21st edition

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ISSUE 21 Feb 2022<br />


CAS Project Challenge<br />

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Box of Joy<br />

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Zero Carbon Building<br />

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Climate Change Guest Speaker<br />

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Year 1 Art Projects<br />

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Chinese Debate<br />

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Mock Trials<br />

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AI Formula Edge Competition <br />

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Thank you Cards<br />

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Winter Olympics Press Conference<br />

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Alumni News<br />

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And many more

Founding Principal’s Words<br />

校 ⻑ 的 話<br />

Community Engagement <br />

As a school community, we seek to raise consciousness of our social responsibility to the wider communities<br />

that we’re an integral part of. Our students are encouraged to consider themselves as full members of their<br />

local, national and global communities. Membership of these communities carries rights and responsibilities,<br />

and our students graduate from CKY with a keen awareness of their sense of duty towards their broader<br />

community. We cultivate active citizenship and Community Engagement among our students. We aspire for<br />

students to be not only aware and knowledgeable of the social ills and challenges confronted by our<br />

neighbours locally, nationally and globally. Far from shaping a generation of armchair spectators, our<br />

emphasis on well-rounded character development engenders a spirit of active community service among<br />

students who are compassionate and engaged in tackling some of the problems facing society. <br />

This <strong>edition</strong> of the CKY Newsletter pays tribute to some of the many ways in which our students are making a<br />

positive wider impact outside of our school community. Our students benefit from various opportunities to<br />

actively learn about environmental sustainability and how they can help in practical ways to reduce their<br />

carbon footprint. Competitions, field trips and guest speaker sessions bring these key issues to life and leave<br />

a lasting impression on our students’ personal values.<br />

With many of our wonderfully supportive parent volunteers

Wishing you good health, peace and happiness in the Year of the Tiger!<br />

With two of our former students at an<br />

alumni sharing<br />

Our students’ are engaged in volunteering work through<br />

community service, while preparing and delivering Boxes of Joy<br />

to neighbours in our community who are less privileged, as well<br />

as CAS experiences where our IB students are of active service<br />

to local NGOs and charities. By engaging in service to their<br />

wider local communities, our students become reflective and<br />

active citizens who understand their place in society and their<br />

duty towards building a better world. <br />

As usual, this <strong>edition</strong> of the CKY Newsletter is packed<br />

with news and updates across our Primary and Secondary<br />

sections, which reflect a thriving school community full of life,<br />

vigour and vibrancy. Despite the latest move to full-day online<br />

learning that we are now all too accustomed to, our wide array of<br />

extra-curricular activities, some of which are featured in this<br />

<strong>edition</strong>, highlight our school’s enduring vision to realise the<br />

unique potential of every child by providing a joyful education<br />

that is rich in opportunity, variety and care. As always, we are<br />

ever thankful to our devoted parents and teachers for their<br />

tireless support and close cooperation in achieving our<br />

educational mission. <br />

We wish you and your family an abundance of good health, joy<br />

and prosperity in the Chinese New Year of the Tiger!<br />

Our Primary children in special dress for the<br />

Halloween Party<br />

Dr. LAU, Siu-Ling<br />

Founding Principal

Sarah Tseung 12D<br />

It’s funny how we throw around<br />

big words such as “climate action”<br />

and “waste reduction” like it’s<br />

nothing. Most of us in the CKY<br />

community are educated and<br />

aware of the environmental crisis<br />

in Hong Kong, but we are too<br />

preoccupied with exams and<br />

school to be mindful of how we<br />

actively worsen the issue. It is not<br />

an eccentric, un-cool thing to<br />

connect with nature. Rather, it is<br />

problematic that we pay so little<br />

attention to our surroundings.<br />

With this in mind, our CAS project<br />

group chose environmental<br />

conservation as our area of<br />

engagement during challenge<br />

week. To appreciate what others<br />

have done to improve our<br />

environment, we paid a visit to<br />

Wetland Park and Kadoorie Farm,<br />

where we participated in native<br />

tree conservation and learnt about<br />

wetland wildlife. Although many of<br />

us have visited these places early<br />

in our childhoods, we seemed to<br />

YEAR 12<br />

forget about them and their<br />

significance as we grew up: which<br />

is why it was a much-needed<br />

reminder of what we will lose if we<br />

do not take responsibility for our<br />

surroundings.<br />

Then we decided to contribute our<br />

efforts to resolve this issue, by<br />

engaging in trail cleaning at Lion<br />

Rock with the Conservancy<br />

Association, and beach cleaning<br />

at Lung Kwu Tan and Lung Ha<br />

Wan. The conditions of those<br />

locations were simply shocking:<br />

we even began calling Lung Ha<br />

Wan “styrofoam beach” from the<br />

styrofoam particles blanketed<br />

across the sand. At Lung Kwu Tan<br />

we picked up around 20 large<br />

sacks of rope, fishing line, bottle<br />

caps, cigarettes and plastic<br />

straws, although the beach looked<br />

spotless from a distance (except<br />

for the suspiciously black sand,<br />

which turned out to be from<br />

pollution). This begs the question,<br />

why does nature have to shoulder<br />


the consequences of our actions?<br />

A lot of the rubbish we saw on the<br />

trails were discarded there<br />

deliberately (toilet paper balls on<br />

trees, bags of leftover soft drinks<br />

etc.), so why didn’t our community<br />

take the extra small step to place<br />

their litter into a trash can? It was<br />

something that we couldn’t make<br />

sense of.<br />

At the end of the week, we met up<br />

with Ecodrive, an organisation that<br />

taught us the importance of<br />

reducing the consumption of<br />

plastics, an approach to reducing<br />

waste that is far more efficient<br />

than recycling. Drinking one less<br />

cup of boba tea per week could<br />

mean reducing up to 5 pieces of<br />

non-biodegradable plastics. And if<br />

every citizen in Hong Kong made<br />

an effort to order 1 less drink…<br />

which is why we believe climate<br />

and environmental action is a<br />

community effort, but always<br />

starts with the individual.<br />

Tutoring Thai ethnic minority students at Blessing<br />

Thai Church, Kowloon City in order to understand<br />

the barriers they face to accessing education and<br />

support their progress in Chinese and English<br />

Learning about the actions of Save the Children,<br />

Hong Kong in order to better understand what<br />

can be done to support vulnerable children in<br />

Hong Kong and internationally<br />

Page 2

Y 12 Social innovation<br />

Ge#ng hands-on experience of roo3op farming with<br />

Roo3op Republic.<br />

Y12 Poverty & human rights<br />

Participating in a workshop by Alchemist<br />

Creations about upcycling waste materials<br />

Hunger and Waste Not with Food<br />

Angel with love to prepare hot meals<br />

Organising generous donations from<br />

CKY community for the homeless<br />

Y12 animal welfare<br />

Interacting with rescued puppies and understanding how a small<br />

animal charity functions on a day-to-day basis with Catherine’s<br />

Puppies and Pets Central Sai Kung.<br />

Volunteering at Villa Kunterbunt, a local shelter in Miu Wo<br />

and learning from a resident veterinarian who taught our<br />

students the common features to look out for when<br />

inspecting a dog’s health.<br />

Page 3

Y12 environment conservation<br />

Interacting with rescued puppies and understanding how a small<br />

animal cEcoDrive presentation at our school where we were educated<br />

on sustainability and the ethics and consequences of our actions,<br />

such as irresponsible waste disposal habits leading to huge amounts<br />

of plastic waste collecting in the oceans<br />

Sorting out and weighing the trash that we collected at Lung<br />

Ha Wan Beach - almost 100kg was collected in a day.<br />

Y12 Culture & ethnic exposure<br />

interviewing the owner of the<br />

traditional cane water shop in Central <br />

witnessing the process of making Hong Kong's traditional<br />

peanut candy from a professional local resident<br />

Y12 physical exp<strong>edition</strong><br />

Student attending the MTB training at<br />

school<br />

Wall climbing challenge<br />

The real mountain biking trail in Tai<br />

Mo Shan<br />

Page 4

YEAR 11<br />

今 年 , 我 們 學 校 的 CAS( 創 意 、 活 動 和 服 務 ) 挑 戰 週 , 我 們 組 的 服 務 對 象 主 要 是 流 浪 的 貓 和 狗 。 我 們 希 望 透<br />

過 這 ⼀ 個 星 期 更 深 ⼊ 地 了 解 流 浪 貓 狗 的 現 狀 , 以 及 如 何 去 幫 助 他 們 。 我 們 的 計 畫 是 分 別 探 訪 兩 間 機 構 ,HKSCDA<br />

(⾹ 港 拯 救 貓 狗 協 會 ) 以 及 HKSFF, 在 過 程 之 中 我 們 會 照 顧 貓 狗 的 起 居 飲 ⻝, 整 理 他 們 的 居 住 環 境 , 甚 ⾄ 會 與 他 們<br />

進 ⾏ 互 動 , 與 貓 狗 玩 耍 和 散 步 。<br />

⼀ 開 始 , 我 的 ⼼ 情 ⼗ 分 忐 忑 。⼀⽅⾯ 我 從 來 沒 接 觸 過 流 浪 貓 狗 , 不 太 清 楚 他 們 與 寵 物 貓 狗 的 區 別 ; 另 ⼀⽅⾯ 是<br />

我 鮮 少 照 顧 貓 狗 的 ⽇ 常 ⽣ 活 , 擔 ⼼ 在 過 程 中 出 現 任 何 的 差 錯 。 在 與 流 浪 貓 狗 的 相 處 之 後 , 我 發 覺 他 們 和 普 通 寵 物 貓<br />

狗 其 實 沒 有 什 麼 差 別 , 差 別 是 在 於 流 浪 貓 狗 的 ⾃ 我 保 護 意 識 很 ⾼, 在 ⾯ 對 陌 ⽣⼈ 的 時 候 更 有 侵 略 性 。 也 許 是 因 為 牠<br />

們 或 多 或 少 曾 經 被 主 ⼈ 棄 養 , 對 ⼈ 類 產 ⽣ 了 警 覺 和 提 防 。<br />

有 ⼀ 次 , 我 嘗 試 幫 ⼀ 隻 流 浪 貓 清 理 籠 ⼦ 時 , 當 我 打 開 籠 ⾨ 時 牠 ⽴ 刻 攻 擊 我 , 甚 ⾄ 露 出 ⾃⼰ 的 獠 ⽛,⾯ 露 兇 氣 ,<br />

當 下 我 嚇 得 不 輕 , 頓 時 懷 疑 ⾃⼰ 是 否 哪 個 步 驟 做 錯 了 。 事 後 , 我 ⽴ 刻 去 找 了 貓 舍 負 責 ⼈, 她 說 明 這 隻 貓 因 為 最 近 才<br />

