PSP Summer 2022

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The BYU Political Science graduating<br />

class of <strong>2022</strong> spent nearly half of their<br />

undergraduate education within the<br />

shadow of a global pandemic. During<br />

the last semester of their undergraduate<br />

education, a war broke out in the<br />

Ukraine with global political and economic<br />

implications. The study of politics<br />

has never been more relevant. The<br />

year <strong>2022</strong> moving forward is a time<br />

when we all need to be increasingly<br />

sensitive to the world around us, both<br />

locally and internationally, and the<br />

Political Science Department hopes to<br />

have nurtured skills that will serve our<br />

students in an increasingly challenging<br />

and complex global community. Problems<br />

need to be solved, people need to<br />

be understood, different perspectives<br />

need to be acknowledged. Our students<br />

are ready for the challenges ahead, and<br />

we want to acknowledge, herein, some<br />

of their accomplishments and plans<br />

for the future. We congratulate all of<br />

our students on a job well done, and<br />

we hope they will keep in touch with<br />

us. We’re here to help, not just for a<br />

semester, or just for an undergraduate<br />

education, but for a lifetime of intellectual<br />

support. Congratulations to our<br />

Political Science graduates for <strong>2022</strong>!<br />

The Political Science Department


GRADUATION <strong>2022</strong> EDITION<br />

FOREWORD 1<br />








GRADUATES 28<br />


Publisher:<br />

Jay Goodliffe, Chair<br />

Editor:<br />

J. Matthew Clarke<br />

Assistant Editor:<br />

Krista Mortensen<br />

Graphic Designers:<br />

Seraphina Johnstun<br />

Abby Meyers<br />


Kesley Townsend, Valedictorian<br />

Kesley Brooke Townsend, a political<br />

science major with a political strategy<br />

emphasis and minors in history and<br />

sociology, is the oldest child of John<br />

and Cindy Powell. She was raised in<br />

Richland, Washington, and developed<br />

a passion for U.S. political history at<br />

a young age. During her time at BYU,<br />

she conducted original research as a<br />

research fellow with the Center for<br />

the Study of Elections and Democracy<br />

and worked as a research assistant for<br />

Professors Goodliffe, Preece, Pope, and<br />

Argyle. Kesley interned at TargetPoint<br />

Consulting while participating in the<br />

Washington Seminar program and worked as a political strategy advisor on a U.S. senate campaign. She<br />

was president of the BYU Women in Politics organization and a writer for the Political Review. Kesley<br />

will begin a research fellowship at TargetPoint Consulting this summer and looks forward to pursuing a<br />

Ph.D. in political science in 2023. She is incredibly grateful for the mentorship provided by BYU faculty<br />

and the continued support of her family and friends.<br />


AWARDS<br />



Rolle Rantaniemi, Salutatorian<br />

Rolle Rantaniemi, a political science major, comes<br />

from the city of Espoo in Finland. Before moving<br />

to the United States, he spent a year serving his<br />

country in the Finnish army and then two years<br />

serving his church as a missionary in Greece and<br />

Cyprus. At BYU, he was able to overcome the<br />

challenges of studying, researching, and writing in<br />

a foreign language. He worked on two occasions<br />

as a Teacher’s Assistant for two Political Science<br />

professors he greatly admired. The support from<br />

his family in Finland kept pushing him to succeed,<br />

for which he is Immensely grateful. He would like<br />

to thank all his professors and the Political Science<br />

department for their support and help throughout<br />

his college years as well as his classmates whose<br />

help in group studies was invaluable. After graduating, he has moved back to Finland to continue his<br />

studies in law school with hopes of working in international law and helping to create a more peaceful<br />

future in Europe.<br />

Lauren Allen Warner, Salutatorian<br />

Lauren Allen Warner, a political science major,<br />

is the second of three children born to Randy<br />

and Ann Marie Allen and was raised in Cedar<br />

City, Utah. Her parents, who have both worked<br />

as attorneys, helped to plant seeds to encourage<br />

learning and service at a young age. She grew up<br />

studying music and the arts, but upon returning<br />

home from serving as a US Senate Page in<br />

Washington, D.C., and watching her mother<br />

accept a District Court Judgeship, she decided to<br />

pursue law. She served a mission in Hong Kong and witnessed political unrest that affirmed to her the<br />

importance of fundamental freedoms. Her courses, work as a research assistant, and experience at the<br />

Attorney General’s and the Utah Governor’s offices have given her the skills necessary to enter the J.<br />

Rueben Clark law school this fall. She enjoys being outdoors with her loved ones, and would like to<br />

thank her husband, parents, and siblings for being the best teammates one could ask for.<br />




