TSS Mini All-Ireland 2022

Programme of events for TSS Mini All-Ireland 2022 Main Sponsor MSP Consulting

Programme of events for TSS Mini All-Ireland 2022
Main Sponsor MSP Consulting


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T S S F O R L I F E<br />

<strong>2022</strong><br />

Tues 6th, Wed 7th, Thu 8th 6-8pm and Sat 10th of September 2-6pm<br />

VEC Grounds Terenure<br />

S E P 2 0 2 2 W E ' R E B A C K ! T H A N K S F O R T A K I N G P A R T !

Proud Sponsor of the<br />

<br />

<strong>TSS</strong> <strong>Mini</strong> <strong>All</strong>-<strong>Ireland</strong> <strong>2022</strong><br />

With over 30 years’ experience in the property business,<br />

Mark Smyth is a recognised and respected industry advisor<br />

to a host of property owners in relation to design, marketing,<br />

leasing, acquisitions, and disposal of their real estate.<br />

Contact Mark by email mark@mspconsulting.ie or<br />

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T S S M I N I A L L - I R E L A N D | S E P T E M B E R 2 0 2 2<br />

1 3<br />


5 CLUB INFO & NEWS<br />


9 - 1 0 CLUB ETHOS <strong>TSS</strong> FOR LIFE<br />

1 2 ROLE OF THE GPO<br />




1 6 NEWS BITES<br />


1 9 JULY SOCIAL<br />

2 0 - 3 3 TEAM UPDATES 2016-2010<br />

3 4 GO GAMES RULES<br />



3 7 U6 BOYS (BORN 2016) TEAM LISTING<br />

3 8 U7 BOYS (BORN 2015) TEAM LISTING<br />

3 9<br />

4 0 U8 BOYS (BORN 2014) TEAM LISTING<br />

4 1 U8 GIRLS(BORN 2014) TEAM LISTING<br />

4 2 VENUE MAP<br />


4 4 - 4 5 U9 (BORN 2013) TEAM LISTING<br />

4 6 - 4 7 U10 (BORN 2012) TEAM LISTING<br />

4 8 - 4 9 U11 (BORN 2011) TEAM LISTING<br />

5 0 - 5 1 U12 (BORN 2010) TEAM LISTING<br />


U6 U7 GIRLS (BORN '15/'16) TEAM LISTING<br />

<strong>TSS</strong> FOR LIFE | 03


I am delighted to welcome you all to our MSP<br />

Consulting Templeogue Synge Street <strong>Mini</strong> <strong>All</strong><br />

<strong>Ireland</strong>. Once again, after a Covid19 enforced<br />

absence, this is one of the highlights of our<br />

club calendar and a great opportunity for us<br />

to showcase the fantastic talent of all our<br />

boys and girls. The Annual <strong>Mini</strong> <strong>All</strong> <strong>Ireland</strong><br />

brings the whole club together and builds<br />

great excitement among all the boys and<br />

girls.<br />

This week we will have over 600 children<br />

from the club take part in the MSP Consulting<br />

<strong>Mini</strong>-<strong>All</strong> <strong>Ireland</strong> tournament in the VEC. This is<br />

a new record participation level and to see<br />

the enthusiasm, fun and in no small way the<br />

skill of these kids shows the future is bright<br />

for many years to come. I would like to thank<br />

all the committee involved in the organisation<br />

of this tournament. It has been a massive<br />

effort to make this happen and run smoothly<br />

and I would also like to thank the wives,<br />

husbands, partners and family that afforded<br />

them the time to make it happen.<br />

I would also like to thank our sponsors Mark<br />

Smith of MSP Consulting for his very kind<br />

sponsorship of the event. MSP Consulting are<br />

a new sponsor this year and their support is<br />

very much appreciated, and we look forward<br />

to working together for many years to come.<br />

There have been great strides taken again in<br />

our juvenile section under the stewardship of<br />

Kevin O'Donovan and Ken King. Our Academies<br />

in both Bushy Park and Dolphin Park are both<br />

thriving and Saturday mornings in both<br />

locations buzz with the excitement of<br />

hundreds of budding footballers getting their<br />

first taste of football. We have large numbers<br />

in all our underage teams in both boys and<br />

girls and are competing with the top clubs in<br />

the county.<br />

Our Adult teams are also performing very<br />

well. Our adult ladies section fielding three<br />

teams has been rejuvenated this year with the<br />

addition of Paul Hudson to the coaching<br />

ticket. At the time of writing Championship<br />

progress is excellent and the Quarter-finals<br />

await. Our men’s section is fielding four<br />

teams at Senior, Intermediate and Junior<br />

levels, a new expanding milestone for the<br />

club. With two teams in the hunt for League<br />

promotion and all four with a chance of<br />

Quarter finals places the season is moving<br />

well. Keep an eye on our website, twitter,<br />

Instagram and Facebook for fixtures for both<br />

ladies and men’s. We welcome all to come out<br />

to support the teams and use it as an<br />

opportunity to show our younger players the<br />

thrills and spills of adult football and meet<br />

some of our county players up close. Seeing is<br />

believing and every young footballer needs<br />

somebody to look up to.<br />

Finally I would like to thank Niall Scully and<br />

Lorcan O’Dell for their efforts with the Dubs<br />

this year. Being narrowly defeated by a lastminute<br />

point, by eventual champions, Kerry in<br />

the <strong>All</strong>-<strong>Ireland</strong> semi-final, just shows how<br />

close the Dubs were to success this year.<br />

Enormous personal effort and sacrifice goes<br />

into preparation for inter county football and<br />

I would like to thank Niall and Lorcan for how<br />

they represented Templeogue Synge Street<br />

GAA Club proudly while playing for Dublin. I<br />

have no doubt we are watching some of the<br />

Dubs stars of the future in our <strong>Mini</strong> <strong>All</strong> <strong>Ireland</strong><br />

this week.<br />

I hope you all enjoy the <strong>TSS</strong> <strong>2022</strong> <strong>Mini</strong> <strong>All</strong>-<br />

