The Marriage of Figaro Program

Program for Annapolis Opera's production of The Marriage of Figaro

Program for Annapolis Opera's production of The Marriage of Figaro


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GOLDEN eason<br />

W. A. Mozart’s<br />

March 17 & 19, 2023 | MARYLAND HALL

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president<br />

Welcome to Mozart’s comic masterpiece,<br />

<strong>The</strong> <strong>Marriage</strong> <strong>of</strong> <strong>Figaro</strong>, Annapolis Opera’s<br />

final stage production <strong>of</strong> our Golden<br />

Season, celebrating 50 years <strong>of</strong> rich history<br />

in Annapolis. From La bohème to Lost in the<br />

Stars, to the brilliant retrospective gallery<br />

exhibit and the Golden Gala, it has indeed<br />

been an incredible time to honor and<br />

remember all those who worked tirelessly<br />

to bring us to where we are today.<br />

As they say in the industry, “it’s not over until it’s over!” Join us<br />

on the weekend <strong>of</strong> April 15th for the Voices <strong>of</strong> Our Time concert<br />

featuring <strong>The</strong> Voice finalist, and Metropolitan Opera performer, John<br />

Holiday. Mr. Holiday has taken the vocal world by storm, performing<br />

at renowned venues across the globe. Following on Sunday, April<br />

16th, the 35th Annual Vocal Competition is a wonderful opportunity<br />

to hear some <strong>of</strong> the most talented rising stars in the classical vocal<br />

world. This exciting event is free <strong>of</strong> charge!<br />

All <strong>of</strong> what we have achieved and what we hope to accomplish in<br />

the future is only possible through the dedication, passion, and<br />

energy <strong>of</strong> our staff, Board <strong>of</strong> Trustees, volunteers, artists, donors,<br />

and patrons. Special recognition goes to our Ruby Society members<br />

for their continued generosity and support.<br />

Thanks to all <strong>of</strong> you for making our 50th Anniversary unforgettable!<br />

Cary Melnyk<br />

President<br />

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maestro<br />

Welcome to <strong>The</strong> <strong>Marriage</strong> <strong>of</strong> <strong>Figaro</strong>, the<br />

final mainstage production <strong>of</strong> Annapolis<br />

Opera’s 50th Anniversary Season! I can<br />

think <strong>of</strong> no better way to conclude our<br />

season’s mainstage productions than with<br />

this magnificent work.<br />

Created by arguably the greatest <strong>of</strong> operatic<br />

creative teams, Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart<br />

and Lorenzo da Ponte’s <strong>The</strong> <strong>Marriage</strong> <strong>of</strong><br />

<strong>Figaro</strong>—the first <strong>of</strong> their three storied<br />

collaborations—places comedy at the<br />

center <strong>of</strong> a probing exploration <strong>of</strong> deeply<br />

human stories amongst society’s classes.<br />

Premiered in 1786, <strong>The</strong> <strong>Marriage</strong> <strong>of</strong> <strong>Figaro</strong> centers around the feudal<br />

practice <strong>of</strong> droit du seigneur or jus primae noctis, (“right <strong>of</strong> the first<br />

night”). <strong>The</strong> practice <strong>of</strong> privileged men taking advantage <strong>of</strong> women<br />

reveals itself not only here, but throughout the entire opera. We<br />

witness the full breadth <strong>of</strong> humanity in real—and therefore, deeply<br />

complicated—relationships navigate through these power dynamics.<br />

Mozart created one <strong>of</strong> the most compelling scores <strong>of</strong> all time,<br />

simultaneously exploring and honoring the individuality <strong>of</strong> every<br />

person onstage. His vivid orchestration and unforgettable melodies<br />

capture the subtleties and lunacies <strong>of</strong> these stories, all with an eye<br />

toward the possibility <strong>of</strong> more just behavior.<br />

What an honor and joy to lead this fine cast, many <strong>of</strong> whom are<br />

making their Annapolis Opera debut, in our production <strong>of</strong> <strong>The</strong><br />

<strong>Marriage</strong> <strong>of</strong> <strong>Figaro</strong>. I hope you enjoy the performance! We’ve surely<br />

enjoyed creating this production and have done all we can to bring<br />

Mozart’s masterful score to life for you.<br />

As we near the end <strong>of</strong> our 50th Anniversary season, I invite you to join<br />

us on April 15 and 16th as John Holiday, the renowned countertenor,<br />

makes his Annapolis Opera debut in a one-night only performance<br />

and we present the final round <strong>of</strong> our Annual Vocal Competition.<br />

And I hope you will join us next season for our 51st season!<br />

Craig Kier<br />

Artistic and Music Director<br />

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Cary Melnyk, President<br />

Kathryn Dahl, Vice President<br />

Michael Lehr, Interim Treasurer<br />

Paula Abernethy, Secretary<br />

Rev. Dr. Carletta Allen<br />

Betty Austin<br />

Melvin Bender<br />

Barbara Bohl-Watkins<br />

Joy Chambers<br />

Georgianna Crosby<br />

Richard Hack<br />

Richard Krimm<br />

Andrew Noel<br />

Melissa Osmond<br />

Kimberly Ross Page<br />

Leah Solat<br />

Lyn Songy<br />

William Tham<br />


Hon. Westley Moore, Governor <strong>of</strong> Maryland<br />

Hon. Steuart Pittman, Anne Arundel County Executive<br />

Hon. Gavin Buckley, Mayor, City <strong>of</strong> Annapolis<br />

Dr. Dawn Lindsay, President, Anne Arundel Community College<br />

Nora V. Demleitner, President, St. John’s College, Annapolis<br />


Thomas DeKornfeld Patrick Lee, Jr.<br />

Anna E. Greenberg David Stern<br />

Catherine Hollerbach<br />


Rev. Dr. Carletta Allen Patsy Blackshear<br />

Betty Austin<br />

Terry Eberhardt<br />

STAFF<br />

Craig Kier, Artistic and Music Director<br />

Kathy Swekel, General Director<br />

Jane Weaver, Director <strong>of</strong> Development<br />

Victoria Mangum, Artistic <strong>Program</strong>s Manager<br />

Maura Dullea, Operations and Marketing Associate<br />

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j<br />



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Greenbelt, Maryland 20770<br />

(301) 441-2420<br />

(301) 982-9450 (fax)<br />


888 Bestgate Road, Suite 402<br />

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(410) 266-9909<br />

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Lindsey K. Erdmann<br />

Justin P. Fasano<br />

Justin M. Ginsburg<br />

Steven L. Goldberg<br />

Christopher L. Hamlin<br />

Charles H. Henderson<br />

Gregory R. Hislop<br />

Milton D. Jernigan, II<br />

Robert J. Kim<br />

Kelly S. Kylis<br />

Daniel F. Lynch, III<br />

John P. Lynch<br />

Erin B. McAuliffe<br />

Aaron D. Neal<br />

Janet M. Nesse<br />

Craig M. Palik<br />

Doan T. Phan<br />

Mark W. Schweitzer<br />

Esther A. Streete<br />

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SATURDAY, APRIL 15 AT 7:30 PM<br />



join usfor the thrilling final weekend <strong>of</strong> our GOLDEN SEASON<br />