Grant Baldwin Jessica Dofelmire Landon Evans Madelyn Jacobsen<br />

Kaity Marquis Logan Marx McKell McIntyre Tommy Nanto<br />

Aurea Orencia Colton Osguthorpe Elizabeth Patterson Zeke Peters<br />

Jeremy Pratt Jonathan Rosenbalm Bonnie Stewart Lindsey Walker<br />

5<br />

Rebecca Wright

FOR <strong>2022</strong>-23<br />

<strong>2022</strong> G. Kevin Jones<br />

Scholarship Recipient<br />

<strong>2022</strong> G. Kevin Jones<br />

Scholarship Recipient<br />

<strong>2022</strong> G. Kevin Jones<br />

Scholarship Recipient<br />


AWARDS<br />


Anna is a Junior with two<br />

semesters left at BYU.<br />

Since competing in debate<br />

in high school, she has<br />

loved studying politics and<br />

philosophy. She is from<br />

Dallas, Texas and is excited<br />

to meet anyone else here in<br />

Utah with a connection to<br />

Texas.<br />

Aside from loving politics,<br />

Anna also loved music<br />

and art. She is writing a<br />

webcomic and has published<br />

music on Spotify as well.<br />

Of all the jobs she’s had,<br />

her favorite has been<br />

being a TA for POLI 200.<br />

She hopes to enter a PhD<br />

program after graduation<br />

to become a professor of<br />

the same caliber she has<br />

come to know at BYU. She<br />

is so grateful for all she has<br />

learned and gained at BYU.<br />


Megan is a junior studying<br />

Political Science at BYU,<br />

with minors in Global Women’s<br />

Studies and Art History.<br />

She loves art museums,<br />

eating tacos, and searching<br />

for wildflowers. Currently,<br />

she serves as an officer<br />

in the Political Affairs Society<br />

and is the incoming<br />

president of the Women<br />

in Politics Club. Megan is a<br />

writer for the BYU Political<br />

Review and a research assistant<br />

for Darren Hawkins,<br />

which has definitely been<br />

her favorite job.<br />

She hopes to figure out<br />

her constantly changing<br />

post-grad plans and decide<br />

whether to go to law school<br />

or get a Ph.D, but either<br />

way she has many years of<br />

school ahead. She enjoys<br />

making colorful regression<br />

tables in Stata and writing<br />

witty titles for research<br />

papers, which she spends<br />

too much time coming up<br />

with.<br />


Joshua Herrera was born<br />

and raised in West Boylston,<br />

Massachusetts and served<br />

a mission in Calgary,<br />

Canada. He gained an<br />

interest in political science<br />

when he attended his first<br />

ever BYU class: American<br />

Heritage. Years later, he<br />

gained an appreciation for<br />

the political process while<br />

interning for Representative<br />

Christofferson during the<br />

Utah State Legislature’s<br />

<strong>2022</strong> session.<br />

Josh owes an un-payable<br />

debt of gratitude to his<br />

wife Mandy, his family,<br />

and to professors Patterson<br />

and Karpowitz. He is also<br />

grateful for the generosity<br />

of Dr. G. Kevin Jones<br />

and the political science<br />

department as a whole.<br />


<strong>2022</strong> Brent Taylor<br />

Scholarship Recipient<br />

<strong>2022</strong> Brent Taylor<br />

Scholarship Recipient<br />

<strong>2022</strong> Brent Taylor<br />

Scholarship Recipient<br />


AWARDS<br />


Seth Ririe is currently<br />

studying political science<br />

at BYU with minors in<br />

art history, non-profit<br />

management, and political<br />

research and data analysis.<br />

After receiving his<br />

undergraduate degree,<br />

Seth hopes to pursue a<br />

master’s degree in data<br />

analysis for public policy<br />

and then go on to assist<br />

social impact organizations<br />

using proper data collection<br />

and organization.<br />

In his free time, Seth<br />

enjoys attending art<br />

museums, writing poetry,<br />

or analyzing films with his<br />

wife and friends.<br />


Cole is a senior at BYU<br />

studying Political Science<br />

with a second major in<br />

Spanish. Cole grew up on a<br />

ranch in Oklahoma, where<br />

he began to love working<br />

with livestock. He has a<br />

passion for the outdoors,<br />

seeing new things, and<br />

enjoys participating in many<br />

sports. Cole served a mission<br />

in Barcelona, Spain, where<br />

he learned Spanish and was<br />

able to meet people from all<br />

over the world.<br />

He grew up in the small<br />

town of Piedmont,<br />

Oklahoma, where he plans<br />

to be politically active after<br />

graduating from BYU.<br />

Some of the most important<br />

things to Cole are his family,<br />

the Gospel, his country, and<br />

helping those around him.<br />


Anders is entering his<br />

senior year at BYU where<br />

he is completing a double<br />

major in Political Science<br />

and German. His favorite<br />

part of studying Political<br />

Science is learning about the<br />

different configurations of<br />

government institutions and<br />

what impact that has on a<br />

country socioeconomically.<br />

After finishing his<br />

undergraduate education,<br />

Anders is planning on<br />

working somewhere in<br />

government and eventually<br />

getting a master’s degree<br />

in political science or<br />

international affairs. Anders<br />

served a mission in the<br />

Alpine German-speaking<br />

Mission from 2017-2019<br />

spending time in cities like<br />

Vienna, Munich, and Zurich.<br />

Anders also enjoys spending<br />

time with his wife and other<br />

family members, playing<br />

soccer, and studying various<br />

world cultures.<br />

FOR <strong>2022</strong>-23<br />


FOR <strong>2022</strong>-23<br />

<strong>2022</strong> Noel and Sydney<br />

Reynolds Scholar<br />

<strong>2022</strong> Noel and Sydney<br />

Reynolds Scholar<br />


AWARDS<br />


Amon O’Connell is a Political<br />

Science Major with an<br />

emphasis in legal studies. He<br />

grew up in Des Moines, Iowa,<br />

and is the oldest of three<br />

brothers. Amon enjoys rock<br />

climbing, playing soccer, and<br />

cooking.<br />

After BYU, he hopes he can<br />

go to a prestigious law school<br />

