2021 Summer Gateway Copper Corridor

Visitors Guide, travel, entertainment, dining.

Visitors Guide, travel, entertainment, dining.


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Gateway To The



Visitors Guide For

• Safford • Clifton • San Carlos

• Globe • Miami • Superior

• Kearny • Hayden • Winkelman

• Tonto Basin • Young

• Apache Junction


2021 FREE

2 Gateway to the Copper Corridor 2021

Table of Contents

Welcome to the Summer 2021

Edition of Gateway

Safford, Clifton

Something for Everyone at Roper Lake..................4

Summer Classes and more at Clifton Art Depot.....5

Dankworth Unit fishing, wildlife and history..........7

San Carlos

Nnee Bich’o Nii Transit.......................................8, 9


Corridor names best eats on Broad St..............10-13

Summer Concerts in the Park................................15



Wings of Hope car show........................................18

Film crew in downtown Globe.........................19,20

Explore the Wild...............................................21,22

Antiquing in Globe-Miami....................................23

Old Dominion Days are returning....................24,25


Prickly Pear Festival in Superior...........................27

Superior Tour Company.........................................28

Superior Burro Run is Back...................................29


Boating, fishing and more at Roosevelt Lake........31

Gateway Staff

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at kriley@silverbelt.com

Composing Eileen Terry

Editorial Cassie Tafoya, David Sowders and

Andrea Justice

Cover photo:

Cover photo was taken by Debbie Yerkovich. It

was taken in the summer of 2019 while driving up

towards Young, Arizona.

Gateway to the Copper Corridor 2021

Arizona Silver Belt

PO Box 31

298 N. Pine St.

Copper Country News

PO Box 1692

298 N. Pine St.

Globe, AZ 85502

Debbie Yerkovich

Globe, AZ 85502






Something for everyone at Roper Lake

David Sowders/Copper Corridor

The day-use island at Roper Lake State Park

David Sowders

Staff Reporter

Roper Lake State

Park, located

south of Safford,

offers visitors a little bit

of everything.

For fishing enthusiasts,

there is an accessible fishing

dock and 32-acre Roper

Lake is stocked with largemouth

bass, bluegill and

rainbow trout. The lake is

a perfect place for a child

to catch his or her first fish.

For the camper, the park

has campgrounds with all

the requisite hook-ups and

there are also eight camping

cabins that are accessible

by car or RV. The

cabins have electricity,

air conditioning and heat.

Picnic tables and charcoal

grills are immediately outside

the cabins, while restrooms

and showers are

within walking distance.

Campsite reservations

must be made in advance.

For the boater, the park

provides ideal conditions

for a sailboard, kayak or canoe,

as boats are limited to

small electric motors. For

the bird



quail and




visits to

the park,

as do migratory


F o r


who like

Roper Lake

to run around and work

up a sweat, the park has

a day-use island with a

large chunk of flat, green

grass, perfect for throwing

around a frisbee

or for a game of touch

football. The island

also boasts a swimming

beach, picnic tables and

grills. The park also features

five miles of hiking

trails, including the 0.75-

mile Mariah Mesa loop

trail, as well as a dog run.

Finally, for the person

who likes to kick back

and take in some unique

natural scenery, Roper

Lake State Park is the

place to go. No matter

where you go in the park,

the majestic Mount Graham,

the tallest mountain in

Graham County at 10,720

feet, watches over you.

Mount Graham’s foothills

and the sometimes harsh

yet beautiful desert vegetation

also give visitors

pleasant scenery to take in.

Roper Lake will be offering

an Arizona Family

Campout weekend on Oct.

23-24, 2021. The event

is designed for families

with little or no experience

camping. Families with

children over five years old

can learn how to set up a

tent and get an introduction

to cooking outdoors, plus

take part in fun activities.

To learn more or to register

for the Family Campout

weekend, visit https://


Roper Lake State Park is

situated off US Route 191,

six miles south of Safford,

at 101 E. Roper Lake Rd.

The park is open yearround,

and quiet hours are

10 p.m. to 6 a.m. The park

closes at 10 p.m. For more

information on Roper Lake

State Park, you can call

(877) MY-PARKS or visit


David Sowders/Copper Corridor

4 Gateway to the Copper Corridor 2021

Summer classes and more at Clifton Art Depot

Art Depot is a non-profit

arts council. It is our mission

to provide arts, music

and cultural events and opportunities

to the residents

of Greenlee County. Our

goal is to foster creativity

as well as promote learning,

increase skills and stimulate

the local economy. The

Colors of Copper Art Competition

and Wine Tasting,

as well as other art competitions

and craft shows

sponsored by Art Depot, is

intended to stimulate local

economic growth, providing

our local artists a sustainable

market. Art Depot is located

in the historic Clifton

Train Station, 100 N. Coronado

Blvd. Leave a phone

message at 928-865-art1 or

check out our website, colorsofcopper.com.

It is our belief that art

is the heart of humanity.

