manufactures in Australia. It is<br />

supported by equally dedicated and innovative suppliers and their<br />

focus is testament to why the Australian transport sector is thriving.<br />

STAND<br />

46<br />

FOYER<br />

Holmwood Highgate says it feels proud to be part of this recovery.<br />

This year will see Holmwood Highgate deliver a fleet of aviation<br />

tankers to the NZ Crown and Land 121 5b to the Australian Defence<br />

Force, as well as orders from its commercial clients, including<br />

IOR, Evans Petroleum, Ron Finemore Transport, Lowes<br />

Petroleum, Croker’s Fuel & Oil, Fulton Hogan Transport and<br />

Downers.<br />

Holmwood Highgate continues to be the country’s #1 in<br />

bulk liquid transport, it states. Come and have a chat about<br />

your business needs and, with Holmwood Highgate’s expertise,<br />

produce what you need here in Australia, to the highest standards<br />

and a quality that optimises your through-life cost.<br />

Full range of tankers & equipment for the<br />

Road Tanker Industry, Local Government,<br />

Aviation & Military<br />

Designed and built in Australia for Australian conditions!<br />

See us<br />

at Hall 2<br />

Stand 46<br />

Visit www.holmwoodhighgate.com.au<br />

to see the wide variety of equipment we design and build!<br />

QUEENSLAND: (07) 3440 9000<br />

20-26 Burchill St, Loganholme QLD 4129<br />

VICTORIA: (03) 9936 0360<br />

425 Fitzgerald Road, Derrimut VIC 3030<br />

BTS-HH-5189529--2021<br />

Together we can help stop the spread<br />



TRUCKTOOLS is a family-owned and -run<br />

business based in Melbourne that specialises<br />

in truck and heavy industry service tools and<br />

workshop equipment.<br />

<strong>Truck</strong>tools’ range continues to expand with<br />

new innovative products, which contributes<br />

significantly to the loss of overall downtime on<br />

truck maintenance and, above all, makes the<br />

job effortless and safer for end user, it says.<br />


Providing the best quality tools, nation-wide<br />

You’re in safe hands with heavy vehicle tools and equipment from <strong>Truck</strong>tools<br />

The company is the preferred national<br />

the whole of Australia with an online<br />

tool supplier for Capricorn and is a<br />

STAND store and a fully stocked warehouse<br />

member of Heavy Vehicle Industry<br />

near the Princes Freeway. Pick-up is<br />

Australia. It provides high-quality 172 available at the warehouse, with parking<br />


service by sourcing quality products on<br />

space for semi-trailers.<br />

time and, with a 12-month guarantee<br />

Drop by stand 172 on the Mezzanine<br />

on all of its products, peace of mind for<br />

at BTS, call the <strong>Truck</strong>tools sales team on 1800<br />

customers.<br />

000 561 or 03 9703 2000, or visit the website<br />

With over 15 years in business, it services www.trucktools.com.au.<br />

ww<br />



Australia’s Largest Speciality<br />

<strong>Truck</strong> Tool Supplier.<br />

The Right Tool For The Right Job.<br />

Products To Keep Your<br />

Investment On The Road.<br />

www.trucktools.com.au<br />

www.trucktools.com.au<br />

FREE<br />



FREE<br />

AND<br />


BLOCKS<br />

AND<br />


Woven Rolls ASBESTOS<br />

BLOCKS<br />

Moulded LININGS RollsAND FREE<br />

BLOCKS<br />

Woven Rolls<br />

Disc ● Woven Rotors Rolls ● LININGS<br />

Moulded Rolls<br />

Brake Drums<br />

<br />

● Disc Rotors ● AND<br />

Clutch Facings<br />

Brake Disc Rotors Drums<br />

Brake Drums<br />

● Clutch Facings ●<br />

Riveting BLOCKS<br />

Disc Clutch Pads Facings<br />

machines<br />

● Riveting machines Riveting<br />

Woven machines Rolls<br />

Disc<br />

Car,<br />

Pads<br />

<strong>Truck</strong>, Bus<br />

Moulded and Disc Pads Rolls<br />

Disc Rotors<br />

Car,<br />

Australia’s Largest Specialty <strong>Truck</strong> Tool Supplier. The Right Tool For The Commercial <strong>Truck</strong>,<br />

Right Job. Vehicle<br />

Car, Brake <strong>Truck</strong>, Drums<br />

Products To Keep Your Investment On The Road. Huge Range - Best Prices - Best Service - Australia Wide Delivery<br />

<br />

Bus and<br />

Bus Clutch and Facings<br />

Brake Lining Specialist<br />

<br />

Commercial Commercial<br />

Riveting<br />

machines<br />

Australia’s Largest Specialty Vehicle<br />


<strong>Truck</strong> Brake& TECHNICAL Vehicle<br />

Disc Pads Brake<br />

INFORMATION PHONE: Tool Supplier. Lining The Righ<br />



Lining<br />

TOOLS 02 Road. • 9774 SPECIALLY 3033 HAND TOOLS Huge Range<br />

Car, Specialist <strong>Truck</strong>,<br />

- Best Price<br />

a<br />

Specialist Bus and<br />

Ph: 1800 000 561 or 03 9703 2000 Email: info@trucktools.com.au DISTRIBUTORS FOR PRICES & & TECHNICAL<br />

Huge Range - Best Prices - Best Service - Quality Products<br />

1800 000 561 - AUSTRALIA WIDE SERVICE<br />

Warehouse Pick-up available subject to prior arrangement<br />


Warehouse location<br />


Australian owned<br />

and operated<br />

a<br />

www.trucktools.com.au<br />

Phone 03 9703 2000<br />

Frecall 1800 000 561<br />

info@trucktools.com.au<br />


TARO<br />

Fax: (02) 9774 3044<br />

www.taro.com.au<br />

Commercial<br />


FOR PRICES & & TECHNICAL Vehicle 02 9774 3033<br />


PHONE:<br />

02 9774 PTY. 3033<br />

LTD. Lining TARO<br />

Specialist<br />


TARO<br />

PADSTOW, NSW 2211<br />

PTY. LTD.<br />




Street TOOLS • AXLE / H<br />


• BRAKE/ STEERING/ Padstow, 9774 3033<br />


(02) 9774 3011<br />

Unit 3/92, Bryant Street TARO Sales Phone:<br />

Ph: 1800 000 561 or 03 9703 2000 Email: in<br />

Padstow, Fax: (02) NSW 9774 2211 3044 DISTRIBUTORS<br />

(02) 9774 3011<br />

PTY. Fax: (02) LTD. 9774 3044<br />

Sales www.taro.com.au<br />

Phone:<br />

www.taro.com.au<br />

Unit 3/92, Bryant Street<br />

(02) 9774 3011<br />

Padstow, NSW 2211<br />

Sales Phone:<br />

(02) 9774 3011<br />

Fax: (02) 9774 3044<br />

www.taro.com.au<br />

Empower Your Sales Teams to<br />

Become More Effective<br />

Create a Better Customer Experience<br />

You know that every sales interaction with potential customers is vitally important.<br />

Increase Sales Performance<br />

Sales teams are increasingly looking for quotation solutions that will move beyond<br />

basic functionality to shorten deal cycle times, increase sales conversions and<br />

improve order accuracy.<br />

ATN-QV-5165019-TS-415<br />

SEE US<br />

AT STAND<br />

Plaza<br />

241<br />

Read more and discover how at: www.cincom.com.au.<br />

About Cincom<br />

Cincom Australia is a leading software solutions specialist. We have been operating<br />

in Australia and New Zealand for over 45 years. Cincom supports the supply chain<br />

industry including material handling and commercial and specialty vehicles.<br />

©2021 Cincom Systems, Inc. All Rights Reserved.<br />

Reduce Cost<br />

That’s where Cincom CPQ comes in. Cincom CPQ guides them through each<br />

stage of the quoting process and presents the best options in terms of product<br />

mix, profitability and price to prospects to enable you to maximise the revenue<br />

opportunity of each deal at the speed that the market demands.<br />

Enable Growth<br />

Ultimately, firms can leverage Cincom CPQ to improve the overall customer<br />

experience for buyers and sellers.<br />

BTS stand number: Plaza 331<br />



Load bearer<br />

The intelligent and compact<br />

power distribution<br />

E-T-A<br />

The SCS200<br />

allows realisation<br />

of predictive<br />

maintenance and<br />

load management<br />

to save energy<br />


intelligent power distribution board with CAN<br />

connection and integral load current and<br />

voltage measurement is the ideal solution STAND<br />

for vehicle and machine manufacturers who<br />

249<br />

design innovative products and need to handle<br />

PLAZA<br />

an ever-growing number of loads, E-T-A<br />

explains. It allows decentralised control and<br />

monitoring of loads via the CAN bus.<br />

Unlike conventional competitive power distribution<br />

systems, the SCS200 allows realisation of<br />

predictive maintenance and load management to<br />

save energy. In addition, the CAN bus connection<br />

helps significantly reduce wiring time, E-T-A<br />

says.<br />

The design features a pcb-based power distribution<br />

in a compact IP67 enclosure. The SCS200 modules are<br />

plug-and-play solutions. Diagnostic capabilities (load<br />

current, voltage, load protection, status) and integral<br />

CAN connection ensure reliability and connectivity at<br />

the same time. The SCS200 is designed for the use in<br />

construction machinery, agricultural machinery and<br />

special vehicles.<br />

For further information contact E-T-A<br />

ElectroTechnical Applications on 02 9726 3011 or visit<br />

www.e-t-a.com.au<br />

“The ideal solution for vehicle and<br />

machine manufacturers who design<br />

innovative products and need to handle<br />

an ever-growing number of loads ”<br />

SCS Smart Control Systems - SCS200<br />

The intelligent and compact power distribution<br />

The SCS200 is an intelligent power distribution<br />

system, allowing decentralised control and<br />

monitoring of loads via the CAN bus.<br />

The design features a pcb-based power<br />

distribution in a compact IP67 enclosure.<br />

The SCS200 modules are plug-and-play<br />

solutions which help you reduce space and<br />

wiring time. Diagnostic capabilities and integral<br />

CAN connection ensure reliability and<br />

connectivity at the same time.<br />

The SCS200 was especially designed for<br />

the use in construction machinery,<br />

agricultural machinery and special vehicles.<br />

Features and benefits<br />

• Enhanced safety and load management<br />

through diagnostic functions and CAN<br />

connectivity<br />

• Space-saving and flexible installation due to<br />

compact IP 67 housing<br />

• Reduction of wiring effort through Plug&Play<br />

solution<br />

Visit our home page for<br />

more information:<br />

www.e-t-a.com.au<br />

SCS200_Ad.indd 1 17/03/2021 13:43:17<br />

Protect others and stay at home if needed<br />



TRUCKS OPERATING in service conditions<br />

that require equal amounts of mileage<br />

on the road as off the road can subject<br />

their tyres to some of the toughest<br />

operating conditions.<br />

Robustness and traction are the main<br />

tyre characteristics that are crucial in these<br />

applications. However, traction-optimised<br />

tread designs with wide grooves lead to<br />

greater levels of wear at a faster pace as well<br />

as increased fuel consumption on paved<br />

roads.<br />

For this reason, Continental’s research<br />

and development department in Hanover<br />

designed the all-new Conti CrossTrac<br />

commercial tyre range to overcome<br />

these challenges and to lead the<br />

way for a new generation of on- and<br />

off-road truck tyres.<br />

To fulfil these demanding<br />

requirements and provide the ultimate<br />

balance between on- and off-road<br />

performance, the new Conti CrossTrac tyres<br />

have been developed with an innovative<br />

tread design for excellent on- and off-road<br />

wear performance. By combining different<br />

state-of-the-art compounds for the cap<br />

and base, the new Conti CrossTrac allows<br />

Robust performance<br />


Continental Tyres – designed for challenging Australian on- and off-road applications<br />

STAND<br />

273<br />

PLAZA<br />

conflicting application requirements<br />

to be balanced out.<br />

While the base compound is<br />

optimised for low rolling resistance<br />

and high mileage, the cap compound is<br />

designed for optimum traction, outstanding<br />

robustness and impressive chip, chunk and<br />

cut resistance.<br />

The result is that the driver can manage<br />

any surface with ease. Even under hard<br />

braking manoeuvres and changes of<br />

ABOVE: The new Conti CrossTrac tyres range has been<br />

developed with an innovative tread design for excellent<br />

on- and off-road wear performance<br />

direction, Conti CrossTrac tyres never lose<br />

traction, Continental Tyres says. Thanks to<br />

their robustness, the new Conti CrossTrac<br />

tyres simply last longer.<br />

For more information, contact Continental<br />

<strong>Truck</strong> Tyres at 1300 120 120 or sales@<br />

continentaltrucktyres.com.au.<br />

150 years<br />

of delivering<br />

leading edge<br />

truck tyres to<br />

the world.<br />

ON/OFF<br />

ROAD<br />

TYRES<br />

HIGHWAY/<br />



URBAN, BUS<br />


TYRES<br />


www.continentaltrucktyres.com.au<br />



Full range<br />

Groeneveld-BEKA will be<br />

showing its automatic<br />

lubrication systems, fluid<br />

management and safety<br />

support systems<br />


part of the Timken group of companies<br />

and, as such, Groeneveld-BEKA in<br />

Australia is able to offer you the<br />

full range of both Groeneveld and BEKA<br />

branded products along with aftersales<br />

support and parts.<br />

Groeneveld-BEKA was formed through the<br />

merger of two well-established companies:<br />

Groeneveld and BEKA. Groeneveld was<br />

founded in 1971 and acquired by Timken<br />

in 2017. BEKA was founded in 1927 and<br />

acquired by Timken in late 2019. Groeneveld<br />

has also incorporated Interlube into its brand,<br />

which was acquired by Timken in 2013.<br />

Presently, Groeneveld-BEKA is the<br />

world’s second-largest producer of<br />

automatic lubrication systems, fluid<br />

management and safety support<br />

systems. Groeneveld-BEKA products<br />

improve equipment life and reliability,<br />

STAND<br />

87<br />

FOYER<br />

while reducing the total cost of ownership.<br />

Groeneveld-BEKA operates in more than<br />

40 countries worldwide and is represented<br />

by a growing number of independent<br />

distributors in many countries around<br />

the globe.<br />

Groeneveld-BEKA products are<br />

supplied for ex-factory installs to<br />

leading manufacturers of trucks, trailers,<br />


Groeneveld-BEKA states that its<br />

products improve equipment<br />

life and reliability<br />

buses, wind turbines, industrial applications,<br />

mining and construction equipment.<br />

In addition, Groeneveld-BEKA systems are<br />

installed in the aftermarket for a wide variety of<br />

on- and off-road, agricultural, port equipment<br />

and industrial applications. Groeneveld-BEKA<br />

strives to develop and manufacture all of its<br />

products in-house according to world-class<br />

manufacturing principles.<br />

SEE<br />

US AT<br />

STAND<br />

87 HALL 4<br />

1800 GREASE Info-au@groeneveld-beka.com<br />

ATN-HH-5165017-TS-415<br />


Keep 1.5m apart from others<br />



Bayswater - Vic<br />

Tel: 03 9762 8855<br />

Laverton North - Vic<br />

Tel: 03 9314 5000<br />

<strong>Brisbane</strong> - Qld<br />

Full exchange<br />

service on<br />

Steering Gears<br />

Steering Pump<br />

new, exchange<br />

and repair kits<br />

Steering shafts<br />

made to OE<br />

specifications<br />

Drag Link & Rod<br />

Ends to suit<br />

most Australian,<br />

European and<br />

North American<br />

trucks<br />

Full 12 month<br />

warranty on all<br />

products and<br />

workmanship<br />

Tel: 07 3555 8730<br />

Smithfield - NSW<br />

Tel: 02 9604 5693<br />

Perth - WA<br />

Tel: 08 9493 5885<br />





Australia’s largest<br />

range of heavy<br />

vehicle power<br />

steering products<br />

Hydrosteer’s<br />

Workshops offer<br />

same day remove<br />

and replace<br />

service on most<br />

popular<br />

steering brands<br />

SEE US AT<br />

<strong>Brisbane</strong> <strong>Truck</strong> <strong>Show</strong><br />

Stand 286 (Plaza level)<br />

www.hydrosteer.com.au | info@hydrosteer.com.au<br />

<br />

Like Hydrosteer<br />

Pty Ltd for all the<br />

latest news<br />

Hydrosteer expands<br />

its specialist range<br />

Hydrosteer has been appointed<br />

TRW commercial vehicle<br />

steering stockist<br />


STAND<br />

286<br />

PLAZA<br />

HYDROSTEER has been supplying goods and<br />

services to the heavy vehicle industry in Australia<br />

since 1981 and became a commercial vehicle stockist for<br />

steering gears, steering pumps and steering spare parts. This<br />

adds the TRW brand to Hydrosteer’s already comprehensive range,<br />

expanding its tradition of excellent service, it says.<br />

For over 30 years, Hydrosteer has been a vital link between<br />

Australia’s heavy vehicle manufacturing and maintenance industries,<br />

proving itself as the leader in heavy vehicle steering technology<br />

across the Asia Pacific region and is the focal point for heavy steering<br />

applications.<br />

Hydrosteer caters for all makes and carries Australia’s largest range<br />

of heavy vehicle power steering products, covering new and remanufactured<br />

Sheppard, Bosch, TRW and ZF steering gears, steering<br />

pumps, VIP steering wheels, Australian mitre boxes, steering slip<br />

shafts, coolers and drag link assemblies that are made to stringent OE<br />

quality specifications.<br />

Being the only ISO-accredited company in its industry, Hydrosteer<br />

says that its customers are assured of its commitment to quality.<br />

Hydrosteer says that, being Australia’s leading heavy vehicle<br />

steering specialist, it provides a ‘no argument’ unlimited kilometre<br />

and 12-month parts and labour warranty. Visit Hydrosteer at<br />

the <strong>Brisbane</strong> <strong>Truck</strong> <strong>Show</strong> stand 286 or visit the website at<br />

www.hydrosteer.com.au.<br />

Tankers to outlast your trucks<br />

Felco fibre composite tankers delivering long after they are paid out!<br />

FELCO<br />

Felco’s fibre composite tankers are fully<br />

engineered, low tare, corrosion-proof<br />

solutions working hard for innovative local<br />

councils and civil contractors, mining and<br />

earthmoving operations, and liquid fertiliser or<br />

livestock supplement suppliers.<br />

Every hour, they deliver greater payloads<br />

and uptime … but the fact that they usually<br />

outlast the trucks they are mounted on<br />

delivers a whole other ‘whole of life’ value<br />

proposition, Felco says.<br />

Innovative road watering (dust<br />

suppression) truck and trailer<br />

combinations are keeping whole<br />

crews and strategic equipment more<br />

productive for local councils and civil<br />

contractors!<br />

Dense and corrosive liquids<br />

tankers for livestock supplemental<br />

feeding, from truck and dog right up<br />

to the massive 18-axle ABB-quad<br />

road trains, move a payload of as much<br />

as 60,000 to 80,000 litres in a single drop.<br />

STAND Potable water resupply services<br />

are winning contracts due to<br />

124 the Felco tankers’ food-grade<br />

FOYER<br />

interior linings that will stop any<br />

form of algae bloom – common in<br />

plastic tanks.<br />

So, for an incredible strength to<br />

weight ratio, Felco delivers advanced<br />

fibre-composite tanker solutions that offer the<br />

ultimate whole of life value proposition!<br />

~Road Watering ~ Bulk Liquid Transport ~ Potable Water Resupply<br />

www.felco.net.au 07 4630 2213<br />



The highest quality<br />

FOR 36 YEARS, Karmot has been at the forefront of the<br />

hydraulic workshop equipment industry, offering leading<br />

insights into the products most essential to running a<br />

successful, efficient and safe workshop.<br />

This dedication to the industry over the last three-and-a-half<br />

decades has meant the Karmot brand has become synonymous<br />

with the highest quality of products, it says.<br />

Working closely with the Australian Automotive Aftermarket<br />

Association (AAAA), Australian Standards and now the<br />

National Heavy Vehicle Regulator allows Karmot to keep<br />

the finger on the pulse of the industry and enact<br />

improvements for all of the users of the equipment<br />

available for sale.<br />

KARMOT<br />

Karmot’s range of brands covers a wide range of hydraulic workshop equipment<br />