and practice law. With a law<br />

degree, he will attempt to<br />

be a successful attorney and<br />

one day a federal judge.<br />

Throughout all of this, he<br />

wants to continue to learn<br />

how to create amazing food<br />

and take cooking classes<br />

across the world.<br />

SUZY YI<br />

Suzy is a Political Science<br />

student going into her<br />

senior year with a minor<br />

in Philosophy. She is from<br />

Colorado Springs, Colorado<br />

and is the second of four<br />

children. Suzy enjoys golfing,<br />

hiking, baking technical<br />

desserts, and reading selfhelp<br />

books. She also served a<br />

mission in Korea and met her<br />

husband in the MTC.<br />

She is currently a research<br />

assistant studying race and<br />

ethnicity between elected<br />

officials and constituents.<br />

She has also done research on<br />

immigration and assimilation.<br />

Suzy is in the Honors Program<br />

and is currently writing her<br />

thesis on Asian American<br />

political participation. Suzy<br />

interned at the South Dakota<br />

State Attorney’s Office last<br />

summer. After graduating,<br />

she plans to attend law school.<br />


<strong>2022</strong> Noel and Sydney<br />

Reynolds Scholar<br />

<strong>2022</strong> Noel and Sydney<br />

Reynolds Scholar<br />


AWARDS<br />



FOR <strong>2022</strong>-23<br />

Isaac is entering his senior year<br />

as a Political Science major and<br />

a Political Strategy minor. Isaac<br />

grew up overseas in Slovenia,<br />

Bangladesh, Bosnia and<br />

Herzegovina, and the Republic<br />

of Georgia. He graduated in<br />

2020 in Falls Church, Virginia<br />

where he calls home while<br />

stateside.<br />

Isaac loves meeting new people,<br />

hiking, biking, and kayaking<br />

when time allows him to.<br />

Isaac has participated in three<br />

campaigns, been an officer for<br />

BYU’s Political Affairs Society,<br />

and has been a summer intern<br />

for Pew Research Center. He<br />

hopes to either go into law or<br />

data analytics in the future.<br />

Brinley was raised in Fort<br />

Worth, Texas, and is the second<br />

oldest of four children. She<br />

is a junior studying Political<br />

Science with minors in Business<br />

and Political Strategy. During<br />

the winter semester, she<br />

participated in the Washington<br />

Seminar where she interned<br />

with the Heritage Foundation<br />

while living in Washington,<br />

DC. In the future, Brinley<br />

plans to go to law school and<br />

return to Washington, DC, to<br />

work in politics.<br />

In her free time, she enjoys<br />

being outdoors, spending<br />

time with her friends and<br />

family, and listening to<br />

podcasts. She is grateful for<br />

the many opportunities her<br />

BYU education has granted<br />

her and is excited to continue<br />

learning about the subjects<br />

she is passionate about as she<br />

completes her degree.<br />


FOR <strong>2022</strong>-23<br />

<strong>2022</strong> Stan Taylor<br />

Scholarship Recipient<br />

<strong>2022</strong> Stan Taylor<br />

Scholarship Recipient<br />


AWARDS<br />


Josh Jarvis grew up in<br />

Bentonville, Arkansas. After<br />

graduating high school, he<br />

served as a full-time missionary<br />

in Tegucigalpa, Honduras. Upon<br />

returning from his mission, he<br />

was lucky enough to marry the<br />

love of his life, Logan.<br />

Josh is currently studying<br />

political science at Brigham<br />

Young University and hopes<br />

to attend law school after<br />

graduation. He enjoys traveling,<br />

rock climbing, and spending<br />

time with his wife.<br />


Megan is a junior at BYU<br />

studying political science with<br />

a minor in East Asian studies.<br />

She grew up near Chicago<br />

and attended high school<br />

in Phoenix. Megan served a<br />

mission in the El Salvador San<br />

Salvador West/Belize Mission<br />

as well as the North Carolina<br />

Raleigh Mission. She spent three<br />

months in Southeast Asia prior<br />

to her mission participating in<br />

mentored research and plans<br />

to spend a month this summer<br />

researching in Morocco and<br />

Spain.<br />

She has competed with Model<br />

United Nations in Washington<br />

D.C. and New York City, and<br />

her team won the outstanding<br />

award in both instances. Megan<br />

loves the outdoors, enjoys<br />

volunteering in her community,<br />

and values her relationships<br />

with her family and friends as<br />

her greatest achievements. She<br />

hopes to attend law school postgraduation.<br />


<strong>2022</strong> Stan Taylor<br />

Scholarship Recipient<br />

<strong>2022</strong> Stan Taylor<br />

Scholarship Recipient<br />


AWARDS<br />


Russel Anderson was born and<br />

raised in Springville, Utah, the<br />

third of four kids. He has always<br />

been part of a tiny minority<br />

who enjoys doing homework, a<br />

superpower that enabled him<br />

to graduate from high school a<br />

year early. He served a Chinesespeaking<br />

mission in Washington<br />

DC starting right at age 18, then<br />

returned to Springville to work<br />

through a physics major at BYU.<br />

His original goal was to end up<br />

in atmospheric science, but after<br />

some experience studying climate<br />

change issues, he became convinced<br />

that a grounding in political<br />

science is just as necessary. He<br />

now balances a double major in<br />

both fields with a math research<br />

job and hobbies of writing,<br />

researching, and game design, and<br />

he hopes that some of these things<br />

will lead to graduate school and a<br />

professorship someday. Otherwise,<br />

his most lofty goal is to enjoy the<br />

weather when it’s sunny and to<br />

soldier through it when it’s not.<br />


Kyle Randall grew up living in<br />

Oceanside, California before<br />

eventually moving to Highland,<br />

Utah. Last year, he married<br />

his wife and they are happily<br />

moving through life together<br />

here in Provo. Kyle is a Senior<br />

