Yearbook AY 2020-2021 (Chiangmai campus)

Singapore International School of Bangkok| Chiangmai campus

Singapore International School of Bangkok| Chiangmai campus


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Our Accreditation Partners<br />


In June <strong>2021</strong>, SISB <strong>Chiangmai</strong> passed the preparatory stage moving one step away from full accreditation by the Council of International<br />

Schools (CIS).<br />


The International Schools Association of Thailand (ISAT) acts as the unified voice for international education in Thailand and as a centre<br />

for collective action on behalf of its membership. SISB <strong>Chiangmai</strong> has been a member of ISAT since 2017.<br />


In 2017, SISB <strong>Chiangmai</strong> was fully accredited by the Office for National Education Standards and Quality Assessment (ONESQA) under<br />

the Private Education Act of Thailand.<br />


The East Asia Regional Council of Schools (EARCOS) is an organisation of 156 member schools in East Asia with a combined total of<br />

more than 100,000 pre-K to Grade 12 students. SISB <strong>Chiangmai</strong> was granted full membership in October 2018.<br />


SISB <strong>Chiangmai</strong> was approved to teach iGCSE AS and A level studies from April <strong>2021</strong> onwards.<br />


SISB <strong>Chiangmai</strong> awaits certification as a full Cambridge member school and fully accredited examinations centre.<br />


SISB <strong>Chiangmai</strong> is a fully accredited school for digital citizenship since March <strong>2021</strong><br />


SISB <strong>Chiangmai</strong> will apply for the Basic Independent Award Centre Licence to conduct The Duke of Edinburgh’s International Award<br />

Scheme, the world’s leading youth achievement award programme.(Application August <strong>2021</strong>)



School Guiding Statements<br />


Leading International School In Thailand<br />

Singapore International School of Bangkok (SISB)<br />

is a leading provider of the world-renowned Singapore<br />

curriculum that is ranked among the top in the world for<br />

Mathematics and Science, based on the Programme for<br />

International Student Assessment (PISA), a global<br />

benchmarking test. Since our establishment in 2001, SISB<br />

has grown to four <strong>campus</strong>es in Thailand, which adopt the<br />

Singapore, UK and International Baccalaureate (IB) curricula.<br />

Our unique strength lies in teaching our students to be<br />

trilingual: English, Thai and Chinese, in addition to a holistic<br />

education to develop students to their fullest potential.<br />

SISB has four <strong>campus</strong>es in Thailand: <strong>Chiangmai</strong>, which is the<br />

only Singaporean curriculum school in the north of Thailand,<br />

Pracha Uthit, Suvarnabhumi and Thonburi. A fifth <strong>campus</strong>,<br />

SISB Nonthaburi, in Chaengwattana-Chaiyapreuk will be<br />

opening in August 2022.<br />

Internationally Recognised<br />

All <strong>campus</strong>es provide a standardised curriculum and consistently deliver high-quality learning that<br />

many have come to associate with SISB. SISB Pracha Uthit is the first international school in Thailand<br />

formally appointed by the Singapore Examinations and Assessment Board in 2006 as the official<br />

examination centre for the Singapore International Primary School Examination (iPSLE). <strong>Chiangmai</strong> will<br />

apply for SEAB membership and accreditation in 2023 allowing us to host IPSLE exams on <strong>campus</strong>.<br />

The school is also an approved centre certified by Cambridge International Examinations to<br />

conduct the IGCSE, AS and A Levels examinations. SISB <strong>Chiangmai</strong> is a full member of the Council of<br />

International Schools (CIS), an esteemed recognition for quality international schools.<br />

The SISB community is inspired by a global outlook and enriched by cultural diversity. SISB has<br />

established its reputation as a trusted brand for quality education in Thailand and continues to grow as<br />

an organisation dedicated to providing world-class education.<br />


We believe that students are unique individuals endowed with special<br />

talents and have the desire to succeed, and that every student is important,<br />

