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<strong>Bookmark</strong><br />

No. 1/<strong>2023</strong><br />

Magazine<br />

The English Magazine<br />

by Orell Füssli Thalia AG<br />

Jay Shetty on<br />

his new book<br />

8 Rules of<br />

Love – p. 5<br />

p. 3 Soul Food<br />

p. 12 Still Waters Run Deep<br />

p. 18 What We Loved

2<br />


Dear Reader<br />

With summer here and the warm days finally upon us, we are<br />

excited to present to you a brand new issue of <strong>Bookmark</strong> to help you<br />

discover the must-read books of the summer and inspiration for<br />

your reading journey throughout the season.<br />

With our curated selection of cookbooks, you no longer have<br />

to hop on a plane to explore wonderful new places and flavours –<br />

you can do so from the comfort of your own kitchen. Indulge in<br />

mouth-watering dishes and cook nourishing recipes from around<br />

the world to transform your dinner table into the ultimate summer<br />

dining destination.<br />

How can we discover love and maintain it, and what is the<br />

most effective way to establish meaningful connections with<br />

others? Find out more in our interview with author Jay Shetty,<br />

as he discusses his intriguing new book, 8 Rules of Love.<br />

Things are not always what they seem – nothing proves this<br />

better than our collection of stories that allow you to dive under<br />

the surface of human nature. Delve deeper into some of the most<br />

captivating fiction of recent years. Whether you are looking<br />

for profound storylines, gripping dystopian tales or suspenseful<br />

thrillers, we have it all covered.<br />

We also invite you to peruse our book experts’ personal<br />

favourites, and are confident that you, too, will find a new<br />

treasured page-turner.<br />

Christine Roth<br />

Head of Marketing & Communication<br />

Orell Füssli Thalia AG<br />




LESEN@ORELLFUESSLI.CH AND 0848 849 848.<br />




<br />



EDITOR: Orell Füssli Thalia AG, Dietzingerstrasse 3, Postfach, 8036 Zürich<br />

WRITERS: Christine Modafferi, Fanny Lewis, Catherine Sandwell-Meyer<br />

DESIGN: design.isch. GmbH, Zürich<br />



Table of<br />

Contents<br />

3 Soul Food<br />

Delicious cookbooks to nourish<br />

your mind and soul<br />

5 “You can choose to connect.”<br />

Interview with author Jay Shetty<br />

8 Rip-Roaring Releases<br />

Discover this season’s<br />

best new reads<br />

12 Still Waters Run Deep<br />

Things are not always what<br />

they seem in this selection of<br />

must-read books<br />

17 Introducing ...<br />

18 What We Loved<br />

Personal recommendations<br />

from our book experts<br />

12<br />

Still<br />

Waters<br />

Run<br />

Deep<br />

Soul Food<br />

Eating is not just the simple act of feeding our bodies – it’s also the enriching<br />

experience of nourishing our minds and souls. It has been such a joy to<br />

select cookbooks with delicious and nutritious recipes that bring happiness<br />

and comfort to eaters and readers.<br />

Text by Christine Modafferi<br />

We live in a fast-paced world, where ticking off tasks on our to-do<br />

list and juggling work, long commutes, family and busy social lives<br />

leave us with little to no time to take care of ourselves. But some of<br />

life’s best experiences are had right at the centre of our homes, at the<br />

dinner table, over mouth-watering spreads of roasts, freshly baked<br />

goods or simple foods that honour where we come from.<br />

The recipes in the beautiful books that we have selected for you<br />

are full of heart and soul, and will hopefully bring you the comfort<br />

and joy that we’ve experienced here at <strong>Bookmark</strong> testing them out.<br />

