MRW Issue 11 preview

A preview of SA's Ultimate Motorcycle Magazine - issue 11

A preview of SA's Ultimate Motorcycle Magazine - issue 11


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ISSUE <strong>11</strong><br />

JULY 2021<br />


WHAT IT<br />




// B B33 100% CATALOGUE // M ARC MARQUEZ<br />



THE GAP<br />

W E R I D E T H E N E W T R I U M P H 1 2 0 0<br />

R S S P E E D T R I P L E & P U T I T U P<br />



GUARD<br />

KTM<br />

RC 8C<br />






Let’s talk MotoGP then shall we?<br />

There are a few problems that need to<br />

be addressed, and soon, in MotoGP.<br />

First one being the Vinales saga -<br />

where will he be going? His only real<br />

choice is that of Aprilia, with rumours<br />

suggesting he could be on his way to<br />

VR46, but don’t think so. He could also<br />

find himself back on a Yamaha with the<br />

Petronas team, if all else fails. Although<br />

I can’t see that happening either - I<br />

think the Yamaha bridge has well and<br />

truly been burnt.<br />

So, who does Aprilia go for then?<br />

They’ve got Aleix, but who takes the<br />

2nd seat. They have Vinales as an<br />

option, as well as Dovi. Some have<br />

come out saying that Dovi will not<br />

be making a return, while others say<br />

it’s almost certain he will be in Aprilia<br />

colours for 2022. It’s a very tricky<br />

one - do they go for fast, but very<br />

temperamental Vinales, or established,<br />

meticulous Dovi, who has been out of<br />

racing for a year? For now, the saga<br />

continues and we all wait in huge<br />

anticipation for the news to break.<br />

The other saga is that of Petronas<br />

Yamaha. With Franco looking set<br />

to join the factory team in place of<br />

Maverick, and Rossi looking like he<br />

might call it quits, they have two spots<br />

that need filling. On the Rossi topic,<br />

I’m pretty sure the announcement<br />

of retirement, or that he will be on a<br />

VR46 Ducati will come soon. Pretty<br />

sure Yamaha will not be happy having<br />

him on one of their bikes and owning a<br />

team of Ducati’s? Let’s see.<br />

So, Petronas look like they are after<br />

a fast, British passport holder, and<br />

a certain Mr Superbike has been<br />

mentioned. Johnny Rea is their big<br />

target, trying to lure him away from<br />

his almost lifetime Kawasaki contract<br />

and into MotoGP. Johnny came out at<br />

Assen and said he is not saying yes,<br />

or no to these rumours, and could be<br />

tempted by the idea.<br />

I personally would love to see him make<br />

the move, and have no doubt that he<br />

will be fast and raise many an eye-brow<br />

- even at the age of 35 (next year). I’m<br />

sure he won’t be tempted if the package<br />

includes an ageing M1 machine, like<br />

Franco has been on, but think he will<br />

be tempted if Yamaha promise him a<br />

factory spec bike.<br />

Fact is MotoGP and Dorna are desperate<br />

for a fast British rider to come in, and<br />

this has now also sparked rumours of<br />

a return to action for Cal Crutchlow<br />

full-time in 2022 on a Petronas bike.<br />

Cal will be back in action for the team<br />

filling in for the injured Morbidelli at both<br />

Austrian rounds and if all goes well why<br />

not make a return?<br />

The second seat is a bigger question<br />

mark, with Toprak and Gerloff now<br />

signing new deals to stay in WSBK,<br />

ruling them out. Although Gerloff does<br />

have a release clause if Petronas were<br />

to come calling. This will delight Dorna<br />

once again, as it’s an American passport<br />

coming in. Inside info tells us that one of<br />

the bikes in the Petronas team is owned<br />

mainly by Dorna, who have a big say<br />

who goes on it, and aren’t necessarily<br />

looking for a race winner, but rather a<br />

fast, certain passport owner.<br />

Either way, MotoGP is still keeping us<br />

all on the edge of our seats and I would<br />

love to see anyone of those riders come<br />

in, but must say I lean more towards<br />

seeing Rea give it a good shot.<br />

It’s also going to be great to see Dani<br />

Pedrosa back in action - 955 days after<br />

his last MotoGP race. He has done<br />

great things for KTM and imagine the<br />

guy goes and wins? Now that would<br />

be great - highly unlikely - but great.<br />

This is MotoGP after all, and anything<br />

is possible...<br />

Ok, go and enjoy the new magazine<br />

that awaits you and we will talk more<br />

MotoGP soon. Keep a look out on<br />

our Facebook page and YouTube<br />

channel for new episodes of “Talking<br />

MotoGP” and other great MotoGP and<br />

motorcycle features.<br />

Cheers for now.<br />

Rob Portman<br />


Shaun Portman<br />

Beam Productions<br />

Adam Child “Chad”<br />

Sheridan Morais<br />

Donovan Fourie<br />

Mitchell Boyes<br />

Brian Cheyne<br />


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KISKA.COM Photo: R. Schedl<br />