剛 被 主 ⼈ 遺 棄 在 街 頭 ,⼀ 時 之 間 接 受 不 了 被 遺 棄 的 事 實 , 所 以 「 來 者 皆 拒 」。 當 下 , 我 才 了 解 原 來 是 這 麼 ⼀ 回 事 。<br />

不 僅 於 此 , 令 我 印 象 最 深 刻 的 地 ⽅,⽽ 當 我 和 貓 舍 負 責 ⼈ 回 去 打 算 清 理 ⼩ 貓 的 籠 ⼦ 時 ,⼩ 貓 卻 ⾃⼰ 站 在 籠 ⼦ 的 上<br />

⽅, 倚 靠 著 窗 邊 , 望 向 窗 外 。 負 責 ⼈ 說 :「 牠 應 該 是 在 想 念 曾 擁 有 過 的 家 吧 , 仍 舊 以 為 主 ⼈ 會 帶 牠 回 家 。」 那 ⼀<br />

刻 , 我 才 深 刻 地 體 會 到 : 流 浪 動 物 其 實 都 和 我 們 ⼀ 樣 , 渴 望 被 愛 , 希 望 得 到 他 ⼈ 的 關 懷 , 追 求 著 ⼀ 個 屬 於 ⾃⼰ 的<br />

家 。 傷 ⼼, 憤 怒 , 思 念 ⋯⋯ 這 些 都 是 牠 們 也 擁 有 的 情 緒 , 難 道 就 因 為 牠 們 是 貓 或 狗 就 失 去 被 愛 的 權 利 ?<br />

這 次 的 CAS 體 驗 , 帶 來 給 我 最 ⼤ 的 啟 發 是 「 以 ⽣ 命 影 響 ⽣ 命 」, 與 流 浪 貓 狗 相 處 的 經 歷 , 給 予 了 我 ⼀ 個 反 思 ⾃<br />

⼰ 的 契 機 , 也 使 我 了 每 個 ⼈ 都 應 承 擔 起 責 任 。 正 是 這 些 毫 無 責 任 ⼼ 的 主 ⼈, 才 將 寵 物 託 付 予 的 信 任 付 諸 於 流 ⽔。 在<br />

同 情 和 幫 助 流 浪 動 物 的 同 時 , 我 希 望 更 多 ⼈ 能 明 ⽩ 養 寵 物 的 責 任 , 養 育 寵 物 跟 養 育 孩 ⼦ 都 是 ⼀ 樣 的 ,⼤ 家 應 該 尊 重<br />

每 ⼀ 個 獨 ⽴ 的 ⽣ 命 。<br />

Taku Leung 11C<br />

Y11 animal welfare<br />

We learned the goals of HKSCDA and helped them with<br />

their daily operations such as cleaning the cages,<br />

preparing food for around 60 stray cats’ and interacting<br />

with some of the dogs and cats.<br />

Y11 culture & ethnic exposure<br />

We helped SKSF to clean their dorm, prepare food, and walked nearly 150<br />

dogs. In addition, we helped SKSF to flatten out the foundation to prepare<br />

for the new extensions to shelter more dogs in need.<br />

配 合 前 ⼀ 天 到 清 真 寺 的 參 觀 和 訪 問 , 在<br />

「⾺ 賽 克 檯 燈 ⼯ 作 坊 」 中 , 同 學 通 過 親 身<br />

製 作 具 伊 斯 蘭 ⽂ 化 特 ⾊ 的 ⼿⼯ 藝 品 , 感 受<br />

⾹ 港 的 多 元 ⽂ 化 。<br />

同 學 參 加 「⼤ 館 」 及 「 藍 屋 」 的 ⽂ 化 導 賞 團 , 了 解 殖 ⺠<br />

地 時 期 中 外 ⽂ 化 薈 萃 的 港 城 的 今 與 昔 。<br />

Page 4

Y11 environment conservation<br />

We reduced food waste by using it as dyes, which we applied<br />

to reusable bags. This gave us an opportunity to reflect on our<br />

contribution towards reducing waste on a daily basis, and also<br />

motivated us to persist this in long run.<br />

This is a picture of us experiencing volunteer work at Food Angel<br />

by sorting unneeded raw vegetables from vegetable stalls for<br />

further processing to be sent to those in need.<br />

Y11 physical exp<strong>edition</strong><br />

Cycling trip through the new territories<br />

Bouldering lessons with instructors<br />

Y11 poverty & human rights<br />

Preparing over 2000 Meal Boxes in a hot kitchen.<br />

ollecting Yau Ma Tei Wholesale Fruit Market at 6:30 a.m.<br />

Page 5

Y11 Social innovation<br />

In a restaurant that provide employment to<br />

elderies, our students pack masks which will be<br />

distributed with lunch packs later the day<br />

In a restaurant that employs people<br />

with disabilities, our students have<br />

hands-on experience of how those<br />

people prepare food for customers.<br />

Y11 working with children<br />

Generous donations from CKY families were packed into boxes<br />

and then distributed via a Family Service Centre in Mong Kok<br />

Students tutored non-Chinese speaking (NCS) students and<br />

learnt the challenges they face being educated in traditional<br />

primary schools<br />

Page 6

Primary section<br />

Every year at Christmas .me, our senior secondary students deliver ‘Boxes of Joy’ to people at Po Leung Kuk<br />

organisa.ons around Hong Kong, including elder residents in elderly care homes, and ins.tu.ons which support<br />

people who are disabled. These Boxes contain essen.al goods kindly donated by parents of our younger junior and<br />

primary students. They bring joy to those who open them, and allow our students to create smiles and happy<br />

<br />

memories while playing, singing and dancing with our neighbours in the community.<br />

In December, the school teachers told us that there is an ac.vity<br />

called, “Box of Joy.” We were given a list of things to buy. I was<br />

preMy excited because you buy the things for people in need. I<br />

went to Wellcome to buy the items. There were so many things<br />

to buy on the list, including oil, biscuits, and drinks. I bought<br />

them all! I had some trouble finding every item. AQer finding<br />

them, I went to the counter and paid. I was thrilled because I<br />

could help many people in need, and I think that I was very kind<br />

and helpful. I even bought things for my mum, me, and my<br />

family! What a lovely, wonderful, and happy day.<br />

Jayden Chen 2A<br />

Page 7

Secondary section<br />

In December, Box Of Joy<br />

was held. The Y8's had to<br />

prepare 2 packs of chips for<br />

the primary students that<br />

the Y9's were going to visit.<br />

Guilty pleasure snacks are a<br />

good way to make the kids<br />

feel excited and get the<br />

Christmas Spirit going on<br />

during the holiday season.<br />

We also helped by moving<br />

all the Box Of Joy presents<br />

from the primary section,<br />

particularly the Y3's and<br />

Y4's. During recess in<br />

December, our head of year,<br />

Ms Wacky Chen, instructed<br />

us to move all Y3-4's Box<br />

of Joy to the conference<br />

room, and so it was. Many<br />

of us went around to gather<br />

all the presents; after that,<br />

we carried them all to the<br />

conference room. That's<br />

when we saw a mountain of<br />

gifts piling on one another<br />

in the conference room.<br />

There were so many gifts<br />

that there was only a small<br />

path to walk in and go out!<br />

It felt great to know that we<br />

Y8s were able to put in a<br />

real effort. Hopefully, it<br />

made the younger kids’<br />

Christmas a bit more joyful.<br />

Chloe Han 8C<br />

Box of Joy—— 顧 名 思 義 ,⽬ 的 就 是 為 ⼈ 們 帶 來 歡 樂 ,⽽ 今 年 的<br />

聖 誕 節 前 夕 , 我 們 蔡 繼 有 學 校 的 同 學 捐 贈 並 幫 忙 包 裝 充 滿 ⽇⽤ 品 的 禮 包<br />

送 給 ⽼⼈ 院 的 ⻑ 者 , 想 爲 他 們 帶 來 幸 福 。 相 信 收 到 禮 物 的 ⻑ 者 感 到 溫<br />

暖 , 因 爲 在 疫 情 時 期 , 他 們 很 少 有 機 會 能 跟 家 ⼈ 團 聚 , 未 免 會 感 到 ⼀ 點<br />

寂 寞 ,⽽ 我 們 的 同 學 想 透 過 ⾏ 動 告 訴 他 們 還 有 很 多 ⼈ 關 ⼼ 他 們 , 不 必 覺<br />

得 無 助 。 透 過 捐 贈 物 品 ,⿎ 舞 ⻑ 者 , 使 他 們 堅 強 地 度 過 這 段 艱 難 的 ⽇<br />

⼦, 保 持 樂 觀 的 ⼼ 態 ⾯ 對 每 ⼀ 天 。<br />

Torres Sham 7C<br />

Jason Wong 7C<br />

Box of Joy 活 動 , 整 個 過 程 持 續 了 很 ⻑ 時 間 。 我 們 ⾸ 先 從 超 市 買<br />

東 ⻄ 回 家 , 之 後 帶 去 學 校 。 在 學 校 期 間 , 我 們 利 ⽤⾃ 由 時 間 , 分 類 整 理<br />

好 所 有 物 品 , 再 ⽤⼼ 把 他 們 包 裝 好 。 雖 然 消 耗 了 很 多 ⼒ 氣 , 壓 ⼒ 也 有 些<br />

⼤, 但 我 們 仍 然 相 信 , 我 們 這 樣 做 可 以 幫 助 數 百 名 ⽼⼈, 這 是 值 得 的 。<br />

Box of Joy 這 活 動 每 年 都 會 舉 ⾏,⽽ 今 年 我 們 七 年 級 的 任 務 就 是 贈 送 糧 ⻝ 和 ⽇ 常 ⽣ 活<br />

⽤ 品 給 ⽼⼈ 院 的 院 友 們 。 我 們 ⾸ 先 到 超 級 市 場 購 買 物 品 , 然 後 帶 回 學 校 給 ⾼ 年 級 的 師 兄 師 姐<br />

派 發 給 ⻑ 者 。 我 相 信 這 活 動 ⼗ 分 有 意 義 , 尤 其 是 這 兩 年 疫 情 的 關 係 , 這 些 ⻑ 者 在 假 期 裏 也 沒<br />