SUNDAY | APRIL 16, 2023 AT 3 PM<br />


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<strong>The</strong> Encore Society acknowledges the generosity <strong>of</strong> those who have made<br />

an important commitment to leave a lasting legacy <strong>of</strong> live opera in Annapolis<br />

through their estate. Planned gifts are a powerful way to make an ongoing<br />

impact on the cultural life <strong>of</strong> Annapolis and Anne Arundel County, and the<br />

Annapolis Opera is grateful for the many donors who have chosen to include<br />

us in their estate plans.<br />

Not only do members enjoy access to exclusive events, but these gifts have<br />

the potential to provide valuable tax and income benefits now and in the<br />

future.*<br />

Contact Kathy Swekel: 410.267.8135 | kswekel@annapolisopera.org<br />

*Please consult with your financial or legal advisor to determine which type<br />

<strong>of</strong> gift is best for you.<br />

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that makes us feel alive.<br />

“Serving our community is a cornerstone <strong>of</strong> Zachary’s Jewelers.<br />

<strong>The</strong> Annapolis Opera is a vital cultural asset that we are proud to support.”<br />

Steve Samaras, Owner<br />


is proud to support the Annapolis Opera<br />

in their 2022-2023 Season<br />

Bravo to 50 years <strong>of</strong> utilizing creativity to<br />

share unique perspectives and encourage greater<br />

understanding <strong>of</strong> what makes us all different.<br />

Bring extraordinary perspectives, ideas and creative solutions to<br />

grow your organization with CTT's services.<br />

www.chesapeakethinktank.com<br />

info@chesapeakethinktank.com<br />

443-249-3339<br />

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Paula Abernethy & Rick Sullivan<br />

Patrice Blymyer<br />

Peggy Brennecke & Mark Hyman<br />

Carpaccio Tuscan Kitchen<br />

Helen Chin<br />

Georgianne Clark<br />

Kathy Clatan<strong>of</strong>f<br />

Kathryn Dahl<br />

Thomas DeKornfeld<br />

Collot Guerard<br />

Kathy Kirkland<br />

Cary Melnyk & Tim McDonough<br />

Missy McTamney<br />

Melissa & Stephen Osmond<br />

Colleen & Lester Prosser<br />

Martha & John Schwieters<br />

Margery Sinclair<br />

Ann Smith<br />

Lynn Songy<br />

Dawn & Joe Stern<br />

Joan & Buzz Stillinger<br />

Leah Solat<br />

William Tham<br />

& Susan Zimmerman<br />




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<strong>The</strong> Ruby Society<br />

<strong>The</strong> Ruby Soc<br />

<strong>The</strong> Annapolis Opera is proud to recognize the members <strong>of</strong> <strong>The</strong> Ruby<br />

Society who, through their generosity, have committed to keeping<br />

world-class opera in Annapolis. <strong>The</strong>y are passionate about the<br />

power <strong>of</strong> great music to enrich the cultural life <strong>of</strong> our community.<br />

<strong>The</strong>y appreciate the importance <strong>of</strong> opportunities for people <strong>of</strong> all<br />

ages to experience the magic <strong>of</strong> live opera performances, and have<br />

given generously to ensure it’s future.<br />

Ruby Society<br />

<strong>The</strong> Ruby Society<br />

“We support the opera because the programs presented have<br />

enriched our lives in many ways. In addition, we love supporting<br />

the annual Vocal Competition, which encourages young singers to<br />

achieve their best.” – Sylvia and Jim Earl, <strong>The</strong> Helena Foundation<br />

“We believe that supporting the opera and it’s mission to help the<br />

next generation <strong>of</strong> performers reach their potential enriches all<br />

<strong>of</strong> Annapolis.” – David and Carol Stern<br />

<strong>The</strong> Ruby Society honors those donors who support the opera with<br />

a gift <strong>of</strong> $30,000 or more over a three-year period. Ruby Society<br />

members enjoy special benefits and access to special events<br />

throughout the season.<br />


Contact Kathy Swekel at the Annapolis Opera <strong>of</strong>fice, 410.267.8135,<br />


for more information about <strong>The</strong> Ruby Society and how you can join.<br />

members<br />



















STERN<br />

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singer sponsors<br />





Annapolis Opera extends a special thanks to our Singer Sponsors.<br />

<strong>The</strong>se sponsors directly support singers in the opera’s productions,<br />

while creating a personal connection.<br />

To learn more about becoming a sponsor contact<br />

Kathy Swekel—410.267.8135 | kswekel@annapolisopera.org<br />

m<br />


corporate sponsors<br />

- 14 -


stage director<br />

“<strong>The</strong> cleverest character in comedy is the clown, for he who would make<br />

people take him for a fool, must not be one.” – Miguel de Cervantes<br />

“Every human being is a clown but only few have the courage to<br />

show it.” – Charlie Rivel<br />

Mozart and da Ponte’s <strong>The</strong> <strong>Marriage</strong> <strong>of</strong> <strong>Figaro</strong> is an unparalleled<br />

achievement in music theater —it is transcendent and yet deeply human.<br />

We see ourselves reflected in these characters —their triumphs and<br />

failures, their petty quarrels and pr<strong>of</strong>ound loves. We cheer for them,<br />

hoping that they’ll be their best, but we’re ready to forgive them each<br />

time they fall short, sure that next time they’ll get it right.<br />

Da Ponte’s libretto for <strong>The</strong> <strong>Marriage</strong> <strong>of</strong> <strong>Figaro</strong> is drawn from the second<br />

<strong>of</strong> a trilogy <strong>of</strong> plays by French playwright Pierre Beaumarchais, a<br />

contemporary <strong>of</strong> the composer and librettist. Beaumarchais’ <strong>Figaro</strong> plays<br />

draw heavily from the Italian theater tradition <strong>of</strong> commedia dell’arte—<br />

traveling theatre troupes that relied on established stock characters<br />

and familiar situations to add structure to improvised dialogue. Over<br />

centuries, many <strong>of</strong> these characters have been woven indelibly into our<br />

cultural fabric—playful Harlequin, melancholy Pierrot—and we see the<br />

fingerprints <strong>of</strong> commedia all over popular culture, from <strong>The</strong> Simpsons to<br />

Parks and Recreation.<br />

<strong>The</strong> <strong>Marriage</strong> <strong>of</strong> <strong>Figaro</strong> is built on these 16th century archetypes: In<br />

Susanna, we see the wit and heart <strong>of</strong> Colombina; in <strong>Figaro</strong>, the cynicism<br />

