Pegasus Post: April 08, 2021

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Thursday <strong>April</strong> 8 <strong>2021</strong> 9<br />


Joint pain: Do I have arthritis or<br />

could it be mainly my muscles?<br />

The team at Physical Sense in Sydenham<br />

sees clients with a range of symptoms but<br />

many of their middle-aged and senior clients<br />

visit complaining of pain in one of their joints.<br />

Physiotherapist Ietje van Stolk suggests<br />

that a major part of the pain could be due<br />

to muscle pain rather than simply arthritis.<br />

“Even if an x-ray shows arthritis, the reason<br />

for the pain may be the muscles around<br />

the joint,” she explains. The images show<br />

how a muscle knot (the crosses) in a back<br />

muscle can give hip pain (aches and pain<br />

are the red areas in the drawings), a knot<br />

in a muscle on the back of the shoulder<br />

blade can give a deep pain in the front of<br />

the shoulder and a muscle knot all the way<br />

near the groin can give an ache in the knee<br />

(especially at night in bed).<br />

Ietje recalls one case where an 89 year<br />

old client with severe arthritis who walked<br />

with a stick, told her, “I will end up in<br />

a wheelchair, I cannot put any weight<br />

through my right leg due to pain in my hip<br />

and buttock”. “Within 4 treatments, she<br />

was walking with her stick but without the<br />

severe pain,” says Ietje. “The arthritis was<br />

one of the factors that made her muscles<br />

spasm but the other was that older people<br />

move less and the flexed position the hip<br />

is in when we sit is particularly bad for<br />

the hip.” Ietje is happy with the fact that<br />

although the client was 89 and could have<br />

been “given up on” or told to live with the<br />

pain, she made a difference to her health<br />

and wellbeing.<br />

The same lack of movement can be the<br />

reason for your knee pain or your shoulder<br />

pain and the same few treatments could<br />

make a huge difference for you.<br />

At Physical Sense, hands-on techniques<br />

(massage and triggerpoint deactivation<br />

techniques) are used to release the muscles.<br />

The client also gets a home exercise<br />

program designed to mobilize and stretch<br />

the joint, strengthen the important core<br />

muscles and increase general strength and<br />


PAIN<br />


balance. They teach a movement sequence<br />

that stretches the joint in all directions<br />

whilst the client is able to lie safely on their<br />

bed, perfect for older or less mobile clients.<br />

In many cases having the muscles<br />

released and being taught how to maintain<br />

it, is enough to stay on top of the problem.<br />

HIP PAIN<br />

(the crosses are the areas of the muscle spasms, the red areas is where the pain is felt)<br />

If severe arthritis is the underlying cause,<br />

some maintenance therapy may be<br />

necessary, but that is often more affordable<br />

and, for older patients, better tolerated<br />

than surgery. After only one treatment you<br />

should know that it will work for you. Call<br />

and only pay $50 on that treament.<br />

Physical Sense Gym and Physio is located at 300 Colombo Street, Sydenham. The Blue Line Bus stops in front of the<br />

door and there is ample parking. To enquire about joint pain treatment, phone 377-2577 or visit www.triggerpoints.co.nz<br />


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