wcw JANUARY 2023

Happy New Year! And welcome 2023! Our January offers some help with a few great resolutions. Features include Lifelong Learning, getting outdoors, getting better sleep and eating healthier - all done in a fun, enjoyable way, Our WCW this month is Stacey Corley, President of the Sarasota Memorial Hospital Foundation. Also in this issue: More Good News, Calendars, You're News, Travel News, Women in Power, Sarasota Concert Association and ACE. Enjoy!

Happy New Year! And welcome 2023! Our January offers some help with a few great resolutions. Features include Lifelong Learning, getting outdoors, getting better sleep and eating healthier - all done in a fun, enjoyable way, Our WCW this month is Stacey Corley, President of the Sarasota Memorial Hospital Foundation. Also in this issue: More Good News, Calendars, You're News, Travel News, Women in Power, Sarasota Concert Association and ACE. Enjoy!


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<strong>JANUARY</strong> <strong>2023</strong><br />

Stacey<br />

CORLEY<br />


Sarasota Memorial<br />

Healthcare Foundation<br />

Also in this issue:<br />

■ Lifelong Learning Issue<br />

■ Health: Benefits of Napping<br />

■ Dining In:<br />

Immune System Recipes<br />

■ Travel: Trends and Offers<br />

■ Feature: Kayaking The Bay

Turn Your Vision Into Reality!<br />


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2 WEST COAST WOMAN <strong>JANUARY</strong> <strong>2023</strong>

<strong>JANUARY</strong> <strong>2023</strong><br />

contents<br />

Editor and Publisher<br />

Louise M. Bruderle<br />

Email: westcoastwoman@comcast.net<br />

Contributing Writer<br />

Carol Darling<br />

Contributing Photographer<br />

Evelyn England<br />

Art Director/Graphic Designer<br />

Kimberly Carmell<br />

Assistant to the Publisher<br />

Mimi Gato<br />

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monthly (12 times annually) by<br />

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n Out & About: includes<br />

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lectures, dance, poetry, shows &<br />

performances, theatre, film,<br />

seasonal events and more.<br />

n You’re News: job announcements,<br />

appointments and promotions,<br />

board news, business news and<br />

real estate news.<br />


Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/<br />

WCWmedia<br />

WCW<br />

34<br />

YEARS<br />

Happy New Year!<br />

Learn to kayak<br />

It’s hard to imagine pulling off US 41 in downtown<br />

Sarasota then finding yourself in a kayak amidst<br />

mangroves, gliding out to Sarasota Bay. It really<br />

does happen when you embark from The Bay’s<br />

kayak launch near the Sarasota Orchestra’s offices.<br />

p13<br />

Learn something new - explore our<br />

Lifelong Learning issue<br />

We have our Lifelong Learning issue this month<br />

and it’s once again chockablock full of great<br />

offerings from stimulating lectures to art classes<br />

to mastering the iPhone. Check it out on<br />

p18<br />

Resolve to get more sleep<br />

And you thought naps were for babies or your<br />

grandparents…actually they can be restorative<br />

provided you know how to do it. It’s about dozing off,<br />

right? Not quite, as you’ll read in this month’s feature.<br />

p24<br />

WCW Mailing Address:<br />

P.O. Box 819<br />

Sarasota, FL 34230<br />

email:<br />

westcoastwoman@comcast.net<br />

website:<br />

www.westcoastwoman.com<br />

west coast<br />

WOMAN<br />

Eat healthier<br />

It’s a NewYear and a great time to reboot<br />

your health. Here are immune-boosting<br />

recipes to get you off to a good start.<br />

p30<br />

departments<br />

4 editor’s letter<br />

7 Out & About: listings for things to do<br />

live and/or online<br />

9 healthier you: a New Year’s resolution<br />

to quit tobacco<br />

11 focus on the arts: Sarasota Concert<br />

Association<br />

13 feature: Kayaking the Mangrove Bayou<br />

at The Bay<br />

14 good news dept.<br />

16 west coast woman: Stacey Corley<br />

18 lifelong learning issue<br />

21 lifelong learning issue: ACE in Sarasota<br />

23 travel news<br />

24 healthier you: Get more and better<br />

sleep in <strong>2023</strong><br />

26 happening this month: Women in<br />

Power luncheon<br />

28 you’re news<br />

30 dining in: immune-boosting recipes<br />

31 What is Craniosacral Therapy?<br />

■ on the cover: West Coast Woman Stacey Corley.<br />

■ Image: Evelyn England. Photographed at Sarasota Memorial Hospital.<br />

<strong>JANUARY</strong> <strong>2023</strong> WEST COAST WOMAN 3

just some<br />

thoughts<br />

Louise Bruderle<br />

Editor and Publisher<br />

West Coast Woman Stacey Corley<br />

Stacey Corley<br />

Photo by Evelyn England<br />

SMH marked its 97th anniversary on Nov. 2,<br />

2022. Which means its lofty centenary is in<br />

2025. If you’ve lived here awhile, most likely<br />

you’ve been there in one way or another. I was<br />

there to visit friends in the hospital and had<br />

one stint in the ER for a broken arm.<br />

Thinking back on that ER visit, they have<br />

changed, expanded and modernized that<br />

space so much I doubt if I could retrace my<br />

footsteps there. As media, I’ve been to SMH<br />

for many ribbon-cuttings, openings, tours<br />

and demonstrations during the past three<br />

decades. I even remember getting a chance<br />

to watch (from behind a glass wall) the thennew<br />

angioplasty procedure.<br />

We indeed have a generous community that seems determined to<br />

make sure that SMH has all the best services and treatments and retains<br />

and recruits talented physicians and staff. But there’s an entity that<br />

makes sure of that and it’s the Sarasota Memorial Hospital Foundation.<br />

They have a new CEO and her name is Stacey Corley, a name familiar<br />

to many in the thriving philanthropy community here. Since 1976,<br />

their grants ($18 million in their last fiscal year alone), funded by many<br />

donors, have assisted SMH in “raising the bar for healthcare in our community,”<br />

according to their website. The Foundation focuses on patient<br />

care, technology, facilities, clinical education, and medical research,<br />

what they call their “pillars.”<br />

Sarasota Memorial Hospital Foundation raised more than $1 million<br />

in pledges and gifts in its first year. This past year they raised $46<br />

million. Read what Stacey will be doing to keep that great tradition of<br />

philanthropy continuing in the years ahead in this issue.<br />

water. The Bay project has transformed the area and completed Phase 1 of<br />

their major project to transform the bayfront - a tremendous asset we have<br />

as citizens, not as condo or mansion owners. Up to now, we’ve only experienced<br />

it as a parking lot around the Sarasota Municipal Auditorium, the<br />

Van Wezel, the Sarasota Orchestra and Art Center Sarasota. This parcel of<br />

53-acres of city-owned land along Sarasota Bay will be developed in stages<br />

and even more outdoor activities will be added in the future.<br />

Already you can walk, take in a yoga class, but did you know you can<br />

kayak there, too? I was delightfully surprised and enjoyed the early<br />

Saturday morning experience that had me paddling through tranquil<br />

waters past dense mangroves before entering on to Sarasota Bay. I highly<br />

recommend this experience and an antidote to stress plus a way to see<br />

your hometown from the water.<br />

Resolve to get more sleep<br />

And you thought naps were for babies or your grandparents…actually<br />

they can be restorative provided you know how to do it. It’s about dozing<br />

off, right? Not quite, as you’ll read in this month’s feature. For example, it<br />

should only be 20-30 minutes. Longer can be counter productive. Instead<br />

of thinking of it as a sign of getting older, think of it as a restorative practice.<br />

That sure sounds better. Pleasant napping!<br />

Coming up: <strong>2023</strong> Annual Climate<br />

Conference Feb. 9<br />

Tickets for the Climate Adaptation Center’s <strong>2023</strong> Annual Climate Conference<br />

on the University of South Florida Sarasota-Manatee campus<br />

are on sale.<br />

Resolve to Learn something new<br />

We have our Lifelong Learning issue this month and it’s once again<br />

chockablock full of great offerings from stimulating lectures to art classes<br />

to mastering the iPhone.<br />

I’ll be lecturing at the Education Center at Temple Beth Israel, located<br />

at 567 Bay Isles Road, Longboat Key (tbi-lbk.org/education-center). Get<br />

me talking about art and art museums and I get all excited and I’m so<br />

glad I’ll get to share that with like-minded people.<br />

Join me on Tuesday, March 14,<br />

for “Best Art Exhibits Nationally,<br />

Statewide and Locally” (#LS10)<br />

Zoom is also available (#ZALS10).<br />

Description: Love to visit art museums?<br />

Want to know which exhibits<br />

are coming up that are “can’t miss?”<br />

This visual presentation offers a<br />

quick overview of upcoming exhibits<br />

across the U.S., and also in places<br />

like Miami and Orlando. Closer<br />

to home, we’ll look at exhibits in<br />

Naples, Tampa, Ft. Myers, and Sarasota.<br />

It’s a fun class where I have saved you the time of scouring museum<br />

sites all over the country to cherry pick the best and most unique. So, if<br />

you love going to museums you’ll enjoy this class.<br />

One of the pleasures of having done this before is that so many of the<br />

attendees have traveled to these exhibits already plus can recommend<br />

other exhibits. Questions? Email me at westcoastwoman@comcast.net<br />

or contact the Education Center At Temple Beth Israel at 941-383-8222.<br />

Resolve to Get out on the water<br />

It’s hard to imagine pulling off US 41 in downtown Sarasota - perhaps after<br />

challenging (heavy) traffic spent<br />

sharing the road with tourists -<br />

then finding yourself in a kayak<br />

amidst mangroves, gliding out<br />

to Sarasota Bay. Not a fantasy - it<br />

really does happen when you embark<br />

from The Bay’s kayak launch<br />

that sits hidden from view near the<br />

Sarasota Orchestra’s offices.<br />

What that area was before was<br />

a space with no visual appeal and<br />

more than a little contaminated<br />

The conference, which takes place from 8:30 a.m. to 4:15 p.m. on Thursday,<br />

Feb. 9 in the Selby Auditorium, will focus on topics especially relevant<br />

to living in Florida: The threats posed by rising global temperatures, rising<br />

seas and extreme weather events; and how climate action can stimulate<br />

the climate economy.<br />

The conference will feature presentations and discussion by Climate<br />

Adaptation Center (CAC) scientists, academic experts, business leaders<br />

and government officials.<br />

“Conference attendees will learn about the threat we face and the pathways<br />

to action in an engaging inclusive day designed to move our area<br />

forward with adaptation and mitigation strategies to protect the Florida<br />

way of life,” said Bob Bunting, CEO of the CAC.<br />

The morning session is “The Triple Threat of Water in a Warming Climate.”<br />

The three threats are directly related to rising global temperatures<br />

and rising sea levels; bigger storm surges on top of rising sea levels; and a<br />

rising number of extreme precipitation and flooding events.<br />

The afternoon session is “The Emergence of the Climate Economy.”<br />

It will feature speakers and panelists who will provide an understanding<br />

of how climate action can drive sound economic and growth objectives<br />

for the Suncoast. Discussion will include how academia can stimulate<br />

the climate economy through entrepreneurship and innovation; how<br />

governments can stimulate the climate economy; how the private sector<br />

can stimulate the climate economy; and the role philanthropy plays in<br />

stimulating the climate economy.<br />

The Climate Adaptation Center, Inc. (CAC), founded in 2019, is an independent,<br />

non-profit 501(c)(3) organization headquartered in Sarasota. Its<br />

mission is to bridge the gap between the latest scientific research and the<br />

public’s understanding of the changing climate and how it impacts where<br />

the public lives.<br />

To purchase tickets and for other information, visit www.theclimateadaptationcenter.org.<br />

Louise Bruderle | Editor and Publisher |<br />

westcoastwoman@comcast.net<br />

We welcome your thoughts and comments on this column and on other columns and features in this issue.<br />

You can reach us at westcoastwoman@comcast.net. We’re on the web at www.WestCoastWoman.com.<br />

4 WEST COAST WOMAN <strong>JANUARY</strong> <strong>2023</strong>



Immediate Relief Beginning<br />

with the First Session:<br />

Chronic Pain: Sciatic, Back, Neck and TMJ<br />

Migraines, Foggy Brain and<br />

Lack of Concentration<br />

Sight and Eye Problems<br />

Asthma, Bronchitis, COPD, Shallow Breathing<br />

Haunted<br />

S A R A S O T A<br />

Mummies, Murder & Mayhem!<br />

SAVE $2 W/CODE WCW<br />



*****<br />


FUN!!!<br />

Digestive and Constipation Issues<br />

Leaky gut and Autoimmune problems<br />

Chronic Fatigue, Fibromyalgia and Depression<br />

Concussions, Brain and Spinal Cord Health<br />

Mobility and Energy Issues for Seniors<br />

T. Grywinski specializes in difficult issues with great success<br />

How Craniosacral Therapy Can Be Life Changing<br />

“Doctors, physical therapists, massage therapists and chiros<br />

gave me little relief. Terry relieved my pain, after all these years!<br />

He has also helped four of my other friends. The man is an angel,<br />

with a gift from God....thank you Terry!!”<br />

“After 3 sessions, I had more range of motion and mobility in my<br />

neck, shoulders and hips. I was getting to the point where walking<br />

and moving was difficult. It feels like a weight has been lifted off my<br />

shoulders, my voice is stronger and my energy is greatly increased.<br />

I feel much calmer and more grounded!!”<br />

“I no longer feel physically sick each morning. No gastroenterologist<br />

or physician has ever properly diagnosed my mucus build up until<br />

now. As well as bringing about healing in my gut, he released an<br />

incredible amount of tension in my upper body.”<br />

Hop Onboard For An Historical Ghost Tour Of Sarasota’s<br />

Most Haunted Buildings, Unsolved Murders & Mystery<br />

Guests With Your Ghost Guide, Lady Melody.<br />

Fridays 8PM<br />

Includes Complimentary Beer/Wine Before Boarding<br />

Murder<br />

Mystery Trolley:<br />


*****<br />

“FUN! FUN! FUN!”<br />

-Jane<br />

“The question is where has he been all my life? Terry is a true healer<br />

and if you are serious about being well, you are in luck.<br />

He is effective and lovely.”<br />

*****<br />

*****<br />





-Jim and Sue<br />

-Jim and Sue<br />

advanced craniosacral therapy<br />

Terrence B. Grywinski<br />

B.A., B.Ed., LMT MA6049<br />

25 Years of Experience<br />

advcst.com<br />

See full page explanation of Craniosacral Therapy and<br />

how it can help you in another section of this issue<br />

Downtown Sarasota • 941-321-8757<br />

Google “Advanced Craniosacral Therapy Sarasota” for more info<br />


Step right up to solve the murder of Dahlia<br />

the Queen of the High Trapeze on this 90-<br />

min interactive Murder Mystery Musical Tour<br />

where YOU are a part of the SHOW!<br />

Thursdays & Saturday Nights<br />

7:30 PM<br />

Includes Complimentary Beer/Wine<br />

DiscoverSarasotaTours.com<br />

941-260-9818<br />

Visit The Trolley Cottage Gift Shop | 1826 4th Street | FREE Parking!<br />

<strong>JANUARY</strong> <strong>2023</strong> WEST COAST WOMAN 5

FRIDAY, JAN. 13, <strong>2023</strong><br />

6:30 - 9:30 P.M. • RITZ-CARLTON, SARASOTA<br />





The Inspiring Hope Dinner is presented by Sunshine from Darkness, a subsidiary of the Lee and Bob Peterson Foundation.<br />

Proceeds will benefit local mental health services provided by Harvest House and Teen Court of Sarasota,<br />

and cutting-edge research funded by the Brain & Behavior Research Foundation.<br />



Tickets and information: SunshineFromDarkness.org<br />

6 WEST COAST WOMAN <strong>JANUARY</strong> <strong>2023</strong>

out &about<br />

Special Events<br />

This year’s Sunshine From Darkness<br />

Inspiring Hope Dinner, themed<br />

“Shining a Light on Mental Illness,”<br />

will be held on January 13 at the<br />

Ritz-Carlton, Sarasota.<br />

Grammy and Tony Award-winning<br />

actress – and the original star of<br />

“Dreamgirls” – Jennifer Holliday will<br />

be the keynote speaker and will perform<br />

at the event. The gala will also<br />

feature dancing to the music of Quintessence,<br />

and a performance by the<br />

Westcoast Black Theatre Troupe Young<br />

Artists Ensemble. During the festivities,<br />

the Lee and Bob Peterson Legacy<br />

Award will be presented to Joan and<br />

Bob Geyer of the Academy at Glengary.<br />

Proceeds will benefit Harvest House<br />

and Teen Court of Sarasota, and the<br />

mental health research funded by the<br />

Brain & Behavior Research Foundation.<br />

For more information, contact<br />

Marlene Hauck (941-504-6717 or marlene@sunshinefromdarkness.org)<br />

or<br />

visit sunshinefromdarkness.org.<br />

t<br />

Venice Symphony<br />

Night at the Museum is on January<br />

6-7. The Venice Symphony will<br />

transport you to your favorite museum<br />

with music from Indiana Jones and the<br />

Raiders of the Lost Ark, The Mummy,<br />

Night at the Museum and The Da Vinci<br />

Code. Concertmaster Marcus Ratzenboeck<br />

dazzles with his violin solo on<br />

Camille Saint Saens’ Danse Macabre.<br />

Then music and art meet in fashion in<br />

Modest Mussorgsky’s Pictures at an<br />

Exhibition, orchestrated by Maurice<br />

Ravel and performed by The Venice<br />

Symphony at full strength.<br />

Next up is Cinematic Romance<br />

on February 3 and 4. Fall in love all<br />

over again with music from Casablanca,<br />

Romeo and Juliet and Gone With<br />

the Wind. Superstar violinist Sandy<br />

Cameron will perform Danny Elfman’s<br />

Edward Scissorhands Suite,<br />

The Love Theme from Cinema Paradiso<br />

and the Tango from Scent of a<br />

Woman. Finally, you will be treated<br />

to the Symphony’s premiere of Leonard<br />

Bernstein’s sweeping Symphonic<br />

Dances from the enduring classic<br />

West Side Story.<br />

www.thevenicesymphony.org<br />

t<br />

Sarasota Ballet<br />

Program 4 rings in the new year<br />

with The Sarasota Ballet back at the<br />

FSU Center for a mix of the historic<br />

and the novel. Running January<br />

27-30, the program begins with a<br />

world premiere by choreographer and<br />

dancer Arcadian Broad.<br />

Broad has gained national recognition<br />

not only as a performer, but also as<br />

a choreographer and composer—creating<br />

ballets for Orlando Ballet, Cincinnati<br />

Ballet, and DanceWorks Chicago.<br />

Next, American director and choreographer<br />

Jessica Lang, having garnered<br />

acclaim through her more than two<br />

decades’ work with American Ballet<br />

Theatre, stages her latest ballet for its<br />

inaugural Sarasota performance.<br />

Choreography is by the dancers<br />

of The Sarasota Ballet with sets and<br />

projections by Roxane Revon and<br />

costumes by designer Jillian Lewis.<br />

This world premiere marks the first<br />

collaboration between Lang and The<br />

Sarasota Ballet.<br />

The program closes with a Sir Frederick<br />

Ashton classic, Façade. Combining<br />

Ashton’s tongue-in-cheek choreography<br />

with Sir William Walton’s<br />

t<br />

knowing take on the popular songs<br />

and dances of the 1920’s, Façade is a<br />

rich and delightful affair.<br />

Tickets: www.SarasotaBallet.org or<br />

call 941-359-0099.<br />

Artist Series<br />

Concerts of<br />

Sarasota<br />

Next up is in their Lunch & Listen<br />

Series at the Sarasota Yacht Club<br />

that spotlights gifted young artists in<br />

concert at 11 a.m. followed by lunch<br />

at 12:15 p.m. Young Concert Artists’<br />

classical accordionist Hanzhi Wang,<br />

praised for her captivating stage presence,<br />

plays February 9. Wang is the<br />

only accordionist to ever win a place<br />

on the roster of Young Concert Artists<br />

in its 61-year history. She has debuted<br />

at both Carnegie Hall and Kennedy<br />

Center and was named Musical America’s<br />

New Artist of the Month in 2018.<br />

Their Lighter Fare Series offers<br />

classic jazz and musical theater favorites<br />

outdoors at Marie Selby Botanical<br />

Gardens downtown campus and<br />

indoors at Plantation Golf & Country<br />

Club in Venice. Metropolitan Opera<br />

soprano Danielle Talamantes and her<br />

husband Kerry Wilkerson, bass-baritone,<br />

perform classics from the Great<br />

American Songbook and musical theater<br />

on January 18.<br />

Their Tuesdays at the Historic Asolo<br />

Theater series has Grammy-nominated<br />

Dover Quartet – one of the most<br />

in-demand chamber ensembles in the<br />

world. The Dover Quartet with Joel<br />

Link, violin; Bryan Lee, violin; Milena<br />

Pajaro-van de Stadt, viola; Camden<br />

Shaw, cello, perform on January 10 at<br />

the Historic Asolo Theater. Their performance<br />

includes works by Beethoven<br />

and Mendelssohn.<br />

Danielle Talamantes, soprano, and<br />

Kerry Wilkerson, bass-baritone with<br />

Joseph Holt, piano, perform on January<br />

18, followed by dinner at Plantation<br />

Golf and Country Club in Venice.<br />

Steven Moeckel, violin, and Joanna<br />

Goldstein, piano perform on January<br />

29 and 30 at the Fischer/Weisenborne<br />

Residence. Celebrated violinist Steven<br />

Moeckel is concertmaster of the Santa<br />

Fe Opera. Moeckel first appeared as<br />

a concerto soloist at the age of eight.<br />

t<br />

At The Hermitage: “Violin and Voice” features Hermitage Fellows Lady Jess (shown) and Terry Guest who will perform on<br />