<strong>of</strong> Brighella tempered by the buoyant joy <strong>of</strong> Harlequin; in Bartolo, full <strong>of</strong><br />

hot air and self-importance, Il Dottore. We <strong>of</strong>ten think <strong>of</strong> the commedia<br />

characters as caricatures, as cartoons, clowns; but truly, the most<br />

remarkable thing about this cast <strong>of</strong> characters is how recognizable they<br />

are as people. Dame Jane Glover, in her insightful book Mozart’s Women,<br />

speaks <strong>of</strong> the composer’s need for pr<strong>of</strong>undity and buffoonery in equal<br />

measure. <strong>The</strong> <strong>Marriage</strong> <strong>of</strong> <strong>Figaro</strong> exists in the vibrant space between, and<br />

in that space—we find humanity.<br />

Corinne Hayes<br />

Stage Director<br />

- 15 -

W. A. MOZART<br />

the <strong>Marriage</strong><br />

CAST:<br />

Efraín Solís<br />

FIGARO<br />

Helen Zhibing Huang<br />


Rachel Blaustein<br />


Kevin Godinez<br />


Elizabeth Sarian<br />


Andrew Adelsberger<br />


Hannah Shea<br />


Brian Wallin<br />


Öznur Tülüoglu<br />


Christopher Hartung<br />


Amanda Densmoor<br />


Denique Isaac<br />


- 16 -

<strong>of</strong> <strong>Figaro</strong><br />


CONDUCTOR, Craig Kier<br />

DIRECTOR, Corinne Hayes<br />


Brandon Shaw McKnight<br />

CHOREOGRAPHER, Sarah Oppenheim<br />

SCENIC DESIGNER, Jefferson Ridenour<br />

COSTUME DESIGNER, Patty Hibbert<br />


DESIGNER, Malory Hartman<br />

WIG/MAKE-UP DESIGNER, Priscilla Bruce<br />


STAGE MANAGER, Kyle Conn<br />


MANAGER, Sarah Greenberg<br />


DESIGNER, Chris Brusberg<br />


Elizabeth D’Antonio<br />

SUPERTITLE OPERATOR, Claire Iverson<br />

- 17 -

ACT I—<strong>Figaro</strong>, servant to Count Almaviva, is about to marry Susanna, the<br />

Countess’s maid. He measures a room for a bed, but Susanna is concerned<br />

that the room is too close to the Count’s chamber. She explains to <strong>Figaro</strong><br />

that Almaviva is pursuing her. <strong>Figaro</strong> vows to thwart the Count’s plans.<br />

Once <strong>Figaro</strong> leaves, Doctor Bartolo and Marcellina enter. Marcellina is angry<br />

at Susanna for stealing <strong>Figaro</strong> away from her, while Bartolo is angry at<br />

<strong>Figaro</strong> for making a fool <strong>of</strong> him in the past. Marcellina and Susanna are<br />

sarcastically polite with one another until Marcellina and Bartolo leave.<br />

Cherubino, a young page, enters, seeking advice from Susanna. Count<br />

Almaviva caught him alone with the gardener’s daughter, Barbarina, and<br />

he is now to be sent away. He is besotted by all women, he explains, and<br />

cannot help himself. Before Susanna can <strong>of</strong>fer advice, they are interrupted<br />

by the arrival <strong>of</strong> Almaviva himself. Cherubino hides while Almaviva attempts<br />

to set up a tryst with Susanna. <strong>The</strong> Count himself is forced to hide when<br />

yet another voice is heard at the door. It’s Don Basilio, the music teacher,<br />

who references Cherubino’s supposed crush on the Countess. In a rage,<br />

the Count reveals himself to an amused Basilio. He states that he is<br />

sending Cherubino away and relates the scene in the gardener’s daughter’s<br />

chambers. As he does, Almaviva discovers a hiding Cherubino. Almaviva is<br />

fuming, as Cherubino has overheard him propositioning Susanna. He vows<br />

to get rid <strong>of</strong> the lad by giving him a military commission. <strong>Figaro</strong> returns,<br />

accompanied by festive townspeople. He asks the Count to join him and<br />

Susanna in marriage. Almaviva stalls him.<br />

ACT II—In Countess Rosina’s chambers, the Countess grieves for the loss<br />

<strong>of</strong> her husband’s love and attention, and she and Susanna discuss Count<br />

Almaviva’s roving eye. <strong>The</strong> Countess believes her husband no longer loves<br />

her, while Susanna wants him to leave her alone. Susanna tells the Countess<br />

that she and <strong>Figaro</strong> have a plan: Almaviva will receive a letter from Basilio<br />

informing him that his wife has taken up a lover. At the same time, Susanna<br />

will set up a rendezvous with Almaviva but will send a disguised Cherubino<br />

in her place. Cherubino enters with a song <strong>of</strong> love for the Countess and a<br />

commission letter that the Count forgot to seal and is taken aback when<br />

the women begin to undress him. Having locked the door, they have time<br />

to hide Cherubino and Susanna when Almaviva unexpectedly arrives to<br />

speak with his wife about the letter from Basilio, written and planted by<br />

<strong>Figaro</strong>. Noticing the Countess’s agitation, Almaviva is instantly suspicious.<br />

He jealously demands entry into the locked inner room where Cherubino<br />

is hiding, but the Countess refuses to open it, claiming Susanna is inside<br />

trying on her wedding dress. Almaviva, taking the Countess with him, leaves<br />

the room to get a crowbar. After they leave, Susanna locks herself into the<br />

room and Cherubino exits the Countess’s chamber through the window.<br />

Unaware <strong>of</strong> the switch, the Countess confesses everything to her husband<br />

upon their return. She is shocked when Susanna exits the locked room.<br />

- 18 -

Almaviva begs forgiveness for his suspicions. <strong>Figaro</strong> arrives to gather up<br />

the group for the wedding. He is followed by Antonio, the gardener, who<br />

is upset that someone jumping from the Countess’s balcony has crushed<br />

his flowers. Upon prompting from the women, <strong>Figaro</strong> claims it was he who<br />

jumped. <strong>The</strong> gardener shows him Cherubino’s dropped commission, which<br />

<strong>Figaro</strong> claims he was holding to get the Count’s seal. Marcellina, Bartolo,<br />

and Basilio enter, and Almaviva, still suspicious, hears their claim that<br />

<strong>Figaro</strong> is obliged to marry Marcellina to pay <strong>of</strong>f an outstanding debt.<br />

ACT III—Acting on her lady’s insistence, Susanna approaches Count<br />

Almaviva. He once again asks her to meet him in the garden. She agrees.<br />

On her way from the room, the Count overhears Susanna telling <strong>Figaro</strong> that<br />

his legal troubles will soon be over. He is furious at the apparent deception.<br />

Marcellina and Bartolo, their attorney Don Curzio in tow, confront <strong>Figaro</strong>,<br />

who tells them that being <strong>of</strong> noble birth—though stolen away by thieves<br />

as an infant—he can only marry with the consent <strong>of</strong> his family. To prove<br />

his tale, he shows the crowd his birthmark. Immediately, Marcellina and<br />

Bartolo recognize the mark as belonging to their son, and the three joyfully<br />

reunite. <strong>Figaro</strong> embraces his long-lost mother as Susanna rejoins the crowd,<br />

having just secured the money to pay <strong>of</strong>f his debt from the Countess. She<br />

misunderstands the embrace and rages at <strong>Figaro</strong>. Marcellina explains the<br />

situation, and everyone is happy. Everyone that is, except the Count, who<br />

is sure he’s still being played. As the group leaves, Susanna stays behind to<br />

speak to the Countess. <strong>The</strong> Countess dictates a letter from Susanna to the<br />

