Tippie Magazine (Winter 2022) - Tippie College of Business

Tippie Magazine, a semiannual publication for alumni and friends of the Tippie College of Business, includes feature stories, alumni updates, and the latest news from the college.

Tippie Magazine, a semiannual publication for alumni and friends of the Tippie College of Business, includes feature stories, alumni updates, and the latest news from the college.


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$2.75M<br />



TIPPIE<br />

WINTER <strong>2022</strong><br />

magazine<br />

HANDS-ON<br />



1996<br />

est.<br />





E V E R Y<br />

CAREER<br />

PATH<br />



Celebrates a Quarter Century <strong>of</strong> Innovation<br />


REVIVE<br />

THE<br />


SPIRIT<br />

LEARN<br />

to<br />

LEAD<br />



FULL<br />




SCHOOL<br />

L E A D E R<br />





LAUNCH<br />

&<br />

GROW<br />





As 2021 draws to a close, we prepare to flip the<br />

calendar and begin a fresh start. Yet, so many <strong>of</strong> the<br />

strains <strong>of</strong> these last two years continue to affect our<br />

lives. At <strong>Tippie</strong>, we’ve hustled and innovated and dug<br />

deeper than ever before. You have too.<br />

Where does the strength to do more during times <strong>of</strong> exhaustion come from?<br />

In August, I decided to explore this question with a personal experiment. Despite<br />

the fact I’d never run more than a mile, I signed up for a half marathon in February. I<br />

didn’t do it because I suddenly loved running (I’ve never done it!) or was getting any<br />

younger. I did it to see if I could.<br />

I still don’t know whether I’ll complete the upcoming race. But I’ve learned<br />

so much along the journey. First, having a north star goal provides clarity and<br />

motivation, which is necessary when fatigue sets in. Second, you don’t have<br />

to do anything alone. Seeking help, learning from others, and letting them cheer<br />

you on gives you capacity to persevere. Third, restoration matters. Whether it is<br />

getting the right amount <strong>of</strong> sleep or pausing for an injury—you can’t accomplish a<br />

difficult goal by running non-stop.<br />

As I’ve slowly built up my mileage, I’ve reflected on the journey <strong>of</strong> the <strong>Tippie</strong><br />

community. In 1921, the business school separated from the <strong>College</strong> <strong>of</strong> Liberal Arts<br />

& Sciences to become the <strong>College</strong> <strong>of</strong> Commerce. Much <strong>of</strong> the college’s innovation<br />

over the past 100 years is directly due to the support and guidance <strong>of</strong> our alumni.<br />

The innovation in our MBA program, the establishment <strong>of</strong> the John Pappajohn<br />

Entrepreneurial Center, and our nationally recognized writing and communication<br />

curriculum all are directly tied to alumni support.<br />

Thank you.<br />

I hope you find plenty to be proud <strong>of</strong> in these pages and that this is a season <strong>of</strong><br />

restoration for you and yours.<br />

Warmly,<br />

Amy Krist<strong>of</strong>-Brown<br />

Henry B. <strong>Tippie</strong> Dean


LEGACY<br />

4<br />

6<br />

12 24<br />



4<br />

The Evolution <strong>of</strong> the Iowa MBA<br />

Trending in transformation:<br />

<strong>Tippie</strong> modernizes the Iowa MBA.<br />

2<br />

THE 319<br />

Fresh leadership, rankings, and introducing<br />

the Duke Slater Field at Kinnick Stadium.<br />

6<br />

Hawkeye Legacy<br />

Celebrating a century <strong>of</strong> innovation including:<br />

• Iowa’s first female CPA<br />

• Launch <strong>of</strong> CAMBUS<br />

• Iowa Electronic Markets<br />

• Accounting Writing Program<br />

• UPS George D. Smith Prize<br />

10<br />

18<br />


Where’s My Stuff?<br />

Everything is on backorder.<br />

<strong>Tippie</strong>’s supply chain expert explains why.<br />


Hawkeye Pride<br />

In Memoriam<br />

12<br />


25 for 25<br />

The John Pappajohn Entrepreneurial Center<br />

celebrates a quarter century <strong>of</strong> innovation.<br />

24<br />

HOW TO...GAME<br />

As chief marketing <strong>of</strong>ficer, Dustin Godsey (BBA02)<br />

had a front-row seat to the Milwaukee Bucks’ 2021<br />

NBA championship.<br />

CONNECT WITH US @<strong>Tippie</strong>Iowa <strong>Tippie</strong>Iowa <strong>Tippie</strong> <strong>College</strong> <strong>of</strong> <strong>Business</strong> @<strong>Tippie</strong><strong>College</strong><br />

ON THE COVER Design by Melissa Weber.

the<br />

319<br />

DYK?<br />

#24<br />

319 has been<br />

the Iowa City<br />

area code<br />

since 1947<br />



(U.S. News & World Report, <strong>2022</strong>)<br />

#1<br />


Writing in<br />

the Disciplines<br />

(U.S. News & World Report, <strong>2022</strong>)<br />

With its strategic focus on graduating<br />

strong business communicators, <strong>Tippie</strong> is a<br />

significant part <strong>of</strong> the university ecosystem<br />

that earned this recognition, which includes<br />

the Judith R. Frank <strong>Business</strong> Communication<br />

Center and the Accounting Writing Program.<br />

For the second year in a row, this U.S. News<br />

ranking recognizes universities for “making<br />

the writing process a priority at all levels <strong>of</strong><br />

instruction and across the curriculum.”<br />


Barbara J. Wilson, former executive vice president<br />

and vice president for academic affairs for the<br />

University <strong>of</strong> Illinois System, became the 22nd<br />

president <strong>of</strong> the University <strong>of</strong> Iowa on July 15, 2021.<br />

11<br />


National ranking for the relevance<br />

<strong>of</strong> its accounting research<br />

(American Accounting Association’s Accounting Horizons, 2021)<br />



The University <strong>of</strong> Iowa Department <strong>of</strong> Athletics<br />

announced the naming <strong>of</strong> Duke Slater Field<br />

at Kinnick Stadium. Slater, a 6-foot-2,<br />

210-pound tackle for the Hawkeyes from<br />

1918 to 1921, was the first Black studentathlete<br />

in school history to earn All-American<br />

honors. Slater had a prolific career as a<br />

student-athlete at Iowa, was a player in the<br />

NFL, and later became a lawyer and judge.<br />

2 TIPPIE MAGAZINE WINTER <strong>2022</strong>



David J. Cooper is the new departmental executive <strong>of</strong>ficer for<br />

the Department <strong>of</strong> Economics. As an experimental economist,<br />

Cooper says he was attracted to the storied department, in part<br />

for in role its pioneering the Iowa Electronic Markets,<br />

the world’s first prediction market.<br />

#16<br />

BEST<br />




(U.S. News & World Report, <strong>2022</strong>)<br />

New Leadership in<br />

the Undergraduate<br />

Program Office<br />

Charles Wayne Keene became the<br />

new associate dean for the Undergraduate<br />

Program in July 2021. Keene stepped<br />

into the role that was held by Ken Brown<br />

since 2014. Brown, who holds the <strong>Tippie</strong><br />

Children Pr<strong>of</strong>essorship, returned to his faculty<br />

position in the Department <strong>of</strong> Management<br />

and Entrepreneurship.<br />



Dan Collins (BBA68/PhD73), a force in the University <strong>of</strong> Iowa Department <strong>of</strong><br />

Accounting for more than four decades, is retiring at the end <strong>of</strong> the 2021-22<br />

academic year. Kay Rath Hegarty (BBA80) and her husband, John Hegarty Jr.<br />

(BA79), are honoring Collins through the creation <strong>of</strong> the Kay and John Hegarty<br />

Accounting Faculty Excellence Fund, which provides funding to faculty for their<br />

most pressing needs. Collins was also honored with the 2021 Hancher-Finkbine<br />

Faculty Medallion. The award, the most prestigious at the University <strong>of</strong> Iowa,<br />

recognizes individuals <strong>of</strong> extraordinary ability and potential.<br />


college<br />


Iowa MBA<br />

“Online classes provide great<br />

flexibility for working pr<strong>of</strong>essionals<br />

with families. Being able to have<br />

that flex-casual is just priceless.”<br />

—TESSA SUTTON (MBA19),<br />

manager <strong>of</strong> finance business partnering at Pearson<br />

4 TIPPIE MAGAZINE WINTER <strong>2022</strong>



Epic journeys <strong>of</strong>ten start with major disruptions.<br />

The first MBA program, launched in 1908, was sparked<br />

by the Industrial Revolution.<br />

In the wake <strong>of</strong> World War II, the Ford Foundation believed business school curriculum<br />

was not academic enough and so made a massive investment in business schools across<br />

the country. This spurred the launch <strong>of</strong> the MBA at the University <strong>of</strong> Iowa in 1961.<br />

Working pr<strong>of</strong>essionals also wanted to earn an MBA, and the college responded with its first <strong>of</strong>fcampus<br />

MBA <strong>of</strong>fering in 1966 and the Executive MBA Program in 1977. Technology advances<br />

brought the first Iowa MBA classes online in 2003. As student demand changed, the college<br />

phased out the Full-time MBA Program in 2017 to provide different graduate-level degree options.<br />

Over the past four years, the Iowa MBA has continued to evolve with the launch <strong>of</strong> the Online<br />

MBA. The college added specialized master’s programs in business analytics and finance<br />

and revamped the Executive MBA Program. And then, the COVID-19 pandemic forced<br />

more Iowa MBA classes online. After experiencing the high quality <strong>of</strong> online classes, many<br />

working pr<strong>of</strong>essional students determined that they could learn the same content while<br />

enjoying the flexibility that online classes provide.<br />

So once again, the college listened to its customers and merged the part-time Pr<strong>of</strong>essional MBA<br />

and Online MBA programs into one Iowa MBA in August 2021. The merger provides students<br />

with the ability to take classes online and/or in person at multiple locations around the state <strong>of</strong><br />

Iowa and have them count equally toward completion <strong>of</strong> the degree. They keep the same advisor<br />

and can decided on a course-by-course basis how they want to learn specific content.<br />

“Students spoke and we listened,” says Dean Amy Krist<strong>of</strong>-Brown. “The demand for lifelong<br />

learning continues to grow, and we’ll find ways to meet that demand that fit with the<br />

lifestyles <strong>of</strong> our students.”<br />

While ever evolving to meet customer needs, the college’s commitment to its core values have<br />

never wavered, says Krist<strong>of</strong>-Brown. “We are giving our students an exceptional, transformational<br />

experience. We are delivering graduate education that is the growth engine for our state, our nation,<br />

and our world. And we’re making good on that promise at any stage <strong>of</strong> our students’ careers.” •<br />