Art promotes global understanding

and appreciation.

Exposure to art and

culture enhances our lives

and is an essential part of a

well-rounded education. Art

can be a language of understanding

bringing wonder,

expanding knowledge and

inspiring, besides helping

us to gain appreciation and

respect for others. The arts

provide a positive outlet to

express emotions and give

us a feeling of well-being

and accomplishment. Art

has always been a source of

self-expression. It is

more important than

ever that people be

given the opportunity

to express themselves.

Art Depot’s intentions

are to engage people

of all ages by inspiring

them to be creative.

Our events this summer

include music and dance

classes for all ages, put on

by Coronado Performing

Arts. The six-week classes

start the week of August 12

and include:

Preschool dance (ballet/

tap) August 12 1:30-2:30

Elementary dance (ballet/

tap) August 12 4:30-5:50

or August 13 4:40-5:30

Community choir August

12 6 p.m.

Guitar August 13 3:30-


Teen/Adult dance (ballet/

tap) August 13 5:30-6:30

Each six-week class will

be $62 to attend except for

the community choir class,

which is free. To sign up

for any of these classes, text

Pamela at 928-965-0669

or message Coronado Performing

Arts via their Facebook


Gateway to the Copper Corridor 2021


6 Gateway to the Copper Corridor 2021

Dankworth Unit features fishing, wildlife and history

Dankworth Pond

By David Sowders

Staff Reporter

The Dankworth

Unit, comprised of

160 acres of land

surrounding a 15-acre

body of water, is located

a short distance south of

Roper Lake. It provides

day-use facilities for

family outings, fishing

and nature trail hiking,

and a 95-degree natural

artesian hot spring. The

pond has catfish, bluegill,

sunfish and crappie.

The area is shaded and

restroom facilities adjoin

a parking area. It also has

picnic ramadas and a playground.

A large sign along

the water’s edge highlights

the complex aquatic ecosystem

of the pond. Coots,

migratory ducks and other

water birds are often seen

on the pond, and signs of

beaver can be found around

the water’s edge.

A network of trails provides

opportunities for

short walks and longer

hikes. Benches provide a

place to relax and listen to

the birds along the way. The

Dos Arroyos Trail starts at

the far end of the pond. Part

of this scenic ¾-mile trail

takes you along

a meandering

stream covered

with towering


seep willows and

mesquite trees.

This riparian

area is a rare and

fragile oasis in

the desert. Rabbits,

quail and

songbirds are

abundant in the


A spur off the

Dos Arroyos Trail leads uphill

to the Dankworth Village,

which features a series

of replica Native American

buildings representing various

periods in the Gila Valley’s

cultural history. A trail

through the village includes

stops to see replicas of

grinding stones, stone tools,

petroglyphs, roasting pits,

Along the shore of Dankworth Pond

David Sowders/Copper Corridor

pit houses and wickiups. A

trail brochure is visible at

the village, and an activity

guide is available to teachers

and home-school parents

from the BLM Safford

Field Office.

The Dankworth Unit has

a $10 day-use fee, which

is also valid at Roper Lake

State Park.

David Sowders/Copper Corridor

Gateway to the Copper Corridor 2021 7

8 Gateway to the Copper Corridor 2021

Gateway to the Copper Corridor 2021


Gateway names best eats on Broad St.

By Andrea Justice

Staff Reporter

Breakfast on Broad

La Luz Del Dia

La Luz Del Dia’s Dolores

Salcido has been serving

up hometown favorites

for 49 years. Dishing out

Mexican and American

classics, La Luz transports

residents to their

childhood breakfast table.

This old school diner

on Broad St. may be

small, but its homestyle

flavor makes getting up

early worth it. Famous

for a breakfast burro

made just the way you

like it, La Luz’s menu

has stayed the same for

49 years with only a few

additions. “We like to

keep it classic,” said Dolores.

La Luz Del Dia is

open from 6:30 a.m. to

Andrea Justice/Copper Corridor

Dolores Salcido and Tori Raymond

dish up some classic eats on Broad 2:30 p.m., closed Sun-

St. Continued to page 11

10 Gateway to the Copper Corridor 2021

Continued from page 10

days and Wednesdays.

Call ahead for to go orders

at 928-425-8400 or sit at the

bar and have some of their

legendary coffee while you


Brunch on Broad

Copper Hen

Just off of Broad on W.

Cedar St., the Copper Hen

is serving up breakfast and

brunch in a big way. Be

prepared for a large portion

of some timeless breakfast

dishes along with a few

rare finds like the five kinds

of homemade quiche with

fresh fruit on the side. Owner

Mike Stapleton takes

great pride in his cuisine and

his town (he’s also Globe’s

Vice Mayor). Sign up for

alerts and daily specials on

their Facebook page. Call

ahead for to go orders at

928-473-1207. The Copper

Hen is located at 157 W. Cedar

across from the Globe

Andrea Justice/Copper Corridor

Vida E Caffe owner and chef Jordan Johnson

unique outlook to Broad St.