every parent a partner, and every staff our valued asset.<br />


Every student will aspire to be a Scholar, a Leader and a Global Citizen.<br />


To be a World-Class School that provides the students with holistic<br />

education to make the world a better place.<br />


Spirit of Excellence<br />


The outcomes of High Quality Learning in SISB are that our<br />

students become Inquisitive and Knowledgeable Thinkers and<br />

Communicators, and also Principled decision-makers; they are<br />

Open-Minded and Caring in their interactions with others, and<br />

sensible Risk-Takers in the adventure that is life; they possess<br />

Balanced outlooks and perspectives on global issues of relevance,<br />

and they are always Reflective about themselves and their place in<br />


Message from Chairman of the School Governing Boards<br />

The events of the past year encapsulate one of the most<br />

defining characteristics of life itself - Unpredictability.<br />

future.<br />

Despite the difficulties, we have every reason to be optimistic about our<br />

Just when we thought the situation was getting better,<br />

COVID-19 came back with a stronger wave and gave us a huge<br />

surprise, as well as imposing challenges. Due to our previous<br />

experience in dealing with the pandemic, our entire community<br />

is more ready to tackle these challenges.<br />

In terms of infrastructure and capability, I have been<br />

impressed by how we have reacted as a school. From conducting<br />

online learning to implementing health and security measures for<br />

the school, it has been a wonderful effort from students, staff and<br />

parents. I would like to highlight and commend the vigilance and<br />

cooperation that our community has shown during these tough<br />

times. Without you, the situation today could have been much more<br />

daunting. For that, I extend my heartfelt appreciation to all who have<br />

contributed.<br />

The threat of COVID-19 is far from being a thing of the past.<br />

We will still need to be careful, and to adapt. We will review our<br />

processes regularly, so that we can be ready for any situation. I am<br />

confident that SISB will continue to do well regardless of the<br />

circumstances.<br />

The construction of the new Sixth Form phase at SISB Thonburi will be<br />

complete in August <strong>2021</strong>. This phase provides increased capacity for students<br />

and many more possibilities for learning and growth.<br />

Also, we just broke ground for the construction of a new <strong>campus</strong> in<br />

Nonthaburi. The ideal location of this <strong>campus</strong> will allow SISB Schools to reach<br />

the areas of Don Mueang, Laksi, Nonthaburi, Pathum Thani and more. SISB’s<br />

new <strong>campus</strong> in Nonthaburi is targeted to be ready by August 2022.<br />

Most importantly, SISB will be celebrating an important milestone in<br />

Academic Year <strong>2021</strong>-2022 - our 20th anniversary. I would like to thank the parents<br />

who have entrusted their children to us for the last two decades. Without you,<br />

none of this would have been possible.<br />

I assure you that our future looks bright. Please have faith that we are<br />

ready and able to overcome the challenges that lie ahead of us.<br />

Thank you.<br />

Kelvin Koh<br />

Chairman of the School Governing Boards

Head of School Message<br />

SISB<br />



Welcome to SISB <strong>Chiangmai</strong>. I am excited and proud to introduce you<br />

to the first modern Singapore curriculum school in Northern Thailand.<br />

<strong>Chiangmai</strong> is a diverse city and that is reflected in our student<br />

population with children from as far away as the UK and USA. Here at SISB<br />

<strong>Chiangmai</strong> we welcome children of all nationalities as this helps us develop an<br />

ethos of Internationalism, intercultural understanding and better prepares our<br />

children to become global citizens.We pride ourselves on our holistic learning<br />

policy where we focus on all the skills a student may need and instill the values<br />

of Independence, Resilience, Responsibility and Respect.<br />

The past two years have been very demanding with the global<br />

pandemic, yet we achieved a lot. This school is now a CIS member school<br />

and has opened a Secondary school where we are authorised by Cambridge<br />

International to provide iGCSE and A level studies. We are committed to<br />

ensuring our students master the skills necessary to thrive in a 21st century<br />

job market and that includes communication, critical thinking, collaboration and<br />

creativity. These skills have been mentioned by leading CEO’s as being more<br />

important in the future than exam results!<br />

As a school we continue to grow and develop and very much look<br />

forward to getting back into school and working with our students. Looking<br />

forward we have a lot to be excited about: our new pastoral care classes in<br />

Primary school, iGCSE studies in Secondary and a stage II build for the school<br />

growing our footprint and ensuring we have the space to grow with our<br />

students. By October <strong>2021</strong> we expect to be a fully authorised Cambridge exam<br />

centre able to offer all iGCSE and A level exams on <strong>campus</strong>.<br />

We follow the highly acclaimed Singapore national curriculum in<br />

Primary school and therefore can offer a challenging and stimulating learning<br />

environment for students who want to excel. As I look back at the year I can<br />

see the improvement in every child academically, socially and emotionally.<br />

I can clearly see the potential in our students to grow into successful scholars<br />

and leaders. I am looking forward to a new academic year where our<br />

community continues to grow and our students thrive, embracing a spirit of<br />

excellence in all they do. It is an exciting time to be a part of the SISB family!<br />

Thomas Ian Fisher<br />

Deputy Principal - Singapore International School <strong>Chiangmai</strong>

NK Department<br />

Message<br />

Primary<br />

Department Message<br />

It is hard to believe that we are at the end of the year. We are proud of<br />

all the accomplishments our students achieved during this unusual year. The NK<br />

department once again had an eventful year with some spectacular highlights. As<br />

we look back, we remember the fun we had expressing ourselves on Dot Day and<br />

exploring new things during Science Week.<br />

The department has seen great success in aligning topics throughout all<br />

subjects to support transdisciplinary learning. This allowed students to explore the<br />

same or similar topics in different contexts. We continued to promote student-driven<br />

learning this year and we are proud that students as young as Nursery 1 were<br />

involved in tracking and reflecting on their Learner Profile achievements with the<br />

