Tippie Magazine (Fall 2022) - Tippie College of Business

Tippie Magazine, a semiannual publication for alumni and friends of the Tippie College of Business, includes feature stories, alumni updates, and the latest news from the college.

Tippie Magazine, a semiannual publication for alumni and friends of the Tippie College of Business, includes feature stories, alumni updates, and the latest news from the college.


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TIPPIE<br />

FALL <strong>2022</strong><br />

magazine<br />




LET’S GO!<br />

The start <strong>of</strong> the school year has the feel <strong>of</strong> fresh<br />

beginnings. Here in Iowa City the energy on campus<br />

is palpable as the next generation <strong>of</strong> <strong>Tippie</strong> students<br />

step foot on campus. Classes are underway and<br />

Saturdays are spent connecting with fellow Hawkeyes<br />

in and around Kinnick Stadium.<br />

Many <strong>of</strong> you may be feeling that same sense <strong>of</strong> fresh beginnings. Perhaps you recently<br />

changed jobs or made a major career pivot. Maybe you bought a new house (I did!), or<br />

took a long-awaited vacation. You may even have achieved a personal milestone—in<br />

my case I successfully (albeit slowly) completed my half marathon! Maybe you made<br />

the big decision to retire and are discovering new passion projects. Wherever you are<br />

on your journey, the <strong>Tippie</strong> <strong>College</strong> <strong>of</strong> <strong>Business</strong> can be a resource for you.<br />

Our mission to educate doesn’t end when you graduate.<br />

Although Iowa City is where we teach 3,100 undergraduates, we have over<br />

1,600 graduate students in locations across the state and the world. In addition<br />

to traditional students, during the pandemic we developed the <strong>Tippie</strong> Alumni<br />

Webinar Series to bring all alumni and friends access to the expertise <strong>of</strong> our<br />

faculty, staff, and fellow alumni. This free resource is just one <strong>of</strong> many ways we<br />

are working to be an asset in achieving your dreams. You can read more about<br />

this in our cover story on page 10.<br />

In a short period <strong>of</strong> time, we expanded the footprint <strong>of</strong> the <strong>Tippie</strong> <strong>College</strong> to serve<br />

business leaders in almost every county in Iowa, every state across the nation, and<br />

to the far corners <strong>of</strong> the world. Although our reach is broad, we work very hard to<br />

keep the distinctively Iowa combination <strong>of</strong> a connected community with a worldclass<br />

education and opportunities.<br />

Thank you for making us part <strong>of</strong> your journey.<br />

Warmly,<br />

Amy Krist<strong>of</strong>-Brown<br />

Henry B. <strong>Tippie</strong> Dean

4<br />

6<br />

10 16<br />



4<br />

#84 Looks to the NFL<br />

Management major Sam LaPorta applies classroom<br />

knowledge on the field.<br />

2<br />

THE 319<br />

Tax Jeopardy, Shark Tank, the opening <strong>of</strong> the Stanley<br />

Museum <strong>of</strong> Art, U.S. News rankings… and more.<br />

6<br />

Inside (Sales) Job<br />

<strong>Tippie</strong>'s newest lab provides real sales experience for<br />

students and a real benefit for clients.<br />

8<br />


How to Retire Well<br />

It’s about more than just the money.<br />

10<br />

16<br />


Finish this sentence…<br />

A year from now, I want to . Take an hour to learn<br />

from the best business minds in the nation? Launch your own<br />

business? <strong>Tippie</strong> can help you get where you want to go.<br />

Connecting Campus<br />

A business student helped start CAMBUS.<br />

Now 50 years later, the wheels are still turning.<br />

18<br />

28<br />


Hawkeye Pride<br />

Future Hawkeyes, alumni updates, and dressing up<br />

as toothpaste for Halloween.<br />

In Memoriam<br />


Tom Daugherty (BBA07) is creating new value as<br />

CEO <strong>of</strong> Stratus Industries and managing partner <strong>of</strong><br />

Containers Up.<br />

CONNECT WITH US @<strong>Tippie</strong>Iowa <strong>Tippie</strong>Iowa <strong>Tippie</strong> <strong>College</strong> <strong>of</strong> <strong>Business</strong> @<strong>Tippie</strong><strong>College</strong><br />

ON THE COVER Design by Melissa Weber.

the<br />

319<br />

DYK?<br />

319 has been<br />

the Iowa City<br />

area code<br />

since 1947<br />

#23<br />

Best Public Undergraduate<br />

<strong>Business</strong> School in the Nation<br />

(U.S. News & World Report, 2023)<br />

#1<br />


Writing in<br />

the Disciplines<br />

(U.S. News & World Report, 2023)<br />


The Pappajohn <strong>Business</strong> Building courtyard is graced with a<br />

sculpture, “Natural Pearl” by Nigel Hall, thanks to the generosity <strong>of</strong><br />

Dean Emeritus Gary Fethke and Emeritus Pr<strong>of</strong>essor Carol Fethke.<br />

With its strategic focus on graduating<br />

strong business communicators, <strong>Tippie</strong> is a<br />

significant part <strong>of</strong> the university ecosystem<br />

that earned this recognition, which includes<br />

the Judith R. Frank <strong>Business</strong> Communication<br />

Center and the Accounting Writing and<br />

Communication Program. The University <strong>of</strong><br />

Iowa ranked #1 among public universities<br />

for the third year in a row, and is ranked #2<br />

overall, up from #10 the year before.<br />


John Pappajohn Entrepreneurial Center alum Erica Cole (BA19) and<br />

her adaptive clothing company, No Limbits, secured funding from two<br />

investors on the television program Shark Tank. Cole created the<br />

clothing line to increase comfort and style for those with disabilities<br />

after she lost her leg. One <strong>of</strong> her partner companies is Dhakai, founded<br />

by Venture School alum Russel Karim. Read his story on page 13.<br />

2 TIPPIE MAGAZINE FALL <strong>2022</strong>


Stephen Courtright, Henry B. <strong>Tippie</strong> Research Pr<strong>of</strong>essor<br />

<strong>of</strong> Management and Entrepreneurship, has been named one <strong>of</strong><br />

“40 under 40 MBA Pr<strong>of</strong>essors <strong>of</strong> <strong>2022</strong>” by Poets & Quants.<br />

The Stanley Museum<br />

<strong>of</strong> Art Opens<br />


FOR 500, ALEX.”<br />

<strong>Tippie</strong> accounting student teams showed<br />

<strong>of</strong>f their tax knowledge and won real<br />

money at the first annual RSM Tax<br />

Jeopardy competition. RSM colleagues<br />

and <strong>Tippie</strong> alumni Jason Wagner (BBA99)<br />

(pictured) and Joe McCarragher (BBA99)<br />

were the “Alex Trebeks” <strong>of</strong> the event,<br />

complete with game-show host grey wigs<br />

and flashy Hawkeye jackets.<br />

Risk Management<br />

and Insurance<br />

Major Launching<br />

<strong>Fall</strong> 2023<br />

The new major, which will help strengthen<br />

the state’s largest non-agriculture economic<br />

sector, was approved by the Board <strong>of</strong><br />

Regents, State <strong>of</strong> Iowa, on July 27, <strong>2022</strong>.<br />

The brand-new visual arts facility is located<br />

at the corner <strong>of</strong> Burlington and Madison streets,<br />

next to the Main Library.<br />

# 15<br />

BEST<br />

online<br />


(U.S. News & World Report, <strong>2022</strong>)<br />



Working pr<strong>of</strong>essionals across Iowa and the United States can now<br />

earn a Master <strong>of</strong> Science in <strong>Business</strong> Analytics completely online.<br />

The fully online component <strong>of</strong> the degree program was approved by<br />

the Board <strong>of</strong> Regents, State <strong>of</strong> Iowa, on April 7, <strong>2022</strong>.<br />


student<br />


Sam LaPorta<br />

Student, <strong>Tippie</strong> <strong>College</strong> <strong>of</strong> <strong>Business</strong>

#84 LOOKS TO THE NFL<br />


Sam LaPorta didn’t pay much attention to the <strong>2022</strong><br />

NFL draft. He made sure to see friend and fellow Hawkeye<br />

Tyler Linderbaum get taken in the first round and watched<br />

a few other picks on TV. But otherwise, he had too much<br />

end-<strong>of</strong>-semester classwork to watch more than that.<br />

He’ll likely pay closer attention to the draft in 2023. LaPorta is rated as one <strong>of</strong> the top<br />

tight ends in college football this season and analysts say there’s a good chance he’ll hear<br />

his name called next year.<br />

“Everyone who plays football has dreams <strong>of</strong> playing in the NFL and I have to pinch myself<br />

when I think about it,” said the management & entrepreneurship major from Highland, Ill.,<br />

who was the leading receiver on the Hawkeyes’ Big Ten West Division championship team in<br />

2021. He hopes to follow the likes <strong>of</strong> T.J. Hockenson, Noah Fant, and George Kittle (BA16)<br />

as star Hawkeye tight ends now excelling in the pros.<br />

LaPorta said he came to Iowa because it gave him a chance to play at the highest level<br />

and because <strong>Tippie</strong> was a great business school. Although he’s now focused on making the<br />

NFL, he said he’s a practical sort who knows life may have other plans and wants to prepare<br />

for those contingencies with a degree (he’s going to walk in the May 2023 commencement<br />

ceremony; he said his parents will make sure <strong>of</strong> that). His favorite class at <strong>Tippie</strong> has been<br />

Individuals, Teams, and Organizations, first because Assistant Pr<strong>of</strong>essor Daniel Newton is<br />

such an energetic, thoughtful, and engaging teacher who makes the coursework fascinating,<br />

and second because that material helps him understand football on a deeper level.<br />

“A lot <strong>of</strong> what we talk is about is culture, motivation, and teamwork in a business, and those<br />

topics have a lot <strong>of</strong> carryover to football,” he said.<br />

Grateful for his opportunities, LaPorta doesn’t take his football or classroom experience<br />

for granted. He <strong>of</strong>ten works with organizations like Camp Courageous to help children who<br />

don’t have the advantages he’s had, and he’s an enthusiastic participant in The Wave during<br />

every home game.<br />

“The hair on the back <strong>of</strong> my neck still stands up every time,” he said. •<br />

DYK?<br />

Entering his senior season, LaPorta had 95 catches for 1,129 yards and four touchdowns.<br />


program<br />


Inside Sales Lab<br />

6 TIPPIE MAGAZINE FALL <strong>2022</strong>



The new Inside Sales Lab gives students on-the-job sales<br />

experience and clients strong leads and a potential pipeline<br />

for emerging sales talent. Quite simply, it’s a win-win.<br />

Clients receive an economical way to meet their need for specialized sales services like<br />

analyzing and cleaning prospect data, optimizing customer lists, and a team <strong>of</strong> motivated<br />

student interns making carefully crafted calls. Once warm leads are established, they are<br />

handed <strong>of</strong>f to the client’s internal sales team.<br />

“Our commercialization strategy is to continually expand and improve our go-to-market<br />

execution to make image-guided procedures safer,” says Robin Therme (MBA00), president<br />

