Who is the Australian Medical Students' Association (AMSA)? What does AMSA do? What are 7 ways that AMSA can help YOU and 17 000+ medical students? All these questions (and more!) will be answered in our 2023 Orange Guide. In our guide, you will about the diverse medical students contributing to AMSA's national and local work and learn how to stay updated with our groups. Yours in Orange, AMSA

Who is the Australian Medical Students' Association (AMSA)? What does AMSA do? What are 7 ways that AMSA can help YOU and 17 000+ medical students? All these questions (and more!) will be answered in our 2023 Orange Guide.

In our guide, you will about the diverse medical students contributing to AMSA's national and local work and learn how to stay updated with our groups.

Yours in Orange,


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2 0 2 3 A M S A<br />

O R A N G E G U I D E<br />

7 WAYS THAT <strong>AMSA</strong> CAN HELP<br />

YOU & 17,000+ MEDICAL<br />


WHAT IS <strong>AMSA</strong>?<br />

WHAT'S ON IN <strong>2023</strong>?

Acknowledgment of Country<br />

<br />

<br />

The Australian Medical Students' Association<br />

would like to acknowledge the traditional<br />

custodians of the land on which this publication<br />

was made, the Wurundjeri people of the Kulin<br />

nations. We recognise their continuing<br />

connection to land, water and community and<br />

pay our respects to their Elders past, present<br />

and emerging. We would also like to extend our<br />

respect to Aboriginal and Torres Strait<br />

Islanders reading our publication.

Copyright <strong>2023</strong>, Australian Medical Students' Association<br />

Publications and Design Officer: Shani Nguyen<br />

Acknowledgments:<br />

Thank you to the contributors of the previous <strong>AMSA</strong> Orange Guides on which<br />

this <strong>2023</strong> guide is based and to the following people for their contributions:<br />

Angi Frentiu (Vice President Internal <strong>2023</strong>), Tisshapaa Sivagnanan (President<br />

<strong>2023</strong>), Jasmine Davis (President 2022), Ashraf Docrat (National Policy 2022),<br />

Michelle Borg (Secretary 2022), Terra Sudarmana (Vice President Internal 2022),<br />

Rahil Ajmera (National Coordinator 2022), Josh Lowinger (National Coordinator<br />

<strong>2023</strong>), Mihan De Silva (Public Relations <strong>2023</strong>), Shreya Mago (Events <strong>2023</strong>),<br />

Humaid Shaikh (Sponsorships <strong>2023</strong>), Maryanne Li (Student Engagament <strong>2023</strong>)


Hello there! This guide is split into SEVEN sections, each detailing a specific way <strong>AMSA</strong><br />

can help you along your medical student journey. There are additional sub-chapters<br />

of the introduction, leadership representatives and the <strong>AMSA</strong> contact details<br />

directory. Enjoy reading!<br />

5<br />

Introduction: <strong>AMSA</strong> President's Welcome<br />

6<br />

Introduction: Snapshot of <strong>AMSA</strong>'S 2022 Successes<br />

8<br />

10<br />

13<br />

16<br />

19<br />

21<br />

23<br />

25<br />

Section 1: <strong>AMSA</strong>'S Medical Education Resources<br />

Providing <strong>AMSA</strong> members accessible & high-quality resources<br />

Section 2: Advocacy and Policy<br />

Advocating for a better medical education nationwide<br />

Section 3: Events<br />

Forming connections and networks between students and doctors<br />

Section 4: <strong>AMSA</strong> Representative Groups<br />

Representing the diverse lived experience of the <strong>AMSA</strong> community<br />

Section 5: Global Health Projects<br />

Engage and empower medical students to take effective actions<br />

about health on the global stage<br />

Section 6: <strong>AMSA</strong> Publications<br />

Inform medical students of the latest opportunities and updates<br />

Section 7: <strong>AMSA</strong> Initiative Groups<br />

Hold events, run competitions and actioning advocacy goals of<br />

<strong>AMSA</strong>'s local and national work<br />

Leadership Representatives<br />

28<br />

<strong>AMSA</strong>'s Contact Details Directory<br />

Learn how to become involved with <strong>AMSA</strong>

Welcome!<br />

Welcome to the Australian Medical Students Association (<strong>AMSA</strong>)! My name is Tish and I<br />

am incredibly honoured to be your <strong>AMSA</strong> president for <strong>2023</strong>. We are the peak<br />

representative body for the 23 medical schools and over 17 000 medical students across<br />