Nursery Learning Outcomes Tree and Kindergarten students through the Chain<br />

project. We can’t wait to get back to school and look forward to seeing you all in<br />

Term 1.<br />

Elizabeth Christine Knoetze<br />

Nursery & Kindergarten Coordinator<br />

- Singapore International School <strong>Chiangmai</strong><br />

This past academic year has been unique in so many ways, and we<br />

are particularly impressed with our students’ resilience and ability to adapt to<br />

the changes and challenges they have faced in <strong>2020</strong> and <strong>2021</strong>.<br />

Global Citizenship continued to be an essential aspect of learning<br />

at SISB this year. During Term 1, we celebrated International Week with the<br />

students researching and celebrating the cultures of some fascinating<br />

countries including; Russia, Vietnam, Korea, Colombia, Greece and America.<br />

Alongside Global Citizenship, caring and empathy are important<br />

characteristics we always encourage our students to develop.<br />

During November <strong>2020</strong>, we celebrated Friendship Week. Odd Sock Day was<br />

one of the most memorable activities of that week, and helped our students to<br />

recognise the value of individuality, diversity and acceptance.<br />

Despite spending periods of Term 2 and Term 3 learning online,<br />

the students at Singapore International School were as busy, engaged and<br />

productive as ever. Our students have also become very ‘tech-savvy’ and<br />

are now extremely confident using educational technologies.<br />

We make every effort to ensure that all our primary students are good<br />

Digital Citizens who use technology safely, responsibly and respectfully.<br />

Our efforts to do this successfully were recognised this year by Common<br />

Sense Education, an achievement we are all proud of. Also in recognition of<br />

our success with online learning and the application of educational<br />

technologies, we received high praise from the Council of International<br />

Schools (CIS), who noted that the students where highly engaged and the<br />

teachers were very innovative in their application of technology.<br />

The students and teachers in Primary all recognise the valuable skills<br />

we’ve developed by studying online this year, but we all celebrated the return of<br />

regular teaching - seeing our smiling students back in the classroom, learning<br />

and laughing with their friends<br />

Daniel Thomas Maxwell<br />

Head of Primary Department - Singapore International School <strong>Chiangmai</strong>

The academic year of <strong>2020</strong>-21 will always be known as the inception of<br />

the Secondary Division of SISB Chiang Mai. It feels like yesterday that weary eyes<br />

crept into the classroom. As we approach the end of the year, we can look back with<br />

fond memories of all the positive moments and achievements of this academic year.<br />

Starting in September, our student club learned and displayed excellent leadership<br />

qualities as they planned and organized a successful Halloween event for students.<br />

At our Christmas event, our learners ran their own market resulting in high sales<br />

and turnover. More importantly, they were able to learn to be independent thinkers<br />

and risk-takers. Also, each student showcased their musical talents through solo<br />

piano performances at our Christmas show, to much fanfare from parents. Another<br />

proud moment was when two of the G8 students, Andy and Ploy, participated in the<br />

Chiang Mai schools’ fair. They interacted with potential parents and also hosted a<br />

presentation for our school. Considered the capstone achievement of this year, all<br />

G7-8 undertook an Earth Day project by visiting a shopping mall and interviewing<br />

willing participants on a range of environmental issues. It was a highly successful<br />

day as our global citizens relished the chance to engage with the public on<br />

real-world issues.<br />

Sixth Form<br />

Department Message<br />

In the upcoming school year of <strong>2021</strong>/22, we anticipate many positive areas<br />

of growth and development. It will be the initial incantation of our IGCSE program<br />

for G9 students, while we will also welcome a new batch of G7 learners.<br />

At an extra-curricular level, we are excited to introduce the Duke of Edinburgh<br />

program, while also offering a host of new after-school activities including fencing,<br />

MUN - Model United Nations, and basketball. We will also increase our community<br />

outreach by offering service-learning opportunities. For example, working with<br />

elephant sanctuaries and volunteering at a dog shelter. Looking back, we are proud<br />

of all of our achievements this year as we eagerly await another great year in the<br />

