Cork Mercantile Chronicle 17 May 1802

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N o·. 1 _


M,ON DAY, :rvt Y 17, i:802i



EDMUND B;tRRr, and E. KE,,N, additional appointed

by the Committee of Merthants of this City, lnfpectors

of Butter at the Weigh Honfes of this City, for three

!\-fomhs, from the 8th of-JVIa-y inil:. or for foch time longer as

we !hall be deemed to merit being continued in faid Oflite, do



ieveral!y fwear, " That according to the bdl: of our knowledge

and fkill, i,,ve will execute the Ofii.ce diligently, faithfully J

and L I FE


impartially, without fl\our or affeel:ion to any Perfon or Perfons

whatev.er ; artol that lbould any Pcrfon ot Pcrfons. offer

:111oney, ctr by any other means whatever, attempt to bribe µs,

or either a! us, we will 'immediate/y di-fcover the matter to the


l'refidcnt or Treafurer of the Co1i,mittee of Merchants,.-and



i.f roffible find out the Name or Names of fuch Perfon or Per


:Ions, who Ili_all be fo daring"to make fuch attempt."

Sworn before m.:.this 10th Day of May, 1801,.


. M. R- WESTRO.PP, MA".011..

I8Ll.A.C 'JONES, .



l.\.fay r4.

' ccvery of falfe and counterfeit Brands, nr Figures made in

imi-to;rtion of the Era s or Figures of the Head Weigh-Mafters

oC this City; or any falfely bl'ahded Caiks, Firkins, or Kegs

for padring_Buttr or,Tallow ; or if_an_y Perfon or erfon

keeping or ufing fuch falfe or counterfeit Brands or F1.gures

r cuncealing l•Je fame ih their- Hores, Concerns, or • elfewhere,

within the Liberties of the City of Cork.-And tha

· we will at all times :fecretly and immediately declare , and

make kr1own to the faid Head WeighMafrers, or their Re


tive.refiding ere, all ·fuch in o

mati_on as we wi _

ll r

ce1ve, difcover, or be m polfoilion of ,e,pecl:mg fuch, or any

counterfeit Brands or Figures,,and Cafks of every defcr,iptioq

Tuanded therewith; or falfely tared.


May ,


FOR Q!!?BEC, . .

Tbe FajT Sailin g

JJ,·ig, 'y.A,NE of GUERNSEY,

;,f ' NICHOL,15 DE JERSEY, M/IST.E 1 1,

: w

IL½ proceed fir!l: fair \Vind after Sunda

the, 16th inft, has room for a: few Tan

:ind fitcliti1t accommoJ-.::e Months, fiom the. :dl Day of July ne;(t, 01· for fuch 1 coaK, 1,6ih ,\l'Rll, 1801,1 ' \VRAPPER TOBACCO; Itent HOPS in Bags a11d Pockets; HuMPRRtr.s M".1. NDERs. Theie Concerns are well calculated

St • l'atn;l:-Slreet.

further time as the Committee fhall think prqper to contiut1e

, ,. . i 13ofton POT-ASHES ; Hhd. and Barret S'rAVES; Eafr In-

for an extenfie Bufrnefs;having·to the rer, la;·ge Store5, Oar:.

· us, or either of is, in rhe faid Office ; do fevPS, in Bags and

· Pockets ; all o' which he will dif pofe of by ' Wholefale as

cheap as any oufe in the City.


ii: B. He will fell two Gallons of Spirits as cheap as any

qmb1tity may be purchafed.

tJ" An APPRENTICE wanted.

' . . ..

' April z6.


.. \








ENJAMIN WILSON having purchafed the entire Stick

B, in Trade of the late. J H

MERCANTL . ing ·:?ab e to qu1-

Br•1·1v -bav1·u·g r'ead'the Articles of the Treaty, .

NTROE bf e.d h t f l .

l d 1 . l bts •n1tl1 l' JS O'Vn moans

' "

The DuRe of MO b ' O erv ' t_ a UC l l1; 1n to break off the treat,,, an d to renew t 1e war. aLe l!S ( e " '. ' '" • '

B 1 . .1 th rollo•1 r ;1io- Pa1Jer • ' , ,


• ,i k



l • Tlie Li on·, Mi· . ...