January 12 on the Hermitage Beach. Violinist, arts leader, and advocate Lady Jess combines talents with award-winning<br />

playwright Terry Guest.<br />

Since then, he has continued to perform<br />

throughout the United States,<br />

Europe, and Asia as a concerto soloist,<br />

concertmaster, and recitalist. This<br />

program features the works of women<br />

composers. Refreshments served following<br />

each performance.<br />

For information, visit ArtistSeries<br />

Concerts.org or call 941-306-1202.<br />

Choral Artists<br />

The Choral Artists of Sarasota<br />

has The Children’s March: A moving<br />

and dramatic oratorio by Philadelphia<br />

composer Andrew Bleckner,<br />

which takes you on a journey to an<br />

historical event during the Civil<br />

Rights Era of the 1960s. Incorporating<br />

traditional African-American<br />

styles and spirituals, the work shows<br />

the incivility of segregation through<br />

the innocence and optimistic spirit<br />

of children. Guest artist: J. Warren<br />

Mitchell, tenor and Choral Artists<br />

soloists Maiya Stevenson, soprano;<br />

Amy Jo Connours, alto; Krista Laskowski,<br />

mezzo-soprano; Baron Garriott,<br />

tenor; John Whittlesey, baritone<br />

and Jesse Martin, baritone. Narrated<br />

by Charlayne Hunter-Gault.<br />

Held on March 5, 7 p.m., at<br />

Church of the Palms, 3224 Bee Ridge<br />

Road, Sarasota. For tickets, visit<br />

www.ChoralArtistsSarasota.org or<br />

call 941-387-4900.<br />

t<br />

The Sarasota<br />

Orchestra<br />

Masterworks:<br />

• January 5, 6, 7, 8: Mahler: View of<br />

Heaven – Peter Oundjian, conductor.<br />

James Ehnes, violin with Laquita<br />

Mitchell, soprano performing Sibelius<br />

– Violin Concerto; Mahler – Symphony<br />

No. 4.<br />

• A Romantic Affair – February 2, 3,<br />

4, 5 with Peter Oundjian, conductor.<br />

Nobuyuki Tsujii, piano performing<br />

Brahms – Hungarian Dance No. 4;<br />

Rachmaninoff – Piano Concerto No.<br />

2 and Brahms – Symphony No. 1<br />

• The Pops series: Pops performances<br />

will take place at the Van Wezel. Next<br />

up is the Music of Billy Joel and Elton<br />

John – January 20 and 21 with Stuart<br />

Chafetz, conductor and Michael<br />

Cavanaugh, vocals/piano.<br />

t<br />

• Great Escapes: The Great Escapes<br />

series is one of Sarasota Orchestra’s<br />

most popular, offering a mix of light<br />

classics and popular favorites in<br />

themed programs. In this series, conductors<br />

share stories and commentary<br />

throughout each performance.<br />

Great Escapes performances will take<br />

place at Holley Hall.<br />

• A Little Night Music – January<br />

11-15 with Christopher Confessore,<br />

conductor<br />

The Chamber Soirées:<br />

• January 22: Scottish Songs with<br />

Susan Platts, mezzo-soprano.<br />

Brahms – Two Songs for Voice, Viola<br />

and Piano. Schubert - Auf Dem<br />

Strom and Beethoven – Selected<br />

Songs from Schottische Lieder.<br />

For information, visit www.Sarasota<br />

Orchestra.org.<br />

Sarasota Orchestra’s Free Parks<br />

Concerts continues. Taking place in a<br />

variety of venues in Sarasota and Manatee<br />

counties, the series showcases<br />

musicians of the Orchestra in a chamber<br />

music setting. While all performances<br />

are family-friendly, the season<br />

includes two playground appearances<br />

geared toward the youngest of listeners<br />

Capacity at the outdoor venues is limited.<br />

Admission is free at all locations,<br />

but it’s recommended you register to<br />

reserve a space. Registration links can<br />

be found at SarasotaOrchestra.org.<br />

• Next up: Waterside Place Pavilion –<br />

Pop-Up Performance with Sarasota<br />

Brass Quintet on January 22 at 10<br />

a.m. and 11:15 a.m.<br />

t<br />

At The Hermitage<br />

On January 6, “Distinction and<br />

Unity” featuring Hermitage Fellows<br />

DaMaris B. Hill, Molly Joyce, and<br />

Kenneth Tam. Held on the Hermitage<br />

Beach. Join three Hermitage Fellows<br />

spanning literature, music, and visual<br />

art, each working through different<br />

styles and life experiences.<br />

• “Violin and Voice” featuring Hermitage<br />

Fellows Lady Jess and Terry Guest<br />

perform on January 12 on the Hermitage<br />

Beach. Violinist, arts leader,<br />

and advocate Lady Jess combines talents<br />

with award-winning playwright<br />

Terry Guest. This duo will share<br />

words and music inspired by their experiences<br />

living and making work in<br />

t<br />

the U.S. and around the world.<br />

• “Man V. Nature: The Art of the Story<br />

Collection” featuring Hermitage<br />

Fellow Diane Cook is on January 20<br />

at Bookstore1 (Downtown Sarasota).<br />

Award-winning author Diane<br />

Cook’s debut work Man V. Nature<br />

is a collection of stories “told with<br />

perfect rhythm and unyielding brutality”<br />

(goodreads). Hear the creator<br />

of this work read selections from the<br />

text and discuss the intricacies of<br />

weaving a story collection around a<br />

theme. The bookstore is at 117 S Pineapple<br />

Ave, Sarasota.<br />

• Hermitage’s “Artists and Thinkers”<br />

online series begins with “Kareem<br />

Fahmy’s Distinct Society” on<br />

January 23. Fahmy’s play tells the<br />

story of a sleepy library that straddles<br />

the U.S.-Canada border as it<br />

becomes an unlikely crucible for five<br />

people all grappling with the “Muslim<br />

ban” in various ways. Dive into<br />

the literary, historical, and cultural<br />

considerations that influenced the<br />

writer as well as the characters and<br />

what examining their actions reveals<br />

about us.<br />

• The “Hermitage Sunsets @ Selby<br />

Gardens” series continues on January<br />

26 with 2022 Hermitage Major<br />

Theater Award Winner Shariffa Ali.<br />

This theatermaker from South Africa<br />

is joined by singer, collaborator, and<br />

Ali’s friend Vuyo Sotashe to share<br />

insights into the plan for her new<br />

commission. The work is centered<br />

on small-town South Africa where a<br />

middle school choir, their principal,<br />

and their parents conspire to disguise<br />

the town’s most beloved singer<br />

as a girl in order to have him sing as<br />

a female soloist in a national competition.<br />

Learn about the origin for this<br />

commission in its early stages, hear<br />

text and songs that could influence<br />

the story, and get to know the theater-makers<br />

creating the work.<br />

Hermitage Artist Retreat, 6630<br />

Manasota Key Road, Englewood. Register<br />

at: HermitageArtistRetreat.org .<br />

Sarasota Opera<br />

The <strong>2023</strong> Winter Opera Festival<br />

will open on February 18 with Giacomo<br />

Puccini’s Madama Butterfly. A<br />

young geisha known affectionately<br />

as Madama Butterfly is swept off her<br />

feet by an American Naval officer. Left<br />

with a promise that he would return<br />

one day, Butterfly waits faithfully for<br />

three years, but is met with heartbreak<br />

in one of opera’s most enduring tragedies.<br />

Ten performances: February<br />

18, 21, 23, 26(m), and March 1, 4(m),<br />

10, 15, 21(m), and 24. Madama Butterfly<br />

was last seen in 2017.<br />

For information & tickets, visit SarasotaOpera.org,<br />

call (941) 328-1300.<br />

t<br />

Art Galleries<br />

Art Uptown Gallery has Liz Trostli’s<br />

artwork through January 31.<br />

In “Femmes Fatales‚” digital artist<br />

Elisabeth Trostli aims to show how<br />

female artistic subjects can be sensual<br />

and strong at the same time.<br />

This is Trostli’s first solo exhibit at the<br />

gallery, where she has been showing<br />

pieces for three years.<br />

Art Uptown Gallery: 1367 Main Street<br />

gallery. Info: www.artuptown.com.<br />

t<br />

Ringling College Galleries<br />

presents Lost Summer; a collection<br />

of landscape paintings created<br />

by Ringling College Alumna, Lee<br />

Mayer (Commercial Art 72’). In this<br />

t<br />

continued on page 8<br />

<strong>JANUARY</strong> <strong>2023</strong> WEST COAST WOMAN 7

out and about continued<br />

collection of small and mid-scale<br />

paintings, Mayer explores the light,<br />

nature, harmony, and color of the<br />

natural beauty of Canadian summers.<br />

Runs to March 17, <strong>2023</strong>.<br />

Ringling College of Art + Design,<br />

Patricia Thompson Gallery is located<br />

on the first floor of the Keating Center,<br />

2700 N. Tamiami Trail, Sarasota.<br />

Art Center Sarasota has three solo<br />

exhibitions:<br />

• “Alexandra Hammond” revolves<br />

around the artist’s “Quantum Blue”<br />

series of acrylic paintings. According<br />

to the artist, they invite the viewer to<br />

enter “a zone of pure possibility—a<br />

field of active emptiness from which<br />

all forms arise out of formlessness.”<br />

Runs through January 21.<br />

• They also have “Jason Hackenwerth”<br />

which reveals the painter’s<br />

latest body of work — abstract paintings,<br />

bursting with dynamic scenarios.<br />

According to the artist, they’re his<br />

way of working through his emotions<br />

under the constant bombardment of<br />

media and life drama.<br />

• There’s also a juried show: “Black<br />

& White” which showcases monochromatic<br />

works created in a range<br />

of artistic mediums. Elana Rubinfeld,<br />

the founder of the New Art Agency<br />

and former director at Yossi Milo Gallery<br />

in NYC, will jury this exhibition.<br />

Art Center Sarasota, 707 N. Tamiami<br />

Trail, Sarasota. www.artsarasota.org.<br />

t<br />

Sarasota Orchestra’s Harmony<br />

Gallery has Claire Desjardins. Her<br />

exhibition, Living in Color, runs<br />

through January 23. Desjardins is<br />

an award-winning abstract painter<br />

based in Quebec and Sarasota. She<br />

exhibits her paintings in galleries<br />

across North America and her work<br />

can be found in both private and corporate<br />

collections worldwide. Desjardins’<br />

paintings, though abstract, take<br />

their visual cues from forms, colors,<br />

textures and patterns in nature.<br />

The Harmony Gallery is at Beatrice<br />

Friedman Symphony Center at 709<br />

North Tamiami Trail, Sarasota. Exhibitions<br />

are free and open to the public.<br />

For information visit www.sarasota<br />

orchestra.org.<br />

t<br />

Island Gallery West has a member<br />

artists exhibit through January 31.<br />

The gallery has been invited to exhibit<br />

at the Lakewood Ranch ComCenter<br />

Professional Building, 9040 Town<br />

Center Pkwy. Fourteen artists are<br />

showing a variety of works in the<br />

lobby on the first floor of the ComCenter,<br />

which houses lawyers, realtors<br />

and other local businesses.<br />

A selection of twenty of members’<br />

paintings also are on display through<br />

January at the Key Royale Club on<br />

Anna Maria Island at 700 Key Royale<br />

Drive, Holmes Beach.<br />

Visit islandgallerywest.artspan.<br />

com or call 941-778-6648. Island Gallery<br />

West is located at 5368 Gulf Drive,<br />

Holmes Beach.<br />

t<br />

Sarasota Concert<br />

Association<br />

The <strong>2023</strong> Great Performers Series<br />

opens with the renowned Emerson<br />

String Quartet January 30 at Riverview<br />

Performing Arts Center, performing<br />

in Sarasota as part of their<br />

farewell concert tour and presenting<br />

musical highlights of their 47-year history.<br />

They will perform Beethoven’s<br />

Quartet, Op. 59 No. 2, as well as other<br />

t<br />

works by Haydn and Mendelssohn.<br />

Pianist Awadagin Pratt brings his<br />

artistry to the Riverview Performing<br />

Arts Center on February 15 with a<br />

varied program of works, from Philip<br />

Glass to Rachmaninoff and Liszt. Acclaimed<br />

for his musical insight and<br />

intensely involved performances,<br />

Awadagin Pratt performs a varied<br />

program of works, from Philip Glass to<br />

Rachmaninoff and Liszt.<br />

In his final season as Music Director,<br />

Riccardo Muti brings the internationally-acclaimed<br />

Chicago Symphony<br />

Orchestra to Sarasota for one night<br />

only March 1 at Van Wezel. The program<br />

includes Beethoven’s Symphony<br />

No. 8 and Mussorgsky’s Pictures at an<br />

Exhibition.<br />

The Sarasota Concert Association<br />

will also present the National Philharmonic<br />

Orchestra of Ukraine in<br />

a performance on January 18 at the<br />

Venice Performing Arts Center led by<br />

conductor Theodore Kuchar in a program<br />

which includes Brahms’ Violin<br />

Concerto featuring violinist Vladyslava<br />

Luchenko, and Dvořák’s Symphony<br />

No. 9, From the New World.<br />

To purchase tickets, visit www.<br />

SCAsarasota.org.<br />

Perlman Music<br />

The PMP Winter Residency runs<br />

through January 7 and offers unparalleled<br />

musical training for gifted students<br />

ages 12-18 who play the violin,<br />

viola, cello and bass. PMP’s worldclass<br />

faculty, led by Itzhak Perlman,<br />

oversees a curriculum of solo, chamber<br />

music, and orchestral repertoire at<br />

the highest level. The public is invited<br />

to watch these orchestra and chorus<br />

rehearsals and works-in-progress<br />

recitals in a performance tent on the<br />

USF Sarasota-Manatee campus.<br />

• Tent Rehearsals, Works in Progress,<br />

and Recitals: through January<br />

7 on the USF Sarasota-Manatee<br />

campus. Non-reserved seats are free<br />

to the public; reserved and VIP seats<br />

are also available. The Winter Residency’s<br />

daily schedule is available at<br />

www.PerlmanSuncoast.org.<br />

• Celebration Concert: January 5 at<br />

the Sarasota Opera House. Tickets:<br />

call Sarasota Opera House’s box office<br />

at 941-328-1300 or at www.sarasotaopera.org.<br />

• Celebration Gala is on January 5 in<br />

the tent on the USF Sarasota-Manatee<br />

campus. The evening includes<br />

dinner and entertainment with PMP<br />

students, faculty and the Perlmans.<br />

t<br />

The Sarasota Concert Association present the National Philharmonic Orchestra of Ukraine on Jan. 18 at the Venice<br />

Performing Arts Center led by conductor Theodore Kuchar in a program which includes Brahms’ Violin Concerto, and<br />

Dvořák’s New World Symphony.<br />

Tickets are $250 and are available at<br />

www.PerlmanSuncoast.org.<br />

The Chamber<br />

Orchestra of<br />

Sarasota<br />

The Chamber Orchestra of<br />

Sarasota join forces with the<br />

Venice High School Orchestra,<br />

Christopher Riley, conductor, to<br />

present a free concert titled Making<br />

Music Together on January 13 at the<br />

Venice Performing Arts Center. For<br />

information and to order tickets, visit<br />

chamberorchestrasarasota.org/ or<br />

call 219-928-8665.<br />

t<br />

At The Ringling<br />

Running through February 12,<br />

<strong>2023</strong>, is Highlights from the Stanton<br />

B. and Nancy W. Kaplan Collection<br />

of Photography—a selection<br />

of works donated to The Ringling in<br />

2019, includes over 1000 photographic<br />

objects and images, representing<br />

some of the most important photo-based<br />

artists of the nineteenth and<br />

twentieth centuries.<br />

The Kaplan Collection includes<br />

works by Berenice Abbott, Manuel<br />

Álvarez Bravo, Eugène Atget, Ruth<br />

Bernhard, Margaret Bourke-White,<br />

Brassaï, Henri Cartier-Bresson, Lewis<br />

W. Hine, André Kertész, Robert<br />

Mapplethorpe, Edward Weston, and<br />

James Van Der Zee to name but a few.<br />

The John and Mable Ringling<br />

Museum of Art, 5401 Bay Shore Rd.,<br />

Sarasota. Info: www.ringling.org.<br />

t<br />

Theatre<br />

Sarasota Players has Proof running<br />

January 12-22. Proof tells the<br />

story of Catherine, a troubled young<br />

woman, who has spent years caring<br />

for her brilliant but unstable father,<br />

a famous mathematician. Now, following<br />

his death and on the eve of her<br />

25th birthday, she must deal with her<br />

own volatile emotions; the arrival of<br />

her estranged sister, Claire; and the<br />

attentions of Hal, a former student of<br />

her father’s. Over the long weekend<br />

that follows, a burgeoning romance<br />

and the discovery of a mysterious<br />

notebook draw Catherine into the<br />

most difficult problem of all: How<br />

much of her father’s madness—or<br />

genius—will she inherit?<br />

Held at Studio 1130, The Crossings at<br />

Siesta Key, 3501 S. Tamiami Trail, Sarasota.<br />

Visit www.theplayers.org.<br />

t<br />

Westcoast Black Theatre Troupe<br />

has “Flyin’ West” by Pearl Cleage. In<br />

the 1890s, the lives of a small group of<br />

African-American women change after<br />

they leave the oppressive South and<br />

settle in the all-black town of Nicodemus,<br />

Kansas. Their hopes, dreams and<br />

determination to survive in a harsh<br />

region are tested as they build new<br />

lives for themselves and their families.<br />

With flashes of humor amid serious<br />

themes, “Flyin’ West” sheds new<br />

light on a chapter of American history<br />

that’s seldom told, as it explores questions<br />

and conflicts that still resonate<br />

today. Chuck Smith, who serves as<br />

resident director at WBTT and at the<br />

Goodman Theatre in Chicago, will<br />

return to Sarasota to direct this show.<br />

Runs January 4-February 12.<br />

Call the Box Office at 941-366-1505<br />

or visit westcoastblacktheatre.org.<br />

t<br />

Asolo Rep has Ken Ludwig’s<br />

The Three Musketeers runs Jan.<br />

11-March 26. Ken Ludwig’s adaptation<br />

of the novel by Alexandre Dumas<br />

tells the tale of a daring young man<br />

who finds himself in the company<br />

of the world’s greatest swordsmen,<br />

as well as some of the world’s most<br />

dangerous men and women. Directed<br />

by Peter Amster, who most recently<br />

directed Asolo Rep’s Murder on the<br />

Orient Express in 2020.<br />

• Silent Sky runs Jan. 19-March 5.<br />

Silent Sky is the true story of Henrietta<br />

Leavitt, one of the pioneering<br />

women astronomers working at Harvard<br />

Observatory in the early 1900s.<br />

This extraordinary woman took<br />

on the astronomy establishment<br />

in order to discover the mysteries<br />

embedded in the sky. Henrietta transcended<br />

the odds while navigating<br />

love, family and the universe, going<br />

on to make a world-altering advancement<br />

to the field of astronomy that<br />

changed our view of the cosmos.<br />

Tickets: asolorep.org.<br />

t<br />

Asolo Conservatory has Stick<br />

Fly (Jan. 3-22), a comedy-drama by<br />

playwright Lydia Diamond. Race,<br />

class and cultural expectations come<br />

into play as an affluent Black American<br />

family reunites at their Martha’s<br />

Vineyard home. FSU/Asolo Conservatory<br />

graduate Marcus Denard Johnson<br />

returns to direct.<br />

This winner of the Black Theatre<br />

Alliance Award for Best Play chronicles<br />

a weekend in the life of an affluent<br />

African American family. Tensions<br />

ride high as the Levay brothers<br />

t<br />

bring their respective fiancées home<br />

to meet the parents. Family secrets,<br />

childhood demons and romantic<br />

entanglements are revealed, leading<br />

to collisions over race, class and privilege.<br />

Gender roles and generational<br />

dynamics further ignite this explosive<br />

tragic comedy.<br />

Tickets: asolorep.org.<br />

FST’s Mainstage Series has What<br />

the Constitution Means to Me by<br />

Heidi Schreck runs through February<br />

26 in FST’s Keating Theatre.<br />

• The FST cabaret series has The ‘70s:<br />

More Than a Decade by Rebecca<br />

Hopkins, Richard Hopkins and<br />

Sarah Durham. Musical arrangements<br />

by Jim Prosser. Runs through<br />

February 12 in FST’s Court Cabaret<br />

An original Florida Studio Theatre<br />

musical revue<br />

• A Place in the Sun: A Tribute to Stevie<br />

Wonder by Jason Cannon, Richard<br />

Hopkins, and Sarah Durham.<br />

Runs through March 26 in FST’s<br />

Goldstein Cabaret<br />

• NetworkAdapted for the stage by<br />

Lee Hall Based on the film by Paddy<br />

Chayefsky runs January 25 - March<br />

19, <strong>2023</strong> in FST’s Gompertz Theatre<br />

Visit www.floridastudiotheatre.org/<br />

t<br />

ensembleNewSRQ<br />

Crumb: January 16, 7:30 p.m.<br />

“Black Angels,” the epic lament for<br />

the troubled years of the Vietnam era<br />

climaxes a tribute to George Crumb<br />

(1929-2022), the Pulitzer Prize-winning<br />

composer whose works are<br />

among the most frequently performed<br />

compositions in today’s musical world.<br />

Soprano and enSRQ favorite,<br />

Lucy Fitz Gibbon returns to sing<br />

Crumb’s evocative “Madrigals,” and<br />

the “Demeter Prelude” by Crumb’s<br />

protégé, Margaret Brouwer. It will be<br />

performed at First Congregational<br />

Church, 1031 S. Euclid Ave., Sarasota.<br />

Live streaming will also be available.<br />

• Vespers For A New Dark Age:<br />

February 6. The voices of the Dallas-based<br />

Verdigris Ensemble rise in<br />

collaboration with ensembleNEWS-<br />

RQ to present the choral works of two<br />

internationally acclaimed composers:<br />

“The Branch Will Not Break” by<br />

Christopher Cerrone—as inspired<br />

by the poetry of James Arlington<br />

Wright; and “Vespers for a New Dark<br />

Age” by Missy Mazzoli—set to the<br />

poetry of Matthew Zapruder. Held at<br />

First Congregational Church, 1031 S.<br />

Euclid Ave., Sarasota. Live streaming<br />

will also be available.<br />

For tickets, visit www.ensrq.org.<br />

t<br />

At The Van Wezel<br />

A sampling of upcoming shows:<br />

• Legally Blonde is on January<br />

4-5. Based on the beloved movie,<br />

award-winning Legally Blonde - The<br />

Musical takes you from the sorority<br />

house to the halls of justice as Elle<br />

Woods tackles stereotypes, sexism,<br />

snobbery and scandal in pursuit<br />

of her dreams, and proves that you<br />

can be both legally blonde AND the<br />

smartest person in the room.<br />

• Riverdance 25th Anniversary Tour<br />

is on January 10-12. Twenty-five<br />

years on, composer Bill Whelan has<br />

rerecorded his soundtrack while<br />

producer Moya Doherty and director<br />

John McColgan have completely<br />

reimagined the ground-breaking<br />

show with innovative lighting, projection,<br />

stage and costume designs.<br />

t<br />

continued on page 10<br />

8 WEST COAST WOMAN <strong>JANUARY</strong> <strong>2023</strong>

Dermatology of Coastal Sarasota<br />

For Your Skin.<br />

For Your Well-Being.<br />

Ever Onward Season 27<br />

Day of Indulgence<br />

January 5th<br />

Specials on mini facials,<br />

tinting and Dysport<br />


Two-time Grammy Award nominee<br />

January 10 • 7:30 pm • Historic Asolo Theater<br />

Named one of the greatest string quartets of the last 100<br />

years by BBC Music Magazine, Dover Quartet has quickly<br />

become one of the most in-demand chamber ensembles in<br />

the world. Their performance includes works by Beethoven<br />

and Mendelssohn.<br />

Call us today<br />

for your<br />

appointment!<br />

Filler February<br />

BOGO! Buy one syringe get<br />

50 % off second syringe<br />

Free gift!<br />

Peel the Love!<br />

January 30 - February 3<br />

Customized treatments to allow you to<br />

glow and reveal healthier skin. $ 150<br />

Dermatology of Coastal Sarasota<br />

5310 Clark Rd., Suite 201, Sarasota<br />

941.925.3627<br />

DOCSofSarasota.com<br />


KERRY WILKERSON, bass-baritone<br />

January 18 • 5:30 pm performance followed<br />

by dinner • Plantation Golf & Country Club<br />

Metropolitan Opera soprano Danielle Talamantes is joined by<br />

her husband, Kerry Wilkerson, in a program devoted to classics<br />

from the Great American Songbook and musical theater. From<br />

Gershwin to Ellington to Bernstein and Sondheim, the couple<br />

bring their special chemistry and extraordinary voices to the<br />

iconic tunes you know and love.<br />

HANZHI WANG, accordion<br />

February 9 • 11:00 am performance<br />

followed by lunch • Sarasota Yacht Club<br />

Praised for her captivating stage presence, this<br />

groundbreaking young musician is the only accordionist<br />

to win a place on the roster of Young Concert Artists in its<br />

61-year history. In the five years since, she has debuted at<br />

both Carnegie Hall and the Kennedy Center and was named<br />

Musical America’s New Artist of the Month in 2018.<br />

View our complete concert schedule at<br />

ArtistSeriesConcerts.org<br />

Box office: (941) 306-1202<br />

This project is supported in part by the Community Foundation of Sarasota County; Department of State, Division of Cultural Affairs, the Florida Council of Arts and Culture and the State of Florida<br />