SISB Chiang Mai Secondary Division.<br />

Sincerely,<br />

Greg Luke Stoltz<br />

Deputy Head of Sixth Form Department<br />

- Singapore International School <strong>Chiangmai</strong>

Teacher Messages<br />

Dear N1 Love,<br />

It has been incredibly rewarding for me to witness<br />

how much you have learned and grown throughout the<br />

year. You have made me so proud of all your achievements<br />

in N1. Just remember that all of you will always have a<br />

special place within my heart. Continue to strive to be the<br />

BEST that you can be.<br />

To all N1 Love parents, THANK YOU for allowing me to be<br />

your child’s Nursery 1 teacher. I am also beyond grateful<br />

to have your superb support throughout the year most<br />

especially during the time you had to help me teach your<br />

child at home. I know this was a very difficult task but we<br />

did it! It has been truly a fantastic year!<br />

Dear N1 Love,<br />

I am very impressed with so much progress<br />

you made this year. I know that not all of our days were<br />

easy, but most of our days were filled with learning,<br />

excitement and happiness. Thank you for the laughter,<br />

hugs, smiles and high fives you shared with me. I wish<br />

you all the best in N2!<br />

Love,<br />

Teacher Tuck<br />

Dear N1 Love,<br />

I love working with you in N1 and I am very proud to be<br />

one of your teachers this year. Good luck with next year!<br />

Love,<br />

Teacher Nit<br />

Much gratitude, love and pride today and always,<br />

Teacher Des<br />

Ms. Eddysa Tordesillas Millan<br />

Ms. Wannisa<br />

Chanphenmongkhon<br />

Ms. Nittaya Kongkaew

MIA<br />

SHARIE<br />

PEI<br />

MINNIE<br />

YUAN<br />

ARRAN<br />

PANU<br />

T T<br />

PEACHY<br />


JOANNA<br />

ISAIAH<br />

AToM<br />

ToNHON<br />


Teacher Messages<br />

Dear N2 Love,<br />

What a year this has been! Through all of the ups<br />

and downs, you have all kept smiles on your faces and<br />

laughter in our classroom. It has been one of my greatest<br />

joys teaching you this year and I am so proud of all the<br />

progress you have all made. I hope you always keep your<br />

confidence, curiosity and caringness, and remember how<br />

much we love you! We will always be rooting for your<br />

success and happiness. Thank you for a wonderful year of<br />

laughter and love. I will miss you so much, my little chicken<br />

nuggets!<br />

Dear N2 Love,<br />

It has been my pleasure to spend a wonderful<br />

year with you. Thank you for always listening to teachers<br />

and following the classroom rules. Also, thank you for<br />

being helpful and caring. We love all the time that we<br />

have spent together. Our class is always full of joy and<br />

laughter. We love you and we are so proud of you.<br />

I wish you guys all the best and a bright future.<br />

Please remember that no matter how much time goes<br />

by, you will be our little chicken nuggets forever.<br />

Dear​ N2​ Love,<br />

You​make​my​life​fun! It’s​been​a​pleasure to​<br />

watch​ you​ grow and​ change​ this​ year.​You​ are​ the​ best!<br />

Love​you​so​much​chicken​nugget team.<br />

Love,<br />

Teacher Kik<br />

Lots of love,<br />

Teacher Amanda<br />

Love,<br />

Teacher Kwang<br />

Ms. Amanda Anne Bledsoe Ms. Nida Chaiwongkaew Ms. Chalita Khaewkumsook

LE LE<br />


MIA<br />

ZHENG<br />

ILIO<br />

YUSHI<br />

YUNI<br />

T<strong>AY</strong>LOR<br />

BIANCA<br />

ACHI<br />


Teacher Messages<br />

Dear N2 Joy,<br />

Dear N2 Joy,<br />

Dear N2 Joy,<br />

We faced some challenges this year, but you<br />

all got through it stronger. You are an amazing group<br />

of young learners and you all have potential in you to<br />

reach great heights. Thank you for all the laughter and<br />

joy you brought into my life this year.<br />

Love you lots lovelies!<br />

Teacher Elizabeth<br />

I am so proud of everything that you accomplished<br />

this year and I know you will do great in K1 too. My wish<br />

for you is that you will always be happy and healthy.<br />

Thank you for all the good memories, N2 Joy! Love you!<br />

Teacher Nueng<br />

It was so special to get to know you all this<br />

year. I am lucky that I got to work with you and I will<br />

never forget you. I hope you will do your best in K1 and<br />

that you will remember everything we taught you.<br />

Have a good holiday and have fun in your new class<br />

next year. I will miss you! Love you!<br />

Teacher Eye<br />

Ms. Elizabeth Christine<br />

Knoetze<br />

Ms. Nuengruethai Wara<br />

Ms. Tanchanok Sriaudta

PLADAO<br />

KRISS<br />


ING<br />

SHOGUN<br />

AVA<br />



ENZO<br />

BEN<br />


Teacher Messages<br />

Dear K1 Love,<br />

It has been a pleasure and a privilege to watch<br />

you grow. We have laughed, played, learned, and<br />

enriched our lives during this year. Each day was an<br />

adventure, and we certainly had our ups and downs, but<br />