Count. She plans to surprise Almaviva in the garden herself. <strong>Figaro</strong> returns<br />

to gather everyone for the wedding. During the dancing, Susanna slips the<br />

Count her letter.<br />

ACT IV—In the garden, <strong>Figaro</strong> meets the gardener’s daughter Barbarina,<br />

whom Almaviva has entrusted to return the brooch Susanna pinned to<br />

the letter. <strong>Figaro</strong> assumes Susanna is cheating on him and invites Bartolo<br />

and Don Basilio to join him for her public humiliation. As they leave, the<br />

Countess and Susanna appear, each dressed as the other. Cherubino is also<br />

in the garden meeting with Barbarina. He spies the Countess and, thinking<br />

she is Susanna, leans in to kiss her. Instead, he kisses Almaviva, who swats<br />

<strong>Figaro</strong>. <strong>The</strong> Count declares his love for Susanna, who is really the Countess,<br />

while <strong>Figaro</strong> tells the Countess, who is really Susanna, about the tryst.<br />

Susanna forgets to disguise her voice, and <strong>Figaro</strong> figures out that it’s her<br />

under the Countess’s cloak. <strong>The</strong>ir embrace is noticed by the Count, who is<br />

about to expose them when his wife takes <strong>of</strong>f her own disguise. Almaviva is<br />

ashamed and apologizes to his wife for both his jealousy and his infidelity.<br />

<strong>The</strong>y all return to the celebration.<br />

- 19 -


performers<br />


HOMETOWN: Kensington, MD<br />

PREVIOUS: Judge/Ensemble, Lost in the Stars<br />

(Annapolis Opera), Benoit/Alcindoro, La bohème<br />

(Annapolis Opera), Dulcamara, L’elisr d’amore<br />

(Permian Basin Opera); Sacristan, Tosca (Annapolis<br />

Opera); Don Magnifico, La Cenerentola (Opera<br />

Fort Collins); Major General Stanley, <strong>The</strong> Pirates<br />

<strong>of</strong> Penzance (Young Victorian <strong>The</strong>ater); Gianni<br />

Schicchi, Gianni Schicchi (Hubbard Hall Opera<br />

<strong>The</strong>ater), Charles Guiteau, Assassins (NextStop<br />

<strong>The</strong>ater); Death, <strong>The</strong> Emperor <strong>of</strong> Atlantis (InSeries, Washington, DC); Dr.<br />

Bartolo, Il barbiere di Siviglia (Opera Fort Collins, Ashlawn Opera, Maryland<br />

Opera Studio)<br />

RACHEL BLAUSTEIN | Countess Almaviva<br />

HOMETOWN: Olney, MD<br />

PREVIOUS: Nannetta, Falstaff (Maryland Lyric<br />

Opera); Laura Brown, <strong>The</strong> Hours workshop (<strong>The</strong><br />

Metropolitan Opera); <strong>The</strong> Monument cvr; Rise<br />

(Washington National Opera); Soloist, Mozart<br />

Requiem (New Choral Society); Autonoe, <strong>The</strong><br />

Lord <strong>of</strong> Cries (Odyssey Opera); Ruth, Awakenings<br />

(Opera <strong>The</strong>atre <strong>of</strong> Saint Louis); Micól Finzi-Contini,<br />

<strong>The</strong> Garden <strong>of</strong> the Finzi-Continis (New York City<br />

Opera); Lauretta, Gianni Schicchi (Tulsa Opera);<br />

Frasquita, Carmen (Chicago Opera <strong>The</strong>ater)<br />

UPCOMING: Micól Finzi-Contini, <strong>The</strong> Garden <strong>of</strong> the Finzi-Continis (Florence, Italy)<br />

AMANDA DENSMOOR | Bridesmaid<br />

HOMETOWN: Bogor, Indonesia<br />

PREVIOUS: Meera, This Is Not That Dawn (Catalyst<br />

New Music), Valentina Scarcella, Later the Same<br />

Evening (Maryland Opera Studio), Queen <strong>of</strong> the<br />

Night, Die Zauberflöte (Maryland Opera Studio),<br />

Servilia, La clemenza di Tito (Opera Steamboat)<br />

- 20 -

KEVIN GODINEZ | Count Almaviva<br />

HOMETOWN: San José, Costa Rica<br />

PREVIOUS: Masetto and Don Giovanni, Don<br />

Giovanni (Costa Rica National Opera and<br />

Chicago Summer Opera, respectively); Marchese<br />

d’Obigny and Giorgio Germont, La traviata<br />

(Costa Rica National Opera and Academy <strong>of</strong><br />

Vocal Arts, respectively); Enrico, Il campanello<br />

di notte (University <strong>of</strong> Costa Rica Opera); Peter<br />

(Der Vater), Hänsel und Gretel (International<br />

Opera Festival San Luis Potosí, México); Silvio, I<br />

pagliacci (University <strong>of</strong> Costa Rica Opera); Gianni Schicchi, Gianni Schicchi<br />

(International Summer Opera Festival <strong>of</strong> Morelia, México); Marcello and<br />

Schaunard, La bohème (Academy <strong>of</strong> Vocal Arts and Opera in Williamsburg,<br />

respectively); Dottore Malatesta, Don Pasquale (Academy <strong>of</strong> Vocal Arts)<br />

UPCOMING: Don Giovanni (Cover), Don Giovanni (Academy <strong>of</strong> Vocal Arts);<br />

Soloist, Duruflé’s Requiem (Greater Philadelphia Choral Society)<br />


HOMETOWN: Baltimore, MD<br />

PREVIOUS: John Smith, <strong>The</strong>se Mountains and<br />

Valleys (Berk’s Opera Company); Chorus, Il<br />

trovatore (Washington National Opera); Mr. Darcy,<br />

Pride & Prejudice (Peabody Opera); Chrous, La<br />

bohème (Annapolis Opera); <strong>The</strong> Steward, Into<br />

the Woods (Annapolis Opera); Chorus, Un ballo in<br />

maschera (Maryland Lyric Opera)<br />

UPCOMING: Gianni Schicchi, Gianni Schicchi (Berk’s<br />

Opera); Chorus, Otello (Maryland Lyric Opera)<br />


HOMETOWN: Richmond, VA/Beijing, China<br />

PREVIOUS: Zerlina, Don Giovanni (North Carolina<br />

Opera); Monica, <strong>The</strong> Medium (Nashville Opera);<br />

Soprano Soloist, Messiah (Alabama Symphony<br />

Orchestra); Amour, Orphée (Washington Concert<br />

Opera); Setsuko Kobayashi, An American Dream<br />

(Kentucky Opera); Pamina, <strong>The</strong> Magic Flute (<strong>The</strong><br />

Glimmerglass Festival)<br />

UPCOMING: Le Rossignol, Le Rossignol<br />

(West Edge Opera)<br />

- 21 -


performers<br />

DENIQUE ISAAC | Bridesmaid<br />

HOMETOWN: Baltimore, MD<br />

PREVIOUS: Rapunzel, Into the Woods (Annapolis<br />

Opera), Bess Study Cover, Porgy and Bess (Des<br />

Moines Metro Opera), Miss Jessel, Turn <strong>of</strong> the<br />

Screw (Opera Baltimore)<br />

UPCOMING: Female Lead, Dear Mr. Duncan (World<br />

Music Collective)<br />

ELIZABETH SARIAN | Cherubino<br />

HOMETOWN: Plainview, NY<br />

PREVIOUS: Mama, Harvey Milk Reimagined (Opera<br />

<strong>The</strong>ater <strong>of</strong> Saint Louis); Suzuki (cover), Madama<br />