how<br />

sandstorms<br />

begin<br />

It’s time to adventure even harder. The new KTM 890 ADVENTURE R<br />

is here – a true offroad travel specialist. With class-leading handling,<br />

rally-like agility, and boosted power and torque figures, you can be sure<br />

you’ll never eat dust, except in the sandstorm you create.<br />


Please make no attempt to imitate the illustrated riding scenes, always wear protective clothing and observe the applicable provisions of the road traffic regulations!<br />

The illustrated vehicles may vary in selected details from the production models and some illustrations feature optional equipment available at additional cost.

NEWS<br />

DESK<br />

The scooter’s liquid-cooled electric motor is<br />

positioned between the Li-ion battery pack and<br />

rear wheel, and has a rated power output of 20<br />

hp, though that maxes out at 42 hp for a zippy<br />

standstill to 50 km/h time of 2.6 seconds. There<br />

is an <strong>11</strong>-kW version too, with a max output of<br />

31-hp, but either way, the e-scooter boasts a top<br />

speed of 120 km/h.<br />

The air-cooled 60.6-Ah battery is reckoned<br />

good for up to 130 km of per-charge WMTC<br />

range, with riders plugging in the supplied cable<br />

by dropping down the door of a compartment<br />

below the handlebar (the reduced-output flavor<br />

has a 100-km range.<br />

A full charge using a domestic socket takes<br />

4 hours and 20 minutes. An optional 6.9-kW<br />

wallbox quick charger is available for reducing<br />

that top-up time to an hour and 40 minutes,<br />

though riders will need a Mode 3 cable for this,<br />

as well as for connecting to a public charging<br />

station. And going from 20 percent capacity to<br />

80 percent will take as little as 45 minutes via<br />

the quick charger.<br />

BMW is offering three ride modes as<br />

standard, allowing users to choose between<br />

“maximum efficiency and maximum riding fun”<br />

– though if Eco, Rain and Road modes are just<br />

not enough, a Dynamic mode that allows for<br />

faster acceleration can be optioned in.<br />

Stopping power comes from twin disc<br />

braking to the front, and a single disc at the<br />

back. BMW has cooked in the latest-generation<br />

ABS, and an ABS Pro option – which includes<br />

a banking sensor for controlled braking in the<br />

bendy bits – is also available. Automatic stability<br />

(or anti-slip) control rider assistance comes as<br />

standard too, with dynamic traction control<br />

offered as an optional extra.<br />


THE NEW BMW CE 04<br />

BMW Motorrad officially<br />

launches futuristic CE 04<br />

electric scooter.<br />

The head-turning Concept Link electric scooter<br />

of the future that BMW Motorrad revealed<br />

in 2017 has finally been launched. The moldbreaking<br />

CE 04 has a top speed of 120 km/h<br />

and a per-charge range of up to 130 km, and a<br />

bunch of upgrade options are also up for grabs.<br />

A Vespa Electric clone this is most definitely<br />

not. As we mentioned before, BMW’s design<br />

team essentially started with a blank sheet and<br />

were pretty much free to go nuts.<br />

The production version CE 04 is built around<br />

a one-piece tubular steel frame, and rocks a<br />

futuristic, almost sci-fi aesthetic with multiple<br />

angles and lines and long wheelbase (1.675 mm)<br />

offering a sporty, perhaps even menacing, street<br />

stance. It wears white with black accenting in<br />

standard trim, with a metallic gray and orange<br />

combination offered as an upgrade option.<br />

A generous 10.25-inch TFT color display<br />

tucked behind the unique-looking orange<br />

shield can serve as instrument cluster and<br />

map navigation portal. The rider sits astride<br />

a flattened “floating” seat, and the oddness<br />

continues with a flip down side door<br />

underneath for stowing a helmet between<br />

rides. Other storage compartments include a<br />

ventilated box that can charge a smartphone<br />

over USB-C.