<strong>Ireland</strong>!<br />

Denis Boland<br />

Chairman<br />

<strong>TSS</strong> FOR LIFE | 04

OUR CLUB<br />



by Denis Boland<br />

Templeogue Synge Street GAA Club is the Gaelic<br />

football home of almost 1,900 active members<br />

and growing.<br />

Covering the areas of Dublin 6, 6w, 8 and 12, we<br />

have juvenile members coming from almost 20<br />

different schools and an age profile of<br />

members from 4 years old to c. 90 years old.<br />

Templeogue Synge Street GAA club was<br />

founded in 1999 following the merger of Synge<br />

Street Past Pupils Gaelic Football Club<br />

(founded in 1945) and Templeogue GAA Club<br />

(founded in 1976). In the merger, the traditions<br />

of both clubs were embraced, in the club’s<br />

name, the jersey colours, the crest, the history<br />

of players, but most importantly the ethos of<br />

encouraging young and old to participate and<br />

enjoy Gaelic football and all that goes with it.<br />

Our numbers have mushroomed in the last 10<br />

years, with GAA being very popular following<br />

the success of both Dublin senior men’s and<br />

Dublin senior ladies’ teams. Our club has more<br />

than doubled in size in that period. The other<br />

secret to our success is the team of wonderful<br />

Games Promotion Officers and Volunteers that<br />

run teams and the academy and the fabulous<br />

parents who bring their budding superstars<br />

along each week to take part in a sport that<br />

will hopefully be with them for life.<br />

We know that to compete with other sports and<br />

other GAA clubs we must improve our facilities.<br />

We own Dolphin Park, located on the Crumlin<br />

Road beside Loreto School, which is a<br />

wonderful facility but needs modernisation to<br />

be used to its maximum potential. While we<br />

also would like to develop facilities in Dublin 6,<br />

this is something that will take longer as we do<br />

not own land in D6 yet.<br />

Dolphin Park - used mainly by our older<br />

juvenile and adult sections - is located on the<br />

Crumlin Road beside Loreto College it currently<br />

consists of two Full Sized Pitches with Juvenile<br />

cross-pitches and training areas. Bushy Park is<br />

the main ground for our younger underage<br />

section, and we also play matches in the VEC<br />

grounds, both wonderful facilities.<br />

One of the biggest challenges for the club each<br />

year is to find training facilities for the darker<br />

winter months, (Oct to March), when<br />

floodlighting is needed to make evening<br />

training possible. With the huge numbers in<br />

each age group needing more space as the<br />

players get older, some of the facilities we use<br />

currently will be stretched to accommodate<br />

teams in the future.<br />

The club is planning a major re-development of<br />

the grounds in Dolphin Park. The development<br />

iplans, which are currently being finalised and<br />

will be revealed shortly, envisage a modern<br />

state of the art facility which maximises the<br />

usable space for sports with floodlights and<br />

all-weather training facilities so that our<br />

increasing numbers of members can get access<br />

to train and play throughout the year. The plan<br />

will include upgraded changing facilities<br />

suitable for men and women, a gym, meeting<br />

rooms and other ancillary facilities.<br />

The “Big Reveal” on development plans with<br />

funding options will happen shortly. This will<br />

be a club effort and your support will be<br />

needed to make this project a success for the<br />

benefit of players for years to come<br />

<strong>TSS</strong> FOR LIFE | 05


As you can imagine, the logistics of moving 600+ children, their parents,<br />

mentors, families and food concessions in and out of the VEC each day is a<br />

huge challenge. As such, we would really appreciate your support and<br />

cooperation by noting the following:-<br />

Carparking<br />

1. Tue, Wed and Thu evenings only: We have the use of<br />

the car park behind St. Joseph's Church. Please park<br />

away from the hall as this will be in use on those<br />

evenings<br />

2. We also have the use of Terenure College car park -<br />

pls park nearest the gym<br />

3. Please respect VEC neighbours and do not block<br />

driveways<br />

4. Bicycle parking - don't forget you lock<br />

NO parking in the VEC<br />

Food Traders<br />

Tue & Wed: Chicken Man (kids menu available)<br />

Thu: Bujo Terenure FREE burger for players only!<br />

Pls note that the restaurant will be open and Bujo will give a discount<br />

code to <strong>Mini</strong> <strong>All</strong>-<strong>Ireland</strong> parents if they want to buy a meal for the rest of<br />

family on way home<br />

Sat: Burgers and sausages available to buy<br />

Tue-Thu: Coffee will be available<br />

Social Media / Video footage tips<br />

*If you are taking video pls shoot in landscape as we will<br />

collate afterwards<br />

*Keep an eye on <strong>TSS</strong> social media for competitions during the<br />

week<br />

Hashtags: #<strong>TSS</strong><strong>Mini</strong><strong>All</strong><strong>Ireland</strong> #<strong>TSS</strong>ForLife #<strong>TSS</strong>Abu<br />

