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writers in prison committee report - PEN Canada

writers in prison committee report - PEN Canada


THIS PRISON WHERE i live 6 PEN CANADA P a moa te c s u t i s o u F

ison is essentially shortage of space ade up for by the surplus f time; to an inmate, both re palpable ... Prison is indeed a ranslation of your metaphysics, thics, sense of history, etc. into the ompact terms of your daily deportment. The most effective place for that is of course olitary, with its reduction of the entire human niverse to a concrete rectangle permanently lit by he sixty-watt luminary of its bulb under which you revolve n pursuit of your sanity ... On the whole, poets fare better in olitary confinement than do fiction writers, because their dependence n professional tools is marginal: one’s recurrent back-and-forth movements nder that electric luminary by themselves force the lyric’s eventual comeback no matter what. urthermore, a lyric is essentially plotless and, unlike the case against you, evolves according to the immanent logic of linguistic harmony. Josef brodsky

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