NEWS<br />

DESK<br />




It’s time to meet the reborn<br />

Sportster. The longest-running<br />

model in Harley-Davidson’s lineup<br />

has taken a sharp turn towards<br />

sports performance, fuelled by a<br />

121-hp version of the liquid-cooled<br />

Revolution Max V-Twin and a host<br />

of modern electronics.<br />

The Sportster family has been around since 1957,<br />

long enough to spawn dozens of variants and,<br />

crucially, offer a gateway to Harley-Davidson’s<br />

world as the most affordable series of the lot.<br />

The Street 500 and 750 models<br />

took over the lower end<br />

of the company’s price<br />

range for a few years. These were recently<br />

discontinued, and the 2022 Sportster S hardly<br />

fits the bill as an affordable entry-level bike.<br />

Harley-Davidson decided to effectively<br />

reinvent the Sportster by transforming it into<br />

a far sportier and more powerful motorcycle,<br />

starting with fresh aggressive looks. In this<br />

process, the new Sportster S became the<br />

second model to employ the services of<br />

the Revolution Max 1250T motor after the<br />

Pan America adventurer.<br />

Turning to a liquid-cooled power<br />

unit is unavoidable for any<br />

manufacturer who seeks<br />

sporty performance,<br />

“The Sportster S is the next all-new<br />

motorcycle built on the Revolution Max<br />

platform and sets a new performance<br />

standard for the Sportster line,” said Jochen<br />

Zeitz, chairman, president and CEO,<br />

Harley-Davidson. “This is a nextgeneration<br />

Sportster defined<br />

by power, performance,<br />

technology and style.<br />

And it’s part of our<br />

commitment to introduce<br />

motorcycles that align<br />

with our strategy to<br />

increase desirability<br />

and to drive the legacy of<br />


NEWS<br />

DESK<br />




The KTM RC 8C is a purpose-built,<br />

lightweight racing prototype which<br />

uses the familiar LC8c engine from<br />

the KTM 890 DUKE R in a bespoke,<br />

track-ready chassis, bristling with highend<br />

racing componentry. In essence,<br />

the KTM RC 8C allows customers the<br />

opportunity to own a machine that is as<br />

close to a Factory race bike as possible<br />

– without the drawbacks of needing a<br />

specialist race team to maintain it.<br />

Engineered to be 100% ready for the<br />

track, the KTM RC 8C is a completely<br />

hand-built machine, powered by a<br />

high-torque production engine to allow<br />

for easy maintenance.<br />

Under the lightweight, KTM RC16-<br />

inspired carbon Kevlar reinforced GRP<br />

bodywork lies a 128 Hp, 889 cc LC8c,<br />

DOHC, 8 valve parallel twin, bolted<br />

into a dedicated 25CrMo4 steel tubular<br />

frame, augmented by a selection of WP<br />

Pro Components at either end.<br />

Upfront, a hand built 43 mm WP<br />

APEX PRO 7543 closed cartridge fork<br />

made from high quality, lightweight<br />

material is used. Developed with the<br />

experience gained from KTM Factory<br />

Racing efforts across a number of<br />

international championships, the<br />

suspension is assembled in the same<br />

department which builds and maintains<br />

the suspension of the KTM RC16, it<br />

guarantees the best performance<br />

for race-oriented motorcyclists and<br />

professional racers. The fork also<br />

boasts zero hydraulic stroke limitation,<br />

meaning riders can continually control<br />

the damping properties.