Whether you’re in the mood for tangy new cocktails, fancy some<br />

heart-warming veggie dishes, crave some sugary chocolate chip<br />

cookies or want more traditional food, the books that follow make<br />

wonderful cooking companions and are perfect for all levels of<br />

culinary expertise. Take some time out of your busy days to engage<br />

your senses and nourish your soul and body with recipes that are<br />

rooted in self-love.<br />

BOOKMARK 1/<strong>2023</strong> – ORELLFÜSSLI.CH<br />

Comfort and Joy does exactly what it says on the tin: packed with<br />

recipes that feel like a comforting hug. Each dish, from savoury<br />

udon to sweet milk cake, brings joy to vegetarians and plant lovers<br />

alike. Crunchy nuts, light beans and grains<br />

and fresh fruit come to life in a symphony<br />

of smells and tastes that celebrate the stories<br />

of life thanks to the very earth we walk on.<br />

A beautiful celebration of vegetarian and<br />

vegan diets, you'll relish in deep-fried veg,<br />

strengthening stews, comforting curries and<br />

carbonaras, and refreshing salads. Comfort<br />

and Joy is a bold progression from Ravinder<br />

Bhogal's previous book Jikoni, loved by many<br />

fans of the homonymous restaurant owned<br />

by her. Being vegetarian has never been this<br />

varied or delicious!<br />


AND JOY<br />

Ravinder Bhogal,<br />

CHF 47.90,<br />

Bloomsbury<br />


4<br />

Travel through Iran, Italy and everywhere<br />

in between in a delicious fusion of recipes<br />

with Pomegranates & Artichokes. And what<br />

a journey awaits! 80 flavourful dishes that<br />

speak to the author's experience immigrating<br />

from her homeland, Iran, to her adopted<br />

country, Italy. This is a book for those who<br />

have found themselves by experiencing new<br />

cultures. It shows how the same ingredients<br />

are used across countries and continents,<br />

making us all so much more similar than we<br />

think. This beautiful book is also a feast for<br />


ATES &<br />


Saghar Setareh,<br />

CHF 45.90,<br />

Murdoch Books<br />

the eyes, with stunning photography of all the deliciousness,<br />

from guinea hen braised with pomegranate to Sicilian-style<br />

stuffed artichokes. Saghar Setareh proves that there are no borders<br />

when it comes to food.<br />

Oftentimes it's not just the taste of food<br />

that fills our soul; it's the process of cooking<br />

that soothes the mind. And that is exactly<br />

what psychotherapist Jack Hazan explores<br />

with Mind Over Batter. 75 recipes become<br />

75 ways of experiencing therapy to heal<br />

the heart through baking, inspired by<br />

countries around the world. From luscious<br />

Syrian baked goods inspired by the author's<br />

childhood memories to mainstream American<br />

treats, Mind Over Batter focuses on the<br />

journey rather than the end product, offering therapeutic<br />

techniques of baking to engage body and mind. Let go<br />

of perfectionism, forgive yourself for your mistakes and<br />


BATTER<br />

Jack Hazan,<br />

CHF 47.90,<br />

Chronicle Books<br />

quiet the overthinking mind while rolling crusts and mixing<br />

meringues. This book is the epitome of 'food for thought'!<br />

Staying on topic with baked goods, First,<br />

Cream the Butter and Sugar makes baking<br />

easy ... and enjoyable. This recipe companion<br />

is perfect for beginner bakers overwhelmed<br />

by the many steps needed to conquer towering<br />

cakes, but will also delight seasoned<br />

pastry chefs that want to add creativity to<br />

their recipes. Beautifully illustrated with<br />

pastel colours throughout, author and pastry<br />

chef Emelia Jackson teaches the basics of<br />

making cakes, cookies, tarts, choux pastries<br />

and baking with yeast – and offers options<br />

to personalise each recipe, too. Bake the<br />

world a better place with this step-by-step<br />

guide of dreamy deliciousness!<br />

“Bake the world a<br />

better place ...”<br />

FIRST,<br />



SUGAR<br />

Emelia Jackson,<br />

CHF 49.90,<br />

Murdoch Books<br />

“Fantastic-tasting and<br />

healthy Persian recipes that<br />

bring joy all around.”<br />

Salamati is the Farsi word to wish good health and cheer at the<br />

table, and sums up perfectly this book's intention: fantastic-tasting<br />

and healthy Persian recipes that bring joy all around. Inspired<br />

by family recipes and street food, and beautifully rooted in culinary<br />

traditions, this book reads like a love letter to<br />

author Hamed Allahyari's Persian origins.<br />

As Hamed tells the stories of his recipes, we<br />

are also gifted insight into his experience<br />

as an Iranian refugee, his relationship with<br />

religion and creating a new home. Dig into<br />

his Walnut and Pomegranate Chicken Stew,<br />

Street Food Tomato Omelette and Persian<br />

Love Cake, and take inspiration from<br />

his menu combinations to mix and match<br />

recipes for the perfect dinner.<br />


Hamed Allahyari &<br />

Dani Valent,<br />

CHF 47.90,<br />

Murdoch Books<br />

It is a truth universally acknowledged that Fridays will forever<br />

be the best day of the week – and The Art of Friday Night Dinner<br />

is exactly what you need to mark the dawn of<br />

the weekend. Say goodbye to meal-prepping<br />

and leftovers, deadlines and busy schedules:<br />

on Fridays we celebrate freedom. From<br />

cocktails to dressings, pickled treats to<br />

heart-warming roasts and life-saving pasta<br />

dishes, this book will make your Friday<br />

night sparkle and honour all your cravings.<br />

Whether you've got friends over, are going<br />

to a potluck or are simply recharging<br />

while rewatching a comfort movie, Eleanor<br />

Steafel's recipes take Friday night to a<br />

whole new level. Friday? Make it Fri-yay!<br />

THE ART<br />


NIGHT<br />

DINNER<br />

Eleanor Steafel,<br />

CHF 47.90,<br />

Bloomsbury Publishing<br />

“You can choose<br />

to connect.”<br />

Bestselling author Jay Shetty talks about how<br />

to find and show love, navigate romantic relationships,<br />

and connect with the people in our lives.<br />

Acknowledgement: Closer Magazine, Maria Shriver’s Sunday Paper<br />

BOOKMARK 1/<strong>2023</strong> – ORELLFÜSSLI.CH

7<br />


battlefield? Do you expect someone else to<br />

complete you? Are you hoping that a prince<br />

will rescue you, or do you want to be someone’s<br />

knight in shining armour? Then, take<br />

a critical look at what you’ve listed, because<br />

many of those storylines aren’t realistic<br />

or healthy, yet we carry those expectations<br />

into our relationships. Simply becoming<br />

aware of them can be tremendously helpful.<br />

In your discussion with Dr Rangan<br />

Chatterjee you mentioned that we<br />