能 時 常 跟 家 ⼈⾒⾯, 他 們 只 能 孤 單 的 待 在 ⽼⼈ 院 裏 , 希 望 曙 光 在 ⾯ 前 出 現 。 幸 好 ,⻑ 者 們 能<br />

收 到 我 們 的 禮 物 , 令 他 們 在 寒 冷 的 節 ⽇ 裏 感 受 到 更 多 的 溫 暖 。<br />

Kate Ho 7C<br />

Box of Joy 是 每 年 都 會 舉 辦 的 活 動 ,<br />

⽽ 我 也 ⼀ 如 既 往 繼 續 參 加 此 活 動 。 我 和 家 ⼈<br />

先 到 超 市 精 ⼼ 挑 選 ⼀ 些 ⻝ 物 和 ⽇⽤ 品 , 準 備<br />

捐 贈 給 ⻑ 者 。 採 購 完 畢 後 , 我 將 他 們 裝 進 ⼀<br />

個 袋 ⼦ 裡 , 翌 ⽇ 帶 去 學 校 , 交 由 ⾼ 年 級 的 學<br />

⻑ 學 姊 們 , 再 送 到 ⻑ 者 ⼿ 中 。 我 覺 得 這 個 活<br />

動 意 義 ⾮ 凡 。 俗 語 云 :「 助 ⼈ 為 快 樂 之<br />

本 。」 我 在 聖 誕 期 間 幫 助 因 種 種 原 因 不 能 外<br />

出 的 ⻑ 者 , 送 ⼀ 些 ⻝ 物 和 ⽇⽤ 品 , 希 望 他 們<br />

能 感 受 到 寒 冬 中 的 ⼀ 絲 溫 暖 , 繼 續 度 過 疫 情<br />

中 艱 苦 的 ⽇⼦。「 施 ⽐ 受 更 為 有 福 」, 我 能<br />

分 享 這 份 關 ⼼ 和 愛 ,⾃⼰ 的 ⼼ 裡 也 感 到 ⼗ 分<br />

滿 ⾜。<br />

Kara Wong 7C<br />

⼗⼆⽉ 中 旬 , 學 校 舉 ⾏ 了 Box<br />

of Joy 的 活 動 讓 學 ⽣ 們 參 與 。 因 為 疫 情<br />

關 係 , 我 們 低 年 級 也 沒 機 會 能 夠 親 ⾃ 為<br />

⽼⼈ 們 送 上 ⼀ 份 ⼼ 意 。 我 們 承 擔 了 購 買<br />

⻝ 物 , 並 進 ⾏ 包 裝 的 任 務 。⾼ 年 級 的 師<br />

兄 師 姐 , 將 它 們 送 給 有 需 要 的 ⼈。 整 個<br />

活 動 , 我 們 全 校 ⼀ 起 ⿑⼼ 協 ⼒ 完 成 。 我<br />

們 希 望 可 以 表 達 善 意 都 , 為 ⽼⼈、 為 需<br />

要 的 ⼈ 送 去 愛 和 溫 暖 , 讓 他 們 快 樂 地 度<br />

過 聖 誕 節 , 同 時 我 們 也 深 刻 認 識 到 : 助<br />

⼈ 為 快 樂 之 本 , 眾 ⼈ 拾 柴 ⽕ 焰 ⾼。<br />

Lincoln Lee 7F<br />

Page 8

Clean Waterways Education<br />

On 14th December 2021, two IB students were invited to participate in the Clean Waterways Education Programme, a<br />

workshop conducted by Plastic Free Seas, a Hong Kong based environmental charity, to learn more about ocean pollution,<br />

how our waste enters our local waters and what we can do to help reduce the environmental impact.<br />

During the two hour workshop, students were given the opportunity to test water samples collected in the harbour to<br />

gauge the water quality. They also experimented with microscopes to identify a variety of microscopic marine life which<br />

occasionally revealed tiny fibres and other microplastic pollutants that ended up in our waters. At the end of the workshop,<br />

they were also introduced to Hong Kong's first solar-panelled rubbish collecting "boat", a newly innovative Hong Kong<br />

design which was sponsored by HSBC to build.<br />

Page 12

HK Green Tech Competition & Zero Carbon Building<br />

When Mr Wong introduced the “Hong Kong Green<br />

Technology Creation Competition” to us in STEM, I looked at my<br />

friend and said, “This is our competition” as it requires us to use<br />

Minecraft to build a green urban city. <br />

Parents have always criticised that video games are<br />

bad for their children's grades and encourage laziness. Even<br />

though that may be the case, video games have helped children<br />

through many mental and physical difficulties. For me personally,<br />

Minecraft was one of the best things that happened to me in my<br />

life. It promotes creativity, and honestly, lots of cooperation. This<br />

competition is about working together to build an eco-friendly<br />

community in Minecraft. It gets people to think about how to use<br />

space and money efficiently since you can only create it within<br />

81x81 blocks of space while sticking to the budget. The ideas<br />

also need to be creative, original and physically attractive—on top<br />

of that, the buildings need to have a purpose, which should be<br />

linked back to the theme—being green.<br />

I joined this competition because I thought this was an<br />

exciting and fantastic opportunity for me to learn as a make-shift<br />

engineer, how to plan the layout of an eco-friendly area to build<br />

an eco-friendly site within a budget. To help us with our ideas, Ms<br />

Chung took us on a field trip to Hong Kong’s Zero-Carbon<br />

Building. I saw how a simple design could save thousands of<br />

dollars in construction and drastically reduce greenhouse gas<br />

emissions. It also gave us lots of ideas for our final construction of<br />

buildings in Minecraft as we learnt new technology such as an<br />

eco-plant and other ways to maximise the intake of solar energy.<br />

This field trip changed many of my original ideas but it helped me<br />

to start thinking about being environmentally friendly a lot more. I<br />

can't wait to see what my friends and I can build!<br />

Carry Zheng 7A<br />

Page 13

Year 9 Community Service Trip<br />

On 17th December 2021, the Y9s went to Po Leung<br />

Kuk Gold and Silver Exchange Society Pershing Tsang<br />

School in Causeway Bay, to offer our service to<br />

primary school students there through a mini carnival.<br />

The students in the school consisted mainly of<br />

orphans, children from ethnic minority backgrounds,<br />

and kids who lack parental support.<br />

As a year level, we designed, organized and hosted 20<br />

game booths to create a happy and memorable<br />

experience for them. This day of service was chaotic,<br />

but rewarding and fun. Students of lower year levels<br />

were energetic, and communicating with them was<br />

difficult due to language barriers and their lack of<br />

patience. It was also very crowded within the venue,<br />

due to the endless flow of students playing and<br />

queueing in contrast to the schools’ relatively small<br />

rooms.<br />

Despite these challenges, our service<br />

was immensely meaningful. Not only<br />

were we able to physically bring<br />

company and joy to the primary<br />

students amidst the depressing<br />

pandemic, but we also learnt that not<br />

all children are as privileged as us.<br />

As upper secondary students, we<br />

should learn to treasure what we have<br />

and continue to contribute back to the<br />

community.<br />

Ziki Lee 9B<br />

Page 14

Primary section<br />

Y2-Y5 Guest speaker on climate change<br />

I feel very grateful for the guest speaker. He shared a large amount of information about the<br />

weather and how poor less privileged people live in subdivided rooms. The sad fact was many of<br />

those poor people died of cold weather. He also taught me that we should not waste natural<br />

materials such as paper and water. I want to hear more about the weather which proves<br />

fascinating to me and how the world has changed or is changing. Other information I would like to<br />

hear more is surrounding difficulties poor people face when living in subdivided rooms. I’m sure<br />

those are invaluable experiences which I will not see often in cities such as Hong Kong. One day I<br />

would like to travel to those places to see for myself what really happens in real life. Places<br />

without a computer, phones, internet and how to cook meals in cold weather or keep them hot. I<br />

am very grateful to have a better condition in Hong Kong where I can have a hot meal everyday, a<br />

soft bed and warm sheets to cover when I go to sleep. I feel blessed and thankful. The speaker<br />

has spoken very well and I thank him for it.<br />

Archie Chan 3B<br />

During our assembly, we had a wonderful, special guest speaker who<br />

visited our school. This special guest is Mr. Leung Wing Mo. Mr. Leung<br />

Wing Mo is a climate spokesman for “350 Hong Kong”, a spokesman<br />

for the Hong Kong Meteorological Society and he used to work for<br />

HKO. He talked about disastrous weathers, like flooding, droughts,<br />

typhoons and more. He also talked about what was causing them, like<br />

air condiBoners, hot baths, and other luxuries, which cause global<br />

warming from the carbon dioxide. Rich people would o?en buy coats<br />

made of animal fur, and because of the high demand for this fur,<br />

countries overbred them. Many of these animals ended up catching a<br />

disease, leaving the only choice, kill all the thousands of animals. I<br />

enjoyed this talk as it informed me about how we create this mess of<br />

affecBng so many people without knowing it, and many ways to stop<br />

it. I hope in the future, this will be just a thing of the past!<br />

Tonia Chan 3F<br />

Hailey Cheng 4B<br />

Mr. Leung taught us that we<br />

should protect the Earth by saving<br />

water and electricity. I also learnt<br />

that many accidents may happen<br />

on very cold days. For example,<br />

driving in the snow may easily<br />

cause car accidents. A?er<br />

listening to Mr. Leung’s speech, I<br />

learnt a lot about Earth’s natural<br />

environment and found it<br />

interesBng.<br />

Anson Leung 3F<br />

Page 15

Appreciating Mr Leung for his time in giving our students an inspiring talk<br />

On 12th January, 2022, we were honored to have a guest speaker<br />

joining our assembly, Professor Leung Wing Mo, ex-Assistant<br />

Director of Hong Kong Observatory to share with us on Extreme<br />

Weather. It was indeed a great pleasure to have learnt the changes<br />

of weather in Hong Kong and around the globe from an<br />

experienced climatologist like Professor Leung.<br />

It worried me when I found out from Professor Leung that we, in<br />

Hong Kong, are having more and more extreme hot days in a year<br />

while the number of normal and cold days are declining year by<br />

year. All this is due to climate change which is a long-term change<br />

in the average weather conditions on Earth. The rise in the average<br />

temperature near Earth’s surface affects more than just polar bears<br />

but all life on Earth!<br />

I ask myself what can I do to save Planet Earth? I can start by<br />

reducing the use of fossil fuel energy, for example, by taking less<br />

cars and public transport but walking and cycling as much as I can.<br />

Through which I can reduce the use of gas and the amount of<br />

carbon dioxide in the atmosphere. Maybe I can even start a Plant a<br />

Tree Campaign in my school or community to raise the general<br />

public’s awareness of global warming.<br />

I hope very soon, polar bears can enjoy their homes again in the<br />

frozen Arctic region while I can always have a cold little Christmas<br />

year after year.<br />

Sophie Lee 3C<br />

Do you remember the typhoon Mangkhut from 2018? It was so<br />

strong that at least 458 people were injured during the strike of this<br />

treacherous typhoon! This is extreme weather! To learn more about<br />

this, our school invited the former assistant director of the Hong<br />

Kong Observatory, Mr. Leung Wing Mo, to explain more about<br />

extreme weather to us. Many of us would have heard about him<br />

from his TV programme called ‘MObservatory’.<br />

Mr. Leung was a very wise and funny person, in which I saw that<br />

many students enjoyed his presentation and were proactively<br />

answering his questions. Throughout his presentation, he shared to<br />

us about many riveting events about extreme weather that happened<br />

in Hong Kong. For example, there was a certain day in Hong Kong<br />

that its temperature fell down to 3.1 celsius. Some people that were<br />

hiking in Tai Mo Shan fell down due to the slippery ice on the floor.<br />

There was also a line graph he showed about the rising temperature<br />

in Hong Kong, which was a cause of global warming. This led to<br />

something he said that I find extremely influential and inspiring,<br />

“There are many poor families in the world, some couldn’t even<br />

afford an air-conditioner, while some children in the Philippines lost<br />

their parents due to some environmental problems, so we should<br />

treasure what you have now and protect the environment. You all<br />

are very lucky in Hong Kong, such a good place with pleasant<br />

weather.”<br />

It is an honour to meet Mr. Leung Wing Mo, a big thanks to him for<br />

bringing such a meaningful message with loads of information that<br />

blew our minds!<br />

Cadence Leung 5D<br />

Page 16



Year 1 students learned about Elements of Art-line, shape, colour and pattern, along with Susan Forbrigger, a<br />