NEWS<br />

DESK<br />

DUCATI<br />


V2 BAYLISS<br />




21 has been a magic number for Ducati<br />

ever since Troy Bayliss sculpted it with<br />

his victories in motorcycling history.<br />

Precisely in 2021, twenty years after<br />

winning the 2001 Superbike World<br />

Championship, Ducati is paying<br />

homage to the legendary career of<br />

the Australian rider by dedicating to<br />

him a special motorcycle, produced in<br />

a numbered series, which celebrates<br />

the first of the three World SBK titles<br />

won by Bayliss: the Ducati Panigale<br />

V2 Bayliss 1st Championship 20th<br />

Anniversary.<br />

The bond between Bayliss and<br />

Ducati Corse in the Superbike World<br />

Championship is one of the most<br />

fascinating stories in the motorsport<br />

universe. The results of this beautiful<br />

adventure are 52 victories, 94 podiums<br />

and three world titles (2001, 2006 and<br />

2008) won with three different bikes:<br />

the twin-cylinder 996 R, the 999 R<br />

and the 1098 R. Troy Bayliss is the only<br />

motorcycle racer in history capable<br />

of winning in MotoGP and World<br />

Superbike in the same season (2006)<br />

and his achievements in the race have<br />

indelibly imprinted the Australian’s<br />

name in the hearts of all Ducatisti.<br />

Now the winning chemistry between<br />

Ducati and “Baylisstic” is rekindled<br />

with the creation of this celebratory<br />

motorcycle, the name of which was<br />

chosen directly by the rider, who also<br />

actively contributed to the creation of<br />

the graphic concept.<br />

Made starting from the base of<br />

the Panigale V2, the “Bayliss 1st<br />

Championship 20th Anniversary”<br />

version is characterized by its special<br />

livery, whose graphics are inspired<br />

by that of the 996 R which in the<br />

2001 season powered Bayliss to<br />

the conquest of his first world title,<br />

revisiting its colours and cuts. Ducati<br />

red is the main colour of the bike, and<br />

it joins green and white in a tribute to<br />

the Italian spirit of the Bologna-based<br />

motorcycle manufacturer, while the

Bridging<br />

F I R S T R I D E<br />

Gap<br />

the<br />

T R I U M P H<br />

S P E E D T R I P L E 1 2 0 0 R S<br />

Triumph’s “most of everything” naked<br />

sportbike has arrived in SA and it’s<br />

bridged the gap to its rivals and gone<br />

beyond in many respects.<br />

Words by Rob Portman Pics by Beam Productions<br />

Having undergone the biggest update in its 27-year history, the<br />

latest generation Speed Triple is now the fastest and most powerful<br />

version of the machine to date. With a claimed 177hp the iconic<br />

British super naked is now fighting fit to go toe-to-toe with the<br />

best bikes on the market.<br />

The new Speed Triple features an all-new engine and what a<br />

power plant it is. Still very much the epitome of a made it Britain<br />

in-line 3-cylinder, the new 1200 RS has that famous delivery with<br />

torque-rich bottom end with shrieking redline, both of which make<br />

it a demon out on the road and track.

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Riding Jacket<br />

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What you wear is as important as the motorcycle you<br />

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Making sure every rider is equipped and prepared to<br />