<strong>of</strong> CIVCO Medical Solutions, a company partnering with the Inside Sales Lab. “Working with<br />

the Inside Sales Lab will help us expand those efforts as well as trial new sales models and<br />

techniques, while strengthening our strategic partnership with the University <strong>of</strong> Iowa.”<br />

With its opening in spring <strong>2022</strong>, the Inside Sales Lab is only the second <strong>of</strong> its kind in the<br />

country and was developed by Associate Dean for the Undergraduate Program Charles Keene,<br />

who started the first lab while at the University <strong>of</strong> Missouri. Another Inside Sales Lab client<br />

is Ceras Health, a Boston-based health care management company. Clients pay $15,000 to<br />

help <strong>of</strong>fset overhead, including student salaries and s<strong>of</strong>tware. In the next year, the college<br />

plans to grow the Inside Sales Lab to six companies employing up to 25 student interns.<br />

While in high school, Albara Khalil (BBA22) (pictured) cut his teeth in sales at Scheels in<br />

Coralville, Iowa. Now he’s building on those skills with hands-on experience in data analysis,<br />

prospecting, and a variety <strong>of</strong> sales cycle processes, industries, and markets. His internship with<br />

the Inside Sales Lab <strong>of</strong>fers him not only a $15 per hour paycheck but academic credit as well.<br />

“The experience I’m gaining is invaluable and will be a standout item on my resume,” says Khalil,<br />

who moved to the United States from Sudan while in high school and became conversant in<br />

English by the time he graduated. “I’ve had a deep dive into customer relationship management<br />

s<strong>of</strong>tware and have honed my skills at meeting customer needs with our clients’ products.” •<br />

the BOTTOM LINE<br />

The Inside Sales Lab is a cost-effective sales solution for start-ups to medium-size businesses.<br />

Start a conversation: tippie.uiowa.edu/InsideSales<br />



brain<br />

ROCK<br />



Everyone knows that you need to have your retirement<br />

accounts in order. But careers don’t just serve financial needs—<br />

they fill our lives with connection, meaning, and purpose.<br />

<strong>Tippie</strong> pr<strong>of</strong>essors Amy Colbert and Erik Lie are here<br />

to help make these two halves a whole whether you’re<br />

ten, five, or just one year away from retirement.<br />

EL The most important decisions should have already been<br />

made—when you started working and contributing to your<br />

retirement accounts. Now just stay calm despite any volatility<br />

in your life or the stock market.<br />

If you plan to take a year <strong>of</strong>f before retirement, this would<br />

be a great time to switch your regular IRA to a Roth IRA for<br />

significant tax savings because your tax bracket could be<br />

quite a bit lower that year you’re not working.<br />

EL My advice differs depending on your situation—<br />

whether you have set aside a lot <strong>of</strong> wealth and can<br />

withstand any sort <strong>of</strong> dip in the stock market or if you<br />

haven’t. If your situation is a bit tighter, you should<br />

really dial down your risk at this point and maybe even<br />

consider things like long-term care insurance if you do<br />

not think you could incur that cost.<br />

HOT<br />

TIP<br />


Erik Lie<br />

Amelia <strong>Tippie</strong> Chair in Finance<br />

HOW<br />

RETIRE<br />

As a rule <strong>of</strong> thumb, I would say don’t buy long-term care<br />

insurance—invest the money instead and you could<br />

potentially grow it to outright pay for these services.<br />

FYI<br />

EL Remember, if you retire at 65, you still have a long investment<br />

horizon. Stay the course and count on a maximum 4% annual<br />

withdrawal from your retirement accounts. And don’t forget to<br />

harvest your losses periodically. My favorite tax loophole is to see<br />

what securities in your portfolio have a net loss for the year—you<br />

can deduct up to $3,000 in losses directly from your income, which<br />

translates to roughly $1,000 in tax savings.<br />

The word loophole originally referred to small slits<br />

in medieval castle walls that let archers fire arrows at<br />

attackers without being vulnerable themselves.<br />

FUN<br />

FACT<br />

8 TIPPIE MAGAZINE FALL <strong>2022</strong>

THE<br />

DATA<br />

AC Think about what you want the closing chapters <strong>of</strong> your<br />

career to look like and become more self-aware <strong>of</strong> what fills<br />

your bucket. What makes you thrive, and feel engaged and satisfied?<br />

Knowing this about yourself will help you plan and intentionally<br />

move toward retirement.<br />

My research shows careers are a major source <strong>of</strong> connection, purpose,<br />

and meaning in life. Retirement is about finding new sources <strong>of</strong> fulfillment.<br />

AC I'm a big fan <strong>of</strong> experimentation. For example,<br />

I never think that a student knows exactly what they<br />

want to do when they graduate, so I encourage them<br />

to do an internship and try different things. It’s similar<br />

with retirement—five years out is a good time to start<br />

experimenting. Does this non-pr<strong>of</strong>it organization board<br />

look interesting to you? What about this volunteer activity?<br />

Is there an opportunity to become more connected in<br />

your neighborhood? Try them out and see what resonates<br />

with you and meets your needs.<br />

TO<br />

WELL<br />


Amy Colbert<br />

Leonard A. Hadley Chair in Leadership<br />

AC This is the time to wrap up projects and hand<br />

<strong>of</strong>f responsibilities. As your work duties wane, you<br />

could dial up your community involvements.<br />

Former doctoral student Bethany Cockburn and<br />

I conducted a study that showed bridge employment,<br />

or taking a job after retirement, is a fairly common<br />

phenomenon. We found this type <strong>of</strong> employment is<br />

a way to feel connected and have a greater sense<br />

<strong>of</strong> purpose and meaning.<br />

DYK?<br />

Some retired pr<strong>of</strong>essionals go on to feel fulfilled working<br />

part-time at preschools or by sharing their expertise<br />

teaching at <strong>Tippie</strong>!<br />

To keep active and engaged mentally, personal<br />

projects—like documenting your family’s genealogy,<br />

joining a book club, or restoring an old Corvette—<br />

are also great ways to focus, find purpose, and organize<br />

your time post-retirement.<br />


No matter which stage <strong>of</strong> life you are in,<br />

<strong>Tippie</strong>’s Life Lessons Webinar Series<br />

will provide you insight.<br />

Lastly, try to have a flexible mindset during this major<br />

life change. One way to encourage this is to expand your<br />

social networks, which might happen naturally if you<br />

move into a retirement community. You’ll be interacting<br />

with people you don’t usually—people who may have a<br />

very different view on life. It’s almost like going away to<br />

college again! •<br />


cover<br />

STORY<br />




If you’re a <strong>Tippie</strong> alum reading this story, you already<br />

know that a <strong>Tippie</strong> <strong>College</strong> <strong>of</strong> <strong>Business</strong> degree helps<br />

start your career on the right foot.<br />

But you may not realize how many ways <strong>Tippie</strong><br />

can fuel the next steps in your career—whether you<br />

need to build a specific set <strong>of</strong> skills quickly after a<br />

promotion, or you’re ready to enter the C-suite or<br />

launch your own business.<br />

10 TIPPIE MAGAZINE FALL <strong>2022</strong>

A number <strong>of</strong> recent changes in the workforce and at<br />

<strong>Tippie</strong> make it more likely than ever that the college<br />

can help you level up in your career, says Dean Amy<br />

Krist<strong>of</strong>-Brown. “Employers are now more likely to<br />

value a wider range <strong>of</strong> degrees and certifications so<br />

that their employees can skill up. Employees want<br />

<strong>of</strong>ferings that are digestible, flexible, and help them<br />

learn what they need to know just in time,” she says.<br />

“We’re ready to be a partner for you as you continue<br />

your learning, no matter where you go in your career.”<br />

Still, the array <strong>of</strong> options can be dizzying. To find<br />

an option that will fit you like a glove, grab a pen and<br />

complete the sentence below. Based on your answer,<br />

we’ll give you the exact roadmap to follow.<br />


Which <strong>of</strong> the options below is most aligned with what you wrote?<br />

Go to the lettered section to read how <strong>Tippie</strong> can help.<br />

A B C D E F G<br />

LEARN<br />

FROM THE<br />

BEST<br />

LAUNCH<br />

MY OWN<br />


ADD<br />

A NEW<br />

SKILL<br />

BUILD<br />


OPEN UP<br />

CAREER<br />


HELP<br />

TEAM<br />

LEVEL UP<br />

MOVE<br />

TO THE<br />

C-SUITE<br />



MODELS<br />

A<br />


Learn from some <strong>of</strong> the best business<br />

minds in the nation—in just an hour.<br />




Learn from <strong>Tippie</strong> experts about today’s trending<br />

topics in free hour-long webinars.<br />



RUSSEL<br />

KARIM<br />


<strong>Tippie</strong> faculty <strong>of</strong>fer webinar presentations on such<br />

issues as the Great Resignation, communication skills,<br />

and tax policy changes between the Trump and Biden<br />

administrations. You can also learn from panel events<br />

that bring together alumni experts on specific topics,<br />

including entrepreneurship and the business <strong>of</strong> sports.<br />

ADDIE<br />

SMITH<br />

The webinars are designed to cover hot topics<br />

while going beyond the basics, says Director <strong>of</strong> Alumni<br />

Engagement Ashley Durham. “It’s a free program, but<br />

we understand that people are still investing an hour <strong>of</strong><br />

their time, so we want to make it worthwhile,” she says.<br />

“I appreciate the <strong>Tippie</strong> webinars because they keep<br />

me informed <strong>of</strong> business issues, management trends,<br />

and tips for experienced pr<strong>of</strong>essionals,” says Spencer<br />

Anderson (BBA09), senior director <strong>of</strong> basketball<br />

analytics for the Indiana Pacers. “<strong>Tippie</strong> careerdevelopment<br />