Karmot is headed by David Hutchins, a founding member of<br />

the AAAA, who brings to the industry a wealth of knowledge and<br />

guidance from his 50+ years of experience.<br />

Hutchins’ dedication has taken him across the globe to choose<br />

the right products to offer the Australian market, ensuring<br />

that each and every product is tested and meets stringent and<br />

exacting standards and quality.<br />

Some of Karmot’s offerings include:<br />

• Lifetech is a brand developed by Karmot, with every item<br />

carefully selected to offer customers a range of options and<br />

quality products<br />

• Ritch is a brand owned by Karmot, originally as an Australianmade<br />

product. It has now expanded to include some of the<br />

heavy-duty range that Karmot now offers. Many of the products<br />

in the Ritch range are still Australian-made today<br />

• Karmot has been importing Masada products for more than 30<br />

years. The Japanese-built product has always been considered<br />

to be reliable and of the highest quality<br />

• Karmot has been working with the Stenhoj brand for over 20<br />

years selling, installing and servicing its range of hoists<br />

•<br />

Karmot has a long-term relationship with Sherpa<br />

Autodiagnostic, offering the Australian market an easy-to-use<br />

and reliable brake and suspension checking solution. Sherpa<br />

STAND Autodiagnostic’s mobile brake and suspension test unit –<br />

essential workshop equipment – will be displayed on the<br />

18 Karmot stand 18 located on the Concourse.<br />

FOYER<br />

LEFT: Sherpa Autodiagnostic’s mobile brake and suspension test unit<br />

Workshop equipment<br />

<br />

MORE<br />




Part Number DRH1<br />

Working Load Limit 90kg<br />


JACK<br />

Part Number YHUJ1500CN<br />

Working Load Limit 1,500kg<br />



Part Number YM1000D<br />

Working Load Limit 10,000kg<br />


Don’t forget to register your ticket<br />



ZF truck technology<br />

At the 2021 <strong>Brisbane</strong> <strong>Truck</strong> <strong>Show</strong>, ZF Services<br />

Australia will showcase the latest products for<br />

the commercial vehicle industry from<br />

ZF and its family of brands<br />


TAKING CENTRE STAGE will be ZF’s TraXon,<br />

the world’s first modular transmission,<br />

which is increasingly selected as original<br />

equipment by commercial vehicle<br />

manufacturers, ZF says.<br />

Light, strong and intelligent, TraXon mates a<br />

basic high-tech automatic transmission with<br />

various setting-off and shift modules.<br />

TraXon offers fuel savings through<br />

its use of operational efficiencies and<br />

refined driving experience, throughout<br />

its GPS-based connectivity.<br />

Arguably one of the most technically<br />

advanced truck transmissions in the world,<br />

says ZF, TraXon was further enhanced in<br />

2018 by the addition of an optional predictive<br />

maintenance function that continually<br />

monitors vehicle operation.<br />

This technology offers fleet operators<br />

the capability of monitoring the condition<br />

of components such as transmission oil or<br />

clutch discs, via the Cloud.<br />

Maintenance can thus be planned<br />

proactively, which in turn could shorten<br />

vehicle downtimes and avoid stranded<br />

vehicles. This has the potential to also reduce<br />

costs and extend the transmission’s service<br />

life at the same time.<br />

With the new predictive maintenance<br />

function, ZF is preparing its successful<br />

modular transmission TraXon for a digital<br />

future in the commercial vehicle industry.<br />

WABCO<br />

ZF Services Australia will also showcase<br />

the latest products from Wabco, the newest<br />

addition to the ZF family.<br />

Displayed will be Wabco’s latest trailer<br />

electronic braking systems (TEBS) along with a<br />

range of accessory systems packaged under<br />

the Intelligent Trailer <strong>Program</strong> (ITP) banner.<br />

Wabco’s TEBS and ITP systems not only<br />

increase trailer safety and stability, but offer<br />

STAND<br />

78<br />

FOYER<br />

rich data and connectivity solutions that<br />

improve fleet’s operations and efficiency.<br />

The acquisition of Wabco was a strategic<br />

decision by ZF as part of its Next Generation<br />

Mobility strategy to develop and deliver<br />

technology solutions that make cars and<br />

commercial vehicles see, think and act in order<br />

to reduce emissions and increase road safety.<br />


Another focus for ZF this year will be its<br />

aftermarket component lines, with displays<br />

focusing on its product brands, Lemförder,<br />

Sachs and TRW.<br />

Lemförder chassis and steering components<br />

can be used as direct replacements, or to<br />

up-spec trucks to increase payloads, reduce<br />

fuel consumption and optimise driver<br />

dynamics.<br />

Sachs shock absorbers are manufactured<br />

to original-equipment specifications and fit a<br />

wide range of trucks and commercial vehicles,<br />

plus trailers, and there’s even a range of units<br />

to suspend the driver’s cab.<br />

Also showcased will be the TRW range of<br />

steering and suspension components.<br />


ZF’s remanufacturing capabilities will also<br />

be highlighted, with ZF Services Australia<br />

offering the market a range of ‘remanufactured’<br />

“ZF’s remanufacturing capabilities will<br />

also be highlighted ”<br />

truck transmissions – all finished to ‘as<br />

new’ original-equipment standards.<br />

‘Reborn’ components such as<br />

transmissions, axles and clutches are<br />

restored using the same manufacturing<br />

production processes utilised in their original<br />

manufacture.<br />

In its remanufacturing process, ZF uses<br />

between 50 and 90 per cent less material<br />

than the production of equivalent new units,<br />

which in turn provides a benefit in reduced<br />

manufacturing energy consumption and CO2<br />

emissions of around 90 per cent.<br />

Globally, ZF brings over 100 years’<br />

experience to the automotive industry and<br />

considers itself to a reputable and reliable<br />

partner through the entire life cycle of its<br />

products.<br />

ZF is the world’s leading integrated systems<br />

provider for commercial vehicle technology<br />

and is well positioned to capitalise on future<br />

demand for autonomous, efficient and<br />

connected commercial vehicles and to create<br />

long-term value and security for its customers.<br />

Visit ZF Services Australia at stand number<br />

78 in Hall 2.<br />

TOP: ZF’s TraXon, the world’s first modular transmission,<br />

will take centre stage on the ZF Services Australia stand<br />

ABOVE: ZF Services Australia will display the latest<br />

products from Wabco, the newest addition to the ZF<br />

family, including the latest Trailer Electronic Braking<br />

Systems (TEBS)<br />

LEFT: ZF Services Australia will showcase the latest<br />

products for the commercial vehicle industry from ZF and<br />

its family of brands at the 2021 <strong>Brisbane</strong> <strong>Truck</strong> <strong>Show</strong><br />


ZF. For parts<br />

you can trust.<br />

Visit us<br />

at the <strong>Brisbane</strong><br />

<strong>Truck</strong> <strong>Show</strong><br />

13th–16th May<br />

Foyer 078<br />

Innovative solution. OE quality. German technology.<br />

With a comprehensive range of products for commercial vehicles, our reliable product brands ZF, LEMFÖRDER,<br />

SACHS, TRW and WABCO represent the best quality and dependable service. Visit zf.com<br />

Brake components<br />

Cabin dampers and<br />

shock absorbers<br />

Clutch components<br />

Transmission oils<br />

and components<br />

Brake callipers<br />

Brake discs<br />

Dryer<br />

Cartridges<br />

Brake pads<br />

DMF<br />

Disc Cover Releaser<br />

Lay shaft<br />

ZF Ecofluid<br />

newSmartBoard<br />

Planet carrier<br />

TEBS-E<br />

iEBS<br />

Pressure filter<br />

and inserts<br />

ZF Ecosplit<br />

Steering and suspension<br />

components<br />

Electric driveline<br />

ZF TraXon<br />

ZF AS Tronic<br />

Drive axle<br />

Transmission and<br />

axle parts<br />

<strong>Truck</strong> & Trailer<br />

Telematics<br />



Everything you need<br />

Moore Trailers is showing its wide range of<br />

tipper trailers at the <strong>Brisbane</strong> <strong>Truck</strong> <strong>Show</strong><br />


Proudly Australian-owned and operated, Moore Trailers<br />

focuses on having a close-knit family dynamic<br />

AMAJOR EXPANSION has been occurring<br />

at Moore Trailers – a 33-year-old proud<br />

family-owned and operated Australian<br />

company.<br />

Situated in Pittsworth, near Toowoomba,<br />

Moore Trailers is a name that is synonymous<br />

with reliability and injects a lot into the<br />

Australian economy.<br />

The company employs 90 people and sells<br />

its trailers Australia-wide.<br />

A new 15,000-square-metre factory next<br />

to its current premises has been built by the<br />

company. Construction began in early 2017<br />

and is now in the final stages of completion.<br />

The new state-of-the-art facility will house<br />

all of Moore’s current production facilities<br />

under one roof – streamlining all of its<br />

production processes.<br />

“We are always looking at improving<br />

productivity and this will nearly double our<br />

production and give us the opportunity<br />

to broaden our product range,” company<br />

spokesman Shayne Moore says.<br />

Moore explains that Moore Trailers’<br />

range of tippers is still popular more<br />

than three decades after the company<br />

commenced operation in 1988.<br />

“We build anywhere from 100 to 200<br />

of our tippers a year for clients in every corner<br />

of the country,” he says.<br />

“Being a very seasonally-demanded<br />

product, we have, in some years, had to turn<br />

a lot of potential customers away due to a<br />

lack of production capacity. Now, once our<br />

new facility is operational, we should be well<br />

equipped to meet this demand.”<br />

A wide range of Moore’s trailers will be on<br />

display at the 2021 <strong>Brisbane</strong> <strong>Truck</strong> <strong>Show</strong>,<br />

including bulk tippers, dropdeck-wideners and<br />

converter dollies.<br />

The company has one of the broadest range<br />

of products of all Australian manufacturers<br />

98<br />

STAND<br />

126<br />

FOYER<br />

– providing diversity for a broad market, it<br />

states.<br />

More and more progressive farmers are<br />

value adding to their products by delivering<br />

their valuable grain in Moore Trailers, it adds.<br />

With increases to on-farm storage,<br />

customers have the ability to sell and deliver<br />

products all year round, achieving optimal<br />

gains for their seasonal efforts.<br />

In addition, increasing numbers of scrap<br />

metal recycling businesses are also turning<br />

to heavy-duty Moore scrap trailers for their<br />

volume, strength and longevity – all crucial<br />

aspects for this industry, Moore states.<br />

Moore says that there are numerous<br />

reasons why Moore Trailers are so popular<br />

and highly sought-after. Moore Trailers<br />

has decades of experience in the road<br />

transport industry to drive development and<br />

guide research. The company believes in<br />

maintaining strong communication with the<br />

end user of its products to streamline product<br />

development cycles.<br />

It also has a close-knit Aussie family<br />

dynamic that is absolutely focused on the<br />

needs of the transport industry.<br />

So, for all your transport requirements do<br />

not hesitate to come and see the friendly staff<br />

at Moore Trailers at the <strong>Brisbane</strong> <strong>Truck</strong> <strong>Show</strong>,<br />

stand 126 in the Foyer.<br />

Moore Trailers can be contacted on (07)<br />

4693 1088.<br />

“A wide range of Moore’s trailers will be on<br />

display at the 2021 <strong>Brisbane</strong> <strong>Truck</strong> <strong>Show</strong>,<br />

including bulk tippers, dropdeck-wideners<br />

and converter dollies”<br />

A new 15,000 square metre<br />

factory is nearing completion


LOADMASS is a leader in the supply and installation of<br />

on-board truck scales to the Australian truck market<br />

and the company proudly states this as it has recently<br />

gained Transport Certification Australia (TCA), smart<br />

on-board mass (OBM) Category B type approval. This has<br />

been gained using the LM300 Can-Coder Scale System<br />

developed and tested in Australia in conjunction with the<br />

manufacturer of the Loadman product in the US.<br />

The Category B approval confirms the robust design of the<br />

Loadman product, as it has met all stringent testing requirements<br />

set by TCA for both hardware and software.<br />

Loadmass can also boast that it was the first on-board scale<br />

company in Australia to receive TCA Category A type approval.<br />

The OBM type approval allows Loadmass to provide its customers<br />

seeking higher mass limits access to a scale system that is digitally<br />

connected to Smart OBM systems, allowing not only the recording<br />

of the load, but offers other safety and regulatory information for<br />

compliance purposes.<br />

Road access arrangements for higher mass, such as those<br />

relating to performance-based standards and high productivity<br />

vehicles, may require mass data information to be collected using<br />

a Smart OBM system.<br />

The Loadman LM300 system’s recent approval means its product<br />

is ideal for its customers, who will benefit from the productivity<br />

gains available. The return on investment will come back to the<br />

truck operator in a very short time.<br />

Loadmass is also the distributor for the Airtec range of on-board<br />

Smart and safe<br />


Gain peace of mind knowing that your loads are within limits with Loadmass’<br />

TCA certified scale system<br />

STAND<br />

229<br />

PLAZA<br />

“Loadmass can also boast that it was<br />

the first on-board scale company in<br />

Australia to receive TCA Category A<br />

type approval ”<br />

scales, which have recently received TCA Category B type approval.<br />

Loadmass really is the place to go for all your on-board scale<br />

solutions.<br />

As well as the TCA type approved products, Loadmass has<br />

developed its own LMA range of products specifically designed for<br />

the rigid truck market in Australia.<br />

See us at our stand 229 on the Plaza Level at the <strong>Brisbane</strong> <strong>Truck</strong><br />

<strong>Show</strong>.<br />



See you at the<br />

<strong>Brisbane</strong> <strong>Truck</strong> <strong>Show</strong><br />

Improve Productivity<br />

Eliminate Overweight Fines<br />

Maximise Payload<br />


1300 562 362<br />

Loadman LM300 Can-Coder Scale System Type Approved by TCA (Category B)<br />

This project received grant funding from the Australian Government<br />

Let’s be COVID safe together<br />



All in one place<br />

With a new integrated approach that brings together all brands under the<br />

PACCAR umbrella, PACCAR Parts Australia is all set to dazzle the stage at the 2021<br />