contemporary artist. They learned about her love of animals and transformed lines into patterns, then drew their<br />

invented patterns and designs inside their animal of choice. They also played with colour and used warm, cool<br />

and various mixed color combinations to create a bright and colourful background with tissue paper. These bold<br />

animals reflect the students’ creativity and their careful observation drawing of animals, patterns and arrangement<br />

of lines.<br />

Hermione's owl is made out of<br />

different lines, shapes and pa6erns.<br />

She is using her magical power to<br />

make the Hogwarts sky colorful.<br />

The mys>cal full moon and<br />

twinkling stars will guide you<br />

throughout the night.<br />

Kathryn Chan 1C<br />

My Big Elephant<br />

Amber Yau 1B<br />

I chose to draw an elephant<br />

because it’s my favourite animal.<br />

Elephants live in nature and nature<br />

has a lot of trees and leaves that<br />

are green, so that is why I chose<br />

green for my background. If we<br />

don’t take care of elephants they<br />

will be ex>nct.<br />

Hermione’s Oil<br />

Whales live in all oceans in the world. I want people<br />

not to throw plas>c bags or plas>c bo6les in the<br />

ocean. If you throw rubbish in the ocean, fish will<br />

eat it and then the seals will eat the fish and then<br />

the whales will eat the seals. They will eat the<br />

plas>c too! If they eat the plas>c they will become<br />

ex>nct. <br />

I chose warm colours to have the sun shining down<br />

in the ocean. It’s kind of relaxing, don’t you think?<br />

Kan Ng 1E<br />

Page 17

Penguin – Joy of Dancing<br />

Penguins are birds but they do not fly. They are<br />

aqua>c but also spend >me on land. Look! A<br />

penguin with black and white plumage is dancing<br />

joyfully in this colourful world. Let’s all embrace,<br />

respect and treasure the diversity of species,<br />

colours, lifestyle, culture, background and what not<br />

in this globe.<br />

Dora Zee 1F<br />

The Giraffe at Sunset<br />

My favourite animal is a giraffe. I chose warm<br />

colours because I like them more than cool colours.<br />

It makes me think of the sunset. The sunset is<br />

beau>ful.<br />

Ronnie Chow 1A<br />

Page 18


Students learnt about how Keith Haring promoted activism through his art by using simple<br />

imagery. They also investigated how he utilised in-between lines to create movement,<br />

pattern, and balance between all the imagery. This whole year level collaboration celebrates<br />

CKY school life. It will be completed during this second term.<br />

The process of making the Keith Haring inspired mural was<br />

extremely enjoyable, especially being able to work on such a<br />

huge project with every single student in year 8. I am proud of<br />

how the artwork incorporates different elements of our school<br />

life, like the houses, sports day and monkeys, celebraBng the<br />

uniqueness of our school.<br />

Bernice Lee 8F<br />

Our class was in charge of the piece with the school emblem,<br />

featuring monkeys. I had a great Bme planning and drawing<br />

hidden meanings in the artwork with my classmates!<br />

Liane Chu 8E<br />

Shannon Lau and Carrinna Tong 8A<br />

For our school’s 20th anniversary, Year 8 produced a mural based on the style of Keith Haring, showcasing what<br />

school life is like to us. The mural was mulBple sheets of art paper, with lines and figures created by the year level<br />

and outlined with black markers, aligned to create a cohesive art piece. We write on behalf of class 8A when we<br />

say that this experience was extremely enlightening due to the opportunity to craN a composiBon relaBng to<br />

