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TWENTY FOUR cabbage trees

deliberately poisoned on the

Christchurch Coastal Pathway

three years ago will be replaced

on Sunday after a successful

community fundraising


Page 3

The trees were planted along

the causeway section of the

pathway but were found dying

in 2018 after being intentionally


St Martins resident and

cabbage tree fan Oliver Lewis

(above) said he was “stoked” at

the level of community

support after a Givealittle page

he set up to buy replacement

trees exceeded the fundraising

goal of $633.60 in just four


Page 12

Cabbage trees back after poisoning

The page raised $778 in total.

Both Mayor Lianne Dalziel

and Heathcote Ward city

councillor Sara Templeton

contributed to the page.

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fire break



• By Samantha Mythen

A COMMUNITY initiative is

replanting native trees to protect

their homes from future fires on

the Port Hills.

A large vegetation fire in

January decimated Drayton

Reserve, a gully between Mt

Pleasant and

Redcliffs. The

fire threatened

houses and

about 500 sq

m of trees and

shrubs were


Six firefighting

crews and

Dave Bryce

two helicopters were involved in

extinguishing the blaze, which

was contained after about three

hours. Now, after just five weeks

of planting, members of the

Drayton Reserve Volunteers

group have almost reached

halfway in their project to create

a green fire break in the reserve.

“This is a major local

biodiversity project, but also,

with the climate changing,

very dry summers will be

more common, and the risk of

fires will be higher,” group coordinator

Dave Bryce said.

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Visit us at 10 Athelstan street, next to the Barrington Medical Centre.

2 Thursday June 17 2021

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A justice of the peace will

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Thursday, 1-3.30pm

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If you are interested in playing

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Woolston Club, 43 Hargood St

A variety of stalls will be available,

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Creative Writing on Sundays

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Take some pens or pencils, paper, or

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The Southern Jazzmen

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Monday, 2-4pm

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Go along for a game with a

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it’s OK to help.


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Thursday June 17 2021 3

Issues highlighted in survey

• By Matt Slaughter


unsatisfied with the condition

of roads and footpaths in


The city council’s recent

Christchurch Residents’ Survey

revealed only

29 per cent

of those who

gave feedback

are satisfied

with the

condition of

roads and 36



per cent with


It comes

as the city council’s Long Term

Plan, which outlines its 10-year

budget, and has been undergoing

consultation since March, will be

finalised this month. It includes a

proposed budget of $18.3 million

a year, for the first three years of

the plan, for road resurfacing.

Meanwhile, the results of

the survey show 24 per cent

of respondents who have been

involved in governance processes

are satisfied with their influence

on city council decisions and

only 36 per cent understand how

its decisions are made.

It comes as 2381 Christchurch

residents gave feedback on

the city council’s draft Long


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•HAVE YOUR SAY: What are your thoughts on footpaths

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Term Plan.

The city council says it is working

on ways to improve engagement.

The Star spoke to residents

in April after written consultation

for the Long Term Plan had

closed. All either did not know

what the Long Term Plan is, or

chose not to give feedback on it.

Canterbury University professor

Bronwyn Hayward believes

the number of people who gave

feedback on the draft Long Term

Plan is promising. However,

she said the reason more people

did not give feedback, could be

because they have a lack satisfaction

with their influence on city

council decisions.

“It is costly in terms of time

and resources to actually read

a plan and spend time writing

formal submissions.

“Many people that give submissions

are not expecting to

have their submissions agreed

with, but we do know that people

have confidence in a process

when they feel that they were

listened to respectfully and given

enough time to be heard.”

Said city councillor Yani Johanson:

“I think at a governance

level, we do need to consider how

we make it easier for people to

understand what council’s doing

and to be involved in what council’s


“Certainly, making it easier for

people to understand information

is critical. The second thing

is having greater transparency

and openness around our briefings.”

Said city council head of community

support, governance and

partnerships John Filsell: “We

are always looking at ways we

can improve our engagement.

“We are continuing to engage

and educate on decisions and we

actively encourage as many people

as possible to submit, contribute

and get involved via a variety

of channels – online, hard copy

and face to face.

“These questions [in the survey]

seek to establish if citizens

have had that opportunity to

contribute/influence/have their

say on council decisions – rather

than whether they were able

to influence council’s decision

to the individually preferred


In contrast to the city council

services residents are most concerned

with, there are many they

are happy with.

Of those surveyed, 100 per cent

are satisfied with education programmes

in Christchurch, 98 per

cent are happy with the Botanic

Gardens and Mona Vale, 95 per

cent with libraries, 97 per cent

with walk-in customer service

and 92 per cent with customer

service over the phone.