we came out stronger thanks to the challenges. I hope<br />

you always remember that you are capable of anything<br />

you put your mind to. I was lucky to have been your<br />

teacher. Thank you for making my life so much brighter!<br />

Love,<br />

Teacher Cameron<br />

Dear K1 Love,<br />

I got to see your great development for the<br />

past year that I’ve been in K1 Love. I’ve seen each one<br />

of you try your best every day and grow as you do it.<br />

My days in K1 Love were filled with happiness, and I<br />

feel thankful that you made me smile every day.<br />

I may not remember everything you have done, but I<br />

will always remember how special you made me feel.<br />

I hope you will enjoy your new adventure in K2, and I<br />

can’t wait to see your growth in the future! LOVE YOU!<br />

Take care,<br />

Teacher Baitoey<br />

Ms. Cameron Alexis Groves<br />

Ms. Nantanat Ratanakunkorn

ANNA<br />

PHON<br />

AKI<br />

NariN<br />


YAO<br />

ALPHA<br />

KIN<br />


NICKY<br />

MONICA<br />

IAN<br />

TER<br />


Teacher Messages<br />

Dear my lovely K1 Joy,<br />

Dear K1 Joy,<br />

This past year has certainly provided us with<br />

many challenges. I am so proud of the efforts and<br />

achievements of K1 Joy this past year. It has been a<br />

privilege to watch you grow and contribute so positively<br />

to our school community. I wish you the best in moving<br />

into the next chapter of your lives. Good luck to you all!<br />

Love,<br />

Teacher Caz<br />

This is my first year in K1 and it’s really nice.<br />

I’m so happy to be in K1 Joy with all the lovely kids. I’m<br />

glad to be a part of supporting you grow up effectively<br />

and really impressed to see everyone’s progress or<br />

development in every single day.<br />

Time flies way so fast. I would like to say to all kids “I’m<br />

so proud of you all. You did very well and try really hard<br />

in K1 year. And I believe that next year you will definitely<br />

do better than this!”<br />

Have fun on your next adventure.<br />

Love,<br />

Teacher Som<br />

Mr. Carwyn Tomos Griffiths<br />

Ms. Khemmarin Panwiang

MIRA<br />

RITA<br />


JAEGER<br />


SIH<br />

PUJUK<br />

TANIA<br />

HAOYU<br />

PHUN<br />


Teacher Messages<br />

Dear K2 Love,<br />

Continuously blown away by the resilience and<br />

ingenuity of the SISB community. Lockdowns and online<br />

learning couldn’t keep us down! Thank you to everyone for<br />

making this school a wonderful place to be!<br />

Teacher Hayden<br />

Dear my students<br />

I had so much fun being your teacher,<br />

your sister, your friend and also as your second<br />

family. All the best for your brightest future. Lots<br />

of love Wishing you great success. Keep up the<br />

good work and never stop aspiring to be the best<br />

in life.<br />

Good Luck and we love you guys.<br />

Teacher Eve<br />

Mr. William Hayden<br />

Cocksedge<br />

Ms. Natwarantorn Apiwong

NARI<br />

ADA<br />

PRANG<br />

Joshua<br />

FENIX<br />

TONY<br />

PRIM<br />

ELSA<br />

LAI LAI<br />


Teacher Messages<br />

Dear K2 Joy,<br />

I have loved my first year at SISB! From the<br />

children to the parents to the staff, thank you for making<br />

this school a happy, friendly, vibrant place.<br />

Love the energy of this school!<br />

Teacher Marcel<br />

Dear K2 Joy,<br />

I love to work with K2Joy. We played, learned<br />

and laughed together. I’m so happy to be a part of your<br />

success and also happy to be K2Joy’s teacher this year!<br />

Thank you for all of your effort and thank you all parents<br />

for supporting K2 Joy always.<br />

Love,<br />

Teacher Oil<br />

Ms. Marcel Leslie Hill<br />

Ms. Yanee Boontulo

NE NE<br />

XIN XIN<br />

M<strong>AY</strong><br />

CANDY<br />

NELSON<br />



KAO<br />

LILY<br />

AVA<br />

HENRY<br />

ANDY<br />


ELS Team Messages<br />

It has been a pleasure in being a part of your learning and development. Your<br />

hard work and focus has paid off, and I have enjoyed seeing your progress. As this was<br />

my first year at SISB I really appreciate everyone making me feel welcome. Enjoy your<br />

summer and I look forward to seeing and supporting all of your next school year.<br />

Teacher Todd<br />

It has been a great year! I enjoy teaching you and I am proud to see that you<br />

have grown up the way you are. Keep up the good work and keep exposing yourself to<br />

English language.<br />

Teacher Remika<br />

Mr. Todd Martin Cikraji<br />

Ms. Remika Gulati<br />

Keep giving your best but know your limits. Fill your heart with laughter and smile<br />

often. I love to see your smiles! Thank you for the memories and the learning we have<br />

shared this school year!<br />

God has truly blessed each one of you with unique abilities in gaining wisdom<br />

this school year. Put in mind that it is much better to get wisdom than gold and silver!<br />