school with our dear schoolmates.<br />

Page 19

2021-2022 年 的 第 ⼀ 場 中 ⽂ 辯 論 聯 賽 :⽐ 賽 ⼼ 得<br />

2021 年 ⼗⼀⽉ 的 時 候 , 我 參<br />

加 了 這 個 學 年 的 第 ⼀ 場 辯 論 聯 賽 , 保<br />

良 局 蔡 繼 有 學 校 對 戰 保 良 局 百 周 年 李<br />

兆 忠 紀 念 中 學 , 也 是 常 年 ⼀ 起 練 習 的<br />

夥 伴 , 彼 此 之 間 算 是 知 ⼰ 知 彼 。 這 次<br />

⽐ 賽 的 辯 題 是 「emoji( 表 情 符 號 )<br />

有 / 無 助 溝 通 」, 討 論 的 主 題 是 現 在<br />

社 交 的 ⼀⼤ 電 ⼦ 趨 勢 , 也 是 語 ⾔ 流 變<br />

過 程 中 的 ⼀ 個 現 象 , 有 討 論 的 意 義 之<br />

餘 亦 ⼗ 分 有 趣 。<br />

這 是 我 ⼊ 隊 以 來 參 加 的 第 ⼆ 場 ⽐<br />

賽 , 上 場 時 候 特 別 緊 張 。 我 們 能 在 ⽐<br />

賽 中 贏 出 3⽐0 的 好 成 績 , 我 還 同 時 拿<br />

到 「 最 佳 辯 論 員 」 的 稱 號 , 真 讓 我 喜<br />

出 望 外 , 意 想 不 到 。 能 夠 打 出 ⼀ 場 刺<br />

激 、 有 趣 的 辯 論 ⽐ 賽 , 真 的 要 感 謝 ⾼<br />

年 級 的 辯 論 員 、 以 及 幾 位 隊 ⻑ 的 鼎 ⼒<br />

相 助 。<br />

我 們 在 辯 論 隊 常 規 訓 練 都 培 訓 了<br />

⼀ 段 時 間 ,⼤ 家 都 想 上 場 ,⼩ 試 ⽜<br />

⼑, 打 ⼀ 場 真 正 的 辯 論 ⽐ 賽 。 尤 其 是<br />

疫 情 以 來 , 很 多 ⽐ 賽 都 取 消 了 , 辯 論<br />

⽐ 賽 是 少 數 不 太 受 疫 情 影 響 的 ⽐ 賽 類<br />

型 。 疫 情 的 兩 年 裡 , 我 們 從 未 間 斷 過<br />

訓 練 , 因 此 ⼤ 家 也 都 躍 躍 欲 試 。 我 對<br />

⽐ 賽 已 經 期 待 已 久 , 我 很 喜 歡 ⽐ 賽 的<br />

刺 激 和 緊 張 之 情 , 能 夠 與 另 外 四 位 辯<br />

論 ( 從 不 同 學 校 ) 的 佼 佼 者 能 夠 在 同<br />

⼀ 個 舞 台 上 ⽐ 拼 ⼀ 下 , 能 夠 有 效 提 升<br />

我 ⾃⼰ 的 辯 論 能 ⼒ 和 思 維 。⽐ 賽 前 的<br />

我 ⾮ 常 緊 張 , 但 我 開 始 演 講 的 時 候 ,<br />

那 種 緊 張 和 壓 ⼒ 反 ⽽ 變 成 動 ⼒, 讓 我<br />

去 享 受 這 個 辯 論 的 舞 台 , 享 受 刺 激 之<br />

感 。<br />

「 台 上 ⼀ 分 鐘 , 台 下 ⼗ 年 功 」,<br />

辯 論 ⽐ 賽 時 間 看 似 很 短 , 尤 其 是 我 們<br />

這 個 辯 題 , 好 像 不 ⽤ 去 查 什 麼 資 料 ,<br />

「 吹 ⽔」 就 可 以 了 。 但 其 實 準 備 ⼀ 場<br />

⽐ 賽 並 沒 有 想 像 那 麼 簡 單 。⾸ 先 , 要<br />

訂 ⽴ 對 我 ⽅ 有 利 、 但 同 時 具 權 威 性 的<br />

定 義 , 解 釋 辯 題 ; 其 次 , 設 定 衡 量 辯<br />

題 的 標 準 ; 再 者 , 設 定 論 點 , 以 及 反<br />

駁 對 ⽅ 論 點 的 推 測 與 ⽅ 法 。 我 和 其 他<br />

同 學 , 與 幾 位 隊 ⻑ 們 , 需 要 商 討 了 幾<br />

天 , 再 讓 辯 論 隊 教 練 ⿈⽼ 師 和 助 教 ⽼<br />

師 幫 我 們 作 出 修 改 、 提 出 建 議 , 整 整<br />

都 ⽤ 了 兩 個 星 期 的 時 間 才 能 站 在 賽 場<br />

上 , 這 期 間 靠 的 是 不 斷 的 努 ⼒ 和 堅<br />

持 。<br />

近 幾 年 因 為 疫 情 ,⽐ 賽 多 在 線 上<br />

進 ⾏, 線 上 設 備 和 賽 規 設 計 雖 然 越 來<br />

越 專 業 和 先 進 , 但 跟 實 體 ⽐ 賽 還 有 很<br />

⼤ 差 別 。 我 們 沒 有 了 現 場 跟 評 判 ⾯ 對<br />

⾯ 溝 通 的 感 覺 , 也 沒 有 了 我 ⾃⼰ 最 喜<br />

歡 的 ⾃ 由 辯 論 環 節 , 不 能 夠 與 對 ⼿ 直<br />

接 演 講 和 辯 論 。 不 過 儘 管 如 此 , 能 夠<br />

有 ⽐ 賽 的 機 會 還 是 ⼗ 分 令 ⼈ 感 激 的 。<br />

⼀ 場 ⽐ 賽 的 成 功 舉 辦 , 除 了 主 辦 ⽅ 的<br />

努 ⼒, 還 需 要 各 個 參 賽 單 位 的 配 合 ,<br />

是 ⼗ 分 不 易 的 事 情 , 希 望 疫 情 盡 快 結<br />

束 , 我 們 都 能 夠 享 受 ⾯ 對 ⾯ 辯 論 的 快<br />

樂 與 刺 激 。<br />

回 想 在 辯 論 隊 的 種 種 經 歷 , 辯 論<br />

教 會 了 我 邏 輯 思 維 、 中 ⽂⼝ 語 、 認 識<br />

世 界 的 不 同 技 巧 , 教 導 我 如 何 去 尋 找<br />

有 ⽤、 權 威 的 資 料 ; 放 眼 世 界 , 了 解<br />

在 世 界 不 同 ⻆ 落 發 ⽣ 的 事 , 看 時 事 新<br />

聞 ; 在 短 時 間 內 迅 速 想 出 應 對 策 略 ,<br />

反 駁 對 ⼿, 回 應 對 ⽅ 的 問 題 。 我 在 辯<br />

論 隊 將 近 三 年 , 學 到 的 知 識 不 但 在 ⽇<br />

常 ⽣ 活 能 夠 使 ⽤, 也 能 提 升 我 的 中 ⽂<br />

成 績 。 更 重 要 的 是 , 在 辯 論 隊 中 , 我<br />

明 ⽩ 到 : 要 贏 得 ⼀ 場 ⽐ 賽 , 除 了 個 ⼈<br />

的 努 ⼒,⼀ 個 團 隊 的 配 合 、 互 補 互<br />

助 、 不 懈 堅 持 , 才 是 最 重 要 的 。 不 如<br />

你 , 也 來 試 試 參 加 中 ⽂ 辯 論 隊 吧 !<br />

⿈ 奕 熙 8B<br />

Page 20

Recently, I took part in a STEM competition at<br />

the Hong Kong Science Park: the City I&T Grand<br />

Challenge. I entered with my team, a group of<br />

friends I met at The Hong Kong Academy for<br />

Gifted Education (HKAGE). In this competition,<br />

we had to invent and present a solution to the<br />

theme of environmental sustainability. After<br />

extensive research and field surveys, our solution,<br />

Ecovender, came in 3rd place in the secondary<br />

category. We also won the Gifted Star Award of<br />

the HKAGE. We were overjoyed, of course, but<br />

in the end, we all agreed on one thing: that what<br />

we had enjoyed the most in this journey was not<br />

winning the award, but rather the experience of<br />

working together in a team.<br />

Our team consisted of 5 people: Albin, Benjamin, Jane, Ivy and me. We all came from different schools. We had<br />

different skill sets, different timetables, and different working habits. Working together was quite challenging at<br />

first - we had to find times to meet when all of us were available. Often, we had no choice but to meet at 9 pm<br />

or later online! Because of the limited time we had together, we soon became accustomed to working efficiently.<br />

Workloads were divided up according to our strengths so that we could finish our parts independently. For<br />

example, if we had to make a prototype of our product, Benjamin and Albin, who were the STEM experts in our<br />

team, would use online programmes to create it, and Jane, Ivy and I would help give suggestions and help<br />

organise our verbal presentation of the prototype. Lastly, we would meet up to finalise the result. This, for all of<br />

us, was the most satisfying part. There is nothing more wonderful than seeing your work being put together, and<br />

becoming a part of a fully fledged solution.<br />

When we won, we felt an overwhelming sense of pride: in our accomplishment, in our hard work, but most of<br />

all, in our team. We could not have won without any of our members. All of us were integral in some way to our<br />

achievement. We had learned one important concept through this competition, however cliche: Teamwork truly<br />

makes the dream work.<br />

Anson Fong 8E<br />

Page 21

我 們 的 模 擬 法 庭 隊<br />

中 學 模 擬 法 庭 隊 (Secondary)<br />

蔡 繼 有 學 校 的 「 模 擬 法 庭 」 中 學 校 隊 在 剛 過 去 的 12⽉ 完<br />

成 了 本 年 度 第 ⼀ 輪 的 「 模 擬 法 庭 」 初 賽 。 隊 員 們 在 整 個 活 動<br />

的 過 程 中 , 學 習 到 審 判 程 序 、 法 律 知 識 、 法 庭 上 的 規 矩 等 ,<br />

這 讓 我 們 獲 益 良 多 ; 除 此 之 外 , 在 整 理 和 準 備 案 件 的 過 程<br />

中 ,⼤ 狀 傾 囊 相 授 : 教 會 我 們 如 何 理 解 案 情 ; 如 何 從 破 綻 中<br />

建 ⽴⼰⽅ 案 情 , 突 破 對 ⽅ 弱 點 ; 如 何 建 構 提 問 的 邏 輯 , 讓 對<br />

⽅ 踩 ⼊ 設 置 的 陷 阱 。 經 過 ⼀ 個 ⽉ 的 準 備 , 我 們 熱 切 期 待 ⽐ 賽<br />

那 天 的 來 臨 。<br />

⽐ 賽 那 天 , 同 學 穿 上 了 威 ⾵ 凜 凜 的 律 師 袍 , 為 案 件 中 的<br />

「 被 告 」 爭 辯 。 還 有 些 同 學 扮 演 了 ⽬ 擊 事 發 經 過 的 證 ⼈, 在<br />

法 庭 上 作 供 。 可 喜 的 是 , 我 校 以 ⼤⽐ 數 勝 出 , 並 ⼀ 舉 奪 得<br />

「 最 佳 律 師 」 和 「 最 佳 證 ⼈」 的 殊 榮 。 <br />

模 擬 法 庭 是 ⼀ 個 既 具 教 育 意 義 , 又 能 培 養 思 辯 能 ⼒ 的 活<br />

動 。⽐ 賽 當 中 的 法 律 元 素 增 ⾧ 了 我 對 ⾹ 港 法 律 程 序 的 認 識 ;<br />

在 ⽐ 賽 中 , 原 告 和 被 告 雙 ⽅ 需 要 ⾯ 對 ⾯ 地 直 接 對 質 , 這 鍛 鍊<br />

了 論 證 能 ⼒ 與 思 維 。<br />

「 好 的 開 始 , 是 成 功 的 ⼀ 半 。」 希 望 今 年 我 們 能 和 本 校 的<br />

前 輩 ⼀ 樣 取 得 勝 利 的 桂 冠 。<br />

陳 ⾙ 梨 8F<br />

⼩ 學 模 擬 法 庭 隊 (Primary)<br />

⾹ 港 善 導 會 舉 辦 的 「 禁 毒 教 育 @ 模 擬 法 庭 2.0」 計 劃 , 今<br />

年 更 擴 展 對 象 ⾄⼩ 學 ⽣。<br />

我 們 的 四 、 五 年 級 ⼊ 選 的 同 學 都 表 現 得 ⾮ 常 踴 躍 。 五 年 級<br />

同 學 參 觀 了 西 九 ⿓ 法 院 ⼤ 樓 , 能 旁 聽 真 實 的 審 訊 , 加 深 對 法<br />

律 制 度 的 認 識 , 從 中 體 驗 、 學 習 及 思 考 公 民 責 任 、 法 治 系 統<br />

的 重 要 性 。<br />

⽽ 其 中 ⼋ 位 四 、 五 年 級 的 同 學 更 參 加 了 開 展 禮 , 有 機 會 現<br />

場 跟 ⼤ 律 師 交 談 , 透 過 互 動 及 具 趣 味 性 的 形 式 學 習 更 多 法 律<br />

知 識 。<br />

在 模 擬 法 庭 ⽐ 賽 中 , 參 加 者 可 以 代 ⼊ 法 庭 內 不 同 的 ⾓⾊,<br />

包 括 控 、 辯 雙 ⽅ 律 師 、 被 告 、 證 ⼈ 和 法 庭 記 者 , 參 與 整 個 法<br />

律 程 序 , 並 嘗 試 從 不 同 ⾓ 度 探 討 犯 罪 ⾏ 為 以 及 相 關 社 會 議<br />

題 。 在 律 師 的 指 導 下 , 同 學 們 在 訓 練 期 間 , 能 提 升 ⾃ 信 ⼼,<br />

解 難 能 ⼒, 應 變 技 巧 及 團 隊 合 作 精 神 , 培 養 正 ⾯ 積 極 的 態<br />

度 。<br />

由 於 近 ⽇ 疫 情 漸 趨 嚴 峻 ,⽐ 賽 ⽇ 期 需 要 延 後 , 但 參 加 者 的<br />

備 戰 情 緒 仍 然 熾 熱 , 期 待 ⼤ 會 盡 快 公 佈 最 新 的 ⽐ 賽 ⽇ 程 。<br />

顧 曼 馨 主 任<br />

Page 22

Inter-School A.I. Formula Edge Competition<br />

The Inter-school AI formula Edge competition is a car racing competition where students form teams<br />

to build cars that can find the path by themselves through the use of artificial intelligence. A<br />

computer (Jetson Nano, created by Nvidia) was installed on the car, while students implement and<br />

train the AI program so that the car recognizes the track. The competition is categorised into two<br />

levels, including Jetbot (Beginner) and Jetracer (Advanced). The competition took place from 10th to<br />

12th December 2021.<br />

Daniel Au 10A<br />

Page 23

GoGo Kart's Team <br />

Member Name list and Class:<br />

Bowen Lezung 11B<br />

Ethan Chung 11A<br />

Julian Yip 11B<br />

Seton Chan 9B<br />

Awards) received:<br />

Overall 2nd Runner Up for JetRacer Division<br />

This is the first time that we participated in an AIrelated<br />

competition. Only one member of the team<br />

Seton has racing car-related experiences prior to the<br />

contest. We decided to join the competition as<br />

Bowen and Ethan took part in a Computer Science<br />

summer course which involved concepts of AI<br />

training, where we thought that this competition is an<br />

opportunity for us to apply the knowledge learnt in<br />

the course.<br />

We spent multiple club and after-school sessions to<br />

prepare for this competition. During weekends, we<br />

also booked function rooms to work on building the<br />

car and attended fun-days organised by STEMPLUS<br />

to train the car so that we can work out the best<br />

algorithm to control the throttle of the car and seek<br />

room for improvement of the car’s mechanics<br />

components.<br />

This competition is a rewarding experience that<br />

strengthened our understanding of AI. Through<br />

engaging in the process of training the AI model, by<br />

taking photos of the track, we got to understand how<br />

AI models are trained and improved. A stronger<br />

understanding of racing car mechanics is developed<br />

throughout the competition.<br />

Engineering is about problem-solving, and we often<br />

face failure as the software programs we write do not<br />

always work and the hardware components are not<br />

adjusted correctly at times. Albert Einstein once said,<br />

“It's not that I'm so smart, it's just that I stay with<br />

problems longer”. If we give up when the hardware<br />

or software is not working, it is impossible to obtain<br />

the end product that we have now. We always try to<br />

“debug” our problems and find solutions to solve<br />

them so that the system works. Therefore, we<br />

believe that perseverance is a huge factor that led to<br />

our success.<br />

We would also like to thank Mr Wong and Mr Go for<br />

their supervision. They had spent extra time working<br />

with us and attending both the fun-days and the<br />

competition, which was held during weekends. Mr<br />

Go even used his personal equipment to enhance<br />

performance for our racing car. We would not have<br />

been able to make it this far without all their support!<br />

To us, the most valuable takeaway from the<br />

competition is “perseverance skills”, which is of<br />

utmost importance in the context of engineering.<br />

Page 24

CSS Team <br />

Member Name list and Class:<br />

8A Carrinna Tong<br />

8A Shannon Lau<br />

8F Shelly Chan<br />

Awards) received:<br />

Best JetBot Design Award (Bronze)<br />

The AI Formula Edge competition was our first competition involving both<br />

hardware and software elements, hence we met several challenges.<br />

However, we managed to persevere through the numerous difficulties. The<br />

exhilaration we felt when the car finally managed to function for the first time<br />