webinars are a trusted source I have<br />

used successfully in my own life to navigate career<br />

and management challenges, and I encourage all<br />

alumni to explore and utilize this excellent resource.”<br />

Attend webinars live and you can even ask the<br />

presenter your toughest questions. Have a schedule<br />

conflict? You can watch later on the college’s YouTube<br />

channel and browse dozens <strong>of</strong> previous webinars to<br />

find what you need. “We want to be a great resource<br />

for alumni and others to continue their education,”<br />

says Durham.<br />

TONY<br />


MEGAN<br />



BANTA<br />


tippie.uiowa.edu/alumni-webinars<br />


STOWE<br />

12 TIPPIE MAGAZINE FALL <strong>2022</strong>


Launch my own business.<br />



B<br />


The seven-week program helps Iowa<br />

entrepreneurs through the startup process.<br />

Venture School is <strong>of</strong>fered by the John Pappajohn<br />

Entrepreneurial Center at numerous locations<br />

across Iowa each semester (plus a virtual-only<br />

option). Topics include customer discovery,<br />

value proposition testing, and real-world<br />

experimentation. You can tap into a network <strong>of</strong><br />

experienced mentors and get advice and support<br />

from other entrepreneurial-minded participants.<br />


Russel Karim is a two-time Venture School alum.<br />

In 2016, he used the program to build the restaurant<br />

meal delivery service Cedar Valley Food Runner.<br />

The company was acquired by EatStreet in 2019.<br />

Karim went through the program again to<br />

develop Dhakai, a company that connects apparel<br />

manufacturers with private-label fashion brands,<br />

boutiques, and retailers.<br />

Karim credits Venture School for helping him build<br />

a strong and scalable company: Dhakai currently<br />

serves more than 200 brands and has 500 factories<br />

on its platform. He expects to double his team’s size<br />

to 28 in the coming months. “The structure <strong>of</strong> the<br />

program, the accountability, and the mentors have<br />

really contributed not only to the trajectory <strong>of</strong> the<br />

company, but to who I am as a founder,” he says.<br />

Karim also values the community that Venture<br />

School creates for members <strong>of</strong> each cohort.<br />

“Everyone’s going through a similar experience<br />

as you—they’re excited to build a company, they<br />

understand the struggles, they know about<br />

pivoting,” he says. “You’re not alone.”<br />


iowajpec.org/venture-school<br />


Add a new skill to my arsenal.<br />




Pursue a focus in one <strong>of</strong> six distinct areas, including<br />

business analytics, business fundamentals, finance,<br />

C<br />

leadership, marketing, and innovation. The coursework,<br />

typically a four- or five-class sequence, can be completed<br />

in as little as a year. Should you choose to continue<br />

your studies, credits count toward the Iowa MBA.<br />


Addie Smith was working as a dealer integration<br />

lead at the machinery manufacturing company<br />

Vermeer when she decided to upgrade her skills.<br />

“I needed to be thinking about new tools and<br />

technologies for the organization,” she says. “If we<br />

were going to hire data scientists, I needed to know<br />

what they were talking about.”<br />

Unsure she wanted to make a multi-year commitment<br />

to an MBA or master’s in data analytics, she found<br />

<strong>Tippie</strong>’s certificate in business analytics a perfect fit.<br />

The program <strong>of</strong>fered formal training in areas including<br />

database management and visual analytics.<br />

The certificate was just what she needed to move<br />

up in her career: she was recently hired by Wellmark<br />

as a leader for the operations analytics team, a<br />

position she landed in part because <strong>of</strong> her new skills.<br />

“Right now, I have three analysts and a data scientist<br />

reporting to me—and I know how to speak their<br />

language,” she says. And she’s not ready to let up:<br />

she’s applied credits she earned from the certificate<br />

to an even bigger goal: the Iowa MBA.<br />


tippie.uiowa.edu/graduate-certificates<br />



Build expertise in an<br />

emerging industry.<br />




D<br />

E<br />


Supercharge my career opportunities.<br />


IOWA MBA<br />


You’ll take 10 courses on topics including data<br />

science, data visualization, text analytics, and big data<br />

management, then cap it <strong>of</strong>f with an analytics project<br />

solving a real-world business problem. Such skills<br />

are in demand: two out <strong>of</strong> three employers say data<br />

science skills will give a job candidate an edge.<br />


As a leader, Tony Sithonnorath (MBA12/MSBA21)<br />

is a great listener and a thoughtful decision maker.<br />

Still, as the team leader <strong>of</strong> the quality program and<br />

accreditation team at Wellmark, he knew he would<br />

only be able to do his best work with his analytics<br />

colleagues if he understood the field and was<br />

communicating in a way that resonated with them.<br />

He enrolled in <strong>Tippie</strong>’s Master <strong>of</strong> Science in <strong>Business</strong><br />

Analytics program to help him achieve those goals.<br />

“I needed a field <strong>of</strong> study that complemented my<br />

strengths,” he says.<br />

He was soon conversant in SQL, R, Python, and<br />

other programming languages. He loved learning<br />

with other busy but motivated pr<strong>of</strong>essionals who<br />

were eager to improve. And the coursework paid <strong>of</strong>f.<br />

“During analytical conversations, it wasn’t just that<br />

I could hang with my colleagues from a mathematics<br />

and programming perspective, it was also that I was<br />

able to ask better questions and get better responses,”<br />

Sithonnorath says. “I was able to start incorporating<br />

what I learned in the classroom almost as soon as<br />

I started the program.”<br />


tippie.uiowa.edu/masters-business-analytics<br />


From operations and supply chain to strategy<br />

foundations, you’ll open up career opportunities with<br />

skills learned in the part-time Iowa MBA program.<br />

Designed to be completed in as little as two years,<br />

its in-person, online, and hybrid options will fit into<br />

your life and drive results. More than 70 percent<br />

<strong>of</strong> respondents in a recent survey <strong>of</strong> graduates<br />

reported that they received a promotion after<br />

completing their degree.<br />


Megan Gustafson (BBA19) is a beloved Iowa<br />

basketball icon and current member <strong>of</strong> the WNBA’s<br />

Phoenix Mercury, but she knows that she can’t rely<br />

on her athletic skills forever. That’s why she enrolled<br />

in the Iowa MBA program just a year after earning<br />

undergraduate degrees in marketing and finance with<br />

a psychology minor. “I want to prepare for my future as<br />

best as I can, which means deepening my knowledge,<br />

skills, and abilities,” she says.<br />

While she considered a range <strong>of</strong> options and<br />

schools before honing in on the Iowa MBA, the trust<br />

she had in <strong>Tippie</strong>, paired with the online-only option,<br />

made it easy for her to remain a Hawkeye for her<br />

next step. With her extensive travel schedule in the<br />

WNBA as well as a months-long season each year in<br />

Europe, she’s benefited from the personal attention<br />

and flexibility <strong>of</strong> the program’s faculty. She watches<br />

recorded lectures and stays in contact with her<br />

pr<strong>of</strong>essors via email. She also carves out time to do<br />

group work with other pr<strong>of</strong>essionals in the program<br />

who have their own busy schedules.<br />

What’s next? She’s currently exploring a number <strong>of</strong><br />

options—she’s interested in marketing, real estate, and<br />

investment—and feels confident she’ll have a clear path<br />

by the time she graduates. “I’m preparing now for the<br />

day that I actually do have to put the basketball down.”<br />

14 TIPPIE MAGAZINE FALL <strong>2022</strong><br />



F<br />


Help my team level up their skills.<br />




If your organization would benefit from practical<br />

ideas to support team building, leadership, employee<br />

engagement, or diversity and inclusion, <strong>Tippie</strong> is ready<br />

to help with customized programming led by faculty<br />

and other highly regarded <strong>Tippie</strong> experts.<br />


Jennifer Banta is vice president <strong>of</strong> advocacy<br />

and community development at the Iowa City Area<br />

<strong>Business</strong> Partnership (ICABP)—an organization <strong>of</strong><br />

more than 800 businesses in Johnson County. As 2021<br />

came to a close, Banta sensed that local business<br />

leaders were struggling. Pandemic challenges had<br />

taken a toll and she was eager to create programming<br />

that could help these leaders thrive.<br />

She connected with the <strong>Tippie</strong> Leadership<br />

Collaborative’s Stephen Courtright and Allison<br />

Hershberger, who worked with her to craft executivelevel<br />

training for members <strong>of</strong> the organization.<br />

The trio developed powerful content for a year-long<br />

executive leadership program that included sessions<br />

on retaining and recruiting talent, diversity and<br />

inclusion, and workplace well-being. “Reaching out<br />

to the <strong>Tippie</strong> Leadership Collaborative was valuable<br />

because they helped develop customized content in<br />

ways that have been relevant to our business leaders,”<br />

she says. “I don’t think there’s anyone better than<br />

<strong>Tippie</strong> at helping grow leaders.”<br />


tippie.uiowa.edu/tlc<br />


Pave my way to the C-suite.<br />




You’ll join a cohort <strong>of</strong> ambitious, high-achieving<br />

industry leaders to build leadership and change<br />

management skills and benefit from personalized<br />

leadership coaching. In this program, it’s not just about<br />

strengthening skills—it’s about strengthening your<br />

network <strong>of</strong> colleagues who are among the best in their<br />

fields. The in-person and online learning experience<br />

can be completed in 16 months.<br />


Haywood Stowe (MBA19) had made steady career<br />

progress during his 14 years at Procter & Gamble and<br />

his current company, Collins Aerospace.<br />

But he knew that to make the next big jump, he needed<br />

to strengthen a handful <strong>of</strong> key skills. As he researched<br />

his options, <strong>Tippie</strong>’s Executive MBA stood out. “It wasn’t<br />

just the prominence <strong>of</strong> the name,” he says. “It was the<br />

opportunity to build my network, which I knew I could<br />

do with the amount <strong>of</strong> group activity in the program.”<br />

He started the program in 2017 and within days<br />

had gained insights from classmates and faculty who<br />

sharpened his thinking on a specific cost-management<br />

issue he faced in his own job. “I took their challenge<br />

to heart and revised a proposal I was working on,”<br />

he recalls. “[That revised proposal] jumped on the<br />

radar <strong>of</strong> the executives, because they hadn’t thought<br />

about what I was proposing.”<br />

When a site leader role at the company opened up<br />

in 2018, Stowe applied for it and earned the promotion,<br />

even before he’d finished his program at <strong>Tippie</strong>.<br />

He’s since been promoted to associate director <strong>of</strong><br />

operations and credits the program for giving him<br />

the tools and the confidence to continue advancing in<br />

his career. “The Executive MBA program gave me the<br />

courage to say, ‘I’m ready for this,’ ” he says. •<br />


tippie.uiowa.edu/executive-mba<br />

G<br />


alumni<br />


The iconic campus innovation<br />

co-founded by a business student turns 50<br />


C. Douglas Couto (BBA72) was a sophomore at Iowa in 1970 and talking<br />

with fellow members <strong>of</strong> the Associated Residence Halls, a student group<br />