Overall satisfaction with city

council services is sitting at 49

per cent – a slight decrease from

50 per cent last year.

with Tracey McLellan, MP for Banks Peninsula

Somerfield Community Centre,

47 Studholme St

10–11am Saturday 19 June

642 Ferry Road, PO BOX 19 661, Woolston, Christchurch

03 376 4512

Christchurch Residents’

Survey satisfaction


Reliability of water supply

– 75 per cent

Inner city parks – 82 per


Kerbside bins collection –

80 per cent

Education programmes –

100 per cent

Libraries – 95 per cent

Botanic Gardens and

Mona Vale – 98 per cent

External communication –

82 per cent

Customer service – walkins

97 per cent/email – 71

per cent/phone – 92 per


Condition of footpaths –

36 per cent

Walking friendly city – 74

per cent

Condition of roads – 29 per


Community parks – 63 per


Influence on city council

decisions – 24 per cent

Understanding of city

council decisions – 36 per


Public influence on

decisions – small influence

– 46 per cent/large or

some influence – 30 per


Heritage buildings – 48 per


Stormwater drainage – 45

per cent

Water supply –

responsiveness – 52 per

cent/quality 45 per cent

Somerfield Community

Drop-in Session


711 Island Rd View Hill, OXFORD 7495

03 312-4309

Authorised by Tracey McLellan MP,

642 Ferry Road, Woolston

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4 Thursday June 17 2021

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trees to be

replanted in

working bee

•From page 1

Lewis said he was “delighted”

Dalziel and Templeton had

thrown their weight behind the


Templeton said the level of

public support was heartening

and remains hopeful the

community funding and

‘sponsorship’ of trees would

show the poisoner that the trees

were loved by many.

“I personally think that they’re

beautiful trees and I’m really

hopeful the community buy-in

and involvement in funding and

planting them will stop anyone

trying something like that

again,” she said.

Lewis had “zero sympathy”

for the poisoner.

“It was a petty and disgraceful

thing to kill trees in the public


The 24 replacement cabbage

trees will mean the original

planting design along the

causeway will be restored.

A working bee to

reinstate the trees along

Main Rd and plant several

hundred other natives

along Beachville Rd will be

held at 10am on Sunday.




Helping protect homes from fire

•From page 1

The project involves planting

800 low flammable native

species for the first 10m below

residential properties to create

the fire break.

“Creating a fire break along

the reserve’s boundary has been

a priority to establish and give

protection to neighbouring

properties,” said Bryce.

He said the residents of the

houses closest to the reserve are

helping out themselves.

“This is a community biodiversity


“We want to get the surrounding

community engaged with the

reserve and looking after it.”

There are about 200 current

members of Drayton Reserve


The group started in April

2016. Their aim is to work with

the city council to return the

reserve to its original forest cover

for conservation, recreation and

educational purposes.

Bryce said the original forest

in the valley was wiped out for

farming and grazing.

They now hope to restore the

nine different ecosystems that

exist there, including an aquatic

ecosystem in the stream that

runs through the reserve.

Some of their other work

includes improving streambed















PHONE: 03 384 6540


Weekdays 7.30am-5pm. Weekends 8.30am-3pm

HARD WORK: Volunteers replant trees in Drayton Reserve after a fire in January decimated

the area and threatened homes. ​

and water quality, pest control,

improving walking tacks, and

managing litter.

The group is hoping to have

completed the fire break by


Fantastic teamwork by Cameron and his team. They

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Thursday June 17 2021 5

Pupils visit Scott Base’s oldest building, VR style

SCOTT BASE’S oldest building

in Antarctica, a hut built by a

Sir Edmund Hillary-led team,

visited St Martins School this

week, but in virtual reality form.

Antarctic Heritage Trust’s

roadshow has been visiting

classes since Monday, with the

final leg under way today.

Developed in partnership

with Auckland University of

Technology, the virtual reality

experience allows users to

explore Sir Edmund Hillary’s hut

in Antarctica.

The experience provides insight

into how the 23 men of Sir

Ed’s team lived and worked in

the world’s most extreme environment

more than 60 years ago.

The trust’s general manager

operations and communications

Francesca Eathorne, who

oversaw the project development,

hopes the VR tour inspires

people to learn more about

Antarctica and the nation’s most

famous son.

“Sir Ed’s hut is part of the rich

history of Antarctic exploration

and we are excited to bring this

experience to as many students

around New Zealand as we can,”

she said.

“Most people will never get

the chance to visit Antarctica

so virtual reality is a fantastic

way to give people a glimpse of





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EXPLORATION: Antarctic Heritage Trust public engagement

officer Sarah Bouckoms walks St Martins School pupils

through Scott Base’s oldest building in Antarctica through

virtual reality. ​

what it would be like to visit this

special place.