(Section 286.25 Florida Statutes); The Exchange; Gulf Coast Community Foundation; National Endowment for the Arts; and Sarasota County Tourist Development Tax Revenues.<br />




Experience the transformative power of art.<br />

Sign up for a course and learn new skills,<br />

engage with artists, grow creatively, hone<br />

your craft, and have fun!<br />

2022-<strong>2023</strong> ART EDUCATION<br />


Learn from nationally and internationally<br />

recognized masters in immersive 3-day workshops.<br />


Work with the best regional and local artists<br />

who teach engaging 1-3 day workshops.<br />


Commit to creative weekly learning for 3-6<br />

weeks, taught by exceptional local instructors.<br />


Artists love the freedom of open studios,<br />

surrounded by art and artists.<br />


Let your child explore their creativity at<br />

Summer Art Camp or Youth Saturdays.<br />

www.artsarasota.org<br />

941-365-2032<br />

M-F, 10 am-5 pm | Sat, 12-5 pm<br />

707 N. Tamiami Trail<br />

Admission is free<br />

<strong>JANUARY</strong> <strong>2023</strong> WEST COAST WOMAN 9

out and about continued<br />

• Aladdin – January 24-29<br />

• Comedy legends Rita Rudner and<br />

Robert Klein team up for a new tour<br />

on February 22.<br />

• Grammy award-winning musician,<br />

composer, and producer David Foster<br />

and singer, television, and Broadway<br />

star, Katharine McPhee are<br />

bringing their viral Instagram show<br />

on the road on February 2.<br />

• Hit country artist Scotty McCreery<br />

brings his newest tour on February 10.<br />

• Gordon Lightfoot appears on<br />

March 21.<br />

Pre-show dining is available<br />

through Mattison’s at the Van Wezel<br />

which is located inside the theatre.<br />

Reservations can be made on Van<br />

Wezel.org or through the box office.<br />

Lectures<br />

TOWN HALL’s 42nd season kicks<br />

off on January 17 with Maria Ressa.<br />

Maria is the co-founder, CEO, and<br />

executive editor of Rappler.com,<br />

an online news organization in the<br />

Philippines.<br />

Maria, one of TIME’S “Person of the<br />

Year” for 2018 and TIME’s “100 Most<br />

Influential People” in 2019, has been<br />

honored around the world for her courageous<br />

and bold work in fighting disinformation,<br />

fake news, and attempts<br />

to silence the free press.<br />

In 2021, she was awarded the Nobel<br />

Peace Prize for her work in exposing<br />

abuses of power and growing authoritarianism<br />

under the Philippine president.<br />

She is the first journalist, since<br />

1935, to win the Nobel Peace Prize for<br />

her efforts to safeguard freedom of<br />

expression.<br />

All lectures will be presented at Van<br />

Wezel. Morning lectures begin at 10:30<br />

a.m. and evening talks begin at 7:30<br />

p.m. Call 941-309-5100 to subscribe:<br />

www.rclassociation.org.<br />

t<br />

Sarasota Institute of Lifetime<br />

Learning’s (SILL) “Global Issues”<br />

series returns. This series, which<br />

runs January 10-March 31, features<br />

25 internationally renowned experts<br />

discussing a vast range of domestic<br />

and global issues. The lectures are<br />

presented on Tuesdays, Wednesdays,<br />

and Thursdays at 10:30 a.m. at the First<br />

United Methodist Church in Sarasota;<br />

Tuesdays at 2:30 p.m. and Fridays at 10<br />

a.m. at the Venice Community Center<br />

in Venice; and Thursdays at 5 p.m. at<br />

the Cornerstone Church in Lakewood<br />

Ranch. Lectures will also be available<br />

for purchase on video.<br />

The <strong>2023</strong> season features the<br />

popular “Music Mondays” series,<br />

which presents performances and<br />

lively conversations with renowned<br />

and emerging performers, January<br />

9-March 27, on Mondays at 10:30<br />

a.m. at Church of the Palms in Sarasota;<br />

and Mondays at 3 p.m. at Venice<br />

Presbyterian Church in Venice.<br />

For more information and to purchase<br />

tickets, visit SillSarasota.org or<br />

call 941-365-6404.<br />

t<br />

Key Chorale<br />

They have “Miniature Masterpieces”<br />

on January 21 and 22. Maestro<br />

Caulkins leads an interactive<br />

exploration of these pint-size pieces<br />

that pack a punch. Works by Verdi,<br />

Mozart, Mendelssohn, Vaughan Williams,<br />

Hogan, Whitacre and more.<br />

• Cinematic Romance, collaboration<br />

with The Venice Symphony is<br />

on February 3 and 4. Fall in love<br />

t<br />

all over again<br />

with music<br />

from Casablanca,<br />

Romeo and<br />

Juliet and Gone<br />

With the Wind.<br />

• A Sea Symphony,<br />

Masterwork<br />

by Vaughan<br />

Williams is on<br />

February 10<br />

and 11. Chorus,<br />

orchestra and<br />

soloists sing of<br />

ships and their<br />

captains, wind<br />

and waves, the<br />

voyage of every<br />

human soul,<br />

and music so<br />

vivid you can<br />

almost taste the<br />

sea spray in the air. Baritone Jamal<br />

Sarikoki and soprano Suzanne Karpov<br />

add their stunning virtuosity to<br />

this epic masterwork.<br />

Information: keychorale.org.<br />

New Music<br />

New College<br />

On January 14 pianist Kathleen<br />

Supové returns to New Music<br />

New College to perform a program<br />

called “NEXT DOOR” in the Mildred<br />

Sainer Pavilion. The program contemplates<br />

the ambiguity and richness of<br />

the term “next door.” As we migrate<br />

through our volatile world, we share<br />

space with other beings; we also open<br />

doors, for them and ourselves, into<br />

the next world to come. It will include<br />

at least one world premiere.<br />

Tickets and details at www.newmusicnewcollege.org.<br />

All performances<br />

are Saturdays at 8 p.m. Each will last<br />

about an hour, with no intermission,<br />

and include a free reception either after<br />

the concert (in the Sainer lobby) or<br />

free food during the concert.<br />

t<br />

Art Classes<br />

Registration is now open for Art<br />

Center Sarasota’s <strong>2023</strong> adult education<br />

season, which runs through<br />

April and features more than 100<br />

classes, workshops, and open studio<br />

sessions.<br />

Classes are offered Monday through<br />

Saturday and cover a rich diversity of<br />

topics, including painting, photography,<br />

sculpture, mixed-media, drawing,<br />

and pastel and taught by more<br />

than 25 esteemed art instructors.<br />

Course highlights include “Happy<br />

Accidents: Beginning Abstract Watercolor<br />

Florals,” “Freedom in Landscapes,”<br />

“Party Time Chix,” “Gelli<br />

Printing,” and a “Mindfulness Workshop<br />

Series.” To register and for more<br />

information, visit www.artsarasota.<br />

org or call 941-365-2032.<br />

Here’s a sample: January 6, 13, 20,<br />

27, February 3. Discover the whimsical<br />

world of papier-mâché with<br />

mixed-media artist Kathy Carrier as<br />

she hosts a five-week workshop exploring<br />

this creative medium with a fanciful<br />

twist. More than a hen party, the<br />

class starts with balloons and birthday<br />

hats and covers the entire process of<br />

creating a papier-mâché chicken.<br />

Information: www.artsarasota.org.<br />

t<br />

Art Around<br />

the State<br />

t<br />

At The Dali: Paul Éluard: Poetry,<br />

The PMP Winter Residency runs through January 7 and offers musical training<br />

for gifted students ages 12-18 who play the violin, viola, cello and bass. The public<br />

is invited to watch these orchestra and chorus rehearsals and works-in-progress<br />

recitals in a performance tent on the USF Sarasota-Manatee campus.<br />

Politics, Love is on display through<br />

Jan. 8. Paul Éluard: Poetry, Politics,<br />

Love explores the world of one of the<br />

most celebrated and idealistic surrealist<br />

poets. Éluard, the ex-husband of<br />

Dalí’s wife Gala, helped found Surrealism,<br />

the French art movement<br />

whose poetry celebrated dreams, love<br />

and freedom. The exhibition presents<br />

selections of Éluard’s poetry in context<br />

with photographs and selected books,<br />

giving visitors a glimpse into the life of<br />

the man who became known as “the<br />

Poet of Freedom.”<br />

During his lifetime, Éluard published<br />

more than 70 books dedicated<br />

to two main themes: the rejection of<br />

tyranny and the search for happiness.<br />

The exhibition examines the poet’s<br />

beginnings, passionate relationships<br />

and important publications. In<br />

addition, the exhibition delves into<br />

Éluard’s connection to the origins of<br />

Surrealism and André Breton as well<br />

as his later communications with Pablo<br />

Picasso. Located on the first floor<br />

of the Museum, access to this community<br />

exhibition is free by reserving<br />

Ground Floor tickets at https://thedali.org/exhibits/current/<br />

The Museum of Fine Arts has<br />

Multiple: Prince Twins Seven-Seven<br />

through January 15. This exhibition<br />

highlights the visionary work of<br />

Prince Twins Seven-Seven, who was<br />

the only surviving child out of seven<br />

pairs of twins born to his mother.<br />

Because of this, and the associated<br />

traditional religious beliefs of the<br />

Yorùbá people of Nigeria, he held that<br />

he possessed unique spiritual insight<br />

and power. His perceptions in turn<br />

had a profound impact on his artistic<br />

expression as a printmaker, painter,<br />

and sculptor. Blending abstracted<br />

images of the physical world and evocations<br />

of the spirit world, Prince Twins<br />

Seven-Seven created a unique, powerful,<br />

and international style that bridges<br />

traditional and contemporary arts.<br />

Multiple: Prince Twins Seven-Seven<br />

features 14 total pieces, including 10<br />

works on paper by Prince Twins Seven-Seven<br />

and four other Yorùbá works<br />

of art from the MFA’s collection. The<br />

MFA is at 255 Beach Dr NE, St. Petersburg.<br />

Visit mfastpete.org.<br />

t<br />

Selby Library<br />

t<br />

They have Write Here! Writing and<br />

Resilience Workshop hosted by Dr.<br />

Emily Carr on January 25, 4-6 p.m. in<br />

the Conference Room at Selby Library.<br />

Write Here! is a series of writing<br />

workshops that are open to the public<br />

and designed for writers of all levels<br />

and genres. Workshops offer participants<br />

an opportunity<br />

to explore<br />

a new genre, to<br />

practice a specific<br />

writing skill,<br />

to develop a sustainable<br />

writing<br />

practice, and to<br />

connect with<br />

other writers in<br />

the local area.<br />

Participants<br />

will leave with<br />

tools they can<br />

use in their everyday<br />

lives to<br />

nourish their endeavors,<br />

whether<br />

those endeavors<br />

happen on or<br />

off the page.<br />

Write Here!<br />

meets monthly for two hours on a<br />

drop-in basis; participants are not required<br />

to commit to coming to every<br />

workshop. Dr. Emily Carr is the Assistant<br />

Professor of Creating Writing at<br />

New College of Florida.<br />

Registration required. scgovlibrary.<br />

librarymarket.com/event.<br />

Meetings<br />

January 18, 6-7:30 p.m: Time Sifters<br />

Archaeological Society presents<br />

its monthly lecture program. For<br />

more information visit timesifters.<br />

org. Held in the Jack J. Geldbart Auditorium<br />

at Selby Library.<br />

t<br />

The Manatee Genealogical Society<br />

is hosting a Virtual Seminar on January<br />

28, 10 a.m.-4:15 p.m. They will<br />

have four nationally known speakers.<br />

The theme of the seminar is “Finding<br />

Your Elusive Ancestors.” You will be<br />

able to submit your questions to the<br />

speakers for expert guidance, and you<br />

will also have the chance to win prizes<br />

from major genealogical companies.<br />

Program speakers and topics:<br />

• Blaine Bettinger, PH.D., J.D., will<br />

discuss “Evaluating a Genealogical<br />

Conclusion Including DNA<br />

Evidence” – incorporating DNA evidence<br />

with documentary evidence is<br />

not a simple matter.<br />

• Michael D. Lacopo, D.V.M. will present<br />

“She Came From Nowhere….<br />

- Using Social History in Your<br />

Research.” His research skills cover<br />

a broad range, with specialties in<br />

Mennonite, German, Swiss, Mid-Atlantic<br />

American, genetic genealogy,<br />

social history and advanced problem<br />

solving.<br />

• J. Mark Lowe, a Fellow of the Utah<br />

Genealogical Association (FUGA),<br />

author and lecturer, will speak on<br />

“Overcoming Record Loss.” Preparing<br />

a diligent strategy of discovery<br />

and investigation may provide substitutes<br />

or alternate records that lead<br />

to many of the missing answers.<br />

• Cyndi Ingle, creator of CyndisList.<br />

com, will discuss her research methodology<br />

in: “Diligence Online:<br />

Keep Looking Everywhere to Find<br />

Your Elusive Ancestors.” With<br />

the exception of the U.S., U.K., and<br />

Canadian censuses, there is no one<br />

complete database or collection of<br />

everything you need for one place or<br />

one record type. The answer to this<br />

is thorough, detailed, and relentless<br />

searching across multiple repositories<br />

and collections.<br />

Cost: Members $40; Non-members: $50.<br />

Learn more and register at mgsfl.org/.<br />

t<br />

Selby Gardens<br />

Marie Selby Botanical Gardens<br />

will host Seeing the Invisible at its<br />

Historic Spanish Point campus. The<br />

most ambitious and expansive show<br />

to date of contemporary artworks<br />

created with augmented-reality (AR)<br />

technology, the exhibition launched<br />

last year at 12 botanical gardens<br />

around the world. Selby Gardens is<br />

one of four inaugural sites that will<br />

continue to host the show for a second<br />

year, through September <strong>2023</strong>. Six<br />

new garden and museum sites will<br />

join the global exhibition in October.<br />

Seeing the Invisible features works<br />

by more than a dozen internationally<br />

acclaimed artists, including Ai Weiwei<br />

of China, El Anatsui of Ghana, Isaac<br />

Julien CBE RA of the United Kingdom,<br />

and Sarah Meyohas of the United<br />

States. At Selby Gardens’ Historic<br />

Spanish Point campus, the show’s 13<br />

AR works are installed in carefully curated<br />

locations throughout the 30-acre<br />

preserve. Visitors engage with the art<br />

through an app that can be downloaded<br />

to a smartphone or tablet.<br />

Seeing the Invisible is the first exhibition<br />

of its kind to be developed<br />

as a collaboration among botanical<br />

gardens around the world. The same<br />

commissioned artworks are placed in<br />

outdoor settings at the participating<br />

institutions, creating parallels and<br />

contrasts between them. The AR nature<br />

of the exhibition has allowed for<br />

the creation of expansive, immersive<br />

works that engage with existing features<br />

of the natural landscape, going<br />

beyond the limitations of what is possible<br />

with physical artworks.<br />

For more information visit www.<br />

selby.org.<br />

t<br />

Contemporary<br />

Dance<br />

Sarasota Contemporary Dance<br />

Spring In-Studio Performance Series<br />

continues with Scylla Licombe (poet)<br />

collaboration with SCDE on January<br />

13-14. Francis Schwartz (composer/<br />

musician) is on February 10-11.<br />

Dance Makers is on January 26-<br />

29 at Cook Theatre at the FSU Center<br />

for the Performing Arts. “Dance<br />

Makers” features new, imaginative<br />

dance pieces created by nationally<br />

acclaimed contemporary choreographers.<br />

“Dance Makers” highlights a<br />

range of works from the aesthetics of<br />

jazz dance performed to Miles Davis<br />

and syncopated, athletic Afro-Cuban<br />

movement, to more dramatic solo<br />

and duet works. The featured artists<br />

include Gilliane Hadely (Orlando,<br />

FL), Lisa del Rosario (Austin, TX),<br />

Melissa Cobblah Gutierrez (Miami,<br />

FL), and Tania Vergara Perez (Sarasota,<br />

FL).<br />

For more information, visit www.<br />

sarasotacontemporarydance.org.<br />

t<br />

Save The Date<br />

The 25th Annual Thunder By The<br />

Bay Music & Motorcycle Festival has<br />

two two headline acts performing<br />

live on stage at next year’s Festival –<br />

38 Special (February 18) and Colt<br />

Ford (February 19). The iconic threeday<br />

Festival, organized by and benefitting<br />

Suncoast Charities for Children,<br />

is scheduled for February 17-19<br />

at the Sarasota Fairgrounds.<br />

For tickets, vendor information,<br />

sponsorship opportunities, and a<br />

complete listing of all Festival events<br />


t<br />

10 WEST COAST WOMAN <strong>JANUARY</strong> <strong>2023</strong>

focus on the arts<br />

Sarasota Concert Association<br />

Presents the Chicago Symphony<br />

and More World-Renowned Musicians<br />

National Philharmonic<br />

Orchestra of Ukraine<br />

Emerson String Quartet<br />

Awadagin Pratt<br />

Launching its 78th season of<br />

presenting world-renowned<br />

orchestras, chamber ensembles<br />

and soloists, the Sarasota<br />

Concert Association brings a<br />

stunning array of internationally-acclaimed<br />

artists to Sarasota and Venice this season.<br />

The <strong>2023</strong> season opens<br />

on January 18 as the<br />

National Philharmonic<br />

Orchestra of Ukraine<br />

comes to the Venice<br />

Performing Arts Center<br />

for a one-night-only<br />

special engagement.<br />

Based in Lviv, the<br />

orchestra is the national<br />

orchestra of Ukraine.<br />

Under the direction of<br />

Principal Conductor<br />

Theodore Kuchar, the<br />

Orchestra will perform Dvorak’s everpopular<br />

New World Symphony. Awardwinning<br />

Ukrainian violinist Vladyslava<br />

Luchenko will join the Orchestra,<br />

performing Brahms’ Violin Concerto.<br />

The Orchestra’s performance in Venice,<br />

FL is one of the first stops on their 40-city<br />

concert tour of the United States.<br />

The world-renowned<br />

Emerson String<br />

Quartet comes to<br />

Sarasota as part of<br />

their farewell tour on<br />

January 30. Celebrating<br />

their 47th and final<br />

season, the Emerson<br />

Quartet performs string<br />

quartets of Haydn and<br />

Mendelssohn as well<br />

as Beethoven’s String<br />

Quartet in E minor, Op.<br />

59, no. 2 at the Riverview<br />

Performing Arts Center.<br />

Acclaimed for his musical<br />

insight and moving<br />

performances, pianist<br />

Awadagin Pratt performs<br />

piano masterworks<br />

on February 15 at the<br />

Riverview Performing<br />

Arts Center. The program<br />

includes Glassworks by<br />

Philip Glass as well as<br />

Liszt’s Sonata in B minor,<br />

Tchaikovsky’s Intermezzo<br />

from The Nutcracker, and<br />

other works by Chopin<br />

and Rachmaninoff. While in Sarasota,<br />

Awadagin Pratt will also be giving a master<br />

class to students at Booker High School.<br />

In his last season as Music<br />

Director of the Chicago<br />

Symphony Orchestra,<br />

Riccardo Muti conducts<br />

his internationallyacclaimed<br />

orchestra in<br />

Beethoven’s Symphony<br />

No. 8 and Mussorgsky’s<br />

Pictures at an Exhibition.<br />

The program also includes<br />

Beethoven’s Coriolan<br />

Overture and Liadov’s<br />

The Enchanted Lake.<br />

This concert is presented<br />

on March 1 at the Van Wezel Performing<br />

Arts Hall and is a unique opportunity to<br />

witness part of the finale season of their<br />

extraordinary partnership.<br />

The most recorded<br />

chamber orchestra in<br />

the world, the Londonbased<br />

English Chamber<br />

Orchestra comes to<br />

Sarasota for one night<br />

only on March 12 at the<br />

Van Wezel Performing<br />

Arts Hall. Jose Serebrier<br />

conducts the orchestra in<br />

a program which includes<br />

Mozart’s Divertimento<br />

in D major, Haydn’s<br />

Symphony No. 49, La<br />

Passione, and other<br />

works by Purcell and Elgar.<br />

And as a finale to the<br />

season, Music Director<br />

JoAnn Falletta leads the<br />

Grammy Award-winning<br />

Buffalo Philharmonic<br />

Orchestra in Dvořák’s<br />

Symphony No. 7 on<br />

March 27 at the Van<br />

Wezel Performing Arts<br />

Hall. The program also<br />

includes Mendelssohn’s<br />

Violin Concerto featuring<br />

violinist Sandy Cameron,<br />

one of the most strikingly<br />

unique artists of her<br />

generation.<br />

Single tickets are on sale now and<br />

discounts are available for three or more<br />

concerts. Visit www.SCAsarasota.org or<br />

call 941-966-6161.<br />



Chicago Symphony<br />

Orchestra, Riccardo Muti<br />

English Chamber Orchestra<br />

Buffalo Philharmonic<br />

Orchestra, JoAnn Falletta<br />

<strong>JANUARY</strong> <strong>2023</strong> WEST COAST WOMAN 11

Senior Friendship Centers Celebrates 50 Years<br />

of Providing Life-Saving Services for Seniors<br />

in Southwest Florida<br />

In Sarasota County, more than 40,000 seniors, or about 23% of the population, live alone. The mission<br />

of Senior Friendship Centers is to build vibrant communities by advancing wellness, connection, and<br />

enrichment throughout the journey of aging. We provide services such as caregiver resources, Adult Day<br />