take on any environment is something we’re equally<br />

passionate about, and providing the most comprehensive<br />

rider clothing is a key aspect in helping you to enjoy any<br />

adventure.<br />

Harpton Riding<br />

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To find out more:<br />

Triumph Johannesburg: 0<strong>11</strong> 444 4444<br />

Triumph Pretoria: 012 955 4444<br />

Triumph Cape Town: 021 300 5217<br />

triumph-motorcycles.co.za<br />

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Mens Fleece<br />

Jacket<br />

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Taylor Bone<br />

Cap<br />

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Taylor<br />

Cap<br />

R 440.00<br />

Woodford<br />

Neck Tube<br />

R 370.00

Yin & EXCLUSIVE<br />

Yang<br />


SA TEST<br />

For every Yin, there’s a Yang. Is the new<br />

Triumph 1200 RS up to the task of taking<br />

on the Yin of Naked Sportbikes?<br />

One bike the new 1200 RS will be trying to<br />

steal sales from is the updated KTM 1290<br />

SuperDuke R. The Beast 3.0 as it’s known<br />

is still very much at the top of the pops in<br />

the super naked category. Its a raw, edgy,<br />

thrilling ride that sells itself perfectly in this<br />

market and now that KTM has added a bit<br />

more matureness to their orange beast it’s<br />

made it the top choice for many.<br />

We’ve tested the new 1290 SD R on many<br />

occasions and loved every second spent on<br />

Words by Rob Portman Pics by Beam Productions<br />

the bike. The brilliance of the machine has<br />

forced the likes of Triumph, and others, to<br />

up their game and produce more and more<br />

to be able to compete. As you’ve just read<br />

from our test on the new Triumph Speed<br />

Triple 1200 RS, the Brits have now come to<br />

the party with an all-new version of their<br />

super naked - a huge upgrade and one that<br />

is now ready to compete. Or is it?<br />

For every Ying, there is a Yang, or so they<br />

say, and this is well represented with these

Sporty<br />

F I R S T R I D E<br />

by Nature<br />

S U Z U K I G I X X E R 1 5 0 S F<br />

It’s sporty and nice, and doesn’t come<br />

with a crazy price. It’s Suzuki’s very<br />

cool new Gixxer 150 SF.<br />

Words by Shaun Portman Pics by Beam Productions<br />

For those of you who know me, know that I have a weakness<br />

for small capacity motorcycles. They are unassuming, low<br />

maintenance and plenty of fun. Having three Honda CBR150<br />

race bikes myself, I just knew that I had to jump at the<br />

opportunity to be the one from <strong>MRW</strong> to test Suzuki’s new<br />

Gixxer 150SF. So not even giving Rob a chance to argue, I set<br />

off to Suzuki South Africa to collect their new Gixxer 150 SF.<br />

First impressions of the bike were just as I had imagined.<br />

The bike demands presence with its Suzuki Ecstar MotoGP<br />

livery which makes it stand out from the crowd, even with<br />

only being a 150cc, 4-stroke, Single Cylinder, Aircooled<br />

motor. It punches well above its weight in the looks<br />

department and is without a doubt the best looking small<br />

capacity bike available at the moment. It doesn’t look<br />

like a 150cc and you could be forgiven to think that it is a<br />

300cc or bigger with its futuristic and edgy styling.

I N T E R V I E W<br />

“Sachsenring<br />

one of the most<br />

important<br />

victories”<br />

M A R C M A R Q U E Z<br />

MotoGP star talks injury return, Doohan, Nadal<br />

and Red Bull Ring double-header.<br />

Words & Pics by Red Bull Content Pool<br />

Marc Márquez made an emotional return to the top step<br />

of the MotoGP podium in Germany last weekend when<br />

he held off Miguel Oliveira to win around the Sachsenring<br />

track for the <strong>11</strong>th straight time in his career.<br />

The six-time MotoGP world champion had initially<br />

struggled this season to challenge for victory after a bad<br />

arm injury ruled him out of the 2020 season, however he<br />

drew on his love for the German GP track to raise his game<br />

and provide more hope in his continued rehabilitation.<br />

The Repsol Honda rider now moves on to Assen this<br />

weekend where he will be hoping to secure another Dutch<br />

career podium before the summer break and August<br />

return, when the Red Bull Ring in Spielberg will host backto-back<br />

races with the Styrian GP and Austrian GP.<br />

Here is what the 28-year-old had to say after yet<br />

another Sachsenring victory that provided a huge<br />

confidence boost following a difficult year:

L O N G T E R M E R<br />

LIFE<br />

WITH A<br />

DUKE<br />

o n o u r k t m 8 9 0<br />

d u k e r w i t h<br />

m i c h e l i n p o w e r 5 &<br />

a s t e r i o n b a t t e r y<br />

Words by Shaun Portman Pics by Beam Productions<br />

This is our 2nd month of living with the<br />

KTM 890 Duke R. Last month, we not only<br />

tested the Duke but also the standard<br />

tyres that the bike comes out with from<br />

the factory with- Michelin’s Power Cup 2’s(<br />

The street-legal track tyre offering from<br />

Michelin). As promised for this month<br />

we have had the more everyday streetfocused<br />

Michelin Power 5’s fitted to the<br />

Duke, to put to the test at the best place in<br />

Africa to do so- Bike Tyre Warehouse.<br />

Since we updated you last month, we<br />

have done just over 1000km’s on the<br />

890 in varying weather conditions, really<br />

putting the bike and Power 5’s to the<br />

test. The tyres get up to temperature nice<br />

and fast and offer good grip right from<br />

the moment you pull out of your garageinspiring<br />

confidence, even in the arctic<br />

conditions we have been having lately. We<br />

were gentle on them for the first couple<br />

of heat cycles but since then have really<br />

given them a full workout.<br />

Getting the new<br />

Michelin Power<br />

5’s fitted at Bike<br />

Tyre Warehouse<br />

Midrand.<br />

Tyre tests are always hard, because all of<br />

them are black, round and most offer great<br />

grip. The key features to take note of are<br />

grip, stability and feel. The Michelin Power<br />

5’s had all of this in abundance out on the<br />

road and even after our first 1000km’s of<br />

abuse, still look like new. So far, everything<br />

we expected from a tyre ingrained with<br />

MotoGP technology for the road. We<br />

have yet to experience how good the new<br />

Power 5’s are in wet conditions with their<br />

longer, deeper grooves/sipes designed<br />

to disperse water more efficiently, but<br />

we know how good these can be having<br />

spent time on Michelin’s Road 5’s in the<br />

past. A set of Power 5’s fitted at any Bike<br />

Tyre Warehouse branch will set you back<br />

R4600, including fitment(120/180 combo).<br />

An absolute bargain for what you get.<br />

Another new addition which we have<br />

had fitted to the Duke is an Asterion<br />

Battery. You would have read about<br />

Asterion Batteries, the new battery brand<br />

taking SA by storm in last months issue,



> 4 > 5<br />




WHAT IT<br />


T O G A S A W I N N I N G M O T O G P B I K E<br />

Impossible lean angles and cutting-edge technology help<br />

towards one of the biggest rushes on two wheels but<br />

what’s it really like to throttle a MotoGP bike (and equal<br />

the highest ever speed in Grand Prix…)? We asked the Red<br />

Bull KTM Factory Racing team for some insight…<br />

Words by Adam Wheeler (KTM BLOG) Pics by KTM Images (Rob Gray)