“Hopefully the fascinating stories

of what Sir Ed and his team

achieved furthering science and

exploration will inspire the next

generation of explorers.”

Hillary’s hut was Scott Base’s

first building and was built by a

team led by Sir Ed to support the

Commonwealth Trans-Antarctic

oN sAle Now!

AvAilAble from stAr mediA:

Level One, 359 Lincoln Road

Addington, Christchurch

Phone 379 7100

Expedition and the International

Geophysical Year.

The trust cares for this hut and

four other historic expedition

bases in Antarctica. The Trust

conserved Hillary’s Hut in time

for Scott Base’s 60th anniversary

in 2017.

Users can tour the five rooms

of the building, viewing hundreds

of artefacts from the early

Now only


Plus $5 P&H per copy

years of New Zealand’s Antarctic

programme, while learning

BELOW: St Martins School pupils dress up

in gear designed to weather the storms of


more about NZ’s first presence in


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6 Thursday June 17 2021

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How Stella Learned to Talk

by Christina Hunge

An incredible, revolutionary true story and surprisingly simple guide to teaching your dog to talk from

speech-language pathologist Christina Hunger, who taught her dog, Stella, to communicate using simple

paw-sized buttons associated with different words. When speech-language pathologist Christina Hunger first

came home with her puppy, Stella, it didn’t take long for her to start drawing connections between her job

and her new pet. During the day, she worked with toddlers with significant delays in language development

and used Augmentative and Alternative Communication (AAC) devices to help them communicate. At night,

she wondered: If dogs can understand words we say to them, shouldn’t they be able to say words to us?

Can dogs use AAC to communicate with humans? Christina decided to put this to the test with Stella and

started using a paw-sized button, programmed with her voice to say the word ‘outside’ when clicked,

whenever she took Stella out of the house.

Stella now has a bank of more than thirty word buttons, and uses them either individually or together

to create near-complete sentences. How Stella Learned to Talk is part memoir and part how-to guide. It

chronicles the journey Christina and Stella have taken together from the day they met to the day Stella

‘spoke’ her first word, and the other breakthroughs they’ve had since. It also reveals the techniques Christina

used to teach Stella, broken down into simple stages and actionable steps any dog owner can use to

start communicating with their pets.

My Amy

by Tyler James

Written with a searing honesty and published for the tenth anniversary of Amy Winehouse’s death, My

Amy is an evocative portrait of unbreakable lifelong friendship – and a devastating study into fame,

addiction and self-sabotage.

Only one person knows what really happened to Amy, other than Amy herself. He is Tyler James, Amy’s

best friend from the age of thirteen. They met at stage school as two insecure outsiders, formed an

instant connection and lived together from their late teenage years right up until the day she died, aged

just twenty-seven.

Tyler was there by her side through it all. From their carefree early years touring together to the creation

of the multiple Grammy-winning Back To Black, which she wrote on their kitchen floor. From her volatile

marriage to Blake Fielder-Civil through her escalating addictions, self-harm and eating disorders as the

toxic nature of fame warped Amy’s reality. For the last three years of her life, Tyler was with her every day

when she’d beaten drugs and was close to beating alcoholism too. He also knew better than anyone the

real Amy Winehouse who the tabloid-reading public rarely saw – the hilarious, uncompromising forceof-nature

busy taking care of everyone else.

We all think we know what happened to Amy Winehouse, but we don’t. This definitive insider’s story

tells us all, finally, the truth.

The Forager’s Treasury

by Johanna Knox

A New Zealand guide to the art of foraging - a comprehensive guide to finding sustainable,

free and fascinating plants.

In the urban and rural wildernesses, there is an abundance of food just waiting to be

discovered, if only you know what to look for. Foraged food is healthy, economical and

sustainable, but the best part is the fun you will have finding it.

This book is guaranteed to make you look at the plants around you in a different light.

The Forager’s Treasury features profiles of many edible plants commonly found in New

Zealand; advice on where to find them, how to harvest them and how best to use them;

and over 60 delicious food recipes as well as more than 30 recipes for medicine, natural

dyes, perfumes and skin care.

This fully revised and updated edition of a classic bestseller is an exhaustive treasure

trove of information about our wild plants.

Bob Dylan - No Direction Home

by robert Shelton, foreword & afterword by elizabeth Thomson

Robert Shelton met Bob Dylan when the young singer arrived in New York in 1961. He became

Dylan’s friend, champion, and critic. His book, first published in 1986, was hailed as the definitive

unauthorized biography of this moody, passionate genius. Shelton tells the intimate and first-hand story

of Bob Dylan’s formative years in Greenwich Village NYC, and it is the only biography that has been

written with his active cooperation.