that mostly sponsored dorm events like movies or pizza parties.<br />

This time, he said they wanted to think big.<br />

“Some <strong>of</strong> us thought we should do something more<br />

useful, and we came up with the idea to run a school bus<br />

between the dorms,” Couto said. It would be a quick and<br />

free way for students to get across campus, especially<br />

helpful in nasty weather, so they started running a single<br />

school bus across campus in fall 1970.<br />

routes that stretch as far as the Hawkeye Tennis and<br />

Recreation Complex and the Oakdale Research Park in<br />

Coralville. It employs 160 students who hold driving,<br />

training, dispatching, route planning, support, vehicle<br />

maintenance, and supervisor positions. Only 10 nonstudent<br />

employees work for CAMBUS.<br />

“It was always popular and full beyond capacity,” he said.<br />

With university support, that one-bus brainstorm<br />

would grow into CAMBUS, one <strong>of</strong> the university’s<br />

most enduring symbols that celebrates its 50th<br />

anniversary this year. Today, CAMBUS runs 34 vehicles<br />

and gives more than 3 million rides a year on 14<br />

“We’re proud to be student-operated and having<br />

students in leadership positions making day-to-day<br />

decisions,” said Mia Brunelli (BBA14), operations<br />

manager for CAMBUS. “It gives them an experience<br />

that’s applicable in most any major and is great<br />

on a resume.”<br />

16 TIPPIE MAGAZINE FALL <strong>2022</strong>

1980s<br />

2020s<br />

Brunelli started as a driver for CAMBUS as a<br />

sophomore and moved up through dispatch<br />

and route and schedule design. After working<br />

for transit agencies in South Bend, Ind.,<br />

Ames, and Des Moines, Iowa, she returned to<br />

CAMBUS as operations manager in 2018.<br />

“I like that it’s a big puzzle, trying to get routes<br />

and schedules and everything else to work,”<br />

said Brunelli. “Public transit also provides a<br />

service everyone can benefit from, and it’s an<br />

important part <strong>of</strong> a community.”<br />

Driving a bus provides lots <strong>of</strong> interesting<br />

stories—especially the Friday or Saturday night<br />

shifts. Students who have imbibed heavily<br />

and don’t know where they are. Overheard<br />

uncomfortable cell phone conversations.<br />

Taking several minutes to get up the Jefferson<br />

Street hill during a snowstorm, spinning<br />

your wheels but still nursing the bus along so<br />

masterfully you get a round <strong>of</strong> applause from<br />

passengers when you reach the top <strong>of</strong> the hill.<br />

It also pays well for a student job, has a flexible<br />

schedule, and introduces employees to lots <strong>of</strong><br />

new people, many <strong>of</strong> whom become friends<br />

for life. Kyle Cannon (BBA99) said driving for<br />

CAMBUS also gave him confidence.<br />

“It was empowering,” said Cannon, who still<br />

occasionally has dreams <strong>of</strong> being a passenger<br />

on a bus who steps in to save the day when the<br />

driver has an emergency, à la Sandra Bullock<br />

CAMBUS<br />

STATS<br />

RUNS<br />

34<br />


GIVES<br />

3<br />

million<br />



14<br />

ROUTES<br />


160<br />


DYK?<br />

The<br />

vehicles are<br />

manufactured<br />

by Gillig,<br />

which is<br />

led by CEO<br />

Derek Manus<br />

(BBA99).<br />

in the movie Speed. “You were entrusted with<br />

a significant amount <strong>of</strong> responsibility with all<br />

those people on a quarter-million-dollar bus,”<br />

he said.<br />

For James Hughes (BBA20), it meant a new<br />

career goal. An automobile aficionado, he<br />

planned a marketing career in the auto<br />

industry. But after three-plus years <strong>of</strong> working<br />

for CAMBUS, he opted for a career in transit<br />

planning and policy.<br />

“Driving a bus made me realize there are always<br />

cars, traffic, and pedestrians interacting with<br />

our built environment—and our decisions<br />

affect that,” said Hughes, now studying for his<br />

master’s degree in urban and regional planning.<br />

Couto said what he learned at CAMBUS as<br />

a driver and supervisor played a significant<br />

role in his success in the U.S. Air Force and<br />

as chief information <strong>of</strong>ficer for the Michigan<br />

Department <strong>of</strong> Transportation.<br />

“I learned how to work with people, motivate<br />

them, and align their goals with the<br />

organizational goals,” he said. Scraping ice<br />

<strong>of</strong>f the windshield <strong>of</strong> his bus at 6:00 every<br />

winter morning also taught responsibility.<br />

His experience was so meaningful he helped<br />

establish a scholarship fund for selected<br />

CAMBUS student employees each year.<br />

And the fare is still free. •<br />


hawkeye<br />

PRIDE<br />

2020s<br />

Chenxi Li (BBA20)<br />

is a business analyst with<br />

the American Bear Logistics<br />

Corporation.<br />

Anthony Adams (BBA22)<br />

is an IT recruiter at Infinity Consulting<br />

Solutions in Chicago, Ill.<br />

Haley Arkfeld (BBA20/<br />

MAc21) won a Capstone<br />

Award from the ISCPA for<br />

being a top-four scorer in Iowa<br />

on the 2021 CPA exam.<br />

Hijinio Carreon (MBA20)<br />

was named one <strong>of</strong> Becker’s<br />

Hospital Review’s chief medical<br />

<strong>of</strong>ficers to know.<br />

Amy Chan (BBA21)<br />

is a tech and data (risk and<br />

regulatory) associate consultant<br />

with PwC in Minneapolis,<br />

Minn.<br />

Nicholas Currant (BBA22)<br />

has joined the <strong>Tippie</strong> Young<br />

Alumni Board. He is an<br />

incoming account manager<br />

at Amazon.<br />

Emma Johnson (PharmD22) and her father<br />

Greg Johnson (MBA22) pose in their cap and gown<br />

in front <strong>of</strong> the Old Capitol after both graduating<br />

from the University <strong>of</strong> Iowa in May <strong>2022</strong>.<br />

Anibal Mares Marquez<br />

(BBA20) has joined the<br />

<strong>Tippie</strong> Young Alumni Board.<br />

He is a digital assurance<br />

and transparency associate<br />

at PwC in Dallas, TX.<br />

Kristin Mathis (BBA20)<br />

has joined the <strong>Tippie</strong> Young<br />

Alumni Board. She is the<br />

partnership strategy and activation<br />

coordinator with the<br />

Minnesota Vikings.<br />


Samantha Brisch (BBA20)<br />

is a content marketing analyst<br />

with Mployer Advisor in<br />

Nashville, Tenn.<br />

“I know that my<br />

experience taking<br />

entrepreneurship<br />

courses and my<br />

internship with<br />

the Iowa City Area<br />

Development Group<br />

that I obtained<br />

through Handshake<br />

helped strengthen<br />

my entrepreneurial<br />

mindset, my work<br />

ethic, and shape<br />

where I’m at right<br />

now in my career.”<br />

Elizabeth Dinschel (MBA20)<br />

is the executive director at<br />

the National Mining Hall<br />

<strong>of</strong> Fame and Museum in<br />

Leadville, Colo. She was<br />

previously the archivist and<br />

education specialist at the<br />

Herbert Hoover Presidential<br />

Library and Museum in West<br />

Branch, Iowa.<br />

“She was my motivation to<br />

graduate this spring.”<br />


manufacturing simulation specialist at Altair<br />

Jordan Durst (BBA22)<br />

is a recruitment consultant at<br />

Engtal in Chicago, Ill.<br />

Your Name Here<br />

(BBA/MBA/PhD)<br />

New job?<br />

New grand/baby?<br />

Retirement?<br />

It’s ok to brag a little.<br />

Update your info at:<br />

tippie.uiowa.edu/update<br />

Halley Kirshenbaum (BBA22)<br />

will be attending Roosevelt<br />

University to pursue a Master<br />

<strong>of</strong> Science in Accounting<br />

Forensics.<br />

Parker Ray (BBA21)<br />

is an associate broker with<br />

Darwin Realty/CORFAC International<br />

in Elmhurst, Ill.<br />

Hannah Sellner (BBA22)<br />

is a portfolio operations associate<br />

with Fisher Investments<br />

in Tampa, Fla.<br />

Nathan Vanderheyden<br />

(BBA22) is enrolled in law<br />

school at the University <strong>of</strong><br />

Iowa.<br />

18 TIPPIE MAGAZINE FALL <strong>2022</strong>

CONNECT WITH US @<strong>Tippie</strong>Iowa <strong>Tippie</strong>Iowa <strong>Tippie</strong> <strong>College</strong> <strong>of</strong> <strong>Business</strong> @<strong>Tippie</strong><strong>College</strong><br />