often think of love in terms of what we<br />

receive, not what we give. Would you<br />

recommend that we put our insecurities<br />

aside and focus more on showing love,<br />

with both friends and partners? I think<br />

this will be very interesting to readers<br />

in the context of friendships too – do<br />

you get more back when you give?<br />

We often focus on all of the love we don’t<br />

feel we’re getting rather than the love we<br />

could be giving. The beautiful thing about<br />

love is that whether you’re receiving it<br />

or giving it, you’re still experiencing it. So,<br />

if you want to feel more connection, you<br />

don’t have to wait for someone to give it to<br />

you – you can choose to connect. One of<br />

the easiest ways to do that, and to show love<br />

for others, is through service. We can<br />

serve our partner, our families, our friends,<br />

our communities, we can serve animals<br />

and the environment – the options are endless.<br />

So, instead of expecting love, we<br />

can find ways of expressing love.<br />

“We often focus<br />

on all of the love<br />

we don’t feel we’re<br />

getting rather<br />

than the love we<br />

could be giving.”<br />

Part 1 of your new book is all about<br />

learning to love ourselves. Why is selflove<br />

crucial, and what is a way all of us<br />

can deepen our love for ourselves?<br />

In the book, I say that in solitude, we<br />

practice giving ourselves what we need before<br />

we expect it from someone else. People<br />

often say they’re looking for their better<br />

half, but then, does that make you the worse<br />

half? That’s not a great way to begin. You<br />

don’t want to feel dependent on another person<br />

for love or to feel good about yourself.<br />

I get it – spending time alone is really hard<br />

for a lot of people. In one study, people<br />

chose to administer an electric shock to<br />

themselves rather than sit with their own<br />

thoughts. But when we learn to appreciate<br />

ourselves, we’re never really alone –<br />

we’re always with someone we love. And<br />

that’s the energy we want to bring to<br />

our relationships.<br />

Jay Shetty is a #1 New York Times<br />

bestselling author, an award-winning<br />

storyteller, and a former monk in<br />

the Vedic tradition who is now on a<br />

mission to share the timeless wisdom<br />

of the world in accessible, relevant,<br />

and practical ways. His vision is<br />

simply to make wisdom go viral, and<br />

indeed Jay is one of social media’s<br />

most influential voices to date, having<br />

produced over 400 viral videos, which<br />

have amassed more than 5 billion<br />

views. He hosts the world’s number<br />

1 health and wellness podcast, On<br />

Purpose, and is followed by over 40<br />

million people across social media.<br />

Jay’s online school has been attended<br />

by over 2 million students, and his<br />

Genius Coaching Community serves<br />

thousands of people in over 100 countries.<br />

Jay has been a keynote speaker<br />

around the world, and in 2<strong>01</strong>7 was<br />

named on Forbes’ 30 Under 30 List for<br />

his game-changing impact in media.<br />

Learning to love through struggle is<br />

challenging for most of us. How do<br />

you recommend those who might be<br />

struggling in a relationship work<br />

on forgiveness and healing – or know<br />

when to let love go?<br />

Well, I think one thing we want to keep<br />

in mind is that when we’re struggling in our<br />

relationship, one of the easiest things to do<br />

is to imagine that if we were with someone<br />

else, things would be different. But unless<br />

you resolve them, you’ll take the same<br />

issues to your next relationship. I know it’s<br />

hard when there’s been a lot of unresolved<br />

conflict, so one of the keys is to go into<br />

the conflict and not avoid it. Studies show<br />

that couples who engage with conflict in a<br />

healthy manner actually become stronger.<br />

But the key is to learn how to disagree and to<br />

fight thoughtfully and with care. A mindset<br />

shift that can be helpful is to stop viewing<br />

yourselves as on opposite sides. The problem<br />

isn’t the other person, it’s the problem, and<br />

you want to take on that problem together,<br />

as a team. Of course, some problems can’t<br />

be worked out, and in some cases, the best<br />

“Studies show<br />

that couples who<br />

engage with<br />

conflict in a<br />

healthy manner<br />

actually become<br />

stronger.”<br />

way to love one another may be to end the<br />

relationship. I truly believe that with the<br />

right attitude and skills, most conflicts can<br />

be resolved, but when they can’t, that’s<br />

not a failure. It’s okay to move on.<br />

You write that while we can’t know<br />

where and when we’ll find love, we can<br />

prepare for it. What’s one thing someone<br />

who’s looking for a romantic partnership<br />

can do today to prepare for it?<br />

In 8 Rules of Love, I include a number<br />

of exercises that people can do to prepare<br />

for love, but one of my favourites involves<br />

uncovering our own impressions about<br />

love and relationships. Many of the ideas<br />

we have about what relationships should be<br />

like come from the media. So, one exercise<br />

that can also be kind of fun is to sit down and<br />

list the movies and songs that have shaped<br />

how you view love. For instance, is love a<br />

A revelatory guide to every stage of romance, drawing<br />

on ancient wisdom and new science. Nobody<br />

sits us down and teaches us how to love. So we’re<br />

often thrown into relationships with nothing but<br />

romance movies and pop culture to help us muddle<br />

through. Until now. Instead of presenting love<br />

as an ethereal concept or a collection of clichés, Jay<br />

Shetty lays out specific, actionable steps to help<br />

you develop the skills to practice and nurture love<br />

better than ever before. He shares insights on<br />

how to win or lose together, how to define love,<br />

and why you don’t break in a break-up. Inspired<br />

by Vedic wisdom and modern science, he tackles<br />

the entire relationship cycle, from first dates to<br />

moving in together to breaking up and starting over. By living<br />

Jay Shetty’s eight rules, we can all love ourselves, our partner,<br />

and the world better than we ever thought possible.<br />


Jay Shetty, CHF 29.90,<br />

HarperCollins Publishers UK<br />

An inspiring, empowering book, distilling timeless wisdom into practical steps<br />

for a less anxious, more meaningful life. Shetty draws on his time as a monk<br />

in the Vedic tradition to show us how we can clear the roadblocks to our potential<br />