<strong>Brisbane</strong> <strong>Truck</strong> <strong>Show</strong><br />



display next to every truck, which not<br />

only contains the truck specifications,<br />

but also the aftermarket parts the truck<br />

has been accessorised with.”<br />


back at the <strong>Brisbane</strong> <strong>Truck</strong><br />

<strong>Show</strong> and, this year, its<br />

showcase is bigger and better<br />

than ever before. Punters will get<br />

the opportunity to browse through<br />

the extensive range of Kenworth, DAF,<br />

PACCAR Genuine and TRP aftermarket<br />

range of products at dedicated digital<br />

kiosks. Furthermore, the PACCAR<br />

Australia stand will be displaying the<br />

latest genuine parts fitted to a selection<br />

of trucks, giving visitors the opportunity<br />

to see product in-situ.<br />

“This year, the PACCAR Australia<br />

stand will feature PACCAR Parts and TRP<br />

product alongside, and fitted to, Kenworth<br />

and DAF trucks,” PACCAR Parts marketing<br />

services and business development<br />

manager Anthony Kwan says.<br />

“Previous <strong>Truck</strong> <strong>Show</strong> stands have<br />

seen a segregation of the brands in their<br />

own space. However, this time, we have<br />

taken an integrated approach where<br />

you’ll see all brands under the PACCAR<br />

Australia umbrella as an integrated and<br />

united front.<br />

“Instead of having our PACCAR parts<br />

and products in a display cabinet, we will<br />

have a selection of truck models fitted<br />

out with these parts so people can really<br />

see how they would look on a truck.<br />

“If any of the parts interest you, feel<br />

free to speak to one of our team at the<br />

stand. We’ll also have an interactive<br />

STAND<br />

40<br />

FOYER<br />


Visitors will also be able to learn more<br />

about TRP Parts, which is PACCAR Parts’<br />

in-house aftermarket parts brand that<br />

offers an ever-expanding range of reliable<br />

and quality parts catering to all makes of<br />

trucks and trailers.<br />

“The benefit of TRP over generic<br />

aftermarket products is that, being a<br />

PACCAR brand, our range goes through<br />

that same rigorous testing as you would<br />

expect from PACCAR to ensure that<br />

quality, durability and compliance is<br />

at or above industry standards,” Kwan<br />

explains.<br />

“Furthering that, and also to<br />

demonstrate our commitment to quality<br />

and ensure peace of mind for our<br />

customers, all TRP parts sold are backed<br />

by a 12-month hassle-free warranty.”<br />

Visitors can browse through the entire<br />

TRP range guide at the kiosk at the<br />

PACCAR Australia stand.<br />

TRP products are available at all<br />

59 stores in the PACCAR Parts dealer<br />

network, which includes dedicated<br />

TRP stores in Adelaide, Warrnambool,<br />

Geelong, Somerton, Pakenham and<br />

Roma and Emerald in Queensland.<br />


At the <strong>Truck</strong> <strong>Show</strong> this year, PACCAR<br />

Parts Australia will be launching<br />

the first volume of its brand new<br />

four-part trailer parts catalogue.<br />

“What’s really groundbreaking<br />

about this new trailer catalogue<br />

is that we are compiling all the most<br />

popular trailer parts brands as well as our<br />

own quality aftermarket brand, TRP, into<br />

one catalogue,” Kwan says.<br />

“Visitors can view the catalogue at<br />

our interactive stand and leave their<br />

details to get a copy the moment these<br />

catalogues become available. They’ll<br />

be hot off the press by the time of the<br />

<strong>Truck</strong> <strong>Show</strong>.”<br />

This year’s stand will feature a new<br />

PACCAR Parts genuine merchandise<br />

shop that will have on display the new<br />

Kenworth range. The shop will also be<br />

the launchpad for the new DAF range of<br />

quality genuine merchandise, which has<br />

been freshly imported from Europe.<br />

“The stylish new DAF genuine<br />

merchandise range will add a touch of<br />

class to an already classy brand,” Kwan<br />

says.<br />


“We will also have some privileges<br />

member discounts on the official<br />

merchandise, exclusively at the <strong>Brisbane</strong><br />

<strong>Truck</strong> <strong>Show</strong>. Visitors can register instantly<br />

on at a kiosk to become a PACCAR Parts<br />

Privileges member. Upon registration,<br />

Please avoid touching surfaces<br />

“We will have a<br />

selection of truck<br />

models fitted out with<br />

these parts so people<br />

can really see how<br />

they would look on<br />

a truck”<br />

they will be given a membership<br />

number and they can go straight to the<br />

merchandise shop and get access to<br />

those discounts,” Kwan explains.<br />

PACCAR Parts’ Privileges program<br />

is easy to join and offers immediate<br />

benefits. Membership is free and the<br />

Privileges card can be used at both TRP<br />

and PACCAR Parts stores. Members can<br />

log in to their online account and track<br />

the savings they’re making on the loyalty<br />

and privileges offers. Members also<br />

receive all the latest offers and view a<br />

selection of high-quality truck and trailer<br />

parts, accessories and merchandise with<br />

new discounts on a regular basis.<br />

For details about PACCAR Parts<br />

Australia, the TRP aftermarket range<br />

and the PACCAR Parts privileges program,<br />

visit stand 40 at this year’s <strong>Brisbane</strong><br />

<strong>Truck</strong> <strong>Show</strong>.<br />

OPPOSITE TOP: Visitors will be able to view PACCAR<br />

Parts’ TRP aftermarket range of products<br />

OPPOSITE BELOW: PACCAR Parts’ stand will feature a<br />

new genuine merchandise shop<br />

ABOVE: PACCAR Parts Australia will be launching the first<br />

volume of its brand new four-part trailer parts catalogue<br />



Going strong<br />

With decades of experience but an eye one the<br />

future, Hydreco Powauto is keen to show the<br />

latest developments in power take-offs (PTOs)<br />

IN A FACTORY IN GLADESVILLE, Sydney in 1959, the first Powauto<br />

PTOs were being manufactured. Sixty-two years later, PTOs are<br />

still being manufactured under the Powauto brand and are<br />

still being designed and engineered in Australia to suit the<br />

harshest Australian conditions.<br />

Since those early beginnings in Gladesville, Powauto is<br />

now owned by the multi-national Hydreco group, based out<br />

of Poole in the UK. Now operating as Hydreco Powauto, the<br />

business has expanded to incorporate a complete range<br />

of transport hydraulics, which includes PTOs to suit nearly<br />

all transmissions and applications plus a full range of pumps,<br />

valves, hoists, and oil tanks.<br />

In addition to these hydraulic items, Hydreco offers a range of<br />

complementary items, such as air and electric controls, tail gate<br />

swing and body pivot kits, and tail gate and dolly lock air cylinder<br />

kits.<br />

The Hydreco Powauto brand name has become synonymous<br />

with quality products that can withstand the toughest of<br />

applications but remain innovative with designs.<br />

As less room becomes available on trucks to fit PTOs and<br />

pumps, Hydreco has embarked on a process to reduce size and<br />

weight to make installation not only easier but therefore safer to<br />

fit as well.<br />

For instance, the new 4800 series hot shift PTO, to suit Allison<br />

transmissions, is now 22mm lower in height than the earlier<br />

STAND<br />

135<br />

FOYER<br />


“The Hydreco Powauto<br />

brand name has become synonymous<br />

with quality products that can<br />

withstand the toughest of applications ”<br />

38 series and is also 10kg lighter, while maintaining the same<br />

torque, but offering an extra three ratios. Hydreco Powauto has<br />

been represented at the <strong>Brisbane</strong> <strong>Truck</strong> <strong>Show</strong> for many years and<br />

is looking forward to this year as an opportunity to present what’s<br />

new in PTOs, valves, hoists, and controls for 2021.<br />



Making trucks safer<br />

Mobileye distributor FleetSafe will unveil the next<br />

generation in advanced driver assistance systems<br />

(ADAS) at this year’s <strong>Brisbane</strong> <strong>Truck</strong> <strong>Show</strong><br />

MOBILEYE, AN INTEL COMPANY, is a market<br />

leader in ADAS, supplying 27 car and<br />

truck manufacturers (OEM) and most<br />

Tier-1 integrators, it says.<br />

Mobileye also offers a range of aftermarket<br />

ADAS solutions, compatible with the majority<br />

of truck models, which can be retrofitted in<br />

only a few hours.<br />

New for 2021 is the Mobileye 8 Series.<br />

Powered by the latest EyeQ4 processor,<br />

Mobileye 8 is smarter, faster and<br />

more accurate than its predecessor, it<br />

says. Incorporating upgraded camera<br />

technology, Mobileye 8 sees further and<br />

wider than previous models, and is now<br />

able to detect pedestrians and cyclist at night<br />

or in low light conditions.<br />

Mobileye uses AI and computer vision to<br />

watch the road in front of the vehicle and<br />

assists the driver in preventing collisions with<br />

other vehicles, motorcycles, pedestrians and<br />

cyclists.<br />

Another safety feature is lane departure<br />

warning – helping combat the affects of<br />

fatigue and distraction and the most common<br />

STAND<br />

294<br />

PLAZA<br />

cause of single vehicle and run-off<br />

fatalities. Mobileye also reads posted<br />

and electronic speed signs, and will<br />

alert the driver when exceeding the<br />

posted speed limit.<br />

Highly anticipated and following<br />

years of development, FleetSafe, the Australian<br />

distributor of Mobileye, will also be showcasing<br />

the Spotto blind spot radar at the <strong>Truck</strong> <strong>Show</strong>.<br />

Designed and developed in Australia,<br />

for local trucks operating in local<br />

conditions, the Spotto radar uses<br />

high-frequency microwave technology<br />

to monitor the blind area along the<br />

passenger side of a truck.<br />

Scanning an area 3m x 12m into the<br />

adjacent lane and extending forward of the<br />

cabin, the Spotto radar will alert the driver<br />

when other vehicles or motorcycles are<br />

located within the detection zone.<br />

The Spotto radar uses smart algorithms to<br />

differentiate between moving and stationary<br />

objects, and will ignore unwanted objects<br />

like guard rails, barriers and parked cars,<br />

when operating at speeds above 30km/h,<br />


ABOVE: The Mobileye 8 and Spotto radar will be<br />

available to see on FleetSafe’s stand<br />

minimising false alerts, FleetSafe states.<br />

At speeds below 30km/h, the Spotto radar<br />

reduces its detection zone to 1.5m x 3m<br />

and will monitor both stationary and moving<br />

objects, including pedestrians and cyclists.<br />

This function is particularly beneficial when<br />

turning at intersections or maneuvering in<br />

the yard where the driver may not see these<br />

vulnerable road users.<br />

The Mobileye 8 and Spotto radar systems<br />

are are available directly via FleetSafe or<br />

through official resellers.<br />

Visit FleetSafe at stand #294 in the Plaza to<br />

learn more about the latest safety technologies<br />

and how you can upgrade any truck to today’s<br />

safety specs. Or speak with your local truck<br />

dealer.<br />



OF EYES<br />



TM<br />

Lane Departure Warning<br />

Forward Collision Warning<br />

Pedestrian Collision Warning<br />

Speed Limit Indication<br />

Blind Spot Monitoring<br />

Learn more<br />

fleetsafe.com.au<br />

1-800-227548<br />

Use hand sanitiser regularly<br />



TRU-SHU<br />

WITH THE RELEASE of Tru-Shu in<br />

2019, many freight operators<br />

have taken up the opportunity<br />

to keep their fleet on the road<br />

by cutting maintenance costs and<br />

eliminating some common brake defects.<br />

Do you want to join them? Reputable<br />

operators like Whiteline Transport, Stef’s<br />

Transport, Matic Transport, Diamond<br />

Bros and many others are saving money<br />

and time, Tru-Shu manufacturer ASET<br />

Services says. TMC uses Tru-Shu as<br />

original equipment on a range of its axles<br />

and therefore passes on the benefits to<br />

its customers.<br />


For too long the industry has had to put<br />

up with brake shoes that twist out the<br />

side of the drum and need premature<br />

replacing. Excluding the cost of downtime,<br />

replacing one set of brakes is in excess<br />

of $1,000 – usually closer to $1,500 as<br />

drums will need replacing when this<br />

problem occurs, ASET Services says.<br />

Although not all brakes will do this, the<br />

problem can happen on a new trailer on<br />

the first set of brakes. Braking capacity<br />

is reduced and the truck or trailer can<br />

become defective once the brake shoe<br />

is out of alignment. You only need one of<br />

your brakes to do this.<br />

In addition to unnecessary<br />

replacement, the S-Cam can come loose<br />

as a result, smashing into the drum bolts<br />

and disintegrating them.<br />

The team at ASET Services developed<br />

104<br />

More braking, less replacing<br />

Remove the headache of brake defects with the Tru-Shu solution<br />

a solution now known as Tru-Shu – a<br />

patented, tested and engineer-approved<br />

solution to a decades-old problem and a<br />

simple-to-apply, one-off remedy.<br />

For an outlay of a few hundred dollars<br />

per trailer, the problem is instantly<br />

eliminated, it explains. Not just reduced,<br />

but gone for good! Whenever brakes are<br />

replaced, the Tru-Shu will bolt back on<br />

with only the addition of new singleuse<br />

bolts.<br />

ASET Services says that this will<br />

probably be the best return on<br />

investment decision you are ever likely<br />

to make! Consider the costs that will no<br />

longer occur:<br />

• • <br />

All too common, unnecessary<br />

brake shoe replacement<br />

Frustrating downtime<br />

Disruptive major defects<br />

Occasional major damage<br />

to brakes and axles from S-Cam<br />

detachment.<br />

All this benefit for the price of a night<br />

out with the family.<br />

Even if your brakes have started<br />

to twist out the side of the drum, the<br />

application of Tru-Shu will pull them<br />

back into alignment without the need for<br />

replacing the brake shoes or drums.<br />

The shoes will bed back in and you will<br />

get maximum wear out of what is left.<br />

Putting off the decision is only costing<br />

you money, it states.<br />

Don’t wait until the problem has<br />

started. If you are familiar with this<br />

problem, you will know it is just around<br />

“Whether you have one truck or a fleet –<br />

savings are significant and the outlay is<br />

pocket money”<br />

Drop by the stand and<br />

check out the 3D model<br />

of ongoing work to<br />

improve axle design<br />

STAND<br />

175<br />


the corner. The best value is to add<br />

Tru-Shu from new or insist your new<br />

trailer comes with it as standard, ASET<br />

Services says. That way you will gain<br />

maximum usage and your brakes will be<br />

the best they can be.<br />

Whether you have one truck or a fleet<br />

– savings are significant and the outlay is<br />

pocket money.<br />


Ken, Gordon, Mitch and the rest of the<br />

team that brought you Tru-Shu have not<br />

been resting on their laurels. Buoyed<br />

by the benefits of Tru-Shu to the fleet<br />

at ASET Services and many others<br />

around the country, they have been<br />

working on a range of brake and<br />

axle products to save their own<br />

business time and money, and to<br />

pass that benefit on.<br />

The brake shoe (currently in trial) is<br />

a changeover brake shoe incorporating<br />

the benefits of Tru-Shu – no twisting<br />

and constant even wear along with other<br />

benefits such as:<br />

• <br />

• <br />

• <br />

Quick change – halve labour costs<br />

when changing brake shoes<br />

Eliminates the need to disturb sealed<br />

bearings<br />

Change over brake shoes available to<br />

cut costs and minimise waste.<br />

The brake drum (currently in trial) is<br />

self-cleaning, which quickly eliminates<br />

water, brake shoe dust, grit and even<br />

gravel, maximising brake power<br />

and leading to longer-lasting brake<br />

components.<br />

The axle (currently in development)<br />

aims to keep your trucks on the road and<br />

out of the maintenance shed. This is done<br />

by developing an axle that halves brake<br />

maintenance, minimises maintenance<br />

and keeps your mechanics free to really<br />

make improvements to your fleet.<br />

Come and see how this is done on the<br />

stand, where ASET Services has a 3D<br />

printed working model of the R&D work on<br />

this project. Some of the benefits include:<br />

• <br />

• <br />

Lubrication improvements<br />

Components interchangeable with drive<br />

axles<br />

Modular components that allow<br />

maintenance without disturbing hubs<br />

and bearings<br />

• Elimination of wear on some parts such<br />

as the axle thread<br />

• Simplification of changing wheels and<br />

tyres.<br />

Finally, a steel spring over air springs<br />

suspension is in development that aims<br />

to achieve easier maintenance and<br />

greater stability, combined with a softer<br />

ride and increased adjustability for<br />

aligning with loading docks.<br />

Come and see these new products on<br />

the Mezzanine Level, stand 175.

FROM<br />

$350 PER<br />


Winner 2019 HVIA<br />

Regional Product<br />

Innovation<br />

Award<br />

1 2 3<br />

Want to put an end to this?<br />

Tru-Shu ® attaches to new<br />

or existing brake shoe.<br />

Physically holding brake<br />

shoe in alignment<br />

A patented Australian made innovation built to<br />

revolutionise truck trailer brake maintenance.<br />

New Products!<br />


i. Self cleaning brake drum<br />

ii. Quick change tru-shu brake shoe<br />


Long-lasting Low-Maintenance axle<br />




Avoid expensive<br />

major defects<br />

Less downtime,<br />

more road-time<br />

Quicker & easier<br />

maintenance<br />

Less brake<br />

replacements<br />

Find us at and at The <strong>Brisbane</strong> <strong>Truck</strong> <strong>Show</strong> stand Mezzanine 175



Velocity boost for Daimler <strong>Truck</strong>s<br />

Daimler <strong>Truck</strong> and Bus has further strengthened its Australian dealership network with<br />

the arrival of Velocity Vehicle Group (VVG)<br />

VVG IS ONE of the largest Daimler <strong>Truck</strong>s<br />

dealership networks globally, proving<br />

its customer dedication across 38<br />

dealership locations spanning the<br />

American southwest.<br />

VVG represents only Daimler truck brands,<br />

ensuring a sharp focus on the needs of its<br />

customers at its 15 Australian dealerships.<br />

Daimler <strong>Truck</strong> and Bus president and CEO<br />

Daniel Whitehead says the arrival of VVG is<br />

a big plus for Daimler truck customers in<br />

Australia.<br />

“We are extremely pleased to work with a<br />

group that has such an incredible track<br />

record with Daimler <strong>Truck</strong>s in the United<br />

States, which consistently delivers on<br />

a core commitment to commercial<br />

vehicle customers,” he says.<br />

The arrival of VVG, which now operates<br />

dealerships in New South Wales, Victoria,<br />

<strong>Brisbane</strong>, South Australia and Western<br />

Australia, follows several key improvements<br />

for the Daimler <strong>Truck</strong> and Bus dealership<br />

network.<br />

These include the recent expansion of RGM<br />

Maintenance Daimler <strong>Truck</strong>s dealerships into<br />

Freightliner Cascadia<br />

was the first conventional<br />

truck to feature AEBS<br />


Safety is front and centre for Daimler <strong>Truck</strong>s and its Mercedes-Benz, Freightliner<br />

and Fuso brands.<br />

Fuso recently became the first manufacturer to offer advanced emergency<br />

braking system (AEBS) technology across the light-, medium- and heavy-duty truck<br />

segments with the arrival of the Euro 6 Fighter. It also fits an AEBS, among other<br />

safety technology, to its Rosa light bus, the only light bus to feature this potentially<br />

life-saving technology.<br />

AEBS helps to avoid, or mitigate, collisions with other vehicles by using a radar<br />

to monitor the road ahead and perform emergency braking in the event the driver<br />

does not.<br />

Mercedes-Benz first introduced AEBS on the Actros in 2010, while the<br />

Freightliner Cascadia was the first conventional truck to feature AEBS and a driver’s<br />

airbag from 2019. Fuso introduced AEBS as standard in the heavy-duty Shogun<br />

cab-over when it was introduced locally in the same year.<br />

Freightliner will also feature an optional seat-mounted airbag for the Cascadia<br />

model on its stand at the <strong>Brisbane</strong> <strong>Truck</strong> <strong>Show</strong>.<br />