<strong>TSS</strong> FOR LIFE | 08<br />

NO dogs allowed

<strong>TSS</strong> FOR LIFE<br />

by Frank Deasy<br />

You may have noticed this statement on the T-shirts for this year’s <strong>Mini</strong> <strong>All</strong> <strong>Ireland</strong> and<br />

wondered what’s it all about?<br />

Since the last <strong>Mini</strong> <strong>All</strong> <strong>Ireland</strong> there has been a lot of discussion around the growth of our<br />

club, the spread of the members among boys and girls and realisation that from humble<br />

beginnings the club is growing into an established part of the community.<br />

As we grow our personalities and identities begin to form and back before the pandemic took<br />

over all out activities, the Juvenile Committee started a journey to explore and reflect on<br />

what our identity is and how we fit into this changing world.<br />

Over many meetings, debates and discussions with members young and old, an Ethos has<br />

been formulated to guide our coaches, players and families within the club. This Ethos is<br />

something we want our coaches, members and families to embrace in the spirit it has been<br />

conceived.<br />

We will be spreading this message over the coming months and letting everyone get a better<br />

understanding of what <strong>TSS</strong> core principles and values stands for.<br />

So what is an Ethos? Defined as the characteristic spirit of a culture, era, or community as<br />

manifested in its attitudes and aspirations. It reflects who we are and how we want to be<br />

seen.<br />

4 primary pillars were identified and including Fun, Child Centred focus, Community<br />

involvement and Equality and inclusivity to all.<br />

<strong>TSS</strong> FOR LIFE | 09

<strong>TSS</strong> FOR LIFE<br />

Fun is a fundamental part of what our club is about.<br />

Creating a fun environment where players enjoy learning, training, playing and competing<br />

together. We all have a role to create a fun community to be a part of.<br />

Child Centred - we create a safe environment for our kids to develop and facilitate them to<br />

achieve their potential. We try to give the kids some life skills and to value teamwork.<br />

Community, <strong>TSS</strong>GFC is a club with a broad geographic and demographic reach and is<br />

welcoming to everyone in the community. Our club is a microcosm of a changing <strong>Ireland</strong> with<br />

all the benefits of a diverse population.<br />

We ARE the community in Dublin 6 and 8 in the south suburbs of Dublin. Our purpose is to<br />

enrich and enhance the community we serve.<br />

Equality and Inclusivity, we welcome and value all players and coaches of all ability levels.<br />

Everyone is of equal importance and will be treated equally and fairly. There is a place for<br />

everyone in our club.<br />

We hope this represents an organisation that all our members can thrive in and want to not<br />

only be part of but to help shape into the future. A club that people want to feel part of for<br />

life!<br />

<strong>TSS</strong> FOR LIFE | 10


What is a GPO?<br />

Many people will be aware their child<br />

learns to play Gaelic football in their<br />

early years in school. The local clubs<br />

employ a Games Promotion Officer (part<br />

funded by the GAA) for the schools in<br />

their designated geographical areas. This<br />

allows the schools to avail of a free<br />

resource to encourage and coach children<br />

to play GAA, whether they are members of<br />

the club or not.<br />

Who is the GPO for <strong>TSS</strong><br />

<strong>TSS</strong>GFC have been very fortunate in the<br />

GPO’s they have worked with and are<br />

extremely lucky to have Kevin O’Donovan<br />

in the role currently. Kevin has been with<br />

the club for the last six years, so almost<br />

one quarter of the way through his 24<br />

years contract. (not sure if we mentioned<br />

this Kevin?)<br />

He works extensively with our schools,<br />

academies and camps on top of<br />

supporting the club’s own mentors and<br />

players. At this point more than half of<br />

our Juvenile members, boys and girls, will<br />

have come through Kevin’s guidance, he<br />

has been fundamental to the rise in<br />

popularity within these age groups.<br />

Aside from his knowledge and ability to<br />

develop skills among our players, he is<br />

also very approachable and happy to talk<br />

to parents whose children are interested<br />

in becoming involved in Gaelic football.<br />

Role of GPO<br />

Below is a summary list to highlight the<br />

extent of Kevin’s involvement and impact<br />

in the club:<br />

School & Juvenile Coaching Activities:<br />

Four days a week in schools during<br />

school term across<br />

Organises blitz’s/festivals organised<br />

for all schools to come together in the<br />

community<br />

Organising after-school clubs and<br />

initiatives<br />

Assisting in coaching of primary school<br />

teams<br />

Providing coaching support on match<br />

days and training of GAA teams in<br />

Schools<br />

Tutor transition year students in<br />

foundation level coaching<br />

Tutor team coaches in foundation level<br />

coaching<br />

Attend primary and secondary school<br />

matches.<br />

These activities extend to over 800<br />

children each week.<br />

Club Coaching Activities:<br />

Coaching and supporting of juvenile<br />

teams<br />

Oversee <strong>TSS</strong> Academy’s on Saturday<br />

morning which is attended by over 400<br />

children<br />

Attend juvenile club matches<br />

Set-up and coordinate Summer &<br />

Easter camps<br />

Set-up and coordinate the annual minileagues.<br />

So as you can appreciate it’s a pretty busy<br />

role. He is always the first to defer his<br />

success to all the parents and mentors<br />

who volunteer to make what he does<br />

possible. The club is its members and the<br />

more the parents get involved, the more<br />

the children enjoy it.<br />

<strong>TSS</strong> FOR LIFE | 12



We are sad to see Ken King leave as our<br />

part time GPO in working out of Dolphin<br />

Park. He has made huge inroads in the<br />

schools in Dublin 8 and bringing the<br />

Dolphin Park Academy to a new level. He<br />

remains a key part of our coaching team,<br />

being involved with the teams his children<br />

play in, but we wish him all the best in his<br />

new full time GPO role.<br />

Out with the old and in with the new, no<br />

offence Ken!<br />

We are really excited to announce Ken’s<br />

successor, appointed September 2nd.<br />

Kate Timmons is joining the coaching<br />

team in Templeogue Synge Street GAA<br />

Club as a Games Promotion officer. Kate<br />

will be responsible for Dublin 6, 8 and 12<br />

schools closer to the Dolphin Park<br />

academy and we hope that under Kate the<br />

academy will continue to grow as it did<br />

under Kenny King.<br />

Kate brings a wealth of experience with<br />

her to the role. Kate plays football with<br />

her own club, Kilcullen GAA Club. She<br />

holds a BSc (Hons) in Sports Science and<br />

Health and currently studying for her MSc<br />

in Sport Science and Health. Kate has<br />

coached an <strong>All</strong>-<strong>Ireland</strong> Feile winning girls<br />

