Glen and Kim Scouller

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An exhibition of drawings <strong>and</strong> paintings by <strong>Glen</strong> <strong>Scouller</strong> & <strong>Kim</strong> <strong>Scouller</strong><br />


10th - 31st July 2021

<strong>Glen</strong> <strong>Scouller</strong> Yellow Chair & Geraniums oil on panel 82 x 103 cm SOLD

<strong>Glen</strong> <strong>Scouller</strong> Vegetable Garden oil on panel 82 x 103 cm SOLD

<strong>Glen</strong> <strong>Scouller</strong> Blue Still Life oil on panel 134 x 150 cm £16000

<strong>Glen</strong> <strong>Scouller</strong> Still Life, Lighthouse, Lobster & Lamp oil on panel 72 x 93 cm £5250

<strong>Glen</strong> <strong>Scouller</strong> Studio Interior oil on panel 82 x 103 cm £6750

<strong>Glen</strong> <strong>Scouller</strong> Mackerel & Cormorant oil on panel 72 x 93 cm £5250

<strong>Kim</strong> <strong>Scouller</strong> Pink Artichoke oil on panel 30 x 33 cm £600

<strong>Kim</strong> <strong>Scouller</strong> Red Pumpkin oil on canvas 35 x 40 cm SOLD

<strong>Kim</strong> <strong>Scouller</strong> Still Life with Tulips & Melon oil on canvas 50 x 38 cm £1000

<strong>Kim</strong> <strong>Scouller</strong> Summer Apricots oil on canvas 34 x 29 cm £750 SOLD

<strong>Kim</strong> <strong>Scouller</strong> Blue Shed, Reflections, pastel on paper 42 x 54 cm £900

<strong>Kim</strong> <strong>Scouller</strong> Greenhouses & Garden Sheds, pastel on paper 45 x 62 cm £900

<strong>Glen</strong> <strong>Scouller</strong> French Coffee Grinders pastel on paper 69 x 78 cm SOLD

<strong>Glen</strong> <strong>Scouller</strong> Tree & Greenhouse, Study pastel on paper 69 x 78 cm £950

<strong>Glen</strong> <strong>Scouller</strong> Still Life Table & Objects pastel on paper 69 x 78 cm £1200

<strong>Glen</strong> <strong>Scouller</strong> Artist’s Table pastel on paper 69 x 78 cm £1200

<strong>Kim</strong> <strong>Scouller</strong> Winter Light, pastel on paper 41 x 47 cm £600 SOLD

<strong>Kim</strong> <strong>Scouller</strong> Wheelbarrow & Sun, pastel on paper 41 x 47 cm £600

<strong>Kim</strong> <strong>Scouller</strong> Tangerine Skies & Wafts of Cherry Blossom pastel on paper 41 x 47 cm SOLD

<strong>Kim</strong> <strong>Scouller</strong> Pink Arches pastel on paper 41 x 47 cm £600

<strong>Glen</strong> <strong>Scouller</strong> Doves & Stargazers

oil on panel 73 x 134 cm £7000

<strong>Glen</strong> Sc0uller Still Life, Floor Arrangement oil on panel 42 x 47 cm £1500

<strong>Glen</strong> Sc0uller Studio Floor Stil Life oil on panel 42 x 47 cm £1500

<strong>Glen</strong> Sc0uller Windowsill with Tulips & Fez oil on panel 72 x 93 cm £5250

<strong>Glen</strong> Sc0uller Vegetable Garden & Woodshed oil on panel 82 x 103 cm £6750

<strong>Kim</strong> <strong>Scouller</strong> Tulips oil on panel 19 x 19 cm SOLD

<strong>Kim</strong> <strong>Scouller</strong> Wild Ranunculus oil on panel 34 x 28 cm SOLD

<strong>Kim</strong> <strong>Scouller</strong> Camellia & Yellow Jug oil on canvas 34 x 29 cm £750

<strong>Kim</strong> <strong>Scouller</strong> Jam Jar Buttercups oil on canvas 40 x 35 cm SOLD