STAND<br />

41<br />

FOYER<br />

Far North Queensland, the appointment<br />

of TriStar <strong>Truck</strong> and Bus to operate the<br />

Daimler <strong>Truck</strong>s Albury and Wagga Wagga<br />

dealerships, and new facilities for Mavin<br />

<strong>Truck</strong> Centre in Port Macquarie and<br />

Murwillumbah <strong>Truck</strong> Centre in northern<br />

New South Wales.<br />

“Our dealership partners have really helped<br />

us raise the bar for customer service across<br />

the country,” Daimler <strong>Truck</strong> and Bus Australia<br />

aftersales and network operations director<br />

Greg Lovrich says.<br />

“The arrival of Velocity Vehicle Group is the<br />

latest in a series of positive developments<br />

among our dedicated dealers, who have<br />

invested heavily to ensure the best outcomes<br />

for our customers.”<br />

The Elite Support certification initiative has<br />

also led to positive change across the network.<br />

Elite Support is a joint initiative by the<br />

Daimler <strong>Truck</strong> and Bus and the Daimler <strong>Truck</strong><br />

dealer network that delivers a new level of<br />

service for Mercedes-Benz, Freightliner and<br />

Fuso customers.<br />

A key feature of the Elite Support is Express<br />

Assessment. This service ensures that, within<br />

two hours of a service write-up, the dealer will<br />

communicate primary diagnosis, check parts<br />

availability and provide an estimate of cost<br />

and repair time.<br />

In order to gain Elite Support certification,<br />

dealerships must satisfy 129 criteria, including<br />

everything from customer amenities to<br />

workplace storage, all with the aim of boosting<br />

the experience of the customer.<br />

BELOW: Elite Support is a joint initiative by the Daimler<br />

<strong>Truck</strong> and Bus and the Daimler <strong>Truck</strong> dealer network<br />



Celebration time<br />

2021 sees trailer builder Bartlett<br />

achieve 75 years in the business<br />

MAY 9, 2021 MARKS 75 years since Norm Bartlett set up<br />

business as a commercial trailer builder in Caulfield,<br />

Victoria. Since its inception in 1946, Bartlett has come<br />

a long way to become leaders in the design and production<br />

REDARC ELECTRONICS was established in<br />

South Australia over 40 years ago, with<br />

its trailer lighting reducer revolutionising<br />

the way trucks with 24-volt systems<br />

converted down to 12 volts.<br />

Today, Redarc’s range has grown to include<br />

electronic voltage converters, gauges, 12-volt<br />

lithium batteries, power supplies, vehicle<br />

lighting controls, timers, relays and alarms,<br />

and DC-DC battery chargers. Its safety<br />

products include trailer braking, the roll over<br />

sensor and the Battery Master isolation switch,<br />

STAND<br />

303<br />

PLAZA<br />

of ADR 62-compliant towbars, couplings and trailer safety chain systems.<br />

The early years saw Bartlett developing a reputation as a quality trailer<br />

manufacturer to agriculture and road transport.<br />

This experience provided the crucial understanding of vehicle dynamics<br />

and the towing task, laying the foundations that underpin the modern range<br />

of Bartlett products and innovations.<br />

During 2021, Bartlett will shine a light on many different aspects of the<br />

Bartlett business and brand, including product pedigree and heritage.<br />

The 75th anniversary will also look to the future, exploring how Bartlett<br />

continues to shape the industry with products and advice that address<br />

some of the most critical issues in transport, whether that be Chain of<br />

Responsibility, regulations, safety or developing better, stronger and more<br />

efficient towing solutions.<br />

“Today, we are still a proudly family-run business and we want to<br />

celebrate the past, present and future of our company, together with all<br />

those who have worked with us or been a Bartlett customer during this<br />

time,” Bartlett managing director Allan Bartlett says.<br />

Representing the third generation of Bartletts in the business, Allan is<br />

committed to continuing the company’s legacy of innovation, with a strong<br />

focus on the brand’s flagship range of towbars and allied towing solutions.<br />

“Our integrated towing solutions are unique and industry leading,<br />

bringing safety and compliance to the forefront, so that truck dealers,<br />

equipment suppliers, body builders and vehicle outfitters can be assured<br />

that they are meeting their legal obligations,” he says.<br />

Find out more about Bartlett’s history and future at Stand 303 Plaza.<br />

New era of national expansion<br />

REDARC<br />

Redarc Electronics is bringing a wide range of electronic heavy vehicle systems to the show<br />

which meets the latest Australian Dangerous<br />

Goods Standards.<br />

Five years ago, Hummingbird Electronics<br />

was added to the Redarc stable with<br />

a portfolio including audio-visual<br />

alarms, GPS trip meters and odometers,<br />

speedos and speed switches.<br />

Heralding a new era of national<br />

expansion, Redarc has recently opened<br />

an office in Victoria at the Auto Innovation<br />

Centre (AIC) in Mulgrave, Melbourne.<br />

Newly-appointed general manager,<br />

STAND<br />

323<br />

PLAZA<br />


commercial sales, Guy Nicholls will be<br />

attending this year’s <strong>Brisbane</strong> <strong>Truck</strong> <strong>Show</strong> with<br />

newly-appointed sales manager, OEM, Sascha<br />

Heib and mining and industrial sales<br />

manager Scott Montgomery.<br />

“Our Redarc industrial products,<br />

coupled with Hummingbird’s sensing<br />

and monitoring capability, places us in<br />

a position to create unique commercial<br />

solutions, and we look forward to the<br />

engagements we’ll have at the truck show,”<br />

Nicholls says.<br />

Please follow cough and sneeze etiquette<br />




Take the easy route<br />

Tramanco is providing even greater ease of weight management with the<br />

new Smart-R Amp on-board mass (OBM) system<br />

SPECIFICALLY DESIGNED and manufactured<br />

by Tramanco in <strong>Brisbane</strong>, the original<br />

Smart-Amp was first installed in<br />

commercial applications in 1984 as a<br />

complete replacement OBM system.<br />

Tramanco also went down the import path<br />

in the early 1980s but soon realised that<br />

the limitations of two channels did not suit<br />

Australian multi-vehicle combinations, such<br />

as B-doubles, road trains, and truck-and-dog<br />

trailer combinations.<br />

With some imported systems, you need to<br />

BELOW: Check out the Smart-R Amp OBM system<br />

on the Tramanco stand<br />

buy and install up to four separate systems<br />

on a B-double or a truck-and-dog. Or, you<br />

could get a single Chek-Way system from<br />

Tramanco.<br />

Its unique digital multiplexing<br />

communications signal introduced the<br />

ability to recognise connected vehicles<br />

and resolve the problem of having to<br />

recalibrate whenever trucks and trailers<br />

were interchanged.<br />

These unique software features are called<br />

Auto-Cal and Auto-ID and are part of the<br />

Transport Certification Australia (TCA)<br />

STAND Type-A and Type-B approvals.<br />

Just like the original Smart-Amp,<br />

116<br />

the new Smart-R Amp resolves these<br />

FOYER<br />

problems and keeps records in its own<br />

internal memory, thus saving a trip to a<br />

weighbridge each time vehicle combinations<br />

are interchanged.<br />

Tramanco designs and writes its own<br />

software programs in-house so it can update<br />

your software and customise applications of<br />

the Chek-Way OBM system in real time to suit<br />

your particular applications.<br />

The Chek-Way system received Queensland<br />

government written approval in 2010,<br />

leading to the successful implementation of<br />

A-doubles, and many other performancebased<br />

standards/higher mass limit<br />

combinations, Australia-wide.<br />

The new Chek-Way Smart-R Amp passed<br />

TCA Type-A approval for OBM systems in 2018,<br />

and TCA Type-B approval in 2019.<br />

The Smart-R Amp embodies all of the<br />

functions and features of the current TCA<br />

requirements, and future ones as well.<br />

It is also backwards compatible so<br />

that current Chek-Way owners can have<br />

their existing Smart-Amp upgraded to<br />

Smart-R Amp Type-approved specification<br />

at nominal cost, which enables an existing<br />

system to meet both TCA type A and type B<br />

requirements.<br />

With Chek-Way, Tramanco can even upgrade<br />

other systems to meet the same requirements.<br />

Contact Tramanco on stand 116 at<br />

the <strong>Brisbane</strong> <strong>Truck</strong> <strong>Show</strong> to see the new<br />

Type-approved Smart-R Amp on display and in<br />

operation.<br />

Alternatively, call +617 3892 2311 or email:<br />

info@tramanco.com.au.<br />



One WEIGH or the other, it’s CHEK-WAY ®<br />

Proudly Designed and Manufactured by TRAMANCO in Australia<br />

&<br />

Phone: + 61 7 3892 2311<br />

Fax: +61 7 3892 1819<br />

info@tramanco.com.au<br />




AS CONVENIENCE, delivery speed and<br />

efficiency continue to define customer<br />

experience, businesses researching<br />

the suitability of electric vehicles (EVs)<br />

to carry out last-mile operations has also<br />

increased. With convenience taking centre<br />

stage, so does the demand for fast, efficient<br />

and consistent last-mile operations.<br />

EVs are ideally suited to the task. They are<br />

eco-friendly and offer significant cost-saving<br />

benefits to the logistic industry.<br />

EV Automotive is an all-Australian company<br />

entering the commercial fleet space as a<br />

new EV van supplier. In partnership with<br />

Skywell Industries, predominantly an electric<br />

bus manufacturer, it has created products<br />

to enhance the Australian and New Zealand<br />

logistics industry and meet growing corporate<br />

sustainability initiatives.<br />

With full volume Australian Design Rules<br />

certification and compliance now approved,<br />

the EC11 electric van range will be launched<br />

to the Australiasian market at the <strong>Brisbane</strong><br />

<strong>Truck</strong> <strong>Show</strong>.<br />

The EC11 is explicitly designed as an<br />

off-the-shelf solution. The E-Cargo does not<br />

need operators to compromise on capacity –<br />

with 12.3 cubic metres of cargo space and a<br />

Drive smart<br />

EV Automotive delivers an electric option for last-mile deliveries<br />

1.7-tonne payload, the EC11 E-Cargo is suitable<br />

for the largest loads.<br />

With a 12-seat capacity, the E-Crew minibus<br />

also promises to provide a viable electric<br />

solution to on-demand operators such as pubs<br />

and clubs for courtesy buses, NDIS providers,<br />

aged care and shuttle transfer providers.<br />

Equipped with a 73.6kWh battery, CCS Type 2<br />

DC charging and a 22kW capacity AC onboard<br />

charger, the EC11 promises to offer the most<br />

flexible recharging options to operators, EV<br />

Automotive says.<br />

A range of between 200–300km (based<br />

on load) offers sufficient route coverage for<br />

daily use. If recharging at night, businesses<br />

can expect to recharge their fleet of EVs<br />

using off-peak power tariffs, thus eliminating<br />

the downtime experienced with daytime<br />

recharging.<br />

Performance has not been<br />

overlooked either—the challenge is to<br />

provide optimal power delivery without<br />

wasting valuable energy reserves.<br />

The EC11 is quick off the mark with<br />

STAND<br />

23<br />

FOYER<br />

a respectable 60kW of power and 350Nm of<br />

torque; this quickly develops into 100kW and<br />

a massive 750Nm of pulling power, which is<br />

almost twice the output of a comparably-sized<br />

diesel competitor.<br />

While all sorts of delivery businesses can<br />

easily implement an EV delivery fleet, the EC11<br />

is most suited to companies that perform<br />

last-mile deliveries within a fixed and limited<br />

radius, EV Automotive says.<br />

More and more businesses are now using<br />

telematics and other artificial intelligence<br />

systems, which can help accurately plan<br />

delivery routes and daily dispatches while<br />

driving smaller distances.<br />

Couple this to using an EV and the costs<br />

savings are even more significant. In the end,<br />

it is all about driving smarter.<br />

In Australia and New Zealand, EVs are<br />

gradually gaining in popularity. Now,<br />

with the introduction of the EC11 to the<br />

commercial market, it is undoubtedly a<br />

worthy investment to consider in 2021<br />

and beyond.<br />

“The EC11 promises to offer the most flexible<br />

recharging options to operators”<br />




STAND 23.<br />

Introducing……<br />

Australia’s First<br />

4.5 Tonne 100%<br />

Electric Heavy<br />

Commercial Van<br />

The EC11 boasts everything you<br />

need in a commercial van - space,<br />

reliability, safety & style!<br />

Powered by a 73.6 kWh battery<br />

Recharge in as little as 1.5 hours<br />

Featuring 12.3m3 of cargo space<br />

Capable of a 1.70t payload<br />

Up to 220-305km driving range<br />

Rear doors can open 270 degrees<br />

Reversing camera and Sensors<br />

100kW and 750Nm of Power &<br />

Torque.<br />

info@ev-a.com.au | <br />

www.ev-a.com.au<br />

Ensure your ticket registration is correct<br />




High-purity AdBlue<br />

AdBlue Altra Pure has demonstrated benefits to extending AdBlue components’ life<br />

NEWER DIESEL-FUELLED ENGINES are equipped with<br />

selective catalytic reduction (SCR) technology to<br />

comply with tightening emission laws.<br />

Sensors in the exhaust system monitor the<br />

gases and spray AdBlue when required to break down<br />

harmful nitrogen oxide (NOx), converting it to safe<br />

nitrogen and water vapour.<br />

With AdBlue being a relatively young category<br />

worldwide, its real-world application and side effects<br />

are only now being realised.<br />

Current AdBlue standards, tested and certified to<br />

ISO 22241, can still cause general faults, including<br />

cyanuric acid build-up in the muffler, AdBlue pump<br />

failure, AdBlue filter blockages and AdBlue injector<br />

nozzle issues.<br />

VDA-licensed Australian AdBlue manufacturer<br />

AUSblue has invested 18 months in research<br />

and development to produce AdBlue Altra<br />

Pure – a high-purity AdBlue – to address these<br />

problems.<br />

AUSblue CEO Pat Maguire noticed residue<br />

build-up within the SCR system of AUSblue’s own<br />

trucks.<br />

“We began investigating the cause of this residue,<br />

which was creating SCR failures, downtime and repair<br />

costs,” Maguire says.<br />

Discussions with other transport operators<br />

STAND<br />

287<br />

PLAZA<br />

Build-up in<br />

AdBlue injector<br />

(automobile)<br />

Build-up in<br />

SCR catalytic converter<br />

(automobile)<br />

identified this was becoming noticed in many SCR<br />

systems nationwide.<br />

“After doing comparison testing within our<br />

own fleet, we have found significantly cleaner<br />

filters, injector nozzles and total SCR systems<br />

operating solely on AdBlue Altra Pure,” he adds.<br />

AUSblue has been producing AdBlue Altra Pure<br />

for over 12 months as its sole form of AdBlue and<br />

has received consistent feedback from customers<br />

of the benefits, with lower maintenance and repair/<br />

downtime costs.<br />

AUSblue is at the <strong>Brisbane</strong> <strong>Truck</strong> <strong>Show</strong> to demonstrate<br />

such savings to fleet managers and owner-operators.<br />

Build-up in<br />

SCR catalytic converter<br />

(truck)<br />

“We began<br />

investigating<br />

the cause of this<br />

residue, which<br />

was creating<br />

SCR failures,<br />

downtime and<br />

repair costs”<br />




No more polishing alloy wheels<br />

Superchrome wheels take the pain out of keeping your truck looking shiny<br />

IN 2021, SUPERCHROME celebrates 25 years of chroming steel<br />

wheels and 20 years of chroming alloy wheels for the truck, trailer<br />

and bus markets.<br />

Increasing numbers of fleet and owner-driver customers<br />

are converting their existing trucks and trailers to Superchrome<br />

wheels as well as specifying Superchrome wheels for their new<br />

purchases, it says.<br />

The reason for this increasing demand is the growing<br />

awareness of the advantages Superchrome wheels provide<br />

for rigs. These advantages are a combination of presentation,<br />

image and long-term labour and cost savings.<br />

Superchrome wheels are easy to clean and do not need polishing<br />

to give that new shiny finish. The hard Superchrome surface also<br />

increases the life of wheels by reducing wear, it explains.<br />

The added bonus to having Superchrome wheels is the increased<br />

amount of leisure and family time available to drivers who are<br />

responsible for the presentation of their trucks, it states.<br />

Superchrome has invested over one million dollars in research<br />

and development over the years to perfect this revolutionary process<br />

and that is why it is able to offer a ‘world first’ seven-year chrome<br />

warranty.<br />

Superchrome has upgraded production facilities in 2021, for a<br />

third time, and this, combined with operating two production shifts,<br />

will ensure the increasing demand for Superchrome wheels is met,<br />

it confirms.<br />

Superchrome makes its wheels easy to purchase by providing<br />

them to customers by direct shipment to all locations in Australia.<br />

The wheels are also provided to truck dealerships on an exchange<br />

STAND<br />

240<br />

PLAZA<br />

Stop spending hours<br />

polishing, with a new set of<br />

Superchrome wheels<br />

basis. That is, a chrome set of wheels is sent to the dealerships for<br />

a new truck and the alloy wheels being replaced are returned to<br />

Superchrome as an exchange, therefore, the chroming process is the<br />

only additional cost.<br />

New Superchrome wheels are sent to trailer manufacturers when<br />

specified.<br />

Superchrome says that it continues to demonstrate a profound<br />

commitment to an industry that is also a livelihood by ensuring all<br />

orders are delivered on time.<br />

Come and talk to<br />

us about <strong>Brisbane</strong><br />

<strong>Truck</strong> <strong>Show</strong><br />

Specials!<br />

Stand #240 on the<br />

Plaza level<br />



Polishes and shines in just 41 seconds<br />

7 year chrome warranty on all wheels<br />

Fit your rig with wheels that will resist gravel sandblasting and chemicals.<br />

The hard chrome surface on Superchrome wheels reduces all wheel wear.<br />

Call Superchrome on 02 9060 1610 or visit us at www.superchrome.com.au<br />

ATN-HH-5204362-CS-415<br />

Together we can help stop the spread<br />



TCA<br />

Smart OBM<br />

Systems are here<br />

Smart OBM systems are being used to<br />

support new productivity and safety reforms.<br />

If you’re a vehicle or trailer manufacturer,<br />

make sure Smart OBM systems are fitted to<br />

meet your customers' needs.<br />

If you're a transport operator, make sure you<br />

ask for Smart OBM systems if you want to<br />

benefit from higher productivity access<br />

arrangements.<br />

For more information:<br />

Visit tca.gov.au/smart-obm,<br />

or come talk to us on the mezzanine level<br />

at the <strong>Brisbane</strong> <strong>Truck</strong> <strong>Show</strong>!<br />