DYK?<br />

The Iowa MBA was the 65th MBA program established in the United States.<br />


college<br />


As we celebrate the 175th year <strong>of</strong> the University <strong>of</strong> Iowa,<br />

we are reflecting on: what connects us as Hawkeyes and<br />

what is our collective legacy?<br />

Over the decades, themes emerge.<br />

Excellence, family, inclusivity, and technology are almost<br />

universal experiences for the college’s vast alumni network.<br />

We are also proud to say innovation has always been part<br />

<strong>of</strong> our story. The college and its alumni have long been at<br />

the cutting edge, pushing boundaries and setting examples<br />

across campus and the world.<br />

Travel the timeline to explore some <strong>of</strong> the history <strong>of</strong><br />

the university, the college, and the alumni who have<br />

contributed to the Hawkeye legacy through the years.<br />

1850<br />

1900<br />

1900<br />

The first PhD awarded<br />

at the UI was in economics.<br />


1847<br />

University <strong>of</strong> Iowa established,<br />

accepting qualified students<br />

regardless <strong>of</strong> race or sex from<br />

day one.<br />


LEGACY<br />


1847<br />

1858<br />

1900<br />

First business class <strong>of</strong>fered:<br />

political economy, an early<br />

form <strong>of</strong> macroeconomics<br />

6 TIPPIE MAGAZINE WINTER <strong>2022</strong>

1940<br />

1920<br />

1927<br />

Mary Murphy (BSC27), Iowa’s<br />

first female CPA, graduates<br />

from the department.<br />

Read more about Murphy’s<br />

incredible career.<br />

1949<br />

Mary Thomas<br />

Prappas (BSC49) was<br />

encouraged by her<br />

parents to get a college<br />

education in an era when<br />

few women did so. There<br />

were 35 other women<br />

who earned a business<br />

degree in 1949.<br />

1950<br />

1960<br />

1964<br />

The college’s data<br />

processing department<br />

was equipped with the<br />

finest in IBM machinery.<br />

1923<br />

1960s<br />

<strong>College</strong> receives<br />

AACSB accreditation.<br />

“My hut was anchored to the<br />

ground with about four stakes and<br />

that was it, so that didn’t work very<br />

well. It was a rocky start, but it<br />

all worked out okay in the end.”<br />

—KEITH COOK (BSC49),<br />


1945<br />

After WWII, the G.I. Bill brought<br />

many veterans to campus.<br />

UI <strong>of</strong>fered veteran housing in<br />

trailers, barracks, or Quonset<br />

huts for $25-$48 per month<br />

(utilities included.)<br />

Jerre Stead (BBA65)<br />

and his high school<br />

sweetheart, Mary Joy,<br />

gave up college <strong>of</strong>fers<br />

at Dartmouth and<br />

Northwestern so they<br />

could be together at<br />

Iowa. They married and<br />

had two children while<br />

still in college.<br />

Editor’s Note: Our<br />

100-year-old college<br />

has a wealth <strong>of</strong> points<br />

<strong>of</strong> excellence, innovation,<br />

and heartwarming and<br />

sidesplitting Hawkeye<br />

memories. A tiny fraction<br />

is represented on these<br />

pages. To read more<br />

about the storied legacy<br />

<strong>of</strong> our college, visit<br />

tippie.uiowa.edu/175.<br />

1921<br />

1923<br />

Elevation to college<br />

status. Chester A.<br />

Phillips is named the<br />

college’s first dean<br />

1927<br />

“We were happy as could be.”<br />

— JERRE STEAD,<br />


1961<br />

1964<br />

Full-time MBA<br />

Program established<br />

Read more about the evolution<br />

<strong>of</strong> the Iowa MBA on page 4.<br />


1972<br />

Doug Couto<br />

(BBA72) was a <strong>Tippie</strong><br />

student when the<br />

Slater/Rienow dorms<br />

opened. He and a<br />

couple <strong>of</strong> friends<br />

convinced the<br />

Associated Residence<br />

Halls student<br />

organization to rent<br />

a bus to get students<br />

from the west side to<br />

main campus. The<br />

service grew into<br />

what is now CAMBUS.<br />

1980<br />

1982<br />

1986<br />

At her first accounting job out<br />

<strong>of</strong> college, Maria Rydberg Turner<br />

(BBA86) remembers having to<br />

work with 14-column work papers,<br />

an HP-12C calculator, and a pencil.<br />

Kevin Krause (BBA82/JD85) was<br />

Herky at the 1982 Rose Bowl when<br />

he was sacked by a Washington<br />

Husky lineman, a scene that played<br />

out (and got replayed multiple<br />

times) on national TV.<br />

“Boom. He ran me right over. I was parallel, my feet<br />

<strong>of</strong>f the ground. But I was okay, and an Iowa fan<br />

gave me a Band-Aid for the cracked beak. It was<br />

certainly my most noteworthy college experience—<br />

nothing else I did was broadcast on NBC.”<br />


“We all had one—and the<br />

HP-12C was expensive at<br />

$150 (equal to almost $400<br />

in today’s dollars)!”<br />


1989<br />

1988<br />

1989<br />

1992<br />

“Union Pacific hosted an<br />

annual audit challenge, and<br />

the year I participated, Iowa<br />

State hosted the event. I was<br />

lucky enough to have been<br />

on the winning team and still<br />

receive dividend checks from<br />

the original share <strong>of</strong> stock<br />

that was awarded as a prize,<br />

<strong>of</strong> course along with bragging<br />

rights for the Hawkeyes!”<br />




Jerre and Mary Joy<br />

Stead Advanced Learning<br />

Technologies Center<br />

established to further<br />

support technology in the<br />

classroom. A wireless Local<br />

Area Network allows students<br />

to use laptop computers in<br />

various locations throughout<br />

the building.<br />

“You’ve got to be able to communicate verbally<br />

and in writing in order to advance beyond<br />

mid-level manager. The writing program helps<br />

<strong>Tippie</strong> students achieve that.”<br />

1992<br />

Des Moines venture<br />

capitalist John Pappajohn<br />

(BSC52) makes a key<br />

donation for a new<br />

business building,<br />

complete with internet<br />

throughout, and<br />

a lactation room for<br />

nursing mothers.<br />

1996<br />

—BOB NICOLLS (BBA80)<br />

1998 1998<br />

The Iowa Electronic<br />

Markets, the world’s<br />

first prediction<br />

market, was founded<br />

by three economics<br />

faculty members<br />

John Pappajohn<br />

Entrepreneurial<br />

Center (JPEC)<br />

founded<br />

Accounting<br />

Writing<br />

Program<br />

founded<br />

8 TIPPIE MAGAZINE WINTER <strong>2022</strong>

1998<br />

1999<br />

2000s<br />

Gregory C. Ellison Sr. (BBA73)<br />

boosted diversity initiatives in the<br />

accounting department while on<br />

<strong>Tippie</strong>’s Pr<strong>of</strong>essional Accounting<br />

Council, working to establish a<br />

feeder initiative between <strong>Tippie</strong><br />

and Morehouse <strong>College</strong>, which<br />

continues to this day.<br />

<strong>College</strong> renamed<br />

Henry B. <strong>Tippie</strong><br />

<strong>College</strong> <strong>of</strong> <strong>Business</strong>.<br />

2008<br />

20002010<br />

2015<br />

When life give you lemons, make… beer?<br />

Matthew Wolf (BBA82) started the Iowa<br />

Brewing Company in Cedar Rapids,<br />

Iowa, with friends after their property<br />

took on 10 feet <strong>of</strong> water in the flood <strong>of</strong><br />

2008. He has lived in Denver, Colo., since<br />

1982, but returns to Iowa regularly.<br />

“I moved to the West Coast to be a part <strong>of</strong> the tech boom<br />

back in the dot com era and worked for a start up company.<br />

I have to credit my initial interest in entrepreneurship from<br />

the amazing class I took from John Buchanan. It led me to<br />

a now 23+-year career in tech, most recently with Adobe.”<br />


<strong>Tippie</strong> Gateway Program established.<br />

In an effort to create a pipeline <strong>of</strong> students<br />

underrepresented in business, the <strong>Tippie</strong><br />

Gateway Program provides a free, oncampus<br />

summer experience designed to<br />

increase awareness <strong>of</strong> opportunities in<br />

business among high school juniors.<br />

2020<br />

Part-time Pr<strong>of</strong>essional MBA<br />

and Online MBA programs<br />

merge into one Iowa MBA.<br />

Department <strong>of</strong> <strong>Business</strong><br />

Analytics awarded UPS<br />

George D. Smith prize,<br />

which recognizes the<br />

leading university in the<br />

world for excellence in<br />

preparing students to<br />

practice in the areas <strong>of</strong><br />

analytics or operations<br />

research. •<br />

1999<br />

2000<br />

2001<br />

2008<br />

2015<br />

2019<br />

2021<br />

2021<br />

I’m a class <strong>of</strong> 2000 MBA<br />

(the old-fashioned way).<br />

One <strong>of</strong> the things I loved<br />

about being in Iowa and<br />

studying at the university<br />

is that there was always a<br />

forward focus, and intention<br />

on innovation and a striving<br />

to make an impact.<br />


Frank <strong>Business</strong><br />

Communications<br />

Center established<br />

Online MBA<br />

program launches,<br />

explodes from 40<br />

to 336 students in<br />

first year<br />


ain<br />

ROCK<br />


Jennifer Blackhurst, Leonard A. Hadley Pr<strong>of</strong>essor <strong>of</strong> <strong>Business</strong><br />

Analytics, breaks down the breakdown in the supply chain.<br />





You want a certain make and model <strong>of</strong> a<br />

vehicle, but the dealership doesn’t have it.<br />



The car dealership wants to sell you that<br />

car and get it to you as soon as possible,<br />

but they don’t have the inventory they<br />

need to meet consumer demand.<br />



Car manufacturers can’t get dealerships the<br />

inventory they need because <strong>of</strong> a parts shortage.<br />

Plus, they may have experienced a COVID-19<br />

outbreak that forced a factory shutdown, which<br />

is further slowing production.<br />

10 TIPPIE MAGAZINE WINTER <strong>2022</strong>

Back in spring 2020, consumers<br />

had trouble finding toilet<br />

paper and hand sanitizer while<br />

trampolines and exercise<br />

equipment became scarce. With<br />

the COVID-19 pandemic sweeping<br />

the globe, some <strong>of</strong> the shortages<br />

<strong>of</strong> supplies and delays on certain<br />

goods seemed reasonable. But<br />

now, nearly two years into the<br />

pandemic, there is still lag time on<br />

getting everything from new cars<br />

to new furniture.<br />

What’s going on?<br />

“Even small changes in demand<br />

can ripple and spread and grow<br />

and propagate to something really<br />

unmanageable as it moves through<br />

the supply chain,” said Jennifer<br />

Blackhurst, Leonard A. Hadley<br />

Pr<strong>of</strong>essor <strong>of</strong> <strong>Business</strong> Analytics.<br />