was ultimately unforgettable.<br />

<br />

In terms of hardware, soldering jumper cables on our JetBot was quite<br />

challenging, as we had little to no experience in soldering. The process of<br />

holding a scorching tool to melt solder wires was rather stressful, but we<br />

practised the skill repeatedly, and eventually succeeded in firmly securing the<br />

jumper cables.<br />

We also encountered challenges in terms of software, where we did not have<br />

a specific strategy for photo-taking. We captured excessive photos for curved<br />

roads, and hence the car sometimes travelled in figure-8s despite being<br />

located on a straight lane. As there was minimal time to retake photos, our car<br />

did not always take the most efficient route during the qualifiers.<br />

In spite of the problems faced, this competition was incredibly beneficial to us,<br />

and was generally enjoyable. First, the competition gave us an opportunity to<br />

learn more about artificial intelligence and machine learning. The workshops<br />

before the competition taught us more about the fundamental concept of AI,<br />

while the final competition gave us an opportunity to apply our AI knowledge<br />

during the hands-on operations of coding and building hardware.<br />

Moreover, unlike other STEM competitions that we had participated in before,<br />

the AI Formula Edge competition required several months of preparation<br />

work. Through this lengthy journey, we developed our skills in communication,<br />

collaboration, and working together as a team.<br />

Furthermore, during the day of the competition, multiple technical difficulties<br />

inevitably appeared. For example, the competition organiser’s WiFi router<br />

malfunctioned, hence we had to use an alternative method to connect to the<br />

server. We realised the importance of staying calm when technical issues<br />

occurred, and eventually built up our problem-solving skills and resilience.<br />

As we will likely join the competition again next year, we have thought of ways<br />

to improve our overall performance. First, we would generate ideas to help<br />

our JetBot take the inner route of the track. This would optimise the time it<br />

takes for it to travel two rounds and would be beneficial to our performance in<br />

the competition. Additionally, we would spend more time gathering early<br />

preferences for the optimal speed gain, steering gain, steering kd and<br />

steering bias before the competition. This would minimise the time we would<br />

need to spend on finding it during the limited time slots and will give us more<br />

time to solve technical difficulties that spawn on the day.<br />

Page 25

EMOC Team <br />

Ernest Law<br />

Marcus Lam<br />

Owen Wong<br />

Clayton Yung<br />

Awards) received:<br />

Best Logo Design<br />

Best Car Design<br />

Best Average Time<br />

6E<br />

6F<br />

6E<br />

6A<br />

Bronze<br />

Silver<br />

Bronze<br />

Our journey was full of ups and downs! We were<br />

close, but just missed the bronze! Although we did<br />

not make the top 3, we still learned a lot during the<br />

three days in Asia expo. We learned to make<br />

decisions as a team and work on problems<br />

together to reach our goal. AI is unstable and can<br />

leave you disappointed, but to accomplish a good<br />

score, we must accept our mistakes in order to<br />

achieve a good AI model to run on its own without<br />

anything going wrong. We named our robots<br />

“Romeo” and “Juliet”.<br />

Page 26

The CKY Physics department was very excited to co-organise and host the first-ever Hong Kong Young<br />

Physicists' Tournament (HKYPT) today after a year of planning with Singapore International School. This<br />

was a competition based on the rules and problems set by the international committees (IYPT) that took<br />

place on 20th December 2021.<br />

Each team chose one out of the selected 17 problems, investigated experimentally and presented the<br />

findings with physics concepts. The opposing team would then take the floor to discuss follow-up<br />

questions with the reporting team. It was a very unique competition format that offered opportunities for<br />

presenting formal scientific research to the secondary school students. <br />

This year we ran it as a pilot and hopefully we could expand it to a larger scale next year. It was our<br />

honor to have Dr. Tong Shui Sing from CUHK, Dr. David Yu from HKU and Dr. Bill Yeung from EdUHK as<br />

our jury team. They were particularly impressed by the team who analysed the problem of 'three-sided<br />

dice' with dynamic modeling and phase space concepts.<br />

More information can be found on our websites HKYPT: https://bit.ly/hkypt and IYPT: https://www.iypt.org/<br />

Page 27

Team member name list<br />

and class:<br />

Iqrah Nadeem (11C)<br />

Ruby Wong (11C)<br />

Nikila Thisum Kahangamage<br />

(9E)<br />

Chelsea Wong (9C)<br />

Bob Shen (9E)<br />

<br />

Candle Powered Turbine<br />

The problem our team worked on was to optimize the parameters for a maximum torque of a<br />

paper spiral, when placed over a flame. <br />

The phenomenon occurs due to convection. The flame heats up the air and produces a<br />

convection current, so the hot air rising hits the inclined surface of the surface spiral,<br />

transferring momentum to the spiral and causing it to rotate. <br />

The challenges our group faced were mostly involved in the execution of the experiment. Due<br />

to the many different prototypes, we had to make two sets of apparatus to maximize the<br />

efficiency - however, the apparatus had to be set with the same parameters so that it would be<br />

a fair test, which was quite challenging. We also had to test out different candle types for strong<br />

convection current without any fire hazards, and many of our spirals burnt and could not be<br />

used afterward. We had to be very careful when using fire, so we kept a sand bucket next to<br />

the paper spiral at all times, in case it caught fire!<br />

Time was also a constraint in this experiment, as we find that the precision of our results could<br />

have been improved if we had completed more trials. We would also have been able to perform<br />

more experiments to test other independent variables, so we could have reached a more<br />

rounded and certain conclusion. <br />

Overall, we are really thankful for this fruitful opportunity and are beyond honored to be able to<br />

come in second place.<br />

Page 28

Water Spiral<br />

Team member name list and class:<br />

Edward Cheung 11A<br />

Brian Cheung 11B <br />

Marco Chu 11D <br />

Bernard Ng 11D<br />

At first this topic of investigating the twisting of a water stream, which looks like a chain, usually<br />

seen when pouring water, seemed challenging. We did not really have a direction and just tested<br />

different nozzles made by 3D printing to try to spot a pattern. Unfortunately, that was not really<br />

useful and we just kept struggling. We found out that the difficulty was in the lack of literature we<br />

have on the topic. This means we had to come up with our own theory. This allowed us to be creative<br />

and think of many different possibilities with our physics knowledge as a foundation.<br />

Throughout the process of the competition, the judges gave a lot of constructive comments that are<br />

helpful to future research based projects, such as IB extended essays. Teams from the other school<br />

also provided another perspective to understand and solve the topic, which is also valuable as<br />

different perspectives on the topic increases our understanding of the solution.<br />

Improvements we could have made for a better result could have been searching deeper into the<br />

question and testing for different areas of the topic where our report could be more comprehensive.<br />

We could have used more calculations to quantify our results which could justify our theory more<br />

clearly, making our report more persuasive.<br />

Overall, we are very grateful to have this opportunity to participate in this competition and we<br />

enjoyed making progress in researching and competing with other teams. We learnt communication<br />

skills as well as how to have civilised discussions and debates with other teams. The judges also<br />

provided us with insight on areas we can extend to.<br />

Page 29

At the start of the second term, we welcomed four new teachers to the CKY Family. We asked them to briefly<br />

introduce themselves for the Newsle@er, and are glad to hear they have been given a warm CKY welcome!<br />

Hello! My name is Ryan Cunningham and I am a new science teacher at CKY. I come from a<br />

town called St. Helens in the UK. My BSc degree and PhD are both in biology (geneMcs) and<br />

before starMng work here at CKY, I was a science teacher at a school in the UK. I’m really<br />

grateful to everyone at CKY for making me feel so welcome and helping me to se@le in<br />

quickly. I’m really excited to be joining such a wonderful school, and I look forward to<br />

meeMng you all soon.<br />

Hello everyone! I’m the new<br />

English Class Teacher of 1C, Ms.<br />

Sum! In my free Mme, I love geWng<br />

lost on the internet and I also like<br />

travelling. Other than that, I love<br />

reading, it really takes you places!<br />

Not only does it give you more<br />

knowledge but it also takes you to<br />

a different world. Reading has been<br />

a great companion to me specially<br />

during these tough Mmes where<br />

we’re unable to travel like we used<br />

to. I’m super excited to be part of<br />

the CKY family!<br />

Hello! I am really excited to be<br />

part of the CKY family. I am<br />

looking forward to a fruiZul year<br />

with the year 4 class which I am<br />

with, working together to create<br />

a safe and posiMve learning<br />

environment so that we could<br />

strive for our best. Outside of<br />

the classroom, I enjoy cooking<br />

and baking for my family.<br />

Mr Ryan Cunningham<br />

Secondary Science Teacher<br />

Ms Lara Sum<br />

Primary English Teacher<br />

Ms Cynthia Pong<br />

Primary English Teacher<br />

Hi everyone! I am Ms Jane Wong, the new class teacher of 2A. It is exciMng to be part of the<br />

children's formaMve years, for which I will do my best to help them discover and achieve their<br />

potenMal. I would describe myself as approachable, curious and cheerful. If I'm not in the<br />

classroom, I may be in the science lab Mnkering with an experiment (safely). Outside of work,<br />

you'll likely find me doing Muay Thai, yoga and enjoying the beauMful hiking trails that Hong Kong<br />