Weigh your options<br />

Smart OBM systems are here, so make sure<br />

you know what you need<br />

SMART OBM SYSTEMS are digitally connected on-board weighing<br />

systems that enable new productivity and safety initiatives using<br />

applications of the National Telematics Framework (NTF).<br />

Smart OBM systems use digital technology to collect and<br />

transmit mass data from vehicles in a reliable and standardised way.<br />

There are different categories of OBM system, but only Category B or C<br />

can generate and transmit data for use with applications of the NTF.<br />

Although Category A OBM systems have been type-approved by<br />

TCA for accuracy and integrity, they do not offer data generation and<br />

transmission capabilities.<br />


On-board mass measurement can be very valuable for supporting<br />

your commercial operations. OBM systems provide you with critical<br />

information about the loading of your vehicles, which is important<br />

to manage safety and regulatory compliance while also maximising<br />

productivity.<br />

Smart OBM systems allow the digital collection and transmission of<br />

data for later analysis and reporting – these smart systems are in use<br />

for a range of road access schemes, permits and national notices across<br />

jurisdictions.<br />

You will need a Smart OBM system if required by a road manager,<br />

regulator or other party that specifies it as a requirement.<br />

These road access conditions include all high productivity freight<br />

vehicles in Victoria and performance-based standards vehicle<br />

combinations in Tasmania. There are also a number of new permit<br />

arrangements in New South Wales and Queensland.<br />

If you are a transport operator, make sure you ask for a Smart OBM<br />

system if you want to benefit from new productivity and safety reforms.<br />

See also the Smart OBM system ‘decision tree’ provided by Transport<br />

Certification Australia (TCA) to guide your choices, which is available at<br />

tca.gov.au/smart-obm.<br />

If you are a vehicle or trailer manufacturer, make sure Smart OBM<br />

systems are fitted to meet the expected needs of your customers.<br />

The following are suppliers of smart OBM systems currently<br />

type-approved by TCA (in alphabetical order):<br />

Airtec Corporation: tca.gov.au/airtec<br />

Loadman Australia: tca.gov.au/loadman<br />

•<br />

Tramanco: tca.gov.au/tramanco<br />

For more information, visit tca.gov.au/smart-obm or come<br />

talk to TCA on the Mezzanine level at the <strong>Brisbane</strong> <strong>Truck</strong><br />

<strong>Show</strong>.<br />

STAND<br />

184<br />


<br />

Type-Approved<br />

Smart OBM System (Category B)<br />

<br />

Type-Approved<br />

Smart OBM System (Category C)<br />

ATN-HV-5211789-CS-415<br />


HEAVY<br />

VEHICLES 101<br />


online induction course<br />

Practical, dynamic, interactive online learning!<br />

Ideal for:<br />

• New entrants to the industry – suitable for staff and stakeholders at any level<br />

• Existing participants in the industry or customers seeking to improve their understanding<br />

• Staff in departments and agencies that need to deal with the heavy vehicle industry<br />

Enrol as an individual or if you are managing a team, register as a Group Leader and take<br />

advantage of bulk discounted rates.<br />

SPECIAL OFFER: Use code “BTS21” at the checkout to receive<br />

HV101 for just $29 per participant (down from $99).<br />

Discount code cannot be used with any other offer, valid until 30 June 2021.<br />




Stay on track<br />

Microlise flexes its transport technology<br />

muscles at the <strong>Brisbane</strong> <strong>Truck</strong> <strong>Show</strong><br />

WHEN YOUR GROCERIES arrive at your door or you sign for your<br />

online parcel, one or more of Microlise’s software, telematics<br />

or proof-of-delivery solutions may well have been used in<br />

the process.<br />

Microlise’s integrated fleet tracking, planning and<br />

optimisation, proof of delivery and driver safety and<br />

performance solutions support increased fleet efficiency and<br />

reduced costs, it explains.<br />

With offices in Australia and New Zealand, Microlise supports<br />

the likes of Foodstuffs, Gilmours and Aryzta, among others. In the UK,<br />

its 30-plus years of business has seen the company forge long-term<br />

partnerships with household names, including Carlsberg, Waitrose,<br />

Eddie Stobart and Royal Mail, along with other heavyweights such as<br />

JCB, MAN <strong>Truck</strong> & Bus and Tata Motors.<br />

With a firm foothold in the grocery and retail trade, Microlise<br />

technology is currently used by UK grocery retailers that account for<br />

more than 88 per cent of market share, it confirms.<br />

Microlise says that it offers seamless and intuitive delivery execution<br />

through the following areas.<br />

Planning and optimisation – Microlise’s products help operators<br />

complete their workload in the most efficient way possible, using the<br />

least number of vehicles, by integrating the planning and execution<br />

process and doing more work with fewer resources.<br />

Journey management – Microlise supports proactive customer<br />

service and full fleet visibility through analysing and monitoring the<br />

status of trips against the schedule, so you can debrief drivers by<br />

STAND<br />

201<br />


exception, reduce the mileage run and make route selection<br />

changes based on real data.<br />

Planned vs actual analysis – review and compare what actually<br />

happened with what you had planned and understand when planned<br />

routes were not followed and why.<br />

Proof of delivery – maximise delivery accuracy by digitally managing<br />

every step of the delivery process, including subcontractors. Remove<br />

unnecessary administration while creating and digitally storing all<br />

proof of delivery documentation.<br />

Microlise’s award-winning technology-based solutions help fleet<br />

operators understand and improve on a range of key performance<br />

indicators across environmental emissions, operating efficiency and<br />

safety standards.<br />

It says that typical customer outcomes include a reduction in<br />

engine idling, vehicle mileage travelled and environmental emissions<br />

– through better driving performance and more efficient vehicle<br />

utilisation and operations, thanks to safer, more compliant practices.<br />

Find out more by meeting the Microlise team at stand 201 on the<br />

Mezzanine level of the <strong>Brisbane</strong> <strong>Truck</strong> <strong>Show</strong>.<br />


Route Planning<br />

& Optimisation<br />

Digitalised Proof<br />

Of Delivery<br />

Chain of<br />

Responsibility<br />

Assurance<br />

Journey<br />

Management<br />

Track Assets<br />

& Manage Drivers<br />

Reduce Empty Running & Driving Incidents<br />

Reduce Fuel Consumption & Vehicle Wear & Tear<br />

Increase Customer Service<br />

Visit Us At The <strong>Brisbane</strong> <strong>Truck</strong> <strong>Show</strong><br />


Contact us to find out more<br />

+61 3 9097 1628 enquiries@microlise.com www.microlise.com/au/<br />



JAC<br />

JAC trucks plug into an electric future<br />

JAC arrives in Australia at this year’s <strong>Brisbane</strong> <strong>Truck</strong> <strong>Show</strong>, with an eye to the future and not the past<br />

The arrival of JAC in Australia, via<br />

highly-experienced bus importerdistributor<br />

BLK Auto, promises a<br />

totally zero emission future for<br />

JAC trucks, with a focus on an efficient,<br />

cost-effective electric trucks in the<br />

light-duty sector.<br />

JAC’s N55 EV electric truck will be on<br />

display at the <strong>Brisbane</strong> <strong>Truck</strong> <strong>Show</strong>, showing<br />

the deep well of expertise JAC can draw on<br />

as it sets a path to a zero-emission future.<br />

JAC has been producing batteryelectric<br />

trucks in China since<br />

2014, with years of research and<br />

development prior to that. The current<br />

range of electric trucks has been on<br />

sale in China since 2017, satisfying<br />

the drive to zero-emission vehicles in the<br />

world’s most populous nation.<br />

JAC’s range of electric truck platforms<br />

operates across the globe, ranging from 2.5<br />

to 12 tonnes, offering flexible weight and<br />

wheelbase options to suit particular tasks<br />

on the same vehicle frame.<br />

The latest wave of JAC trucks feature<br />

a modern 1,995mm-wide cabin with<br />

comfortable seating space and an<br />

ergonomic dash with a multifunctional<br />

STAND<br />

10<br />

FOYER<br />

steering wheel and an eight-inch<br />

(20cm) infotainment touchscreen.<br />

N55EV is a fully-proven electric<br />

light truck with the latest EV technology,<br />

providing a safe, reliable, comfortable,<br />

economic and, above all, a clean emissionfree<br />

truck for a range of city operations.<br />

BLK Auto managing director<br />

Jason Pecotic says the future of road<br />

transport is electric and, rather than<br />

dwell in the past, JAC is very much<br />

thinking to the future needs of a transport<br />

industry that is already demanding<br />

electric vehicles for city-based operations.<br />

“The new JAC N55 EV N55EV boasts either<br />

fast or standard charging, a 200km range<br />

and a 50 per cent lower fuel cost, as well<br />

as a 30 per cent lower maintenance cost,<br />

compared with conventional engine diesel<br />

trucks,” Pecotic says.<br />

“JAC is throwing everything it can at<br />

electrification and is focused on refining<br />

and improving its electric truck offerings,<br />

which is why we are focusing purely on<br />

battery EV.”<br />

The JAC N55 EV uses a 96.7kWh capacity<br />

LFP battery, enabling charging to 80 per<br />

cent in only 1.5 hours and to 100 per cent<br />

in two hours using standard European<br />

CCS2-Combo connections.<br />

BLK Auto’s experience as a specialist<br />

bus importer ensures the service and<br />

parts backup to deliver customer<br />

confidence in Australia.<br />

The JAC N55 EV at the <strong>Brisbane</strong> <strong>Show</strong><br />

is one of two trucks initially shipped to<br />

Australia for trials and testing.<br />

Buyers interested in a test/trial can<br />

contact BLK Auto to book by visiting<br />

the stand or by visiting the website at<br />

www.jactrucks.com.au.<br />

N55 EV Electric <strong>Truck</strong> a path to a zero emission future.<br />

Safe, Reliable, Comfortable, Economic, Clean Emission Free <strong>Truck</strong><br />

for a range of city operations.<br />


Latest EV technology<br />

Fast charging (96.7kwh capacity LFP battery fully charged in under two hours)<br />

200km range<br />

50 per cent lower fuel cost<br />

30 per cent lower maintenance cost (compared with conventional engine diesel trucks)<br />

BLK Auto Pty Limited<br />

44 Commerce Circuit,<br />

Yatala QLD 4207<br />

jason@blkauto.com.au<br />

Mobile 0414 793 639<br />

www.jactrucks.com.au<br />

Ensure your ticket registration is correct<br />




CENTRE<br />

BUSWAY<br />

SOUTH<br />




Queensland Performing<br />

Arts Centre<br />


ENTRY<br />

40<br />

137<br />

136<br />

135 134 133 132 131 130 129 128 127 126<br />

12<br />

90<br />

91 92<br />

93<br />

95<br />

94<br />

96 97 98<br />

88<br />

83<br />

89<br />

86<br />

82<br />

87<br />

85<br />

81<br />

80 79 78<br />

41 42 43 44 45 46 4<br />

38 37 33 32<br />

28 27 26 23 22<br />


35 30<br />

25 24 21<br />

LIFT<br />



2 & 3<br />

2<br />

Information Parents’ Room<br />

Ticket Booth Café<br />

Escalators<br />



1 ATN, Deals on Wheels, Owner Driver Foyer<br />

2 Morris Finance Foyer<br />

3 Healthy Heads <strong>Truck</strong>s & Sheds Foyer<br />

5 MTData Foyer<br />

6 Queensland <strong>Truck</strong>ing Association (QTA) Foyer<br />

7 <strong>Truck</strong>Safe Foyer<br />

8 ALRTA Foyer<br />

9 Molnar Foyer<br />

10 JAC EV <strong>Truck</strong>s Foyer<br />

11 Air Brake Systems Foyer<br />

12 Ampol Foyer<br />

14 D’Angelo Engineering Foyer<br />

15 Findlay Import & Trade Foyer<br />

16 Health in Gear Foyer<br />

18 Karmot Foyer<br />

19 NXT Journey Foyer<br />

20 Whites Diesel Foyer<br />

21 Tranzmile Foyer<br />

22 Queensland Government (TMR) Foyer<br />

23 EV Automotive Foyer<br />

24 Corghi Australia Foyer<br />

26 Viva Energy Australia Foyer<br />

27 Air CTI Foyer<br />

30 Air Brake Services & Trailquip Foyer<br />

31 Yara Australia Foyer<br />

33 Samios Tyres Foyer<br />

35 Mobil Oil Australia Foyer<br />

37 Rogers Willex Foyer<br />

38 ATN, Deals on Wheels, Owner Driver Foyer<br />

40 PACCAR Australia Foyer<br />

40 Kenworth <strong>Truck</strong>s Foyer<br />

40 DAF <strong>Truck</strong>s Foyer<br />

41 Daimler <strong>Truck</strong> and Bus Foyer<br />

41 Fuso <strong>Truck</strong>s Foyer<br />

41 Mercedes-Benz <strong>Truck</strong>s Foyer<br />

41 Freightliner <strong>Truck</strong>s Foyer<br />

42 TR Group Foyer<br />

43 TATRA <strong>Truck</strong>s (Offroad <strong>Truck</strong>s Australia) Foyer<br />

44 Penske Commercial Vehicles Foyer<br />

44 Western Star <strong>Truck</strong>s Foyer<br />

44 MAN <strong>Truck</strong>s Foyer<br />

45 Heritage <strong>Truck</strong>s Display Sponsored by Isuzu<br />

<strong>Truck</strong>s<br />

Foyer<br />

46 Holmwood Highgate (Aust) Foyer<br />

47 Graham Lusty Trailers Foyer<br />

50 SEA Electric Foyer<br />

51 IVECO <strong>Truck</strong>s Australia Foyer<br />

52 Byrne Trailers Foyer<br />

53 MaxiTRANS Australia Foyer<br />

53 Freighter Foyer<br />

53 Maxi-CUBE Foyer<br />

53 Trailer Sales Foyer<br />

53 Hamelex White Foyer<br />

53 Azmeb Foyer<br />

53 Lusty EMS Foyer<br />

53 Peki Trailers Foyer<br />

54 Robuk Engineering Foyer<br />

55 Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Thermal Systems Foyer<br />