“It’s also really impacted by the<br />

complexity <strong>of</strong> the supply chain.”<br />

That means a consumer’s new s<strong>of</strong>a<br />

might be on a container ship out<br />

at sea waiting to enter a port with<br />

massive delays. Customers who<br />

ordered new jeans wait for them to<br />

come in the mail because <strong>of</strong> labor<br />

shortages or factory closures. Their<br />

new vehicles might be stalled at the<br />

factory due to a lack <strong>of</strong> microchips.<br />

Even just one disruption in the<br />

supply chain, such as a labor<br />

shortage, a manufacturing plant<br />

shutdown, a shipping delay, or<br />

fluctuation in demand, can cause<br />

what’s called the bullwhip effect,<br />

the idea that when disruption<br />

starts at one point in the supply<br />

chain, it doesn’t stop there. Rather,<br />

it ripples and spreads, <strong>of</strong>ten<br />

growing in intensity and impact as<br />

it moves through the entire supply<br />

chain, Blackhurst said.<br />

During the pandemic, multiple<br />

disruptions have plagued the<br />

supply chain, creating a massive<br />

backlog <strong>of</strong> goods, which is why<br />

consumers are still experiencing<br />

frustration especially as the winter<br />

holiday retail season approaches.<br />

What can companies do to<br />

mitigate these shortages,<br />

delays, and losses?<br />

In the short term, smart<br />

companies are trying to adopt<br />

an agile mindset as they react to<br />

disruptions in their supply chains.<br />

For some businesses, that means<br />

paying a premium to expedite<br />

shipping on their products or<br />

parts. For others, that means<br />

trying to find creative ways to<br />

detour around the disruptions in<br />

their supply chains.<br />

In the longer term, Blackhurst said<br />

that companies might need to<br />

think more proactively about risk<br />

management.<br />

Since the supply chain is incredibly<br />

complex and interconnected, one <strong>of</strong><br />

the most effective ways <strong>of</strong> managing<br />

risk is gaining more visibility from<br />

their suppliers and their suppliers’<br />

suppliers and their suppliers’<br />

suppliers’ suppliers. That way, they’ll<br />

be able to more quickly pivot when a<br />

disruption occurs.<br />

Companies can also reevaluate<br />

their inventory levels. Do they<br />

need to have more <strong>of</strong> a buffer going<br />

forward? Rethinking their suppliers<br />

is another idea. Would reshoring<br />

or nearshoring expose companies<br />

to less risk? Using analytics to see<br />

how suppliers have performed over<br />

time can be helpful in determining<br />

whether a company should continue<br />

a relationship or end it.<br />

“It’s a balance between being lean<br />

and efficient and responsive and<br />

agile, knowing that supply chains<br />

are exposed to risk,” Blackhurst said. •<br />


Watch the webinar where Jennifer<br />

Blackhurst discusses with Dean Amy<br />

Krist<strong>of</strong>-Brown how companies can<br />

prevent future supply chain disruptions.<br />



Warehouses, which receive and send parts to<br />

the manufacturers, don’t have the parts either,<br />

particularly the microchips required for all new<br />

vehicles. They also don’t have the full workforce<br />

they need to move the parts.<br />



Suppliers don’t have the raw materials they<br />

need to make the microchips. For instance, a<br />

global semiconductor shortage means that a<br />

supplier can’t keep up with the demand for microchips,<br />

which control multiple systems in a car.<br />



Not only does the warehouse have a supplier,<br />

but a supplier has its own suppliers—which are<br />

also experiencing delays and shortages.<br />


cover<br />

STORY<br />

25 25<br />

FOR<br />



Celebrates a Quarter Century<br />

<strong>of</strong> Innovation<br />


12 TIPPIE MAGAZINE WINTER <strong>2022</strong>

“I want to make<br />

Iowa the most<br />

entrepreneurial<br />

state in America.”<br />

It was 1996 and Iowa needed to<br />

regain its entrepreneurial edge.<br />

Once a state <strong>of</strong> small businesses,<br />

many did not survive the farm crisis<br />

and the economy was struggling as<br />

a result. John Pappajohn (BSC52)<br />

wanted to change that. An inveterate<br />

entrepreneur and venture capitalist,<br />

he knew the importance <strong>of</strong> small<br />

businesses to an economy. So,<br />

in 1996, he donated $1.5 million<br />

to establish the John Pappajohn<br />

Entrepreneurial Center at the<br />

University <strong>of</strong> Iowa to help revive the<br />

startup spirit, along with funding<br />

to create centers at four other<br />

universities and colleges in Iowa.<br />

“I want to make Iowa the<br />

most entrepreneurial state in<br />

America,” he said at the time. It<br />

was a visionary investment. Few<br />

universities had entrepreneurial<br />

centers then and none were part <strong>of</strong><br />

a statewide network.<br />

Pappajohn’s vision paid <strong>of</strong>f. In<br />

the 25 years since, the University<br />

<strong>of</strong> Iowa John Pappajohn<br />

Entrepreneurial Center (Iowa JPEC)<br />

has been recognized as a leader in<br />

supporting student, faculty, and<br />

community entrepreneurs. On<br />

Sept. 23, the 25th anniversary<br />

<strong>of</strong> the statewide JPEC network<br />

was celebrated with a gala in<br />

Des Moines, Iowa. On hand<br />

to celebrate John Pappajohn<br />

were former governor and U.S.<br />

ambassador to China Terry<br />

Branstad, Gov. Kim Reynolds,<br />

University <strong>of</strong> Iowa President<br />

Barbara Wilson, and <strong>Tippie</strong> Dean<br />

Amy Krist<strong>of</strong>-Brown, along with<br />

hundreds <strong>of</strong> entrepreneurs who<br />

got their start with help from a<br />

John Pappajohn Entrepreneurial<br />

Center. At the event, Pappajohn<br />

announced an additional $2.5<br />

million gift to Iowa JPEC.<br />

Over the past 25 years, alumni,<br />

students, and other Iowans have<br />

used Iowa JPEC resources to<br />

start thousands <strong>of</strong> businesses<br />

and create thousands <strong>of</strong> jobs in<br />

Iowa and around the country.<br />

Many <strong>of</strong> them have financed<br />

their businesses using money<br />

from two competitions that<br />

Pappajohn created to support Iowa<br />

entrepreneurs—the Pappajohn<br />

Student Entrepreneurial Venture<br />

Competition and the Pappajohn<br />

Iowa Entrepreneurial Venture<br />

Competition—or from the<br />

Wellmark Venture Capital Fund he<br />

helped launch. Iowa JPEC alumni<br />

have made breakthroughs in health<br />

science, education technology,<br />

agricultural technology, and green<br />

manufacturing, as well as selling<br />

clothes, consulting services, c<strong>of</strong>fee,<br />

and ice cream.<br />


1<br />

25<br />


IMPACT I N<br />

THE LAST<br />

25<br />

years<br />

the<br />



CENTER<br />

OKOBOJI,<br />

the famed resort area in<br />

northwest Iowa, is where<br />

Iowa JPEC students learn from the best for<br />

one week every August. Started in 2006<br />

by Iowa JPEC benefactor and long-time<br />

Okoboji resident Tom Bedell, the Okoboji<br />

Entrepreneurial Institute brings 32<br />

students to stay with Iowa entrepreneurs<br />

in their lakeside summer homes to learn<br />

about startups and build relationships<br />

that will last for years. Since its inception,<br />

Pappajohn has supported the annual event<br />

and provided cash awards to two top OEI<br />

student entrepreneurs.<br />

3<br />


#15<br />

2<br />

The Princeton Review ranks<br />

Iowa JPEC as one <strong>of</strong> the nation’s<br />

top undergraduate entrepreneurial<br />

programs at a public university.<br />

Monster Mash is still among the top-selling menu items at Heyn’s Ice<br />

Cream in Iowa City after it was invented in 2007 by elementary school<br />

students attending the annual summer entrepreneur camp sponsored<br />

by Iowa JPEC’s Jacobson Institute for Youth Entrepreneurship.<br />

5<br />

4<br />

IN THE LAST 10<br />



MORE THAN $2.75<br />




7<br />

6<br />

LEARN<br />

to<br />

LEAD<br />

SINCE 1997,<br />






Iowa JPEC received the<br />

National Model<br />

Undergraduate Program<br />

Award from the United<br />

States Association for<br />

Small <strong>Business</strong> and<br />

Entrepreneurship in 2004.<br />

1,500+<br />


have started businesses through the Startup Incubator (formerly<br />

known as the Founders Club) in the Bedell Entrepreneurship<br />

Learning Laboratory (BELL), a former fraternity-house-turned-coworking<br />

space that supports the launch <strong>of</strong> student ventures. Many <strong>of</strong><br />

those businesses, such as Bio::Neos, FanFood, and Premiere Dance<br />

Project, remain active businesses years after leaving the BELL.<br />

14 TIPPIE MAGAZINE WINTER <strong>2022</strong>

8<br />


have built businesses since 2016 ranging from honey production<br />

to electronic money exchange after participating in the Young African<br />

Leadership Initiative (YALI) Mandela Washington Fellowship Program<br />

hosted at Iowa by the Institute for International <strong>Business</strong>. The fellowship,<br />

a U.S. State Department program, brings 25 young business leaders<br />

from African countries to Iowa City. Participants in the program<br />

learn how to build and develop a business and take those skills back<br />

to help build their homeland’s economy. Each year the Mandela<br />

Fellows say the highlight <strong>of</strong> the program is the presentation and<br />