2010s<br />

Benjamin Busch (BBA14)<br />

is an account director at Shift7<br />

Digital in Austin, Texas.<br />


Brea Harms (MBA12)<br />

was recognized as<br />

the John Deere 2020<br />

Region 4 D&I Leader<br />

Award winner. She has<br />

been with John Deere<br />

for more than 18 years,<br />

most recently as a division<br />

customer support<br />

manager in the construction<br />

& forestry division.<br />

<strong>2022</strong><br />


<strong>of</strong> the year<br />

Patrick Cornally (BBA12)<br />

joined Värde Partners Inc. as a<br />

director on its capital markets<br />

team in New York, N.Y.<br />

Tara From (MBA11)<br />

is the first U.S. board chair<br />

for Give A Mile, an organization<br />

started in Canada that<br />

provides flights to connect<br />

hospice patients with their<br />

families for the gift <strong>of</strong> a final<br />

goodbye. Flights are mostly<br />

funded with donated airline<br />

and credit card miles. From<br />

has grown the board to 12<br />

people, helped establish a<br />

partnership with United Airlines,<br />

and raised more than<br />

$10,000 in startup funds.<br />

“We all need to<br />

be the change<br />

we want to see<br />

in the world...<br />

people can see<br />

it, feel it, and<br />

are grateful<br />

for it.”<br />

Dustyn Curran (MBA18)<br />

was named to the <strong>2022</strong> Des<br />

Moines <strong>Business</strong> Record 40<br />

under 40 list. Curran is a development<br />

manager at Ryan<br />

Companies U.S., Inc.<br />

Isaac Doucette (BBA12)<br />

became an ordained priest. He<br />

previously worked in finance<br />

at Northwestern Mutual and<br />

Transamerica.<br />

Austen Fiala (BBA11)<br />

was named vice president<br />

and investment portfolio<br />

manager for the U.S. Bank<br />

Private Wealth Management<br />

Team in Iowa City, Iowa. Fiala<br />

is also currently pursuing his<br />

MBA at <strong>Tippie</strong>.<br />

Fredrick Galoso (BBA12/<br />

BA13), a principal engineer at<br />

Atlassian, has been awarded<br />

a patent for his work on the<br />

application <strong>of</strong> statistical methods<br />

for A/B testing and user<br />

interface optimization.<br />

Connor Gronski (BBA19)<br />

has joined the <strong>Tippie</strong> Young<br />

Alumni Board. Gronski is<br />

a strategy and operations<br />

associate at Sunbit in Los<br />

Angeles, Calif.<br />

Jesse Hall (BBA16)<br />

successfully completed<br />

the Certified Financial Planner<br />

exam. He is a wealth<br />

management associate at<br />

Morgan Stanley in Peoria, Ill.<br />

Michael Karsa (BBA12)<br />

was named a Forbes 2021<br />

500 Top Next-Gen Wealth<br />

Advisor. Karsa ranked at<br />

number 269, up from 484. He<br />

is a senior managing director<br />

at Lido Advisors in Chicago, Ill.<br />

John (JD) Klopfenstein<br />

(BBA18) has joined the <strong>Tippie</strong><br />

Young Alumni Board. He is a<br />

financial advisor in the Iowa<br />

City-Cedar Rapids, Iowa, area.<br />


Rachel Langholz<br />

(BBA17)<br />

Rachel Langholz was<br />

named the <strong>2022</strong> <strong>Tippie</strong><br />

Young Alum <strong>of</strong> the<br />

Year. Langholz shows<br />

her commitment to the<br />

college by serving on<br />

the Young Alumni Board<br />

and Finance Advisory<br />

Council, along with<br />

speaking in classes<br />

and supporting the<br />

newly formed <strong>Tippie</strong><br />

Consulting Club. She is<br />

a consultant for Deloitte<br />

Consulting in Denver,<br />

Colo., and is currently<br />

pursuing her MBA at<br />

Northwestern’s Kellogg<br />

School <strong>of</strong> Management.<br />


Janice Ellig<br />

(BBA68)<br />

Janice Ellig was<br />

named the <strong>2022</strong> <strong>Tippie</strong><br />

Alum <strong>of</strong> the Year in<br />

recognition <strong>of</strong> her<br />

service to the college.<br />

She has spoken to<br />

classes, been a panelist<br />

and an advisor to the<br />

dean, hosted events,<br />

and served as board<br />

chair for the University<br />

<strong>of</strong> Iowa Center<br />

for Advancement.<br />

Pr<strong>of</strong>essionally, she<br />

is CEO <strong>of</strong> the Ellig<br />

Group, a premier global<br />

executive search firm<br />

in New York, N.Y.<br />

Ashley Fitzpatrick (BBA18)<br />

is a human resources representative<br />

at Community Bank<br />

& Trust in Muscatine, Iowa.<br />


HAWKEYE memories<br />

Submit your photos to:<br />

tippie.uiowa.edu/update<br />


2000s<br />

Matt Moran (BBA18)<br />

has joined the <strong>Tippie</strong> Young<br />

Alumni Board. He is a financial<br />

advisor associate at Morgan<br />

Stanley Wealth Management<br />

in Davenport, Iowa.<br />

Michael Sugg (BBA19)<br />

is a staff solution engineer at<br />

Oracle in Chicago, Ill., with a<br />

focus on ERP financials.<br />

Stacy Barenz (BBA01)<br />

was promoted to cashier and<br />

<strong>of</strong>ficer at Citizen First Bank in<br />

Clinton, Iowa.<br />

Anna Marshall (BBA16/<br />

MAc17) is a senior accounting<br />

analyst at CC Industries in<br />

Chicago, Ill.<br />

Adam Maske (BBA11)<br />

moved back to eastern Iowa in<br />

March 2020 after eight years<br />

in Chicago working as a financial<br />

analyst, business strategy<br />

consultant, and head <strong>of</strong> data<br />

analytics for two wealth management<br />

firms. He is now<br />

with Morgan Stanley in Cedar<br />

Rapids, Iowa, as a financial<br />

advisor. He became a CFA<br />

charter holder in July 2021.<br />

“It’s not a work<br />

update … or is it?<br />

Might catch me<br />

in an upcoming<br />

live performance<br />

<strong>of</strong> Encanto one<br />

<strong>of</strong> these days<br />

(working with my<br />

colleagues to get<br />

an in at Disney).<br />

Thank you to the<br />

many folks who’ve<br />

mentioned the<br />

resemblance—<br />

I finally saw it<br />

and agree. Also,<br />

for 30 years the<br />

closest thing I had<br />

to seeing myself<br />

in a kids’ movie<br />

was Jasmine from<br />

Aladdin. Whew! I<br />

cried at how much<br />

Mirabel looked,<br />

sounded, and even<br />

acted like me.”<br />

Anthony Nelson (BBA18)<br />

is an outside linebacker with<br />

the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.<br />

Nelson, a <strong>Tippie</strong> accounting<br />

alum and Waukee, Iowa,<br />

native, was picked up by the<br />

Bucs in the 2019 NFL draft.<br />

Anna Noll (BBA18)<br />

has joined the <strong>Tippie</strong> Young<br />

Alumni Board. She is the<br />

assistant brand manager at<br />

the T. Marzetti Company.<br />

Jenna Pokorny (BBA19)<br />

has joined the <strong>Tippie</strong> Young<br />

Alumni Board. She is a<br />

compliance analyst at Principal<br />

Global Investors in Des<br />

Moines, Iowa.<br />

Lucy Vargo (BBA12)<br />

took a new role as director <strong>of</strong><br />

talent acquisition, operations,<br />

and reporting at GroupM.<br />

Aaron Warner (MBA15)<br />

was named the Corridor<br />

<strong>Business</strong> Journal’s <strong>2022</strong><br />

Entrepreneur <strong>of</strong> the Year. He<br />

is the CEO at ProCircular, a<br />

cybersecurity and IT services<br />

firm in Iowa City, Iowa.<br />

Brian Beckett (BBA06/<br />

MBA13) was named Kum &<br />

Go’s chief financial <strong>of</strong>ficer.<br />

Beckett most recently was<br />

vice president <strong>of</strong> finance<br />

and treasurer at Vertex<br />

S<strong>of</strong>tware, a cloud-based<br />

3D visualization company<br />

based in Ames, Iowa.<br />

TIPPIE<br />


BOARD<br />

Shalini Campbell (BBA04)<br />

has joined the <strong>Tippie</strong> Advisory<br />

Board. She is a managing<br />

director at BMO Capital Markets<br />

in Chicago, Ill.<br />

Maggie M. McClelland<br />

(BBA15) was named to the<br />

<strong>2022</strong> Des Moines <strong>Business</strong><br />

Record 40 Under 40 list. She<br />

is the director at ICON Water<br />

Trails in Des Moines, Iowa.<br />

20 TIPPIE MAGAZINE FALL <strong>2022</strong><br />

Sukriti Nayer (BBA12),<br />

Global Partnerships<br />

and <strong>Business</strong><br />

Development, Google<br />

Grant Shriver (BBA18)<br />

was named the CEO <strong>of</strong> NFL<br />

quarterback Tom Brady’s new<br />

wellness company, TB12.<br />

Austin Weaver (MBA19/<br />

JD19) was hired as corporate<br />

counsel with Intersport<br />

based in Chicago, Ill.<br />

John Eggum (BBA05/BA05/<br />

JD08) was elevated to shareholder<br />

at the law firm Foran<br />

Glennon. Eggum has been a<br />

partner at their Chicago, Ill.,<br />

<strong>of</strong>fice since 2017.

Becca Clark (BBA09) is the director <strong>of</strong> undergraduate<br />

studies for the University <strong>of</strong> Iowa’s American Sign<br />

Language (ASL) Program and a lecturer for the course<br />

“Deaf Gain: Reframing Deaf People, Cultures, and<br />

Languages.” She began her exploration <strong>of</strong> ASL and<br />

Deaf culture to communicate with Deaf friends as a<br />

marketing student at the <strong>Tippie</strong> <strong>College</strong> <strong>of</strong> <strong>Business</strong>.<br />