Care, activity centers for active seniors, dining centers, home delivered meals, volunteer opportunities,<br />

exercise classes, lifelong learning, economic and socialization.<br />

As we celebrate this milestone and look to the next 50 years, our vision for Southwest<br />

Florida is for people to feel supported and included at any age. Each of our<br />

communities will have a well-known hub and network of resources to help older<br />

adults not just survive, but thrive! Seniors will be seen as vital contributors to<br />

community life and have connections that ensure they never need to “go it alone.”<br />

Cheers to 50 Years!<br />

Sarasota<br />

Sarasota Activity Center<br />

1888 Brother Geenen Way, Sarasota | 941-955-2122<br />

Adult Day Care/Caregiver Resources<br />

1820 Brother Geenen Way, Sarasota | 941-556-3268<br />

Venice<br />

Venice Activity Center<br />

2350 Scenic Drive, Venice | 941-584-0075<br />

Adult Day Care/Caregiver Resources<br />

2350 Scenic Drive, Venice | 941-556-3268<br />

Erin McLeod<br />

CEO and President<br />



YOU<br />

(with a little help.)<br />

Implant Removal — Breast Lift — Fat Grafting<br />

Breast Augmentation<br />

Tummy Tucks — Liposuction — Body Sculpting<br />

Arm & Thigh Lifts — Coolsculpting<br />

Sovereign Plastic Surgery<br />

Alissa M. Shulman, M.D., F.A.C.S.<br />

Board Certified Plastic Surgeon<br />

1950 Arlington Street • Suite 112 • Sarasota<br />

941- 366-LIPO (5476)<br />

www.sovereignps.com<br />

12 WEST COAST WOMAN <strong>JANUARY</strong> <strong>2023</strong>

feature<br />

Kayaking the<br />

Mangrove Bayou at The Bay<br />

An early morning paddle connects you to the water<br />

Off busy US<br />

41 near the<br />

Municipal<br />

Building and<br />

behind the<br />

blue-roofed<br />

Lundy-era Bay Park Conservancy<br />

offices, there’s a<br />

kayak launch that takes you<br />

amidst thick mangroves<br />

then out to Sarasota Bay.<br />

It’s tucked away from view<br />

due to lush native plants,<br />

but easily accessible after<br />

a short walking from the<br />

parking lot just off 41.<br />

The Bay - that project that’s<br />

in the process of redoing<br />

the waterfront area from<br />

the south where the old<br />

Selby Library was, to the<br />

northernmost part of the<br />

Van Wezel’s parking lot<br />

- has completed Phase 1<br />

and what comes with that,<br />

along with yoga classes, live<br />

music, walking paths and<br />

more, is a chance to kayak.<br />

They offer a free sampler<br />

kayak paddle on Saturday<br />

mornings at 8:30 a.m. complete<br />

with full gear and an<br />

excellent tour leader.<br />

The guide on this trip was<br />

Craig of Ride and Paddle<br />

(rideandpaddle.com).<br />

He’s an expert on mangroves,<br />

birds and the bay’s<br />

ecosystem plus he gives<br />

you an update on the Bay’s<br />

progress.<br />

Sign up on the Bay site (You<br />

have to reserve a spot and<br />

may find as I did it’s booked<br />

solid for a few weeks. Go on<br />

the wait list - I did that too<br />

- and at the last minute, I<br />

got a ticket). Then choose<br />

a single or double kayak.<br />

All ages were in our group<br />

with both men and women.<br />

You’ll be given a concise,<br />

but very informative crash<br />

class in kayaking.<br />

Before The Bay Park was<br />

underway, the bayou had<br />

unfiltered water and needed to be dredged and<br />

cleaned up and a filtration system was added.<br />

Mangroves, as you will learn, do a lot of things and<br />

they’re all good. They hang on to the soil - lessening<br />

erosion due to<br />

things like hurricanes.<br />

They also help<br />

filter water and provide a<br />

habitat for birds as well as<br />

a place for fish to lay eggs<br />

and very small crabs to<br />

make a home.<br />

The goal of the Bay project<br />

is to link the community<br />

to the Sarasota Bay<br />

and provide access to the<br />

waterfront. Another goal<br />

is to reduce what is called<br />

“hardscape” - man-made<br />

features like seawalls -<br />

and, in the Van Wezel’s<br />

case, lots and lots of asphalt<br />

and concrete.<br />

Kayaking is not that difficult<br />

- you quickly learn<br />

how to get your kayak going<br />

where you want it to<br />

go relatively quickly. In our group of a baker’s dozen<br />

paddlers, the challenge was to keep from bopping<br />

into each other. If one moved we all moved which<br />

created endless movement, but we worked out how<br />

to keep a safe distance<br />

from each other and o just<br />

sit and be motionless in<br />

our kayaks.<br />

Craig gave a superb description<br />

of the flora and<br />

fauna and an efficient<br />

explanation of paddling<br />

basics. After you launch<br />

and settle into your kayak,<br />

you follow the leader, so to<br />

speak, and gently sweep<br />

through mangroves before<br />

heading out on to<br />

Sarasota Bay. It was very<br />

peaceful.<br />

Try the sample paddle<br />

and then sign up for another ride. Or, you can bring<br />

your own kayak and launch.<br />

STORY and IMAGES: Louise Bruderle<br />


Ride & Paddle: Free Guided Tour at The Bay<br />

Location: The Bay’s Kayak Launch, 655 North Tamiami<br />

Trail, Sarasota<br />

When: Every Saturday at 8:30 a.m.<br />

What: A two-hour, free, guided kayak tour through<br />

The Bay Park’s restored mangroves. Kayaks and life<br />

jackets are provided. Due to popular demand for<br />

free guided tours, they’re only accepting registrations<br />

four weeks out in advance, but consider going<br />

on the wait list. Register at www.eventbrite.com/e/<br />

ride-and-paddle-at-the-bay<br />

Prefer to explore The Bay your own way? Ride &<br />

Paddle offers kayak and paddle board rentals everyday<br />

at The Bay from 10am-3pm. To make a reservation,<br />

visit rideandpaddle.com/sarasotabaykayaking/<br />

Background: The Bay is a community, city and park<br />

conservancy initiative that will transform 53 acres of<br />

city-owned land into a public park on Sarasota Bay.<br />

Learn more at www.thebaysarasota.org<br />

<strong>JANUARY</strong> <strong>2023</strong> WEST COAST WOMAN 13

good news department<br />

First Church Donates Turkeys<br />

for Veterans in Need<br />

First Church members led by missions chair Peggy Hite – contributed<br />

45 turkeys and side dishes for veterans served by<br />

Goodwill Manasota’s Veterans Services program in November.<br />

“It is always such an amazing day when we are giving the<br />

turkeys out to our veterans – you see the burden of providing<br />

such a big meal taken off their shoulders,” said Todd Hughes,<br />

American Veterans and Their Families program manager.”<br />

Goodwill Manasota Veterans Services team member Randy<br />

Wright (left) and program manager Todd Hughes load turkeys<br />

and sides into cars during Goodwill’s turkey giveaway event<br />

During the turkey distribution, the Veterans Services team<br />

also gave out care packages and hand-written cards from a<br />

local youth group. Goodwill’s American Veterans and Their<br />

Families program works to help eliminate barriers to employment,<br />

provide opportunities for higher-paying positions for<br />

veterans and their families, and connect veterans with needed<br />

social services.<br />

Sarasota Opera Receives<br />

Arts Appreciation Grant<br />

Sarasota Opera received a $60,000 Arts Appreciation Grant<br />

from Gulf Coast Community Foundation which will underwrite<br />

the 2022-23 season and be recognized as a production sponsor<br />

of Puccini's Madama Butterfly. They are also a series sponsor<br />

of the Moonlight & Melodies Dinner Series and are sponsoring<br />

the Curtain Raiser Dinner and Sarasota Opera’s annual<br />

gala in April.<br />

Gulf Coast Community Foundation<br />

Works to Reduce Recidivism<br />

Gulf Coast Community Foundation has awarded a $57,994 grant<br />

from its Criminal Justice Reform Initiative to Community Assisted<br />

and Supported Living, Inc. (CASL) for the “Transition Inmates<br />

to Supported Housing Project.”<br />

The Transitions program provides formerly incarcerated individuals<br />

who have a mental health condition with safe, supportive<br />

housing while they continue to overcome barriers upon<br />

release from incarceration. Gulf Coast has awarded a total of<br />

$214,000 to the Transitions program since its inception. The<br />

average recidivism rate for formerly incarcerated individuals is<br />

65%. The recidivism rate of those within the Transitions program<br />

is greatly reduced to 20%.<br />

Referrals for the Transitions program are referred by the<br />

Sarasota County Sheriff’s Office Re-entry Navigators. Providing<br />

supports including housing and case management, and basic<br />

needs like food and clothing, assists individuals who were recently<br />

incarcerated to gain employment.<br />

Sarasota Orchestra Receives Grant<br />

Sarasota Orchestra has been awarded a $65,000 grant from<br />

Charles & Margery Barancik Foundation for programming of<br />

the 2022-<strong>2023</strong> season.<br />

The grant provides support for Sarasota Orchestra’s artistic<br />

season, which began in October 2022 and runs through May<br />

<strong>2023</strong>. In addition, Barancik Foundation support will help subsidize<br />

the costs associated with Sarasota Orchestra's education<br />

programs, which include the Youth Orchestra Program, Summer<br />

Music Camp, and Young Artists Competition. This grant will also<br />

enable the continuation of the family-friendly On the Road with<br />

SO: Parks and Partners community concerts and keep them free<br />

for the public.<br />

To learn more, visit www.SarasotaOrchestra.org.<br />

Gulf Coast Community Foundation<br />

Helps Venice Urban Forest Blossom<br />

Gulf Coast Community Foundation awarded Venice Area Beautification,<br />

Inc. (VABI), a 30-year-old, volunteer based organization,<br />

with a $100,000 grant to support Phase 3 of the Venice<br />

Urban Forest.<br />

Phase 3 is the final phase of the Urban Forest, along an industrial<br />

corridor, and focuses on installation of additional irrigation<br />

piping to irrigate all the new trees and understory plants. The<br />

grant will cover the cost for native trees to be bought and planted,<br />

including 400 slash pines, 200 red cedars, and 10 longleaf<br />

pines. The Urban Forest is home to over 90 different species of<br />

birds. The grant is especially timely after the Urban Forest suffered<br />

damage from Hurricane Ian, losing approximately 125 trees.<br />

The future of the Urban Forest includes using natural materials<br />

to stabilize a maintenance pathway so the volunteers can<br />

continue to maintain the property. Phase 1 of the Venice Urban<br />

Forest is open to all from dawn to dusk. To learn more about the<br />

Venice Urban Forest, visit VeniceUrbanForest.com.<br />

PGT Innovations Donates<br />

to Breast Cancer Non-Profits<br />

PGT Innovations a manufacturer of windows, doors, and garage<br />

doors, donated over $9,000 across four breast cancer<br />

non-profits.<br />

PGTI team members at the Venice location wearing<br />

the breast cancer awareness t-shirts<br />

Earlier this year, PGT Innovations designed breast cancer<br />

awareness t-shirts for employees to purchase during October<br />

to help raise awareness and money for the non-profits. PGT<br />

Innovations team members across the company’s multiple<br />

manufacturing plant and office locations purchased over 1,100<br />

t-shirts, raising $8,155, which was donated between theBreast<br />

Cancer Research Foundation, theBreast Cancer Alliance, and<br />

theLarry Fitzgerald Foundation.<br />

PGT Innovations also donated $1,500 to theAmerican Cancer<br />

Society in support of the Making Strides Against Breast Cancer<br />

walk event held in Sarasota in October; several PGTI team<br />

members participated in the walk. For information, visitwww.<br />

pgtinnovations.com.<br />

Mote Marine Receives Grant<br />

Mote Marine Laboratory & Aquarium’s C-STEM Program has received<br />

$10,000 from The Weichel Family Fund of the Manatee<br />

Community Foundation. The grant will be used to fund the delivery<br />

of monthly educational programming in Manatee County<br />

throughout the academic year and supplemental programming<br />

during the summer for around 1,300 Manatee County students.<br />

The C-STEM Program has been providing hands-on STEM educational<br />

experiences to a diverse population of students at<br />

a developmentally critical time in their education. Working in<br />

partnership with alternative schools and afters chool programs<br />

throughout the Sarasota and Manatee counties, the program<br />

helps to fill gaps in local educational programming by leveraging<br />

Mote science and educators to engage participants in highly<br />

interactive learning experiences.<br />

Mote, a leader in marine STEM education for K-12 audiences, is<br />

committed to providing grade-level STEM education experiences<br />

that help to prepare underrepresented and underserved students<br />

who may not have previously seen themselves in science.<br />

All Faiths Food Bank Receives<br />

Canned Goods<br />

The Canned Good Coalition, developed by steel food manufacturers<br />

and canned food companies, donated 80,480 pounds<br />

of canned fruits, vegetables and beans to those affected by<br />

Hurricane Ian. All Faiths Food Bank was the recipient of 51,000<br />

cans of food.<br />

An All Faiths Food Bank team member unloads pallets of<br />

canned foods donated through the Canned Good Coalition<br />

Canned Good Coalition members reached out to Publix Super<br />

Markets and various food banks, such as All Faiths Food Bank<br />

and the Harry Chapin Food Bank of South Florida, to provide<br />

shelf-stable foods at a time when many Floridians were without<br />

food and electricity.<br />

For more about All Faiths, visit allfaithsfoodbank.org.<br />

$<br />

500,000 Gift to USF Funds<br />

Tutoring, Mentorship Program<br />

Ensuring young students can read, so they are free to accomplish<br />

their dreams, is a goal of a literacy program based at the<br />

University of South Florida’s Sarasota-Manatee campus that<br />

matches USF students with middle schoolers needing support<br />

to boost their reading skills.<br />

The USF students are tutoring and mentoring students at<br />

Sarasota’s most economically disadvantaged middle school,<br />

which is funded by a $500,000 gift from Henson and her husband,<br />

Joe, Sarasota philanthropists.<br />

Beyond helping to improve reading skills, the USF students are<br />

embedding themselves into the children’s lives to provide them<br />

with positive role models and new opportunities for success.<br />

The literacy project, led by College of Education professors<br />

Cheryl Ellerbrock and Lindsay Persohn in partnership with<br />

Booker academic intervention specialists Holly Ard and Grace<br />

Schaeffer, is a passion for the Hensons, funders of numerous<br />

community-based projects, including others addressing school<br />

shortfalls in reading proficiency.<br />

The couple funded the Booker Middle School Literacy Initiative<br />

through the Joe and Mary Kay Henson Foundation, a<br />

Sarasota-based 12-year-old private fund dedicated to helping<br />

children of poverty through early education programs and partnerships<br />

with the school district.<br />

Selby Gardens Receives $60,000<br />

Arts Appreciation Grant<br />

Gulf Coast Community Foundation has awarded Marie Selby Botanical<br />

Gardens a $60,000 Arts Appreciation Grant. The grant is<br />

funded in part by the Mildred and Garrett Eelman Charitable Fund.<br />

The grant will provide support for two exhibitions in 2022-23<br />

that are part of Selby Gardens’ rotating schedule of shows as<br />

The Living Museum. The funding also enables Selby Gardens to<br />

engage underserved families in the Sarasota region through its<br />

My Garden program.<br />

The Arts Appreciation Grant will help underwrite Selby Gardens’<br />

<strong>2023</strong> Jean & Alfred Goldstein Exhibition, Tiffany: The Pursuit<br />