and intends to go to BYU Law<br />

School after graduating. He<br />

currently works at the MTC, is<br />

passionate about the defense of<br />

religious freedom, and intends<br />

to defend it as a lawyer in the<br />

future. Outside of school and<br />

work, he loves to bike, swim, ski,<br />

run, and read.<br />

FOR <strong>2022</strong>-23<br />


FOR <strong>2022</strong>-23<br />

<strong>2022</strong> Wade Jacoby<br />

Scholarship Recipient<br />

<strong>2022</strong> Wade Jacoby<br />

Scholarship Recipient<br />


AWARDS<br />


Alix is a senior at BYU studying<br />

Political Science with minors in<br />

Business and International Strategy<br />

and Diplomacy. In the past year, she<br />

has been involved as a BYU Blue<br />

Out Day organizer, SIGMA academic<br />

journal editor, FSSO and Phi Eta<br />

Sigma member, and Director of<br />

Outreach and Communications for<br />

Sigma Iota Rho. She has been most<br />

involved with the Model United<br />

Nations (MUN) program, where she<br />

mentored teammates in her role as a<br />

TA, earned awards for her work in<br />

two National Model UN conferences,<br />

and served as Secretary General for<br />

the 32nd Annual High School Model<br />

UN Conference hosted by BYU.<br />

She recently completed a Management<br />

Consulting Internship with Cougar<br />

Consulting Group at the Marriott<br />

School and is currently interning with<br />

International Business Government<br />

Counsellors, Inc. in Washington, D.C.<br />

as part of her Washington Seminar<br />

experience. She is incredibly grateful<br />

for the support she has received<br />

along the way. Her time at BYU has<br />

taught her to be wise as a serpent,<br />

harmless as a dove, and to always<br />

lead with kindness.<br />


Jenny was born and raised<br />

in Boulder, Colorado by her<br />

immigrant Mexican parents. As a<br />

first-generation student at BYU,<br />

she is studying political science with<br />

an emphasis in legal studies, and<br />

she is minoring in global women’s<br />

studies. Jenny is very passionate<br />

about civil rights and immigrant<br />

issues. Upon graduation, she<br />

plans on pursuing law school<br />

and eventually becoming an<br />

immigration attorney.<br />

She has participated in five<br />

internships while at BYU: one with<br />

the Becky Edwards Campaign, one<br />

with Nomas Legal, another with<br />

Contigo Law, another with the<br />

Utah Center for Legal Inclusion,<br />

and a final one with Mormon<br />

Women for Ethical Government.<br />

She aspires to help represent<br />

marginalized communities in legal<br />

matters. In her free time, Jenny<br />

enjoys spending time with her<br />

family, playing soccer, cooking<br />

traditional Mexican dishes, and<br />

listening to music.<br />



Professor Darren Hawkins<br />

Darren Hawkins with Megan Baird. who presented him the award of Professor of the Year at the Annual BYU PAS Banquet at the Hinckley Building on Friday, April 1, <strong>2022</strong>.<br />

Each year, we use a survey of political science students to choose an exemplary teacher and mentor for us undergraduates<br />

from among the department faculty. Of course, it is a perfectly representative sample.<br />

Students who nominated tonight’s Professor of the Year consistently mentioned his ability to encourage class<br />

participation, give students incredible learning opportunities and inspire students to stand up for the good in the world.<br />

As a teacher for 200, he has encouraged many students to continue the Poli Sci program and has drilled in an<br />

unforgettable knowledge of Turabian citations. His participation GPL has inspired many students to pursue their own<br />

research projects, which he is always willing to help with.<br />

One student commented, “I love this professor because of his open-mindedness and deep love for other people. He<br />

seeks to understand and assist others while helping them to feel understood and appreciated.” Another mentioned that<br />

he is “incredible; he challenges every student to think deeper.”<br />

This professor has also been particularly important to me as a mentor and friend, even if we disagree on the best<br />

female singer-songwriters.<br />

The Political Affairs Society is excited to award <strong>2022</strong> Professor of the Year to Darren Hawkins.<br />

15<br />

Congratulations, Professor Hawkins!<br />

Presented by Megan Baird.




Left to Right: Madi Schlesinger, Joshua Herrera, Tayla Ingles, William Livingston, Amy Kurtzweil, Jackson Berthold, Aurea Orencia, McKenzie Griffeth, Elle Diether, Lindsey Walker,<br />

Bryan Habashi, and Grace Theobald. Not pictured: Emeline Benson, Megan Baird, Noah Bouton, Landon Hooley, David Clove, Amie Dastrup, Jessica Dofelmire, Zachary Phillip.<br />

Pi Sigma Alpha, the National Political Science Honor Society, is the only honor society for college and<br />

university students of political and social sciences in the United States. Its purpose is to recognize and<br />

promote high academic achievement in the field of political science. It is a member of the Association<br />

of College Honor Societies (ACHS) and adheres to all the standards set by ACHS for an upper-division,<br />

specialized honor society. Pi Sigma Alpha is not a social fraternity or club.<br />

Megan Baird<br />

All recipients: Congratulations to all!<br />

Jessica Dofelmire<br />

William Livingston<br />

Emeline Benson<br />

Jackson Berthold<br />

Noah Bouton<br />

David Clove<br />

Amie Dastrup<br />

Elle Diether<br />

McKenzie Griffeth<br />

Bryan Habashi<br />

Joshua Herrera<br />

Landon Hooley<br />

Tayla Ingles<br />

Amy Kurtzweil<br />

Aurea Orencia<br />

Zachary Phillips<br />

Madi Schlesinger<br />

Grace Theobald<br />

Lindsey Walker<br />


<strong>2022</strong> PAS AWARDS BANQUET April 1, <strong>2022</strong><br />



<strong>2022</strong> PAS AWARDS BANQUET<br />

Top Left: Abby Woodfield offering her final remarks as President of BYU PAS Student Chapter.<br />

Top Right: Kesley Townsend, with Chair Jay Goodliffe, receiving her certificate for Valedictorian.<br />