Dylan gave Shelton access to his parents, Abe and Beatty Zimmerman – whom no other journalist has ever

interviewed; to his brother, David; to childhood friends from Hibbing; to fellow students and friends from

Minneapolis; and to Suze Rotolo, the muse immortalized on the cover of Freewheelin’ , among others.

Concluding Dylan’s story backstage during his triumphant 1978 world tour, No Direction Home took

20 years to complete and when it was finally published the book received widespread critical acclaim.

Following his Nobel Prize for Literature Award in 2016, Dylan’s standing is higher than at any time

since the 1960s and Shelton’s book is now seen as a classic. This new illustrated edition, published

in the year of Dylan’s 80th birthday, includes key images of Dylan throughout his incredible, enduring

career, making it a must for all Dylan fans.

You Are a Champion: How to Be the Best You Can Be

by Marcus rashford, with Carl Anka

Marcus Rashford is famous worldwide for his skills both on-and-off the pitch – but before he was

a Manchester United and England footballer, and long before he started his inspiring campaign to

end child food poverty, he was just an average kid from Wythenshawe, South Manchester. Now,

Marcus Rashford MBE wants to show YOU how to achieve your dreams, in this positive and inspiring


No matter who you are and no matter where you come from, every single person in the world has

the potential to be a champion. In You Are a Champion, the world’s favourite footballer gives you the

tools you need to reach your full potential, showing you how to be the very BEST version of yourself

you can be. Written with journalist Carl Anka, this empowering guide is packed full of stories from

Marcus’s own life, brilliant advice and top-tips from performance psychologist Katie Warriner. Perfect

for readers who need to hear that they already are champions – they just might not know it yet.

This book shows kids how to: Be comfortable with who you are – you can’t be a champion until

you’re happy being you! Dream big Practise like a champion – good things take hard work and

time. Get out of your comfort zone and learn from your mistakes. Navigate adversity in a positive

way. Find your team. Use your voice and stand.

1005 Ferry rd

Ph 384 2063

while stocks last (see instore for terms and conditions)

Barry & kerry

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Thursday June 17 2021 7

Siblings show

how it’s done on

the sports fields

• By Fiona Ellis

THE SPORTING success of

Cashmere siblings on Saturday is

proving that good things come in


Campbell siblings Lily, 11,

Bodhi, 12, and Josh, 17, each

won player of the day in their

respective matches.

Their father Mark Campbell

said Josh’s game was the last of the


“We were joking: ‘Wouldn’t it be

funny if he got player of the day?’

and he did.”

He was not surprised that

each of the three won the award


“They’re all super hardworking

and right into it. They’ll always be


However, he was surprised they

all received the award on the same

day, which had never happened


Watching the successful day of

sports felt “pretty good”, he said.

His children had plenty of drive.

“They’re very self motivated.

Most kids get carted [to sports

games] by their parents.”

Lily was the first to take the

award on the day, playing centre

for Cashmere Netball Club’s J


“She’s not very big, but she’s

fast and nippy like an Energizer


Bodhi followed suit as centre

defender in his football game for

Cashmere Technical 12th grade


“He’s a very skilful player. He

takes responsibility for shutting

down other attacks.”

They then watched Josh play

centre back for the club’s 17th

grade blue, and it was clear he was

also playing a strong game.

“[He] scored a thundering low

knuckleball left-footed half volley

from 18m. He is right-footed and

has taught himself mastery of his

left foot.”

The element his children had in

common was the ability to play a

strong defence, he said.


siblings (from left) Josh, Bodhi

and Lily, were each awarded

player of the day after their

sports games on Saturday.

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Thursday June 17 2021 9

Prepare your

home for winter

Minimise your heat loss


Without insulation, approx. 30-35%

of the heat loss occurs through the roof,

20-30% through windows, and 20-25%

through walls. The floor and air leakage

make up the balance.


Seal up any unused openings such as cat

doors and open fireplaces.

Use draft stopping tape around windows

and tape, door ‘sausages or a rolled-up

towel for doors.

Double glaze windows, there is a wide

range of DIY Window insulation kits that

are both effective and economical.

Downlight fittings

Some modern LED downlights have

insulation fitted over them, instead of

leaving a gap for fire prevention.

Super-efficient LEDs use less energy

and can save lighting costs. Ask a lighting

specialist or registered electrician for


Simple steps to reduce dampness

Air your home regularly

Open doors and windows for 10-15

minutes each morning or use a ventilation


Use energy efficient, low

emissions heaters

Heat rooms being used to at least 18˚C.

Don’t use unflued or portable gas heaters.

Use extractor fans

They can help to get rid of moisture in

the bathroom and laundry and use a fan or

rangehood in the kitchen.