of Beauty in Nature. The show will highlight the creativity<br />

and innovation of American artist and designer Louis Comfort<br />

Tiffany by exploring his work and its inspiration in nature.<br />

Gulf Coast also continues its sponsorship of another exhibition,<br />

Seeing the Invisible, which is on view at the Historic Spanish<br />

Point campus in Osprey. This contemporary-art exhibition<br />

showcases 13 works by internationally renowned artists that<br />

were created using augmented-reality technology. The show<br />

continues through September <strong>2023</strong>.<br />

14 WEST COAST WOMAN <strong>JANUARY</strong> <strong>2023</strong>

presents<br />

Holiday<br />

Special<br />

Wed - Fri 2:00 pm 7:00 pm | Sat 1:00 pm | RESERVED SEATS $20 - $40<br />

941.355.9805<br />

CircusArts.Org<br />

Scan<br />

QR code<br />

for tickets!<br />

L i b e r t i e s<br />


Creative Academy Classes Start in January<br />

• Purchase Local Fine Art<br />

• Visit with artists at work<br />

• Featured Local Artists<br />

• Monthly Art Markets<br />

• STUDY WITH Local Teachers<br />

• Support the Art Community<br />


901B Apricot Ave. | 927 Lime Ave., Sarasota<br />

Open: Thursday - Saturday, 10am - 3pm | www.creativeliberties.net<br />

<strong>JANUARY</strong> <strong>2023</strong> WEST COAST WOMAN 15

Stacey<br />

CORLEY<br />

She’s the<br />

President of<br />

the Sarasota<br />

Memorial Healthcare<br />

Foundation (SMHF),<br />

coming on board this<br />

past September.<br />

Long associated with<br />

Ringling College, she’s<br />

using her skills at<br />

philanthropy to continue<br />

the Foundation’s goal of<br />

helping to fund Sarasota<br />

Memorial Hospital’s<br />

many new projects.<br />

S<br />

16 WEST COAST WOMAN <strong>JANUARY</strong> <strong>2023</strong>

Sarasota Memorial Hospital<br />

has undergone<br />

tremendous growth and<br />

made many progressive<br />

changes in the past few<br />

decades. The campus most of us are familiar<br />

with sits on US 41 on the same ground where<br />

it started back on Nov. 2, 1925, when the 32-<br />

bed Sarasota Hospital opened on Hawthorne<br />

Street. It now has 839 beds.<br />

So the largest and oldest hospital in our<br />

area will be turning 100 in 2025. The Hospital,<br />

if you read its history, has always been<br />

about growing and expanding - mirroring<br />

the growth as well as expectations of the<br />

community here.<br />

But it has also shown a steady commitment<br />

to advancing - not merely updating - its services<br />

such as openings of their Rehabilitation<br />

Pavilion (2017), a 65-acre medical campus in<br />

Venice (2021), and the 8-story inpatient and<br />

surgical Oncology Tower for The Brian D.<br />

Jellison Cancer Institute (2021).<br />

The latter project is being done in phases<br />

and started with the Radiation Oncology<br />

Center on University Parkway (2020). Coming<br />

up is the Outpatient Cancer Pavilion (where<br />

Cape Surgery Center stands) and later the<br />

Cancer Center at SMH-Venice.<br />

In 2022, SMH broke ground on the Cornell<br />

Family Behavioral Health Pavilion, a $71 million,<br />

95,000-square-foot facility for those with<br />

mental health challenges which will be built<br />

on the SMH-Sarasota Campus at the corner of<br />

Osprey Avenue and Hawthorne Street.<br />

Note: this is an edited down list since there<br />

are so many new buildings, additional services<br />

and new physicians, not to mention the<br />

many awards SMH has won for patient care,<br />

safety, its billing and many other things under<br />

the leadership of president and CEO, David<br />

Verinder, who has been on board since 2014.<br />

A key partner in the hospital’s continuing<br />

push to provide state-of-the-art care and<br />

services is the Sarasota Memorial Healthcare<br />

Foundation (SMHF) which welcomed a new<br />

president this past September.<br />

Her name is Stacey Corley who was long<br />

associated with Ringling College. Why the<br />

move away from the education to healthcare?<br />

Healthcare, she explains, was her first<br />

“professional role” when she worked for Bristol-Myers<br />

Squibb. Stacey explains that she<br />

“loves getting back into healthcare,” adding<br />

as well, “it’s a great time to be here” due to all<br />

the many projects going on and coming up.<br />

The bulk of her career has involved philanthropy<br />

which not everyone quite understands.<br />

“On a plane you say, ‘I’m a fundraiser’<br />

and people say, ‘I hate asking for money,’” she<br />

notes. But Stacey’s extensive experience and<br />

enthusiasm means she not only enjoys it, but<br />

is also really good at it.<br />

The slightest of southern accents comes out<br />

in her speech that harkens back to her Mississippi<br />

roots. She grew up there and earned<br />

a Master of Business Administration (MBA)<br />

and Bachelor of Professional Accountancy<br />

degree from Mississippi State University.<br />

She then worked 10 years for Bristol-Myers<br />

Squibb in various roles including Senior<br />

Hospital Business Manager in Nashville and<br />

later Sarasota—the latter a place she knew<br />

very little about. She also spent time as a “stay<br />

at home” mom, raising two children with her<br />

husband, Michael, a consultant.<br />

His job change brought them to Sarasota<br />

and Stacey began volunteering which led to<br />

her reentry into the workforce as Associate<br />

Director for Development at Florida State<br />

University Foundation/The John and Mable<br />

Ringling Museum of Art.<br />

She then spent ten years at Ringling College<br />

of Art+Design, going from Senior Development<br />

Officer to Vice President for Advancement.<br />

There she led capital campaigns and<br />

worked with the College’s President, Dr. Larry<br />

Thompson, raising the most money ever in<br />

the school’s history (“It was a team effort,” she<br />

hastens to add, decidedly not wanting to take<br />

all the credit).<br />

So Stacey was no stranger to hurricanes<br />

when Ian came alarmingly close to Sarasota<br />

just as she was starting at Sarasota Memorial<br />

Healthcare Foundation. When SMH’s<br />

Venice Hospital called SMHF asking for assistance<br />

it was initially a food-water-basics<br />

type of request.<br />

The Foundation decided “to do something<br />

more impactful” and ended up helping over<br />

1,000 SMH employees—160 who had been<br />

displaced by the hurricane, while others had<br />

serious or moderate damage to their homes.<br />

They were then able to apply for grants and<br />

receive assistance. Nearly $1 million was<br />

raised for the Foundation’s SMH Employee<br />

Hurricane Relief Fund aided by a $250,000<br />

gift from Eliza and Hugh Culverhouse.<br />

“It was a team effort,” she explains and<br />

donors were from the community as well as<br />

fellow hospital employees “who wanted to<br />

donate to help their coworkers. It speaks to<br />

the culture here,” Stacey notes.<br />

In November, SMHF’s Rock the Roof event<br />

(delayed four times due to weather and<br />

Covid) took place also early in Stacey’s tenure.<br />

The event raised funds for women’s and children’s<br />

services, including funds to purchase<br />

NICU (Neonatal Intensive Care Unit) beds<br />

that last only 7-10 years and cost $45,000 each,<br />

she explains.<br />

The latest fiscal year for the SMHF shows it<br />

to be its most successful ever with $46 million<br />

raised. It’s been “great to come to a place with<br />

such great successes,” she notes, as Stacey<br />

will now be at the helm for the next fiscal<br />

year. And her calendar is full: the hospital<br />

gala is in January and the Women in Medicine<br />

event is in March. Supporting Stacey and the<br />

Foundation is a staff of 12.<br />

The Foundation is in the unique position<br />

in that it can grant money. Since 1976, grants<br />

from the Healthcare Foundation, funded by<br />

many donors, have assisted SMH in “raising<br />

the bar for healthcare in our community,”<br />

according to their website.<br />

The Foundation’s areas of focus are "patient<br />

care, technology, facilities, clinical education,<br />

and medical research,” according to<br />

their website. Stacey is on the hospital’s President’s<br />

Council which keeps her informed of<br />

SMH’s strategic plans.<br />

Recently, the Healthcare Foundation<br />

awarded over $18 million in grants (which is<br />

also a record) to support facilities, staff education,<br />

technology and patient care at SMH.<br />

For example, a grant of $3.9 million will add<br />

six new inpatient rehabilitation rooms.<br />

“The joy of giving is contagious,” Stacey<br />

believes and adds, “I’m energized by it. I’ve<br />

always had a passion for helping people.”<br />

That energy and passion will go towards<br />

future projects such as SMH’s planned new<br />

hospital in North Port, to be constructed on<br />

a 32-acre site near I-75. Why so much expansion<br />

you may ask? SMH manages more than<br />

one million patient visits a year.<br />

And one of those “visits” was by Stacey herself<br />

who was in SMH for Covid-related dehydration.<br />

During the pandemic, “staff sacrificed<br />

their lives,” she notes. And again, the community<br />

responded with over $2 million raised<br />

“immediately,” she notes, for critical needs<br />

such as PPE, masks, oxygen, rapid testing and<br />

more, before government funding came in.<br />

The generosity of people like the Jellison<br />

and the Cornell families, the SMH staff and<br />

donors in the community all add up to a<br />

community taking pride in itself as reflected<br />

in its community hospital. “It’s significant<br />

work. I am making a difference with this<br />

team and Sarasota Memorial Hospital staff<br />

and donors.”<br />

STORY: Louise Bruderle<br />

IMAGES: Evelyn England<br />

What makes us truly unique?<br />

We are Independent Financial Advisors.<br />

There are no sales quotas, no in-house products<br />

to “push”, just us working with you.<br />

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We are women advising women – professional women,<br />

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facing challenges that come with career change,<br />

divorce, death of a spouse or an inheritance.<br />

Let’s collaborate on your financial future.<br />

Call 941-914-1560.<br />

Amanda E. Stiff, MBA Financial Advisor<br />

Founder/Owner of Access Advisors, LLC<br />

AccessAdvisorsLLC.com 941 914-1560 Astiff@AccessAdvisorsLLC.com<br />

1800 Second Street Suite 895 Sarasota, FL 34236 1305 Langhorne Road Lynchburg, VA 24503<br />

Securities are offered through Level Four Financial, LLC a registered broker dealer and member of FINRA/SIPC. Advisory Services are offered through Level<br />

Four Advisory Services, LLC, an SEC-registered investment advisor. Level Four Financial, LLC, Level Four Advisory Services, LLC and Access Advisors, LLC<br />

are independent entities. Neither Level Four Financial, LLC, Level Four Advisory Services, LLC nor Access Advisors, LLC offer tax or legal advice.<br />



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No additional costs required other than filing fees if applicable.<br />

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756-6600<br />

The hiring of a lawyer is an important decision that should not be based solely upon advertisements. Before you decide,<br />

ask us to send you free written information about our qualifications and experience.<br />