Australia. We strive to connect, inform, and represent all medical students as they<br />

embark on a journey that will see them be Australia's future health workforce.<br />

<strong>AMSA</strong> is an incredible avenue to strengthen your interests within medicine or pursue your<br />

passions external to medicine, while meeting like-minded medical students from all<br />

walks of life from across the nation. This guide will take you through the many ways you<br />

can get involved with us … from attending our events to volunteering with us. No matter<br />

how you choose to engage with <strong>AMSA</strong> I am certain you will leave with a suitcase full of<br />

new skills, a bucket load of friends and a few good stories to reminisce on down the line.<br />

Whether this is your first day in medical school or you are well into your medical student<br />

journey, there is a place for you within <strong>AMSA</strong> !<br />

Tisshapaa (Tish) Sivagnanan<br />

Yours in Orange,<br />

<br />


<strong>AMSA</strong> 2022 SUCCESS SNAPSHOT<br />

1332<br />

Event Registrations<br />

700+<br />

<strong>AMSA</strong> Volunteers<br />

80+<br />

Government Meetings<br />

40+<br />

Student Webinars<br />

90+<br />

Sponsorship Contracts<br />

35000+<br />

Publication Views<br />

25<br />

Government<br />

Submissions<br />

3000+<br />

Vampire Cup<br />

Donations (equates to<br />

~10000<br />

lives saved!)<br />

<br />

20<br />

Policies Written<br />

The above is only a small snapshot of <strong>AMSA</strong> 2022 highlights. Throughout this<br />

guide, we'll recount to you even more successes achieved by our 2022 team.<br />

Notable ones included the involvement of <strong>AMSA</strong> in the 2022 GP Workforce<br />

Roundtable which was held and attended by the Minister for Health (Mark<br />

Butler), securing delegations at the IFMSA General Assembly in Istanbul, Turkey,<br />

Kuala Lumpur and Malaysia. Internally, we created and supported 438 new<br />

<strong>AMSA</strong> google accounts and began their onboarding process and delivered<br />

many workshops, such as Innovation Development Project and how to perfect<br />

handover to <strong>AMSA</strong> roles needing these skills.

RHS 2022<br />

Global Health Conference 2022<br />

Convention 2022<br />

Council 1 2022<br />

Council 2 2022

Section 1<br />

A M S A M E D I C A L<br />

E D U C A T I O N<br />

R E S O U R C E S<br />

A C C E S S I B L E & H I G H - Q U A L I T Y R E S O U R C E S

<strong>AMSA</strong> MED ED<br />

<strong>AMSA</strong> Med Ed is the branch of <strong>AMSA</strong> that is<br />