Q&A with Pappajohn himself.<br />


9<br />

When “The Wave” began to brighten<br />

the days <strong>of</strong> young patients in the Stead<br />

Family Children’s Hospital on football<br />

Saturdays in 2017, alumni Meighan<br />

Phillips (MBA08), Brooke Mickelson<br />

(MBA03), Lance “Cy” Phillips (BA06), and<br />

John Mickelson (BBA03/JD07/MBA07),<br />

along with friends Jason and Lori Willis,<br />

started a nonpr<strong>of</strong>it organization selling<br />

apparel branded with the heartwarming<br />

Kinnick Stadium tradition. All pr<strong>of</strong>its are<br />

donated to the hospital, and it raised<br />

$440,000 in its first year.<br />

“Happiness is<br />

positive cash flow.”<br />


10 250 ,000+<br />




have taken a class using the BizInnovator<br />

Startup or STEMInnovator curricula<br />

or participated in KidInnovator camps<br />

and the Innovator Competition<br />

curriculum developed by the Jacobson<br />

Institute for Youth Entrepreneurship.<br />

In FY21 alone, 644 teachers from 43<br />

states and the District <strong>of</strong> Columbia<br />

used the BizInnovator Startup and<br />

STEMInnovator curriculum.<br />

11<br />

100-MILLION<br />


have outfits recommended<br />

to them every month by<br />

Stylitics, a New York Citybased<br />

retail technology<br />

company founded by Zach<br />

Davis (BBA03). The firm’s<br />

clients include Nike, Kohl’s,<br />

Old Navy, Crate & Barrel,<br />

West Elm, and Macy’s.<br />

12 “Why would anyone<br />

want wifi outside?”<br />

Ben Anderson (BA03),<br />

Karsten Temme<br />

(BSE02/MS04) and their<br />

entrepreneurship classmates<br />

founded X-Wires, Iowa<br />

City’s first wireless internet<br />

company, in the early 2000s.<br />

“I remember them setting up<br />

a hot spot in the Ped Mall,<br />

broadcasting wifi. At the time<br />

I thought...why would anyone<br />

want wifi outside?” recalled<br />

Andy Stoll (BBA03).<br />


13 15<br />

1,068<br />



from the <strong>College</strong> <strong>of</strong><br />

Liberal Arts & Sciences<br />

with a major in Enterprise<br />

Leadership, a cooperative<br />

<strong>of</strong> Iowa JPEC, <strong>College</strong> <strong>of</strong><br />

Liberal Arts & Sciences,<br />

and the <strong>Tippie</strong> <strong>College</strong> <strong>of</strong><br />

<strong>Business</strong> since the major’s<br />

creation in 2016.<br />

29 full-time & part-time faculty<br />

teach approximately 120 sections <strong>of</strong><br />

entrepreneurship courses each year to<br />

students across the entire UI campus—<br />

both in-person and online.<br />

1489%<br />


have started their own businesses<br />

in fields such as medical technology,<br />

business consulting, s<strong>of</strong>tware<br />

development, real estate and hospitality.<br />

300+<br />

Iowa faculty and graduate students have received technology<br />

commercialization training through Iowa JPEC’s I-Corps training<br />

program <strong>of</strong>fered in conjunction with the National Science Foundation.<br />

16<br />

If you like to fish, there’s a good chance<br />

Jim Coble (BBA04) is a part <strong>of</strong> your leisure<br />

activities. Coble is the founder <strong>of</strong> 13 Fishing,<br />

a manufacturer <strong>of</strong> rods, reels, and bait.<br />

They have nearly 100 U.S. trademarks<br />

and 15 patents. Through an investment<br />

relationship with fishing equipment giant<br />

Rapala, 13 Fishing is part <strong>of</strong> the largest<br />

fishing company in the world.<br />


20<br />

Tara Cronbaugh (BA98) is a<br />

University <strong>of</strong> Iowa entrepreneurship<br />

pioneer. She developed her idea<br />

for the Java House c<strong>of</strong>fee shop for<br />

a <strong>Tippie</strong> entrepreneurship class<br />

taught by adjunct faculty member<br />

John Buchanan (BSC56). She<br />

opened her first Java House on the<br />

second floor <strong>of</strong> the legendary Prairie<br />

Lights bookstore in 1994 and has<br />

since expanded to six locations<br />

around the Iowa City area, four <strong>of</strong><br />

them with Heirloom salad shops,<br />

another company she started. The<br />

Java House Roastery also provides<br />

wholesale c<strong>of</strong>fee to locations<br />

around Iowa. An early supporter <strong>of</strong><br />

Iowa JPEC, she continues to mentor<br />

students and has served on the Iowa<br />

JPEC advisory board since 2018.<br />

21<br />

Patricia Miller (BBA04)<br />

left a successful career in<br />

pharmaceutical marketing to<br />

turn her family’s struggling<br />

manufacturing firm into a thriving<br />

fullstack company that works with<br />

clients from the design stage to<br />

the factory floor. The Woodstock,<br />

Ill.-based M4 doesn’t just make<br />

widgets, it works with clients to<br />

determine what exactly the widget<br />

should do and then helps design<br />

them. Since she took over in 2014,<br />

the company has been named one<br />

<strong>of</strong> Inc. magazine’s 5,000 fastest<br />

growing companies five years in a<br />

row and she made Crain’s Chicago<br />

<strong>Business</strong>’ 40 Under 40 list.<br />

22<br />

Few in Iowa had heard <strong>of</strong> Red<br />

Bull energy drink as it entered the<br />

U.S. market in 1997, but Zac Voss<br />

(BBA00) had a feeling it would fly<br />

once people tried it. He was still<br />

a student at the <strong>Tippie</strong> <strong>College</strong><br />

<strong>of</strong> <strong>Business</strong>, studying finance<br />

and entrepreneurship, when he<br />

became the state’s first Red Bull<br />

distributor in 1999. His home <strong>of</strong>fice<br />

was his student apartment and<br />

he delivered shipments to stores<br />

between classes. After graduating,<br />

he returned home to Des Moines<br />

and expanded Voss Distributing,<br />

which now provides Red Bull to<br />

grocery stores and other retail<br />

establishments throughout the<br />

state and into Illinois and Missouri.<br />

16 TIPPIE MAGAZINE WINTER <strong>2022</strong>

17<br />

In the last 10 years,<br />

Iowa JPEC students<br />

have completed 722<br />

business consulting projects for<br />

alumni-owned and Iowa-based<br />

companies. That’s more than<br />

93,000 hours dedicated to oneon-one<br />

consulting by students.<br />

840+<br />

I O W A N S<br />

18have received entrepreneurial<br />

training through Venture School,<br />

the state’s premier entrepreneurial<br />

training program.<br />

19<br />

Michele Williams was hired as the first<br />

Iowa JPEC faculty fellow in 2017. An<br />

assistant pr<strong>of</strong>essor <strong>of</strong> management and<br />

entrepreneurship and the John L. Miclot<br />

Fellow in Entrepreneurship, Williams<br />

studies teamwork, trust, and the value <strong>of</strong><br />

long-term relationships between founding<br />

entrepreneurial partners and mentors,<br />

as well as between founders. She also<br />

studies the role that stereotypes play in<br />

small-business survival as well as women in leadership, and she<br />

works with her students to apply research findings to practice. A<br />

second faculty fellow, Miranda Welbourne Eleazar, joined this fall as<br />

assistant pr<strong>of</strong>essor <strong>of</strong> management and entrepreneurship.<br />