Famous for their boba teas,

organic coffee, bakery and

daily lunch specials, Vida

adds a healthy twist to the

local scene. Downtown Vida

is open Monday through

Friday from 7 a.m. to 5 p.m.

with lunch available from

11 a.m. to 3 p.m. and open

on Saturday and Sunday

from 8 a.m. to 1 p.m.

at 6:30 a.m. and close at 4

p.m., Tuesday through Saturday.

Coffee Break

Vida E Caffe

Vida E Caffe sincerely is

life and coffee. Not only is

it a great place to grab a iced

latte, it’s a great place to

meet up with friends. Owner

and chef Jordan Johnson

is passionate about bring-

Andrea Justice/Copper Corridor

Copper Hen owner Mike

Stapleton Fire Station. Doors open ing fresh ingredients and a Continued to page 12

Gateway to the Copper Corridor 2021


Andrea Justice/

Copper Corridor

Outside La Casita

Cafe in downtown

Globe and fourth-generation

owner Annie


Continued from page 11

Lunchtime on Broad

La Casita Café

Authentic unforgettable Mexican food is available at La

Casita Café in downtown Globe. Fourth-generation owner

Annie Villalobos continues the legacy of providing amazing

Mexican food at their 72-year-old establishment on

Broad St. “We take great pride in our recipes and the legacy

of La Casita,” said Annie. Serving up the same menu

for many years, La Casita is best known for their green

chili as well as their homemade tortillas. They are open every

day of the week except Tuesday from 11 a.m. to 8 p.m.

Call ahead for orders to go, 928-425-8462. The restaurant

offers large tables for group seating.

Dinner on Broad

Bravo Americano Moderno

Unique and inspired, the wood-fired oven at Bravo on

Broad St. is always 800-900 degrees, yielding the most

delicious pizzas unlike any pies in town. Along with the

weekly specials like chicken alfredo and fresh fish and

chips, Bravo is dishing out good eats on Broad St. for lunch

and dinner. The outdoor covered patio is perfect for a night

out and the outside bar features remarkable drink specials.

Continued to page 13

12 Gateway to the Copper Corridor 2021

Continued from page 12

Andrea Justice/Copper Corridor

Chef John Wong stands in

front of Bravo’s wood-fired


Andrea Justice/Copper Corridor

Andrea Justice/Copper Corridor

Call ahead for to go orders,

928-793-3032. Visit

their website bravoonbroad.com

for a full look

at the menu. Bravo is

open Wednesday through

Saturday from 11 a.m. to

9 p.m. and Sundays from

11 a.m. to 3 p.m.

Drinks on Broad

Farley’s Pub

After a day of dining

on Broad St. the best

place to grab a drink

has to be Farley’s Pub.

This quaint Irish pub in

the middle of the desert

pours an great Moscow

Mule you can drink on

their remarkable copper-coated

bar. There are

a number of fresh brews

on tap including Four

Peaks The Joy Bus WOW

Wheat Ale, a beer benefiting

homebound cancer

patients. Visit everyone’s

favorite bartender, Alicia

Padilla, to find out

what’s new in town and

on tap. Poker is played on

Thursday nights and off

track betting takes place

on Friday, Saturday and


Andrea Justice/Copper Corridor

Bartender Alicia Padilla is ready to take your drink order at

Farley’s Pub.

Gateway to the Copper Corridor 2021


14 Gateway to the Copper Corridor 2021

Summer concerts continue in Miami, Globe

Weekly free live


continues in

July and August on Saturday


On Saturday, July 31,

be ready to dance or sing

along to favorite classics

from the 60s, 70s and 80s

live under the stars with

the Cover-Ups. Featuring

Globe-Miami native Tammi

Crum Smith with Kevin

Crum, Jeff Schmahl and

Steve Gardner, the band

will be serenading Globe’s

City Hall Park at 150 N.

Pine St.; showtime is 6:30


Bandleader Neto pledges

“We are bringing the

cumbias!” when the

popular band Neto &

Imagine returns to Miami

on Saturday, Aug. 7 for

three hours of music ranging

from pop standards and

classic rock covers to irresistible

cumbias that are

sure to move you onto the

dance floor.

Saturday’s concert and

future summer music are

free events co-sponsored by

the Globe Miami Community

Concert Association

and Miami Genesis. Bring

cash for snack bar options

including bean and also red

chile burros, nachos, soda,

candy, popcorn and cotton


Neto & Imagine have

an impressive set list - and

know so many favorites

requested by Globe-

Neto & Imagine

Miami audiences, after

decades playing local

events. Neto Vasquez

leads a band called Neto &

Imagine, a five-man dance

band that plays locally for

family, fun and fundraising.