Butterfly (<strong>The</strong> Atlanta Opera); Nireno, Giulio Cesare<br />

(<strong>The</strong> Atlanta Opera)<br />

UPCOMING: Siébel, Faust (Opera Baltimore); Rinaldo<br />

(cover), Rinaldo (<strong>The</strong> Glimmerglass Festival)<br />

HANNAH SHEA | Marcellina<br />

HOMETOWN: Harrisburg, PA<br />

PREVIOUS: Third Maid, Elektra; Mercédès, Carmen<br />

(Washington National Opera); Alto Soloist, Mozart<br />

Requiem (National Symphony Orchestra); Alto<br />

Soloist, Handel Messiah (Chattanooga Symphony<br />

& Opera); Old Lady, Candide (Rapides Symphony<br />

Orchestra); Bernice, Katie: <strong>The</strong> Strongest <strong>of</strong> the<br />

Strong (Houston Grand Opera); La tasse chinoise,<br />

L’enfant et les sortilèges; Nelda, Taking Up Serpents<br />

(Rice University)<br />

UPCOMING: Edith Thibault, Bel Canto; Alto Soloist, Bach Magnificat (Aspen<br />

Music Festival)<br />

POST-PERFORMANCE conversation<br />

We invite you to join Annapolis Opera’s Artistic and Music Director, Craig<br />

Kier, with members <strong>of</strong> the cast for a brief conversation following the Sunday<br />

matinee performance. This conversation will commence shortly after the<br />

performance concludes. Guests are encouraged to move downstage to the<br />

front <strong>of</strong> the theater where the Q & A will be held. We look forward to seeing<br />

many <strong>of</strong> you after the performance!<br />

- 22 -

EFRAÍN SOLÍS | <strong>Figaro</strong><br />

HOMETOWN: Santa Ana, CA<br />

PREVIOUS: Germano, La Scala di Seta (Opera<br />

Santa Barbara); Jailer, Dialogues <strong>of</strong> the Carmelites<br />

(San Francisco Opera); <strong>Figaro</strong>, Le Nozze di <strong>Figaro</strong><br />

(Opera San Jose); <strong>Figaro</strong>, <strong>The</strong> <strong>Marriage</strong> <strong>of</strong> <strong>Figaro</strong><br />

(Opera Delaware)<br />

UPCOMING: Dandini, La Cenerentola (Hamburg<br />

Staatsoper); Dulcamara, <strong>The</strong> Elixir <strong>of</strong> Love (Hawaii<br />

Opera <strong>The</strong>ater); Papageno, <strong>The</strong> Magic Flute (Santa<br />

Rosa Symphony)<br />

ÖZNUR TÜLÜOGLU | Barbarina<br />

HOMETOWN: Baltimore, MD<br />

PREVIOUS: Sandrina, La finta giardiniera (Opera<br />

Neo & <strong>The</strong> Hungarian State Opera); Micaela,<br />

Carmen (Loudoun Lyric Opera); Mrs. Coyle, Owen<br />

Wingrave (Maryland Opera Studio); Arminda, La<br />

finta giardiniera (Maryland Opera Studio)<br />

UPCOMING: Aspasia, Mitridate (Opera Neo)<br />

BRIAN WALLIN | Basilio/Don Curzio<br />

HOMETOWN: New Brighton, MN<br />

PREVIOUS: Brighella, Ariadne auf Naxos (Arizona<br />

Opera); Tamino, <strong>The</strong> Magic Flute (Opéra de<br />

Montréal); L’Abate di Chazeuil, Adriana Lecouvreur<br />

(Baltimore Concert Opera); Male Chorus, <strong>The</strong> Rape<br />

<strong>of</strong> Lucretia (An Opera <strong>The</strong>atre)<br />

UPCOMING: Frederic, Pirates <strong>of</strong> Penzance (Pacific<br />

Opera Project)<br />

CHORUS<br />

Alex Blenman<br />

James Carpenter<br />

Bailey Galindo<br />

Allan Gervacio<br />

JP Gorski<br />

David Hancock<br />

Patricia Hengen<br />

Rebecca Hollerbach<br />

James Huchla<br />

Kellen Johnson<br />

Clare Lillig<br />

Frank Lyman<br />

Carol Lord Openhym<br />

Brandon Shaw McKnight<br />

Donna Tatro<br />

- 23 -


artistic staff<br />

CRAIG KIER | Artistic Director & Conductor<br />

American Conductor Craig Kier has received<br />

high praise for his “Tesla-like intensity” and<br />

“impeccable orchestral support” while leading<br />

performances throughout the United States and<br />

on international stages.<br />

Maestro Kier was appointed Artistic and Music<br />

Director <strong>of</strong> the Annapolis Opera in 2020 and has<br />

been the Director <strong>of</strong> the Maryland Opera Studio<br />

(MOS) since 2014. Productions since the beginning<br />

<strong>of</strong> his tenure with MOS have included Mozart’s<br />

Don Giovanni, Le nozze di <strong>Figaro</strong>, Così fan tutte, La finta giardiniera, and<br />

La clemenza di Tito, Handel’s Ariodante, Janáček’s <strong>The</strong> Cunning Little Vixen,<br />

Ravel’s L’enfant et les sortilèges, Blitzstein’s Regina, Rossini’s L’occasione fa<br />

il ladro, Gluck’s Orfeo ed Euridice, Britten’s <strong>The</strong> Rape <strong>of</strong> Lucretia and Owen<br />

Wingrave, Offenbach’s Orpheus in the Underworld, and Poulenc’s Dialogues<br />

<strong>of</strong> the Carmelites.<br />

Kier’s 2022-2023 season includes productions <strong>of</strong> Puccini’s La bohème, Kurt<br />

Weill’s Lost in the Stars, and Mozart’s Le nozze di <strong>Figaro</strong> with Annapolis<br />

Opera. He also leads productions <strong>of</strong> La bohème, Mozart’s Don Giovanni, and<br />

Missy Mazaoli’s Proving Up with Maryland Opera Studio and returns to Brevard<br />

Music Center. Last season, he led Mozart’s Die Zauberflöte and John Musto’s<br />

Later the Same Evening with the Maryland Opera Studio and La cenerentola,<br />

and Into the Woods with Annapolis Opera. In the 2019-2020 season, he led<br />

Tosca with Annapolis Opera, was scheduled to return to the Brevard Music<br />

Center to conduct their season opening concert and Die Entführung aus<br />

dem Serail, returned to Houston Ballet to lead gala performances and <strong>The</strong><br />

Nutcracker, which he has done since 2011, and continued his association<br />

with the National Symphony Orchestra, assisting Gianandrea Noseda. In the<br />

2018-2019 season, he made his San Francisco Merola Opera Center debut,<br />

Indianapolis Opera debut, and returned to Opera Birmingham and Houston<br />

Ballet. At the University <strong>of</strong> Maryland, he served as Artistic Director <strong>of</strong> the yearlong<br />