<strong>JANUARY</strong> <strong>2023</strong> WEST COAST WOMAN 17

lifelong learning<br />

Here’s a sample of the many learning experiences<br />

available in person and online<br />

Assorted Creative Arts<br />

◆ The Players Sarasota has classes for<br />

adults starting in January. Join them for<br />

Scene Study, , an acting class focused on<br />

analyzing characters and deep dives into<br />

scenes on Monday nights at 5:30pm. Adult<br />

Musical Theatre Dance takes place on<br />

Wednesdays at 4pm and is a great class<br />

for anyone who wants to stay in shape and<br />

learn Broadway-style dance routines.<br />

Do you want to be the next Fred Astaire?<br />

You'll be tapping just like him after taking<br />

Tap with Mike on Tuesdays at 4pm. Learn<br />

more at theplayers.org/studio or call 941-<br />

552-8879.<br />

Classes are held at The Players Studio,<br />

1400 Blvd .of the Arts, Suite 200, Sarasota, in<br />

the Rosemary District on the second floor.<br />

◆ ArtCenter Manatee is the premier visual<br />

arts center in Manatee County. Their goal<br />

is to make art accessible to all, regardless of<br />

age, experience level or background. They<br />

do this through over 300 visual arts classes<br />

for adults, over 40 classes for children ages<br />

4-15, exhibits that change monthly, and a<br />

gift shop of artist-made work.<br />

The ArtCenter has five classrooms, including<br />

complete jewelry and pottery studios,<br />

as well as painting and mixed media<br />

studios. A library contains over 3,000 art<br />

books and other publications.<br />

Classes are offered in painting, watercolor,<br />

pastels, drawing, pottery, clay sculpture,<br />

jewelry, children’s camps and afterschool<br />

programs, Paper Mache, photography<br />

and other special interest subjects.<br />

Day, evening and weekend classes are<br />

available in beginner to advanced levels.<br />

ArtCenter Manatee offers a series of<br />

classes called Nights Out where adults can<br />

come for a few hours on a Friday night and<br />

go home with a piece of art they’ve created.<br />

Class prices begin at $45 and include all<br />

supplies, beer or wine and snacks. A great<br />

way to try a class or just have a creative<br />

night out with friends.<br />

Special workshops coming soon, include:<br />

• February: Color Sense Workshop with<br />

Linda Richichi Feb 17, 28, Mar 1<br />

• March: Creative Combination Watercolor<br />

& Acrylic Workshop with Dan<br />

18 WEST COAST WOMAN <strong>JANUARY</strong> <strong>2023</strong><br />

by Linda Richichi<br />

Wierner, Mar 10, 11, 12<br />

Check out their schedule of classes at<br />

ArtCenter manatee.org or call 941-746-<br />

2862. Hours are MFS 9-5 and TWTh 9-6.<br />

Closed Sundays. They are open 12 hours<br />

a day for classes during the week and 8<br />

hours on Saturday.<br />

◆ The Winter Term at The Education<br />

Center at Temple Beth Israel is underway.<br />

Most programs, except for the concerts, are<br />

“hybrid,” which means they’re presented in<br />

person as well as on Zoom.<br />

Almost every subject is available—history,<br />

world politics, and Supreme Court;<br />

music and dance appreciation; jazz nights,<br />

Happy Hour bands, and concerts; yoga, qigong,<br />

painting, bridge, canasta, mah jongg,<br />

and movie discussion classes; Broadway<br />

biographies; Shakespeare; theology; film<br />

festivals including Hollywood Icons, a foreign<br />

film festival and Jewish/Israeli film<br />

festival; a special women’s group; morning<br />

forums and a financial roundtable; nature<br />

walks and birding; writing workshops; literature<br />

and poetry courses; a book club;<br />

meditation; iPad & iPhone and iCamera;<br />

Saturday workshops that include presentations<br />

on Apple Watch, a fun and instructional<br />

drumming circle, and a climate<br />

change discussion.<br />

The Lecture Series, which runs every<br />

Tuesday afternoon from January through<br />

March, covers diverse subjects with distinguished<br />

speakers. The Arts Alliance<br />

Playreaders will present a reading titled<br />

Watercolor class at the Education Center<br />

at Temple Beth Israel taught by awardwinning<br />

artist Renee DiNapoli<br />

“Squabbles” a funny play about family<br />

problems in their Sunday Showcases that<br />

also include two concerts presented by<br />

performers of Artist Series Concerts of<br />

Sarasota, Michelle Giglio, soprano and<br />

Rick Aaron, flutist accompanied, by Lee<br />

Dougherty Ross, co-founder of the series.<br />

Exclusive Engagements include “HAL-<br />

LELUJAH! Leonard Cohen and Friends” a<br />

performance and presentation with Susan<br />

Benjamin, musical biographer and performer,<br />

Jay O’Brien, cantor, and Robert Hanson,<br />

musical director. Included in Exclusive<br />

Engagements is the Westcoast Black Theatre<br />

Troupe which will present a selection of<br />

musical highlights from current and prior<br />

seasons directed by founder Nate Jacobs.<br />

Special Thursdays series in January includes:<br />

“How Not To Be Scammed” with<br />

cybersecurity and computer expert Jimi<br />

Goethe; “The Art of Criticism” with Sarasota’s<br />

arts critics Jay Handelman, Carrie Seidman,<br />

Marty Fugate, and Gayle William; and<br />

“Is America At Risk Form the Left Or the<br />

Right?”—A Bi-Partisan Discussion” presented<br />

by Bob Gary, JD, and Herb Soroca, JD, both<br />

members of “Miracle on the Key,” a Longboat<br />

Key bi-partisan group with Republicans and<br />

Democrats taking action together.<br />

For costs, dates, and descriptions of programs<br />

visit www.tbieducationcenter.org<br />

or call 941-383-8222. The Education Center<br />

at Temple Beth Israel is located at 567 Bay<br />

Isles Road, Longboat Key.<br />

Creative Arts<br />

◆ Sarasota Art Museum has A Conversa-<br />

tion & Book Signing with Jerry Saltz on Jan-<br />

uary 14. Join them for an afternoon with the<br />

Pulitzer Prize-winning art critic who lectures<br />

about the contemporary art world, in-<br />

cluding the Museum of Modern Art and the<br />

Jerry Saltz<br />

Whitney, and now at Sarasota Art Museum.<br />

Join artists and authors Maira and Alex<br />

Kalman for a conversation and an insider<br />

look at their exhibition and visual memoir<br />

Sara Berman’s Closet on February 4.<br />

Maira has written and illustrated over 30<br />

adult and children’s books, and is a frequent<br />

contributor to The New York Times<br />

and The New Yorker. She has created textiles<br />

for Isaac Mizrahi and Kate Spade and<br />

sets for Mark Morris along with collaborations<br />

with Nico Muhly, Michael Pollan, Alex<br />

Kalman, David Byrne and Lemony Snicket.<br />

Alex Kalman is a creative director, curator,<br />

and inventor who owns What Studio?,<br />

a New York based gallery devoted to “curiosity,<br />

humanism, humor, optimism, and<br />

originality.” His work has been exhibited at<br />

The Museum of Modern Art, and the Victoria<br />

and Albert Museum, among others. He’s<br />

the founder of Mmuseumm, a traveling installation<br />

that displays illuminating objects<br />

from around the world in very small spaces.<br />

They’re having an Open Studios at The<br />

Studios at SAM on January 17, 10 am – 1 pm.<br />

Free. Interested in art classes? Studios @<br />

SAM classes are open to adults at all levels,<br />

from beginner to advanced. Short-term<br />

workshops, and courses, are also available.<br />

Enjoy complimentary refreshments.<br />

Sample a class offering and talk with Studios<br />

@ SAM students and faculty about the<br />

spring program.<br />

Sarasota Art Museum is located at 1001<br />

South Tamiami Tr., Sarasota. Visit SarasotaArtMuseum.org.<br />

◆ Art Center Sarasota: They have workshops<br />

from nationally and internationally<br />

acclaimed artists who are masters in their<br />

medium.<br />

• Richard Stephens: Watercolor Fresh &<br />

Loose. Jan. 16-18, 10 am-4 pm. Internationally<br />

renowned artist Richard Stephens'<br />

workshops are know for being<br />

informative, challenging and fun.<br />

• Robert Burridge Times Two: Contemporary<br />

Abstract Figure Painting & Collage.<br />

Feb 6-8<br />

The Circus is Back in Town by Robert<br />

Burridge<br />

• Abstract Painting & Collage. Feb 9-11<br />

Popular around the world for his art and<br />

workshops, he will also present a Zoom<br />

Demo on Jan 18.<br />

• Ron Stocke: Creating Magic in Watercolors.<br />

March 20-22. Stocke teaches<br />

internationally and is an award-winning<br />

watercolor artist and published<br />

author. He will present a Zoom Demo on<br />

March 1.<br />

• Jane Slivka: Freedom of Acrylics. April<br />

3-5. Slivka is known for her inspiring<br />

work, layered color technique, and gifted<br />

instruction.<br />

Art Center Sarasota, 707 N. Tamiami<br />

Trail, Sarasota. 941-365-2032 or https://<br />

www.artsarasota.org/<br />

◆ Creative Liberties has classes at their<br />

second location, 927 Lime Avenue, Sarasota.<br />

On Monday, January 9: Painting with Jenny<br />

Berry. Also offered on Wednesday, January<br />

continued on page 20

Susan Goldfarb<br />


<strong>2023</strong><br />



















& MUCH MORE!<br />

Programs Available In Person and on Zoom<br />

567 Bay Isles Road, Longboat Key, FL<br />


www.TBIeducationcenter.org<br />

For a brochure call: (941) 383-8222<br />

<strong>JANUARY</strong> <strong>2023</strong> WEST COAST WOMAN 19

lifelong learning<br />

lifelong learning continued<br />

11: Painting with Jenny Berry. https://www.<br />

jennyberry.com/book-online.<br />

Beginning January 10 and January 24<br />

(2nd and 4th Tuesday's), through June <strong>2023</strong>:<br />

Acrylic Paint Pouring with Sandy Koolkin.<br />

Email Sandy for more info or to register at<br />

sashascollection001@gmail.com.<br />

Beginning Tuesday, January 17, running<br />

throughout <strong>2023</strong> (Third Tuesdays), are Mini<br />

Workshops: Mosiac or Assemblage with<br />

Traci Kegerreis. Email Traci for more info<br />

or to register. tracikdesigns@yahoo.com<br />

If you’re an artist looking for a space<br />

to teach classes or workshops or you’re a<br />

group or organization that needs a place<br />

to meet, they’ll be opening the Creative<br />

Academy at Creative Liberties. Go to form.<br />

jotform.com<br />

• January 14, Saturday, 10a-3:30p – 2nd<br />

Saturday Open Studio and “New Beginnings<br />

Art Market” - open studios, artisan<br />

vendors; free beer; kid’s art tent, live<br />

music by Joni Adno<br />

• January 19, Thursday, 5-7p – 3rd Thursday<br />

Evening Open Studio – artists at<br />

work; wine & cheese/crackers<br />

• January 28, Saturday, 9am-12pm - Family<br />

Art Day, free, open to all ages, art<br />

making lesson and creative space for<br />

the community. This event will occur<br />

monthly thanks to the support and kindness<br />

of Arts Advocates.<br />

Learn how to<br />

be Happy in Water<br />

◆ Miracle Swimming is offering Adult<br />

Summer Swim Camp, <strong>2023</strong>: Become Calm<br />

in Deep Water. Dedicate your summer to<br />

learning how to be happy in water, shallow<br />

and deep with Miracle Swimming School<br />

for Adults’ core series of water/swimming<br />

courses. They’re fun and they work.<br />

For 50% of the normal price of the series,<br />

Take Essentials 1 and 2—the essentials you<br />

must know that you haven’t learned elsewhere<br />

about being in water that enable you<br />

to swim; Ocean 101—an introduction to salt<br />

water, being at ease in the ocean, breakers,<br />

critters, how to handle rip currents and<br />

waves; Deep Water Play—so you can go to<br />

any part of the pool when you want to (in<br />

case you drop your keys, glasses, phone into<br />

the deep end); and Jump Off the Boat for<br />

those social occasions when you want to be<br />

part of the group and jump off with reckless<br />

abandon. Dates: June 12-August 18. Weeks<br />

of rest between courses. This is not meant<br />

to be an intensive. Go at your own pace.<br />

Visit miracleswimming.com/summercamp<br />

or call 941-921-6420.<br />

Art Lectures<br />

◆ I’ll be lecturing at the Education Center<br />

at Temple Beth Israel, located at 567<br />

Bay Isles Road, Longboat Key (tbi-lbk.org/<br />

education-center) on Tuesday, March 14,<br />

for “Best Art Exhibits Nationally, Statewide<br />

and Locally” (#LS10) Zoom is also<br />

available (#ZALS10).<br />

Love to visit art museums? Want to know<br />

which exhibits are coming up that are “can’t<br />

miss?” This visual presentation offers<br />

a quick overview of upcoming exhibits<br />

across the U.S., and also in places like Miami<br />

and Orlando. Closer to home, we’ll<br />

look at exhibits in Naples, Tampa, Ft. Myers,<br />

and Sarasota.<br />

It’s a fun class where I will save you the<br />

time of scouring museum sites all over the<br />

country to cherry pick the best and most<br />

unique. So, if you love going to museums<br />

you’ll enjoy this class.<br />

Questions? Email me at westcoastwoman@comcast.net<br />

or contact the<br />

Education Center At Temple Beth Israel at<br />

941-383-8222.<br />

Nature and<br />

The Environment<br />

◆ UF/IFAS Extension Sarasota County<br />

has these offerings:<br />

• January 24, 8:30-10:30 a.m. - EcoWalk:<br />

Mangroves. Join UF/IFAS Extension<br />

Sarasota County for a walk into the<br />

world of mangroves on a tour through<br />

local natural areas. These walks focus on<br />

learning about the ecology of mangrove<br />

ecosystems, identification of mangroves<br />

and other species associated with them,<br />

and wildlife viewing. Meet at Lemon Bay<br />

Park, 570 Bay Park Blvd., Englewood.<br />

• February 6, 9-11 a.m. EcoWalk: Unique<br />

Preserves of Sarasota County - Sleeping<br />

Turtles North. Join a UF/IFAS Extension<br />

Sarasota County educator and learn<br />

more about Florida ecosystems. Take a<br />

leisurely stroll through some of the most<br />

beautiful and environmentally sensitive<br />

lands that have been preserved in Sarasota<br />

County. Learn more about what makes<br />

these areas so unique and important, the<br />

plants and animals that inhabit them,<br />

how to be watershed wise, and the management<br />

issues faced when trying to preserve<br />

these lands for future generations.<br />

Best for ages 12 and up. Sleeping Turtles<br />

North Preserve, 3462 Border Road, Venice.<br />

• February 13, 1-3 p.m. EcoWalk: For the<br />

Love of Nature - Sleeping Turtles South.<br />

Join a UF/IFAS Extension Sarasota<br />

County educator and learn more about<br />

amazing animals and plants.<br />

Join UF/IFAS Sarasota County Extension<br />

educator, Dr. Katherine Clements<br />

and her husband Tony Clements,<br />

Sarasota County Parks Manager for an<br />

EcoWalk inspired by Valentine’s Day.<br />

Take a leisurely stroll through some of<br />

the most beautiful and environmentally<br />

sensitive lands that have been preserved<br />

in Sarasota County and learn more about<br />

what makes these areas so unique and<br />

important, the plants and animals that<br />

inhabit them, themed around Valentine’s<br />

Day. Appropriate for adults only.<br />

Sleeping Turtles Preserve South, 2800<br />

N. River Road, Venice.<br />

Register at ufsarasotaext.eventbrite.com.<br />

For questions, call 941-861-5000.<br />

Personal Enrichment<br />

◆ Manatee Literacy Council is seeking<br />

tutors to participate in their Adult Volunteer<br />

Literacy Tutoring Program. The<br />

program trains volunteers to become oneon-one<br />

tutors for adults in need of basic<br />

literacy skills.<br />

Tutor training is an 18-hour program<br />

that takes place over a two-month span,<br />

and culminates with literacy training certification.<br />

Once certified, tutors will continue<br />

to receive support services through<br />

this program by being matched with a<br />

“Tutor Mentor.” A certified tutor meets the<br />

adult learner at a location near the learner’s<br />

neighborhood. Their tutoring schedule<br />

is flexible and based upon the availability<br />

of tutors, learners, and tutoring sites.<br />

Training sessions are held monthly and<br />

may be virtual or in-person at the Council<br />

location on Cortez Road in Bradenton.<br />

For information, visit www.manateeliteracy.org<br />

or call (941) 746-8197.<br />

◆ Live in Sarasota? Tutors are needed at<br />

the Literacy Council of Sarasota (LCS).<br />

They offer in person tutor training workshops<br />

every month, for volunteers who<br />

want to help other adults improve their<br />

basic English communication and literacy<br />

skills.<br />

Volunteers receive 18 hours of interactive<br />

ProLiteracy-certified instruction<br />

and support over the course of six weekday<br />

sessions, which includes an initial orientation.<br />

Sessions will focus on teaching<br />

adult learners to read, write, comprehend<br />

and/or speak better in English.<br />

Space is limited; preregister by calling<br />

LCS Program Director, Susan Bergstrom,<br />

at (941) 955-0421 or emailing sbergstrom@sarasotaliteracy.org.<br />

OLLI<br />

◆ Here’s a sample of what OLLI has com-<br />

ing up.<br />

• Having Fun, Wish You Were Here! Illustrated<br />

History of the Postcard in Florida<br />

with Liz Coursen on Feb. 15.<br />

Come take a trip back in time – from<br />

the days when Florida was a backwoods<br />

swamp in the early 1900s through its<br />

transformation into a vacation paradise<br />

in the 1950s. Join Sarasota editor and<br />

veteran postcard collector Liz Coursen<br />

as she illustrates how Florida progressed<br />

from ox carts to Streamliners,<br />

from alligator-infested waterways to<br />

bathing beauties cavorting on the beach,<br />

using museum-quality postcards to tell<br />

the tale.<br />

• The Supreme Court and American History:<br />

Landmark Decisions That Changed<br />

the Nation’s Course with Michael Scheibach<br />

on Feb. 7. The Supreme Court,<br />

through its landmark decisions, has<br />

played a major role in determining the<br />

course of American history, as witnessed<br />

now after the 2022 decisions to overturn<br />

Roe v. Wade granting women the right to<br />

choose to have a legal abortion.<br />

Such decisions as Dred Scott v. Sandford<br />

in 1857, declaring that African<br />

Americans could never be American<br />

citizens and upholding slavery; Plessy<br />

v. Ferguson in 1896 upholding “separate<br />

but equal” and Jim Crow laws; Korematsu<br />

v. United States in 1944 upholding the<br />

exclusion of Japanese Americans from<br />

the West Coast Military Area during<br />

World War II; and the more recent Bush<br />

v. Gore in 2000, which ended the recounting<br />

of votes in the presidential<br />

election, have had a tremendous impact<br />

on American society.<br />

This presentation discusses these and<br />

other consequential and controversial<br />

decisions of the Supreme Court from<br />

the early 1800s to today. Michael Scheibach<br />

is an independent scholar who specializes<br />

in the history of the early Cold<br />

War (1945-1965). He is the author of five<br />

books on the impact of the atomic bomb<br />

on American society in the 1950s.<br />

To view the OLLI course catalog, visit<br />

olliringlingcollege.org/course-catalog/.<br />

Register calling 941-309-5111<br />

20 WEST COAST WOMAN <strong>JANUARY</strong> <strong>2023</strong>

lifelong learning<br />

Presented by<br />



ACE Offers Lifelong<br />

Learning Opportunities<br />

for All<br />

It’s the time of year where many of us<br />

are thinking about ways to improve<br />

ourselves and our well-being. If you’re<br />

looking for a resolution that benefits<br />

your body, mind, and social life, Adult<br />

& Community Enrichment may have the<br />

perfect solution for you.<br />

This Winter term at ACE is shaping<br />

up to be another “knowledge-fest”, with<br />

new courses on the environment, history,<br />

culture, religion/spirituality, personal<br />

development, writing, art, and travel, as<br />

well as Day Trips and other programs ACE<br />

students know and love.<br />

Cozy Up to the Kitchen<br />

Our culinary<br />

staff have been<br />

busy dreaming<br />

up wonderful<br />

new cooking<br />

classes to wow<br />

you –but never<br />

fear, your old favorites are still on the<br />

menu! This winter, you’ll find new courses<br />

such as Custard & Cream Pies, Spring<br />

Desserts, Fun with Phyllo, and Party<br />

Boards, plus the ever-popular Chocolate<br />

Candy 101 (just in time for Valentine’s<br />

Day), Basic Knife Skills, Main Dish Salads,<br />

Plant-Based Asian Cooking, Sushi Party,<br />

and Fish, Fish, Fish. Sign up early—these<br />

courses fill up fast!<br />

Habits of Wellness<br />

Feeling happy, healthy, and calm should<br />

be our natural state of being. Too often,<br />

though, the wrong food, emotional reactions<br />

to events, or tension stored in our<br />

body cause mounting distress, both physical<br />

and mental. One new course this winter<br />

asks, What Is Your Happiness Formula?<br />

—and explore what contributes to and/or<br />

sabotages our happiness. Another guides<br />

us in how to Transform Emotional Eating<br />

and learn about Food Energetics. Join<br />

Self-Acupressure, Qigong, or Meditation<br />

Made Easy for relaxation and rejuvenation.<br />

Keep Moving Rain or Shine<br />

Ready for<br />

some good<br />

exercise in<br />

the Florida<br />

sunshine?<br />

We have such<br />

choices for<br />

you! If Golf is your game, our instructors<br />

will take you from Introductory Golf Clinic<br />

to the Red Zone. There’s also Tennis at<br />

all levels, and even Saltwater Fishing in<br />

North Port! Indoor Pickleball, Dance Fitness,<br />

Ballroom Dancing, and SharQui: The<br />

Belly Dance Workout will keep you moving<br />

rain or shine, and for a slower-paced<br />

workout, try Line Dancing, Yoga, Tai Chi,<br />

or Stretch, Balance and Tone.<br />

Art for Art’s Sake<br />

Learn to make an Abstract Totem on<br />

Wood, paint impressionistic scenes with<br />

Old Florida Charm, try a Fused Glass<br />

Aquarium Tile, Garden Stake, or Butterfly<br />

Suncatcher, among other projects, or<br />

pick up a Palette Knife and use it instead<br />

of a brush. Get your hands dirty and<br />

join Pottery Bootcamp for Beginners or<br />

Shape Up: Wheel<br />

Skills for Striving<br />

Potters. How about<br />

adding some color<br />

to your garden by<br />

creating a beautiful<br />

gazing ball or birdbath<br />

in Mosaics for<br />

Home and Garden?<br />

Try out watercolor<br />

in One Day Watercolor Masterpiece.<br />

Making History<br />

Whether or not history is your passion,<br />

you’ll love diving into these absorbing<br />

courses, because our instructors make<br />

the topics interesting and enlightening.<br />

Choose from courses such as Contemporary<br />

China, The Robber Barons: Business<br />

Tycoons of the Gilded Age, The Colonial<br />

Wars (1689-1766) and the Making of<br />

America, or 1959: The Year that Everything<br />

Changed.<br />

Religious Mysteries<br />

People have been practicing religion ever<br />

since early humans first raised their eyes<br />

to the stars above. This winter, several<br />

courses will explore questions about religion,<br />

including Forgotten Faiths: The Varieties<br />

of Ancient Christianity, Exorcism:<br />

Spiritual Warfare or Primitive Psychotherapy,<br />

The Phenomenon of Religion and Its<br />

Evolution in Human Life, and Pope Pius<br />

XII and the Holocaust. A new course about<br />

Pope Francis examines the impact of his<br />

legacy on the Catholic Church.<br />

Take a Bite Out of It<br />

If writing your autobiography seems<br />

daunting, try a Micro Memoir. If you quail<br />

at the thought of attempting a 500-page<br />

novel, start with Bite-Sized Fiction! Both<br />

courses will be taught this winter by an<br />

award-winning author. You can refine<br />

your writing skills in two online creative-writing<br />

courses, one covering Character<br />

& Point of View; the other addressing<br />

Setting, Plot, & Pacing.<br />

Calling All Readers<br />

Do you have a pile of books on your<br />

nightstand you’re always meaning to read<br />

and feel just a bit guilty that you haven’t?<br />

Here’s your chance to settle down with a<br />

good book or three and have fun doing it!<br />

Grab a friend, join an ACE book club, and<br />

get set for lively discussion with either<br />

Great Books Club: America Through Time<br />

or Book Club: Contemporary Reads—<br />

Something to Think About.<br />

All new and veteran instructors at ACE<br />

will be waiting to inspire you. We hope<br />

you can take advantage of the many learning<br />

opportunities during the upcoming<br />

term, and we thank you for choosing to<br />

spend the winter months with us.<br />

Adult & Community Enrichment<br />

(ACE) at Suncoast<br />

Technical College<br />

4748 Beneva Road,<br />

Sarasota<br />

Phone:<br />

(941) 361-6590<br />

ace-sarasota.com<br />

2022-23 Author Lecture Series<br />

2021-22 Author Lecture Series<br />

Thursday, October 12, January 2021 – May 123, • 2022 7pm<br />

Sarasota 21 Authors High • 20 School Events<br />

2155 Bahia Vista Street • Sarasota<br />

10 “in-person” events (also available on Zoom)<br />

and 10 Zoom-only events<br />

Martin Indyk<br />

Master of the Game<br />

In an attempt to understand the arc of American diplomatic influence<br />

in the Middle East, author Martin Indyk returns to the origins of<br />

American-led peace efforts and to the man who created the Middle<br />

East peace process, Henry Kissinger. Based on newly available<br />

documents from American and Israeli archives, extensive interviews<br />

with Kissinger, and Indyk’s own interactions with some of the main<br />

players, the author takes readers<br />

inside the negotiations.<br />

Martin Indyk is a distinguished<br />

fellow at the Council on Foreign<br />

Relations and a former<br />

U.S. ambassador to Israel, assistant<br />

secretary of state for<br />

Near East Affairs and special<br />

assistant to President Clinton. Previously,<br />

Indyk was executive vice president of the Brookings Institution,<br />

where he had also served as vice president and director of the<br />

Foreign Policy program and the founding director of its Center for<br />

Middle East Policy. He served as President Obama’s special envoy<br />

for the Israeli-Palestinian negotiations from July 2013 to June 2014.<br />

A spring<br />

exhibition at the<br />

Metropolitan<br />

Museum of Art<br />

will focus on van<br />

Gogh’s fascination<br />

with the flamelike<br />