team with her club and coached Kildare<br />

county underage development squads.<br />

Kate has also worked as a video analyst<br />

with Ballyboden St Endas men’s senior<br />

team and also with Kildare men’s senior<br />

football team.<br />

Welcome to Templeogue Synge Street GAA<br />

Club Kate.<br />

<strong>TSS</strong> FOR LIFE<br />

| 13<br />

by Frank Deasy<br />

Juvenile Chair<br />

<strong>All</strong> clubs succeed or fail on the back of<br />

those volunteers that give their time,<br />

energy and input to make all the activities,<br />

both sporting and in support around these<br />

activities.<br />

Some of the more obvious and up-front<br />

roles are those of coaches and mentors. It<br />

is no coincidence that the children of<br />

Coaches and Mentors tend to get more<br />

engaged and often achieve greater<br />

perceived success. Currently we have 2<br />

members representing Dublin, whose<br />

parents would have coached their teams<br />

from a young age. Cynics might suggest the<br />

kids of coaches are favoured because of<br />

whom they are, but when they look deeper<br />

they realise the kids in question generally<br />

enjoy it more, train harder and develop a<br />

deeper skill set. Their core engagement is<br />

because of their parents’ involvement.<br />

Coaching and mentoring is not the only<br />

option however and there are many roles<br />

which people with no sports ability can get<br />

involved in. The Juvenile Committee is<br />

always looking for additional help to<br />

enable them develop projects that help all<br />

our younger members enjoy their <strong>TSS</strong><br />

experience more. The involvement could be<br />

in a short term project team or multiple<br />

projects entirely down to availability and<br />

appetite. If anyone has any time they can<br />

offer, no matter what skill set they<br />

possess, please contact us and let us<br />

know.<br />

On that note I would like to put out a huge<br />

thank you to the Juvenile Committee who<br />

have continued to work through the tough<br />

covid times and been core to facilitating<br />

the <strong>Mini</strong> <strong>All</strong> <strong>Ireland</strong> this year. On top of the<br />