For wisdom gives life to those who have it. As you enter the next school year, don’t settle<br />

for less but strive to be the best.<br />

Teacher Terry<br />

Teacher Girley<br />

Ms. Teresita Aparece Anasco<br />

Ms. Girley Jon Bobo Aurelio

K2 Love & K2 Joy Graduates

P1 Love, you are a wonderful group of students and have been an absolute delight to<br />

teach during this school year. We learnt a great deal and all of you have progressed in so many<br />

ways - becoming more independent, more creative, more resilient and more knowledgeable.<br />

As well as the regular study activities, this class also volunteered to participate in as many<br />

activities as possible - putting on performances for the rest of the school at Halloween,<br />

Christmas, St.Patrick’s Day and International Day!<br />

You are such an energetic, exciting and confident class - I’m going to miss teaching you all!<br />

Best of luck with all your future studies.<br />

Teacher Daniel Maxwell<br />

Mr. Daniel Thomas Maxwell<br />

P1 Love,<br />

It has been an amazing experience to see you grow and learn so much there have<br />

been so many hardships this year but I have seen you not only adapt, but overcome and<br />

flourish this year.<br />

I wish you all the fortune in world in your future studies, Good luck!<br />

Teacher Ploy<br />

Ms. Ploykamol Suthatong

TAO<br />

RYNN<br />


AENG<br />

PUNN<br />

DEVI<br />


PAM<br />

NEO<br />

NANO<br />

KHIRI<br />

DAVE<br />


EVAN<br />


This academic year has been very rewarding. I have enjoyed seeing the students laugh, play,<br />

overcome challenges, and strengthen their friendships as a group. This year was quite challenging<br />

due to the extended periods of online learning. I was very impressed with the resilience and speed at<br />

which the kids adapted to the new learning environment. I feel this is testament to the success they will<br />

undoubtedly achieve in the future. Great work P2 Love, you are all amazing!<br />

Teacher Jake.<br />

Mr. Jacob William Quigley<br />

I would like to give a big round of applause to everyone in P2 Love. This academic year has been<br />

very challenging due to the pandemic and Home Based Learning was surely difficult for both students and<br />

teachers. Even in a hard time like this, we have accomplished an academic year eventually.<br />

Next academic year is going to be another big step for you. I wish everyone in P2 Love all the best<br />

and I am going to miss you all because you guys are awesome!<br />

Teacher Wynne (:<br />

Ms. Watunyuta Paramee


KAOHOM<br />



TONY<br />

ETHAN<br />


KAZUNE<br />

HONNIE<br />

EASON<br />

SAMMY<br />


It has been my pleasure to have been the homeroom and literacy teacher for P2 Joy for 2<br />

academic years now and I also have the honour of being their homeroom and literacy teacher as P3<br />

students next year too. During my time with them I have seen them grow from young fledgeling pupils<br />

into confident, knowledgeable and capable independent learners. I have marvelled at their curiosity and<br />

passion to learn and their drive and commitment to engage in all their subjects with the utmost enthusiasm.<br />

This year has been an especially challenging time for all local and global communities and this<br />

has certainly been true of my students. However, I must say that the children rose to all the challenges<br />

they encountered and indeed viewed them as valuable learning opportunities to become even stronger<br />

and even better equipped internationally minded global citizens. I would like to take this opportunity to<br />

say my thanks to a wonderful class which has left such an indelible mark upon my heart and my soul.<br />

See you all next academic year!<br />

Teacher Chaz.<br />

Mr. Chiragkumar Kanubhai Chavda<br />

Dear P2 Joy,<br />

It’s been a pleasure to watch you grow and change this year. I can’t believe the time’s gone so<br />

quickly. As you continue through life, I wish you the best luck, do not give up, work hard and play hard.<br />

Please remember “laziness” is your worst enemy and “hard work” is your best friend!<br />

See you all next year<br />

Teacher May.<br />

Ms. Kamonphromphon Wongphonrit


MARY<br />

BRIGHT<br />

MATRIX<br />

LEON<br />

GENE<br />

GUN<br />

PENNY<br />

FRAN<br />


I am very proud of the hard work, adaptability and resilience shown by all of our<br />

students over the past school year. Each challenge that they have faced has been overcome<br />

with calmness, coolness and maturity. They have shown terrific strength of character and I feel<br />

lucky to work with such an awesome group of young minds.<br />

Teacher David Smith<br />

Mr. David Richard Smith<br />

Time has gone so quickly as you know - time flies when you are having fun! It has<br />

been a great year and privilege to see you all growing. I am proud of your accomplishments<br />

and the effort that you’ve shown throughout the year. Good luck in the year ahead! “I see the<br />

light in you”.<br />

Teacher Keds<br />

Ms. Kedsinee Khammoon

VALErIE<br />

TONYA<br />

KK<br />

PRIM<br />

PV<br />

PUTTER<br />


TY<br />

P<br />


LUKE<br />

YUAN<br />


It was my first year being a part of the SISB family and to say that every student<br />

has been a pleasure to teach, would be an understatement. All students have not only been<br />