Bottom: The <strong>2022</strong> BYU PAS Awards Banquet participants.<br />


1st Place Winner,<br />

G. Kevin Jones Writing<br />

Award<br />

2nd Place Winner,<br />

G. Kevin Jones Writing<br />

Award<br />

3rd Place Winner,<br />

G. Kevin Jones Writing<br />

Award<br />




“Covid-19 Isolation<br />

Mandates Decrease Out-<br />

Group Hostility in the<br />

Middle East North Africa<br />

Region” ($1000)<br />

Annie is a graduating senior<br />

majoring in Middle Eastern<br />

Studies & Arabic with a minor<br />

in Anthropology. During<br />

her time at BYU, Annie has<br />

worked as a coder for the<br />

WomanStats Project, a research<br />

& teaching assistant in<br />

the Political Science department,<br />

a staff writer for the<br />

BYU Political Review, and<br />

the president of BYU MESAS.<br />

She is particularly fascinated<br />

by political psychology and<br />

how to decrease hostility towards<br />

minorities in high-conflict<br />

regions.<br />

After graduating in <strong>2022</strong>, Annie<br />

will start a job in management<br />

consulting with hopes<br />

to attend graduate school &<br />

work in public service down<br />

the road. Her hobbies include<br />

skiing, hiking, exploring new<br />

cultures, and completing the<br />

New York Times crossword<br />

puzzles.<br />

Honorable Mentions published in Sigma<br />

($100 each):<br />

Tommy Nanto •Grant Baldwin<br />

Drew Horne •Davis Forster<br />


“Censorship Sensing:<br />

The Capabilities and<br />

Implications of China’s<br />

Great Firewall Under Xi<br />

Jinping” ($750)<br />

Emily is a junior majoring in<br />

computer engineering with<br />

a minor in computer science<br />

from Virginia. She served in<br />

the Ulaanbaatar Mongolia and<br />

Salt Lake City Utah missions.<br />

As a research assistant for the<br />

Network Embedded Technologies<br />

Lab, she has worked on<br />

air quality research for Mongolian<br />

yurts and is currently<br />

working on sensor resiliency<br />

for citizen science data collection.<br />

Emily is also an officer<br />

in BYU’s Society of Women<br />

Engineers club and a member<br />

of the BYU Honors Program.<br />

Her experience living in Beijing<br />

and Hong Kong has led<br />

her to study the implications<br />

of Internet censorship for international<br />

relations and cyberspace<br />

norms. She hopes to<br />

work on strengthening our<br />

nation’s cyber policy regarding<br />

East Asia in the future.<br />

When she is not working with<br />

1s and 0s, Emily enjoys mentoring<br />

students in her home<br />

community in math and reading,<br />

working as a BYU ballet<br />

piano accompanist, and spending<br />

time with her rabbit, Bunnalicious.<br />


“Party Institutionalization and<br />

Public Confidence” ($500)<br />

Blake is a Junior at BYU currently<br />

majoring in Political Science<br />

and minoring in Legal Studies,<br />

Communications, and Political<br />

Research and Data Analysis.<br />

Born in Macon, Georgia with<br />

a single-ventricle heart, he was<br />

diagnosed with Complex Congenital<br />

Heart Disease and underwent<br />

several palliative surgeries.<br />

In spite of this medical setback,<br />

Blake has been able to accomplish<br />

many of his goals such<br />

as attaining the rank of Eagle<br />

Scout in the Boy Scouts of America,<br />

becoming part of the leadership<br />

in his high school marching<br />

band, and serving a mission for<br />

the Church of Jesus Christ of<br />

Latter-day Saints. After graduating,<br />

Blake plans on going into<br />

graduate school to earn either a<br />

Masters of Public Administration<br />

and/or a Masters of Public Policy.<br />

Blake has always been interested<br />

in subjects like history and<br />

politics and often spends his<br />

free time researching national<br />

and international politics. When<br />

Blake is not doing that or any<br />

other work for school, he is typically<br />

spending time with friends,<br />

eating good food, or playing<br />

strategy games.<br />





Sigma Editors <strong>2022</strong>-2023<br />

The leadership team for Sigma <strong>2022</strong>-23 is:<br />

Editor in Chief: Marissa (Gerber) Pinnock<br />

Managing Editor: Elle Diether<br />

Lead Editor: Amelia Watterson<br />

Each Sigma leader will be receiving a $500 leadership stipend in Fall and Winter.<br />



In <strong>2022</strong>, 16 new items were added to the Sigma journal and 13,645 items were downloaded.<br />

Articles in the journal were downloaded by readers at 1,040 institutions and in 149 countries.<br />

“The Effect of Making Election Day a Holiday: An Original Survey and a Case Study of<br />

French Presidential Elections Applied to the U.S. Voting System,” written by Caitlyn Bradfield<br />

and Paul Johnson, was the most popular paper of the year with 1,564 downloads.<br />