,r,L,IA" E• L!OT· moved th, at

er 1er rea... . e r, ' ' 0 •

an 'idea µrnft - originạte e!_tl,er in t l 111llLa · e. or. t n e

Earl FITZ\iVILLIAM feemtd to exprefs. us l.. • \'V , - m


· ISLATORS · • ' ·

f l N bl r, l H I d 1 r · p·rov·1·r10n be made for 88,ooO feamen fo r one mont 1,

" c1T1t&Ns L I;G '

mifinformation o tie o e car . . e }a giv..i

,vifh- to know -whether an'y repre1entat1on3 ,';'.ere f

u T he Governp1e11t addre!fes to you the T reaty . o fu ch notice, and if he fhould ever _bring forward · n tle to Min iil:e rs 0 11 the fu bj eB: ·which may be ctone from th e z 5th o f May

. · · ·

which has put a final period to the diffentions of Eu- a propofition to tha·t effect, • it. ,touid arife from th.e

thotwh no Official Commilnication took place. ,JVir . ROBSON co;tended, thi if we .meant t,-

, rnp'


· confequenfbnrthch in t'i llicy, -ii'd llpprctiat_e its •'confcquenc:s· ' _Lord MrNT M doe: nt , mrnt as the firft, eftJ ecially when the {hatum of thisfeem

,to entr,a1I1 -a beter orw101,1 on the_ i_uatter ; and_ he I light fp ongy matter is very thick, requiring.a longer

. frattkly cout )tcs, t!"iaf ord r,11 N TO s «:ibfervatmns, refpecl:mg . . . .

. ,


l .

t_he manner by which France poffeffed herfrlf of the Cijii!pini

time t0 confohdal , beforn th e_ hme or t 1er manm e

'Reimblic a d the ifie of Elbu, were well-fuundedthat thof e can operate upon 1t. and the firfl Crops are not fo

a1teratious; confidered of themJelves l, would have fufficicntly

oertain, though in two years it becomes nearly as

ju:!Ulied l1i Majdly's ferv'!,nt in advifing him to brea he I gqod as the other; and is improved to advantage.-.

t·eaty an _,rcn:'Y the wa! ;-but that under all tl1e. eX,1l1;11g

The moifes here are from 8 to 1 4 feet deep, fome

c:n.mm£Wices, 1 was thought bell: to conclude the Defimt1ve

i h f .• r - . I · · h l b ,

Ṭrc.ttYJ ;Thus, om: .fuggefrion, contained in a former Paper;

more, and t e ucce1s 111 rec ,!lmmg t em 1as ,ee

tece1v the _urroo'oration;·of tht: mofl: competent authority- equal, whetevr depth they . hve been, .

on o t 1e Mem]:iers of the , Admini!l::aipn ; and the inference The firft hmg t9 be done J ., IS to mark off ahd cut

is_,a,: ,pab'le (\s ':'.1 : "ni1rat1011 : that i'. !le condu ':1 f tl enc•· i lit proper man Qr mafter d·ains, in or_der to car.i·y

my J rfied the 1 upmre o_f the·


negot1at10n, but -a en cz:n- 1 off the fuperfluotis water, tikmg care to prefer-ve the

, _flan - s cornpe!\-".d an acqmefcence to ,W.hJ!t the Mintfcers con- I •

t ft ffibl l l l ,;;h · - D h t h

-:fds 6 e'lam.eotable an degrading, and a fraudulent and m- I

grea e

l e eve > W IL

1 _ 11 eve!'Y ,Cthe ver,y belt thing'on eartn for the cornof

anyJ dimeniions whatever. ,



umJ;y, be,:·.ufe th,y · 11zat!, a P,ace, and that the ,rery be!l: · .