dedicated to producing high quality and<br />

free resources that are accessible to all<br />

medical students across Australia. <strong>AMSA</strong><br />

Med Ed has two main divisions:<br />


Med Ed Research is for students interested<br />

in conducting and producing credible<br />

research on topics related to medical<br />

education. Also, Med Ed Research works<br />

alongside the <strong>AMSA</strong> advocacy team to<br />

strengthen <strong>AMSA</strong>'s position on important<br />

national educational issues. Further, over 20<br />

guides can be found in the research division<br />

page.<br />

Regarding events, the Research division has<br />

the annual Research Synopsium which<br />

focused on research upskilling. For example,<br />

the 2022 speakers presented on the topics<br />

of "How to Create a Research Question" and<br />

"How to Tackle a Research Presentation".<br />

open access educational resources to<br />

medical students. There are four branches<br />

of <strong>AMSA</strong> Med Ed Resource:<br />

<strong>AMSA</strong> Question bank: the first national<br />

question bank created by Australian<br />

medical students, with hundreds of<br />

available MCQs and quizzes<br />

<strong>AMSA</strong> Factsheets: succinct summaries of<br />

conditions and Australian management<br />

protocols<br />

<strong>AMSA</strong> Academy: an online learning<br />

platform consisting of modules and<br />

professional development courses<br />

across multiple disciplines<br />

<strong>AMSA</strong> OSCEs: consists of OSCE<br />

scenarios and marking guides.<br />

Whether you enjoy quizzing your friends,<br />

making absolutely ACE notes, want to<br />

nurture the inner multimedia geek in you, or<br />

want to get involved in research, <strong>AMSA</strong> Med<br />

Ed has a role for you!<br />

Here’s what you can do:<br />


Med Ed Resource is involved with the<br />

provision and production of credible and<br />

Apply to join our team<br />

Check out our resources and see what<br />

we do at amsamoodle.org.au<br />

Like our Facebook and Instagram pages<br />

70+ quizzes<br />

65+ factsheets<br />

170+ OSCEs<br />

20+ research<br />

guides<br />


Section 2<br />

A D V O C A C Y &<br />

P O L I C Y<br />

A D V O C A T I N G F O R A B E T T E R M E D I C A L E D U C A T I O N<br />

P O L I C Y - T H E H E A R T O F A M S A ' S A D V O C A C Y


<strong>AMSA</strong> endeavours to harness the voice of 17,000 medical students to represent you at the<br />

highest forums and push for the changes that make your medical school experience better!<br />

<strong>AMSA</strong> advocacy happens at multiple levels. At the federal level, <strong>AMSA</strong> engages with<br />

governmental and medical stakeholders such as the Australian Medical Association (AMA) and<br />

the Medical Deans of Australia and New Zealand (MDANZ) to create a more powerful voice on<br />

issues requiring thought and leadership from a federal voice.<br />

At the state, university and local level, <strong>AMSA</strong> liaises closely with university medical societies<br />

(MedSocs) and state Medical Student Councils (MSCs) to provide support in advocating for<br />

issues relevant to your state and university. This includes issues such as sexual harassment,<br />

mental health support systems and internship availabilities.<br />

Key advocacy milestones achieved in 2022 include:<br />

Advocacy regarding student education in COVID-19 and workforce burnout<br />

Improving medical culture through initiatives such as the Culture of Medicine campaign to<br />

educate medical students on how to stand up against and report bullying, harassment<br />

and racism on placement<br />

GP Workforce Roundtable held and attended by Minister for Health, Mark Butler<br />

Appearance of <strong>AMSA</strong> President at the Senate Inquiry Public Hearing into Provision of<br />

general practitioner and related primary health services to outer metropolitan, rural,<br />

and regional Australians<br />

More information: https://amsa.org.au/Web/Advocacy/Media-<br />

Releases/<strong>AMSA</strong>_releases_recommendations_to_address_general_practice_shortages<br />

.aspx<br />

Commenced writing of <strong>AMSA</strong>’s first Reconciliation Action Plan<br />

Memorandum of Understanding signed with the Australian Indigenous Doctors’ Association<br />

(AIDA)<br />

Improving Indigenous public health alongside support and representation for Indigenous<br />

medical students.<br />

Other key national 2022 advocacy priorities included<br />

Improving the internship application process and ensuring all Australian medical<br />

graduates have an internship<br />

Maximising medical education quality, clinical placements and research opportunities.<br />

Improving and destigmatising mental health amongst the medical community and the<br />

Australian population.<br />

Promoting stronger climate action and mitigating health impacts of climate change<br />

BUT none of this advocacy is effective without the contribution of medical students like YOU!<br />

Talk to your University’s <strong>AMSA</strong> Representative, watch out for opportunities to get involved in<br />

policy writing or get involved with a special interest group or projects focusing on issues close<br />

to your heart!

POLICY<br />

Policy is the beating heart of <strong>AMSA</strong>’s advocacy, serving as a fundamental guide to how we<br />

represent Australia’s 17,000 medical students. Spanning a multitude of issues that affect<br />

medical students and the communities they live in, <strong>AMSA</strong> policies combine the latest evidence<br />

with the views of medical students to codify our positions. Each policy statement is written by<br />

a team of Australian medical students and voted on by your representatives at <strong>AMSA</strong> National<br />

Council.<br />

Not only does <strong>AMSA</strong> policy ensure that we take robust and representative positions to<br />

external stakeholders, getting involved in a policy team gives medical students a valuable<br />

opportunity to develop their policy skills. <strong>AMSA</strong> has a proud history of providing medical<br />

students with their first start in policy and helping them develop the skills to be the changemakers<br />

of the future.<br />

Currently, <strong>AMSA</strong> has 72 policies available at tinyurl.com/<strong>AMSA</strong>policy. These cover a diverse<br />

range of areas from Medical Education, Supporting Students, Global Health and Medical<br />