has to offer. I look forward to a wonderful 2022 with CKY!<br />

Ms Jane Wong<br />

Primary English Teacher<br />

Page 30

「 童 」 說 感 謝<br />

4A 朱 梓 源 Angus Chu<br />

我 沒 有 被 蚊 子 咬 死 。 為 何 我 這 樣 說 呢 ? 因 為 我 今 天 睡 覺 時 , 突 然 聽 見<br />

「 嗡 嗡 」 的 聲 音 。 可 是 , 一 被 驚 醒 那 股 聲 音 卻 消 失 得 無 影 無 蹤 了 。 正 自 驚<br />

愕 , 手 臂 竟 然 腫 了 一 塊 。 這 令 我 聯 想 剛 剛 嗡 嗡 的 聲 音 , 一 想 到 這 兒 , 便 明 白<br />

了 整 件 事 的 來 龍 去 脈 。 原 來 我 半 夜 時 被 一 隻 蚊 子 「 光 顧 」, 而 嗡 嗡 的 聲 音 則<br />

是 它 拍 動 翅 膀 時 所 發 出 的 聲 音 。 幸 好 , 這 隻 蚊 子 的 毒 性 不 算 太 高 , 因 此 直 到<br />

現 在 我 還 感 覺 不 是 太 差 。<br />

----2021 年 12 月 13 日<br />

4B 宋 亦 朗 Katie Soong<br />

我 很 感 恩 JK 羅 琳 , 她 是 一 位 很 出 色 的 作 家 , 因 為 她 寫 了 一 本 叫 《 哈 利 波<br />

特 》 的 書 。 這 本 書 非 常 好 看 , 每 一 個 情 節 都 非 常 刺 激 、 吸 引 , 我 每 一 次 一 拿<br />

起 這 本 書 來 看 的 時 候 , 就 不 能 放 下 了 , 真 是 令 人 欲 罷 不 能 , 廢 寢 忘 餐 啊 ! 我<br />

相 信 JK 羅 琳 一 定 用 了 很 多 時 間 寫 這 本 書 。<br />

----2021 年 12 月 8 日<br />

4C 梁 德 敏 Audrey Leung<br />

我 今 天 參 加 了 一 個 名 為 「 牧 羊 人 智 破 豺 狼 洞 穴 」 的 戶 外 訓 練 日 營 。 我 非<br />

常 感 恩 自 己 可 以 擁 有 這 樣 的 機 會 。 我 首 先 要 感 謝 媽 媽 出 錢 出 力 支 持 和 安 排 我<br />

參 加 ; 同 時 , 我 還 要 感 謝 上 天 的 厚 愛 , 天 朗 氣 清 , 沒 有 讓 寒 風 大 雨 來 強 訓 我<br />

的 心 智 和 身 體 。<br />

----2021 年 12 月 24 日<br />

4D 莊 曉 嵐 Hilary Chong<br />

今 天 , 我 回 家 後 看 見 了 一 瓶 蜂 蜜 , 令 我 想 起 了 蜜 蜂 和 羅 隱<br />

寫 的 古 詩 《 蜂 》。 勤 勞 的 蜜 蜂 每 天 辛 辛 苦 苦 地 採 花 蜜 , 最<br />

後 成 為 人 類 口 中 香 甜 可 口 的 蜂 蜜 , 自 己 卻 無 法 享 受 這 成<br />

果 。 我 真 的 很 感 謝 蜜 蜂 , 甜 甜 的 蜂 蜜 , 吃 在 嘴 裏 , 融 在 心<br />

裏 。<br />

----2021 年 12 月 10 日<br />

1C 錢 子 喬 Hailey Chin<br />

Page 31

4E 孫 從 心 Audrey Sun<br />

今 天 輪 到 我 演 講 了 , 我 上 台 前 十 分 緊 張 , 生 怕 自 己 會 忘 記 台 詞 。 可 是 ,<br />

當 我 上 台 時 , 我 的 同 學 和 朋 友 們 用 掌 聲 鼓 勵 我 。 這 時 , 我 充 滿 了 信 心 , 流<br />

暢 地 說 完 整 個 演 講 。 我 非 常 感 謝 他 們 , 因 為 如 果 他 們 不 在 , 我 肯 定 會 害 怕<br />

得 說 不 出 話 來 呢 !<br />

----2021 年 12 月 8 日<br />

4F 許 皓 琳 Greta Hui<br />

今 天 學 校 舉 行 了 一 個 聖 誕 派 對 。 我 和 同 學 在 教 室 裏 玩 遊 戲 和 看 電 影 。 我<br />

被 老 師 選 中 上 台 參 加 聖 誕 頭 飾 比 賽 。 雖 然 我 落 敗 , 但 是 被 老 師 選 中 , 我 已<br />

經 很 高 興 。 第 二 件 事 是 我 收 到 很 多 很 多 的 聖 誕 卡 和 聖 誕 禮 物 , 收 到 禮 物 我<br />

覺 得 超 級 開 心 , 特 別 是 Secret Santa 那 一 份 禮 物 啊 ! 最 後 , 最 令 我 感 恩 的<br />

事 情 是 我 媽 媽 生 日 。 我 們 一 家 和 外 公 外 婆 去 了 中 餐 餐 廳 吃 晚 飯 。 那 裏 的 食<br />

物 很 好 吃 , 令 我 非 常 開 心 。<br />

----2021 年 12 月 17 日<br />

5A 蔡 倩 妍 Celine Choi<br />

我 感 恩 世 界 上 有 樂 於 治 療 病 人 的 醫 生 與 護 士 。 疫 情 期 間 , 他 們 堅 持 醫 治<br />

病 人 。 無 論 病 人 是 患 上 新 冠 病 毒 , 還 是 長 期 病 , 他 們 都 會 竭 盡 所 能 去 照 顧<br />

和 醫 治 病 人 。 我 的 太 婆 已 經 九 十 七 歲 , 常 常 要 住 在 醫 院 , 幸 好 有 醫 護 人 員<br />

照 顧 她 。 在 我 心 目 中 , 醫 護 人 員 是 偉 大 的 英 雄 , 他 們 努 力 地 幫 助 病 人 , 拯<br />

救 生 命 。<br />

----2021 年 12 月 23 日<br />

5B 李 思 正 Alvin Lee<br />

我 很 感 恩 我 有 那 麼 體 貼 的 合 唱 團 老 師 , 我 發 現 她 知 道 我 們 很 渴 望 有 聖 誕<br />

禮 物 , 特 地 去 買 聖 誕 帽 和 聖 誕 裝 飾 給 我 們 做 聖 誕 禮 物 , 還 允 許 我 們 在 表 演<br />

中 帶 上 它 , 令 我 們 顯 得 更 加 漂 亮 、 更 加 明 亮 、 令 表 演 更 加 精 彩 , 非 常 體 貼<br />

我 們 。 謝 謝 您 , 老 師 !<br />

----2021 年 12 月 16 日<br />

5C 陳 希 信 Chace Chan<br />

我 很 感 恩 下 午 跟 同 學 們 一 同 在 網 上 視 像 會 面 , 傾 談 小 組 的 中 文 專 題 報 告<br />

時 , 過 程 極 為 順 利 。 而 我 覺 得 慶 幸 能 遇 到 很 好 的 同 學 , 一 起 愉 快 地 學 習 。<br />

-----2021 年 12 月 28 日<br />

2D 伍 頌 恩 Natasha NG<br />

Page 32

5D 梁 坤 妍 Cadence Leung<br />

我 很 感 謝 媽 媽 在 放 學 後 帶 我 去 購 買 我 最 喜 歡 的 貼 紙 , 讓 我 輕 鬆 一 下 ,<br />

使 我 過 了 一 個 快 樂 的 黃 昏 。 我 發 現 有 的 時 候 , 停 一 下 、 輕 鬆 一 下 , 真 會 讓<br />

自 己 更 愉 快 。 如 果 我 們 經 常 給 自 己 施 壓 , 就 會 影 響 自 己 的 健 康 。 真 感 謝 媽<br />

媽 對 我 的 關 心 和 支 持 , 我 感 恩 有 一 個 這 樣 的 好 媽 媽 !<br />

-----2021 年 12 月 14 日<br />

5E 陳 諾 心 Chelsea Chan<br />

今 天 我 一 起 床 , 就 看 到 了 藍 天 白 雲 , 不 一 會 兒 還 陽 光 普 照 了 呢 ! 我 的<br />

心 情 也 因 此 愉 悅 輕 鬆 起 來 , 哼 着 歌 來 到 飯 桌 旁 , 一 看 : 哇 ! 工 人 姐 姐 還 為<br />

我 炮 製 了 美 味 而 豐 富 的 早 餐 ! 哈 哈 , 我 不 禁 露 出 了 燦 爛 的 笑 容 , 這 真 是 美<br />

好 的 一 天 !<br />

---2021 年 12 月 7 日<br />

5F 李 諾 珈 Claire Lee<br />

姐 姐 在 英 國 留 學 , 這 個 聖 誕 節 她 可 以 來 港 與 我 相 聚 。 今 天 , 她 終 於 完<br />

成 隔 離 , 從 酒 店 平 安 地 回 家 了 , 我 感 到 萬 分 興 奮 和 雀 躍 ! 晚 上 , 我 們 一 家<br />

七 嘴 八 舌 地 與 她 分 享 , 問 她 在 英 國 的 生 活 點 滴 , 功 課 難 嗎 ? 生 活 愉 快 嗎 ?<br />

十 分 感 恩 我 有 一 個 疼 愛 我 的 姐 姐 , 真 希 望 她 不 要 那 麼 快 回 英 國 呢 !<br />

----2021 年 12 月 23 日<br />

3F 陳 貝 瞳 Tonia Chan<br />

Page 33

Winter Olympic 2022 Press Conference<br />

On the 4 th January, I represented our CKY Ice Hockey Team to take<br />

part in the Winter Olympic 2022 Press Conference held by TVB.<br />

There were 6 ice hockey players aged from 9 to 16 years old from<br />

respective schools. I was the youngest one but was not the shortest!<br />

I was really excited because I did not know what a press conference<br />

was and was so happy to be able to represent CKY Ice Hockey<br />

Team.<br />

There were many media and journalists with a lot of cameras. It was<br />

really hard to see us smiling when we were wearing masks, so our<br />

eyes needed to look happy. We only had 5 minutes to rehearse for<br />

our section which made me a bit nervous. When the conference<br />

started, the MC introduced us and we marched to the stage. I was the<br />

first one to present the ice hockey pose and then the team<br />

accompanied the chairpersons to kick off the conference. The MC<br />

and guests introduced the Winter Olympics, which will be held in<br />

Beijing from 4 th Feb to 20 th Feb 2022. I also learnt the sports to be<br />

played in the Winter Olympics such as Ice Hockey, Figure Skating,<br />

Bobsleigh, Ski Jumping, Snowboarding and Speed skating, etc. One<br />

of the HK athletes, Sidney Chu who will be representing HK to join<br />

the Speedskating in the Winter Olympics, gave a speech on his<br />

training program and on how he prepares for the competition. A few<br />

guests also gave a speech about the site of the Beijing Olympics and<br />

an introduction of the sports to be played.<br />

<br />

After taking the group photos, we were treated to a very delicious<br />

snack - skewers, mini-cakes & sandwiches which made a perfect<br />

ending of the Press Conference. That day was really cool and I was<br />

so happy to see myself on the TV program and news. I hope to watch<br />

the Winter Olympics in February soon!<br />

Karina Tse 3D<br />

Page 34

球 場 ⼩ 英 雄<br />

4F 楊 以 琳 Ashley Yeung<br />

在 去 年 的 ⼗⼆⽉⼗⼆⽇, 我 參 加 了 全 港 9 歲<br />

組 恒 ⽣ 新 ⼀ 代 乒 乓 球 ⼤⽐ 併 ⽐ 賽 。 為 了 是 次 ⽐ 賽 ,<br />

我 和 教 練 準 備 了 很 多 不 同 的 技 術 內 容 和 體 能 訓 練 。<br />

在 訓 練 中 , 我 也 學 會 了 堅 持 , 無 論 我 有 多 累 、 學 業<br />

有 多 忙 , 我 都 會 堅 持 不 懈 地 完 成 訓 練 內 容 。<br />

今 年 的 ⽐ 賽 因 為 疫 情 關 係 ⽽ 閉 ⾨ 舉 ⾏, 只 能 安<br />

排 ⼀ 位 教 練 及 ⼀ 位 家 ⾧ 陪 同 進 場 。 因 為 觀 眾 不 能 ⼊<br />

場 觀 看 ⽐ 賽 , 所 以 ⼤ 會 安 排 了 決 賽 在 YOUTUBE 上<br />

進 ⾏ 直 播 , 讓 ⼤ 家 可 以 在 線 上 觀 看 決 賽 賽 事 及 為 我<br />

們 加 油 。 除 此 之 外 ,⼤ 會 還 安 排 了 評 述 員 旁 述 ⽐ 賽<br />

的 過 程 , 但 這 些 特 別 的 安 排 也 讓 我 於 ⽐ 賽 時 更 加 緊<br />

張 。 最 終 我 在 這 項 ⽐ 賽 奪 得 冠 軍 , 但 我 還 是 有 ⼀ 些<br />

地 ⽅ 處 理 得 不 夠 好 , 所 以 我 ⼀ 定 要 繼 續 努 ⼒, 希 望<br />

能 持 續 進 步 , 在 其 他 的 ⽐ 賽 打 出 佳 績 。<br />

⼆ 零 ⼆⼀ 年 對 於 我 來 說 是 ⾮ 常 特 別 及 難 忘 的 ⼀<br />

年 , 於 三 ⽉ 時 我 能 夠 ⼊ 選 恒 ⽣ 少 兒 精 英 隊 訓 練 , 到<br />

現 在 已 快 ⼀ 年 了 , 希 望 我 繼 續 努 ⼒ 練 習 , 提 升 ⾃⼰<br />

的 體 能 及 球 技 , 盼 將 來 能 ⼊ 選 ⾹ 港 青 少 年 隊 及 代 表<br />

⾹ 港 ⽐ 賽 , 為 港 爭 光 !<br />

⼩ 球 推 動 ⼤ 球 旋 ,<br />

王 者 ⾵ 範 展 ⾵ 采 。<br />

斬 將 過 關 無 對 ⼿,<br />

⼩⼩ 英 雄 露 霸 顏 。<br />

Page 35

Alumni News<br />

Kristopher Cheng<br />

(CKY Class of 2015)<br />

Never Limit Yourself 未 來 不 設 限<br />

Hello everyone, I’m Kristopher from CKY’s Class<br />

of 2015. Under the pandemic, I am sure a lot of<br />

you have tonnes of questions regarding your<br />

future study plans and concerns towards IGCSE or<br />

IB. During this period of time, for those of you who<br />

are busy piecing together your extended essay or<br />