committee there has been some<br />

extraordinary contributions from other<br />

volunteers who have jumped on board this<br />

year to help make all this possible. This<br />

has meant working through the Summer<br />

months which should have been their<br />

downtime, thank you all on behalf of the<br />



Hi <strong>All</strong><br />

I have been asked to give you an update<br />

on progress made throughout this year as<br />

<strong>TSS</strong> Games Promotion officer.<br />


Our <strong>TSS</strong> Boys and Girls Academy is held in<br />

Bushy Park every Saturday morning at<br />

10.00am to 12.00am. Our recruitment<br />

drive for our 4 to7 year old’s remains our<br />

priority and the goals are simple –<br />

enjoyment, participation and basic skills.<br />

Feel free to drop by next Saturday and<br />

check out the fun!!!<br />

A number of people continue to provide<br />

invaluable support to me every Saturday<br />

morning at the Academy with Frank Deasy<br />

and James McDonald working alongside<br />

me doing trojan work. The youngest<br />

players in the Academy group are our<br />

2017/2018 children. We are focused on<br />

recruitment of new players whilst also<br />

coaching and developing the children’s<br />

GAA Skills for the future.<br />

The 2016 group are looked after by Colin<br />

and Clare Dunlevy, with other parents<br />

providing mentoring assistance in the<br />

academy on a weekly basis.<br />

As an extension of our academy, we have<br />

two squads for Boys and Girls that is<br />

made up of entirely U/7 (2015) players.<br />

These teams are run by Frank Mitchell and<br />

Warren Linnie. We are training every<br />

Saturday morning and planning to roll<br />

them out for next year's U8s Team. We<br />

organised a few friendly matches<br />

throughout the year that went down a<br />

treat with the children and parents alike.<br />

Although we are at an early stage with<br />

this team, they have great potential and if<br />

they are anything like the current U8s<br />

team they have a bright future with plenty<br />

of players to choose from.<br />

<strong>TSS</strong> FOR LIFE | 14<br />

A S A C L U B W E H A V E G R E A T N U M B E R S A T J U V E N I L E<br />

L E V E L A N D O U R S E A R C H F O R N E W P L A Y E R S A N D<br />

M E N T O R S N E V E R C E A S E S . I W O U L D E N C O U R A G E<br />

A N Y B O D Y W H O H A S A N I N T E R E S T I N H E L P I N G O U T T O<br />

P L E A S E C O N T A C T M E .<br />


The <strong>TSS</strong> Easter/Summer camps continue to<br />

go from strength to strength with over 250<br />

children participating in the Kellogg’s<br />

Camp in August it was a great success. I<br />

would like to thank all the coaches who did<br />

a great job and a special mention to Frank<br />

Deasy, Sean McKiernan, Ken King and Brian<br />

Kelly along with the teachers from the<br />

local schools that made the camp a very<br />

enjoyable one<br />


Our strong club/school links continue to be<br />

one of our key assets. We are very lucky to<br />

have such a strong relationship with all of<br />

the schools in our catchment area. The<br />

principals and teachers help us greatly in<br />

promoting our games and our club at every<br />

opportunity with the boys and girls from<br />

<strong>TSS</strong> representing the club very well in this<br />

year's Cuman na Mbunscoil competition. A<br />

key part of my role as GPO is to continue to<br />

build on these already well-established<br />

relationships, visiting the schools on a<br />

daily basis providing coaching at all age<br />

groups and encouraging them to join us in<br />

<strong>TSS</strong>.<br />

I W O U L D L I K E T O T A K E T H I S O P P O R T U N I T Y T O T H A N K<br />

E V E R Y O N E I N T H E C L U B F O R T H E I R C O N T I N U E D<br />

S U P P O R T A N D A L S O A V E R Y B I G T H A N K Y O U T O T H E<br />

P R I N C I P A L S A N D T E A C H E R S I N T H E L O C A L S C H O O L S .<br />

Kevin<br />





O86-1677748<br />

HAVE<br />



2015 Girls<br />

We take so much pleasure from watching this<br />

bunch of girls grow in spirit and ability each<br />

week at the academy. Their energy never<br />

ceases to amaze us and we are so looking<br />

forward to seeing this fab group develop over<br />

the coming years! <strong>TSS</strong> Abú.<br />

Contact Warren Linnie 087 2623779<br />

Our Bushy Park Academy takes place every<br />

Saturday morning from 10.00 to 10.45. New<br />

members are always very welcome. The focus<br />

of the academy sessions is on skill<br />

development in a supportive and encouraging<br />

environment.<br />

2015 Boys<br />

The boys have had 2 great, fun-filled years in<br />

the Academy. The boys played a blitz against<br />

St. Jude’s in June <strong>2022</strong> where they put their<br />

developing skills to excellent use. We are<br />

looking forward to a great season in '22-'23.<br />

Contact Frank Mitchell 087 1259940<br />

The Dolphin Academy has gone from<br />

strength to strength this year. Numbers<br />

are constantly growing with all the local<br />

schools showing great support. The<br />

participation from the kids has been<br />

wonderful supported by <strong>TSS</strong> Coaches and<br />

the Gaisce girls and boys that gave their<br />

time throughout the year.<br />

<strong>TSS</strong> FOR LIFE | 06<br />

Highlight for us was when we joined with<br />

our Bushy Academy to take part in a Blitz<br />

against Judes in Dolphin Park. The<br />

Dolphin Cup, where over 200 kids from all<br />

the local schools competed in the Annual<br />

Competition, was a huge event this year -<br />

great to see!<br />

Ken King<br />




Centra Drimnagh <strong>TSS</strong><br />

Dolphin Cup <strong>2022</strong><br />

After a 3-year hiatus the Centra Drimnagh <strong>TSS</strong><br />

Dolphin Cup took place on the longest day of the<br />

year with plenty of local schools taking part on a<br />

glorious day in Dolphin Park.<br />

With the incredible growth of the Women’s<br />

section in the club it was an opportune time to<br />

include a girl’s competition for the first time.<br />

Loreto and Clares played out both the cup and the<br />

shield finals with the girls providing exciting<br />

competitive football throughout the day.<br />

This competition was kicked off for the primary<br />

schools in the Dublin 8 area in 2019 by Gabrielle<br />

Cronin, Brian Kelly, Killian O’Gara, Peter Hennelly<br />

and Willie O’Dell. A number of the kids in these<br />

schools play on our underage teams and we hope<br />

to encourage their classmates to follow suit in<br />

the future!<br />

Ken King did sterling work coordinating with the<br />

teachers in the local schools to make it all<br />

happen. We are very grateful to all the teachers<br />

who got the kids up to Dolphin, organizing them<br />

into cohesive playing units and guiding them<br />

through the tournament. There was no little skill<br />

demonstrated during the day. The kids<br />

represented their schools and their families with<br />

distinction, and it was a privilege to welcome<br />

them to Dolphin Park. We look forward to some of<br />

them pulling on the blue, white and yellow of <strong>TSS</strong><br />

in the years to come.<br />

A big thank you to Ian Coughlan in Drimnagh<br />

Centra for supporting the event and sending all<br />

the kids home with a Centra goodie bag and a big<br />

smile on their faces.<br />

Schools participating:<br />

Harold’s Cross NS; Francis Street; Loreto Senior<br />

St Clares; Synge Street; Iosagain;<br />

<strong>TSS</strong> FOR LIFE | 16<br />

Defibrillators<br />

In 2020 <strong>TSS</strong> embarked on raising funds for<br />

Defibrillators in line with a program being<br />

promoted by the GAA. Through the generosity of<br />

our members we successfully raise enough funds<br />

to acquire 2 Defibrillators for Dolphin Park and<br />

White Fathers.<br />

In addition to the two raised through the club, we<br />

had a very generous donation of an additional<br />

defibrillator from Pearse Lydon who is also a<br />

sponsor of one of our Juvenile Teams. This<br />

defibrillator is now in position outside the<br />

dressing rooms in Bushy park.<br />

Hopefully none of them will ever be needed but it<br />

is great to know that if needed, they are easily<br />




DATE: 1ST JULY <strong>2022</strong><br />







Sometimes, as coaches and parents, we exist in our own “silo” with<br />

limited interaction with other teams.<br />

This year the Executive Committee decided to have big social gathering<br />

before the summer break and to make it something memorable - A<br />

celebrity Q&A session in Terenure Rugby Club!<br />

With the <strong>All</strong>-<strong>Ireland</strong> series at the semi final stage it was a wonderful<br />