23<br />

After starting several businesses<br />

and nonpr<strong>of</strong>it organizations in his<br />

native Chicago, as an Iowa JPEC<br />

student Duane Wilson (BA08)<br />

turned his attention to helping<br />

solve social challenges on a global<br />

scale. He’s now the vice president<br />

<strong>of</strong> strategic development for The<br />

Gratitude Network, a Pleasanton,<br />

Calif.-based nonpr<strong>of</strong>it organization<br />

that enlists entrepreneurs to help<br />

solve social challenges facing<br />

people in 60 countries around<br />

the world. Wilson is also an arts<br />

entrepreneur. He is the author <strong>of</strong><br />

Jackie and the Dreamstalk, a book<br />

used in youth entrepreneurial<br />

classes for children ages 9 to<br />

14. And he’s a prolific voiceover<br />

artist, running his own agency that<br />

provides narration on commercials<br />

for companies like McDonald’s,<br />

ESPN, and Porsche.<br />

24<br />

Forbes magazine named Jon<br />

Lensing (MD20) to its Next 1,000 list<br />

<strong>of</strong> up-and-coming entrepreneurs for<br />

2021 Lensing started OpenLoop as<br />

a member <strong>of</strong> Founder’s Club (now<br />

known as Startup Incubator) and<br />

with seed money from business<br />

competitions. OpenLoop matches<br />

health care providers with shortstaffed<br />

hospitals around the country.<br />

It grew 800 percent in just a few<br />

weeks at the start <strong>of</strong> the COVID-<br />

19 pandemic, when overwhelmed<br />

hospitals desperately short <strong>of</strong><br />

doctors and nurses turned to his app<br />

for assistance.<br />

25<br />

A case <strong>of</strong> the nerves isn’t unusual when<br />

students give class presentations. Nico Aguilar<br />

(BS11/MHA14/ MPH14) did that one better,<br />

having a full-on anxiety attack in front <strong>of</strong> his<br />

rhetoric class as an Iowa undergraduate. “My<br />

palms were sweaty, my breath stopped. My<br />

mind just went blank, and I totally botched my<br />

presentation,” he said. But from that disaster<br />

came the inspiration for a new tool that uses<br />

artificial intelligence to measure and improve<br />

a person’s speaking skills and helps them give<br />

more confident public presentations. Aguilar<br />

and his c<strong>of</strong>ounder, Anthony Pham (BS11/MD16/<br />

MPH19) began their startup quest with an<br />

<strong>of</strong>fice in the BELL and by winning Iowa JPEC’s<br />

Rose Francis Elevator Pitch Competition.<br />

That eventually led to a spot in Techstars,<br />

the prestigious global technology business<br />

incubator. They also met <strong>Tippie</strong> alumna Nicole<br />

Cook Gunderson (BBA04), an important early<br />

advisor who continues to provide counsel.<br />

Speeko has since built relationships with<br />

organizations like Toastmasters and expanded<br />

its product line to include a course that helps<br />

people deliver wedding toasts and a desktop<br />

widget that works with virtual meetings and<br />

online presentations. •<br />


hawkeye<br />

PRIDE<br />

2020s<br />

2010s<br />

Hijinio Carreon (MBA20)<br />

was named systemwide<br />

chief medical executive <strong>of</strong><br />

MercyOne. He has been<br />

with the organization for<br />

more than 13 years, first as<br />

an emergency medicine physician<br />

and most recently as<br />

chief medical <strong>of</strong>ficer and vice<br />

president <strong>of</strong> medical affairs<br />

for MercyOne Central Iowa.<br />

Anna Kroeger (BBA20) joined<br />

the <strong>Tippie</strong> Young Alumni Board.<br />

She is a global mobility consultant<br />

for Deloitte in Chicago, Ill.<br />

Eugenia Kutsch-Stanton<br />

(MBA20), a research scientist<br />

at Corteva Agriscience in Des<br />

Moines, Iowa, was named a<br />

2021 dsm <strong>Magazine</strong> LGBTQ<br />

Legacy Leader Award winner.<br />

Lauren Laven (BBA21) is a<br />

sales support specialist with<br />

GreatAmerica Financial Services<br />

in Cedar Rapids, Iowa.<br />

Kristin Mathis (BBA20)<br />

is a partnership strategy and<br />

activation coordinator with<br />

the Minnesota Vikings.<br />

Elle McCormick (BBA20)<br />

began medical school at the<br />

University <strong>of</strong> Iowa Carver<br />

<strong>College</strong> <strong>of</strong> Medicine.<br />

Kaidi Meng (BBA21)<br />

was accepted into the applied<br />

analytics master’s program at<br />

Columbia University.<br />


Nolan Roethler (BBA21)<br />

is pursuing a master’s<br />

degree in finance and<br />

business analytics at<br />

the <strong>Tippie</strong> <strong>College</strong> <strong>of</strong><br />

<strong>Business</strong>.<br />

“I am excited<br />

to continue<br />

my education<br />

while finishing<br />

my track and<br />

field eligibility.<br />

Looking<br />

forward to two<br />

more years in<br />

Iowa City—<br />

Go Hawks!”<br />

Sydney Alexander (BBA18)<br />

has joined Choice Hotels International,<br />

the second largest<br />

global hotel chain, as a consumer<br />

insights and analytics<br />

senior analyst. She is based<br />

in the Washington, D.C., area.<br />

Andrew Barr (BBA13) and<br />

Cecilia Walsh Barr (BBA13)<br />

were married on July 18,<br />

2020. They first met at the<br />

IMU during freshman year<br />

orientation and currently<br />

reside in Chicago, Ill., where<br />

Andrew is a manager at<br />

Northern Trust and Cecilia<br />

is a CPA at Exelon Corp.<br />

Patrick Bartoski (BBA16)<br />

completed his CFA and<br />

accepted a role on the buy<br />

side at Balyasny Asset Management<br />

covering the med<br />

tech space.<br />

Eric Bundy (BBA16) is the<br />

director <strong>of</strong> product at EF Education<br />

in London, England.<br />

Jiyun Chong (BBA19/MAc20)<br />

joined the <strong>Tippie</strong> Young Alumni<br />

Board. She is a tax associate at<br />

PwC in Chicago, Ill.<br />

Rachel Decker (BBA12)<br />

was named to Forbes Middle<br />

East “30 Under 30” list for<br />

2021. Decker lives in the<br />

United Arab Emirates and is<br />

manager and c<strong>of</strong>ounder <strong>of</strong><br />

financial advisory firm Decker<br />

& Halabi. She started her<br />

career in investment banking.<br />

Kayla Duffy (BBA13) is the<br />

lead talent relations manager<br />

at Cameo, a video-sharing<br />

website headquartered in<br />

Chicago, Ill. The site allows<br />

celebrities to send personalized<br />

video messages to fans.<br />

Matt Gaither (BBA12)<br />

joined the Marketing Institute<br />

advisory board at <strong>Tippie</strong>. He<br />

is a global account executive<br />

with Google.<br />

Eddy Gamboa (BBA19)<br />

joined the <strong>Tippie</strong> Young<br />

Alumni Board. He is a private<br />

equity associate at One Equity<br />

Partners in New York, N.Y.<br />

Megan Gustafson (BBA19)<br />

signed with the WNBA team<br />

the Washington Mystics.<br />

Gustafson is one <strong>of</strong> the most<br />

successful women’s basketball<br />

players in Iowa’s history.<br />

She was named Big Ten<br />

Female Athlete <strong>of</strong> the Year<br />

in 2019, was drafted into the<br />

WNBA by the Dallas Wings,<br />

and had her #10 jersey<br />

retired at Carver-Hawkeye<br />

Arena in 2020.<br />

Paige Haller (BBA15)<br />

relocated from Chicago, Ill.,<br />

to begin a new career as a<br />

realtor with Coldwell Banker<br />

Hedges Realty in Cedar<br />

Rapids, Iowa.<br />

Steven P. Hensley (BBA15)<br />

was promoted to associate<br />

manager at Accenture in<br />

Chicago, Ill.<br />

Staci Meade (BBA10/MAc11/MBA20) was selected for<br />

the 2020 Corridor <strong>Business</strong> Journal’s “Forty Under 40”<br />

list for her work at Linn County Community Services<br />

and on the executive committee <strong>of</strong> the Linn County<br />

Mental Health Access Center.<br />

“My favorite memory from college<br />

was working to raise money for<br />

<strong>Tippie</strong> Build. My decision to get<br />

involved with local nonpr<strong>of</strong>its has<br />

been the biggest driver <strong>of</strong> life<br />

and career satisfaction. I want to<br />

do work that contributes to<br />

a greater good.”<br />

Employees for Ernst & Young worked alongside <strong>Tippie</strong><br />

students and faculty on the Habitat for Humanity Home<br />

in Iowa City, Nov. 6, 2009.<br />

18 TIPPIE MAGAZINE WINTER <strong>2022</strong>

CONNECT WITH US @<strong>Tippie</strong>Iowa <strong>Tippie</strong>Iowa <strong>Tippie</strong> <strong>College</strong> <strong>of</strong> <strong>Business</strong> @<strong>Tippie</strong><strong>College</strong><br />

2000s<br />

Kyra Seay (BA15) is the director <strong>of</strong> social innovation<br />

and transformative initiatives at Bumble.<br />

Jennifer Hovda (BBA12)<br />

was promoted to senior<br />

finance manager for Gap.<br />

Adam Keune (CER10),<br />

along with Higher Learning<br />

Technologies c<strong>of</strong>ounders<br />

Alec Whitters and Ben<br />

O’Conner, won the 2021<br />

Young Alumni Entrepreneur<br />

<strong>of</strong> the Year Award from the<br />

John Pappajohn Entrepreneurial<br />

Center.<br />

Michael Korobov (BBA15)<br />

works in finance and capital<br />

markets at Better Place Forests<br />

in San Francisco, Calif.<br />

Katie LaCroix (BBA18) is<br />

manager <strong>of</strong> innovation at<br />

4FRONT in Chicago, Ill.<br />

Jon Langel (BBA17) joined<br />

the <strong>Tippie</strong> Young Alumni<br />

Board. He is the founder <strong>of</strong><br />

Langel Consulting Group in<br />

New York, N.Y.<br />

Rachel Langholz (BBA17)<br />

joined the <strong>Tippie</strong> Young<br />

Alumni Board. She is a<br />

consultant with Deloitte in<br />

Washington, D.C.<br />

Santino Morena (BBA17)<br />

is a corporate development<br />

and transaction services<br />

specialist with Accenture in<br />

Chicago, Ill.<br />

Michelle Nessa (PhD14)<br />

won an Accounting Review<br />

Outstanding Reviewer Award.<br />

The award was given in<br />

August 2021 by the American<br />

Accounting Association.<br />

Nessa is an assistant pr<strong>of</strong>essor<br />

at the Broad <strong>College</strong> <strong>of</strong><br />

<strong>Business</strong> at Michigan State<br />

University.<br />

Isaac Oberlin (BBA17)<br />

joined the <strong>Tippie</strong> Young<br />

Alumni Board. He is currently<br />

an MBA candidate at Northwestern<br />

University.<br />

Faviola Santana (BBA19) is<br />

a consulting campus recruiting<br />

specialist for Deloitte in<br />

Chicago, Ill.<br />

Jake Schafer (BBA19)<br />

was promoted to deals senior<br />

associate, capital markets<br />

and accounting advisory services<br />

at PwC in Dallas, Texas.<br />

Amy Schembari (BBA18)<br />

joined the <strong>Tippie</strong> Young<br />

Alumni Board. She is global<br />

solutions lead for compete<br />

and case studies for Google<br />

in New York, N.Y.<br />

Katherine (Boyle) Smith<br />

(BBA17) is channels strategy<br />

manager for BMO Financial<br />

Group in Dallas, Texas.<br />

Jordyn Steinkritz (BBA18)<br />

joined the <strong>Tippie</strong> Young Alumni<br />

Board. She is a private equity<br />

associate at Osceola Capital<br />

Management in Tampa, Fla.<br />

Jonathan Swaim (BBA10)<br />

has joined Dentons Davis<br />

Brown as an attorney in Des<br />

Moines, Iowa. Swaim is a<br />

business transaction and<br />

securities lawyer, previously<br />

advising on compliance<br />

matters at Principal Global<br />

Investors.<br />

Gabriele Villarini (MBA18)<br />

was named one <strong>of</strong> the<br />

world’s most influential climate<br />

scientists by Reuters.<br />

Villarini is a University <strong>of</strong><br />

Iowa engineering pr<strong>of</strong>essor<br />

and the director <strong>of</strong> the IIHR—<br />

Hydroscience & Engineering.<br />

Jeralyn Westercamp<br />

(BBA14/MBA20) accepted<br />

a position as economic<br />

development manager for<br />

the John Pappajohn Entrepreneurial<br />

Center.<br />

Neil Zhang (BBA16) was<br />

promoted to associate<br />

director at UBS Asset Management,<br />

Multi-Managers<br />

Real Estate in Chicago, Ill.<br />

HAWKEYE memories<br />

Brent Banwart (BBA08)<br />

was named vice president<br />

<strong>of</strong> human resources for Ferrellgas,<br />

one <strong>of</strong> the nation’s<br />

largest propane retailers.<br />

He was previously human<br />

resources director at PepsiCo.<br />

Steve Bensema (BBA06)<br />

helped launch a new church<br />

in Marshalltown, Iowa, on<br />

Easter Sunday 2021. He cites<br />

his involvement in the <strong>Tippie</strong><br />

<strong>College</strong> <strong>of</strong> <strong>Business</strong>, Dance<br />