hardworking and principled but have shown great resilience and strength through what was<br />

a tough year. I look forward to continuing to help the students on their academic journey and<br />

seeing them reach their full potential.<br />

Teacher Daniel Bin<br />

Mr. Daniel Anthony Bin

NONNIE<br />

GLE<br />

BOSS<br />



A year of MATH-ness<br />

We stayed positive<br />

And got creative<br />

During online learning<br />

Or in class working<br />

We were focused on academics<br />

What worldwide pandemic?!<br />

Work hard we did,<br />

No matter what obstacles hit.<br />

We embodied our Student Outcomes<br />

Striving to become,<br />

Scholars who excel<br />

Smart ones in a nutshell.<br />

Global Citizens<br />

Working to make a difference<br />

Leaders in every aspect<br />

Keeping to our precepts.<br />

Ms. Gloria Shu-Min Leng<br />

Cheers to a great year<br />

It is quite clear,<br />

We have nothing to fear<br />

If we survived this year!<br />

~Teacher Gloria

THREE<br />

PPJ<br />

LUKE<br />

YI<br />

SHARON<br />

MORRY<br />


It has been a wonderful year teaching you and we are extremely proud to see how far you have<br />

come! You have made great improvements this year. Keep practising your English skills. We can’t wait to<br />

see you shine next year! You are all unique and amazing! We appreciate all of you. Keep believing in<br />

yourself and keep up the good work!<br />

Enjoy your summer and we look forward to supporting you in our grade level classrooms next year.<br />

All EIP Homeroom Teacher<br />

Today is a milestone. It tells you how far you’ve come.<br />

Keep learning, keep trying,keep accomplishing, and keep<br />

venturing on through your journey.<br />

Teacher Noochy<br />

Ms. Oranoot Jasa

TITO<br />

WINNIE<br />

MUSK<br />


GRADE 7 GRADE 8<br />

PLOY<br />

ANDY<br />

KEVIN<br />

NON<br />

NADIA<br />

TAK<br />

KAO<br />

NATHAN<br />


Wai Khru Ceremony<br />

Events<br />

and activities

International Dot Day<br />

Mid - Autumn Festival

Loy Krathong Day<br />

Halloween Booth<br />

@ Central Festival,<br />


International Day<br />

International Day

N1 Love Field Trip Day<br />

BBQ Party

Christmas Party<br />

Christmas Party

Christmas Talent Show<br />

Christmas Talent Show

Chinese New Year <strong>2021</strong><br />

Learner Profile Chains

K2 Graduation Day<br />

K2 Graduation Day

Senior Management team<br />

Ms. Tusaneeya Tangchevaroj<br />

School Director<br />

Mr. Thomas Ian Fisher<br />

Deputy Principal<br />

Ms. Panitpim Sitthiphong<br />

School Manager<br />

Mr. Daniel Thomas Maxwell<br />

Head of Primary<br />

Mr. Greg Luke Stoltz<br />

Deputy Head of Sixth Form<br />

Ms. Thanyarat Chalapirom<br />

Admissions Manager

SISB CHIANGMAI ACADEMIC YEAR <strong>2020</strong> - <strong>2021</strong>

Nursery & Kindergarten Teachers<br />

NK Teacher Assistants<br />

Ms. Elizabeth<br />

Christine Knoetze<br />

Ms. Eddysa<br />

Tordesillas Millan<br />

Ms. Amanda Anne<br />

Bledsoe<br />

Ms. Cameron Alexis<br />

Groves<br />

Ms. Wannisa<br />

Chanphenmongkhon<br />

Ms. Nittaya<br />

Kongkaew<br />

Ms. Nida<br />

Chaiwongkaew<br />

Ms. Chalita<br />

Khaewkumsook<br />

Ms. Nuengruethai<br />

Wara<br />

Mr. Carwyn Tomos<br />

Griffiths<br />

Mr. William Hayden<br />

Cocksedge<br />

Ms. Marcel Leslie<br />

Hill<br />

Ms. Quennbie Silangon<br />

Perez<br />

[P.E Teacher]<br />

Ms. Tanchanok<br />

Sriaudta<br />

Ms. Nantanat<br />

Ratanakunkorn<br />

Ms. Khemmarin<br />

Panwiang<br />

Ms. Natwarantorn<br />

Apiwong<br />

Ms. Yanee Boontulo

Primary Teachers<br />

Primary Teacher Assistants<br />

Mr. Daniel Thomas<br />

Maxwell<br />

Mr. Jacob William<br />

Quigley<br />

Mr. Chiragkumar<br />

Kanubhai Chavda<br />

Mr. David Richard<br />

Smith<br />

Ms.Kamonphromphon<br />

Wongphonrit<br />

Ms. Kedsinee<br />

Khammoon<br />

Ms. Ploykamol<br />

Suthatong<br />

Ms. Watunyuta<br />

Paramee<br />

Mr. Daniel Anthony<br />

Bin<br />

Ms. Gloria Shu-Min<br />


Sixth Form Teachers<br />

Music Teachers<br />

(Left to Right)<br />

Ms. Varangkana Kanungchoti<br />

[Head of Music & Events/ECA Coordinator]<br />

Ms. Ponnapha Chadburud<br />

Mr. Greg Luke Stoltz<br />

Mr. Jason Andrew<br />

Kimball<br />

Ms. Bokkyung Moon<br />

[Art Teacher]