“I am now working on research<br />

on American Sign Language in<br />

advertising, so my interest in<br />

marketing is still present!”<br />

HAWKEYE memories<br />

14 YEARS AGO<br />

HAWKEYE memories<br />

21 YEARS AGO<br />

November 2001:<br />

the dome <strong>of</strong><br />

the Old Capitol<br />

caught fire during<br />

renovations.<br />

The blaze<br />

destroyed the<br />

cupola, dome,<br />

and bell, but was<br />

contained by a<br />

firewall built in<br />

the 1920s.<br />

Sarah Nauman (BBA09)<br />

and her husband Josh<br />

Nauman (BBA08) welcomed<br />

a baby boy named Oliver in<br />

April 2021.<br />

April Oliver (BBA02)<br />

was named to a Forbes bestin-state<br />

wealth advisors list.<br />

She is a partner and certified<br />

financial planner for Catalyst<br />

Financial Group <strong>of</strong> Ameriprise<br />

Advisors in Charlotte, N.C.<br />

Nicole Olson (BBA05/JD08)<br />

and her husband welcomed<br />

their fourth child, Ruby Louise,<br />

on September 23, 2021.<br />

On Nov. 8, 2008, Mad Money with Jim Cramer<br />

visited campus as part <strong>of</strong> its<br />

“Mad Money Back to School Tour.”<br />

Ben Fagerlind (BBA02)<br />

moved from Los Angeles,<br />

Calif., to Seattle, Wash., in<br />

August 2021. He is a certified<br />

private wealth advisor with J.P.<br />

Morgan Wealth Management.<br />

Joel Fortney (BBA01) and<br />

Daniel Jerrett (BBA02)<br />

have co-founded Stategy<br />

Capital , a global multi-asset<br />

alternative investment<br />

management firm, and<br />

launched the Stategy Global<br />

Macro Fund LP in Denver,<br />

Colo. Fortney was previously<br />

a portfolio manager at Principal<br />

Global Investors and<br />

Jerrett was a macroeconomist<br />

at Putman Investments<br />

and consultant to the investment<br />

management industry.<br />

Jason Gordon (BA03)<br />

is a partner at Reed Smith<br />

in the Entertainment &<br />

Media Industry Group and<br />

the co-chair <strong>of</strong> the firm’s<br />

Jewish Inclusion Committee.<br />

He counsels clients<br />

in new, disruptive, and<br />

emerging technologies,<br />

including the metaverse, AI,<br />

AR and VR, and NFTs. Gordon<br />

was named a 2021 Leading<br />

Lawyer by Law Bulletin Media<br />

and was appointed to the<br />

Commercialization <strong>of</strong> Brands<br />

Committee by the International<br />

Trademark Association<br />

for the <strong>2022</strong>-23 term.<br />

Martin (“MJ”) D. McNulty Jr.<br />

(BBA00) was named chief<br />

operating <strong>of</strong>ficer and head <strong>of</strong><br />

M&A at the Acacia Research<br />

Corporation.<br />

Daniel L. Poland (MBA03)<br />

was appointed executive vice<br />

president and chief supply<br />

chain <strong>of</strong>ficer <strong>of</strong> the Campbell<br />

Soup Company.<br />

Mallory Polito (BBA07/<br />

MBA12) is vice president <strong>of</strong><br />

sales at Allsteel.<br />


OH baby!<br />


Tom Drake (BBA10) and his<br />

wife Kathy (Haddad) Drake<br />

(BA13) met at Iowa and now<br />

have two future Hawkeyes—<br />

Jackson (2) and Addison<br />

(6 months).<br />

Diane Hawkinson Morain<br />

(BA70) (John Hawkinson’s<br />

daughter) feeds John’s<br />

great-granddaughter Gabrielle<br />

(Gabby) Morain Rubino<br />

in her Future Hawkinson<br />

Scholar bib.<br />

Dan Smith (BBA12/MAc13)<br />

welcomed son Max Arthur<br />

Smith on March 3, <strong>2022</strong>.<br />

Rachel Haaland Watson<br />

(MBA15) and Bradley (Chris)<br />

Watson II welcomed baby<br />

Maeve Elliana Watson into<br />

their family on September<br />

29, 2021.<br />

Ryan Shaw (BBA05)<br />

was named to The Courier’s<br />

2021 20 Under 40 awards list.<br />

He is a partner at Financial<br />

Resource Advisors in Waterloo,<br />

Iowa. He is also on the<br />

board <strong>of</strong> directors <strong>of</strong> the Cedar<br />

Valley Sports Commission and<br />

on the financial committee <strong>of</strong><br />

the Boys and Girls Clubs <strong>of</strong> the<br />

Cedar Valley.<br />

Elisha Smiley (BBA01/<br />

MAc02) is a pastry chef and<br />

instructor at the Culinary Institute<br />

<strong>of</strong> America-Greystone<br />

in the Napa Valley. Her study<br />

abroad experience in Dijon,<br />

France, sparked her interest in<br />

food and led to her career shift.<br />

Mollie Greenlund (BBA08)<br />

and her husband Neal had a<br />

baby girl, Isabel, on August 9,<br />

2021. She was 8 lb., 7 oz. and<br />

was 20.5 inches long.<br />

Alyssa Borst Nielsen<br />

(BBA12/MBA19) and her<br />

husband Ryan Nielsen<br />

(BBA09/MBA20) had a baby<br />

girl—Mara Lou Nielsen—on<br />

March 4, 2021.<br />

Nils Thorson (BBA13)<br />

and his wife Olivia welcomed<br />

Ruby Loen Thorson into their<br />

family on October 30, 2021.<br />

Alysa Younkin, who is<br />

currently pursuing an MBA<br />

degree at <strong>Tippie</strong>, welcomed<br />

son Rowan Kai Younkin.<br />

Matthew J. Smith (BBA01)<br />

was appointed CFO <strong>of</strong> Stronghold<br />

Digital Mining, a vertically<br />

integrated Bitcoin mining<br />

company with an emphasis<br />

on environmentally beneficial<br />

operations.<br />

Is there a new baby<br />

in your life? Send us<br />

an update and we’ll<br />

send you a bib!<br />

tippie.uiowa.edu/update<br />

Jeffrey White (BBA01)<br />

is district manager at Snowflake–The<br />

Data Cloud in the<br />

greater Chicago, Ill., area.<br />

Chuck Hickman (BBA74/<br />

MA75) shared this photo<br />

<strong>of</strong> his grandson, Hayden<br />

Broussard, at age two and a<br />

half.<br />

Laura Semprini (BBA10)<br />

and her husband Jason welcomed<br />

baby Lola.<br />

Liz Underwood (BBA09)<br />

and Brian Underwood<br />

(BBA10) welcomed baby<br />

Bruce into their family on<br />

August 25, 2021.<br />

22 TIPPIE MAGAZINE FALL <strong>2022</strong>

1990s<br />

Katherine Bader Courtney<br />

(BBA97) was named to the<br />

Top 100 Women Leaders in<br />

Finance list by Women We<br />

Admire. She is currently the<br />

COO <strong>of</strong> GreenState Credit<br />

Union in North Liberty, Iowa.<br />

TIPPIE<br />


BOARD<br />

Marci Chickering (MBA94)<br />

has joined the <strong>Tippie</strong> Advisory<br />

Board. She is the<br />

executive vice president<br />

and chief human resources<br />

<strong>of</strong>ficer at Wellmark Blue<br />

Cross and Blue Shield in Des<br />

Moines, Iowa.<br />

Donna Cooper (BBA92)<br />

is the COO <strong>of</strong> Dully Health and<br />

Care. She was named a <strong>2022</strong><br />

Notable Executive <strong>of</strong> Color in<br />

Health Care by Crain’s Chicago<br />

<strong>Business</strong>.<br />

Drew Dennison (BBA99)<br />

is the managing director <strong>of</strong><br />

Lightchain Capital, which<br />

invests in early-stage life<br />

sciences and s<strong>of</strong>tware companies.<br />

He is the former COO<br />

and CFO at Scottrade Financial<br />

Services Inc., where he<br />

led the company’s operations,<br />

technology, finance,<br />

and strategic planning functions<br />

and managed the sale<br />

and merging <strong>of</strong> Scottrade to<br />

TD Ameritrade in 2017. Dennison<br />

has been married to<br />

Amber (Ericksen) Dennison<br />

(BBA98) for 23 years. They<br />

have five children.<br />

Andreas Diantoro (BBA90)<br />

won best CEO in the enterprise<br />

application s<strong>of</strong>tware category<br />

at the Indonesia Best 50 CEO<br />

Awards <strong>2022</strong> by The Iconomics.<br />

Diantoro is a managing<br />

director at SAP in Jakarta,<br />

Indonesia. He is a former managing<br />

director <strong>of</strong> HP and Dell<br />

Asia, and the former president<br />

<strong>of</strong> Micros<strong>of</strong>t Indonesia.<br />

Jeremy Gosch (BBA97)<br />

was named president and<br />

COO <strong>of</strong> Hy-Vee. He began at<br />

the company in 1995 as a<br />

part-time clerk at a store in<br />

Coralville, Iowa.<br />

Deniz Johnson (MBA93)<br />

was recognized as one <strong>of</strong><br />

the “Standout45” global fintech<br />

leaders by Innovate<br />

Finance in the U.K. She was<br />

also selected as an Inspiring<br />

FinTech Female Leader<br />

<strong>of</strong> 2021 by NYC FinTech<br />

Women. Johnson is COO at<br />

Stratyfy, c<strong>of</strong>ounder <strong>of</strong> Boston<br />

Women in FinTech and Financial<br />

Services, and an adjunct<br />

pr<strong>of</strong>essor at Northeastern<br />

University in Boston, Mass.<br />

Jenny McGarry (BBA99)<br />

received the Outstanding<br />

Committee Chair Award from<br />

the ISCPA.<br />

Megan McKay (BBA99/<br />

MBA05), owner <strong>of</strong> Peace<br />

Tree Brewing Company, was<br />

named one <strong>of</strong> the 40 Women<br />

to Watch in Iowa’s hospitality<br />

industry by the Iowa Restaurant<br />

Association.<br />

Shelly Mott (BBA91)<br />

is the executive director <strong>of</strong><br />

development and planned<br />

giving at the Hoover Presidential<br />

Foundation.<br />

Garrett Olson (BBA96)<br />

is vice president <strong>of</strong> financial<br />

planning and analysis for<br />

Tyson Foods in Chicago, Ill.<br />

Tiffani Shaw (BBA92)<br />

is the chief <strong>of</strong> staff at Clarivate.<br />

She reports to Jerre Stead<br />

(BBA65), the executive chairman<br />

and CEO <strong>of</strong> Clarivate.<br />

Shaw was previously the<br />

University <strong>of</strong> Iowa Center for<br />

Advancement’s executive vice<br />

president and COO.<br />

Suzanne Yoon (BA98)<br />

was named one <strong>of</strong> Chicago’s<br />

Most Powerful Women<br />

<strong>of</strong> <strong>2022</strong> by Better magazine.<br />

Yoon is the founder <strong>of</strong> Kinzie<br />

Partners, a private equity firm.<br />

Mandy Zaransky-Hurst<br />

(BBA99) is now senior vice<br />

president <strong>of</strong> marketing, communications,<br />

and business<br />

development for the Institute<br />

<strong>of</strong> Food Technologists<br />

in Chicago, Ill.<br />

Tom Galvin (MBA95)<br />

was appointed the new chief<br />

technology <strong>of</strong>ficer at Evolon<br />

Technology Inc.<br />


1980s<br />

HAWKEYE memories<br />

40 YEARS AGO<br />

The Riverfest<br />

River Run<br />

was part <strong>of</strong> a<br />

comprehensive<br />

list <strong>of</strong> spring<br />

weekend<br />

activities<br />

including live<br />

music, a kissing<br />

booth, and<br />

a kite flying<br />

contest.<br />

University <strong>of</strong> Iowa<br />

Hawkeye yearbook, 1982.<br />

Amy Johnson (BBA89/<br />

MA90) retired as global head<br />

<strong>of</strong> operations from Columbia<br />

Threadneedle Investments,<br />

a division <strong>of</strong> Ameriprise Financial<br />

Inc. She has since been<br />

elected as independent director<br />

<strong>of</strong> the Federal Home Loan<br />

Bank <strong>of</strong> Des Moines, Iowa.<br />

2021<br />


award<br />

TIPPIE<br />


BOARD<br />

John A. Benson (BBA80/<br />

JD90) operates Core Community<br />

Credit Services,<br />

providing independent loan<br />

review services to Iowabased<br />

community banks.<br />

Kathy M. Diemar (BBA89)<br />

is the owner/operator <strong>of</strong><br />

Johnny B. Good’s Diner in<br />

Steamboat Springs, Colo.<br />

Colorado Gov. Jared Polis<br />

proclaimed May 28 as<br />

Johnny B. Good’s Diner Day<br />

as a tribute to the shining<br />

example <strong>of</strong> business innovation<br />

during COVID-19 to keep<br />

Colorado’s economy moving<br />

and its customers safe.<br />

Myron Hammes (BBA81)<br />

accepted a position on the<br />

Human Services Campus<br />

board <strong>of</strong> directors. The<br />

Human Services Campus is a<br />

collaborative agency that provides<br />

resources to individuals<br />

experiencing homelessness in<br />

Maricopa County, Ariz.<br />

Rex Jones (BBA86),<br />

owner and president <strong>of</strong> On<br />

Demand HR, continues to<br />

grow a consulting firm focusing<br />

on providing fractional HR<br />

services to small/mid-sized<br />

businesses.<br />

TIPPIE<br />


BOARD<br />

Tom Kloet (BBA80)<br />

is chairman <strong>of</strong> the board <strong>of</strong><br />

the Nasdaq Stock Market. He<br />

is an emeritus member <strong>of</strong> the<br />

<strong>Tippie</strong> Advisory Board.<br />

Jeffrey Lorenger<br />

(BBA87/JD91/MBA01)<br />

Lorenger and the leadership team <strong>of</strong> HNI was awarded<br />

the 2021 Oscar C. Schmidt <strong>Business</strong> Leadership<br />

Award. He is president and CEO <strong>of</strong> HNI and a member<br />

<strong>of</strong> the <strong>Tippie</strong> Advisory Board. Established in 1980,<br />

this award recognizes individuals and companies for<br />

their economic contribution to the state <strong>of</strong> Iowa.<br />

S.P. Kothari (PhD86)<br />

received the <strong>2022</strong> Distinguished<br />

Ph.D. Alumni Award<br />

from the <strong>Tippie</strong> <strong>College</strong> <strong>of</strong><br />