<strong>Kim</strong> <strong>Scouller</strong> Garden Flowers oil on panel 40 x 34 cm £800

<strong>Kim</strong> <strong>Scouller</strong> Transient Light oil on panel 34 x 45 cm 800

<strong>Glen</strong> Sc0uller Still Life with Hyacinth pastel on paper 69 x 78 cm SOLD

<strong>Glen</strong> Sc0uller Still Life Group pastel on paper 52 x 52 cm £795

<strong>Glen</strong> Sc0uller Farm & Hedgerows pastel on paper 30 x 69 cm SOLD<br />

<strong>Glen</strong> Sc0uller Vegetable Garden, Winter pastel on paper 30 x 69 cm £950

<strong>Glen</strong> Sc0uller Still Life with French Coffee Pot pastel on paper 78 x 69 cm £1200

<strong>Glen</strong> Sc0uller Studio Window, Winter pastel on paper 69 x 78 cm £1200

<strong>Glen</strong> Sc0uller Inside the Greenhouse, Winter pastel on paper 69 x 78 cm SOLD

<strong>Kim</strong> Sc0uller Parrot Tulips oil on canvas 50 x 42 cm £1000

<strong>Kim</strong> Sc0uller Peony & Teapot, Winter oil on canvas 54 x 44 cm SOLD

<strong>Kim</strong> Sc0uller Summer Hydrangea oil on canvas 40 x 35 cm £800

<strong>Kim</strong> Sc0uller Self-Portrait- Night Studio Reflection oil on panel 31 x 24 cm £400

<strong>Glen</strong> Sc0uller Sunset, Early Spring pastel on paper 69 x 78 cm £1200

<strong>Glen</strong> Sc0uller Low Sun & Hedgerow pastel on paper 69 x 78 cm £1200

<strong>Glen</strong> Sc0uller Sunset & Crows pastel on paper 69 x 78 cm £1200

<strong>Glen</strong> Sc0uller Sunset & Hedgerow pastel on paper 69 x 78 cm £1200

<strong>Kim</strong> Sc0uller Before the Blossom pastel on paper 44 x 63 cm £900

<strong>Kim</strong> Sc0uller Evening Light & Milk Bottles pastel on paper 44 x 63 cm £900

<strong>Kim</strong> Sc0uller Garden Snowfall pastel on paper 41 x 47 cm £600

<strong>Kim</strong> Sc0uller Gundula’s Shed, Snowfall pastel on paper 41 x 47 cm £600


The past two years have been a real challenge in many ways for most people involved in the arts. For a painter<br />

like myself where travel has been an important <strong>and</strong> integral part of my art practice in seeking new <strong>and</strong> exciting<br />

subjects to paint, to have that suddenly taken away has been a real blow.<br />

When friend <strong>and</strong> gallery owner Val Harris proposed that my daughter <strong>Kim</strong> <strong>and</strong> I have a joint exhibition we<br />

came up with the idea of the garden <strong>and</strong> all things related as subject matter which was something we both<br />

had access to, <strong>and</strong> which would hopefully make for an interesting themed exhibition.<br />

I am fortunate in having a large garden surrounded by farml<strong>and</strong> which I have painted continually over the<br />

years. It is within this seasonally changing l<strong>and</strong>scape that I have formed the basis of my paintings for this<br />

exhibition along with some garden related still lifes. Painting in situ has always been important to me although<br />

I don’t consider myself solely a ‘plein air’ painter. It is probably this aspect of my work however that excites<br />

me most especially when the unexpected happens, a flock of crows dancing across the sky above, a figure<br />

suddenly walking past or a shaft of light appearing behind a cloud, these are the things if captured<br />

spontaneously can make a painting all the more special. As Cezanne famously said ‘it is always more difficult to<br />

be creative in front of one’s subject’, something I have always aspired to.