56 Rocklea <strong>Truck</strong> Electrical Foyer<br />

59 Alemlube Foyer<br />

60 Hella Australia Foyer<br />

62 Eagle SMF Foyer<br />

64 Goodyear & Dunlop Tyres Foyer<br />

65 A-Flo Equipment Foyer<br />

66 Warby Tools Foyer<br />

67 BP Australia Foyer<br />

67 Castrol Foyer<br />

68 Gough Palfinger Australia Foyer<br />

68 Gough Transport Solutions Foyer<br />

68 Gough Industrial Services Foyer<br />

69 West-Trans Equipment & Service Foyer<br />

116<br />

Australia’s<br />

Specialist<br />

Insurer.<br />


Queensland<br />

Conservatorium<br />



Rydges Hotel<br />

South Bank Parklands<br />

Roadhouse Precinct<br />

TO CIVIL<br />



5<br />

7 50 51 52 53<br />

20<br />

124<br />

123<br />

19 18<br />

17 16<br />

122 121<br />

120<br />

99 100 101<br />

75<br />

77 76<br />

73<br />

119<br />

103<br />

72<br />

118<br />

15 12 9 3 2<br />

1<br />

14 11 10<br />

117<br />

104<br />

71<br />

116<br />

69<br />

115<br />

68<br />

54<br />

114<br />

105<br />

67<br />

55<br />

56<br />

112<br />

66<br />

8 7 6 5<br />

111<br />

106 107<br />

65<br />

64<br />

61<br />

60<br />

110<br />

59<br />

62 109<br />


LIFT<br />


CAFE & BAR<br />

LIFT<br />

MAIN<br />

ENTRY<br />

BUS<br />

STOP<br />






1<br />

Public Toilets Disabled Access LIFT Lifts First Aid Stairs<br />

69 Hammar Australia Foyer<br />

69 HMF Cranes Foyer<br />

71 ISRI Seats Foyer<br />

72 Air Brake Corporation of Australia Foyer<br />

73 ConVair Engineering Foyer<br />

75 SAF-Holland Foyer<br />

76 Bridgestone / Bandag Foyer<br />

77 Meritor Foyer<br />

78 ZF Services Australia Foyer<br />

79 Penske Power Systems Foyer<br />

80 Dana Australia Foyer<br />

81 Hendrickson Foyer<br />

82 Jost Australia Foyer<br />

83 Eaton Vehicle Group Foyer<br />

85 Wurth Australia Foyer<br />

86 Marshall Lethlean Industries Foyer<br />

87 Groeneveld-Beka Foyer<br />

88 Anteo Foyer<br />

88 Thermo King Foyer<br />

89 Allison Transmission Foyer<br />

90 The Drake Group Foyer<br />

91 Howmet Wheel Systems Foyer<br />

92 Mega Pacific Foyer<br />

93 Transport Refrigeration Service Foyer<br />

94 Muscat Trailers Foyer<br />

95 Ekebol Foyer<br />

96 600 Cranes Australasia Foyer<br />

97 South East Queensland Tilt Tray Foyer<br />

98 TMC Australia Foyer<br />

99 BriskAir Foyer<br />

100 Whiting Roller Shutter Doors Foyer<br />

100 JOLODA Foyer<br />

101 East Coast <strong>Truck</strong> Sales Foyer<br />

101 Hyundai <strong>Truck</strong>s Foyer<br />

103 Airdraulics Foyer<br />

103 Maha Australia Foyer<br />

104 Powerdown Foyer<br />

105 Knorr-Bremse Australia Foyer<br />

106 National Heavy Vehicle Regulator Foyer<br />

107 Stemco <strong>Truck</strong> Products Foyer<br />

109 <strong>Truck</strong> Art Livestock Trailers Foyer<br />

110 Narva Automotive Lighting Foyer<br />

111 Maxilift Australia Foyer<br />

112 Armoury Group Foyer<br />

114 Sammut Agricultural Machinery Foyer<br />

115 Terberg-Clark Equipment Foyer<br />

116 Tramanco Foyer<br />

117 Hyva Pacific Foyer<br />

118 Barker Trailers Foyer<br />

119 Tristar Industries Foyer<br />

120 Trailer Sales Foyer<br />

120 Road West Transport Foyer<br />

120 FWR Foyer<br />

121 Kalmar Foyer<br />

122 HIAB Australia Foyer<br />

123 Macnaught Foyer<br />

124 Felco Transport Tanks Foyer<br />

125 Tosca Industries Foyer<br />

126 Moore Trailers Foyer<br />

127 Bulk Transport Equipment Foyer<br />

128 Rhino Low Loaders and Rhino Trailers Foyer<br />

129 Krueger Transport Equipment Foyer<br />

130 Schmitz Cargobull Australia Foyer<br />

131 Vawdrey Australia Foyer<br />

132 The Drake Group Foyer<br />

133 Fuwa K Hitch (Australia) Foyer<br />

134 Levanta Foyer<br />

135 Hydreco Hydraulics Foyer<br />

136 Bruce Rock Engineering Foyer<br />

137 Howard Porter Foyer<br />

Australia’s <strong>Truck</strong><br />

Insurance and<br />

Roadside Assistance<br />

Specialist.<br />

National<br />

coverage<br />

24/7<br />

assistance<br />

Expert<br />

truck help<br />

nti.com.au<br />

Protect others and stay at home if needed<br />





140 Ethical Development Mezzanine<br />

141 Evoive H2 Mezzanine<br />

143 Australia Post Mezzanine<br />

150 Airtec Corporation Mezzanine<br />

151 Meikawheel Australia Mezzanine<br />

155 Keith Walking Floor Australia Mezzanine<br />

156 Moore <strong>Truck</strong> Parts Mezzanine<br />

157 Mammoth Equipment & Exhausts Mezzanine<br />

158 Australian <strong>Truck</strong> & Trailer Parts Mezzanine<br />

160 Global <strong>Truck</strong> Imports Mezzanine<br />

161 GMT Autospares Mezzanine<br />

163 Quickally Access Solutions Mezzanine<br />

165 Kynection Mezzanine<br />

166 Active Fleet Mezzanine<br />

168 Schaeffler Australia Mezzanine<br />

170 Chiefs Australia Mezzanine<br />

171 Milwaukee Tools Mezzanine<br />

172 <strong>Truck</strong>tools Mezzanine<br />

175 Tru-Shu Mezzanine<br />

176 Garrett Advancing Motion Mezzanine<br />

177 Spitwater Mezzanine<br />

178 Tempe Tyres & Wheel Centre Mezzanine<br />

180 Westlake Tyres Mezzanine<br />

181 Onsite Cameras Mezzanine<br />

182 Mitsubishi Electric Australia Mezzanine<br />

183 Zylux Mezzanine<br />

184 Transport Certification Australia Mezzanine<br />

185 Precision Automotive Equipment Mezzanine<br />

186 Australian Clutch Services Mezzanine<br />

188 Cablecraft Australia Mezzanine<br />

189 LogChecker Mezzanine<br />

190 Lightforce Australia Mezzanine<br />

192 Safe-T-Shop Mezzanine<br />

193 ITW Polymers & Fluids Mezzanine<br />

196 Australian Tyre Traders Mezzanine<br />

198 Atlantic Oil Mezzanine<br />

199 Complete Steering Australia Mezzanine<br />

200 Techking Tires Australia Mezzanine<br />

201 Microlise Mezzanine<br />

MEDIA<br />

CENTRE<br />

Information<br />

Parents’ Room<br />

Ticket Booth<br />

Café<br />

First Aid<br />

Escalators<br />

LIFT Lifts<br />

Public Toilets<br />

Charging Station<br />

Disabled Access<br />

Stairs<br />

LIFT<br />

FUTUR<br />

Australia’s<br />

Specialist<br />

Insurer.<br />

nti.com.au<br />


193 192 190 189 188 186 185<br />

195<br />

196<br />

199 184<br />

198 201<br />

177<br />

180<br />

200 178<br />

183<br />

182<br />

181<br />

RAMP<br />

176<br />

160<br />

161<br />

172 171<br />

158<br />

170<br />

163<br />

175<br />

157<br />

168<br />

156<br />

163<br />

165<br />

166<br />

155<br />

154<br />

152<br />

151<br />

150<br />

LIFT<br />




143 141 140<br />



Australia’s <strong>Truck</strong><br />

Insurance and<br />

Roadside Assistance<br />

Specialist.<br />

National<br />

coverage<br />

24/7<br />

assistance<br />

Expert<br />

truck help<br />

nti.com.au<br />

Keep 1.5m apart from others<br />




210 Scanreco<br />

213 iBodyshop<br />

214 TAFE Queensland<br />

215 vWork<br />

216 Future Fleet<br />

218 FLIR Thermal Vision Systems<br />

221 Tiger Spider Engineering/Consulting/Software<br />

222 <strong>Truck</strong>wiz<br />

223 Sensium Fleet Telematics<br />



225 <strong>Truck</strong> Assist Plaza<br />

226 National Transport Insurance (NTI) Plaza<br />

229 Loadman Australia Plaza<br />

231 Transport Certification Services Plaza<br />

232 Smart <strong>Truck</strong> Solutions Plaza<br />

233 Lavender CE Plaza<br />

236 Netstar Australia Plaza<br />

237 GME Plaza<br />

238 Big Rigs Newspaper Plaza<br />

240 Superchrome Wheels Plaza<br />

241 Taro Distributors Plaza<br />

242 Icepack Plaza<br />

243 IAME Plaza<br />

243 Globo Hydrogen Power Plaza<br />

244 King Bars Plaza<br />

245 Kärcher Australia Plaza<br />

246 Aeolus Tyres Plaza<br />

247 Mobicon Systems Plaza<br />

248 Capral Limited Plaza<br />

249 E-T-A Electro Technical Applications Plaza<br />

250 R & J Batteries Plaza<br />

251 Zephyr Pro Australia Plaza<br />

252 Ikon Lifting Equipment Plaza<br />

252 Precision Automotive <strong>Brisbane</strong> Plaza<br />

253 YHI Power Plaza<br />

254 Genesis Equipment Plaza<br />

255 Ryco Filters Plaza<br />

256 Laws of Motion Plaza<br />

257 Invision Sales Plaza<br />

260 Valvoline Australia Plaza<br />

261 Teletrac Navman Plaza<br />

262 Trade Mutt Plaza<br />

263 My health for life Plaza<br />

265 Tele Radio Australia Plaza<br />

266 Nepean VIS Service Automation Plaza<br />

267 Queensland Rail Plaza<br />

270 Hilton Manufacturing Plaza<br />

272 <strong>Truck</strong> Hydraulic Solutions Plaza<br />

273 Continental Tyres Plaza<br />

276 Allotrac Plaza<br />

277 Connect Source Plaza<br />

278 Gulf Western Oil Plaza<br />

280 ATN, Deals on Wheels, Owner Driver Plaza<br />

281 Carmate Electronics Plaza<br />

282 <strong>Brisbane</strong> Convoy For Kids Plaza<br />

285 National Automotive Equipment Services Plaza<br />

286 Hydrosteer Plaza<br />

287 AusBlue Plaza<br />

288 Graco Australia Plaza<br />


CENTRE<br />

BUSWAY<br />


SOUTH<br />




325 326<br />

295<br />


312<br />

298<br />

Kids Club/Café<br />


LIFT<br />



327 329 330 331 332 333<br />

324 323<br />

315 316<br />

318 317<br />

309<br />

299<br />

290 <strong>Truck</strong>world.com.au Plaza<br />

291 TPS The Power Source Plaza<br />

292 Roadpod Plaza<br />

293 Drive Risk Plaza<br />

294 FleetSafe Plaza<br />

298 NAPA Auto Parts Plaza<br />

299 Lucidity Australia Plaza<br />

300 Inca Lift Equipment Plaza<br />

301 Forest Centre / ExTe Plaza<br />

303 Bartlett Equipment Plaza<br />

304 Redcat Industries Plaza<br />

305 Dometic Plaza<br />

306 Evolving Workshop Technologies Plaza<br />

306 Signal to Noise Plaza<br />

307 Hartex Engineering Plaza<br />

309 Okuslide Plaza<br />

300<br />

301<br />


ATN,<br />

DEALS ON<br />

WHEELS,<br />

OWNER<br />

DRIVER<br />

STAND<br />

307<br />

308<br />

321<br />

319<br />

306<br />

304<br />

282 281<br />

320<br />

305<br />

294 293 292 291 290 288 287 286 285<br />

280<br />

312 Geotab Plaza<br />

315 <strong>Truck</strong>Zone Plaza<br />

316 Natrad HDS Plaza<br />

317 Tidal Fluid Power Plaza<br />

318 Total Oil Australia Plaza<br />

319 Mudflaps Australia Plaza<br />

320 <strong>Truck</strong>mate Australia Plaza<br />

321 Workplace Maintenance Solutions Plaza<br />

323 Redarc Plaza<br />

324 Big Wheels <strong>Truck</strong> Alignment Plaza<br />

325 PainPod Plaza<br />

327 Hydraulink Plaza<br />

329 Ergon / Energex Plaza<br />

330 Endurequip Hoists Plaza<br />

331 Cincom Systems Plaza<br />

332 Prolube Lubricants Plaza<br />

26<br />

26<br />

2<br />

120<br />

Australia’s<br />

Specialist<br />

Insurer.<br />



78 277<br />

276<br />

274<br />

ISUZU<br />

TRUCKS<br />

BBQ BAR<br />


272<br />

273<br />

RAMP<br />


256 243<br />

270<br />

252 248 244<br />

255 253 251 249 247 245<br />

242<br />



2<br />

3<br />

265<br />

266<br />

268<br />

267<br />

257<br />

254 250 246<br />

241<br />

240<br />





261<br />

Seminar<br />

Rooms<br />

260<br />

Seminar<br />

Rooms<br />

238 237 236 235 233 232 231<br />

229<br />

Information<br />

Parents’ Room<br />

Ticket Booth<br />

Café<br />

210<br />

Technology<br />

and Innovation<br />

Centre<br />

First Aid<br />

Escalators<br />

Public Toilets<br />

Disabled Access<br />

LIFT Lifts<br />

Stairs<br />

Charging Station<br />

LIFT<br />

Australia’s <strong>Truck</strong><br />

Insurance and<br />

Roadside Assistance<br />

Specialist.<br />

National<br />

coverage<br />

24/7<br />

assistance<br />

Expert<br />

truck help<br />

nti.com.au<br />

Don’t forget to register your ticket<br />







1 ATN, Deals on Wheels, Owner Driver Foyer<br />

3 Healthy Heads <strong>Truck</strong>s & Sheds Foyer<br />

6 Queensland <strong>Truck</strong>ing Association (QTA) Foyer<br />

7 <strong>Truck</strong>Safe Foyer<br />

8 ALRTA Foyer<br />

16 Health in Gear Foyer<br />

22 Queensland Government (TMR) Foyer<br />

38 ATN, Deals on Wheels, Owner Driver Foyer<br />

106 National Heavy Vehicle Regulator Foyer<br />

214 TAFE Qld Skillstech Tech & Innovation Centre<br />

238 Big Rigs Newspaper Plaza<br />

243 IAME Plaza<br />

262 Trade Mutt Plaza<br />

263 My Health For Life Plaza<br />

267 Queensland Rail Plaza<br />

280 ATN, Deals on Wheels, Owner Driver Plaza<br />

282 <strong>Brisbane</strong> Convoy For Kids Plaza<br />

290 <strong>Truck</strong>world.com.au Plaza<br />




2 Morris Finance Foyer<br />

143 Australia Post Mezzanine<br />

225 <strong>Truck</strong> Assist Plaza<br />

226 National Transport Insurance (NTI) Plaza<br />

237 GME Plaza<br />

329 Ergon / Energex Plaza<br />

331 Cincom Systems Plaza<br />





11 Air Brake Systems Foyer<br />

14 D’Angelo Engineering Foyer<br />

30 Air Brake Services & Trailquip Foyer<br />

37 Rogers Willex Foyer<br />

72 Air Brake Corporation of Australia Foyer<br />

75 SAF-Holland Foyer<br />

77 Meritor Foyer<br />

78 ZF Services Australia Foyer<br />

80 Dana Australia Foyer<br />

81 Hendrickson Foyer<br />

83 Eaton Vehicle Group Foyer<br />

89 Allison Transmission Foyer<br />

98 TMC Australia Foyer<br />

104 Powerdown Foyer<br />

105 Knorr-Bremse Australia Foyer<br />

133 Fuwa K Hitch (Australia) Foyer<br />

315 <strong>Truck</strong>Zone Plaza<br />





12 Ampol Foyer<br />

20 Whites Diesel Foyer<br />

21 Tranzmile Foyer<br />

26 Viva Energy Australia Foyer<br />

31 Yara Australia Foyer<br />

35 Mobil Oil Australia Foyer<br />

59 Alemlube Foyer<br />

67 Castrol Foyer<br />

67 BP Australia Foyer<br />

87 Groeneveld-Beka Foyer<br />

140 Ethical Development Mezzanine<br />

141 Evolve H2 Mezzanine<br />

193 ITW Polymers & Fluids Mezzanine<br />

198 Atlantic Oil Mezzanine<br />

260 Valvoline Australia Plaza<br />

278 Gulf Western Oil Plaza<br />

287 AusBlue Plaza<br />

288 Graco Australia Plaza<br />

318 Total Oil Australia Plaza<br />

332 Prolube Lubricants Plaza<br />




56 Rocklea <strong>Truck</strong> Electrical Foyer<br />

60 Hella Australia Foyer<br />

110 Narva Automotive Lighting Foyer<br />

182 Mitsubishi Electric Australia Mezzanine<br />

190 Lightforce Australia Mezzanine<br />

253 YHI Power Plaza<br />

257 Invision Sales Plaza<br />

291 TPS The Power Source Plaza<br />

298 NAPA Auto Parts Plaza<br />

299 Lucidity Australia Plaza<br />

323 Redarc Plaza<br />




68 Gough Palfinger Australia Foyer<br />

68 Gough Transport Solutions Foyer<br />

68 Gough Industrial Services Foyer<br />

69 HMF Cranes Foyer<br />

96 600 Cranes Australasia Foyer<br />

111 Maxilift Australia Foyer<br />

117 Hyva Pacific Foyer<br />

121 Kalmar Foyer<br />

122 HIAB Australia Foyer<br />

247 Mobicon Systems Plaza<br />

321 Workplace Maintenance Solutions Plaza<br />





9 Molnar Foyer<br />

15 Findlay Import & Trade Foyer<br />

18 Karmot Foyer<br />

19 NXT Journey Foyer<br />

24 Corghi Australia Foyer<br />

27 Air CTI Foyer<br />

55 Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Foyer<br />

Thermal Systems<br />

65 A-Flo Equipment Foyer<br />

66 Warby Tools Foyer<br />

71 ISRI Seats Foyer<br />

82 Jost Australia Foyer<br />

85 Wurth Australia Foyer<br />

88 Anteo Foyer<br />

88 Thermo King Foyer<br />

92 Mega Pacific Foyer<br />

99 BriskAir Foyer<br />

100 Joloda Foyer<br />

100 Whiting Roller Shutter Doors Foyer<br />

103 Airdraulics Foyer<br />

103 Maha Australia Foyer<br />

107 Stemco <strong>Truck</strong> Products Foyer<br />

116 Tramanco Foyer<br />

123 Macnaught Foyer<br />

134 Levanta Foyer<br />

135 Hydreco Hydraulics Foyer<br />

150 Airtec Corporation Mezzanine<br />

155 Keith Walking Floor Australia Mezzanine<br />

156 Moore <strong>Truck</strong> Parts Mezzanine<br />

157 Mammoth Equipment & Exhausts Mezzanine<br />

158 Australian <strong>Truck</strong> & Trailer Parts Mezzanine<br />

160 Global <strong>Truck</strong> Imports Mezzanine<br />

161 GMT Autospares Mezzanine<br />

163 Quickally Access Solutions Mezzanine<br />

168 Schaeffler Australia Mezzanine<br />

170 Chiefs Australia Mezzanine<br />

171 Milwaukee Tools Mezzanine<br />

172 <strong>Truck</strong>tools Mezzanine<br />

175 Tru-Shu Mezzanine<br />

176 Garrett Advancing Motion Mezzanine<br />

177 Spitwater Mezzanine<br />

183 Zylux Mezzanine<br />

185 Precision Automotive Equipment Mezzanine<br />

186 Australian Clutch Services Mezzanine<br />

188 Cablecraft Australia Mezzanine<br />

192 Safe-T-Shop Mezzanine<br />

199 Complete Steering Australia Mezzanine<br />

232 Smart <strong>Truck</strong> Solutions Plaza<br />

233 Lavender CE Plaza<br />