cypress trees, seen<br />

in “Wheat Field<br />

With Cypresses’’<br />

(1889), during his<br />

years in the South<br />

of France. The<br />

Metropolitan<br />

Museum of Art,<br />

New York<br />

Tickets are $25 in advance<br />

and $30 at the door<br />

For tickets and more information,<br />

visit JFEDSRQ.ORG/books<br />

Love Going to Museums?<br />

Louise Bruderle<br />

Want to know which exhibits<br />

are “can’t miss?”<br />

Join me for a fun and fast-paced lecture at The Education Center<br />

at Temple Beth Israel on Longboat Key<br />

Date: Tuesday, March 14<br />

Lecture: “Best Art Exhibits Nationally, Statewide and Locally”<br />

(#LS10) Zoom is also available (#ZALS10)<br />

Description: Love to visit art museums? Want to know which<br />

exhibits are coming up that are “can’t miss?” This visual<br />

presentation offers a quick overview of upcoming exhibits across the<br />

U.S., and also in places like Miami and Orlando. Closer to home, we’ll<br />

look at exhibits in Naples, Tampa, Ft. Myers, and Sarasota.<br />

Education Center At Temple Beth Israel<br />

567 Bay Isles Rd., Longboat Key • 941-383-8222<br />

www.tbieducationcenter.org<br />


<strong>JANUARY</strong> <strong>2023</strong> WEST COAST WOMAN 21

22 WEST COAST WOMAN <strong>JANUARY</strong> <strong>2023</strong>

travel news<br />

Sleep In A Glass Igloo<br />

Frozen Into A Glacial Lagoon in Iceland<br />

Available for booking now for dates<br />

from mid-January through March<br />

<strong>2023</strong>, two new glass igloos frozen<br />

into a secluded lagoon will open to guests<br />

for their first winter offering the chance<br />

to sleep next to a glacier in Iceland. Part of<br />

an exclusive, private tour from Northern<br />

Lights specialists Off the Map Travel, the<br />

“igloo boats” are accessible only by boat or<br />

all-terrain vehicles and float during the<br />

summer months and freeze into the ice as<br />

the temperatures fall.<br />

The fully guided five-night/six-day Private<br />

Glacier Lagoon Adventure program<br />

allows guests to overnight on the lagoon by<br />

the Vatnajokull glacier for the first time and<br />

has been designed to optimize experiencing<br />

the Northern Lights. This program is an<br />

exclusive one, designed for the utmost in<br />

luxury and adventure, with a guide at your<br />

disposal at all times for recommendations<br />

and excursions including a private glacier<br />

hike and sightseeing.<br />

From the Fjallsarlon glacial lagoon on<br />

the southern coast of Iceland, the transparent<br />

igloos sit in a position where watching<br />

the stars and Icelandic Northern Lights<br />

becomes the focus of the evening. The<br />

experience takes full advantage of this dark<br />

Hotel News<br />

setting as there is no light pollution and<br />

the igloos have panoramic glass walls for<br />

uninterrupted views.<br />

Isolated from tourists in an uninhabited<br />

corner of Iceland, the new igloos encourage<br />

connection with nature and the stunning<br />

snow-covered wilderness. The igloos measure<br />

nine square meters and come equipped<br />

with a double bed, bathroom, panoramic<br />

windows, Wi-Fi and hot drinks. The igloos<br />

are warmed by central heating.<br />

The new five-night, six-day Private<br />

Glacier Lagoon Adventure includes a night<br />

in Iceland’s capital, Reykjavik, followed by<br />

a guided road trip with driver to Myrdalsjokull<br />

with views of the southern coastline.<br />

Guests enjoy a privately guided scenic<br />

tour and dinner at the Fosshotel Glacier<br />

Lagoon before spending a night beneath the<br />

sky in a private glass igloo overlooking the<br />

Vatnajokull glacier.<br />

After the igloo night on the lagoon, guests<br />

will continue along the coast to Hotel Ranga<br />

for the final night of the program. The<br />

private five-night, six-day Glacier Lagoon<br />

Adventure trip is priced at $8799 per person<br />

at the time of this writing. Visit www.<br />

offthemap.travel/<br />

NYC Hotel Week<br />

New York City has launched NYC Hotel<br />

Week which will run from January<br />

3 through February 12, <strong>2023</strong>, offering<br />

23% savings off standard room rates at more<br />

than 140 hotels across all five boroughs, with<br />

additional properties expected to join.<br />

NYC Hotel Week <strong>2023</strong> participating<br />

hotels include Hard Rock Hotel New York;<br />

Lotte New York Palace; The Beekman, A<br />

Thompson Hotel; The Hoxton, Williamsburg;<br />

The Langham, New York, Fifth<br />

Avenue; New York<br />

Marriott Marquis; The<br />

William Vale; Radio<br />

Hotel; The Opera<br />

House Hotel, The<br />

Rockaway Hotel; Hilton<br />

Garden Inn New<br />

York/Staten Island<br />

and more.<br />

The start of NYC Hotel<br />

Week reservations<br />

marks the countdown<br />

to the return of NYC<br />

Winter Outing which<br />

celebrates the City’s<br />

winter season with<br />

offers from NYC & Company’s signature<br />

programs: NYC Restaurant Week, NYC<br />

Broadway Week, NYC Must-See Week, and<br />

for the second year, NYC Hotel Week.<br />

NYC Winter Outing runs January<br />

17-February 12, <strong>2023</strong> and combines deals<br />

across all five boroughs on dining, Broadway<br />

shows, attractions, museums, tours,<br />

performing arts and hotels. Bookings open<br />

on January 10.<br />

Visit nycgo.com/hotelweek.<br />

After Hurricane Ian, Florida Hoteliers<br />

Help Communities Recover<br />

It’s now been more than 2 months since<br />

the Category 4 Hurricane Ian initially<br />

made landfall on Florida’s southwestern<br />

coast, causing devastation and destruction<br />

to the area. Hotel owners and operators<br />

in the area have had to deal with damage<br />

to not only their properties, but also their<br />

communities.<br />

AAHOA members convened in Florida after Hurricane<br />

Ian hit to provide aid to affected hotel owners.<br />

Hoteliers across Florida have used their<br />

resources to crowdsource funds and resources<br />

for displaced residents and staff in<br />

need. The Pink Shell Beach Resort & Marina<br />

on Fort Myers Beach, started a GoFundMe<br />

fundraiser for staff members affected by the<br />

storm and reached its $120,000 goal.<br />

Robert Boykin, owner and operator<br />

of the resort, said some employees “lost<br />

everything” in the storm. “To have to have<br />

the whole island evacuated for search and<br />

rescue, that puts things in perspective. A<br />

property loss is one thing — nowhere near<br />

as devastating as losing your life. It’s going<br />

to fundamentally change the place,” he said.<br />

Mainsail Lodging & Development, a<br />

Tampa-based management and development<br />

company, held a “Raise the Roof for<br />

Hurricane Ian Relief” night at five of its<br />

rooftop bars and raised $12,000 for the Harry<br />

Chapin Food Bank of Southwest Florida.<br />

Mainsail also hosted a community rally with<br />

the Federal Emergency Management Agency,<br />

where they fed more than 850 people<br />

and handed out supplies such as tarps, said<br />

President and Founder Joe Collier.<br />

Collier said Mainsail’s portfolio had some<br />

disruptions due to guests canceling reservations,<br />

but it avoided any material damage,<br />

even at its downtown Fort Myers property<br />

— the Luminary Hotel & Co. — because it’s<br />

a new structure that’s built higher.<br />

Bharat Patel, national vice chairman<br />

of the Asian American Hotel Owners<br />

Association and a Sarasota, hotel owner,<br />

said he drove down to Fort<br />

Myers with a few other<br />

AAHOA members to deliver<br />

generators, flashlights,<br />

water and food when the<br />

storm hit. The next day, all<br />

AAHOA members available<br />

in Florida convened with<br />

those mostly unaffected<br />

to provide warm food, aid<br />

and advice.<br />

Boykin said he has<br />

endured seven hurricanes,<br />

and Ian caused more destruction<br />

than all of the others combined.<br />

The Pink Shell didn’t suffer any structural<br />

damage, but the ground level flooded, the<br />

roofing was damaged and its marina floated<br />

off the piers. The water surge ranged up<br />

to 18 feet high, he said.<br />

Boykin said as soon as the storm hit, he<br />

contacted the company that built its marina<br />

and ordered another one. While the newly<br />

built marina should be ready to install in<br />

January, the necessary power pedestals<br />

won’t be ready for another six months due to<br />

supply-chain issues.<br />

Boykin said the Pink Shell is going to<br />

bring back each aspect of the resort as it’s<br />

ready, including converting its one food outlet<br />

that survived into a three-meal restaurant.<br />

As for reopening the resort to guests,<br />

he said, “with electricity and water, we can<br />

house people, and that’s our plan.”<br />

Both Collier and Boykin said Fort Myers<br />

Beach, however, still has a lot of work ahead<br />

of it. Boykin said he met with a group from<br />

Texas who came to the island to help with<br />

the restoration work, and they said they’re<br />

planning on staying for the next five years<br />

due to all the damage that needs repairing.<br />

Need a weekend getaway<br />

with your loved one?<br />

Compass Hotel Anna Maria Sound is a<br />

boutique hotel located at the gateway to<br />

Anna Maria Island and brings all the<br />

easy, breezy fun of Margaritaville resorts.<br />

The hotel has 123 rooms overlooking a marina<br />

on one side and Neal Preserve on the other.<br />

Margaritaville offers a weekend getaway<br />

with your loved one. Their Romance<br />

Package comes with the following: Bottle of<br />

sparkling wine and a fruit plate delivered to<br />

room upon arrival; $50 food and beverage<br />

credit per day to Compass Bar & Chill and<br />

1p.m. late checkout on day of departure. Full<br />

details at www.compasshotel.com.<br />

<strong>JANUARY</strong> <strong>2023</strong> WEST COAST WOMAN 23

healthier you<br />


Get more and better sleep in <strong>2023</strong><br />

It’s a common problem —can napping help?<br />

Anap is a short period of sleep<br />

that usually occurs during<br />

the day. For many adults,<br />

naps can help to maintain<br />

alertness or overcome<br />

daytime fatigue.<br />

Nap needs and the benefits of<br />

napping vary among individuals,<br />

but naps can deliver a number of<br />

benefits. They can be restorative and<br />

reduce fatigue during the day. After<br />

a night of insufficient sleep, a nap<br />

may counteract daytime drowsiness.<br />

Naps can be particularly beneficial<br />

for shift workers who and have to be<br />

alert at irregular times.<br />

A short daytime snooze may<br />

also boost workplace performance. A<br />

nap can improve cognitive functions<br />

such as memory logical reasoning,<br />

and the ability to complete complex<br />

tasks. Some studies have found<br />

that physical performance can also<br />

improve. Athletes may experience<br />

improved endurance, reaction times,<br />

and cognitive performance if they<br />

take a daytime nap.<br />

How Sleep Works During<br />

Nap Time<br />

Whether at night or during the day,<br />

sleep unfolds in a series of stages that<br />

make up a sleep cycle.<br />

• Stage 1: Stage 1 is the lightest and<br />

briefest stage of sleep, lasting only<br />

one to seven minutes.<br />

• Stage 2: Stage 2 follows stage 1 and<br />

lasts about 10 to 25 minutes. During<br />

stage 2 sleep, the muscles relax, and<br />

body functions slow. However, sleep<br />

in this stage is still relatively light<br />

• Stage 3: Stage 3 is a deeper, more<br />

restorative stage of sleep, and it can<br />

be difficult to wake up while in this<br />

stage. Stage 3 usually lasts between<br />

20 and 40 minutes.<br />

• Rapid eye movement (REM):<br />

During REM sleep, the body’s muscles<br />

are temporarily paralyzed, and<br />

the eyes move quickly under closed<br />

eyelids. Dreaming tends to take<br />

place during REM sleep.<br />

When sleep periods last several<br />

hours, the body cycles through these<br />

stages several times. During a nap,<br />

though, there is not enough time to<br />

go through multiple sleep cycles.<br />

In fact, during a short nap, a person<br />

may not be asleep long enough to<br />

spend much, if any, time in stage 3<br />

or REM sleep. This can actually make<br />

it easier to wake up refreshed from a<br />

quick nap.<br />

Longer naps, such as those lasting<br />

more than 30 minutes, can cause the<br />

sleeper to enter deep sleep, and deep<br />

sleep may start even sooner in people<br />

who are sleep deprived.<br />

How Long Should a Nap Be?<br />

In general, the best nap length for<br />

adults is about 20 minutes and no longer<br />

than 30 minutes. Sleeping for 20<br />

minutes allows the napper to get a bit<br />

of light sleep to boost alertness without<br />

entering into deep sleep. Waking<br />

up from deep sleep can cause grogginess<br />

and actually worsen sleepiness.<br />

In some cases, a longer nap of<br />

around an hour and a half may also be<br />

beneficial. This length of time allows<br />

the body to cycle through the stages<br />

of sleep and avoids interrupting deep<br />

sleep. This type of longer nap may<br />

be especially helpful for emergency<br />

workers and shift workers who are<br />

trying to avoid fatigue.<br />

When to Take a Nap<br />

Experts typically recommend that<br />

adults take naps eight or more hours<br />

before bedtime. For most people, that<br />

means napping before 3 p.m. Napping<br />

too late in the day may contribute<br />

to nighttime sleep problems.<br />

For some people, naps may feel<br />

natural or even necessary after<br />

lunchtime. This is sometimes known<br />

as the post-lunch dip. While eating<br />

lunch may play a role in afternoon<br />

sleepiness, the post-lunch dip is<br />

linked to circadian rhythm. Circadian<br />

rhythm is the body’s internal clock<br />

that follows a 24-hour cycle. Within<br />

this cycle are two peak periods for<br />

sleepiness. The greatest peak is<br />

during the night, and the second one<br />

falls in the early afternoon.<br />

Where to Take a Nap<br />

A good sleep environment is cool,<br />

quiet, and dark. Having a comfortable<br />

nap setting can help prevent unwanted<br />

interruptions or awakenings.<br />

For people who work from home,<br />

a bedroom is likely a good place for a<br />

short snooze since it is already set up<br />

to promote sleep. Adding blackout<br />

curtains or a white noise machine to<br />

block out distractions may help both<br />

at night and during daytime naps.<br />

In an office setting, accessories<br />

such as earplugs or an eye mask can<br />

reduce disruptions during nap time.<br />

When possible, naps should be taken<br />

in a space where interruptions are<br />

unlikely to occur. Some offices may<br />

even have nap pods or other quiet<br />

areas for relaxation or a short period<br />

of restorative sleep.<br />

Remember to Set an Alarm<br />

Before dozing off during nap time, set<br />

an alarm for the desired nap length,<br />

which should generally be around 20<br />

minutes.When the alarm goes off, do<br />

not hit snooze to keep sleeping since<br />

this can risk entering deeper sleep.<br />

Setting a second alarm to go off shortly<br />

after the first one may help to avoid<br />

napping for too long.<br />

Try to get up as soon as the alarm<br />

sounds and then stretch or walk<br />

around to shake off any post-nap<br />

sleepiness.<br />

Consider Caffeine Naps<br />

People taking a nap to get a boost<br />

of energy may benefit from drinking<br />

caffeine before napping. The<br />

brain and body feel the impact of<br />

caffeine about 30 minutes after it is<br />

consumed, so having caffeine right<br />

before a short nap may increase alertness<br />

after waking up.<br />

How Much Napping<br />

Is Too Much?<br />

In many cases, napping longer than<br />

20 to 30 minutes can result in grogginess<br />

and diminished performance<br />

after waking up. In other words,<br />

napping too long can undermine the<br />

purpose of the nap.<br />

Napping may be too much if it<br />

interferes with sleep at night. Sometimes<br />

a nap of 90 minutes or so can<br />

be refreshing, but it may be problematic<br />

if it happens too late in the day.<br />

Dependency on naps, rather than<br />

consistent nighttime sleep, can contribute<br />

to fragmented sleep or sleep<br />

disorders such as insomnia.<br />

However, naps may not affect<br />

everyone in the same way. Some research<br />

suggests that napping affects<br />

nighttime sleep primarily in older<br />

adults rather than young and middle-aged<br />

adults.<br />

For any individual, it is important<br />

to reflect on daily energy levels and<br />

sleep patterns, including nighttime<br />

sleep and the duration and frequency<br />

of naps. If fatigue or daytime<br />

sleepiness are negatively affecting<br />

work or other obligations on a regular<br />

basis, it may indicate a need to<br />

change sleep habits.<br />

What Is the Best Time of Day to Nap?<br />

For most people, the best time to take<br />

a nap is either just before or during<br />

the post-lunch dip. The post-lunch dip<br />

is the period of decreased alertness<br />

and productivity often experienced<br />

after a midday meal. As a result, a brief<br />

snooze around 12:30 p.m. or around 2<br />

p.m. may reduce afternoon sleepiness.<br />

Getting Started<br />

If you’re in the process of figuring<br />

out the right approach to napping,<br />

consider keeping a nap diary. You can<br />

record your sleepiness or fatigue levels<br />

before and after your nap, as well<br />

as where, when, and how long you<br />

napped. These recordings can help<br />

you track what type of nap is most<br />

effective for you.<br />

24 WEST COAST WOMAN <strong>JANUARY</strong> <strong>2023</strong>

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See Our Before & After Gallery at VisionaryCentreForWomen.com<br />

Dr. Jennifer S. Hayes, DO, FACOOG<br />

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The The area’s area’s ONLY ONLY BBQ BBQ restaurant restaurant with with<br />

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at Whether home ... catering or an office your intimate lunch ... or gathering meals<br />

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hurricane Ian victims ... for a 500 corporate through or World church Central appreciation Kitchen for<br />

event hurricane for 1,100: Ian victims Choosing ... or a us corporate as your caterer or church needs appreciation no<br />

explanation. event for 1,100: And Choosing your guests us as will your thank caterer you. needs no<br />

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Find restaurant and catering menus at nancysBarBQ.COM<br />

#1 Local Genuine BBQ since 2004 SM<br />

#1 Local Genuine BBQ since 2004 SM<br />

<strong>JANUARY</strong> <strong>2023</strong> WEST COAST WOMAN 25

A new season of<br />

extraordinary music!<br />

happening this month<br />


December 29, 2022 - January 7, <strong>2023</strong><br />

In the tent at USF Sarasota-Manatee<br />

Join us to welcome back the outstanding PMP students of rare and special<br />

talent, and our world-renowned faculty, including Toby and Itzhak Perlman.<br />

Celebrating 41 Years of<br />

Women in Power<br />

Thursday, December 29, 2022<br />

4:30 PM: Orchestra Rehearsal<br />

7:00 PM: Works-in-Progress Student Recital<br />

Friday, December 30, 2022<br />

5:00 PM: Chorus Rehearsal<br />

7:00 PM: Orchestra Rehearsal<br />

Saturday, December 31, 2022<br />

5:00 PM: Orchestra Rehearsal<br />

6:30 PM: Chorus Rehearsal<br />

Monday, January 2, <strong>2023</strong><br />

3:30 PM: Orchestra Rehearsal<br />

5:00 PM: Chorus Rehearsal<br />

7:00 PM: Works-in-Progress Student Recital<br />

Tuesday, January 3, <strong>2023</strong><br />

5:00 PM: Chorus Rehearsal<br />

7:30 PM: Orchestra Rehearsal<br />

*tent events subject to change<br />


Wednesday, January 4, <strong>2023</strong><br />

11:00 AM: Viola Masterclass with<br />

C. Rodland, Viola Faculty<br />

3:30 PM: Orchestra Rehearsal<br />

5:00 PM: Chorus Rehearsal<br />

7:00 PM: Works-in-Progress Student Recital<br />

Thursday, January 5, <strong>2023</strong><br />

5:00 PM: Celebration Concert at Sarasota<br />

Opera House<br />

Immediately followed by<br />

Celebration Dinner in the tent at USF<br />

Sarasota-Manatee<br />

Friday, January 6, <strong>2023</strong><br />

11:00 AM: Cello Masterclass<br />

with Z. Plesser, Cello Faculty<br />

(Selby Auditorium)<br />

7:00 PM: Works-in-Progress Student Recital<br />

Saturday, January 7, <strong>2023</strong><br />

7:00 PM: Works-in-Progress Student Recital<br />



Sandy Cameron<br />

Free Valet Parking<br />

Music Director Troy Quinn<br />

at the Venice Performing Arts Center<br />

Night at the Museum<br />

January 6-7<br />

Cinematic Romance:<br />

Featuring Violinist<br />

Sandy Cameron<br />

February 3-4<br />

The Movie Maestro:<br />

A Tribute to John Williams<br />

February 24-25<br />

thevenicesymphony.org<br />

941-207-8822<br />

On January 18,<br />

at 11:30, at Michael’s<br />

on East,<br />

the National<br />

Council of<br />

Jewish Women, Sarasota-Manatee<br />

Section will<br />

be honoring five remarkable<br />

women at their 41st annual<br />

Women in Power Luncheon.<br />

As President John F. Kennedy<br />

said: “Children are<br />

the world’s most valuable<br />

resource and its best hope<br />

for the future.” In recognition<br />

that this is The Year of the<br />

Child, those honored have<br />

created and partnered with<br />

programs that have changed<br />

the lives of those impoverished,<br />

or facing substance<br />

abuse, mental and physical<br />

health issues, and sub-par<br />

academic performance. Hurricane<br />

Ian has added a new<br />

urgency to our mission.<br />

The following will be honored<br />

for their good work:<br />


is the co-founder of Dive<br />

into Reading, a national<br />

award-winning summer reading<br />

program that is a collaboration<br />

among the Anna Maria<br />

Oyster Bars, School District<br />

of Manatee County, Suncoast<br />

Campaign for Grade Level<br />

Reading and Manatee County<br />

Libraries. She and her husband,<br />

John, piloted Dive into<br />

Reading to help improve our<br />

children’s reading levels and<br />

combat the “summer slide.”<br />

She served for many years<br />

on the Board of Directors for<br />

Pace Center for Girls.<br />

s BETH DUDA has<br />

seen outside learning experiences<br />

as key contributors<br />

to a child’s overall education.<br />

Suncoast Remake<br />

Learning Days is a 10-day,<br />

free, learning festival held<br />

each year in Charlotte, DeSoto,<br />

Manatee, and Sarasota<br />

counties. With support from<br />

the Patterson Foundation,<br />

more than 140 events at locations<br />

throughout our region<br />

give hands-on and innovative<br />

experience to youth of all<br />

ages as well as their families,<br />

caregivers, and educators.<br />

s JANET KAHN, CEO of<br />

the Early Learning Coalition<br />

Amanda Horne<br />

Beth Duda<br />

Janet Kahn<br />

Wendy Katz<br />

Jone Williams<br />

of Sarasota County, has handled<br />

critical funding issues,<br />

improved opportunities for<br />

childcare teachers, updated<br />

training programs, and provided<br />

special recognition<br />

when centers reopened following<br />

the pandemic. For the<br />

past 15 years, her Look for<br />

the Stars* childcare quality<br />

rating program for all ELC<br />

centers in the county has provided<br />

needed recognizable<br />

indicators of quality with support<br />

for improvement.<br />

s DR. WENDY KATZ, a<br />

lifelong educator, has touched<br />

the lives of thousands of<br />

children through her passion<br />

for education and her shared<br />

knowledge of best practices.<br />

She has inspired generations<br />

of school administrators,<br />

teachers, and children to meet<br />

their goals. Dr. Katz developed<br />

the Leadership Academy<br />

for the Sarasota County Public<br />

Schools for aspiring administrators.<br />

After retiring,<br />

she became an educational<br />

consultant working with the<br />

Florida Council of Independent<br />

Schools, consulting on<br />

Jewish Day Schools.<br />


Educational Outreach Director<br />

for the Safe Children Coalition<br />

(SCC), is responsible<br />

for the HIPPY (Home Instruction<br />

for Parents of Preschool<br />

Youngsters) Program for<br />

Sarasota County and oversight<br />

of the direction of the<br />

SCC Achievers Program.<br />

Her parental workshops<br />

share how to protect their<br />

youngsters from potential<br />

roadblocks to succeeding<br />

including substance abuse<br />

and human trafficking approaches.<br />

During this Year of the<br />

Child, the National Council<br />

of Jewish Women, Sarasota-<br />

Manatee Section, looks to<br />

you to make our community<br />

a safer and more positive<br />

environment for our children,<br />

while honoring those who<br />

already do.<br />

For more information, to<br />

purchase tickets and/or to<br />

become a sponsor, contact<br />

Joan Bour at 407-413-0058 or<br />

joanbour5@yahoo.com, or go<br />

to ncjwsarasota-manatee.org.<br />

26 WEST COAST WOMAN <strong>JANUARY</strong> <strong>2023</strong>

Is independence in your own home your goal?<br />

Choose a trusted, professional nursing team to ensure the years ahead and your health<br />

care path align with your wishes.<br />

Take Care provides all levels of care—from<br />

skilled nursing to helping with groceries<br />

and companionship—for clients in any<br />

home setting. We remain dedicated to<br />

helping you and your loved ones.<br />

Take Care is locally nurse and familyowned<br />

with 27 years of experience meeting<br />

your health care needs, from one hour of<br />

care as needed up to around-the-clock<br />

support, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.<br />

Personalized care in your own home has<br />

never been more important.<br />

Our Registered Nurse New Services team<br />

is ready for your call.<br />

Erika Wise Borland, MA, Vice President<br />

Susanne S. Wise, RN, MBA, CEO & Owner<br />

Courtney Wise Snyder, MSG, CMC, President<br />

Celebrating Years of Caring<br />

www.TakeCareHomeHealth.com<br />

(941) 927-2292<br />

info@takecarehomehealth.com<br />

Lic. # HHA 21657096 | 299991405<br />

27<br />

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<strong>JANUARY</strong> <strong>2023</strong> WEST COAST WOMAN 27