evening for about 250 coaches and parents with analysis, opinions,<br />

anecdotes (some true), and craic.<br />

And the big take away from it was that everybody enjoyed it and we need<br />

to do it again. We will.<br />

<strong>TSS</strong> FOR LIFE | 19<br />


After 3 years in <strong>TSS</strong> Football Academy, the 2014 boys graduated with<br />

distinction last December. We would like to thank Kevin O'Donovan, our GPO,<br />

for laying a tremendous footballing foundation for the boys.<br />

U8<br />

BOYS<br />

The transition to Go-Games was seamless, with the boys bringing their<br />

customary enthusiasm and energy to mid-week training sessions (Monday's at<br />

6pm) and Go-Games matches every other weekend. During the winter months<br />

we trained on Terenure College's astro pitch and in the gym before relocating<br />

to the VEC Grounds from April onwards.<br />

Our Go-Games journey took us to 11 different clubs across south county Dublin<br />

in varying weather conditions. We hosted our matches across three excellent<br />

venues in CYM, Bushy Park and the VEC Grounds.<br />

Skills development, participation and fun remain top priorities with ambitious<br />

and varied training plans. We are fortunate to have a committed group of<br />

Mentors. Our player numbers are very healthy with a squad of 76 and with up<br />

to 60 regularly turning up for training.<br />

We have a committed and skilful group of boys supported by an enthusiastic<br />

set of parents and mentors - we look forward to the coming year as a team<br />

with confidence. As always, we are keen to grow our player and mentors<br />

numbers. If you are interested in learning more or joining the 2014 team<br />

please simply chat with one of the mentors or sign your boy up in Teamer<br />

(https://tinyurl.com/y7tcw3xd). Contact Francis Diver 086 8146005<br />

<strong>TSS</strong> FOR LIFE | 20<br />


U8<br />

GIRLS<br />

<strong>2022</strong> has been an exciting year for our 2014 girls as they made the<br />

move from the safe haven of the Academy into the new world of Go<br />

Games as Under 8's. A big thanks to Kevin and the wonderful club<br />

girls who kept us going in the Academy. We always enjoyed our<br />

Saturday mornings in Bushy Park.<br />

Since January, our training has focused on helping the girls to grow<br />

their skills in a fun and friendly environment. The girls bring<br />

enthusiasm, humour and dedication to all their sessions, along with<br />

their amazing cartwheeling skills!<br />

We played our first Go Games match in March and every second<br />

Sunday thereafter until end of June. It has been brilliant to see the<br />

girls confidence and skills growing on the pitch in that time. <strong>All</strong> the<br />

mentors were so proud of how well the girls played as a team in<br />

their last matches of the season. We wrapped up training for the<br />

summer by joining with the 2014 Boys for a night of fun games with<br />

some fierce competition on the tug of war!<br />

<strong>TSS</strong> FOR LIFE | 21<br />

Training is on Monday nights - 7-8pm - Terenure College in the<br />

Winter and VEC grounds in the Summer. We are always happy to<br />

welcome new members. If you would like to find out more please<br />

get in touch: Sinéad Donoghue 087 233 5010<br />


U9<br />

BOYS<br />

Our 2013/U9s are halfway through their second year of playing Go-Games. We<br />

have around 50 boys involved, many of whom have been with us since the<br />

academy when they were 5- or 6-year-olds. It has been great to watch them<br />

develop and progress not just on the football pitch but also as comrades and<br />

friends. despite the enforced break because of "the thing that shall not be<br />

mentioned”. They have a great sense of team spirit!<br />

We are always looking for new members, so if your son is interested in joining,<br />

we would love to have him, you don’t have to have played before, we want<br />

boys who’d like to give it a go. You’d be surprised how quick they get the hang<br />

of it. We put huge emphasis on teamwork and trying to make training a fun<br />

activity that the boys look forward to.<br />

We train on Thursday evenings 6.30pm in Bushy Park beside the tennis courts,<br />

with matches played every second Saturday during the school term. <strong>All</strong> our<br />

matches are played either at home in Bushy Park or against opposition from<br />

the south side of Dublin, so away games do not involve too much travelling.<br />

We always welcome new players and adults who are willing to give a helping<br />

hand. No Experience required! If you can handle one child, you can Mentor! We<br />

have a great group of overworked cheerful mentors who would love any help<br />

you could give. Contact Karl O'Brien 087 1961577<br />

<strong>TSS</strong> FOR LIFE | 22<br />

NO<br />



U9<br />

GIRLS<br />

Our U9 girls are midway through their second year of Go Games, and<br />

are going from strength to strength. We now have over 50 girls<br />

playing, which makes for very noisy but very enjoyable training<br />

sessions!<br />

<br />

We signed off for this summer with a sports day event, which ended<br />

up with the customary water fight before a well received visit from an<br />

ice cream van.<br />

So far this year, the girls have been involved in some great matches<br />

with the likes of Ballyboden, Na Fianna, Kilmacud and St Judes.<br />

Matches are every second Sunday morning during the school term,<br />

with home matches taking place in Bushy Park.<br />

We currently train on Tuesday evenings at 6pm in Terenure College<br />

and would love to see new players join us. We have a really<br />

enthusiastic mentor group and our focus above all else is to make it a<br />

fun environment for the girls so that they look forward to meeting up<br />

as a group every week. Contact Ian Kelleher 087 6306040 or Eoin<br />

Casey 087 6591200<br />

<strong>TSS</strong> FOR LIFE | 23<br />

GREAT<br />



Our <strong>TSS</strong> 2012 Boys are progressing really well through the first have<br />

of this year as U10s.<br />

U10<br />

BOYS<br />

A few new additions to the team have come on superbly and are<br />

really contributing each Saturday when they pull on the <strong>TSS</strong> jersey.<br />