Use lids on pots when you cook

This helps to stop the steam escaping.

Turn on the fan before a shower

or bath

Shut the bathroom door and open the

window slightly. Afterwards, leave the fan

running until the moisture clears.

Move furniture away from walls in


A 10cm gap discourages mould

(especially on external walls).

Dry washing outside

Use a washing line or rack in the garage

or a under covered area.

Leave wardrobes slightly open

A little air circulation discourages mould

growing on fabric.

Buy — sell — reside with

peace of mind

Any property, old or new, can have

hidden problems. It is important to know

the true condition of your current, or

potential property.

An AA House Check report can provide

you with the confidence to buy or sell with

no surprises.

Property examinations provide detailed

room by room inspections, including

roof cavity, insulation, flooring, electrical,

plumbing, drainage, hot water systems,

roofing, decks, paths and driveways,

garages, asbestos identification and more.

A BOINZ accredited building surveyor

can also carry out moisture checks,

residential foundation inspections,

earthquake damage repair assessments and

methamphetamine testing.

Serving Canterbury homeowners,

landlords and prospective home buyers for

over 15 years AA House Checks have your

house inspection needs covered.

Retrofit Insulation


Retrofitting insulation in your ceiling,

walls and underfloor will make your home

warmer, healthier and more energy efficient.

An investment you cant afford to be without.


Phone 0800 220 055

10 Thursday June 17 2021

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Author shortlisted

for another award


been shortlisted for New

Zealand book awards

more times than any other

author across the country.

The Cashmere picture

book author and artist has

published 70 titles locally

and abroad that have won

numerous awards and are

translated into 12 different


Now he can add another

nomination under his belt

having made the shortlist

for the Wright Family

Foundation Te Kura Pounamu

Award at the New

Zealand Book Awards

for Children and Young

Adults for Mihi, his latest


The finalists for this

award are for books written

entirely in te reo Māori.

Mihi introduces concepts

of whānau and place in the

world – the starting point

for everyone learning te

reo Māori. The book’s simplicity

makes learning the

language more accessible.

The book shows the special

places and people with

whom readers can identify,

both at home and in the

community, providing a

solid foundation for learning

te reo in the future.

The repetition of colours

and shapes show connections

between waka,

mountain and iwi, through

to mama, papa and the

baby reader.

A mihi, or pepeha, is a

way for people to introduce

themselves that often goes

beyond one’s name in te

reo Māori, expressing

links to the land, one’s

spiritual home and sense of


Of 166 entries nationwide,

Bishop is one of 28

finalists in the running

for an award across six


FINALIST: Children’s

book writer and

illustrator Gavin Bishop

has made the shortlist

at the New Zealand

Book Awards for

Children and Young



“The diversity of ideas

in this year’s entries really

stood out,” said convener

of judges Alan Dingley.

“It’s clear that our authors

truly credit kids and

young people with having

the emotional intelligence

to deal with complex

themes, issues and feelings.”

Whether that’s celebrating

Māori culture

or dealing with the injustices

of inequality, seeing

a reflection of their own

small-town community or

exploring body image, disability

and adversity – no

topic was off-limits.

But big ideas are delivered

in a way that also

entertains, Dingley said.

Bishop was made an

Officer of the New Zealand

Order of Merit for services

to children’s literature in


He has been writing

and illustrating books left,

right and centre since 1981.

Iconic titles include Taming

the Sun: four Māori

Myths, Mrs McGinty and

the Bizarre Plant, Aotearoa:

The New Zealand Story and

many more.

His accolades previously

include Margaret

Mahy Book of the

Year Award, the Prime

Minister’s Award for

Literary Achievement,

the Mallinson Rendel

Illustrators Award and the

Margaret Mahy Medal

for Services to Children’s


Keep cosy with

RD Petroleum

this winter

RD Petroleum (RDP) is a familiar sight

for farm and rural residents around the

Canterbury region, however now days urban

residents also enjoy the same excellent

customer service for which RDP is known for

in rural communities, through their home

heating diesel.

RDP began its home heating diesel delivery

service to the lower South Island’s main urban

centres of Christchurch, Timaru, Dunedin

and Invercargill a number of years ago.

Customer demand has continued to increase

year upon year, and RDP has responded

with specialised improvements to its delivery


The trucks that deliver RDP’s home heating

diesel in each urban centre are drawn from

the company’s extensive vehicle fleet. This

means they have the latest communication

and GPS tracking technology on board, so

the operations team always know where they

are and how far away they are from their next

delivery stop.