and power. Drawing on ancient wisdom and his own rich experiences in the<br />

ashram, Think Like a Monk reveals how to overcome<br />

negative thoughts and habits, and access the calm and<br />

purpose that lie within all of us. The lessons monks<br />

learn are profound but often abstract. Shetty transforms<br />

them into advice and exercises we can all apply<br />

to reduce stress, improve focus, boost relationships,<br />

identify our hidden abilities, increase self-discipline<br />

and give the gifts we find in ourselves to the world.<br />

Shetty proves that everyone can – and should – think<br />

like a monk.<br />


Jay Shetty, CHF 28.90,<br />

HarperCollins Publishers UK<br />

BOOKMARK 1/<strong>2023</strong> – ORELLFÜSSLI.CH<br />

BOOKMARK 1/<strong>2023</strong> – ORELLFÜSSLI.CH

Rip-Roaring Releases<br />

Discover the best new reads of the season.<br />

Text by Christine Modafferi<br />

8 9<br />


“Melissa Coss Aquino's debut is a tear-inducing,<br />

emotional look at female friendships.”<br />

© Kooshgraphics<br />



CHF 29.90, Picador<br />

Everything's Fine is the debut novel that<br />

has divided TikTok and the Internet even<br />

before its release, catapulting readers back<br />

to the US elections of 2<strong>01</strong>6, which ultimately<br />

ended in Trump's victory and left many<br />

with nothing but a profound sense of uncertainty.<br />

Jess is a Black female analyst at<br />

Goldman Sachs. Josh is her white boyfriend<br />

who went to her same Ivy League college.<br />

Jess is a democrat. Josh is conservative.<br />

The two are a couple. And just like the strawberries<br />

Jess is allergic to but loves to eat,<br />

Josh and his views often make her uncomfortable,<br />

as he idealises political concepts<br />

but fails to grasp that his and Jess's realities<br />

are very different. The book explores<br />

themes of internalised racism, unconscious<br />

bias, emotional labour, self-dilution to<br />

appease others and gaslighting – all while<br />

digging deep into the complicated nuances<br />

of romantic relationships between people<br />

with polar opposite lived experiences.<br />



CHF 29.90, Picador<br />

Sparrows have had different metaphorical<br />

meanings over time: they are a bad<br />

omen but also a sign of love. Representative<br />

of passion and pleasure but also a symbol<br />

of peasants in the Middle Ages. Jacob, who<br />

takes on the identity and new name of<br />

Sparrow, seems to encapsulate all of these<br />

meanings in one. He is a slave on the Spanish<br />

coast of the Roman Empire with no family<br />

but for a group of sex workers that have<br />

taken him under their wing. Together with<br />

them, he navigates the brutality of life<br />

as an orphan slave surviving in the ancient<br />

Roman city, and tells his story to the best<br />

of his memory as an old man, sparing no<br />

detail or crudity of the abuse he has endured<br />

throughout his childhood. History buffs<br />

will love walking through the markets,<br />

eating in lowly tav erns and exploring the<br />

rich mansions of the ancient world perfectly<br />

researched and crafted by James Hynes.<br />

For readers who love unreliable characters,<br />

Sparrow is the book that will break you,<br />

horrify you and tug at each of your heartstrings.<br />

“Sparrow is the<br />

book that<br />

will break you,<br />

horrify you<br />

and tug at each<br />

of your<br />

heartstrings.”<br />

© Steve Pomeroy<br />



CHF 26.90,<br />

HarperCollins Publishers US<br />

There have been many retellings of mythology,<br />

but how many myths have actually<br />

been reimagined? The brilliant Luna Mc-<br />

Namara, through a dual point of view narration,<br />

shows us Psyche and Eros like we've<br />

never seen or imagined them before. Psyche,<br />

a mortal princess, is ambitious, strong and<br />

will not give into patriarchal ideals. Eros,<br />

the ancient Greek god of desire, is sassy,<br />

confident and full of personality. And the<br />

two will find themselves inextricably<br />

linked by one single curse: Eros accidentally<br />

pricks himself with an arrow that dooms<br />

its victim to fall in love with someone who,<br />

upon their first exchange of looks, they<br />

will lose forever. And when Eros sets his<br />

heart on Psyche, they will have to prove that<br />

love can truly conquer all. Set against the<br />

backdrop of the Trojan War, Psyche and Eros<br />

will have readers swooning over the romantic<br />

duo that has inspired artists around the<br />

world over centuries, while showcasing the<br />

cast of the heroic cycle through accessible<br />

language and fantastic world building.<br />

© Caroline Lohrey<br />



CHF 29.90, Quercus,<br />

Release Date: 27 June <strong>2023</strong><br />

Thao Thai's novel Banyan Moon is a love<br />

letter to grandmothers, the true glue of<br />

families, and maternal relationships. This<br />

multigenerational story, told through three<br />

different point of views and at different<br />

times in history, unfolds the family drama<br />

and tumultuous past of Minh, Huong<br />

and Ann. Minh and Ann have a unique<br />

grandmother-granddaughter bond, a bond<br />

that Ann's estranged mother Huong does<br />

not understand and resents. And when<br />

Minh passes away and leaves her Florida<br />

home to her daughter and granddaughter,<br />

they will have to face – and hopefully<br />

heal – the ghosts of their past to reconnect.<br />

This is a story of grief, complicated relationships<br />

and the strength, but also the trauma,<br />

that is passed on through generations. At<br />

times, this book will feel like a hug in paper<br />

form, while at others, it will bring you to<br />

tears with its raw depiction of the Vietnam<br />

war, family life and life-changing events<br />

that flip the characters' trajectories.<br />

© Nina Subin<br />


CAR MEN & GR ACE<br />

CHF 29.90, Head of Zeus<br />

D.O.D. Daughters of Durka. A female-led<br />

drug cartel. A close-knit group of girls<br />

living on the fringe of society. Belonging to<br />

this group are Carmen and Grace, cousins<br />

by birth, bonded by a neglected and tough<br />

upbringing. Both are rescued by the powerful<br />

Doña Durka at a young age and responsible<br />

to keep the legacy of her underground<br />

drug empire alive once she is dead. But<br />

Carmen and Grace's desires are polar opposites:<br />

Carmen is pregnant and wants to<br />

free herself of the burden of a life in illegality,<br />

while Grace has big plans for their<br />

business. This coming-of-age drama is a<br />

story of hope, growth, despair, grief and<br />

love set in a world of drugs, gangs and<br />

family feuds. Told through a dual point<br />

of view and two timelines, with interjections<br />

in Spanish throughout, Melissa<br />

Coss Aquino's debut is a tear-inducing,<br />

emotional look at female friendships,<br />

chosen family, breaking toxic bonds and<br />

forging new paths far away from violence<br />

and brutality.<br />





CHF 28.90, Bloomsbury Publishing<br />

An Observer debut of the year, The Five<br />

Sorrowful Mysteries of Andy Africa is<br />

the mesmerising five-act story of an ambitious<br />

teenage boy with a knack for maths,<br />

living in Kontagora in northern Nigeria,<br />

where the consequences of colonialism and<br />

a brutal history of civil wars still haunt<br />

a divided population. Andy Africa is<br />

the fifteen-year-old son of a single mother,<br />

who he shares a complicated relationship<br />

with, mainly due to the secretiveness<br />

surrounding his father. While Andy is<br />

figuring out who he wants to be and where<br />

he comes from, he also goes through<br />

teenage experiences like finding friends,<br />

falling in love, breaking hearts and wanting<br />

to evade and travel to places far away<br />

from home for a better future. This cleverly<br />

crafted book will inspire readers to research<br />

beyond the page, look into animism and<br />

afro-futurism, while they laugh out loud<br />

at the light moments and are brought to<br />

tears with emotion at the darkest points in<br />

Andy's life.<br />

© Desiree Adams<br />




CHF 28.90, Penguin<br />

Random House UK<br />

They say you never forget your first love,<br />

but what happens when your memory<br />

of it is far from the truth? Well into her<br />

thirties, Rachel is married, but still has one<br />

person on her mind: Alistair, the man<br />

twenty years her senior, with whom she<br />

had a romantic fling as a teenager, on a<br />

backpacking holiday in Greece with her<br />

girlfriends. And so, when she goes back to<br />

Greece with her husband as an adult, the<br />

idea of meeting with Alistair again rekindles<br />

the same feeling she felt so strongly<br />

sixteen years before. But soon she is hit with<br />

the hard truth that what she thought was<br />

a star-crossed lovers' story was actually the<br />

playing out of grooming and manipulation.<br />

And the truth behind the mysterious death<br />

of her friend on that very trip years ago<br />

may just be connected to the love story that<br />

had her daydreaming all these years. Katie<br />

Bishop explores themes of the #MeToo<br />

movement, memory, perceived reality<br />

and trauma in The Girls of Summer,<br />

with fast-paced prose and a story many<br />

women will relate to.<br />



CHF 18.90, Bonnier Books UK<br />

Welcome to the very first hotel on the<br />

moon! Told throughout multiple points of<br />

view and a refreshing take on the murder<br />

mystery locked-in-a-room trope, this is<br />

one of the most interesting premises of<br />

novels we've ever shared. Ten very different<br />

but equally lucky people win the prize of<br />

a lifetime: an exclusive stay during the<br />

grand opening of Hotel Artemis, the very<br />

first hotel on the moon. But as soon as they<br />