To read the paper, click here: https://tinyurl.com/5fhwr6ua<br />

Political Review Leaders, <strong>2022</strong>-23<br />

Haeley Christensen<br />

Editor in Chief<br />

Megan Baird<br />

Publisher<br />

Thank you to the outgoing Editors, Publisher and Staff:<br />

Kaity Marquis, Haeley Christensen, et al.<br />


BYU College Democrats Leadership, <strong>2022</strong>-23<br />

Amy Kurtzweil<br />

President<br />

Executives for College Democrats:<br />

Sofia Maia — Debate Coordinator<br />

Emma Moore — Event Planner<br />

Kate Koger — Graphic Design Lead/Social Media<br />

Macey Chatterton — Graphic Design Assistant/Social Media<br />

Kate Moore — Community Outreach<br />

Hubert Kim — Coordination Lead<br />




DEMOCRATS LEADERS. <strong>2022</strong>-23<br />

BYU College Republicans Leadership, <strong>2022</strong>-23<br />

Executives for College Republicans:<br />

Isaac Grow<br />

President<br />

Alvin Guo — Vice President<br />

Joseph Flake — Secretary<br />

Quincy Azimi-Tarizi — Executive Director<br />

Lauren Palmer — Director of Outreach<br />

Thanks to the outgoing executives:<br />

President Joseph Flake; Vice President Isaac Grow ; Secretary<br />

Melesisi Pauu; Executive Director Quincy Azimi-Tabrizi; Director<br />

of Outreach Taya Tobler<br />



AWARDS<br />




Global Politics Fellows: <strong>2022</strong>-23<br />

AnneMarie Ackerman<br />

Madison Anderson<br />

Brendan Armstrong<br />

Megan Baird<br />

Julia Chatterly<br />

JT Gardner<br />

Hunter Huillet<br />

Tayla Ingles<br />

Brenna Johnson<br />

Zachary Knudson<br />

Grant Mitchell<br />

Brynn Morse<br />

Paige Osguthorpe<br />

Morgan Rushforth<br />

Lydia Shaw<br />

Bella Smith<br />

CSED Fellows: 2021-22<br />

Grant Baldwin<br />

Jessica Dofelmire<br />

Kelsey Eyre<br />

Hannah Forsyth<br />

Jordan Gygi<br />

Jacob Lunt<br />

Tommy Nanto<br />

Zeke Peters<br />

Jeremy Pratt<br />

Morgan Rushforth<br />

Kesley Townsend<br />

Chris Vazquez<br />

Isabel Williams<br />

Clara Wilson<br />

Mary Lou Fulton Endowments: 2021<br />

Four Political Science students received internship grants from<br />

the Mary Lou Fulton endowment in 2021:<br />

Addison Garside ($2,200)<br />

Camden Reese ($1,600)<br />

Matthew Sanders ($750)<br />

Owen Gregory Bates ($500)<br />


Clara Wilson Cullen<br />

President<br />





<strong>2022</strong>-23<br />

Jackson Berthold<br />

Vice President<br />

Megan Baird<br />

President of Women in Politics<br />

Lindsey Walker<br />

President of Students for<br />

International Development<br />

Thank you to our outgoing BYU PAS Executives:<br />

Abigail Woodfield (President); Kaity Marquis (Vice<br />

President); Kesley Townsend (Women in Politics President);<br />

Megan Baird, Jackson Berthold, David Close, Clara<br />

Cullen, Amy Kurtzweil, and Isaac Lamoreaux.<br />


Lauren Allen Warner, BA<br />

Political Science:<br />

Utah Governor’s office<br />

internship, Utah Attorney<br />

General’s office internship,<br />

Research and Teaching<br />

assistant, BYU Women in<br />

Politics Publicist, International<br />

Folkdance Team.<br />

I will be attending the J.<br />

Rueben Clark law school<br />

this fall! Salutatorian, Magna<br />

Cume Laude<br />

Johnathon Floyd: I am now<br />

working on an accounting degree<br />

with another institution; I<br />

plan to pair it with my BYU political<br />

science degree and pursue<br />

a career in forensic accounting<br />

for the United States government.<br />

Spencer May, BA Political Science:<br />

Next is Law School!<br />

Stela Martinez, BA Political<br />

Science: Attending BYU MPA<br />

program in the fall!<br />

Jesse Boyce, BA Political Science:<br />

Working with the National Defense<br />

University while I attended the<br />

Washington Seminar in D.C. was<br />

one of the best experiences of my<br />

college experience. I wish to pursue<br />

a practical education in national<br />

security.<br />





Meg Price, BA Political<br />

Science:<br />

Next is Law School at<br />

BYU!<br />

Landon Evans, BA<br />

Political Science: Spanish<br />

Language Certificate, Legal<br />

Studies Minor. Congressional<br />

Internship with Representative<br />

John Curtis. Law<br />

school is next. Graduating<br />

with Distinction.<br />

Rebekah Heath, BA Political<br />

Science: Throughout my time at<br />

BYU I’ve had the privilege of<br />

having the Brigham Young grant.<br />

I’ve also written a paper on gendered<br />

rhetoric in supreme court<br />

cases about abortion with Dr.<br />

Lucy Williams at the law school.<br />

This spring I’ll be going on a<br />

church history study abroad. I’ve<br />

also had a ton of fun longboarding<br />

and snowboarding throughout<br />

the canyon with friends, earning<br />

a couple of concussions along the<br />

way. I will be attending law school<br />

in the fall, and hope to have a<br />

career as a transactional corporate<br />

attorney specializing in mergers<br />

and acquisitions.<br />

Emillia Winterhalter, BA<br />

Political Science: I will be<br />

attending Washburn Law, Kansas<br />

in the fall.<br />

Jeremy Pratt, BA Political<br />

Science: Garth N. Jones Scholar,<br />

Academic Scholarship Recipient,<br />

Dean’s List, Undergraduate<br />

CSED Research Fellow, Research<br />

Assistant, Teaching Assistant,<br />

Utah State Legislative Intern,<br />

Volunteer Mediator with the<br />

Center for Peace and Conflict<br />

Resolution, Pi Alpha Sigma,<br />

Phi Eta Sigma National Honor<br />

Society, Skull and Bones Society<br />

Order 322, Masonic Lodge Officer<br />

in Blue Lodge Freemasonry -<br />

First Degree Entered Apprentice,<br />

Ikon Pass Holder, and Part-time<br />

Highschool Substitute Math<br />

Teacher. I will be moving to<br />

Angola, where I’ve accepted a<br />

position to direct a small hospital<br />

that focuses on reducing neonatal<br />

disorders in the Bakongo Tribe. I<br />

am very excited, or as the locals<br />

say, wapi pleni ya avio!<br />

Graduated with Distinction<br />






25<br />

Kaity Marquis, BA<br />

Political Science: Author,<br />

publisher, and editor-inchief<br />

of the BYU Political<br />

Review. Author, board<br />

member, and editor-inchief<br />

for the BYU PreLaw<br />

Review. Published writing<br />

for both the Political<br />

Review and the PreLaw<br />

Review. Interning editor for<br />

Aporia, the undergraduate<br />

philosophy journal.<br />

Research assistant for the<br />

Political Science department<br />

and the J. Reuben Clark<br />

Law School. Teaching<br />

assistant for the Political<br />

Science department.<br />

Recipient of the Excellence<br />

in Philosophy Scholarship as<br />

well as the Kevin G. Jones<br />

Scholarship. Vice President<br />

of the BYU Political Affairs<br />

Society. Vice President<br />

of the BYU Philosophical<br />

Society. Member of Pi<br />

Sigma Alpha.<br />

ttending the European<br />

Studies study abroad this<br />

spring. Graduate school in<br />

philosophy as well as law<br />

school, in no particular<br />

order<br />

Graduating with Distinction.<br />

Isabel Williams: Moving to<br />

DC and working as a staff<br />

assistant in the US Senate!<br />

James Whiting, BA Political<br />

Science: While all the activities<br />

at BYU have been enjoyable, my<br />

favorite thing to do during my<br />

college experience has been visiting<br />

the assisted living facilities in and<br />

around Provo and Springville to<br />

sing and play the guitar for the<br />

sweet elderly people. I hope to<br />

attend BYU Law this fall!<br />

Peter Snyder, BA Political<br />

Science:<br />

BYU Air Force ROTC: 2019-2020.<br />

Washington Seminar- Internship<br />

in the office of U.S. Senator Mike<br />

Lee.Campaign experience: Working<br />

on the campaign of Representative<br />

John Curtis. I am going to take<br />

the Foreign Service Officer exam<br />

for the U.S. State Department and<br />

am considering the U.S. Military as<br />

another option.<br />

Liz Ericksen, BA Political Science:<br />

Next is JD/MPA!<br />

Grant Baldwin, BA Political<br />

Science: Grant served three<br />

years as a TA for American<br />

Heritage and two years as<br />

an undergraduate fellow at<br />

the Center for the Study of<br />

Elections and Democracy (CSED).<br />

Publications in BYU’s student<br />

journals: Sigma, the Thetean,<br />

and Religious Education<br />

Student Symposium. Research<br />

and Poster presentations at the<br />

Department’s Political Science<br />

Poster Conference, Mary Lou<br />

Fulton Mentored Research<br />

Conference, and the Utah<br />

Conference on Undergraduate<br />

research. Entering a PhD program<br />

in Political Science at UCLA with<br />

focuses in American Politics and<br />

Political Methodology (Statistics)<br />

in the fall! Political Science<br />

Departmental Distinction.<br />

Bonnie Stewart, BA Political<br />

Science: BYU Academic Scholarship,<br />

Public Education Foundation<br />

Scholarship, Washington Seminar,<br />

Internship with the National<br />

Academy of Public Administration,<br />

Research and Teaching<br />

Assistant.<br />

I will be attending the BYU J.<br />

Reuben Clark Law School in the<br />

Fall.<br />

Graduating with Distinction, Magna<br />

Cum Laude, Dean’s List.