241 Taro Distributors Plaza<br />

Australia’s<br />

Specialist<br />

Insurer.<br />

nti.com.au<br />


Exhibitors list<br />

242 Icepack Plaza<br />

243 Globo Hydrogen Power Plaza<br />

244 King Bars Plaza<br />

245 Kärcher Australia Plaza<br />

248 Capral Plaza<br />

250 R & J Batteries Plaza<br />

251 Zephyr Pro Australia Plaza<br />

252 Ikon Lifting Equipment Plaza<br />

252 Precision Automotive <strong>Brisbane</strong> Plaza<br />

254 Genesis Equipment Plaza<br />

255 Ryco Filters Plaza<br />

256 Laws of Motion Plaza<br />

266 Nepean VIS Service Automation Plaza<br />

270 Hilton Manufacturing Plaza<br />

276 Allotrac Plaza<br />

281 Carmate Electronics Plaza<br />

285 National Automotive Equipment Services Plaza<br />

286 Hydrosteer Plaza<br />

292 Roadpod Plaza<br />

300 Inca Lift Equipment Plaza<br />

301 Forest Centre / ExTe Plaza<br />

303 Bartlett Equipment Plaza<br />

304 Redcat Industries Plaza<br />

305 Dometic Plaza<br />

306 Evolving Workshop Technologies Plaza<br />

307 Hartex Engineering Plaza<br />

309 Okuslide Plaza<br />

316 Natrad HDS Plaza<br />

317 Tidal Fluid Power Plaza<br />

320 <strong>Truck</strong>mate Australia Plaza<br />

325 PainPod Plaza<br />

327 Hydraulink Plaza<br />

330 Endurequip Hoists Plaza<br />

315 <strong>Truck</strong>Zone Plaza<br />




5 MTData Foyer<br />

165 Kynection Mezzanine<br />

166 Active Fleet Mezzanine<br />

181 Onsite Cameras Mezzanine<br />

184 Transport Certification Australia Mezzanine<br />

189 LogChecker Mezzanine<br />

201 Microlise Mezzanine<br />

210 scanreco Technology & Innovation Centre<br />

213 iBodyshop Technology & Innovation Centre<br />

214 TAFE Queensland Technology & Innovation Centre<br />

215 vWork Technology & Innovation Centre<br />

216 Future Fleet Technology & Innovation Centre<br />

218 FLIR Thermal Vision Systems<br />

Technology & Innovation Centre<br />

221 Tiger Spider Engineering/Consulting/Software<br />

Technology & Innovation Centre<br />

222 <strong>Truck</strong>wiz Technology & Innovation Centre<br />

223 Sensium Fleet Telematics<br />

Technology & Innovation Centre<br />

229 Loadman Australia Plaza<br />

231 Transport Certification Services Plaza<br />

236 Netstar Australia Plaza<br />

249 E-T-A Electro Technical Applications Plaza<br />

261 Teletrac Navman Plaza<br />

265 Tele Radio Australia Plaza<br />

277 Connect Source Plaza<br />

293 Drive Risk Plaza<br />

294 FleetSafe Plaza<br />

306 Signal to Noise Plaza<br />

312 Geotab Plaza<br />





42 TR Group Foyer<br />

46 Holmwood Highgate (Aust) Foyer<br />

47 Graham Lusty Trailers Foyer<br />

52 Byrne Trailers Foyer<br />

53 Freighter Foyer<br />

53 Maxi-CUBE Foyer<br />

53 Trailer Sales Foyer<br />

53 MaxiTRANS Australia Foyer<br />

53 Hamelex White Foyer<br />

53 Azmeb Foyer<br />

53 Lusty EMS Foyer<br />

53 Peki Trailers Foyer<br />

54 Robuk Engineering Foyer<br />

69 West-Trans Equipment & Service Foyer<br />

69 Hammar Australia Foyer<br />

73 ConVair Engineering Foyer<br />

86 Marshall Lethlean Industries Foyer<br />

90 The Drake Group Foyer<br />

93 Transport Refrigeration Service Foyer<br />

94 Muscat Trailers Foyer<br />

95 Ekebol Foyer<br />

97 South East Queensland Tilt Tray Foyer<br />

109 <strong>Truck</strong> Art Livestock Trailers Foyer<br />

114 Sammut Agricultural Machinery Foyer<br />

118 Barker Trailers Foyer<br />

119 Tristar Industries Foyer<br />

120 Trailer Sales Foyer<br />

120 Road West Transport Foyer<br />

120 FWR Foyer<br />

124 Felco Transport Tanks Foyer<br />

125 Tosca Industries Foyer<br />

126 Moore Trailers Foyer<br />

127 Bulk Transport Equipment Foyer<br />

128 Rhino Low Loaders and Rhino Trailers Foyer<br />

129 Krueger Transport Equipment Foyer<br />

130 Schmitz Cargobull Australia Foyer<br />

131 Vawdrey Australia Foyer<br />

132 The Drake Group Foyer<br />

136 Bruce Rock Engineering Foyer<br />

137 Howard Porter Foyer<br />

272 <strong>Truck</strong> Hydraulic Solutions Plaza<br />





10 JAC EV <strong>Truck</strong>s Foyer<br />

23 EV Automotive Foyer<br />

40 PACCAR Australia Foyer<br />

40 Kenworth <strong>Truck</strong>s Foyer<br />

40 DAF <strong>Truck</strong>s Foyer<br />

41 Daimler <strong>Truck</strong> and Bus Foyer<br />

41 Fuso <strong>Truck</strong>s Foyer<br />

41 Mercedes-Benz <strong>Truck</strong>s Foyer<br />

41 Freightliner <strong>Truck</strong>s Foyer<br />

43 TATRA <strong>Truck</strong>s (Offroad <strong>Truck</strong>s Australia) Foyer<br />

44 Western Star Foyer<br />

44 MAN <strong>Truck</strong>s Foyer<br />

44 Penske Commercial Vehicles Foyer<br />

45 Heritage <strong>Truck</strong> Display Sponsored by Isuzu<br />

<strong>Truck</strong>s<br />

Foyer<br />

50 SEA Electric Foyer<br />

51 IVECO <strong>Truck</strong>s Australia Foyer<br />

79 Penske Power Systems Foyer<br />

101 East Coast <strong>Truck</strong> Sales Foyer<br />

101 Hyundai <strong>Truck</strong>s Foyer<br />

115 Terberg-Clark Equipment Foyer<br />




33 Samios Tyres Foyer<br />

62 Eagle SMF Foyer<br />

64 Goodyear & Dunlop Tyres Foyer<br />

76 Bridgestone / Bandag Foyer<br />

91 Howmet Wheel Systems Foyer<br />

112 Armoury Group Foyer<br />

151 Meikawheel Australia Mezzanine<br />

178 Tempe Tyres & Wheel Centre Mezzanine<br />

180 Westlake Tyres Mezzanine<br />

196 Australian Tyre Traders Mezzanine<br />

200 Techking Tires Australia Mezzanine<br />

240 Superchrome Wheels Plaza<br />

246 Aeolus Tyres Plaza<br />

273 Continental Tyres Plaza<br />

319 Mudflaps Australia Plaza<br />

324 Big Wheels <strong>Truck</strong> Alignment Plaza<br />

Australia’s <strong>Truck</strong><br />

Insurance and<br />

Roadside Assistance<br />

Specialist.<br />

National<br />

coverage<br />

24/7<br />

assistance<br />

Expert<br />

truck help<br />

nti.com.au<br />

Let’s be COVID safe together<br />



All ways lead to BTS<br />

The <strong>Brisbane</strong> Convention and Exhibition Centre (BCEC) is located in the heart of the South<br />

Bank precinct and is connected by all forms of private and public transport infrastructure,<br />

allowing visitors to easily access the 2021 <strong>Brisbane</strong> <strong>Truck</strong> <strong>Show</strong><br />

From the Airport<br />

<strong>Brisbane</strong>’s Airtrain<br />

offers a 30-minute train<br />

ride that leaves every<br />

half hour, with no need<br />

to change trains. It’s<br />

then a two-minute walk<br />

to the BCEC Grey Street<br />

entrance.<br />

Present your <strong>Brisbane</strong><br />

<strong>Truck</strong> <strong>Show</strong>/Airtrain<br />

discount letter at the<br />

Airport Terminal for<br />

your special travel rate<br />

of $25 return.<br />

Your discount offer<br />

is available at<br />

www.brisbanetruckshow.com.au/visitor-information/getting-tothe-show<br />

and click<br />

on the <strong>Brisbane</strong> <strong>Truck</strong><br />

<strong>Show</strong>/Airtrain link.<br />

By Train<br />

The South <strong>Brisbane</strong><br />

Railway Station, on<br />

the corner of Grey and<br />

Melbourne streets, is<br />

easily accessible to<br />

the venue, with only a<br />

460m walk.<br />

For arrival and<br />

departure times for<br />

public transport to and<br />

from South <strong>Brisbane</strong><br />

Railway Station, phone<br />

13 12 30 or visit<br />

www.translink.com.au.<br />

South <strong>Brisbane</strong> Railway<br />

Station is located in<br />

Zone 1.<br />

Adults: $10 card/$5<br />

activation fee<br />

Children: $5 card/$5<br />

activation fee<br />

Seniors: $5 card/$5<br />

activation fee<br />

Visit www.translink.<br />

com.au to find Go Card<br />

outlets. For arrival/<br />

departure times phone<br />

13 12 30 or visit<br />

www.translink.com.au.<br />

By Bus<br />

The Cultural Centre<br />

in Melbourne Street<br />

is a main hub for all<br />

direct services and<br />

connecting buses;<br />

accessibly located a<br />

200m walk to the BCEC.<br />

The free City Loop<br />

and Spring Hill Loop<br />

bus services provide<br />

high-frequency public<br />

transport access within<br />

the <strong>Brisbane</strong> Central<br />

Business District (CBD).<br />

For more information<br />

visit www.brisbane.qld.<br />

gov.au/traffic-transport/<br />

public-transport/buses/<br />

city-centre-free-loops.<br />

To save money on<br />

all public transport<br />

purchase a GO Card:<br />

Adults: $10 card/$5<br />

activation fee<br />

Children: $5 card/$5<br />

activation fee<br />

Seniors: $5 card/$5<br />

activation fee<br />

Visit www.translink.<br />

com.au to find Go Card<br />

outlets. For arrival/<br />

departure times phone<br />

13 12 30 or visit www.<br />

translink.com.au.<br />

Staying healthy on public transport<br />

The Queensland Government has put together a<br />

CovidSafe public transport plan, which outlines<br />

measures to ensure the health and safety of<br />

customers and transport staff when travelling on<br />

public transport.<br />

For help and advice on staying healthy on public<br />

transport and for the plan head to www.covid19.qld.<br />

gov.au/help-and-advice/public-transport.<br />

By Ferry<br />

Southbank terminal 2,<br />

South <strong>Brisbane</strong> is only<br />

about 480m from the<br />

Grey Street entrance at<br />

the BCEC.<br />

Services run every<br />

20 minutes. For more<br />

detailed arrival and<br />

departure times for<br />

public transport via<br />

the <strong>Brisbane</strong> river<br />

phone 13 12 30 or visits<br />

www.translink.com.au.<br />

<strong>Brisbane</strong> City Cats stop<br />

at several locations<br />

around South Bank,<br />

West End and <strong>Brisbane</strong><br />

City. All City Cats to<br />

South Bank must be<br />

paid for.<br />

<strong>Brisbane</strong> City Council’s<br />

‘Kitty Kat’ is a free<br />

inner-city ferry service<br />

for the <strong>Brisbane</strong> River.<br />

You can hop on and hop<br />

off the ‘Kitty Kat’ every<br />

30 minutes. The service<br />

runs between 6am and<br />

midnight, seven days a<br />

week.<br />

For up-to-date<br />

timetable information<br />

or to plan your<br />

journey, visit<br />

www.translink.com.au.<br />

The ‘Kitty Kat’ is<br />

supplemented by<br />

paid cross-river ferry<br />

services. These services<br />

run from Holman Street,<br />

Eagle Street Pier and<br />

Thornton Street every<br />

10 to 15 minutes.<br />

By Car<br />

The BCEC is conveniently<br />

located in the heart of<br />

<strong>Brisbane</strong> on the corner<br />

of Merivale and Glenelg<br />

Streets, South Bank.<br />

There are 1,500<br />

undercover parking<br />

spaces available at the<br />

centre, accessed by<br />

Merivale Street.<br />

The car park is open 24<br />

hours a day, seven days<br />

a week.<br />

A further 1,500 parking<br />

spaces are available<br />

at the South Bank<br />

Parklands, QPAC and<br />

Queensland Art Gallery<br />

and Museum.<br />

By Taxi<br />

A sheltered taxi rank is<br />

located outside the main<br />

entrance of the BCEC on<br />

the corner of Glenelg<br />

and Merivale Streets.<br />

Taxis are also accessible<br />

in other locations in the<br />

South Bank precinct,<br />

including the two hotels<br />

— Rydges and Mantra.<br />

Yellow Cabs (13 19 24),<br />

Black & White Cabs (13<br />

32 22), Silver Service<br />

(13 31 00) and Business<br />

Class (3860 9999) taxis<br />

service <strong>Brisbane</strong> and the<br />

surrounding areas.<br />

Within the <strong>Brisbane</strong> CBD,<br />

taxi ranks are located<br />

near most major hotels.<br />

A taxi from the airport<br />

to the BCEC costs<br />

approximately $50.<br />


Quality aftermarket panels & lights<br />






MTP<br />


Quality aftermarket Products<br />

with 100% fitment gaurantee<br />


Delivering Australia wide<br />


*Lifetime warranty on all new<br />

Moore <strong>Truck</strong> Parts Products<br />

RANGE<br />

Largest range of new<br />

aftermarket parts<br />

Toll Free: 1800 044 909<br />

www.mooretruckparts.com.au<br />

Moore <strong>Truck</strong> Parts has NO connections, sponsorships, relationships or affiliation with OEM Companies. We Supply an alternative High Quality<br />

aftermarket product which we back with a Lifetime Replacement Warranty on all new aftermarket products, *T & C's apply.

Incorporating the<br />


13-15 MAY 2021 FROM 8AM-4PM DAILY<br />


Naming sponsor In conjunction with Major event supporter





Quality & informative events<br />

Exclusive discounts & offers<br />

IR & HR advice service<br />

News & information<br />

and more!<br />



Civil Construction<br />

Field Days fills gap in<br />

industry calendar<br />

Just a free shuttle away from the <strong>Brisbane</strong> <strong>Truck</strong> <strong>Show</strong>, why not drop by the Civil<br />

Construction Field Days to see the latest in the civil construction industry<br />

IT IS OUR PLEASURE to welcome<br />

our local, regional and interstate<br />

visitors to the Civil Contractors<br />

Federation Queensland’s second<br />

Civil Construction Field Days event.<br />

We recognised a few years ago<br />

that there was a significant gap<br />

in the civil construction industry<br />

calendar for an event that brings<br />

together many suppliers to<br />

showcase the latest equipment,<br />

products and services.<br />

Industry has become<br />

increasingly time-poor and events<br />

that can provide purchasers<br />

of construction equipment an<br />

opportunity to see the latest in<br />

technology in one place at the<br />

same time was needed.<br />

This is our second event, with the<br />

first being a standalone event in<br />

2019. This year we have joined with<br />

the <strong>Brisbane</strong> <strong>Truck</strong> <strong>Show</strong> to deliver<br />

a larger exhibition of equipment<br />

and supplies relevant to the civil<br />

construction industry.<br />

This event provides a great<br />

opportunity to connect with your<br />

peers and develop relationships,<br />

whilst learning what is new in<br />

industry innovation.<br />

For our visitors who are not in<br />

the industry, the Civil Construction<br />

Field Days will provide a great<br />

insight into the workings of the civil<br />

construction industry. At the Civil<br />

Train booth a representative will be<br />

available to explain career paths<br />

and funding available for those<br />

new to the sector or those existing<br />

workers who want to build on their<br />

skills.<br />

Feel free to engage with the<br />

exhibitors and, if you have any<br />

questions, please talk to one of the<br />

friendly Field Days staff.<br />

This event is proudly supported<br />

by naming sponsor Pickles<br />

Industrial who is the leader in asset<br />

remarketing across industrial,<br />

cars, trucks and salvage. Pickles<br />

Industrial will be conducting a<br />

charity auction as part of the show<br />

with proceeds donated to a local<br />

charity.<br />

In addition to Pickles Industrial,<br />

the event is also supported by TFH<br />

Hire Services who specialise in the<br />

supply of quality temporary hire<br />

products all around Australia.<br />

“The CCF Field D ay is the<br />

highpoint of the Australian civil<br />

calendar and we are very excited<br />

to be a part of it,” TFH Hire Services<br />

general manager Michael Quinn<br />

says.<br />

Enjoy the offerings from Eat<br />

Street at the Trimble Inn and the<br />

many wining and dining options at<br />

Portside Wharf.<br />

If you have started your journey<br />

here, please take advantage of the<br />

free shuttle service to and from<br />

the <strong>Brisbane</strong> <strong>Truck</strong> <strong>Show</strong>.<br />

We hope you enjoy both<br />

events and experience<br />

something new.<br />

“The CCF Field<br />

Days is the<br />

highpoint of<br />

the Australian<br />

civil calendar<br />

and we are<br />

very excited to<br />

be a part of it”<br />





Best on show<br />

Civil Contractors Federation Queensland (CCF QLD) is proud to be running the Civil<br />

Construction Field Days (CCFD) – the biggest exhibition showcasing the latest technology,<br />

equipment, and services available to the civil construction industry in Queensland<br />