RDP’s home heating diesel trucks come

equipped with a specially-designed hose,

through which the diesel is pumped from

the truck into house tanks. The length of

the hose allows the trucks to access tanks

without having to enter the property, avoiding

damaging the driveway. RDP is the place to

go if you require diesel conveniently delivered

to your home and as a loyal RDP customer

you’re offered discounted pricing and can

become eligible for value-added benefits.

For all enquiries please phone

0800 44 00 14, or visit the RDP website at or

signup at

Read local

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Thursday June 17 2021 11


Get the balance

right this winter

Enviro Master has been helping

Cantabrians get the balance right when it

comes to choosing the perfect heat pump or

air conditioning system for their home or

office since 2002.

Their team of expert sales people, qualified

electricians, heating and refrigeration

engineers, help to supply and install

Christchurch’s widest range of heat pumps,

and because they have no affiliation with any

one brand, you can be assured their advice

on the benefits and differences between each

product is unbiased.

They will recommend the most energyefficient

and cost-effective system for your

individual situation, and will have you

regulating the heat in your home or office in

no time.

Nowadays, customers are often wanting

whole home solutions to be able to maintain

even temperatures throughout the home both

in Winter and Summer. This can be achieved

by using ducted systems or multi systems

and Enviro Master are experts in designing,

installing and commissioning these systems.

Help is currently available with a

government subsidy covering 80 per cent of

the cost of a new heat pump up to $3000.

The subsidy is part of the Warmer Kiwi

Homes initiative and is available to Home

owner/occupiers with a Community Services

Card, a SuperGold combo card or who live in

a low-income area as determined by deciles

8-10 on the New Zealand Deprivation Index.

The applicant’s home must also have been

built before 2008, have insulation up to code

(insulation subsidies also available) and have

no fixed heating in a living area, such as an

existing operational heat pump or fireplace.

With new regulations coming in for

Landlords to provide heating in rentals,

now is a great time to beat the deadline.

Inadequate heating and ventilation can lead

to mould growth and dampness in your

property, leading to costlier maintenance

and an unhealthy living environment.

Providing a fixed heater with a higher heat

output and lower running costs, like a heat

pump, will enable your tenants to heat the

area effectively. Enviro Master are well

experienced with the Tenancy Services

software to ensure that you are meeting your


To ensure you choose the right system for

your home or business, one of Enviro Master’s

experts will visit to assess your individual

situation, offer advice and answer any

questions you may have. This consultation

is at no cost to the customer and is always

provided before a heat pump is installed.

Anyone wondering about their eligibility

for a subsidised heat pump are welcome to

get in touch for details and help with the

application process. To find out more, call

Enviro Master on (03) 366 0525 or visit

their website

What makes a great

Heat Transfer System?

There are a number of Heat Transfer

systems on the market. Smooth-Air

ventilation specialists offer a range of HTU

Heat Transfer Units with carefully selected

components to optimise the system:

They use insulated duct to transfer the

heated air with as little heat loss as possible.

The fan moves sufficient air for the distance

and number of rooms, without being noisy.

The diffusers send the heat to the floor, not to

skim the across the ceilings. All components

are good quality - designed to operate for

years without problems.

Smooth-Air’s HTUs come in a range of

options: One to four rooms, with or without

thermostat and with a choice of grilles and

diffusers. HTUs improve energy efficiency

in your house, as you are using excess

heat. They have low power consumption

- only 80watts for the three room system.

Circulating air through the house also

reduces the risk of damp.

You can also choose the HTU version with

downjet diffusers, which throw the warm

air downwards to the floor. These downjet

diffusers can also be adjusted to regulate

which room receives the most warm air.

An average size living room requires 2-4 kw

of heating, yet appliances such as log burners

generate heat in the region of 10 -20kw. This

leaves an excess of 8 -16kw of heat which

sits at high level in the heated room, usually

above door level.

Heat transfer units work best where very

hot air has ‘stratified’ into a layer near the

ceiling. So heat pumps, which circulate warm

air around the room with no layering, are

not suitable as a heat source by themselves.

However, if you have both log burner and

a heat pump, heat transfer systems with

thermostat can work very well: The heat

pump stops operating once the heat from the

fire has heated the room, and the heat transfer

kicks in above this point, once there is a layer

of hot air at the ceiling.

Contact Smooth-Air on 0800 SMOOTH

(0800 766 684) to ask how they can help you

with your Heat Transfer, as well as any other

ventilation requirements.



Ventilation Equipment Suppliers





Smooth-Air also has a wide range

of ventilation equipment to bring

fresh air into your home.

T. 03 376 4608 E







Amazin’ Winter Specials!!