Jessica Dofelmire, BA<br />

Political Science:<br />

Academic scholarship<br />

recipient, 2020 Wade<br />

Jacoby Inspiring Learning<br />

Scholarship, Congressional<br />

internship with Senator<br />

Lee, BYU Law and Corpus<br />

Linguistics internship,<br />

Scottish Parliament study<br />

abroad, editor for BYU<br />

Pre-Law Review, Center for<br />

the Study of Elections and<br />

Democracy research fellow,<br />

Pi Sigma Alpha, presented<br />

research at the Political<br />

Science department poster<br />

conference, the Mary Lou<br />

Fulton mentored research<br />

conference, BYU Honors<br />

conference, and SPSA <strong>2022</strong>.<br />

I am taking a gap year<br />

and then attending law<br />

school. University honors,<br />

department distinction.<br />

Abigail Ryan, BA Political<br />

Science:<br />

Co-President of BYU College<br />

Democrats for 2 years;<br />

Global Women’s Studies Honor<br />

Society;<br />

National Political Science<br />

Honor Society;<br />

Internship with Becky Edwards<br />

for Senate Campaign;<br />

Third Overall in Political<br />

Science Poster Conference;<br />

Research Assistant for<br />

Professor Preece;<br />

POLI 150 Teaching Assistant<br />

(2 semesters);<br />

POLI 472 Teaching Assistant<br />

(3 semesters);<br />

GWS Office Assistant;<br />

<strong>Summer</strong> <strong>2022</strong> GWS Study<br />

Abroad.<br />

Not in chronological order:<br />

going on the GWS Human<br />

Rights Women’s Rights Study<br />

Abroad, adopting a retired<br />

Greyhound, and exploring<br />

potential careers.<br />

Zeke Peters, BA Political<br />

Science:<br />

President of Students of Urban<br />

Planning Association.<br />

Editor-in-Chief at BYU SIGMA<br />

Journal.<br />

Fellow of the Center for the<br />

Study of Elections & Democracy<br />

(CSED).<br />

FHSS Representative of the<br />

Student Alumni Council.<br />

Writer at BYU Political Review &<br />

Pre-Law Review.<br />

Teaching Assistant/Resident<br />

Advisor with Jeremy C. Pope<br />

(RA), Tyler Pack (POLI 475),<br />

Ethan Busby (POLI 328).<br />

Brent Taylor Memorial<br />

Scholarship Recipient. Intern with<br />

Provo City Development Services.<br />

I will be attending the University<br />

of Utah for a dual master’s<br />

program in Public Administration<br />

and City & Metropolitan Planning.<br />

Graduation with Distinction, Phi<br />

Sigma Alpha.<br />







Mohammad Tayel Fadi Alhusban<br />

Bradley Scott Amis<br />

Daniela Marlene Aranda<br />

Eric Grant Baldwin<br />

David Isaac Banks<br />

Austin Scott Birrell<br />

Brayden Chase Blaylock<br />

Jesse Dylan Boyce<br />

Mayeline Burdie<br />

Emily Anne Wiest Campbell<br />

Bonnie Kate Candland<br />

Ethan Christian Carlson<br />

Elizabeth S. Castillo<br />

John Robert Cherrington<br />

Cory Riley Christensen<br />

Dayson Ariva Malie Damuni<br />

McKenna Marie Davis<br />

Jessica Dofelmire<br />

Alyssa Jean Doig<br />

Landon Robert Evans<br />

Kellen Shepherd Everett<br />

Kelsey Lee Eyre<br />

Samuel Emigdio Fernandez<br />

Jonathon Michael Floyd<br />

Alison Alexa Forsloff<br />

Hannah Rachel Forsyth<br />

Bryce Garrison Gally<br />

Paloma April Garcia<br />

Daylen Joe Gargalis<br />

Addison Claire Garside<br />

Kennedy Alyse Gerratt<br />

Jessica Ellen Gillich<br />

Sarah Alex Allred Green<br />

Haley Kay Grizzell<br />

Hailey Marie Guymon<br />

Jordan Glenn Gygi<br />

Dallin Jerron Hale<br />

Landon Richard Hardy<br />

Rebekah Jean Heath<br />

Alejandra Veronica Herrera<br />

Siale Tayler Tausinga Hifo<br />

Ashlynn Elaine Hokanson<br />

James Austin Holmes<br />

Yunha Hwang<br />

Madelyn Jacobsen<br />

Daniel James Jenkins<br />

Cassandra Cheri Kendall<br />

Kimia Khatami<br />

Elizabeth Ericksen Kutz<br />

Matthew Leo LaMattina<br />

Laura Marie Langford<br />

Tess Michelle Larsen<br />

Sierra Leanne Lenz<br />

Robert Bruce Lindsay<br />

Rebecca Lee Wright Lines<br />

Grace Emmeline Long<br />

Catherine Felicity Loveland<br />

Peyton Lee Lykins<br />

Luke Lyons<br />

Daniel Michael Macdonald<br />

Rebecca Ruth Manning<br />

Michael James Marcantano<br />

Kaitlyn Adele Marquis<br />

Stela Marie Martinez<br />

Logan David Marx<br />

Gabriel Nicholas Maslich<br />

Spencer Donald May<br />

Miranda Kay Maynard<br />

McKell Mary McIntyre<br />

Tanner Kenneth Merkley<br />

Justice Kristine Mitchell<br />

Jay Edward Mortensen<br />

Thomas David Nanto<br />

Kaleb J Newey<br />

Eli David Nielsen<br />

Clint James Nielson<br />

Rodolpho Oliva<br />

William James O’Reilly<br />

Aurea Bianca Ignacio Orencia<br />

Colton Avaron Osguthorpe<br />

Gustavo V Padilla<br />

Elliana Sage Pastrano<br />

Elizabeth Jane Patterson<br />

Zoe Anne Patton<br />

Ezekiel Rick Bremner Peters<br />

Lauren Brooke Petersen<br />

Hannah LuMei Pitt<br />

Ethan Gabriel Thomas Pitts<br />

Sophia Elise Plantamura<br />

Jeremy Spencer Pratt<br />

Margaret Rosalie Price<br />

Morgan Joseph Pyper<br />

Rolle Kristian Rantaniemi<br />

Nicholas Maughan Riehle<br />

Jose Ricardo Rodriguez<br />

Gavyn Wyatt Roedel<br />

Jonathan Craig Rosenbalm<br />

Abigail Ann Ryan-Brown<br />

Conor Sy Schetzel<br />

Drake Allen Seifert<br />

Emma Rebecca Sewell<br />

McKinly Peter Snyder<br />

Steven Terry Soldani<br />

Cardston Jesse Stanford<br />

Bonnie Catherine Stewart<br />

Colten Blake Swenson<br />

Madison Kendall Sinclair<br />

Ross Gerald Tate<br />