Over the last year I have been taking inspiration from working on an allotment, recording the changing<br />

seasons in all weathers be it snow, rain or sunshine. It all started with the early February snowfall, a glorious<br />

couple of weeks of powdery undisturbed snow <strong>and</strong> the most beautiful wintry sunsets of tangerine skies <strong>and</strong><br />

smoky pink clouds with soft violet silhouettes of tree forms against the light.<br />

I find drawing outside to be a wholly immersive experience, where I’m much less aware of the passing of time<br />

<strong>and</strong> more able to be in the moment. I think this allows me to work more freely <strong>and</strong> to embrace the ‘accidental’<br />

in my work, which I then try to inject into my still life paintings. Colours observed in nature are often<br />

unconsciously related back to the choice of still life subjects, with spring greens <strong>and</strong> seasonal flowers providing<br />

indoor inspiration.


<strong>Glen</strong> <strong>Scouller</strong> RSW RGI is a contemporary Scottish artist living in Ayrshire. His passion is for colour <strong>and</strong><br />

light with a strong bold approach to his subject matter, which includes l<strong>and</strong>scape, still life <strong>and</strong> the human<br />

figure. His work is based on direct observation from nature, painting en plein air <strong>and</strong> developing larger<br />

works in the studio.<br />

Throughout a long <strong>and</strong> distinguished career, <strong>Glen</strong> has had over 50 solo exhibitions in the UK <strong>and</strong> abroad.<br />

He also recently became an author, penning a book in 2016 about his watercolour paintings. He was<br />

elected a member of The Royal Scottish Society of Painters in Watercolour (RSW) in 1997 <strong>and</strong> The Royal<br />

Glasgow Institute of the Fine Arts (RGI) in 1989. He has also won many awards for his work in both oil <strong>and</strong><br />

watercolour <strong>and</strong> is included in numerous corporate <strong>and</strong> public collections worldwide including The South<br />

African Government, The Scottish Government, De Beers <strong>and</strong> The Royal Bank of Scotl<strong>and</strong>.


<strong>Kim</strong> <strong>Scouller</strong> is a Glasgow born (1980) award winning Scottish artist specialising in figurative painting.<br />

Graduating from The Royal Drawing School, London in 2008, <strong>and</strong> Duncan of Jordanstone College of Art,<br />

Dundee in 2003. <strong>Kim</strong>’s most recent works demonstrate her continuing keen awareness of her subject<br />

matter <strong>and</strong> her ability to connect with the character <strong>and</strong> mood of her surroundings.<br />

<strong>Kim</strong> hails from a family of artists <strong>and</strong> after 15 years this will be the second show just with her father <strong>Glen</strong>.<br />

A recent major exhibition at the Maclaurin Art Galleries, Ayr brought together the whole <strong>Scouller</strong> family<br />

with mother Carol <strong>and</strong> sister Lara in 2019.<br />

<strong>Kim</strong> has exhibited widely throughout the United Kingdom; exhibitions include The BP Portrait Award, The<br />

Royal Society of Portrait Painters, The Ruth Borchard Self-Portrait Competition, The Discerning Eye, Lynn<br />

Painter Stainers <strong>and</strong> Scottish Portrait Awards. <strong>Kim</strong> was the winner of the Aspect Prize, Scotl<strong>and</strong>’s most<br />

prestigious painting prize for emerging artists. A regular contributor to Artist’s <strong>and</strong> Illustrators Magazine<br />

2015-present. <strong>Kim</strong> <strong>Scouller</strong> resides in London <strong>and</strong> has her studio in Highgate.

<strong>Glen</strong> Sc0uller Farm Gate & Pink L<strong>and</strong>scape pastel 30 x 69 cm £950<br />

To purchase work please contact Val Harris at art@thetablehay.com or 07956 452195<br />

The gallery offers Collectorplan, an initiative administered by the Welsh Assembly,<br />

enabling you to purchase work up to the value of £5,000 with an interest free loan<br />

repayable over a year.<br />

In addition we now offer Own Art & Take it away with interest free loans up to £25,000 repayable over ten months.<br />

The gallery is open Thursday - Saturday 10am - 3pm<br />

or by appointment during exhibitions.<br />

All works are for sale upon receipt of this catalogue.

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