. ,


hich, u11der circumt1ances, it w;is in their power to 'aeGOlJl- 1 T?e d1menfins of thefe drams, when , firfl: mad,

''·' ··;f · 11

····":+:·' " ·--·,.;;,,,,

' FRENC H RACKET S .. !I ,_--,-.. -,,:·•-

T HERJ:: having been an. un iverfai ct>lnphint ambngft the ,


.-•. l.' 7 l so-ppefd plate

Piayers of 'Tennis and Fiva, of ·a wa it of g'ood RAC- '. sair'3, , ' ,u ll IT •.. . ef nrr,i.

QlJETS, has induced Jo H.N \' 1L Ls; H a•make N? '44, near · "'

,,,1 ,... u _ d _ g,, _,_

,o_ u _ J -.* J -oh' 1 - 1 'r'I o 'b :- d :- :1 -y _ _,,-;-.....;.. -,' i;\ :-;: b :----: :---- ..,,... --_.

Eajl-la11, Ja,,·,, Rotherhith, P/all, London, - as. r ,rey10\is to the ,


. John Kindroph Mar.iric (G ·e tieadj

·war) t,1 import from Paris a large ti,Hant1ty c,f the vey belt Thomas Mar!l:a!l At> fine deac\,)

\!/rlcmanfhip, finely iha):led, and the wood we\l feafoned, Ii j)el/l':-oplJ'J11 Robert B,;lron Ab tfince together with a Statement of the

J nfrpn Fielrly

John Gregory . I


Dff PERIAL PA /?.LIAMEN1'. 11•

.,., .


to confider that if Ruffia went to war with us it was

derfrood tq ntertain, fentiments the moll favourabl e

HOU"E OF COMMOl.fS . -FRID.\Y MAY 7. to libehy, ?ut who would not ran1ly b accufed of becaufc we refufedto cede Malta, andthatthough the

difputewith the Northern Powerswasnowft:ttled,we


· . h cl • , · b l · h · f h r

,.1,i\-..t(. •

Powel"S might be enabled to fopply France with naval

I wai:ns Mini!l:ers p1cvcr to trufl to the rcprefentatwns

T«- r-&£CHi.S o, MR. , n:1uii.s AND LORD BLGRAV!!:, ON .

want of ability to forrn an accuratt: notion of geue·

• l f l f . h"

; .; LATE o no:. IN r tu Housis u;• cuM.-loNs ll'l THE ;; ral policy. la the lirl o t 1e e maxims t 1s wt : 1ter a g,venuptnat po1111' y w 11c 111 uture wars, t e1e

Ir. NIC HOLS rofe to make his promifed mo- of E _

migrants, ecaufe they ere in general either fl:ores. On a view of the obje8:s of th e war, then,

it appeared that in gaining thefe objeO:s the Right

tjqn fo . an Add!1'cfo to his Majdly, thanking him '. deceved themklves, o,; then· mere!l: was _

fo maten-

Honoui-ablc. Gentleman had failed, and that in his

fr having n:mo•,t:d the Right Honourable William ally molved they co\1ld not. fail to deceive others.

Pitt frnm his Otrnncils. He had beer. in,duced par- j The 1{1gt Hoiournble1 9"e tlean had wholly- for- condu6: of the war no p1•oofs of wifclom were to be

ticularly to !Hect this Right Ho!wurable Gentle- , gotten thts maxim, nd, rn ) udgrng of the f1:ate f difcovered. Rejoicing, as he did, in the, Peace, he

man, not merely becaufe he formed th e moft promi- I France, had bec!n ch1efiy g _

u_1ded by the reprefentat1-

rejoiced in, it nly becaufe the war had made it ne-,

nrnt charactier in the I.ate Admioifiration, but be- ' ons of the French nobility who had fled f r om celfary. No man could vindit'ate fnch a Peace as

c'.l.u!e circumlhmces applied to him :'excluJive of the I France and otained an afylum in this peaceful

had been concluded, but from a contemplation of

rcll uf hil> coUeagl,es in office. In laying before the land. The Right Honourable yentlema? ought the ftate to which the war had reduced tl1e country.

Houfe the- gmt1nds of the motion with which he n_ot only to have known ho_w allacious fuchrnforma- He did rtot meari to fay that the efforts of the co unmeant

to c-ortclu

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