Workforce.<br />

In 2022 <strong>AMSA</strong> reviewed and/or drafted 20 policies that were each voted on and successfully<br />

passed at one of <strong>AMSA</strong>'s three National Councils.<br />

Additionally, <strong>AMSA</strong> recruited over 110 medical students to be involved in policy writing teams<br />

consisting of 5-8 students overseen by 1-2 policy mentors who write and review our policies<br />

over a 10 week period prior to each National Council. These policies were also reviewed by<br />

each university at ThinkTanks to provide feedback and help <strong>AMSA</strong> determine medical<br />

students' views.<br />


Policies are written, reviewed and presented at <strong>AMSA</strong> National Council by medical students<br />

just like you! No experience is required to be involved with <strong>AMSA</strong> policy. Here’s how you can<br />

get involved:<br />

Keep tabs on the <strong>AMSA</strong> Facebook page to respond to callouts to join a policy team in<br />

February, April or August<br />

Talk to your <strong>AMSA</strong> representative about how to get involved in policy review and<br />

ThinkTanks at your university<br />

Head to <strong>AMSA</strong> National Council to get involved in the policy discussion<br />

Check out our policy base on the <strong>AMSA</strong> website<br />

Get in touch with the National Policy Officer, Connor Ryan, to suggest a new policy idea or<br />

to ask any questions you have about <strong>AMSA</strong> policy.

Section 3<br />

E V E N T S<br />

A M S A E V E N T S A R E R E N O W N E D F O R T H E I R U N I Q U E B L E N D<br />

O F E D U C A T I O N A L T A L K S , S O C I A L N I G H T S A N D S K I L L S<br />

D E V E L O P M E N T . T H E Y W I L L P R O V I D E V A L U A B L E<br />

E X P E R I E N C E S A N D E Q U I P Y O U W I T H T H E S K I L L S T H A T<br />

W I L L L A S T Y O U B E Y O N D Y O U R M E D I C A L D E G R E E !

NEW EVENT: <strong>AMSA</strong><br />


Calling all medical students!<br />

<strong>AMSA</strong> is excited to announce it is running its FIRST EVER Careers Conference on March 29th &<br />

30th <strong>2023</strong> at the amazing Adelaide Convention Centre, located conveniently near the CBD!<br />

We encourage you to come along to discover the infinite possibilities for your future career. At<br />

this conference, you can learn about training opportunities, how to choose a pathway,<br />

careers outside clinical medicine and skills to become workforce ready. We have several<br />

exciting keynote speakers renowned as leaders in the medical field coming along to share<br />

their wisdom, passion and how they got to where they are.<br />

Highlights of the academic program include:<br />

Junior Doctor Finance 101<br />

CV Writing Workshop<br />

Consulting Careers<br />

Health Leadership and Management<br />

Included in your ticket will also be a cocktail evening where you can get to know your fellow<br />

delegates and network with seniors in your area of interest!<br />

Ticket prices: $200 for non-Indigenous students and $150 for Indigenous students<br />

Tickets are on sale for all medical students now! Click ‘Going’ on our facebook page to keep<br />

updated with information as it becomes available.<br />

Any questions? Please contact us at careersconference@amsa.org.au.<br />

Date: 29th-30th March <strong>2023</strong>


<strong>AMSA</strong> National Council convenes three times each year and brings together representatives<br />

from all the Australian medical schools to engage in various facets of <strong>AMSA</strong>. This year’s<br />

Councils will provide numerous opportunities, such as allowing you to network with likeminded<br />

medical students, provide upskilling through mentoring programs and multiple<br />

breakout sessions, debating on policies that will directly affect the medical student<br />

experience; and hear about all of <strong>AMSA</strong>’s advocacy, events, projects and committees<br />

happening across Australia.<br />

<strong>AMSA</strong> Council is open to all medical students and generally lasts for three days. It provides<br />

medical students with the opportunity to inform and direct the function of the Executive and<br />

to help set the advocacy agenda. Council is a great way to begin or continue your <strong>AMSA</strong><br />

journey, offering exposure to all of the wonderful opportunities that <strong>AMSA</strong> has to offer. All<br />

information regarding Council and how to get involved will be shared through the <strong>AMSA</strong><br />

Facebook page or via your local <strong>AMSA</strong> Rep. If you are interested in attending, simply register<br />

when registration is open, and have a chat with your <strong>AMSA</strong> rep if you have any questions!<br />