Kurt Weill Festival, conducting performances <strong>of</strong> <strong>The</strong> Road <strong>of</strong> Promise,<br />

Mahagonny Songspiel, and Street Scene.<br />

Recent season highlights include conducting debuts with Wolf Trap Opera<br />

leading Britten’s <strong>The</strong> Rape <strong>of</strong> Lucretia, Brevard Opera Center leading La<br />

cenerentola, Anchorage Opera leading Don Pasquale, Arizona Opera leading<br />

Madama Butterfly, and Opera Saratoga leading Verdi’s Falstaff.<br />

From 2010-2013, Kier was Associate Conductor under Patrick Summers<br />

at Houston Grand Opera. During his time with the company he led<br />

dozens <strong>of</strong> performances including Madama Butterfly, Il barbiere di<br />

Siviglia, Die Fledermaus, Trial by Jury and the world premiere <strong>of</strong> Huang<br />

Ruo’s Bound. Additional guest engagements for Kier include La bohème<br />

- 24 -

KIER (continued) with Lyric Opera <strong>of</strong> Kansas City, Il barbiere di Siviglia with<br />

Atlanta Opera, Kurt Weill’s Lost in the Stars with the Glimmerglass Festival,<br />

<strong>The</strong> Sound <strong>of</strong> Music with Central City Opera, Thomas’ Hamlet and La Traviata<br />

with Opera Birmingham, L’italiani in Algeri with Opera Santa Barbara, and<br />

<strong>The</strong> Music Man at Royal Opera House Muscat, Oman.<br />

CORINNE HAYES | Stage Director<br />

HOMETOWN: St. Louis, MO<br />

PREVIOUS: Director, Le nozze di <strong>Figaro</strong> (Miami<br />

Music Festival); Director, TWA (Maryland Opera<br />

Studio); Director, La rondine (Miami Music Festival);<br />

Director, Carmen (Shreveport Opera); Director,<br />

Rigoletto (Opera Mississippi); Assistant Director,<br />

Candide (Washington National Opera); Assistant<br />

Director, <strong>The</strong> Little Prince (Washington National<br />

Opera)<br />

UPCOMING: Director, Don Giovanni (Maryland Opera Studio); Director,<br />

L’incoronazione di Poppea (Miami Music Festival)<br />

BRANDON SHAW MCKNIGHT | Assistant Director<br />

HOMETOWN: Baltimore, MD<br />

PREVIOUS: Brandon, Don’t Bother Me, I Can’t<br />

Cope (B’more Broadway Live); Director/Performer,<br />

Handel’s Messiah Staged (bshawmcknight<br />

productions); Assistant Stage Manager, <strong>The</strong><br />

Turn <strong>of</strong> the Screw (Opera Baltimore); Stage<br />

Manager, Maometto Secondo (Teatro Nuovo);<br />

Matthew Kumalo, Lost in the Stars (Annapolis<br />

Opera); Choreographer, Much Ado About Nothing<br />

(Spotlighters <strong>The</strong>atre); Stage Manager, Blue (Toledo Opera)<br />

UPCOMING: Assistant Director, Carousel (Opera North), Assistant Director,<br />

Carmen (Opera North)<br />

CHRISTOPHER BRUSBERG | Production Manager & Lighting Designer<br />

HOMETOWN: New York City, NY<br />

PREVIOUS: Into <strong>The</strong> Woods, La Cenerentola, La bohème, Lost in <strong>The</strong> Stars<br />

& Tosca (Annapolis Opera); La Cenerentola (Remount) (Tri-Cities Opera &<br />

Syracuse Opera); Summer Season 2022, EMERGE125 (NYC), What Happens<br />

If I Don’t (English Premier) & Hotel Good Luck, Cherry Arts (Ithaca), can i<br />

touch it? (NPN Rolling Premier) (Company One); L’heure Espangnol (Wolf<br />

Trap/NOI); Susannah (Boston Conservatory); Black Snow (Montclair State<br />

University); Die Zauberflöte (Manhattan School <strong>of</strong> Music); Dido And Aeneas<br />

(NYU Steinhardt)<br />

UPCOMING: <strong>Marriage</strong> <strong>of</strong> <strong>Figaro</strong> (Tri-Cities Opera); Idomeno (NYU Steinheart),<br />

Sister Act (Lyric Stage Co <strong>of</strong> Boston); EMERGE125 Summer Dance Series, <strong>The</strong><br />

Boy Who Kissed the Sky (Company One)<br />

- 25 -


artistic staff<br />

KYLE CONN | Stage Manager<br />

HOMETOWN: New York City, NY<br />

PREVIOUS: Mornings at Seven (<strong>The</strong>atre at St. Clements); Ms. Trial (New World<br />

Stages); Bridges: A New Musical (<strong>The</strong> Times Center); Women on Fire (Royal<br />

Family); Monuments (<strong>The</strong> Times Center); Mexodus and <strong>The</strong> Till Trilogy (Mosaic<br />

<strong>The</strong>ater); Pass Over (American Shakespeare Center); Comedy <strong>of</strong> Errors (Elm<br />

Shakespeare Company); SOVA Awards (televised from the Guggenheim, Stage<br />

Manager); Joy Behar’s A Crisis in Queens (Sunlight Studios, PSM); Orfeo (Yale<br />

University, PSM); Rocco, Chelsea, Adriana, Sean, Claudia, Gianna, Alex (HERE<br />

Arts Center, ASM); Wicked (Oriental <strong>The</strong>ater, Production Assistant)<br />

UPCOMING: Doriclea (Yale University)<br />

p<br />

s<br />

SARAH GREENBERG | Assistant Stage Manager<br />

HOMETOWN: Alexandria, VA<br />

PREVIOUS: Stage Manager, Pergolesi! (Opera Lafayette); Stage Manager,<br />

Proving Up (Maryland Opera Studio); Assistant Stage Manager, La bohème<br />

(Maryland Opera Studio); Stage Manager, <strong>The</strong> History <strong>of</strong> Empires (La MaMa)<br />

UPCOMING: Stage Manager, I Was Looking at the Ceiling and then I Saw the<br />

Sky (INSeries)<br />

SARAH OPPENHEIM | Choreographer<br />

HOMETOWN: Modesto, CA<br />

PREVIOUS: Everyone His Own Bastard Heartabeast (dida e.V. Raum für<br />

Kultur); Found a Penknife in My Unionsuit Flap (dida e.V. Raum für Kultur);<br />

Beseech the Spleen & Melancholy the Spine (<strong>The</strong> Creek and <strong>The</strong> Cave); <strong>The</strong> In<br />

<strong>The</strong> End Elimination Project (Chelsea Hotel Ro<strong>of</strong>top); Hold This Deep for Safe<br />

(Bookcourt); It’s Not Here, Either (Mayflower Square Apartment Complex);<br />

Snake Telegram (<strong>The</strong> Clarice, Dance Place, Joe’s Movement Emporium);<br />

Skirt <strong>The</strong> Wall (Kennedy Center; DNI (U.S. Botanic Garden); Drama-Rama<br />

(National Gallery <strong>of</strong> Art); Wren Print Cess Pool Cutty Sark (Dance Place);<br />