<strong>Business</strong> for his accomplishments<br />

and impact on industry.<br />

Kothari is the Gordon Y. Billard<br />

Pr<strong>of</strong>essor <strong>of</strong> Accounting and<br />

Finance at the Sloan School<br />

<strong>of</strong> Management at Massachusetts<br />

Institute <strong>of</strong> Technology<br />

and is the former chief economist<br />

and director <strong>of</strong> the<br />

Division <strong>of</strong> Economic and Risk<br />

Analysis at the U.S. Securities<br />

and Exchange Commission.<br />

Michael Luthy (MBA87)<br />

has retired as pr<strong>of</strong>essor <strong>of</strong><br />

marketing from Bellarmine<br />

University in Louisville, Ky.,<br />

after serving the institution<br />

for 23 years. Luthy received<br />

several honors during his<br />

tenure, including being<br />

named a Wilson Wyatt<br />

Fellow and earned two Fulbright<br />

Scholar awards. Prior<br />

to his academic career, he<br />

was a bank examiner for the<br />

Office <strong>of</strong> the Comptroller <strong>of</strong><br />

the Currency and worked in<br />

marketing and finance for<br />

the Oscar Mayer Foods Corporation.<br />

24 TIPPIE MAGAZINE FALL <strong>2022</strong>

1970s<br />

1960s<br />

HAWKEYE memories<br />

50 YEARS AGO<br />

TIPPIE<br />


BOARD<br />

A.K. Parameswaran (MBA89)<br />

holds an executive management<br />

position in India’s<br />

agriculture industry. He<br />

also participates in college<br />

fairs that attract students<br />

from India to Iowa City<br />

through both the UI Office<br />

<strong>of</strong> Admissions and the U.S.<br />

Consulate in India.<br />

Halloween on campus<br />

rarely fails to provoke a smile.<br />

University <strong>of</strong> Iowa Hawkeye yearbook, 1972.<br />

Doug McKeen (BBA78)<br />

was appointed senior vice<br />

president <strong>of</strong> labor relations<br />

at Atlas Air. He is an member<br />

<strong>of</strong> the <strong>Tippie</strong> Advisory Board.<br />


Gary Lewis (BBA64)<br />

<strong>of</strong> Cape Coral, Fla., recently<br />

received the American Numismatic<br />

Association Medal <strong>of</strong><br />

Merit at the ANA 131st Annual<br />

Convention in Rosemont, Ill.<br />


@<strong>Tippie</strong>Iowa<br />

<strong>Tippie</strong>Iowa<br />

<strong>Tippie</strong> <strong>College</strong> <strong>of</strong> <strong>Business</strong><br />

Kim Rucker (BBA89)<br />

was appointed to the HP Inc.<br />

board <strong>of</strong> directors. Rucker<br />

is the former executive vice<br />

president, general counsel,<br />

and secretary <strong>of</strong> Andeavor,<br />

which was acquired by Marathon<br />

Petroleum in 2018. Prior<br />

to joining Andeavor, Rucker<br />

was executive vice president<br />

<strong>of</strong> Kraft Foods Group Inc. and<br />

senior vice president <strong>of</strong> Avon<br />

Products Inc.<br />

Peggy Trevino (BBA82)<br />

received the <strong>2022</strong> Distinguished<br />

Service Award from<br />

the ISCPA.<br />

James Anderson (BBA72)<br />

is a member <strong>of</strong> the board <strong>of</strong><br />

directors <strong>of</strong> Lionheart Acquisition<br />

Corp., a blank-check<br />

company that accomplished<br />

a business combination with<br />

MSP Recovery in one <strong>of</strong> the<br />

largest SPAC transactions<br />

to date.<br />

TIPPIE<br />


BOARD<br />

Jeff Chapman (BBA79)<br />

has joined the <strong>Tippie</strong> Advisory<br />

Board. Chapman is a partner<br />

at Gibson Dunn law firm in<br />

Dallas, Texas.<br />

TIPPIE<br />


BOARD<br />

Jack Evans (MBA72)<br />

was honored with a Coe <strong>College</strong><br />

Founders’ Medal. Evans<br />

received his bachelor’s degree<br />

from Coe in 1970. He is currently<br />

chairman <strong>of</strong> the board<br />

<strong>of</strong> the Hall-Perrine Foundation<br />

and is an emeritus member <strong>of</strong><br />

the <strong>Tippie</strong> Advisory Board.<br />

John Fyfe (MBA78)<br />

retired from his position as<br />

the executive director <strong>of</strong> information<br />

technology for the<br />

<strong>College</strong> <strong>of</strong> <strong>Business</strong> Administration<br />

at the University <strong>of</strong><br />

Illinois Chicago.<br />

TIPPIE<br />


BOARD<br />

Tanner Krause has joined<br />

the <strong>Tippie</strong> Advisory Board.<br />

He is the CEO <strong>of</strong> Kum & Go<br />

in Des Moines, Iowa.<br />

@<strong>Tippie</strong><strong>College</strong><br />

EDITOR’S NOTE: Alumni<br />

updates are submitted by<br />

alumni and are not verified<br />

by the editor. While we<br />

welcome alumni news,<br />

<strong>Tippie</strong> <strong>Magazine</strong> is not<br />

responsible for the information<br />

contained in these<br />

submissions.<br />


in<br />


Mary Louise Pappajohn<br />

October 6, 1933—March 17, <strong>2022</strong><br />

Mary Pappajohn—along with her husband, John Pappajohn<br />

(BSC52/LHD10)—was committed to spreading art and opportunity.<br />

Born in Minneapolis in 1933, Mary graduated from the University<br />

<strong>of</strong> Minnesota with a bachelor’s degree in home economics and a<br />

passion for art that would last a lifetime.<br />

After marrying John in 1961, Mary used her expertise to build<br />

their personal art collection, for which they were recognized for<br />

15 consecutive years as among ARTNews <strong>Magazine</strong>’s Top 200<br />

Art Collectors. Their outdoor sculpture collection was eventually<br />

made public with the establishment <strong>of</strong> the John and Mary<br />

Pappajohn Sculpture Park in Des Moines, Iowa. Mary was also<br />

heavily involved in board leadership roles with art galleries and<br />

organizations across the country, including at the Des Moines<br />

Art Center, Walker Art Center, Kennedy Center for the Performing<br />

Arts, Whitney Museum, and the National Gallery <strong>of</strong> Art.<br />

Mary’s other philanthropic focus was higher education.<br />

She and her husband donated generously to the University<br />

<strong>of</strong> Iowa including the John Pappajohn <strong>Business</strong> Building.<br />

Their philanthropy established one <strong>of</strong> five statewide John<br />

Pappajohn Entrepreneurial Centers, the John and Mary<br />

Pappajohn Biomedical Institute, John and Mary Pappajohn<br />

Clinical Cancer Center, and the Des Moines-based John and<br />

Mary Pappajohn Education Center—home to the college’s<br />

Des Moines graduate programming—among many other gifts.<br />

Mary was highly regarded for her philanthropy and dedication<br />

to the art community during her life, earning awards such as<br />

State <strong>of</strong> Iowa Philanthropist <strong>of</strong> the Year and National Philanthropist<br />