Dates: National Councils 1, 2 and 3 are to be held in April, July and October respectively<br />


We welcome both the new ranger and seasoned con-veteran to our <strong>2023</strong> <strong>AMSA</strong> National<br />

Convention, held at the Gold Coast, where you can rediscover your passions, reimagine your<br />

future in Medicine, and rejoice in forging new bonds. We can’t wait to bring you a stellar<br />

academic program full of amazing speakers from medicine and other fields. Additionally, we<br />

will reinvent your experience by bringing you networking sessions with speakers and other<br />

delegates, as well as incredible workshops and breakout sessions.<br />

With inspiring themes and exhilarating activities, you won’t forget our Gala Ball and social<br />

nights! And for those who wish to revel or retreat, we will celebrate new friendships in an<br />

inclusive and safe environment. A reinvigorated sports and wellbeing program will pit student<br />

against student in exciting competitions, together with activities to recharge your mind, body<br />

and spirit.<br />

Date: 5th-9th July <strong>2023</strong><br />


The <strong>AMSA</strong> Rural Health Summit (RHS23) at Darwin will unite hundreds of medical students from<br />

across the country with a common interest in rural health. RHS is quickly becoming an integral<br />

part of <strong>AMSA</strong>’s rural health initiatives. You will be inspired by leaders, skilled clinicians, and<br />

creative innovators in rural health through a series of keynote presentations, breakout<br />

sessions, skills workshops and the the Rural Rescue Challenge.<br />

Previous guest speakers have included Professor Paul Worley, Dr Amanda Cohn and many<br />

more! The event also boasts numerous social events, which are fantastic opportunities to<br />

connect with like-minded delegates and alumni. Be sure to like <strong>AMSA</strong>’s Rural Health Summit<br />

on Facebook to get all the latest on registration!<br />

Date: 31st August-3rd September <strong>2023</strong>

Section 4<br />

A M S A<br />

R E P R E S E N T A T I V E<br />


WHO ARE WE?<br />

Representative groups work to mobilise the collective political capital of the emerging health<br />

workforce to advocate on issues that are important to medical students. These groups bring<br />

diverse lived experience to the <strong>AMSA</strong> community and support self-determination in health and<br />

education policy and strategy.<br />

<strong>AMSA</strong> GENDER EQUITY<br />

<strong>AMSA</strong> Gender Equity exists to break down gender stereotypes, increase the visibility of female<br />

leaders and facilitates mentorship of our female medical students. For example in 2022, <strong>AMSA</strong><br />

Gender Equity continued the Empowers Mentorship Program that paired junior medical<br />

students with their senior counterparts and maintained their book club.<br />

<strong>AMSA</strong> QUEER<br />

<strong>AMSA</strong> Queer continues to connect queer medical students from across the country. We<br />

advocate for queer health literacy, queer health and LGBTQIA+ representation in medicine.<br />

Our focuses are: advocacy, education, community and creating connections through events.<br />

In 2022, a key milestone included launching the <strong>AMSA</strong> Queer Wavelength MedEd platform<br />

<strong>AMSA</strong> INDIGENOUS<br />

<strong>AMSA</strong> Indigenous connects Indigenous identifying medical students across Australia to<br />

increase opportunities available to them, as well as advocating for improved First Nation<br />

health outcomes and creating a culturally safe healthcare system.

<strong>AMSA</strong> INTERNATIONAL<br />


Representative groups work to mobilise the collective political capital of the emerging health<br />

workforce to advocate on issues that are important to medical students. These groups bring<br />

diverse lived experience to the <strong>AMSA</strong> community and support self-determination in health and<br />

education policy and strategy. The International Students’ Network serves as a powerful<br />

advocate for matters pertaining to international students in Australian medical schools. In<br />

Australia, 1 in 5 medical students are from overseas, and the ISN strives to represent every one<br />

of these students as effectively as possible. We provide a voice for international medical<br />

students at a national level. The goals that have been set out as the foundations for the ISN<br />

include:<br />

To advocate for all international medical students studying in Australia<br />

To provide support for graduating international students seeking internship in Australia<br />

To develop an inclusive and engaged international student community<br />

To connect current and future international medical students and to inform them of the<br />

issues currently facing international students in Australia.<br />

<strong>AMSA</strong> RURAL HEALTH<br />

<strong>AMSA</strong> Rural Health is the peak representative body for rural origin students, rural clinical school<br />

students, and for the world health interests of medical students across Australia. Our key goal<br />

is to advocate for equality when accessing healthcare and equal health outcomes for rural<br />

and remote Australians. To do so, <strong>AMSA</strong> Rural Health supports and facilitates medical<br />

students’ engagement with rural health and advocates for students regarding rural issues. We<br />

also partner with key stakeholders to advocate for the stability and support of the future rural<br />

health workforce.