Alongside Neto are Joe

Sanchez, Luis Rodriguez,

Manny Gonzalez and Keith


July 31 - Cover-Ups

August 7 - Neto & Imagine

August 14 - TBA

August 28 - Tumbleweeds

Gateway to the Copper Corridor 2021


Gateway to the C



Apache Junction Chamber of



(480) 982-3141

Superior Chamber of Commerce




Bullion Plaza Cultural Center and





Boyce Thompson Arboretum


(520) 689-2723

Roosevelt Lake



Globe Miami Chamber of Commerce



Besh Ba Gowah


Tonto National Monument

East Valley



Round Mountain Hiking Park




Old Dominion Park



Roosevelt Lake Visitor Center




Bullion Plaza

opper Corridor

Bruzzi Vineyard




Show Low,


Dolly Steamboat


Tortilla Flat




Apache Gold Casino




San Carlos



Apache Sky Casino




Roper Lake

San Carlos

Graham County Chamber of



(928) 428-2511







San Carlos Apache Cultural Museum


Clifton Art Depot

Fifth annual Wings of Hope Show N Shine planned

The Fifth Annual

Angel Perez

Wings of Hope

Scholarship Show N

Shine will be Saturday,

Sept. 11 in downtown


This is a family friendly

event that raises money for

a memorial scholarship in

Angel Perez’s name as well

as bringing awareness for

suicide prevention.

There will be a free concert,

raffle, vendors, car

show and more. The vendors

range from food to

arts and crafts, clothing and

more. Updated lists will be

available on Instagram @


or Facebook @

Angel Perez Wings

of Hope.

For anyone who is

traveling and would

like to stay the night,

Motel 6 in Globe is

offering a discount;

call 928-425-5741

and mention “Wings

of Hope.”

To be a sponsor,

volunteer, entry or

vendor, or to make

a donation, contact

Johnnie at 928-200-

5252 or Monica at


18 Gateway to the Copper Corridor 2021

Globe Downtown


welcomes film crews

By Andrea Justice

Staff Reporter

Outside Globe’s 1910 Gila County Territorial

Jail, Globe Downtown Association’s champion

Molly Cornwell hangs a sign asking

for quiet while filming takes place on a sci-fi action

film called “Alien Sniperist.” “Just another day in

the office,” said Cornwell.

Over the last few years, Cornwell’s reputation has

Continued to page 20

Courtesy photo

These young extras were excited to play a part in the

movie Find Yourself a Pretty Penny. Cast and crew were

in town in early July asking for locals to participate. Filming

took place at the 1916 Train Depot in Globe. Back row

(l-r) Addy Dale and Draydin Sullivan. Front row (l-r) Liam

Lingen and Breelyn Dale.

Gateway to the Copper Corridor 2021


Continued from page 19

grown. She is considered

one of the most receptive

and easy to work with location

managers in the state.

“We do a good job, and

clients refer us to more clients,”

said Cornwell. “The

majority of films that have

come to the area are referred

from previous production


Providing willing partners

for locations, props,

film services, extra actors for

background work, costuming

and catering services,

Cornwell delivers a complete

package. She is also a

wealth of information when

it comes to the area’s history

and hauntings. Not only is

Cornwell bringing in crews

for music videos, feature

films, Ghost Adventures,

and working TV shows, she

is directing actors and cast

to stay in area hotels, bed

and breakfasts, and telling

them what restaurants to

stop at and what recreational

sites to see.

“Whether they are just

starting out or have a huge

following we treat them like

the Rolling Stones,” said


Due to the growing need,

Cornwell has put together

a Facebook page that highlights

the area’s film location

sites. The introduction states

that Globe-Miami is “just

what you have been waiting

for! Authentic locations

abound in this perfectly situated

region of Arizona. Desert

and cactus to mountains,

flowing water, trees and four

Andrea Justice/Copper Corridor

Globe Downtown Association’s Molly Cornwell hangs a “Quiet Zone” sign outside of the

1910 Globe Territorial Jail during a filming that took place last January.


New films Globe Downtown

Association worked on that

are coming out this Summer/Fall:

Skin Walker (Western Film)

The New Frontier

The Woman Who Robbed a


Pleasant Valley Wars

Strange Places (TV)


Alien Sniperist

seasons. Our historic buildings

and downtown streetscapes

are translatable to any

decade, and we have access

to vehicles and large scale

props to prove it.”

Those interested in filming

in the Globe-Miami area

can visit the Globe Downtown

Association Facebook

page and book a tour with

Cornwell. “I feel like I’m

just the connector between

directors and Globe,” said

Cornwell. “It’s a nice idea

to think one of these films

could someday draw more

tourism to our small town.”

Patsy Lee and the Keepers

of the 5 Kingdoms

Silent Hill: Restless Dreams

TacGas Gaming Shoot

TacGas Military Training


TacGas Weapons/Ammo


National Product Commercial


AZ based Clothing Line


Navarette Infomercial/Lecture

Dark Selfies (TV Series


The Date (Contest Spec)

Music Videos Galore

YouTube Episodes Galore


Strange Places (TV)

Find Yourself a Pretty




The Vortex

Saints Among the Dead

More Music Videos

More YouTube Episodes

20 Gateway to the Copper Corridor 2021

‘Explore The Wild’: Your GATEWAY

Online is discovergilacounty.com

Gateway magazine

is your quarterly

update and invite

to visit Gila County

and explore scenic spots

along the Copper Corridor.