Our more ‘experienced!’ players continue to improve as they get<br />

more matches under their belts and we’re thrilled to see just how<br />

good they have become over the past two years.<br />

<strong>All</strong> the boys are showing a great love of the game and seem to be<br />

enjoying the bit of healthy competition on match days. We’re<br />

delighted to see the effort they put in every single week.<br />

It’s a pleasure to train you all, enjoy your football and keep having<br />

fun, we’re really proud of you!! 2012 Boys Mentors.<br />

P.S. always looking for new players. We have places for everyone!<br />

Contact John Broderick 086 8440837<br />

<strong>TSS</strong> FOR LIFE | 24<br />

LOVE<br />



U10<br />

GIRLS<br />

There are 61 friendly and enthusiastic girls in our group. We have girls from schools<br />

across the Dublin 6, 8 and 12 areas. It is great to see new friendships evolve over the<br />

years. We have plenty of mentors (but always have room for more!) who give the<br />

kids great encouragement and balance learning Gaelic Football while having a great<br />

time.<br />

We train every Tuesday at 7.00 in Terenure College. As we approach winter and<br />

gradually lose light, we bring the training time back to 6.00. Our matches are played<br />

on Saturdays at 12.00.<br />

When the clocks changed in March, we ran an optional running session for half an<br />

hour before football training. Over ten weeks, Lorraine coached the girls to<br />

gradually build up their stamina and they all completed the junior park run (2km) on<br />

a lovely sunny morning in Deer Park in June.<br />

On the last day before the summer break, we joined up with the U10 boys to play<br />

some fun games in Bushy Park. The ice cream van was a nice treat at the end of the<br />

evening.<br />

We would like to sincerely thank Rob MacGiolla Phadraig from Sigmar Recruitment<br />

for providing ongoing sponsorship to the group since 2019. At the end of the<br />

summer, we gave each of the girls a new football to practice their skills on the warm<br />

evenings.<br />

New players are always welcome to join at any stage during the year. You will find a<br />

welcoming and supportive group of kids and mentors. For more information contact<br />

Niamh - 087 269 2214 or Dave – 087 947 5539<br />

<strong>TSS</strong> FOR LIFE | 25<br />


How time flies!<br />

U11<br />

BOYS<br />

It feels like only yesterday when the 2011 boys were playing monkeytails<br />

in the Bushy academy on Saturday mornings.<br />

As went enter the final throws of Go-Games, the group has swelled to<br />

70-strong supported by 19 willing and able Mentors. The lads have<br />

gone from strength to strength with a great cross section of characters<br />

within the group (including Mentors!!)<br />

A wonderful bond exists within the group, as evidenced by a terrific<br />

weekend of camping, fun and football in St. Brigid's GAA Club<br />

Roscommon in early June.<br />

A special word of thanks to the parents for hauling the lads to training<br />

(Terenure College and Dolphin Park) and matches across the fair City.<br />

<strong>TSS</strong> FOR LIFE | 28 THEY<br />

To the boys – keep up the good work and get ready to roar as U12’s.<br />

Next year we are planning on more great football, loads of fun and<br />

away trip or two. We always welcome new players. Contact Cathal<br />

Kenny 086 8191545<br />

GROW UP<br />


Our squad of over 40 young footballers attend one of five<br />

schools in the area.<br />

U11<br />

GIRLS<br />

The team train in Terenure College every Wednesday and play Go<br />

Games every second Saturday, both at home in Bushy Park and<br />

away, as part of a three team league, against clubs from all over<br />

Dublin.<br />

While gaining experience on the field and learning the skills to<br />

improve their football are important, it also about having fun and<br />

being part of a team.<br />

In addition to matches we also have social events, most recently<br />

a brilliant team outing at Hell and Back and a trip to the beach.<br />

If you are new to the area or your daughter is interested in<br />

playing Gaelic football please contact the lead mentor or come<br />

say hello at Terenure College on a Wednesday (6pm)<br />

Contact: Ryno van Rensburg 087 6995227<br />

<strong>TSS</strong> FOR LIFE | 29<br />

<strong>TSS</strong> TO HELL AND BACK!

We currently have over 50 boys on the squad.<br />

U12<br />

BOYS<br />

Now that the boys are U12 we are playing in competitive leagues for the very first<br />

time. We manage to field three teams and are performing well overall with teams in<br />

divisions 2, 6 and 12 out of 15 divisions.<br />

During the summer months we train on Mondays at 6:30pm in Terenure College and<br />

over the winter we train on the all-weather pitch in Terenure College RFC. New<br />

players are always welcome, and we were delighted to gain a few new recruits over<br />

the spring.<br />

They are a great bunch of lads who come from a range of schools around the area.<br />

We can’t believe that this is our last year in the <strong>Mini</strong>’s – it only seems like yesterday<br />

that they were 4- and 5-year-olds running around the Academy in Bushy Park.<br />

It’s been fantastic to see them grow as footballers and as a team while forming<br />

great friendships along the way.<br />

On Sept 11th - the day after the <strong>Mini</strong> <strong>All</strong>-<strong>Ireland</strong> Finals day - we host the Vincent<br />

Walsh tournament in Terenure Sport Club (CYM) and you are most welcome to come<br />

along and support us against teams from all over <strong>Ireland</strong>.<br />

To find out more please about our group please contact Caeman Wall at 086<br />

63090656.<br />

<strong>TSS</strong> FOR LIFE | 32 GREAT<br />



With a panel of nearly 80, the 2010 <strong>TSS</strong> Girls go from strength to strength!<br />