Restoration Restoration Hard Tear (dance film); Grass.Specter (Dance Place)<br />

UPCOMING: Don Giovanni (Maryland Opera Studio); Many Extra Only More<br />

(Extra Space Storage)<br />

PATTY HIBBERT | Costume Designer<br />

Hometown: Fryeburg, ME<br />

PREVIOUS: Turandot, Carmen, Così fan tutte, Carmen, <strong>The</strong> Merry Widow,<br />

Eugene Onegin, Pirates <strong>of</strong> Penzance, Die Fledermaus, La bohème, <strong>The</strong><br />

Barber <strong>of</strong> Seville, La Cenerentola, <strong>The</strong> <strong>Marriage</strong> <strong>of</strong> <strong>Figaro</strong>, Madama Butterfly,<br />

Rigoletto, Don Pasquale, <strong>The</strong> Magic Flute, <strong>The</strong> Counsel, La Giaconda, Matilda,<br />

Cinderella, Something Rotten, Little Women, King and I, Young Frankenstein,<br />

Barefoot in the Park, Into the Woods, <strong>The</strong> Legend <strong>of</strong> Georgia McBride, Lucky<br />

Stiff, Nunsense, Clue, Mousetrap, Anastasia<br />

UPCOMING: Les Liaisons Dangereues, Murder on the Orient Express,<br />

Nunsense, Arsenic and Old Lace, Baskerville: A Sherlock Holmes Mystery<br />

- 26 -

production<br />


Operations and Marketing Associate<br />


Artistic Assistant<br />


Judith Cummings, Linda Serpico,<br />

Juliet Shore, Carol Tabak,<br />

Lorraine vom Saal<br />


symphony orchestra<br />

VIOLIN I<br />

Nicholas Currie, Acting Concertmaster<br />

Abby Armbruster, Acting Associate<br />

Concertmaster<br />

Qian Zhong, Acting Assistant<br />

Concertmaster<br />

Paul Bagley<br />


Kristin Bakkegard, Acting Principal<br />

Megan Gray, Acting Associate Principal<br />

Sally Stallings Amass<br />

Yan Izquierdo<br />

VIOLA<br />

Sarah Hart, Principal<br />

Derek Smith, Associate Principal<br />

Susan Taylor Dapkunas<br />

CELLO<br />

Pie Lu, Acting Principal<br />

April Studeny, Acting Associate<br />

Principal<br />

BASS<br />

Patrick Raynard, Acting Principal<br />


Artistic Director & Conductor<br />

- 27 -<br />

STAFF<br />


Set Rental, OperaDelaware<br />

Scenic Construction, Robert Parker<br />

Scenic Painter, Erica Harney<br />


Antonio Adams, Lighting Operator<br />

Rachel Buxton, Graphic Design<br />

Lucy Haag, Wig & Makeup Assistant<br />

Maryland Hall Staff<br />

FLUTE<br />

Kimberly Valerio, Principal<br />

Genevieve Eichman<br />

OBOE<br />

Fatma Daglar, Principal<br />

Michael Homme<br />


Robert DiLutis, Principal<br />

Elise Bond<br />


Bryan Young, Acting Principal<br />

Lynn Moncilovich<br />

HORN<br />

Alex Kovling, Principal<br />

Steven Barzal<br />


Christopher Buchanan, Acting<br />

Principal<br />

Thomas Bithell<br />


Curt Armbruster, Principal<br />


Orchestra Manager<br />


Librarian<br />

With 61 years <strong>of</strong> artistic excellence, the Annapolis Symphony Orchestra, under<br />

the direction <strong>of</strong> Maestro José-Luis Novo is recognized as the largest performing<br />

arts organization in Maryland’s capital city. Performing Classics, Pops, Family, and<br />

special events each year, the Annapolis Symphony Orchestra continues to rise in<br />

excellence and national reputation. <strong>The</strong> Annapolis Symphony Orchestra reaches<br />

thousands each year with its free “Pops in the Park,” joint concerts with the United<br />

States Naval Academy, and collaborative projects with other arts organizations<br />

and touring headliners. In addition, the Annapolis Symphony Orchestra sponsors<br />

numerous award-winning education concerts and outreach programs in community<br />

schools, sharing the joy <strong>of</strong> music-making with school children.