Warmer KiWi HomeS


*Eligibility criteria apply

• We will offer you the best quality brands and

option of heat pump for your home/business

• Providing Heat Pump solutions for over 19 years to Cantabrians

• We personally guarantee all our products & installs for 5 years

(providing annual maintenance has been completed)

Phone us today for your free consultation & quote


PHONE 03 366 0525

“A local team for local people”


(0800 766 684)


the excess

from your

log burner

to your bedrooms

264 Annex Rd



03 343 6184


Monday - Friday

7.30am - 5pm


Thursday June 17 2021

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Use garlic and onions to jazz up roast

Sunday roasts are

a traditional Kiwi

favourite. Try adding

some powerful flavours

for a change that

should please the

whole family

Roast beef with garlic and



1.5kg rolled roast beef

2 medium onions

2 carrots

2 sticks celery

1 bulb of garlic

1 bunch of mixed fresh herbs ,

such as thyme, rosemary, bay,


olive oil


roasting tray and drizzle with oil.

Drizzle the beef with oil and

season well with sea salt and

black pepper, then rub all over

the meat. Place the beef on top of

the vegetables.

Place the tray in the oven,

then turn the heat down

immediately to 200 deg C

and cook for 1 hour for

medium beef. If you prefer it

medium-rare, take it out five to

10min earlier. For well done,

leave it in for another 10

to 15min.

If you’re doing roast potatoes

and veges, this is the time to

crack on with them – get them

into the oven for the last 45min

of cooking.

cooking and if the veges look dry,

add a splash of water to the tray

to stop them from burning.

When the beef is cooked

to your liking, take the tray out of

the oven and transfer the beef to

a board to rest for 15min. Cover

it with a layer of tin foil and a tea

towel and leave

aside while you make your

gravy, horseradish sauce and

yorkshire puddings.

Remove the beef from the

fridge 30min before you want to

cook it, to let it come up to room


Preheat the oven to 240 deg C.

Baked chicken breasts

Wash and roughly chop the

vegetables – there’s no need


to peel them. Break the garlic



into cloves, leaving them

x 180

4 tablespoons olive oil


3 tablespoons honey

Pile all the veges, garlic and

2 tablespoons whole grain

herbs into the middle of a large Baste the beef halfway through mustard

1 tablespoon smooth and mild

Dijon mustard

4 cloves garlic, peeled and


1-2 tablespoons fresh lemon


1/2 teaspoon paprika

2 pounds (1 kg) boneless skinless

chicken breasts, (4 large

chicken breasts)

Salt and cracked black pepper,

to season

2 tablespoons fresh chopped

parsley, to garnish (optional)

Lemon wedges, to serve



Onions roast

up well in

the oven

with beef,

don’t forget

to garnish

with herbs



Preheat oven to 200 deg C.

Lightly grease a baking tray/

sheet with oil and line with foil or

parchment paper.

Combine the oil, honey,

mustards, garlic, lemon juice

and paprika in a small bowl to

combine well.

Place the chicken onto the

prepared baking sheet (tray).

Season generously with salt and

pepper. Spoon three-quarters

of the honey mustard mixture

evenly over the chicken and

spread evenly all over each

breast. Pour a quarter of a cup of

water onto the baking sheet to

prevent burning, creating a sauce

while baking.

Bake until cooked through

(about 20-30min, depending

on the thickness of the breasts).

Spoon the remaining sauce over

each breast and broil (or grill) for

a further three-to-four minutes

on medium-high heat to brown

the chicken and caramelise the


Cover with foil and allow to

rest for 10min to let the juices

settle before serving.

Garnish with parsley and serve

immediately with lemon wedges.


To include roasted asparagus,

arrange them onto the same

baking sheet around the chicken

in the last 10 minutes of cooking

time. Rotate them in the pan

juices or pan sauce and season

with salt and pepper.

Need Heat Fast?

The Fastest, Warmest Indoor/Outdoor Heater You Will Ever Own!

Buy One Get One Free! *







• Heats Up Instantly

• Suitable for Indoors or Outdoors

– In Rain, Fog, Wind or Snow

• Carbon-Fibre Bulb Technology

*Call for Terms

& Conditions

• Multi-Directional Stand

• Includes Remote Control &

Built-In Timer

• Motion Detection Function

1.8m High

• Commercial Grade

• Multi-Directional

• Easy Install

• Portable

• Indoors & Outdoors

CALL NOW! 0800 665 665

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For inquiries: Anne (Sales)

M: 027 727 4770 W: 03 943 6006



Thursday June 17 2021

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Be inspired with thousands of ideas under one roof!

2 – 4 July 2021


Free informative seminars

thanks to


goodie bags! show-only specials

and giveaways!


Courtesy of

This MEGA tiny home

could be yOUrs!

A 2016 Nissan Leaf

worth $ 22,000!!

2 - 4 July 2021 • 10am - 5pm • Christchurch Arena •



Join us at the Home & Leisure show, stand number 176.