Thai Teachers<br />

Chinese Teachers<br />

(Left to Right)<br />

Ms. Nipaporn Suyawa<br />

Mr. Anirut Khamngoen<br />

Ms. Sunantha Moomak<br />

Ms. Rucheenee Intha<br />

[Head of Thai Department]<br />

(Left to Right)<br />

Ms. Yue Gu<br />

Mr. Chaofeng Li<br />

Ms. Fan Sun<br />

Ms. Jie Jun<br />

Ms. Yang Hu<br />

[Head of Chinese Department]

ELS Teachers<br />

School Librarian<br />

(Left to Right)<br />

Ms. Girley Jon Bobo Aurelio<br />

Ms. Nareinthorn Aisoonsan<br />

Ms. Remika Gulati<br />

Ms. Teresita Aparece Anasco<br />

Ms. Oranoot Jasa<br />

Mr. Todd Martin Cikraji

SISB<br />


(Left to Right)<br />

Mr. Paloch Srivichai<br />

[General Officer and ECA Coordinator]<br />

Ms. Panitpim Sitthiphong<br />

[School Manager]<br />

Ms. Nattakan Kengdecha<br />

[Cashier]<br />

Ms. Ormpicha Manassoontornvuti<br />

[Senior Accountant]

(Left to Right)<br />

Mr. Pongstorn Inbut<br />

[Media Coordinator]<br />

Ms. Thanyarat Chalapirom<br />

[Admissions Manager]<br />

Ms. Thunvarat Kamwinit<br />

[Admissions Officer]<br />

Mr. Tanongsak Aisi<br />

[Admissions Officer]<br />

(Left to Right)<br />

Mr. Chitthiwat Chaibunrueang<br />

[Government Liaison Officer]<br />

Ms. Tusaneeya Tangchevaroj<br />

[School Director]<br />

Ms. Waraporn Khampor<br />

[Human Resources Officer]<br />

Mr. Khomchan Namthong<br />

[SMT Secretary]

(Left to Right)<br />

Mr. Thongchai Loungmali<br />

[Janitor]<br />

Mr. Piyakorn Audjai<br />

[Driver]<br />

Ms. Oi Seahung<br />

[Purchasing]<br />

Ms. Tusaneeya Tangchevaroj<br />

[School Director]<br />

Mr. Nattapol Mongkolthip<br />

[Store Keeper]<br />

Ms. Thidaporn Vannasan<br />

[School Nurse]

(Left to Right)<br />

Ms. Tusaneeya Tangchevaroj<br />

[School Director]<br />

Ms. Phornphan Yokkornlerd<br />

[Maid]<br />

Ms. Pranee Chakhue<br />

[Maid]<br />

Ms. Panjit Sanitphol<br />

[Maid]<br />

(Left to Right)<br />

Mr. Nawaphol Chomphuchan<br />

[Technician]<br />

Ms. Tusaneeya Tangchevaroj<br />

[School Director]<br />

Ms. Aemmika Kamtang<br />

[Cook Helper]<br />

Mr. Pawarut Kanyanan<br />

[IT Technician]<br />

Ms. Tanyaporn Thaiwongsir<br />

[Maid]<br />

Mr. Natthaphong Sutthiniam<br />

[Cook Helper]

sisb.ac.th<br />


498/11 Soi Ramkhamhaeng 39 (Tepleela 1), Wangtonglang, Bangkok 10310 Thailand<br />

Tel: +66 (0)2 15 8 9191 Fax: +66 (0)2 158 9192<br />

Email: enrol.pu@sisb.ac.th<br />


4/5 Moo 5, Namdaeng - Bangplee Road, Bangkaew, Bangplee, Samutprakarn 10540 Thailand<br />

Tel: +66 (0)2 710 2211 Fax: +66 (0)2 710 2156<br />

Email: enrol.sv@sisb.ac.th<br />


10 Hussadhisawee Road, Tambon Sripoom, Amphoe Muang, <strong>Chiangmai</strong> 50200 Thailand<br />

Tel: +66 (0)53 217 087<br />

Email: enrol.cm@sisb.ac.th<br />


138 Ratchamontri Road, Khlong Khwang, Phasicharoen, Bangkok 10160 Thailand<br />

Tel: +66 (0)2 153 9393 | +66 (0)81 620 6113<br />

Email: enrol.tr@sisb.ac.th

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