CCFD will be held from Thursday May<br />

13, 2021 until Saturday May 15, 2021<br />

at Hamilton Northshore in <strong>Brisbane</strong><br />

(92 MacArthur Avenue), with a stellar<br />

line-up of exhibitors ready to meet you from<br />

8am–4pm daily.<br />

The aim of the event is to be a ‘one-stop<br />

shop’ for the civil construction industry.<br />

Dozens of exhibitors will be displaying and<br />

providing a great range of products and<br />

services, including:<br />

• asset valuation<br />

• new and used construction machinery<br />

• attachments and machinery parts<br />

• traffic management solutions<br />

• water trucks and vacuum trucks<br />

• industrial cleaning solutions<br />

• fencing, security cameras and other<br />

on-site products for hire<br />

• civil construction training<br />

• trailers<br />

• vehicle workshop solutions<br />

• industrial tyres<br />

• construction software<br />

• professional services, including insurance<br />

and superannuation<br />

• drone technology.<br />

Upon arrival, you will receive a show bag<br />

from the CCF QLD stand, which will include<br />

the official program, full list of exhibitors and<br />

event map.<br />

The show will also feature the Trimble Inn,<br />

a dedicated licensed bar and food area, to<br />

allow you to catch up with your peers and<br />

talk more with your favourite exhibitors.<br />

See below for more information about the<br />

exciting food and beverage available.<br />

Some other exciting event highlights are<br />

still yet to be announced, so make sure<br />

you visit www.ccfd.com.au or follow the<br />

Civil Construction Field Days event page on<br />

Facebook.<br />


We are excited to have a diverse range of<br />

exhibitors present, showcasing our special<br />

connection with industry. Below are some<br />

exclusive previews from some key exhibitors,<br />

detailing what you can expect at their<br />

exhibition sites.<br />


Hastings Deering is one of the<br />

top Cat dealers worldwide,<br />

with an unmatched service<br />

network from the south-east<br />

of Queensland to the far north.<br />

Hastings Deering is proud to<br />

be associated with the CCFD,<br />

SITES<br />

23 &<br />

27<br />

exhibiting a range of new, used and rental<br />

Cat equipment and technology solutions<br />

capable of taking on the toughest tasks.<br />

Hastings Deering is dedicated to providing<br />

innovative solutions and technology to<br />

meet the ever-changing challenges of the<br />

construction industry, with equipment that<br />

allows you to get more work done in less<br />

time.<br />

This is all backed by HDAdvantage,<br />


Hasting Deering’s aftersales service program, now<br />

complimentary on all new and used construction<br />

equipment. HDAdvantage represents Hastings Deering’s<br />

commitment to providing you with first-class service<br />

for your Cat equipment. This is designed to increase<br />

reliability and profit-making, all thanks to proactive<br />

monitoring of machine maintenance and health issues<br />

throughout your warranty period.<br />

Visit Hastings Deering at the Civil Construction Field<br />

Days to learn more about its range of product and<br />

technology solutions.<br />


BUSSQ is a leading industry super fund<br />

for the building, construction, and civil<br />

industries.<br />

BUSSQ helps you maximise your<br />

retirement savings so you can enjoy a<br />

better lifestyle in retirement, offering you:<br />

BOOTH<br />

3<br />

• a personalised service to help sort your super and<br />

insurance<br />

• a history of strong long-term returns with an average<br />

return over 35 years of 9.61 per cent<br />

• tailored insurance – BUSSQ covers jobs other<br />

insurers don’t<br />

• affordable financial advice from Skylight Financial<br />

Solutions, built by BUSSQ<br />

• an industry super fund with profit to members.<br />

Choosing the right fund for you and your employees<br />

is an important decision and BUSSQ’s dedicated<br />

account managers are on hand to help employers with<br />

their superannuation obligations.<br />

Visit the BUSSQ stand (Booth 3) to find out how much<br />

super you should have at your age and go into the draw<br />

to win a $100 gift card.<br />

BUSSQ can also look at your super and insurance<br />

needs to help you get your super on track.<br />

To find out more call Troy on 1800 692 877 or visit<br />

bussq.com.au.<br />


You must visit the Trimble Inn while attending<br />

CCFD! Trimble Inn is excited to team with famous<br />

Eat Street Northshore vendors to provide you with a<br />

“Trimble Inn is excited to team up with<br />

famous Eat Street Northshore vendors<br />

to provide a delicious assortment of food<br />

and beverages”<br />

delicious assortment of food and beverages. Cuisines<br />

offered at the Trimble Inn include: Mexican street food;<br />

Redgate (burgers); Slice It (pizza); coffee and pastries;<br />

and a fully licensed bar.<br />

There will be plenty of places to network and catch up<br />

at The Trimble Inn with ample seating provided. Make<br />

sure you pop in between 8.00am until 4.00pm daily. We<br />

look forward to seeing you there!<br />


Hastings Deering is exhibiting<br />

a range of new, used and rental<br />

Cat equipment and technology<br />

solutions; The Civil Construction<br />

Field Days is a one-stop shop for<br />

your construction needs<br />

TOP: A huge range of technology<br />

and machines is on display,<br />

from new and used machinery<br />

through to fencing, tools and<br />

drones<br />

ABOVE: Food options will include<br />

Mexican street food; Redgate is<br />

available for a burger fix<br />




Caterpillar’s cost-effective solution<br />

Hastings Deering has released the Cat® GC range of standard machines<br />

and tools, available at an affordable price<br />

The new Cat GC range of machines<br />

offers a new value proposition for<br />

the more cost-conscious customers<br />


fleet in an effort to keep costs<br />

down, but don’t want to sacrifice<br />

on performance? Here’s some<br />

good news: you have more choices than<br />

ever before when it comes to selecting<br />

equipment that precisely matches your<br />

work and budget.<br />

When you see a Cat machine with the<br />

GC decal, know that these models are<br />

economical, with an attractive total cost<br />

of ownership.<br />

They are proven reliable and durable,<br />

fuel efficient and built to the same Cat<br />

production system standards, as well as<br />

being easy to operate.<br />

This is supported by the Hastings<br />

Deering dealer network and services,<br />

with Cat genuine parts and, of course, the<br />

quality that you know.<br />

Put simply, the Cat GC product line-up<br />

offers a new value proposition for<br />

cost-conscious customers who do not<br />

want to pay for a solution they don’t need.<br />

The GC range complements the<br />

traditional Cat product known as<br />

the performance range, as well as<br />

Caterpillar’s technically advanced XE<br />

premium range, thus enabling customers<br />

to choose across a spectrum of machines<br />

that matches their work and budget.<br />

While some customers want machines<br />

decked out in the latest technology to<br />

give their business a competitive edge<br />

or to compensate for a lack of skilled<br />

operators, plenty of others prioritise<br />

owning and operating costs over<br />

technology.<br />

If you want high-performing machines<br />

that are simple to operate and easy to<br />

maintain, that’s what the GC standard<br />

models deliver: a well-designed, durable<br />

product that offers high fuel efficiency<br />

and low owning and operating costs, all<br />

at an affordable price.<br />

GC models are just as reliable as any<br />

other Cat machine, with no compromises<br />

made in terms of quality or safety. Built<br />

with the same Cat DNA, and backed with<br />

the best dealer network support, you<br />

can be assured quality, reliability and<br />

durability are not compromised.<br />


The Cat GC models are ideal for<br />

applications that do not require the<br />

use of cutting-edge technology like<br />

grade control or onboard payload<br />

weighing.<br />

Therefore, no matter where you<br />

have your machine working, be it in<br />

construction, forestry, demolition or<br />

quarrying, GC is the range for you.<br />

With the GC range, Hastings Deering<br />

are setting a new standard for customers<br />

who value reliability at a low cost per<br />

hour. Fuel competitiveness comes from<br />

lower engine speeds and the range also<br />

SITES<br />

23 &<br />

27<br />

boasts improved fuel efficiency and<br />

effective hydraulic functionality.<br />

The GC range meets the emission<br />

standards without the use of diesel<br />

exhaust fluid (AdBlue).<br />

The GC range includes the following<br />

machines:<br />

• Excavators: 315 GC, 320 GC, 330 GC,<br />

336 GC and 345GC<br />

• Medium wheel loaders: 950 GC and<br />

966 GC<br />

Articulated dump truck: 740 GC<br />

• Soil compactors: CS10 GC and CS12 GC.<br />

Right-sizing your fleet doesn’t have<br />

to mean compromising on what matters<br />

most to your business. Caterpillar’s range<br />

of GC solutions will continue to be<br />

expanded across the product lines<br />

to better serve your needs.<br />

With GC models, you have dozens<br />

of other options at your disposal,<br />

there’s always a model with proven<br />

“There’s always a model with proven<br />

affordable, durable, reliable and low cost per<br />

hour solution for your job and budget”<br />

affordable, durable, reliable and low<br />

cost per hour solution for your job and<br />

budget.<br />

Your Hastings Deering representative<br />

can help you make the best decision.<br />

Contact Hastings Deering on<br />

1300 863 431 or visit hastingsdeering.<br />

com.au/GC.<br />




The expert solution<br />

Whether you are looking to buy or sell machines, Pickles has all of the expertise<br />

you need to help you get the best deal possible<br />

PICKLES IS AUSTRALIA’S leading asset<br />

remarketer. For more than 55 years, it<br />

has been unlocking value for vendors,<br />

whilst providing superior purchasing<br />

experiences for buyers.<br />

In the 2020 financial year, Pickles turned<br />

over $2.8 billion of assets and has grown to<br />

be Australia’s largest auction group. Built on<br />

the Pickles’ values of integrity, innovation,<br />

teamwork and excellence, it is committed to<br />

providing every client with a personalised<br />

service, the company says.<br />

Conducting in excess of 700 live and<br />

online public auctions every month across<br />

28 locations nationwide, Pickles offers<br />

a truly global footprint backed by the<br />

dedication of more than 800 employees.<br />

With the lowest staff turnover in the<br />

industry and a workplace culture<br />

where people and relationships<br />

matter, Pickles’ clients benefit<br />

BOOTH<br />

6<br />

from its passion, expertise and years of<br />

experience. Every day, Pickles states, it takes<br />

what it does and strives to do better.<br />


Pickles has an in-depth knowledge of<br />

buying, valuing and selling industrial<br />

equipment across multiple industries,<br />

including transport, civil construction,<br />

agriculture, mining, marine, aviation<br />

and rail.<br />

With Australia’s largest and most qualified<br />

team of valuers and auctioneers, Pickles<br />

sells in excess of 11,500 trucks and trailers<br />

and 4,500 pieces of earthmoving and mobile<br />

plant every year, with a combined value in<br />

excess of $550 million.<br />

Pickles meticulously prepares and<br />

presents assets for sale and its<br />

industrial auction facilities are<br />

recognised as the best in Australia, it<br />

says. The company’s local teams are backed<br />

by 50 designated industrial representatives<br />

across the country, ensuring equipment is<br />

marketed to all potential buyers throughout<br />

Australia and overseas. The Pickles<br />

industrial team is committed to providing<br />

the best customer experience and adding<br />

value at every step of the way, it adds.<br />


Pickles is an Australian-owned business<br />

committed to creating trusted marketplaces<br />

where everybody wins. It knows how to<br />

navigate the auction process on a large<br />

scale and maximise returns on your<br />

industrial assets.<br />

Providing personalised service to all<br />

clients, Pickles’ local sales teams are always<br />

available and, backed by a national team,<br />

ensures it provide optimum service and<br />

results for its partners.<br />

tillys.com.au<br />

BTS-QH-5011084-CS-2021<br />

Proud suppliers of quality alternatives for your<br />

undercarriage needs, now with a selected range<br />

of products available online.<br />

See the team onsite at CCFQld - 13-15 May<br />




TFH’s one-stop shop<br />

TFH Hire Services has become synonymous with the<br />

Australian temporary fencing and hire industry<br />

Sanitation - Temporary Fencing - Surveillance Camera - Ricochet Road Barriers<br />

TFH HIRE SERVICES serves civil,<br />

TFH says that its teams utilise these<br />

construction and event projects<br />

to provide solutions for site security,<br />

SITE<br />

of any size, Australia-wide, with<br />

portable sanitation and hygiene,<br />

its quality stock and extensive 14 ground protection and pedestrian<br />

industry knowledge.<br />

containment.<br />

products will be on display at the Civil<br />

With more than 20 years of industry<br />

All TFH products exceed safety and Construction Field Days:<br />

experience and a national distribution<br />

sanitation standards in Australia and site<br />

site surveillance cameras<br />

network of over 40 branches, it is the largest safety is always its priority, the company<br />

site sheds<br />

family-owned and operated supplier of<br />

states. TFH meets clients’ critical deadlines<br />

solar security gates<br />

temporary fencing and associated products to ensure their projects are delivered on time<br />

portable toilets<br />

in Australia.<br />

and their needs are exceeded.<br />

road-rated barriers<br />

Its extensive and innovative product<br />

variable message sign boards<br />

range is manufactured by dedicated local ALL IN ONE PLACE<br />

temporary fence options<br />

production facilities. Offering a vast array of TFH offers more than fencing – it is a one-stop<br />

gates<br />

engineer-certified products and accessories, shop for all site set-up needs. The following<br />

skip bins<br />

hand washing stations<br />

bunting<br />

traffic cones<br />

bollards<br />

hand sanitisers<br />

crowd control barriers<br />

mobile skip bins<br />

banner mesh<br />

silt fencing<br />

water bubblers<br />

• Covid lines.<br />

TFH will have giveaways and competitions<br />

at the show, including a spin and win draw<br />

for a chance to win a Whitsundays escape for<br />

two, a corporate box experience for up to 10<br />

people at Queensland Reds Game and lucky<br />

door prizes.<br />

ABOVE: A range of barriers and fencing options are<br />

available<br />

BELOW: TFH Hire Services can supply all site set-up needs<br />

in one place<br />



WRS QLD puts safety first<br />

Proudly Australian-owned, the Workforce Road Services QLD (WRS QLD) team has<br />

been delivering effective and safe traffic management services within Queensland<br />

for the past 14 years on all major projects<br />

WRS QLD STATES that it is one of<br />

Australia’s safest, most reliable and<br />

professional suppliers of traffic<br />

management services. Specialising<br />

in early engagement utilising the scope of<br />

works, it is this communication for tenders<br />

with its clients that sets WRS QLD apart from its<br />

competitors, it says.<br />


The WRS QLD traffic management services<br />

team provides a comprehensive range<br />

of traffic management services to help<br />

companies with planning, supervising and<br />

executing safe traffic control procedures for<br />

road works, line marking, asphalting, tree<br />

lopping, road/lane closures and diversions.<br />

Highly experienced TMD staff are on call<br />

24/7 and WRS QLD has the capability to assist<br />

any client on any project size, from the office<br />

and in the field. Services include:<br />

site surveys and safety audits<br />

• computer-aided preparation of traffic<br />

guidance schemes, traffic control plans and<br />

traffic management plans<br />

• a modern fleet of over 750 purpose-built<br />

traffic management vehicles<br />

• provision of fully qualified and experienced<br />

traffic and supervisory staff<br />

• 24/7 monitored emergency call-out<br />

network, ensuring customers talk<br />

to a skilled and experienced operator<br />

at any time of the day or night<br />

• an extensive range of traffic control<br />

equipment hire, including; traffic lights and<br />

signals, cones, arrow boards, temporary<br />

lights, emergency signs, stop/go systems,<br />

pedestrian barriers, battery lights,<br />

cable-less lights and manual traffic signs<br />

• purpose-built truck-mounted attenuators,<br />

incident response vehicles, cone and pod<br />

trucks<br />

•<br />

project-specific safety management plans<br />

for traffic management.<br />


All WRS QLD staff are trained to adhere to<br />

strict occupational health and safety (OH&S)<br />

guidelines and are required to perform a<br />

comprehensive risk assessment for each<br />

new assignment.<br />

WRS QLD has implemented the following<br />

procedures and systems to monitor safety for<br />

•<br />

works and minimise risk, including:<br />

paperless systems on site<br />

worksite assessments and hazard reports<br />

journey management systems<br />

safe work method statement<br />

skills and competencies register<br />

• site-specific OH&S induction from employee<br />

files<br />

traffic controller assessment<br />

• injury management policies and<br />

procedures<br />

• regular site safety audits performed by a<br />

traffic management design (TMD) expert<br />

• incident and near-miss reporting<br />

systems<br />

system improvement report<br />

OH&S policy<br />

• safety roles and responsibilities<br />


SITE<br />

10<br />

safety management system compliance<br />

certificate<br />

• daily vehicle checklist.<br />

WRS QLD says that its ability to achieve and<br />

exceed its clients’ expectations on projects by<br />

applying strict adherence to the agreed key<br />

performance indicators is the primary reason<br />

that it is the preferred supplier for so many<br />

clients.<br />

WRS’ main objective is to provide clients<br />

with outstanding service, thus affording<br />

them the ability to carry out work in a safe,<br />

practicable, well-presented worksite, on time<br />

and under their traffic management services<br />

budget, every time.<br />

WRS QLD’s portfolio includes clients<br />

from the civil, building and maintenance,<br />

construction, local council and state and<br />

federal government sectors, main roads<br />

departments, road asphalting companies,<br />

line marking, national utility providers and<br />

organisers of special events.<br />

Being one of Queensland’s best performing<br />

traffic management services providers, WRS<br />

QLD says that its field staff are its biggest<br />

assets. Its TMD officers are experienced<br />

professionals, fully trained to assess and react<br />

to constantly changing conditions within<br />

a work zone, WRS QLD explains.<br />

Call WRS QLD to find out how it can<br />

assist you with your onsite needs on<br />

1300 WRS QLD.<br />

“WRS QLD has the capability to assist<br />

any client on any project size, from the<br />

office and in the field”<br />

The WRS QLD traffic management services team provides<br />

a comprehensive range of traffic management services<br />



Exhibition Booths & Ticket Sales<br />

Exhibitors list<br />



4PS Software Booth 7<br />

Allquip Water <strong>Truck</strong>s Site 31<br />

Are Media Booth 17<br />

Assignar<br />

Site 15A<br />

BrisVegas Machinery Site 36<br />

Bull Motor Bodies Site 22<br />

BUSSQ Building Super Booth 3<br />

CESCO Australia<br />

Site 24A<br />

Civil Contractors Federation Queensland Booth 15<br />

Civil Train Booth 16<br />

Coffey Testing Booth 11<br />

Doherty Couplers & Attachments Site 15B & 17<br />

DuraVeg – PGG Wrightson Turf<br />

Site 1B<br />

Earthmoving Equipment Australia Site 20<br />

EROAD Booth 20<br />

Gearbox Booth 1<br />

GVM Check<br />

Site 1A<br />

Hastings Deering Australia Site 23 & 27<br />

Hitachi Construction Machinery Site 18 & 19<br />

IOR<br />

Site 24B&D<br />

Jungheinrich Australia<br />

Site 9B<br />

Komatsu Site 29 & 30<br />

KOR Equipment Solutions Site 25<br />

Kynection Booth 14<br />

Levanta Workshop Solutions Site 26<br />

Machinery Trader Booth 9<br />

Marxgold Starting Solutions Site 13<br />

National Heavy Vehicle Regulator Booth 13<br />

Onetrak Site 50 & 51<br />

Oz Excavator Buckets Site 28<br />

Penske Australia Booth 10<br />

Pickles Industrial Booth 6<br />

Prolube Lubricants / Lowes Petroleum Site 24C<br />

Sheroz Earthworks Site 12<br />

SITECH Construction Systems | Trimble Booths 4 & 5<br />

Spitwater Site 33<br />

St John Ambulance Queensland Booth 2<br />

TFH Hire Services Site 14<br />

TFI Tyres Site 16<br />

The Drake Group Site 35<br />

Tilly’s Booths 18 & 19<br />

Transport Equipment Australia Site 32<br />

Vac <strong>Truck</strong> Industries Site 11<br />

Workforce Road Services QLD Site 10<br />

ZF Services Australia<br />

Site 3G<br />


Site Map<br />


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PLAZA 315<br />

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a collectable diecast truck.<br />

Meet us on stand PLAZA 315<br />

to go into the draw.<br />

One draw every day.<br />

Draw time: 5PM<br />

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