U12<br />

GIRLS<br />

The emphasis in training and games is FUN! We are a lively bunch ranging<br />

from 'veterans' from Junior infants to brand new players - forging<br />

friendships and learning new football skills. To date we have played Go-<br />

Games with all the big Dublin clubs and are looking forward to more<br />

competitive matches in the coming season. With the majority of girls in 6th<br />

class the emphasis this year is to cement friendships and the team spirit to<br />

keep the girls playing into their teens. On match days we have a Blue, White<br />

and Yellow team covering different divisions in the Dublin Ladies Gaelic<br />

Football league. We also run as many social events as possible, the latest<br />

being a memorable sunny mixed sports evening in Footee. We have great<br />

plans for <strong>2022</strong> - 2023 events.<br />

This is the girls last year in the <strong>Mini</strong> <strong>All</strong> <strong>Ireland</strong> and we are really looking<br />

forward to some great inter-team, and coach! rivalries!<br />

We train on a Monday evening and always welcome new members. We also<br />

welcome new mentor-parents, no football experience needed for what is a<br />

fun and rewarding experience. Contact Tom Cronin on 086 836 8917 or Shane<br />

Harte on 087 833 0385.<br />

<strong>TSS</strong> FOR LIFE | 33 FORGING<br />



Huge thanks to our<br />


CLUB<br />


County<br />

Sponsor<br />

Kerry<br />

OBA Capital Partners<br />

Cork<br />

Greenlea Dental Clinic<br />

Tipperary<br />

Leinster Motor Group<br />

Kildare<br />

Mummy Bootcamp<br />

Galway<br />

Bootcamp <strong>Ireland</strong><br />

Cavan<br />

Club Breffni<br />

Armagh<br />

Bujo Terenure<br />

Donegal<br />

Couple Of Coffees

<strong>2022</strong> <strong>TSS</strong> MINI<br />


FIXTURE and TEAM<br />

LISTS<br />

| 36

| 37

| 38

| 39

| 40

| 41

Venue Map<br />

Go to information tent if you have any questions<br />

| 16

| 43

| 44

| 45

| 46

| 47

| 48

| 49

| 50

| 51



Whilst the Dubs didn't go all the way this year,<br />

everyone in the Club is super-proud of Lorcan<br />

O'Dell and his achievements, so far, for club<br />

and county. Lorcan kindly facilitated a quickfire<br />

Q&A for the kids this week<br />

What school did you go to?<br />

St. Colmcilles<br />

What is your favourite "cheat meal?"<br />

Pizza<br />

Who is your sporting idol?<br />

Cristiano Ronaldo<br />

Who was a better footballer, your Dad or<br />

Willie?<br />

I have never seen either play but from<br />

what I hear, Willie was the more complete<br />

footballer!<br />

What advice would you give the kids this<br />

week taking part in the <strong>2022</strong> <strong>TSS</strong> <strong>Mini</strong> <strong>All</strong>-<br />

<strong>Ireland</strong>?<br />

Just enjoy it - that's the main thing!<br />

Thanks Lorcan for taking the time out to<br />

answer some questions on your career thus far.<br />

We wish you every success in the coming years<br />

and we can't wait to see you in action.<br />

What is the biggest challenge you have had<br />

to overcome?<br />

Getting dropped for the Dublin Minor team<br />

What is your Standout Moment so far in<br />

your career?<br />

Lorcan in the news!<br />

vs. Meath May <strong>2022</strong><br />

Dublin sharpshooter Ray Cosgrave said<br />

“Things look to be clicking well in the<br />

forwards and I thought that Lorcan<br />

O’Dell looked very sharp and brought<br />

a bit of freshness to the forward line.<br />

Winning the Leinster Final this year<br />

What is your best <strong>TSS</strong> moment?<br />

Getting promoted back to Senior `1 last year<br />

What hobbies do you have apart from<br />

Gaelic football?<br />

Just chilling out or going for a swim<br />

<strong>TSS</strong> FOR LIFE | 52<br />

vs. Armagh Jan <strong>2022</strong><br />

Lorcan O'Dell finds the net to give<br />

Dublin hope<br />

U20 Dublin<br />

Dublin’s Lorcan O’Dell picked up the<br />

honour of the Leinster Player of the<br />

Province. O’Dell, the Templeogue<br />

Synge Street footballer played a<br />

massive role in Dublin’s campaign. And<br />

for his performance in their 0-18 to 0-<br />

08 he was awarded the player of the<br />

match honour.

Open until Sun 11th Sep

Thanks to everyone who helped organise the <strong>TSS</strong> <strong>Mini</strong> <strong>All</strong>-<strong>Ireland</strong><br />

<strong>2022</strong><br />

<br />

MSP Consulting; Parents and guardians; GPO Kevin; An Garda<br />

Siochana; VEC - Ken and Darren; Bujo Terenure; and all our sponsors<br />

and partners.<br />

<br />

<br />

Go raibh míle<br />

maith agaibh<br />

go léir<br />

See you next year!

<strong>TSS</strong> <strong>Mini</strong> <strong>All</strong>-<strong>Ireland</strong> <strong>2022</strong> Sponsors

Proud Sponsor of the<br />

<br />

<strong>TSS</strong> <strong>Mini</strong> <strong>All</strong>-<strong>Ireland</strong> <strong>2022</strong><br />

With over 30 years’ experience in the property business,<br />

Mark Smyth is a recognised and respected industry advisor<br />

to a host of property owners in relation to design, marketing,<br />

leasing, acquisitions, and disposal of their real estate.<br />

Contact Mark by email mark@mspconsulting.ie or<br />

mobile +353 86 2719270<br />

<br />

<br />


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