<strong>of</strong> the Year for the Arts.<br />

Duane E. Thompson<br />

November 8, 1931—January 13, <strong>2022</strong><br />

Associate Dean for the Undergraduate<br />

Program, 1987—1995<br />

Jason G. Trout (BA01)<br />

June 15, 1978—November 25, 2021<br />

John Pappajohn Entrepreneurial<br />

Center Alumni Board member,<br />

2011—2017<br />

John Pappajohn Entrepreneurial<br />

Center Advisory Council member,<br />

2017—2019<br />

26 TIPPIE MAGAZINE FALL <strong>2022</strong>

1940s<br />

Melvin L. Allison (BSC49)<br />

Glen H. Asmus (BSC48)<br />

Joe G. Ayres (BSC48)<br />

Kenneth M. Braymen (BSC49)<br />

Gordon K. C. Chen (BS46/<br />

BSC47/MA50/PhD56)<br />

William C. Duster (BSC48)<br />

Rolland A. Franzen (BSC44)<br />

James F. Frazier (BSC42)<br />

James M. Gee (BSC47)<br />

Roger C. Hausen (BSC49)<br />

Eve Marie Hendrickson (BSC47)<br />

Stanley R. Hill (BSC49)<br />

Howard B. Lee (BS41/MA49)<br />

R. P. Livingston (BSC42)<br />

Mildred O. Lupton (BSC42)<br />

John H. McGill (BSC49)<br />

Everett William Munsell (BSC49)<br />

Mildred M. Murray (BSC45)<br />

Jaclyn F. Phinney (BSC49)<br />

Maurice L. Rose (BSC49)<br />

Burton John Rutz (BSC49)<br />

Richard W. Smith (BSC48)<br />

Carolyn M. Stephens (BSC48)<br />

Ruth L. Streed (BSC40)<br />

John M. Taylor (BSC47)<br />

Henry B. <strong>Tippie</strong> (BSC49)<br />

Arthur Vinall (BSC40)<br />

William W. Wells (BSC46)<br />

George S. Wilson (BSC49)<br />

Donald C. Wright (BSC48/MA49)<br />

1950s<br />

Fredrick W. Aistrope (BSC53)<br />

Donald K. Asby (BSC52)<br />

Thomas R. Aschom (BSC57)<br />

George W. Baehr (BSC53)<br />

James R. Beasmore (BSC59)<br />

Edward E. Beaty (BSC50)<br />

Henry J. Bolhuis (BSC58)<br />

D. Dean Bolick (BSC55)<br />

Janice H. Boswell (BSC59)<br />

Jack H. Bradley (BSC59)<br />

Andrew P. Buntz (BSC52)<br />

John E. Calvert (MA52)<br />

David N. Carstensen (BSC52)<br />

Gladys T. Carter (MA52)<br />

Daryl L. Carter (BSC54)<br />

Charles M. Cavanagh (BSC56)<br />

Martin D. Christensen (BSC56)<br />

Jack L. Collison (BSC58)<br />

John H. Comer (BSC59)<br />

John M. Dinges (BSC57)<br />

Frederick R. Dowden (BSC56)<br />

H. Frank Eisele (BSC51)<br />

Dale W. Euchner (BSC57)<br />

Earl D. Evans (BSC56)<br />

Charles R. Farris (BSC56)<br />

Robert T. Fluent (BSC59)<br />

Howard O. Fosse (BSC51)<br />

Alvin A. Fosse (BSC51)<br />

Jasper D. Frye (BSC56)<br />

Vernon J. Gericke (BSC54)<br />

Richard H. Glasman (BSC54)<br />

Alan Gross (BSC59)<br />

Dwight J. Haarup (BSC57)<br />

David F. Halbach (BSC58)<br />

Donald E. Hartvigsen (BSC54)<br />

William C. Hettrick (BSC51/MA56)<br />

Jack P. Hoag (BSC57/MA58)<br />

Marvin J. Van Houten (BA57/MA65)<br />

Edward T. Imh<strong>of</strong>f (BSC53)<br />

Robert L. Keefer (BSC53)<br />

George B. Keister (BSC51)<br />

Garland J. Kircher (BSC50)<br />

Albert F. Krall (BSC55)<br />

William H. Long (BSC59)<br />

John W. Mackin (BSC56)<br />

Joe De Maria (BSC52)<br />

James B. McNeal (BSC50)<br />

Richard P. Means (BSC56)<br />

David L. Miller (BSC54)<br />

Henry E. Mohr (BSC55)<br />

Kenneth A. Mounce (BSC50)<br />

Michael Mulroney (BSC54)<br />

Victor F. Naxera (BSC57)<br />

F. Gerald Nilles (BSC50)<br />

Robert E. Nye (BSC53)<br />

Richard T. Peldo (BSC57)<br />

John D. Peterson (BSC50)<br />

Mary Lou Pollpeter (BSC58)<br />

Robert W. Rasdal (BSC50)<br />

Larry T. Reida (BSC58)<br />

Howard W. Riley (BSC51)<br />

Donald E. Sievers (BSC58)<br />

Robert C. Sneckenberger (BSC51)<br />

John F. Sullivan (BSC50)<br />

James M. Urice (BSC51)<br />

David B. Vetter (BSC58)<br />

Carl R. Wenholz (BSC52)<br />

William J. Wentzel (BBA59)<br />

Denny R. Whisler (BSC55)<br />

Robert D. Williams (BSC58)<br />

Robert S. Williamson (BSC50)<br />

Jack A. Wright (BSC50)<br />

Roland M. Wright (BA51/MA54/PhD62)<br />

James B. Wright (BSC56)<br />

Merrill L. Wunder (BSC59/MBA72)<br />

Paul A. Zimmerman (BSC54)<br />

Carroll F. Zuber (BSC59)<br />

1960s<br />

Roger A. Armstrong (BBA68)<br />

LaVerne A. Arp (BBA66)<br />

William E. Balik (BBA65)<br />

Raymond W. Beemer (BBA68)<br />

Lerold W. Blaskey (BBA60)<br />

Jon J. Broers (BBA68)<br />

Richard C. Clauson (BBA61)<br />

Lawrence R. Clore (BBA66)<br />

Shirley A. Connor (BBA63)<br />

Jo Anne Atkinson Cooper (BBA64)<br />

Raymond B. Cooper (BBA66)<br />

Gary F. Dailey (BBA61)<br />

Charles L. Davisson (BA63/MA67)<br />

Richard N. Engman (BBA64/MBA75)<br />

Lyle L. Feld (BBA67/MBA69)<br />

Carol A. Fleagle (BBA69)<br />

Richard J. Grek<strong>of</strong>f (BBA68)<br />

Dallas P. Hogan (BBA65)<br />

Terry L. House (BBA68)<br />

Charles W. Hultman (PhD60)<br />

Michael W. Jackson (BBA68)<br />

Brian H. Johnson (MBA62)<br />

Charles E. Kelley (BBA63)<br />

Kermit D. Larson (BBA62/MBA63)<br />

David L. Luense (BBA69)<br />

James R. Maurice (BBA63/BBA66/MBA68)<br />

W. D. McCausland (BBA69)<br />

Marianne Morton (BBA69)<br />

Don L. Pertl (BBA62)<br />

Willard J. Plotkin (BBA62)<br />

Robert D. Romine (BBA66)<br />

David S. Rossate (BBA61)<br />

Mary E. Shafer (BBA66)<br />

Garlyn J. Siders (BBA68)<br />

Randall H. Siemsen (BBA68/MA71)<br />

William G. Skea (BBA68)<br />

Herbert L. Sohl (BBA62)<br />

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John F. Uitermarkt (BBA63)<br />

Willard W. Will (BBA65)<br />

Glenn G. Wright (BBA65)<br />

Dal C. Zierk (BA64/MBA67)<br />

1970s<br />

John D. Allen (BBA75/MBA76)<br />

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Dennis L. Baker (BBA71/MA73)<br />

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William G. Campbell (BBA76)<br />

Jeffrey R. Chicoine (MBA70/MA80)<br />

Robert E. Cissne (BBA71)<br />

Janice L. Darby (BBA79)<br />

Ronald C. Dickson (BBA73)<br />

Jay W. Donaldson (MBA79)<br />

C. Frederick Eisele (PhD71)<br />

Douglas D. Eland (MBA71)<br />

Russel K. Farrow (MBA72)<br />

Thomas E. Hahn (BBA72)<br />

Larry D. Hern (MBA77/MA82)<br />

Rachel A. Holmquist (BBA78)<br />

William H. Hughes (BBA74)<br />

Paul H. Kaune (BBA71)<br />

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Constance L. Leimkuehler (BBA77)<br />

J. Mark Lemon (BBA77)<br />

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Bill Lynch (BBA77)<br />

Randall J. Marcoot (BBA70/MBA72)<br />

Dennis A. Mekemson (BBA73)<br />

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Tana P. Parrish (BBA74)<br />

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1980s<br />

Greg S. Azeltine (BBA81)<br />

Thomas B. Boston (BBA84)<br />

Donald I. Brobston (BBA82)<br />

David E. Brogla (BBA83)<br />

Daniel J. Churchill (MBA89)<br />

Joseph Droessler (BBA85/MA86)<br />

Christine L. Eiten (BBA86)<br />

Mark W. Fransdal (BBA82)<br />

Douglas E. Gray (BBA81)<br />

Mark A. Kendall (BBA85)<br />

Dallas L. Kibbe (MBA88)<br />

George E. Leonard (MBA84)<br />

John F. O’Connor (BBA86)<br />

Scott D. Otten (BBA85)<br />

Thomas G. Poholsky (BBA89/MBA91)<br />

James E. Poore (BBA89)<br />

Annette M. Pride (BBA81)<br />

Robert G. Schweizer (BBA85/MBA86)<br />

Michael G. Shafer (BBA81)<br />

Lori A. Snodgrass (BBA85/MBA96)<br />

Friedrich Weber (MBA80)<br />

Diane E. Weiss (BBA82)<br />

Douglas J. Westholm (BBA86)<br />

Terry Lee Youngblood (MBA84)<br />

1990s<br />

Lori B. Kirkpatrick (MBA92)<br />

Erik E. Marshall (BBA93)<br />

Christopher Montag (MBA90)<br />

Latisha Nixon (MBA95)<br />

Heather A. Pollard (BBA90)<br />

Kristin R. Sekasetz (BBA99)<br />

John M. Snitko (BBA98)<br />

Somkong Vong (BBA90)<br />

2000s<br />

Patrick J. Ball (MBA03)<br />

Kevin T. Colschen (BA09)<br />

Todd M. Farrell (BBA02)<br />

Adam M. Jay (BBA01)<br />

Nicole A. Jones (BBA02/MA14)<br />

Patrick J. McFarland (BBA02)<br />

Jonathan M. Schroeder (BBA01)<br />

Megan Setaro (BBA03)<br />


HOW TO<br />

Tom Daugherty (BBA07) | CEO, Stratus Industries & Managing Partner, Containers Up, Milwaukee, Wisconsin<br />

THIS / OR / THAT?<br />






TALK / LISTEN 6<br />

LAKE 7 / RIVER<br />



HOME / OFFICE 10<br />




LET ME EXPLAIN... (1) As much fun as it is to think that we just do everything without systems, being organized and<br />

having a plan is the only way it really gets done. (2) You get to be more creative when you upcycle. (3) Optimist<br />

through and through! Life is too short to be a pessimist. (4) What’s better than cash? (5) Team is the name <strong>of</strong> the<br />

game. We could not get anything done without a great group <strong>of</strong> people around. The more people you get to know,<br />

the better your team becomes. (6) The best way to learn. (7) Summers in Wisconsin wouldn’t be the same without<br />

spending weekends “up north” at the lake. (8) If you can’t figure it out in the short term, you won’t be around long<br />

enough to worry about the long term. (9) You can get more done with one 10-minute phone call than over 10 emails.<br />

(10) A group solving problems and having an open discussion is SO much faster and more valuable in person.<br />

(11) Extremely valuable as a networking tool. (12) Once you have the right information and the right people working<br />

on a problem, it all gets simple. (13) If the news is really bad, they would have found a way to get ahold <strong>of</strong> you.<br />

28 TIPPIE MAGAZINE FALL <strong>2022</strong>

<strong>Tippie</strong> <strong>Magazine</strong> is published semiannually<br />

for the alumni and friends <strong>of</strong> the University <strong>of</strong> Iowa<br />

<strong>Tippie</strong> <strong>College</strong> <strong>of</strong> <strong>Business</strong>.<br />

DEAN<br />

Amy Krist<strong>of</strong>-Brown<br />



Barbara Thomas (MBA11)<br />



Rebekah Tilley<br />


Amanda May (BA05/BFA05)<br />

DESIGN<br />

The Williams McBride Group<br />


Emily Halonen Bratcher<br />

Amanda May (BA05/BFA05)<br />

Erin Peterson<br />

Tom Snee<br />

Rebekah Tilley<br />


Jon Allegretto<br />

Paulius Musteikis<br />

Miranda Meyer<br />

Brian Ray (BA02) | Hawkeye Sports<br />

Tim Schoon | University <strong>of</strong> Iowa<br />

Student Publications, Inc.<br />

Justin Torner | University <strong>of</strong> Iowa<br />

University <strong>of</strong> Iowa Libraries<br />

Special Collections<br />


Joel Kimmel<br />


Lesanne Fliehler (MA83)<br />


Since 1923 the college has maintained<br />

accreditation with the Association to<br />

Advance Collegiate Schools <strong>of</strong> <strong>Business</strong>.<br />

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All rights reserved.<br />

...one last thing...<br />

“One detail that didn’t make it into the Sam LaPorta<br />

story… Sam was a freshman when he took the field<br />

for the first time as a Hawkeye, against the Miami <strong>of</strong><br />

Ohio RedHawks. The thrill <strong>of</strong> playing big-time college<br />

football. The band and the cheerleaders and the 69,000<br />

screaming Hawkeye fans in Kinnick Stadium.<br />

LaPorta remembers none <strong>of</strong> it.<br />

The moment got the better <strong>of</strong> him.<br />

“I blacked out,” he said.<br />

—TOM SNEE<br />

The University <strong>of</strong> Iowa prohibits<br />

discrimination in employment, educational<br />

programs, and activities on the basis <strong>of</strong> race,<br />

creed, color, religion, national origin, age, sex,<br />

pregnancy, disability, genetic information,<br />

status as a U.S. veteran, service in the U.S.<br />

military, sexual orientation, gender identity,<br />

associational preferences, or any other<br />

classification that deprives the person <strong>of</strong><br />

consideration as an individual. The university<br />

also affirms its commitment to providing<br />

equal opportunities and equal access to<br />

university facilities. For additional information<br />

on nondiscrimination policies, contact the<br />

Director, Office <strong>of</strong> Institutional Equity, the<br />

University <strong>of</strong> Iowa, 202 Jessup Hall, Iowa City,<br />

IA 52242-1316, 319-335-0705,<br />

oie-ui@uiowa.edu. W006070<br />


108 John Pappajohn <strong>Business</strong> Bldg.<br />

Iowa City IA 52242-1994<br />

tippie.uiowa.edu<br />

old<br />

GOLD<br />

1985<br />

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Celebrate 50 years<br />

<strong>of</strong> making it up<br />

the Jefferson Street<br />

hill on page 16.<br />

1985 Hawkeye yearbook photo

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