T Y R E T E S T I N G<br />

HYPER<br />

SPORT<br />

B A T T ’ S N E W<br />

S T R E E T L E G A L<br />

T R A C K T Y R E<br />

Words by Rob Portman Pics by Beam Productions<br />

The BATT range of tyres has really taken<br />

off here in South Africa. Their all-around<br />

quality has been tried, tested and praised<br />

by not only the media but the public too.<br />

While on our frequent visits to Bike Tyre<br />

Warehouse’s Midrand store, we often<br />

bump into customers who have nothing<br />

but good things to say about BATT’s<br />

range of tyres. Primarily their great<br />

quality, longevity and most importantly<br />

their price.<br />

The most recent compliments came<br />

in the form of a customer on his BMW<br />

S1000RR who had done over 6 track days<br />

at Zwartkops in various conditions on a<br />

set of BATT UHP race slick tyres and a<br />

customer who got over 20 000km on a set<br />

of BATT HP Road Series on his GSXR1000.<br />

We have also experienced both the BATT<br />

road and slick tyres and were instantly<br />

impressed, as were our wallets.<br />

BATT is at it again, this time with a tyre<br />

aimed between their road and full slick tyre.<br />

Track focused road rubber aimed at the<br />

Hypersport market. It’s called the BATT<br />

UHP (Ultra High Perfromance) road/track<br />

and we would be the first in South Africa to<br />

put it through its paces in our very unique<br />

and demanding road and track conditions.<br />

Looking at the tyre for the first time you<br />

can see that it is more track-focused with<br />

road capabilities much like Pirelli’s Diablo<br />

Rosso Corsa, Dunlop’s Q4 and Metzeler’s<br />

Racetech RR’s. The tyre has very little tread<br />

which makes it a perfect sports/track tyre<br />

and will be available in a super soft, soft and<br />

medium compound.<br />

What better way to test the new<br />

hypersport tyre from BATT than throwing<br />

them on one of the most extreme<br />

hypersport machines of today- the tyre<br />

slaying KTM 1290 Syperduke R. After<br />

having them fitted at Bike Tyre Warehouse<br />

East Rand, we hit the road to put somewhat<br />

of a heat cycle through them, which is<br />

always a must on any tyre. This plays a key<br />

role in overall tyre life and performance.<br />

First impressions on the tyre and I was left<br />

pleasantly surprised by just how quick the<br />

BATT Hypersport heated up, even while<br />

riding carefully. The grip was present right<br />

from the get-go, even on our dodgy South<br />

African roads.<br />

Getting the tyres fitted<br />

at the very professional<br />

Bike Tyre Warehouse<br />

East Rand branch.

C H A N G I N G O F T H E G U A R D<br />



He is the talk of the town and for good reason. He<br />

is exceptionally talented and has a riding style that<br />

blends both old and new school. He is the Turkish<br />

superstar on the rise and out to steal the crown.<br />

Words by Mitchell Boyes Pics by Yamaha Racing<br />

The World Superbike Paddock has<br />

been dominated by one man and<br />

one manufacturer over the last 6<br />

years. Jonathan Rea and Kawasaki<br />

have been absolutely unstoppable<br />

since 2015 when they won their first<br />

title together. But while all of this<br />

was happening there was a new<br />

talent emerging.<br />

Now if you’ve been following<br />

motorcycle racing for a while, you<br />

will no doubt know the name Kenan<br />

Sofuoglu. If you don’t know who he<br />

is, he is a Turkish Motorcycle racer<br />

who had great success in the WSSP<br />

class and also did 400km/h on a<br />

stock H2R over a bridge. Through<br />

his career and since his retirement,<br />

Kenan has made a point of helping<br />

younger Turkish riders make their<br />

way into international paddocks.<br />

Perhaps the most successful of<br />

these youngsters is now a clear<br />

frontrunner in the World Superbike<br />

Paddock and his name is Toprak<br />

Razgatlioglu!<br />

Toprak made some serious<br />

moves to get to where he is today<br />

but where did it all start? Toprak’s<br />

father was a stunt rider as well as an<br />

endurance racer meaning that he<br />

was exposed to 2-wheel machines<br />

from an early age. It might also<br />

explain his pretty epic stoppie skills.<br />

He started riding bikes when he<br />

was 5 years old and his first bike<br />

was a PW50, a common first bike<br />

at the time. At the age of 9, Topraks<br />

father entered him into his first<br />

Motocross race. Four years later he<br />

took part in a 600cc race.