For the most up-to-date,

thorough and comprehensive

intel about where to

stay and what to do while

you’re here, bookmark discovergilacounty.com

as a

browser favorite, and connect

on the award-winning

website’s companion Facebook

and Instagram pages

to see enticing photos of

cobalt-blue lakes, tree-lined

hiking paths – and where to

find local, family-owned

restaurants for a unique

taste of this region.

Launched by Gila County’s

Board of Supervisors

two years ago, the stylish

website’s a thorough portal

to outdoor adventure

ranging from the tall, cool

pines of the Rim Country

towns of Payson and Star

Valley down through our

Copper Corridor heritage

here in Globe and Miami

– including travel and tourism

information about all

three Apache Nations: San

Carlos, Tonto and White

Mountain. Wilderness areas,

hiking trails, singular

local restaurants -- and the

area’s most comprehensive

event calendar, too.

Centrally-located Gila

County is truly the heart

of Arizona, with 53,500

residents and 4,796 square

miles of desert, canyonlands

and lakes. Bookmark

discovergilacounty.com as

a browser favorite; you’ll

find planned itineraries for

three-day-weekend trips

that hit the highlights for

shopping, relaxed hikes,

Native American culture

and history, and outdoor

adventure. Gila County

has seven wilderness areas:

Hell’s Gate and the Mazatzal

canyons and forests offer

scenery that’s approachable

yet remote enough for

peace, quiet and solitude.

Arizona’s majestic saguaro

cacti? See and photograph

these desert icons at

our lowest elevations. Gila

County includes Sonoran

Desert at 2,000 feet above

sea level, proceeding up

to stately ponderosa pine

forest (the largest stand

of ponderosa pines on the

planet!). Gila County lures

outdoor enthusiasts choosing

a place to live, work

and enjoy the best mix of

Arizona’s desert, mountains

and lakes.

Where to Stay?


lists our biggest hotels, of

course – but gives equal

space to bed-and-breakfast

lodging in Pine-Strawberry,

Payson, Globe and Young.

Where to eat while you’re

here? Restaurants are all

listed, too; from family-owned

Mexican restaurants

of Globe-Miami to

unique eateries in Hayden

and Star Valley, a popular

brewery in Pine, and vineyard-wineries

in Young and


Continued to page 22

Gateway to the Copper Corridor 2021


Continued from page 21

Looking for a half-day

hike, or a two-three-day

backpacking adventure?

Explore the Mogollon

Rim - a topographic and

geological wonder that

extends about 200 miles

across central Arizona. It

forms the southern edge of

the Colorado Plateau - providing

outdoor adventure

to campers, hikers, mountain

bikers, photographers,

bird-watchers and hunters;

discovergilacounty.com is

your guide to hiking trails,

and nearby lodging.

Don’t miss Tonto Natural

Bridge, between the

towns of Payson and Pine,

which became an Arizona

State Park in 1990; now

thousands of visitors marvel

each year at the largest

travertine bridge in the

world and the beauty of

Pine Creek Canyon.

The high desert community

of Pleasant Valley

is a serene scene of peace

and quiet today – but in the

1880s it was the origin of

a range war that’s among

the most famous (and deadly)

feuds in American history.

The Pleasant Valley

War, also called the Tonto

Basin Feud or the Tonto

Basin War, matched the

cattle-herding Grahams

against the sheep-herding


Copper’s luster still

shines in Gila County - an

industry employing 3,000

people. Mineral deposits

brought miners back in

1874 when silver was discovered

in Globe – eclipsed

within a decade by our vast

deposits of copper. Dig into

online databases listing Arizona

mines and you’ll find

an impressive 641 mines

across Gila County, from A

to Z - that is, from the Abbie

& Ross Mine (copper, gold,

lead, silver) to the Zulu

Mine near Rye. 641 mines!

And 30 ranches continue to

manage some 15,000 cattle

spread out across Gila

County rangeland.

City of Globe

Globe is currently the

Gila County seat; it boasts

a history laced with Wild

West events from murders

and stagecoach robberies

to outlaws, hangings

and Apache raids. Local

historians guide seasonal

walking tours that narrate

the connection to famous

residents and itinerants

from Ike Clanton (one of

the gunfighters from the

OK Corral) to Geronimo,

the Apache Kid, Big-Nose

Kate and more.

Globe is about 87 miles

east of Phoenix and at the

crossroads of highways 60,

70 and 77.

Payson is a scenic and

convenient 90-minute drive

from Phoenix on the recently-expanded


‘Beeline Highway.’ Read

more at discovergilacounty.com,

or see daily photos

and join an online community

of thousands who love

Gila County at facebook.