arrive, things don't quite add up as no staff<br />

is around and they find themselves orbiting<br />

around Earth alone. And things only get<br />

increasingly unsettling when one of the<br />

guests is found dead. As the remaining<br />

characters search for answers, they will<br />

discover hidden rooms and hallways around<br />

the hotel, unpick secrets and guess who the<br />

murderer is. Lauren A. Forry's The Launch<br />

Party is, quite literally, out of this world.<br />

Are you ready to finally discover the dark<br />

side of the moon with this unputdownable<br />

murder mystery?<br />

“... one of the<br />

most interesting<br />

premises of<br />

novels we've<br />

ever shared.”<br />

BOOKMARK 1/<strong>2023</strong> – ORELLFÜSSLI.CH<br />

BOOKMARK 1/<strong>2023</strong> – ORELLFÜSSLI.CH

11<br />


© Mark Townsend<br />




CHF 26.90, HarperCollins<br />

Publishers US<br />

If your big dream is to one day fly into<br />

space, it might not be that unrealistic. New<br />

York Times bestselling and groundbreaking<br />

author of Elon Musk, Ashlee Vance,<br />

is back with a jaw-dropping analysis of<br />

today's democratised space race. With<br />

reporter-style and accessible writing, Vance<br />

digs deep into one of the most debated topics<br />

of the past decade, focusing on four different<br />

businesses – Astra, Firefly, Planet Labs,<br />

and Rocket Lab – looking to make space<br />

travel more accessible in the near future.<br />

Packed with published press releases,<br />

interviews with the founders and investors<br />

of these companies, and descriptions of the<br />

vehicles that may just one day succeed in<br />

taking us to space, this is a contemporary,<br />

eye-opening book that will expand your<br />

horizons and give you inside knowledge of<br />

an industry that still in many aspects feels<br />

mysterious and unattainable. The privately<br />

owned space industry is, quite literally,<br />

reaching for the stars, and this in-depth<br />

study is a peek into the minds of the people<br />

making this possible.<br />




CHF 19.90, Canongate<br />

Multi-award-winning Australian artist<br />

Nick Cave is known for his almost obsessive<br />

exploration of death, religion and violence<br />

through the rock songs he's written over<br />

40+ years. It's no surprise that in his newly<br />

released non-fiction book he does not shy<br />

away from these topics at all. Faith, Hope<br />

and Carnage is the result of over forty hours<br />

of recorded conversation with biographist<br />

and friend Seán O'Hagan, as Nick releases his<br />

© Lynette Garland<br />

innermost thoughts and recounts life-changing<br />

experiences. Reading like a conversation<br />

between friends and sounding like a podcast,<br />

the reflections in this book span from child<br />

loss to thoughts on spirituality and creative<br />

processes with empathy and depth. Grief and<br />

loneliness are discussed with brutal honesty<br />

throughout, which readers will resonate<br />

with as they find hope through Nick's unique<br />

outlook on life. This hauntingly beautiful<br />

book will speak to seasoned fans of the songwriter<br />

as well as new readers.<br />




CHF 15.90, Penguin<br />

Random House US<br />

Hart Augusto and Ruby Armenta were<br />

meant to be together since they were<br />

children: first best friends, then destined<br />

to be boyfriend and girlfriend. But their<br />

fairy tale romance is halted to a stop by a<br />

tragic accident. Hart drowns as he tries to<br />

save a boy from a boat accident. Ruby is<br />

heartbroken, left to grieve a love that had<br />

only just begun. Just as all hope seems lost,<br />

an angel gives Hart a second chance at life<br />

– and love – allowing him to take on a new<br />

identity in secret. Will Hart get Ruby to fall<br />

for him again? And can Ruby overcome<br />

her grief and open her heart to unexpected<br />

romance? Most importantly, can Hart keep<br />

his secret for the sake of a new life with<br />

his one and only? This YA romance will<br />

have you tearing up one moment and filled<br />

with hope the next, tugging at all of your<br />

heartstrings at once. J.C. Cervantes is<br />

a seasoned author, and her new release<br />

Always Isn't Forever is no exception to her<br />

rule of character-led stories full of heart.<br />


GWEN & ART<br />


CHF 16.90, Bloomsbury Publishing<br />

A YA queer romance of forced proximity<br />

that completely overthrows its trope? Yes,<br />

please! Set in medieval time? Camelot? Count<br />

us in. This fresh take on the tried-and-tested<br />

storyline is fun, sassy and light-hearted<br />

and the perfect read for anyone who loves<br />

sword fights, delightful romance and stories<br />

of forming friendships and, of course,<br />

romance. Hundreds of years after King<br />

Arthur's reign, his direct descendant Arthur<br />

and Gwendoline, princess of England, are<br />

promised to be married. The only problem is<br />

they couldn't be less interested in each other!<br />

Forced to spend the summer together, Art<br />

will grow fond of Gwen's brother, Sidney, and<br />

on the other hand, Gwen falls for her knight<br />

Bridget. Being stuck together all summer<br />

might work out nicely for Gwen and Art after<br />

all, so long they can work together to realise<br />

their hearts' desires ... If you are a sucker<br />

for comforting books with great banter and<br />

chemistry between characters, this LGBTQ+<br />

romantic comedy will entertain you with its<br />

witty dialogue from beginning to end!<br />

“... fun, sassy and<br />

light-hearted.”<br />




CHF 24.90, Little, Brown<br />

Set in 2<strong>01</strong>0s Ireland, The Rachel Incident<br />

by Caroline O'Donoghue takes you right<br />

back to the feeling of struggling with university<br />

deadlines and assignments, questioning<br />

the worth of the degree you've chosen and<br />

clawing your way to graduation. This is<br />

a story of entering adulthood, as Rachel<br />

Murray and her gay best friend and housemate<br />

James graduate and begin to figure out<br />

their careers, while also experiencing the<br />

messiness of life as a young adult in search<br />

for self-love and acceptance. The two share<br />

everything: the good, the bad and the ugly –<br />

from parties and fun nights, to making the<br />

biggest mistakes and not speaking to each<br />

other, to finally making peace. Join Rachel on<br />

her journey of falling in and out of love, getting<br />

intertwined in an academic scandal and<br />

making self-destructive choices. And finally,<br />

a unique gem of this book is its historical<br />

backdrop of Catholic Ireland. The Promising<br />

Young Women author does not shy away from<br />

conversations surrounding LGBTQ+ rights,<br />

reproductive health and gender equality<br />

happening at the time.<br />



OF DOORS<br />

CHF 29.90, Canongate<br />

Longlisted for the Booker Price and<br />

author of The Garden of Evening Mists<br />

Tan Twan Eng sends us to 1920s Penang<br />

Atlas: The Story of Pa Salt draws Lucinda<br />

Riley’s bestselling The Seven Sisters series<br />

to its stunning conclusion<br />

with his utterly beautiful novel The House<br />

of Doors. This is another breath-taking<br />

piece of historical fiction, featuring an<br />

elderly woman's recounting of her time in<br />

Penang when a famous author, William<br />

Somerset Maugham, visited her and her<br />

husband in a moment when they most needed<br />

it, and gave her the space to tell her own<br />

story for the first time. But one must be careful<br />

what to share with an author, for they<br />

might just use it to pen their next bestseller,<br />

especially when they're in trouble and<br />

need to make money quickly. What makes<br />

this book so special, beyond its perfectly<br />

flowing prose and language, is the mention<br />

of true historical figures and events, as well<br />

as gorgeous descriptions of the Malaysian<br />

landscape. All that can be said is that Tan<br />

Twan Eng has done it again.<br />



9781529003451 9781529003468<br />

9781529005240 9781509840076<br />

978150984<strong>01</strong>13 978150984<strong>01</strong>51<br />

BOOKMARK 1/<strong>2023</strong> – ORELLFÜSSLI.CH<br />

9781529043532<br />


13<br />


In Metronome by Tom Watson, the main characters’ story begins<br />

with a crime and, as their secrets begin to unravel, the theme of trust<br />

is expertly explored through an eerie plotline you simply won’t be<br />

able to get out of your head. Aina and Whitney are exiled on an island<br />

in Scotland far away from society as punishment for something<br />

they did twelve years ago. They must take a cocktail of pills every<br />

eight hours to stay alive on their island and over time they have created<br />

a somewhat enjoyable life for themselves.<br />

But things are not what they seem, and when<br />

a sheep shows up on their island, Aina begins<br />

to question everything, even though her<br />

partner believes it’s all just a test. As Aina<br />

unravels the truth about the dystopian place<br />

they’ve been exiled to for years, she also<br />

discovers secrets that have been hidden in her<br />

relationship, showing that you never truly<br />

know a person, even if you spend your every<br />

waking hour with them.<br />


Tom Watson,<br />

CHF 18.90,<br />

Bloomsbury Publishing<br />

Still Waters Run Deep<br />

As the summer fast approaches us, it’s easy to imagine what life will soon look like:<br />

our social media flooded with posts of highlight reels painting perfect lives of<br />

friends on holiday and relaxing weekend breaks at the seaside, soaking up the sun<br />

by pools of crystal clear, perfectly still water. But if there’s one thing any book<br />

lover knows, it’s that not all things are what they seem, and sometimes all it takes<br />

is to dive under the water’s still-looking surface to unravel its hidden secrets.<br />