C H A N G I N G O F T H E G U A R D<br />


OF MOTOGP?<br />

F A B I O Q U A R T A R A R O<br />

We know all know that the fabulous Frenchman Fabio<br />

Quartararo is an incredibly talented rider and because<br />

of his newfound consistency is the firm favourite to win<br />

the 2021 MotoGP world championship. But where did it<br />

all start for Fabio and what has his journey to MotoGP<br />

championship leader looked like?<br />

Words by Mitchell Boyes Pics by Yamaha Racing

Available exclusively online<br />

100PRCNT<br />

BB33<br />

2021 —COLLAB<br />



VISION<br />


RACING<br />

MMXXI<br />

B 33<br />

100%<br />



BRAD “33”<br />

BINDER<br />



2021<br />

100PERCENT.COM<br />


33X100PRCNT®<br />


Shop now at bradbinder33.com/brad-binder-official-merchandise/

NEWS<br />

DESK<br />

2022 YAMAHA<br />

MX BIKES<br />

Yamaha has unveiled its 2022 motocross<br />

bikes and many of them feature mechanical<br />

updates, including a few that haven’t been<br />

changed in quite a while. Perhaps the most<br />

exciting news, especially for the two-stroke<br />

fanatics, is the YZ125. Enjoying its first<br />

overhaul in more than 15 years, Yamaha’s<br />

125cc two-stroke motocross bike features<br />

a redesigned engine, revised suspension<br />

settings, and a few minor chassis updates.<br />

2022 Yamaha YZ125<br />

Nearly every functional part of the YZ125<br />

engine is new including the cylinder body,<br />

cylinder head, piston, piston pin, connecting<br />

rod, crankcase, and expansion chamber. The<br />

cylinder port shape and cylinder port timing<br />

have been revised too. Delivering fuel to the<br />

engine is a new Keihin PWK38S carburetor. An<br />

updated intake design allows for a straighter,<br />

more efficient draw of air into the intake tract.<br />

The six-speed close-ratio transmission<br />

boasts a wider gear tooth width and new,<br />

optimized gear ratios. According to Yamaha,<br />

the changes made to the engine bring about<br />

an increase in power and usability over the<br />

prior-generation model via better acceleration<br />

and improved mid-to-high-rpm power.<br />

2022 Yamaha YZ125 Monster Energy<br />

Yamaha Racing Edition<br />

Retaining its KYB Speed Sensitive System<br />

(SSS) 48mm coil-spring fork and KYB shock,<br />

both components have been revised, with<br />

the fork utilizing a new leaf spring in the midspeed<br />

valve for increased performance and<br />

comfort. The Nissin front brake caliper is more<br />

rigid and features larger pistons, while the<br />

270mm front rotor has been redesigned with<br />

a 30 percent increase in pad contact area that<br />

is grabbed by brake pads constructed of a<br />

higher-friction pad material.

NEWS<br />

DESK<br />



FOR 2022<br />

GasGas Motorcycles (under the KTM Group<br />

umbrella) has announced its 2022 dirt bike lineup.<br />

Added to this year’s lineup compared to the 2021<br />

lineup is a new MC 250 (two-stroke motocross),<br />

EX 250 (two-stroke cross country), EC 250<br />

(two-stroke enduro), and MC 350F (four-stroke<br />

motocross), as well as upgraded models from last<br />

year’s lineup (such as adding a small wheel size for<br />

the MC 85). Check out the full details in the GasGas<br />

press release below:<br />

We’ve got new models for 2022, but our goal<br />

remains the same - to continue delivering<br />

performance offroad motorcycles for those<br />

who love to ride! We’re super-proud of the bikes<br />

we launched just under a year ago, but we’re<br />

going a little bigger for 2022, adding three new<br />

motocross machines to ensure we offer the most<br />

comprehensive dirt bike line-up there is! For kids,<br />

we’ve introduced a small wheel MC 85. For adults<br />

– the big kids – we’ve launched a new MC 250<br />

2-stroke together with the MC 350F 4-stroke,<br />

strengthening our awesome range of dirt bikes. All<br />

new bikes will be available from October, all others<br />

are available now!<br />

Giving the next generation of motocross stars<br />

a bike that bridges the gap between our MC<br />

65 and MC 85, our new small wheel MC 85 is<br />

the perfect choice for mini racers working their<br />

way up the ranks. With a carefully designed<br />

chassis that accommodates its smaller wheels,<br />

the bike ensures uncompromised handling and<br />

performance, and is ready to shred with a simple<br />

prod of the kick starter.