Marathon, and founding Beta<br />

Theta Pi fraternity at the University<br />

<strong>of</strong> Iowa as experiences<br />

that helped him become an<br />

entrepreneur—first in the business<br />

world and now into the<br />

world <strong>of</strong> vocational ministry.<br />

Kerrie Carroll (BBA09)<br />

is vice president <strong>of</strong> human<br />

resources at Intelligent Medical<br />

Objects in the greater<br />

Chicago, Ill., area.<br />

Jessica Cole (BBA08) won<br />

the 2021 Young Alumni<br />

Entrepreneurial Leadership<br />

Award from the John Pappajohn<br />

Entrepreneurial Center.<br />

Cole is president and CEO <strong>of</strong><br />

Becker’s Healthcare, a health<br />

care media company specializing<br />

in multimedia, live<br />

events, and virtual events.<br />

18 YEARS AGO<br />

Iowa MBA<br />

students<br />

presented<br />

Warren Buffett<br />

with an<br />

Iowa Hawkeyes<br />

football jersey.<br />

Sandra Davis (BBA04)<br />

received the University <strong>of</strong> Iowa<br />

Hickerson Recognition Award.<br />

Davis is co-head <strong>of</strong> global<br />

client marketing and communications<br />

for the Investment<br />

Banking Division in Goldman<br />

Sachs’ New York, N.Y., <strong>of</strong>fice.<br />

Matthew Decker (BBA04)<br />

was promoted to partner with<br />

PwC in Minneapolis, Minn.<br />

Andrew Hosmanek (BBA01/<br />

MBA05/JD05/PhD15) has<br />

been appointed to the Iowa<br />

Supreme Court’s Grievance<br />

Commission by Chief Justice<br />

Susan Christensen. In<br />

this role, he will investigate<br />

and hear ethical complaints<br />

brought against attorneys in<br />

Iowa. Hosmanek is an associate<br />

pr<strong>of</strong>essor <strong>of</strong> instruction<br />

at the <strong>Tippie</strong> <strong>College</strong> <strong>of</strong> <strong>Business</strong><br />

where he researches<br />

pr<strong>of</strong>essional ethics and<br />

teaches business law and<br />

ethics at the undergraduate<br />

and MBA level.<br />


1990s<br />

Jacob Johnson (BBA06)<br />

is a founding team member <strong>of</strong><br />

the Laerdal Million Lives Fund,<br />

a $100M mission-driven venture<br />

capital fund investing in<br />

global health care technologies<br />

that increase health<br />

care access and improve<br />

outcomes.<br />

Joe Knebel (BBA07)<br />

was named vice president,<br />

senior relationship manager<br />

at Shareworks by Morgan<br />

Stanley. He is an Iowa City<br />

native, Krause Fund alum, and<br />

worked for the <strong>Tippie</strong> <strong>College</strong><br />

<strong>of</strong> <strong>Business</strong>’ Stead Technology<br />

Services Group in college.<br />

Christina Lexa (BBA07)<br />

was appointed as the new<br />

strategy and governance<br />

leader for the Deloitte Global<br />

People organization. Additionally,<br />

she serves as the<br />

chief <strong>of</strong> staff for the Deloitte<br />

global chief people <strong>of</strong>ficer. In<br />

this role, Lexa develops and<br />

manages the implementation<br />

<strong>of</strong> the talent strategy for<br />

7,500+ Deloitte Global pr<strong>of</strong>essionals,<br />

manages crisis<br />

response, and supports<br />

the most critical executive<br />

talent priorities.<br />

Patricia Miller (BBA04)<br />

won the 2021 Alumni Entrepreneurial<br />

Leadership Award from<br />

the John Pappajohn Entrepreneurial<br />

Center. Miller is the CEO<br />

and owner <strong>of</strong> M4.<br />

Nick Satariano (BBA08)<br />

was promoted to associate<br />

director <strong>of</strong> finance, overseeing<br />

all financials for the vision<br />

specialty benefits <strong>of</strong>fering at<br />

UnitedHealth Group in the<br />

greater Minneapolis/Saint<br />

Paul, Minn., area.<br />

Mary Sellers (MBA07)<br />

returned as president <strong>of</strong> the<br />

United Way <strong>of</strong> Central Iowa.<br />

Sellers formerly led the organization<br />

from 2012 to 2017<br />

until she was appointed as<br />

U.S. president <strong>of</strong> United Way<br />

Worldwide in Arlington, Va.<br />

Nicole Thorne Jenkins<br />

(PhD02) joined the <strong>Tippie</strong><br />

Advisory Board. She is the<br />

John A. Griffin Dean <strong>of</strong> the<br />

McIntire School <strong>of</strong> Commerce<br />

at the University <strong>of</strong> Virginia.<br />

Brooke VandeKamp<br />

(BBA01) was promoted to<br />

regional sales vice president<br />

at Grainger in the greater<br />

Phoenix, Ariz., area.<br />

Chris Homeister (BBA91)<br />

joined the <strong>Tippie</strong> Advisory<br />

Board. He is the former vice<br />

president and chief merchandising<br />

<strong>of</strong>ficer at GameStop.<br />

Robert D. Kendall (BBA96)<br />

was named president <strong>of</strong><br />

Carillon Tower Advisers, a<br />

global, multi-boutique asset<br />

management firm.<br />

HAWKEYE memories<br />

M. Ayhan Kose (MA94/<br />

PhD97) coauthored a book,<br />

Global Waves <strong>of</strong> Debt: Causes<br />

and Consequences. Kose is<br />

a chief economist at the<br />

World Bank.<br />

Kristina Lutz (BBA90)<br />

joined the Marketing Institute<br />

advisory board at <strong>Tippie</strong>. She<br />

is vice president <strong>of</strong> strategic<br />

partnerships at CarSaver.com.<br />

Eric Martin (BBA93) is<br />

now head <strong>of</strong> enterprise transformation<br />

at Transamerica.<br />

He is a member <strong>of</strong> the <strong>Tippie</strong><br />

Advisory Board and has three<br />

children, all currently enrolled<br />

at the University <strong>of</strong> Iowa.<br />

30 YEARS AGO<br />

A now retired annual tradition at the University<br />

<strong>of</strong> Iowa, the Clinton Street bed races brought out<br />

the spirit <strong>of</strong> competition in every student.<br />

University <strong>of</strong> Iowa Hawkeye yearbook, 1992.<br />

Courtesy <strong>of</strong> Special Collections, University <strong>of</strong> Iowa Libraries<br />

Joseph McIntosh (BBA92)<br />

is now co-head <strong>of</strong> Bank <strong>of</strong><br />

America’s Chicago, Ill., investment<br />

banking <strong>of</strong>fice in addition<br />

to leading global agribusiness<br />

coverage for the firm.<br />

Cynthia “Cyndi” Nance<br />

(MA91) was awarded the<br />

2021 Hancher-Finkbine<br />

Alumni Medallion. Nance<br />

is dean emeritus and the<br />

Nathan G. Gordon Pr<strong>of</strong>essor<br />

<strong>of</strong> Law at the University <strong>of</strong><br />

Arkansas School <strong>of</strong> Law.<br />

Joel Pitz (BBA94) was<br />

named senior vice president<br />

and controller for Principal.<br />

He will have leadership<br />

responsibilities for corporate<br />

accounting, global sourcing,<br />

and financial reporting. Pitz<br />

has been in a variety <strong>of</strong> roles<br />

with Principal for 26 years,<br />

most recently as vice president<br />

and CFO for Principal<br />

International.<br />

Trevor Schauenberg<br />

(BBA91) was named chief<br />

financial <strong>of</strong>ficer <strong>of</strong> Equipment-<br />

Share. He was previously the<br />

president and CEO <strong>of</strong> GE Capital<br />

Industrial Finance.<br />

Matt Szafranski (BBA99)<br />

is a principal and senior portfolio<br />

manager at Chesley, Taft,<br />

and Associates in Chicago, Ill.<br />

Brian Thompson (BBA97)<br />

was named CEO <strong>of</strong> United-<br />

Healthcare, the insurance unit<br />

and overall biggest business<br />

<strong>of</strong> UnitedHealth Group Inc.<br />

Thompson has been with<br />

the Minnesota-based insurer<br />

since 2004.<br />

Wolfe Tone (BBA96) joined<br />

the <strong>Tippie</strong> Advisory Board. He<br />

is U.S. tax leader for Deloitte<br />

Private and a tax partner at<br />

Deloitte’s Chicago, Ill., <strong>of</strong>fice.<br />

Robert Weinberg (MBA98)<br />

joined the Cleveland, Ohio,<br />

law <strong>of</strong>fice <strong>of</strong> Taft Stettinius &<br />

Hollister LLP. He specializes<br />

in supporting the legal, business,<br />

and operations needs <strong>of</strong><br />

clients in the pharmacy benefit<br />

management and related<br />

prescription drug supply<br />

chain industry.<br />

Chris Cox (BBA89) was<br />

named the <strong>Tippie</strong> Outstanding<br />

Accounting Alumnus <strong>of</strong><br />

the Year for 2021. He is the<br />

senior vice president and<br />

chief accounting <strong>of</strong>ficer for<br />

AMC Entertainment Holdings<br />

Inc. in the Kansas City,<br />

Mo., area.<br />

20 TIPPIE MAGAZINE WINTER <strong>2022</strong>

1980s<br />

OH baby!<br />


David Heiden (BBA80) retired as a captain after 30 years<br />

<strong>of</strong> flying with Delta Air Lines. Heiden previously flew as a<br />

pilot in the U.S. Air Force for 10 years. He earned his Air<br />

Force <strong>of</strong>ficer commission from the University <strong>of</strong> Iowa’s<br />