Walker A Thomas<br />

Jared Todd Tippets<br />

Kesley Brooke Townsend<br />

Christopher M Vazquez<br />

Tomo Belinda Vierbuchen<br />

Elizabeth Katherine Walker<br />

Lindsey Walker<br />

Tehya Renée Walkingstick<br />

Lauren Allen Warner<br />

Richard Nelson West<br />

Katie Dianne Whitehead<br />

James Hyrum Whiting<br />

Isabel Kate Williams<br />

Emillia Lisbeth Winterhalter<br />

Spencer Christopher Wright<br />

Zachry Thomas Wright<br />

Madeline Christine Zarchin<br />

Bonnieblue Zuniga<br />

POLI SCI<br />




<strong>2022</strong> GRADUATION<br />



CLASS OF <strong>2022</strong><br />


29<br />

Congratulations graduates! I hope that each<br />

of us will take the time to reflect upon our<br />

experiences at BYU and thank those who<br />

have made this journey and our successes<br />

possible.<br />

As I have reflected upon my own education,<br />

I have found that the greatest thing I have<br />

learned is how to effectively care for others.<br />

President Russel M. Nelson said, “education<br />

is the difference between wishing you<br />

could help other people and being able to<br />

help them.” Truly, the mission of a BYU<br />

education is to mold individuals who possess<br />

the ability to effectively help those most in<br />

need.<br />

I believe studying political science has only<br />

expanded each of our capacities to care<br />

for and help those around us. As political<br />

science students, we have had the unique<br />

opportunity to study systemic inequality<br />

and the ways in which policies and social<br />

institutions can create disadvantages in<br />

our communities. We know that certain<br />

institutions fail to fix the problems they<br />

were created to solve. We know that there<br />

is not always equity in the laws created and<br />

passed at the local and national levels. We<br />

know that, to a lot of people, partisanship is<br />

more important than public health, winning<br />

is more important than what is right,<br />

and being right is more important than<br />

listening to another perspective. Despite how<br />

disheartening this field can be, I am grateful<br />

that each of us possesses the tools to identify<br />

inequalities and thereby identify those most<br />

in need of care.<br />

Political scientists also possess the tool<br />

of understanding complexity. A political<br />

scientist is someone who cares enough<br />

about the world to uncover its generalities<br />

and its nuances, its consistencies and its<br />

contradictions. The study of political<br />

science is a study of autonomous actors who<br />

possess considerations and complexity and<br />

a depth that often goes untapped, making<br />

it beyond challenging to predict opinions<br />

and behavior. Certainly, other areas of study<br />

like sociology or psychology deal with these<br />

challenges as well. But there is something<br />

different about what political science gets<br />

to uncover because there is something different about the<br />

interaction of politics and a person. In fact, the personal<br />

is political and the political is personal. Because of this,<br />

political scientists are privy to some of the most complex<br />

attitudes, institutions, and interactions in our world today.<br />

An understanding of this complexity allows us to empathize<br />

with those in need, recognize the barriers to equality, and<br />

apply meaningful solutions.<br />

The final tool each of us has at our disposal to help<br />

those around us is an understanding that politics can<br />

be an avenue for good. A few years ago, one of my<br />

professors told us in class that “if we continue to think of<br />

politics as the worst thing, it will never get better.” In my<br />

interactions with family and friends, it is evident that a<br />

lot of people do see politics as the worst thing. But despite<br />

every negative thing political scientists are exposed to,<br />

we continue to see politics as an avenue for good. Within<br />

this very department, we have professors and students<br />

discovering avenues to help women successfully run for<br />

office. There are faculty members uncovering ways to<br />

increase public trust in election security and financing. We<br />

have professors studying solutions to lowering the costs<br />

of political participation and ways to tackle extremism<br />

and polarization. But perhaps most importantly in this<br />

department, we have been mentored by professors who are<br />

dedicated to passing these skills on to students and creating<br />

a generation that is increasingly optimistic about our<br />

political potential and the ways we can use politics to care<br />

for those around us.<br />

Though not all of us will continue studying political science<br />

after we graduate, I hope that each of us will utilize the<br />

tools we have learned at BYU to care for others. Let us<br />

all continue to recognize disadvantages and inequalities<br />

in our future education, careers, and communities. Let<br />

us acknowledge the complex effect of this disadvantage<br />

on the individual. And let us remember to use our<br />

understanding of political processes to create positive<br />

change in the lives of those most in need.<br />

Congratulations, Class of <strong>2022</strong>!<br />

-Kesley Townsend, Valedictorian


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