Appliances, beds, furniture & tech.

Everything you need for your home.

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Classifieds Contact us today Phone our local team 03 379 1100


Trades & Services

Trades & Services

Trades & Services

Trades & Services

Wanted To Buy

82 Barrintgon Street the

best Curry Takeaway,

Open 11.30am to 2.30pm,

4.00pm to 9.30pm, Butter

chicken,naan, rice &

coke $14.90. Ph Orders

3327885, or text order to



& Supplies

Gardener available for

maintenance, weeding

pruning, spraying,

planting, advice. Qual &

exp.Pensioner discount

25%. Ph Richard 0274 918

234, 03 349 4022

Trades & Services


★Garden Clean-ups


★Lawn Mowing

★Garden Maintenance

Call us today for a FREE quote

PH 0800 4 546 546

(0800 4 JIMJIM)

















322 7999 OR 021 CAT DOOR

(228 3667)

Trades & Services


George Lockyer. Over

40 years bricklaying

experience. UK trained.

Insurance work, EQC

repairs. Heritage

brickwork & stonework

a speciality. No job too

small. Governers Bay.

Home 329 9344. Cell

027 684 4046. E mail


Exp. Repairs, uplifting,

relaying, restretching.

Phone John on 0800

003181, 027 240 7416


Prompt & reliable

registered electrician

with 24 years experience

for all residential and

commercial work, new

housing and switch board

replacements. Phone Chris

027 516 0669


Contact for a free quote

phone 027 331 0400

Experienced Domestic Electrician

Quality Workmanship

• New Build

• Renovations

• Fault finding

Specializing in:

• Roof Painting

• Interior/exterior


• Small commercial



Noel 027-411-3596

kemp painters and decorators

• Power

• Lighting

• Switchboards

Painters and Decorators Ltd

Canterbury Owned and Operated

A husband and wife team

We offer

free quotes

Quality not




Call us now for fast friendly service.

Get your problems sorted out

quick smart - on time!!

Phone for a


quote now.

Phone 03 377 1280 | Mobile 021 898 380


Locally owned & operated with

over 30 years experience.

• Extensions & repair • Roof coating

• Concrete & clay tiles • Butynol

• Malthoid • Asbestos Certified

• Coloursteel • Old iron • Guttering

Phone Dave 981 0278

or 021 223 4200




Gutter cleaning special

from $99 plus gst for a

whole house clean””.

Free Quotes, call Morgan

Thomas today 022 375



Indoor / Outdoor, over 30

yrs exp, same day quotes,

ph Steve 021 255 7968


Fully qualified, over 40

yrs experience. Ph John

027 432-3822 or 351-

9147 email johnchmill@



Earthquake Repairs, Grind

Out & Repoint, River/

Oamaru stone, Schist,

Volcanic Rock, Paving,

all Alterations new & old,

Quality Workmanship,

visit www.featureworks. or ph 027 601-3145


Best price guarantee Tony

0275 588 895


& all camera tapes

converted to DVD or

USB. Video taping

special occasions, www. ph 03




Phone for further details

(03) 379 1100

stoves, washing machines,

stoves, washing machines,

fridge freezers. Same day

service. Selwyn Dealers.

Phone 980 5812 or 027

AAA Buying goods

quality furniture, beds,

fridge freezers. Same

day service. Selwyn

Dealers. Phone 980

5812 or 027 313 8156

AAA Buying goods

quality furniture, beds,

313 8156

mechanical, engineering,

sawbenches, lathes, cash

TOOLS Garden,

garage, woodworking,

buyer, ph 355-2045

Public Notices



be in to WIN

WIth our 7 th AnNual bIrd

photo competition

Your favourite bird photo competition

sINce 2015!

our 2020 Winner:

Karen Moffatt-Mcleod

over $1000

in prizes

Including a Canon EOS M200

inter-changeable lens

camera, a Topflite Native Bird

Nurturer Pack & more!

Entries can be sent electronically (high resolution files) to, with the subject line ‘Photo Competition 2021’, or posted to Photo

Competition 2021, Kiwi Gardener, PO Box 1467, Christchurch 8140. All entries must be received by 5pm, Thursday, July 1 2021. You can enter more than

once. The winning photos will be published in the August issue (out July 26).

Advert: FCSV1706 Newspaper: Southern View

16 Thursday June 17 2021

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Shop online at

or download the

FreshChoice app

Loose Sweet


Mandarins $

4 00


Fresh NZ

Corned Beef



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City Market

Open 7am – 10pm, 7 days a week.

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Prices apply from Monday 14th to Sunday 20th June 2021, or while stocks last at FreshChoice Barrington & City Market only. Limits may apply.






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