Air Force Reserve Officer Training Corps in 1980.<br />

“It’s been a great adventure,<br />

all starting at Iowa.”<br />

Lois Eichacker (BBA85) is<br />

the vice president <strong>of</strong> customer<br />

success at supplier.io<br />

in Chicago, Ill.<br />

John Higgins (BBA85/<br />

MBA87) was named senior<br />

vice president <strong>of</strong> finance and<br />

chief financial <strong>of</strong>ficer <strong>of</strong> Vail<br />

Health in Vail, Colo.<br />

Mohamed Hassan Kamil<br />

(MBA86) is a high-level executive<br />

in the insurance industry<br />

in Malaysia. Since stepping<br />

into leadership in 2007, he<br />

has propelled Takaful Malaysia<br />

to become one <strong>of</strong> the top<br />

Takaful operators in the world.<br />


HAWKEYE memories<br />

Submit your photos to:<br />

tippie.uiowa.edu/update<br />

Susan L. Kelsey (BBA84)<br />

will return to Iowa with<br />

Legacy Film for the<br />

making <strong>of</strong> a documentary<br />

about indigenous tribes.<br />

Kelsey is a producer and<br />

the author <strong>of</strong> Billy Caldwell<br />

(1780-1841): Chicago and<br />

the Great Lakes Trail. The<br />

documentary is expected<br />

to be released in 2023.<br />

Thomas A. Kloet (BBA80)<br />

was reelected to the Nasdaq<br />

Inc., board <strong>of</strong> directors. Kloet<br />

is the retired CEO and executive<br />

director <strong>of</strong> TMX Group<br />

Limited and a member <strong>of</strong><br />

the <strong>Tippie</strong> Advisory Board.<br />

Jim Lewis (BBA83) won<br />

the 2021 Venture School<br />

<strong>Business</strong> <strong>of</strong> the Year award<br />

from the John Pappajohn<br />

Entrepreneurial Center for<br />

his company, Benjamin.<br />

“As someone<br />

who has a<br />

Boston Scientific<br />

defibrillator<br />

implanted in her<br />

heart, this makes<br />

me so proud to<br />

know a fellow<br />

alum is leading<br />

the team.”<br />

Linda Kuster (BA79)<br />

Michael Mahoney (BBA87)<br />

was named to Glassdoor’s<br />

Top CEOs for 2021 list. He<br />

is chairman and CEO <strong>of</strong><br />

Boston Scientific.<br />

Will Moon (BBA83), along<br />

with his wife, Renee, made<br />

a transformative donation<br />

to endow the head football<br />

coaching position and create<br />

a new athletics excellence<br />

fund at the University <strong>of</strong> Iowa.<br />

Moon is part owner <strong>of</strong> the<br />

World’s Largest Truckstop<br />

outside <strong>of</strong> Walcott, Iowa.<br />

Michael Prior (BBA80) has<br />

started city transit systems in<br />

Santa Clarita, Calif., and Kankakee,<br />

Ill. Both startups were<br />

designated the fastest growing<br />

transit systems in North<br />

America and each received the<br />

Outstanding Transit System<br />

Award by the American Mass<br />

Transportation Association.<br />

Angela Sanders (BBA86/<br />

MA88) has retired from<br />

Principal after 32 years with<br />

the company.<br />

Soumyo Sarkar (MBA82)<br />

joined the advisory council <strong>of</strong><br />

Fintso, an AI-based wealthtech<br />

platform catering to<br />

independent financial advisors<br />

and their investors.<br />

MBA student John Cord<br />

and his wife Audrey welcomed<br />

Atticus Jude Cord<br />

on January 28, 2021. He<br />

weighed 8 lb. 1 oz. and was<br />

20.5 inches long.<br />

Adam McCleish, MBA student,<br />

and his wife Kathryn<br />

welcomed Edward “Eddie”<br />

Darwin McCleish into the<br />

world on April 6, 2020. He<br />

weighed 6 lb. 7 oz. and was<br />

18.75 inches long.<br />

Faizal McBride (MBA11) and<br />

wife Bobbi welcomed Lily<br />

McBride into the world on<br />

August 10, 2021.<br />

Aaron Schaefer (BBA02/<br />

MBA04) welcomed Orson<br />

Omby Schaefer into his<br />

family in September 2020.<br />

Schaefer is vice president<br />

<strong>of</strong> investments, trust, and<br />

wealth at Hills Bank & Trust<br />

Company in North Liberty,<br />

Iowa. He is also on <strong>Tippie</strong>’s<br />

Krause Fund advisory<br />

board.<br />

Prasoon Vidyarthi (MBA17)<br />

and his wife Pankhuri welcomed<br />

Pahi on February 17,<br />

2021.<br />

“We cherished<br />

our time in<br />

Iowa and the<br />

relationships we<br />

built with the<br />

people there.<br />

We hope to raise<br />

Pahi with the<br />

Iowan values <strong>of</strong><br />

love, respect,<br />

and care.”<br />

Is there a new babe in your life?<br />

Send us an update and we’ll send you a bib!<br />

tippie.uiowa.edu/update<br />


1960/50s<br />

Fred Luthans (MBA62/PhD65) received the<br />

Academy <strong>of</strong> Management’s Distinguished Scholarly<br />

Contributions to Management Award, a top honor<br />

in the field. Luthans is an emeritus pr<strong>of</strong>essor <strong>of</strong><br />

management at the University <strong>of</strong> Nebraska.<br />

FUN FACT: Luthans was a letterwinner<br />

on the Hawkeye track team (1957-1961)!<br />

University <strong>of</strong> Iowa Hawkeye yearbook, 1961.<br />

Courtesy <strong>of</strong> Special Collections, University <strong>of</strong> Iowa Libraries<br />

BETTER<br />


<strong>Tippie</strong> <strong>College</strong> <strong>of</strong> <strong>Business</strong><br />

is one <strong>of</strong> the top-ranked, best-value<br />

business programs in the country.<br />

Alumni and friends play an important<br />

role in our success by staying<br />

connected and giving back.<br />


510<br />

Donor-funded scholarships<br />

were awarded to students<br />

last year.<br />

Dan Collins (BBA68/PhD73)<br />

received the 2021 Hancher-Finkbine<br />

Faculty Medallion.<br />

This prestigious award is in<br />

special recognition <strong>of</strong> his<br />

achievements in leadership,<br />

learning, and loyalty.<br />

Karl Nollenberger (BBA69)<br />

retired after a career that<br />

included nine years in<br />

accounting/finance, 21 years<br />

in city/county management,<br />

and 13 years in academia.<br />

HAWKEYE memories<br />

Charles Harvey (BSC56)<br />

retired after owning Lilly Printing<br />

Company in Cedar Rapids,<br />

Iowa, from 1963 to 2005.<br />


@<strong>Tippie</strong>Iowa<br />

<strong>Tippie</strong>Iowa<br />

<strong>Tippie</strong> <strong>College</strong> <strong>of</strong> <strong>Business</strong><br />

@<strong>Tippie</strong><strong>College</strong><br />

53 YEARS AGO<br />


From July 1, 2020, to June 30, 2021, nearly<br />

2,100<br />

alumni and friends came<br />

together to commit more than<br />

$26.8M<br />

in donations to support current and<br />

future generations <strong>of</strong> business students,<br />

faculty, and innovative programs.<br />

THANK YOU!<br />

34<br />

Faculty held prestigious,<br />

donor-funded named faculty<br />

positions.<br />

1,627<br />

<strong>Tippie</strong> alumni participated in<br />

University <strong>of</strong> Iowa events.<br />

“No big names scheduled for concerts”<br />

ran the headline in the 1969 Hawkeye<br />

yearbook after Led Zeppelin performed at<br />

the IMU on January 15, 1969.<br />

Courtesy <strong>of</strong> Special Collections, University <strong>of</strong> Iowa Libraries<br />

EDITOR’S NOTE: Alumni<br />

updates are submitted by<br />

alumni and are not verified<br />

by the editor. While we<br />

welcome alumni news,<br />

<strong>Tippie</strong> <strong>Magazine</strong> is not<br />

responsible for the information<br />

contained in these<br />

submissions.<br />

22 TIPPIE MAGAZINE WINTER <strong>2022</strong>

in<br />


Frank Schmidt<br />

April 29, 1944 – August 21, 2021<br />

Emeritus Pr<strong>of</strong>essor <strong>of</strong> Management<br />

and Entrepreneurship<br />

Frank Schmidt was one <strong>of</strong> the University <strong>of</strong> Iowa’s most cited<br />

researchers. Schmidt was a pioneer in the field <strong>of</strong> industrial<br />

and organizational psychology, the study <strong>of</strong> human behavior in<br />

the workplace. A prolific researcher, his h-index, a measure <strong>of</strong><br />

a scholar’s influence, is 98, which puts him seventh among all<br />

University <strong>of</strong> Iowa-affiliated researchers.<br />

Schmidt joined the college in 1984 as the Ralph L. Sheets<br />

Distinguished Pr<strong>of</strong>essor and retired as the Gary C. Fethke Chair<br />

in Leadership in 2012. With graduate degrees from Purdue<br />

University, Schmidt was a member <strong>of</strong> the faculty at Michigan<br />

State University and held a research position at the Personnel<br />

Research and Development Center at the U.S. Civil Service<br />

Commission for 11 years before joining the faculty at the<br />

University <strong>of</strong> Iowa.<br />

J. Richard Zecher<br />

July 3, 1940 – May 11, 2021<br />

Dean, 1978–1981<br />

Richard Zecher started his academic career as an assistant<br />

pr<strong>of</strong>essor <strong>of</strong> economics at the University <strong>of</strong> Chicago where<br />

he worked under Milton Friedman. He earned both a BA and<br />

PhD in economics from Ohio State University and an MA in<br />

economics from the University <strong>of</strong> Delaware. After stepping<br />

down as dean, he served as the chief economist for Chase<br />

Manhattan Bank. He later became CEO <strong>of</strong> Chase Investors<br />

Management Corporation and its successor UBS Asset<br />

Management. He also served as the public director on the<br />

Chicago Board Options Exchange (1979–1997).<br />

David Fisher<br />

December 7, 1936 – May 30, 2021<br />

<strong>Tippie</strong> Advisory Board member, 2001–2012<br />

David Kirkpatrick (BBA62)<br />

July 11, 1939 – May 31, 2021<br />

Charter member <strong>of</strong> the <strong>Tippie</strong> Board <strong>of</strong> Visitors<br />

