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Was it really . . .?

. . . 100 YEARS AGO on 5 January 1922 that Sir Ernest

Shackleton, the Irish-born British Antarctic explorer,

died of a heart attack in South Georgia. He had led three

British expeditions to the Antarctic.

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100 years ago in

The Parish Magazine

. . . 80 YEARS AGO on 29 January 1942 the BBC Radio

Show Desert Island Discs was first broadcast. It is

Britain’s longest running radio show, and the world’s

longest running weekly factual radio programme.

November 2014: Theresa May was Kirsty Young's guest on Desert

Island Discs, which this month celebrates 80 years of broadcasts

. . . 70 YEARS AGO on 1 January 1947 that the UK’s

coal industry was nationalised when the Coal Industry

Nationalisation Act 1946 came into effect. The industry

was run by the National Coal Board. It was renamed the

British Coal Corporation in 1987 and was subsequently


. . . 70 YEARS AGO on 1 January 1952 that the nuclear

reactors at Windscale (now Sellafield) in Cumbria began

producing enriched plutonium for use in Britain’s first

atomic bomb.

. . . 50 YEARS AGO from 9 January to 28 February 1972

that British miners staged a major strike over pay. This led

to power shortages, and a state of emergency was declared

on 9 February. The miners returned to work when the

National Union of Mineworkers accepted an improved pay


. . . 50 YEARS AGO on 20 January 1972 that the number

of unemployed people in the UK passed one million for

the first time.

. . . 25 YEARS AGO on 15 January 1997 that Princess

Diana walked through a minefield in Angola, visited

victims, and called for an international ban on landmines.

. . . 20 YEARS AGO on 31 January 2002, that the Larsen

B Ice Shelf in Antarctica began to collapse. The whole

3,265 sq. km structure disintegrated over the next 35 days.

. . . 5 YEARS AGO in January 2017 that The Parish

Magazine announced the final fund raising effort for The

Ark. It was officially opened 5 months later.

THE MAGAZINE (January 1922)

Backed by the Parochial Church Council to the extent of £20

for the year, the Magazine appears again.

Most people think that it would be badly missed if it were

discontinued, but if it is to go on from year to year our friends

must understand that it is not as yet anything like selfsupporting

and must rely very much upon the goodwill and

generosity of the parish.

Therefore, if some who have not sent their subscription

wish to help our issue, will they reconsider and send at least

their 2/6 to Mrs Gould at the Telephone Office and then they

will have the Magazine delivered free to them every month of

the present year ?

There is another way in which many can help and that is by

favouring our advertisers.

The advertisements go a long way to help the cost of the

Magazine. But to keep our old friends and to attract new ones

we must make it worth while for firms to advertise. We have

lost more than one advertisement on the plea that we cannot

trace a single order to our advertisement in the Sonning


Let us, when we have opportunity, give an order to a firm

that advertises with us and let it know that we give the order

for that reason.

We are open to receive new advertisements at any time.

The charge is only 60/- for a whole page for a whole year; and

smaller spaces in proportion.

How times have changed? See page 25!

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