Section 5<br />

A M S A G L O B A L<br />


<strong>AMSA</strong> SEXUAL &<br />


At <strong>AMSA</strong> Sexual and Reproductive Health (SRH), we believe in<br />

all individuals’ right to a safe, healthy and enjoyable sexual<br />

and reproductive health journey which is free from shame,<br />

stigma and violence. Our platform is used to educate,<br />

engage and advocate for sexual and reproductive rights<br />

locally and globally.<br />

<strong>AMSA</strong> CODE GREEN<br />

As medical professionals of the future, we cannot ignore the<br />

devastating impact climate change has on the health of our<br />

patients. Code Green is an Australia-wide platform for<br />

medical students advocating for the mitigation of the causes<br />

of climate change and the adaptation of health care systems<br />

to meet the changing health demands caused by climate<br />

change. We see climate change not as some impending<br />

doom, but as an actionable health-care priority to<br />

meaningfully improve health outcomes for all communities.<br />

<strong>AMSA</strong> HEALTHY COMMUNITIES<br />

Healthy Communities is the newest member of <strong>AMSA</strong> Global<br />

Health Projects. We advocate for the reduction of unhealthy<br />

environments within our communities to prevent noncommunicable<br />

diseases (NCDs). For example, we focus on<br />

surveillance and prevention.<br />

<strong>AMSA</strong> CROSSING BORDERS<br />

We represent a community of medical students fighting for<br />

equality, human rights and proper health care for refugees,<br />

asylum seekers and undocumented migrants worldwide,<br />

particularly those in indefinite or offshore detention within<br />

Australia. The Australian government continues to ignore its<br />

international humanitarian responsibilities by turning away<br />

those in need, denying necessary health care and<br />

compromising the human rights of individuals seeking refuge.<br />

<strong>AMSA</strong> Crossing Borders unites passionate medical students<br />

and encourages them to use their voice to fight for a better<br />

and just future for those who cannot do so themselves.

Section 6<br />

P U B L I C A T I O N S<br />

I N F O R M & E N G A G E

Each year, <strong>AMSA</strong> releases numerous publications to keep you in the loop, provide you with<br />

plentiful resources and showcase the works of medical students like you!<br />

Our National Publications Subcommittee, Global Health team and Rural Health Committee<br />

work tirelessly to research, write, design, format, edit, and release publications that are not<br />

only visually engaging but also useful for our readers. See our guides, journals and magazines<br />

through our Yumpu platform - you will surely find one that appeals to you!<br />

Embolus<br />

Embolus is <strong>AMSA</strong>'s monthly e-newsletter providing updates on all you need to know from our<br />

advocacy successes, callouts, and more! You can sign up when you register for <strong>AMSA</strong><br />

membership.<br />

Starting Med Guide<br />

Starting Med Guide is our concise guide on how to kick off your years at medical school.<br />

Internship Guide<br />

Internship Guide is our most popular guide which provides up to date information on internship<br />

numbers for the upcoming year.<br />

<strong>AMSA</strong> Journal of Global Health<br />

AJGH is our unique bi-annual Global Health Journal that publishes peer-reviewed articles on<br />

various global health topics.<br />

Frontiers<br />

Frontiers Magazine is our annual Rural Health magazine, released in September. Read for a<br />

variety of pieces on rural health issues and academics in addition to creative pieces.<br />

Panacea<br />

Panacea is <strong>AMSA</strong>’s student magazine which showcases a large range of creative and<br />

academic pieces from medical students around Australia.