Online is discovergilacounty.com

22 Gateway to the Copper Corridor 2021

It’s amazing what you’ll

find inside each one

of these shops located

throughout the Globe-Miami


The Globe Antique Mall,

171 W. Mesquite St. in

Globe, is open Wednesday

through Sunday from 10

a.m. to 4 p.m. Their phone

number is 928-425-2243.

Turn the Page Vintage

and Western Apparel, 101

N. Broad St. in Globe, is

open Wednesday through

Saturday from 10:30 a.m.

to 5 p.m. They are closed

Sunday, Monday and Tuesday.

Their phone number is


Hill Street Mall, 393 S.

Hill St. in Globe, is open

Thursday through Monday

from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. They

are closed Tuesday and

Wednesday. Their phone

number is 928 425-0022.

The Pickle Barrel, 404 S.

Broad St. in Globe, is open

Thursday through Monday

from 10 a.m. to 5:45 p.m.,

Antiquing in Globe-Miami

and Sunday from 11 a.m. to

5 p.m. Their phone number

is 928-425-9282, and their

website is www.picklebarreltradingpost.com.

Yesterday’s Treasures,

209 W. Hackney Ave. in

Globe, is open Monday

through Saturday from 9

a.m. to 5 p.m., and closed

Sunday. Their phone number

is 928-425-7016.

Grandma’s House of Antiques

and Treasures, 123

N. Miami Ave. in Miami,

is open Thursday through

Monday from 10 a.m. to 5

p.m. Their phone number is


Miami Rose Trading

Post, 401 W. Sullivan St.

in Miami, is open Saturday

and Sunday from 10 a.m. to

5 p.m. Their phone number

is 928-473-2949.

Sullivan Street Antiques,

407 W. Sullivan St. in Miami,

is open from 9 a.m. to

4 p.m. Saturday and Sunday.

Cowgirl Antiques, 416

Sullivan St. in Miami, can

be accessed through the entrance

located at the Wild

Horses Saloon.

Donna by Design, 501

Sullivan St. in Miami, is

open Thursday through

Saturday from 10 a.m. to

5 p.m., and Sunday from

noon to 4 p.m. They are

closed Monday through


Soda Pop’s Antiques,

503 Sullivan St. in Miami,

is open most Saturdays

or by appointment. Their

phone number is 480-980-

6804 or 480-695-2251.

Inspired by Time, 320

W. Live Oak. in Miami,

is open Thursday through

Sunday from 10 a.m. to 5

p.m. Their phone number is

928-812-1270, and they are

on Facebook at facebook.


Lemonade’s Antiques,

413 W. Gibson St. in Miami,

is open on weekends

only from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m.

Their phone number is 480-


Cobre Valley Center for

the Arts, 101 N. Broad St.

in Globe, is open Wednesday

through Saturday from

9 a.m. to 3 p.m. Their phone

number is 928-425-0884.

Miami Art Works, 509

Sullivan St. in Miami, is

open Friday through Sunday

from 11 a.m. to 5 p.m.

Their phone number is 602-


Jim Coates Studio Café

and Gallery, 422 Sullivan

St. in Miami, is open Saturday

7 a.m. to 5 p.m. and

Sunday from 9 a.m. to 4

p.m. Their phone number is


Splash of Copper Art

Gallery and Gifts, 656 N.

Broad St. in Globe, is open

Tuesday through Saturday

from 9 a.m. to 5:30 p.m.

Their phone number is 623-


Gateway to the Copper Corridor 2021


Photo Courtesy of the Gila County Historical Museum

Old Dominion Days are returning

The Gila County Historical

Museum is preparing

for the 2021 Old Dominion

Days, Sept. 9, 10, 11, 2021.

This will be the fourth annual

Old Dominion Days

offering residents and visitors

the opportunity to “experience

Arizona’s Golden

Age.” Keep your eyes out

for more information in the

coming weeks.

24 Gateway to the Copper Corridor 2021

Copper is King

Old Dominion Copper Company

reigned supreme in early days of


By Andrea Justice

Staff Reporter

“It was the promise

of gold that first

brought prospectors

to the Globe District, the

discovery of silver that

opened the District, but

the metal that sustained

it was copper.” – Robert

Bigando, “Globe, Arizona,

The Life and Times of

a Western Mining Town.”

Globe entered the pages of

history in 1870 when prospectors

were chased away

from silver claims by Pinal

Apaches. Journeying to Tucson,

the prospectors enlisted

the aid of Territorial Gov.

A.P.K. Safford. Two years

later Safford led an expedition

to Apacheland and drove

back the renegades, thus

clearing the way for establishment

of the silver camp at


The Globe camp derived

its name from a globe-shaped

boulder of almost pure silver

weighing 70 pounds and having

on its surface scars that

resembled the earth’s continents.

News of the nugget’s

find by a prospector spread

throughout the Southwest,

and an influx of miners soon

opened silverbearing claims.