Text by Christine Modafferi<br />

As the ancient Latin proverb that Shakespeare loved goes: still<br />

waters run deep. And, boy, do waters run deep when it comes to some<br />

of the latest book releases we’ve seen over<br />

the past year! As with most art, literature<br />

reflects the anxieties, changes and underlying<br />

turmoil of our society. Considering the past<br />

years, never has a saying felt more relevant,<br />

or has the unexpected come hand in hand with<br />

each new day.<br />

So begins Silent Waters by L.V. Matthews,<br />

where at the crack of dawn police diver and<br />

protagonist Jen Harper finds herself standing<br />

by a river after a spell of what she can only<br />

SILENT<br />

WATERS<br />

L. V. Matthews,<br />

CHF 17.90, Welbeck,<br />

Release Date:<br />

14 September <strong>2023</strong><br />

suspect is sleepwalking. But less than two days later, she is called on<br />

site to inspect that very river in search for a missing woman, who<br />

also happens to be an old family friend. In this addictive, suspenseful<br />

and unsettling story that readers claim to have raced through in<br />

one sitting, no one is who they seem and it’s hard to trust even those<br />

Jen loves most …<br />

Also set in a dystopian world is Our Missing Hearts by Celeste Ng,<br />

the New York Times bestselling author of Little Fires Everywhere,<br />

now also a popular TV series. In this world, people must follow<br />

PACT laws, strict rules that intend to preserve<br />

‘American culture’ and leave no room for<br />

other cultures, especially Chinese culture.<br />

In this society, the brutality of racism is<br />

conveniently veiled by supposed national<br />

values. All work by Bird’s Chinese-American<br />

mother, who has now been gone for years,<br />

is therefore viewed as nothing but unpatriotic<br />

and banned. Bird learns early on that he<br />

shouldn’t wonder about his long-lost mother.<br />

He lives with his father, who fails to call<br />

out the injustices of the world they live in,<br />


HEARTS<br />

Celeste Ng, CHF 19.90,<br />

Little, Brown<br />

encouraging Bird to ignore his roots and keep his head down. But<br />

then Bird receives a mysterious letter that takes him to overcome his<br />

fears and find his mother, proving that family bonds can overcome<br />

anything, no matter how dangerous it is.<br />

Relationships are messy, complicated and<br />

often more nuanced than they look on surface<br />

level. Just when you think you know someone,<br />

the reassuring bubble of familiarity is<br />

burst. This is the kind of inciting incident that<br />

makes for a brilliant premise in Two Nights<br />

in Lisbon by Chris Pavone, hailed by Steven<br />

King himself as a book you will struggle to<br />

put down. By the New York Times bestselling<br />

author of The Expats, this thriller begins<br />

with a wife’s quest to find her husband after<br />

waking up alone in a hotel room in Lisbon.<br />



Chris Pavone,<br />

CHF 18.90,<br />

Bloomsbury Publishing<br />

When she receives a ransom letter, we find out her past is just as<br />

mysterious as her husband’s disappearance. To get the money<br />

she needs and find out where he is, she might need help from someone<br />

she wished she’d never have to turn to. Prepare to be guessing<br />

until the very end of this suspenseful book, moving at a racing<br />

pace with the gorgeous city of Lisbon as your backdrop.<br />

These are the first of quite a few brilliant titles from the past<br />

year that explore secrets in connection to family ties. Ink Blood<br />

Sister Scribe by Emma Törzs, The Covenant of Water by Abraham<br />

Ver ghese, Arthur and Teddy Are Coming Out by Ryan Love and<br />

Landlines by Sunday Times bestseller Raynor Winn all make for<br />

fantastic reads about family relationships.<br />

In Ink Blood Sister Scribe, readers are<br />

transported to a fantastical world, where,<br />

similarly to Our Missing Hearts, the protagonists<br />

are librarians. But this time, our main<br />

characters are guarding ancient and rare<br />

books of magic that give great knowledge<br />

and power to those who possess them. If they<br />

end up in the hands of wrong people, the<br />

consequences could be irrevocable.<br />

Joanna and Esther are our heroes in this<br />

story, initially living apart but coming together<br />

to uncover the mystery behind the book<br />

that their father died of after reading. Dark<br />


SISTER<br />

SCRIBE<br />

Emma Törzs,<br />

CHF 28.90,<br />

HarperCollins<br />

Publishers US<br />

academia mixes with fantasy and thriller, as the two sisters slowly<br />

discover that the magic their family has been guarding is much<br />

more dangerous than they could have ever imagined, and that their<br />

family has been keeping secrets for centuries.<br />

Century-long secrets also float to the surface<br />

in The Covenant of Water, a family<br />

saga by Abraham Verghese, the bestselling<br />

author of Cutting for Stone. This spellbinding<br />

book follows three generations of a family<br />

over the course of seventy-seven years. The<br />

common thread of this family is death by<br />

drowning. This is a heavy read, where the still<br />

waters of South India’s Malabar Coast truly<br />

run deep. Through the drownings, this book<br />

intensely explores Indian culture, Christianity<br />

and morality, traditions and the progress<br />

of medicine, British colonialism and the caste system.<br />

THE COV-<br />

ENANT OF<br />

WATER<br />

Abraham Verghese,<br />

CHF 29.90,<br />

Atlantic Books<br />

One of the most beautiful concepts fleshed out in this books<br />

is how rivers, lakes, lagoons, backwaters and ponds are<br />

all connected, just as the many characters of this book are,<br />

and humanity at its core. If you’re looking for a book with deep<br />

meaning that will stay with you for a very long time, this 700-<br />

page tome will not disappoint.<br />

BOOKMARK 1/<strong>2023</strong> – ORELLFÜSSLI.CH<br />

BOOKMARK 1/<strong>2023</strong> – ORELLFÜSSLI.CH

14<br />

support of others, whether that be family,<br />

chosen family, friends or colleagues. Fortitude<br />

explores the importance of having a sense<br />

of belonging, having a sense of control over<br />

your life, decision-making and whether the<br />

ability to lift ourselves up comes from experiencing<br />

trauma (spoiler: it doesn’t!), all backed<br />

up with thorough research. The ultimate<br />

message here is that our community is crucial<br />

for our wellbeing, and the people we choose<br />

to surround ourselves with can be our guiding<br />

light during hard times.<br />


Bruce Daisley,<br />

CHF 19.90, Penguin<br />

Random House UK<br />

Travelling back to Scotland, in Landlines by<br />

Raynor Winn, a small family of two must<br />

decide whether they prefer to sink or swim<br />

when Raynor’s husband, Moth, receives a<br />

serious neurodegenerative disease diagnosis.<br />

They are left with only two choices: to await<br />

his inevitable death, or to try and gain some<br />

extra time together by revisiting the activity<br />

that had last improved Moth’s heath: walking.<br />

And so their epic journey begins, starting<br />

with the Cape Wrath trail all the way down to<br />


Raynor Winn,<br />

CHF 19.90, Penguin<br />

Random House UK<br />

their original home back in Cornwall. As they trek south, they are<br />

met with the most wonderful nature and biodiversity Britain has<br />

to offer. But beneath the seemingly peaceful beauty of untouched<br />

nature are the inevitable dangers of environmental devastation, climate<br />

change and the consequences of Brexit, all rendered beautifully<br />

through Winn’s magically haunting writing. With its beautiful<br />

prose, nods to nature and commentary on humanity, this painfully<br />

beautiful book gently touches on some of the timeless themes explored<br />

in The Covenant of Water, and as Moth gains resilience we are<br />

enriched by Landlines’ nature trail, too.<br />

In these last two books, the theme of resilience is one of their<br />

central aspects, relating to individual characters, families and humanity<br />

itself. But some would argue the word ‘resilient’ is now<br />

obsolete, and that to navigate those deep waters when the elements<br />

are tougher, we need more than just a simple inner quality that<br />

somehow keeps us afloat. Enter Fortitude, the first and only nonfiction<br />

book in our round-up, written by Bruce Daisley, ex-Twitter<br />

VP and workplace culture writer. Daisley builds on the idea that<br />

it takes a village, claiming that resilience is nothing but a myth and<br />

that what’s truly important to sail through troubled times is the<br />

“A book with deep<br />

meaning that will stay with<br />

you for a very long time.”<br />

Community and family are also the building blocks of Arthur and<br />

Teddy Are Coming Out by the wonderful Ryan Love. Seventy-nineyear-old<br />

Arthur finally finds the courage to come out to his family<br />

after a lifetime in the closet, pretending to be someone he is not. But<br />

while Arthur discovers the voice to speak his truth, his twentyone-year-old<br />