TOK essay, I can most certainly relate. <br />

See I was there six years ago, when I was doing<br />

my final year in IB. I still remember everyday at<br />

school, sitting around in the library during my free<br />

period, pondering about university choices,<br />

meeting with teachers for countless discussions<br />

regarding my internal assessments, extended<br />

essays and personal statements. It would seem<br />

breathless transitioning from one system where<br />

you depend on others to plan your studies for you,<br />

to one where you must make choices on your own.<br />

<br />

Never limit yourself, Make use of any chances you have.<br />

During my junior years, I had achieved poorly in<br />

most of my academic subjects prior to IGCSE. I<br />

know this might come as a surprise to most of you,<br />

but those who taught me in my junior years would<br />

know it is true. And after months of entering<br />

IGCSE, I fell into disappointment and despair,<br />

almost tipping me over on giving up on my<br />

studies. <br />

After I received my final report card in Year 9, I<br />

know some changes had to be made. As if I<br />

continue on my current path, I would not get into<br />

any university, especially if I want to study abroad.<br />

Starting then, I sought help from all my teachers<br />

and classmates in every subject and started to put<br />

effort into revision and daily assignments; and over<br />

the course of Year 10, I saw significant<br />

improvement in my performance. <br />

After passing IGCSE, the biggest challenge has<br />

yet to come, the IB. Before commencement of IB,<br />

we were instructed to choose subjects that may<br />

well determine what we will study in the future in<br />

university. As there were different combinations<br />

and emphasis on different subjects, including HL<br />

and SL. Back then, I didn’t know what to pursue<br />

for my future, so I just stuck to what I did best in<br />

IGCSE and headed on. <br />

I still remember the moment I chose English Lang<br />

& Lit SL, and Chinese Lang & Lit HL. As I learned<br />

second language in my IGCSE years, many others<br />

and I doubted my ability to ascend into first<br />

language. It was a gamble but I didn’t want to let<br />

my past experience limit my exposure to future<br />

career choices.<br />

Page 36

Road Less Taken<br />

Honestly speaking, during my final year in IB, I didn’t know what to pursue for my future after I graduated<br />

from CKY. I applied subjects ranging from Business, Language studies, to Healthcare, including medicine<br />

and pharmacy. I attended and prepared for so many interviews, making up answers I know I didn’t mean, as<br />

I have no idea what my interests are, I was just hoping I could get into whatever choices were given to me.<br />

And at the end, after the IB results were released, I was accepted into HKU to study medicine<br />

六 年 前 , 我 從 母 校 畢 業 了 , 在 此 之 前 的 中 學 ⽣ 涯 中 , 我 懵 懵 懂 懂 , 對 ⼈⽣ 沒 有 明 確 的 ⽅ 向 。⽣ 活 的 道 路 , 像<br />

是 在 ⼀ 邊 ⾏⾛⼀ 邊 摸 索 出 來 的 。 在 這 段 時 期 , 我 曾 經 年 少 輕 狂 , 曾 經 迷 惘 不 安 。 所 幸 , 我 的 ⽼ 師 、 我 的 家 ⾧ 默<br />

默 地 陪 伴 我 , 等 待 我 成 ⾧, 使 我 醒 覺 ⾃⼰ 需 要 改 變 ,⽽ 發 ⾃ 內 ⼼ 地 想 要 奮 ⾾, 願 意 為 未 來 拼 搏 。 出 乎 意 料 的 ,<br />

我 在 IB 取 得 滿 分 , 這 是 許 多 ⼈ 意 想 不 到 的 , 包 括 我 ⾃⼰。<br />

「⼈⽣ 有 無 限 可 能 !」 我 深 深 地 體 會 。 之 前 ,⼀ 路 ⾛ 來 , 道 路 崎 嶇 ;⼈⽣ 的 未 來 也 未 必 平 坦 , 但 我 想 和 同 學<br />

們 分 享 的 是 : 永 遠 不 要 限 制 ⾃⼰, 請 把 握 時 機 , 勇 往 直 前 , 即 使 前 路 坎 坷 。<br />

如 今 , 我 即 將 從 醫 學 院 畢 業 了 , 也 將 正 式 踏 ⼊⼈⽣ 的 另 ⼀ 個 階 段 。⽬ 前 在 實 習 中 , 雖 然 也 會 ⾯ 對 着 各 種 挑<br />

戰 , 但 是 這 令 我 感 悟 到 平 凡 ⽣ 活 的 美 好 , 亦 更 加 珍 惜 與 家 ⼈ 相 處 的 時 光 。<br />

在 此 疫 情 期 間 , 衷 ⼼ 祝 福 CKY 的 學 弟 學 妹 堅 持 不 懈 , 爭 取 佳 績 , 也 祝 願 ⼤ 家 健 康 。<br />

Page 37

Blossom Kam<br />

(Class of 2018)<br />

At the 50th Gala Dinner hosted by the Faculty of Law<br />

“<br />

What I’ve been up<br />

to since leaving<br />

CKY<br />

”<br />

After leaving CKY, I’ve been pursuing<br />

legal studies at the University of Hong Kong<br />

(HKU). During my freshman year, I got to meet a<br />

lot of people at orientation and made a lot of<br />

friends. Aside from studying, I decided to run as<br />

an executive committee member of the Law<br />

Association of HKU with my friends. I had the<br />

opportunity to organise various events for law<br />

students and got to meet many people from the<br />

legal field and work with them. For example, I<br />

organised the annual high table dinner, which is a<br />

longstanding HKU tradition for students, where I<br />

invited and got to meet with guests from different<br />

areas of the legal field, including barristers,<br />

solicitors, and judges. I also joined the Rule of<br />

Law Education Project (ROLE) organised by<br />

HKU’s faculty of law, where I hosted seminars<br />

and lectures at secondary schools with my peers<br />

on different legal topics to promote legal<br />

education. During semester breaks, I worked as a<br />

mini-pupil and intern at both barristers’ chambers<br />

and solicitors’ law firms respectively. I was able<br />

to gain first-hand experience in how the legal<br />

field works in real life and gain a better idea of<br />

what I would like to do in the future.<br />

“<br />

How CKY has helped<br />

”<br />

At first, it was challenging to adapt to university life, studying<br />

law and other extra-curricular commitments. However, I believe that the<br />

IBDP has prepared me to better adapt to the mode of teaching and learning<br />

at university. Over time, I was able to get used to balancing different<br />

responsibilities and studying a wholly new subject. The biggest perk of<br />

being an IB student was the research and essay writing skills that I<br />

developed. The experience gained from completing the extended essay and<br />

written work during the IB made writing research papers at university less<br />

challenging, making the transition between secondary school and university<br />

less daunting than I imagined.<br />

At the HKU 'Superpass'<br />

Night after passing exams<br />

with distinction<br />

A high table dinner for student<br />

ambassadors for St John's College<br />

Page 38

Our Exco Cabinet's Inauguration Ceremony<br />

“<br />

Words of Advice<br />

”<br />

Personally, the biggest challenge for me at HKU was the pressure of being surrounded by brilliant<br />

and hardworking people, as everyone in law school is extremely competitive. The workload of courses was<br />

also a challenge for me, where each course covered about as much content as each IB subject, but I only had<br />

one semester to study each course, whereas I had two years to do so in secondary school. To overcome these<br />

hurdles, I was fortunate to establish lifelong friendships with my fellow peers. Having such companions<br />

along this journey was vital to get through the difficulties of intense competition and workload. Being able<br />

to attend lessons together and prepare for examinations together with friends made the challenges less<br />

unnerving and easier to get by. My biggest advice to approaching university would be to embrace the<br />

changes and challenges fully and find the right confidants to accompany you along the way. I believe that<br />

university is a great opportunity to challenge yourself with new responsibilities and meet new people<br />

throughout the journey.<br />

Page 39

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