By 1875, men and their

families had drifted into the

frontier camp in search of

silver. But silver wasn’t the

only metal found in the hills

of Globe. Early miners would

often come across copper ore

but because silver brought in

a better price and was easier

to mine copper was often ignored.

It was 1878 when the first

copper mine in the Globe district

was established in Big

Johnny Gulch. According to

a 1998 document by Wilbur

Haak, “M.H. Simpson incorporated

the Old Dominion

Mining Company of Baltimore.

Within a few months,

the company installed a pair

of 30-ton water jacket fur-

naces to smelt the ore from

the near-by claims.” These

operations only lasted a few

months due to excessive

transportation costs and the

yield of copper being below


At the same time the Globe

Copper Company began to

mine copper ore and smelted

it in a furnace at Alice Gulch.

The Old Dominion Copper

Company, having failed

at the Bloody Tanks, purchased

the Globe holdings

and moved their two furnaces

from Bloody Tanks to the

Globe site. Now with three

furnaces available, smelter

workers began processing

ore at a steady rate.

The combined Old Dominion

and Old Globe Company

were then re-incorporated

as the Old Dominion

Copper Mining Company.

“For the next 50 years

the Old Dominion was the

barometer of Globe’s economy

and well-being,” Wilbur

Haak wrote.

Mining properties meant a

great deal to companies like

Phelps Dodge.

In 1892, PD purchased

the United Globe Mines and

several claims in the Miami

district. (Six furnaces were in

operation in Globe in 1886.)

Eleven years after it first

entered that area, Phelps

Dodge gained control of the

Old Dominion, a mine that

produced 800 million pounds

of copper from the time it

was opened in 1881 until

underground water flooded

its shafts in the early 1930s.

Oldtimers say thousands of

tons of valuable ore still remain

along its water-soaked


Gateway to the Copper Corridor 2021


26 Gateway to the Copper Corridor 2021

Prickly Pear Festival returns to Superior

This year’s Prickly Pear Festival will be Saturday, August

14 from 7 a.m. - 7 p.m.

Start off from 7 a.m. - 8 a.m. with foraging prickly pears at the

Superior Municipal Airstrip, located on U.S. 60 and Apache Tear Road,

followed by a pancake breakfast at the Silver King Smokehouse on Main

Street from 7 a.m. to 10 a.m.

Those attending the hike should wear long pants and sleeves along

with sturdy shoes. To pick the prickly pear fruit, you will need tongs and

a bucket or container to hold your fruit. From 9 a.m. - 5 p.m. there will be

guest speakers, vendors, art gallery, and live entertainment by local musicians

including Johnny and the ShoWalkers in the Cactus Lounge beer

garden, all indoors at town hall, 199 N. Lobb Ave.

Food trucks will also be on hand in the parking lot and most local

restaurants will be serving a prickly pear or desert edible on their menu.

For more information please text (520) 827-0692.

Gateway to the Copper Corridor 2021


Superior Tour Company in Superior, Arizona

The Superior Tour

Company in Superior,


provides Jeep tours and other

adventures with experienced

guides in a Wrangler

Unlimited by reservation.

Why Visit?

Superior, located in the

middle of Arizona’s Copper

Corridor, is the next

“biggest” small town – rich

in mining history, great

flora and fauna and awesome

in current offerings!

Come visit and learn about

who we are and where we

are going as a community.

Superior’s history dates

back to the mid-1800s with

its roots in silver then copper

and it is now a great location

to visit.


Superior is only a short

drive from the Mesa/Phoenix

area with plenty of reasons

to come visit - great

dining options, tours, shopping,

antiquing, spa experience,

wine tasting, weekend

stays, year-round events, a

plethora of outdoor activities

and so much more!

Coming Soon

Superior Tour Company

will soon be offering a very

unique and extraordinary

experience; a 1973 M561

“Gama Goat.” The Gama

Goat is a six-wheel drive,

semi-amphibious, off-road

vehicle originally developed

for use by the US military

during the Vietnam


There are a variety of Off

Road tours offered:

Most Popular - Starting

with a brief Superior town

tour, then a scenic and history-filled

drive to Historic

Town and Mine site of

Silver King, Historic Pinal

Cemetery (to visit Mattie

Earp), Historic site of Pinal

City Arizona / Silver King

Mill and the famous Wagon


Silver King Mine - A

mild and scenic off-road

drive on Forest Service

roads into the Historic Silver

King Mine to learn

about the history of the area

from the late 1800s.

Wagon Tacks tour

Picket Post - A rugged

and scenic off-road drive

on Forest Service roads

towards the Picket Post


Oak Flat - A semi-rugged

and scenic off-road drive on

Forest Service roads close

to the Oak Flat area. This

scenic tour provides great

photo opportunities for flora,

fauna and fabulous rock


Mattie’s - A mild off-road

drive to the Historic Pinal

Cemetery for those who

want to do a quick visit to

the Historic Pinal Cemetery

to visit Celia Blaylock

a.k.a. Mattie Earp and learn

some history through this

scenic route.