grandson is still struggling to share his full self with<br />

the world. They will both have to learn from each other as their<br />

relationships evolve, and the dual point of<br />

view, typically shared between love interests,<br />

is given a fresh new grandson-grandfather<br />

spin. Their relationship is heart-warming,<br />

with the two supporting each other as they<br />

both navigate life as gay men. While this is on<br />

surface a lovely and sweet feel-good rom-com<br />

(readers have all fallen for Arthur!), Love digs<br />

deeper into the genre, offering thought-provoking<br />

commentary on family tensions, homophobia<br />

and the reality of living in a small<br />

town where you feel you do not fit in.<br />




Ryan Love, CHF 24.90,<br />

HarperCollins<br />

Publishers UK<br />

Similarly to Arthur and his grandson, ten-year-old August also<br />

feels apprehensive about fitting in due to his physical appearance<br />

in the modern classic Wonder by R.J. Palacio. This book has stolen<br />

hearts, brought readers to tears and tugged at<br />

every possible heartstring, becoming an<br />

instant must-read for children and adults<br />

alike, and later a successful film starring the<br />

one and only Julia Roberts. The book begins<br />

with August starting a new school, Beecher<br />

Prep, where his parents hope he will quickly<br />

adjust after having been home-schooled his<br />

whole life. R.J. Palacio manages to capture the<br />

timid first interactions among children, their<br />

ability to be brutally honest, quite cruel but<br />

WONDER<br />

R. J. Palacio,<br />

CHF 15.90, Penguin<br />

Random House UK<br />

also incredibly kind and loving, as she describes August’s interactions<br />

with the other children who will learn to love him if they<br />

are able to go beyond initial first impressions and appearances. August<br />

is not just what he looks like, he has a world to share with others,<br />

if only they are sensible, open and unafraid enough to look. Wonder<br />

also offers a refreshing family dynamic, sharing the viewpoint of August’s<br />

sister, the older child overshadowed by her younger brother’s<br />

special needs. A sincere take on families, we see how none are perfect<br />

no matter how loving and accepting they may be, and get a glimpse<br />

into the everyday life of all characters, not just the star of the show.<br />

Everyday life is complicated, most of the time we do not feel in control<br />

of it, and even more often it’s not really a reflection of our wants<br />

and desires. That’s the case for Gosia Golab in Odd Hours by Ania<br />

Bas. Gosia is stuck in a dead-end job in a 24/7 supermarket, lives in a<br />

house share, her parents are not on speaking<br />

terms and plan to sell her childhood home,<br />

and her father is relying on an allowance that<br />

she can barely afford to give him. And as if<br />

all this was not enough, her ex-boyfriend has<br />

cheated on her, remarried and self-published<br />

a book about becoming successful, with<br />

multiple derogatory references to Gosia in it.<br />

Odd Hours is a story many thirty-somethings<br />

can relate to, depicting the life of someone<br />


Ania Bas, CHF 27.90,<br />

Welbeck<br />

whose life did not go to plan and who is still on their journey<br />

to happiness and success.<br />

Success looks different to many people, but similarly to Odd Hours’<br />

Gosia, Anisa Ellahi in The Centre by Ayesha Manazir Siddiqi feels<br />

particularly stuck in her career. Her biggest<br />

dream is to become a famous translator,<br />

but her only success has been subtitling<br />

Bollywood movies. Then she discovers an<br />

invite-only programme that, within ten<br />

days, teaches you to speak a new language<br />

fluently. She is sold. As she enters the<br />

programme, however, she realises that what<br />

she signed on paper was in fact too good to<br />

be true, and that everything comes at a cost,<br />

even a brilliant career.<br />


Ayesha Manazir Siddiqi,<br />

CHF 29.90, Macmillan,<br />

Release Date:<br />

6 July <strong>2023</strong><br />

BOOKMARK 1/<strong>2023</strong> – ORELLFÜSSLI.CH

16 17<br />


We see a similar dynamic in the thriller<br />

murder mystery Let’s Play Murder by Kesia<br />

Lupo. Players are lured into a virtual reality<br />

game and, if they solve its murder mystery,<br />

their deepest and darkest wish is guaranteed<br />

to come true. With nods to Agatha Christie<br />

and today’s much loved escape room experiences,<br />

the novel quickly takes a dark turn as<br />

one of the characters is murdered, both virtually<br />

and in reality, and the game blacks out<br />

and glitches. To top it all off, the protagonist<br />

soon realises no one can be trusted, and to win<br />

a dream come true comes at a terrible cost.<br />

LET'S PLAY<br />

MURDER<br />

Kesia Lupo, CHF 16.90,<br />

Bloomsbury Publishing<br />

Others see success in happily-ever-after relationships, but the<br />

reality of dating is more like a horror movie than a fairy tale<br />

these days. Sloane Crosley’s Cult Classic captures that perfectly,<br />

mixing humour and suspense in an eerily funny novel that encapsulates<br />

romance in the twenty-first century. On a night out in<br />

Chinatown, Lola escapes her crowd to buy some cigarettes, but meets<br />

a flurry of ex-boyfriends on her way. Ghosts of her past haunt her<br />

on her way back and she is forced to face her current relationship and<br />

her connection with her boss, revealing he might have something<br />

to do with these seemingly coincidental tête-à-têtes with her exes.<br />

Love may be nothing but a cult, contrary to its appearances after all.<br />

Crosley plays with multiple genres in this book, from rom-coms<br />

and literary fiction to psychological thrillers,<br />

and does so masterfully through the main<br />

character’s unreliable narrative voice. But<br />

consider yourself warned: after reading this<br />

book, you may begin to question every person<br />

you’ve let into your heart and everything<br />

you’ve thought about love before …<br />

If there’s one takeaway from this book,<br />

and all the ones above, it’s that nothing<br />

is what is seems. Do not be fooled by those<br />

highlight reels – if it looks too good to be<br />

true, it probably is.<br />

CULT<br />


Sloane Crosley, CHF<br />

18.90, Bloomsbury<br />

Publishing<br />

“Crosley plays<br />

with multiple genres in<br />

this book, from rom-coms<br />

and literary fiction to<br />

psychological thrillers.”<br />


SHIP<br />


1629: shipwreck and mutiny.<br />

1989: loneliness and loss. Split<br />

across centuries, The Night<br />

Ship tells the interwoven tales<br />

of Mayken and Gil, who are<br />

connected by place and loss of<br />

parents. Kidd’s latest novel<br />

is a magical story that balances<br />

friendship and brutality<br />

against a historical backdrop.<br />

CHF 19.90, Canongate,<br />

ISBN 9781838856540<br />





Two female prisoners fight<br />

in death-matches for their<br />

chance at freedom. But how<br />

real is this hope? Compared<br />

by The Washington Post to<br />

modern classics like 1984, this<br />

fresh dystopian tale explores<br />

the brutality and injustice<br />

of an American prison system<br />

less far-fetched than we’d<br />

hope it to be.<br />

CHF 19.90, Penguin<br />

Random House US,<br />

ISBN 9780375715402<br />




Alice’s father is in hospital and<br />

it doesn’t look good. Is there<br />

any way she can help? Time<br />

travel perhaps? When Alice<br />

wakes up and it’s her sixteenth<br />

birthday, not her fortieth,<br />

she can at least relive precious<br />

moments with him. Funny and<br />

heartfelt, This Time Tomorrow<br />

is a perfect summer read.<br />

CHF 23.90, Penguin<br />

Random House US,<br />

ISBN 9780525539<strong>01</strong>8<br />


GAME<br />


All readers know that stories<br />

offer refuge. In Lucy’s case,<br />

the chance to win the only copy<br />

of a new book by her favourite<br />

childhood author could mean<br />