you’re news<br />

Accolades<br />

■ Resilient Retreat, a Sarasota<br />

non-profit providing free and<br />

confidential support for survivors of<br />

trauma, first responders and helping<br />

professionals, announced the<br />

winners of its local art competition<br />

sponsored by the Halo Arts Project.<br />

The Art committee selected Amy<br />

Towery’s ‘Journey to Healing’ for<br />

first place and Stacy Sternberg’s<br />

‘Journey” for second. Towery will be<br />

dividing her $1,500 prize three ways<br />

with donations to Resilient Retreat,<br />

the Halo Art Project and Meals on<br />

Wheels of Manasota, for which she<br />

serves as Executive Director.<br />

All submissions, including the<br />

two winning pieces, are on display<br />

in the retreat center. In addition to<br />

these local pieces, Resilient Retreat<br />

has received works from Sarasota<br />

non-profit Embracing Our Differences,<br />

which are also on display<br />

throughout the center.<br />

For details on the art competition<br />

submissions, www.resilientretreat.<br />

org/art-competition-winners. For<br />

information on Halo Arts Project,<br />

visit www.haloartsproject.com.<br />

Appointments<br />

■ The board of directors at Meals<br />

On Wheels of Sarasota has announced<br />

that Rhonda Leiberick<br />

has been appointed interim executive<br />

director for the organization.<br />

During the transition, Leiberick<br />

will be collaborating with consultants<br />

from Invest in Incredible, an<br />

initiative of Gulf Coast Community<br />

Foundation which will focus on a<br />

fresh look at organizational policies,<br />

developing strategies for growth<br />

and processes to magnify organizational<br />

impact.<br />

Tom Flanagan<br />

Leiberick worked with Habitat<br />

for Humanity Sarasota for nine<br />

years, starting in a communications<br />

and public relations capacity. Her<br />

responsibilities grew into the position<br />

of program director where she<br />

managed a capital campaign while<br />

expanding the donor base. She has<br />

earned her Accreditation in Public<br />

Relations and has received numerous<br />

communications awards. She is<br />

past president of the local chapter<br />

of the Florida Public Relations<br />

Association.<br />

■ Longtime vice-president Arlene<br />

Skversky was inaugurated as the<br />

Longboat Key<br />

Democratic<br />

Club’s new<br />

president. A<br />

grassroots<br />

organizer,<br />

Arlene has<br />

served as precinct<br />

captain<br />

for Longboat<br />

Arlene Skversky<br />

Key's southern<br />

area Precinct<br />

201 in Sarasota County. In addition,<br />

Arlene was awarded their<br />

Blueglass Award for Distinguished<br />

Leadership,<br />

dedicated<br />

to the club's<br />

former longtime<br />

President<br />

Murray<br />

Blueglass, for<br />

her service<br />

and commitment<br />

to the<br />

goals of the<br />

club. For more<br />

Halo Art Project President Jackie Cutrone (left) and Resilient<br />

Retreat Executive Director Lisa Intagliata (right) present a<br />

$1,500 check to first place winner Amy Towery (center)<br />

information,<br />

visit www.lbkdems.com.<br />

■ The Sarasota Ballet has<br />

announced that Victoria Hulland,<br />

former Principal Dancer, has joined<br />

the Company’s Artistic Department<br />

Victoria Hulland<br />

as Artistic Assistant to the Directors.<br />

Hulland will work alongside<br />

Director Iain Webb and Assistant<br />

Director Margaret Barbieri, with<br />

an emphasis on the staging of the<br />

repertoire and roles she performed<br />

during her<br />

16 years with<br />

The Sarasota<br />

Ballet.<br />

The idea<br />

for Hulland’s<br />

return<br />

occurred as<br />

Barbieri and<br />

Webb worked<br />

with her on<br />

Ashton’s The<br />

Dream pas<br />

de deux for<br />

the Raising<br />

the Barre<br />

Workshop, held by American Ballet<br />

Theatre this year in New York City.<br />

Hulland began her career with<br />

The Sarasota Ballet in 2007 as a<br />

Corps de Ballet Dancer, and in<br />

two years, elevated to the rank of<br />

Meals on Wheels of Sarasota board members pictured L to R:<br />

Diane Weaver, Ralph Hall, John Hermansen, William Gandy,<br />

Rhonda Leiberick, Elizabeth Van Riper, Mark Baldwin,<br />

Principal. She performed a breadth<br />

of ballets spanning the Company’s<br />

repertory and has subsequently<br />

worked with many of the ballet<br />

world’s icons such as Sir Antony<br />

Dowell, Sir David Bintley, and Sir<br />

Peter Wright. Hulland has also<br />

worked directly with prestigious<br />

Repetiteurs including Grant Coyle,<br />

Sandra Jennings, Christopher Carr,<br />

and Sally Bliss.<br />

■ Maggie Nasser has joined RE/<br />

MAX Platinum Realty as a Broker-<br />

Associate in the Lakewood Ranch,<br />

Florida, office.<br />

With 24<br />

years of local<br />

real estate<br />

experience,<br />

Nasser brings<br />

extensive market<br />

knowledge<br />

and expertise,<br />

specializing<br />

in golf course<br />

Maggie Nasser<br />

communities,<br />

new construction<br />

and residential properties<br />

in Sarasota, Bradenton and<br />

Lakewood Ranch. She is a Florida<br />

notary and Graduate of the Realtor<br />

Institute (GRI).<br />

Originally from Fall River,<br />

Massachusetts, Nasser received<br />

her associate’s degree from Bristol<br />

Community College in Fall River<br />

and her bachelor’s degree from the<br />

University of Maine at Presque Isle.<br />

The Lakewood Ranch office is<br />

located at 8215 Natures Way, #109,<br />

Lakewood Ranch. Nasser can be<br />

reached at (941) 780-1006 or Magnasser59@gmail.com.<br />

■ The Arts and Cultural Alliance<br />

of Sarasota County has announced<br />

the appointment of Kelley Lavin as<br />

interim Executive Director following<br />

the retirement<br />

of Jim<br />

Shirley. Shirely<br />

has served<br />

as Executive<br />

Director<br />

of the Arts<br />

Alliance since<br />

November<br />

2009.<br />

Kelley Lavin<br />

Lavin, the<br />

current board<br />

chair of the Alliance, will step down<br />

as president and take the position<br />

of Interim Director as of January<br />

1, <strong>2023</strong>. Julie Leach, Executive<br />

Director of Westcoast Black Theatre<br />

Troupe, has been appointed as the<br />

interim board chair for the Alliance.<br />

A search for a permanent Executive<br />

Director is already underway.<br />

The Alliance board has formed a<br />

committee to begin sourcing support<br />

from local partners to assist in finding<br />

the Alliance’s next great leader.<br />

Visit www.SarasotaArts.org.<br />

Board News<br />

■ The 2022 Impact100 SRQ<br />

Board of Directors elected Pam<br />

Kandziora as its new president.<br />

Pam joined Impact100 SRQ as a<br />

founding member in 2019, beginning<br />

her pathway to leadership by<br />

volunteering in a variety of roles<br />

over the past 4 years. In 2021, she<br />

was elected to the organization’s<br />

Board of Directors as Co-Treasurer<br />

and most recently has been serving<br />

in the position of Vice President,<br />

Organizational Services.<br />

After retiring as a corporate executive<br />

in several<br />

senior leadership<br />

positions,<br />

Pam and her<br />

husband put<br />

down roots<br />

in Sarasota<br />

to prepare<br />

for their next<br />

adventure.<br />

Pam Kandziora<br />

“I knew after<br />

spending so<br />

many years in the uber-competitive<br />

corporate world, I wanted to<br />

re-focus my energy and time by<br />

getting involved with nonprofit<br />

causes and activity,” says Kandziora.<br />

“Impact100 SRQ was the perfect<br />

organization to become part of,<br />

and being a member enabled me to<br />

learn more about the needs in my<br />

wonderful new community, while<br />

allowing me to immediately make a<br />

positive difference.”<br />

As a member of Impact100 SRQ,<br />

Pam embraced the unique model<br />

of a woman’s giving collective and<br />

learned about multiple nonprofit<br />

organizations, as well as their<br />

incredible efforts and contributions<br />

to Sarasota and Manatee Counties.<br />

She was excited by the organization’s<br />

core concept-- that her singular<br />

annual membership donation<br />

is multiplied exponentially through<br />

other member donations by the<br />

women of Impact100 SRQ.<br />

Jane Gill Watt, Impact100 SRQ<br />

founder and former President since<br />

inception in 2018 shares, “I am confident<br />

that Pam will lead the chapter<br />

to new heights as we continue our<br />

collective giving journey. She is<br />

eager to build on the success that<br />

we have already achieved, and fully<br />

embraces the Impact100 SRQ Giving<br />

Model. Pam is committed to leading<br />

our organization with passion and<br />

purpose, while maintaining our<br />

mission of empowering women to<br />

collectively fund transformational<br />

grants in Sarasota and Manatee<br />

Counties for years to come.”<br />

Impact100 SRQ, a 501(c)(3) not<br />

for profit, is one of more than 60<br />

chapters worldwide and joins its<br />

sister chapters in embracing the local<br />

collective giving model. Formed<br />

in 2018, Impact100 SRQ brings<br />

together a diverse group of women<br />

that annually fund transformational<br />

grants to local nonprofits in both<br />

Sarasota and Manatee Counties.<br />

At least 100 women each give a<br />

$1,000 tax-deductible donation,<br />

and together they collectively award<br />

grants in increments of at least<br />

$100,000 to local nonprofits in five<br />

focus areas: Arts & Culture, Education,<br />

Environment & Recreation,<br />

Family and Health & Wellness.<br />

■ Resilient Retreat recognized<br />

five key individuals who contributed<br />

to the organization’s launch.<br />

During a National Philanthropy<br />

Day celebration back in November<br />

and organized by the Southwest<br />

Florida Chapter of the Association<br />

of Fundraising Professionals, the<br />

following honorees were recognized:<br />

For the past two years,<br />

Stacy Fradkin has volunteered<br />

with Resilient Retreat, providing<br />

compassionate, empowering<br />

services for trauma survivors in the<br />

Southwest Florida community.<br />

As a yoga teacher and sound<br />

meditation facilitator, she has<br />

provided tangible tools for trauma<br />

survivors to cope with stress and<br />

to regulate the nervous system.<br />

Her services have been particularly<br />

valuable during the COVID-19<br />

pandemic and the post-Hurricane<br />

Ian recovery and continue to be<br />

some of the most beloved programs<br />

offered at Resilient Retreat;<br />

With more 15 years of event<br />

planning experience, Samantha<br />

Kingsley has spent countless<br />

hours—many of which as a volunteer<br />

—working on behalf of local<br />

area nonprofits, including Resilient<br />

Retreat, Embracing Our Differences,<br />

The Florida Center and the<br />

Palmetto Youth Center. Samantha<br />

and her team were critical to the<br />

success of Resilient Retreat’s recent<br />

Campus Building Dedication and<br />

Open House and its sold out grand<br />

opening luncheon with keynote<br />

speaker, actress and humanitarian<br />

Ashley Judd.<br />

Debbie and Gino LaMarca are<br />

a dynamic couple that are always<br />

willing to roll up their sleeves to help<br />

Resilient Retreat. Gino serves on the<br />

Board of Directors, ensuring good<br />

governance, financial accountability<br />

and sustainability, and a clear, focused<br />

strategic plan. Debbie serves<br />

on the Events Committee, helping to<br />

build awareness and raise funds to<br />

support the no-cost services provided<br />

by Resilient Retreat. Love IV Lawrence<br />

Foundation provides funding<br />

to reduce stigma and to build awareness<br />

about mental health.<br />

Thanks to the foundation’s<br />

generous support, Resilient Retreat<br />

received funding to provide<br />

trauma-informed equine therapy<br />

and neurofeedback for community<br />

members impacted by trauma. These<br />

programs have helped produce real<br />

change in the community, including<br />

lowering depression and PTSD.<br />

Sherri Mills serves as the Vice<br />

Chair of the Board of Directors and<br />

the Fundraising Chair for Resilient<br />

Retreat. As a real estate agent,<br />

she donates 10 percent of every<br />

house she sells to local non-profit<br />

organizations. She has also created<br />

her own non-profit, Live2Give,<br />

which provides financial support<br />

to trauma non-profits, including<br />

Resilient Retreat.<br />

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dining in<br />

It’s a NewYear & a Great Time to Reboot your Health<br />

Here are immune-boosting recipes to get you off to a good start<br />

F Grilled Portabella Gyros w/Yogurt Dill Sauce<br />

Grilled Portabella Gyros w/Yogurt Dill Sauce T<br />

Feed your immune system with meaty, vitamin D-rich portabella mushrooms. Add<br />

in the benefits of Greek yogurt, including protein and probiotics (such as Lactobacillus<br />

acidophilus), along with vitamin C-powered bell peppers and tomatoes and<br />

have a real super-gyro sandwich.<br />


4 portabella<br />

mushrooms<br />

2 yellow bell<br />

peppers, sliced<br />

1 tablespoon extravirgin<br />

olive oil<br />

½ teaspoon dried<br />

oregano<br />

¼ teaspoon smoked<br />

paprika<br />

4 pita breads or naan<br />

2 tomatoes, thinly<br />

sliced<br />

½ red onion, thinly<br />

sliced<br />

½ head green lettuce<br />

Crumbled feta cheese, optional<br />


1 English cucumber, grated<br />

1 cup whole milk Greek yogurt<br />

½ cup sour cream<br />

2 tablespoons extra-virgin olive oil<br />

Juice from ½ small lemon<br />

2 cloves garlic, minced<br />

1 teaspoon salt<br />

1 tablespoon minced fresh dill<br />

Remove the stems from the mushrooms and brush caps with a wet towel. Carefully<br />

scrape out the gills with a spoon. Slice mushroom into ¼-inch pieces and place in a<br />

medium bowl along with the olive oil, oregano and smoked paprika.<br />

Preheat an indoor grill pan over medium-high heat. Add mushrooms and peppers and<br />

grill, tossing occasionally, until tender, 5-7 minutes.<br />

To make the Yogurt Dill Sauce, squeeze the grated cucumber in a clean towel to remove<br />

excess liquid. Add to a large bowl with yogurt, sour cream, olive oil, lemon, garlic, salt<br />

and dill. Stir to combine.<br />

To serve, place mushrooms and peppers in the middle of the pita bread. Top with<br />

tomatoes, onion, lettuce, feta (optional), and a big dollop of yogurt sauce.<br />

Prep Time: 10 minutes. Cook Time: 15 minutes. Yield: 4 servings<br />

F Creamy Spinach, Mushroom & Lasagna Soup<br />


1 tablespoon extravirgin<br />

olive oil<br />

2 cloves garlic, minced<br />

1 medium onion,<br />

small diced<br />

8 ounces crimini<br />

mushrooms, sliced<br />

1 24-ounce jar<br />

marinara sauce<br />

1 15-ounce can diced<br />

tomatoes<br />

2 tablespoons tomato<br />

paste<br />

2 teaspoons balsamic<br />

vinegar<br />

1 teaspoon granulated sugar<br />

1 tablespoon dried basil<br />

½ teaspoon salt<br />

1 teaspoon oregano<br />

½ teaspoon black pepper<br />

1 bay leaf<br />

Heat a large pot over medium heat.<br />

Add olive oil, garlic, onion and mushrooms. Cook, stirring occasionally, until onions and<br />

mushrooms have softened, 4-5 minutes.<br />

Add marinara, diced tomatoes, tomato paste, vinegar, sugar, basil, salt, oregano,<br />

pepper, bay leaf and broth. Bring to a boil over high heat, then reduce heat to low and<br />

simmer.<br />

Add lasagna noodles and cook, stirring often, until softened, about 15 minutes. Remove<br />

from heat and remove bay leaf.<br />

Stir in the heavy cream and spinach until wilted, 2-3 minutes.<br />

Divide between bowls and top with a dollop of ricotta and a sprinkle of mozzarella.<br />

Prep Time: 10 minutes. Cook Time: 30 minutes. Yield: 4 servings<br />

F Asian BBQ Sesame Salmon with Noodles & Veggies<br />

Creamy Spinach, Mushroom & Lasagna Soup T<br />

All the comforting flavors of lasagna with less work. Lasagna soup is packed with<br />

selenium superstars crimini mushrooms, vitamin C-rich tomatoes and spinach, and<br />

al dente lasagna noodles. Add protein with a dollop of ricotta and a sprinkle of mozzarella<br />

— you’ve got yourself a delicious, nutrient-dense meal.<br />

Asian BBQ Sesame Salmon with Noodles & Veggies T<br />

3 cups vegetable broth<br />

6 lasagna noodles, broken into pieces<br />

½ cup heavy cream<br />

5 ounces fresh baby spinach<br />

1 cup whole milk ricotta<br />

½ cup shredded mozzarella for topping<br />

Both vitamins<br />

D and C are important<br />

for maintaining<br />

a healthy<br />

immune system.<br />

Fatty fish, such<br />

as salmon, and<br />

mushrooms are<br />

excellent sources<br />

of vitamin<br />

D while broccoli<br />

and sugar snap<br />

peas bring the vitamin<br />

C. Super<br />

charge your immune<br />

system and<br />

add some heat to<br />

the dinner table<br />

with this nutrient-packed<br />

meal<br />

that’s ready in just<br />

40 minutes.<br />

Prep Time:<br />

10 minutes.<br />

Cook Time:<br />

30 minutes.<br />

Yield: 4 servings<br />


½ cup soy sauce<br />

2 tablespoons brown sugar<br />

1 tablespoon rice vinegar<br />

2 cloves garlic, minced<br />

1 teaspoon fresh ginger, minced<br />

1 teaspoon chili garlic sauce (optional —<br />

for heat)<br />

1 tablespoon toasted sesame oil<br />

2 tablespoons your favorite BBQ sauce<br />

2 tablespoons water<br />

2 teaspoon cornstarch<br />

Preheat the oven to 400F.<br />


1 ½ pounds (4 filets) salmon<br />

12 ounces stir-fry rice noodles (pad<br />

thai noodles)<br />

1 tablespoon toasted sesame oil<br />

1 pound white mushrooms, sliced<br />

1 cup sugar snap peas<br />

1 large broccoli head, cut into bite-size<br />

florets<br />

2–3 green onions, thinly sliced<br />

Sesame seeds for garnish<br />

Whisk together sauce ingredients (except water and cornstarch) in a small saucepan. Bring to<br />

a boil over high heat, then reduce heat to a simmer. In a small bowl, whisk together water and<br />

cornstarch. Pour into the pan and cook on low, whisking often, until the sauce thickens, 3-5<br />

minutes. Remove from heat and set aside.<br />

Pour 3 tablespoons of the sauce into a small bowl. Brush the salmon filets with reserved sauce and<br />

place on a baking sheet. Bake for 15 minutes, or until salmon is flaky. Discard the small bowl of<br />

sauce if any remains.<br />

Cook the stir-fry noodles according to the package directions. Drain, rinse, and set aside.<br />

Heat a large skillet over medium heat. Add the sesame oil. Add mushrooms, snap peas and<br />

broccoli. Cook, stirring often, until veggies are tender-crisp, 7-8 minutes. Add the noodles and the<br />

remaining sauce from the pan. Toss to combine.<br />

To serve, divide noodles, veggies and salmon between plates. Top with sliced green onions and<br />

sesame seeds.<br />

30 WEST COAST WOMAN <strong>JANUARY</strong> <strong>2023</strong>

your healthier health you<br />

Craniosacral Therapy Can Be Life Changing<br />

CST treats the whole body physically, physiologically, mentally, emotionally and energetically<br />

Clients come to me because they are in physical<br />

pain such as neck, back, pain and TMJ as well as<br />

for chronic headaches and migraines.<br />

Pain and stress caused by<br />

shortened Fascia<br />

Fascia (strong connective tissue) encases all<br />

our muscles, organs, brain and spinal cord.<br />

Whenever fascia shortens any place in the<br />

body, the entire network of fascia creates an<br />

increased tension affecting the functioning<br />

of our physical body as well as our organs,<br />

our brain and spinal cord.<br />

Our body is the history of every major<br />

trauma we have experienced physically and<br />

emotionally beginning with birth issues, falls,<br />

head trauma, car accidents, childhood abuse<br />

issues, death, divorce and other emotional<br />

issues. Our body tries to minimize each trauma<br />

by shortening fascia to isolate the energy<br />

coming into the body from that trauma.<br />

Shortened fascia results in pain, loss of mobility<br />

and range of motion, organs becoming<br />

less efficient and with parts of the brain and<br />

spinal cord becoming stressed.<br />

To keep the brain functioning, the body<br />

transfers some of your functional work play<br />

energy (7:00 AM-10:00 PM) to the brain resulting<br />

in less energy to make it through each<br />

day. As we age, the accumulation of all the<br />

tightened fascia, from every major trauma<br />

in life, begins to restrict every aspect of our<br />

body’s functions resulting in pain, loss of mobility,<br />

mis-functioning organs, loss of energy,<br />

as well as our brain losing some its sharpness.<br />

How Craniosacral<br />

Therapy Works<br />

The Craniosacral Therapist creates a safe<br />

place, with gentle holding techniques, that<br />

engages your body’s ability to self correct,<br />

reorganize and heal itself with the release<br />

of some of that tightened fascia during<br />

each session. As the Craniosacral Therapist<br />

engages your body, you will feel fascia releasing.<br />

As the fascia releases, pain begins to<br />

decrease, range of motion and mobility improve,<br />

organs begin functioning better and<br />

with less stress on the brain feels, it returns<br />

the energy it borrowed at the time of each<br />

trauma resulting in an immediate increase in<br />

your energy levels. Rarely does anyone leave<br />

from my first session not feeling better.<br />

Short Leg Syndrome<br />

Eighty-five percent of my clients have one<br />

of their legs pulled up 1/2 to 1 by shortened<br />

fascia. The tension from short leg syndrome<br />

on the sacrum (5 fused vertebrae at bottom<br />

of the spine) is transferred up the dural tube<br />

that encases the spinal cord into the lower<br />

and upper back, the neck, the cranium and<br />

The physical stress in bodies caused by shortened<br />

fascia (connective tissue) shuts down<br />

energy flows to certain organs. Short leg syndrome<br />

by ½ to 1 in (where one leg is pulled up<br />

by shortened fascia) shuts down energy flow to<br />

the spleen (an important part of your immune<br />

system) and the small and large intestine. With<br />

the release of that shortened fascia, energy returns<br />

to these organs.<br />

the brain. Headaches, migraines, TMJ and<br />

neck problems can originate from the fascial<br />

stress in the sacrum.<br />

Releasing this sacral stress increases energy<br />

in the bladder, sex organs, kidneys and<br />

the chakras as well as releasing major stress<br />

in the upper part of the body.<br />

Cause of Shallow Breathing<br />

A great majority of the clients who come to<br />

me for various problems are also shallow<br />

breathers. Fascial stress in the diaphragm<br />

restricts the depth of breathing by restricting<br />

energy flow to the lungs, the pericardium<br />

and the heart. With the release of fascial diaphragm<br />

restriction, the client immediately<br />

starts breathing deeply and energy is restored<br />

to the pericardium and the heart.<br />

Shoulder blades that are cemented to the<br />

body also restricts how much the rib cage can<br />

open and thereby also restricting depth of<br />

breath. Without proper breathing, your cells<br />

do not get enough oxygen. Everyone, especially<br />

people suffering from bronchitis, asthma<br />

and COPD as well as shallow breathing can<br />

benefit when the fascial stress is released.<br />

Specialized Training<br />

to work with Brain<br />

Dysfunctions<br />

Just as the body physically gets stressed from<br />

physical and emotional trauma, the functioning<br />

of the brain is also affected by fascial stress. For<br />

our brains to remain healthy, we need dynamic<br />

production of craniosacral fluid which performs<br />

the important function of bringing nourishment<br />

to all the cells in the brain and spinal<br />

cord as well as cleansing all the metabolic<br />

wastes given off by those same cells.<br />

Once the craniosacral fluid cleanses these<br />

metabolic wastes, efficient drainage of these<br />

metabolic wastes into the lymph system is<br />

absolutely necessary. Research has shown,<br />

that at night, craniosacral fluid cleanses amyloid<br />

plaques from the brain. If the drainage<br />

is inefficient, then the brain is being bathed<br />

in a toxic slurry. How does 15 or 20 years of<br />

your brain being bathed in a toxic slurry<br />

affect you: senile dementia, Parkinson’s,<br />

Alzheimer’s and other brain dysfunctions?<br />

A Craniosacral Therapist, who has received<br />

training in working with the brain, can reverse<br />

that stress on the brain that eventually can<br />

result in those brain dysfunctions. As we all<br />

know, the proper functioning of the body is<br />

dependent on a healthy functioning brain.<br />

Babies and Children can benefit<br />

■ Our little boy Leo, four years of age, had a<br />

difficult birth and at 7 months was put on antibiotics<br />

for an ear infection and as a result developed<br />

c-diff. His development came to a stop.<br />

At 3 years, with the help of an OT, he started<br />

to walk and talk. In spite of the improvements,<br />

he was unable to answer questions and his<br />

communication skills were very poor. Leo<br />

had very poor muscle tone, a lot of stress in<br />

his body and physical activities such walking,<br />

jumping and climbing were difficult for him.<br />

Beginning with the first session with Terry,<br />

he began showing improvement and with each<br />

following session. Everyone from his teachers<br />

to his grandparents noticed an increase in his<br />

■ “I was in awful pain and the<br />

MRI showed 2 pinched nerves<br />

and stenosis. I scheduled surgery.<br />

My daughter suggested Craniosacral therapy.<br />

After only 2 visits the pain was reduced to<br />

advanced craniosacral about 80% and therapy I canceled the surgery. I went<br />

for a 3rd visit and I am about 90% better.”<br />

■ “Simply Amazing! One visit was all it took for<br />

Terry to relieve 85% of my year long, nagging<br />

(sometimes severe) neck/shoulder tightness/<br />

pain!! My breathing improved tremendously.”<br />

physical strength, as well as improvements in<br />

comprehension, speech and communication<br />

skills. For the first time, he started participating<br />

in class lessons and interacting with his<br />

classmates. Terry has made a huge impact on<br />

getting Leo to a place a little boy should be at<br />

age four. We cannot thank Terry enough.<br />

■ Terry’s treatment helped our 6 week old<br />

baby boy from recent hospitalization into<br />

the first series of healthy bowel movements<br />

when seemingly nothing could help. Our son<br />

was able to latch onto the breast and for the<br />

first time completed his feeding. He was much<br />

calmer after working with Terry.<br />

■ “He was able to relieve tension that I have<br />

been carrying around for 15 years or more.<br />

I left his office table with more energy than I<br />

have had in years.”<br />

■ “I began working with him because I was<br />

dealing with anxieties, depression and lots of<br />

emotional pain inside and out. You don’t realized<br />

how much stress can cause damage to<br />

your body, mind and soul. I can say Terry was<br />

a big help.”<br />

Terrence Grywinski<br />

of Advanced<br />

Craniosacral Therapy,<br />

B.A., B.ED., LMT #MA 6049<br />

Testimonials from Clients<br />

SOURCE:<br />

■ Terrence Grywinski of Advanced Craniosacral Therapy,<br />

B.A., B.ED., LMT #MA 6049. Terry has specialized in Craniosacral<br />

Therapy since 1994 when he began his training at the Upledger<br />

Institute. Described by his teachers, clients and colleagues<br />

as a “gifted healer”, Terry’s intuitive sense and healing energy<br />

provides immediate and lasting relief from injury, pain, mobility<br />

issues as well as dysfunctions of the body and the brain. Part<br />

of Terry’s ongoing education, he has completed 4 craniosacral<br />

brain and peripheral nervous system classes which enables him<br />

to work at a cellular<br />

level and with brain<br />

dysfunctions.<br />

Call 941-321-8757<br />

for more information,<br />

Google Advanced<br />

Craniosacral<br />

Therapy.<br />

■ “On a recent vacation to Siesta Key, I re-injured<br />

my back. I found Terry online. I can say<br />

with complete joy that was the best decision<br />

I made in the history of my back pain. I have<br />

sought many modalities and visit a CST regularly<br />

and never have I had such a healing in<br />

my entire body.<br />

After 3 sessions, I made a 16-hour drive<br />

home with no pain or discomfort in my entire<br />

body. Unbelievable. My body has a sense of<br />

moving freely and that is completely new. I’m<br />

advanced craniosacral therapy<br />

so grateful to Terry for his knowledge, for his<br />

sensitivity to my needs and his kind generosity<br />

in healing my body. I will see him when I return<br />

next year.”<br />

■ “I am a snowbird who spends 7 months<br />

in Sarasota. I have had back problems for 25<br />

years. Terry’s techniques have led to a great<br />

deal of release and relief in areas that have<br />

been problematic. I have been seeing him over<br />

the years when my body says ”it’s time”. Usually<br />

after a few sessions, I can tell a huge difference.”<br />


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