Wagon Tracks - A

semi-rugged off-road drive

to the famous Wagon Tracks

while driving through the

historic and scenic townsite

of Pinal City, Arizona.

In-Town - An informative

in-town tour covering

many topics: Current and

past mining operations, real

estate, history, local favorites,

hidden gems and other


More packages and rates

can be found online at superiortourcompany.com


by calling (480) 892-5505.

28 Gateway to the Copper Corridor 2021

Superior Burro Run is back

Arizona’s Superior

Burro Run is


Grab your BBF (Best

Burro Friend) and join us

for a beautiful course at the

foot of the picturesque Superstition


This year’s burro run will

be on Saturday, Oct. 23,


Teams can register for 3,

6, or 12 miles, beginning and

ending down Main Street in

Superior, where crowds of

welcoming locals will cheer

you on as you cross the finish

line. Once your burro

is tucked back in at the always-accommodating


8 Ranch, you can stroll the

streets of Historic Superior

and take in all of the fun,

food and local flavor of the

Apache Leap Mining Festival.

The 3- and 6-mile courses

are packs optional with

awards given to the top three

finishers in each distance.

The 12-mile course is

Western Pack Burro AS-

Sociation compliant, with

prizes going to the top three

finishers with packs.

Additional prizes and

awards will be announced

as the event approaches.

All finishers will receive

a finisher medal and shirt.

Runners must provide or

arrange for their own burro/

donkey. Burros will not be

provided. Race rules and

more details can be found at



A few tips:

Burro Camp Games: new

handlers or runners with

borrowed/rented burros are

encouraged to participate to

help bond with your burro


Burro Handling/Safety

101: borrow/rental burro

runners need only attend

once, at the time of their


Pre-Race Meeting: per

Resolution Mining, the prerace

meeting is mandatory.

Runners will not be allowed

on course if they do not attend.

No exceptions. Numbers/bibs

will be distributed

upon completion of the


Parade: handlers of all

ages are welcome to participate,

but children under 14

years old must be accompanied

by an adult.

Gateway to the Copper Corridor 2021


30 Gateway to the Copper Corridor 2021

Boating, fishing and more at Roosevelt Lake

By David Sowders

Staff Reporter

Thirty miles northwest of

Globe lies one of Arizona’s

best recreational and sightseeing

areas, Roosevelt Lake, located

in the Tonto National Forest

and surrounded by beautiful mountain

ranges with majestic views.

Created by Theodore Roosevelt

Dam, the lake offers one of the state’s

best fisheries due to its easy access

and abundance of largemouth and

smallmouth bass, channel and flathead

catfish, crappie, bluegill and

carp. In addition to the location, easily

reached from Globe, Payson and

Phoenix, conditions are excellent for

year-round fishing.

During the summer heat many outdoor

enthusiasts can be found on Roosevelt

Lake, Arizona’s largest lake

- enjoying water skiing, jet skiing,

tubing and kayaking. You can bring

your own boat or rent one from the

Roosevelt Lake Marina, which has a

convenient store, restaurant with outdoor

seating and RV park if you’d like

to stay a while. If you’d like to set up

camp right on the water, the Marina’s

campsite has plenty of

room for tents, campers

or RVs right on the


There are also many

campgrounds and day

picnic areas along the

lake. The campgrounds

have shaded ramadas

and restrooms; some

even have showers.

If you prefer a room

or cabin you can shack

up at Roosevelt Resort

Park. The park offers

various dog-friendly

as well as pet-free

lodging options. Choose from motel

rooms, cabins and a 3B/2B home. For

those who own a recreational vehicle

or fifth wheel, consider their full

hookup RV sites for your long-term

stay. The park also offers a menu of

American comfort food, from breakfast

to dinner, at its restaurant and bar.

For more information, visit www.rooseveltresortpark.com.

A short drive from the lake takes

you to Roosevelt Dam, where lookout

points offer panoramic views of

the water and the Roosevelt Bridge.

Just west of the

bridge, along the

shore of the lake,

visitors interested

David Sowders/Copper Corridor

Boat rides are just one of the fun activities at Roosevelt


in Old West history can stop and see

a monument to famous Army scout Al


The Roosevelt Lake area attracts

thousands of visitors each year due to

the vast variety of water-related recreational

activities, outdoor, historical

and sightseeing opportunities, all with

easy access to Globe, Phoenix and

Payson. If you’re looking for a oneday

trip, Roosevelt Lake is a “must

see” in Gila County.

For more information about the

lake, contact the Tonto Basin Ranger

District at (602) 225-5395; information

on Roosevelt Lake Marina can be

found at www.rlmaz.com.

David Sowders/Copper Corridor

Along the shores of Roosevelt Lake, a spot of blue water in

the desert

31 Gateway to the Copper Corridor 2021

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