financial security and help<br />

her finally adopt orphaned<br />

Christopher. All she has to do<br />

is win … What an absolute<br />

treat for lovers of books!<br />

CHF 23.90, Penguin<br />

Random House US,<br />

ISBN 97805937241<strong>01</strong><br />


9781526638021 • TPB<br />

‘Ticks all the<br />

boxes of a literary<br />

blockbuster’<br />

Guardian<br />

9781526654410 • TPB<br />

‘Beautifully<br />

written and<br />

completely<br />

convincing’<br />

The Observer<br />

9781526634573 • PB<br />

‘A soul-searching<br />

portrait of<br />

survival and<br />

hope’<br />

Oprah Winfrey<br />

9781526660343 • TPB<br />

The powerful and<br />

moving new novel<br />

from international<br />

bestselling author<br />

Isabel Allende<br />

9781526647719 • PB<br />

‘A profound novel<br />

about friendship.<br />

I loved it to pieces’<br />

Madeline Miller<br />

9781526650078 • PB<br />

‘Terrific . . . A book<br />

that creeps up<br />

on you, wearing<br />

brass knuckles’<br />

Conn Iggulden<br />



Investigating the death of a<br />

young woman who was<br />

pro contraception and abortion<br />

in Dublin in 1957, DI Quirke<br />

has plenty of surprises to<br />

uncover. A master of description,<br />

Banville’s third Strafford<br />

and Quirke mystery has a<br />

noir feel and developed characters<br />

that add layers to the<br />

suspenseful plot.<br />

CHF 26.90, Faber,<br />

ISBN 9780571370986<br />

YOU MADE A<br />




If the title of this racy new<br />

romance sounds familiar, it’s<br />

not Shakespeare, but a Florence<br />

and the Machine song that the<br />

author felt suited Feyi’s journey<br />

to overcome her heart-breaking<br />

loss. Explicit from the start,<br />

and stunningly written, this<br />

is a story of grief, of love, and<br />

of finding yourself.<br />

CHF 18.90, Faber,<br />

ISBN 9780571372683<br />



Truth is a matter of perspective.<br />

The same goes for what really<br />

happened to a murdered teenager<br />

in a quiet seaside town.<br />

Fiction in the guise of true<br />

crime, Penance is a masterful<br />

and thought-provoking thriller<br />

exploring the media’s role in<br />

spreading information and<br />

the effects of internet culture.<br />

CHF 26.90, Faber,<br />

ISBN 9780571371778<br />

Release Date: 6 July <strong>2023</strong><br />



When aspiring writer Athena<br />

Lui dies, June passes her<br />

friend’s manuscript off as her<br />

own. Can she really keep<br />

Athena’s success for herself?<br />

A satirical exploration of the<br />

publishing industry, Yellowface<br />

is a witty and revealing<br />

novel that refuses to shy away<br />

from uncomfortable issues.<br />

CHF 26.90, HarperCollins<br />

Publishers US,<br />

ISBN 9780008532789<br />

BOOKMARK 1/<strong>2023</strong> – ORELLFÜSSLI.CH


What We Loved<br />

Personal recommendations from our book experts<br />

18 19<br />

Sinja Bucher,<br />

1<br />

Orell Füssli Flughafen Zürich<br />

This book is a masterpiece ! A compellingly<br />

beautiful mix of prose and Shakespeare,<br />

M.L. Rio really blew me away with this<br />

story. An absolute must-read for all lovers<br />

of the theatre and The Secret History.<br />

If We Were Villains<br />

M. L. Rio, Titan Books, CHF 15.90<br />

Johanna Braithwaite,<br />

2<br />

Orell Füssli Basel<br />

The portrait of a marriage told in two parts:<br />

first from Lotto’s, then from Mathilde’s<br />

point of view. Lotto’s part is told in bold<br />

brush strokes, quick lines, short sentences,<br />

sometimes only one word, lots of comments<br />

and remarks by the author. Mathilde’s story<br />

is less straightforward, she keeps very<br />

much to herself with surprising results.<br />

An astonishing book that stayed with me<br />

for a long time afterwards!<br />

Fates and Furies<br />

Lauren Groff, Penguin Random House UK,<br />

CHF 17.90<br />

Svenja Halter,<br />

3<br />

Orell Füssli Rösslitor<br />

All Quiet On The Western Front meets<br />

Dead Poets Society. 1914, Henry Gaunt and<br />

Sidney Ellwood, two upper class schoolboys,<br />

enlist for war believing heroic tales.<br />

The heart-wrenching novel not only shows<br />

the cruelty and futility of war but also<br />

features an honest story of loss, trauma<br />

and love.<br />

In Memoriam<br />

Alice Winn, Penguin Random House UK,<br />

CHF 29.90<br />

Simone Obrist-Eimut,<br />

4<br />

Orell Füssli Basel<br />

Richard Papen is a young student in an<br />

elite college in New England. He was lucky<br />

enough to get a scholarship. He is fascinated<br />

by a group of students that is very<br />

charismatic and eccentric. But after a while<br />

Richard realises that the students have a<br />

dark secret. Donna Tartt takes us on a journey<br />

that won’t let us go. Her writing style,<br />

as always, is very captivating and intense.<br />

Kate Dietrich,<br />

5<br />

Orell Füssli Winterthur<br />

The young Pandora Blake lives with her<br />

uncle above an antique shop. Since the<br />

tragic death of both her parents, her uncle<br />

is her legal guardian. He does not like her<br />

at all and treats her like a maid. Everything<br />

changes when an old vase gets delivered.<br />

Pandora is magically attracted to the<br />

artefact. She tricks her uncle and tries to<br />

find out about the origins of the vase. In<br />

the process of this, she falls in love, finds<br />

out creepy facts about her uncle and learns<br />

the truth about the tragic death of her<br />

parents. I couldn’t put it down.<br />

Pandora<br />

Susan Stokes-Chapman, Penguin Random House UK,<br />

CHF 18.90<br />

Andy Gerber,<br />

6<br />

Orell Füssli Rösslitor<br />

Drawing on decades of enquiry and a huge<br />

range of interviews, Julian Baggini identifies<br />

twelve key principles that promote<br />

incisive thinking. Pay attention; question<br />

everything; seek clarity. These are just<br />

three of his philosophy's guiding maxims<br />

which can be applied to everything, from<br />

understanding the impact of climate<br />

change to correctly appraising our own<br />

temperaments.<br />

How to Think Like a Philosopher<br />

Julian Baggini, Granta, CHF 26.90<br />

Glória Dorca Sellabona,<br />

7<br />

Orell Füssli Bellevue<br />

This is the story of four wonderful women<br />

linked by a deep abiding love and a man<br />

that has never known such a bond, and a<br />

story about how this love grows, morphs<br />

and expands through time and circumstance.<br />

An homage to Little Women and a<br />

moving reflection of the enormous gift<br />

that it is to belong.<br />

Alexandra Kochanowski,<br />

8<br />

Orell Füssli St. Gallen SBB<br />

Mimi and Art are inseparable. Mimi does<br />

everything for her genius brother, forgetting<br />

her own needs. But she realises, she<br />

needs more. Love, for example. Her brother<br />

wants to help her, but can Art's theory<br />

help her find a “suitable man”? A beautiful<br />

story with great characters about all<br />

kinds of love, letting go and accepting<br />

that not everything will go as planned.<br />

The Theory of (Not Quite)<br />

Everything<br />

Kara Gnodde, Pan Macmillan,<br />

CHF 29.90<br />

Stefanie Scheidegger,<br />

9<br />

Orell Füssli Flughafen<br />

We accompany Salama on an endlessly<br />

emotional roller coaster. One cries,<br />

one laughs and shares the thrill. This<br />

book has quickly slipped into my top<br />

five favourite books.<br />

As Long as the<br />

Lemon Trees Grow<br />

Zoulfa Katouh, Bloomsbury,<br />

CHF 16.90<br />

“... about all kinds of<br />

love, letting go and accepting<br />

that not everything will<br />

go as planned.”<br />

The Secret History<br />

Donna Tartt, Penguin Random House UK,<br />

CHF 19.90<br />

Hello Beautiful<br />

Ann Napolitano, Penguin Random House US,<br />

CHF 19.90<br />

1<br />

8<br />

4<br />

5<br />

7 9<br />

2<br />

3<br />

6<br />

BOOKMARK 1/<strong>2023</strong> – ORELLFÜSSLI.CH<br />

BOOKMARK 1/<strong>2023</strong> – ORELLFÜSSLI.CH

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