Section 7<br />

A M S A I N I T I A T I V E<br />



<strong>AMSA</strong>’s most heavily competitive initiative is back again for<br />

another massive year in <strong>2023</strong>! Facilitated by the Red Cross<br />

Lifeblood service, Vampire Cup is <strong>AMSA</strong>’s annual blood donation<br />

drive that sees medical students and their local communities<br />

battle it out over 8 weeks to see who can donate the most<br />

blood, plasma and platelets. 2022 saw 3000+ donations, which<br />

is approximately 10 000 lives saved!<br />

<strong>AMSA</strong> MENTAL HEALTH<br />

<strong>AMSA</strong> Mental Health advocates for the wellbeing of medical<br />

students across Australia and spreads awareness on issues and<br />

conditions impacting on people's mental health. We continue to<br />

educate students on mental health, support those living with<br />

mental health conditions, and destigmatise the struggle of living<br />

with mental illness. <strong>AMSA</strong> Mental Health aims to create an open<br />

and supportive environment for students to engage in the<br />

discussion around mental health topics to acknowledge mental<br />

health as an important aspect of our lives.<br />

<strong>AMSA</strong> GLOBAL HEALTH<br />

Want to save the planet? Work with the WHO, UN or MSF? Then<br />

join <strong>AMSA</strong> Global Health! We’re <strong>AMSA</strong>’s largest special interest<br />

group and we engage, represent and empower medical<br />

students to take effective action on global health.<br />

We connect like-minded students and get them ready to be the<br />

global health leaders of tomorrow. Our members have<br />

represented Australia at UN forums and the World Health<br />

Assembly, organised rallies across the country, written<br />

submissions to parliamentary inquiries, appeared in national<br />

media - and made friends for life while doing so!<br />

<strong>AMSA</strong> INTERNATIONAL<br />

Keen to be directly involved with the WHO, UN and MSF? Or<br />

maybe you're more a 'travel globally and meet medical students<br />

from the world' kind of person? Then <strong>AMSA</strong> international is the<br />

right place to be! Join us into the world of the International<br />

Federation of Medical Students Association (IFMSA) and work<br />

with the 1.3 million medical students that it represents worldwide.