(now the <strong>Tippie</strong> Advisory Board), 1983–2012<br />

Merle Volding (BSC49)<br />

February 19, 1923 – May 21, 2021<br />

John Pappajohn Entrepreneurial Center<br />

Advisory Council member, 1999–2013<br />

1940s<br />

John R. Amies (BSC49)<br />

Martha M. Beckman (BSC44)<br />

Chester L. Cline (BSC49)<br />

Donald D. Current (BSC47)<br />

Edward H. Ford (BSC48)<br />

Robert J. Frenchick (BSC49)<br />

John V. Hogan (BSC49)<br />

Marian A. LaShorne (BSC48)<br />

Grace E. Milroy (BSC49)<br />

Ralph A. Schweitzer (BSC42/<br />

MA43)<br />

Marvin W. Stockdale (BSC49)<br />

Merle J. Volding (BSC49)<br />

D. Jean Walters (BSC41)<br />

1950s<br />

Thomas C. Barker (BSC54/MA60/<br />

PhD63)<br />

Dean A. Biester (BSC55)<br />

Allen E. Brennecke (BBA59)<br />

Merrill L. Button (BSC53)<br />

Ronald H. Dom (BSC55)<br />

John F. Doran (BSC58)<br />

Ronald E. Dowd (BSC57)<br />

R. Marshall Engelbeck (BSC55)<br />

Kenneth D. Fidler (BSC50)<br />

Raymond L. Fredrick (BSC51)<br />

Martin H. Galex (BSC57)<br />

Con D. Hamborg (BSC50)<br />

Robert D. Hassel (BSC50)<br />

Bernard J. Hauser (BSC57)<br />

Donald C. Hays (BSC50)<br />

Stanley D. Hemmen (BSC53)<br />

Malcolm B. Higgins (MA52)<br />

Donald I. Hillstrom (BSC50)<br />

Jack B. H<strong>of</strong>fman (BSC57)<br />

Ross D. Hopkins (BSC50)<br />

Phillip J. Ingebritson (BSC58)<br />

Norman E. Johnson (BSC52)<br />

Larry L. Keim (BBA59)<br />

Patricia A. Lichtenberger (BSC56)<br />

Frank Luscri (BSC58)<br />

Alan W. Matthias (BSC54)<br />

Malcolm Dean McMichael<br />

(BSC52)<br />

Glenn L. Medhus (BSC50)<br />

William H. Millhaem (BSC56)<br />

Charles W. Monaghan (BSC59)<br />

William L. Nicholas (BSC51)<br />

Marion M. Nobel (MA57)<br />

James D. Noe (BSC50)<br />

Leonard L. O’Hair (BSC59)<br />

Richard J. Petty (BSC57)<br />

Raymond R. Renk (BSC50)<br />

Robert L. Robertson (BSC50)<br />

Barbara A. Rose (BSC56)<br />

Arthur D. Sandvig (BSC51)<br />

Leroy M. Schmidt (BSC57)<br />

Yaro M. Schnoebelen (BSC51)<br />

Alan Skelley (BBA59)<br />

J. Worth Slade (BSC56)<br />

Clarence L. Triplitt (BSC53)<br />

Mike Trueblood (BSC51/MA53)<br />

Ralph W. VanZwol (BSC58)<br />

Joseph U. Venaglia (BSC52)<br />

George A. Vrame (BSC52)<br />

William A. Westerbeck (BSC59)<br />

Robert C. Wolford (BSC51)<br />

1960s<br />

Francis J. Arkfeld (MBA67)<br />

Allan C. Bachman (BBA60)<br />

William C. Barnhart (BBA62)<br />

R. James Becker (BBA64)<br />

Mick Von Bergen (MBA66)<br />

Suzanne B. Britts (BBA68)<br />

Larry C. Bruse (BBA65)<br />

Dean E. Carr (BBA63)<br />

Benjamin R. Cornish (BBA63)<br />

Albert R. Cunningham (BBA63)<br />

Donald K. DeKock (BBA65)<br />

Sidney A. Dykstra (MBA63)<br />

Henry I. Feir (BBA69/MA71)<br />

Lawrence P. Gasho (BBA64)<br />

Richard L. Goldberg (BBA63)<br />

Charles O. Hanson (BBA67)<br />

Steven L. Hartley (BBA66)<br />

Theodore A. Jacobs (MBA66)<br />

Warren L. Jones (BBA68/PhD82)<br />

David J. Kirkpatrick (BBA62)<br />

Jerry L. Kupris (BBA61)<br />

Clark A. Lane (BBA60)<br />

James E. Littlefield (BBA65)<br />

Thomas X. Lucas (BBA67)<br />

Jane G. Riehl (BBA68)<br />

Thomas J. Sheridan (BBA62)<br />

George W. Shidler (BBA67)<br />

Lee Shippy (BBA66)<br />

David C. Simmons (BBA64)<br />

Richard S. Smith (BBA65/MA70)<br />

Imogene J. Streeter (BBA67)<br />

R. Don Taylor (BBA63)<br />

William Terry Trowbridge (BBA61)<br />

Glenn A. VandeLune (BBA61)<br />

James E. Walter (BBA60)<br />

Jerry P. Williams (BBA62)<br />

Marshall W. Young (BBA65)<br />

Charles A. Zuber (BBA61)<br />

1970s<br />

Joseph P. Acker (BBA78)<br />

Robert M. Barnard (BBA70)<br />

Steven A. Jensen (BBA71)<br />

Jack R. Krasuski (BBA74)<br />

David A. Kreiman (MBA70)<br />

Jean B. Mallonee (MA75)<br />

John R. McEwing (BBA71)<br />

Edward W. Peterson (BBA73)<br />

Robert B. Putney (BBA78/MA80)<br />

Lyle A. Ratzel (BBA70)<br />

John E. Rector (BBA71)<br />

Larry J. Reinsma (MBA79)<br />

James A. Schmidt (BBA74)<br />

John G. Schnoebelen (BBA71)<br />

Philip L. Stambaugh (BBA70)<br />

Kenneth F. Whitmore (BBA70)<br />

Jay D. Wortman (MA79)<br />

David D. Zittnan (BBA78)<br />

1980s<br />

Tom G. Bontje (BBA89)<br />

Barbara J. Burmeister (BBA89)<br />

Lisa M. Dalsing (BBA84)<br />

D. James Day (PhD80)<br />

Gregg A. Erwood (BBA82)<br />

Richard K. Gage (BBA82)<br />

Jonathan R. Hansen (BBA88)<br />

Douglas L. Harner (BBA86)<br />

Douglas G. Higgins (MBA89)<br />

Michael A. Jackson (BBA80)<br />

Ranna Kitanidis (MBA85)<br />

Elaine M. Smith (MBA88)<br />

Timothy A. Stanley (BBA82)<br />

Curtis E. Stewart (BBA82)<br />

Herman J. Van Duyne (MBA81)<br />

William L. Van Helten (BBA81)<br />

Gary R. Wiedenfeld (BBA83)<br />

Michael M. Wood (MBA86)<br />

1990s<br />

Scott A. Madison (BBA90)<br />

Douglas D. Memler (MBA91)<br />

Brent J. Perrier (MBA95)<br />

Annette L. Reimer (BBA90)<br />

Craig A. Schmidt (MBA90)<br />

Andrew M. Soden (BBA91)<br />

Laurie J. Zimmerman (BBA95)<br />

2000s<br />

Justin L. Demand (BBA18)<br />


HOW TO<br />

Dustin Godsey (BBA02) | Chief Marketing Officer, Milwaukee Bucks, Milwaukee, Wisconsin<br />

THIS / OR / THAT?<br />





HOT DOG 4 / NACHOS<br />

TALK / LISTEN 5<br />

COFFEE 6 / TEA<br />



HOME / OFFICE 7<br />





LET ME EXPLAIN... (1) Having a plan doesn’t mean being scripted. Knowing where you want to go gives you the<br />

flexibility to improvise along the way. (2) It’s hard to beat the adrenaline <strong>of</strong> a buzzer beater, but in the end, it’s an<br />

individual moment. A shutout takes sustained effort and teamwork. (3) It’s better to light a candle than curse<br />

the darkness. (4) Possibly the perfect food. I don’t care if it is a sandwich or not. (5) Being a marketer means<br />

understanding what your audience wants or needs, which is hard to discover if you never give them a chance<br />

to tell you. (6) My Iowa Hawkeyes c<strong>of</strong>fee mug is never far from reach. (7) Technology is great, but it can never<br />

replicate the communication and collaboration that comes from being together. (8) I’m a writer at heart, and while<br />

I appreciate the efficiency <strong>of</strong> a phone call, I love the ability to carefully choose my words in an email when I really<br />

need to communicate an idea. (9) It’s not what it used to be, but it is still the outlet for my more irreverent side. (10)<br />

While difficult to pick against the all-time scoring champ, I’ve been lucky to be a part <strong>of</strong> the ride with Giannis from<br />

an unknown draft pick to NBA champion.<br />

24 TIPPIE MAGAZINE WINTER <strong>2022</strong>

<strong>Tippie</strong> <strong>Magazine</strong> is published semiannually<br />

for the alumni and friends <strong>of</strong> the University <strong>of</strong> Iowa<br />

<strong>Tippie</strong> <strong>College</strong> <strong>of</strong> <strong>Business</strong>.<br />

DEAN<br />

Amy Krist<strong>of</strong>-Brown<br />



Barbara Thomas (MBA11)<br />



Rebekah Tilley<br />

DESIGN<br />

The Williams McBride Group<br />


Emily Halonen Bratcher<br />

Amanda May (BA05/BFA05)<br />

Tom Snee<br />


Don Dow<br />

Jonathan Chapman<br />

Iowa Brewing Company<br />

Miranda Meyers<br />

Paulius Musteikis<br />

Student Publications Inc.<br />

Justin Torner<br />

University <strong>of</strong> Iowa Libraries<br />

Iowa Women’s Archives<br />

Special Collections<br />


Cheryl Graham<br />

Joel Kimmel<br />


Lesanne Fliehler (MA83)<br />

...one last thing...<br />

“Tucked into the college’s photo archive is a robust<br />

collection <strong>of</strong> photos <strong>of</strong> our Iowa MBA students with<br />

Warren Buffett. I’m always struck by the sense <strong>of</strong><br />

warmth and comradery that come through these<br />

photos, and others that alumni have sent us from<br />

their time studying abroad, rushing the field at<br />

Kinnick, or other images that represent student life<br />

on Iowa’s campus.”<br />

I am always on the hunt for great <strong>Tippie</strong> alumni photos.<br />

Share them with me at tippie.uiowa.edu/update.<br />



Since 1923 the college has maintained<br />

accreditation with the Association to<br />

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<strong>of</strong> race, creed, color, religion, national<br />

origin, age, sex, pregnancy, disability,<br />

genetic information, status as a U.S.<br />

veteran, service in the U.S. military, sexual<br />

orientation, gender identity, associational<br />

preferences, or any other classification<br />

that deprives the person <strong>of</strong> consideration<br />

as an individual. The university also<br />

affirms its commitment to providing<br />

equal opportunities and equal access<br />

to university facilities. For additional<br />

information on nondiscrimination policies,<br />

contact the Director, Office <strong>of</strong> Equal<br />

Opportunity and Diversity, University <strong>of</strong><br />

Iowa, 202 Jessup Hall, Iowa City, IA 52242-<br />

1316, 319-335-0705 (voice), 319-335-0697<br />

(TDD), diversity@uiowa.edu. W001664<br />


108 John Pappajohn <strong>Business</strong> Bldg.<br />

Iowa City IA 52242-1994<br />

tippie.uiowa.edu<br />

old<br />

GOLD<br />

1982<br />


Get the inside story<br />

<strong>of</strong> this Rose Bowl<br />

moment on page 8.<br />

Courtesy <strong>of</strong> Don Dow

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