STYLE<br />

It’s very much a case of old school meets new school with<br />

the new Triumph Scrambler 1200 XE - a machine with old<br />

school toughness and new school tech and design.<br />

Words: Shaun Portman | Pics: Beam Productions<br />

I have always been a fan of the Triumph<br />

Scrambler with its unique looks and<br />

styling. Although past Scramblers were<br />

great and different, they lacked the<br />

capability of doing anything much more<br />

than a rough dirt road. However, Triumph<br />

recently introduced something a little more<br />

hardcore to their Scrambler line-up.<br />

We popped past Triumph Motorcycles<br />

in Sandton to see what all the fuss was<br />

about and collect the latest addition to the<br />

Scrambler range. With all-around capability<br />

and defining looks- enter the Triumph<br />

Scrambler 1200XE.<br />

I love the fact that Triumph has kept to its<br />

roots and still maintained the unique looks<br />

of the Scrambler 1200XE which is basically<br />

their normal 1200XC Scrambler but on<br />

steroids. Yes, far more extreme and over<br />

the top and this can be seen straight away<br />

at first glance. But you can still tell it’s a<br />

Scrambler, only younger, sharper and more


OPINION:<br />



In last month’s issue, we brought you the first test ride on<br />

Harley’s new adventure bike. This month, we bring you a<br />

second opinion from a very wet and cold Cape Town.<br />

Words: Mitchell Boyes | Pics: Kristen Tubb<br />

This Cape Town winter so far has been just that, a Cape<br />

Town winter, with days of endless rain and cold. Now<br />

while I enjoy the chilly weather, winter in the Cape<br />

makes it difficult to test a bike without exclusively<br />

testing its capability in the rain. Despite this weather, I<br />

found a day that looked okay and gave Harley Davidson<br />

Cape Town a call to organise to test their new Pan<br />

America. Last month I attended the official launch of<br />

the Pan America and there did seem to be a lot of hype<br />

around it. A few days later, the bike was organised!<br />

So, on a cold and wet Thursday morning, I got up<br />

early layered up as much as I could and made my way<br />

from Stellenbosch to Cape Town seeing the snowpeaked<br />

mountains behind me. Arriving at Harley it was<br />

cold… really cold and I began to wonder why on earth<br />

I arranged a bike test this early in the morning in the<br />

middle of winter. I then remembered that I’m getting to<br />

spend my Thursday morning riding an interesting bike<br />

around the Western Cape and I immediately felt better.<br />

Although the weather was clear, the roads were<br />

very wet which gave me the opportunity to test the<br />

Rain riding mode. The bike felt subdued and sluggish<br />

however this was completely on purpose to stop me



> 60 > 61<br />

LINE<br />





two-way<br />

player<br />

The new DL1050 V-Strom is Suzuki’s biggest and best<br />

adventure bike ever. It’s can-do attitude and price tag make it<br />

a very good option for any-and-all looking to go explore.<br />

Words: Shaun Portman | Pics: Beam Productions<br />

The Suzuki V-Strom has been around<br />

since 2002 and has become one of<br />

Suzuki’s most loved models ever since.<br />

Its simplistic and effective demeanour<br />

helped it gain popularity and even<br />

today the V-Strom continues to charm<br />

riding enthusiasts worldwide. Over<br />

the years the big brute has undergone<br />

some changes but the overall ethos and<br />

character have remained very much<br />

apparent, even in the latest version<br />

which we have on test here.<br />

The overall design of the bike is very<br />

neat and tidy, a great adventure bike<br />

look if you will with the peak, spoke<br />

wheels, LED headlight and indicators. I<br />

love the reddish/white livery they have<br />

given it paying homage to the original<br />

1988 DR750S.<br />

Now the V-Strom has never really<br />

been hardcore adventure focused, but<br />

rather more of a tourer with dirt road<br />

capabilities. A bike where you and your<br />

partner can hop on and ride, anywhere<br />

and everywhere without restrictions<br />

and without breaking the bank. This is<br />

even more apparent when you watch<br />

Suzuki’s promo video of the V-Strom<br />

on their website, where you can clearly<br />

see that it is more road-focused with

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