Annapolis Opera gratefully acknowledges<br />

our members and supporters.<br />

January 1, 2022 – March 1, 2023<br />


James & Sylvia Earl, <strong>The</strong> Helena Foundation<br />

Norman Fisher & Doris Fisher Foundation<br />

Lester & Colleen Prosser<br />

John & Martha Schwieters<br />

David & Carol Stern<br />

William Tham & Susan Zimmerman<br />

Robert & Lorraine Vom Saal<br />

CovingtonAlsina<br />

M & T Bank<br />

Joy Chambers & Peter Bungay<br />

Kathryn Dahl<br />

Rosalie E. Lijinsky<br />

Nielsen Development Group<br />


Arts Council <strong>of</strong> Anne Arundel County<br />

Maryland State Arts Council<br />

<strong>The</strong> Family <strong>of</strong> Patricia Edwards<br />

Joyce Pratt & Jeffrey K. Harris<br />

Duncan Kennedy<br />

Kurt Weill Foundation<br />

DIVA CIRCLE ($5,000–$9,999)<br />

Lyndon Olson<br />

RBC Wealth Management<br />

Jan Paul Richter & Ellen von Seggern Richter<br />

Leah & Norman Solat<br />

Mark Sylvester<br />

Roslyn Zimmerman<br />

COMPOSER CIRCLE ($2,500–$4,999)<br />

Calvin & Betty Austin<br />

Patricia Baum<br />

Melvin Bender<br />

Murray & Teddy Blank<br />

Martin Block & Renee Comet<br />

Chesapeake Think Tank<br />

Kenneth Code<br />

Georgianna Crosby<br />

CONCERTMASTER CIRCLE ($1,000–$2,499)<br />

Paula Abernethy<br />

Rev. Dr. Carletta Allen<br />

Barbara L. Bohl-Watkins<br />

Brad Clark<br />

Gladys & Michael Datch<br />

Jib & Katherine Edwards<br />

Alan J. Hyatt<br />

Lee Finney<br />

Jill Kidwell<br />

Craig & Rebecca Kier<br />

Thomas DeKornfeld<br />

& Nina Fisher*<br />

Thomas DeKornfeld Sr.<br />

Mark & Mary Doran Brown<br />

Fidelity Investments<br />

Susan Goldberg<br />

Anna E. Greenberg<br />

Richard & Cheryl Hack<br />

Richard W. Krimm*<br />

Michael & Catherine Lehr<br />

Andy & Stephanie Noel<br />

Joyce Olin & Chris Nelson<br />

Linda P. Orff<br />

Stephen & Melissa Osmond<br />

Kimberly W. Ross Page<br />

Anne Palumbo<br />

Alexander Ray<br />

Julie B. Schuelke<br />

- 28 -<br />

Lisa & Richard Hillman<br />

George & Madeline Hughes<br />

Cary Melnyk & Tim<br />

McDonough*<br />

Tony J. Parasiliti<br />

Edward & Shannon Sausville<br />

Sims & Campbell<br />

Kathy & Chris Swekel<br />

Maxine Silber<br />

Michael & Melanie Teems<br />

Ann Tran & Mark Davis*<br />

Trident Wealth<br />

United Bank<br />

Loretta M. Walz<br />

Margaret H. Wilson<br />

Jean M. Zajac

ARIA CIRCLE ($500–$999)<br />

Robert Bradshaw<br />

Virginia P. Clagett<br />

Enser & Marguerite<br />

Cole<br />

Robert DeMoyer<br />

Robert Duckworth<br />

Mary Ann Elliott<br />

Michael Epstein<br />

Dennis & Kathleen<br />

Faleris<br />

CHORUS CIRCLE (UP TO $249)<br />

Stephanie A.<br />

Abramson<br />

Linda Allen<br />

Karen & Fettah Anadol<br />

Ion Azzola<br />

Katie Bacon<br />

Richard & Mary Ellen<br />

Bartlett<br />

Susan L. Benac<br />

Patricia Bertrand<br />

David Bliden<br />

Shirley M. Bolton<br />

Jill S. Booth<br />

Bernard Bradpiece<br />

J. Robert Bradshaw<br />

John & Jill Breen<br />

Kim Burke<br />

Gisela Burns<br />

Cynthia L. Carlton<br />

Brandt Carrier<br />

Gordon & Jane Cash<br />

Alice Chambers<br />

Prudence Clendenning<br />

Tara B. Clifford<br />

Jessica Cohen<br />

Ted & Pat Connell<br />

Clark Conkling<br />

Timothy Dangel<br />

Norman & Rosemary<br />

Dawley<br />

Gene Deems<br />

Diane Doknovitch<br />

Faith Goldstein &<br />

Jesse Cunitz<br />

Ronald J Gretz &<br />

Braxton Peters<br />

Sarah E. Griffith<br />

Robert & Diane Heaney<br />

Robert & Susan Hecht<br />

Elizabeth & Stephen<br />

Hiltabidle, Jr.<br />

Jeffrey Jacobs<br />

ORCHESTRA CIRCLE ($250–$499)<br />

Bob Arias<br />

Adah Rose Bitterbaum<br />

Patsy Blackshear<br />

Anne W. Brown<br />

Aaron Bueno<br />

James Cheevers<br />

Eileen & Stanley<br />

Cornett<br />

Robert & Denise Daly<br />

Patricia A. Frese<br />

Julie & Charles<br />

Grudzinskas<br />

Timothy Kjer<br />

Michael Kurtz<br />

Cecil & Ingrid Lemon<br />

Robert Libson<br />

Henry & Silvia Driver<br />

Pamela T. Duncan<br />

Katy Edwards<br />

Joanne Evans<br />

Richard & Carole Falk<br />

Sylvia Foster<br />

Alexandra Fotos<br />

Ronald & Camille<br />

Frezzo<br />

Candice Friday*<br />

Jody & Amira<br />

Goldsmith<br />

Charles Green<br />

Neil Greenberger<br />

Peggy Greenwell<br />

Valerie Gutterson<br />

Mary Tran Thanh Hai<br />

Donald & Eleanor<br />

Harris<br />

Christopher Hartung<br />

Peter & Catherine<br />

Hollerbach<br />

Thomas & Laurie<br />

Jarboe<br />

Sara Jones<br />

Bekir Kaplan<br />

Robert & Shelley Katz<br />

Freida Weiss &<br />

Todd Keller<br />

Nathan Keoughan<br />

John & Maria Kersh<br />

Linda Kolosky<br />


- 29 -<br />

Lawrence & Jeanne<br />

Kelly<br />

Patricia<br />

Koopersmith*<br />

Missy McTamney<br />

Rocco & Karen<br />

Pangallo<br />

Edgar Parker<br />

Clay & Carol Richards<br />

Christopher & Anita<br />

Rizek<br />

Lydia N. Morrow<br />

Edgar & Jeanne<br />

Paglee<br />

Nadine Sielecki<br />

James & Jacqueline<br />

Stradtner<br />

Tom Strikwerda<br />

San Lee<br />

Tim & Eileen Leahy<br />

Margaret F. Balacki<br />

Leffler<br />

Cecil & Ingrid Lemon<br />

David B. Lindauer<br />

Nancy Libson<br />

Noreen Lynch<br />

Melissa Mackey<br />

Andy & Tina<br />

Manatos*<br />

Peter Crilly &<br />

Nadja Maril<br />

Jennifer Marshall<br />

David & Judith<br />

Mauriello<br />

Genevieve<br />

McWilliams<br />

Daniel Mellin<br />

Odysseus Mikalis*<br />

Van & Marilyn Nield<br />

Pablo Penafiel<br />

Robert & Cookie<br />

Pollock<br />

Cyndy Ren<strong>of</strong>f<br />

Paige Rosenfeld<br />

Julia Rotkamp<br />

Joan Ruhl<br />

Debra Saltz<br />

Colleen Sandler<br />

Everett & Barbara<br />

Santos<br />

Jack Rolfe<br />

Glen & Janis Rotner<br />

Marilyn Rouvelas*<br />

Gwyn W. Smith<br />

Jan E. Taylor<br />

Stephan & Tamara<br />

Tymkiw<br />

Martin & Barbara<br />

Wasserman<br />

Jan C. Thorman<br />

& Mike Halbig<br />

David Zinnamon<br />

Rochelle G. Zohn*<br />

Laurence Skinner<br />

Anne E. Smith<br />

Ed & Andy Smith<br />

Edgar A. Smith<br />

Eugene & Mary Smith<br />

Lynette M. Songy<br />

Tony & Vivian Spencer<br />

Pascale Spinney<br />

Ellen Stone*<br />

Patrick L. Stone<br />

Catherine St-Arnaud<br />

Anne K. Stratton<br />

Carolyn Strunk<br />

Carol Tabak<br />

Judith Templeton<br />

Gordon & Christine<br />

Trapnell<br />

Anthony & Kathleen<br />

van Hover<br />

Michael Weinberg<br />

Charles Wheeler<br />

Diane Windell<br />

Peter Wolfe<br />

Ginger Woolridge<br />

Francis & Maureen<br />

Wright<br />

James Wright<br />

Beth Zeidman*<br />

Delores Ziegler<br />

*Gladys Datch —We fondly remember Gladys Datch and her service as a Board Trustee and<br />

volunteer for over 11 years. Gladys brought a huge smile and overwhelming positivity to everything<br />

she did. Her most recent effort was to establish the new Annapolis Opera Guild. Her deep love<br />

<strong>of</strong> the Annapolis Opera combined with her enthusiasm and dedication to supporting its success<br />

was admired and appreciated by all who knew her. We will miss her.<br />

Joyce Olin—A keen art collector and lover <strong>of</strong> the outdoors, Joyce was a long-time trustee and<br />

supporter <strong>of</strong> the opera. Beloved by the St. John’s College community, where her husband Chris<br />

Nelson was President for 30 years, she was a generous and caring community leader.

Specialized Insurance<br />

for <strong>The</strong> Arts<br />

Bob Middleton | bmiddleton@mdpins.com<br />

410-547-3167 www.artsinsuranceprogram.com<br />

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