L E A D E R S H I P<br />



EXECUTIVE '23<br />

J e f f M a<br />

T r e a s u r e r<br />

A n g e l a F r e n t i u<br />

V i c e P r e s i d e n t<br />

I n t e r n a l<br />

T i s s h a p a a<br />

S i v a g n a n a n<br />

P r e s i d e n t<br />

G a b r i e l l e<br />

D e w s b u r y<br />

V i c e P r e s i d e n t<br />

E x t e r n a l<br />

M a d e l y n<br />

D e i g a n<br />

S e c r e t a r y<br />

C o n n o r R y a n<br />

N a t i o n a l P o l i c y<br />

O f f i c e r<br />

M i h a n D e S i l v a<br />

P u b l i c R e l a t i o n s<br />

O f f i c e r<br />

A n i r u d h S h e t t y<br />

I T O f f i c e r<br />

<br />

<br />

M a r y a n n e L i<br />

S t u d e n t<br />

E n g a g e m e n t<br />

O f f i c e r<br />

J o s h L o w i n g e r<br />

N a t i o n a l<br />

C o o r d i n a t o r<br />

S h r e y a M a g o<br />

N a t i o n a l E v e n t s<br />

O f f i c e r<br />

<br />

S h a n i N g u y e n<br />

P u b l i c a t i o n s &<br />

D e s i g n O f f i c e r<br />

<br />

<br />

H u m a i d S h a i k h<br />

N a t i o n a l<br />

S p o n s o r s h i p<br />

O f f i c e r<br />

V i v i a n X i a o<br />

N a t i o n a l<br />

S p o n s o r s h i p<br />

O f f i c e r<br />

<br />

V o l u n t e e r<br />

E n g a g e m e n t<br />

O f f i c e r

<strong>2023</strong> <strong>AMSA</strong> REPS<br />

University of Adelaide<br />

Lena Eversheim<br />

amsa@amss.org.au<br />

Australian National University<br />

Jens Christensen<br />

amsa@anumss.org<br />

Bond University<br />

Lisa Farrell<br />

Curtin University<br />

Matthew Halliday<br />

Deakin University<br />

Alex Ikanovic<br />

amsa.clinical@medusa.org.au<br />

Flinders University<br />

Tom Cliffe<br />

amsa@fmss.org.au<br />

Griffith University<br />

Ashraf Docrat<br />

amsa@gums.org.au<br />

James Cook University<br />

Aditya Enjeti<br />

liaisonofficer@jcumsa.org.au<br />

Macquarie University<br />

Venkata (Sai) Veerla<br />

mqumedsoc@gmail.com<br />

Monash University<br />

Caroline Nguyen<br />

amsa@mumus.org<br />

University of Melbourne<br />

Rohan Patel<br />

amsa@ummss.org.au<br />

University of Newcastle<br />

Olivia Qu<br />

amsa@unms.org.au<br />

University of New England<br />

Sarah English<br />

amsa@unemsa.org<br />

University of New South Wales<br />

Mason Ginters<br />

amsa@medsoc.org.au<br />

University of Notre Dame Fremantle<br />

Lucy Stewart<br />

amsa@msand.com.au<br />

University of Notre Dame Sydney<br />

Xanthe Cerutti<br />

amsa@mandus.org.au<br />

University of Queensland<br />

Jonathon Bolton<br />

amsa@uqms.org<br />

University of Sydney<br />

Sudipta Datta<br />

amsa@sydneymedsoc.org.au<br />

University of Tasmania<br />

Georgia Hill<br />

amsa@tumss.org.au<br />

University of Western Australia<br />

Bartholomew Tang<br />

amsa@wamss.org.au<br />

Western Sydney University<br />

Summer Zhang<br />

amsa@wsms.org.au<br />

University of Wollongong<br />

Olivia Finemore<br />

Charles Sturt University<br />

Chloe Campbell<br />


A M S A C O N T A C T<br />

D E T A I L S<br />

D I R E C T O R Y<br />

<strong>AMSA</strong> Crossing<br />

Borders<br />

Instagram: @amsacrossingborders<br />

Facebook: /amsacrossingborders<br />

<strong>AMSA</strong> Healthy<br />

Communities<br />

Instagram: @youramsahc<br />

Facebook: /youramsahc<br />

Twitter: @youramsahc<br />

Email: healthycommunities@amsa.org.au<br />

<strong>AMSA</strong> Code Green<br />

Instagram: @amsacodegreen<br />

Facebook: /<strong>AMSA</strong>CodeGreen<br />

Email: codegreen@amsa.org.au<br />

Twitter: @amsacodegreen<br />

<strong>AMSA</strong> Sexual &<br />

Reproductive Health<br />

Instagram: @youramsasrh<br />

Facebook: /<strong>AMSA</strong>SRH<br />

Twitter: @your<strong>AMSA</strong>SRH<br />

Email: srh@amsa.org.au

<strong>AMSA</strong><br />

Instagram: @youramsa<br />

Facebook: /your<strong>AMSA</strong><br />

Website: https://amsa.imiscloud.com/<br />

<strong>AMSA</strong> Vampire Cup<br />

Instagram: @amsavampirecup<br />

Email: vampirecup@amsa.org.au<br />

Website: www.amsavampirecup.com.au<br />

<strong>AMSA</strong> Mental Health<br />

Instagram: @amsa.mentalhealth<br />

Facebook: /amsamhc<br />

Website: www.amsa.org.au/amsa-mental-health<br />

<strong>AMSA</strong> Global Health<br />

Facebook: /<strong>AMSA</strong>.global.health<br />

Website: www.amsa.org.au/amsa-mental-health<br />

<strong>AMSA</strong> International<br />

Instagram: @your<strong>AMSA</strong>intl<br />

Facebook: /your<strong>AMSA</strong>intl<br />

<strong>AMSA</strong> Med Ed<br />

Facebook:/your<strong>AMSA</strong>MedEd<br />

Instagram: @amsameded<br />

Website:amsamoodle.org.au<br />

<strong>AMSA</strong> Indigenous<br />

Instagram: <strong>AMSA</strong>_Indigenous<br />

<strong>AMSA</strong> Gender Equity<br />

Facebook: /<strong>AMSA</strong>GenderEquity<br />

Website: www.amsa.org.au/amsa-gender-equity<br />

<strong>AMSA</strong> Queer<br />

Facebook: /<strong>AMSA</strong>Queer<br />

Email: queer@amsa.org.au<br />

Website: www.amsa.org.au/amsa-queer-project<br />

<strong>AMSA</strong> International<br />

Students' Network<br />

Facebook: /ISN<strong>AMSA</strong><br />

Instagram: @<strong>AMSA</strong>.ISN<br />

<strong>AMSA</strong> Rural Health<br />

Instagram: @amsarural<br />

Facebook: /your<strong>AMSA</strong>rural<br />

Twitter: @your<strong>AMSA</strong>rural<br />

Email: rural@amsa.org.au<br />


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